Jan 29 08:41

World War II Behind Closed Doors - part 1

snip: The series delves into such matters as the British, American and Soviet cover-up of the Katyn Forest Massacre; Churchill's agreement at Yalta that Stalin should keep his gains of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, including Kresy; the Polish population transfers (1944–1946); and the betrayal or persecution of figures such as Marshal Georgy Zhukov, Vyacheslav Molotov and John H. Noble.

Jan 29 08:37

The Soviet Story (full - English) (WWII from the Soviet side)

documentary of how Hitler was defeated

There were no good sides during WWII - just bad and worse

World War II: The Rest Of The Story And How It Affects You Today, 1930 To September 11, 2001 - book by Richard Maybury is an interesting (horrible) chronicle of democide/genocide

Jan 29 07:49

Greece on collision course with its EU partners

The new Greek leaders are hitting the ground running with their campaign promises - having already rolled back some of the crippling austerity measures, but the pledge to cancel a chunk of the country's enormous debt might prove harder to keep. The European Commission's President is ruling out forgiving Greece's debt, because other Eurozone countries just won't stand for it. As Murad Gazdiev reports, Germany has made its position clear.

Jan 29 00:00

Ukrainian Deputy: US to stage a civil war in Ukraine! This was 20.11.2013!! Before Maidan!

Deputy Oleg Tsarov speaking to Ukraine's Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) on the activities of the United States in Ukraine. The speech was in November of 2013, prior to the Maidan protests and the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych.

Jan 28 17:58

Me, Myself, and I : Watch Obama Refer to Himself 118 Times in 33 Minutes

The president went on to refer to himself an astonishing 118 times in the short 33-minute speech, touching on injustices in the United States and in his own personal life.

Jan 28 17:47

Senator Rand Paul re-introduces ‘Audit the Fed’ bill

Republican Senator Rand Paul, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, on Wednesday re-introduced a bill that would expose the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy discussions and decisions to a congressional audit.

Jan 28 17:38

Don’t Worry, the CIA Is Just a Bunch of Paper Pushers…

At least, that's what I've been told. I really shouldn't waste my time focusing on them. They're no big deal, just a bunch of paper pushers, really.

(read more)

Jan 28 16:54

Blood Diamonds and Religious War: Diamonds and Division

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also rich in natural resources. One of the official mining sectors has collapsed amid the country’s ongoing conflict, and now both sides are benefitting from the illicit trade of gold and diamonds. Clashes over control of the many mines have also created religious tension in places where there previously had been none.

VICE News traveled to mines located in the heart of the Central African Republic to see how the battle over natural resources is playing out in one of the world’s most violent conflicts.

Jan 28 16:50

Exclusive: Gray State Project "Going Dark for Now"

Ben Swann conducts an exclusive interview with actor and co-creator of "Gray State" Danny Mason about the death of David Crowley and the future of the Gray State Movie project

Jan 28 15:37

Raw: Woman in handcuffs steals cop’s car during traffic stop

Drives it at speeds well above 100 MPH

Jan 28 14:34

Sen. Paul Introduces Legislation to Protect Fifth Amendment

Senator Rand Paul and Representative Tim Walberg reintroduced the Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration Act (FAIR Act) today, legislation to protect the rights of property owners and restore the Fifth Amendment’s role in civil forfeiture proceedings.

Jan 28 10:37

What do they know? Why are so many of the super wealthy preparing bug out locations?

A lot of ultra-rich people are quietly preparing to “bug out” when the time comes

Jan 28 08:55

The 2015 Blizzard Bust | Overblown Media Coverage

Although eastern New England was dumped on with heavy snow, it looks like the forecast Armageddon for those of the Mid Atlantic, New York City and New Jersey was a bust. The mainstream news and weather media blew it on yet another hyped up snowstorm that was to affect 60 million people. It was to be so bad, that the National Guard was called up (along with a near total mandatory shutdown of transportation costing untold tens of millions of dollars).

Jan 28 07:42

Lord Christopher Monckton - Climate Change is Really a Basis for Elite Control

Lord Christopher Monckton believes there is climate change, but he does not believe man has anything to do with it. Lord Monckton says science will ultimately back up that claim. Why the recent push to do something about climate change that is also called global warming? Lord Monckton says, “I think they are panicking because they know that this process . . . cannot be kept going for very much longer because . . . it’s been 25 years since the UN produces a report saying we were all doomed, and since then, the rate of warming has been half of what they predicted and well below their entire range of estimates.” Also, former Vice President Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would be melted by now. Just the opposite has happened, as Lord Monckton points out, “If you took the Arctic and the Antarctic together, global sea ice was the greatest it’s been throughout the 35 years of the satellite era. It is greater than it has ever been before.”

Jan 28 07:25

Co-Creator of "Gray State" Speaks on Deceased Filmmaker; Future of Main Project

Last week, we reported on the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place.

A few new details have been reported by the media. Hennepin County Medical Examiners...

However, that left many to wonder about the future of the main, full-feature fiction film: Gray State...

Jan 27 20:07

EU to consider barring Russia from SWIFT interbank system, Russian PM warns of tough response

Calls to disconnect Russian banks from the global SWIFT interbank system came amid the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West, and the introduction of sanctions in response to Moscow’s alleged role in the Ukraine conflict. Russia’s response to a possible cut-off from the SWIFT international banking payment system will be “unrestricted,” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev vowed.

Jan 27 19:27

Cop “Well Known for Drugging & Raping Women” is Still a Licensed Police Officer

A Pine Lawn cop with nearly a decade of complaints, police reports, warrant filings, and testimonies against him, isn’t facing any charges and gets to maintain his license as a police officer.

Jan 27 13:46

9-11 Flashback: "Go Home They're Blowing Up the Buildings-It's a Terrorist Attack"

Humanitarian drivers of large, 3rd generation Jewish company with large fleet of trucks thoughtfully warn their fellow citizens of the impending destruction of WTC. Companies favorite charities AIPAC, ADL, Central Synagogue, Congragation Beth Elohim, JAFCO, Jewish National Fund, UJA, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, et al.

Jan 27 10:20

Mannarino: ‘World banks now broadcasting coming collapse of currencies’

Become your own central bank

Jan 27 08:44

Insanity 2016 Rant: Same Bullsh*t, Different Puppet Election

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

We’re sorry, but we’re sick of people trying to lie to you and assure you that your vote for ANYONE in the presidential bread and circuses dog and pony show coming up in 2016 is going to matter in the slightest itty bitty teensy weensy little bit. Both sides of the carpet are corrupt and the entire system is not just broken, but irrevocably so.

Nevertheless, we’ve heard people waxing all optimistic on the false choices you’ll be advertised — you know, freedom, The Constitution, and stuff — but this rosy picture requires NOT looking at the man behind the curtain pulling the same old levers on the rusty ass stage play we’re sold every four years in this country and have been for decades now.

Jan 27 08:06

Beloved 16-year-old girl shot and killed by Denver police

A 16 year old girl named Jessica Hernandez was fatally shot by two Denver Police officers early Monday morning

Jan 27 07:45

The European Debt Crisis Visualized

At the heart of the European debt crisis is the euro, the currency that tied together 18 countries in an intimate manner. So when one country teeters on the brink of financial collapse, the entire continent is at risk. How did such a flawed system come to be? Bloomberg Television and Jonathan Jarvis present "The European Debt Crisis Visualized."

Jan 26 22:18

Brandon Martinez Faces Off with NewsMaxTV host Ed Berliner on US-Israeli Hands Behind ISIS

Brandon Martinez faced off with Ed Berliner, host of “MidPoint” on the NewsMaxTV network, about the US-Israeli hands behind ISIS, and the broader neocon agenda of destabilization throughout the Middle East.

Jan 26 20:41

Standard & Poor’s downgrades Russia's credit rating to junk

US-based credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has cut Russia’s sovereign rating to BBB-, leaving it below investment grade for the first time in a decade. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury, thinks that decisions taken by credit rating agencies often have political overtones.

Jan 26 18:52

U.S. bird flu outbreak: Foster Farms quarantined, Canadian infected

Officials: 'Every bird at farm must be destroyed'

Jan 26 09:02

1932, A True History of the United States

To Govern a Republic, One Must Know the Minds That Created It

Jan 26 07:40

Nearly 50 Police Officers Killed In Clashes With Rebels In Philippines

January 25, 2015 - Nearly fifty police commandos have been killed in clashes with rebels in southern Philippines.

Security sources said the officers were killed during an 11-hour gun battle in the town of Mamasapano on the southern island of Mindanao. Police say they were trying to arrest two high-profile terror suspects in the region. The Philippines’ government and the rebels signed a landmark peace deal after 17 years of negotiations last year. The deal has been marred by sporadic violence.

Jan 25 23:04

The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney

historic parallels in privacy violations
how the government makes you vulnerable to hackers
retro-active immunity/ex post facto legality

Jan 25 16:56

HRW ‘cuts through lies of war’ in Ukraine: Sides violate Geneva conventions – organization chief

The international watchdog Human Rights Watch has condemned alleged war crimes in the east of Ukraine. The organisation released three reports - saying the army had used cluster and incendiary munitions in populated areas.

Jan 25 16:45

Palestinian Prisoners - Elia Ghorbiah (pilot report)

Recent Palestinian statistics show that Israeli soldiers arrested 1965 minors in 2014, among them 253 UNDER 15 years; human rights organizations have always warned that Israel arrests Palestinian children in an attempt to intimidate them and their families ...

Jan 25 14:45

Economic Myths – The Deflation Danger

Jan 25 08:47

Millionaires for Carbon Control!

Jan 25 07:59

Japan Investigating Authenticity Of ISIS Execution Claim

An audio message and photograph purportedly released by ISIS claims to show the execution of one of the Japanese hostages being held by the group. The Japanese government says it is investigating the authenticity of the message.

Jan 24 23:49

Guantanamo detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi 'was forced to have sex with three female interrogators'

'We're gonna teach you about great American sex': Guantanamo detainee was tortured and then forced to have sex with female interrogators, prison diary claims

Jan 24 11:47

Chris Kyle's Stories Do Not Add Up

hris Kyle, the real-life character portrayed in "American Sniper," boasts legendary stories, but are they all true?

Jan 24 11:41

State sponsored cyber-attacks happen more and more often - Kaspersky

At this year's Davos economic forum, the spectre of cyber-terrorism loomed over the luxurious get-together of the world's elite.

Jan 24 10:57

Cop shoots man in back, bodycam captures entire event

Police bodycam documents shooting

Jan 24 10:30

FLASHBACK: Dr. Paula Caplan on how psychiatrists decide who's normal

ask a barber if you should get a haircut...

the DSM teaches providers how to get the bills paid

reinforcing victim-hood ensures continued patronage

Jan 23 15:03

Got Chocolate? A Can? You Got Fire!

Do you have some chocolate? An aluminum can? Cloth? Tinder and wood? Throw in some sunlight and you got fire!

Jan 23 12:46

Talking silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson

author of The Beginner’s Guide To Bullion Investing

Jan 23 08:53

Cop invades home because of ‘No Trespassing’ sign

According to a post on the website, Daily Kos, a law enforcement officer entered a man's home without knocking or announcing himself. The author of the post maintains that the officer gave as reasoning a No Trespassing sign that the home owner had posted. According to the cop, No Trespassing signs are now common on homes in foreclosure, so he thought the man might have been illegally squatting

Jan 23 07:45

Celente: We live in bankism, not capitalism, ECB QE is massive fraud

The introduction of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank has raised doubts about the effectiveness of such a move. To discuss this measure taken by the ECB RT talks to the publisher of Trends journal, Gerald Celente.

Jan 22 13:05

Deceased Filmmaker's Documentary Finally Released - Gray State: The Rise

Few details have emerged since the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place.

Crowley was on the brink of releasing his documentary, Gray State: The Rise. This is the raw, uncut an unfinished version which features significant video bytes as well as interviews from Adam Miller, Col. Douglas McGregor, Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, David Crowley and more.

Jan 22 07:41

'US govt trying to pursue those who show courage’ - Former CIA officer

Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, who gave Sam Adams award to Edward Snowden back in 2013, tells how this example influences whistleblowers in US

Jan 21 17:13

Conspiracy? What Happened to David Crowley ?

David Crowley, the writer and independent film director of Gray State, was found dead of gunshot wounds along with his wife and 5-year old daughter by a neighbor on January 17th. Screenwriter David Crowley, age 29, along with Komel, his 28-year old wife, had not been heard from since Christmas.

Crowley was an independent film producer and writer. Gray State, his movie trailer on utube, had over one millions views as of today. The movie trailer cost $6,000. David Crowley died before he could raise the funds to produce the full feature film.

David Crowley, an Army veteran, said on a Alex Jones interview in 2012 that the film will not portray the military as an evil force but will take place after a societal collapse. Think FEMA camps, martial law, guillotines, revolution, mind control and you’re in the right ballpark.

There’s no information on whether a treatment and screen play was completed. Many of his followers believe that he and his family were murdered in cold blood.

Jan 21 14:38

Gerald Celente : 85 Worth More Than Half The World

How dozens of companies are using Luxembourg to save billions on taxes, the European Central Bank to pump one trillion dollars worth of stimulus into the eu.

Jan 21 12:12

Samsung Responds to Privacy Concerns Over TVs Recording “Personal” Conversations

Samsung has responded to privacy concerns over its warning that voice recognition software used in the company’s line of smart TVs is being used to record “personal” conversations and send them to third parties.

Jan 21 11:40

‘Chaos in Yemen show drone strikes part of problem’

Barrack Obama highlighted America's support to the Syrian rebels as part of the campaign to crush Islamic State, in his State of the Union Address.

Jan 21 09:59

‘They beat me’: Refugees face police abuse in France

A report by Human Rights Watch has outlined the violence and brutality of French police towards migrants camped out in the northern port town of Calais. There are over two thousand refugees in the city hoping to cross the channel to Britain.

Jan 21 07:40

Donetsk Terror Trauma: civilians living in fear for lives

Fighting has resumed in Donesk, in Eastern Ukraine. Authorities there say that five people were killed in the last 24 hours when army shells struck residential areas in the city center.

Jan 21 07:39

Michael Pento - Flocking Back into Hard Money-Gold

Financial analyst Michael Pento says, “Gold is going up in all currencies because investors are coming to this realization, or epiphany, that you cannot trust central banks. In 2008, we had the Great Recession. We had the bursting of asset bubbles. We had the bursting of the housing bubble. We had the bursting of the stock bubble. The Federal Reserve came in, and it was not only the Fed, we had central banks from across the world increase debt by 40%. 40% since 2008 on a global basis, and they took interest rates, which were already low, down to 0% and negative % and left them there for going on almost seven years. People had the audacity to believe that this was going to be a success story. They are slowly learning we have solved nothing. We have just made all the problems associated with the great recession much, much worse. As that realization unfolds, people will be flocking back into hard money, and that means gold.”

Jan 20 19:50

Israel won’t survive world public opinion wave

The whole world knows the US and Israel have used the gimmick of “negotiations for peace” since the Oslo Accords. This has been a delaying and diverting ploy on the part of US and Israel, while stalemating the issues and stalling for time to complete the colonization project.

Jan 20 16:43

Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare

Three years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical in the health care industry: He posted online a list of prices for 112 common surgical procedures. The 51-year-old Smith, a self-described libertarian, and his business partner, Dr. Steve Lantier, founded the Surgery Center 15 years ago, after they became disillusioned with the way patients were treated at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, where the two men worked as anesthesiologists. In 1997, Smith and Lantier bought the shell of a former surgical center with the aim of creating a for-profit facility that could deliver first-rate care at a fraction of what traditional hospitals charge.

Jan 20 14:00

First 2015 execution in US: Vietnam Vet with PTSD

Georgia just conducted the first execution for 2015 in the US. The man they put to death was Andrew Brennan, a Vietnam War veteran with severe, debilitating PTSD. In 1998, he killed Deputy Sheriff Kyle Dinkheller, and for that, he was put to death.

Jan 20 13:14

FEMA camps exposed: Filmmaker speaks out

Shepard Ambellas interviews the maker of "Camp FEMA"

Jan 20 08:55

Argentinian Prosecutor Who Planned To Expose Alleged Gov't Cover-Up Found Dead

A mysterious shooting death of Alberto Nisman in Argentina is sparking protests and raising questions. Nisman was about to accuse top officials of protecting Iranian terror suspects. Margaret Brennan reports from the State Department, where diplomats are watching the investigation closely.

Jan 20 07:44

Snowden leaks reveal GCHQ stores journalists’ data

British security agency GCHQ has stored thousands of emails from journalists working for the world’s biggest news organizations, according to a new batch of Edward Snowden leaks. Emails from the BBC, Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and others were saved by GCHQ, allegedly as part of a ‘test exercise’ conducted by the agency.

Jan 20 07:27

Cops have new tool, radar, that sees through walls

In full violation of the U.S. Constitution law enforcement officers can now look right into your home, through the walls

Jan 19 10:43

‘Cyber Snipers’: Snowden uncovers truth on US digital war plans

America gearing up for digital war according to documents leaked by Snowden and released by der Spiegel magazine

Jan 19 10:01

Why People Are Protesting GMOs

Video - Ever wonder why there are so many people against Monsanto and GMOs? Journalist Luke Rudkowski interviews people at a recent Monsanto protest in New York City. He asks the attendees why they are there, one fact about Monsanto and what they hope happens. If you would consider protesting GMOs, or have participated in such protests, please share a comment explaining why.

Jan 18 18:42

Catholic Bishops From Around The World Visit Gaza: “Terrible Destruction, Shocking Scandal”: Israeli Settlements “Illegal Under International Law.. Simply Unjust”


Jan 18 17:40

Dr. Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business

Burzynski, the Movie is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

His victorious battles with the United States government were centered around Dr. Burzynski’s gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970?s called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and has been given permission by the FDA to begin the final phase of FDA testing–randomized controlled clinical trials.

Jan 18 14:44

Utah Rep Fights Federal Land Grab

Jan 18 10:08

Dover cop caught ‘shaking it off’ in his cruiser

Cop sings to Taylor Swift's hit "Shake It Off" in car

Jan 18 08:01

History Clean: Japan deletes WWII 'comfort women' chapters from textbooks

The Japanese government appears to have developed an effective method for dealing with the darker chapters of its history. It's simply getting rid of some unpleasant facts from its high school textbooks. The Education Ministry gave the go-ahead to take out passages about the plight of so-called 'comfort women' from China, South Korea and other parts of Asia during World War II.

Jan 17 14:38

'No more backdoors': US, allies use terrorism panic to push global surveillance policy

While people across the globe mourn the victims of the Paris attacks, the leaders of the U.S. and UK are using the atrocity as a pretext to launch another offensive on privacy. After the two met together, they have announced a new global anti-terror policy. British Prime Minister David Cameron, particularly, made clear he wants more legal ways to listen to people's phone calls and monitor internet use.

Jan 17 12:47

U.S. To Deploy 400 Troops To Train Syrian Rebels

In our news wrap Friday, police in France, Germany and Belgium arrested more than two dozen people with suspected links to Islamic militant groups. The head of Europol warned that Europe now has up to 5,000 Muslim radicals. Also, President Obama warned lawmakers that imposing new sanctions against Iran could end all hope for reaching a deal with that country on its nuclear program.

Jan 17 07:46

Now that the video of my wife & I filming that mean, fat cop who accosted us has over two million views...

This is quite an interesting story, and I just noticed that my video has topped the two million view mark. (2,009,082 views to be exact.) I will be the first to admit that I don't like this video, at all. I don't like watching it and I don't really like several aspects of the way I handled the situation. This all started one day when my wife and I were on our way somewhere and we stopped to use the internet at Starbucks. Then, all of a sudden, we're surrounded by cops screaming at me to freeze. Besides the Ron Paul sticker on my rear car window, I had two other bumper stickers on my car that day: '9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB,' and 'Same Sh!t Different Piles,' with photos of Bush and Obama. We never found out why the cops really came to Starbucks to accost us, or if there was even a real call.

Jan 17 07:41

LAPD embarrassed over viral coke video that they liken to swatting; may charge the pranksters

In the video, four young men are seen asking people if they want some coke at Venice Beach. They are sitting inside their SUV (which was fitted with cameras) when they were approached by two LAPD Pacific Division officers.

Jan 16 18:30

Frontline: Secret History of the Credit Card

In “Secret History of the Credit Card,” FRONTLINE® and The New York Times join forces to investigate an industry few Americans fully understand. In this one-hour report, correspondent Lowell Bergman uncovers the techniques used by the industry to earn record profits and get consumers to take on more debt.

Jan 16 18:23

Fukushima Nuclear Power Documentary: 1987 TEPCO Film Says It Is Safe From Earthquakes

As the unprecedented Fukushima nuclear disaster continues to unfold, “How safe was the Fukushima Nuclear Plant?” continues to number among one of today’s most frequently asked questions. The 27-minute promotional video, Fukushima no Genshiryoku [Nuclear Power of Fukushima] introducing then newly constructed Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, does more than answer this question affirmatively, at least from the perspective of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). The video was made by TEPCO in 1987 for the general public and uses very simple and easy to understand language to explain the complex mechanism and processes of nuclear energy production.

Jan 16 14:48

Ben Swann Interviews Chris Hedges - Prison State America: Inmates becoming corporate slaves.

For-profit prisons have created a “neo-slavery” in the US, according to award-winning journalist Chris Hedges. Inmates work eight hours per day for major corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Nordstrom’s and Target, yet only have the possibility of making up $1.25 an hour. In addition, companies that provide services like phone calls overcharge prisoners on even the most basic services, making hundreds of millions in profits annually.

Jan 16 09:59

Columbus Ohio Prosecutor Ignores Credible Rape Claims.

15 January 2015

KingCast Sees Columbus Ohio & Franklin County Prosecutor & Police Protect Alleged Serial Rapist Edward Battle III When Victims are Black.

Top video = Current Political Malfeasance.

Second video = History of Political Malfeasance documented by Ms. Kennedy Kent, Mr. Whitaker, Michael Isreal, Jerry Doyle (RIP), Loretta Heard (RIP), Bill Moss (RIP), Bob Fitrakis, Esq., Minister Donell Muhammad, Christopher King, Esq. and Auditor Dave Yost, 1997-Present.

Third video = Interviews with WTVN's Dirk Thompson, 2011.
Black Child Victims of Rape Matter

Jan 16 09:46

Paris attacks prompt surge in ‘military boot camp’ vacations in Israel

Concerns over security in the EU have some wondering whether they should take personal safety into their own hands.

Jan 16 07:48

Could it be worse? Paralyzed man in prison for gun possession

American arrested and charged with gun possession, despite both his arms being paralyzed; lawyer determined to get him dismissed.

Jan 15 20:24

Father Says FBI Informant Set Up Son In U.S. Capitol Plot

Don Lemon speaks live with John Cornell, the father of Christopher Cornell, a suspect in a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol

Jan 15 17:00

CIA whistle blower trial sees Condaleeza Rice take the stand

Condoleezza Rice and other big name witnesses testified on the first day of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s trial on Thursday. The government accuses the former spy of leaking to New York Time’s journalist James Risen details about a plot to give Iran sabotaged nuclear weapons plans, which Sterling felt were deeply flawed and deserved public attention. Prosecutors see things differently, however, and want him thrown in jail.

Jan 15 16:19

Nancy Grace Flashback: 'Marijuana Users Stab, Strangle and Kill Whole Families'

I think 'ol Nancy is trying to be to pot what Piers Morgan has made himself to the 2nd Amendment; i.e., a really annoying, outlandish establishment agenda disinfo-bot hungry for ratings.

Jan 15 15:29

‘Special relationship under strain’: Cameron & Obama meeting

The US president and UK prime minister meet in Washington, D.C. Both leaders keep emphasizing how close their relations are, but it looks like the situation is getting more complicated.

Jan 15 15:28

Polls Clash Over Obama Approval (Anyone buying this?)

President Obama’s public approval rating has dropped to just 37 percent, with 55 percent disapproving of his job performance, according to the first Reuters/Ipsos political tracking poll of the year.

Jan 15 12:05

The Other America P/Reservation

What the government did to the people of Cape Hatteras North Carolina.
You can also see my twin brother and me in this short.

Jan 15 11:51

US spy sell-off as Berlin brushes off privacy invasion scandals

A former German intelligence officer has reportedly sold the identities of three and a half thousand German spies operating abroad - to another, unnamed, foreign agency. The same man was unmasked last summer as a CIA double agent at the center of a spy scandal between close allies the US and Germany. In Berlin, the Parliament is continuing hearings on how America's National Security Agency spied on Germany.

Jan 15 10:22

YouTube pranksters pretend to be “coke” pushers at the beach. Cops show up, fun begins

Apparently this got the attention of the LAPD, who quickly showed up to investigate their suspicious activity

Jan 15 08:42

NYPD scolded for not meeting profit quotas during work slowdown

After several weeks of a work ‘slowdown’ by the New York City Police Department, the city is out nearly $10 million just from parking tickets that were not issued. To fill their coffers now that work has resumed, however, administrators are reportedly issuing quotas to police, requiring officers to ramp up their efforts and bring in more money through tickets and fines, else they will not be given promised vacation days and other benefits.

Jan 15 02:58

Hear, Look, Speak No Evil: Quality Loan Servicing Corp. Loses Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Concealment in Seattle.

The full hearing.

The ruling itself with background.

One year ago.....

As you can see in the top movie, Quality Loan Servicing Corp. (hereinafter, "QLSC")
lives by the principle of See no evil, hear no evil.......

Jan 14 19:17

Video: Joe Biden Is That Creepy Uncle You Avoided at Family Reunions as a Kid

Not sure what else to say other than, "This is your Vice President, America." Watch the video...

Jan 14 16:59

Australia's looming private debt crisis

Jan 14 13:39

Charles Nenner - New Gold Bull Market Coming Soon

Charles Nenner, of the Charles Nenner Research Center, says the plunge in oil prices are not over. Nenner says, “It’s all in a sell signal and (the chart) goes straight down. If lines go straight down on a yearly chart . . . there is a major, major issue going on here.

On gold, Nenner says, “On the cycle front, we are looking for a low in gold, and that seems to be forming. We are looking for a new bull market in gold. . . . If stocks go down and bonds are already at very low rates, so it’s very dangerous to go into bonds. If you get 1% on the 10-year, you don’t want it. Real estate is coming down again because nobody is going to spend money. You don’t trust the banks; you don’t want to be in the monetary system, so you buy gold. There are some very good reasons that deflation is going to lead to a bull market in gold.

Jan 14 13:36

CISPA’s return? Obama seeks access to civilian communication info

Government intelligence agencies will be able to more closely work with private companies to access individuals’ private communications data if a new proposal from President Barack Obama is enacted. What many critics are calling a ‘recycling’ of the controversial CISPA, which was shut down by public opposition, the new plan has some differences the president hopes will make it more agreeable

Jan 14 10:02

1975 Video: CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinfo

Be sure to keep this in mind next time you watch "the news"...

Jan 14 08:39

Video shows San Diego cop trying to beat up two paramedics inside 7-Eleven

The cop claims he “feared for his life” after acting as the aggressor and approaching the two paramedics, who did nothing to him, and punching them

Jan 14 07:56

The Clinton Chronicles – Corruption, High Crimes, and Murder for the New World Order

Why does the media cover-up all of President/Governor Clinton’s crimes?

Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people.

Jan 14 07:54

Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie – Debunking ‘The Last Days’

The Last Days of the Big Lie uses Spielberg’s Oscar winning hoax as a jumping off point to debunk Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation as well as the greater Holocaust Hoax.

Jan 13 16:55

Seahawks Players Shill For Obamacare in New Ad

Two stars from the Seattle Seahawks took time away from the field to cut an ad shilling for Obamacare.

Jan 13 14:44

Ukraine Flashpoint: Donetsk bus attack leaves at least 10 dead

A rocket has hit a bus travelling from the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine killing 10 people and injuring 13 more. The airport in the city - that has been the focus of army assaults for months - has also come under intense shelling this evening

Jan 13 08:26

Activists train cop, school him on laws

Dumbfounded cop get schooled, caught on camera

Jan 13 05:39

FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio to Hebdo — Micro-documentary _Video_

Was the Charlie Hebdo shooting a false flag operation to assert NATO control?

Jan 12 09:06

“Bank runs could come to America” former top Reagan economist warns!

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, a former top economist during Ronald Reagan’s Administration, joins USA Watchdog Greg Hunter in the brand new video

Jan 12 08:10

Israel Still Moaning over Lancet Doctors' Support of Duke's CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix of Power

The Israelis are still stinging from the support shown by doctors associated with the prestigious medical journal The Lancet for Dr. David Duke’s positions and videos. The Lancet, which was founded almost 200 years ago, is perhaps the world’s most distinguished medical journal. Last summer a group of well-known physicians published an open letter criticizing Israel’s massacre of Gazans. It later turned out that some of these doctors had been so impressed by one of Dr. Duke’s videos, CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix of Power, that they circulated it widely via social media.