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"There is a distinction between a 'debt discharged' and a debt 'paid'. When discharged, the debt still exists though divested of it's charter as a legal obligation during the operation of the discharge, something of the original vitality of the debt continues to exist, which may be transferred, even though the transferee takes it subject to it's disability incident to the discharge." --Stanek vs. White, 172 Minn.390, 215 N.W. 784



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April 19, 2010

Apr 19 01:19

This Is Not The Way To Do Healthcare Reform: Democrats Propose Windfall For Insurance Industry

There is nothing in the deal that will significantly reduce health care costs. At best, it will simply shift more costs to employers and employees—higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher co-pays, and more exclusions forcing higher out-of-pocket expenses and personal bankruptcies. As we show in our paper, the US's high health care costs (at 17% of GDP, double or triple the per capita costs in other similarly wealthy nations) are due to three factors. As many commentators have argued (especially those who advocate single-payer) part of the difference is due to the costs of operating a complex payment system that relies on private insurers—resulting in paperwork and overhead costs, plus high profits and executive compensation for insurance executives.

Apr 19 00:57

What Do Our Nation’s Biggest Banks Owe Us Now?

Fourth, when finance seems to be working well in the modern era it is working badly. Finance is a "middleman." Its sole function is to allocate capital to the most useful and productive purposes in the real economy. As with any middleman, the goal is to have the middleman be as small and take as little profit as possible. Finance has not functioned that way. It has gone from roughly 5% of total profits to roughly 40% of total profits. That means that finance has, increasingly, become wildly inefficient. It is a morbidly obese parasite (in economics terms) that drains capital from the productive sectors of the economy.

April 18, 2010

Apr 18 20:33

The Godfather USA

"Furthermore, a great deal of crucial information about US political history, particularly regarding events of the past half-century, is not taught in US schools and is never allowed to appear in the Mainstream Media outlets."

(from 2006)

Apr 18 18:48

Video: Bridge on the River KWAI: Mistreatment of American POWs is now JUSTIFIABLE

This is a classic movie -embraced with obvious cues for Americans - where the "bad guys" so obviously violated all standards of human decency - like the Geneva Conventions.

Apr 18 16:38

GE tax bill: $0


That left GE (GE, Fortune 500) with no U.S. profit left for Uncle Sam to tax. Corporations typically face a 35% federal income tax on their earnings. Thanks to its deductions and adjustments, GE reported an actual U.S. federal income tax rate of negative 10.5%. It got to add a "tax benefit" of $1.1 billion back into its reported earnings.

Apr 18 16:14

CNN Rick Sanchez: 'Too Cold' in Iceland 'To Have a Volcano There

On Thursday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez again demonstrated his lack of knowledge of basic science, again related to geology.

Apr 18 15:42

Kornet In Lebanon 2006

Video of the Kornet anti-tank missile in use in Lebanon 2006.

Apr 18 15:09

We The People Stimulus Package

Apr 18 12:20

California Underemployment Rate at 24 Percent – 100,000 Workers Will Lose their Unemployment Insurance. No Housing Recovery can be had without Employment Recovering.

Apr 18 12:20

Guess what! That usual Catastrophic Prediction originated in the MET-Office

There was only one source that managed to stop the entire air-traffic in Europe! It was a mere computer simulation that came from the same jerks who are trying to convience the public of the CO2-scam since years.

The British MET-office took some data from the first hours(!)of the outbrak -- proceeded with their usual "gigo" (garbage in -- garbage out) -- and made one of their usual "predictions" -- that rarely turns out to be reality.

Apr 18 12:13

Obama to Launch Public Campaign for Wall Street Crackdown

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, Obama, let's see you walk your talk here and prove this is not just political theater for the November elections. If the entire sub-prime mortgage melt-down was the result of a fraud, then the TARP and other bailouts represent proceeds from illegal act. RICO applies here. All assets of the banks up to and including the Federal Reserve are subject to seizure in order to reimburse the victims of the crime, which includes every American who has lost a home in the last four years and every American who has footed the bill for the bailouts.

So, we have two choices. Either refund those trillions of dollars directly to the people, or stand exposed as just another bovine excrement artist in an election year!

Apr 18 11:57

Ahmadinejad: Iran too 'mighty' to attack

Iran is so powerful today that no country would dare attack it, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday during an annual army parade.

CNN is just silly in their attempt to turn their diminishing viewers against Iran.

Apr 18 11:40

Foreclosures up 33% in new jersey, OUTPACING national rate

Apr 18 11:22

'Dehumanizing, part of US training'

A former US Army specialist, who was part of the same unit that killed Iraqi civilians from a helicopter in 2007, says dehumanizing is part of basic US army training. In an interview with Press TV, Josh Steiber explained the three years he spent in the US Army before he asked to be released as a conscientious objector.

Steiber said "the dehumanizing of people from other countries" was the main reason that he quit the Army. "As far back as basic training, we were singing songs as we were marching around, joking about killing women and children," he told the Press TV correspondent in Washington.

Apr 18 11:19

This Day in History: April 18 -

1983: A suicide bomber destroys the United States’ embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 63 people.

Apr 18 11:13

The Oklahoma City Bombing The CNN Reports of additional bombs.

Apr 18 11:12

The Oklahoma City Bombing PROOF there were additional explosive charges.

Apr 18 11:11

The Oklahoma City Bombing What was the Army doing with a Ryder Truck just before the Murrah blast?

Apr 18 11:07

The Oklahoma City Bombing

There are many problems with the official story of the bombing. Let's start with McVeigh's whereabouts on April 17.
McVeigh had been filmed by a security camera at a nearby McDonald's 24 minutes before the time stamped on the truck rental agreement, wearing clothes that did not match either of the men seen at Elliott's.

There is no plausible explanation of how he traveled the mile and a quarter from McDonald's to the rental agency, carless and alone as he claims, without getting soaked in the rain.

Apr 18 11:04

NPR and CNN worry that Global Warming may have caused Iceland's Volcano!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media clearly doe snot comprehend how silly they look out here in the real world.

Apr 18 11:00

Aussie Skeptic Attacks Climate Data Fraud

Among others, Roberts exposes two fatal flaws in the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) greenhouse gas theory. Firstly, the IPCC incorrectly relies on the analogy that the Earth’s atmosphere acts like a giant greenhouse, which it doesn’t.

Secondly, Roberts then points out that by their own admission, the IPCC admits to ‘low’ or ‘very low’ understanding of 80% of all factors impacting climate.
Glass Greenhouse is Not Analogous to Earth's Atmosphere

Apr 18 11:00

How the IPCC Report Has Been Advertised

The data shown between 4/13 and 4/15 were based on data downloaded on 4/12 and included some station reports from Finland in which the minus sign may have been dropped.

Apr 18 10:58

New poll from Harry Reid's home state: Just over a third are global warming believers

Nevadans are cool to the idea the planet is getting warmer and to a proposed government fix, according to a new poll.

Apr 18 10:57

Weather records are a state secret

Everyone has enjoyed the discomfiture of the Met Office, caught out over its April forecast that we were in for a "barbecue summer" – not least because this is the third year running that our weathermen have got their predictions for both summer and winter hopelessly wrong. In 2007 and 2008 they forecast that summers would be warmer and drier, and winters milder than average – just before temperatures plunged and the heavens opened, deluging us with abnormal rain or snow according to season.

Apr 18 10:55

Warmer Arctic Temperature brings more Arctic Ice

I swear that some of the lunacies that the global warming hysteriacs want us to believe are entirely illogical.

Apr 18 10:52


Apr 18 10:29

Report: Israel threatens to send Syria back to Stone Age

The reason behind increasing tensions in the Israel-Syria arena broke last week in a report in Kuwaiti newspaper, al-Rai, that the Syrian military trained members of Hezbollah in how to fire advanced Scud ballistic missiles.

Washington has voiced contradictory viewpoints on the Scud issue. The State Department reported that they are "very concerned" by reports of the transfer of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah. However, over the weekend, senior administration officials expressed doubt as to whether the Scuds really made their way across the Syria-Lebanon border.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If it is true that "Syrian military trained members of Hezbollah in how to fire advanced Scud ballistic missiles", it does not mean that the missile themselves have been delivered to the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

But it appears that Syria is sending the Israeli government a very clear message to Israeli; if you attempt to attack Lebanon again, you will most likely get more than you bargained for in terms of Lebanese being able to defend themselves.

Apr 18 10:12

Call to World Jewry in Face of Nuclear Threat

Schiff wrote that he consulted with top political scientist lecturers and asked if it would be acceptable to say that the current U.S. president, deep down in his heart, is interested in having the Palestinian problem and Middle East tension solved via the disappearance of the State of Israel. “They answered that it would not be politically correct to say that," Schiff wrote, "and that it would be better to simply state that he would not be too upset if Israel would be mortally hurt by Iranian atomic weapons.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the gazillionth time, Iran has no nuclear weapons.

1. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT (which Israel, a nuclear armed country is not).

2. As a signatory to the NNPT, Iran is completely within its rights to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, which it is doing, with Russian help, in the creation of a nuclear power station, which Russia has indicated will be completely operational by this August.

3. Any and all inspections of Iran's nuclear program by the IAEA have consistently demonstrated that no nuclear material has gone missing, nor has uranium ever been enriched beyond the level necessary for a power plant.

4. Iran has not started a war in the last two hundred years. Whatever one thinks of the current Iranian leadership, they are not stupid. They recognize that any attack against Israel would be suicidal, and therefore wouldn't even contemplate doing something so militarily idiotic.

5. There are no nuclear weapons in Iran, and zero "nuclear threat" from Iran. Anyone happen to remember how the US and Israel accused Iraq of having nuclear bombs before the invasion and occupation of Iraq? This is simply more of the same, invoking the Holocaust as the reason that the US must now have its kids fighting, getting maimed for life, and dying to neutralize yet another one of Israel's "existential threats" in the region - which pretty much includes all of its neighbors.

Apr 18 09:46

'Hizbullah a division of Syrian army'

Israel has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that any missile attack against Israel by Hizbullah would result in retaliation against Syria, the Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

According to the UK paper, Israel’s missive – sent earlier in April – defined Hizbullah as a “division of the Syrian army,” a military branch of Damascus in Lebanon.

The warning was reportedly delivered to Damascus by a third party.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is looking for any justification to go back into Lebanon; and this time, they will go all the way to the Litani River, because they are desperate for the water it would provide Israel.

Look for some kind of Israeli false flag operation in Lebanon in the not too distant future, to get this kicked off.

Apr 18 09:46

Media Lies by Omission: Biased survey over-inflates public support for airport scanners

There is one glaring omission from these and the many media reports that published 'news' articles based on the Unisys press release. That is who Unisys is, their connections with government, military, Homeland security, the Transportation Services Authority (TSA) and how they profit from airport security technologies. The failure of the mainstream media to report the true source and motives behind this survey is a clear example of how they lie by omitting the most important facts

Apr 18 09:40

Priest says he was bullied into taking fall for Pope in abuse scandal

The church official who initially said it was his fault that a paedophile priest was given succour in Pope Benedict XVI’s former diocese has broken ranks, alleging he was bullied into taking responsibility to protect the pontiff.

Apr 18 09:35

Liberation's Lies

The litany of war crimes in the name of "liberation", "ridding the country of tyrants", spreading "democracy", has become the language of blackest satire. Even death has been "rebranded". The shredded, dismembered, decapitated, incinerated, old and young, are not "lost", "mourned", "passed on", "in a better place", ''with their God". They are a : "a mistake (s)", "collateral damage", a "regrettable incident."

It has to be wondered what the Afghans thought, after nine years of seeing their country men, women and children, casually splattered towards infinity, by these invading adherents to the sanctity of life and death.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people of Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan do not hate us "because we are free"; they hate us because we are killing their moms, dads, families, brothers, sisters, and friends, and all in the name of wars ultimately) for profit.

Apr 18 09:30

Howling Wind: The Unrepented Genocide

not a single person has ever faced trial, or censure, or even the slightest personal inconvenience for the murder of more than 2 million Iraqis over the past two decades. The bipartisan perpetrators of these crimes – the leading lights of the Clinton and Bush Administrations – live ensconced in comfort and privilege.
And of course, Barack Obama himself has hailed the perpetuation of the Iraqi war crime as an "extraordinary" accomplishment, even as he continues to protect, entrench and expand the blood-drenched policies of his predecessors.

Apr 18 09:26

9 Ingredients to avoid in processed foods

It is always preferable to choose products that have only a handful of ingredients, all of which should be recognizable. One test to know whether an ingredient is healthy is to ask yourself whether your grandmother would recognize it. If not, there is a good chance the ingredient is less natural food and more man-made chemical. Another good test is whether or not you can easily pronounce the ingredient. If you feel like you need a science degree to pronounce it properly, chances are the ingredient is worth avoiding.

Apr 18 09:23


The Al-Kurds continued to reclaim what remains of their Sheikh Jarrah home today with an art project. Three graffiti artists from Palestine, Israel and the UK joined Sheikh Jarrah residents and activists for a day of garden beautification. The artists met with residents in the morning while activists prepped the walls for painting. “Sheikh Jarrah” was sprayed in both Arabic and English with an Al-Aqsa style mosque between the two. The Gawi children, evicted from their homes in August 2009, assisted with the creation. Neighborhood kids also made stencils to decorate the doors, walls and pathways of the yard.

Apr 18 09:23


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) outlined the major threats facing Jews around the globe and described how the singling out of Israel in public discourse was “providing cover for the re-emergence of age-old anti-Semitic themes and conspiracy theories” and their violent expression through hate crimes, harassment and vandalism.

BUT….. genocide and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians by those very Israelis is NOT a violent expression through hate crimes, harassment and vandalism….. ‘The World According To zionism’

Apr 18 09:22


Last week, I wrote about Ed Koch, the former New York Mayor, a notorious Zionist supremacist who thinks that Israel should be able to carry out genocide in Palestine without receiving criticism from the rest of humanity.

Today, we are affronted with another Zionist supremacist who is no less repulsive. He is Eli Wiesl, who in many ways epitomizes the depravity and brutal ugliness of the Zionist mindset.

Apr 18 09:22


Israeli forces carried out several major home demolition operations on Wednesday, 14 April, within three separate areas in the occupied West Bank. The demolitions left dozens of people homeless in Hares (near the northern town of Tulkarem); and the towns of Beit Sahour and al-Khader near Bethlehem. Several Palestinian-owned shops in Hares were also reduced to rubble and rebar as Israeli officers threatened residents with future demolitions in the area.

Apr 18 09:15

Kucinich: White House Assassination Policy Is Extrajudicial

"The assassination policies vitiate the presumption of innocence and the government then becomes the investigator, policeman, prosecutor, judge, jury, executioner all in one. That raises the greatest questions with respect to our constitution and our democratic way of life."

Kucinich says the case of al-Awlaki is an attempt to make "a short-cut around the Constitution," saying, "Short-cuts often belie the deep and underlying questions around which nations rise and fall. We are really putting our nation in jeopardy by pursuing this kind of policy."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Courtesy of the current and past administrations, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights have been totally eviscerated.

Protection under the law, except to large corporations, has ceased to exist.

Apr 18 09:10

What the whistleblower prosecution says about the Obama DOJ

During the Bush years, in the wake of the NSA scandal, I used to write post after post about how warped and dangerous it was that the Bush DOJ was protecting the people who criminally spied on Americans (Bush, Cheney Michael Hayden) while simultaneously threatening to prosecute the whistle-blowers who exposed misconduct. But the Bush DOJ never actually followed through on those menacing threats; no NSA whistle-blowers were indicted during Bush's term (though several were threatened). It took the election of Barack Obama for that to happen, as his handpicked Assistant Attorney General publicly boasted yesterday of the indictment against Drake.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to George Bush's third term, folks; with Obama, "hope and change" morphed into "shock and awe" almost more rapidly than the speed of light on almost every single issue imaginable.

Apr 18 09:08

Neo-Nazi Rally and Counter-Protest End With Arrests, Some Violence

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is clearly one of those staged COINTELPRO style protests to give the media an easy handle to demonize dissent.

Apr 18 09:07

Senate votes against a value-added tax

From the Washington Times:

Senators voted overwhelming Thursday to say they don't want to create a new value-added tax, or VAT, in a vote designed to take the wind out of an idea that had been circulating among policymakers for the last several weeks.

Apr 18 09:06

Brazil secures Chinese pledge for heavy investment

Brazil secured Chinese pledges to investment heavily in and buy more from Brazil as the summit of BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- opened a day early to allow for President Hu Jintao to return to China to oversee earthquake relief.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that, rather than waging wars to secure the energy it needs, China has been making deals toward that end, both here, and in Venezuela.

Apr 18 09:03

Errant priests’ secret children to sue church

When Pat Bond told her lover Henry Willenborg, a Franciscan priest, that she was pregnant, he urged her to have an abortion.

Bond, who was 28, had a miscarriage and then became pregnant again. This time Willenborg’s superiors urged her to give up the child for adoption.

Bond, from Missouri, kept the child but agreed to a vow of silence. In a signed contract with the Catholic Church, she undertook to keep the priest’s identity secret in exchange for financial support for her son, Nathan.

In America, Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Austria,women made pregnant by priests have signed such pledges in exchange for hush money from the church.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I thought the church opposed abortion! I assume it is to ensure a steady supply of fresh young butts to play with!

Apr 18 09:02

Mubarak more ill than admitted?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy canceled a trip to Egypt because of President Hosni Mubarak's illness.

The move suggests Mubarak, 81, may be more seriously ill than admitted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mubarak's demise will leave a real void in Egyptian politics, and in its relationships with its neighbors (particularly Israel).

One has wonder in what direction, politically, Egypt will move when that happens.

Apr 18 09:01

Palestine On The Map?

This is and excellent video.

Apr 18 08:58

Stock Market Hustle – Three Ways Wall Street has Created a New American Serfdom. The Overly Expensive Mortgage Deduction, Wall Street Pseudo-Rally, and Attacking the Poor.

Last week the S&P 500 almost reached an impressive 80 percent gain from the red abyss seen in March of 2009. This puts this stock market rally up in the ranks of the strongest and fastest market turnarounds in history. Yet on Friday news of Goldman Sachs betting on toxic mortgages sold to clients brought the market down as the SEC has finally decided to bring a civil suit forward. Only took a full 27 months of the obvious. The case against Goldman Sachs is a good representation of what our stock market has become especially when it comes to financial institutions and their gaming of the system.

Apr 18 08:58

Cold weather causes problems for Yemen's displaced women and children

Apr 18 08:57

Israel fires flares over southern Lebanon

Israeli troops fired at least two flares over southern Lebanon late on Saturday, forcing the Lebanese army to go on alert.

Apr 18 08:56

1 in 3 Americans Failed to Return Census Forms

Nearly one in three Americans failed to return their census questionnaires by Friday’s official deadline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1/3 of Americans just told the Federal Government to go @#%$ itself.

Apr 18 08:54

Germany To Add To Goldman’s Headaches, Prepares To Sue Firm

The Pandora’s box of the SEC’s action against Goldman, which if validated in court will effectively make the issuance of every hybrid CDO product quasi-illegal, will lead to an explosion of lawsuits against virtually any bank that was active in the structured finance space during the housing boom, adding to a fresh round of “non-recurring” charges to bank income statements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What may have started as a little bit of political theater to aid Obama and the Democrats this November may well blow up in the faces of Wall Street and DC!

Apr 18 08:54

Jordan's King warns of summer war

Jordan's King Abdullah II has warned of a new regional war should an upcoming Arab summit on the Middle East peace process prove futile.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, the Jordanian king said that a meeting of Arab countries will be held in July to discuss the so-called Mideast peace process.

He stressed the importance of the results of the meeting, saying there should be changes by July or war is inevitable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately for the region, and with Russia having announced that Iran's nuclear power station will be up and running in August, July may well be too late to prevent another war in the Middle East.

Apr 18 08:51

Ash may hover for days over uncertain Europe

With the sky blackened out and the wind driving a fine, sticky dust, dairy farmer Berglind Hilmarsdottir teamed up with neighbors to round her animals and get them to shelter. The ash is toxic — the fluoride causes long-term bone damage that makes teeth fall out and bones break.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then why is fluoride in the US drinking water system????

Apr 18 08:49

PM quotes Herzl: Don't rely on help of foreigners

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the weekly cabinet meeting, "State visionary, Benjamin Ze'ev Herzl, said something that has captured me, 'Do not rely on the help of foreigners, nor on benefactors. And do not expect stones to become soft because benefactors give humiliating donations.'"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, terrific, Prime Minister Netanyahu!

That means you're going to return that 3 billion dollars of aid the US gave you this year, as it does every year, right?!?


Sorry, what was that you said?!? NO, YOU WON'T?!?!?!?!?

Apr 18 08:47

Ahmadinejad calls for U.S. to destroy its nuclear arsenal first

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drew applause at a nuclear disarmament conference in Tehran attended by representatives of 60 countries when he called for the destruction of all atomic weapons, starting with those in the U.S. arsenal.

Apr 18 08:45

SEC files lawsuit against Goldman Sachs for financial fraud

On Friday, almost two years after the financial meltdown that began on Wall Street and reverberated throughout the U.S. economy, a lawsuit has been filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Goldman Sachs, alleging that the behemoth financial institution engaged in financial fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"In other news, the sun rises in the east, a frog's ass is watertight, bears to crap in the forest, and yes, the Pope is a Catholic, although not a very good one!"

Apr 18 08:44

A Kyrgyz interim leader says US base unjustified

A top official in Kyrgyzstan's interim government told The Associated Press on Saturday that a U.S. air base supporting operations in Afghanistan is "not justified," the first sign of significant divisions over the facility.

Since a bloody uprising that culminated in the toppling of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the interim government's leader has announced the Manas air base can remain open for a year after the lease expires in July.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This situation could still get dicey in a heartbeat, with the US supporting the deposed Bakiyev, and Russia (which also has a base in Kyrgyzstan) supporting the transitional government.

Apr 18 08:42

CLIMATEGATE - Tokyo snowfall matches record from April 1969

Snow fell in central Tokyo on Saturday as temperatures plunged, matching a 41-year-old record for the season's latest snowfall, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Apr 18 08:35

Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive

Several officials said the highly classified analysis, written in January to President Obama’s national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, came in the midst of an intensifying effort inside the Pentagon, the White House and the intelligence agencies to develop new options for Mr. Obama. They include a set of military alternatives, still under development, to be considered should diplomacy and sanctions fail to force Iran to change course.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This article, and articles like it, are being circulated in the corporate media to "groom" the American public for support of a military strike against Iran; but no thinking person I know is "buying" a military confrontation as the right thing to do here.

Iran, as a signatory to the NNPT, has had its nuclear program under the continuous inspection of the IAEA. To date, no nuclear materials have gone missing, and there has been no enrichment of nuclear material beyond that necessary to run a power station.

Such an attack may well go global, including such players as China (Iran's largest trading partner) and Russia, joining the fray on the part of Iran. And please remember: both countries have nukes.

Apr 18 08:34

Goldman Sachs set to pay £3.5bn in bonuses

GOLDMAN SACHS, the world’s biggest investment bank that is now assailed by accusations of fraud, is poised to reignite controversy over bankers’ bonuses by paying its staff more than £3.5 billion for just three months’ work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

GS is sending a message to their employees that business will continue as usual, which suggests to me that the fraud charges are at least for now political theater to give Obama the illusion of trying to reign in Wall Street ahead of the November elections.

Apr 18 08:34

Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con

The global financial crisis, it is now clear, was caused not just by the bankers' colossal mismanagement. No, it was due also to the new financial complexity offering up the opportunity for widespread, systemic fraud. Friday's announcement that the world's most famous investment bank, Goldman Sachs, is to face civil charges for fraud brought by the American regulator is but the latest of a series of investigations that have been launched, arrests made and charges made against financial institutions around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's the ENRON model applied again and again and again...

Apr 18 08:28

Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away

Lord Oxburgh himself is linked to various commercial interests which make money from climate change, from wind farms to carbon trading. None of the panel he worked with on his report were climate “sceptics”; and one, Dr Kerry Emanuel, is an outspoken advocate of man-made global warming. Even so, it was surprising to see just how superficial their inquiry turned out to be, based on two brief visits to the CRU and on reading 11 scientific papers produced by the research unit in the past 24 years, chosen in consultation with the Royal Society (which is itself fanatical in promotion of warming orthodoxy).

Apr 18 08:27

The image Microsoft doesn't want you to see: Too tired to stay awake, the Chinese workers earning just 34p an hour

Showing Chinese sweatshop workers slumped over their desks with exhaustion, it is an image that Microsoft won't want the world to see.

Employed for gruelling 15-hour shifts, in appalling conditions and 86f heat, many fall asleep on their stations during their meagre ten-minute breaks.

For as little as 34p an hour, the men and women work six or seven days a week, making computer mice and web cams for the American multinational computer company.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When I had to call MS support the other day to deal with a bug in their licensing system, not one of the people I spoke to sounded like English was their first ;language. It took 90 minutes of wading through people before the 5 minutes it took to fix the actual problem, which is apparently a known issue with the software.

Apr 18 08:25

L.A. white supremacy rally gets bloody

A white supremacist group rallied against illegal immigration in downtown Los Angeles Saturday as hundreds of counter-protesters gathered to shout them down in a tense standoff that included several arrests, thrown rocks and police in riot gear.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This looks like your typical staged COINTELPRO op to give the media something to report on besides the anti-tax movement.

Apr 18 08:18

Visualizing Obama's Budget Cuts.

A MUST see video to put Obama's budget "cuts" in crystal clear perspective!

Apr 18 08:17

Pope flies to Malta amid fresh claims of a cover-up over sex abuse scandal

Church officials begged prelate to accept responsibility in Munich archdiocese, German magazine will say

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Far from showing a sense of moral authority here, the Pope is acting like any other politicians cornered by a scandal.

Apr 18 08:15

Pope urges faithful to do penance as calls for his removal gather force

He added: “*Now, under attack from the world, which talks to us of our sins*, we can see that being able to do penance is a grace and we see how necessary it is to do penance and thus recognise what is wrong in our lives”. He said that “pardon and purification” were the keys to “renewal”, which was “the work of divine mercy”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

*It sounds a lot like the Pope is saying that ALL Catholics are pedophiles!!!!!!!

Apr 18 08:08

The man who stole your old age: How Gordon Brown secretly imposed a ruinous tax that has wrecked the retirements of millions

The Brown cabal needed to find ways to raise extra tax revenues for the wide-ranging programme of reforms New Labour planned.

So, on one fateful night in that suite overlooking Hyde Park, they decided that, once in power, they would launch a massive multi-billion-pound raid on a gold-plated, copper-bottomed sector of the British economy - its pension funds.

Apr 18 08:05

Iraq's Decision to Shift from Petro Dollar to Petro Euro-Real Reason for Iraq Occupation


Apr 18 08:04

The Story of Your Enslavement

Apr 18 08:04

Behind The Bible Fraud - What Was The Church Trying To Hide?

When I first spoke to a close Christian friend of mine about the publishing of Tony Bushby's The Bible Fraud, her reaction was one that many Christians have expressed, and one that made me aghast. She didn't want the book available because it would "persuade them away from the Bible and the word of God." Further discussions with her and many other Christians around the world about The Bible Fraud all result in the Bible being quoted as the ultimate reference for the apparent "words of God," and therefore the basis for their arguments. The problem lies in that they believe the Bible is infallible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In Genesis 1; humans are created after the animals. In Genesis 2; humans are created before the animals. Clearly both accounts cannot possibly be correct. One of them must be wrong.

In Genesis 1, man and woman are created simultaneously, together. In Genesis 2, man is created first, then woman afterward. Clearly both accounts cannot possibly be correct. One of them must be wrong.

In Matthew, one genealogy of Jesus back to David through Roboam is given. In Luke, Jesus is claimed to be descended from David through Roboam's brother Nathan. Clearly both accounts cannot possibly be correct. One of them must be wrong. If one accepts the myth that Jesus was the son of God, then both paternal genealogies are not only in error, but rather pointless.

Apr 18 07:55

Iran rightfully calls for America to be suspended from IAEA

The leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rightfully called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to suspend America for constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons against his country and other states; and his bold stance could be a significant opportunity for the non-European world to stand up to western terrorism.

Apr 18 07:54

Full text of Iran's letter of complaint to the UN over US threats of nuclear attack

Apr 18 07:54

FLASHBACK - Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit

She was handcuffed and taken away as her stunned parents stood by.

“I felt like I had been thrown into some surreal sort of nightmare,” said Hillary, 17, who was sentenced in 2007. “All I wanted to know was how this could be fair and why the judge would do such a thing.”

The answers became a bit clearer on Thursday as the judge, Mark A. Ciavarella Jr., and a colleague, Michael T. Conahan, appeared in federal court in Scranton, Pa., to plead guilty to wire fraud and income tax fraud for taking more than $2.6 million in kickbacks to send teenagers to two privately run youth detention centers run by PA Child Care and a sister company, Western PA Child Care.

Apr 18 07:51

Reader Photos - TEA Party, Crystal River, FL

Apr 18 07:49

Why Propaganda Trumps Truth

Why Propaganda Trumps Truth
By Paul Craig Roberts

September 15, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- -An article in the journal, Sociological Inquiry, casts light on the effectiveness of propaganda. Researchers examined why big lies succeed where little lies fail. Governments can get away with mass deceptions, but politicians cannot get away with sexual affairs.

Apr 18 07:44

Terrorists are Squatting in My Backyard

The FBI needs a new and improved budget for 2011 and that requires threats against the 'homeland' and enemies. It's no longer 'fight them over there before they can come here,' they are already here, living among us according to Muller in testimony before Congress.

Homegrown violent extremists also pose a very serious threat. Homegrown violent extremists are not clustered in one geographic area, nor are they confined to any one type of setting—they can appear in cities, smaller towns, and rural parts of the country. This diffuse and dynamic threat—which can take the form of a lone actor—is of particular concern.

Apr 18 07:44

Tehran Summit Urges Nuclear Free World

As Tehran prepares to hold an international denuclearization conference, an Iranian official said the confab aims to promote nuclear disarmament across the world. The two-day conference titled “Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None” will open on Saturday this week.

Officials from more than 60 countries as well as delegates from various international and non-governmental entities will take part in the conference. Iranian authorities say the conference has been welcomed beyond their expectations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unlike the US summit, Tehran won't pretend Israel isn't the only actual nuclear-armed nation in the Middle East.

Apr 18 07:43

Catholics in Jacksonville unmoved by Vatican scandal

Welcome to the latest sex abuse scandal to embroil the Catholic Church, the furor erupting over recent reports about how Pope Benedict XVI, when he was a high-ranking cardinal in the Vatican, handled several cases involving priests accused of sexually abusing children and even pleas from bishops to defrock them. Some Catholics want him to resign.

But on the First Coast, many Catholics dismiss the criticism and coverage as the creation of money-hungry lawyers and the insatiable appetite of the 24-hour news cycle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Who cares about those little whiny boys; I want my trip to Heaven!!!!"

Apr 18 07:41

Lew Rockwell on Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton 4/17/10

Lew Rockwell, founder and President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, discusses Ron Pauls ability to explain and popularize libertarian ideas, the large number of Americans seething about the economy, how William F. Buckley, Jr. spearheaded the purging of antiwar rightists from the Conservative movement (and how Ron Paul is putting them back in) and how the hidden inflation tax allows the government to fund wars and avoid popular outrage.

Apr 18 07:06

Creating Warfare Between the Middle and Lower Classes

This is classic pressure from above,pressure from below!

Apr 18 06:56

Obama, not Osama, is threat No.1 to global security

Barack Obama is masking the real issues over nuclear weapons by presenting the idea that nuclear terrorism is a major threat, says Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Canadian Center for Research on Globalization.

Apr 18 06:54

Marc Faber on American oil companies

April 17, 2010

Apr 17 19:05

“Yes, Virginia, There Are Oklahoma City Bombing Truthers”

I would like to bring to your attention an independent analysis that was done of the OKC bombing by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, USAF (Ret.).

Apr 17 18:48

Max Keiser with Guest Alex Jones

On the Edge with Max Keiser - April 17th 2010 Guest Alex Jones

Covers Israel nuclear issue.

Apr 17 18:33

"There is a big double standard about Israel and nuclear weapons"

Bill Maher and guest briefly discuss the known unknowns :)

Apr 17 17:40

Volcanic invisible (?) plume of grit closes Euorpean airspace

Volcanic ash causes air traffic chaos in Europe
14:57, April 17, 2010
The volcano in southern Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier sends ash into the air Friday, April 16, 2010. Thick drifts of volcanic ash blanketed parts of rural Iceland on Friday as a vast, invisible plume of grit drifted over Europe, emptying the skies of planes and sending hundreds of thousands in search of hotel rooms, train tickets or rental cars. (Xinhua/AFP Photo)
After at least nine countries announced the closure of airspaces as a preventive measure on Thursday, Switzerland on Friday announced the closure of its airspace as the ash cloud approached, the official Swissinfo.ch news website reported.

Apr 17 16:58

FEMA Wants Sensitive Docs About (Canceled?) 5/10 WMD Drill Pulled – Why?

Repost/summary from publicintelligence.net.

NLE 10 concerned itself with.... the detonation of a nuclear device inside of a U.S. city.... The unpopularity of such a scenario... is obvious. What is strange is the attempt that is now being made by FEMA to eliminate references to the exercises and remove from circulation a document that has played an important role in drawing attention to the exercise....

Apr 17 16:29

FLASHBACK: US Military Plan to Justify Intervention in Cuba, 1962.

13 March 1962

A "Remember the Maine" incident could be arranged in several forms...We could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized. Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement, also would be helpful....


HTML version HERE

Apr 17 15:53

Israel’s stooges battle for British votes

Stuart Littlewood considers the British shadows of the US administration’s pro-Israel spivs and pimps – the Conservative and Labour parties – and argues that the unexpected rise in fortunes of Britain’s third main party, the Liberal Democrats, is likely to make its leader Nick Clegg, who is no rabid Zionist, a target of US-Zionist smears.

Apr 17 15:48

Iceland's disruptive volcano

Apr 17 15:46


The hero of “freedom of speech”, boycotted by the corporate, mainstream media that are irresistible against the astringent truth: this is the most precise and accurate introduction which I can present about Carlos Latuff.

Apr 17 15:28

FLASHBACK: Total Information Awareness: Reloaded

reposted from the National Journal.

....Two of the most important components of the TIA program were moved to the Advanced Research and Development Activity, housed at NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Md., documents and sources confirm. One piece was the Information Awareness Prototype System, the core architecture that tied together numerous information extraction, analysis, and dissemination tools developed under TIA...

Apr 17 14:47

Library of Congress: All Your Tweets. Permanently Archived. Forever.

Well, maybe this is good somehow?

"The Twitter digital archive has extraordinary potential for research into our contemporary way of life," said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. "This information provides detailed evidence about how technology based social networks form and evolve over time. The collection also documents a remarkable range of social trends. Anyone who wants to understand how an ever-broadening public is using social media to engage in an ongoing debate regarding social and cultural issues will have need of this material."

Apr 17 14:42

TX Sheriff: 'Arm Yourselves'

Apr 17 14:31

John Paul ‘ignored abuse of 2,000 boys’

Allegations that the late pontiff blocked an inquiry into a paedophile cardinal, promoted senior church figures despite accusations that they had molested boys and covered up innumerable cases of abuse during his 26-year papacy have cast a cloud over his path to sainthood.

Apr 17 14:28

Keep sex abuse sins confidential, confessors urged

A priest who confesses sexual abuse in the sacrament of penance should be absolved and should generally not be encouraged by the confessor to disclose his acts publicly or to his superiors, a Vatican official said.

Likewise, the confessor should not make the contents of such a confession public, said Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary, a Vatican court that handles issues related to the sacrament of penance.

Apr 17 12:49

Public Banking -- From Radical to Conservative

The Bank of North Dakota is the nation's only state-owned bank...But the part that I like best about the North Dakota bank is that it was founded by radicals but now run (and defended) by conservatives. This puts it in the company of many other common-sense public policy institutions, like disability insurance, unemployment compensation and Medicare.

Apr 17 12:45

A political spectrum that makes sense

The main cause of violence in today’s world is the centralization of power in the hands of strangers in distant capitals.

Apr 17 12:41

Google: Being Evil? Maybe it has a REALLY good explanation....

Google, I love you. How could you?

In June 2007, Privacy International.. cited Google as the worst privacy offender ...below... Facebook and AOL. ...no other company was “coming close..."

Below FACEBOOK!! ...*breaks off, sobbing*...

Apr 17 12:37

Clinton Compares Tea Party Members to Timothy McVeigh

Former President Bill Clinton on Friday said that “legitimate” comparisons can be drawn between today’s grass-roots anger and resentment toward the government and the right-wing extremism that bubbled up prior to the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City 15 years ago.

Apr 17 12:34


Our government may ignore you, concerned more with its public image. It has also ignored many veterans who have returned physically injured or mentally troubled by what they saw and did in your country. But the time is long overdue that we say that the value of our nation's leaders no longer represent us. Our secretary of defense may say the U.S. won't lose its reputation over this, but we stand and say that our reputation's importance pales in comparison to our common humanity.

Apr 17 11:45

How the global warming hoax evolved from population control and eugenics

UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Social and Cultural Organization ) Its Purpose and its Philosphy – Julian Huxley 1946 -’Thus even though it is quite true that radical eugenics policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible it will be important for UNESCO to see that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that is now unthinkable may at least become thinkable”

Apr 17 11:42

Demjanjuk's Attorney Questions Evidence

John Demjanjuk's defense lawyer on Wednesday questioned the validity of evidence presented by a top German investigator, including an identity card that allegedly shows his client was a guard at the Nazi's Sobibor death camp.

Attorney Ulrich Busch told the Munich state court he has seen "conflicting" examples of the ID card and asked investigator Thomas Walther how the original came into the hands of the U.S. Department of Justice to be passed on to Germany. Walther said he didn't know.

Apr 17 11:15

Camden Tent City Residents Get A Reprieve

Homeless people who built a community of campground tents just a few blocks from downtown Camden got a reprieve Thursday, allowing them to remain, at least for now, at the self-governing settlement in one of the nation's poorest cities.

Both the residents and social service agencies were nervous about Thursday's deadline from a Camden County official to shut down the community. They feared adequate housing would not be found by the deadline, forcing the 30 or so remaining homeless people to move out of a relatively safe environment and into the streets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if city and state governments' response will ultimately be the establishment of Dickens-esque "work houses" where the poor and homeless will ultimately wind up doing slave labor for the "privilege" of having a place to sleep.

The growing criminalization of poverty by so many states indicates that such a possibility is not all so far-fetched.

Apr 17 11:06

America and the Dictators From Ngo Dinh Diem to Hamid Karzai

This scenario is obviously a description of the Obama administration’s devolving relations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul this April. It is also an eerie summary of relations between the Kennedy administration and South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in Saigon nearly half a century earlier, in August 1963. If these parallels are troubling, they reveal the central paradox of American power over the past half-century in its dealings with embattled autocrats like Karzai and Diem across that vast, impoverished swath of the globe once known as the Third World.

Apr 17 11:01

An Insignificant Yemeni at Guantanamo Loses His Habeas Petition

He eventually fell asleep on the floor of the cage, but hours later he was awakened by the sound of an IRF team entering the cage in the dark. The team shackled him, and he put up no resistance. They then beat him. They blocked his nose and mouth until he felt that he would suffocate, and hit him repeatedly in the ribs and head. They then took him back to his cell. As he was being taken back, a guard urinated on his head. Mr. Ismail was badly injured and his ear started to bleed, leaving a large stain on his pillow. The attack on Mr. Ismail was confirmed by at least one other detainee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why does this matter?

Because if any US government gets away with this kind of behavior with impunity, and no habeus corpus, with a prisoner of war, it will not be all that long that such a government would believe that it could indulge in such behaviour against any US citizen who simply may have a legitimate criticism of that government.

If you don't believe me, take a look at the Lieberman/McCain bill, introduced last month in Congress.


"One of Congress' most notoriously hawkish duos, Sen. John McCain [R, AZ] and Sen. Joseph Lieberman [I, CT], recently introduced legislation in response to President Obama's decision to try Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day airplane bomber, in a criminal court. Their proposal, which they are calling the Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention and Prosecution Act, would empower the U.S. military to arrest anyone, U.S. citizen or otherwise, who is suspected of terrorist associations and detain them indefinitely, without right to a trial."

I don't know if that is making the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight and start tap-dancing, but this bill is certainly doing that to mine!

Apr 17 11:00

The Bishop - Monty Python

Apr 17 10:54

“Criticism Against Hezbollah Arms Passes Over Us like A Drizzle of Light Rain”

On the backdrop of reports that Syria has transferred Scud missiles to Hezbollah, the organization’s deputy secretary-general said, “Israel’s threats are an evasion attempt, but this does not mean that a war is imminent.”

In an interview published in London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat on Saturday, Sheikh Naim Qassem said his organization “is, at the current time, more satisfied with its situation than it has ever been in the past.” He said the criticism that has been voiced against Hezbollah’s possession of arms “passes over us like a drizzle of light rain.”

Apr 17 10:53

Commemorating One Holocaust While Effecting Another

This is the holocaust-carnival season in Israel, or more correctly, the premier annual hasbara event of using the tragic events of World War II to attract sympathy, blackmail the world, and especially divert attention from Israel’s ongoing holocaust against the Palestinian people.

This year, like in every year, more crocodile tears are shed, more hypocrisy is displayed, and more lies are fabricated.

Apr 17 10:52

Mezan Center: “Israel Deliberately Killed Reuters Cameraman”

On the third anniversary of his death, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights reported that the Israeli army deliberately shot and killed Palestinian cameraman, working for Reuters, Fadel Shana’a, 23, in the Gaza Strip.

Apr 17 10:49

Picnicking on Mount Vesuvius? Is US Embassy in Lebanon Squandering Its Diplomatic Immunity?

Tensions are rising in Lebanon between elected representatives in Parliament, 'Unity’ Cabinet members and the American Embassy, as the 27th anniversary of the 1983 attack on the US Embassy approaches and the Embassy issues another warning for Americans to leave Lebanon.

On March 29, 2010 the US Embassy instructed Americans not to travel to Lebanon citing 'safety and security concerns." Simultaneously it warned those who are in Lebanon to seriously consider leaving.

According to Nasrallah during an interview with Al Manar channel: "All the information which the US embassy gathers in Beirut reaches Israel. Here we are not speaking about a normal foreign embassy which is gathering information for its own government …

Apr 17 10:46

Iran rightfully calls for America to be suspended from IAEA

The leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has rightfully called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to suspend America for constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons against his country and other states; and his bold stance could be a significant opportunity for the non-European world to stand up to western terrorism.

Apr 17 10:45

Abuses by Local Catholic Priests Boggle the Mind

Aweek and a half after the release of 10,000 pages of depositions and church documents about child sexual abuse and Memphis priests, it remains difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the crisis.

There are actually two scandals – first, the sexual abuse of children and, second, the years-long cover-up of that abuse.

Apr 17 10:44

Catholic Church is 'like the Mafia'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone have that Monty Python video of them acting like a gang of street crooks but dressed as priests? It was done to the tune of Peter Gunn.

Apr 17 10:41

The Case for the Impeachment of Barack Obama

Back in 2005-06, I wrote a book, The Case for Impeachment, in which I made the argument that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, as well as other key figures in the Bush/Cheney administration--Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales--should be impeached for war crimes, as well as crimes against the Constitution of the United States.

These days, when I mention the book’s title, people sometimes ask, half in jest, whether I’m referring to the current president, Barack Obama.

Apr 17 10:28

U.S. won't share Ft Hood evidence with Senate: Gates

The Obama administration, facing a subpoena threat from Congress, will not share information that could compromise its prosecution of the suspected gunman in last year's Fort Hood shooting, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Friday.

Two U.S. senators vowed on Thursday to subpoena the Obama administration next week unless it produces information sought in a congressional investigation of last year's rampage at the Texas military base in which 13 soldiers were killed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the Administration is refusing to release their information on this case with the Senate, there is something seriously, potentially catastrophically, wrong with the case.

Apr 17 10:24

This Is War

As I reel, and millions of other Americans are reeling, from this sadistic yet oddly routinized Iraq occupation activity, I read that in Afghanistan, special forces soldiers actually dug bullets out of dead Afghan women killed in a raid, in order to avoid accountability. We do not yet know if they were laughing and joking as they cut and sawed the flesh of the freshly murdered.

It’s not war at all. But it is the wake-up call to immediately end the extravagant spending on offense that most Americans have been waiting for. For the political class, the state and its parasites, the other shoe is now falling.

Apr 17 10:19

Gen McChrystal: No Proof Iran Sending Fighters or Weapons to Afghanistan

Despite several claims made to the contrary over the past several months, US commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal today conceded that there was no proof that the Iranian government has been sending fighters or weapons to Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm glad that McChrystal had that (albeit brief) moment of candor.

The accusations of this nature made by SecDef Gates are getting no traction with the American people at all, nor should they.

Why would Iran give the US (and/or Israel) more justification toward a military confrontation? The short answer is, the Iranian leadership is smart enough not to.

Apr 17 10:18

Everyone but the Roman Catholic Church Itself – The Blame-Shifting Continues

Over the last few weeks, I began compiling a list of those blamed, especially as the Church spokesmen began really going wild with their allegations. Earlier this week, I posted a comment in Eli’s Seminal diary, "Another Day, Another Scapegoat" with the list. A few kind comments later and some encouragement, here’s my first FDL diary ever, including not only the list but links to the sources I was able to scare up with a few hours of Google searches. They may not always be the best web citation and a few are repeats, but I tried the best I could.

Without further adieu, here’s everyone blamed for the Church’s pedophile problem, in no particular order (although the most recent one blaming porn was just reported today):

* Porn on television and the internet
* Homosexuals

Apr 17 10:17

This Day in History: April 17 -

1961: A group of CIA-financed/trained Cuban refugees lands at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba, with the aim of ousting Fidel Castro. They were routed, and more than 1,200 were captured by the Cubans.

Apr 17 09:59

Lie to Congress; Get Fourth Star

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander may well be harboring the thought attributed to prevaricator Oliver North upon being spared punishment — and instead getting rewarded handsomely — for lying about the Iran-Contra Affair: "Is this a great country or what!"

Gen. Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency since August 2005, is about to become what the Army describes as "dual hatted." The Senate is about to confirm him to another highly sensitive leadership position requiring the utmost integrity and fidelity to the Constitution when he has shown neither.

Apr 17 09:53

Russia: Bushehr's launch set for August

Head of Russia's state nuclear corporation says Iran's much-delayed nuclear power plant in south of the country will become operational in August.

"The launch is scheduled for August. We're now on schedule," Sergei Kiriyenko told reporters in Argentina on Wednesday.

The Russian official also rejected any concern about the safety of the plant.

"Bushehr doesn't threaten the regime of non-proliferation in any way. No one has any concerns about Bushehr."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, there you have it: the Iranian power station will be operational in August; that is, unless the US and Israel bomb it first, which is, unfortunately, a distinct possibility.

Should that scenario play out, it may well bring Russia and China into the fray, on the side of Iran; and those two countries do have nukes!

Apr 17 09:48

Lebanon: Hezbollah supporters amassing along Israeli border

Some 25 people, some of them armed, are amassing on the Lebanese side of the border with Israel, near Mount Dov. The people hung Hezbollah flags on the border fence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WOW! A whole 25 guys "amassing" on the Lebanese border?!?

That's got to have the IDF shaking in their collective boots!

Apr 17 09:43

Omaha Violence Finds Ashford Ready for National Guard

He knows it sounds like a last resort but when it comes to stopping the violence in Omaha, Nebraska’s top crime fighting lawmaker seriously wonders if it’s time to call out the National Guard.

Ashford does not foresee the Guard acting as an extension of the Omaha Police Department’s (OPD) gang fighting unit but says the Guard could assist in “traffic control” freeing up other officers to concentrate on the shoot-outs. According to OPD the Nebraska State Patrol is already lending a hand but Ashford tells Nebraska Watchdog that budget cuts at the State Patrol may limit what troopers can do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are going to see more and more articles of this nature, "grooming" the American public to accept military troops in American cities to "keep the peace", as the economic situation continues to deteriorate.

Apr 17 09:37

Holy mistake! Congress wipes out congressional health care insurance

Legislate in haste, repent at leisure. Looks like Congress is having one of those "Holy S---!" moments; it appears they have royally mucked up their own health insurance - for all 535 members of Congress and untold congressional employees. In a hurry, they forgot to get it right and wrote it all wrong; now it's the law...

Now Congress is in the same boat they built for the rest of America, without a clue what the new health care reform will mean to them. The beauty of their dilemma is pure poetic justice to some -they have written law requiring that they move into a system that doesn't yet exist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the smell of irony in the morning! :-)

Apr 17 09:33

t New Kyrgyz rulers struggle to impose authority

Supporters of ousted Kyrgyzstan president Kurmanbek Bakiyev seized regional television and administration headquarters on Saturday as the new authorities struggled to impose their authority.

With the country still on edge over a week after the protests that toppled Bakiyev and sent him into exile, uncertainty was also growing over the whereabouts of the ousted president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We may well see a civil war here, with Russia on the side of the current opposition government, and the US on the side of the supporters of Bakiyev.

It was with Bakiyev's government that the US negotiated the rights to their facility at Manas, which the opposition government would very much like to see go away.

Apr 17 09:29

US Afghan commander: 'We have too many contractors'

We have created in ourselves a dependency on contractors that is greater than it ought to be," General Stanley McChrystal told an audience of French officers and military experts at France's defence university in Paris.

"I think we've gone too far. I think that the use of contractors was done with good intentions so that we could limit the number of military. I think in some cases we thought it would save money. I think it doesn't save money."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder, with the US military overstretched beyond belief, where Mc Chrystal believes he is actually going to get the military troops to replace the civilian contractors!

Apr 17 09:28

The Muslims Who Are Looting the USA From Within

Just look at this list of al Qaeda types who are sucking the life out of the USA from their perch in Goldman Sachs!

They really DO hate us for our freedom.

Apr 17 09:24

We vote with bullets,’ reads Tea Party sign

Passions were ablaze at a Tax Day Tea Party event held on the steps of the old Florida Capitol, with protesters holding signs that read, "We vote with bullets," "Fire Congress," "9/11 was an Inside Job" and "Return to the Constitution."

We found a crowd of less than 500 protesters and a slate of speakers who knew the Tea Party "buzz words" and how to pander to its audience.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that the "we vote with bullets" sign (if it actually existed) was not the sign photographed and displayed in this article.

This was an attempt to cavalierly delegitimize and dismiss any legitimate concerns this group, and groups like it, may have have.

Pathetic attempts like this to kookify this movement, however, will not work; in fact, they will simply cause more people to take a legitimate look at what is making people angry.

Apr 17 09:09

Ash cloud reminds us that we should all be afraid of volcanoes

In 2005, a working group (commissioned by the Geological Society of London) investigated the threat of a supervolcano and concluded that "an area the size of North America or Europe could be devastated, and pronounced deterioration of global climate would be expected for a few years following the eruption. Such events could result in the ruin of world agriculture, severe disruption of food supplies, and mass starvation. The effects could be sufficiently severe to threaten the fabric of civilisation."

This week's fireworks on Iceland are just sparklers compared to what is to come.

Apr 17 09:04

Scud allegations may prompt Israeli raid: Hezbollah

US concern over allegations that Syria has been supplying Scud missiles to Hezbollah serves to encourage Israel to attack Lebanon, the Lebanese Shiite militant group said on Saturday.

Israeli President Shimon Peres has accused Damascus of providing Hezbollah with the missiles, prompting Washington to warn that the trade "potentially puts Lebanon at significant risk."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is, of course, no evidence that such missiles have been sent by Syria; it's just another excuse for Israel to attack their neighbors.

Apr 17 09:00

A Muckraking Blogger Focuses on Jews

Blogging on the site FailedMessiah.com, Mr. Rosenberg, 51, has transmuted a combination of muckraking reporting and personal grudge into a must-read digest of the actual and alleged misdeeds of the ultra-Orthodox world. He has broken news about sexual misconduct, smear campaigns and dubious business practices conducted by or on behalf of stringently religious Jews.

Apr 17 08:53

Canada's brewing debt storm

For every $1 of disposable income, Canadians owe a record $1.47. How did it come to this?

Apr 17 08:51

Scots comedy legend Billy Connolly lends voice to satnav device

Some of Billy's satnav instructions include gems such as: "Toll charge ahead ... don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger." And to those motorists who don't listen, he says: "Make a U-turn now. This wouldn't have been necessary if you had been listening a minute ago."

He also jokes: "U turn ahead. I'll be here when you get back."

Or simply: "Turn round. Turn round the whole car, not just you inside the car."

Apr 17 08:46

100 Years of US Medical Fascism

Like the mythical Hollywood portrayal of the American "Wild West" as a place in which the denizens of every town were killing each other in gunfights every minute of the day, the free-market period in American medicine has also been distorted as one in which towns were mobbed by traveling quacks prescribing dangerous treatments that killed the townspeople in droves. Organized mainstream medicine concocted this myth, and as previously noted, it was they and not the homeopaths and eclectics who were killing large numbers of people via bloodletting and metal poisoning.

Apr 17 08:46

Gamestation collects customers' souls in April Fools gag

I know it’s a bit late to be reporting April Fools jokes but this is a good one. On April 1, Gamestation, the video games shop, changed the terms and conditions on its website to say that it legally owned the soul of each customer who bought from them.


Customers who had agreed to the terms were then sent an email which said: “Little did you realise that upon your last purchase from Gamestation.co.uk you also granted us a right to claim your humanity [...] To avoid future fatalities, always check the terms and conditions.”

Apr 17 08:42

School Spy Laptops “Took Thousands Of Photos” Of Students In Homes

Startling new evidence has emerged in the ongoing case of the Lower Merion school district in Philadelphia accused of spying on students in their homes via school issued laptops.

The lawyer for the family of the student whose school issued computer was allegedly remotely accessed while in his home, says that thousands of images were taken, including photographs of other students in their homes, web sites they visited, and excerpts of their online chats.

Apr 17 08:39

Digital Economy Act: This means war

Baking surveillance, control and censorship into the very fabric of our networks, devices and laws is the absolute road to dictatorial hell

Apr 17 08:38

Big Content's dystopian wish-list for the US gov't: spyware, censorship, physical searches and SWAT teams

The MPAA and RIAA have submitted their master plan for enforcing copyright to the new Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Richard Esguerra points out, it's a startlingly distopian work of science fiction. The entertainment industry calls for:

* spyware on your computer that detects and deletes infringing materials;
* mandatory censorware on all Internet connections to interdict transfers of infringing material;
* border searches of personal media players, laptops and thumb-drives;
* international bullying to force other countries to implement the same policies;
* and free copyright enforcement provided by Fed cops and agencies (including the Department of Homeland Security!).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess finding Osama bin Laden just isn't a priority any more!

Frankly, after having one laptop destroyed by TSA and spending 90 minutes on the phone with Micro$oft to get around a bug that prevented my legally owned software from running on my legally owned computer thi8s last week, I am ready to live a life free of personal electronic devices. I don't plan to pull an Alex Jones and torture an iPad (I don't own one and don't plan to buy one), but I have already weaned myself from the practice of walking around all day with mp3 music blasting into my ears and recommend it highly as a means to reconnect with the real world. I might even go back to using a cell phone that does nothing at all except make phone calls.

And screw it, if I cannot be assured that my laptop will arrive at a business destination with me so that I can do my job, then I will quit the business I am in and go on welfare.

The government has gone out of its way to make it impossible to work in this country, and they have finally succeeded.

Apr 17 08:36

Oil Companies Conspiring To Jack Up Gasoline Prices By Creating Artificial Scarcity

Alex Jones appeared on Russia Today to expose how major oil companies are driving up the price of gasoline by reducing refinery capacity, a familiar ploy that was exposed by Senator Ron Wyden’s 2001 investigation which published leaked oil company documents proving collusion between oil cartels to manufacture artificial scarcity.

Don't expect fuel prices to drop even though the majority of planes are grounded in Europe...

Apr 17 08:32

Large Tea Party Turn Out In Sarasota Fl, Tea Party’s Passion On Prominent Display In Sarasota Fl

Apr 17 08:27

'Only global fascist tyranny can save us now' says nice old man

But even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while.

Apr 17 08:25

The Hockey Schtick

In 2001, when our research group found overwhelming evidence that sea level was by no means in a rising mode in the Maldives, but had remained quite stable for the last 30 years, I thought it would not be respectful to the fine people of the Maldives if I were to return home and present our results in international fora. Therefore, I announced this happy news during an interview for your local TV station. However, your predecessor as president censored and stopped the broadcast.

Apr 17 08:23


Man-made carbon dioxide emissions throughout human history constitute less than 0.00022 percent of the total naturally emitted from the mantle of the earth during geological history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not counting the Iceland volcano, of course!

Apr 17 08:22

Smoking Gun: CRU Data Too Inaccurate To Detect AGW

Ross McKitrick has a long narrative up on how he has attempted to correct the sloppy math and unproven assumptions made by the IPCC and CRU (H/T Bishop Hill). As you read this you should also be aware that inside the CRU data dump from last fall was a smoking gun document which clearly indicates CRU knows its data is incapable of detecting AGW levels to a tenth of a degree. To do so requires temperature data to be at least that accurate or better. You can’t measure to the inch with an unmarked yard stick.

Apr 17 08:21

Global warming alarmists were wrong about Gulf Stream, too

Another addition to the non-events predicted by the global warming crowd: The Gulf Stream is not, repeat NOT, slowing down.

Between 2002 and 2009, scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have seen no, repeat NO, discernible long-term trend in the major oceanic circulation that affects major weather systems worldwide.


It's amazing how all those supposedly brilliant scientists have been so embarrassing wrong on the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, on how rising temperatures would supposedly cause massive crop failure in Africa, on livestock creating more greenhouse gases than vehicles, and even on whether the Earth is warming at all.

Apr 17 08:13

Samsung issues warning: 3D-TV (May Be) Bad For You

Pregnant women, the elderly, children and those suffering from serious medical conditions are among a wide range of people said to be at risk. The alert extends to those who have been sleep deprived or drinking. It highlights alarming side effects such as confusion, nausea, convulsions, altered vision, light-headedness, dizziness, and involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching and cramps.Samsung says there are also concerns that those with epilepsy could be at risk of fits - as they are from strobe lighting and photographers' flashes on normal television...

Apr 17 08:12

Israel's Latest Ridiculous Story About Why It Has Banned iPads: They "Violate Israeli Law"

As we noted earlier this week, Israel has banned iPads.

The country is so serious about this ban that it's confiscating iPads at airports.


The initial story was that the US iPad runs on a different WiFi standard than Israel's WiFi standard and, therefore, iPads might "damage Israel's domestic network."

That story was preposterous.

Apr 17 08:09

Visa debit card proposed 30% fee increase

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Charging you money to use your own money

Apr 17 08:08

Goldman Sachs fraud, how they cheated investors with exploding bonds

Apr 17 08:04

AGW Severe Weather Prediction Wrong: China Hail Storm Frequency Declines During Global Warming

Al Gore, James Hansen and other warming publicity seekers like to state that global warming causes more severe weather incidents. Unfortunately for the alarmists, their claims have been proven wrong by the empirical evidence, continuously. Add China to the list, now. Researchers discover hail storms happened less frequently concurrent with global warming increase.

Apr 17 08:02

Ahmadinejad: Israel has nukes while Iran banned from nuclear energy

Apr 17 08:01

Drug smuggler 'ran bestiality farm for guests'

A CONVICTED cocaine smuggler has been arrested for running what authorities say appears to be a bestiality farm in Washington State in which visitors could engage in all sorts of sex acts with animals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That sheep was a slut, your honor! Look at those hot eyes!!! Look how tight she wears that wool sweater!! She wanted it! They all want it, really!!!!

Apr 17 07:52

Eight Banks Fail

U.S. regulators on Friday seized eight banks with assets totaling more than $6 billion, raising the tally this year to 51 failed banks and adding to the carnage of small institutions that is expected to peak this year.

The eight banks were the most authorities closed since nine were seized last October.

Apr 17 07:50

Tax Dodging in Panama - "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie..."

The US government is making it more expensive (ie taking 30% of all funds you move out of the US on the way out), but you can still legally own real estate and assets that are not liquid. This is perfectly legal and there is no reporting required to own land or condos. The income is taxed, but a lot of people are fine with paying taxes on income, they just want to keep their wealth and not have everything taken from them. The US government is nationalizing pension plans (from years of 3rd world countries doing this - we know this is a word used when the government takes everything you have and the US government is talking of nationalizing the banks, ie taking all your money.

Apr 17 07:48


One can say that Wiesel has raked in millions of dollars as one of the leading players in the Holocaust Industry mentioned in Finkelstein’s book. Weisel could have used his ’position of power’ to have made a difference. He could have stressed the supposed ‘lessons’ of the holocaust of which one is NEVER AGAIN…. but he chose to ignore the FACT that it IS happening again…. with the aid of many of the survivors he speaks of and their offspring.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Apr 17 07:46


Friday, we had demonstrations in a number of locations in Palestine mostly in honor of prisoners (11,000 kidnapped Palestinians held in Israeli jails). The demonstration in Al-Ma’asara went smoothly even though the night before the Israeli army came in at 1 AM to raid and scare the family of Mohammed and Hassan (their brother is in an Israeli jail).

Apr 17 07:45


To say I am outraged is putting it mildly.. What portion of the bill do I question. All of it. $38,210.91 for a four day stay is slightly excessive to say the least.. First you have her down for three and one half days of oxygen at $1200 dollars a day. She claims she was on oxygen for only two days. You have her down for 110 doses of medication over a four day period ranging from $219.10 a dose to $144.49 a dose to $61.50 a dose to $41.02 a dose to $36.25 a dose all in all 110 doses of medication in four days.

Apr 17 07:31

Lehman may have grounds to sue Goldman, Barclays

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. may have grounds to sue Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Barclays Plc after they obtained assets from CME Group Inc. for less than half their value, bankruptcy examiner Anton Valukas said.

Goldman was the highest bidder for Lehman’s equity derivatives at CME, and took $445 million of those assets at a private auction in September 2008, according to previously censored details of Mr. Valukas’s March 11 report. Barclays was the highest bidder for Lehman’s energy derivatives and took $707 million in assets from CME.

Apr 17 07:31

Europeans won’t be amused by alleged Goldman scam

Europeans won’t be amused by the alleged Goldman Sachs scam. ABN Amro, and therefore ultimately Royal Bank of Scotland, ended up losing $841 million in the allegedly fraudulent collateralised debt obligation investment concocted by the investment bank. Meanwhile, IKB, the bust German bank, lost nearly $150 million.

These European banks were some of the biggest financial mugs in the last years of the credit bubble. But the allegations levelled by the Securities and Exchange Commission don’t concern the folly of the buyers and insurers of subprime mortgage investments. Goldman is accused of misleading investors. The UK and German states, which bailed the banks out, will be livid if the case is proved. Goldman denies the charges.

Apr 17 07:28

SEC's Goldman charges could be just the beginning

Goldman Sachs, whose tactics exiting the collapsing subprime mortgage market have been under government scrutiny for months, now faces federal fraud charges that it duped investors into losing $1 billion on a rigged offshore deal pegged to dicey home loans.

The suit, brought Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission, accuses Goldman and one of its vice presidents, 31-year-old Fabrice Tourre, of allowing a Wall Street hedge fund to secretly select many of the securities in the deal.

Apr 17 07:27

Goldman Sacked?

The Goldman fraud indictment is obviously huge news.

The Connecticut Attorney general wants to file criminal charges:

Apr 17 07:26

U.S. government mulls luring foreign property owners

Congress is considering a move to lower or eliminate U.S. taxes currently imposed on foreign investors of U.S. commercial real estate, where the number of sales has fallen off a cliff over the past two years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

lower or eliminated taxes for foreigners (including Israel) to make it easy for them to come in and buy up Americans' homes .. but the rest of us get screwed by skyrocketing Obamacare and Carbon taxes?????

What a bunch of traitors.

Apr 17 07:26

Ashes of subprime volcano fall on Wall Street

It was mostly smooth sailing for stocks during the first week of earnings until Friday, when news of Goldman Sachs' troubles with regulators cast over Wall Street a cloud of uncertainty almost as thick as the volcanic ash above Iceland.

Apr 17 07:24

The FDA Shuts Down Common Infant Vaccine After Startling Discovery

One million U.S. children, and about 30 million worldwide, have already received GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix vaccine. Now a research team has discovered it is contaminated with “a substantial amount” of DNA from a pig virus.

What is pig virus DNA doing in a vaccine intended to prevent rotavirus disease, which causes severe diarrhea and dehydration?

It’s anybody’s guess, although CNN reported that GlaxoSmitthKline detected the substance in the cell bank and the seed used to make the vaccine, “suggesting its presence from the early stages of vaccine development.”

Apr 17 07:18

A Kyrgyz interim leader says US base unjustified

A top official in Kyrgyzstan's interim government told The Associated Press on Saturday that a U.S. air base supporting operations in Afghanistan is "not justified," the first sign of significant divisions over the facility.

Apr 17 07:18

Beware of newsmen wearing lip gloss

In prose and poetry, The Man In The White Suit's biting attack on the destructive vanities of modern TV news reporting

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You guys are lucky if I even remember to shave before the shows! :)

Apr 17 07:16

How Greece Can Impact YOU!

You see, Greece represents the growing mound of looming landmines in a global economy that has been damaged by the worst economic crisis in more than 80 years. And if there’s anything that should have been clear from the collapse in global financial markets in 2008, it’s that the world is a highly interconnected place, and so are its financial markets. So problems in Greece will likely mean problems for you and me.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

the downside of globalism reveals itself!

Apr 17 07:15

The Blood of Patriots & Tyrants: The Tea Party's Founders

Apr 17 07:12

Protect us, not polar bears: Inuit officials

Nunavut Inuit who do not want polar bears listed under Canada's Species at Risk Act say they should be the ones being protected from the Arctic bears.

Speaking Wednesday before the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board (NWMB) in Iqaluit, Inuit elders and officials voiced their opposition to a proposal by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) to have the polar bear listed as a species of special concern in Canada.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forget the bears; protect the photographers!!!!!

Apr 17 07:07

Volcano erupts more strongly, chaos continues

An Icelandic volcano causing travel chaos throughout the world is erupting more strongly, a geologist warned Saturday, as the European aviation control agency said flight disruption would continue for at least 24 hours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It doesn't matter how much carbon taxes you pay to the Goracle, or how much you bow before the IPCC; no global government can deal with the reality of nature. The "crisis" the IPCC waves at you is an illusion as is the solution. Only the enslavement by your belief you are doing something useful with your slavery is real.

Apr 17 07:01

Gerald Celente: Economic recovery a cover up

New claims for United States unemployment benefits rose unexpectedly last week. Government officials are dismissing the ride and are blaming it on the Easter holiday. Meanwhile, home foreclosures have also jumped, to their highest rate in 5 years. Gerald Celente says that the economy hasn't recovered, it is a cover up and the big wigs who received the bailout on wall street are the only people with more money

Apr 17 07:01

Volcano sparks more flight disruptions

Iceland, a nation of 320,000 people, sits on a large volcanic hot spot in the Atlantic's mid-oceanic ridge and has a history of devastating eruptions. One of the worst was the 1783 eruption of the Laki volcano, which spewed a toxic cloud over Europe, killing tens of thousands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If St. Al of the Gore thinks he is such hot @#% for the environment, let's see him fix this!

Apr 17 07:00

Israel is going to nuke US and blame Iran

Controversial ads made by the Israel project have shown the comparison of Israel being rocketed by its close Arab neighbors and Washington DC being attacked by Baltimore. The ad was played repeatedly during the Nuclear Security Summit, urging leaders to take action against Iran. The ads main purpose is to make people aware of the serious threat Iran poses to Israel and the United States.

Apr 17 06:52

After Getting Bailed Out By American Taxpayers, General Electric Pays ZERO U.S. Taxes, Pretending that All of Its Profits are Overseas

General Electric got bailed out by American taxpayers.

Specifically, it was given $139 billion in FDIC guarantees and used the Federal Reserve program supporting it's commercial paper (see this).

So you'd think that GE would return the favor by paying American taxes, right?

Wrong. GE paid no U.S. taxes for 2009.

As CNN points out:

GE had plenty of earnings last year -- just not in the United States. For tax purposes, the company's U.S. operations lost $408 million, while its international businesses netted a $10.8 billion profit.

Unfortunately, GE is not alone.

Apr 17 05:12

10 Facts All Americans Must Know Now

10 Facts All Americans Must Know Now

by William Dean A. Garner | Friday, February 12, 2010

1. The United States individual (personal) income taxes go directly to the Bank of England, City of London, which is wholly owned and controlled by the family Rothschild.

2. The United States Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a U.S. government institution.

Apr 17 03:15

Jordan's King Warns Mideast War 'Imminent'

Such a result from an Israeli triggered war would almost certainly cause a Russian-Chinese response that would eventually finish off what is left of Israel and begin a truly global war/WWIII with multiple war theaters around the world. It is highly unlikely that a Third World War, fought with 21st Century weaponry will be anything but the Biblical Armageddon.

April 16, 2010

Apr 16 22:09

The CyberWar Against Online Privacy

Original post.

Not only will they have a phone number, they will have physical location data - which spells the end of anonymous posting, at least on Youtube...

Apr 16 21:49

The Public School Scandal

The public school districts spent between 21% and 201% more than the local private schools! In 8 out of the 18 public school districts examined, the public schools spent more than 100% more than (twice as much) did the local private schools per pupil. Only the Houston school districts and the low-income school districts of Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., were less than 50% more expensive than the local private schools and all but one of them was one-third or more higher in costs.

Apr 16 21:02

Dead Trees: George Reisch’s “Pink Floyd & Philosophy: Careful with that axiom, Eugene!”

Pink Floyd’s sound and light shows in the 1960s defined psychedelia, but their later recordings combined rock, orchestral music, literature, and philosophy. Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall ignored pop music’s usual strictures to focus on themes of madness, despair, brutality, and alienation. Here, 16 scholars set delve into the heart of Pink Floyd by examining ideas, concepts, and problems usually encountered not in a rock band’s lyrics but in the pages of Heidegger, Foucault, and Sartre. These include the meaning of existence, the individual’s place in society, the contradictions of art and commerce, and the blurry line between genius and madness.

Apr 16 20:05

Gamestation Tricked Online Buyers Into Selling Their SOULS (no really)

"By placing an order via this Web site on the first day of the fourth month of the year 2010 Anno Domini, you agree to grant Us a non-transferable option to claim, for now and for ever more, your immortal soul. Should We wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your immortal soul, and any claim you may have on it, within 5 (five) working days of receiving written notification from gamesation.co.uk or one of its duly authorised minions."

Apr 16 17:56

Another Union Bailout by Obama

After famously throwing out 200 years of bankruptcy law to hose secured creditors in favor of uni0ns at GM and Chrysler, the Obama Administration is again bailing out the unions that helped get him elected

Apr 16 17:49

Motorcyclist spends 26 hours in jail on wiretapping charge for filming cop with gun

Sure, the 24-year-old man admits to speeding on his motorcycle, but does that merit having a plainclothes cop pull a gun on him?

Does that merit six state troopers raiding his parents’ home and seizing four computers at the crack of dawn?

Does that merit getting charged with a felony and threatened with five years in prison?

Apr 16 17:07

IPCC Report Card

United Nations countries belong to an organization called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which publishes a report every six years. Often referred to as the "climate bible" these reports are relied on by governments around the world.

The latest was released in 2007. Sometimes called the AR4 (the Fourth Assessment Report), it contains 44 chapters and is nearly 3,000 pages long. Written by people organized into teams - Working Group 1, 2 and 3 - it consists of three smaller reports bundled into one.