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September 10, 2009

Sep 10 12:53

(*market news) Taping Profits of Swine Flu with Tamiflu

Flu season is approaching quickly and fresh fears over a possible H1N1 epidemic have taken hold. Hospitals and pharmacies are stocking up on medications to counter such an outbreak, and the most popular drug to treat flu is Tamiflu.

Sep 10 12:47

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obviously, on the matter of just what struck the Pentagon, I retain my original opinion.

Other than that, hats off to Charlie for his courage.

Sep 10 12:47

great intro article to share: Who are 9/11 Truthers? What is the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Van Jones, an advisor to President Obama signed a 9/11 Truth petition. Charlie Sheen challenges President Obama for a 20-minute discussion for 9/11 Truth. Who are these people? What is their evidence? What do they want?

As a teacher of high school US History courses, I attempted to professionally address this question with an appropriate classroom lesson. BTW, this issue is among the top few historical questions that my high school students want answered after examining information through Internet surfing.

Sep 10 11:41


2% (79 votes)
98% (3789 votes)
Total votes: 3868
Sep 10 11:39

How to observe the LCROSS lunar impact!

The objective of this page is to provide the casual backyard observer useful information for observing the LCROSS impact event without having to go to too many other sites.

Sep 10 11:24

All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company

The point of the article was that ICTS knew shoe bomber Richard Reid was dangerous, but allowed him on board a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. But the idea that an Israeli owned company had inside access to the airport used to launch an abortive terror attack brought to mind the strange message Odigo Systems, another Israeli owned company with offices near the World Trade Towers, received that warned of the impending attacks before the hijacked planes had even left the ground.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 10 11:22

Flight 93: Proof of 9/11 Lies by the US Government and Media

Minutes before the 10 a.m. crash, an emergency dispatcher in Pennsylvania received a cell phone call from a man who said he was a passenger locked in a bathroom aboard United Flight 93. The man repeatedly said the call was not a hoax, said dispatch supervisor Glenn Cramer in neighboring Westmoreland County. "We are being hijacked, we are being hijacked!" Cramer quoted the man from a transcript of the call. The man told dispatchers the plane "was going down. He heard some sort of explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane and we lost contact with him," Cramer said. [Yahoo News, Tuesday September 11 11:27 PM EDT]

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 10 11:21

How Did Human Remains End Up Miles From Flight 93's Crash Site?

"Finding the flight data recorder had been the focus of investigators as they widened their search area today following the discoveries of more debris, including what appeared to be human remains, miles from the point of impact at a reclaimed coal mine." [Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 09/13/01]

Have a good think about the above.

Are we supposed to believe that hijackers armed with only box cutters forced an angry mob to jump from the plane seconds before the crash? Or are we supposed to believe that people simply felt compelled to jump from the plane? If the official story is true then people jumping from the plane is the only way human remains could have been found miles from Flight 93's crash site.

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WRH 9-11 story

Sep 10 11:20


Although uniformly ignored by the mainstream U.S. media, there is abundant and clear evidence that a number of transactions in financial markets indicated specific (criminal) foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In the case of at least one of these trades -- which has left a $2.5 million prize unclaimed -- the firm used to place the "put options" on United Airlines stock was, until 1998, managed by the man who is now in the number three Executive Director position at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Sep 10 11:14

Bush Caught in a Lie About the 9/11 WTC Attacks

Bush: And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."

But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack."

Sep 10 11:12


Sep 10 11:10

FLASHBACK - The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen

Law-enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, an informer said after the blast.

The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor

Sep 10 11:08

9-11 - Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!

I tried to be patriotic.

I tried to believe. I watched those quarter mile high buildings fall through their jaw-dropping catastrophes over and over again. I listened to the announcer and the experts explain what had happened. And I worked at my pitiful lack of faith, pounding my skull with the remote control and staring at the flickering images on the TV screen.

But poor mental peasant that I am, I could not escape the teachings of my forefathers. I fear I am trapped in my time, walled off from further scientific understanding by my inability to abandon the Second Millennium mindset.

Sep 10 11:05

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

When a van fitting that exact description was stopped just before crossing into New York, the suspicious "middle-easterners" were apprehended. Imagine the surprise of the police officers when these terror suspects turned out to be Israelis!

According to ABC?s 20/20, when the van belonging to the cheering Israelis was stopped by the police, the driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers: "We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem." (10)

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Sep 10 11:01

The BBC's 'WTC 7 Collapsed At 4:54 p.m.' Videos

At 21:54 GMT on 9/11/2001 the BBC announced that WTC 7 had collapsed. There was just one problem with this news: WTC 7 did not collapse until 22:20 GMT.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 10 10:57

9/11 News Videos Reporting WTC Explosions

"...and then all of a sudden it
started like... it sounded like gunfire... you know, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, and then all of a sudden
three big explosions."

WMV video download (231kB)

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WRH 9-11 story

Sep 10 10:52

Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 10 10:41

Israel’s Arab Citizens Call General Strike

The increasingly harsh political climate in Israel under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government has prompted the leadership of the country’s 1.3 million Arab citizens to call the first general strike in several years.

The one-day stoppage is due to take place on October 1, a date heavy with symbolism because it marks the anniversary of another general strike, in 2000 at the start of the second intifada, when 13 Arab demonstrators were shot dead by Israeli police.

The Arab leadership said it was responding to a string of what it called “racist” government measures that cast the Arab minority, a fifth of the population, as enemies of the state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not that they are being racist or anything tacky like that.

Sep 10 10:40

Does Obama Face a 2012 Challenge In His Own Party?

Leading liberals are already thinking the unthinkable: Challenging President Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012.

According to a report on the left-leaning Huffington Post website, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson, an African-American national columnist for The Washington Post, discussed just such a possibility Thursday night. Robinson said Obama needs to be careful how he handles the health care reform issue and the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is already shaping up to be a one-term President.

Sep 10 10:37

Afghanistan Veteran Rick Reyes Questions Obama’s Push for More Troops

Twenty nine year old Rick Reyes was born to immigrants from Mexico, and grew up in Boyle Heights. He joined the Marine Corps and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, based on his experience in Afghanistan and given President Obama’s promised troop surge, he thinks the US should at minimum rethink the Afghanistan war. In April Reyes testified to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee alongside other veterans of the Afghan war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rick Reyes will be our guest today on the GCN radio show at 5PM Central Time.

Sep 10 10:33

Another 1,000,000+ Guns Added to American Homes in August

Data released by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reported 1,074,757 checks in August 2009, a 12.3 percent increase from the 956,872 reported in August 2008.

So far that is roughly 9,076,205 gun bought this year!

Sep 10 10:33

White House Claims 1 Million Jobs Saved, Created By Stimulus Bill

President Obama has promised that his $787 billion stimulus plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs by the end of next year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? And what will the other $14 trillion handed to Wall Street accomplish?

Sep 10 10:30

Heart Stopping Statistics: Israel Kills 773 Civilians

According to a new report published Wednesday by the B’Tselem organization the vast majority of Palestinians killed in Israel’s New Year attack on Gaza were civilians, not “combatants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The Palestinians" would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls." " Isreali Prime Minister (at the time) in a speech to Jewish settlers New York Times April 1, 1988

"We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves." Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum"

"We enthusiastically chose to become a colonial society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the occupied territories, engaging in theft and finding justification for all these activities. Passionately desiring to keep the occupied territories, we developed two judicial systems: one - progressive, liberal - in Israel; and the other - cruel, injurious - in the occupied territories. In effect, we established an apartheid regime in the occupied territories immediately following their capture. That oppressive regime exists to this day."
(Michael Ben-Yair, 3 March 2002)

"We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).

Sep 10 10:26

Lebanon PM-designate quits after Hezbollah refuses cabinet offers

Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad al-Hariri said on Thursday he was stepping down after more than 10 weeks of trying to form a unity government with opposition groups including Hezbollah.

His failure has fuelled concern over the potential for another protracted political crisis in Lebanon, where power struggles have brought long periods of government paralysis and violence in recent years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This doesn't bode well for either Lebanon or the region.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and Israel may well see this as the moment to invade again, and capture the Litani River, for the water it so desperately needs.

Sep 10 10:25


Take a close look at the manner in which WTC 7 collapses straight down. For the building to collapse in this fashion, all of the load bearing supports would have had to fail at exactly the same time.

The claim that the collapse was the result of a fire requires the fire be equally distributed throughout the entire floor of the building, providing equal heat for an equal amount of time, so that all the load bearings members would fail at the exact same moment.

Do you find this plausible?

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 10 10:23

Pelosi: Little Support for Sending More U.S. Troops to Afghanistan

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except for the heroin drug lords; they are really amped about the idea!

Sep 10 10:22

Conspiracy theory or hidden truth? The 9/11 enigmas...

“WTC 7 was … 100 yards from the North Tower. Even though no airplane hit it, it collapsed rapidly … in the manner of a controlled demolition. Despite its suspicious collapse, the 9/11 Commission report does not even mention WTC 7. “ Gage added: “A free-falling object cannot exert force on anything in its path without slowing its own fall, so the structural support had to be removed by something else—explosives.”

Sep 10 10:18

Iran may have enough enriched uranium to build a bomb, US warns

Mr Davies flagged up Western intelligence reports about Tehran’s alleged weapons experiments, which he said was evidence of military ambitions for its nuclear programme.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The timing of these allegations is not accidental, and TIMESONLNE appears to be very happily beating the war drums on this.

The US and Israel understand very clearly that Russia and China, in the UN Security Council, will veto any more sanctions; those positions have been made very clear.

We may well be up for an "October Surprise" regarding Iran, once further sanctions are not put in place by the UN.

Sep 10 10:06

Metrics of Monstrosity: Free Falling in Afghanistan

By any reckoning of reason, morality -- or even practicality -- it is a monstrous, evil folly. And yet it goes on and on, worsening by the year, by the month -- and with every major player in the ghoulish game declaring that it will keep going on, for years and years, if not decades.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only folks "winning" in Afghanistan are the defense contractors and the drug lords.

Sep 10 10:03

How Many Dead Non-White Civilians Does It Take for the U.S. to Notice? Putting the Kunduz Massacre in Context

For the Pentagon and its many media boosters, there are good bodies (civilians killed by "our enemy") and bad bodies (civilians killed by "our" militaries), respectively in the western mainstream labeled accidental collateral damage and (Afghan civilians transformed by the click on a keyboard into) "militants" or "insurgents." During the Yugoslav conflict, Human Rights Watch highlighted civilians killed by Serbs while neglecting civilians killed by non-Serbs. Today in Afghanistan, the U.S. mainstream media led by the Associated Press describes in detail the civilian victims of "Taliban" suicide attacks often even providing photographs while remaining far more circumspect about the victims of US/NATO air strikes and never printing photographs. (2)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: very graphic picture of two dead children at the top of this article.

But imagine, for one moment, these were your kids, just trying to grow up, trying to survive this wretched war against the Afghan people.

What would you be thinking about the people responsible for this slaughter, and this catastrophe in your life?

Sep 10 09:57

Obama Youth: Homeland Security Wants To Recruit Girl Scouts

The girls will be allowed to emblazon their sashes or vests with the new DHS patch if they complete training courses, according to the article.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The above is a previous example of an emblem given to the youth by a country's leader!

Sep 10 09:56

New US spy report verifies Iran stance

American intelligence agencies reached the conclusion in a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) update they presented to US President Barack Obama in recent months, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

The new intelligence information collected by the Obama administration once again confirmed the original reports’ findings by asserting that there was no convincing evidence to prove Iran’s nuclear work was in any way military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, the truth that Iran is not pursuing a weapons program will most likely not be enough to save it from an attack by Israel and the US.

And why? Because Israel, which does have nuclear weapons, but refuses to be a signatory to the NPT, has declared Iran an "existential threat" which has to be neutralized by the US, as was Iraq.

If and when such a conflict ensues, it will be our kids doing the fighting, getting maimed, and dying in service to Israel's foreign policy goals.

What's wrong with this picture?!?


Sep 10 09:52

District 9,Minstrelsy & Palestine

Everybody loves District 9. Unless you’re Nigerian. Or you think about race. (Not THAT race!) Or you like to piss people off, like reviewer Armond White, of New York Press.

By now everybody knows the plot, and all the reviewers wanna call it an Apartheid Allegory, for obvious reasons: the film is set in South Africa, and was directed by a white South African (are all white South Africans “Afrikaners?”). Many call it a “cautionary tale,” which is bewildering, since Apartheid was *actually* carried out in South Africa and the US.

Caution usually precedes an act.

What nobody is talking about, though, is Palestine.

Sep 10 09:49

Netanyahu draws fire in Israel over secret trip

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew the wrath of Israel's most influential newspapers on Thursday over what they described as lies issued by his office about a secret flight to Russia.

Netanyahu's first major media fiasco since taking office six months ago began with a simple question many Israelis, using their leader's nickname, asked on Monday: Where's Bibi?

Sep 10 09:45

Israel: anti-assimilation ads yanked over uproar

An ad campaign against Jewish assimilation, co-sponsored by the Israeli government, has been yanked after outraging Jews abroad, an official said Wednesday, laying bare the sometimes fraught relations between residents of the Jewish homeland and world Jewry.

Religious leaders, bloggers and editorial writers criticized the campaign as an affront to children of mixed marriages, and Jewish Agency officials said hundreds of people contacted the organization to denounce it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Sep 10 09:45

flashback - Rahm Emanuel - Israeli Spy

Clinton reportedly had knowledge of Israeli intelligence penetration of White House communications systems, and Lewinsky, in sworn testimony before the Office of Independent Counsel, stated:

He suspected that a foreign embassy was tapping his telephones, and he proposed cover stories. If ever questioned, she should say that the two of them were just friends. If anyone ever asked about their phone sex, she should say that they knew their calls were being monitored all along, and the phone sex was just a put-on.

It is now known that the 'foreign embassy' was that of Israel. WMR has learned from US intelligence sources that Emanuel was discovered to be part of a political intelligence and blackmail operation directed against Clinton by Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell
you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Sep 10 09:42

US's 'arc of instability' just gets bigger

The New Great Game is not only focused on the face-off between the United States and strategic competitors Russia and China - with Pipelineistan as a defining element.

The full spectrum dominance doctrine requires the control of the Pentagon-coined "arc of instability" from the Horn of Africa to western China. The cover story is the former "global war on terror", now "overseas contingency operations" under the management of President Barack Obama's administration.

Sep 10 09:41

Fire chief shot by cop in Ark. court over tickets

It was just too much, having to return to court twice on the same day to contest yet another traffic ticket, and Fire Chief Don Payne didn't hesitate to tell the judge what he thought of the police and their speed traps.

The response from cops? They shot him. Right there in court.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read this one all the way through!

Sep 10 09:40


The brain disease sweeping the West is virulent and vicious, like the golden Staph which haunts many hospitals. Most at risk are Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals and journalists. The ailment is not triggered by bacteria but by an ideology as old as history, which every so often resurfaces as a new strain, and this one hasn’t been named. It’s often fatal. Less so to the carriers than those caught in their sights. Let’s call it Kabul-shit – the propensity to ignore the years of violence inflicted on Afghanistan and to paint the invaders as heroes.

Sep 10 09:39


Amnesty International has called the Gaza blockade a “form of collective punishment of the entire population of Gaza, a flagrant violation of Israel’s obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.” Human Rights Watch has called the blockade a “serious violation of international law.” The United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, Richard Falk, condemned Israel’s siege of Gaza as amounting to a “crime against humanity.”

Sep 10 09:38


When addressing Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, Fatah indulges in all sorts of bombastic rhetoric about the liberation of Palestine.

However, in negotiations with Israel and meetings with visiting Western officials, the leaders of the movement would dutifully assure their interlocutors that the rhetoric was only meant for public consumption and that Fatah would eventually accept a “peace” deal with the Zionist state even if such a deal didn’t meet Palestinian expectations.

Sep 10 09:38

US brushes off North Korea's overtures

In a letter to the head of the UN Security Council, North Korea said it was "prepared for both dialogue and sanctions," but warned that if sanctions stayed in place, it would "respond with bolstering our nuclear deterrence."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US did a grand job of educating North Korea and the world about just what happens to a nation which does not have a nuclear deterrent with the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Sep 10 09:37


Sep 10 09:37


Sep 10 09:36

Obama speech disrupter a health industry darling

During President Obama’s address on health insurance reform to a joint session of Congress last night, he observed that some people have been spreading bad information about his proposal — and that contrary to what’s been said it would not cover illegal immigrants.

At that point the president was interrupted by Rep. Addison Graves “Joe” Wilson (right), a Republican from South Carolina.

“You lie!” Wilson shouted from the crowd.

Obama paused for a moment before continuing his address as Wilson’s colleagues looked on in shock following the breach of protocol.

Whether because of his outspokenness or in spite of it, Wilson is a major recipient of contributions from the health care industry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was this staged to help Obama sell his plan? Because if everyone is going to be forced to purchase health insurance from for-profit companies, who will then pay the bills for health care, cash flow into the health care as a whole will go UP!

It doesn't make sense for someone getting money from the health care system to shout down Obama, unless it is to build sympathy.

Sep 10 09:33

Lack of Evidence Over Iran ‘Nukes’ Alarms US

Though there appears to be virtually no evidence that they have any inclination to do so and considerable evidence to suggest they aren’t currently doing so, US Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Glyn Davies is now accusing Iran of desperately trying to retain the ability to hypothetically create a single atomic weapon if they chose to do so at some later date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The truth here doesn't matter: we're seeing the lockstep march of the propaganda machines bearing down to demonize Iran.

The US and Israel understand, very clearly, that the UN will not place any further sanctions on Iran, because Russia and China will not allow that to happen.

The only "sanctions" possible would be bi-lateral sanctions, perhaps manifesting in a blockade of the Persian Gulf by US and Israeli forces.

Such a blockade is an act of war, and once the drawn-out, Kabuki-like spectacle of the convening of the UN General Assembly is over at the end of this month, we may well see such an act happening sooner rather than later.

Sep 10 09:29

Grinning 'priest' armed with can of juice hijacks plane en route from Cancun... because it was 9-9-09

A religious fanatic hijacked an airliner yesterday because the date, 9-9-09, was 'the satanic number 666 turned upside down'.

The Bible-carrying hijacker stood up as the plane was landing and told a flight attendant that a juice can he was carrying was a bomb.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

take a v.e.r.y c.l.o.s.e look at the item hanging around the "priest's" neck.

Sep 10 09:24

NATO Chief ‘Concerned’ by Rising Opposition to Afghan War

Speaking at a military ceremony in Norfolk Virginia, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was “concerned” by the rising opposition to the ongoing war in Afghanistan, cautioning that “the public discourse on the effort in Afghanistan has started to go in the wrong direction.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

the public discourse on the effort in Afghanistan has started to go in the wrong direction.”?!?!?!?!?

A short memo to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen; the only folks "winning" this abominable, wretched war against the Afghan people are the defense contractors, and the drug dealers.

One has to wonder just how deeply invested this man is in defense companies (like Cheney) to defend the continuation of this war for even one second.

The intention here was to "pacify" the Afghan people in order to install the pipelines which would control the Eurasian oil, and protect the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

One of the two goals has been achieved here by the US/NATO invasion and occupation, and it hasn't been installing the pipelines.

Sep 10 09:18

9/11 Myth Huggers: 8 Years of Ignoring the Evidence

The establishment media hold up an apple for your inspection, and they tell you it is an orange. If I try to show you that you are looking at an apple it does not make me a "conspiracy theorist," it makes me your friend. Remember that! - Jesse Richard - Editor, TvNewsLIES.org

Sep 10 09:17

Netanyahu outflanks US to stall peace talks

IT IS a common trait of politicians to say one thing and do another. But in dealing with peacemaking, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has varied the tactic: he simultaneously makes a concession and negates it, producing confusion and stagnation.

It's all part of a grand strategy of stalling Middle East peace talks until the international community gets tired or distracted. That way, Israel can retain whatever occupied West Bank territory it wants, although it may concede leftovers to a non-viable Palestinian "state" .

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel does not want peace; it wants territory, by any means necessary.

Sep 10 09:14

Media "Distortions"

"Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have."
-- Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked at reader request

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 10 09:13

Why are the Russians Digging Tunnels in Abkhazia?

Following Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s visit to the occupied Georgian province of Abkhazia in late August 2008, the Kremlin appears to be intensifying its military preparations in the South Caucasus.

On September 4, Georgian newspapers and TV channels reported that “the Russian occupation forces have been engaged for two months in constructing a one-kilometer-long tunnel deep in the Ochamchire district. Allegedly, the construction is highly secretive, only Russian military are employed and the local residents are not even allowed to approach the construction site. The Russians will use the tunnel to deploy military equipment and munitions.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It looks like Georgia is laying the propaganda groundwork for another military confrontation with Russia.

Sep 10 09:03

Black Sea Port Is Flash Point for Georgia and Russia

Rising tensions between Russia and Georgia over shipping rights to a breakaway Georgian region have opened a potential new theater for conflict between the countries, a little more than a year after they went to war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Russia is engaged in a military conflict with Georgia, and the destabilization of Pakistan gets worse, look for a potential attack against Iran by that time.

Those two issues, taken together, will mean that Russia would be hard-pressed to re-supply Iran by land.

Sep 10 09:03

$1.1 Trillion in Toxic Loans: $908 Billion in Interest Only and $198 Billion in Option ARMs. The Zombie Loans that Simply Don’t Die.

Two years of a deep and prolonged recession and we still can’t seem to get a hold of the toxic assets plaguing the books of banks. Much of this comes from the scamming and blood sucking from banks on the taxpayer. How can $13 trillion in backstops and commitments not resolve the problem? First, the banking system operates as a crony operation looking to serve its own interest even if it comes at the detriment of the entire economy. News coming out this week simply reaffirms what we have been saying for the entire year. The Alt-A and option ARM wave is imploding right on schedule.

Sep 10 09:02

Copy of the removed youtube video of Mike Duvall

In a recording of a legislative hearing, Duvall can be heard talking about a recent sexual escapade with a woman he says is 18 years younger.
"I'm getting into spanking her," Duvall is heard to say on the videotape.
The other man asks if she likes it, too. Duvall responds: "She goes, 'I know you like spanking me.' I said, 'Yeah, that's 'cause you're such a bad girl.'"
The conversation was first reported by KCAL-TV in Los Angeles and the newspaper OC Weekly. The Associated Press later obtained a copy of the videotaped hearing

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YouTube was somehow "pursuaded" to remove the tape from the hearing. But here is another copy.

From the extreme effort being put into trying to kill this story I might have been correct to suggest that the rather casual reaction of the other party on the tape that such kinky games with comely lobbyists may in fact be the normal way that legislative decisions are made!

Sep 10 09:00

Lawmakers OK Kremlin bill on military force abroad

A Kremlin bill expanding the legal reasons for using military force abroad won a quick preliminary approval in the lower house of parliament Wednesday.

The bill would allow the president to send troops outside the nation's border to fend off attacks on the Russian military, deter aggression against another state, protect Russian citizens, combat pirates and protect shipping.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Russia is getting ready to rumble, relative to the terms of engagement for their military.

Sep 10 08:55

Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack

Kommersant newspaper quoted "experts" as saying they believe a visit of this kind could have stemmed from urgent circumstances, "for example, in the event that Israel plans to attack Iran".

At first, Moscow denied a visit ever took place, but after Netanyahu's office was forced to admit to the PM's Military Secretary Meir Kalifi's lie, a senior Kremlin source also confirmed to Kommersant that the Israeli prime minister did indeed visit the city.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One can speculate all they want about this story.

But if there was new, irrefutable information which "..." could threaten the Iranian nuclear program...", Netanyahu would be screaming it from the rooftops of Tel Aviv, not taking a hurried trip to Moscow in a private jet.

Medvedev and Putin already know what Israel intends to do with Iran, and have made their case clear about what will happen if Israel moves forward on this path.

I would sincerely doubt that this little trip had anything to do with Iran.

Sep 10 08:54

Camp Runamuck: A Glimpse of the East Providence Homeless Community

John Freitas co-founded Camp Runamuck in late March 2009, after being forced to leave their campsite in the Roger Williams State Park in Providence, Rhode Island. The plaque above their home read "Shelter for Persons in Distress." The irony came as a slap in the face to this unemployed nurse.

"The park ranger was really great to us, but one day the Preservation Committee found us while on a tour and were horrified to see our tent," Kalil said. "We had to leave because we didn't want the ranger to get in trouble."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, in the United States of America!

Sep 10 08:47

Message To The Australian Government From Anonymous

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Supposedly, these guys just hacked the Australian Prime Minister's website and other major networks bringing them down for over an hour.

Sep 10 08:46

Trade, jobless claims figures show recession fades

The U.S. trade deficit in July hit the highest level in six months as a record rise in imports outpaced a third straight increase in foreign demand for American products, according to government data released Thursday. Both gains provided more evidence that the most worst recession since the 1930s was losing its grip on the global economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The statistics might be saying one thing, but the "misery index" for people who are about to fall off the end of the earth financially is saying quite another.

Sep 10 08:42

The 9/11 Fish Head Flu Pandemic.

The 9/11 virus is a mutation of the Zio-Flu virus which killed tens of millions in the former Soviet Republics and has recently been responsible for over a million deaths in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Millions more are homeless and living in camps. The 9/11 Flu attacks the brain centers of western leaders and compels them to horrific mass murder against innocent life forms who are made to appear to be dangerous, radical cells due to counterfeit cell markers. This flu not only attacks the reasoning centers of western leaders but a symbiotic associate of the flu also attacks their communication centers as well. It devours the medium of speech and replaces it with its own body.

Sep 10 08:40

Paul McNamara Buzzblog by Paul McNamara Previous Article 'Wiretapping' charges may be the silliest ever recorded

Chi Quang Truong, 46, is being charged by police in Natick, Massachusetts with "unlawful wiretapping and possessing a device for wiretapping," according to this story in The MetroWest Daily News.

If you're thinking foreign spy or industrial espionage, think again.

Try irate customer who kicked up a fuss at a car dealer's service department.

And that "device for wiretapping?"

Try nothing more sophisticated than a handheld digital voice recorder; an Olympus, to be precise.

Sep 10 08:38

GM to lay off about 1,000

General Motors Co. needs to lay off about 1,000 white-collar workers this month because only 1,900 accepted early retirement and buyout offers, the automaker said Wednesday.

The 1,000 involuntary cuts are part of GM's plan to slash 6,000 salaried jobs by the end of the year and most will hit southeastern Michigan communities with GM operations such as Detroit, Warren, Milford and Pontiac. The area already is reeling from pending GM factory closures and blue-collar job cuts from earlier this year.

Sep 10 08:31

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark

The Secret Service should be in that video, but they are not. It is clear from their inaction that they KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THE PRESIDENT WAS NOT A TARGET OF ONE OF THE HIJACKED PLANES. The intended targets of the planes had to have been known.

The dog did not bark because the criminal was its master.

Quod Erat Demonstradum, the Bush administration was part of the 9-11 plot.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 10 08:30

9/11 Commission Report Questioned by Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Officials

Many respected senior members of the military, intelligence services, and government have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report. Some even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. Below are the highly revealing public statements on this vital topic of over 50 prominent public servants with links for verification and further investigation.

Sep 10 08:29

New Jewish organ theft gang busted

New reports have surfaced on the arrest of yet another Jewish organ trading gang in the United States involved in the abduction of Algerian children.

Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, the head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research, revealed on Sunday that the New York city police have arrested members of a Jewish gang who abducted Algerian children for their organs.

Khayatti said the arrests came after Interpol found that children in western Algeria were abducted and taken to Morocco to have their kidneys harvested.

Their organs were later trafficked to the United States and Israel and sold for $20,000 to $100,000 each.

Sep 10 08:23

Pesticides blamed for killing bees

Now a new study by the insect research charity Buglife and the Soil Association has claimed the decline was caused in part by a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids.

The "systemic" chemical, that kills unwanted insects by getting into the cell of the plant, is widely used on farms in Britain for crops like oilseed rape and the production of pot plants.

It is already restricted for use in much of Europe including France and Germany after beekeepers claimed the chemical was killing honey bees.

However it is found in the UK in products including Chinook, used on oilseed rape and Bayer UK 720, that is used in the production of pot plants and therefore ends up in gardens and homes around the country.

Sep 10 08:16

US Citizens Revolt: IT IS ALREADY VIRAL!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This lady nails it!

Sep 10 08:11

Ten Things You Can Do to Start a Community Garden

Spiraling food prices and concerns over where food comes from have consumers looking for alternatives to what's in their supermarket produce bins. Community gardens help people band together to gain control of their own food.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the corporations and government can control your food, they can control you!

Now is the time to develop independent sources of food and water.

Sep 10 08:05

US Fires Opening Salvo In Trade Wars With China

The last thing the US needs now is a trade war, with anyone. We have already upset Canada, and now have our eyes set on China.

Sep 10 08:05

Iran continues enrichment

Referring to US allegations against Iran, he pointed out '' Since US discussed Iran nuclear program, it brought many claims, in return agency proved that all of them are baseless''.
Referring to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad offer to talk, Soltanieh said ''the proposal contains security and economical cooperation, nuclear disarmament and peaceful use of nuclear energy''.

Sep 10 08:04

Rep. Joe Wilson (of House Israel first Caucus) shouts at Obama but is fine with having US taxpayers pay billions for Israeli healthcare while US states go broke!

Sep 10 08:01

barky to order all americans to carry mandatory health insurance

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you this was Obama's "solution".

Sep 10 07:59

Winston the pigeon puts Telkom to shame

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A race was staged between an ADSL line and a homing pigeon to deliver 4 gigabytes of data from Howick to Hillcrest.

The pigeon won.

Sep 10 07:53

1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! DO u know what happened?WATCH!

DO u know what happened, just 1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attacks ! only one day before ! Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing on the date of 09/10/01 that is ONE DAY BEFORE THE WORLD TRADE CENTER attacks.
Webmaster's Commentary: 

That missing $2.3 trillion should have been the story of the decade, but one day later it vanished in the dust of the collapsed towers.

How very "fortunate" for the perps!

Sep 10 07:51

APOD - Unexpected Impact on Jupiter

Two months ago, something unexpected hit Jupiter. First discovered by an amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley on 2009 July 19, the impact was quickly confirmed and even imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope the very next day. Many of the world's telescopes then zoomed in on our Solar System's largest planet to see the result. Some of these images have been complied into the above animation.

Sep 10 07:18

Roads made of solar panels may solve energy crisis

The US Department of Transportation is funding a new research project aimed at replacing asphalt with solar panels as the basic material for making roads, in a bid to solve the crisis of electricity.

As part of the scheme, US firms called Solar Roadways has won a grant of 100,000 dollars from the Government to carry on with its work on a prototype glass solar cell panel that may one day turn motorways into major energy sources.

Sep 10 07:17

Google expects increasing video in search ads

San Francisco: Google Inc is infusing its paid search ads with video, product images and other features as the Internet company strives to refine its money-making capabilities in a tough advertising environment.

In a Webcast with investors on Wednesday, Google executives walked through a variety of innovations designed to make its search ads more relevant to users and more effective for advertisers.

Sep 10 05:56

The War for Control of the Venice (Fla) Airport.

Big Safari, the Kennedy Assassination, & the war for control of the Venice Airport

A fierce war being waged for control of the Venice Municipal Airport has led to the discovery of covert CIA and military operations, dating back to at least 1959, which go well beyond what was previously known to have taken place there.

Operations at the Venice Airport have involved individuals whose names figure prominently in the Kennedy Assassination, for example Texas oilman General D. H. (Harry) Byrd, owner of a defense contractor which in the late 50's and early 60's built and launched Regulus II cruise missiles from the beach directly in front of the Venice Airport in a program run out of at Eglin AFB in Florida’s panhandle.

Sep 10 03:22

The guy who yelled "You lie!" to Obama

Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC).

Sep 10 00:21

President Obama's Unconstitutional 'Czars'

(LPAC) -- Although several Presidents have had "czars" - a special advisor to the President on a particular issue - President Obama, in a mere 8 months, has far exceeded the use of czars by any previous Administration, having appointed at least 32, the latest being Lazard's Ron Bloom as "manufacturing" czar. 25 new czar positions were created by Obama.

September 9, 2009

Sep 09 23:45

US Jews push Obama to act on Iran

Sep 10, 2009
US Jews push Obama to act on Iran
Several hundred Jewish leaders and activists are planning to arrive here Thursday to urge top Obama administration officials and US congressmen to take action on Iran.
"A government that has so little regard for human life, truth and human rights as does the current Iranian regime must not be entrusted to possess the most powerful weapons known to humankind," the event organizers said, in a statement announcing the advocacy day.

Sep 09 21:58

A Bolivian-born man clutching a Bible and claiming a divine mission hijacked a plane in Mexico with more than 100 people aboard on Wednesday, but the incident ended quickly and without bloodshed.

Jose Flores, who told police he was a Protestant minister, seized the AeroMexico Boeing 737 after take off from the Caribbean resort of Cancun demanding to speak to Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Flores, 44, smuggled a false bomb on board and threatened to blow up the aircraft if he could not warn the president of what he said was an impending earthquake, police said.

"He said he is a minister and that it was a divine revelation that made him carry out this action," Security Minister Genaro Garcia told reporters.

Sep 09 21:07

Flashback: Clinton, Bush booed, hissed at in Congress, too

Pundits called Dems' reaction during Bush address "unprecedented," but Republicans booed Clinton
February 04, 2005 6:38 pm ET
Media figures have falsely claimed that Democrats' audible disapproval of President Bush's misleading claim in his February 2 State of the Union address that Social Security will be "exhausted and bankrupt" in 2042 was "unprecedented." In fact, Republicans routinely booed and hissed during President Clinton's State of the Union addresses.

Sep 09 20:12

Mass Infection Turns More Than 57000 Websites Into Exploit Launch Pads

Malicious hackers have managed to infect about 57,000 web pages with a potent exploit cocktail that targets a variety of vulnerable applications to surreptitiously install malware on visitor machines.

The exploits install an assortment of nasty software, including Gologger, a keystroke logging trojan, and a backdoor that attempts to connect to a website hosted in China, according to Mary Landesman, a researcher at ScanSafe, a company that protects end users from malicious websites

The attackers were able to plant a malicious iframe in the pages by exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities. Once in place, the script silently pulls down javascript from a0v.org that silently runs while people are visiting one of the infected websites.

Sep 09 20:08

First awesome pictures from refurbished Hubble telescope shows the Universe in more detail than ever before

Space has never looked more beautiful.

These stunning images - taken by the rejuvenated Hubble space telescope - have captured the jewel-bright colours of colliding galaxies, exploding stars and glowing nebulae.

They are Hubble's first deep space photos since its repair mission in May and are sharper than any images taken before by the orbiting satellite.

Sep 09 20:04

Age of the 'bonsai' bin: Families will be forced to cram their rubbish into mini wheelies

Families are to be issued with 'bonsai bins' to make homeowners reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away.

The scheme will see one city's standard-sized 240-litre wheelie bins, used by more than 150,000 homes, removed and replaced by smaller versions.


Council chiefs have warned that binmen will not pick up any extra rubbish and that households that break the rules by leaving out more than their allowance will face prosecution and fines of up to £5,000 for fly-tipping.

Sep 09 20:01

Air passengers face massive new green taxes to put people off flying

Dramatic new flight taxes should be brought in to put people off flying, a Government advisory committee has warned.

Tens of billions of pounds in taxes will be needed to compensate third world countries for damage to the environment, the Committee on Climate Change said.

It is also expected to challenge the Government's decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow, saying it is inconsistent with Britain's commitment to reduce emissions by 80 per cent before 2050.

In a report leaked to The Times, the committee argued that ticket prices should rise steadily over time as airlines are made to pay for all their emissions.

Sep 09 19:58

Congress Claps To Obama Lies, Rep. Joe Wilson yells “liar, booed

posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 9:11 PM
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
During Hussein Hopenchange’s speech trying to sell Americans government run health care they have spent all summer telling him they don’t want, a South Carolina Republican heckled the President. Obama had just said that illegal immigrants would not be covered under his health care plan when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled “liar.” Good for him! Question is, why didn’t the rest of the Republicans join him? Decorum? Respect for Obama?

Sep 09 18:49

New Footage of WTC 7 and North Tower Collapse

This footage of the WTC 7 and North Tower collapse recently appeared on YouTube. Note the vertical column of windows blown out just before the collapse on WTC 7.
Sep 09 18:35

Are US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan well-intended mistakes? What we now know from the evidence

If there was credible evidence of imminent threat to US national security, then the wars were justified under the UN Charter for self-defense. However, if the evidence was not credible, or fabricated, then these wars are illegal Wars of Aggression. So which is it?

Americans and the world no longer need BELIEVE anything; the specific evidence used to justify invading two countries is now public knowledge. All we have to do is match the government's claims to the exact evidence and you can decide for yourself. This article lays it out.

Sep 09 17:29

Seriousness of the Crisis Cannot be Exaggerated; Closest Comparison is the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Also take note of what George Soros said at Columbia University last Friday and threat to the United States of America as we know it today. Gerald Celente has said that we are about to experience a scenario “like nothing we’ve ever seen in our life time“, and Ron Paul and George Soros seem to agree. This is far from being over, folks.

Sep 09 17:03

Video: Howard Kurtz Shocked That Ellsberg Compares WMD Lies to Tonkin Gulf Incident

Howard Kurtz is still playing water carrier for the Bush administration and their WMD lies used to justify invading Iraq and when called out for it by Daniel Ellsberg who says he'll name names as to who in the Bush administration knew better what does he do? Why try to change the subject of course!

Ellsberg is the subject of a new documentary The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers which debuts this week in New York, Los Angeles and at the Toronto Film Festival. Read more.

Sep 09 16:53

China's mass swine flu vaccination

China is to become the first country in the world to start a mass swine flu vaccination programme for its population following a big surge in the number of cases.

No one's died yet from the virus in China but the authorities there describe the situation as 'grim'.

Sep 09 15:34

2008 InfoWars flashback: Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11
January 5, 2008
Along with the mass surveillance being conducted on all U.S. users of AT&T and Verizon by Narus and Verint, (according to Bamford), two other Israeli-owned companies, Amdocs and NICE Systems, have their fingers in the wiretapping pie as well.

Sep 09 14:54

Nato chief warns against early Afghan exit

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s new secretary-general, warned on Wednesday that a rush to withdraw from Afghanistan is not an option for the US-led alliance, in spite of increasing signs that western public opinion is tiring of the war.

Sep 09 14:42

Are the Days of Drudge Over?

For some, including the White House, the Drudge Report is still an online media powerhouse. The Drudge Report is No. 115 in Quantcast’s list of most popular sites, ranking higher than washingtonpost.com, nypost.com and politico.com. That’s 1.1 million visitors every day, each of whom refresh the page about 15 times in a 24-hour period, according to Quantcast.

But, contrary to what some might think, fewer and fewer of those visitors seem to be the journalists that were once so captivated by Matt Drudge—not to mention his vaguely terror-inducing headlines, taste for the obscure and occasionally spinning siren light.

Sep 09 14:26

Cost of air travel 'must rise to deter people from flying'

The cost of air travel must rise to an extent that it deters people from flying and to compensate developing countries for the damage it does to the environment, according to the government's advisory body on climate change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about we ends these wars, which are doing a hell of a lot more damage to the environment.

Actually, this is a harbinger of things to come. You are going to be assured that being forced to pay more for less is good for the environment. It isn't; it's just a cover for the collapsing economy and hyperinflation.

Sep 09 14:05

Microsoft patches gaping Windows worm holes

Microsoft today released a peck of patches to cover at least seven documented worm holes in the Windows operating system.

The most serious of the vulnerabilities addresses could lead to remote code execution complete system takeover attacks. The September batch of patches does not address the FTP in IIS vulnerability that is currently being exploited in the wild.

Sep 09 14:02

U.S. Government Spends $16 Million To Promote The Swine Flu Vaccine

Government officials plan a PR campaign to convince the American people swine flu vaccine is safe and that everyone needs to take it.

Health "authorities" are going on the air with the message that if Americans do not take the vaccine there will be a health nightmare in this country. Dr. Nancy Snyderman, billed as a "medical expert" at NBC News, tells viewers to "get your damn vaccine."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This isn't science; it's a sales pitch!

And we have been here before.

Sep 09 13:58

California GOP Lawmaker Resigns Over Taped Sex Comments

California lawmaker Mike Duvall said in a statement that the furor over his comments had begun to divert attention from the work his fellow lawmakers were trying to finish during the final week of their session.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, a lot of Californians (and even some Hawaiians) are wondering just how much more of the legislators are spanking their lobbyists and whether that is a major reason California has spent itself into a hole!

Judging by the velocity of Duvall's ejection, it looks like a panic reaction.

Sep 09 13:55


Sep 09 13:52

U.S. to Review Iranian Proposal Aimed at Spurring Nuclear Talks

-- The U.S. will review an Iranian proposal to resume stalled talks on the Islamic republic’s disputed nuclear program,

The U.S. and its main allies suspect Iran of using the program to develop atomic weapons. Iran denies the allegation and says it needs the technology to generate electricity. Israel said last month it wanted “substantive and prompt steps to halt Iran’s military nuclear program.”

Sep 09 11:53

Job openings down 50% from the peak in 2007

6 unemployed people for every available position

Sep 09 11:52

80,000 New Yorkers demand a new investigation into 9/11

On Friday, September 4, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) submitted 28,000 petition signatures as a supplement to the 52,000 signatures submitted on June 24 calling for a citywide referendum on the creation of a local, independent commission to investigate 9/11.

Sep 09 10:51

Richard Gage article on 9/11 WTC contolled demolitions appears in WorldArchitectureNews.com

Conspiracy theory or hidden truth? The 9/11 enigmas...
Richard Gage, AIA, Gregg Roberts, and David Chandler

In all likelihood, you are unaware of the most important facts involving the destructions of the World Trade Center buildings. Nearly all the mainstream information sources and government officials have kept crucial information hidden from the public. This brief article will provide a clear explanation as to what actually happened to the Twin Towers and Building 7 (WTC 7) on September 11, 2001.

{Readers can add comments at the end of the article /StingRay)

Sep 09 10:47

Operation Garden Plot Documents Published

“Operation Garden Plot is a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provides Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances,” according to a Wikipedia write-up.

Operation Garden Plot is a subprogram of Rex 84 Program, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, the military’s plan to impose martial law and intern dissidents and others in an undisclosed number of concentration camps. The existence of Rex 84 was first revealed during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987 and reported by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Insiders reported that both GARDEN PLOT and CABLE SPLICE were activated during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots.

Sep 09 10:41

McClatchy Announces Financial New World Order

One year after the near collapse of the global financial system, this much is clear: The financial world as we knew it is over, and something new is rising from its ashes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This might not be an improvement, if the new reserve is built like the old reserve.

Sep 09 10:37

Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Paralysis Part II: “It’s the Vaccine, Stupid

It is not any alleged “Swine Flu” or H1N1 “virus” that is the danger to the lives of our loved ones, our children, our pregnant mothers. We are being literally panicked by WHO, CDC, the US Government and uncritical mass media into demanding what amounts to legalized toxins as a “guard” against a disease so far milder than a common cold.

The few details that have managed to leak out regarding the contents of the fluids that major pharmaceutical companies want to inject into our veins confirm what I have been writing since the first alleged outbreak of Swine Flu in the environs of a factory pig farm in Veracruz Mexico.

Sep 09 10:33

Fascist F*cks

The federal gubmint wants to impose universal "health care" because it cares about you. It cares so much that it will rob you at the point of a gun -- i.e., it will violently relieve you of your property (your money, and perhaps even your life) -- if you politely refuse its "services."

Sep 09 10:28

Should We Call It a Depression?

Fed official Dennis Lockhart recently stated that if people who have simply given up on finding a job (“discouraged workers” in governmentspeak) are counted, the actual unemployment rate is more like 16 percent. That would be comparable to the unemployment rate in Depression years 1931 (15.9%), 1936 (16.9%), 1937 (14.3%), and 1940 (14.6%).

Sep 09 10:25

Democracy or Republic ?

America is a Republic, a constitutional Republic of a democratic (one man - one vote) nature. However, we are not a democracy where the majority rules. That is government propaganda designed to condition you to accept their injustice and believe that there is nothing that you can do about it.

Sep 09 10:16

Flexner Report

That's what the foundations are all about, ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake about it. The foundation takeover of the "American Medical Schools" followed almost immediately after Gates went to work for Rockefeller. It was fast and it was simple. It took place in three steps.

Sep 09 10:13

Heart Stopping Statistics: Israel Kills 773 Civilians

The vast majority of the Palestinians killed in Israel’s aggression in the Gaza Strip last winter were innocent civilians rather than “combatants”, according to a new report published by the B’Tselem organization Wednesday morning. This is the opposite of what the Israel occupation forces has said.

According to B’Tselem, 1,387 Palestinians were killed during the three weeks of “Operation Cast Lead”, of whom 773 were “noncombatants” and only 330 were “combatants”. B’Tselem wrote that its figures were “the result of months of meticulous investigation and cross-checks with numerous sources.”

Sep 09 10:11

Mr. Roff, 9/11 Truthers Are No “Fringe” Movement

An acerbic attack on Charlie Sheen for the crime of questioning the official story behind 9/11, a sentiment shared by the majority of Americans and indeed the majority of the 9/11 Commission itself, appearing in U.S. News and World Report this morning relies upon cliched and completely unfounded terms of reference in a poor effort to smear Sheen as part of a “conspiracy fringe”.

In his hit piece, author Peter Roff labels 9/11 truth as an “extremist theory” and compares its adherents with those who believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in killing Kennedy.

So that’ll be over two thirds of the entire population of the U.S. then, Mr. Roff! In what possible way can this be described as “fringe” thinking?

Sep 09 10:11

CAUGHT ON TAPE!!.....CA Assemblyman Michael Duvall; HOT MIC convo about sex 'a lot' and 'spanking'

Assemblyman Michael Duvall (R) Orange County is caught on a hot mic speaking about spanking and more; talks about relationship with woman 19 yrs younger than the married father; runs from reporter than avoids him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason this is a scandal is that the women Duvall is having sex with are LOBBYISTS!

I guess this means they are prostitutes, because after all they are being paid to keep the legislators happy and the sex is probably making the legislator more amenable to the lobbyists' positions (the vertical ones, at any rate), so this really does make them hookers.

I wonder how their husbands feel about this?

Sep 09 10:08

Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law?

Sep 09 09:55

9/11 Radio Transmissions of WTC 2 Firefighters

Battalion Seven Chief: "Battalion Seven ... Ladder 15, we've got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two lines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was the floor supposedly engulfed in an 800+ degree fire.

Sep 09 09:52

9/11 Firefighters: Bombs and Explosions in the WTC

[Firefighter Louie] Cacchioli was called to testify privately [before the 9/11 Commission], but walked out on several members of the committee before they finished, feeling like he was being interrogated and cross-examined rather than simply allowed to tell the truth about what occurred in the north tower on 9/11. "My story was never mentioned in the final report [PDF download] and I felt like I was being put on trial in a court room," said Cacchioli. "I finally walked out. They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth and when they wouldn't let me do that, I walked out. ... It was a disgrace to everyone, the victims and the family members who lost loved ones. I don't agree with the 9/11 Commission.

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:52

The 9/11 WTC Collapses: Questions the Media Won't Address

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:49

US Defense Sec'y Gates to Arabs: Stock Arms to Threaten Iran

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Al Jazeera network Monday that the Arab world should built up its “security capabilities” as a signal to Iran to think twice about developing a nuclear weapon.

he Arab world buys billions of dollars of weapons from the United States and other countries, but the Defense Secretary voiced doubt regarding a claim that American arm sales to the region have reached $100 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gates obviously wants to make absolutely certain that all those weapons Arab states buy to protect themselves from the "Iranian threat" come from the US!

Sep 09 09:48

FLASHBACK - Bush Asks Daschle to Limit September 11 Probes

President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle
Tuesday to limit the congressional investigation into the events of
September 11, congressional and White House sources told CNN.

The request was made at a private meeting with congressional leaders
Tuesday morning. Sources said Bush initiated the conversation.

He asked that only the House and Senate intelligence committees look into
the potential breakdowns among federal agencies that could have allowed
the terrorist attacks to occur, rather than a broader inquiry that some
lawmakers have proposed, the sources said [CNN

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:47

9/11: A "Godsend" for Bush

News stories immediately preceding 9/11:

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:46

The Collapse of WTC 1: Madrid Exposes a Fundamental Flaw

The core of Madrid's Windsor Building withstood an 18+ hour 800ºC fire. WTC 1 collapsed in minutes even though its core was solid and received no significant heating. Why?

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:44

FLASHBACK - Woman Waving From WTC 1 Impact Area

Also, glass melts at 700°C, therefore an 800°C+ inferno burning at the core of WTC 1 would have shattered or melted all of the windows at the aircraft impact level.

Video #2 proves the building did not contain a raging inferno as it shows many of the windows at the impact level are intact.

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:43

World Trade Center 2: There Was No Inferno

If the official account of the WTC fires were true then Mr Praimnath would not have survived because the floor he was on would have been consumed by an 800ºC inferno.

The fact that he is alive proves an inferno did not exist.

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:41

FLASHBACK - World Trade Center 1: There Was No Inferno

Twenty minutes after Flight 11 hit WTC 1 survivors in the aircraft impact area were attempting to leave the building. There should have been no survivors between floors 93 and 98 if an 800ºC inferno was raging at the core of WTC 1.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:40

US Girl Scouts prepare for war, pestilence

The United States wants to enlist its 3.4 million Girl Scouts in the effort to combat hurricanes, pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched a campaign Tuesday to entice the blue, brown and green-clad multitudes to be even more prepared, with the promise of a new patch if they pitch in.

It is not the first time the girl guides have been called into action in defense of the homeland.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...In defense of the homeland"?!?!?

This is simply bringing a more paramilitary dimension to Girl Scout membership, nothing more - nothing less.

Sep 09 09:39

FLASHBACK - 9/11: Hurricane Katrina Raises A Question

Katrina was known to be headed into New Orleans a few days in advance, and the potential damage was known and understood years ahead of time. Yet this "unexpected" event threw the US Government into total confusion.

In contrast, the aftermath of 9-11 seemed quite well coordinated, which strongly suggests that 9-11 was not "unexpected" at all, especially when one considers that all the various players, including FEMA, were already in position for a "terror drill" the day before it happened.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:38

FLASHBACK - FEMA was in New York the Night Before 9/11

Kenney: "We're currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the city of New York for this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night, and went into action on Tuesday morning. And not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site."

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:36

FLASHBACK - The 9/11 WTC Collapses: An Audio-Video Analysis

Rudolph Giuliani, the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, and the Head of Emergency Management were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. How was this known, and why were only a select few warned?

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:35

Treasury Says Millions More Foreclosures Coming

Only 12 percent of U.S. homeowners eligible for loan modifications under the Obama administration's housing rescue plan have had their mortgages reworked, and millions more foreclosures are coming, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

"The recent crisis in the housing sector has devastated families and communities across the country and is at the center of our financial crisis and economic downturn," Michael Barr, assistant Treasury secretary for financial institutions, told a House Financial Services subcommittee.

Barr said that "even if HAMP is a total success, we should still expect millions of foreclosures" as administration and industry efforts continue to stabilize a crisis-stricken housing sector.

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"...millions of foreclosures..."

And this is coming from a US Treasury representative.

The effect of these foreclosures will be devastating.

Sep 09 09:33

Fowler: Nuke Afghanistan?

But Fowler's advice to move on is not because he thinks the West is wrong to have invaded Afghanistan. Nor has he, after several months in captivity, clued in to why there is "no joy" in his camp of captors who must always be on the run from a far better equipped enemy that lusts for their blood.

No, it's because he doesn't think the west has the guts to nuke them. Well, he doesn't actually use the word nuke, but he might as well have:

It's to get it done, we will have to do some unpleasant things. I mean some deeply hard, this isn't — this is not a nice war."

Does Fowler imagine there is such a thing as a "nice war"?

Sep 09 09:32

Top 1 Percent of Americans Reaped Two-Thirds of Income Gains in Last Economic Expansion

Income Concentration in 2007 Was at Highest Level Since 1928, New Analysis Shows

Sep 09 09:30

A year after financial crisis, the consumer economy is dead

One year later, the easy-money system that financed the boom era from the 1980s until a year ago is smashed. Once-ravenous U.S. consumers are saving money and paying down debt. Banks are building reserves and hoarding cash. And governments are fashioning a new global financial order.

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Yes, let us take the same Federal reserve system that trashed the United States and inflict it on the entire planet!

Sep 09 09:26

Here is another article claiming the blogs are "Un-Democratic."

Sep 09 09:25

David Irving sparks row over Holocaust 'propaganda'

"The Holocaust is just a slogan, a product like Kleenex or Xerox printers. They've turned it into a commercial phenomenon, and succeeded in making money out of it – producing films about it which have made millions," said the 71-year-old Mr Irving, prompting fury and dismay in Israel.

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Sep 09 09:25

Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was It Pushed?

Although Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on Monday, September 15, 2008, it was actually “bombed” on September 11, when the biggest one-day drop in its stock and highest trading volume occurred before bankruptcy. Lehman CEO Richard Fuld maintained that the 158 year old bank was brought down by unsubstantiated rumors and illegal naked short selling....
The month after Lehman collapsed, Gordon Brown and the EU leaders called for using the financial crisis as an opportunity to radically enhance the regulatory power of global institutions. Brown spoke of “a new global financial order,” echoing the “new world order” referred to by globalist banker David Rockefeller when he said in 1994:

Sep 09 09:24

Gazan farmers report Israeli invasion in north; factions retaliate

Clashes erupted as Israeli bulldozers and armored vehicles entered 800 meters beyond the Gaza border near Beit Hanoun and began destroying agricultural land near the border, witnesses said Wednesday afternoon.

Israeli soldiers reportedly fired on civilians in the area as they began bulldozing lands. Farmers fled the area and shortly after they reported hearing explosions from the same direction.

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Welcome to a "typical day" in the life of a Palestinian Gazan farmer.

Sep 09 09:22

U.S. may 'redeploy BDM in Israel'

sraeli officials say there is a "strong possibility" that the United States will leave missile defense systems in the Jewish state after a joint missile defense exercise planned for October is concluded, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Sep 09 09:21

The hunt is on for more ammunition in Nevada, U.S.

The scarcity of ammunition is part of a trend that began immediately after the presidential election, retailers say.

Gun enthusiasts, concerned with perceptions that Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress would increase gun control measures, began buying firearms and ammunition at an astounding rate.

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I know that is what we are being told, but what if some other party is buying up ammunition to keep it out of private hands?

That missing $3 trillion from the Pentagon didn't just vanish!

Sep 09 09:19

‘E-Bomb’ Doomsday Conference Starts Today

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Yeah, the ramp-up of "booga booga" is starting to get obvious.

Sep 09 09:14

NGO Monitor: Gaza war probe tainted by anti-Israel ideology

In its full reaction, HRW said NGO Monitor's report contained "errors of fact and misleading analysis," preferring "personal attacks" on its staff to "addressing the findings of human rights violations."

Roth told Haaretz that Steinberg's report is part of the Netanyahu government's "battle on critics," aimed at "deflecting attention" from "unnecessary" civilian deaths in Gaza. "NGO Monitor has yet to show any of our findings to be wrong," he said, adding his organization seeks out "as many viewpoints as possible."

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When you can't refute the truth, attack the truth-tellers, smearing them in every way possible as anti-Semitic.

Unfortunately for Israel, that tactic is getting about as stale, from a standpoint of international opinion, as a month-old baguette.

Sep 09 09:13

Jewish blogger convention to be held in Jerusalem

Nefesh B'Nefesh organization holds conference for blog-creators in effort to promote collaboration between Israel, Jewish world

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... and to shout down the truthers.

Sep 09 09:12

The Internet is making us stupid

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Government and corporate media have lost the battle for control of the peoples' minds and they are desperate to shut down the internet, so now they are floating this lame idea that everyone having an equal voice on the net is somehow "Anti-Democratic!"

As for the "stupid" claim, research has shown that people who surf the net develop rather amazing skills at mental organization and problem solving. They are also skeptical, which is why government sees them as dangerous.

Sep 09 09:05


Just how does Israel deal with Jewish terrorists beating up on Christians? Simple…. expel the Christians…. and leave the terrorists to find other victims.