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August 21, 2014

Aug 21 08:15

Money And Power: The Real Reason For The NSA Spying On Everyone

We noted that Booz Allen Hamilton (yes, the last employer of one Ed Snowden) had hired former NSA director and also Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell as its Vice Chairman. He was the leading voice out there screaming about the threat of "cyberwar" getting on TV and having lots of opinion pieces in big name publications -- all of which mentioned his former government jobs, but almost none of which mentioned that his current employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, stood to make billions selling "solutions" to the government. And, indeed, Booz Allen has been raking in the cash on "cybersecurity."

Aug 21 08:11

NATO signals no new members for the present

Faced with a newly aggressive Russia, NATO has been mulling how to react, but it is ruling out one option: rapid expansion.

Four would-be members, including the former Soviet republic of Georgia, have been informed that admission to NATO isn't in the cards anytime soon. For some, that means dashed hopes. Macedonia's foreign minister told The Associated Press in a statement it was a "step backward."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It looks as though there will be no invitation for Ukraine to join NATO at the next round of meetings in Wales.

Aug 21 08:00

Emergency protest called after Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza

Around 22 Palestinians have been killed in fresh Israeli attacks on Gaza since the ceasefire collapsed on Tuesday of this week. They include a number of children and a pregnant woman.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised a “continued campaign” in Gaza at a press conference on Wednesday.

Aug 21 08:00

Jewish Iranian MP: Israeli War Crimes Must Be Denounced by the World

The representative of the Jewish minority in the Iranian Parliament Siamak Marreh Sedq strongly condemned Israel’s recent attacks on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and said that the time is now ripe for the international community to break its silence on Tel Aviv’s criminal acts.

“Attacks on hospitals, schools and other public places are regarded as war crimes and the world should break the silence and confront these savage attempts,” Marreh Sedq told reporters on Thursday.

He noted that Israel should have its membership at the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRS) annulled.

Aug 21 07:57

British National May be Involved in Beheading of US Journalist in Iraq – Cameron

The alleged execution of US journalist James Foley, shown in an online video by the Islamic State militant group, may have been carried by a British national, who is yet to be identified, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Wednesday.

“We have not identified the individual responsible, but from what we have seen it looks increasingly likely that it is a British citizen. This is deeply shocking,” Cameron said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First off, there are multiple reasons to suspect this beheading video is, like the stolen Kuwait incubators and Saddam's nuclear weapons, yet another in an endless series of propaganda hoaxes to trick us all into supporting yet another invasion of Iraq.

Second, one wonders how they are able to identify the man in that Hollywood-esque executioners costume as being British, without knowing his name.

Is this the start of a rationalization to send British Muslims to the gulags?

Aug 21 07:54

Homeland Security Warns Ahead Of ‘National Day Of Rage’

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a bulletin drawing attention to the hactivist group Anonymous’ plans for nationwide protests against the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

The group has called for a “National Day of Rage” on Thursday to span 38 major U.S. cities.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you join one of these protests, keep it peaceful. The federal Government NEEDS mass rioting to transform the nation into a total dictatorship in order to continue the war agenda. If you meet a smelly kid with dynamite trying to talk you into blowing something up, THAT is the undercover FBI informant. Treat him or her the way the French treated the Nazi collaborators after the liberation.

Aug 21 07:52

The Peacekeeper Vision

Communities of people who look out for each other. Neighbors and friends who help each other out when someone has an emergency, be it a robbery or just a bad fall. Individuals who stand up for themselves and those they care about, rather than relying on a bureaucratic system to save them.
This is the vision of Peacekeeper. It’s an app, but it’s more than that. At its heart, Peacekeeper is about independence and personal empowerment.

Aug 21 07:46

Prosecutor Stalls for Time in Michael Brown Case

grand jury is scheduled to begin hearing evidence in the police shooting of Michael Brown on Wednesday, the 20th. However, local reports are that the decision on whether to indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson is "complicated" and may take "several weeks".

Ferguson residents agree that the failure to arrest Wilson is the main reason for the civil unrest in their town, now in its eleventh day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The people of Ferguson are being set up. Officer Wilson will not be charged as they have found enough witnesses to state that Michael Brown charged the officer and the officer reacted in self-defense. At that point the agents provocateurs will try to kick up riots not just in Ferguson but across the US, giving the Federal Government an excuse for martial law and a crack down.

Please do not be a fool. Do not do what the government hopes and has prepared for you to do. The only way this government can perpetuate itself any longer is to become a true dictatorship. Don;t give them the excuse. Only a fool fights the war the other side is already prepared to win!

Aug 21 07:41


I do not care how many scientists traded their honor for global warming funding. Science is not a democracy where the majority rules. In 1633, virtually every scientist was in agreement that Galileo was wrong when he concluded that the Earth moved around the sun. Motivated by peer pressure, the church, and fear of losing their jobs, all those scientists went along with the desired agenda, and history eventually showed they were all, down to the last man, flat-out wrong.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is time for a repost. Even as Scotland braces for an August snowfall and Mexico City digs out of two feet of hail, the global warming "scientists" are issuing a new "study" that reassures us human-caused global warming is real despite the recent 17 year pause. The fact that they missed predicting the pause alone should tell them their theory is flawed and they do not know what they are talking about. But all these government bodies like IPCC, NASA, NOAA, and all the academic institutions that were funded to "prove" human-caused global warming, and the corporate media that was paid to promote this hoax to trick us into paying carbon taxes, have all shackled their reputations to global warming and are reluctant (to put it mildly) that they were totally wrong on this.

So, I'll tell you what! Al Gore, backed by his bought-and-paid-for scientists, predicted that 2014 would have an ice free Arctic. That did not happen. I will make a prediction that this coming winter will be even harsher and colder than the ones we have seen over the last several years. Get back to me next spring. If I am right, maybe I can get some funding to tell the public the truth rather than to feed them more lies!

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 21 07:35

For U.K., Europe, It's One of the Chilliest Augusts in Decades; Snow Possible in Scottish Highlands

Parts of Europe and the U.K. are being plagued by one of the coolest August spells in decades.

Forecast high temperatures the next few days were expected to hold in the upper teens to low 20s Celsius (about 62-72 degrees Fahrenheit) over a broad swath from England and Ireland to northern France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria.

"The cool Arctic flow will reach much of central Europe with temperatures 5-6 degrees Celsius below normal," says Leon Brown, meteorologist with The Weather Channel U.K.

Aug 21 07:30

THEY REFUSE TO QUIT BEX ALERT - Global warming will soon resume, scientists say

A new study has scientists concerned that the recent slowing of global warming is only temporary and that temperatures are poised to resume dramatically rising.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"No, really. Honest. It will! I wouldn't lie to you; I'm a @#%$ing scientist, man!!"


Global warming has not "slowed." We have had a cooling trend for going on 18 years now, coinciding with a decline in solar activity similar to the Maunder Minimum which triggered the Little Ice Age. Temperatures are already down to freezing in Scotland and this is still August! And with every flake of snow that falls, the credibility of all those government agencies like NASA and NOAA, the IPCC, and all those academics funded to "prove" human-caused global warming to trick us all into paying carbon taxes, along with the corporate media paid to promote this myth, falls with it. 2014 was the year when Al Gore predicted an ice free Arctic.

But politicians (especially Al Gore), and those agencies, media, and academics, all hate to admit it when they are wrong, so they are trying to desperately prop up their global warming cult (and keep their funding) with bizarre explanations of why we should ignore the fact that snow fell on the Pyramids of Egypt last winter for the first time in 100 years, and go on believing as we are told to believe; that the world is warming and it is all our fault! Some of these pathetic fraudsters are trying to claim global warming produces cold weather, or that the warming is "hiding" in the deep ocean (a violation of the principles of convection), or that while it may look like there is a lot of ice in the Arctic, it is just really very thin and just spread out more.

Aug 21 07:23

Food safety attorney, publisher fending off subpoenas over 'pink slime' stories

Attorney Bill Marler, one of the nation’s leading litigators in food safety issues, is increasingly also wearing a journalist’s hat.

In fact, Marler, a partner for MarlerClark in Seattle, has hired Davis Wright Tremaine attorney Bruce Johnson to fight off a subpoena that journalists for his publication, Seattle-based Food Safety News, last month received from Beef Products Inc.

Beef Products, a Dakota Dunes, S.D.-based meat processing company, manufactures a meat-based product it calls “lean finely textured beef,” but which detractors have dubbed “pink slime.”

That term was used by ABC’s Diane Sawyer, who i n a May, 2012 story with ABC reporter Jim Avila, stirred a controversy by reporting the use of the meat product in ground beef around the country.

Aug 21 07:14


Webmaster's Commentary: 

As of last report, the Zim Shipping cargo ship only unloaded 2% of its cargo before protesters succeeded in halting the operation. In the rush to unload the ship, port authorities bypassed the Union Hiring Hall which put the Longshoremen firmly on the side of the protesters! As of this posting, tracking shows the Zim Piraeus well out of San Francisco bay and heading NW.

The next step is to contact any stores that carry products from Israel and announce a boycott, not of the Israeli products but the entire store itself!

Aug 21 07:13

The Crazy-Making Fed

The Federal Reserve’s communications and policies are a form of crazy-making double bind.

Systems theorist/anthropologist Gregory Bateson developed (with others) the concept of double bind, a psychological and social conflict in which contradictory demands generate a form of schizophrenia:

Aug 21 07:12

FBI Tracks Charter Schools

There's been a flood of local news stories in recent months about FBI raids on charter schools all over the country.

From Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge, from Hartford to Cincinnati to Albuquerque, FBI agents have been busting into schools, carting off documents, and making arrests leading to high-profile indictments.

Aug 21 07:11

14,646 duplicate voters flagged in Fairfax, Maryland

An election-integrity group is challenging the status of nearly 15,000 voters reportedly registered in both Fairfax County and Maryland.

Virginia Voters Alliance on Wednesday urged Fairfax’s electoral board to do what state officials have so far not done across the commonwealth: Purge those duplicate voters.

VVA President Reagan George complained the state Department of Elections is classifying all duplicate registrations as “inactive voters.”

That means 43,896 voters alleged to be registered in both Virginia and Maryland would stay in Virginia’s statewide database — and remain eligible to vote — until 2019.

George praised the Fairfax board for working with Maryland to identify duplicate registrations in its jurisdiction. He called on Fairfax General Registrar Cameron Quinn to cull the voter list as soon as possible.

Aug 21 07:08

Liberal activists set up voter registration booth where Michael Brown was killed

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and liberal organizers are coordinating efforts to register voters in Ferguson, Missouri, setting up voting booths in the area as rioting and protests continue in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death.

Mr. Jackson met Monday with St. Louis clergy to plan a formal voter registration drive, The Daily Caller reported.

“Five thousand new voters will transform the city from top to bottom,” he told potential voters during a stop at a McDonald’s.

Aug 21 07:07

Bush Administration Lawsuit Hearing Scheduled for Sept. 11th

Rather than dismissing the case, the Judge asked for additional information. So Mr. Comar filed a 2nd amended complaint back in June. The amended complaint provides more details about the planning of the Iraq war and when it started.

Comar’s evidence, shows the Bush/Cheney team started planning the invasion of Iraq as far back as 1997. The amended complaint also explains that the war was motivated by personal enrichment and the war was a “crime of aggression.”

Aug 21 07:06

Group Behind Perry’s Indictment Got $500K From Lefty Mogul George Soros

In what might add to the outrage of the said to be a political motive behind Texas Governor Rick Perry’s indictment, Texans for Public Justice, one of the groups behind Rick Perry’s indictment charges, is said to be part of a “progressive” coalition that has received $500,000 from liberal billionaire George Soros, Business and Media Institute site reported Monday.

Aug 21 07:05

Weapons fired in Ferguson come from companies supplying Israel, Bahrain and Egypt

When tear-gas was first fired into the streets of Ferguson, Missouri at people angry at the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Palestinian activists sent out messages on Twitter giving people tips for how to deal with tear gas’ effects.

And there was another direct connection between events in Missouri and the West Bank, as Palestinian activist Mariam Barghouti noted: the company that supplies the Israeli army with tear gas is the same company supplying the police in Ferguson.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American people are being treated by the US police the way the Palestinians are treated by the IDF.

Aug 21 07:03

We cannot let MH17 be forgotten - Please help us!

Those who organized the MH17 false flag have now clearly given the instruction to their propaganda machine (aka MSM) to forget about this tragedy and to pretend like it never happened. Sure, there are a few courageous sources, such as the World Socialist Web Site, which do ask the right question "Why have the media and Obama administration gone silent on MH17?", but even most of the "alternative" media has really turned the page and forgotten about MH17.

We cannot allow this.

The Russian Team and the website Polismi in Russia have jointly translated the full detailed expert analysis of the MH17 downing into Russian and they are now asking for our - *your* - help in disseminating it in the Russian media worldwide and with all our - *your* - Russian-speaking friends, relatives and colleagues. Here is their appeal:

(Russian Text snipped)

The full document in Russian is available here:

Aug 21 07:03

Headed for lowest solar activity in four centuries – Video

We appear to be headed for conditions similar to the Maunder Minimum, says this video from Suspicious0bservers. This low in solar activity comes after what was likely the highest solar activity in the last 3,000 years.

Aug 21 07:02

Ferguson Police Raid Church, Continue Arrests

Police raid church that acted as medical station for protesters, make 47 new arrests overnight

Aug 21 07:02

Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food

Like many food producers supplying some of the most popular foods, some baby food companies, such as Purity Brands, are going GMO-free due to public demand. But other companies stuffed with the hot air of their own inflated CEO’s egos refuse – Nestlé International, the parent company of both Nestlé USA and Gerber baby foods – is adamant about using GMOs in their products. It looks like it’s time for another boycott.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Especially with regard to their attitude that water is not a basic right but has to be commoditized for corporate profit!

Aug 21 07:01

Do we have a “medical Edward Snowden?”

“When it comes to our children, we must make sure that any intervention is as safe as possible, including vaccinations. Scientific integrity is a key component to giving that assurance. I will continue to press for a full understanding of the evidence in this situation. The CDC has refused for more than six months to hand over documents I requested concerning this issue. That is not the type of response we expect from our government.”

Aug 21 06:59

COLLAPSE? Radio Station Claims Primary Witness Will Admit Michael Brown Charged Officer Darren Wilson

Remember, you saw it and heard it here first. We have heard (from a VERY connected national media source) that Ferguson officer Darren Wilson will be cleared in the shooting of Michael Brown. The key: Dorian Johnson has now admitted that Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson and attempted to take his gun. OFFICER WILSON WILL NOT BE CHARGED! This is scary. When this news is made official, we all have reason to be concerned about the reaction.

Aug 21 06:58

Riding on the Grief Train across No Neck Planet

This is an age of epidemic BS proliferation. The only other forces I know of that match it are ignorance, denial and self interest. Talk about your lethal combinations, when you got all of these that is one toxic cocktail. Bottoms up! Literally.

Aug 21 06:58

Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide

Longstanding US-led Western support lets Israel get away with genocidal mass murder and destruction. More on this below.

Israel's Operation Protective Edge is the latest example of well planned, premeditated Israeli aggression on Palestine.

It has nothing to do with Hamas rocket attacks, self-defense or security.

Aug 21 06:50

Is Miami on the Brink of A Nuclear Disaster?

New reports indicate a Fukushima-style nuclear disaster is inevitable in the Miami area, and needs to be investigated immediately.

Sayer Ji
Activist Post

Concerns over the possibility of a Fukushima-like nuclear meltdown event in the U.S. have been growing, with the most likely next disaster predicted in 2011 to be surprisingly close to Miami Florida, at the Turkey Point facility 41 miles south near Homestead.

Aug 21 06:46

My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

By Desmond Tutu
The past weeks have witnessed unprecedented action by members of civil society across the world against the injustice of Israel’s disproportionately brutal response to the firing of missiles from Palestine.

If you add together all the people who gathered over the past weekend to demand justice in Israel and Palestine – in Cape Town, Washington, D.C., New York, New Delhi, London, Dublin and Sydney, and all the other cities – this was arguably the largest active outcry by citizens around a single cause ever in the history of the world.

Aug 21 06:46

Gaza crisis: Israel kills three top Hamas commanders

An Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza has killed three senior Hamas military commanders, militants say.

Mohammed Abu Shamala, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar died in the attack near the southern town of Rafah, which Gaza officials said killed at least 10.

An Israeli was severely injured as rockets were fired into Israel on Thursday, the army said.

Hostilities between the two sides resumed after talks on a long-term ceasefire deal collapsed on Tuesday.

Israel has vowed to pursue its campaign until "full security" is achieved.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"They created a desolation, and they called it 'peace!'" -- Tacitus

Aug 21 06:42

End of the line: GMO production in China halted

In a surprise U-turn, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to continue with a program which developed genetically-modified rice and corn. Some environmentalists say public concerns about GM crops played a key role in the decision.

On August 17, when these permits were up for renewal, the Ministry of Agriculture decided not to extend them. In 2009, the ministry's Biosafety Committee issued approval certificates to develop the two crops, rice and corn.

Aug 21 06:42

A Tale of Two Obituaries

And those of us who watch the quiz show Jeopardy in the Washington, DC, area are regaled every weeknight with a Times advertisement that promises to deliver to your door for 50% off some of “the world’s finest journalism.”

I count myself among those not taken in by their blandishments. The late conservative journalist, Joseph Sobran, was another. Here is how he begins his classic essay, “The Jewish Establishment”:

In the early 1930s, Walter Duranty of the New York Times was in Moscow, covering Joe Stalin the way Joe Stalin wanted to be covered. To maintain favor and access, he expressly denied that there was famine in the Ukraine even while millions of Ukrainian Christians were being starved into submission. For his work Duranty won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. To this day, the Times remains the most magisterial and respectable of American newspapers.

Aug 21 06:41

Revered Rabbi Preaches “Slaughter” of Gentile Babies

Nazareth: A rabbi from one of the most violent settlements in the West Bank was questioned on suspicion of incitement last week as Israeli police stepped up their investigation into a book in which he sanctions the killing of non-Jews, including children and babies.

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira is one of the leading ideologues of the most extreme wing of the religious settler movement. He is known to be a champion of the “price-tag” policy of reprisal attacks on Palestinians, including punishing them for attempts by officials to enforce Israeli law against the settlements.

So far the policy has chiefly involved violent harassment of Palestinians, with settlers inflicting beatings, attacking homes, throwing stones, burning fields, killing livestock and poisoning wells.

It is feared, however, that Shapira’s book The King’s Torah, published last year, is intended to offer ideological justifications for widening the scope of such attacks to include killing Palestinians, even children.

Aug 21 06:40

MEGA PUKE FACTOPR 9.9 BEX ALERT - Americans brace for new wave of Islamic State terror

The vicious Islamic State group now is vowing to broaden its war campaign to include killing Americans wherever and whenever it can.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If we were to take this load of bovine excrement and use it as fertilizer, we could end world hunger!

This is just a repeat of the "Al Qaeda is coming to GETCHA" propaganda from 2001, leading up to the false-flag attacks of 9-11. Following that hoax, it came out that Al Qaeda was a fake. Adam Gadahn, the "American Al Qaeda" was revealed to be Adam Pearlman, grandson of a member of the board of the ADL. Youssef Al Khattab, who ran the website, was outed as Joseph Cohen of Brooklyn. Even the name "Al Qaeda" was a problem, as it means "toilet" in Arabic slang.

So now the warhawks are back with a new production called "Islamic State" to scare us all into sending our children off to war, complete with phony videos with a man in a phony beard promising to fly the flag of ISIS over the White House, and a "beheading" video so phony hardly anyone is buying it. In the wake of the stolen incubator story that hoaxed us into the first invasion of Iraq, and Saddam's nuclear weapons, which hoaxed us into the second invasion of Iraq, I am insulted that the government thought We The Poeple are dumb enough to fall for being hoaxed into a third invasion of Iraq!

Fool me once...

Aug 21 06:31

Behind Obama’s ‘Chaotic’ Foreign Policy

President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been disjointed and even incoherent because he has – since taking office in 2009 – pursued conflicting strategies, mixing his own penchant for less belligerent “realism” with Official Washington’s dominant tough-guy ideologies of neoconservatism and its close cousin, “liberal interventionism.”

Aug 21 06:28

Canadian government orders scientist not to disclose extent of polar melting

Federal scientists who keep a close eye on the Arctic ice would like to routinely brief Canadians about extraordinary events unfolding in the North.

But newly released federal documents show the Harper government has been thwarting their efforts.
In 2012, as the Arctic ice hit the lowest point ever recorded, scientists at the Canadian Ice Service were keen to tell Canadians about the stunning ice loss.

Aug 21 06:28

A Blood Sacrifice for the NYPD: American police can get away with killing someone, but heaven help the civilian who even unintentionally harms a cop.

American police can generally get away with killing someone, whether it was a reckless mistake or an act of sadism. Few expect the NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who fatally strangled suspected loose-cigarette vendor Eric Garner, to get convicted of felony charges by a Staten Island jury; or for officer Darren Wilson to be convicted of felony charges forshooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown to death in Ferguson.

Aug 21 06:27

Senator Wyden, It’s Time For Decidin’

The Israeli lobby is second only to the NRA in power and influence and those who work for Israel get support, media time and lots of AIPAC ( Israeli lobby) money. Those who defy Tel Aviv are shut down rather quickly. Ron Wyden has consistently been among the top ten recipients of AIPAC money. - See more at:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 21 06:25

Target reports 62% drop in earnings, cuts profit forecast

Its net income also plunged nearly 62% to $234 million, or 37 cents a share. That's compared with $611 million, or 95 cents a share, a year earlier.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The blame gets dropped on the data breach and those gosh darned Canadians, but the reality is that people in America don't have any more money to go to the stores with. When you have a system that forces people to move from high paying jobs to low paying jobs, people buy less, and that is a fact nobody in the financial sector wants to face up to!

Aug 21 06:23

Pakistan Braces as Revolutionaries March Defiantly Towards Heart of Capitol City

Tens of thousands of Pakistanis opposed to Pakistan's ruling parties and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have breached barricades surrounding the so-called 'red zone' in the nation's capital city of Islamabad on Wednesday as they fulfilled their vows to march on Parliament and other halls of power in order to reclaim the government.

Led by former cricket star-turned politician Imran Khan, who now heads the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, and cleric and activist Tahirul Qadri of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek party, the demonstrators have been marching from various regions of the country towards the city center for weeks with promises of overthrowing the current power structure.

Aug 21 06:16

Tennessee Targets Gun Rights Group

The Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Division is attempting to reclassify political advocacy organizations as “charities” which would allow increased oversight into the operations of these organizations. It might also might be a pretext to obtain increased oversight and perhaps even for the basis to claim the authority to inspect the books of organizations critical of Governor Bill Haslam and the state legislature. The Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Divisions issued a specific written demand in July that the Tennessee Firearms Association register as a “charity” even though the TFA does not act as a charity nor is it recognized as a 501(c)(3) charity by the IRS

Aug 21 06:15

Police Brutality in America

Justice in America is a four-letter word. Killer cops mock it. Nearly always with impunity.

A badge lets them brutalize and kill. Blacks, Latinos and ethnic minorities suffer most. They're targets of choice.

The ACLU calls Ferguson, MO "Everytown, USA." Police brutality occurs multiple times daily across America.

Aug 21 06:11

Gas Chambers, Chemical Warfare, Blindings, Mass Bombing and Shelling Civilians – Where do you Draw the Line?

This message is addressed to U.S. supporters of Israel both because only U.S. pressure can bring about the political settlement which alone can save Israel and Palestine, and because it appears that most Israelis — consumed by fear, hatred and the dehumanization of even Palestinian children — are presently impervious to either reason or human decency.

Aug 21 06:02

4 killed by airstrikes while burying relatives in Gaza cemetery

Israeli forces killed four Palestinians in Gaza City on Thursday after targeting a cemetery in the Sheikh al-Radwan district, Gaza health official Ashraf al-Qidra said.

The bodies of Muhammad Talal Abu Nahl, Rami Abu Nahl, Haitham Tafesh and Abed Talal Shuweikh were taken to al-Shifa medicial center.

The victims were burying relatives who had been killed overnight by Israeli airstrikes.

The latest airstrikes bring the total death toll since midnight to 24 Palestinians.

Aug 21 05:58

Dr. Rania Masri’s Powerful Speech at “Crisis in Gaza and West Bank: Context and Action”

Listen to a stunning speech by Palestinian rights activist Rania Masri. It’s about time more than one diaspora Palestinian spoke equally fearlessly, forcefully, loud and clear, unapologetically, powerfully and correctly and with pride in support of the Palestinian Resistance group Hamas besieged in Gaza. It’s long, long overdue.

Those who march behind genocide should be ashamed of themselves, not those who fight for what is right.

Aug 21 05:50

Desmond Tutu: My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for Haaretz, calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.

Aug 21 05:48

Rachel Corrie Joins Palestinians in Longing for Justice

By Hanan Ashrawi

Israel, the patron of the longest occupation in modern history, is on a steady course to moral bankruptcy. A staggering absence of any critical self-examination and assessment within Israeli society, which has long surrendered to panic politics and an ingrained belief that they are the sole victims, has allowed the generation of a horrific pattern of “legalized” injustice, turning the Palestinian territory into killing fields. In rationalizing and distorting the horrors of its occupation, Israel has unashamedly resorted to perhaps the most indicative sign of guilt, blaming the victim.

Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old student from Olympia, Washington, was murdered while attempting to prevent an Israeli army bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian home near the southern Gaza city of Rafah

Aug 21 05:39

German arbitration panel rejects Jewish heirs' looted art claim

A German expert panel says the heirs of a Jewish woman persecuted by the Nazis aren't entitled to reclaim a valuable painting she once owned.

The government-funded Advisory Commission said Thursday there was no evidence the painting "The Three Graces" by German artist Lovis Corinth was looted by the Nazis.

It acknowledged that the painting's one-time owner, Jewish industrialist Clara Levy, was persecuted by the Nazis.

But the panel found that the painting was legally shipped to New York by Levy's daughter-in-law in early 1940, where it changed ownership several times before being sold back to Germany after the war.

The painting's current owner, the Bavarian State Painting Collections, and Levy's heirs sought arbitration from the panel after failing to reach an agreement on its return.

Aug 21 05:30

Big Banks “Bought” Congress … So Credit Derivatives Are Bigger than Ever

The Causes of the 2008 Crisis Have Never Been Addressed

Aug 21 05:25

Man wrongly convicted of N.Y. rabbi’s murder receives $10 million settlement

Jabbar Collins, who was wrongly convicted of the 1994 murder of a New York City rabbi and spent 16 years in prison, received a $10 million settlement from the city.

Collins, 42, reached the settlement following three years of litigation that started a day after he was exonerated in 2010, The New York Times reported Tuesday. He had been convicted of murdering Rabbi Abraham Pollack in 1994 as Pollack collected rent in a Brooklyn apartment building.

Collins fought the case from prison by contacting witnesses in the trial and gathering evidence using the Freedom of Information Act. The Times reported that the case shed light on aggressive investigation tactics used by the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Aug 21 05:07

AP: BofA in $17B Settlement Over Mortgage Bonds


WASHINGTON (AP) — Bank of America (BAC) has reached a record $17 billion settlement to resolve an investigation into its role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis, officials directly familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

One of the officials, who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the announcement isn't scheduled until Thursday at the earliest, said the bank will pay $10 billion in cash and provide consumer relief valued at $7 billion.

Aug 21 04:58

Hamas Military Leaders Killed

Aug 21 04:54

Good News: Minnesota Supreme Court comes down hard on search and seizure

The Supreme Court has come down hard on search and seizure. Rochelle Olson’s Strib story says, “In two unanimous rulings, the Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday curbed law enforcers’ ability to search and seize personal possessions. The more significant ruling, written by Justice Christopher Dietzen, extended U.S. constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure to Minnesota civil, not just criminal, matters.”

In Amy Forliti’s AP story she writes, “Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said his office is considering its options, which include arguing before the appeals court or appealing the entire case to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Aug 21 04:43

Ukraine captures Russian military vehicles fuelling tension

DONETSK, Ukraine - Ukraine said Thursday it had captured two armoured vehicles belonging to the Russian military as it pushed on with a brutal offensive to snap the back of the pro-Moscow rebellion in the war-torn east.

Fighting has intensified as Kiev ratchets up its push to rout struggling insurgents ahead of a fresh round of diplomacy that will see the presidents of Russia and Ukraine meet next week for the first time in months.

Kiev has accused Moscow of stepping up arms supplies to dwindling rebel-held territories while the West fears that the Kremlin could be planning to invade as a last roll of the dice.

Military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said two armoured vehicles from Moscow's Pskov Airbourne division were seized along with documents of Russian soldiers who had fled following a battle close to the second-largest rebel stronghold of Lugansk.

Aug 21 04:40

Gazprom says Ukraine's unpaid gas bill tops $5 billion

Russian natural gas exporter Gazprom said on Thursday that Ukraine's outstanding debt for gas supplies stood at $5.3 billion (3.2 billion pounds) as of Aug. 1 and called on Kiev to ensure that gas continues to transit without disruption to Europe.

"Gazprom counts on Naftogaz of Ukraine to stick to its obligations on redemptions of arrears for the supplied gas and provision of smooth gas transit via Ukraine's territory," Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said.

Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine on June 16 in a dispute over unpaid bills. However, Russian gas shipments to Europe via Ukraine have flowed without interruptions since.

It is the third pricing dispute in a decade between the two sides and past standoffs have led to disruptions in supply to Europe.

About half of the gas Gazprom shipped to Europe last year went via Ukraine.

Aug 21 04:37

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

Aug 21 04:34

Alison Weir: Why is the US Honoring a Racist Rabbi?

Founded in the late 1700s and originally based in the Polish-Russian town of Lubavitch, it is the largest of about a dozen forms of “Hasidism,” a version of Orthodox Judaism connected to mysticism, characterized by devotion to a dynastic leader, and whose adherents often wear distinctive clothing. (Spellings of these terms can vary; Hasid is also written as Hassid, Chasid, etc.)There is an extreme cult of personality focused on Schneerson himself. Some followers consider him the Messiah, and Schneerson himself reportedly sometimes implied this was true. Some Lubavitch educators consider him divine, making such claims as, “the Rebbe is actually ‘the essence and being [of God] … he is without limits, capable of effecting anything, all-knowing and a proper object of worshipful prostration.”

Aug 21 04:34

Countries realizing Ukraine is pretext for anti-Russia bans: Analyst

A political analyst tells Press TV that different countries around the world are now realizing that Western powers are using Ukraine as an excuse to impose more sanctions on Russia, Press TV reports.

During an interview with Press TV, Jim W. Dean said countries that “were on war of sanctions, like Finland, some Latin countries” are beginning to see that they need to be more active in “de-escalating” the Ukraine crisis, in order to prevent more sanctions from being imposed.

“They realize now that Ukraine is being used by the West to create this sanctions war against Russia,” Dean said.

Over the past months, Western states have placed sanctions on Russia, including on its financial and energy sectors.

“NATO is running a psychological operation on the military threat from Russia... [while] the Russian military threat to Ukraine is non-existent,” Dean said.

Aug 21 04:30

Dr. Rania Masri’s Powerful Speech at “Crisis in Gaza and West Bank: Context and Action”

95% of the Israelis supported the offensive against Gaza. This is the fourth assault on the Palestinians in Gaza. The hate that is being spewed by Israelis against Palestinians in recent months, have reached historical levels.

Israelis are openly calling for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. They are using that language of “Ethnic Cleansing.” They are openly calling for genocide.There was an article that was published twice in The Times of Israel, entitled: Genocide is permissible.

Now, for a community to be openly calling for such things, it means it has gone beyond even the shame of justifying murder, and for them to do this, means that they have truly embraced racism.

We need to reaffirm we are all Palestinians. 80% of the people in Gaza are Palestinians. They are refugees from 1948.

An occupied population has a right to retaliate by any means necessary to defend itself, according to international law.

Aug 21 04:25

Vancouver man creeped out by drone buzzing near his 36th-story condo

This week, a Vancouver man called the police about a drone flying near his 36th-story window, marking the latest incident in a string of such reports in recent months, police say.

Sgt. Randy Fincham of the VPD told the Vancouver Sun that police have received 13 drone-related complaints this year—10 of those since May 2014. Galway’s incident was the most recent: he was having dinner on the patio of his condo when he spotted the drone at around 8:30pm and then again two hours later.

Like the United States, Canada does allow drones to fly without any official authorization so long as they are for recreational or leisure purposes.

However, Fincham also told the Sun that a drone operator could face prosecution on voyeurism charges if that drone was shown to have been recording someone who “is in circumstances that give rise to a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Aug 21 04:23

How Israel's hawks intimidated and silenced the last remnants of the anti-war left

TEL AVIV — Pro-war demonstrators stand behind a police barricade in Tel Aviv, chanting, "Gaza is a graveyard." An elderly woman pushes a cart of groceries down the street in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon and asks a reporter, "Jewish or Arab? Because I won't talk to Arabs." A man in Sderot, a town that lies less than a mile from Gaza, looks up as an Israeli plane, en route to the Hamas-ruled territory, drops a blizzard of leaflets over the town. "I hope that's not all we're dropping," he says.

Note the picture:

Aug 21 04:19

Israel Nears Gas Sales to Egypt as Mideast Unrest Flares

In the midst of some of the worst Middle East tensions in a decade, one-time enemies Egypt and Israel are negotiating deals that may mean the sale of $60 billion in Israeli natural gas to liquefaction plants in Egypt.

Aug 21 04:17

Retooled Hamas Bloodies Israel With Help From Hezbollah

Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) - Hoisting themselves from a tunnel underneath the Gaza border, the Hamas gunmen sprinted through desert brush to attack an Israeli military post and kill five soldiers, retreating with a bounty of captured machine-guns.

August 20, 2014

Aug 20 22:55

Over 400,000 flee homes in east Ukraine: UNHCR

The UN refugee agency says over 400,000 people have fled their homes due to the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Aug 20 22:53

De facto martial law in Ferguson, Missouri

The state of Missouri, with the full backing of the Obama administration, has responded to continuing protests against the police murder of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, by imposing de facto martial law on the largely working class city of Ferguson.

Aug 20 22:50

Official: 22 killed by Israeli strikes since truce collapsed

Renewed Israeli attacks on Gaza have killed 22 Palestinians since a temporary ceasefire collapsed on Tuesday, a health ministry spokesman said Wednesday.

Aug 20 22:47

Ukrainian warplane shot down over rebel-held territory

A Ukrainian warplane was blown out of the sky over rebel-held territory on Wednesday (Aug 20) as fierce clashes between government troops and pro-Russian insurgents left dozens of civilians dead.

Aug 20 22:45

James Foley My 2 cents

Aug 20 22:44

South Stream ‘Plan B’ opts for route through Greece and Turkey

A Russian newspaper has published an article suggesting that the Kremlin-favoured South Stream gas pipeline could drop Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, and Slovenia for its route, and instead reach its final destinations, Italy and Austria, through Turkey and Greece.

Aug 20 22:40

Energy ballet: Iran, Russia and 'Pipelineistan'

A fascinating nuclear/energy ballet involving Iran, Russia, the US and the EU is bound to determine much of what happens next in the new great game in Eurasia.

Aug 20 22:36

Ukraine Crisis Continues

Washington is interested in fomenting crises, not in resolving them.

Aug 20 21:04

Giant Earth Crack Opens Up In Mexico

Aug 20 20:44

Pepe Escobar on ISIS and MH17

Aug 20 20:22

30 Reasons Why The Middle Class Is Done

Aug 20 18:47

It's Not a Skills Gap: U.S. Workers Are Overqualified, Undertrained

In the debate over why the U.S. has been so slow to emerge from the Great Recession, many have laid the blame on what’s become known as the skills gap: Despite an abundance of workers, too many simply aren’t qualified to fill the jobs available. Even now that hiring is running at its fastest clip since the late 1990s, business and industry groups such as the Chamber of Commerce continue to emphasize the damage the skills gap is doing to the economy. So do a lot ofconsulting firms.

Aug 20 18:41

57 Percent of Americans Say Only Kids Who Win Should Get Trophies

The latest Reason-Rupe poll finds that when it comes to kids and their trophies, 57 percent of Americans think only the winning players should receive them. Another 40 percent say all kids on a sport team should receive a trophy for their participation.

Aug 20 18:36

Kosovo and Ukraine: Compare and contrast

There have been at least two countries in Europe in recent history that undertook ‘anti-terrorist’ military operations against ‘separatists’, but got two very different reactions from the Western elite.

The government of European country A launches what it calls an‘anti-terrorist’ military operation against ‘separatists’ in one part of the country.

Aug 20 18:31

BREAKING NEWS: Patient at Sacramento Hospital May Have Ebola

A Sacramento hospital announced Tuesday that one of its patients may have Ebola.

Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center said in a release the patient is isolated.

Aug 20 18:19

School police authorized to carry AR-15 assault weapons in Compton, California

As Compton students head back to school Monday, residents are expressing concern about a school board policy passed in July that allows campus police who pass an internal selection process to buy semi-automatic AR-15 rifles and carry them in their patrol car trunks while on duty.

Aug 20 18:16

Kajieme Powell St. Louis Police Shooting Graphic VIDEO Near Ferguson

Breaking VIDEO: COPS SHOOT & THEN HANDCUFF #STL CITIZEN THAT DIED! Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)

LIVE: #Ferguson Continues to Protest

Aug 20 18:16

Obama Fails As Schoolyard Bully

For me, it’s the failure of the strongest power in the hood to maintain peace and calm, that tells the story in the clearest terms. If the leader doesn’t just not keep the peace, but actively ignites battles, all the rest are doomed to fight amongst each other until either the end of time, or the end of the leader’s prominence, whichever comes first.

Today, as we look at what goes on in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, the Gaza Strip, there’s no way we can say the US hasn’t had a stoke-the-fire role in each of these conflicts, and in most cases has even been the main instigator. If you’re the biggest bully on the block, and you keep on bullying people, your days are numbered. It’s the law of the jungle.

Aug 20 17:52

'I just asked a question!' Canadian reporter arrested in Ferguson

Veteran CTV ccorrespondent, Tom Walters is arrested and manhandled by police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri last night.

Aug 20 17:45

US military bans access to @the_intercept after watchlisting docs published

A portion of an email (redacted and slightly altered to protect the source) sent to staff last week at a U.S. Marine Corps installation directing employees not to read this web site.

The U.S. military is banning and blocking employees from visiting The Intercept

Aug 20 17:32

Ferguson is not Gaza … yet

U.S. law enforcement maintains extensive relations with Israel, but militarized policing is largely homegrown

Aug 20 17:26

Ferguson, 11 days on: ‘We are sitting on a powder keg’

pastor urging calm

Aug 20 17:03

Zionist Israel’s Final Solution For Gaza

Yet still, Israel spins it’s lies to gather support for it’s craven massacres and yes I must say it, a final solution to the Zionist agenda to rid Israel of Palestinians. No it is not the same for there can never be a Nazi final solution. This one simply has been incarnated into another, showered with lies to justify racist hate, land greed and lunatic paranoia. Am I repeating myself? I will continue to repeat over and over again my disillusionment and contempt for the Zionist state of Israel.

Aug 20 16:01


So here is the deal. Some of the people walking around Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank are blood relatives of Jesus. Distant blood relatives, but still blood relatives. Given 2000 years, it is possible that the vast majority of present day Palestinians are remote relatives of Jesus.

Israel is killing them.

And YOU are paying for it, which means you share the guilt. YOU are paying for the weapons used to kill the modern day family of Jesus. The moment you sign that 1040 form, you sign a confession, admitting before all the world that you are an accessory in the murder.

Think you are going to get into heaven after an insult like that?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By using your money to buy weapons for Israel's war crimes, the US Government has made you all accessories to those war crimes. And you cannot get off the hook by saying, "I am only obeying the government." The Nuremberg trials at the end of WW2 established the principle that simply following the orders of your superiors does not exonerate you of guilt. Only by openly opposing Israel's war crimes will history regard you as blameless for what is being done to Gaza.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 20 16:00

Don't let cable companies destroy everything great about the Internet

The Internet has already changed how we live and work, and we're only just getting started. Who'd have thought even five years ago that people would be streaming Ultra HD 4K video over their home Internet connections?

Technological advances are driving this evolution and will continue to do so only if we make sure the companies controlling consumers' access to the Internet don't adopt business practices that stifle its revolutionary nature. The next Netflix won't stand a chance if the largest US Internet service providers are allowed to merge or demand extra fees from content companies trying to reach their subscribers.

Aug 20 15:52

Video: Israeli soldiers 'ignore settler violence'

NGO releases video showing the army standing idle as masked settlers throw stones at Palestinians

Aug 20 15:46


Aug 20 15:45

#Ferguson - Cop Ray Albers Suspended Indefinitely pending investigation of incident.

#OfficerGoFuckYourself Officer 'Go Fuck Yourself' Removed

Aug 20 15:30

Confirmed: Microbial life found half mile below Antarctic ice sheet

In an icy lake half a mile beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, scientists have discovered a diverse ecosystem of single-celled organisms that have managed to survive without ever seeing the light of the sun.

Aug 20 15:29

Main Ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, Patented as an Antibiotic, Destroying GI Tract

A global threat? A slight nuisance? Whatever you decide to call it, the U.S. government gave Monsanto a patent for the main ingredient in toxic RoundUp, glyphosate, in 2010. It has been killing a wide range of pathogenic organisms (including the healthy bacteria we need to fight super bugs) even since it first came into use in 1974.

Aug 20 15:28

Federal government puts polar briefings on ice

Newly released federal documents show Tories have been thwarting scientists' efforts to keep Canadians informed on Arctic ice levels

Aug 20 15:24

EFF, ACLU Demolish “It’s Just Metadata” Claim in NSA Spying Appeal

Americans Deserve Full Protection of the Fourth Amendment for their Telephone Records, Groups Argue

Activist Post

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) today filed an amicus brief in Klayman v. Obama, a high-profile lawsuit that challenges mass surveillance, arguing that Americans' telephone metadata deserves the highest protection of the Fourth Amendment...

Aug 20 15:19

Whistleblower: Fed “Highly Alarmed” About Bitcoin Conquering Dollar System

A whistleblower who was employed as a briefing researcher at the Federal Reserve has revealed that Fed governors were “highly alarmed” by a major internal report which revealed that Bitcoin would likely supercede the dollar system within the next 12 years.

Aug 20 15:00

WARNING:America's Next False Flag

Aug 20 14:50

Did Ferguson Police Use "Kill Switch" on Livestream Signal The Moment They Created Chaos?

"It keep saying 'no network error'. We had a foreign reporter on the roof with us and she wasn't able to get a signal on her cell phone. And people on the ground were saying 'I can't tweet out.'" -Livestreamer Argus Radio.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

It seems like the police state is using protests in Ferguson as a testing ground for all of their crowd-control weapons. Many are obvious like the curfew enforced by platoons of soldiers, armored tanks mounted by snipers, stun, tear and smoke grenades, no-fly zone, sound cannons, and designated free speech zones and media zones (apparently they're different now).

However, some weapons are less obvious like technology to kill livestream feeds during questionable police activity. And that's precisely what happened last night according to Ferguson's most prolific livestreamer Argus Radio...

Aug 20 14:49

Western media neglect of Moscow’s MH17 evidence is shameful

Nearly one month has passed since Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over the skies of eastern Ukraine, taking the lives of 298 people.

An international investigation is now underway, led by the Netherlands, with members from Ukraine, Malaysia, the United States, Russia and others.

Aug 20 14:45

If You Have Facebook Messenger, You Are Being Recorded Even When Not On The Phone

...users are made to accept an agreement that allows Facebook to “record audio with the microphone….at any time without your confirmation.”

The TOS also authorizes Facebook to take videos and pictures using the phone’s camera at any time without permission, as well as directly calling numbers, again without permission, that could incur charges.

But wait, there’s more! Facebook can also “read your phone’s call log” and “read data about contacts stored on your phone, including the frequency with which you’ve called, emailed or communicated in other ways with specific individuals.”

Although most apps on Android and Apple devices include similar terms to those pictured above, this is easily the most privacy-busting set of mandates we’ve seen so far.

Aug 20 14:44

Profit Down 62% For Another Major US Retailer

Aug 20 14:40

Last Night America was Just 1 'Squeeze' Away...

It came this close... raised & pointed at civilians & journalists on a sidewalk. Captured by indy journalist RebelZ

Cop said "I will fcking kill you!" #Ferguson - POINTED GUN #OfficerGoFuckYourself

Aug 20 14:38

All 365 of Sierra Leone’s Ebola-related deaths pinned on one healer

Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis has been traced back to a single healer in an isolated border village, who had claimed to be in possession of special powers to cure the deadly disease that started penetrating the border, it has emerged.

“She was claiming to have powers to heal Ebola. Cases from Guinea were crossing into Sierra Leone for treatment,” top medical official, Mohamed Vandi, who was based in the crisis-struck Kenema district, told AFP.

“She got infected and died. During her funeral, women around the other towns got infected,” he told the agency. The woman was based in the eastern border village of Sokoma.

Aug 20 14:37

Discovering the Hidden Politics in “Future Weapons”

The Discovery Channel has been doing a yeoman’s service in visually capturing day-to-day activities of dangerous animals and rare birds in forests untouched by human footfalls, animals living in depths of oceans and animals facing extinction threat.It has been winning laurels for reconstructing the life of tribals and the tribals living in dwellings built on trees, piercing into the areas unknown to the world and untouched by the sunny rays.

Aug 20 14:36

British backtrack? UK arms sent to Israel despite ceasefire breakdown

The British government will not block companies exporting arms to Israel, despite previous warnings that arms licenses would be rescinded if fighting in the Middle East continued.

Despite a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas being broken on Tuesday, a government spokesperson said the licenses have not been suspended.

“We said we would suspend licenses if there was a significant resumption of hostilities,” a government spokesperson said.

Business as usual: UK arms factories 'profit' from Palestinian bloodshed

“We are closely monitoring the situation – our assessment so far is the resumption of hostilities has been limited.”

"War Lite"

Aug 20 14:27

I'm an American Citizen. If You Want to Remain a Cop, Don't Violate My Human Rights

In light of the horrific situation in Ferguson, an op-ed ran in today's Washington Post, chillingly titled, "I'm a cop. If you don't want to get hurt, don't challenge me." Not "obey the law." "Don't challenge me."

Aug 20 14:23

The Propaganda War - The Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

Having served Washington’s propaganda purposes, the downed Malaysian airliner and the alleged Russian armored column that entered Ukraine and was allegedly destroyed have dropped out of the news even though both stories remain completely and totally unresolved.

Washington’s stooge government in Ukraine has not released the records of communications between Ukrainian air traffic control and Malaysian flight 17, and Washington has not released the photos from its satellite which was directly overhead at the time of the airliner’s demise.

Aug 20 14:23

Thousands flee Donetsk as Ukrainian army closes in

Eastern Ukraine has sustained another day of heavy shelling. At least 5 people were killed in an army assault on a village near Donetsk, while the city itself was also hit. Inside the city, people are struggling with a dire humanitarian situation.

Aug 20 14:20

Crisis in the eastern Ukraine unlikely to be solved exclusively by force - Poroshenko

Ukrainian leaders understand that the crisis in Donetsk and Lugansk regions cannot be settled only by force, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko said at a meeting with Jeffrey Feltman, the visiting U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, on Wednesday.

Well, duh!

Aug 20 14:18

Emergency response to Ebola outbreak lacks leadership, Canadian aid official says

Five months have passed since the Ebola virus was first confirmed in West Africa — but according to a top aid official, the emergency response is still leaderless and suffering from a kind of “Ebola psychosis” that has made the global community reluctant to join the front-line fight.

The unprecedented Ebola epidemic has now caused 2,473 reported cases and 1,350 deaths across four West African countries, but medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières is still one of the few international organizations with boots on the ground, said president Dr. Joanne Liu.

The Canadian physician, who recently returned from a 10-day tour of the worst-hit countries, said there is a “vacuum” of leadership in the outbreak response, which still lacks a co-ordinated plan at the top.

Aug 20 14:17

Canada's Hitchhiking Robot Completed Its Trip Without Getting Murdered

On July 27, a brave robot named hitchBOT bid goodbye to its creators on the shoulder of a highway in Halifax, Nova Scotia. With limbs made from pool noodles, a beer-cooler body, and legs clad in Wellington rain boots, this adorable hodgepodge of a robot was ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. It raised its best hitchhiker’s thumb, and waited to be picked up by its first benefactor in its 6,000-kilometer road trip across Canada.

When hitchBot set off, we at Motherboard worried that the trooper might meet a tragic end (and we weren't the only ones). But fortunately, our fears were groundless. Over the weekend, hitchBOT arrived at its final destination in Victoria, BC, intact and thriving after meeting dozens of new friends across the country.

Aug 20 14:16

Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences has been generated. Upon that wave rides two objectives. One is to create plausible deniability for the West which created the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), the other is to create a further pretext to justify a resurgence of direct US military intervention across the region.

Aug 20 14:16

Twitter Steps Up, Suspends Accounts That Share Horrific Beheading Video

Twitter plans to suspend any accounts spreading graphic imagery from a video that appears to show photojournalist James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Company CEO Dick Costolo made the announcement early Wednesday morning on his own Twitter feed, after a video of the alleged beheading emerged Tuesday on YouTube.

Aug 20 14:11

30 stats to show to anyone that does not believe the middle class is being destroyed

The 30 statistics that you are about to read prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class in America is being systematically destroyed. Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most prosperous middle class in the history of the world, but now that is changing at a staggering pace. Yes, the stock market has soared to unprecedented heights this year and there are a few isolated areas of the country that are doing rather well for the moment.

Aug 20 14:10

Video Collection: Militarized Police Execute American Nationals Indiscriminately

These are just a few among the thousands of American nationals executed

Aug 20 14:08

Partners in Extermination: US-Israeli Regional Hegemony

Alliance systems can be a perfidious or at least unscrupulous thing, entered into by the parties, whether two or more, in the hope of maximizing each’s national self-interest covering a multitude of purposes–military, political, ideological, defensive, offensive, in character, addressed to power, the expansion of political economy, spheres of influence, financial-commercial penetration, frequently all of the above, and intensified under conditions of wartime—particularly perfidious or unscrupulous when the parties are unevenly matched in power, dominance by one often (but not always!) resulting to the detriment of the other(s).

Aug 20 14:05

More NATO False Claims: Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Flounders

As the violence in east Ukraine continues to spiral out of control, it is readily apparent that US diplomatic efforts to bring peace to the region are non existent – except to stir opposition against a 280 vehicle humanitarian convoy stalled at the border and to reiterate a cycle of uncorroborated fictions against Russia.

Aug 20 14:01

What Military Gear Your Local Police Department Bought

Since President Obama took office, the Pentagon has transferred to police departments tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.

Aug 20 13:58

Update: Missouri Gov. Walks Back Call for 'Vigorous Prosecution'

in response to the Aug. 9 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Aug 20 13:58

The 35.4 Percent:

109,631,000 on Welfare

Aug 20 13:57

Moscow's Stalin Tower Painted In Ukrainian Blue And Yellow

In the latest act of solidarity with Ukraine in Russia, daredevils apparently defied both the authorities and any fear of falling 176 metres from the 32-floor structure and made it to the top of the tower overnight, painting the Soviet star at the top of the building (and hammer and sickle in the centre) in the Ukrainian blue and yellow colours, and attaching a Ukrainian flag.

This story, which The Guardian has kindly republished from the US-funded propaganda outlet, Radio Free Europe, is so full of spin the authors must be permanently dizzy as a result. This was most likely carried out by an agent of Ukraine, its backers or one of those foreign NGOs whose mission is to bring Russia down from within. It was most certainly not done by a random Russian acting in "solidarity".

Aug 20 13:51

Exclusive 16 min Rare interview with Ron Paul

Exclusive full interview with Ron Paul. We talk about libertarian history and the economics of Kaynesianism. The inherent libertarian beliefs that all people are born with. We also discuss foreign policy and the moves against Russian banking with the threat of BRICS countries against the dollar. And how the media has treated Dr. Paul

Aug 20 13:49

PLO condemns forcible deportation of Palestinian MP by Israel

The Palestine Liberation Organization on Wednesday condemned the Israeli order to exile Palestinian member of parliament Khalida Jarrar from her home in Ramallah, as further details emerged of deportation order she received in a pre-dawn raid earlier in the day.

Aug 20 13:48

Bank of America agrees to $17bn fine over mortgage fraud - report

America’s second largest lender has reached a $17 billion settlement with US federal authorities over selling bad mortgages, according to sources close to the negotiations.

The bank will pay out $10 billion in cash and $7 billion for consumer relief – such as modified home loans and refinanced mortgages, AP reports, citing officials close to the negotiations. The final verdict is due on Thursday.

Aug 20 13:44

High school student says he was arrested for killing dinosaur in class assignment

A 16-year-old Summerville High School student says he was arrested Tuesday morning and suspended after writing about killing a dinosaur using a gun. -- It's a shame that common sense isn't part of the test for a teaching certificate.

Aug 20 13:41


“The Gold Conspiracy” It is one of the most precious metals in the world. A glittering commodity so rare that people will go to great lengths to obtain it. But who sets the price?

Aug 20 13:39

Soviet-era Tesla Tower restarted with spectacular lightning bolts (VIDEO)

A massive Soviet-built generator – once used for testing the resistance of aircraft to lightning, but now largely mothballed due to prohibitive costs – has staged a striking demonstration test at the behest of RT.

The 6-Megavolt device, one of the most powerful in the world, is capable of generating 200 meter-long lightning bolts, and was constructed in the 1970s at a closed facility outside Moscow, but fell into disuse after the collapse of the USSR.

Aug 20 13:37

Study Finds 25% Of Troops Use Food Banks

Aug 20 13:28

The 35.4 Percent: 109,631,000 on Welfare

109,631,000 Americans lived in households that received benefits from one or more federally funded “means-tested programs” — also known as welfare — as of the fourth quarter of 2012, according to data released Tuesday by the Census Bureau.

Aug 20 13:27

Rand Paul’s Russian Connection

Aug 20 13:24

Ukraine to spend billions to rebuild war-torn east

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says Kiev will spend billions of dollars to rebuild the country's war-torn east amid the ongoing conflict that inflicted heavy losses on the economy.

I thought the stooge Yatsenyuk had resigned. Apparently not. Like a turd mess on the bottom of a shoe, he refuses to go away. As for his claims, we have an expression in this part of the world that sums them up neatly - mar dhea.

Aug 20 13:23

‘Farmer’s Almanac’ predicts ‘super-cold’ winter

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the familiar, 223-year-old chronicler of climate, folksy advice and fun facts, is predicting a colder winter and warmer summer for much of the nation.

Aug 20 13:23

Egyptian court convicts Israeli for spying

An Egyptian court has convicted a Jordanian and an Israeli of spying on Egyptian officials and security deployments, according to the country's state news agency.

Aug 20 13:18

North Korea wants to do business with Russian IT firms

North Korea has addressed Russia’s Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) to establish contacts with Russian IT companies, business daily Kommersant reported Wednesday, referring to the association’s Executive Director Nikolai Komlev.

Aug 20 13:11

Court hears missing US citizen has been transferred to secretive, US-funded Yemeni court

A court in Yemen today heard that an American citizen who disappeared in February this year may have been transferred to a secretive, US-funded ‘court’ which has been strongly criticised by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for failing to meet international fair trial standards.

Aug 20 13:08

Israel Kills Son (Infant) And Wife Of Hamas's Military Commander (+PHOTOS)

“Palestinians attend the funeral ceremony of Hamas's military commander Mohammed Deif's son seven-month-old Ali Deif and wife 27-year-old Widad Deif at the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on August 20, 2014.”

Aug 20 12:51

The Neocons’ Grim ‘Victory’ in Iraq

Neocons do like to declare victory, especially regarding the Iraq War. So it came as no surprise that Paul Wolfowitz, apparently unimpressed by Iraq’s mounting crisis, regaled a recent panel discussion at the U.S.-Africa Summit with the blunt proclamation, “We have won it — in 2009.” Unsurprisingly, that’s when Team Bush left the White House — and approximately 150,000 troops behind in Iraq.

Aug 20 12:44

Welcome To Police State America: The US Has Descended Into An Undeclared State Of Martial Law

Grabbing the national headlines at the moment is the story of the murder of 18 year old and unarmed Michael Brown by an unidentified member of the Ferguson Police. Local citizens have accused the police of ongoing racial profiling and extreme police brutality.

Aug 20 12:42

Before Returning to Golf Course, Obama Promises 'Relentless' Pursuit of Justice Against ISIS

Before returning to the golf course, in his statement the president said, “We will be vigilant and we will be relentless" in pursuing justice for Foley.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which tells us that Foley's murder is the latest incarnation of stolen Kuwaiti Incubators and Saddam's nuclear weapons!

Aug 20 12:39

Council On Foreign Relations: The Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s – Not Putin’s – Fault

The United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West. At the same time, the EU’s expansion eastward and the West’s backing of the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine — beginning with the Orange Revolution in 2004 — were critical elements, too. Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders have adamantly opposed NATO enlargement, and in recent years, they have made it clear that they would not stand by while their strategically important neighbor turned into a Western bastion. For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected and pro-Russian president — which he rightly labeled a “coup” — was the final straw. He responded by taking Crimea, a peninsula he feared would host a NATO naval base, and working to destabilize Ukraine until it abandoned its efforts to join the West.