I Owe My Soul

Let's put the song aside for the moment and have a look at a concept that has been bandied about by the European Central Bank (ECB) for a while now. Since the collapse of the central banks would doom the world (their claim, not mine), it is essential that the banks be saved no matter what else must be sacrificed. Efforts to "save" the situation have been implemented through quantitative easing (QE) and the setting and continuation of low interest rates.

Unfortunately, in spite of record profits by banks and staggering bonuses handed out to senior bank executives, somehow the QE and low interest rates have not created the prosperity desired. The economy is still in the tank. What to do?

A solution being considered is to create "negative interest rates." Sounds logical, doesn't it? If low interest rates have kept the economy from crashing but haven't fixed it, surely, negative interest rates can only be more positive.

And what are negative interest rates? Well, it simply means that, if you keep your money in a bank, instead of the bank paying you interest, you pay the bank to hold your money.

No central bank has ever done such a thing, so, not surprisingly, it sounds like a bitter pill to swallow. However, the ECB will present it as an "unfortunate necessity."


devil's advocate


As much as i hate banks and the financial system, the notion that individuals or their bank accounts would be hit by this measure is wrong (so far). The ECB plans to hit commercial banks, that deposit their ill begotten bail-outs and profits and excess money at the ECB to make a "marginal" profit on that fortune, with the minus 0.1% interest.

This idea is not all bad at first sight; banks COULD feel the need to loan out more instead of having their assets dwindle while they are sitting at the ECB. But in the end it is nonsense of course. In this game the ECB would expand at the cost of their investors, the banks. It looks more like a laundry to me. I am sure the move is in some way profitable to the banks at the tax payer's expense. Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8fDLyXXUxM&feature=player_embedded#! to understand the European banking system.

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