Feds funding study of oil spill’s effect on FLESH-EATING bacteria — Blamed for multiple recent Gulf-area deaths after water/seafood contact

Some bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico love eating oil as much as they like infecting humans. … One of the more pressing questions involves Vibrio… vulnificus… this year there is a likely possibility, scientists say, that Vibrio growth could be further spurred, directly or indirectly, in response to the oil and the organic flotsam it has left behind.

The Department of Health (DOH) said on Tuesday that six deaths have occurred this year as a result of a deadly bacteria, at least two of them from raw oyster consumption. Known as Vibrio vulnificus, the bacteria infects the body in two ways, either by exposure to contaminated seafood or through an open wound exposed to contaminated seawater. DOH said that the other four deaths remain under investigation as to the source of the exposure. DOH is warning Floridians to avoid eating raw oysters and exposing open wounds to seawater and estuarine water.