The Face Of Courage

Just minutes after finishing yesterday’s newsletter I opened up a link sent to me by a friend in England. Open it only when and if you are ready to read one of the most disgusting stories you will ever read. It’s about a young girl named Hollie with Down syndrome who was sexually abused by 22 named individuals, including her father, who first raped her at the age of six, then her brother, followed by her systematic and continuous ordeals at the hands of a pedophile rape gang, which included a member of the judiciary, a senior police officer, her own head teacher, her caregiver and other professionals. It’s also about the police as well as the Lord Advocate of Scotland, Elish Angiolini, who is head of the entire legal criminal system in Scotland. She and the police ruthlessly tried to cover up and keep this story secret. My heart shutters writing these words and at the absolute darkness that prevails in so many parts of the world.

I applaud the people in England and Scotland trying against all odds to bring justice to Hollie and her mother and I spit (mildest form of aggression or expression of negative feelings) on those who love to keep secrets. Julian Assange is doing the world a great favor (or is he?) in massively attacking the secret state of the world and those who love to hide the truth from the public. George Washington probably would have loved to sit with the man but certainly people like Hillary Clinton and many others would not.