Jan 02 10:04

Erdogan's Anti-Kurdish Campaign Threatens to Engulf Turkey in Civil War

Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan's unquenchable thirst to concentrate political power in his hands, together with his ever-broadening campaign against the Kurds, both at home and in neighboring Syria, threatens to take the country "to the brink of a fully-fledged civil war," warns Pakistani political analyst Salman Rafi Sheikh.

In his latest analysis for the internet-based foreign policy journal New Eastern Outlook, Sheikh, a freelance journalist and political analyst who covers international relations and Pakistani affairs, explained that the present Turkish leadership's intolerance toward the idea of sharing power with the Kurdish minority threatens to become a recipe for disaster.

Jan 02 09:34

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter Sy Hersh: Benghazi Is a HUGE Scandal … But Not For the Reason You Think

A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdo?an administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria. A number of front companies were set up in Libya, some under the cover of Australian entities. Retired American soldiers, who didn’t always know who was really employing them, were hired to manage procurement and shipping. The operation was run by David Petraeus, the CIA director who would soon resign when it became known he was having an affair with his biographer.

Jan 02 09:27

U.S. Slides Back into War in Iraq, Joining Conflict President Once Opposed

More U.S. military personnel have been sent to Iraq and Syria. Trainers, Special Forces, and airstrikes haven't been enough. The administration continues its slow progression to renewed ground combat. President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize grows more tarnished by the day.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter informed Congress last month that a "specialized expeditionary targeting force" would be sent to Iraq on top of the 3500 personnel already there, with the authority to operate in Syria too. This mix of Special Forces "will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture ISIL leaders," explained Carter. Where greater opportunities appear to work with local forces, he added, "We are prepared to expand it."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is all about controlling the oil in the region, and insuring that the oil is only sold in US dollars.

Look for the carnage to continue, in Iraq and Syria, unabated in 2016.

Jan 02 08:52

Turkey Sees Economic Downturn Over Russian Sanctions, Fears to Lose $ 10 Bn

In Turkey, economists and businesspeople unanimously agree that Russian sanctions will cause an in economic slowdown in the country.

Moscow is ready to scrap Russian-Turkish business projects and abandon military cooperation with Ankara due to the downing of its Su-24 bomber, according to the Russian newspaper Kommersan
Getting Tough on Turkey: Kremlin Vows to Punish Ankara for Downed Jet
The Syrian civil war has split former economic partners Moscow and Ankara, and the latter is projected to dramatically lose tourism, construction, food and clothing export revenue due to Russian sanctions.
The Russian government's reaction to Turkey shooting down a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syrian airspace in November gave the world a look at what it feels like to worsen relations with the country and its president, Vladimir Putin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Erdogan should have thought of this BEFORE ordering the shoot-down of that Russian fighter.

It is very unfortunate for the Turkish people that there is no such thing as a "snap election" possible in this country; Erdogan's popularity is so negatively off the charts that he would never get elected again.

Jan 01 20:35

A Baby is Born but BombsRUs Cameron's Christmas is Mercy Mild

Bush and Blair, the psychopathic pair, with many thousands sharing the same very dangerous personality trait, then focused on that cradle of civilization, a fine irony. It was in April 2002 when the blood brothers sealed the fate of Iraq in Crawford, Texas. (5) As always there was a pretext, 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Vilification of Saddam Hussein ran parallel.

Jan 01 18:16

The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria

For the most part, there were no surprises: Donald Trump railed against Muslims, Chris Christie lamented that the NSA can’t intercept Americans’ phone calls and emails as easily as it used to, Ben Carson remained confused about foreign policy, and Carly Fiorina yelled loudly that nobody was paying any attention to her.

Jan 01 14:19

U.S. Dept. of Defense: U.S. Taxpayers Spending $11 Million Dollars Per Day To Fight ISIL

The United States Department of Defense has published numbers of how much money American taxpayers are spending to fight ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

Jan 01 13:55

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, & the Netherlands Join U.S. Forces to Fight ISIL In Iraq

Americans generally don't think of Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands as helping out the U.S. in the so-called war on terror.But according to a press release issued yesterday by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Forces and a large number of allies are busy wiping out ISIl forces all over Iraq and Syria. Oddly, Russia is not listed anywhere as an ally in the fight against ISIL in 'Operation Inherent Resolve.'

Jan 01 11:27

Senior Nusra Commander Killed in Army's Special Operation Northwest of Syria's Hama

The Syrian Army announced on Friday that its commandoes carried out a special operation against al-Nusra Front's military camp in the Northwestern part of Hama province and killed dozens of the terrorists, including the camp's commander.
Reports from Dara'a said terrorists are pinned down behind their defense lines North of the province after sustaining large casualties in a fresh round of attacks by the Syrian army and popular forces.
One of the main command centers of Liwa Fajr al-Ummah militant group in the Northeast of Damascus province was destroyed in the Syrian Army's special operation, military sources said, adding that several terrorists were killed or wounded in the explosions.

Jan 01 10:19

Russian Foreign Ministry: US-led coalition imitates struggle against Islamic State

"Generally, an impression is being created that the US-led coalition is hostage to its politicized approach and is rather imitating the struggle against the IS... The actions of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition in Syria are in principle illegitimate - the sovereignty of that state is openly violated, as neither the UN Security Council, nor official Damascus gave their permission to bombings of Syria to coalition forces," Syromolotov said.

Jan 01 10:02

UN General Assembly president blames US invasion of Iraq for emergence of Islamic State

The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a wrong step, which provoked interfaith enmity and paved the way for emergence of the Islamic State, President of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft has told TASS. Lykketoft noted that Iraq’s unfortunate experience had to be taken into consideration while resolving the conflict in Syria. According to the plan endorsed by the UN Security Council, in January Damascus and the opposition will sit down at the negotiating table, and the talks will be followed by the formation of the transitional government, the Constitutional reform and elections, he noted. "I sincerely hope that the Security Council resolution of December 18 would be followed up by actions on the ground: ending the war, starting the political process and concentrating on outside involvement on containing and destroying Daesh," he said.

Jan 01 09:02


Renowned journalist breaks down the military's attempt to bypass Obama and defeat ISIS

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The agenda is to use the US-created ISIS to fragment powerful middle eastern nations into smaller, weaker ones. The current targets are Syria and Iraq. The US military high command was apparently not told the true agenda, and thought they were supposed to win the war against the Islamic State.

Dec 31 14:40

An Open Letter to Young Muslims Everywhere: The Seed of Triumph in Every Adversity

Islam did not invent colonialism and imperialism, but inspired Asians, Africans and Arabs to fight this crushing evil. Islam did not usher in the age of mass slavery, although millions of American and European slaves were, themselves, Muslim. You try to tell them all of this, and you insist that the likes of vicious groups like ISIS are not a product of Islam but a by-product of violence, greed and foreign interventions.

Dec 31 11:46

Dangerous Punditry on Syria

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen has built a long record of getting nearly every major issue wrong over many decades but still eagerly dispenses the latest conventional wisdom emerging from Official Washington’s misguided “group thinks,” as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar noticed regarding Syria.

Dec 31 11:28

Syrian army regains control of key city of Daraa

Syrian army forces managed to enter the city off Daraa, taking it back from Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra front militants.

Dec 31 10:42

US claims over civilian deaths in Syria ‘absurd,’ Russia says

The Russian Defense Ministry has denounced as “absurd” allegations by the United States that Moscow’s airstrikes in Syria are causing civilian casualties.

The reaction came a day after the US Department of State claimed that the Russian campaign had left hundreds of "civilians" dead and struck "medical facilities, schools and markets."

"All of these anonymous and unsubstantiated statements about the alleged use of Russian aircraft on civilian targets in Syria are increasingly reminiscent of hypnotists' acts in travelling circuses," the ministry said in a Wednesday statement, slamming the claims as "absurd."

Russia launched the campaign against the Takfiri Daesh terrorists and other militant groups in Syria on September 30 upon a request from the Damascus government.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has also alleged that Russia’s airstrikes have killed over 2,370 people since September 30, including 792 civilians.

Dec 31 10:30

Dozens killed, wounded in multiple suicide bombings in Kurdish-controlled Syrian city

A string of explosions has rocked the northeastern Syrian city of Kamishli, targeting its Kurdish and Assyrian Christian population. Dozens of people were killed or wounded, according to a Kurdish spokesman cited by Reuters.

Dec 31 09:18

Newly surfaced footage of Hillary Clinton could damage her on ISIS/Terror/Iraq

Dec 31 09:04

Creating an “Independent Sunni State”: Washington Calls for the Partition and Fracturing of Syria and Iraq

Mendelsohn’s so-called “solution” for the region is in fact the strategy Western powers have been pursuing in the Middle East for years. His proposal is pretty much identical to the preferred “outcome” for Syria articulated by the former US Secretary of State and CFR member, Henry Kissinger. Speaking at the Ford School in 2013, Kissinger reveals his desire to see Syria Balkanized into “more or less autonomous regions (from 27.35 into the interview):

Dec 31 09:02

Not The Onion: US Government Is Taking Credit For Bringing Peace To Syria

State Department spokesperson John Kirby is raising eyebrows after he released a recap of 2015 “success stories” in which he credits the United States for bringing “peace” and “security” to Syria and “stepping up” to help the country’s people at a difficult time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bovine excrement meter just exploded!

Dec 30 21:42

Vladimir Putin Fights the War Party on All Fronts - by PEPE ESCOBAR

The bottom line is that in 2016 the option will continue to be stark; it’s either the hegemony of the War Party – with the subtext of a Washington “willfully” condoned Salafi-jihadi “offer” to young, disaffected Muslims; or the vision of a full, prosperous trade/commerce/communication network for the whole of Eurasia. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

Dec 30 15:02

Message Saudi ambassador in Baghdad to ISIS

Young Journalists Club quoted "Alsumaria News", "Thamer Als·hban" new -Sfyr Saudi Arabia in Baghdad from which Svdyhayy In addition to fighting Islamic State asked to turn themselves in. Ambassador of Saudi Arabia promised to those who turn themselves in, the government will be commuted sentence against them. "Thamer Als·hban" announcing the request said "measures for all of young people who tend to give up, is intended. " "Als·hban"

Dec 30 14:31

Sy Hersh Blockbuster: Top US General Ignored Obama, Led Secret Plot to Protect Assad and Bring Russia Into Syria War

President Obama’s top military commander secretly orchestrated intelligence sharing with military leaders in Germany, Israel and Russia to thwart the president’s policy to remove Bashar Assad from power in Syria and lay the groundwork for Russia’s military entrance into the Syrian civil war, because he believed Obama’s anti-ISIS strategies were hopelessly misguided.

That is just one of the astounding takeaways from a 6,800-word expose by venerated investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh, that was just published in the London Review of Books.

Dec 30 13:59

Watch, Russian New Video Shows How ISIS Smuggles OIL to Turkey

Russia has released a footage that confirms Turkey’s financial support of ISIS by letting the Smuggled oil of Iraq and Syria entering Turkey by a chain of 11,775 tankers.

Dec 30 13:27

Vicious Cycle: Rebels 'Cross to Turkey, Rearm, Come Back to Syria'

Earlier this week, more than 460 Syrian rebels and civilians were evacuated to receive medical assistance in neighboring countries under a local ceasefire deal brokered by the UN. On Monday, the United Nations, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross transported at least 120 rebels and civilians from the Syrian towns of Zabadani and Madaya to Lebanon. In addition, more than 330 people from the towns of Foua and Kafrayawere were taken to Turkey. Earlier reports suggested that the UN was ready to evacuate rebels, including Daesh members, from the refugee camp in late December but the planned evacuation did not take place. The Syrian conflict has been raging since March 2011, claiming the lives of more than 250,000 people...
Militants Fire Shells at Syria's Fou'aa in Violation of Truce, Kill 1 Civilian

Dec 30 13:25

EXCLUSIVE: Syrian Army Takes Full Control of Several Areas in Northern Lattakia

The army and NDF seized Shir al-Masira hilltops, Ravisa al-Qora'a and Ravisa al-Naba'a from Jeish al-Fateh terrorists in Northern Lattakia. The Syrian forces also purged terrorists from Beit Fares village, Beit Fares mountains and also Al-Qasb and Borj al-Qasb villages. Earlier today, the Syrian troops and their popular allies continued to advance against the militant groups in the mountainous regions of Lattakia and recaptured another strategic village near the border with Turkey, the army announced Wednesday.
Syrian Army Captures Sheikh Meskeen in Dara'a Province
Dozens of Takfiri militants were killed in anti-terrorism operations near a key town of the Syrian province of Idlib
Al-Nusra Front's Emir Killed in Syrian Army Raid in Idlib Countryside

Dec 30 12:33

Russia eliminates several ISIS commanders in Syria air op, data provided by opposition - MoD

The Russian Air Forces have eliminated several Islamic State commanders striking a building in Raqqa, where they were holding a meeting. The intelligence data for the operation was provided by opposition forces, Russia' Defense Ministry said.
Islamic State, Russian anti-terror op in Syria, Syria unrest
“The reported area was constantly surveyed from air for two days. After the arrival of commanders was confirmed, a Su-34 targeted the building used as the venue of the meeting. The building was totally eliminated by a guided bomb,” the ministry reported on its website Wednesday.

In total, Russian bombers carried out 121 sorties over the last two days, hitting a total of 424 targets across Syria. The raids were undertaken by Su-24, Su-25 and Su-34 warplanes.

Dec 30 11:21

BEX ALERT - Turkey Detains 2 ISIS Militants Planning New Year’s Eve Attack

Two Islamic State militants who were plotting a suicide attack on the Turkish capital, Ankara, on New Year’s Eve have been detained, Turkish officials said on Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? See? Turkey and ISIS are enemies. ENEMIES! Would ISIS plan terror attacks if we were buying stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil form them? Would ISIS plan terror attacks if we were supplying them with weapons and training and medical care? Would they? WOULD THEY?!? Of course not ... so you can ignore all those other reports that say we are!" -- Turkee

Dec 30 10:53

Iraq urges Turkish troops pullout, threatens military action

The Iraqi foreign minister has once again called on Turkey to withdraw its troops from northern Iraq, warning that Baghdad may otherwise take military action against Ankara.

Iraq seeks a peaceful resolution of the issue, but if there is no other solution and if "fighting is imposed on us, we will consider it to protect our sovereignty," Ibrahim al-Jaafari told a press conference in Baghdad on Wednesday.

The remarks came more than three weeks after Turkey deployed some 150 soldiers, equipped with heavy weapons and backed by 20 to 25 tanks, to the outskirts of the city of Mosul, the capital of Iraq’s northern province of Nineveh.

Ankara claimed the deployment was part of a mission to train and equip Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the fight against Takfiri Daesh terrorists, but Baghdad denounced the uncoordinated act as a violation of Iraq's national sovereignty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So what is going to happen if Iraq invites Russia to assist them in getting the Turkish troops out?!?

This could get very ugly very quickly.

Dec 30 09:57

Vicious Cycle: Rebels 'Cross to Turkey, Rearm, Come Back to Syria'

Terrorists have used local ceasefire agreements to receive medical treatment outside Syria and then return to the battlefield, political analyst Ryan Dawson warned.

Dec 30 08:40


NATO could take Italy missile batteries SAMP / T air space defense turkish. And 'what transpires from sources close to the Alliance.

After the withdrawal of the Patriot American and German from the cities of Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras, cover-to-air under NATO auspices is entrusted to missile batteries in Spain. Madrid, after a redeployment of eleven months, has decided to extend its involvement in the operation "Active Fence" until 31 December 2016. The Patriot PAC-2 Spanish (six pitchers for a total of 24 surface-to-air) are deployed in the vicinity of Adana, the fifth largest city in Turkey, and 63 miles from the border with Syria.

In the last hours, NATO is considering the involvement of Italy. Cooled track of ' Air Policing , the Italian government could be made ??a formal request to deploy some platform Samp / T . The surface-to-air short and medium-haul network should be integrated into Patriot already in service.

Dec 30 04:41

Turkey: A Criminal State, a NATO State

Let’s face it, Turkey is now a mafia state ruled by a criminal regime. It is also a NATO member state. Perhaps now the pernicious illusion of NATO as military alliance defending justice, human rights, and the rule of law can finally be put to rest. While the propagandists will continue the charade, Turkey has permanently exposed the US-NATO-GCC-Israel for the warmongers they are in Syria and around the world.

Dec 30 03:52

Week Twelve of the Russian Intervention in Syria: Zag! - by THE SAKER

US leaders have their heads stuck deep up into their own delusions, the events on the ground are slowly but steadily reinforcing the Russian position and vindicating Russia’s stance

Dec 30 01:47

Syrian Ceasefire or maybe not, PressTV interview

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Dec 29 12:59

Syria: Has Anyone Stepped Back from the Brink?

One cannot fault the Russians for trying to organise an anti-Jihadist alliance in Syria, but their potential allies, apart perhaps from the apparently repentant French, are all snakes in the grass. And Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, is the biggest snake of all. "Do you realise what you have done?" Putin asked at the UN in September. Not yet apparently, reports to the contrary notwithstanding. But then, as we know, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Dec 29 12:35

Russia Leaving No Chance for Washington, Ankara to 'Split Syria Up'

While Turkey has dreams to re-establish itself as the Ottoman Empire by grabbing Syrian territories, US warhawks are planning to balkanize Syria into different "buffer zones;" however, Moscow has upset both Washington and Ankara's applecart, Salman Rafi Sheikh remarks.

In this photo taken on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, Syrian army personnel fire a cannon in Latakia province, about 12 from the border with Turkey in Syria
'Delusional': US State Dept Credits Washington With Bringing Peace to Syria
Neither Washington, nor Ankara is interested in Moscow's successful completion of its military operation in Syria aimed at preserving the country's integrity and sovereignty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin is one thousand chess moves ahead of Obama every minute in this campaign.

Dec 29 12:22

Turkish, Greek Jets Engage In Dogfight Over Mediterranean

Well don’t look now, but Turkish and Greek fighters just got into a dogfight over the Aegean.

Here’s eKathimerini:

Greek and Turkish jets engaged in a brief dogfight over the Aegean Sea on Tuesday after Turkish aircraft violated Greek national air space several times.

A formation of six Turkish jets, flanked by two CN-235 aircraft that were not in formation, violated Greek air space nine times, according to Greek defense officials.

Greek and Turkish jets engaged in a brief dogfight over the Aegean Sea on Tuesday after Turkish aircraft violated Greek national air space several times.

A formation of six Turkish jets, flanked by two CN-235 aircraft that were not in formation, violated Greek air space nine times, according to Greek defense officials.

In all cases the Turkish jets were chased off by Greek aircraft. Two of the eight Turkish aircraft were armed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It has become painfully obvious that Erdogan's "job" for NATO is to start World War III.

In spite of whatever delusions of grandeur this man may harbor, history will characterise him is one of the great villains of the 21st century for these acts.

Dec 29 11:15

Syria army advances against rebels in south

Government forces seized a military base from rebels in southern Syria on Tuesday and were locked in heavy fighting in a nearby opposition stronghold, activists and state media said.

Government troops captured the Brigade 82 base outside Sheikh Miskeen in Deraa province and were clashing with rebels inside the town, state news agency SANA said.

Dec 29 11:07

State Dept. counts 'bringing peace' to Syria as a 2015 win

The State Department is counting "bringing peace" to Syria as one of its wins in 2015.
A boastful recap of the State Department’s accomplishments, written by spokesman John Kirby, includes the bold subheadline of "Bringing Peace, Security to Syria" above a more modest entry talking about U.S. aid for those affected by the country's turmoil and the U.S. push for a political transition from President Bashar Assad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Wow! I didn't know that being completely delusional is now a requirement for working for the Department of State!!

Dec 29 10:15

Neocons Object to Syrian Democracy

President Obama has infuriated Official Washington’s neocons by accepting the Russian stance that the Syrian people should select their own future leaders through free elections, rather than the neocon insistence on a foreign-imposed “regime change,” reports Robert Parry.

Dec 29 09:16

“Zero Confidence”: 8 In 10 Americans Think Obama Is Losing To ISIS

Apparently only 2 in 10 Americans think the U.S. is winning the war on terror, and see the ISIS Islamic State as holding the upper hand. In terms of public opinion, it may as well be zero.

The hearts and minds have been lost – right here at home.


Dec 29 09:07

US pursuing regime change in Iraq, Syria, aiming for Iran – Pres. Candidate Jill Stein

The US presidential elections are just around the corner, the great fight for the seat of power.

Dec 29 08:47

Russia accuses U.S. of protecting ISIS

The Russian Defense Ministry is accusing the Pentagon of fighting the Islamic State in ‘word only’ after the U.S. military refused to share targeting and intelligence information with Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Pentagon spokeswoman Michelle Baldanza recently said the U.S. would not “cooperate with Russia on Syria until they change their strategy of supporting Assad and instead focus on ISIL.”

That posture drew the ire of the Russian military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you the talk about allowing Assad to stay was just talk!

Dec 29 08:37

Aftermath of triple bombing attack in Homs

At least 14 people have been killed in a triple bombing attack in the Syrian city of Homs, according to the country’s state media.

Dec 29 08:18

'Shadow CIA' 2016 Forecast: Turkey Set to Make a 'Military Move' Into Syria

Having tightened its grip on power this fall, the AKP, Turkey's ruling party, will become increasingly assertive in its foreign policy in 2016. Ankara's resurgence, according to Stratfor, will be reflected in a military operation in northern Syria, as well as a widening rift with Russia - a direct result of Erdogan's policies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That fits with the deployment of NATO AWACS to Turkey and reports in KUNA that Turkey is moving military forces to the Syrian border.

Dec 29 04:53

Turkey ans Syria purchase Daesh oil

About a thousand people were in the oil derricks in al-Shaddadi. Everything was run by the Kazakhs, so the group was called a 'Kazakh Jamiya'. The leaders of the group managed to seize about 15 oil fields. There are also quite a lot of those wishing to purchase this oil. While its cost is $35-38 a barrel in the world market, you can buy it two or even three times cheaper from the fighters, that is for $10-18. 'The same employees, who have been working before the Daesh, keep working in the derricks. They were just seized and let working. They receive higher salary than that under the government. But many local specialists did not want to work for the Daesh and fled to other territories of Syria and Turkey. First of all, they were not satisfied with the radical interpretation of Islam'.

Dec 28 22:21

Love Thy Enemy? US Plot to Evacuate Top Jihadis From Ramadi Uncovered

A US plot to evacuate Daesh leaders from the strategic city of Ramadi in central Iraq has reportedly been disclosed by a volunteer forces commander. The disclosure comes as the Iraqi army and popular troops are attempting to secure victory over the jihadist group in Ramadi.

Dec 28 19:05

Merry Christmas From Syria: A Look From Inside

By Afraa Dagher

The West continues to paint a picture of a country in civil war, but what I have seen on the ground, and as is shown in this video demonstrates something very different...

Dec 28 17:16

Captured ISIS fighter: Turkey safer place to train recruits than Syria

Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik. The prisoner said Ankara’s help to the “moderate” Syrian opposition is not as innocent as portrayed.

Dec 28 13:38

Syrian journalist exposing ISIS Aleppo atrocities assassinated in Turkey

A prominent Syrian journalist and filmmaker, who produced anti-Islamic State documentaries was gunned down by unknown assailants in broad daylight in Gaziantep, Turkey. This is the third assassination of a journalist in the country over the last three months.

Dec 28 12:31

Russia Airstrikes on Militant Convoy Syria

Dec 28 11:56

German lawmakers irked by NATO plane deployment

A NATO force of reconnaissance planes that includes German personnel will be sent to help Turkey police its border, drawing ire from politicians in Germany who said on Sunday they were not consulted.

"The government must immediately inform parliament of the details of this deployment, in particular what missions will be assigned to these planes and the destination of any data they collect," Tobias Lindner, the green party's head of defence matters, demanded in German daily Bild.

Though the mission involves sending German troops abroad, the government said it has no plans to consult the Bundestag, Germany's lower house of parliament.

The defence ministry noted the deployment was aimed at carrying out airspace surveillance and not armed operations.

NATO plans a temporary transfer of AWAC aircraft from the west German base in Geilenkirchen to the Konya base in central Turkey, Germany's defence ministry wrote in a December 18 letter revealed Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

German NATO elements are being pre-positioned in Turkey, but the question is, what is the "real reason" they are being deployed now, and how many will be deployed?!? The AWACs are command and control platforms.

And were I a member of the Bundestag, I would also be royally ticked off that the government didn't believe this deployment wasn't worth informing me - and us - about.

So far, Turkey's US and NATO-enabled Edrogan has been perfectly content in playing the picador against Putin, including shooting down a Russian bomber; so what is the next step here?!?!

I think this is more worrisome than it might appear to be, in terms of looking at NATO's long game against Russia, and trying to provoke Putin into doing something stupid (or creating a false flag to be blamed on Putin), to provoke a military confrontation against it.

Dec 28 11:33

Erdogan says Turkish troops to remain in Iraq

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated here on Sunday that Turkish troops will remain in Iraq, overturning a foreign ministry pledge to the contrary.

"Turkish troops are in Iraq to provide protection for training troops and will continue to be there," the president spoke at an event in Istanbul.

He repeated his argument that the soldiers were not deployed as combat troops and Turkey is "determined" to continue its training of Kurdish and Arab forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Turkey, enabled by the US government's blessing, is attempting to balkanize the oil-rich areas around Mosul, and ultimately declare it to be Turkish territory.

Dec 28 11:27

Love Thy Enemy? US Plot to Evacuate Top Jihadis From Ramadi Uncovered

An Iraqi volunteer forces commander has revealed US plans to evacuate Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) leaders from the central Iraqi city of Ramadi, according to the Iranian news agency FARS.

The disclosure comes as the Iraqi army and popular troops are attempting to secure victory over the jihadist group in Ramadi.

FARS quoted Imam Khamenei Battalion Commander Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi as saying that "the delay in operations to liberate the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah in Anbar province has been the result of US interference."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These alleged terror groups, supported, trained, and supplied, by the US government, and are a product of US foreign policy.

And what is to be the outcome of that foreign policy?!?

To balkanize countries like Iraq, into smaller and smaller entities which cannot possibly pose any "existential threat" to Israel; it is just that simple.

And a short memo to the Obama administration; whatever shred of credibility you had, coming into 2016, has been utterly destroyed by this revelation.
The American people understand that they can no longer believe even a single word any member of this administration says, henceforward.

Dec 28 11:10

Prominent US journalist claims Washington knowingly armed Daesh

Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the administration of President Barack Obama, in particular the CIA, has knowingly armed militant Islamists in Syria, including the Islamic State [Daeh].

"Barack Obama's repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office -- and that there are 'moderate' rebel groups in Syria capable of defeating him -- has in recent years provoked quiet dissent, and even overt opposition, among some of the most senior officers on the Pentagon's Joint Staff," Hersh writes in the London Review of Books. "Their criticism has focused on what they see as the administration's fixation on Assad's primary ally, Vladimir Putin. In their view, Obama is captive to Cold War thinking about Russia and China, and hasn't adjusted his stance on Syria to the fact both countries share Washington's anxiety about the spread of terrorism in and beyond Syria; like Washington, they believe that Islamic State must be stopped."

Dec 28 10:25

Russia, US Agree On New Syrian Prime Minister, Allow Assad To Run For Presidency

Sources in the U. S. are high on the "opinion" that "the United States and Russia have agreed on the next phase of Syria relating to the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the settlement of the military situation of the allies of the United States in the region who consist of the largest number of organizations financed by the very states in the region who were brought to the table".

Dec 28 09:23


One of the most amusing things about Russia’s headlong plunge into Syria’s five-year conflict is the extent to which it effectively represented Moscow calling time on Washington’s strategy of seeking to bring about regime change in the Mid-East by intentionally destabilizing otherwise strong (if not always benign) governments.

Until September 30 - which is the day a three star Russian general strolled into the US embassy in Baghdad and informed the staff that airstrikes in Syria begin “in one hour” - Washington, Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha seemed perfectly content to simply wait around for one group of rebels or another to finally succeed in taking Damascus. In the meantime, the US embarked on what one might call a “containment” strategy as it related to ISIS - the idea, basically, was to keep Frankenstein confined to the lab, but not to hit the monster hard enough to render it ineffectual in the fight to destabilize the Assad government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to those inhabiting the bowels of power in Foggy Bottom: we, the American people, do not need a "new narrative".

We understand that the US government's goal in Syria is to create regime change in Syria "by any means necessary", no matter if the future occupants of the Presidential Palace in Damascus are just to the right of Attila the Hun, geopolitically.

We understand that Russia was invited by Al-Assad to get rid of all the jihadists attempting to undermine his regime; and the Russian military has been taking care of this brilliantly; the US and the West has NOT been invited to do this.

We understand that President Obama's regime has failed utterly, by not realising what he was dealing with when the US government began funding and supporting groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, in an attempt to unseat al-Assad, and the ultimate mess this was going to create in the Middle East.

We understand that Turkey (our good "friend" from NATO in the region) has been aiding, abetting, and enabling ISIS by selling its stolen oil at a deep discount. We understand that that ISIS has been training, and is being supplied, in Turkey.

We understand, perfectly, that We the People have been once again completely betrayed by an administration which is thoroughly populated with folks with a pathological inability to think anything through to its logical conclusion; and the most frightening thing about that is, that we still have one more year of this madness through which we are going to have to live!!!

Dec 28 09:01

Obama Scrambles To Create "New ISIS Narrative" After Putin Embarrasses Washington

One of the most amusing things about Russia’s headlong plunge into Syria’s five-year conflict is the extent to which it effectively represented Moscow calling time on Washington’s strategy of seeking to bring about regime change in the Mid-East by intentionally destabilizing otherwise strong (if not always benign) governments.

Until September 30 - which is the day a three star Russian general strolled into the US embassy in Baghdad and informed the staff that airstrikes in Syria begin “in one hour” - Washington, Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha seemed perfectly content to simply wait around for one group of rebels or another to finally succeed in taking Damascus. In the meantime, the US embarked on what one might call a “containment” strategy as it related to ISIS - the idea, basically, was to keep Frankenstein confined to the lab, but not to hit the monster hard enough to render it ineffectual in the fight to destabilize the Assad government.

Dec 28 08:30

Captured ISIS fighter says 'trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer here than Syria'

Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik. The prisoner said Ankara’s help to the “moderate” Syrian opposition is not as innocent as portrayed.

Dec 27 10:19

Russian Colonel: ISIS is a division of the CIA [VIDEO]

Colonel Alexander Zhilin explains why this is not an optional fight for Russia. In the event that Syria fell, it would free up ISIS fighters for a renewed campaign in Chechnya, Dagestan and east of the Caspian as well, pushing north from Afghanistan into former Soviet central Asia.


Dec 27 10:09

Czech president: migrants should be fighting Isis, not ‘invading’ Europe

Milos Zeman says children, the old and sick deserve compassion but young single men fleeing Middle East should stay behind and take up arms

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And get slaughtered by the Americans?!?

Dec 27 08:20

Dramatic pictures show ISIS oil convoys in Syria being pulverised by Russian air strikes

Russia has released these dramatic images of ISIS positions in Syria being pulverised by its air force.

The Kremlin has launched a devastating bombing campaign to destroy militant group's oil-smuggling convoys into Turkey.

Dec 27 08:20

Russian Ministry Of Defence Summarises Results Of Activities In Syria In 2015

Since September 30, the Russian aviation group in Syria has made 5240 fighting departures, including the departures of 145 aircraft with strategic missiles and long-range bombers. The Russian airforce have applied daily air strikes on key infrastructure, strong points, clusters of military equipment and manpower of terrorists.

Dec 26 14:10

Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties to Turkish Intelligence

Baghdad, Iraq – An Islamic State commander was killed in Salahuddin province and his body was searched. A cell phone retrieved from the corpse revealed messages from Turkish intelligence services proving the NATO country was providing security for ISIS militants when they traveled between Turkey and Iraq. This is the second NATO country implicated in assisting the Islamic State’s troops. The first was Canada.

Dec 26 11:18

Pentagon refuses to share intel on ISIS until Moscow’s stance on Assad changes

Washington will not share intelligence data on Islamic State positions in Syria and will not accept Moscow’s offer to cooperate on rooting out terrorism until Moscow changes its position on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s future, the Pentagon said.
Islamic State, Russian anti-terror op in Syria, Syria unrest
Ever since the start of the Russian campaign in Syria in late September, Moscow has been offering to share information with the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), urging Washington to reciprocate. After months of extensive diplomatic efforts by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, and the Kremlin, the Pentagon is still refusing to enter the proposed cooperation.

“We are not going to cooperate with Russia on Syria until they change their strategy of supporting Assad and instead focus on ISIL,” US Defense Department Spokesperson Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza told Sputnik on Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

ISIL is funded, trained, and supplied by the US government; so it is absolutely no surprise that the US government wants to keep as much of it in tact as possible to continue to attempt to destabilise the Al-Assad regime.

But the US government has two problems here; Russia was invited to assist in getting rid of the Jihadis in Syria: the US government was not, for obvious reasons. Also, the Russia military has been doing an incredible job of destroying ISIL assets, sort of gobbling them up like Pacman, even without US government intelligence.

The above statement by Defense Department Spokesperson Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza says it all: regime change is the goal, and the ONLY goal of the US government in Syria, period, end of discussion.

Russia understands that ousting al-Assad right now would be the worst possible scenario for the people of this country, because it could potentially wind up getting overtaken by Jihadists just to the right of Attila the Hun.

Logic tells me that the Russian long-term view of this situation is correct.

It is unfortunate that what I am seeing here, in terms of the US government, is a move toward a total world war, generated by a war between the US and Russia; also, unfortunately, the US government cannot see any other way out of the financial bind in which it - and the Federal Reserve - have put the financial system, not to mention its citizens, in this country.

Dec 26 10:26

Christmas in Damascus: Christians, Muslims join to celebrate

Syria has endured another year of devastating civil war and strife. However, thousands of civilians in Damascus have been trying to live as normal a life as possible, celebrating Christmas and giving them some respite from the chaos.

Dec 26 09:16

Exclusive: "And It's Gone... It's All Gone" - The One Gold Scandal That Goes To The Very Top

So three years ago, Turkey was purchasing Iran oil and paying in gold. Now it is purchasing ISIS oil and paying in dollars, for the simple reason that there is no banking embargo against the Islamic State like there was against Iran in 2012. One almost wonders why the international community was far stricter with Iran than it is with ISIS now.

Dec 26 08:53

America delivers three ultimatums to Russia

"US Secretary of State John Kerry is a serious man. He is a representative of the ruling clans of the United States. John Kerry came to Russia with Victoria Nuland. In the US delegation, there was also US ambassador to Russia John Tefft. They wanted to put something like an ultimatum to Vladimir Putin. If an official of Kerry's level arrives, he should have clear objectives. The objective is clear. The United States needs to remove Putin from power. Another objective is to take complete control of Syria by getting rid of Bishar al-Assad.

Dec 25 16:23

Surveillance footage: Oil tankers, trucks under heavy bombing in Syria by Russian Air Force

The aerial video shows Russian Air Force bombing of heavy-duty trucks transporting oil from Iraq to Turkey.

Dec 25 12:57

US generals supplied Syria with intel over ISIS to avoid toppling Assad – Seymour Hersh

The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has been indirectly providing Syrian military with intelligence on Islamic extremists fearing the Obama administration’s agenda to oust Bashar Assad will engender total chaos in Syria. A new investigation in the London Review of Books by renowned American journalist Seymour M. Hersh exposes the divide between the US top brass and the politicians in the White House when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq.

Dec 25 10:24

Christmas in Damascus: RT crew feels hope in air as Christians, Muslims join to celebrate

I'm a Presbyterian.In Communicants class we were taught that Christians,Muslims and Jews ALL worshipped the same God.Let us get it together people!

Syria has endured another year of devastating civil war and strife. However, thousands of civilians in Damascus have been trying to live as normal a life as possible, celebrating Christmas and giving them some respite from the chaos.

Dec 25 08:58

Top Syrian rebel leader Zahran Alloush killed in air strike in Damascus suburb - reports

Zahran Alloush, head of the powerful jihadist group Jaysh al-Islam, operating in the suburbs of Damascus, has been killed in an airstrike, local sources told Reuters on Friday.

The airstrike targeted the headquarters of Jaysh al-Islam (Brigade of Islam), a coalition of different extremist groups fighting against Syrian government forces.

Two rebel sources confirmed to Reuters the airstrike killed Alloush.

Dec 25 08:56

Pakistan Joins Russia, Condemns Any Attempts to Topple Assad in Syria

Pakistan opposes any efforts to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Pakistan's foreign secretary said on Wednesday.

Dec 24 22:11

Christmas trees lit up in Tartous and Damascus Countryside amidst religious and popular participation

24 December? 2015

Provinces, SANA – A 22 m tall Christmas tree was lit up in Safita city in Tartous province on Saturday in honor of Syria’s martyrs.

The event was attended by a Greek religious delegation currently visiting Syria and presided by Elder Elisaios, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras, Mt Athos-Greece.

“We came to Syria to send a message of joy and hope to its people that the future will be better,” Elisaios said in a statement to SANA.

“We are anguished because the Syrian people have to suffer such great tragedies, and we pray to God to remove the injustice and suffering they are going through” he added.

Dec 24 16:37

Female Fighters: Women take up arms against ISIS in Syria

A battalion of female volunteers conducted military training south of Damascus in order to 'protect the motherland' from Syrian militants, according to one of the volunteers. The battalion known as Al-Mahavir is made up primarily of female fighters who have joined together in order to quell militant expansion in their country.

Dec 24 15:00

Video: Evolution of US position on Assad’s role in Syria

The US stance on the fate of the Syrian President, Bashar Assad, has been changing throughout this year.

Dec 24 12:23

Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Tacit Help to Assad


A new report by the Pulitzer-winning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh says the Joint Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Bashar al-Assad in an effort to help him defeat jihadist groups. Hersh reports the Joint Chiefs sent intelligence via Russia, Germany and Israel on the understanding it would be transmitted to help Assad push back Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State. Hersh also claims the military even undermined a U.S. effort to arm Syrian rebels in a bid to prove it was serious about helping Assad fight their common enemies.

Dec 24 10:48

US Had "Secret" Discussions With Assad "Regime", Tried To Start Military Coup

Earlier this week, we recounted Seymour Hersh’s latest investigative report in which we learn that apparently, the Joint Chiefs of Staff worked to undermine the efforts of the White House and the CIA in Syria. According to Hersh, the Joint Chiefs passed intelligence to Bashar al-Assad through a network of intermediaries starting in 2013 in an effort to assist the Syrian leader in the fight against extremists backed by Washington’s regional allies in Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha. Hersh even goes so far as to contend that the CIA was tricked into providing inferior weapons to jihadists after the Joints Chiefs suggested that shipping arms from Turkey would be cheaper than going through Libya.

Dec 24 10:13

Conference of the Herds by MUMIA ABU-JAMAL

snip: These dogs of war may open the door to carnage, but it will be your sons and daughters who suffer and die on the bloodied altar of political ambition.

Dec 24 09:56

Catastrophe for Syrians and Palestinians alike in war-ravaged country

The United Nations Security Council has thrown its weight behind a political process to end the catastrophic war in Syria as the situation for millions in the country remains as dire as ever.

Those affected include an estimated 450,000 Palestinian refugees who remain in Syria after nearly five years of violence that has claimed a quarter of a million lives, according to the UN.

Dec 24 09:54

Ex-Pentagon Chief Hagel Knew Ousting Assad ‘Insanely Foolish’

Former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel knew that the United States strategy to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad was a fool’s errand, former White House National Security Council advisor Gwenyth Todd told Sputnik.

Dec 24 09:53

Russia slams Amnesty, says Syria war crimes report 'fabricated'

Russia has hit back at a human rights report accusing it of committing war crimes in Syria, dubbing it “politically-motivated and fabricated”.

Amnesty International released a report on Wednesday presenting what it said is hard evidence that Russia has violated international law during its air campaign in Syria by hitting targets like medical facilities and a busy market.

The report documents the deaths of hundreds of civilians, and around a dozen fighters, in Russian air strikes launched since September.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Amnesty International has blown their credibility because they didn't kick up this much of a fuss when the US bombed hospitals in Afghanistan and food supplies in Syria, or when the US Proxy in Yemen, Saudi arabia, bombed several hospitals!

Dec 24 09:48

BEX alert: The Art of Blaming Russia for Everything … “Putin is the Real Power behind ISIS”

Libya is responsible for ISIS
Iraq is responsible for ISIS
Syria is responsible for ISIS
Turkey is responsible for ISIS
Russia is responsible for ISIS

almost 200 more countries left to blame!

Dec 24 09:12

Syrian Conundrum

Belatedly it would seem even Washington thinks it is time to end the Syrian Civil War.

Dec 24 09:09

Hundreds of wounded ISIS fighters and their families are allowed to leave rebel-held areas of Damascus for treatment after negotiating deal with Assad’s government

Hundreds of families of ISIS fighters, as well as some injured jihadis are expected to leave rebel-held areas in Damascus, Syria under a UN-brokered deal, a monitoring group said on Thursday.

Safe passage for the fighters and their families is expected to be given from two districts on the outskirts of the capital, to ISIS-controlled areas in northern Syria.

The aim is believed to be to end ISIS's presence near Damascus, hopefully leading to a truce between the militants, the rebels and President al-Assad's government troops.

Dec 24 08:59

Washington Has Added Ukraine To The Long List Of Countries Destroyed By Washington

The criminal thugs who comprise the government of the United States have now destroyed Ukraine, adding another scalp to their 21st century collection of scalps from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and large parts of Syria and Pakistan.

The American military/security complex has grown mega-rich at the expense of a vast proportion of mankind.

American “patriots,” brainwashed by the presstitute media, have supported the most egregious and least justified war crimes in human history. Among moral peoples everywhere the United States is regarded as “the Great Satan.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 24 08:22

Israel Now Iran's Uninvited Partner In Syria - A No-Win Situation Needs Brinkmanship

While Iranian and Hezbollah Fighters are taking losses - Russia is swapping intel with Israel - That is a no-win formula - Brinkmanship is required.

Dec 23 18:13

The Syrian opposition circus comes to town

If a ‘Syrian opposition’ is the desired outcome, this can only come organically from inside Syria, when Syrians are no longer under the threat of violent conflict.

The alternative, of course, is this Syrian opposition circus that is gearing up for a fall in Vienna. You can pay these clowns through the nose, but you will never get a performance out of them.

Dec 23 17:32

The U.S Just Lost Syria To Russia and Putin

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest breaking news from U.S Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Russia in order to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.

Dec 23 15:28

UK criticizes Russia airstrikes in Syria

British foreign secretary dismisses Russia’s military tactics in Syria as unacceptable claiming that Russia’s airstrikes don’t target the ISIL militants.

Dec 23 10:34


Israel has a good working relations with Daesh, too. I was told that Daesh troops entered the Palestinian camp al Yarmuk being equipped with long lists of Palestinian activists. They were assembled and publicly executed. The Palestinians think that Daesh received the names from Israeli secret service and acted upon their request. Moreover, Daesh never ever attacked a Zionist target.

Dec 23 10:16


Dec 23 07:39

Russian Warplanes Hit 1,093 Terrorist Targets in Syria Over Past 6 Days

Russian warplanes have conducted 302 sorties and hit 1,093 terrorist targets in Syria over the past six days, the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

Dec 23 00:40

Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship

Putin inherited a system created by and for the AngloZionist Empire. He was a compromise candidate between two radically opposed parties and it took him years to first get rid of most of the the Russian (Jewish) oligarchs and then, very gradually, begin cleanup process in which slowly, step by step, the Zionists were booted out of their positions of power. According to Mikhail Khazin, the balance between these two groups has only recently reached a 50/50 point of (unstable) equilibrium. That also means that the “Putin people” need to watch their back every day the Good Lord makes because they know that their so-called “colleagues” are willing to stab them in a blink of an eye as soon as they get an opportunity.

Dec 22 22:43

Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA

In a shocking new report, Seymour Hersh reveals what he says was a covert operation run by the Joint Chiefs of Staff who sought to undermine the Obama administration and the CIA's goal of overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria. "If the American public saw the intelligence we were producing daily, at the most sensitive level, they would go ballistic."

Dec 22 17:47


Seymour Hersh appears not to know that ISIS has always worked for the USA and its allies. Seymour Hersh appears not to realise that the attempt by certain US generals to give Assad certain 'intelligence' was always a trick. Hersh is doing the work of Mossad.

Dec 22 16:56

A Call for Proof on Syria-Sarin Attack

One reason why Official Washington continues to insist that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “must go” is that he supposedly “gassed his own people” with sarin on Aug. 21, 2013, but the truth of that allegation has never been established and is in growing doubt, U.S. intelligence veterans point out.

Dec 22 15:29

I Helped Create ISIS

Back then, I routinely saw and participated in obscenities. Of course, the wickedness of the war was never properly recognized in the West. Without question, antiwar organizations attempted to articulate the horrors of the war in Iraq, but the mainstream media, academia and political-corporate forces in the West never allowed for a serious examination of the greatest war crime of the 21st century.

As we patrolled the vast region of Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province, throwing MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) trash out of our vehicles, I never contemplated how we would be remembered in history books; I simply wanted to make some extra room in my HUMVEE. Years later, sitting in a Western Civilization history course at university, listening to my professor talk about the cradle of civilization, I thought of MRE garbage on the floor of the Mesopotamian desert.

Dec 22 13:35

Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA

Back in May, Seymour Hersh upended the “official” narrative surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden and in the process created a media firestorm prompting a response from the White House.

The explosive revelations about the events that ultimately led to bin Laden’s demise came a year-and-a-half after Hersh accused the Obama administration of not telling the whole story with regard to an infamous sarin gas attack that nearly served as an excuse for airstrikes against the Assad regime in 2013.

In the six months since Hersh’s bin Laden story made international headlines, the war in Syria has escalated meaningfully. Indeed, the country is now the theatre for what amounts to World War III with the US, France, Britain, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iraq all involved either directly or indirectly.

Dec 22 08:04

9 children dead in ISIS rocket attack on girls’ school in eastern Syria

Nine children have been killed following a rocket attack by Islamic State terrorists on a school in Deir Ezzor, an oil-rich region in the east of Syria. A further 15 students were injured, a source at the Syrian Interior Ministry told SANA news agency.

Dec 22 07:31

Santorum: Obama, Hillary created ISIS

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bear responsibility for creating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“ISIS is a creation of a political decision by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to abandon Iraq — against all of our generals’ recommendations, against all of the policy recommendations,” Santorum told supporters at the Florida GOP’s Sunshine Summit in Orlando on Saturday.

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, under her watch, decided politics above the security of our country and the stability and security of the world,” he said.

Dec 22 06:29

Turkish-ISIL Oil Trade: The Role of Britain, Israel, and the Kurdistan Regional Government

Turkish officials were involved in illegal transport of oil from Iraq long before the emergence of the so-called Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS/IS/DAESH). Their illegal trade expanded to the Syrian Arab Republic with the intensification of the conflict in Syria. Turkey, however, is not the only player involved in the illegal oil trade in Syria and Iraq. The operations of the Anglo-Turkish company Genel Energy PLC, which works in Iraqi Kurdistan and Malta, illustrates the constellation of financial and energy sector interests involved.

Dec 21 23:13

Syria: The break for the border - by PEPE ESCOBAR

Russia exposed the bluff. Yet the lame duck Obama administration is still uncertain; should we use Erdogan even as he recklessly tries to pit NATO directly against Russia? Or should we dump him? The answer lies in who, and how, wins the break for the border

Dec 21 23:06

I Helped Create ISIS

After 14 years of War on Terror the West is great at fomenting barbarism and creating failed states.

Dec 21 16:16

Fear-mongering and war dominate third Democratic presidential debate

The third Democratic Party debate of the 2016 presidential election campaign was a spectacle of militarism and right-wing fear-mongering, with all three Democratic candidates reaffirming their support for the “war on terror” and pledging to “destroy” the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Dec 21 14:50

UN Syrian peace plan deal: What was agreed upon in New York?

What was discussed in New York?
What was agreed?
What questions remain unresolved?
What is Russia’s position?
Who took part in the meeting in New York?
When will the next meeting of the Syria Support Group be held?

Dec 21 14:32

Neocons Object to Syrian Democracy

The Washington Post’s editorial board is livid that President Barack Obama appears to have accepted the Russian position that the Syrian people should decide for themselves who their future leaders should be – when the Post seems to prefer that the choice be made by neoconservative think tanks in Washington or other outsiders.

Dec 21 14:29

U.S. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: US Chemical Weapon Claim Against Syria’s Assad Was ‘Bull’

Here is yet another US establishment whistleblower who has admitted that Washington’s claims that Syria’s Bashar al Assad “crossed the red line” with alleged sarin gas chemical weapons attack in 2013.

Wilkerson’s stark remarks support last week’s 21WIRE report on this same subject here. The following interview also brings up a number of key points including the Iraq War fraud and how the US mainstream media is now joined to the US military defense contractor establishment – creating the most power propaganda machine on the planet today.

Dec 21 13:49

Iranian Speaker: Political Talks Unable to Destroy Terrorists

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that political talks cannot destroy the terrorist groups, and stressed that defeating terrorism in Syria and Yemen is a prerequisite for the success of peace talks in the two war-ravaged states. "Annihilation of terrorists is not possible through political negotiations," Larijani said in a meeting with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov in Tehran on Monday. "We should resolve this problem through a security solution and then we can organize political solutions in these countries (Syria and Yemen)," he added.

Dec 21 13:44

Kurdish Forces Enter Scene to Retake ISIL-Occupied Regions in Eastern Aleppo

The purging operations in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province which have been occupied by the ISIL terrorists started by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), supported by the Russian fighter jets. The YPG forces stationed in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo began their operations against the ISIL positions on Sunday night. Concurrent with the operations, the Russian bombers severely pounded the terrorists' gathering centers in Sad Tishreen town. According to field sources, the YPG are also advancing towards the town from the Southern parts of Serin city and are now deployed on Sad Tishreen's outskirts. In a relevant development in Aleppo, the Syrian government forces annihilated ISIL positions in Aleppo province...
A senior commander of al-Nusra Front terrorist group was killed in an explosion in Damascus as infighting has intensified between the terrorist groups following the Syrian army's major advances.

Dec 21 13:41

Russian, Syrian Warplanes Turn Homs Province into Hell for ISIL Terrorists

"The Russian bombers hit heavily the ISIL centers near the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur), Quaryatayn and Maheen over 20 times, inflicting very large damage on the militants' sites," the army said. "The Syrian fighter jets, for their part, raided the ISIL headquarters and defense lines near the newly liberated village of al-Hadath and the big village of Hawareen. The ISIL sustained a heavy death toll and their military and machinegun-equipped vehicles and ammunition depots were destroyed in the Syrian air attacks. The Syrian and Russian bombers carried out a joint combat operation over the ISIL sites near Maheen and targeted them heavily. The ISIL positions in the surroundings of al-Sharifa near Palmyra, and villages of Ghunaiman, Tafha and Ghziyla in the Eastern side of the ancient city, were massively bombed by the Syrian warplanes. Scores of the militants were killed or wounded in the air attacks near Palmyra.

Dec 21 12:32

‘After Syria peace deal US will overthrow Assad by different means’ – political analyst

The UN Security Council has agreed on a roadmap to peace in Syria. The resolution calls for a UN-monitored ceasefire, and peaceful talks.

Dec 21 11:39

China invites Syrian authorities, opposition for talks

Beijing will invite the representatives of Syrian authorities and the opposition to arrive in China for talks on resolving the crisis in Syria, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei has said. The invitation was announced by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who took part in the third ministerial meeting on Syria of the UN Security Council in New York.

Dec 21 09:31

Russia is ready: Putin warns his men could use MORE military might to destroy ISIS jihadis

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has warned his armed forces are ready to use "more military means" to obliterate Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria as his fight against the terror group rages on.

The Russian leader boasted about how the twisted jihadis have yet to see the full force of his aggression, as he said Moscow was ready to batter the militants with "the most modern weapons".

Russia is currently in the midst of an explosive campaign against the evil terror group - also known as Daesh - with the nation claiming to have already wiped out hundreds of terrorists.

Speaking about Russian military presence in Syria, President Putin was quoted as saying: "We see how efficiently our pilots and intelligence agents coordinate their efforts with various kinds of forces - the army, navy and aviation, how they use the most modern weapons.

"I want to stress that these are by far not all of our capabilities. We have more military means. And we will use them - if need be."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is truly a man who does what he says he will do; there is no "wiggle room" here.

But this is also a not-so-subtle message to the West to not interfere with what Russia is doing.

Dec 21 08:57

Selling desperate Syrian refugees’ body parts for profit: Israeli man arrested in Turkey for organ trafficking

The situation in Syria today is nothing short of catastrophic. More than half of the entire population has been displaced in a civil war now approaching its fifth year, and almost 4.3 million Syrian refugees are registered with the U.N. Millions are crowded into densely population refugee camps in neighboring Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Many live on the street, and few have access to basic resources or job prospects. Traffickers have taken advantage of Syrian refugees’ desperation, in hopes of making money. An Israeli man was arrested in Turkey today for organ trafficking. He came to Istanbul to try to convince impoverished Syrian refugees to sell their organs, in a story first reported by Turkey’s Doan News Agency, and later by Israel’s YNet and Germany’s Deutsche Welle.

Dec 21 08:54

Israel military fires artillery into Lebanon

The Israeli regime’s military forces have fired artillery into Lebanon, one day after killing a veteran fighter of the Hebzollah resistance movement in Syria.

Dec 21 08:34

Four Russian Fighter Jets to Escort President Assad's Plane in Visit to Tehran

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's plane will be escorted by four Russian fighter jets during his upcoming visit to Iran, reports said, adding that the US coalition has been alerted to stand down as the Russian jets will have the permission to fire at will at any incoming aircraft.

Dec 21 08:20

Obama 'Trying to Do Whatever He Can' to 'Defeat Putin'

The US president is pursuing two goals: he is trying to "defeat" Vladimir Putin and pull the plug on the democratic presidential election in Syria, American historian and journalist Eric Zuesse asserted.