Sep 22 12:42

Failure to develop green economy could cost UK firms billions – CBI

Britain’s most senior business voice has condemned the government’s lackluster attempt to build a green economy, warning UK firms are set to lose hundreds of billions of pounds if ministers don’t radically reassess their agenda.

Sep 22 12:27

NHS warned of exodus of junior doctor

Media reports say an unprecedented number of National Health Service physicians have registered for certificate allowing them to work overseas.

Sep 22 11:21

UK to ruin relations with US not to miss profit in Russia

After the 1960s, the United Kingdom has been following the United States obediently. For 500 years, the UK leadership was known for its anti-Russian positions. This is a tradition, and the British are a conservative nation. However, the British Labour Party has a new leader now - Jeremy Corbyn, who sympathizes with Vladimir Putin and supports Britain's exit from NATO.
The Labour Party is one of the most influential parties of Great Britain. Labour Party prime ministers have been governing the country for 13 consecutive years, until the Tories, led by David Cameron, ended their reign. Tony Blair was the head of executive authorities from 1997 to 2007, and Gordon Brown - from 2007 to 2010.

Sep 22 09:43

Sun journalists paid police officer for stories

Two British journalists have gone on trial accused of paying a police officer for information for stories.

Sep 22 09:42

FTSE 100 hits its lowest level since 'Black Monday'

Britain’s benchmark index has hit its lowest level since “Black Monday” on August 24 in intraday trade.

More than £36bn has been wiped off the value of Britain’s leading companies, as the FTSE 100 faltered, plunging 2.3pc to 5,966.20 after midday.

The latest sell off means the blue chip index has now fallen by 16pc since hitting a high of 7,104 in April.

Sep 22 09:23

UK government faces wildest shortfall in funding since 2012

The Conservative government of UK has experienced its wildest shortfall in funding since 2012.

Sep 22 09:14

How Britain’s Propaganda Machine Controls What You Think

On the one hand, just five individual Billionaires in Britain get to control 80% what you read in printed media and on the other hand, just five Internet Service Providers get to control what 87% of people get to see on their devices. Both are heavily influenced by government. It is no wonder what the public think is a misinterpretation of the truth. In fact, so far from the truth, it is more a departure from reality. Propaganda works!

Sep 22 09:12

UK budget deficit widens unexpectedly, factory orders fall

Britain's public finances deteriorated unexpectedly last month, recording their worst August in three years, and a decline in industrial orders signalled that a global slowdown is hitting the country's economy.

Sep 22 08:45

Update: A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in New york this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.S for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014.





Why the huge difference between US and the Brits?

Last summer, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, a bloody war against Gaza that killed about 2,300 Palestinians, the vast majority of whom were civilians, including over 500 children. The attack also devastated Gaza’s infrastructure, and left about 500,000 people displaced or homeless. These war crimes and others, like Israel’s recent attack on the Freedom Flotilla, which sought to bring medical aid and solar panels to the Port of Gaza, have given rise to increased calls for Israel to be tried before the International Criminal Court.

Sep 22 08:17

Trump duped or worse in fundraiser speech to fake veterans group

Veterans for a Strong America and Trump! Who duped who?

Rachel Maddow reviews the background of the man behind Veterans for a Strong America, the beneficiary of a Donald Trump fundraiser speech on the USS Iowa, which does not appear to have any membership outside of chairman Joel Arends, and which today had its non-profit status revoked by the IRS.

Sep 22 08:13

UK Labour Party revolution

The election of veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party in the UK is a revolution by all means. In a party grassroots election, the 66-year-old outsider defeated a line-up of traditional Labour candidates.

Corbyn’s victory was a rejection of Tony Blair’s wing as much as it was a swing to the left. Blair, who came back from hibernation to campaign against Corbyn, was rebuffed by the rank and file of the Labour Party. Party membership didn’t forgive Blair’s disgraceful servitude role to George Bush and his Israeli fabricated “dossier” to sell the invasion of Iraq.

Sep 22 08:09

Iran Key to Unlocking US Hypocrisy on Global Terrorism

Iran’s three decades of battling Western state-sponsored terrorism within its borders...

The Iranian authorities claim to have compiled records of 17,000 victims of terrorism committed by such groups as MEK and Jundallah since the 1979 revolution. Details were presented at a recent international conference held in Tehran.

As well as ordinary citizens, such as Masoumeh’s mother mentioned above, the targets of assassination have included high-profile public figures: Iranian members of parliament, attorneys, government ministers, army generals and newspaper editors. In one of the most audacious attacks, in 1981, Iran’s prime minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar and the country’s president Modhammad Ali Rajai were both killed in a bomb blast carried out on the premier’s residence in the capital, Tehran.

Sep 22 08:07

All Republican Presidential Candidates Stand For War

There is not a peaceful person among the Republican candidates. Even the female is heartless.

Here is Carla Fiorina at the debate describing the way she will lead us to Armageddon. She won’t talk to Putin, but she will send him “the message” via military threats:

“Having met Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t talk to him at all. We’ve talked way too much to him. What I would do, immediately, is begin rebuilding the Sixth Fleet, I would begin rebuilding the missile defense program in Poland, I would conduct regular, aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states. I’d probably send a few thousand more troops into Germany. Vladimir Putin would get the message. . . . Russia is a bad actor, but Vladimir Putin is someone we should not talk to, because the only way he will stop is to sense strength and resolve on the other side, and we have all of that within our control. We could rebuild the Sixth Fleet. I will. We haven’t. We could rebuild the missile defense program. We haven’t. I will.”

Sep 22 05:32

#PigGate: David Cameron performed sex act with a pig

From beastality to pedophilia, the people running the UK are anything but human.

Sep 21 19:34

Suicide case directly linked to Tory benefit sanctions, coroner rules

A man with severe depression killed himself as a direct result of being found “fit to work” by the government and subsequently having his benefits removed, a coroner has ruled in a landmark decision.

Michael O’Sullivan, 60, was found able to work by outsourced government assessors despite a note from his GP notifying them of his recurrent depression.

Sep 21 19:31

UK to send warship to take part in second phase of EU naval operation

The UK government will send a Royal Navy frigate to take part in the second phase of an EU blockaded-style naval operation aimed at boarding, seizing and diverting refugee boats in the Mediterranean.

Sep 21 18:53

Damage limitation? City bankers seek to charm anti-austerity Corbyn

City financiers are hatching plans to influence Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies, as the anti-austerity Labour leader settles into his new role.

A string of policy briefings and one-to-one meetings with senior financiers are on the table, as Corbyn, newly-appointed shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow business minister Angela Eagle prepare to realign Labour’s policy compass.

Sep 21 18:42

Anonymous general who predicts anti-Corbyn mutiny should be named by GCHQ – SAS veteran

A former SAS soldier has blasted the anonymous British Army general who predicted a military coup if Jeremy Corbyn is elected prime minister. He said the comments threaten democracy and that the military has no excuses for declining to investigate.

Sep 21 18:19

Stifling Free Speech, Destroying Human Rights

The Conservative party released its plan to scrap the Human Rights Act if it won the General Election. Secretary of State Chris Grayling said they’d also be prepared to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, unless they were allowed to veto judgements from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Sep 21 15:18

State controlled BBC refuse to report on David Cameron 'pig-sex' scandal

Although we always knew there was something shady about David Cameron, we had no idea that beastiality could be in the mix. Now, it's evident that he enjoys fucking the poor, but the revelations about his penchant for bacon have taken things to a new level.

Sep 21 13:46

Top British judge: Asian sex crime victims suffer more than white girls

A child molester from West Yorkshire who abused two Asian girls was rightly given a longer sentence than had his victims been white – because Asian sex-crime victims suffer more, a top judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Walker said it was proper for paedophile, Jamal Muhammed Raheem Ul Nasir, to have been given a tougher than normal sentence, because his victims were Asian.

Sep 21 12:54

UN snub: Britain is turning its back on human rights, experts say

Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to opt out of a United Nations (UN) General Assembly debate has prompted fresh allegations that the majority Conservative government has turned its back on global justice and human rights.

Sep 21 12:28

UK government welcomes the world’s despots and war criminals to arms fair

A rogue’s gallery of the world’s despots and war criminals descended on London last week, at the invitation of the British government. They were attending the Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI).

Sep 21 10:45

Common Law Has Been Replaced with Talmudic Law

A chance meeting in central London with Mr Patrick Cullinane Common Law advocate and fighter of injustice.

After the energy-sapping day spent awaiting the Judgement on the Hampstead Whistleblower Kids meeting Patrick was the best thing that could possibly happen. His energy and all-round decency was like a hurricane of fresh air blowing up and down the streets and avenues of central London.

With people like Patrick fighting for the decent folk of Britain and Ireland one almost feels sorry for his/our opponents!

Sep 21 09:56

State controlled BBC refuse to report on David Cameron 'pig-sex' scandal

Although we always knew there was something shady about David Cameron, we had no idea that beastiality could be in the mix. Now, it's evident that he enjoys fucking the poor, but the revelations about his penchant for bacon have taken things to a new level.

Sep 21 09:26

UK Labour leader to unveil rail nationalization plan

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to announce his plan for the full renationalization of the railways as his first major policy, reports say.

Sep 21 08:38

British police team to probe child abuse cover-ups

Police in the UK have set up a new team of 90 officers to handle inquiries into reported attempts to cover up child abuse by high-ranking figures.

Sep 21 08:33

British Army would use “Whatever Means Possible” should Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister. British General

There has been some debate about the significance of a warning issued this weekend through Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times by a British general that the army would “mutiny” and use “whatever means possible, fair or foul” should the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ever get near 10 Downing Street.

Sep 21 08:27

Jeremy Corbyn's Speech on Palestine

Jeremy Corbyn: I have never heard Israel declare what its final frontiers ought to be. In every negotiation, it refuses to say what its borders ought to be.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This speech was one of the reason's Britain's Jewish Lobby were dedicated to preventing Corbyn from winning the leadership of Labour. That they failed to do so indicates that the power of the Jewish lobby is on the wane and will no longer be able to protect Israel from the long-delayed anger at Israel's crimes.

Sep 21 08:24

Charlie Brooker denies knowledge of British Prime Minister 'pig sex'

Following revelations that British Prime Minster David Cameron had sexual relations with a pig, (yes you read that right), the creator of the superb sci-fi show, Black Mirror, which strangely included an episode where a British Minister had sex with a pig, has denied that he had any foreknowledge of the act.

Sep 21 08:18

‘NHS will crash in 2yrs without extra funding,’ former health minister warns

Former Health Minister Norman Lamb has warned the National Health Service (NHS) will crash within two years unless the government injects billions of pounds in funding.

Sep 21 08:16

Targeting Key Individuals, Stifling Free Speech, Arbitrary Detention, Withdrawing Rights

The Conservative party released its plan to scrap the Human Rights Act if it won the General Election. Secretary of State Chris Grayling said they’d also be prepared to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, unless they were allowed to veto judgements from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Sep 21 08:13

#PigGate farce: Story of Cameron’s ‘private part’ in dead pig’s mouth resonates gloriously online

The #PigGate scandal, stemming from a startling claim that David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth at a student initiation ceremony at Oxford, has sparked an endless barrage of jokes and mockery online.

Sep 21 06:33

MPs likely to back anti-ISIS airstrikes in Syria, say ministers

Governmental proposals to extend military action against Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) from Iraq into Syria are likely to secure enough support from opposition MPs to be successful, ministers believe.

One senior government source told the Financial Times they were “cautiously optimistic” that the number Labour MPs in favor of further airstrikes against the extremist group would be greater than the opposing Tory rebels.

A number of newly-appointed Labour shadow cabinet ministers have revealed their support for the measures, including shadow justice secretary Lord Falconer.

He told the BBC on Sunday if there was “a military and legal basis to doing it, then we should do it.”

Sep 21 06:32

#PigGate farce: Story of Cameron’s ‘private part’ in dead pig’s mouth resonates gloriously online

The #PigGate scandal, stemming from a startling claim that David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth at a student initiation ceremony at Oxford, has sparked an endless barrage of jokes and mockery online.

Quoting a “distinguished” contemporary, the Daily Mail reported that the then-future British Prime Minister, in his student days in Oxford, participated in an outrageous initiation ceremony that involved a dead pig’s body and at least one of Cameron’s “private” parts.

Sep 21 06:28

Westminster pedophile network: Detectives divided over witness credibility

Police investigating the alleged abuse and murder of three children by a VIP pedophile ring in the heart of British government are split over the reliability of the inquiry’s only witness.
Scotland Yard officers are divided as to the veracity of the claims made by “Nick,” with some believing they are groundless.
Operation Midland has faced criticism for publicizing details of the investigation before it began, in contrast with similar inquiries that have been conducted under a news blackout.

Sep 21 06:16

MI6 spy found dead in locked bag 'probably worked undercover as woman'

An MI6 spy found dead inside a locked bag worked undercover as a woman, a forensics expert has claimed.

Codebreaker Gareth Williams, whose naked body was found padlocked in a holdall in his London flat, owned £15,000 of women’s clothing, including a red wig and make-up.

Police investigating his mysterious death suggested he was a gay transvestite interested in bondage who died in a sex game gone wrong.

But forensic investigator Peter Faulding believes the unconventional attire was for work, rather than pleasure.

Sep 21 06:16

British army could ‘take direct action, stage mutiny’ under Corbyn – serving general to Sunday Times

A government headed by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn could face "a mutiny" from the British Army if he tries to downgrade it or pull out of NATO, a senior serving general told The Sunday Times.

Sep 20 18:44

Business falls victim to Britain's biggest-ever telephone banking scam as it hands over more than £1million to conman

A business was tricked into handing over more than £1million to a bogus caller in one of Britain's biggest-ever telephone banking scams.

The conman phoned the company, based in Suffolk, and claimed there was a virus on the firm's internet banking facility.

He persuaded a member of staff that the firm's money should be transferred into separate holding accounts while the bank fixed the problem.

He then talked the staff member into letting him download remote access software on the firm's computer.

A Suffolk Police spokesman said the software enabled the caller to access the firm's accounts and transfer the money out and into other accounts.

During the call, the fraudster managed to disguise his own telephone number to show the number of the bank's fraud team, which was on its website.

Sep 20 14:20

A Zionist’s flawed argument against Jeremy Corbyn

Gilad Atzmon deconstructs a tirade by David Hirsh, a campaigner against academic boycotts of Israel, published in The Jewish Chronicle, a British Zionist rag, and advises the Zionist campaigner to do a bit more self-reflection.

Sep 20 14:18

The UK Labour Party revolution

Jamal Kanj says Jeremy Corbyn has a unique chance to do what other progressive leaders failed to achieve by reaching out to marginalised British voters and working with the Scottish National Party.

Sep 20 12:54

Glasgow hosts massive rally in support of Scottish independence year after vote #stillyes

Hundreds, if not thousands, of pro-independence activists gathered on George Square in the Scottish city of Glasgow carrying Saltire flags and “Yes” banners on Saturday. “End London rule,” said one of the banners.

Organizers of the demonstration wanted to “make a clear statement that our journey to full independence for our nation continues,” the Daily Record reported.

"It's now not a question of if we become independent, it's when we become independent,” rally organizer and Solidarity co-convener Tommy Sheridan said.

Sep 20 12:17

Hirsh vs. Corbyn

Jewish history teaches us that when Jewish power declines, it happens very fast and the consequences are often tragic. Let us hope that this time things will be different, but for that to happen Jews must learn to self reflect. Instead of telling Corbyn what to do in order to appease the Jews, Hirsh and Jewish community leaders ought to ask themselves why the opposition to Jews is growing.

Sep 20 05:04

BBC Strings Lies Together to Propagandize for Assad’s Overthrow

The BBC simply assumes that Assad is hated instead of passionately supported by the Syrian people, and that the U.S. and “the West” have been “not intervening” but have been well-intentioned there. And the BBC’s producers invited on Western ‘experts’ to ‘debate’ the matter, but all within this lying framework.

Sep 19 19:05

Negative interest rates could be necessary to protect UK economy, says Bank of England chief economist

The Bank of England may need to push its interest rates into negative territory to fight off the next recession, its chief economist has said.

Andy Haldane, one of the Bank’s nine interest rate setters, made the case for the "radical" option of supporting the economy with negative interest rates, and even suggested that cash could have to be abolished.

Sep 19 19:01

Ministers warn Cameron not to rig EU referendum for 'In' campaign

Cabinet ministers are plotting to rebel against David Cameron over Europe amid concerns that he will try to “stitch up” the referendum to keep Britain in the EU.

Several senior members of the government are warning the Prime Minister that he will inflict a deep and damaging wound on the Conservative party if he calls an early vote and rushes the referendum in an attempt to stop Eurosceptics building support for the “out” campaign.

One Cabinet source privately accused Mr Cameron and the Chancellor, George Osborne, of trying to get the referendum “out of the way” as soon as possible, amid concern that a date for the vote could be annouced at next month's Tory conference.

Sep 19 16:22

Media Lies About the “Refugee” Crisis

Demonstrations and counter-demonstrations for both sides of the “refugee” question took place all over Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic on September 12. I spent my Saturday following two marches in Krakow, Poland–my home for almost 20 years. Having participated in many events involving public demonstrations and the clash between Left and Right here, I was not at all surprised by the media’s dishonest representation of what happened. It was an instructive reminder of the power they have to promote their agenda.

Sep 19 16:05

The Fundamentals of US Surveillance: What Edward Snowden Never Told Us?

By Janet Phelan

Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations rocked the world. According to his detailed reports, the US had launched massive spying programs and was scrutinizing the communications of American citizens in a manner which could only be described as extreme and intense.

The US’s reaction was swift and to the point. “Nobody is listening to your telephone calls,” President Obama said when asked about the NSA. As quoted in The Guardian, Obama went on to say that surveillance programs were “fully overseen not just by Congress but by the Fisa court, a court specially put together to evaluate classified programs to make sure that the executive branch, or government generally, is not abusing them”.

However, it appears that Snowden may have missed a pivotal part of the US surveillance program. And in stating that the “nobody” is not listening to our calls, President Obama may have been fudging quite a bit...

Sep 19 12:28

Total Bollocks From MI5

If you believe MI5’s stories, there are two possibilities. The first is that we have security services of a quite incredible efficiency, able to foil random terrorism, generally regarded as near impossible. The second is that we have thousands of dedicated terrorists of such incredible ineptitude that they can’t manage to kill anybody, even when they could choose any random undefended target in the entire UK and any method from knives to poison to hit and run to shooting to bombs, and don’t mind losing their own lives in the attempt. We have rubbish terrorists.

There is of course a third possibility – that these thousands of dedicated terrorists and these scores of foiled plots in the last decade were inventions, or at least the grossest exaggerations, by the security services. A number of fantasists have indeed been convicted and jailed. But the only, single, potential attacker in recent years who actually possessed a viable bomb was a British army soldier with a hatred of Muslims. And naturally he was not counted as nor convicted as a terrorist. Terrorists are Muslims.

Sep 19 12:14

The Republican Candidates Just Can’t Quit Neoconservatism

With the exception of Rand Paul, the GOP field remained in thrall to a bankrupt neoconservative ideology.

If the candidates’ positions on foreign policy were anything to go by, the neocon outlook—which is in essence a frightened, xenophobic, reflexive militarism—continues to have a stranglehold on a Grand Old Party, which cannot seem to shake some Very Bad Ideas.

Of the 11 candidates who made it to prime time, only Senator Rand Paul made the feeblest attempt to defy the GOP’s orthodox militarism

Sep 19 09:45

‘You have treated us with contempt’: Soldiers’ families demand Iraq Inquiry deadline

Relatives of 29 soldiers killed during the Iraq war have called on Sir John Chilcot to publish his long-awaited report on the UK’s role in the conflict before the end of the year or face legal consequences.

In a letter sent on Monday, lawyers acting on behalf of the families, wrote: “In the absence of any reasonable, transparent and full explanation why you cannot, we expect you to write to the prime minister within one month with a date for publication, which should be by the end of the year."

“By your own admission, now Maxwellization is over, there is nothing to prevent you doing this. If you fail to do so, we will continue with our legal challenge.”

Sep 19 09:14

Sir Malcolm Rifkind helped hire watchdog that cleared him over 'cash-for-access' claims

Sir Malcolm Rifkind interviewed and helped to appoint the woman who wrote the official report which “cleared” him over a “cash-for-access” scandal, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

He was part of a five-person panel which recommended appointing Kathryn Hudson to the £108,000-a-year position of Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Sep 18 15:58

Supersonic breakthrough: Concorde could fly again within four years

A group of British aviation enthusiasts committed to seeing Concorde fly again has revealed it has the funds to purchase one of the supersonic jets and bring it back into service within the next four years.

Club Concorde, which consists of “ex-captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde” hopes to use £120m funding in reserve for its ambitious “return to Flight” project.

The club’s president, Paul James, has described the prospect of having Concorde return to the skies as the “dream of the global Concorde fraternity”. The aircraft, which can fly at twice the speed of sound and was the crowning jewel of the British Airways and Air France commercial fleets, fell out of favour after an Air France Concorde crashed in Paris in 2000. Concorde was retired soon after, making its final flight in 2003.

Sep 18 15:38

Tired of Disney? Welcome to Dismaland...Home of Banksy's tragic castle

Dismaland is a twisted version of Disney as imagined by street artist Banksy.

It features a sinister Jimmy Savile-themed Punch and Judy show created by writer Julie Burchill, which also has a nod to Fifty Shades Of Grey.

And there’s a fire-ravaged tragic castle that rams home his upsidedown version of Disney.

Jeffrey Archer novels are burned in a fi re pit where a boat on a pond is full of asylum seekers and a petrol tanker is bent into an S shape – the Big Rig Jig.

Sep 18 15:37

‘Britain ignores basic human rights values by supporting repressive Saudi regime’

A British charity has slammed the government for ignoring its basic human rights values by supporting the Saudi regime’s prison system as well as its inhuman and unjust sentences.

Charity “Reprieve” has expressed shock over London’s support to Riyadh despite the latter’s plans to crucify Ali Mohammed al-Nimr for alleged anti-regime offences.

Sep 18 14:53

UK terror watchdog warns of counter-terrorism bill

The British government’s terrorism watchdog has warned that Prime Minister David Cameron’s counter-terrorism bill may backfire and play into the hands of terrorists.

Sep 18 14:07

Sturgeon warns Cameron not to ignore Scotland’s voice

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has cautioned British Prime Minister David Cameron not to ignore the voice of Scottish people.

Sep 18 13:11

Migrants, Refugees, Clandestines and… Jihadis

What else is new? The Empire of Chaos specializes in breaking, not fixing.

The plight of the refugees could become the perfect excuse to precipitate a new R2P (responsibility to protect) war; Libya remixed, with fighting ISIL barely disguising the real agenda: regime change in Damascus.

So Europe has suddenly, miraculously “discovered” that the civil war/proxy war raging in Syria since early 2011 has hemorrhaged into an extremely serious refugee crisis.

European Sturm und Drang on what to do about the refugee drama is unprecedented in modern times. Bitterness permeates the fault lines separating fear and intolerance from generosity and solidarity.

Among quite a few progressive circles, there are widespread fears that the current Western media campaign centered on the plight of refugees may be a catalyst to prepare European-wide public opinion for an all-out war in Syria before the end of 2015.

Sep 18 13:07

A Refugee Crisis Made in America – Philip Giraldi

Will the U.S. accept responsibility for the humanitarian consequences of Washington-manufactured wars?

It is perhaps past time for Washington to begin to become accountable for what it does.

The world media is following the refugee crisis by focusing primarily on the inability of unprepared local governments to deal with the numbers of migrants, asking why someone somewhere can’t just “do something.” This means that somehow, as a result, the vast human tragedy has been reduced to a statistic and, inevitably, a political football.

Sep 18 12:49

UK parliament under fire for declining Netanyahu arrest petition

The British Parliament has come under increasing fire over its decision to skip a debate on a petition calling for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sep 18 10:08

Russian Embassy in London Backs Corbyn Against Cameron on Twitter

It all started when Cameron in his Twitter indignantly wrote about the victory of the ultra-left Corbyn that the Labor party, headed by the latter, "is now a threat to our national security." The Russian Embassy wrote back: "Just imagine the headlines in the British media, if the Russian President would call the main opposition party a threat to national security". I must say that the Russian tweet started to gain a big momentum. Russian diplomats managed to "dig" at Cameron simultaneously for the domestic politics and the anti-Russian character of foreign policy.
"The Prime Minister of Great Britain jumped to conclusions relative to his main competitor that has not escaped the attention of the Russian Embassy," - said the American edition of "The Washington Post". "To call the remark of the Russian Embassy "an empty reproach" would be naive. The post of the Embassy on Twitter reflects a perceptive awareness about some anxieties about Corbyn in the UK", – writes the WP journalist.

Sep 18 09:57

Underpants-Loving British MP Wanted Labour Party to Discuss Possible Invasion of Russia

And now we learn that the new Stalinist-Marxist-Maoist leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, briefly considered Bryant for the position Shadow Defence Secretary. Let's see what happened: Shadow defence secretary was proving the most difficult role to fill, as [Corbyn's aides] struggled to find an MP willing to back scrapping Trident and criticising Nato. Chris Bryant was offered the role first, but talks fell apart after he reportedly insisted on “a 30-minute conversation about what would happen if we had to invade Russia”.
Chris, if you “have to” invade Russia, wearing only underpants will not get you very far. It gets chilly over there!
Jeremy Corbyn: Unwilling to even discuss invading Russia. What is wrong with this freak?

Sep 18 08:49

UK Stocks Flash-Crash As BP, Banks Plunge; LSE Investigating

Chatter of a fat-finger trade, then exaggerated by the algos, has smashed UK's FTSE 100 lower instantly this morning, dragging major firms with it...


As with all these plunges, the machines BTFD but the rebound is weak. LSE regulators are now investigating and no trades have been DK'd (yet).

Sep 18 08:32

Nigel Farage destroys the EU president

Sep 18 08:20

No, Corbyn doesn’t need to win over the MSM – he needs to talk directly to the people

Corbyn’s best endorsement, both of his integrity and his potential power, is the media hate being poured on him; and his best – in fact his only – hope of getting his undiluted message across lies with Twitter, Facebook and alt news outlets.

Sep 18 06:37

BEX Alert!!! - "3,000 domestic extremists plotting to attack Britain – MI5 chief "

MI5 and counter-terror officers are screening more than 3,000 domestic Islamic extremists willing to conduct attacks in the UK as the government prepares to introduce sweeping new snooping powers.

British men and women, some of whom are in their teens, are being radicalized in a matter of weeks, security sources told the Times on Thursday.

The threat of domestic terror attacks was revealed after Andrew Parker became the first MI5 director-general in the agency’s history to offer a live interview to a broadcaster.

Intelligence officials foiled six plots in the past 12 months alone, he told BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, calling on internet firms to assist UK authorities in their fight against terrorism.


Sep 18 02:47

Refugees as Weapon – and Germany shifting Alliances?

Germany alongside Russia might indeed defend and help preserve the Assad government, together with Iran the two stabilizing factors in the Middle East.

As a parallel or backup plan, the unholy alliance between Washington, NATO and Turkey agreed to open Turkey’s flood gates for refugees, actually promoting the exodus to gain free reign in the safe heavens and to build up a mass of refugees – most of whom want to flee to Germany – which in the right moment could be let go and cause the right pressure or destabilization effects in Europe. Well, this is just happening.

Sep 18 02:44

Putin’s Line in the Sand: No Regime Change in Syria

By allowing US F-16s to patrol the skies over Syria, Washington will impose a de facto no-fly zone over the country severely limiting Assad’s ability to battle the US-backed militias that have seized large swaths of the countryside and are now descending on Damascus.

The Syrian war can be divided into two parts: The pre-Incirlik period and the post-Incirlik period. The pre-Incirlik period is roughly the four year stretch during which US-backed Islamic militias and al Qaida-linked groups fought the Syrian army with the intention of removing President Bashar al Assad from power. This first phase of the war ended in a draw.

Sep 18 02:33

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Bibi will come to the U.N. in NYC in late September. There is now a US petition calling for his arrest. We would greatly appreciate if you can publicize.

Sep 17 15:26

Rejected! Parliament refuses to debate war criminal Netanyahu arrest petition

Parliament has declined to debate a petition calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for alleged war crimes.

The online petition rapidly attracted more than the required 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a debate.

Sep 17 13:41

Head of UK’s domestic spy agency calls for greater surveillance powers

The head of the United Kingdom's domestic spy agency, MI5, calls for more surveillance powers to security service agents to monitor electronic communications and thwart possible terror plots.

Sep 17 11:53

HISTORIC NEWS: Finally, EU Breaks Away from U.S.

On Saturday, September 12th, United Kingdom’s Labour Party elected as its leader and their candidate to lead the UK, Jeremy Corbyn, who has been the most vocal British critic of the UK’s serving as the lap-dog of an aggressive imperialistic United States of America.

Simultaneously, the leader of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own Christian Social Union Party, Horst Seehofer, a man who, prior to his being appointed to be the Party-chief had been Chancellor Merkel’s Agriculture Minister, has now turned against Chancellor Merkel (who until now was the most powerful leader in all of Europe) and denounced her policy on the refugee crisis, and has now stated publicly that Germany should instead ally with Russia and against NATO on the entire Syrian war.

Sep 17 10:23

British photographer snaps gang run jail in El Salvador

A British photographer has gained access to a prison in El Salvador even the guards refuse to enter. Adam

Sep 17 09:53

From Democracy to Authoritarian State

One should not forget that “Openness and participation are antidotes to surveillance and control”.

Sep 17 09:53

Really? Study Claims UK Is at Risk for More Mass Shootings

In America, the anti-gun crowd is constantly calling for more sensible gun control laws. Most of them won’t demand an outright ban and confiscation of everything, but they will say that we need more thorough background checks, longer waiting periods, shorter magazines, etc. To them, it’s all very reasonable. Make it a little harder for the bad guys to get guns, and make the guns a little less dangerous.

The second amendment crowd on the other hand, wants none of that and for good reason. They always make the classic “slippery slope” argument. If we let the government take something away, where does it end?

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Sep 17 09:16

UK and EU Bank Depositor Bail-In Regime Implemented

Shares and stocks are tumbling around the world, with investors worried that the next global crisis has already begun. There is considerable uncertainty and nervousness amongst economists and trend forecasters. Government’s sooth jittery markets with misinformation in the hope that confidence does not evaporate and their legitimacy with it.

Sep 17 09:14

Varoufakis to Corbyn: ‘Don’t Fear the Media’

Asked by Paul Mason of Britain’s Channel 4 News (9/14/15), “What can Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell learn from what you did in office?” former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis had some ready advice for the incoming British Labour Party leaders.

Sep 17 08:41

Claims police covered up historical child sex abuse by MPs and officers investigated

Claims that police attempted to cover up MPs’ involvement in child sex abuse dating back to the 1970s are being investigated.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has announced 13 further investigations into allegations of historical corruption in the Metropolitan Police and Essex Police.

Among the dozen allegations relating to Scotland Yard are claims that the prosecution of an unnamed government official for possessing indecent images of children was dropped on the order of senior officers.

Sep 16 18:07

Grand Theft Auto – UK and EU Bank Depositor Bail-In Regime Implemented

Shares and stocks are tumbling around the world, with investors worried that the next global crisis has already begun. There is considerable uncertainty and nervousness amongst economists and trend forecasters. Government’s sooth jittery markets with misinformation in the hope that confidence does not evaporate and their legitimacy with it.

Sep 16 17:37

Britain Moves From Democracy to Authoritarian State in Pernicious Veil of Secrecy

One should not forget that

“Openness and participation are antidotes to surveillance and control”.

When David Cameron won the 2015 election one of the first things he said was;

“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone”.

Sep 16 17:27

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in New york this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.S for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014





There are still only 2800 or so signatures. Why the huge difference between us and the Brits? Are American activists so jaded or discouraged?

Sep 16 15:32

Cameron and Osborne quietly pay the £1.7BILLION bill from Brussels which they dismissed as 'totally unacceptable'

The Prime Minister said he was 'downright angry' and said the British public would find the 'vast sum 'totally unacceptable' when the EU revised membership contributions last October.

But the European Commission has revealed that Britain has now 'paid the amount due' with two instalments on 1 July and 1 September.

The EU made the massive demand after recalculating the income of member states dating back almost 20 years.

Sep 16 15:00

Dalai Lama’s UK visit met with Buddhist sect protests

Spiritual figurehead of Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, was greeted by protesters in Cambridge on Wednesday from a sect of the faith that says he discriminates against them.

Demonstrators from the International Shugden Community (ISC) organized a protest against his visit to the historic university town in south east England, with hundreds thought to be attending over the two-day lobby.

Sep 16 14:31

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

Bibi will come to the U.N. in NYC in late September. There is now a US petition calling for his arrest. We would greatly appreciate if you can publicize.

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Sep 16 14:13

Corbyn takes new approach to Prime Ministers' Questions

The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has taken new approach to Prime Ministers’ Questions (PMQs) during his first encounter with David Cameron in the parliament.

Sep 16 13:38

Cassetteboy v Cameron: Mashup artists mock Tory’s Corbyn ‘attack ad’ (VIDEO)

Satirical video editors Cassetteboy have released a new video poking fun at the Conservative Party’s ‘attack ad’ against newly-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Cassetteboy, who has over 100,000 followers on YouTube, is famous for cutting and editing speeches to turn seemingly innocuous phrases into politically cutting videos.

Sep 16 13:37

A Fly in the Ointment of Colbert’s Opening Show

We will be watching Stephen Colbert to see where his comedy takes him next.

While awaiting the final congressional vote that will confirm that President Obama has defeated the Zionist juggernaut which spent millions to block the Iran Nuclear deal, we must pause to consider a major moment in entertainment television.

The entertainment news has to do with the CBS network arrival of Stephen Colbert, who last week succeeded David Letterman as host of The Late Show (11:30 EST).

Even there, alas, the Zionist juggernaut lurks. You will have to look closely to see it, but there was a fly in the ointment of the otherwise successful launch of the next chapter of Colbert’s career.

Supporters of the BDS movement were quick to identify the fly.

Sep 16 13:34

RECKLESS HYPOCRISY – The Folly of Self-Righteous Indignation

Iran has not been and is not intending to build a nuclear arsenal; but who can admit that fact – Obama, Clinton, Kerry?

Could we expect President Obama to confess that Iran’s nuclear ambitions to develop a bomb has been a politically motivated fictional narrative serving other purposes? Could he advocate the idea that replacing Israel with Iran would be the most “advantageous” step to pursue America’s true strategic interests in the Middle East? No, not in this lifetime!

Therefore, the hardline, even sounding like a born again-neoconservative, rhetoric by Hillary Clinton that the United States under her presidency would take an extremely hawkish position against any Iranian intransigence is as genuine a threat as threatening to nuke Iran if the Supreme Leader jumps over the moon!! Iran has not been and is not intending to build a nuclear arsenal; but who can admit that fact – Obama, Clinton, Kerry?

Sep 16 13:31

Are Neocons an Existential Threat?

No one dares confront the existential question of whether the United States and the world can continue to tolerate and accommodate the neoconservatives.

Despite a record of unprecedented error, American neocons remain the dominant foreign policy force in Official Washington, demanding more “regime change” in the Middle East and a new Cold War that could heat up and end all life on the planet.

Sep 16 11:23

Britain Moves From Democracy to Authoritarian State in Pernicious Veil of Secrecy

When David Cameron won the 2015 election one of the first things he said was; “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone”. This ominous statement immediately threw a dark shroud over Britain’s civil liberties laws, its openness and participation.

Few of the mainstream establishment press thought this was worthy of mention. From ZeroHedge – It’s not just those domestic extremists and crazy “conspiracy theory” kooks who took serious issue with UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s overtly fascist language when it comes to freedom of expression in Great Britain”. The Independent was more sanguine – “This is the creepiest thing David Cameron has ever said”

Sep 16 10:19

Anti-war Jeremy Corbyn attacked for defending white peace poppy

Opponents of newly-elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have attacked the Stop the War coalition chairman’s defense of the white peace poppy and lukewarm commitment to attend the annual Remembrance Day commemoration in November.

Sep 16 07:46

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Am Delighted’ By Jeremy Corbyn’s Victory

“We need leadership in every country in the world which tells the billionaire class that they cannot have it all."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I sense a dig at Trump in that comment!

Sep 16 07:45

Jeremy Corbyn Says Labour Will Win Next Election As Membership Soars

The new Labour leader announced that 30,000 people have joined the party since his election on Saturday.

Sep 16 07:05

Varoufakis: Tories will use fear of Greek-style collapse to attack Labour anti-austerity

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis warned Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his new frontbench team that Tory opponents would mount a campaign of fear against their anti-austerity message.

Varoufakis addressed Corbyn, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Secretary for International Development Diane Abbott at a Peoples’ Assembly Against Austerity event on Monday night.

He told the Labour ministers they are embarking upon a path that will “not be rosy.”

“Your opponents, Diane, Jeremy, John, are going to use fear as their main instrument.

“They will say to you that a Corbyn government will push up the pound. This is what the systemic media will tell people in their living rooms.

“You will be told … if Corbyn gets elected Labour will be like Syriza and the United Kingdom will be like Greece.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great Britain will end up like Greece eventually, So will the entire world. That is what the designers of Private Central Banks intended all along, and only shutting down the Private Central Banks will prevent it!

Sep 16 06:59

Why BBC's Russian Service Won't Be Keeping Putin up at Night

Millions of dollars already ensure that the planet is swimming in US and UK lies. Exposure is not the problem - credibility is

Sep 15 20:07

Anti-war Jeremy Corbyn attacked for defending white peace poppy

Opponents of newly-elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have attacked the Stop the War coalition chairman’s defense of the white peace poppy and lukewarm commitment to attend the annual Remembrance Day commemoration in November.

Sep 15 17:48

Is war criminal Tony Blair up shit-creek without a paddle?

In the light of the recent Labour leadership victory by Jeremy Corbyn, the current migrant crisis and growing threat of ISIS, it is no wonder that thoughts are turning back to the Chilcot Report. Commissioned in 2009 to investigate the circumstances leading to the Iraq War, the inquiry is still no closer to having an agreed publishing date, much to the anger and frustration of the families of the servicemen and women who lost their lives during the conflict.

It has even been suggested that these ongoing delays are caused by “vested interests”, and it is certainly no secret that vital evidence has been suppressed that points the finger at Tony Blair for misleading the nation and plunging the country into an illegal war.

Sep 15 15:43

Relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq urge Chilcot to publish report by this year end

Relatives of British soldiers killed in the Iraq war have called on Iraq Inquiry Head Sir John Chilcot to publish a long-awaited report on UK’s role in the war by the end of this year.

Sep 15 15:12

First-ever civil drone conviction in Britain handed down in landmark case

A 42-year-old man has been convicted of drone related offences after flying a drone over football stadia and through busy and congested areas of central London. The conviction is the first prosecution of its kind in the UK.

Sep 15 15:01

Prescription pills are Britain’s third biggest killer: Side-effects of drugs taken for insomnia and anxiety kill thousands. Why do doctors hand them out like Smarties?

More than 80 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs are written in the UK every year. Not only are these drugs often entirely unnecessary and ineffective, but they can also turn patients into addicts, cause crippling side-effects - and kill.

For instance, antipsychotics, commonly given to dementia patients to keep them quiet, raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Psychiatric drugs also make falls more likely, and breaking a hip can shorten life significantly, while some antidepressants are linked to a potentially deadly irregular heartbeat.

Sep 15 14:50

Brace yourself for a VERY cold winter: Forecasters warn recent bad weather could be start of most powerful El Nino phenomenon since 1950

Summer may barely be over, but you might want to start digging out your cosiest winter woollies.

Dramatic weather seen across the country yesterday could be just the start of a particularly harsh winter, warn forecasters.

Meteorologists say conditions this year could mirror those of 2009/2010 – which saw the coldest January in decades.

Sep 15 13:38

The BBC’s Credibility Crisis is Terminal

The BBC is seeking to establish a Russian version of its World Service. It claims it must do so to counter the well-funded “propaganda” of Russia’s RT. The UK Independent’s article, “BBC to face down Vladimir Putin with plan for new World Service Russian TV channel,” claims:

The BBC is proposing to set up a new World Service satellite news channel for Russian speakers, in a direct challenge to Russia Today, the Kremlin-funded television service found guilty of impartiality breaches.

The World Service would expand services in Russia, North Korea, the Middle East and other territories where state-sponsored broadcasters are denying audiences an impartial and independent source of news.

The problem for the BBC is, however, that it already has a larger budget than RT, plus a half-century head-start. The problem is not about a lack of funding, it is about a lack of credibility, something all the money on Wall Street and London cannot buy.

Sep 15 11:30

Jeremy Corbyn: The Marxist-Maoist Hiding Under Your Daughter's Bed

“Uncorking the spirit of British socialism was the masterstroke that handed Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party's top job but he now faces a much bigger challenge – convincing voters that an admirer of Karl Marx should be Britain's next prime minister,” writes Reuters, the world's most trusted, completely objective, only-the-facts newswire.
Reuters chose a restrained, some might even say conservative headline for the story: “Karl Marx admirer Corbyn rides socialist wave to lead Britain's Labour Party”.

Sep 15 10:48

Corbyn’s Victory

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory yesterday is a clear message to the British political world. You politicians had better start listening to the people, otherwise you will be out.

But his victory goes has ramifications beyond British politics. In recent weeks an alliance made up of British Jewish leadership (BOD, Jewish Chronicle etc.) and heavily supported by their caretakers within the British establishment, have waged a brutal yet counter effective campaign against Corbyn. The campaign abused and slandered the last gentleman in British politics and probably the nicest man in the parliament.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is perfectly clear that the British people have suffered enough under "business as usual", imposed by the money junkies of their country, thank you very much.

And in spite of Cameron's delusional tweets that this man is "a danger to national security", he is going to have to learn to deal with him, period, end of discussion.

Sep 15 10:41

Attorney General refuses to say whether UK has ‘blanket’ drone policy

The British Attorney General has today refused to say whether the Government has a ‘blanket’ or ‘case-by-case’ policy on carrying out targeted killings in countries with whom the UK is not at war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that when you send in robotic aircraft to kill people in other countries, that is a war regardless of what label you put on it.

Sep 15 10:23

State-sanctioned killings without trial: are these Cameron’s British values?

Three months ago David Cameron celebrated the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. Flanked by the Queen and the archbishop of Canterbury he genuflected before the pillars of Britain’s legal system.

On Monday he confirmed that he had executed two British citizens without trial. Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin were jihadis, from Cardiff and Aberdeen respectively, fighting for Isis in Syria. They were not killed in the heat of battle but with cold calculation. Their assassination was the result of “meticulous planning”, claims Cameron.

Khan and Amin apparently made a choice to declare war on both the west and other Muslims and have died in it. It should worry us all when young British men opt for that path.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Cameron took a page from Obama's book on this, as Obama believes that extrajudicial assassinations against anyone who needs killing is perfectly legal, and justifiable.

Sep 15 10:16

Cameron: Corbyn's Labour 'A Security Threat'

David Cameron has called the Labour Party "a threat to national security" after left-wing Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader.

Mr Corbyn stormed to an overwhelming victory in the party's leadership race on his anti-war, anti-austerity platform.

But the Prime Minister has warned in a tweet: "The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family's security."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Either this is desperation on the cusp of madness, or Cameron has actually lost his "reality license".

Sep 15 09:34

A new kind of politics in Britain

Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership is like Aberdeen beating Real Madrid in a European final. It really happened, but you have to pinch yourself to believe it is true.

Sep 15 09:29

Jeremy Corbyn sings in pub celebrating election as Labour party leader

Hard-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn stormed to victory in the UK Labour Party’s leadership contest, taking almost 60% of the vote.

Sep 15 08:03

Meet Jeremy Corbyn, Britain's new Leader of the Opposition

Jeremy Corbyn has the Establishment on both sides of the Atlantic shaking in their boots. Representing a breath of fresh air, promising change and hope, the new leader of Britain's Labour Party also represents a stand against austerity and a sensible economic policy which aims to stimulate the economy instead of stifling it.

Sep 15 07:58

People are getting really angry about David Cameron's Facebook message about Jeremy Corbyn

Labour revealed that 15,500 new members joined the party in the past 24 hours after Jeremy Corbyn won the opposition party's leadership elections by a landslide 59.5% vote on Saturday.

This has clearly rattled the cage of Conservative leader and Prime Minister David Cameron, according to his latest Facebook message.

Sep 15 07:55

Winston Churchill's Shocking Use of Chemical Weapons

The use of chemical weapons in Syria has outraged the world. But it is easy to forget that Britain has used them – and that Winston Churchill was a powerful advocate for them

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be good...and it would spread a lively terror..." -- Winston Churchill commenting on the British use of poison gas against the Iraqis after World War I

Sep 15 07:44

Jeremy Corbyn: Conservatives are 'poverty deniers'

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Conservative government of being “poverty deniers” and pledged to oppose the welfare reform bill in his first official speech as Labour leader.

In a wide-ranging speech, Corbyn declared himself to be among friends and told delegates at the TUC conference that Labour would oppose Iain Duncan Smith’s plans in full.

Seeking to draw new distinctions between Labour and the Conservatives, Corbyn said: “They call us deficit deniers; they spend billions cutting taxes for the richest families and for the most profitable businesses. What they are is poverty deniers.

“They are ignoring the growing queues at food banks, they are ignoring the housing crisis they are cutting tax credits … let’s be clear: austerity is actually a political choice that this government is taking and they are imposing it on the most vulnerable and poorest in society.”

Sep 15 07:38

BEX ALERT - Many more questions now that Jeremy Corbyn is Labour leader

So what happens now?

What was not so long ago unthinkable has come to pass. Now the hard work really begins – both for the Labour Party and British Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader will raise tough questions about the future of the relationship.

After five years of the deeply damaging, fractious life with Ed Miliband, many in the community will see his successor as someone who they are even less likely to be able to work with.

Three weeks ago, seven in 10 British Jews told a JC poll they were concerned about the prospect of Mr Corbyn as leader, with more than 80 per cent worried about his potential foreign policy positions and links to Holocaust deniers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sour grapes from Britain's Israel lobby, which promised to block Corbyn from office and is now having to admit defeat.

Sep 15 07:36

Burned alive by Israelis

Incinerating humans whether in a gas chamber, military attack, by injecting petrol into the mouth or throwing a torch through a window all have one thing in common: burning is how racists manifest hate.

Five years ago at a stop during my book signing tour in San Diego, I met an adorable toddler named Farah.

She was being treated in the US for severe burns she received at the age of two.

Farah was one of thousands of civilians who were either injured or killed when Israel rained white phosphorus bombs on Gaza in 2008-2009.

The phosphorus that burned through Farah’s angelic flesh was American made and paid for by US taxpayers. Ironically, so was Farah’s treatment.

Last Sunday, mother of two Reham Dewabsha died from burn injuries.

Sep 14 17:44

Cameron prepared to bypass Corbyn to get Syria airstrikes backing

Prime minister says vote on extending UK military involvement against Islamic State does not ‘necessarily depend on views of one person’

Sep 14 15:22

Telegraph Calls UK's New Shadow Chancellor "Nutjob", Promptly Retracts

The UK Labor Party's new leader Jeremy Corbyn has, rather unsurprisingly, is making controversial headlines already. His appointment of John McDonnell - an outspoken opponent to the independence of central banks: "in the first week of a Labour government, democratic control of the major economic decisions would be restored by ending the Bank of England’s control over interest rates," - as shadow chancellor has been met with derision in the British press. Initially described as a "nutjob" by The Telegraph, McDonnell's 'plan' to close the deficit is simple - instead of cutting spending, he will dramatically raise taxes on businesses and the rich. The Telegraph then watered-down their perspective, we think, slamming McDonnell's policy as "cloud cuckoo land economics."

Sep 14 15:18

David Cameron's flying visit to Lebanon was nothing more than an exercise in being seen

The Lebanese are all too familiar with PR excursions such as this

Sep 14 14:43

New UK Labour Leader Corbyn Unveils Shadow Cabinet

Labour Party economic adviser John Weeks discusses Corbyn's economic policy, new shadow cabinet, and his first acts as the leader of the Labour Party: addressing the #EuropeSaysWelcome: European Day of Action for Refugees

Sep 14 14:17

Cameron’s Fear of Corbyn Is Palpable, As Tories Cry: ‘He’s a threat to national security!’

For the second straight term, Britain’s Tory Party are ruling without a real mandate, so it’s only expected that this elitist political faction will fear any movement which threatens to capture popular sentiment in a country that is growing ever more dysfunctional by the day.

Sep 14 14:15

The Syrian Crisis: A War Waged on Russia by US-NATO

It seems clear now that the West wants to defeat Russia in Syria at all costs. This latest protracted confrontation in the Middle East can be understood as a proxy war of the US and NATO against Putin’s resurgent Russia. But Syria is just one zone of engagement in a much wider war against Russia that has been taking place since Putin started to stand up to the West. The same confrontation also occurs in Ukraine and formerly in Georgia, where Russia successfully halted, albeit temporarily, the Western advance. This amounts to a new Cold War or an undeclared war where East and West are once more in global confrontation.

Sep 14 13:33

Is 200 years of Tory corruption about to come to an end?

It’s no secret that UK politics has always been a hotbed of sleaze. From its earliest days, the political scene has been rife with corruption and the Tory party have been at the centre of much of it. From the rotten boroughs of the 18th century to the hedge fund scandals of today, it’s easy to see that there’s been no change when it comes to Tory politics.

Sep 14 13:11

SNP mulling over 2nd attempt on independence

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says her pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) will propose a new referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

Sep 14 12:26

Jeremy Corbyn, Welcome to Europe’s Fight Against Austerity

The Labour leader and my own party Podemos have one thing in common: a rejection of the neoliberalism that has impoverished our people

Sep 14 11:52

Thousands join UK Labour after Corbyn victory

Britain’s Labour Party says over 15,000 people have joined the opposition party following the victory of anti-establishment politician Jeremy Corbyn in its leadership contest.

Sep 14 11:43

Merkel orders Cameron to support plans for EU ARMY in exchange for EU negotiation talks

DAVID Cameron is facing pressure from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to drop his opposition to plans for an EU army, it was disclosed yesterday.

Sep 14 11:25

The political issues posed by Corbyn’s election as UK Labour Party leader

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the British Labour Party is an indication of enormous social anger and disgust with the rotten state of British society. Only someone without a shred of conscience, or with considerable reserves of personal wealth, could fail to solidarise himself with such sentiments.

Sep 14 09:44

Can Jeremy Corbyn Stem the Tide of Neoliberalism and Militarism?

Jeremy Corbyn has won the British Labour Party’s leadership election by a landslide. Corbyn comes from the left of the party, a party that over the past 30 years has shifted further to the right whereby it has become regarded as ‘Tory-light’ – a slightly watered down version of the Conservative Party. Labour has signed up to ‘austerity’, neoliberalism, US-led wars of imperialism and has ditched any commitment to public ownership of key sectors of the economy.

Sep 14 09:40

UK’s panic-stricken Tories smear Labour’s new leader

As expected, the Tory Dirty Tricks Department was ready and waiting to put the boot in. No sooner had news of Jeremy Corbyn’s amazing leadership victory, with nearly 60 per cent of first-choice votes, trickled through than Conservative Central Office began emailing all and sundry with their ludicrous smears.

Sep 14 09:22

Britain’s Labour Party ditches the Israel Lobby

“What was not so long ago unthinkable has come to pass.” Thus the Jewish Chronicle‘s verdict on the election of hard-left pro-Palestinian Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain’s Labour Party. It was a typically astonished reaction to the news that, for the first time in decades, there would be a British party leader who was not in the pocket of the Israel lobby.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We need more of that around here!

Sep 14 09:09

British premier pledges $92M to Lebanon's Syria refugees

Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday revealed that his country would offer an additional 60 million pounds ($92.5 million) to educate Syrian refugees and impoverished children in Lebanon over the next three years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... so they DON'T show up in Britain!