Feb 10 12:12

Fabius to take part in meeting on Syria despite leaving office — source

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who said on Wednesday he was standing down, will take part in different meetings in Munich, including a meeting of the International Syria Support Group scheduled for Thursday, February 11, a top-ranking diplomatic source told TASS. "He will attend the meetings in Munich. Lorain Fabius is still French Foreign Minister," the source said. According to the source, Fabius will continue performing his duties until the candidacy of his successor is approved. Earlier on Wednesday, the foreign minister announced he was leaving the French government.

Feb 10 10:18

Every woman in Paris polled in survey has experienced sexual harassment on trains

Parisians are calling on the government to combat sexual harassment on public transport after a poll shows that 100 per cent of the women said they experienced at least one incident.

Feb 10 09:23

Schools: France vows to fight terror conspiracy theories

And now that massive terror-related news stories have struck France - and hard - a whole host of conspiracies have cropped up among kids eager to share the latest snippet from the internet.

And they are proving to be a growing concern for the French government desperately trying to battle radicalization among young people, who have a tendency not to believe the official version of the story.

Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (pictured below) spent Tuesday hosting a conference on the topic of fighting the spread of conspiracies at schools.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 08 16:44

France Channel 2 Uses Russian MoD Videos to Claim Own Successes

The TV channel France 2 has illustrated the "progress of French aviation" in Syria using footage of air strikes inflicted by the aircraft of the Russian air force. The recording of a program was replicated on social networks.

The presentation of France 2, which blogger Timofey Vasiliev published on his Facebook, spoke about the large number of dead Syrian civilians because of the actions of the Russian airforce. No evidence for this was given, but the journalist said that the French aviation works more precisely.

Vasiliev wrote that in the news story, Russia was accused of using "unguided" bombs that lead to large civilian casualties, but France, working in a coalition, "successfully" destroyed terrorists of "Islamic State".

Feb 08 15:51

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

A history stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, slight-of-hand false flag deceptions, secret societies, dual loyalties and stolen fortunes – this has been the exclusive privilege of organized crime and the ruling elite for centuries. Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for this authoritarian trend is much more fundamental. By knocking out their intellectual competition, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate any alternative analysis and opinion by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary label of “extremist” to speech. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.

Feb 06 14:18

EU calls on Israel to halt demolition of Palestinian housing

The European Union on Saturday called on Israel to halt the demolition of Palestinian housing, some of which was EU-funded, and reiterated its opposition to expanding Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Note: But we were holocau$$$ted!

Feb 06 10:16

In surprise move, France rejects Israeli drones

Campaigners in France are welcoming a decision by their country’s military not to buy the Watchkeeper drone, which is based on a model Israel has used in hundreds of lethal attacks on Palestinian civilians.

Feb 05 08:32

French government partners with Israeli settlement profiteer

The French government is giving high-profile backing to an Israeli company that profits from settlements built on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land in violation of international law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cher peuple de France. Maintenant, vous savez ce que nous, les Américains doivent faire face à quand Israël envahit votre gouvernement!

Feb 04 12:11

Canadian Academic Dr. Hassan Diab, Wrongfully Convicted for a Crime He did not Commit

We want to use the power of the documentary form to tell the story of our friend Dr. Hassan Diab [pictured left], a Canadian academic who is at serious risk of a wrongful conviction for a crime he did not commit.

Hassan was extradited to France in November 2014, where he is expected to stay in pretrial detention for at least two years. In France, Hassan is subjected to an unjust legal process where discredited handwriting analysis and unsourced intelligence are used against him.

We would like to make a good quality documentary for online sharing and public showings to spread the word far and wide about the injustices in Hassan’s case. We hope this documentary will help raise awareness about Hassan’s case and Canada’s unfair extradition law, stop the use of discredited evidence against Hassan, and prevent his wrongful conviction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Feb 04 09:09

"Washington Has Put Ukraine on Its Knees": Viewers Discuss the French Maidan Film

To say that the documentary film "Masks of the revolution", directed by French filmmaker Paul Moreira, blew up social networks, doesn't really explain anything. Thousands of users from around the world vividly and fiercely defended their point of view, whether they believed or not what was shown on the screen. The Federal news agency gathered the more interesting comments on the new video.

Feb 03 12:22


French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Tuesday refuted reports Paris was pushing for military action against ISIS group in Libya. «I have no idea where this information comes from», – Fabius told reporters. French Foreign Minister stressed: «There is absolutely no question of military intervention in Libya, there is pressure but it is not the government’s position».

Feb 03 08:46

French farmers demand to lift anti-Russian sanctions

'I want to remind that it has been two years since the embargo imposed by Russia has been hanging over us. We should start trading meat, fruits, vegetables and diary products with Russia in a normal way,' Beulin stated.

Feb 03 08:46

Roger Waters tells France: ‘Supporters of BDS, attacked by your judiciary, have my unequivocal respect and love’

Two days ago we posted about the brave pushback in France against legislation that makes it a crime to advocate for boycott of Israel. We were then informed that Roger Waters had sent a letter to the French people, via a French news agency, on this very subject some weeks ago that has never been published. We are publishing it here.

Feb 01 09:37

Thousands protest state of emergency in France

Thousands of people marched through Paris and in other French cities on Saturday to decry the proposed extension of a state of emergency imposed after the November Paris attacks.

Feb 01 08:30

France says plans to end operations in CAR after UN report

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says Paris wants to end its military operation in the Central African Republic (CAR) later this year after the UN issued a statement detailing the French troops' sexual abuse of children in the African country.

Feb 01 08:29

Dangerous weaponry used on refugees with no legal status in Calais

Infamous street-artist Banksy made headlines again this week with his latest illicit artwork. The piece, which was painted opposite the French Embassy in London, features a crying Cosette from Les Miserables, her tears the result of a cloud of CS gas that engulfs her. Like his recent pieces on the edge of The Jungle camp and around Calais, it’s another comment on the refugee crisis. This piece takes a pop at the French government’s handling of the situation – and, in particular, their use of public order weaponry against the people that live in the makeshift encampment.

Feb 01 08:00

Ukraine Asks French TV to Refrain From Broadcasting Movie About the Events in Odessa

A request has been made to the French channel Canal+ by the Embassy of Ukraine in Paris to waive the broadcast of the film "Ukraine, The masks of the revolution". This is stated on the website of the diplomatic department on Facebook.

"We were disappointed to learn that on February 1st, Canal+, as part of a special investigation, will air the documentary "The mask of the revolution", which gives the viewer a false impression of the situation in Ukraine", states the message.

Jan 31 11:56

French Minister: Paris wants Russia to lift food embargo

At the same time, the Minister of agriculture added that neither he nor France can't discuss with Russia the lifting of the sanctions against it, as it is a question of the European Union. "Of course, I want to lift the embargo, and that the President wants. I went to Russia to discuss with the Russians this topic". Last week in various cities of France representatives of the agro-industrial complex, which in recent months is in crisis, held large-scale protests. Problems are caused, in particular, by low procurement prices of meat and dairy products of rural households.

Jan 31 08:09

France to recognize Palestinian state if peace efforts fail: FM

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told a Friday gathering of foreign diplomats that Paris has a responsibility as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to keep up efforts to find a solution between Israel and Palestine.

"We cannot let the two-state solution disintegrate. It is our responsibility as a UN Security Council member and a power seeking peace," Fabius said.

He noted that France is planning to hold an international conference in the "coming weeks" to bring together the Israeli and Palestinian sides as well as the US and some European and Arab states.

If this last attempt at finding a solution ends in a deadlock, "we need to face our responsibilities by recognizing the Palestinian state," Fabius said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 29 13:00

European leader insults Iranian president by pork and wine

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani turned down a dinner with the French President Francois Hollande, as the French party refused to take wine off the table and serve halal meat instead. The French representatives offered the Iranian delegation to organize a meeting of the leaders during lunch time. However, the Iranians refused of such a meeting, calling it "too cheap". Leonid Gelibterman, President of the International Enogastronomic Centre, Chairman of the Moscow based Russian branch of the International Wine and Food Society, told Pravda.Ru that France should have done it most likely on purpose, rather than through ignorance, so that to demonstrate that 'if you come to ours, everything will go on according to our rules'. 'If a French delegation goes to Iran, women should probably cover their heads and put on most modest dresses.

Jan 29 09:47

Iran president says Tehran ready to 'turn the page' as he renews French relations

As the two countries signs deals worth billions of euros, French president François Hollande outlines terrorism as the countries’ ‘sole enemy’

Jan 28 15:23

Controversial French comedian Dieudonné denied entry to Hong Kong, Cyberport shows cancelled

A controversial “hate-speech” comedian with links to the far-right was on a plane back to Paris last night after being denied entry to Hong Kong where he had hoped to perform two shows.

French comic Dieudonne M’bala M’bala was detained by immigration officials at Hong Kong International Airport shortly after 7:30am yesterday after arriving on a flight from Bangkok following a trouble-free show in the Thai capital.

The block on Dieudonne’s entry came after high-level diplomatic interventions by Israel and France, who warned that his planned appearances – at a Cyberport venue last night and tonight – could have led to disorder and even violence if they went ahead.

Jan 28 11:59

Staff at Paris Airport Angry after Finding Fake Bombs ordered by US Embassy

A security exercise gone wrong saw tempers flare in a Paris airport, after fake explosive devices were discovered by FedEx workers in a ripped package, sources told AFP.

Employees of the American courier service at Charles de Gaulle airport were shocked to find a pressure cooker filled with nuts and bolts inside a package in transit from the US to Tunisia.

On further inspection they discovered a container of other similar devices, along with what appeared to be detonators, said Frederic Petit, who represents the company’s employees for the CGT union.

The staff alerted authorities of “imminent danger,” and officials arrived to test the device using sniffer dogs and X-ray machines.

A security source at the airport said the devices were actually decoys bound for the US embassy in Tunisia that were being used for a training exercise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks to me like a false flag operation which went south, no matter what the US government says.

Remember: pressure cooker bombs were used at the Boston Marathon bombing;

Jan 28 11:26

France gives €1 billion aid to Tunisia in bid to halt mass protests over jobs

After last week’s mass protests against unemployment and poverty throughout Tunisia, the French government has announced €1 billion aid over the next five years to its former colony.

Jan 28 09:29

BEX ALERT - Man with 2 guns, ammo & Koran arrested in Disneyland Paris

According to investigators, the detainee wasn’t known to the French security forces previously and might have had an accomplice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's why they call it "Fantasyland!"

Obvious propaganda stunt for this guy to try too walk through a checkpoint with two guns.

Jan 27 15:31

France calls for new sanctions against Iran

France addressed the EU leadership with a request to consider the possibility of new sanctions against Iran in connection with the test launch of a ballistic missile. About it reports Associated Press with reference to two unnamed officials in Brussels. They said that the request Paris issued last week at a meeting of EU foreign Ministers — even before the official visit to France of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, TV channel "Russia 24".

Jan 27 13:49

Violent clashes in Paris: Tear gas & burning tires as anti-Uber protest grips French capital

Taxi drivers in France are blockading roads with burning tires in protest at the low-cost Uber app, resulting in at least 20 arrests.

Jan 27 12:29

France gives €1 billion aid to Tunisia in bid to halt mass protests over jobs

After last week’s mass protests against unemployment and poverty throughout Tunisia, the French government has announced €1 billion aid over the next five years to its former colony.

Jan 27 10:00


Christiane Taubira, the French justice minister, has resigned from the government ahead of a debate over proposed laws which would strip citizenship from convicted terrorists. The BBC reports that the laws, part of constitutional reforms initiated by the government in the wake of the 13 November terrorst attacks in Paris, have gained the support among conservatives in France, but have encountered increasing opposition in the ranks of the ruling socialist party.

Jan 27 09:05

France hit by day of protest as security forces fire teargas at taxi strike

Twenty people arrested, with teachers, farmers and air traffic controllers also taking industrial action across country

Jan 27 08:26

Resistance to Israel censorship grows in France

On the same day Taubira resigned, French authorities in the Rhône region banned a planned demonstration by a Palestine solidarity group.

Standing up
Taubira’s justice ministry vigorously enforced a policy, inherited from the previous right-wing government, to prosecute supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement using hate-speech laws.

This has resulted in harsh penalties and disturbing legal precedents for activists who mounted peaceful protests calling on fellow citizens not buy Israeli products.

Fortunately, however, the courage and principle Taubira lacked is being shown by more and more French citizens who are speaking out and standing up against government repression.

Last week, a dozen prominent French intellectuals and activists defied court rulings by publishing a statement reaffirming their support for BDS and calling on people not to buy Israel goods.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Freedom of speech means freedom of ALL speech. Otherwise, it is just permitted speech, and that is tyranny.

Jan 27 08:05

French justice minister quits over controversial anti-terrorist measure

France’s socialist justice minister Christiane Taubira has quit over a controversial measure that would strip citizenship from French-born terrorists. French president Francois Hollande called for the measure to be written into the constitution after the Paris terror attacks in November. The “loss of nationality” clause was popular among conservatives, who saw it as a way of increasing security as some young French men, often with double nationality, leave to fight in Syria and later return to France to plot acts of terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Double or duel nationality is a bad idea in general.

Jan 26 18:04


Of the many, and we do mean many, popular misconceptions about the grand history-altering event known as World War II surrounds the true nature of the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact -- also known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact after the two foreign ministers who negotiated and then finalized the agreement in late August of 1939. As the stupid story goes, this was the moment when Hitler and Stalin made the deal to carve up Poland and - in a 'secret protocol' - the rest of eastern Europe..

Jan 26 10:58

HomeOp-Edge‘We are calling on the French government to deploy the military in Calais’

As tension flares over the migrant crisis in the EU, residents of the French city of Calais are demanding that their homes be protected from refugees. Residents gathered to call attention to the impact Europe's migrant crisis is having on their town. On Saturday a group of migrants stormed a UK-bound ferry, with tear gas and water cannon were used to disperse the crowd.

Jan 25 15:44

What Sanctions? - Russia, France to Sign Deal Worth Over $100 Million

The two countries are now considering over 10 joint investment projects

Jan 25 11:08

Who Organised the Paris Attacks?

According to the official version, the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris were sponsored by Al-Qaïda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) —for the execution of the editors of Charlie-Hebdo— and by Daesh for all the others. The authorities have admitted that the Charlie-Hebdo attack was coordinated with the attack against the supermarket at the Porte de Vincennes, although, according to them, AQAP and Daesh are enemies. They also admitted that doubt persists concerning the claim that Amedy Coulibaly was a member of Daesh.

Jan 25 07:43

Paris to promote lifting of anti-Moscow sanctions by summer – French economy minister

France is going to assist in lifting sanctions imposed by the West on Russia by summer this year, Emmanuel Macron, France’s Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, has announced.

Jan 24 00:14

Au Revoir and Shalom: Jews Leave France in Record Numbers

Don't be surprised if things start to go BOOM in France.

Jan 22 07:11

Pharma Drug Trial in France Results in Brain Damage and Death

A recent medical trial in France has left one person dead, three others with possibly irreversible brain damage, and a grim reminder of the dangers of drugs. The study, carried out by Biotrial, a pharmaceutical research firm, was using healthy volunteers to determine the maximum tolerability of an experimental painkiller manufactured by Bial, a Portuguese drug maker. In return for their taking part in the two-week test, the volunteers are said to have each been paid a fee of 1,900 euros (US $2,070). With two more men also said to have been hospitalized, and all six participants having taken the drug at the highest dosage used in the trial, the outcome has been described as the worst tragedy of its kind to have taken place in France.

Jan 21 19:59

Gearoid O Colmain on “Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Gearoid O Colmain, commentator for Russia Today and contributor to the new book ANOTHER French False Flag?, may be politically on the left…but he is definitely not part of the co-opted foundation-funded pseudo-alternative world that passes for the “respectable left” these days. In his new article “Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe”– and even more so in this interview – Gearoid offers a frightening, plausible, politically-incorrect analysis of what’s behind the manufactured “refugee crisis.”

Gearoid’s early report for RT on the 11/13/15 false flag in Paris has already passed a million views.

Jan 21 08:43

Defying court ruling, French figures call for Israel boycott

A group of prominent intellectuals and activists is defying France’s crackdown on the Palestine solidarity movement by publicly calling for the boycott of Israeli goods.

This comes just as the French prime minister has announced that his government plans to intensify its restrictions on free speech targeting the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jan 21 06:05

Every false flag in the making is detected ahead of time by somebody’s intelligence services

Every false flag in the making is detected ahead of time by somebody’s intelligence services—usually more than one country—because spying today is so effective and so universal. Officials in possession of this secret information often pass it on to the country that’s targeted, in the sincere belief that a heads-up will be appreciated.

But often the information isn’t welcomed—-because the fix is already in. Treasonous assets within the targeted country’s chain of command, who are prepared for the possibility of a leak, take measures to block the information from reaching those who might act on it in a meaningful way.

Jan 20 16:38

Were French intelligence forces complicit in the Charlie Hebdo attacks?

New revelations on the intensive surveillance of the Kouachi brothers and of Amedy Coulibaly carried out by French intelligence before they launched terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher grocery in January 2015 raise the most serious questions as to the political origins of the attacks.

Jan 20 13:24

Rumble in ‘Jungle’: part of Calais refugee camp bulldozed

Diggers and bulldozers protected by riot police have begun carving a path towards the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp - home to thousands of refugees - after authorities told the migrants to move into new housing so the original makeshift camp can be destroyed.

Jan 19 23:29

Offensive propaganda or new propaganda offensives?

Obama administration announced new online initiatives to bolster its foreign policy narratives and as a means to counter others, for example, this network, RT.

Maybe a better course of action would be for the US State Department to ask itself why fewer and fewer people trust and believe it?

CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Don DeBar and James Carden.

Also see: Uncle Sam Got a Shiny New Propaganda Bullhorn for Christmas

Jan 19 23:25

Russian Red Scare No Longer Works

The EU has no-one else to blame for its present stresses and strains but itself, owing to its craven subservience to Washington's reckless policies.

The American and British governments are launching yet another media campaign to demonize Russia, with tall claims that the Kremlin is infiltrating European political parties and news media. The dastardly Russian aim, we are told, is to destroy the European Union.

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Washington and its trusty sidekick in London are desperately seeking to turn back the clock to the “good old days” when they could control their public through scare stories.

Jan 19 13:05

Former MI5 Spy Says Paris Terror Attacks Were 'Inside Job'

A former British intelligence officer and longtime whistleblower says the recent Paris terror attacks, attributed to ISIS, have all the markings of a Gladio-style inside job

Jan 19 11:31

‘Jungle’ refugee camp demolished in Calais, France

Part of a notorious refugee camp in the French town of Calais is being demolished.

Jan 19 11:22

Some Bad Ass History:Saladin!

Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub was born in the small town of Tikrit to Kurdish Muslim parents in the year 1137 CE. He would become one of the most influential and admired military leaders in medieval history; loved by his people and respected by his enemies for years to come.

Now Salah al-Din was renowned throughout the world for his ability to not be a dick to people. So when he took over the vast Arab territories, the Christian knight commander Raynald of Chatillon decided it would be cool to fuck with him and try to provoke him into a fight.

Finally, Salah al-Din was like, "OK seriously, fuck this guy." and he set out to kick the ass of Raynald of Chatillon.

Salah al-Din sold all the captured knights back to their families for hefty ransoms except for Raynald, who was executed because he had been both a total bitch and a pain in the ass.

Jan 18 15:18

Air France lets go of the 747: The plane that changed air travel forever

When Air France announced it was abandoning its last three 747s because they are just too expensive to maintain, the airline switchboard was overwhelmed.

Jan 18 12:05

Avalanche in French Alps kills five soldiers on training exercise

An avalanche in the French Alps has swept away a military unit on a training exercise, killing five soldiers and injuring several others.

MP Julien Aubert confirmed the deaths to BFM television, saying the soldiers were training off-piste in Valfrejus in the Savoie region.
He said the group was a mixture of veterans and new soldiers.

Jean-Claude Raffin, mayor of Modane, the nearest town, said the soldiers were out for an all-day skiing session when the avalanche hit. He said six people were injured, three of them seriously.

Jan 18 11:51

French president declares economic emergency

French President Francois Hollande pledged Monday to redefine France’s business model and declared what he called “a state of economic and social emergency,” unveiling a 2-billion-euro ($2.2 billion) plan to revive hiring and catch up with a fast-moving world economy.

Jan 18 05:47


French President Francois Hollande has declared what he called "a state of economic emergency" and says it's time to redefine France's economic and social model. Hollande laid out a series of proposed economic measures Monday in an annual speech to business leaders to boost long-stagnant French growth and reduce chronic unemployment.

Jan 17 11:49

This land is our land: American democracy, at a theater near you

Democracy has been projected on to a fictitious screen of good guy and bad guys. The people watch as impotent spectators, no longer even aware of the real story out there.

Ever since armed white ranchers took over federal property in Oregon the unfolding drama has resembled a parody of a Hollywood Western. Trouble is, no-one is quite sure who’s wearing the white hats as opposed to the black ones.

Jan 16 10:31

What French Kids Eat For School Lunch (It Puts Americans To Shame!)

Menus are set up two months in advance by the cantine management staff, and then sent to a certified dietitian who makes small “corrections.” The dietitian might take out a small chocolate éclair and replace it with a kiwi for dessert if she thinks there's too much sugar that week. Or she may modify suggested menus by adding more or fewer carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, or protein to keep the balance right.

Almost all foods are prepared right in the kitchen; they’re not ready-made frozen. This means mashed potatoes, most desserts, salads, soups, and certainly the main dishes are prepared daily. Treats are included — the occasional slice of tarte, a dollop of ice cream, a delicacy from the local pastry shop. Check out these photos of a school lunch being prepared on premises.

Jan 15 15:37

Experimental painkiller that has left one person brain-dead and five seriously ill has been given to NINETY people, warns French health minister – and there is NO antidote

The French ministry statement said those who fell ill had taken an oral medication in the first phase of testing, which was studying safe usage, tolerance and other measures on healthy volunteers.

Touraine said the drug contained neither cannabis nor any substance derived from cannabis, dismissing reports from a source close to the case that it had contained cannabinoids, an active ingredient found in cannabis plants.

The minister said the drug was meant to act on the body's endocannabinoid system, which deals with pain.


In France, adults volunteering for Biotrial tests can earn between 100 euros and 4,500 euros ($110 to $4,922).

Jan 15 15:27


Jan 15 10:56

Former MI5 Spy Says Paris Terror Attacks Were 'Inside Job'

A former British intelligence officer and longtime whistleblower says the recent Paris terror attacks, attributed to ISIS, have all the markings of a Gladio-style inside job.
David Shayler, a former MI5 officer, is best known for blowing the whistle on a failed assassination attempt against Muammar Gaddafi in 1996 (NATO finally finished the job, though).

Jan 15 08:33

France tests new medicine on humans: one dead, five in critical condition

A tragedy has occurred in the town of Rennes in western France today, Jan, 15. Something went wrong as medical specialists were testing a new medicine on humans. As a result, one person remains in a state of clinical death, whereas five others are in critical condition. Nothing has been reported about the drug that was being tested. It was only said that the medication was developed by a private pharmaceutical laboratory the name of which remains unknown too. The French Health Ministry has confirmed the incident in Rennes. Health Minister Marisol Touraine is on the way to Rennes to clarify the situation.

Jan 15 08:27


Charlie Hebdo depicts Arab migrants as beast-like creatures that are out of control. This is racist. Plain & simple.

Jan 15 04:22

Outrage over Charlie Hebdo cartoon of dead toddler Alan Kurdi as sex attacker

(*"Rapide , sortir les canons à eau"
souce officielle )

Jan 13 16:33

M.I.A. Responds to French Soccer Team Demanding Takedown of “Borders” Video About Refugees

M.I.A.’s video for her new song “Borders” has caused some controversy in the professional soccer world.

Jan 13 09:34

French government considers law that would outlaw strong encryption

The French Parliament is considering a legislative provision that would ban strong encryption by requiring tech companies to configure their systems so that police and intelligence agencies could always access their data.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... along with spies, hackers and other criminals who will find and use those back doors! Meanwhile, real criminals and terrorists will simply write their own systems of encryption which the police will not be able to break (we proved that on with six challenges to the NSA, all of which went unsolved) so the law-abiding citizens have their personal and business secrets exposed to no point whatsoever!

Jan 12 09:33

French government considers law that would outlaw strong encryption

The French Parliament is considering a legislative provision that would ban strong encryption by requiring tech companies to configure their systems so that police and intelligence agencies could always access their data.

Jan 11 08:28

Clinton Email Shows that Oil and Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya

French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya. According to these individuals Sarkozy’s plans are driven by the following issues:

A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,
Increase French influence in North Africa,
Improve his internal political situation in France,
Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world,
Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 11 08:23

France’s Police State: The Gravediggers of the French Republic

It was revealed since that almost all seizures and indictments concerned offenses and crimes very far from planning acts of terror and/or “radical Islam” – such as drug trafficking, banditry, etc., and to date, despite the thousands of wrecked homes, the places of worship desecrated and above all the countless innocent lives left traumatized or even ruined, no “terrorist” has been arrested, no “cell” has been dismantled. A resounding failure in all, at least if one considers that this is indeed, first and foremost, about fight against terrorism, which all the same requires a strong dose of credulity.

Jan 10 15:32

McGee on the real nature of Refugees in Europe

Like feminist with their rape allegations, which has turned rape into a farce, “stop eyeball raping me” or people who don’t read well because they never read, claiming they are dyslexic, when they dont really have a learning disability, the economic welfare seekers, a portion of whom are into criminal behavior, are leeching off of Europe’s vast social programs and are delegitimizing actual political refugees from wars in Syria or Libya.

Jan 09 19:57

Media Blackout: NATO Returns to Libya

One of the major advantages of being a NATO member is that you are allowed to conduct military operations in any country of your choosing, with minimal (or no) news coverage and absolutely zero debate.

This delightful perk is more or less written into NATO's charter. And it's been an especially perky perk with regards to Libya —once the richest, most developed nation in North Africa; now a moon crater.

Jan 09 13:52

CRIF weighs in about neo-nazi Azov meeting in France

The infamous paramilitary organization, Azov, which played a role in the Ukrainian "revolution," is booked to hold a meeting in Nantes on January 16th. A fact that the CRIF (Representational Council of Jewish Organizations in France) views with alarm. An openly neo-Nazi organization that meets in Nantes? And so CRIF is concerned. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, has written a letter to the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Roland. He is troubled over the "worrying meeting" to be held Saturday, January 16 on the property of an elected official. "It is organized by militants of the Azov battalion, a Ukrainian military unit". No position on the Ukrainian conflict...

Jan 09 08:53

Clinton Email Hints that Oil an Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya

On New Year’s Eve, 3,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server were released.

One of them confirms – an email dated April 2, 2011 to Clinton from her close confidante Sidney Blumenthal – that:

Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.


This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French. franc (CFA).

(Source Comment [This is in the original declassified email, and is not a comment added by us]: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sarkozy called Libya's Gold Dinar a "threat to the financial security of mankind." And that was the real reason Libya was destroyed and Gaddafi killed.

Jan 09 08:15

Where Were the Post-Hebdo Free Speech Crusaders as France Spent the Last Year Crushing Free Speech?

It’s been almost one year since millions of people — led by the world’s most repressive tyrants — marched in Paris ostensibly in favor of free speech. Since then, the French government — which led the way trumpeting the vital importance of free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings — has repeatedly prosecuted people for the political views they expressed, and otherwise exploited terrorism fears to crush civil liberties generally. It has done so with barely a peep of protest from most of those throughout the West who waved free speech flags in support of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.

Jan 08 14:36

Armed attacker killed at Paris police station on Charlie Hebdo anniversary

Police in Paris have shot a man dead who tried to enter a police station armed with a knife, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.’ It was believed he was wearing a suicide belt, but police union sources say it was fake.

Jan 04 16:34

The false flag formula

Dec 31 14:40

An Open Letter to Young Muslims Everywhere: The Seed of Triumph in Every Adversity

Islam did not invent colonialism and imperialism, but inspired Asians, Africans and Arabs to fight this crushing evil. Islam did not usher in the age of mass slavery, although millions of American and European slaves were, themselves, Muslim. You try to tell them all of this, and you insist that the likes of vicious groups like ISIS are not a product of Islam but a by-product of violence, greed and foreign interventions.

Dec 31 09:37

US Said to Be Preparing New Sanctions Against Iran

In July, negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 nations, including France, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Germany, led to a historic deal. Under the terms of the deal, after providing assurances that it was not enriching uranium to pursue a nuclear weapon, international sanctions against Iran would be gradually lifted.

Iran Makes ‘Significant Progress’ in Completing Nuclear Deal Commitments
But on Wednesday, US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that the US Treasury Department is prepared to roll out new sanctions against companies and individuals not only in Iran, but also in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The world learns two lessons from this. First, that the US government cannot be trusted to keep their word about anything. Two, whatever Israel wants in DC, Israel gets!

Dec 29 09:22

‘Arabs get out’ – Violent anti-Muslim protests spark in Corsica, France

Hundreds of protesters on the French island of Corsica, have ignored a recently imposed ban, to continue anti-Muslim demonstrations.

Dec 29 09:09

France Proposes Changing Constitution to Further Curtail Rights, Remove Citizenship

Prime Minister Manuel Valls informed Wednesday that his cabinet will introduce legislation in Congress that will strip French citizens with double nationality of their French one, “in case they committed a terrorist crime or harmed the nation’s interests.”

Dec 28 13:09

Corsica bans all rallies following series of violent anti-Muslim protests

The French island of Corsica has banned all demonstrations in a low-income neighborhood of its capital Ajaccio recently plagued by violent anti-Muslim protests, including the ransacking of a Muslim prayer house, and burning copies of the Koran.

Dec 28 10:14

Hillary Clinton Touts Overthrow of Gadhafi, but Doesn’t Mention That Clinton Foundation Donors Did Big Business in Tyrant’s Libya

On Saturday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again justified the 2011 U.S. policy of regime change in Libya, citing, at least in part, the fact that dictator Moammar Gadhafi had killed Americans.

“We have to continue to do what is necessary when someone like Gadhafi, a despot with American blood on his hands, is overturned,” Clinton said during the weekend’s Democratic presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. “But I’ll tell you what would have happened if we had not joined with our European partners and our Arab partners to assist the people in Libya, you would be looking at Syria.”

But early in the administration, Clinton had championed an allegiance with the Libyan regime under Gadhafi, during a time when some of the major U.S. corporations doing business in Libya were also donating heavy sums to the Clinton Foundation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do not for a moment imagine that this "pay to play" mentality will suddenly leave her consciousness, if she is able to win (or steal) the election; it will simply continue, unabated. For her and Bill Clinton, inhabiting the White House is simply another way to make millions of dollars through her foundation, and the public be damned.

And this is why we have to bring her past behaviour to the unblinking gaze of documented fact, because, if in fact, past is prologue to the future, we can expect massive international interventionism from a second Clinton presidency.

And has anyone out there had the "male attributes" to ask her if the current post-Ghadaffi situation in Libya, which has been rife with civil war since 2011; whose leadership has been badly factionalised and has just this month created a basis for a national unity government, was the outcome she desired when she green-lit Ghadaffi's assassination?!?

And what about the reality that Libya has become a
second home to ISIS?!?

Because if all I have stated here were not the outcomes Clinton desired as Secretary of State, and were simply "unintended consequences" of her policies here, please consider Libya a thoroughly terrifying, but very real, "prequel" to what a Clinton presidency will look like.

Dec 26 08:00

France Changes Constitution To Protect "Emergency" Police Powers From Court Challenges

Europe's Patriot Act has finally taken shape: according to a proposed amendment, the French state-of-emergency police powers, such as to conduct warrantless searches and order house arrests, will be unconditionally shieleded from court challenges.

Dec 25 14:56

Sex is nothing: French shop pushes gender equality by selling ‘unisex’ toys

No more cars for boys and dolls for girls! A French shop has launched a ‘unisex’ collection in an attempt at promoting gender equality in Europe.

Dec 25 14:16

Balkan black market: Paris attack weapons traced to Serbian arms factory

A Serbian arms factory has confirmed that several weapons used in the Paris terror attacks had been made by their company. Thousands of hand guns and assault rifles have been circulating in the black market in the Balkans, with many being smuggled to other parts of Europe.

Dec 24 10:12

France's Participation in Gaddafi Overthrow Mistake - Lawmaker

French authorities made a mistake, when took part in a military operation in Libya to overthrow the country's long-standing leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, French Republicans Party's member Alain Marsaud told Sputnik Wednesday.

Dec 24 09:55

Proposed change to French constitution likened to Nazi-era policy

France is to push ahead with constitutional changes that Amnesty International is warning “would put many people at even greater risk of human rights violations” by giving authorities a free hand to close down organizations, conduct unwarranted house raids, shut mosques and restrict people’s freedom of movement.

A lawmaker from the ruling Socialist Party has likened one proposed change to a Nazi-era policy used against Jews.

If the amendments are approved, Amnesty says, they would “allow authorities to continue using state of emergency measures for a further six months after the end of a state of emergency.”

Dec 23 08:19

Will Russia Buy 'Used' Mistrals From Egypt?

New cars are often offered at high fixed list prices set by the manufacturer. A trick car dealers use to circumvent such fixed list prices and to sell more cars is to "sell" the new car for a day or two to some strawmen. These cars are marketed as "demonstrator" or per-registrated cars. The "used car" is handed back to the dealer who sells it to the originally intended buyer for a price lower than the manufacturer's list price.

A somewhat similar trick, though not involving pricing, seems to be in the making for a set of interesting war ships:

Dec 22 16:52

Paris attack fallout: Airport sacks Muslim employees for long beards

Two Muslim security guards have been fired from a Paris airport for having long beards as this caused unease among passengers, French media report.

Dec 21 07:59

French defense chief to ask Russia to step up anti-ISIS ops

Ahead of his visit to Moscow on Monday, the French defense minister told journalists Paris would ask Russia to increase its action against Islamic State, and would offer intelligence sharing and plans for a joint vision on combating terrorist groups in Syria.

Dec 20 19:06

Police stopped Europe's most wanted terrorist THREE times in the hours immediately after the Paris attacks but he was released every time, according to his getaway driver

Police stopped the most wanted terrorist in Europe three times a few hours after the Paris attacks - but he was let free every time, it emerged today.

Dec 20 09:08

French lawyer asks every MP to impeach Hollande for war crimes in Donetsk, Syria

Two women, victims in Syria and in Donbass, speaking through their lawyer, have addressed a request to each French parliamentarian to bring François Hollande before the High Court. One of thee two women, the one from Syria, was raped in front of her husband, the other, a resident of Donbass, saw her house blown up in a bombing that killed her husband and two of her children, and wounded her two other children, and made her lose an arm. These criminal acts are the direct consequences of the actions of François Hollande. One tenth of parliamentarians either House may take the initiative for impeachment proceedings against François Hollande by filing a Motion for a resolution calling for a session of the High Court...

Dec 18 08:48

Models must have doctor's note to prove they are not too thin, France rules

French lawmakers on Thursday adopted a bill forcing models to provide a doctor’s certificate confirming they are healthy, and magazines to label Photoshopped images as “touched up”.

Dec 18 08:34

"Unprecedented": Over 800 Migrants Try to Storm Channel Tunnel In France

Dec 18 08:15

Gearóid Ó Colmáin on Syria and France

Dec 17 21:22

COP21 revealed: Read full text of climate summit plan designed to break smaller nations

Carbon reduction plans will be put in place by all 196 participating countries who reached an agreement during COP21.

Dec 17 11:49

Week Ten of Russia’s Intervention in Syria. The Empire’s Reckless Arrogance

The interesting development this week is that France, the UK and Germany have all officially decided to join these rogue states and act just like the Turks and Israelis by illegally intervening in Syria – in direct violation of international law – supposedly to fight Daesh.

And even though Daesh is the official enemy, it “just so happens” that Syrian army positions were bombed by the USAF while the Israelis bombed Hezbollah missile depots. Apparently, the “Assad must go” policy is still the order of the day. In a way, one could argue that the West has now (re-)affirmed the principle that “might makes right” and that threats and violence are still the only “policy” of the Empire in lieu of a legal, negotiated, policy. The problem with that is that the “other side” strongly feels that surrendering to the Empire’s demands is simply not an option.

Dec 17 11:01

US Refuses to Tell France Who Financed Paris Terror Attacks

The US has refused to respond to French inquiries regarding terrorist funding sources, according to sources in the French Finance Ministry.

United States authorities have yet to respond to multiple requests from France on sources of funding for Daesh terrorists tied to the November 13 Paris attacks, a French Finance Ministry source told Reuters.

The US and the European Union signed an agreement called the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program in 2010, which allowed EU countries to rely on the US for information on terrorist groups' finance flows. Prior to the Paris attacks, the US turned down requests from France to reveal the financial flows funding the January 7 attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a Jewish supermarket, saying France "did not provide enough details."

"I don't think that they will dare use this argument for the latest request concerning very specific people identified as being behind the Paris attacks," the source told Reuters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This underscores this horrific attack being a false flag; that's why the US government is noticeably silent on coughing up any info for the French that would help in the investigation.

However, there were several agendas which were very much accomplished, after these attacks.

Now, France is looking to extend their "emergency powers" by writing them into their Constitution; secondly, it gave President Obama another eve t with with to grandstand on his anti-gun policies.

Dec 17 10:35

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

This isn’t a game, it’s a fight for survival; Russia’s survival as a sovereign country. That’s what the stakes are. That’s not something Putin takes lightly.

Would you be willing to defend your country against a foreign invasion?

That’s all Putin is doing in Syria. He’s just preempting the tidal wave of jihadis that’ll be coming his way once the current fracas is over. He figures it’s better to exterminate these US-backed maniacs in Syria now than face them in Chechnya, St Petersburg and Moscow sometime in the future. Can you blame him? After all, if Washington’s strategy works in Syria, then you can bet they’ll try the same thing in Beirut, Tehran and Moscow.

So what choice does Putin have?

Dec 16 09:11

French Shipbuilder Left Out of Pocket for Mistrals Unsold to Russia

State-backed French naval shipbuilder DCNS is still waiting for reimbursement from the French government for two undelivered Mistral helicopter carriers which were initially destined to be sold to Russia in a deal, which was later reversed.

Dec 15 08:42

Rape “right-wing” females to create “multicolored descendants”, says French Doctor

In the blog section of French media outlet, Nouve L’obs, a doctor wrote that any woman who votes for Front National (French anti-mass immigration party) has a “reptilian brain” and should be raped and impregnated to produce “multicolored descendants.”

Dec 15 07:20

French court rules that "Native White French" do not exist

The court said that ‘native French’ as a group “does not cover any reality; legally, historically, biologically, or sociologically.”

It ruled that “‘Whites’ or ‘the White race’” is “in no way a legal component of the quality of the French” and apparently that “Native White French do not constitute a group of people“, according to the 1881 Act on Freedom of the Press.

Dec 14 17:57

Teacher Invented ISIS Knife Attack Amid French Hysteria: “This Is Daesh. This Is a Warning”

After all, people in France have become so terrified as of late, that perhaps they would believe any story that sounded even possibly credible:

A preschool teacher who claimed to have been attacked by a masked assailant invoking Islamic State (Isis) has admitted he made up the story, French prosecutors have said.

[...] The 45-year old teacher at Jean Perrin nursery school had earlier claimed that a man in overalls and a balaclava had arrived while he was preparing his class on Monday, grabbed a box cutter and scissors that were in the room, and attacked him.


Dec 14 15:42

National Front loses in 2nd round of French regional elections – exit polls

France’s far-right National Front party, headed by Marine Le Pen, has failed to win a single region in the second round of the country’s regional elections after a solid victory in the first round, several exit polls have shown.

Dec 14 10:15

French teacher who claimed he was stabbed by a man 'shouting support for ISIS' admits he LIED and had slashed his own neck

A kindergarten teacher who claimed he was stabbed in the neck at a school in Paris by a man acting in the name of ISIS has admitted he made up the story.

The 45-year-old teacher had said he was preparing for one of his classes when he was attacked by a masked man armed with a box cutter and scissors.

The teacher described how the attacker declared he was acting in the name of the brutal jihadi group ISIS and declared the attack was 'a warning'.

However the local prosecutor confirmed the teacher had lied and had stabbed himself in the neck and side in his classroom in Aubervilliers, Seine-Saint-Denis.

Dec 14 10:12


The state of emergency, which was initially supposed to mitigate the threat posed by Islamic terrorism, has been used to target environmental and political activists who have nothing to do with radical Islam, let alone terrorism. Several heavily armed police officers stormed the home of produce farmers in rural France, and Le Monde reported that at least 24 people closely involved with protests around COP21, the Paris climate conference, were placed under house arrest. This includes a member of the legal team of Coalition Climat 21, a well-established gathering of more than 130 organizations and NGOs. The French Human Rights League said the minister of the interior was confusing terrorism with normal civic activities and concluded, “The state of emergency is a danger to civil liberties.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As Princess Amidala observed in the "Star Wars movie: "So This Is How Liberty Dies...With Thunderous Applause."

Au revoir, liberte', egalite', et fraternite' in France, apparently forever. (Translation: goodbye, liberty, equality, and brotherhood.)

Dec 14 06:58

France says ad calling Jerusalem site ‘Palestinian territory’ a mistake

France has hurriedly backtracked after calling a site in west Jerusalem “Palestinian territory” in a recent job advertisement, saying the statement was “a mistake.”

Dec 12 18:52

France passes bill forcing shops to give unsold food to charities

The French National Assembly has passed a new law that forces large supermarkets to not trash unsold food. Under the new law, large supermarkets will be required to partner with local charities that can help distribute unsold food to consumers in need.

Dec 11 13:40

Head of Serbian arms factory says one of the guns linked to Paris terror attacks came through the US in 2013

Milojko Brzakovic said the M92 semi-automatic pistol's serial number matched one his company delivered to an American online arms dealer

He said it was exported to an online arms seller in the United States, the Florida-based Century Arms

Brzakovic said the gun was delivered as a semi-automatic, but he did not know whether someone turned it into an automatic after delivery

The so-called 'shortened Kalashnikov' is listed by U.S. arms dealers as selling for about $460 apiece

Dec 11 09:15

Syria Right to Hit NATO Warplanes

Syria is ready to deploy the fearsome S-300 air-defence system supplied by its Russian ally. The anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles will give Syria control over its territory and the capability to shoot down any intrusive warplane or missile. NATO warplanes beware!

Dec 09 09:56


Given that an ISIS attack in Paris just helped fuel the sweeping election victory of an actually fascist party in France, it’s a bit mystifying how someone can be so sanguine about the likelihood of a Trump victory in the U.S. In fact, with a couple of even low-level ISIS attacks successfully carried out on American soil, it’s not at all hard to imagine. But Trump does not need to win, or even get close to winning, for his rhetoric and the movement that he’s stoking to be dangerous in the extreme.

Dec 08 19:22

Saudi Arabia accused of trying to wreck Paris climate deal - One of the world’s largest oil producers is getting in the way of a deal and making implausible objections, say delegates and campaigners

Saudi Arabia stood accused on Tuesday of trying to wreck the Paris climate summit in order to protect its future as one of the world’s largest oil producers.

Dec 08 08:56

Euro regime is working like a charm for France's Marine Le Pen

France is trapped in an economic slump that is hauntingly reminiscent of the inter-war years from 1929 to 1936 under the Gold Standard. Each tentative rebound proves to be a false dawn.

The unemployment rate has continued to climb since the Lehman crisis, in stark contrast to Germany, Britain and the US. It jumped by 42,000 in October to an 18-year high of 10.6pc.

The delayed political fuse has finally detonated. Marine Le Pen’s Front National – these days a blend of nationalist-Right and welfare-Left – swept half the communes of France in the first round of regional elections over the weekend.

Dec 08 08:55

France's Jewish leaders call for a 'civic uprising' against Marine Le Pen's National Front after far-Right group's record election results

France's Jewish leaders have called for a 'civic uprising' against Marine Le Pen's National Front after the far-Right group's record election results.

The party topped the country's regional election vote on Sunday in a breakthrough that shakes up the political landscape in France.

But it has prompted a backlash from France's chief Rabbi, Haim Korsia, who urged voters to 'breathe life into democracy... in these particularly troubled times for the nation'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Rabbi's definition of Democracy is Charlie Hebdo is a bastion of free speech, but anyone critical of Israel must go to jail!

Dec 08 07:29

France and Germany’s “Fight” Against the Islamic State

By Ulson Gunnar

The BBC has reported that Germany will now send aircraft to join France in its fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria. Their article “German Tornado jets to help French against IS in Syria” reports:

"Germany plans to deploy Tornado reconnaissance jets to help the French air campaign against so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria. A naval frigate, satellite images and aerial refuelling will also be provided, the defence minister said."

However, it is difficult to take France and Germany’s fight against IS seriously for one obvious reason...

Dec 08 07:20

The unavowable project for a pseudo-Kurdistan

Paris and London are multiplying their categorical declarations against Daesh, its programme of ethnic cleansing and its terrorist attacks. And yet they are preparing in secret for the ethnic cleansing of Northern Syria with a view to creating a pseudo-Kurdistan, and the re-localisation of Daesh to Al-Anbar in order to create a « Sunnistan » there. Thierry Meyssan analyses this plan, and underlines the numerous contradictions in the official discourse.

However, according to the experts of the Research Service of the Library of the House of Commons, this is entirely false. After a careful study of the legislation concerned, Arabella Lang states that the resolution in no way authorises the use of force, but enjoins everyone who has the legal possibility to do so to redouble their efforts [3]. This means that the resolution only applies to states which have been requested to intervene by Iraq and Syria.

Dec 08 02:50


This video was uploaded in 2014. You'd think it had been uploaded recently based on the content.

Dec 07 12:24

"The French people are dissed, duped, and betrayed, and the lies are ever more gross and the promises are ever more mad."

Over 40 years, the usage has been to make believe that we are still in the "the Glorious Thirty" [years of economic good times, '45-75 tr], that it's all going to get better and better thanks to globalization, that we can go into debt because growth is for sure, or almost for sure. The public deficit has become golden rule. With such management, the French will not pass on a common heritage to their children but interest payable to international private banks. Another illusion: Europe means Peace. Like yesterday in Yugoslavia, like in Ukraine today, like in France, tomorrow. The goddess Europa is starving for tearing apart sovereign states, the better to seat it own power and to favor American hegemony. Weakening a state leads irredeemably to ethno-sociocentrism, to the exacerbation of differences,, to civil war, to the eradication of a nation...

Dec 07 07:54

The Right Stuff: Marine Le Pen and the Growing Influence of Front National

Marine Le Pen has managed to pull the Front National from the extremist fringe into the political center. The right-wing populists could even emerge as France's strongest party in upcoming regional elections. But the real prize is in 2017.

Dec 07 07:54

French Socialists In Panic Retreat From Le Pen Challenge

The National Front (FN) of Marine Le Pen made sweeping gains across France in a first round of voting on Sunday, largely at the expense of the ruling Socialists of President Francois Hollande.

Dec 07 07:46

Marine Le Pen's victory is a bigger threat than ISIL

For the first time, the extreme-right National Front (FN) party has claimed victory in a national election in France. The first round of the regional elections has left Marine Le Pen's movement as the leading political force in French politics, ahead of the traditional socialist and republican parties.

Winning the ballots in six out of 14 regions, the chance for the xenophobic movement to seize control of at least two of them - Nord Pas de Calais in the north and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur in the south - has been increased by Nicolas Sarkozy's irresponsible decision to refuse any alliance with President Francois Hollande's socialist party against Le Pen, in the hope of maximising his own chances for the presidential election in 2017.

Dec 07 07:21

The Empire Strikes Back Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria

Considering the remarkable success of the Russian intervention in Syria, at least so far, it should not have come as a surprise that the AngloZionist Empire would strike back. The only question was how and when. We now know the answer to that question.

Dec 06 18:38

After Paris Attacks, Proposed French Law Would Block Tor and Forbid Free Wi-Fi

After the recent Paris terror attacks, the French government is proposing to forbid and block the use of the Tor anonymity network, according to an internal document from the Ministry of Interior seen by French newspaper Le Monde.