Sep 15 07:36

Burned alive by Israelis

Incinerating humans whether in a gas chamber, military attack, by injecting petrol into the mouth or throwing a torch through a window all have one thing in common: burning is how racists manifest hate.

Five years ago at a stop during my book signing tour in San Diego, I met an adorable toddler named Farah.

She was being treated in the US for severe burns she received at the age of two.

Farah was one of thousands of civilians who were either injured or killed when Israel rained white phosphorus bombs on Gaza in 2008-2009.

The phosphorus that burned through Farah’s angelic flesh was American made and paid for by US taxpayers. Ironically, so was Farah’s treatment.

Last Sunday, mother of two Reham Dewabsha died from burn injuries.

Sep 15 06:50

European Refugee Crisis - The Anatomy of a Coverup

The real story behind the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe is much stranger than fiction

Sep 15 06:42

Russia to continue military aid to Syria: President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country will continue to supply the Syrian government with military assistance.

Putin made the remarks at a Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) summit in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, on Tuesday.

He dismissed allegations that Russia’s support for Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has resulted in a flow of refugees, saying that without Moscow’s support for the Syrian government the number of Syrian refugees heading to Europe would have even become bigger.

Sep 15 05:56

The ‘Refugee’ Crisis for Greater Israel

It has become increasingly obvious that the flood of refugees from the Middle East is serving the jewish agenda of creating Greater Israel (Eretz Israel). In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Greater Israel is the vast tract of land supposedly promised to the Israelites by Yahweh, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Sep 14 23:44

Germany Cracks Down With Border Controls: “Papers Please” for Refugees

The weight of the Syrian migrant crisis, flooding Europe in recent weeks, has been testing its humanitarian limits... with strict new border controls that some see as harkening back to a more, well, authoritarian time:

“Can I see your passports, please?” a federal police officer asked, halting the men in their tracks at Freilassing, a key land crossing for travellers between the Salzburg region and the southern German region of Bavaria.


Sep 14 18:37

Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast

Sep 14 17:57

The Saker: So What Are the Russians Really Doing in Syria?

What appears to be happening is this: the Russians are, apparently, sending some limited but important gear to provide immediate assistance to the Syrian forces. In doing so, they have also created the conditions to keep their options open. So while there is not massive Russian intervention taking place, something has definitely shifted in the Syrian conflict.

I would like to add here that while the government forces have recently lost the Idlib air base in the north of the country (and not too far from Latakia), all my sources confirm to me that the Syrian forces are in a much better position than Daesh and that the war is going very badly for the Takfiris. The Syrians have recently freed the city of Zabadan and they are on the offensive in most locations and while it is true that Daesh still controls a lot of land, most of that is desert.

To summarize the above I would say this: the AngloZionists are freaking out because their war against Syria has failed; while Daesh has created havoc and terror in several countries, there are many signs that the local countries are gradually becoming determined to do something. The US has also failed to get rid of Assad, the massive refugee crisis has triggered a major political crisis in Europe, and now the Europeans are looking at Assad in a dramatically different light than before.

Sep 14 15:39

EU states hollow out NY Fed: Lowest gold reserves in decades remain

After WW2, many countries were pressured into depositing their reserves in America’s underground vaults.

Sep 14 13:45

Refugees: Pawns on Chessboard

It stands to reason that Brussels does not have any direct political and legal mechanisms to impose a mandatory refugee allocation quota system on Serbia. At the disposal of the European Commission, however – which is currently Germany-centric in every way possible – is an even more sophisticated way to use the territory of Serbia in its own interests: to turn the country into a cesspool for all those illegal immigrants that Germany, Austria and the other ‘civilised’ EU members refuse to accept.

Sep 14 13:02

Greek Election Polls: SYRIZA Slightly Leading

SYRIZA and New Democracy are going head to head in the upcoming Greel election according to five recent polls published on Greek Sunday newspapers. The difference of the two partied is less than one percent in all the polls.

Sep 14 12:43

Protesters in Moldova begin picketing state institutions

Leaders of Moldovan grass-roots protesters said on Monday they would change their tactics to picket state institutions and expand the geography of protests to embrace other Moldovan cities.
"We demand resignation of Prosecutor General Corneliu Gurin who is a pillar of the current regime," Nastase told journalists, adding that he had he knew that security services were eavesdropping telephone conversations of the protest leaders. "We have certain information, we see that our telephones are running down suspiciously quickly," he said.
An anti-government rally organized by Dignity and Truth in Chisinau on Sunday, September 13, was attended by less people than a similar rally a week ago. The organizers called for a general strike and civil disobedience. The rally was held peacefully although police forces in central Chisinau were reinforced. Protesters put a tent camp in the central square demanding resignation of the Moldovan government and early elections.

Sep 14 12:11

'There's No Going Back': Why Spain and Catalonia Are on Immediate Collision Course Over Independence

Catalonia now stands on the brink of a historic election that will serve as a de-facto referendum on the Spanish region's independence. The electoral campaign begins today — somewhat fittingly on September 11, the National Day of Catalonia — and over 1 million independence supporters will gather on the streets of Barcelona.

On September 27, the region will take to the voting booths and if the separatist parties win an absolute majority many are predicting that they will begin preparation to secede unilaterally from Spain within 18 months.

Nominally, Catalonia will simply elect its third parliament in five years, but with the major pro-independence parties all campaigning under a joint secessionist banner and unionists obliged to campaign against this position, the election will function as a kind of mongrel independence referendum — only months before a general election is due.

Sep 14 11:43

Merkel orders Cameron to support plans for EU ARMY in exchange for EU negotiation talks

DAVID Cameron is facing pressure from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to drop his opposition to plans for an EU army, it was disclosed yesterday.

Sep 14 10:53

Refugee Crisis is a War on Europe - Joaquin

Culture and Politics are methods of war
Germany's military deployment indicates the seriousness of these times

Sep 14 09:44

Doctors warn of disease risk at Hungary refugee camp

Medical workers at the Hungarian border warned Saturday of desperate conditions for pregnant women and the risk of disease spreading at the under-equipped camp where thousands of refugees are streaming in daily.

Sep 14 09:44

Thousands flock to anti-migrant demos in E.Europe

Thousands of people joined anti-migrant protests in three eastern European capitals on Saturday after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia opposed an EU scheme to fix refugee quotas.

In the Polish capital Warsaw, nearly 5,000 people, many chanting anti-Islamic slogans, marched through the city, an AFP correspondent said. “Islam will be the death of Europe”, one of the banners said.

Organisers claimed the demonstration drew 10,000 people but police refused to confirm the figure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meanwhile the corporate media focuses on the "Welcome refugee" demonstrations with 15 bored-looking people holding suspiciously identical signs.

Sep 14 09:35

Germans, Czechs Return To "Border Controls" With Austria, Riot Police Dispatched To Contain Refugee Crisis

Two weeks ago, in what was the first official shot across the bow to Europe's long-standing "Schengen" customs union, we reported that the Italian province of Bolzano across from the Austrian border announced it is willing to "temporarily suspend Schengen" and "restore border controls" following a request by the German state of Bavaria.

Sep 14 09:34

Moldova: 20,000 stage anti-govt protest for 8th day, demand probe into missing $1.5 billion

Some 20,000 people are protesting against Moldova's government for the eighth straight day, demanding a probe into the estimated $1.5 billion that disappeared from three Moldovan banks.

Sep 14 09:03

US ‘Dragoon Crossing’ convoy kicks off its controversial tour in E. Europe (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

A US military convoy dubbed “Dragoon Crossing,” whose aim is “to reassure that the US military is ready if needed” has started its controversial tour. At least 110 armored vehicles will travel the 800-km route from eastern Germany through the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Hungary.

Sep 14 08:17

As Germany Prepares To Implement Border Controls, Flow Of Refugees Backed Up To Serbian Border

The German government said Sunday that it will implement border controls on its southern frontier with Austria in an effort to ease the influx of refugees into the country. The announcement brought trains headed to Austria to Germany to a halt Sunday evening, backing up the flow of refugees all the way to the border between Serbia and Hungary.

Sep 14 07:45


The Schengen Agreement represents a territory in Europe where the free movement of persons is guaranteed. 26 nations signed the treaty. The signatory nations abolished internal borders in lieu of a single external border. Common rules and procedures apply to visas, asylum requests and border controls. The treaty has been under pressure with a huge wave of migrants pouring into Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, and Greece from Syria and other countries.

Sep 14 07:42


The Swedish Minister for Finance, Magdalena Andersson, now considers borrowing large amounts of money from EIB to increase immigration to Sweden. Although the government over the summer has raised a wide range of taxes, there apparently is still not enough money to support all the migrants from the Third World who right now flows into Sweden.

Sep 13 15:11

Burned alive by Israelis

“Burning is how racists manifest hate,” is the conclusion of Jamal Kanj, who looks at the fascination of Zionists with burning Palestinians alive and how the Jewish perpetrators and their supporters always get away with murder.

Sep 13 12:08

Corbyn blows away the Blair/Brown minions

New Labour leader is smeared by panic-stricken Tories

There are high hopes that Corbyn, who is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, vice-chair of CND and national chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, will eventually break Britain out of the cycle of servitude to US neo-con and Zionist diktats.

As expected, the Tory Dirty Tricks Department were ready and waiting to put the boot in. No sooner had news of Jeremy Corbyn’s amazing leadership victory, with nearly 60% of first-choice votes, trickled through than Conservative Central Office began emailing all and sundry with their ludicrous smears.

Sep 13 12:05

9/11 Fourteen Years Later – Paul Craig Roberts

Factual evidence and science do not support Washington’s conspiracy theory.

The Neoconservatives were overjoyed by the arrival of the “New Pearl Harbor,” the necessary catalyst for launching their pre-planned wars.

Sep 13 10:30

Up to 1.4million Catalans fill the streets of Barcelona in massive show of strength for region's Independence Movement - just two weeks before make-or-break elections

An estimated 1.4million Catalans filled the streets in a massive show of force for the region’s separatist campaign.

Demonstrators thronged the streets of Barcelona, the region’s capital, waving red and yellow Catalan flags and yelling ‘Independence!’

The show of strength was held on Catalonia’s annual National Day on Friday, at a time of high political tension between the region and Spain’s central government.

The enormous demonstration comes just two weeks ahead of regional elections that could prove to be a make-or-break moment for Catalonia’s independence movement.

Sep 13 10:19

Forget the Greek Crisis, Immigration Will Divide Europe Against Itself

Europe has complex immigration rules. As the EU web site shows, there are multiple layers of immigration regulations encompassing both the local national level and the EU level.

But, as the recent influx of refugees and economic migrants has shown, the EU government is able to flex its muscle in an ad hoc fashion in the service of compelling member states to accept the migrants and refugees. The "quota plan" being forwarded by the EU government would divide up migrants and refugees among the EU member states, and, of course, over time, these migrants would qualify for those member states' taxpayer funded public benefits. In Germany, for example, officials "estimate that as many as 460,000 more people could be entitled [next year] to social benefits."

Big Countries vs. Little Ones

Sep 13 10:18

20,000 Stage Anti-govt Protest for 8th Day, Demand Probe into Missing $1.5 Billion

Speaking Romanian and Russian, protesters in Chisinau, the capital, on Sunday demanded the resignation of the president, the general prosecutor, the national bank governor and others. They also want an early election and to form a new political party.

Sep 13 10:12

Social Engineering 101: How to Make a Refugee Crisis

Starting in 2007, the US was already in the process of engineering the overthrow and destruction of all prevailing political orders across the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

Why did they eagerly take in nearly 2 million refugees and now that they are intentionally expelling them from Turkey, has NATO’s war plans changed again?

It would be in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 New Yorker article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” that it was explicitly stated (emphasis added):

Sep 13 10:09

Rabbi says migrant influx into Europe is 'excellent news'

as the 'death of Christianity will bring back the Messiah'

Sep 13 09:20

“Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order”

After the Soviet Union’s dissolution in late 1989, America had a choice. As the sole remaining superpower, it could have worked for a new era of peace and prosperity, ended decades of Cold War tensions, halted the insane arms race, turned swords into plowshares, and diverted hundreds of billions annually from “defense” to “rebuild(ing) civilian infrastructure and repair(ing) impoverished cities.”

Instead, Washington, under GHW Bush and his successors, “chose stealth, deception, lies and wars to attempt to control the Eurasian Heartland – its only potential rival as an economic region – by military (political, and economic) force,” and by extension planet earth through an agenda later called “full spectrum dominance.”

Sep 13 09:17

‘We’ve reached our limit’: Germany halts trains from Austria, introduces border controls

Austrian train operator OeBB says Germany has stopped all trains coming in from the country, and Germany’s Interior Ministry has abruptly introduced “temporary” border controls with Austria. More than 2,100 extra police have been dispatched to secure the borders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the US-created refugee crisis, far from leading to a blended global population for the New World Order, is tearing the European Union apart!

Sep 13 09:15

German man could not hear media lies about refugees | Eng Subs

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the English subtitles are not visible, turn them on!

Sep 12 11:35

Anti-austerity & anti-war Jeremy Corbyn elected UK Labour leader

“Welcome to our party, welcome to our movement. And I say to those returning to the party, who were in it before and felt disillusioned and went away: welcome back, welcome home.”

Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn elected with huge mandate

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the British Labour party, in a stunning first-round victory that dwarfed even the mandate for Tony Blair in 1994.

Having been catapulted from a little-known member of parliament to leader of the opposition, he will now set about apologizing for the Iraq war and strongly opposing cuts to public services and welfare. He will start off on Saturday with a speech to a rally in London in support of refugees.

Sep 12 10:38

EU Moves Toward Beefing Up Naval Mission Over Mediterranean Migrants

European Union member states are moving toward expanding the naval mission to intercept smuggler ships carrying migrants from Libya to Europe, officials said on Friday.
At a meeting of European affairs ministers this coming Monday in Luxembourg, the bloc will say the conditions now are in place for the EU operation to be expanded to a new, more operational phase.

European officials said on Friday that there was broad agreement among member states to begin boarding so-called noncompliant vessels in international waters. But there is less agreement about taking the additional step of entering Libyan territorial waters to confront smugglers close to shore.

Still, European officials have said no U.N. resolution is needed to forcibly board vessels in international waters. The operations, officials have said, would be undertaken to rescue migrants and ensure they aren’t trying to cross the Mediterranean in vessels that could easily capsize.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What on earth does that statement actually mean, " rescue migrants"?!?

Does that, in most practical terms, mean "repatriating" migrants to their country of origin, where they will most certainly die from the wars the US and Europe have created, in order for the US and Europe to expropriate resources to which they have absolutely no moral right?!?

In fact, would the European officials making these decisions be more comfortable with these migrants shooting, stabbing to death, or poisoning their children, and then committing suicide, so that Europe "wouldn't have to bother" with these war-generated waves of migration?!?

One has to wonder, reading between the lines here.

Sep 12 10:24

Russian diplomat: Countries deploying NATO bases are playing with fire

Countries seeking to deploy NATO’s contingents or weapons on their territories are playing with fire and endanger their own security, Russia’s Permanent Representative at NATO Alexander Grushko said on Friday.
He said politicians permitting or even asking to deploy foreign troops on the territories of their countries should be aware that they were putting their countries at risk.
"It should be no secret for our Western partners that any attempts to deploy any weapons potentially dangerous for Russia are like playing with fire. It is to the prejudice of their own security when their own states become a kind of front line, virtual so far," he said.
"I have an impression that some states simply like to call themselves frontline countries in a bid to be granted some political and economic dividends as the most important partners," Grushko said. "It is a dead-end track. Serious people understand that Russia has no aggressive plans and cannot have such plans."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am watching the escalating demonization of Russia by Western media, and am very, very concerned over what I am seeing.

It is almost as though the US government and NATO are playing "picador" with the Russian government, as a way to promote a regional war, if not a world war.

And why?!? The US government is desperate to engage in some military action as the "excuse" for a lousy economy, which has plunged half of American school kids into deep poverty, and in which 98 million American adults are not participating.

And if the Russian government doesn't oblige... look for some US government-enabled false flag operation (perhaps, in Syria) to be blamed on the Russians, and then we will be off and running.

And I would also like to remind people that the legislation, sponsored by Charlie Rangel, to bring back the draft, for both our young women, is still sitting in Committee, as Congressional Representatives wait for the right "psychological moment" to pass it.

Sep 12 10:14

EU Allies Breaking With US on Syria, Want Russia Involved

Whereas the goal of the US from the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011 has been to destabilize the country and remove Assad by supporting ISIS, now Washington’s allies in Europe are calling for supporting Assad. It is a complete failure of US policy.

Sep 12 10:12

German Panzer Banks Crush Greece, Washington Winces

The German paymaster of Europe has subjugated Greece with breathtaking ruthlessness. In 1941, Nazi Germany crushed Greece with its Panzer tanks. Today, without firing a shot, Germany’s Panzer banks have accomplished the same, turning the country into a de facto German «protectorate» whose national assets and sovereignty are being turned over by Berlin’s financial dictate.

Sep 12 09:38

Syriza: Jeremy Corbyn's victory gives hope to the people of Europe, says Greece's Syriza

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership election sends a “message of hope to the people of Europe”, Greece’s leftist governing party has said.

In a statement Syriza praised Mr Corbyn for his active profile in anti-austerity politics and said he had played and active part in their own political struggle.

“Syriza welcomes today's historic election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the British Labour Party in the first round of voting,” the statement said.

Sep 12 09:30

Trump bashes Obama before Ukrainian audience

"I know many people that live in the Ukraine," Trump said in his opening remarks during a question-and-answer session with Pinchuk and with Douglas Schoen, a former pollster for President Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg (among others) who was hired as a lobbyist for the group in 2011. "They're friends of mine. Victor is one example."

"It's amazing what you've had to endure," Trump said of the past year's conflict with Russia. "The spirit of the Ukrainian people is absolutely incredible."

Sep 11 13:12

Islamic State joins Syria's Assad in warning against fleeing to the West

The Islamic State (IS) militant group has warned Syrian refugees against seeking to flee to the West, saying it would be a "dangerous major sin" to take children to a place where "they are under the constant threat of fornication, sodomy, drugs and alcohol".

"Sadly some Syrians and Libyans are willing to risk the lives and souls of those whom they are responsible to raise... sacrificing many of them during the dangerous trip to the lands of the war-waging crusaders," said the latest issue of group's propaganda English-language magazine Dabiq.

Sep 11 12:44

Netanyahu: EU plan to label settlement goods ‘unjust’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday attacked an EU resolution on labelling goods produced in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In a statement released by his office, Netanyahu referred to the plan as “unjust”. “It is simply a distortion of justice and of logic and I think that it also hurts peace; it does not advance peace. The root of the conflict is not the territories, and the root of the conflict is not the settlements.”

Sep 11 12:16

Western Media Hype ‘Russian Aggression’ in Syria

From Washington to the western media, everyone has been talking about reports of potential Russian ‘intervention’ in Syria. On the one hand, the proliferation of this meme is a case study in the western propaganda system, as one report is then repeated ad nauseam from thousands of sources, then built upon by subsequent reports, thereby manufacturing the irrefutable truth from the perspective of media pundits and western mouthpieces. On the other hand, the new reports also raise some interesting questions about the motives of both the US and Russia, as well as the other interested parties to the conflict in Syria.

Sep 11 12:09

Eyewitness : On the border with Austria, migrants attacked the bus with the Poles' These large powerful horde of savages

"Half an hour ago on the border of Italy and Austria with my own eyes I saw the huge hordes of migrants ... Despite the solidarity with people who are in a difficult situation, I must say that what I saw is appalling ... This mighty mass of people - sorry, I write that - but it is an absolute scam ... Throwing bottles, loud shouts of "We Want to Germany".....

I saw how they surrounded the car of an elderly Italian woman, dragged her by the hair out of the car and wanted to go on this machine. The bus in which I was with a group, tried to turn, throwing us shit, pounding on the door, opened the driver, spit on the glass ... I asked: "For what purpose? How does this game wants to assimilate into German?

These large powerful horde of savages ... Among them there were no women, no children - the vast majority of these were young men are aggressive ...

Sep 11 09:34

Gateway to Catalan Republic: Hundreds of 1,000s rally for independence in Barcelona

Hundreds of thousands of Catalans have filled the streets of Barcelona, calling for secession from Spain, as the region prepares to go to the polls in what local politicians say will serve as a proxy vote for independence.

Sep 11 08:22

Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify "Safe Havens" in Syria

While the Western media attempts to portray the sudden influx of refugees suddenly appearing out of no where at Europe's gates, the reality is that for years they have been gathering in expansive, well-funded refugee camps in Turkey.

Sep 10 15:39

Kuwait & Israel Admit They Refuse to Take ‘Refugees’ Because Migrants Don’t Assimilate

It’s interesting that countries like Kuwait and Israel can assert (and rightly so) that opening the floodgates to vast numbers of unassimilated immigrants is tantamount to national suicide, but when European leaders make the same argument, they are castigated as xenophobes and racists.

Sep 10 13:18

Europe crumbles under devastating Mass Immigration

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much suffering from US wars. Don;t it make ya proudernheck to be an American?

Sep 10 11:38

Moldova’s ex-president blames EU for current crisis in his country

Moldova’s ex-president Vladimir Voronin, who is the leader of the opposition Communist Party and who stood at the helm of the country from 2001 through to 2009, has blamed the EU for the crisis that brought about mass protests in Chisinau.
"In front of everyone’s eye and with an obvious share of involvement of your permanent mission, as well as many embassies of the EU member-states and other international organizations, an unprecedented corrupt mafia-based system has taken hold of Moldova," Voronin said in an open letter to the President of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland. "In essence, this system is state power here today."

Sep 10 11:20

And then came the rains: Thousands of migrants battle with riot police in Macedonian quagmire after storms batter eastern Europe

Torrential rain has turned the Macedonian border into a sea of mud – the latest trial facing migrants on the 1,000-mile trek into Europe.

At least 7,000 people, including many parents lugging young children, braved downpours and scuffles with police to cross Greece's northern border into Macedonia.

Greek border police said it as the largest single wave of refugees they had seen so far.

Despite wrapping themselves up in garbage bags of every kind, the migrants were soaked to the skin, their trainers caked with mud and hats dripping with rain.

Sep 10 10:06

FLASHBACK - So You Think Military Intervention is a Good Idea?

Well, if you really feel that strongly about it..

Here's your rifle..

Here's your parachute..

We ran out of the desert camo, but here is a bright day-glo orange jumpsuit left over from Gitmo..

Watch your head climbing into that transport plane..

And we'll call whoever it is you are telling us needs to be invaded this week and tell them you are on your way to kick their butts all by yourself.

But given the very long history of the United States government and the corporate media lying and tricking us into wars, you will forgive We The People if we sit this one out and keep our children safe at home.

And just in case you are one of those poor government or media people who are not as well educated in history as the average American citizen, here is a comprehensive but by no means complete list of just how many times We The People have been made total fools of by the US Government and the corporate media.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 10 09:33

Germany Warns France, UK Against Leaping Into Bombing Fry In Syria

Frank-Walter Steinmeier warns goodwill generated by the recent nuclear deal between the West and Iran could evaporate over competing strategies for Syria

Sep 10 09:04

“Open Up, Europe! Let Migrants In” – Former EU Advisor

Under a new European Commission proposal, quotas would be set for all 22 nations across Europe to take in a total of 160000 refugees.

Sep 10 08:55

Migrant crisis: Hungarian army stages border protection exercise

Hungary's army has begun exercises to prepare for a possible future role in guarding the southern border to try to stem the influx of migrants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can we hire them to guard the border with Mexico?

Sep 10 08:27

SERIOUS CHARGES: NATO through Austria was bringing weapons of war with Russia!

Member of the Green Party Peter Pilz (Peter Pilz) criticized, in today's statement, the Austrian authorities to become an accomplice in the arming of Ukraine due to the large number of NATO transport which last year passed through Austria.

According to the Ministry of Defence from the beginning of last year, NATO member states have carried out more than 3,200 military personnel and transport of materials through Austria. Austria, which was a neutral country approves transit, usually, only to participate in military exercises and for training purposes.

Pilz doubt that all these transports had just such a purpose. "I assume that it was arming," he said, adding that the route through Austria main routes for the deployment of western forces for the imminent conflict with Russia, the Western states.

Sep 10 07:53

Globalists Who Created Refugee Crisis Now Exploiting It

The politicians and establishment figures in the United States and European Union demanding that the West accept millions of Middle Eastern refugees are the same globalists that created the tragic situation in the first place by destroying the countries their victims are fleeing from. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond all offer plenty of evidence showing that to be the case. The horrific consequences of the globalist establishment's machinations, though — the genocide of Middle Eastern Christians, the emergence of savage terror groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS), the tsunami of refugees right now cascading into Europe, and more — are only just beginning.

Sep 10 07:34

EU-US trade deal mustn’t stifle calls for Israel boycott, say unions

More than 150 organizations from across Europe are vowing to resist efforts by the United States to stifle campaigns for Palestinian rights by means of a controversial trade deal.

Sep 10 07:15

Anti-Oligarch Protests in Moldova (Infographics)

The Washington-backed “pro-Western opposition” has been trying to head the social protest while the real people’s leaders illegally detained by Moldovan regime.

Sep 10 00:53

How Neocons Destabilized Europe

It will not be easy to rid the world of the grave dangers created by neocon policies.

The neocon prescription of endless “regime change” is spreading chaos across the Middle East and now into Europe, yet the neocons still control the mainstream U.S. narrative and thus have diagnosed the problem as not enough “regime change.”

The refugee chaos that is now pushing deep into Europe – dramatized by gut-wrenching photos of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey – started with the cavalier ambitions of American neocons and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks who planned to remake the Middle East and other parts of the world through “regime change.”

Sep 09 16:01

Refugees — ‘Let them all into Europe!’ says Israeli Holocaust Survivor

An Israeli Holocaust Survivor thinks Europe is a suitable dumping ground for all the world’s refugees. This is because Europe is guilty of killing six million Jews. So this is a chance for Europe to redeem itself by accepting every single refugee in the Third World as a punishment for its past crimes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rather amazing that this Holocaust "survivor" wants Europe to take the refugees where Israel will not, as "punishment" for crimes committed by people who are all dead and gone. And Not all of Europe was on the side of the Nazis. Britain certainly was not. Neither was France! But this Israeli thinks they should be punished for something that supposedly happened long before the vast majority of people living in Europe were even born?

Sep 09 14:38

EU Proposes Redistributing 160,000 Refugees Throughout Europe

The European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has unveiled a proposal to relocate up to 160,000 migrants and refugees across the continent in what is one of Europe's largest efforts to address any migration crisis.

The plan comes as Europe struggles to deal with the escalating refugee crisis in its territory, where hundreds and thousands of people have arrived fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. Figures from the United Nations show that 381,412 people arrived to the EU by sea in 2015 alone – the vast majority (51 percent) of whom are from war torn Syria.

Sep 09 12:48

Some 50 Million EU Citizens Live in Poverty - Oxfam

Almost 50 million EU residents live without enough money even to heat their homes, Oxfam reported, citing bending the rules by wealthy elites among the reasons.

Sep 09 12:25

Europe’s Biggest Bank Dares To Ask

Why did we focus so much attention yesterday on a post in which the IMF confirmed what we had said since last October, namely that the BOJ’s days of ravenous debt monetization are coming to a tapering end as soon as 2017 (as willing sellers simply run out of product)? Simple: because in the global fiat regime, asset prices are nothing more than an indication of central bank generosity. Or, as Deutsche Bank puts it: “Ultimately in a fiat money system asset prices reflect “outside” i.e. central bank money and the extent to which it multiplied through the banking system.”

Sep 09 11:27

Europe’s Biggest Bank Dares To Ask

Why did we focus so much attention yesterday on a post in which the IMF confirmed what we had said since last October, namely that the BOJ’s days of ravenous debt monetization are coming to a tapering end as soon as 2017 (as willing sellers simply run out of product)? Simple: because in the global fiat regime, asset prices are nothing more than an indication of central bank generosity. Or, as Deutsche Bank puts it: “Ultimately in a fiat money system asset prices reflect “outside” i.e. central bank money and the extent to which it multiplied through the banking system.”

Sep 09 11:27

Danish rail firm DSB cancels Germany trains amid migrant crisis

DSB said it was suspending its train services between Germany and Denmark for an unspecified time. The company said the action had been taken after hundreds of migrants refused to leave a train in a town on the border with Germany.

The Danish rail firm's decision followed a request from Danish police, as authorities struggle to process the influx.

Sep 09 11:14

How Neocons Destabilized Europe

It will not be easy to rid the world of the grave dangers created by neocon policies.

The neocon prescription of endless “regime change” is spreading chaos across the Middle East and now into Europe, yet the neocons still control the mainstream U.S. narrative and thus have diagnosed the problem as not enough “regime change,”

The refugee chaos that is now pushing deep into Europe – dramatized by gut-wrenching photos of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey – started with the cavalier ambitions of American neocons and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks who planned to remake the Middle East and other parts of the world through “regime change.”

Sep 09 07:44

Spain Defense Minister Warns Army May Intervene Unless "Catalonia Obeys The Rules"

With Spain's Catalan region on the verge of electing pro-independence parties and seeking autonomy from central rule, the government (clearly worried) has ramped up the rhetoric on what consequences lie ahead. In a rather stunning outburst for a supposed democracy, CNA reports, the Spanish Defence Minister, Pedro Morenés, assured that the army won’t act in Catalonia as long as "everybody fulfills their duty." The Catalan minister for the presidency exclaimed Morenes statement was "out of this world," and could only be made by "someone who is afraid of democracy." The army will "enforce the Constitution," Morenes concludes, unless "members strictly obey the rules." As one pro-independence minister opined, "threatening and trying to intimidate means that you are only left with stupidity."

Sep 09 06:57

Hungarian journalist fired after kicking, tripping up refugees on video

A journalist for Hungary’s N1TV channel associated with the far-right Jobbik party has been fired after her colleagues filmed her kicking and tripping up migrants fleeing from the police.

Camerawoman Petra László was filming at a migrants’ center near the village of Roszke on the Hungarian-Serbian border when hundreds of migrants broke through a police cordon in a field.

Sep 09 04:35


There is much being written about the refugee crisis in Europe at the moment but none of what I have read explains why the problem is occurring and what will need to be done for the problem to be addressed. Refugees are just one symptom of a deeper crisis. Moreover, like other symptoms of this deeper crisis, the global elite is happy to use this symptom to keep us utterly preoccupied; after all, the immediacy of the refugee problem is all too demanding of our attention and our compassion.

Sep 09 01:46

Amateur Dutch choir sings song of welcome to the illegal muslims who throng the shores

Basically this is that scene from Independence day where idiots party and chant welcome to the aliens from a rooftop right till they get blasted

(warning: text and singing awful lol)

Sep 08 21:59

The phoney « refugee crisis »

While the European media arouse emotion by showing photographs of a drowned child and reports of crowds of refugees crossing the Balkans on foot, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that these images have been fabricated. It’s certain that they serve the purposes of the head of the Federation of German Industries, Ulrich Grillo, and also NATO. But they do not show the phenomenon in its totality, which leads the Europeans to offer inadapted responses.

Sep 08 20:13

Is the USA the Real Cause of the European Migrant Crisis? Michael Rivero - September 8, 2015

Sep 08 17:40

Behind The Euro Immigration Crisis; Who Is Responsible And Why

By Brandon Turbeville

As the migrant crisis in Europe grows ever more precarious, violence between security personnel and immigrants reaches a new level and tension between citizens and non-citizens inches higher and higher, any informed observer should be asking themselves the question – “What is the ultimate goal here?”

The immigration crisis has not formed organically nor has it formed in a vacuum...

Sep 08 14:19

VIDEO: Greek Island Turns Into War Zone as Syrian and Afghan Migrants Clash

The Greek island of Lesbos has been turned into a war zone by rioting migrants, leaving the island’s 85,000 residents in despair. Around 25,000 migrants are currently camped out on the island with hundreds more arriving daily, leading to frequent violent clashes and rioting despite their claim to be fleeing violence.

Sep 08 13:19

US to 'Pedal Aggressive NATO Agenda' Even if Allies Drop Out

NATO gets inventive every time it needs to justify military operations abroad and shore up support from reluctant allies, Klaus Hartmann, the chairman at World Union of Freethinkers, told SNA Radio on Tuesday.

Sep 08 11:41

Fox News blamed Russia for invasion of refugees in Europe

Persistent Russian military support Syrian President Bashar Assad was the reason that in Europe a flood of refugees Middle East, according to a broadcast of the American Fox News. Moreover, the desire to annoy the west of Moscow, acting in cooperation with China - is no accident his ships appeared off the coast of Alaska in a time when there was Barack Obama, analysts emphasize the channel.

Sep 08 10:01

Greece Implodes

Greece became the epicenter of Europe’s debt crisis after Wall Street imploded in 2008. With global financial markets still reeling, Greece announced in October 2009 that it had been understating its deficit figures for years, raising alarms about the soundness of Greek finances.

Sep 08 08:49

In Major Escalation, Washington Demands Greece Blocks Its Airspace For Russian Flights To Syria

Moments ago, following ever louder hints - if still unconfirmed by the Kremlin - that Russian forces are either en route to Syria or already there (Russian soldier's VK post stating troops are in Syria, intercepted communication from a Russian An-124 military cargo plane en route to Latakia, Russian Roll-on/roll-off ship allegedly carrying military equipment to Syria), the US made a dramatic diplomatic escalation ahead of what is now assured to be the second major showdown between the US and Russia in Syria, over a Qatari gas pipeline no less, when according to Reuters, it asked Greece to deny Russia the use of its airspace for supply flights to Syria, a Greek official said on Monday, after Washington told Moscow it was deeply concerned by reports of a Russian military build up in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is in a real corner of their own making. They send weapons and supplies to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, then use the presence of Al Qaeda and ISIS as an excuse to bomb Syria, claiming they are targeting the eeeeeevil Al Qaeda and ISIS. So Russia ways, "We'll help" meaning Russia will help the Syrian government go after Al Qaeda and ISIS. The US cannot admit that Al Qaeda and ISIS are proxy armies working for the US, and since Syria's legitimate government wants Russia's help, the US has to resort to trying to blockade Russia behind Greece, Bulgaria, and so forth. All f this is a violation of international laws regarding freedom of the seas and skies.

Sep 08 07:48

Refugee Crisis May Put an End to Schengen Zone – Latvian Foreign Minister

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics predicted the end of Schengen Zone era if no acceptable solution is found for the refugee crisis in Europe, RIA Novosti reported.

The continent's beloved borderless travel system is at risk of being cancelled due to the unceasing flood of refugees from Africa and Middle East into Europe.

Sep 08 07:47

The border with Austria: Pole shocking relationship with the coach assaulted by immigrants

“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria i saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror.This huge mass of people – sorry – but it’s an absolute wilderness … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting “We want Germany”. So what, Germany is now a paradise?

I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus i was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass. My question is- for what purpose? How do they want to assimilate in Germany? For a moment, i felt like in a warzone. I really feel sorry for these people, but if they would reach Poland – I do not think they would receive any understanding from us.

Sep 07 15:06

How Neocons Destabilized Europe

The refugee chaos that is now pushing deep into Europe – dramatized by gut-wrenching photos of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey – started with the cavalier ambitions of American neocons and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks who planned to remake the Middle East and other parts of the world through “regime change.”

Sep 07 15:06

Video: US tried to block Russian aid planes for Syria from Greek airspace

The Greek Foreign Ministry has confirmed receipt of a request from Washington, asking that Russia be denied use of Greek airspace for aid flights to Syria.

Sep 07 14:48

Fox News Doesn’t Get it, Blames Russia for Refugee Crisis in EU

DC has lost it....totally!

There is one thing Fox News has learned to do well over the years — that's to blame Russia for all the bad stuff that happens in the world. The Syrian war breaks out — quick to blame the Russians, the US government organized a coup in Ukraine — of course the Russians were behind it, the channel screams. What's next, Fox News? Perhaps the Russians also started the Ebola virus or were behind the extinction of the dinosaurs?

This time, it was no different after Fox News decided to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe. KT McFarland, a Fox News National Security Analyst invited to talk on the issue, was quick to blame… that's right, none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin for creating the refugee crisis in Europe.

Sep 07 14:44


Through both your actions and your deliberate silence, you have helped to engineer the mutual tragedy of this refugee migration - a disaster now being compounded by phony refugees piggybacking along with the real refugees. You know this true, but you won't dare say it for that might bring to light the fact that Israelis are the preeminent human traffickers in world history.

Sep 07 13:13

Turning the Cradle of Civilization Into its Graveyard

snip: Under U.S. leadership and Israeli influence, French political leaders have championed “regime change” in Libya and Syria on the tacit assumption that civil war would be better for the people of those countries than living under a “dictatorship”. In practice, however, most people can get along better without a vote than without a roof over their heads. Or without their heads.[...]