Mar 05 09:09

Suspend Turkey's membership of NATO

The preamble to the NATO treaty states that their member states are "determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law" ( The state takeover of ZAMAN, the country's main opposition newspaper, shows that Turkey is no longer a democratic country, and so is not eligible for membership of NATO. This presents an extremely dangerous situation, because if Turkey should claim to be attacked and invoke Article 5, all NATO countries could find themselves at war. The Turkish government is in conflict with the Kurds, both inside and outside Turkey, and with Russia, and it has trade arrangements with ISIS. Suspension of Turkey from membership of NATO would remove the danger of Article 5 being invoked.

Mar 04 15:21

Division Over Britain’s EU Membership Widens

Britain’s business community remains divided over Brexit as a referendum on whether to stay in or leave the EU is getting closer.

Mar 04 14:34

Riga authorities sanction marches of SS veterans, anti-fascists on March 16

The Latvian Legion was a formation of the Waffen-SS during World War II created in 1943 and consisting primarily of ethnic Latvian soldiers. The legion consisted of two divisions. After Latvia stopped being part of the Soviet Union, March 16 for several years remained an official remembrance day. However, after a march of SS-men through the center of the Latvian capital caused outrage in Russia and in the West, the decision was made to delete it from the list of commemorative dates... The Riga parliament has sanctioned marches in the Latvian capital on March 16, unofficially marked as a commemoration day for the Latvian Waffen SS Legion, for SS veterans as well as for Russian-speaking anti-fascists, Latvian Duma parliamentarian Ugis Vidauskis told TASS on Friday. Upon consultations with security agencies and the organizers of the events, the Riga Duma allowed three actions requested for March 16.

Mar 04 14:32

Dublin, Ireland - Heavily pregnant homeless woman is forced to wander the streets

A heavily pregnant homeless woman broke down in tears as she described how she was forced to wander the streets because “there is nowhere” for her to go.

‘Christina’ was left homeless after a bank repossessed her home said she felt abandoned by the Government.

Mar 04 13:18

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Eu Now Handing Migrants Cash-filled Envelopes to “Maintain Their Dignity”

Talk about an open door policy. Here’s a good way to get one’s country overrun with people fast: hand out free money. Literally.

Now, under a new £550 million EU disaster fund scheme concocted by officials in Brussels, migrants are actually going to be handed envelopes filled with cash to “maintain their dignity”.

(read more)

Mar 04 08:14

The Revolution Begins: German Banks Told To Start Hoarding Cash

This is officially an all-out revolution of the financial system where banks are now actively rebelling against the central bank. In a stunningly real rebuttal of Europe's negative interest rate policy, German newspaper Der Spiegel reported yesterday that the Bavarian Banking Association has recommended that its member banks start stockpiling PHYSICAL CASH.

Mar 03 19:37


Mar 03 11:27

Four alternatives to EU membership rejected by the government

The government has concluded in an official report that Britain would be “weaker, less safe and worse off” if it left the European Union.

The document, which has been compiled under the terms of the act of parliament authorising the EU referendum, examines a series of alternatives to EU membership that would all lead to the loss of trade deals and police cooperation.

Mar 03 11:18

Cameron's EU DISASTER: New poll says 129,000 still want to quit despite PM's deal

In a massive rebuff to the Prime Minister, a survey of almost 150,000 people found around nine out of ten want the UK to withdraw from the European bloc.

And the package of measures agreed in Mr Cameron’s EU negotiations – including a so-called “emergency brake” on welfare payments to EU migrants – has not convinced them to change their minds.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Okay, we need to start taking hostages so the subjects will vote the way I tell them to in the referendum!" -- Number 9 3/4

Mar 03 11:00


It is the triumph of Samuel Huntington and of his project, hidden inside his prophecy of a “Clash of Civilizations”. It is also a triumph for Neoconservatives who have engineered all western interventions in the Middle East (and also in Ukraine), during the last 15 years. They can now use their results and consequences, in the form of refugees, immigrants and terrorists, in order to try to alter European geopolitics and even attempt “regime change” in the “first world”. Globalization, “la mondialisation heureuse” (happy), as its French supporters used to call it, was often confused with … easy traveling by international middle class and the use of I-pads. It’s not about them. Every TV news watcher can easily understand now that the era of “globalization” is nothing but a state of permanent, destructive War of everybody against everybody. A Social War, against the poorer classes and nations of Europe, a Hot War, “against Islam”, a Cold War against Russia (tomorrow China).

Mar 03 10:51


A wave of resignation has swept Armed Forces General Command (DGRSZ), which is the Polish military’s key command apparatus. Nearly all of its most important officers have tendered resignations in the last few days. Out of 23 generals assigned to the DGRSZ, five have resigned, including three two-star generals. The list of resignations is not being published. One of the generals who is unofficially mentioned as having resigned is Division General Janusz Bronowicz... This information is all the more concerning since Bronowicz’s resignation was accompanied by the resignations of both of his deputies, Generals Andrzej Andrzej Ku?nierek and Stanis?aw Olsza?ski. The Naval Inspectorate has also lost its chief. According to unconfirmed reports, Vice-Admiral Marian Ambroziak has decided to hang up his uniform. As if that was not enough, the DGRSZ is also losing its chief of staff. Bartniak and his colleagues did not want to comment on their resignations.

Mar 03 09:18

No foreign leaders invited to celebrations of Day of Liberation in Bulgaria — diplomat

Foreign leaders were not invited to official celebrations of the 138th anniversary of Day of Liberation in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson Betina Zhoteva told TASS on Thursday. "Among participants in official celebrations are heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Sofia. Rumors about inviting the Turkish president are a crude manipulation and not consistent with reality," Zhoteva said.

Mar 03 08:58

The EU Going Quietly into the Light?

Our long-term projection models targeted March 13/14, 2016 for when the confidence in the EU would begin to crack much more profoundly among the average community. Indeed, the general view about the EU’s future has begun to plummet as reported in nearly every member state (28 in total) with the exception of just a few. The most striking statistics come from Netherlands and Germany where people are now overwhelmingly negative about the outlook of the union. Ireland is the least pessimistic, coming in at 20%, with Greece leading the pack at 63%. The pessimism in Greece has increased by 20% in the past year alone. It appears the computer has successfully targeted the correct period, but this feat was accomplished by looking at the business cycle. It is very clear that once the cycle turns down, confidence collapses.

Mar 02 16:34

German Chancellor Merkel’s Refugee Policy And The Call For A European Army

On the Sunday television talk show hosted by Anne Will, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated her opposition to a change in course on refugee policy. A “national solution” was not in Germany’s interests. Freedom of movement within the Schengen zone had to be maintained. Instead of national borders, the European Union’s external borders had to be secured. Intensified efforts to this end were required, she said.

Mar 02 15:45

Euro depression is 'deliberate' EU choice, says former Bank of England chief

Europe's deep economic malaise is the result of "deliberate" policy choices made by EU elites, according to the former governor of the Bank of England.

Lord Mervyn King continued his scathing assault on Europe's economic and monetary union, having predicted the beleaguered currency zone will need to be dismantled to free its weakest members from unremitting austerity and record levels of unemployment.

Mar 02 14:34


Recently a similar Association Agreement was signed with Moldova. The economic and social situation in the country has deteriorated dramatically after the signing of the agreement. After the EU visa-free regime was proclaiming, every third adult citizen of Moldova went to work in EU countries or had already done so prior to the agreement. Almost all of them are employed in unskilled labor. The current migration situation in the EU is disastrous, both because of the mass influx of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, and the flow of migrants from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Meanwhile Brussels aggressively promotes an Association Agreement with the Ukraine, where more than 42 million live with an average monthly wage of $ 120, and monthly pension of $ 40. Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary have already faced the problem of an acute influx of Ukrainian migrants.

Mar 02 14:29

2.03.2016 CRISIS NEWS

Visa-free regime for Turkish nationals in the Schengen zone could open a “gateway” for a new refugee influx to Germany, Vice-President of the Bundestag Johannes Singhammer told Passauer Neue Presse on Tuesday. Citing Foreign Ministry figures, he said that more than 200,000 Schengen visas are being issued annually by German consulates and visa centers in Turkey. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) warned Europe on Tuesday of an imminent humanitarian crisis as the number of refugees in Greece in need immediate help reached 24,000. According to the UNHCR, as of Tuesday, almost 132,000 people had crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe during January and February, of whom over 122,000 had arrived in Greece. Around 150 migrants, some armed with iron bars, have attempted to block or climb lorries traveling towards the Eurotunnel, as clashes with police continued into the night in chaotic scenes surrounding the Calais refugee ‘Jungle’ camp in France on March 1.

Mar 02 14:26


First the facts. The US senators, 2 Democrats and 1 Republican, wrote a letter to PM Szydlo in which they express concern with the state of Poland’s democracy. Like the politicians of other countries, including from the EU, the US senators have drawn the conclusion that Poland’s law on the media and the changes to the Constitutional Tribunal “may limit democratic rights in Poland.” They called on Poland’s government to “confirm its adherence to fundamental principles of OSCE and EU, including respect for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.” Having read this letter, which was signed by John McCain, Ben Cardin, and Richard Durbin, one can come to the conclusion that something very worrisome had happened on the Vistula. Therefore it’s no wonder that Beata Szydlo quickly responded to the senators.

Mar 02 14:22


European Council President Donald Tusk decided to start a tour of Central Europe and the Balkan countries. He will visit Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Greece. The main reason for this is the migratory crisis and attempts to close the EU’s borders to migrants. Most likely, Tusk will convince the Austrians and Eastern Europeans to give up their newly imposed rules on border control. On the eve of the visit serious clashes broke out on the border of Macedonia and Greece. The Macedonian authorities refused to allow the refugees from the Middle East to enter their territory. Macedonia, together with Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria decided to introduce passport control measures at the border. The initiator was Austria. The EU’s leadership believes that measures to restrict migrants can cause the collapse of the Schengen...

Mar 02 13:51

How ‘Agent Bolek’ (Lech Walesa) Made the Velvet Revolution in Poland

Poland is experiencing hard times. The home of a former Interior Minister of the Polish People’s Republic, general Czeslaw Kiszczak, rendered up the file of a communist agent named ‘Bolek’. ‘Bolek’ won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, as head of the Solidarity trade union, who became the first president of free Poland, Lech Walesa, an electrician from the city of Gdansk. Friends of the former leader of the first Eastern-European ‘color revolution’ are sighing: ‘Why didn’t he just come out and tell people the truth’? More hard-nosed people are wondering if a general could bring home and stash away the police file of the leader of the revolution during all these post-socialist years, how many ‘Boleks’ are there among today’s Polish elite? Generally speaking, Poles are upset that anyone would conspire against the ‘First Liberated Nation’ legend. The tale of brave crowds bringing down the huge socialist camp from inside is one of the cornerstones of modern Polish political ideology.

Mar 02 12:46

The Migrant Crisis and its Impact on Europe

In considering the causes and consequences of this crisis, it is necessary to recall that the waves of refugees from the Middle East were preceded by the migration of Albanians from the territory of Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija to the EU and Germany in particular at the end of December 2014 and the beginning of 2015. In that case, however, there were not enough emergency bus lines to take all interested Albanians from Pristina to Subotica, i.e., the Hungarian border. According to some data, within three months 30,000 Albanians migrated from the southern province of Serbia to the countries of the EU. According to migrants who answered questions posed by journalists while waiting for buses at Pristina station, poverty and the uncertain future of Kosovo and Metohija were the main causes for migration. These Albanians told journalists that they had heard that good conditions were being offered for asylum seekers in Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Mar 02 12:18

US to work through nuclear attacks at Russian borders

The US strategic bombers B-52 will work through nuclear strike attacks under the NATO drills Cold Response in Norway. Three bombers set off on 1 March from the Spanish airbase Moron, where they had been dispatched from the continental part of the US. Delegations of the exercises' member-countries will observe acts of the bombers. According to the local media, they should have arrived in the town of Namsos at 11a.m. London time. Noteworthy, that B-52 will carry out a range of flights from the airbase in Spain to conduct exercises in the territory of the Norwegian region Trøndelag. The American Air Force Times believes that involvement of bombers of such a level aims at the US support of its NATO allies to defend them from the Russian 'aggression'.

Mar 02 12:09

US pushes too tough Bulgarians to Russia

The day before 138th Anniversary of the Bulgarians' liberation from the 500-long Turkish slavery, the Battle of Shipka Pass, and restoration of the Bulgaria's independence, the country's authorities invited Erdogan, but not Putin... It happened because "there arrived a new US Ambassador Eric Rubin. Before taking the baton from Marcie Ries, he said clearly that he would annihilate all the Russophile media, non-government organizations, and any word in favour of Russia"... these words roused to action all the politicians, mass media representatives, and other public figures in Bulgaria. "And they have already started the annihilation campaign of the 3 March, diminishing the influence and role of Russia in this event". However, such acts against Russia just backfired. "People who did not have a clear stance on Russia, went over to it. According to some estimations, they make up about 80 per cent of the country's population.

Mar 02 07:46

FLASHBACK - Lord James of Blackheath $15,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO FRAUD EXPOSED February 16 2012

Mar 02 07:41

Nato chief: Vladimir Putin 'weaponising' refugee crisis to 'break' Europe

Vladimir Putin is purposefully creating a refugee crisis in order to “overwhelm” and “break” Europe, Nato’s military commander in Europe said today.
Gen Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the head of the US European Command, said that President Putin and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had “weaponised” migration through a campaign of bombardment against civilian centres.

"Together, Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponising migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve," Gen Breedlove told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"These indiscriminate weapons used by both Bashar al-Assad, and the non-precision use of weapons by the Russian forces, I can't find any other reason for them other than to cause refugees to be on the move and make them someone else's problem," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but has General Breedlove gone absolutely barking mad, to make the accusation that Russia and Syria were creating "...weaponized migration"?!?!?

It is the US and the West which has been funding, supporting, and training ISIS for years, in an attempt, unsuccessfully to date, to create regime change in Syria.

Is it any wonder that Syrian moms, dads, and families want to be somewhere where the bombs are not falling, somewhere safe?!?

Without the US and West's intervention, there would be no stream of refugees, but of course, in classic US denial/style, Breedlove cannot, or will not, take responsibility for the degree to which US intervention in Syria has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Syria, which has now come home to roost in Europe.

Mar 02 07:27

Bail-In Regulation To Blame For “Bank Turmoil” In EU?

The Financial Times recently looked at how the new bail-in resolutions in the EU, U.S. and most of the western world and asked whether they may be leading to “bank turmoil” and increased concerns about banks and the banking sector in the EU. As is typically the case with coverage of the bail-in regime, the important article was little noticed.

Mar 02 07:16

Germany ‘threatens’ to scrap open-door policy ahead of EU-Turkey refugee crisis summit

Germany, the ultimate destination for most refugees, may soon start turning them away at its borders, if the number of entries does not drop. The Interior Minister had reportedly sent a strong message to the EU that the “time of waving the issue through is over.”

Mar 02 07:14


Turkey could join the European Union earlier than expected after its help in dealing with the 'disorderly' migrant crisis, Angela Merkel signalled today.

The German Chancellor arrived in Istanbul for talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on how to stem the flow of people from conflict in the Middle East.

Mar 02 07:13

Control-freak Cameron demands to vet speeches planned by WORLD LEADERS to make sure they don't undermine his bid to keep Britain in the EU

Downing Street officials have demanded world leaders send them speeches that could affect the referendum campaign in advance so they can be vetted.

In an extraordinary bid to control what the public is told in advance of the vote, the Prime Minister's aides have asked that countries consult them and are careful not to say anything that could boost the Brexit side.

Mar 02 05:40

Pensions In The Netherlands: Sailing into rough waters

Seafaring sayings seem particularly apt, as after a year of lacklustre returns Dutch pension funds once again find themselves in troubled waters. In just the first six weeks of 2016, many of the country’s largest schemes saw their funding rates plunge by as much as 10 percentage points to around 90% – dangerously close to the critical level where benefit cuts can no longer be avoided. The combined effects of sinking markets and falling interest rates are putting pressure on a defined benefit (DB)-based system already facing strong headwinds.

Mar 01 18:24

European Banks: Defaults Are Inevitable

Mar 01 16:07

For An Active Boycott Of The Brexit Referendum

The June 23 referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union raises issues of immense international importance. The outcome will have implications for workers not only in the UK, but far beyond its shores.

Mar 01 14:04

Streets of Norway Give Rise to Right Wing and Islamic Vigilantes

On the one hand, you have the right-wing Soldiers of Odin, who present themselves a street patrol group. They first emerged in Finland in 2015 in response to the flood of migrants that have arrived there from the Middle East, and not surprisingly they’ve since opened up chapters all over Europe, including Norway.

They say they’re only interested in making people feel safe in public, much like the Guardian Angels organization in the United States. However, many of their members have criminal records (which are often racially motivated crimes), and they’ve been accused of being a xenophobic street gang or an anti-migrant vigilante organization. Their movement really picked up steam after the New Years sexual assaults in Germany, and their ranks continue to grow.

It didn’t take long however, for another group to develop that would counter the Soldiers of Odin, and they’re not the typical left-wing pro migrant progressives that often protest at Pegida rallies.

Mar 01 12:23

NATO Operation in Aegean Sea Heightens Threat of War with Russia

A NATO convoy under German leadership is to begin operations in the Aegean Sea in the next few days, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday.

Mar 01 09:28

Brexit : Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose

The 1% are worried that their cartel, built up over the years, reaching its rapacious crest in 2008 and continuing its relentless quest for financial and political domination is potentially under threat with Britain’s EU referendum vote. They are ganging up just as they did with the Scottish referendum – just much worse. After all, the stakes are much, much higher.

Mar 01 09:04

DAY THE EU FELL APART: Leaders rip chunks out of each other on worst day of migrant chaos

As tear gas rained down on rioting migrants in Greece and France bickering countries squabbled over who should take the blame for the spiralling crisis which shows no sign of slowing.

Feb 29 10:25

Irish Bonds Fall as Election Creates Political and Economic Uncertainty

Irish bonds fell today and the yield on ten-year Irish bonds rose to 0.908 pc, up from 0.891 pc in early trading this morning after a divisive general election and inconclusive result threw Irish politics into disarray and created considerable political and economic uncertainty.

Feb 29 09:05

WATCH – George Galloway Rips Into BBC: ‘So Childish’ Coverage Of EU Referendum

Controversial addition to the Grassroots Out rally, George Galloway, has ripped into the “childish” and “tabloid” BBC for asking him to come into studio to discuss the European Union, but then launching a personal ‘gotcha’ attack on him demanding he defend his appearance at the event.

Feb 29 08:45

Will the European Union Share the Fate of the Soviet Union?

EU politicians and European heads of state are desperately looking for ways to save the European project, but a series of powerful anti-EU shocks, and growing public distrust makes a Soviet-style collapse seem almost inevitable, French economist Charles Gave suggests.

Feb 29 07:54

Refugees break through Macedonia border fence using ‘home-made battering ram’

Refugees have reportedly broken through a fence on the Macedonian and Greek border using a home-made battering ram.

BBC footage shows refugees ripping away barbed wire and pushing against the fence to get through.

Protesters clashed with authorities as they chanted “Open the border!” and threw stones at Macedonian police as a few hundred people managed to break through a gate at the border.

Police fired tear gas and stun grenades at the protesters, though no arrests or injuries have been reported. It is not known how many people crossed the border during the incident.

Feb 29 04:52

Euro-Area Prices Decline Most in Year as ECB Mulls Easing

>Inflation rate at minus 0.2% in February vs 0% forecast
>ECB to review stimulus program at March 9-10 meeting

The inflation picture in the euro area deteriorated in February, giving European Central Bank policy makers more bad news to digest just a week before their next meeting.

Feb 28 10:25

End of the British Army? EU plots ‘scandalous’ military merger if UK votes to stay in

THE EU is to launch a £3 BILLION defence research and development programme with the ultimate aim of merging the continent's militaries into one gargantuan Euro army, can exclusively reveal today.

Feb 28 09:19

Project Fear: Farage blasts scaremongering claims Brexit will spark global depression

Nigel Farage blasted a joint statement by the G20 club of the world’s biggest economies predicting dire consequences in people vote for a Brexit this summer.

The UKIP leader rubbished the claims as “big banks, big business and big government all scratching each other’s backs” as the the Tories’ Project Fear campaign gets into full swing.

Feb 28 08:54

Jeremy Heywood to face questions over ban on data for Eurosceptic ministers

Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary and head of the Civil Service, ordered civil servants to deny ministers who want to campaign to leave the EU access to government statistics and research

Feb 28 08:53

BBC ‘Failing to Remain Impartial’ on EU Referendum, Says Pro-Brexit MP

The BBC has been accused of pro-European Union (EU) bias just one week into the referendum campaign.

In a letter to the Corporation’s Director for News James Harding, Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said that certain major current affairs programmes were not giving the “leave” side a fair hearing and pro-EU guests were given greater prominence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 28 08:52

Carswell Staffer Suzanne Evans Quotes EU-Funded, Pro Mass Migration ‘Think Tank’, Says Don’t Mention UKIP And Nigel Farage During Referendum

Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) Deputy Chairman and now taxpayer funded, Douglas Carswell staffer Suzanne Evans has used a speech at the UKIP Wales conference today to tell attendees not to mention Nigel Farage or UKIP during the EU referendum campaign.

Speaking to around 30 people in a fringe event in Llandudno, Wales this morning, Ms. Evans and Mr. Carswell told the few in attendance that neither their political party, nor their party leader should be talked about during the referendum campaign.

Feb 28 08:51

REVEALED: SECRET MAP shows what continent REALLY thinks of 'doomed’ EU

EUROPE is turning against Brussels with anti-EU feeling spreading through the Continent - as our exclusive map today reveals.

Feb 28 08:42

NATO can’t fight Russians in Europe, says leading US think tank

A report by influential US-based think tank the Atlantic Council says NATO’s European members can’t fight a war against Russia. Earlier, the commander of US European forces said Americans were ready to “fight and win” against Russia.

The report, due to be released Friday, was prepared by six senior defense experts, including former NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, deputy supreme commander Sir Richard Shirreff and former Italian defense minister and NATO military committee chair Giampaolo di Paola. The Financial Times said it warns of a “lack of progress” in NATO’s build-up plans.

Many of the key members of the alliance are dogged by “chronic underfunding” and “critical deficiencies” in their “hollowed out” militaries, the report says. For example, Germany has only 10 usable Tiger helicopters out of its fleet of 31, and just 280 of its 406 Marder armored infantry vehicles are in full working order.

Feb 28 08:38

Hungary's Orban Says George Soros Is Destroying Europe

Hungary's outspoken prime minister says billionaire 'activist' George Soros is using the current refugee crisis to attack the 'traditional European lifestyle'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Being a billionaire means never having to say you're sorry!" -- Sore-ass

Feb 28 08:22

Europe enters the age of disintegration

There is now a real possibility that the EU system for border and immigration controls will break down in about 10 days. On March 7, EU leaders will hold a summit in Brussels with Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish prime minister.

The idea is to persuade Ankara to do what Greece failed to do: protect the EU’s south-eastern border and halt the flow of immigrants. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes diplomacy going on between Germany and Turkey. The mood in Berlin, however, is not good.

Feb 28 07:23

Europe enters the age of disintegration.

Feb 27 09:59

feisty Brexit teenager leaves Cabinet member Liz Truss speechless on Question Time

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! When was the last time you heard an American kid that articulate!!!!

Feb 27 09:58

OUT! -The David Icke Videocast Trailer

Feb 27 09:44

Who will watch for BBC bias in the EU referendum campaign?

It is wearisome work, but I hope the ‘leave’ campaign is carefully monitoring the BBC’s coverage of the referendum. On Monday, the first full weekday since Mr Cameron’s ‘legally binding’ deal, I listened to the Today programme for more than two hours. I heard six speakers for ‘remain’ and two (John Mills and Nigel Lawson) for ‘leave’.

In this I am not including any of the BBC interviewers themselves, though my hunch, based solely on the way they ask questions, is that all of them, with the possible exception of John Humphrys, are for ‘remain’. The guests explicitly in favour of ‘remain’ were Carolyn Fairbairn, Sir Mike Rake, Stanley Johnson and Michael Fallon. Jonathan Portes, who is always presented by the BBC as a neutral expert, was actually pushing the EU cause.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 27 09:42

Irish exit polls show ruling coalition government likely ousted

The Irish prime minister's coalition looks set to fall well short of re-election for a second term. An unusual alliance with Fina Gael's historical rival, Fianna Fail, appears to be the only route to power.

Feb 27 09:21

We Don't Need No Immigration: Poland Considers Wall on Border With Ukraine

The right-wing Polish political party National Movement has called for the construction of a wall on the border with Ukraine, which they claim will help stop an influx of illegal migrants, media reports said.

Feb 27 09:20

Poroshenko Signs Law on the Status of NATO's Office in Ukraine

President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has signed a law that sets the status of the representative office of NATO in Ukraine. It will be responsible for the development of cooperation between official Kiev and the Alliance.

Feb 27 09:08

Breedlove: US Ready To "Fight and Defeat" Russia in Europe

The U.S is ready "to fight and defeat" Russia in Europe, if necessary, said the commander of European command U.S. General Philip Breedlove.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And how do the Europeans, who have had two world wars fought on their soil, feel about this?

Feb 27 07:59

Migrant horror stories from Europe: No wonder ISIS is losing ground in Syria and Iraq, they are all coming over here!

No wonder ISIS is losing ground in Syria and Iraq, they are all coming over here!
The Daily Mail reports
More than 130,000 migrants have 'vanished' in Germany - 13 per cent of arrivals in the last 14 months - the government reveals
Missing migrants may have left Germany or disappeared underground
There are also 400,000 people in the country whose identities are unknown and....That's just Germany!
While desperate migrants try to HANG themselves in Athens square as struggling Greece warns it won't become a 'warehouse of souls'.
An Algerian sex attacker who shouted ‘Inshallah’ - if Allah wills it - as he raped a 25-year-old German student is jailed for eight years.
Iraqi alleged to have raped a ten-year-old boy in an Austrian swimming pool 'because of a sexual emergency' is kept in solitary to protect him from other prisoners, say jail officials

Feb 26 16:22

EU Says Won’t Campaign In ‘Brexit’ Vote

The European Commission said on Monday that it will not take part in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU ahead of an in-out referendum in June.

Feb 26 14:42

30-strong group harasses young girls in north Germany

A trio of teenage girls in northern Germany were sexually harassed by a large group of men in northern Germany on Thursday, echoing the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

The incident took place between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Thursday evening in Kiel, the capital of Germany's northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein.

As the teenagers aged between 15 and 17 went for dinner together, they were followed by two young men, both from Afghanistan, police report.

Feb 26 13:24


The EU has until a March 7 summit with Turkey to curb the number of migrants coming to Europe or else the bloc's migration system might "completely break down", migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said Thursday. "In the next 10 days, we need tangible and clear results on the ground. Otherwise there is a risk that the whole system will completely break down," Avramopoulos told a press conference after interior ministers dealing with the crisis met in Brussels. The EU official also warned of an imminent humanitarian crisis in Greece, the main arrival point for migrants in Europe, or on the western Balkans route most take to richer northern European countries.

Feb 26 11:02

"We Are Heading Into Anarchy": Official Says EU Will "Completely Break Down In 10 Days"

Norwegian PM Erna Solberg doesn’t want to have to skirt her country’s responsibilities under the Geneva Convention and she doesn’t want to trample over human rights either, but she will if she has to.

"It is a force majeure proposals which we will have in the event that it all breaks down,” Solberg said, in an interview with Berlingske, describing new measures she believes Norway may have to take if Sweden buckles under the weight of the refugee influx which saw some 163,000 asylum seekers inundate the country last year.

Feb 26 10:57

Why the Euro is a Doomed Currency

By Doug Casey

The economy of the European Union is a constipated, sclerotic, malfunctioning entity that only registered real economic growth of 0.2% in the recent quarter—assuming you can credit their numbers at all. The continent is a giant monument to socialism, where everyone believes they can live at the expense of everyone else. As a result, the average European sees his government as a magic cornucopia, a source of unlimited wealth. When something goes wrong, Europeans look to their governments to “do something.” With this in mind, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi made the front pages by saying he is “ready to act” with a “whole menu of monetary policy instruments.”

This is central banker speak for “I’m willing to print an incredible amount of money in my attempt to keep my job and stimulate the economy by making people think they’re richer than they really are.”...

Feb 26 10:27


European ministers have embarrassed David Cameron by voting to impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia on the same day the British prime minister praised the UK for selling “brilliant” arms to the country.

Speaking at a BAE Systems factory in Preston, the prime minister said the UK had pushed the sale of Eurofighter Typhoons to countries in the Middle East, including Oman and Saudi Arabia.

His comments come as a report by Amnesty International reveals that EU and US arms trading provided Saudi Arabia with arms worth billions of dollars in 2015. The Saudis are engaged in a military offensive against Houthi rebels in Yemen. The latest figures from Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) suggest some 6,400 civilians have been killed or injured in the conflict.

Cameron’s speech in Preston came at the same time the European Parliament voted to impose an EU-wide ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia, citing criticism from the UN of its bombing in Yemen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bravo to the EU, and shame on David Cameron, and the British government, for having allowed these arms sales to Saudi Arabia, a country with a human rights record JUST to the right of that of Attila the Hun.

And what has Saudi Arabia done with these weapons?!? Enabled by the US government in a proxy war against Yemen, to reinstate the US puppet Al-Hadi, the Saudi Arabian military has slaughtered thousands of innocents, and their targets have included schools, hospitals, ambulances, and private residences.

Mr. Cameron, in this slaughter committed by the Saudi military, the British government has been complicit in war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

But hey, to the weapons manufactures in the UK, it's "money uber alles", right?!?

So at the end of the day, no one in the military industrial complex ever loses sleep about the bloody and immoral crimes against innocent civilians those weapons, in the hands of people who have had their consciences collectively, surgically removed, might perpetrate.

I mean, civilian non-coms, including children, women, and the medically fragile elderly getting blown to smithereens, are just collateral damage, right?!? No big deal.

And THIS, from the country which gave the world the Magna Carta?!?

You, David Cameron, and the British government, should collectively be hanging your heads in shame right now.

But you have no shame, do you, sir?!?

And no matter the torrent of brutal images of the carnage this war has created you see, day after day, through private intel dispatches, you have no utterly no moral qualms whatsoever about any degree of personal, or governmental, responsibility you hold for having been complicit in causing it to happen.

Because it's all about the money, right?!?!?

Feb 26 08:39

Desperate migrants try to HANG themselves in Athens square as struggling Greece warns it won't become a 'warehouse of souls'

Greece has warned it would not be turned into ‘warehouse of souls’ by the rest of the Europe after tens of thousands of migrants were left trapped in the country.

Two desperate men yesterday attempted to hang themselves in a square in the centre of Athens as frustrations grew with border closures that have stopped people leaving.

Feb 26 08:03

CALAIS AT WAR: Thousands of migrants scream 'UK! UK!' in violent riot as Jungle spared

CALAIS descended into open warfare last night as thousands of migrants rampaged through the town yelling "UK! UK!" as they made their way back to the crime-ridden Jungle camp.

Feb 26 08:02

Brussels time bomb: EU burying power-grab laws until AFTER referendum

Brussels bureaucrats are biding their time in the hope that the UK stays part of the EU, sources claim.

They then plan to demand €20billion more for their budget, expand freedom of movement and beef up human rights in a "Pandora's box" of new rules.

According to MEPs and diplomats, the measures are being kept quiet for fear they could alienate Britain for good.

Feb 26 08:01

Making a killing from 'austerity': the EU's great privatisation fire sale

Europe's economic crisis has offered vast business opportunities to an all-powerful nexus of financial interests that have snapped up valuable state assets at bargain basement prices, defrauding the poorest countries of countless billions of euros, write Sol Trumbo & Nick Buxton. The EU's highest institutions are in the grip of a deep, systemic corruption that knows no boundaries.

Feb 26 07:51

Brexit and Good Riddance

For many European citizens, the 28-member-state Union has turned out to be a huge disappointment. It is far from the progressive, socialist bloc that many had once envisaged.

One of the reasons for the EU’s historic failure is Britain. Ever since the United Kingdom joined the European project, it has been a largely negative force, carping about workers’ rights, equality laws and the principle of inter-state solidarity. Now it is to vote on whether to finally leave the Union – the so-called Brexit.

Feb 26 07:50

'Ukraine is a moral & political black hole on the brink of collapse'

Europeans fear the planned EU-Ukraine association agreement – the first step to integrate Ukraine into the bloc – may lead to a new crisis on the European Union's eastern borders, Professor Laszlo Maracz of Gumilyov Eurasian National University told RT.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault, are currently in Kiev for political talks. Before setting off on the trip, they yet again urged Ukraine's government to implement political reforms, including a new election law, special rights for regions, and stronger efforts in countering corruption.

Feb 26 07:23

Irish Revolt: Voters Push for Anti-Austerity Gov't in General Election

Irish voters have officially started voting in the country's general election, with polls suggesting mainstream parties may not secure a stable majority.

Feb 26 07:17

Norway’s Prime Minister Warns Sweden Is About To Collapse, Seals Borders

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has warned that Sweden is about to collapse due to the overwhelming influx of refugees in the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 26 04:33

EU lawmakers call for arms embargo against Saudi Arabia

European Union lawmakers called on Thursday for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia over airstrikes and a naval blockade in Yemen, despite lobbying by the kingdom.

In a resolution, the legislators called for the EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini "to launch an initiative aimed at imposing an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia."

They expressed concern "at the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition and the naval blockade it has imposed on Yemen," saying that they have led to thousands of deaths.

The resolution was passed by 449 votes to 36, with 78 abstentions.


Feb 25 14:30

Presidential Elections 2016: The Revolt of the Masses

Commentators grossly oversimplify when they reduce the revolt to incoherent expressions of ‘anger’.

The presidential elections of 2016 have several unique characteristics that defy common wisdom about political practices in 21st century America.

Clearly the established political machinery – party elites and their corporate backers -have (in part) lost control of the nomination process and confront ‘unwanted’ candidates who are campaigning with programs and pronouncements that polarize the electorate.

But there are other more specific factors, which have energized the electorate and speak to recent US history. These portend and reflect a realignment of US politics.

In this essay, we will outline these changes and their larger consequences for the future of American politics.

We will examine how these factors affect each of the two major parties.

Feb 25 09:32

Breedlove: NATO Ready to ‘Fight and Win If Necessary’ Against Russia

The US European Command (EUCOM) and NATO are prepared to "fight and win" against Russia "if necessary," US Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Philip Breedlove said on Thursday.

Russia has repeatedly warned that NATO’s attempts to expand on its borders, as well as more recently amass troops and equipment, constitute provocative acts that are contrary to previous agreements and can undermine regional and global stability.
"To counter Russia, EUCOM, working with allies and partners, is deterring Russia now and preparing to fight and win if necessary," Breedlove said.
Training of cadets in the Arctic division DVVKU
US European Command to Counter Russia in High North - Breedlove
Since 2014, the United States and NATO have been focused on rebuilding military capacity and force readiness in Europe under the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

War with Russia would be absolute madness: what is this man thinking?!?!?

This is fearmongering, pure and simple, to garner funding for the program, and to throw it at the feet of the US's and Europe's military industrial complex.

Feb 25 09:01

Italy Summons US Envoy Over NSA Spying Reports

Italy has summoned the US ambassador to Rome following reports that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had tapped the telephones of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his aides in 2011

Feb 25 08:36

European Parliament calls for Saudi arms embargo

The European Parliament called on the European Union to impose an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia on Thursday, saying Britain, France and other EU governments should no longer sell weapons to a country accused of targeting civilians in Yemen.

Feb 25 08:25

PRE TSD or Kosher Psychosis

Police took Aroule to hospital, but he only had self-inflicted scratches on his body and was quickly released.

Following questioning, he confessed to making the story up to try and spread mistrust and suspicion of Muslims.

The conclusion is inevitable. Rather than a rise in anti semitism in Europe what we see here is a growing manifestation of kosher psychosis.

Feb 24 16:47

Brexit : Tories unleash military leaders, Russian invasion, ISIS, threats from US and NATO in fear campaign

Originally, Britain signed up to the European Economic Community or EEC via a referendum in 1975 for the purposes of enhancing trade, it was in essence a trade deal, or at least that was how it was sold to the British people. What the unsuspecting people of Britain were not aware of was that in reality the origins of the EU was devised by the USA back in the 1950’s that saw the continent more as an opportunity of a puppet run super-state filled with attendant yes-men for trade and the manipulation of strategic global markets and, just as importantly a defensive buffer zone against it’s new foe – the Reds from Russia. Think TTIP, Ukraine and an ever expanding NATO alliance.

Feb 24 12:50

Mogherini: EU Against Formation of Kurdish State in Middle East

EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said the bloc opposes the formation of a separate Kurdish state in the Middle East. "The European Union does not support any separatist agenda for the Kurds - being it in Turkey, being it in Iraq, being it in Syria," Mogherini said at the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, Sabah Daily reported. Mogherini reiterated the EU's condemnation of violence by the PKK following an attack in Ankara that killed 29 people last week. "The European Union condemns in any possible way any terrorist act and considers the PKK as a terrorist organization," Mogherini said. "We also believe, as united as we are in condemning terrorist acts, that the way to solve the Kurdish issue inside Turkey is through a peace process that the same Turkish government started a few years ago before dropping it," she said.

Feb 24 12:05


Walk of the torment: the European Union almost does not know from which side it needs to defend itself. Union is pressed by: the refugee crisis, the British crisis, the Greek crisis, Ukrainian crisis… The consequences of this crisis in the EU are diverse – some are very seriously threatening the foundations of a common European home, others put to the test its basic values. All European crisis, however, have something in common, they show high vulnerability of the Union and confirm that it is almost impossible to quickly and efficiently obtain an effective European response to a current challenge. Some will say that this is not easy, even in a mathematical point of view. The interests of 28 member states should be reconciled in one place, and their government which is made from about seventy political parties of different colors. This European “army” should be added whit 29.member: EU headquarters in Brussels, which makes its own story – often too bureaucratic and highly inefficient.

Feb 24 12:01

Brexit: Why Britons won’t get what they vote for

On June 23, British citizens will line up to cast their vote on whether or not the country should stay in the European Union.

Plenty of reasons exist for Britain to leave the EU. Britain itself is an increasingly authoritarian environment but the trend in the EU is even worse.

Though it is heartening that British voters are finally able to vote on the Brexit issue, we are not confident that the elites will allow the people’s voices to be heard.

Feb 24 12:01


It is well-known that the Baltic States as well as Poland repeatedly asked for permanent alliance’s forces deployment on their soil. The governments consider this step the only effective measure to deter Russia. They are sure that the West is challenged to produce a precedent of breaking the agreement. Thus, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski argued that the alliance has no obligation to adhere to the 1997 promise because it faces “a completely different situation” and “a completely different Russia.” Sometimes it seems as if the governments of the Baltic States and Poland do not view the situation as a whole, and pursue only their own interests. Obviously from the strategic point of view provoking Russia with such steps may have serious consequences for the Baltic region and Europe as a whole.

Feb 24 11:56

Russian TV: Serbian government betrays the nation

St. Petersburg's Fifth Channel broadcast a report by journalist Catherine Lane with the Belgrade streets during Saturday's rally against ratification of the law on cooperation with NATO.

- Despite the satisfaction of peak power after the signing of agreements on cooperation with NATO, the air smelled the pungent issue. Citizens took to the streets, they are not needed any additional explanations, they know very well what the NATO bombing, it experienced 17 years ago in my own skin - she is a facilitator in the announcement of the report, a Russian media reported.

Feb 24 11:54


It is known that one of the foundations of the American economy is a defense industry sector, and it is quite obvious that it would not make any sense if wars or other kinds of conflicts would not exist. We should not be surprised then by the fact that the NATO member countries are one of the wheels of the US economy. Just imagine when you add up the two percent of GDP of today’s 28 members. We come to a huge amount of money which is collected on the other side of the pond. Of course sometimes these weapons must be used and tested in actions such as Desert Storm, the intervention in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, and many others. Every expert in the geopolitical scene knows that all these NATO’s interventions are used only to bring the profit to the American military industry and using their slogans about freedom and democracy as a cover for dumbing down the masses to justify their evil deeds.

Feb 24 10:05

Serbian authorities conceal agreements with NATO

The Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic signed an agreement on diplomatic immunity for the NATO representatives and logistic support in the territory of the Republic. "This document allows the NATO members to obtain support of the Serbian authorities on transportation, technical aid, and provision of the NATO military with goods and services. While these are Serbian authorities who bear all the costs, and NATO is absolved of all responsibility for damaging Serbia, including death of the civilians", the expert pointed out. It is not the first agreement the country's authorities have signed. Negotiations with the NATO were started just after Slobodan Milosevic had been dethroned in 2000. First of all, they agreed upon the usage of airports, sea bays, roads and railroads, information and communication systems. The agreement was signed secretly by the Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic in 2005. In 2006 the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian government signed 3 agreements with the US.

Feb 24 09:35

Moldova’s new PM: Moldova needs to restore IMF’s trust

A political crisis that broke out in Moldova back in 2013 forced the country to break all cooperation with the IMF. An IMF delegation, now on a visit to Chisinau, may help restoring the severed ties. "Moldova needs a new memorandum with the IMF," Filip said. He believes the memorandum will unfreeze the EU financial aid to Moldova and will help the republic to receive a promised credit from Romania. According to Filip, the IMF will analyze the visit’s results to decide if negotiations for a new cooperation program should start with Moldova. Filip said the Moldovan authorities were planning to verify the 2016 budget, which he describes as balanced, with the IMF experts. The government is planning to use the funds promised by Western donors for covering the existing budget deficit. "If we want to see the financing unfrozen, it is necessary to demonstrate our true desire to change the situation in the country," Filip went on to say.

Feb 24 05:45

Russians Ride Fast – Israel Shamir

If the rebels grasp the chance and enter serious negotiations for a coalition government, peace is possible.

The Russians accepted the US proposal to cease fire in Syria (or rather to end hostilities). They had made a similar proposal a few weeks ago, so this is in line with their thinking. Russians have made huge successes in Syria; they achieved an astonishing and unexpected victory with very few losses.

It was a reputational victory it was as well as a military one. Russia entered the Syrian war at a low point internationally.

Feb 24 05:28

Serbia Says EU Membership 'No Longer the Big Dream' for Balkan Candidates

Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said that the refugee crisis affecting the EU and the possibility of Britain leaving the bloc have made accession to the Union less appealing to Balkan candidate countries, Reuters reported. Yet, accession to the bloc remained the top policy objective for Serbia, which began formal accession talks last year, the newswire quoted Vucic as saying at a conference at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London on Monday. "The EU that all of us (Balkan countries) are aspiring to, it has lost its magic power. Yes, we all want to join, but it is no longer the big dream it was in the past," Vucic said. Serbia's friendly relations with Russia and Belgrade’s refusal to recognize its former province of Kosov as an independent state remain two potential stumbling blocs on the country’s path to EU membership.

Feb 24 05:25

As Estonia Celebrates Its Independence Will Black US Troops Again Be Greeted With Racist Taunts?

In 2015, during the Independence Day parade, while African-American troops wearing NATO uniforms marched on the main street of Estonia’s capital, local racists shouted all kinds of racial slurs, including, “Go back to your grandparents in Nigeria!” Since then, there has been evidence of racism against American NATO troops in restaurants, hotels and on the streets of Estonia, where “Go back to Nigeria!” has become a widely used attack toward dark-skinned American soldiers. The situation has become so intolerable that the Estonian Air Force Supreme Commander Jaak Tarien addressed it publicly on his Facebook page last October, apologizing on behalf of his countrymen to his NATO counterparts.

Feb 24 04:27

Lithuanian shipping companies eye Russian-German ferry line bypassing Poland

The ferry line linking the port town of Baltiisk in Russia’s Kaliningrad region with the port town of Sassnitz in Germany was launched on February 21. "Lithuanian companies have paid attention (to the ferry line - TASS) and are ready to sign agreements to rent from 20 to 30 seats (for their road trains) on each regular route three times a week," - the representative said. Considering that Russian shipping companies are already interested in the ferry line it is quite promising and will continue to function, the representative added. The decision to launch the ferry line was taken following the problems with the transit of cargos between Russia and Poland in early February. When the transit of cargos across Poland was blocked shipping companies had to use detours. Lithuania became a "transshipment terminal" for goods shipped from Poland and the EU and back. According to experts, the overland routes became at least 500 km longer and the shipping costs increased by 30-50% or even 100%.

Feb 23 09:27

Danish police want to track everyone’s movements on the net

The national police force, Rigspolitiet, wants the ability to track every user’s digital footprints.

“Tracking online movements will help them to identify and arrest criminals, as crime and communication about crime is increasingly taking place in cyberspace,” Rigspolitiet commissioner Jens Henrik Højbjerg told DR Nyheder.

Højbjerg is publicly supporting Søren Pind, who said last month that he would draft a law that created a system of online surveillance.

Feb 23 08:21

BEHIND YOUR BACK SPECIAL: 110 reasons to Vote Brexit, and still counting….

Forward with the Troika of camel, mule & elephant?

Feb 23 08:10


Last week, without parliamentary debate or vote, the United Kingdom announced a controversial new law that looks to ban publicly-funded institutions from boycotting Israeli goods and services on political grounds — including student unions at publicly-funded universities, local councils and the National Health Service. In a statement released on Feb. 17, the Cabinet Office of the U.K.’s Conservative government stated: “Town hall boycotts undermine good community relations, poisoning and polarizing debate, weakening integration and fueling anti-Semitism.” “Locally imposed boycotts can roll back integration as well as hinder Britain’s export trade and harm international relationships,” it added.

Feb 23 05:53


Originally, Britain signed up to the European Economic Community or EEC via a referendum in 1975 for the purposes of enhancing trade, it was in essence a trade deal, or at least that was how it was sold to the British people. What the unsuspecting people of Britain were not aware of was that in reality the origins of the EU was devised by the USA back in the 1950’s that saw the continent more as an opportunity of a puppet run super-state filled with attendant yes-men for trade and the manipulation of strategic global markets and, just as importantly a defensive buffer zone against it’s new foe – the Reds from Russia. Think TTIP, Ukraine and an ever expanding NATO alliance.

Feb 23 05:53

European Stocks Fall as Yen Gains With Gold on China Yuan Fixing

>China cuts yuan fixing by the most in more than a month
>Euro weakens with pounds as Brexit risks weigh on currencies

Investors got a reminder on Tuesday of the potential for China’s currency moves to jar financial markets.

European stocks fell with emerging markets after the People’s Bank of China reduced the yuan’s reference rate by the most in six weeks. BHP Billiton Ltd. led commodity producers lower after making a larger-than-expected cut to its dividend. Industrial metals declined, with zinc slipping back after entering a bull market on Monday. The yen gained and gold climbed on haven demand.

Feb 22 19:37

PCR: The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip

Paul Craig Roberts blogs on the recent release of an updated version of the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by the former "hit man" John Perkins.

Perkins shows that despite his revelations, the situation is worse than ever and has spread into the West itself. The populations of Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the United States itself are now being looted by Hit Man activity.

Perkins’ book shows that the US is “exceptional” only in the unbridled violence it applies to others who get in its way. One of the new chapters tells the story of France-Albert Rene, president of Seychelles, who threatened to reveal the illegal and inhumane eviction of the residents of Diego Garcia by Britain and Washington so that the island could be converted into an air base from which Washington could bomb noncompliant countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Washington sent in a team of jackels to murder the president of Seychelles, but the assassins were foiled. All but one were captured, tried and sentenced to execution or prison, but a multi-million dollar bribe to Rene freed them. Rene got the message and became compliant.

Feb 22 16:21

Steen Jakobsen Explains What Brexit Really Means: "No Good Outcomes To This"

"If Britain does vote No the case for a European Union will collapse – the move away from common law and equal treatment has been for everyone to see."

Feb 22 15:46

Serbia protests against NATO killing diplomats 2/2 Belgrade

Feb 22 13:45

Europe’s scariest airport: Incredible pilot skills as planes try to land in crazy crosswinds

Nerve-wracking footage shows commercial flights on a perilous approach to the runaway, blown about by the heavy crosswinds at “Europe’s scariest airport” on the Portuguese island of Madeira, a popular holiday spot.

Feb 22 12:13

Sturgeon predicts Brexit would 'almost certainly' trigger indyref2 - as Boris backs Out

Nicola Sturgeon predicted a Brexit would "almost certainly" lead to calls for another independence referendum as Boris Johnson became the latest high-profile Tory to back leaving the European Union.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Northern Ireland is starting to talk independence!

Feb 22 09:43

Cameron Unleashes 'Project Fear' - UK Military Leaders Warn Against Brexit Threat To National Security

Just as the government did in the lead up to The Scottish Referendum in 2014, it appears David Cameron is already unleashing resorting to the so-called Project Fear. As The Telegraph reports, following Boris Johnson's lack of acquiescence to Cameron's call for no Brexit, more than a dozen of the country's most senior military leaders will argue that Britain should vote to stay in the European Union because of its importance to national security.

Feb 22 08:37

Afghan migrant, 16, rapes worker at Belgian asylum centre two weeks after attending a course on how to treat Western women

A teenage Afghan immigrant has been charged with raping a female worker at an asylum seekers’ centre in Belgium, authorities said, prompting outrage from anti-immigrant politicians.

According to the Daily Mail, the 16-year-old Afghan asylum seeker followed a worker from a catering firm into the basement and raped her at the centre in Menen, near the French border, prosecutors said. The judge ordered him detained in youth custody until his next hearing.

A spokeswoman for the Red Cross said it was the first time in 25 years such an alleged incident had occurred at one of the organization’s asylum seeker centers in the country.

Feb 22 08:00


Last month, we documented the burgeoning spat between Brussels and Poland over the latter’s move to approve new laws that allow the conservative (and eurosceptic) Law and Justice (PiS) government to name the chiefs of public TV and radio, and select judges for Poland’s constitutional court. In response to a bloc-wide backlash, Polish minister Zbigniew Ziobro sent a letter to EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger in which Ziobro dismissed criticism of the new laws as “silly.”

Feb 22 04:36

Pound pummelled on Brexit fears

Sterling is heading for its biggest single-session loss since October 2009 after London mayor Boris Johnson threw his weight behind the campaign for Britain to exit the EU.

Pressure on the pound intensified in morning trading on Monday, leaving it down by as much as 1.8 per cent to a session low of $1.4152 — its lowest level in three weeks. The euro rose 1.2 per cent against the pound to £0.7828.

“Any closes below $1.42 [against the dollar] or above £0.7850 [for the euro] would open the way to further weakness for sterling,” warned Kit Juckes at Société Générale.

“Overall, I think we are likely to see further sterling weakness ahead of the vote itself >>>