Nov 12 10:02

Israel suspends meetings with EU over 'settlement' labeling

EU envoy to Israel informed Jewish state will not participate in several scheduled talks because of EU's new 'discriminatory' practice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a good thing. Talking with Israel is a waste of time anyway.

Nov 12 10:02

Dutch PM to represent Britain at European Council meeting

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte is to represent Britain at Thursday night’s meeting of the European Council to discuss the migration crisis, the Telegraph newspaper says.

The paper says a ‘diary clash’ means David Cameron will not be able to join the meeting, which is the first such gathering of his counterparts since the British prime minister submitted his renegotiation demands.

Nov 12 09:10

Portugal: Democratic Coup

The Portuguese Government (minority) composed by the coalition of the right-wing neo-liberal PSD (Social Democratic Party), now far removed from social democracy, and the conservative Popular Party, has been defeated just weeks after taking office. The minority right-wing coalition only managed to get 107 members of parliament out of 230, the opposition parties (Socialists, centre-right; PCP - Communists; PEV- Greens; Left Block; PAN - Naturalist Party) having 123 members. The neo-liberal project in Portugal, backed by the ratings agencies and by the European Union, is over. If the right-wing coalition states it has the power to govern because it was the most-voted coalition, the fact remains that if it has 107 seats and the opposition to its left has 123, then it cannot claim to have a consensus. We are seeing a revolution in European politics. It is called democracy. It is now in the hands of the Portuguese President, Mr. Aníbal Silva, to decide what to do.

Nov 12 09:06

The European Union is Crumbling Right Before Our Eyes

Ever since the European debt crisis, the EU has been playing a game of whack-a-mole with its constituent nations. Whenever one crisis is “solved,” another crisis will pop up somewhere else. None of these problems are ever truly solved though. They’re simply contained until further notice, because there are always more pressing issues to deal with. And there are always more pressing issues, because crises that were previously contained start to bubble over again. As you can see, it’s an endless feedback loop of failure, and it’s constantly compounding itself.

(read more)

Nov 12 09:03

If Catalonia is not Spain, then what is Catalonia?

"There are local industrial corporations behind the supporters of independent Catalonia. They are concerned about national stability. They are opposed to "Europe of regions" project - a policy of Western European states based on the principles of Atlantic federalism. They are opposed to the policy of open doors for transnational corporations, nor do they want to sign a secret agreement on transatlantic cooperation with the United States. I think Europe will continue falling apart, and I don't think that the European Union has a powerful tool to stop this," Yuri Solozobov, Director for international projects at the Institute of the Russian National Strategy told Pravda.Ru.

Nov 12 09:01

The 60-Second Summary Of Europe's Latest Crisis

Since the creation of the European Union, and its mutant cousin, the common currency Eurozone, it seems that Europe has been in a state of constant crisis... which, as a very prophetic AIG presentation foresaw has been precisely the point from day one. But while Greece is no longer a source of stress, now that the insolvent Mediterranean country gave up and conceded its sovereignty to its European overlords, Europe now finds itself in what many say is a far more serious crisis - one in which the cultural sovereignty of Europe itself is at risk from an unprecedented wave of mideast migrants which are entering the continent by the thousands every single day.

Nov 12 09:00

Sweden to impose temporary border controls

Sweden's Home Affairs Minister, Anders Ygeman announced at a press conference Wednesday evening, that the government will institute temporary border checks.

Nov 12 08:58

Europe refugee crisis: EU wants Africa to take back migrants

The European Union pressed African leaders on Wednesday to take back thousands of people who do not qualify for asylum, as overwhelmed Slovenia began building a razor-wire border fence to keep migrants at bay, raising tensions with neighbouring Croatia.

Sweden, struggling to manage the influx too, became the latest EU nation to announce the introduction of temporary border controls, as of Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The refugees were supposed to blur Europe into one mass of people with no identity, to set the stage to be merged with the rest of the world. But it has blown up in their face and Europe is coming apart!

Nov 12 08:47

Migrant summit in chaos as African countries REFUSE to take back Europe's failed asylum seekers

The European Union has been forced to drop controversial plans to deport failed asylum seekers who do not have passports after African countries blocked the move.

European leaders offered more than £1billion aid in a bid to persuade their African counterparts to take back tens of thousands of illegal migrants.

But a migration summit in Valletta, Malta, descended into farce after the Africans rejected the EU plan to expel those who do not qualify for asylum using special papers.

Nov 12 08:00

US Top Dog Heads to Ukraine

Nov 11 17:07

Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”

Not long after Austria made news for a buying spree on long guns in response to recent tensions, there is also a reported run on pepper spray in Deutschland as “frightened Germans buy protection against refugees.”

According to pepper spray manufacturers, “frightened Germans” have bought out all the available inventory. The alleged reason, according to the German publication: “die Flüchtlingskrise“, or the refugee crisis.


Nov 11 14:27

Portugal govt falls amid austerity backlash

Portugal’s pro-austerity government has been forced to resign by a leftist anti-austerity block, despite being sworn in only two weeks ago.

Nov 11 13:58

Netanyahu: The European Union should be ashamed of itself

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the European Union should be ashamed of itself for approving new guidelines on Wednesday for labeling products made in territories that Israel captured during the 1967 Six Day War.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If anyone should be ashamed it is Netanyahu!

Nov 11 13:40

EU offers Africa ‘migrant swap’: Cash & visas for educated workers if they take back illegals

In their latest attempt to stem the flow of asylum seekers, EU leaders are preparing to woo their African counterparts.

Nov 11 13:12

EU flag burned as tens of thousands join Warsaw nationalist demo

Tens of thousands of protesters poured into Warsaw's streets on Wednesday for a demonstration organised by the far right, marching under the slogan "Poland for the Polish" and burning an EU flag.

Nov 11 10:51

Moscow asked to lift embargo on 'friendly' foreign firms

Russian officials have asked the government to allow some foreign companies, currently under embargo, back into the country’s market, claiming the businesses had become “hostages of the anti-Russia sanctions’ policy.”

Nov 11 10:41

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

Nov 11 10:25

Protests against electricity price hikes continue unabated in Moldova

Protests against hikes in household electricity rates in the center of Moldova’s capital Chisinau continue for the third day running. The demonstrators marched along the city’s main streets carrying banners with inscriptions like "Down With Tariffs", "Government Must Go" and "Moldova, Wake up". The protests are peaceful, the entrance to the building is blocked by several rows of police officers. "People cannot pay such exorbitant tariffs. Today they are set by oligarchs, Spaniards (owners of the Gas Natural Fenosa distribution company), the people is certainly not the decision maker. Power grids must be returned to state ownership," Vice-Chairman of Our Party Nikolai Tsipovich told protesters. He warned that, if the government did not reduce electricity tariffs, demonstrators would start to block roads.

Nov 11 10:15


Most Americans know November 11 as 'Veterans Day' -- the day we honor the poor chumps who have "died for our freedom" (barf), as well as the living ones who knew not and know not of dark powers that misuse the Department of Offense. But what few people know is that the date originated as, and still coincides with, 'Armistice Day'. The date is commemorated every year on the 11th of November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany in a railway carriage at Compiègne, France.

Nov 11 10:10

Portugal rejects austerity

The fall of Portugal’s minority government is a done deal and the has trimmed its global economic projection for the second time in three months.

Nov 11 09:57

Pentagon Pushing for More Ground Troops in Eastern Europe

Ongoing US announcements of military build-ups in Eastern Europe, nominally in response to “Russian aggression in Ukraine,” are continuing apace, despite the Ukrainian Civil War remaining in a state of ceasefire for virtually the entirety of 2015. The latest reports have the Pentagon seeking to send multiple new brigades.

Military leaders are arguing Russia’s involvement in the war against ISIS threatens to distract from the war in Ukraine, which appears to be of particular concern since the war largely doesn’t involve any fighting anymore at any rate, and says they need to keep putting troops in to “deter” Russia.

Most previous deployments in Eastern Europe have been comparatively small, with the Pentagon settling for sending a few tanks or some infantry at a time as a way of spreading out the deployments. Gen. Philip Breedlove, however, suggests this new deployment would be announced in “a couple of months” and would be quite a bit larger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no logical reason for the US military to be concentrating more troops and materials to Eastern Europe, unless it is using these countries as a staging area for a war against Russia.

And at that point, I would expect to see masses of troops and materials deployed.

Nov 11 09:17

EU Government Moving to Copyright the Hyperlink! Yea, No Sh*t! Taxing Everybody Who Clicks on One! It’s On!

Well, it is here. A EU Parliament Commission are considering placing a tax on every hyperlink click on the Internet in Europe. Every fawking one!

This will compensate the press publishers to hold ‘every single actor on the Internet liable.’ Of course the government will collect the money and distribute it evenly. What could go wrong there?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As I mentioned before, everyone has permission to link to any of the original content at free of charge. Europe is not authorized to collect any payments from web users on my behalf. Any monies collected by Europe on behalf of will obviously be used by them to make money off of my work without authorization. That will make for an interesting lawsuit!

Nov 11 08:00

Poland Criticizes EU Refugee Quota Plan Ahead of Summit

Poland's Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna said Europe needs a united plan to address the ongoing refugee crisis, but not one that imposes quotas for individual countries stating how many people they should admit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Odd how none of the EU nations suggest stopping the flow of refugees by telling the US to stop bombing the nations these people come from and let them live there in peace.

Nov 11 07:57

Hungary Against Taking Even a ‘Single Syrian’ from Germany

Germany shouldn’t send back refugees to the their first point-of-entry in the European Union based on the bloc’s Dublin accord, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said, according to an interview with MTI news service.

“The Dublin system is dead since apart from a few exceptions, countries aren’t abiding by its terms,” Szijjarto said on Wednesday, according to MTI. “Not a single Syrian” should be returned from western Europe to Hungary, he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have you noticed that the refugees are filling up Europe by emptying out much of the land Netanyahu covets for Eratz Israel?

Nov 11 07:47

European Commission Adopts Guidelines for Labeling Products From Israeli Settlements

The European Commission adopted Wednesday morning the Notice on indication of origin of goods from the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967, a senior EU official said. According to the official, the notice will contain guidelines for labeling of products from West bank settlements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's government is now screaming at the EU ambassador.

Nov 11 07:25

Israel says EU is 'emboldening its enemies' with labelling plans

Binyamin Netanyahu has written a strongly worded letter to the European parliament president, Martin Schulz, voicing concerns over a proposed EU move to label products from illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Netanyahu said the plan was “discriminatory” and “emboldening” those who seek to “eliminate Israel”. According to widespread reports in Israel, an announcement on labelling of settlement products is expected within days, perhaps as early as Wednesday, although late on Tuesday some sources in Brussels were suggesting a statement might be delayed.

Nov 11 07:24

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter Implies Russia and China Are “Enemies” of America. What Next?

The weapons are more advanced; he expressed pride in that. And the former Warsaw Pact nations that were allied with the U.S.S.R. surrounding Russia, have increasingly joined NATO and become Russia’s enemies. (The U.S.S.R. terminated the Warsaw Pact, but the U.S. didn’t terminate NATO; instead, NATO with its former Warsaw Pact members increased from the 16 nations it had when the Soviet Union broke up, to the 28 nations today. And U.S. President Barack Obama and SecDef Carter want to increase that number to 29 by including Ukraine, which is on Russia’s border.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, Ash...

Nov 11 07:18

Berlin Pouring Cash into Anti-Russian Media Machine

A massive media network against Vladimir Putin is currently under construction in Eastern Europe. Not only NATO is behind this move, but also the EU, with a super-sized propaganda ministry – the “East StratCom Task Force”. The extent and the costs involved in this media war, are being disguised though many money pots. The real cost for this is too high: Europe's media is adjusting to the “guided reporting”. If western propaganda is to function well, it has to become the truth for us.

The media Cold War between the West and Russia, is getting ever hotter: NATO and the EU are expanding their propaganda offensive massively. A question by Die Linke to the Bundestag exemplifies this. The government was forced to react – the answer discloses something more.

Nov 11 07:15

Polish defence minister condemned over Jewish conspiracy theory

Macierewicz told listeners to Radio Maryja in 2002 that he had read Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a pamphlet that purports to be a Jewish plan to control the global economy and media, but which has been exposed as a hoax.

Nov 10 17:55

35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists

The U.S. is backing Ukraine's extreme right-wing Svoboda party and violent neo-Nazis whose armed uprising paved the way for a Western-backed coup. Events in the Ukraine are giving us another glimpse through the looking-glass of U.S. propaganda wars against fascism, drugs and terrorism. The ugly reality behind the mirror is that the U.S. government has a long and unbroken record of working with fascists, dictators, druglords and state sponsors of terrorism in every region of the world in its elusive but relentless quest for unchallenged global power.
Shop ?

Behind a firewall of impunity and protection from the State Department and the CIA, U.S. clients and puppets have engaged in the worst crimes known to man, from murder and torture to coups and genocide. The trail of blood from this carnage and chaos leads directly back to the steps of the U.S. Capitol and the White House.

Nov 10 14:31

Holocaust denial 'not protected under free expression laws'

Europe’s top human rights court has rejected an appeal by the controversial French comic Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, saying the right to free expression does not protect antisemitism or Holocaust denial.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Freedom of speech is like virginity. Either you have it or you do not. If you are only free to say what the government approves of, you do not have free speech, you have permitted speech.

Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.

Nov 10 13:57

Rabbi Wants an Islamic Europe as Jewish Revenge! — With Dr. Duke Commentary

Jews should “rejoice” at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity in favor of Islam as “punishment” for its “wickedness” and “corruption,” a leading Israeli settler rabbi has announced.

Nov 10 13:26

Lost in Europe: What it’s like to live in Calais ‘jungle’ refugee camp

Residents of Calais ‘jungle’, the France’s biggest temporary refugee camp near the English Channel port are preparing to face a grim & hard winter soon.

Nov 10 13:03

Can Europe Survive This Invasion?

“A modern day mass migration is taking place … that could change the face of Europe’s civilization,” warned Hungarian President Viktor Orban.

“If that happens, that is irreversible. … There is no way back from a multicultural Europe,” said Orban. “If we make a mistake now, it will be forever.”

Nov 10 12:17

Donate“Islamization of Europe a good thing”

the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons – as a punishment against Christians for persecuting the Jews and the fact that Christianity, as opposed to Islam, is considered “idolatry” from a halachic point of view.

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there,” the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.

“We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

Nov 10 11:59

Danish Expert: NATO Is a Useless 'Dinosaur' That Extorts Money From Taxpayers

Oberg noted that NATO's largest military drills in a decade were supposed to boost fear among ordinary citizens, making them believe it is necessary to ensure against possible war. “Their (NATO drills) aim is public relations for a dying alliance, which is a kind of a dinosaur in the modern world,” Oberg said in an interview. “This is a military-industrial-media-academic complex playing its games. In order to get the payers to pay for this kind of nonsense you have to have what we in the social psychology call ‘fearology'; you have to boost fear among the citizens so that they think that this is relevant and necessary to do this and other kinds of things.” The scientist also noted that he found the drills “ridiculous,” saying that it is plain stupid to believe that this sort of action can help NATO confront the terrorist threat coming from ISIL. “ISIS (ISIL) is a product of these wars, it is not something that has come out of the blue,” he argued.

Nov 10 11:46

Italian Media Completely Controlled by Pro-US Oligarchs

Meanwhile in Italy … A short report from one of our Italian contributors on the sort of garbage which dominates the Italian media. Sounds like it's as bad as anywhere... The Italian newspaper La Stampa is at it again. It shows unrestrained enthusiasm for NATO, while obviously attacking Putin, but in the process is increasingly losing coherence...

Nov 10 11:12

"Do not Come to Sweden!": Leaflet campaign in Europe's asylum camps

"No money, no job, no housing": The Sweden Democrats resort to drastic arguments to explain migrants why they should better not come to Sweden.

Nov 10 09:24

Belgian court orders Facebook to stop tracking non-members

A court in Belgium has ordered Facebook to stop tracking the country's Internet users who are not members of the US-based social networking website.

Nov 10 09:16

Billions spent by EU was 'possibly illegal'

The European Union misspent €6.3 billion in 2014, according to its financial watchdog, the European Court of Auditors. The EU Budget has failed the audit for the 21st year running.

Nov 09 16:28

Here's the kind of data the UK government will have about you, in realtime

UK Home Secretary Theresa May has announced legislation that will force ISPs to preserve the records of all of your online interactions and give them up to practically anyone in government, with little to no judicial oversight.

Nov 09 15:31

Mass Migration Drives Unemployment Up 17 Per Cent In Vienna

Unemployment in otherwise prosperous central European Austria has risen over the past year, with the greatest increase observed among the migrant community.

Nov 09 13:22

US 'occupying' Eastern Europe using 'Russian aggression' as pretext: Analyst

A US military plan to send more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to purportedly counter a potential Russian attack is equal to a “military occupation” of eastern European states, a geopolitical analyst in Europe says.

Nov 09 12:34

China to Allow Direct Conversion Between Yuan and Swiss Franc

China took another step to boost the yuan’s global usage, saying it will start direct trading with the Swiss franc, as the nation pushes its case for reserve-currency status at the International Monetary Fund.

The link will start on Tuesday, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System said in a statement, making the franc the seventh major currency that can bypass a conversion into the U.S. dollar and be directly exchanged for yuan. The rate will be allowed to fluctuate a maximum 5 percent on either side of a daily fixing, according to CFETS.

“This is an important step in strengthening bilateral economic and trade connections between China and Switzerland,” the People’s Bank of China said in a statement on its website on Monday. The link will help lower conversion costs and facilitate the use of both currencies in bilateral trade, it added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 09 12:01

Senior Europhile Admits Migrant Crisis Could Break Up EU, Lead To ‘Actual War’

Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Jean Asselborn (pictured above), said that the migrant crisis could lead to the reintroduction of border controls between EU member states and disintegration of the EU itself, reports German television news channel N24.

Mr Asselborn, whose country currently holds the rotational Presidency of the Council of the EU, drew attention to a contrast in approaches from member states. He claims that Germany and most EU countries understand the application of the 1951 Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, but that some members fail to adopt properly the values ??of the organisation which he said are not limited to tangible treaty rights.

“The glue that holds us together,” he said, “is still the culture of human values. And this misguided nationalism can lead to actual war.”

Nov 09 11:07

US 'occupying' Eastern Europe using 'Russian aggression' as pretext: Analyst

A US military plan to send more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to purportedly counter a potential Russian attack is equal to a “military occupation” of eastern European states, a geopolitical analyst in Europe says.

Nov 09 10:58

Europe To Make Linking To Other Websites ‘Illegal’

Webmaster addition: Europe's plan is to make it illegal to link to other websites without their permission (and payment of fees). However, websites in Europe (and around the world) are hereby granted free permission to link to any of my original articles at!

Nov 09 10:29

Black Swan Lands In Portugal As Socialists Move To Overthrow Government

Late last month we highlighted to reappointment of Portuguese PM Pedro Passos Coelho, noting that, in the words of Communist leader Jerónimo de Sousa, the President’s move to ignore the left’s attempt to form a government in the wake of largely inconclusive elections may be a “manifest waste of time.”

As FT put it a few weeks back, “no government on the left or right [can] hope to survive without support from the PS, which won 32.3 per cent [in October]” which means President Anibal Cavaco Silva might have made a mistake in propping up Coelho as the PM’s restoration will only serve to embolden an already angry left coalition.

Well sure enough, socialist leader Antonio Costa has now “formalized” plans to unite with the Left Bloc and Communists in order to reject the Coelho government.

Nov 09 10:27

A Fifth Of Spain's GDP Just Voted To Secede - What Now?

Everywhere you look there are signs that Europe is coming apart at the seams. Just a month after the crisis in Greece abated, the influx of refugees fleeing the war-torn Mid-East finally overwhelmed the Balkans leading directly to border closures and precipitating a spat in Brussels regarding how best to handle the people flows.

Nov 09 09:20

Self-proclaimed state of Kosovo fails to become UNESCO member

The self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo has failed to gain the two-thirds majority needed for admission to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO.

Nov 09 08:51

Greece May Open Border Fence With Turkey, Accept Refugees In Exchange For Release Of Bailout Cash

Perhaps realizing that another wave of social unrest and failure to obtain creditor cash may well lead to a violent social upheaval, Tsipras seems to be contemplating a Plan B, one which would see Greece accept thousands of refugees destined for Europe in exchange for getting the earmarked cash without any reform.

Nov 09 08:46

Catalonia MPs vote for secession plan that seeks independence by 2017

Resolution passes by 72 votes to 63 that calls for legislation to create a separate social security system and treasury from Spain

Nov 09 08:34

EU will pay African countries to take back migrants; new $2 billion 'trust fund' for continent announced

EU LEADERS will push their wary African counterparts to help tackle the migration crisis at a summit in Malta this week, offering them billions of euros in aid in exchange for taking back more people classed as economic migrants and not refugees from war.

Having recently pressed Turkey to stem the flow of Syrian refugees, Europe is turning its attention to the other main source of an unprecedented number of people fleeing across the Mediterranean.

Nov 09 08:34

The Flood of Refugees into Europe: “The New Slave Trade”

The flood of refugees entering Europe is endless. Nobody knows exactly how many there are and where they go and went. This year, 2015, up to November, estimates vary from the low of 750,000 to a high of 2 million. Most of them went to Germany, or want to go to Germany. Up to a million, perhaps more may end up in Germany by the end of this year. For 2016 predictions are for up to 2 million. They are the direct results of the Washington-NATO driven wars and conflicts in the Middle East which keep raging on; creating chaos. Complete deliberate and manmade chaos.

Nov 09 08:17

Poor Dutch Ambassador!

Homosexual pedophilia in the Dutch government

Nov 09 07:01

Iron Sword exercises to start in Lithuania

Large-scale military exercises Iron Sword involving 2,000 servicemen from 10 countries are starting in Lithuania on Monday, the Defense Ministry reported. The report said the maneuvers will be held at the Lithuanian army range in Pabrade and will become this year’s largest, involving units of Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the United States, the Czech Republic and Georgia. The drills will last until November 20.

Nov 08 13:44

After Moscow – has everything suddenly changed for Serbia?

Demands that Serbia received in almost two decades reached unbearable heights with a British 'paper'. This document was written in a form of an ultimatum. It conditions Serbia to practically recognise its breakaway province of Kossovo-Metochia as an independent country, only to get the process of EU accession chapters opened. In effect, the Britons have crashed Serbia's EU integration aspirations as Titanic in a single move. This may prove to be just too much, even for Serbian Euroenthusiastic liberals. But this was not all. On 27 October Federica Mogherini signed, on behalf of the EU, the Stabilisation & Association Agreement (SAA) with separatists in Kossovo-Metochia, as if it was an independent state. By this EU practically ceased to be neutral on province's status and gave Serbia a diplomatic slap on the face... But the best part is that 'unconstructive' behaviour of separatist ethnic-Albanian leadership may actually be excellent news for Serbia.

Nov 08 11:42

Craig Murray's letter to CMI, an independent Finnish peace broker, warns of hiring a neo-con snake in the grass

Open Letter to President Ahtisaari Re Jim Murphy

Like a great many people in Scotland I was shocked that CMI is employing Jim Murphy. Of course, in a democracy there are always losers as well as winners in elections, and both are genuine and valid participants in public life. It is not the fact that CMI employs a politician who has been so recently, comprehensively and humiliatingly rejected by his national electorate that will do any damage to CMI. In a sense I think it does you credit.

What shocks many people here is that Mr Murphy is by any standards a dedicated warmonger. He was a major and important proponent of the invasion of Iraq, and is the strongest of supporters of the massive increase of Britain’s nuclear arsenal, in breach of the Non Proliferation Treaty.

Mr Murphy is a member of the Henry Jackson Society, which as you know is a body which exists to promote United States neo-conservative foreign policy in its most aggressive sense, and openly and actively supports and condones extraordinary rendition and the use of torture by the CIA. It has supported every single military action by the USA since its formation, and defends United States exceptionalism in international law, including US non-membership of the International Criminal Court.

Nov 08 10:05

Romanians topple government after deadly fire, but it's unclear how deep the change will go

A nightclub fire in Bucharest that killed at least 44 people became the tipping point for many Romanians who have long been frustrated with corruption among leaders. But as the government resigned amid street protests this week, many remained skeptical that the leaderless street movement will succeed in doing away with the old order.

Nov 08 10:04

Strategic Engineered Migration as Weapon of War

Who is providing guarantees that encourage hundreds of thousands of people to rush from other continents to Europe and why?

Researchers have discovered a very interesting fact related to the use of social networking sites [1]. It has come to light that calls on Twitter for refugees to travel to Germany have mostly come from the US. The time spent practising in other countries has not been in vain – from Iran during the 2009 presidential elections to Egypt and Tunisia, where the role played by social networking sites in mobilising the population was considerable.

What we are seeing now is the practical implementation of theoretical calculations of a strategic nature.

Nov 07 10:00

Sweden to refugees: Find a bed or go back to Germany… but don’t look for them at IKEA

Sweden’s migration minister warned refugees that if they don’t find their own accommodation, they will be deported back to Germany or Denmark. The news comes as Europe’s refugee influx had depleted IKEA’s stockpiles of beds.

The Swedish government told media on Friday that it will no longer be able to provide housing for refugees and migrants arriving in the country, despite Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson’s claims that the migration crisis is not putting “acute” pressure on public finances.

Nov 07 09:20

‘Underwater drone with explosives’ spotted near Baltic Nord Stream pipeline

An abandoned expendable remotely-operated mine clearance underwater vehicle allegedly with explosives onboard has been detected in multinational waters of the Baltic Sea by the Swedish Navy, Svenska Daglabet reports.

The discovery was made during a routine check of the Nord Stream pipeline. Since it was discovered in the Swedish economic zone, north of the island of Gotland, the Nord Stream pipeline operator immediately notified the Swedish military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Nord Stream Pipeline supplies natural gas from Russia to Europe. Its destruction would seriously impact Russia's economy, especially if warships were on station to prevent its repair. Given that the US is developing and using underwater drones, I suspect we will hear no more about this in the corporate media!

Nov 06 23:25

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

American people rarely listen to Putin’s speeches. Few opportunities to do so unless they go looking for it; They just assume their media is right and Putin‘s a “brutal dictator” who’s “trying to re-establish the Soviet empire”, end of story.

In western media Putin could soon find himself painted as the new combination Hitler/Stalin in a looming WWIII—another so-called “just war” which US will be “morally compelled to fight”, to “save the world from tyranny”. Christian dominionists will be calling it Armageddon—the final battle between Good and Evil before the return of the King!

Nov 06 23:21

Syria – Vienna-Geneva Peace Talks, an exploded Russian Airliner – and NATO-Trident Juncture

Why a foreign imposed transition? Transition seems to become a propaganda indoctrinated fait accompli.

Washington has been quite successful in its wicked embrace of Syria over the last few weeks. Just imagine, Kerry, in a propaganda-painted gesture of goodwill, forges the Vienna Peace Conference, this past Friday, 30 October. The results are inconclusive, but on to more talks in Geneva; no longer ‘Assad must go’, but rather the concession that “Assad is going to be part of any transitional governing body.” – Why a foreign imposed transition? Transition seems to become a propaganda indoctrinated fait accompli.

Nov 06 23:18

Why British Haste on Plane Bomb Theory?

Cameron and Obama are evidently being fed intelligence assessments of a bomb being stowed in the airplane's hold by terrorists.

British officials have made an unseemly leap to speculate on a terrorist plot in the Russian airliner crash over Sinai last weekend.

And Russia has understandably reacted furiously to the speculation, saying that it is too early to make such an assessment when crash investigators have not even compiled, let alone evaluated, evidence.

American officials, including President Barack Obama, are also now echoing the British claims of a bomb on the plane. The question is: why the haste?

Nov 06 20:56

NATO Invades Spain

The notion that the Pentagon would dare declare its own no-fly zone over northern Syria to protect a gaggle of “moderate rebels” from Russian and Syrian Arab Army (SAA) bombing is preposterous.

Fresh from its thunderous humiliation by the Taliban; its “liberation” of Libya for the benefit of militia hell; and while Russia was bombing the hell out of a Salafi-jihadi/”moderate rebel” constellation in Syria, NATO – in search for a “360-degree” response to Russia – resorted to invading… Spain.

Nov 06 14:03

Ingrid Carlqvist & Conrad - Sweden, Get Ready for the Collapse

Ingrid Carlqvist worked in mainstream media for many years, before starting Dispatch International with Lars Hedegaard, in 2012. She is now a Distinguished Senior Fellow writing for Gatestone Institute. Conrad is a former leftie who currently is working on his bachelors degree in political science. For the past five years he's been preoccupied with the thought of the destruction of Sweden. He has appeared on various podcasts and co-hosts "Ingrid & Conrad."

Nov 06 13:59

National Policy Institute 2015 Live Podcast - Become Who We Are

Become Who We Are: The Identity and Spirit of Our People, a conference organized by the National Policy Institute and hosted by Richard Spencer, was held on Saturday, October 31, 2015 at The National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Nov 06 13:51

Croatia Under Siege: Migrants vs. Mad Germans - Dr Tomislav Sunic

The Afro-Asian and Middle Eastern mass migration to Europe, falsely labeled by the mainstream media as the “refugee crisis,” is being examined from all angles. Why use the word ‘refugee’ if the majority of migrants passing through Croatia are men between 20 and 40 years of age?

Nov 06 12:14

When Will America Jail Their Banksters Like Iceland is Doing?

Waking Times

The most dramatic contrast in the rule of law against the architects of financial theft can be seen in the way America protects their banksters and the accountability that Iceland imposed on their financial crooks. The fact that the orthodox financial press refuses to cover the incarceration of Iceland’s Bankers Face 74 Years in Prison While US Banks Profit After Your Bailout, is clear proof who really controls the political and economic institutions in the United States. As for the courts, America has long ago shredded the rule of law in this country.

Nov 06 10:02

Migration Minister: beds no longer guaranteed for asylum seekers

Sweden can no longer guarantee housing to all asylum seekers coming here, Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said late Thursday afternoon at a government press conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the nations being flooded by illegal immigrants and refugees start running out of the basic necessities of life such as food and water, THAT is when the riots will begin, and maybe that was the plan all along!

Nov 06 09:21

Bank Of Ireland Bans "Small" Cash Withdrawals At Branches

So, if you are, i) wanting less than €700, ii) have less than 15 checks to deposit, or iii) aren't looking to put at least €3,000 into your account, you are no longer welcome inside Bank of Ireland branches.

Nov 06 09:15

Saudis Bring Oil War To Europe With Largest Price Discount Since 2009

With oil exports to Europe having slipped from 13% of Saudi's total to just 10% in the last six months, The FT reports, the de facto leader of OPEC has slashed its Official Selling Price (OSP) to Europe in an effort to regain market share. Saudi lowered its OSP for its Arab light crude grade in Europe by $1.30 a barrel for December, taking its discount to the weighted average of the North Sea Brent benchmark to $4.75 a barrel - the largest discount since February 2009.

The move, as we detailed previously, is basically going after Russia's customer base, has raised heckles in Moscow, with Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin complaining last month about Saudi "dumping" after he revealed the kingdom was selling oil to refineries in Poland.

Nov 06 09:15

2.1 Million Greeks Face Blackout As Public Power Company Unpaid Bills Soars

Greece’s Public Power Company is angry. The amount of unpaid bills by its customers has reached the astronomic EUR 2.5 billion. The PPC is so angry that it plans to cut the power to those without outstanding debts as soon as possible - a whopping 2.1 million Greeks face darkness.

Nov 06 07:48

The Rape of Europe Prevented: Rise of the Freelance Brigades

Among the countless day-by-day confrontations between Europeans and the invading hordes, one type of incident stands out in flagrant emphasis: rape. The incoming “refugees” are weaponized animals deployed for a war plan they cannot comprehend, but they are sure to execute that plan by the exploitation of their sexual drives. By some reports, as many as seventy to eighty percent of the incoming hordes are young men of fighting age, therefore prime raping age.

Nov 05 15:31

Prepping for "Hybrid War" with Russia: NATO Holds Biggest Military Exercise in 13 Years

Ya know, due to all the supposed "Russian aggression" and what not...

Interestingly, they focused in part on cyber warfare, such as propaganda, and the use of online trolls to spread disinfo.

(read more)

Nov 05 15:18

The “War On Terror” Is The Hoax Foundation Of The Police/Spy State — Paul Craig Roberts

The “war on terror” was a hoax. Americans were deceived by policymakers, who are pursuing a hegemonic agenda. The American people were too trusting and too gullible and, consequently, Americans were easily betrayed by Washington and by the presstitute media.

The consequences of the deceit, gullibility, and betrayal are horrendous for Americans, for millions of peoples in the Middle East, Africa, Ukraine, and for Washington’s European vassals.

The consequences for Americans are an aborted Constitution, a police/spy state and rising resentment and hatred of America around the world.

The consequences for peoples in Somolia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, and Ukraine have been massive deaths and dislocations, infrastructure destruction, internal conflicts, birth defects, invasions, bombings, drones. Millions of peoples have been murdered by Washington’s pursuit of hegemony, and millions have been turned into refugees.

Nov 05 13:23

Poland: Could anyone spell PiS as 'peace?' Is it worth trying?

There is the likelihood that PiS will in no way be a “party of peace” but rather a party of war. Warsaw was heavily involved in the agreement that led to Viktor Yanukovich’s removal from power and remains until now the formal patron of the pro-U.S. and pro-EU government of Petro Poroshenko... True, the nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS), chaired by hard-line politician and former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, subscribes to a set of values that do not promise easy times for neither Brussels nor Berlin or Moscow. Among other things, Kaczynski keeps blatantly accusing Moscow of masterminding a hideous plot to assassinate his brother, the then President Lech Kaczynski who perished in a plane crash near the Russian city of Smolensk in 2010. With no facts to support this allegation, the PiS leader invokes a Russophobe ethos that some parts of Polish society hold as tradition.

Nov 05 13:21


Having disappeared from the daily headline news, Greece - whose political sovereignty may or may not exist any more, following the farcical development from this summer's "referendum" and the subsequent third bailout - was supposed to be fixed, if only for the time being, and its economy and society back on a normally functioning track. Sadly, that appears to not be the case as the following scene which just unfolded earlier today in front of the parliament building in Athens suggests.

Nov 05 12:27

Israel struggles to convince EU not to label its products

Webmaster addition: "If you don't buy our crappy over-priced products made in the illegal settlements you are just a filthy rotten anti-Semitic Jew-hater who wants Hitler to come back and gas Jewish babies in the ovens ... THREE TIMES!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Nov 05 10:00

Four stories about the Migrant Crisis in Europe and the US in Syria from Czech News

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The world media knows exactly what is going on!

Nov 05 09:49

Europe's big NO to half baked GMO compromises

Last week something almost unprecedented occurred in the European Parliament. All the political groups joined together to roundly reject a proposal on GMOs from the Commission.

The issue was a botched attempt to break the majority opposition to allowing GM food and feed into the single market. This followed a similarly bad proposal to facilitate GM cultivation which was voted on in January.

Nov 05 09:39

Soros's ‘European values’ mean losing your national identity – Paul Craig Roberts

To be part of the European Union means you have to shed your national identity and be part of everybody. It is no longer acceptable to be yourself. This agenda serves the 1 percent and Washington, Paul Craig Roberts, an American economist, told RT in an interview.

Billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros has attracted attention once again, this time saying the European Union should take "at least a million" refugees every year to ease the mass exodus of desperate people from the Middle East and Africa.

Soros wants the EU to dig deep and pay an annual amount of "at least €5,000 per refugee, or €20 billion." And this coming at a time of severe austerity measures pushed onto the European people, not to mention the bailout of entire countries, like Greece.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One more confirmation that the real agenda behind the flooding of refugees and illegal immigrants into Europe and the United States is to erase our sense of national and historical identity!