Sep 22 06:07

The Real Reason Why Obama Received the Nobel Prize

President Obama caught a lot of flak when he was given the Nobel Prize in 2009. Even some of his supporters thought that the award was a little over the top, if not premature. After all, Obama hadn’t really accomplished anything up to that point. Previously he was a community organizer and a state Senator, and had only been president for a few months. What had he actually done to earn the award?

It turns out, the reasons for the award were as absurd as many of Obama’s opponents had asserted at the time. Geir Lundestad, the former director of the Nobel Institute, recently wrote a memoir of his career and revealed the real reason for Obama’s prize. Apparently the award was an attempt to strengthen and encourage Obama (in light of his calls to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons at the time), though he doesn’t think it had the desired effect since many of his supporters criticized the award.

Sep 22 06:06

Forget Gold: This Precious Metal Will Skyrocket Within Two Years: “There Will Be A Supply Shock”

With everyone focused on gold as investment vehicle, many have ignored a metal that is 20 times rarer. Platinum, a precious metal critical for a number of global industries, continues to see depressed prices, so much so that today it is actually trading for less than the price of gold.

According to some analysts, the supply crunch is such that over the next two years we could realistically see this metal skyrocket to $3000 per ounce.

(read more)

Sep 22 06:04

2.3 Million Applicants Fight for 368 Menial, Low-Wage Office Jobs in India

There’s been a lot of talk of unemployment here in the U.S., with overqualified, college-educated people falling out of the workforce because they’ve been searching for a job for so long and others working two part-time minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet at all.

Many of us worry over a future where it is predicted that eight out of the top 10 jobs that employ millions of people in this country are soon to be replaced by robots in the coming years.

So, is this what the future will look like?

When the government of Uttar Pradesh in India recently announced openings for 368 low-level, low-paying office jobs, the kind where people run basic errands or fetch coffee, they received an astounding 2.3 million job applications, completely overwhelming the system.

(read more)

Sep 22 06:03

Some Americans Will Soon Need Passports to Board Domestic Flights

It wasn’t that long ago that a U.S. citizen could freely travel to countries like Mexico or Canada without providing a passport. But in recent years, crossing these borders has become more challenging (except for illegal immigrants of course) as our jackbooted government continues to insist upon making us safe from terrorists (that they created). As is usually the case with our government, when you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

Depending on where you live, in the near future you may have to provide a passport before boarding any airplane, including domestic flights. This is in accordance with the 2005 Real ID Act, which despite (or because of) widespread criticism, is being slowly rolled out in phases. You may recall that when the Real ID Act was first passed by Congress, just about every state government rejected it for various reasons.

(read more)

Sep 22 06:02

Canadian Mountie Stands Trial for Horrific Child Abuse Case

Most Americans have some fairly silly ideas about what life is like for Canadians. The reality of the matter, is that Canada is a developed nation that isn’t all that different from our own. They lead normal lives under a system that has many of the same pros and cons that ours has, and that includes their system of law enforcement.

If there’s one problem that every police department in the world has to come to terms with, it’s that their profession tends to attract horrible people. Even a police department with immaculate standards and a thorough vetting process, will still end up hiring someone from the dregs of humanity. It’s an unavoidable fact of life when your profession involves exerting power and authority over other people, because evil people love power and authority more than well-adjusted folks do, and they’re much more capable of attaining it.

Sep 22 05:55

2,000 Russian Troops Head To Syria For "First Phase" Of Mission To Support Assad

I suspect there'll be a lot more ex-ISIS fighters now that they face bombing instead of supply drops

Sep 22 05:32

#PigGate: David Cameron performed sex act with a pig

From beastality to pedophilia, the people running the UK are anything but human.

Sep 22 05:02

Paul Singer and the Universality of “Anti-Semitism”

"Anti-Semitism" isn't a peculiarly Western phenomenon. Nor is it a Korean phenomenon, or an Argentine phenomenon. It is a Jewish phenomenon, and it has followed the Jewish people through the centuries and across the oceans. As long as Jews remain unchanged, so too will the response to them remain unchanged.

Sep 22 04:59

Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist?

Over the centuries, hostility against Jews has repeatedly erupted in terrible violence. Again and again, Jews have been driven out of countries where they’d been living. Why does anti-Semitism exist? And why has rage against Jews broken out, again and again, in the most varied nations, eras and cultures? Closely related to this is the broader issue of relations between Jews and non-Jews – a subject that many writers and scholars have called “the Jewish question.”

Sep 22 03:43

Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from 'doomsday' Arctic seed vault

Syria's civil war has prompted the first withdrawal of crop seeds from a "doomsday" vault built in an Arctic mountainside to safeguard global food supplies. The seeds, including samples of wheat, barley and grasses suited to dry regions, have been requested by researchers in the Middle East to replace a collection in the Syrian city of Aleppo that has been damaged by the war.

Sep 21 21:43

3 Means of Waging Personal Financial Revolution Against the Banksters

Waking Times

The world is enslaved to an economic system designed to create tremendous power and wealth for those who own the system, while forcing the rest of us into mathematically insurmountable debt and the stagnation, austerity and poverty that comes with it.

Sep 21 19:15

1/2 of Americans see their government as threat – poll

Almost half of the US population - 49 percent - regards the government as a threat to their lives and liberty, according to a new Gallup poll. Distrust in the federal government has been on the rise since 2006, when it stood at 46 percent.

The poll was conducted between September 9 and September 13, and included an open-ended question whether the US government was an “immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” Two in three Republicans and one in three Democrats answered yes, Gallup noted.

Among those agreeing, one in five was most concerned about the government becoming too big, too powerful, and having too many laws. Another 15 percent cited violations of freedoms and civil liberties, while 12 percent cited gun control efforts and threats to the 2nd amendment.

(Note: The question NOT asked, "Do you think there are too many Zio-Traitors and Israeli Dual Nationals holding power in the USA?")


Sep 21 18:55

BEX Alert!!! - "Israel Is a Stone's Throw Away From Becoming the Roman Empire"

On Jewish holidays, we're used-to identifying as the resourceful downtrodden that manage to bring an empire to its knees. This year, as our gazillion-dollar army takes on masked Palestinian teens, we find our role reversed.

The High Holy Days are upon us, and among the many benefits of this special time of year – the food, the family, the pleasant breeze, the spiritual introspection – there's that unmistakable feeling of being persecuted. Not personally, but persecuted as an idea – we wish death to our enemies on Rosh Hashanah, fast for our souls on Yom Kippur, and...

(Note: The rest of the article is blocked by Haaretz's "Pay Wall" . . . but you get the general idea from this)

Sep 21 18:26

Putin’s Master Stroke In Syria

THERE ARE MANY WAYS to die in Syria, but fighting Putin is not one of them.

In spite of the Jews crying for a “no fly zone,” Putin vows he won’t allow it. And besides, US jets don’t want to be targets of Russian anti-aircraft missiles supplied to Syria.

For when Russia’s embassy in Damascus was recently bombed by ‘rebels,’ Putin demanded that “concrete action” be taken by the “foreign sponsors” who he blamed for the attack.

Those are fighting words and Jewmerica got the message.

Sep 21 18:15

Brazil president rejects settler leader as Israel envoy

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has reportedly rejected the appointment of a hardliner as Israel's envoy to her country, saying it could be understood as support for the illegal Israeli settlements.

According to an article published on Israeli website Ynetnews, Rousseff has sent a message to the Tel Aviv regime, expressing her discomfort with the appointment of Dani Dayan, an extremist in charge of running the affairs of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Sep 21 17:18

Nazi war crime charges: 91-year-old woman charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder while working at Auschwitz

German prosecutors have charged a 91-year-old woman with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder over allegations she was a member of the Nazi SS who served in the Auschwitz death camp complex.

Schleswig-Holstein prosecutors' spokesman Heinz Doellel said the woman, whose name was not disclosed due to German privacy laws, is alleged to have served as a radio operator for the camp commandant from April to July 1944.

Sep 21 17:00

You’ll Need a Passport for Domestic Flights

To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane — even for domestic flights.

Sep 21 16:02

Netanyahu: Israel, Russia to Coordinate Military Action in Syria to Prevent Confrontation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the two sides agreed to establish a coordination mechanism to prevent misunderstandings and unintended confrontations between the Israeli military and Russian forces deployed in Syria.

"This is very important for Israel's security, and this is the first, clear outcome of this conversation," Netanyahu told reporters at the conclusion of his visit to Russia. "It's enough to imagine the alternative – a dangerous confrontation with Russia, and dealing with these misunderstandings after the fact – to understand the importance of this visit."

Sep 21 15:51

US behind EU’s refugee crisis: North Korea

North Korea has blamed the United States for Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis while European Union countries still stand divided on how to deal with the influx of asylum seeker converging on the continent.

The war, which began 2001 "in the name of counterterrorism by a US-led NATO coalition in Afghanistan, has resulted in the present-day refugee problem," said North Korea’s state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper in an article published on Monday.

Sep 21 15:49

Facebook snoops on people just like NSA – Belgian watchdog to court

Facebook is spying on people in “the very same way” that the US’s National Security Agency (NSA) does, said the Belgian data protection watchdog at a court hearing where the social network stands accused of violating the privacy of internet users.

“When it became known that the NSA was spying on people all around the world, everybody was upset. This actor [Facebook] is doing the very same thing, albeit in a different way,” said Frederic Debussere, a lawyer representing the Belgian privacy commission (BPC) at the Monday court hearing.

Sep 21 13:54


With the FBI, Congress and the courts all closing in on Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified material on her private email server, one of her longtime advisers has recommended that she hire an outside legal counsel and consider cutting a deal to avoid criminal charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

At the same time Bill Clinton was transferring this technology to China, huge donations began to pour into his re-election campaign from the US companies allowed to sell the technology to China, and from American citizens of Chinese descent. The fact that they were US citizens allowed them to donate to political campaigns, but it later emerged that they were acting as conduits for cash coming in from Asian sources, including Chinese Intelligence Agencies! The scandal became known as China-gate!

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, selling them to raise money for campaigns.

Now then, let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation's most closely guarded secrets! It is already established that Hillary's email was hacked. One hacker named Guccifer provided copies of emails to Russia Today, which published them. Another hacker is reported to be offering 32,000 of Hillary's emails for the sum of $500,000. Security experts agree that Hillary's server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website!

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept "donations" from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)!

Easy means of delivering secrets. Easy means of accepting payment!

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn't have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn't have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn't have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

It is time to look past the small scandal of the private email server at what may be a far larger scandal hidden behind it!

Sep 21 12:34

Jewish people beware!!! Ann Coulter is coming for you!!!

Neo- conservatives aren't allowed to be objective when it comes to, the 'holy than thou,' Israel. We must guide her, and defend her, sleep with her- call her back the next morning for breakfast and send her $3.5 billion in foreign aid alimony, right?

What Annie Dearest so eloquently tweeted, wasn't Anti- Semitic, it was correct. She correctly pointed out (Don't get used to it) what most of us, sitting in our living rooms, watching these rigged debates, have probably thought or said. Republicans pander to the Jewish lobby and it's getting old.

Truth hurts, and it hurt so much, that actor, Seth Rogen, took five minutes away from a righteous bong hit, to call Coulter, "a complete fucking idiot."

Some called her racist, some said she was "borderline Anti-Semitic," a "jackass," and Karol Markowicz even suggested in a nice play on words, that Coulter has made it "kosher to hate Jews."

Sep 21 12:08

Report: Russian Marines Battle ISIS In Syria, IS Possesses “Satellite Imagery” Of Base

By Brandon Turbeville

As the conflict in Syria continues to escalate, it has been reported by Russian media that Russian Marines stationed at an airbase in Latakia have now engaged ISIS fighters in direct combat...

Sep 21 11:34

“A Whole Universe of Security”: NYC on Police State Lockdown Ahead of Pope’s Visit

By all accounts in the local NYC media, going anywhere near the United Nations headquarters this week is probably just about the last place you’d want to be right now.

Security for the Pope’s visit, not to mention the 170 confirmed world leaders coming to the UN Summit at the UN headquarters there, has transcended mere circus levels and shot straight to warzone insanity zoo levels.

It’s what ABC 7 has described as, “a whole universe of security working to make sure nothing happens to the head of the Catholic Church as he blesses New York City.”

Yes, I’m sure New York City feels very blessed.

The 8,000 cameras around the city that will be always on and always recording are just the beginning (although, how is that different from the rest of the time?). Those will be continuously monitored at one of eight main “command centers”.

Sep 21 11:00

1953 High School Quiz - Could You Pass?

I found an interesting quiz that my dad saved from his high school days, where students were asked to fill out anatomical locations of a sheep and lamb. He filled out all the correct answers. Students were required to list all 26 'points of the sheep' and 8 'locations of standard wholesale lamb cuts.' This was back when many people still had small farms, or at least a few chickens, and gardens and there were orange groves all over Southern California.
These were the days, by the way, when my dad actually would, on occasion, carry his .22 rifle to school- he'd keep it in the coat closet, and would go hiking with his friends after school. I've included a picture of the anatomy test and also a picture of him in high school too, just for fun. ;-)

Sep 21 10:55

What Global Defense Spending Tells Us About the World

snip: There is no budget crisis at the Pentagon that is not of its own making. As reports on the "unaccounted for" $2.3 trillion from the Pentagon's FY1999 spending and the "still unaccounted for" $8.5 trillion today make clear, the Pentagon could 'shake $50 billion out of its couch cushions today' if it really wanted to. But then, if the Pentagon ever did actually produce a reliable audit of its books (current ETA: 2017!) the black hole of free money would disappear. In other words, don't hold your breath waiting for those unaccounted for trillions to be accounted for, and don't cry any tears for the Pentagon's declining budget.

Sep 21 10:45

Common Law Has Been Replaced with Talmudic Law

A chance meeting in central London with Mr Patrick Cullinane Common Law advocate and fighter of injustice.

After the energy-sapping day spent awaiting the Judgement on the Hampstead Whistleblower Kids meeting Patrick was the best thing that could possibly happen. His energy and all-round decency was like a hurricane of fresh air blowing up and down the streets and avenues of central London.

With people like Patrick fighting for the decent folk of Britain and Ireland one almost feels sorry for his/our opponents!

Sep 21 10:25

TSA agent caught stealing money from passenger during routine scan

A TSA agent at JFK Airport was busted when he was caught stealing money out of a passenger’s wallet at a security checkpoint, authorities said.

Sep 21 10:25

The Richest 400 People Lost $306 Billion Last Week, Enough to Fund Free College for Every U.S. Student for Four Years

The world’s richest 400 people lost a collective $306 billion in the stock market last week. To put that number in perspective, that’s enough to fund the entire U.S. food stamp program for nearly four years. Or we could provide tuition-free college for everyone in the U.S. for four years.

Sep 21 10:22

Behind the Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration may be the most extraordinary document produced by any Government in world history. It took the form of a letter from the Government of His Britannic Majesty King George the Fifth, the Government of the largest empire the world has even known, on which -- once upon a time -- the sun never set; a letter to an international financier of the banking house of Rothschild who had been made a peer of the realm.
Arthur Koestler wrote that in the letter "one nation solemnly promised to a second nation the country of a third." More than that, the country was still part of the Empire of a fourth, namely Turkey.
Note: This agreement was the main reason sited for the foundation of Israel. It is no longer mentioned because it says the Palestinians have a right to be there.

Sep 21 10:13

Cop Carelessly Runs Over “Role Model” Teen, Dept then Attacks the Dead Teen’s Character

A family is in mourning and a community grieving after losing a beloved young man. This recent high school graduate and former football player tragically lost his life at the hands of a negligent police officer.

Sep 21 10:10

Colorado's marijuana tax revenues nearly double last year's figures

Legal marijuana tax revenues have been breaking records in Colorado this summer, nearly doubling monthly numbers from last year and on pace to exceed projections of legal sales that bring revenue back to the state.

Sep 21 10:09

Saudi Teenager Ali Mohammed al-Nimr Has Been Sentenced to Death by Crucifixion

A Saudi teenager is facing death by crucifixion in his home country of Saudi Arabia on charges activists say are politically motivated.
In 2012, Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, then 17, was arrested in the country's Qatif province on reportedly shaky charges of illegal protesting and gun possession, the International Business Times reported Wednesday. There was never any evidence to support the guns charge.


Sep 21 09:27

New research on what people find "desirable" and "essential" in mates based on two of the largest national studies of mate preferences. It supports the long-held belief that people with desirable traits can be more selective, but it also challenges other

Chapman University has published research on what people find "desirable" and "essential" in a long-term partner based on two of the largest national studies of mate preferences ever conducted. This research supports the long-held belief that people with desirable traits have a stronger "bargaining hand" and can be more selective when choosing romantic partners, but it also challenges other commonly held mating beliefs. The studies examined how heterosexual mate preferences differed according to a person's gender, age, personal income, education and appearance satisfaction.

Sep 21 09:27

Mostly True: Bernie Sanders says top 0.1% in U.S. have almost as much wealth as bottom 90%

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told Liberty University students on Sept. 14 that he didn’t expect them to agree with his liberal views on abortion and gay marriage.

Sep 21 09:17

The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President

Activist Post writer, Brandon Turbeville, has just released his seventh book: "The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President." Brandon is known for his detailed research, principally in the area of Geopolitics, color revolutions, the Middle East and, specifically, Syria. In his new book, however, Turbeville lists at least 36 aspects of Clinton’s career in an attempt to demonstrate why Hillary Clinton should never be considered as a serious candidate for President...

Sep 21 09:07

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys

In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base.

Sep 21 09:05

Teen prosecuted as adult for having naked images – of himself – on phone

A teenage boy in North Carolina has been prosecuted for having nude pictures of himself on his own mobile phone. The young man, who is now 17 but was 16 at the time the photos were discovered, had to strike a plea deal to avoid potentially going to jail and being registered as a sex offender.

Sep 21 08:47

Mainstream Media Admits in Storytelling Fashion: ISIS Commander Is U.S. Trained!

Anyone getting their facts, news and information outside the spectrum of the tiny information bottleneck known as mainstream media is probably tired of hearing it by now. The Islamic State or ISIS is a terror organization created, funded and armed by the U.S. and its allies particularly Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. These U.S.-created new world order thugs trained primarily in Jordan are the exact same “rebels” who have been admittedly armed and trained by the U.S. Many of these terrorist “rebels” turned ISIS fighters are known to be visited and befriended by global terrorists like John McCain and others. These facts are all well established in recorded documents and independent media reports all over the world. The ridiculous, treasonous and intelligence-insulting never-ending story behind ISIS has been rehashed and exposed too many times.

Sep 21 08:23

FBI agents arrest friend of accused Charleston church shooter

The FBI has arrested a friend of accused Charleston, South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof, the young white man who shot and killed nine Africa-Americans in the historic house of worship.

Sep 21 08:16

This Dad Has Had It with Common Core Math

A Painesville, Ohio father showed his distaste for complicated math problem solving skills taught under Common Core standards by writing a check that no bank could possibly cash.

Sep 21 08:06

The IAEA Debate - Call for Fairness (20.9.2015)

IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano is in Tehran, talking to officials about the nuclear agreement, the JCPOA signed in the summer and its implementation. Iran’s president is telling the IAEA to be fair in its assessment about the Islamic Republic and its nuclear program.

Can the IAEA be fair and can Iran trust this organization when it is this same entity that allegedly gave secret information about Iran’s nuclear program to Israelis? And many believe that this led to the assassinations of several of Iran’s top scientists. So how can the IAEA be trusted one more time?

Webmaster addition: Keep in mind that the IAEA just voted DOWN a proposal to inspect Israel's nuclear weapons!


Sep 21 07:57

How our energy problem leads to a debt collapse problem

Usually, we don’t stop to think about how the whole economy works together. A major reason is that we have been lacking data to see long-term relationships. In this post, I show some longer-term time series relating to energy growth, GDP growth, and debt growth–going back to 1820 in some cases–that help us understand our situation better.

When examining these long-term time series, I come to the conclusion that what we are doing now is building debt to unsustainably high levels, thanks to today’s high cost of producing energy products. I doubt that this can be turned around. To do so would require immediate production of huge quantities of incredibly cheap energy products–that is oil at less than $20 per barrel in 2014$, and other energy products with comparably low cost structures.

Sep 21 07:44

Skype Down For Users Around The World

Webmaster addition: We were having trouble with Skype yesterday! We noticed in my wife's iPad that Skype has a new, even less intuitive, interface. Like too many US companies, Skype is more interested in trying to look better (they failed in this case) than actually being better! That too is a symptom of fascism.

Sep 21 07:17

Fed Cred Dead

The economy is a two-headed monster. One head is the trade in real goods and real services. The other head is the financialized traffic in swindles and frauds that surrounds banking. There is some deception and overlap about which is which. For instance so-called health care might be perceived as a real service. In fact, it’s a hostage racket, designed to victimize “patients” at their weakest, with a “protection” premium that easily runs to $12,000-a-year for a married couple, even when they aren’t sick, and vulnerable. Just see what happens if you go to an emergency room with an injury that requires six stitches. Next stop: re-po land.

Sep 21 07:07

Video of Trump Endorsing Netanyahu: "My name is Donald Trump and I'm a BIG FAN of Israel"

In this 2013 video with Hebrew subtitles, Trump says he adores Israel and he endorses Netanyahu. Trump was also the Grand Marshall of the NY Israel Day Parade in 2004; Took part in the Israeli 60th Birthday Party in 2008 in NY Times Square. Trump recently said "I've been loyal to Israel from the day I was born" and admitted in the past to saying "The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." Here is a comprehensive collection of videos, photos, and quotes.

Sep 21 07:03

NYT Plays Up Risks to Bomber Pilots, Downplays the Civilians They Kill

murdering people from relative safety
drone pilots are worse
politicians the lowest form of scum

how much more rampant militarism can anyone take?

Sep 21 06:38

If You Live In These States You'll Soon Need A Passport For Domestic Flights

To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane - even for domestic flights.

Sep 21 06:06

Ahmed Mohamed: Handcuffed for Making a Clock? | True News

was this race-baiting? the kid reassembled an old clock in a media case and used a bike chain to lock it. may have set the alarm clock to spook his English teacher.

Sep 21 04:10

Pax Americana: True Military Might or Glitch in the Matrix?

“The US military, it would seem, is at risk of no longer being able to go where it wants, and do what it wants to whomever it wants. Diplomatically, the United States has struggled, as of late, to assemble 'coalitions of the willing' interested in following Washington into the maw of every waiting crisis,” the American magazine The National Interest proposes, asking: “Does this mean that US global power in on the wane?” It then attempts to explain why the US international position has wavered so much since the introduction of the so-called Pax Americana (Latin for American Peace).

Sep 21 03:30

Volkswagen now down 22%.

Sep 20 23:11

Zionist-Manufactured Arabian Displacement

Despite the hundreds of thousands of terrorist mercenaries and their use of the latest American made weapons, and chemical weapons, the Syrian Assad regime stood steadfast due to the army’s and people’s support to the regime, and also due to outside support from Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia

Sep 20 22:20

The Implosion of US Military Morale

WE are being set up for a major defeat and destruction!

By Jack D. Douglas

September 21, 2015

Col.David “Hack” Hackworth said decades ago that the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon got control of the Army and other U.S. forces during the long Vietnam catastrophe, destroyed morale, lost the war, and kept moving up to the top to be the staff generals and admirals in the Pentagon. The scuttlebutt was always that they managed their way up by being ass-kissers.

I wonder what Hack would say about all the news these days about the Perfumed Princes at the top of the US military?

Sep 20 15:48

My Enemy, Your Enemy, the Enemy of Mankind : Groundhog Day at the Fed

Every dictator knows that a continuous state of emergency is the best means to justify tyrannical policies. The trick is to keep the fictitious emergency from breeding so much paranoia that routine activities come to a halt. Many have discovered that its best to make the threat external, intangible and ultimately, unverifiable. In Orwell’s 1984 the preferred mantra was “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia,” even though everyone knew it wasn’t true. In its rate decision this week the Federal Reserve, adopted a similar approach and conjured up an external threat to maintain a policy that is becoming increasingly absurd.

Sep 20 15:41

War is the Health of the State

Our current monetary system is the root cause of many evils of today. Let’s take war, a topic we discussed in this article, as an example. Without a monetary system that creates currency out of thin air, most of the wars that we have had and still have would simply not be financeable. This system is controlled by a few, who change the rules to their own benefit. And as we have seen they use their privileges to finance wars and to bribe politicians.

Sep 20 15:26

Freedom isn’t Free, But is it on Sale Yet?

So, continuing on with skewering America’s Funniest Homeland Phrases, let’s examine this old warhorse, if you’ll pardon the pun: “Freedom isn’t free”. Wow, snappy, huh? I wonder how many post-it notes and crayons they went through scribbling that one, what with all the rough drafts and all? Hmmm…so freedom isn’t free? Then what is it, exactly? A pay-as-you-go plan? A rent-to-own thing? Ah! No, I’ve got it! It’s a payday loan! I knew I’d figure it out!

Sep 20 15:10

75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

Three in four Americans (75%) last year perceived corruption as widespread in the country’s government. This figure is up from two in three in 2007 (67%) and 2009 (66%).

Sep 20 15:06

Police Harass, Detain Man For Eating Hamburger

“Bought a burger and pulled over to have a few bites,” Rick said in the YouTube video description. “I suppose that constitutes probable cause?”

Sep 20 14:20

A Zionist’s flawed argument against Jeremy Corbyn

Gilad Atzmon deconstructs a tirade by David Hirsh, a campaigner against academic boycotts of Israel, published in The Jewish Chronicle, a British Zionist rag, and advises the Zionist campaigner to do a bit more self-reflection.

Sep 20 14:18

The UK Labour Party revolution

Jamal Kanj says Jeremy Corbyn has a unique chance to do what other progressive leaders failed to achieve by reaching out to marginalised British voters and working with the Scottish National Party.

Sep 20 13:44

US to accept 100,000 refugees by 2017: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that the United States will increase the number of its refugee admissions from the current 70,000 to a total of 100,000 over the next two years.

"In consultation with Congress, we will continue to explore ways to increase those figures while maintaining robust security," Kerry said on Sunday, after meeting with German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin.

Sep 20 13:43

Greek conservative leader concedes election defeat

Greece's New Democracy party leader has conceded defeat in national elections to his leftist rival, Former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The leader of the conservative party, Vangelis Meimarakis, said on Sunday that the priority for the country was to form a government.

"The electoral result appears to be concluding with Syriza and Mr Tspiras in the lead," Meimarakis told journalists, adding, "I congratulate him and urge him to create the government which is needed and come to parliament."

The concession came as latest exit polls suggest that Tsipras’s Syriza party has won 33 percent to 35 percent of the vote compared to between 28.5 to 30 percent for New Democracy.

In the race for third place, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party is expected to pick up between 6.5 and 8.0 percent of the vote.

Sep 20 10:26

Genocide in Yemen

snip: US-Saudi enforced blockade prevents enough food, medical supplies, fuel, clean water and other essentials from reaching desperate people in need. Human Rights Watch said what’s ongoing “may amount to starvation of civilians as a weapon of warfare” - genocide by deprivation.

Sep 20 10:23

Greeks Without Choice in Sunday Election

“Suckers think that you cure greed with money, addiction with substances, expert problems with experts, banking with bankers, economics with economists, and debt crises with debt spending”
? Nassim Nicholas Taleb

snip: “If God and his angels came down to produce a reform package for Greece, the Troika would have turned it down it down, because they were interested in humiliating us and demonstrating to the people of Spain and Ireland that if they vote in the way that the Troika doesn’t like, they will be crushed.”

The only uncertainty about Greece’s future is how much worse things will get than already. It’s hard imagining anything in prospect able to end its long nightmare.

The only solution is popular grassroots revolution. No sign of one exists. Business as usual continues.

Sep 20 09:44

BEX Alert!!! - "Hagee: Iran Deal Puts America In The 'Direct Line Of Fire To Receive The Judgment Of God' "

Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, John Hagee warns that the nuclear deal with Iran is setting America up to receive God's judgment.

(Note: Always remember that the Executive Director of "Christians United For Israel" is Jewish Supremacist David Brog who just happens to be first cousins with Israeli Ehud Barak)

Sep 20 09:40

‘That’s a clock and I’m the Queen of England': Ranting Sarah Palin thinks Ahmed Mohamed was up to no good

In a winding Friday night post, Palin aired her suspicions that the “obstinate-answering” boy was really up to no good and Irving police and school officials have been wrongly maligned in the “reactionary-slash-biased media!” The case has generated outrage amid the belief that Mohamed was arrested due to anti-Muslim bias and not any genuine threat posed.

“Yep, believing that’s a clock in a school pencil box is like believing Barack Obama is ruling over the most transparent administration in history. Right. That’s a clock, and I’m the Queen of England,” Palin opined. Throughout the post, she spelled Mohamed’s name “Muhammad,” which is the spelling commonly used in the English-speaking world for the prophet of Islam.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Beauty Queen who would be sentient strikes again!

UPDATE: Apparently I am now blocked for commenting over at Raw Story. The last comment I posted over there was raising the issue of whether Hillary's private email server was being used for a spy operation.

Sep 20 08:51

IAEA rejects proposal on oversight of Israeli nuclear facilities

“I explained that there was no place to hold a discussion of this kind as long as the main problem in the Middle East is Iran’s efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons and its clear declarations regarding its intention to destroy the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

Netanyahu thanked the countries that supported Israel, “especially the US, Australia and Canada.” He also thanked the EU for voting as a single bloc against the resolution. . .

. . . Ze’ev Snir, the director-general of Israel’s Atomic Energy Committee, addressed the IAEA’s annual meeting in Geneva on Wednesday and said the move was an attempt to single out Israel, and that if it passed it would “hurt the credibility of the IAEA by politicizing the organization and reducing its valuable resources.”

Sep 20 08:34

Jewish Publication Could Drop Ann Coulter After 'F---ing Jews' Scandal

After her Twitter tirade criticizing alleged Republican pandering to U.S. Jews, Coulter's column at the conservative Jewish World Review is under threat.

A conservative Jewish publication may drop conservative political pundit Ann Coulter’s column in the wake of her tweet slamming GOP candidates for pandering to “f—ing Jews.”

The founder of the online “Jewish World Review,” Binyamin Jolkovsky, told the Daily Beast that he has personally reached out to Coulter but that she had not responded as of Friday.

Sep 20 08:08

US updating contingency plans for possible war with Russia: US officials

The United States is updating its contingency plans for a potential war with Russia for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, according to US officials.

The US Defense Department is re-evaluating its Cold War era military plans following increasing tensions between Washington and Moscow over the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, the Foreign Policy magazine reported Friday, citing current and former Pentagon officials.

“Given the security environment, given the actions of Russia, it has become apparent that we need to make sure to update the plans that we have in response to any potential aggression against any NATO allies,” says one senior Pentagon official familiar with the updated plans.

“Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine made the US dust off its contingency plans,” says Michèle Flournoy, a former undersecretary of defense for policy and co-founder of the Center for a New American Security. “They were pretty out of date.”

Sep 20 08:05

ISIL Militants Kill Senior Egyptian General

Probably the Mexicans!

The Egyptian Ministry reported that militants affiliated with ISIL shot and killed the country's Interior Ministry brigade general overnight into Sunday in the North Sinai governorate.

Sep 20 08:03

Japans sending high-ranking economic delegation to Iran

A high-ranking Japanese delegation consisting of the heads of the country’s major private companies will soon arrive in Iran's capital city, Tehran, to discuss expansion of bilateral economic relations.

According to a statement by the Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran on Sunday, the Japanese delegation will be headed by chairman of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Hiroyuki Ishige.

Sep 20 08:01

75 US-trained militants enter Syria via Turkey: Report

Dozens of militants, who were newly trained by the US-led coalition purportedly fighting Daesh Takfiris, have entered Syria from Turkey, a report says.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said in a report on Sunday that 75 militants have crossed into northern Syria over the past few days in a convoy of a dozen cars with light weapons and ammunition.

The militants that were “trained in a camp near the Turkish capital, entered Aleppo province between Friday night and Saturday morning,” said SOHR Director Rami Abdel Rahman.

Sep 20 05:39

Refugee and migrant crisis: Hungary finishes border fence, slams Croatia after train incident

Budapest has finished work on a 41 km border fence amid a spat with its neighbor, Croatia, which Hungary accused of violating its sovereignty after Croatia let a train carrying a thousand asylum seekers into the country.

Croatia’s claim that the train, which transferred thousands of migrants and refugees to the Hungarian border followed a bilateral agreement, was condemned as a “lie in the face” of Hungary and the EU, Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday.

Sep 20 04:06

BEX ALERT - Jewish Woman Victimized By 'Anti-Semitic' Slurs Such as "Zionist Jews Were Responsible For 9/11!" Prove That New Anti-Semitism Protections Are Needed At UC Campuses (Video)

The University of California Board of Regents held their much-anticipated meeting at UC Irvine on Thursday, purportedly to decide whether or not to adopt the U.S. State Department's official definition of Anti-Semitism for the UC system. They held a lively public comment period with over fifty speakers waiting in line, who were given exactly one minute each to speak.
Many people are unaware that the UC Board of Regents President is none other than "Big Sis," former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano! Free speech advocates and critics of Israel spoke strongly in opposition to adoption of such a policy, while Jewish and pro-Israel folks insisted that it was necessary to stop the hate, bigotry, and Anti-Semitism. In the end the board decided there was "more work to be done" in drafting the document, but the video testimonies here are priceless.

Sep 20 03:36

"My name is Donald Trump and I'm a BIG FAN of Israel" (Video)

Trump is an undeniable Zionist who adores Israel and Netanyahu. He was the Grand Marshall of the NY Israel Day Parade in 2004; Took part in the Israeli 60th Birthday Party in 2008, and personally endorsed Bibi on video in 2013. Trump recently said "I've been loyal to Israel from the day I was born" and admitted in the past to saying "The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." Here is a comprehensive collection of videos, photos, and quotes.

Sep 20 00:44

New Marijuana Law Side Effect: Youth Possession Now a Felony

Asotin County Prosecutor Ben Nichols said Senate Bill 5052, which the Legislature passed and Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law this year, contains the new language.

"If you are a minor, a person under 21, it's a felony no matter what," Nichols said.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, said the tougher penalty was designed to deter minors from trying an adult drug.

"We have to send a message to our kids: This will hurt you in more ways than one if you decide to participate,"

Sep 19 20:01

Ron Paul: 'Evangelical Zionism' The Root Cause of 'Pro-War Christians'

Bennett: "Why do you think religious folks seem so pro-war, especially since Iraq and Afghanistan? ...Do you understand that at all?"

Paul: "I think Evangelical Zionism has something to do with it... they made a decision, they base it on a devout religious belief and conviction and they've been taught this in their churches and the preachers have taught them this and they feel they're as right about their policy as I feel about my interpretation of what Christ taught us. He was supposed to be the Prince of Peace, not - not advocating pre-emptive war!"

Sep 19 18:56

Donald Trump: 'Not my job' to defend Obama from Muslim jibe

Donald Trump has said it is "not his job" to defend Barack Obama, after criticism from fellow Republicans for not correcting a supporter who said the US president was a Muslim.

The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination tweeted there was "no chance" Mr Obama would defend him if he was similarly attacked.

Sep 19 17:34

Police Attack Helicopters in California?

machine-gunning a home invasion suspect!

Sep 19 16:25

Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas: Calling Attention to Jewish Influence

If you really think that immigration is the big issue — and it is, you are understandably upset when so many Republican candidates want to make the big issues Israel, abortion, and their worship of Ronald Reagan — even including Israel in visions of what America will be like if elected. Reagan and abortion may indeed tap into the GOP base but, let’s face it, obsessing about Israel is first and foremost an attempt to appease Sheldon Adelson and the rest of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Trump is succeeding precisely because he is not seen as needing to pander to anyone.

Sep 19 16:22

Media Lies About the “Refugee” Crisis

Demonstrations and counter-demonstrations for both sides of the “refugee” question took place all over Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic on September 12. I spent my Saturday following two marches in Krakow, Poland–my home for almost 20 years. Having participated in many events involving public demonstrations and the clash between Left and Right here, I was not at all surprised by the media’s dishonest representation of what happened. It was an instructive reminder of the power they have to promote their agenda.

Sep 19 14:46

Russia constructs first foreign camp in Syria for internal refugees

The first tent camp for internal refugees, constructed by Russian engineers, has been opened in western Syria, in a location safe from the raging civil war. Over the last four years more than 50 percent of the Syrian population has been displaced.

The camp site is situated on a racetrack, practically in the downtown of the city of Hama (Hamah), some 40km from the nearest warzone. This site is considered to be relatively safe in a country suffering from active military operations since February 2011.

The camp for 500 refugees consists of 25 army tents fully equipped for living, a field kitchen, a canteen, showers, two mobile power generators and a water-storage facility. The dwelling tents are equipped with beds and heating furnaces for cold weather.

In case the number of refugees increases sharply, the camp is ready to accommodate up to 1,000 people.

Sep 19 13:49

What is the Unfathomable Evil behind Establishment Liars and Mass-Media “Talking Heads”?

Unquestionably, the World’s Biggest Liars are the appointed “Talking Heads” of the Six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and those King-Makers and Top Policy-Makers that pull their strings.

These folks are the Establishment Liars (ELs), the Talking Heads of the Nightly World News and the Mainstream Major Mass Media who are selected for their smiley attractive faces which can elicit perceptions of seriousness, truthfulness and credibility with news consumers while at the same time actually being stories based on twisted lies, half truth and USG Psyops.

Next time you hear a top Establishment Politician or USG Official making a statement through the CMMM, ask yourself what are they really like inside, what is their their Secret Self like that you are not allowed to see or know about and what kind of Secret Evil must they must have already participated in to be allowed to climb the Establishment Food Chain so high?

Sep 19 12:28

Total Bollocks From MI5

If you believe MI5’s stories, there are two possibilities. The first is that we have security services of a quite incredible efficiency, able to foil random terrorism, generally regarded as near impossible. The second is that we have thousands of dedicated terrorists of such incredible ineptitude that they can’t manage to kill anybody, even when they could choose any random undefended target in the entire UK and any method from knives to poison to hit and run to shooting to bombs, and don’t mind losing their own lives in the attempt. We have rubbish terrorists.

There is of course a third possibility – that these thousands of dedicated terrorists and these scores of foiled plots in the last decade were inventions, or at least the grossest exaggerations, by the security services. A number of fantasists have indeed been convicted and jailed. But the only, single, potential attacker in recent years who actually possessed a viable bomb was a British army soldier with a hatred of Muslims. And naturally he was not counted as nor convicted as a terrorist. Terrorists are Muslims.

Sep 19 12:14

The Republican Candidates Just Can’t Quit Neoconservatism

With the exception of Rand Paul, the GOP field remained in thrall to a bankrupt neoconservative ideology.

If the candidates’ positions on foreign policy were anything to go by, the neocon outlook—which is in essence a frightened, xenophobic, reflexive militarism—continues to have a stranglehold on a Grand Old Party, which cannot seem to shake some Very Bad Ideas.

Of the 11 candidates who made it to prime time, only Senator Rand Paul made the feeblest attempt to defy the GOP’s orthodox militarism