Oct 25 04:09

When Ancient Artifacts Become Political Pawns

Egypt’s chief archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, announced that his country wanted its queen handed back forthwith, unless Germany could prove that the 3,500-year-old bust of Akhenaten’s wife wasn’t spirited illegally out of Egypt nearly a century ago.
Mr. Hawass also recently fired a shot at France, demanding the Louvre return five fresco fragments it purchased in 2000 and 2003 from a gallery and at auction. They belonged to a 3,200-year-old tomb near Luxor and had been in storage at the museum.
But Jewish groups and prominent French and German intellectuals (not the Israeli government, though) campaigned against Mr. Hosny. When asked in Egypt’s Parliament last year about the presence of Israeli books in Alexandria’s library, Mr. Hosny said: “Let’s burn these books. If there are any, I will burn them myself before you.”

Oct 24 23:40

How They Are Turning Off the Lights in America

On October 31, 2009, the once largest aluminum plant in the world will shut down. With it goes another American industry and more American jobs. The Columbia Falls Aluminum Company in Montana will shut down its aluminum production because it cannot purchase the necessary electrical power to continue its operations.

Oct 24 21:23

What You Didn't Know About The War

This video is mandatory viewing to all supporters of the war(s).

Oct 24 18:15

Burger King (Japan) offers Windows 7 Whopper with 7 beef patties for $7.77 (satire)

What do you get when you combine a good operating system with a ridiculously bad idea of a burger? Burger King's news "Windows 7 Whopper," made with 7 beef patties and sold for ¥777 (Yen).

The seven-decker processed beef burger clocks in at 1,000 calories, reports FoxNews. It's offered only for 7 days as part of a publicity stunt to publicize the launch of Windows 7, the new PC operating system from Microsoft.


Perhaps it's a warning. First reports on Windows 7 are that it's the same old sh!t with a candy coating. Windows 7 is definitely less stable than Windows XP and there were known security issues even as it launched.

Oct 24 15:51

Chemical Weapon Decontamination Demonstration at Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Urban Shield 2009

Among the technology demonstrated this year will be Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL®), a product of RSDecon, a Bracco company. Urban Shield participants will get a firsthand view of how first responders and receivers can decontaminate themselves in the event of a chemical warfare (CW) agent or T2 toxin attack and return to duty in the critical first hours after an attack or other incide

Oct 24 15:29

Passing through the Kingdom of the Prince of the Air

Here’s a simple fact. There’s enough, for everyone on the planet and more, to have whatever food and shelter they require. There is enough work for all the hands and minds that wish employment. There’s free medical for everyone who needs it and money to pay for it without batting an eye. All you’ve got to do is stop the engines of war and the obscene money sucking machines of the vampire bat bankers. The rich could still be rich and the poor could still be poor. You’re always going to have poor people, even Jesus the Christ said as much. Didn’t he say that the “poor ye always have with you”, or something to that effect? I think the same applies to the rich. There’s just not as many of them.

Oct 24 15:26

Passing through the Kingdom of the Prince of the Air

Here’s a simple fact. There’s enough, for everyone on the planet and more, to have whatever food and shelter they require. There is enough work for all the hands and minds that wish employment. There’s free medical for everyone who needs it and money to pay for it without batting an eye. All you’ve got to do is stop the engines of war and the obscene money sucking machines of the vampire bat bankers. The rich could still be rich and the poor could still be poor. You’re always going to have poor people, even Jesus the Christ said as much. Didn’t he say that the “poor ye always have with you”, or something to that effect? I think the same applies to the rich. There’s just not as many of them.

Oct 24 10:09

George W. Bush set to become motivational speaker

He left office with the US embroiled in two wars, a Great Recession and with his approval rating a toxic 22 per cent. So the next stage in his career is obvious. George W Bush — who last year inspired millions of people to vote Democrat — is about to become a highly-paid motivational speaker.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I thought for a moment that this had to be some sort of sick joke.

It is not.

It does, however, lead to one inescapable conclusion: this man is absolutely out of his mind.

Oct 24 09:15

A Few Good Kids?

In the past few years, the military has mounted a virtual invasion into the lives of young Americans. Using data mining, stealth websites, career tests, and sophisticated marketing software, the Pentagon is harvesting and analyzing information on everything from high school students' GPAs and SAT scores to which video games they play. Before an Army recruiter even picks up the phone to call a prospect like Travers, the soldier may know more about the kid's habits than do his own parents.

Oct 24 09:11

US Announces Military Base in Romania to Become “Permanent”

In an announcement today which likely surprised no one, the US army announced that the military base just northwest of the Black Sea Port City of Constanta, Romania will become a “permanent” base for the American military.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More military encirclement of Russia, which is apt to please Moscow not one bit.

Oct 24 06:33

Snickers: A Basic Human Right

There is no right to government provided healthcare!

Oct 24 04:59

'Balloon boy' dad had hoax in mind, wife says

The couple hatched the plan about two weeks before the incident and "instructed their three children to lie to authorities as well as the media regarding this hoax," according to the documents.

Oct 23 13:41

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ

Oct 23 10:45

Review: “Fall of the Republic,” an Alex Jones’ political & economic documentary

(Hyperlinks and video live at source)

By the end of high school, all young adults are instructed to understand and apply the scientific method to match data with hypotheses to explain the data. Most adults report they are able to do this under realistic conditions; that is, they have rational explanations for reality on a day-to-day basis, and especially for important issues. Daily, more adults are focusing their competent intellects upon our largest political and economic issues. Daily, more adults are constructing hypotheses of intentional destruction of our American rights, values, and economy as the only rational explanation of such gross malfeasance with US government and economic policies.

Oct 23 09:54

Airline crew overshot Minn. airport by 150 miles

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's a kind of long skinny cement thing with lights, isn't it?"

Oct 23 07:42

Citigroup Taxpayer Ownership Doesn’t Prevent Lobbying

- Citigroup Inc., which has yet to repay $45 billion in federal assistance, has more lobbyists than any other company who registered to try to shape legislation regulating the financial industry, U.S. Senate records show.

“You would hope after American taxpayers stepped in to save these companies from a disaster of their own making they would be deploying their army of lobbyists to strengthen and not thwart financial reform,” senior Obama adviser David Axelrod said in an interview. At some point, Axelrod said, industry lobbying and campaign contributions may cause a “tremendous backlash” from the public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to David Axelrod: the American Taxpayer was given absolutely no choice in the matter. And it didn't matter if most hard-working, tax-paying Americans were against this, Congress turned around and just gave this money to these financial institutions anyway.

Of course, it doesn't help that to large extent, most members of Congress are compromised in their decision making process by being invested in - and/or acquired by - the very institutions they are supposed to be regulating.

Oct 23 07:36

Mea Culpa in the Miso Soup

The irony of seven thousand tons of opium, which I don’t use, flowing out of a war torn area where it had previously been suppressed by those now being hunted by the very machine that is profiting from this item should not escape the notice of even the most stupid of you but… I never underestimate the power of stupid.

Oct 23 06:57

Russia, France approve Iran uranium supply deal

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that Moscow expected all parties to approve the deal.

“We are counting on not only Iran, but all the other participants fo the negotiations, to confirm their readiness to implement the proposed scheme,” he told reporters in Moscow, according to Reuters.

French Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Bernard Valero, told reporter in Paris: “The draft agreement suits France. We have made this known in an official manner.”

Iran said it did not want France to be part of any dealDiplomats say that Russia will take all of the uranium Iran will ship, but it will sub-contract any additional processing to France, so that no direct negotiations between Paris and Tehran are required, reports AFP.

Oct 23 06:08

England's oldest map goes on sale

The 17th Century work by John Ogilby - 'Britannia Volume the First, or an Illustration of the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales', was hailed at the time as a "landmark" in road -mapping.

A first edition, dating from 1675, contains 100 double pages of black and white maps laid out in continuous strips depicting 73 major roads and cross-roads across England and Wales, although most of them are routes in and out of of London.

Oct 22 14:12

U.S. Arrests Hundreds in Raids on Drug Cartel

Calling it a “significant blow” to the operations of a major Mexican drug cartel, Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Thursday the arrests of 303 people and the seizure of illegal drugs, weapons and millions of dollars over the past two days in a series of coordinated raids in 19 states.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? See? We are good for something after all!! Pay no attention to the economy or those those war crimes charges at the UN!!!"

Oct 22 12:44

Woman shocks America after saying she made up rape claim

Megan Williams had claimed her captors – who included her boyfriend – beat her, forced her to drink urine and eat rat droppings, hurled racial abuse and poured hot wax over her while holding her hostage in a mobile home in rural West Virginia.

The fictional horrific ordeal in September 2007 drew condemnation and financial contributions from American black leaders including Al Sharpton and even a march on her behalf.

on her boyfriend, is particularly strange given that her alleged attackers actually admitted the crimes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, after their lawyers told them they would get shorter jail sentences for pleading guilty in the face of what seemed like slam-dunk convictions!

This case illustrates why I oppose capital punishment, and also the weaknesses inherent in the plea-bargaining system.

Oct 22 08:25

Fall of the Republic *VIDEO*

Oct 22 08:22

U.S. pressures Japan on military package

Worried about a new direction in Japan's foreign policy, the Obama administration warned the Tokyo government Wednesday of serious consequences if it reneges on a military realignment plan formulated to deal with a rising China.

The comments from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates underscored increasing concern among U.S. officials as Japan moves to redefine its alliance with the United States and its place in Asia. In August, the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won an overwhelming victory in elections, ending more than 50 years of one-party rule.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In terms of providing "serious consequences" if Japan is moving away from its previous level of alignment with the US, there is little the US can actually do right now, other than threaten, due to geopolitical stresses elsewhere.

Oct 22 07:01

‘Miracle’ baby brings hope in Muslim Russia

A "miracle" baby has brought a kind of mystical hope to people in Russia's mostly Muslim southern fringe who are increasingly desperate in the face of Islamist violence.

From hunchbacked grandmas to schoolboys, hundreds of pilgrims lined up this week in blazing sunshine to get a glimpse of 9-month-old baby Ali Yakubov, on whose body they say verses from the Koran appear and fade every few days.

Oct 22 04:38

British nuclear expert who fell to his death named by Austrian Times

Officials announced today (Weds) that the man – named as Timothy Hampton – died on the spot yesterday after a fall from the 17th floor at Vienna International Centre (VIC), one of the United Nations’ (UN) main headquarters along with New York, Nairobi and Geneva.

Authorities said the 47-year-old man – a member of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) – had joined the UN’s current talks with Iran over its nuclear programme.

Oct 21 11:49

Nurses got sick from the "swine flu" vaccine in Sweden

Yesterday 30 people had been reporting to the authorities in Sweden that they experienced such severe side effects that they felt the need to contact a hospital. Today the number is 110. The swedish newspaper Expressen is the only one in Sweden reporting on these cases and as usual this is most likely only the tip of a rather large iceberg.

Even so, Annika Linde, director of The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) manages to spin this into something positive by stating "The vaccine has more side effects than the normal flu vaccine. It is a sign that proves that it gives an effective protection."

Oct 21 09:29

ADL slams two U.S. Republicans for calling Jews penny-pinchers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about "endless whiners?" Is that okay to use?

Oct 21 08:53

Megan Williams to recant Logan County sex-torture testimony

She will hold a press conference Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, to recant her claims of abuse, attorney Byron L. Potts, who represents Williams, told The Charleston Gazette on Tuesday night.

"She has decided she has been living this lie for approximately two years and she has decided to tell the truth," Potts said. "She fabricated the story and she did this in retaliation because she was having a relationship with one of them."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting how the Prosecutor is trying to spin this.

Oct 21 07:35

Apology for singing shop worker

A shop assistant who was told she could not sing while she stacked shelves without a performance licence has been given an apology.

Sandra Burt, 56, who works at A&T Food store in Clackmannanshire, was warned she could be fined for her singing by the Performing Rights Society (PRS).

Desperation on the cusp of madness.

Oct 21 06:40

Former U.S. president George W. Bush garners noisy protest in Edmonton

Several dozen police officers kept protesters away from the front of the Shaw Conference Centre and as the crowd grew, metal barricades went up between the police and the crowd.

Marilyn Gaa, who holds both American and Canadian citizenship, held a three-metre-tall black-clad Grim Reaper with a sign on his back that said: "GWB I am your biggest fan" and on the front, "Thanks for 8 great years."

"For the eight years that George Bush was president I was profoundly ashamed and alarmed and angry and now it seems so unfair that he's making a world tour trying to share his 'wisdom' and make a lot of money," said Gaa.

Oct 21 05:44

Who's in Big Brother's Database?

On a remote edge of Utah's dry and arid high desert, where temperatures often zoom past 100 degrees, hard-hatted construction workers with top-secret clearances are preparing to build what may become America's equivalent of Jorge Luis Borges's "Library of Babel," a place where the collection of information is both infinite and at the same time monstrous, where the entire world's knowledge is stored, but not a single word is understood. At a million square feet, the mammoth $2 billion structure will be one-third larger than the US Capitol and will use the same amount of energy as every house in Salt Lake City combined.

Oct 21 05:32

The world's first revolving hotel

The multi-million pound project, which is due to be completed within two and half years, was designed by London-based architects Studio RHE.

The idea was dreamt up to solve the problem of giving every guest a sea view from the hotel on the island of Solta, Croatia, and relies on engineering expertise from the shipyards of nearby Split.

The 61m (200ft) three-storey rotating section of the hotel, which contains 50 suites and is based on a turntable in the middle of a purpose-built swimming lake, will rotate 1.3 times per day.

Oct 20 16:38

2009 US economy: largest transfer of wealth to financial/political elite in global history

Political “leadership” of the two oligarchy parties spin their economic policy as being for the public benefit. Professional economists increasingly cast economic policy in unprecedented harsh criticism, even calling for public demonstrations against what they claim as gross violations of financial law. Let’s consider current facts of high importance:

• Transfer of somewhere over $3 trillion with a total potental of $23.7 trillion to banks and financial institutions for the socialization of their gambling losses on illegal sub-prime mortgages and credit default swaps. We know the sub-prime lending was illegal because the FBI concluded 80% of all sub-prime fraud originated from the lenders.

Oct 20 15:57

Action Alert: FCC to Vote on Net Neutrality Thursday

Just got this email from Phil Kerpen:

As important as all the fights are that we're in right now, perhaps the biggest of all is the fight over whether the government will take over the Internet. That's because as long as the Internet is free, we can use it to communicate, educate, and organize. Tea parties, townhalls, and AFP events would be very difficult to organize if government owned and controlled the Internet and chose to interfere with it. That's what's at stake this week as the Federal Communications Commission decides on Thursday whether to move forward with so-called "net neutrality" regulations.

Oct 19 18:13

Top U.S. Scientist Arrested in FBI Sting Attempting to Sell Nuclear Secrets to Israel

Allegations mirror those long made by FBI translator / whistleblower Sibel Edmonds...

This is, of course, the precise sort of thing which FBI linguist-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has been alleging concerning both Turkish and Israeli interests for some time. In her case, she has testified under oath to nearly-identical behavior by U.S. scientists, military personnel and academics at top-secret nuclear and military installations who are alleged to have done precisely what Stewart David Nozette has now been busted for, as reported today by AFP...

Oct 19 17:16

Cdn comentator apologizes to Olympics' critic. Agrees games are a threat to civil rights

Shaw has also opposed the 2010 Games from the start -- he thinks the process is flawed from a number of points of view.

In my encounter with him on air a few years back I didn't support him. Chris has been proven to be right. One point of his correctness I wish to deal with today is the security issue -- specifically, I'd like to address the billion dollars being spent on it and the raw theft of our civil liberties.

First this mea culpa.

Chris, you were right and I was wrong -- and I apologize. I, of all people, should have been able to spot the barnyard droppings, but I got caught up in the massive municipal masturbation and forgot my role. I unreservedly apologize.

Oct 19 16:21

the despicable relationship between Barack Obama and the Nobel Committee.

Now to the heart of the matter that White House public relation officials and Anglo-Saxon media want to hide from the public: the despicable relationship between Barack Obama and the Nobel Committee.

In 2006, the European Command (i.e. the regional command of U.S. troops whose authority then covered both Europe and most of Africa) solicited Barack Obama, a Senator of Kenyan origin, to participate in a secret inter-agency (CIA-NED-USAID-NSA). The goal was to use his status as a parliamentarian to conduct a tour of Africa that would allow both to defend the interests of pharmaceutical companies (against off-patent productions) and to counter Chinese influence in Kenya and Sudan [2]. We shall only examine the Kenyan episode here.

Oct 19 08:22

The New American Century

This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it.

Oct 19 07:06

Corporate Supremacy and the Rape of a Human Girl

We are fast approaching the time of the next great battle over evolution. The Neo-creationists will be corporations, and they will argue that they could not possibly be descended from human beings.

This isn’t science fiction. Just the other day 30 Republicans voted in the U.S. Senate to deny justice to a human victim of rape in order to protect the so-called sovereign rights of corporations

Oct 18 11:18

Lithuanian Man That Shot and Killed a Judge and Senior Politician That Molested His Three Year Old Daughter Becomes A National Hero on the Lamb

A dad who shot dead a judge and a senior politician because they molested his three-year old daughter has become a national hero after going on the run in Lithuania.

Oct 18 09:48

Dear Mr. President

On October 5, 2009, I witnessed my mother, a 55 year old grandmother be assaulted by your Secret Service right in front of your house. It was so frightening for me, and what your protectors did in your name destroyed any faith that I had left in your willingness to listen to your citizens to end the violence being committed by our country.

I left Washington without faith in my government or in my president. It was instead replaced with fear. I am lucky that I have seen such strength and resolve in my mother and her community of peaceful resisters. So I have faith that this senseless killing will stop, but I know that it will not be by your hand.

Oct 18 09:45

California 'first failed US state'?

California is the world's eighth-largest economy, but its unemployment rate is over 12 per cent - the highest in 70 years.

Millions of people lost their homes when the housing bubble burst. Millions more have been thrust into poverty by the recession.

Reduced funding for education, coupled with big tuition increases, sparked a student and faculty strike at California's public Universities. Programmes for ex-prison inmates and parolees have been slashed.

And the social safety net of healthcare and services for the poor, children and elderly - the least powerful and least vocal members of society - has been systematically shredded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to "Ameristan", as the middle class gets pummeled into grinding poverty, and the wealthy elite have more and more wealth concentrated into their hands.

Oct 18 09:02

New bases in Bulgaria, Romania cost U.S. over $100M

The Pentagon is spending more than $100 million to build new military bases in Bulgaria and Romania, even as the Obama administration recently scrapped plans for a missile-defense shield in other parts of Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, more than 2,000 U.S. troops — including two squadrons from the Vilseck, Germany-based 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment — were taking part in exercises in nearby Romania and Bulgaria.

The exercises, which began in late June, will run until the end of October.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how far that money would have gone to fix the crumbling infrastructure here in the US.

Apparently, those dangers - potential and real - caused by the crumbling of the infrastructure here at home mean absolutely nothing to our alleged representatives in Washington.

Oct 17 22:07

Israel, “Goldstone Report” confirms what you did

Sunday October 18, 2009
Israel, we know what you did last winter
THE fuss over the “Goldstone Report” confirms that were it otherwise, the report would have been more pro-Israeli whitewash after gross human rights atrocities in Gaza. After two years of Israel’s crippling siege of Gaza, pro-Hamas fighters fired some rockets at Israel last December. The Israeli military then crushed Gaza, its artillery and air force bombarding homes, schools, hospitals and mosques for a death toll of some 1,400 Palestinians to 13 Israelis.
"Israel warned that if the UN pursued the report the “peace process” could be threatened, and if Western countries approved it then their own anti-terror efforts could be compromised."

Oct 17 17:47


You may have seen a recent segment of The Daily Show captioned "Rape-Nuts," pertaining to Sen. Al Franken's amendment to a defense appropriation bill banning the use of mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts which bar employees from suing their employer for civil damages, even in cases of criminal misconduct of rape and sexual assault. (There is a split among the circuit courts of appeal regarding the enforceability of these mandatory arbitration agreements. I believe they are one-sided contracts of adhesion that are unenforceable as a matter of public policy. Several courts agree.)


Oct 17 17:30

Meteorite smashed family's SUV

The oldest thing Tony Garchinski, his mother, Yvonne or anyone else on the planet has ever touched fell with such force it cracked the windshield on the family's Nissan SUV, skidded across the hood and dented their garage door before landing on the ground, breaking into five fragments.

Oct 17 17:20

Couple's home hit by space metal

A couple from Hull have been told that a 4lb (1.8kg) chunk of metal which smashed through the roof of their home may have come from space.

The RAF investigated the unidentified falling object after it landed in Peter and Mair Welton's loft in July.

It was not known where the metal had come from but it seemed likely that it was "space debris", investigators said.

Oct 17 14:45

Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead

Drug traffickers shot down a police helicopter and killed two officers in a burst of drug-based violence just two weeks after the city won the 2016 Olympic games. Three suspected drug traffickers were also killed...

Oct 17 12:07

Video: Over One Hundred Protesters Demonstrate Against St. Petersburg Times

Earlier today dozens of patriotic protesters demonstrated outside of the St. Petersburg Times main office building in downtown St. Petersburg. Among other things the demonstrators were demanding that the Times stop publishing lies about how Obama’s plan for socialized medicine will solve the nation’s soaring healthcare costs...

Oct 17 07:40

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Expands Asian NATO Against China, Russia

Far from being an isolated case, the joint U.S-Indian operation is emblematic of unprecedented military cooperation between the two nuclear nations over the past few years, in fact a strategic military partnership whose major purposes are to supplant Russia as India's decades-long main defense ally and arms supplier and to consolidate a U.S.-led military bloc in the Asia Pacific region aimed at containing China and furthering the encirclement of both that nation and Russia.

Oct 17 05:48

Maldives government highlights the impact of climate change - by meeting underwater

Maldivian president Mohammed Nasheed, left, spoke to the media with vice president Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik after the meeting

President Mohamed Nasheed, dressed in full scuba gear, conducted the 30-minute meeting at a depth of 20 feet off the coast just north of the capital Male.

Most of the island nation, a tourist paradise featuring coral reefs and white sand beaches, lies less just over three feet above sea level and scientists have warned it could be uninhabitable in less than 100 years.

Oct 17 05:47

4.6 bn-year-old meteorite hits Canadian town

What was believed to be an act of vandalism in a small Canadian town has actually turned out to be an act of a 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite.

The rocks from this meteorite smashed the windowshield of a truck in Grimsby near Niagara Falls on the night of Sep 25.

Thinking that it was an act of vandalism committed with some 'unusual rocks', the truck owners - Tony Garchinski and his mother Yvonne Garchinski - reported the matter to police.

Oct 16 19:23

Ohio shoppers fall foul of lottery hoax

Forty-five-year-old Linda Brown was arrested over the store incident; no charges have yet been filed for the coat hoax, pending a mental evaluation. The limousine driver turned Brown in after realising she could not pay the $900 car rental fee, police said.

Court and police records showed Brown had a history of inciting false alarms.

Oct 16 17:20

Dissent confronted Ehud Olmert at Tulane

Taping Our Mouths Shut to Scream Our Dissent
Ehud Olmert's Visit to New Orleans Brings Pain, Hostility, and New Allies to the Local Palestine Solidarity Movement
by Emily Ratner / October 16th, 2009
On October 13, Tulane University, a bastion of privilege in the South, hosted war criminal Ehud Olmert as a featured speaker. In response, more than 70 demonstrators engaged in protests and direct actions both inside and outside the event, and were interviewed by local media....We were students, teachers, activists, and community members. We were Muslims, Jews, Christians, Palestinians, and allies. We were many, many more than the war criminal and his Mossad protectors. And we were powerful, more powerful than his security checkpoints and his electronically amplified lies.

Oct 16 13:48

What's Your Political News IQ?

To test your knowledge of prominent people and major events in the news, we invite you to take our short 12-question quiz. Then see how you did in comparison with 1,002 randomly sampled adults asked the same questions in an October 2009 national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

You'll also be able to compare your News IQ with the average scores of men and women; with college graduates as well as those who didn't attend college; with people who are your age as well as with younger and older Americans. Are you more news-savvy than the average American?

Oct 16 13:33

The Liberty Hour Radio Program Back On The Air 10/17/09

After being abruptly axed from the Republic Broadcasting Network resulting in a 3-week vacation from the air waves, the Liberty Hour Radio program, hosted by USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney and myself will be back on the air beginning Saturday, October 17 at 8 pm eastern time. It runs a full 2 hours and has a call-in number.

The show will have a slightly different format but the theme and discussion remain the same–Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 42 years ago and how it plays into everything we are facing–Iraq and Afghanistan today and Iran and Russia tomorrow.

Oct 16 12:21

Police to quiz family over 'balloon boy' hoax suspicions

The family in Colorado's runaway balloon saga will be quizzed by detectives after a comment from the boy at the center of the drama fueled suspicions of a hoax, police said Friday.

Since it is now accepted as an American standard means of information extraction, they need to water board the whole family. I'll bet they can be made to say they were going to use the balloon to drop weapons of mass destruction on major US cities.

Oct 16 11:01

Court: Monsanto guilty of false claims about product safety

France's highest court has ruled that US agrochemical giant Monsanto had not told the truth about the safety of its best-selling weed-killer, Roundup. The court confirmed an earlier judgment that Monsanto had falsely advertised its herbicide as "biodegradable" and claimed it "left the soil clean".

The company was fined 15,000 euros (£13,800; $22,400). It has yet to comment on the judgment. Roundup is the world's best-selling herbicide. Monsanto also sells crops genetically-engineered to be tolerant to Roundup.

French environmental groups had brought the case in 2001 on the basis that glyphosate, Roundup's main ingredient, is classed as "dangerous for the environment" by the European Union.

Oct 16 10:35

State turns to technology to tail delinquent taxpayers

Computer technology is making it harder for Hawaii residents and businesses to skip out on their taxes.

The state collected more than $50 million in delinquent excise taxes since June 30, 2008, thanks to a computer program that links data from federal tax returns to state tax filings.

The state Department of Taxation has been checking federal tax returns of Hawaii residents to see if they claim business income. If they do, the state then looks to see if the same residents filed state excise tax returns. Those who didn't were sent warning letters, and many responded by paying what they owed.

The boost in delinquent tax collections comes at an opportune time for the state, which is facing a budget deficit of about $1 billion through June 2011.

Oct 16 10:22

Benefits trump immunization’s risk — official

People fearful of the H1N1 flu vaccine should know the benefit is greater than the risk, said Maui District Health Officer Dr. Lorrin Pang.

Health officials have been speaking out in support of the statewide immunization effort since a Hawaii County Council committee voted earlier this month to support a resolution expressing concern about the safety of the vaccine.

Pang said he was asked for his opinion by the Hawaii council and another group opposed to the vaccine. Both groups were dissatisfied with health officials who had endorsed the vaccine, and turned to Pang for a different opinion. But he told them: "Go with the vaccine."

"Nothing is perfectly safe," he said Wednesday. But he added, "we have studied it, and know it's safe enough to know the benefits outweigh the risks.

Oct 16 10:18

H1N1 vaccine arrives on Maui, but wait continues

WAILUKU - Maui health care providers have begun to receive the first shipments of H1N1 flu vaccine - but it's still too soon for many people to get the shot.

Health care workers and emergency services responders are at the top of the priority list. Others in the "tier one" group who are first in line for the vaccine include pregnant women, caregivers for infants under 6 months old, people between ages 19 and 24, and adults up to age 64 with underlying medical conditions that put them at high risk of complications from flu.

Oct 16 10:06

A Trail of Failed Policies and Lost Battles

Obama brought the 'AfPak’, doctrine with him to the White House, ostensibly with the intention of securing Afghanistan, neutralizing Al-Qaeda, bringing peace to Afghanistan. Such urbane jargons did much to soothe the ears of the news viewers in the US but in reality all such slogans were as hollow as the dark hole that the US finds itself in at the moment in Afghanistan.

Oct 16 09:36

Is political correctness to blame for lack of coverage over horrific black-on-white killings in America's Deep South?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or is "someone" trying to start a race war to justify martial law?

Oct 16 08:52

Mannahatta project reveals New York of 1600

Entitled the Mannahatta Project, these images show what Manhattan Island must have looked like in 1609, when the English explorer Henry Hudson first sailed up the river that now bears his name.

Using CGI technology, the team behind the Mannahatta natural history project can now pin point any area of Manhattan's 22 square miles to show what it might have looked like four centuries ago.

Oct 16 06:39

Baby's astonishing escape after he is run over by train

A six-month-old baby boy has escaped with just a bump on the head after he and his pram were run over by a train.

Astonishing video footage shows the pram rolling off the edge of a station platform before it is struck and run over by the 250-ton vehicle.

Oct 15 20:43

FedEx violates customer's privacy

At the very least, the employee could have let Stinnett know they were going to look through the package, Hahn says. Instead, they waited until he had paid them and left before opening it.

Oct 15 15:40

Missing Ft. Collins Boy Found Safe At Home

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yep. It was a hoax!

Oct 15 13:39

He knows .Net and SQL … not missile launchers

Oddly enough, stumbling across an unattended missile launcher is not as uncommon of an event as you might imagine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Any missile launchers not being otherwise used are welcome here.

The centipedes are like TOTALLY out of control!

Oct 15 12:20

Colorado boy, 6, floats away in balloon

Officials were concerned that a boy who drifted away from his parents' Fort Collins, Colorado, home in an experimental helium balloon may already have fallen out of the craft, an undersheriff said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The more and more I look at that balloon, the more it looks like someone was planning a UFO scare (maybe for Halloween).

Oct 15 07:15

Ambulance crew barred from helping girl, 9, with fractured skull 'because they were having their lunch'

Bethany Dibbs was struck by a car as she crossed the road on her scooter and ended up in a coma with a fractured skull.

An ambulance crew arrived and called for help, only to be told by their operator that under strict meal break regulations the closest additional crew still had a few minutes left on their lunch break.

Oct 14 15:54

Medical research of flu vaccine: zero statistical difference in death rate, data cherry-picked

Sometimes I come across work that is so well written, so concise and powerful, I have no improvement I can imagine my writing can provide other than to simply pass it on to you. The following is the brilliant summary and analysis from Mike Adams of Natural News regarding the groundbreaking The Atlantic article “Does the Vaccine Matter?” by Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer.

Oct 14 08:23

Goldman Sachs average pay and bonus to hit £500,000

The Wall Street giant's 5,500 London staff can look forward to record average payouts of around £500,000 each at the end of the year from a global pot of £14?billion, the Standard has learned.

Yep they deserve every fuckin penny.

Oct 14 07:55

Obama tops Bush in troop buildup

This stealth buildup is a replay of the methods used by the Bush administration in its Iraq surge, when it announced the deployment of an additional 20,000 combat troops while saying nothing about the 8,000 support troops sent with them.

In neither case was the failure to declare the full number an oversight. Obama, like Bush before him, recognizes that the military interventions he oversees are deeply unpopular with the majority of the American people.

There is every indication that the policies being pursued by the Obama White House will send these numbers significantly higher.

Oct 14 07:39

"They're out to get us!" On trust, distrust, and organizing for change

People no longer trust Congress, the President, the courts, the media, corporations, political parties, and other institutions of society. People even doubt science and medicine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We don't doubt science and medicine, we doubt the people exploiting it for profit.

Like the Global Warming Cult.

Oct 13 08:45

Victim sought peaceful life in New Hampshire town

But with Cates standing barely 5 feet tall, Dow reckoned, “She didn’t have a prayer” when surprised in her bed Sunday morning and hacked to death with a machete and a knife, allegedly by two strangers, Steven Spader, 17, and Christopher Gribble, 19.

Spader and Gribble are also charged with the attempted murder of Cates’ daughter Jaime, 11, while their alleged accomplices, Quinn Glover, 17, and William Marks, 18, are charged with robbery.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Children learn by watching their elders.

We are seeing the result of their "education" by watching the US Government for the last decade.

Oct 12 18:46

Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight

Once again M-16 rifles and their variants have proven to be a liability in the heat of battle...

Oct 12 15:57

Iran "news" 2009 = Iraq "news" 2002

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will inspect Iran’s under-construction nuclear energy refinement facility on Sunday, October 25. The US public has been subjected to war-mongering propaganda from both parties’ “leadership” and the media oligarchy over this issue, which has a simple legal basis. This article will serve as a hub for my legal and political analysis to date regarding rhetoric for war with Iran. Below are linked titles with one-paragraph summaries. Most articles have helpful video. Following is an outstanding 3-minute analysis from John Perry.

Oct 12 13:18

The Fall of the Republic Begins Now

The Fall of the Republic Begins Now

There is an article in the Idaho Statesman today. On the surface it looks relatively innocuous but it really is the beginning of the fall of the republic. The article proposes the idea of merging administrative functions for the management of Idaho natural resources with the state of Washington "to save money". It's written by a guy named Rocky Barker. When the Pacific Northwest Economic Regional Council met in Boise this year, Barker was the "reporter" read propagandist for the NWO.

Barker: Could consolidating state agencies save Idaho money?

Oct 12 09:38

Man Arrested in '68 Hijacking of Flight From NY

Longtime fugitive arrested for role in 1968 hijacking of Pan Am flight from New York to Cuba

A man wanted for hijacking a flight out of New York 40 years ago was arrested Sunday after arriving on a flight from Cuba, federal authorities said.

Longtime fugitive Luis Armando Pena Soltren was wanted for his role in the Nov. 24, 1968, hijacking of a Pan Am flight bound for Puerto Rico. The 66-year-old Soltren was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport, authorities said.

Oct 12 08:57

Obama should give back Nobel Peace Prize - Downer

BARACK Obama should have been "man enough" to refuse the Nobel Peace Prize, former foreign minister Alexander Downer writes today.

The decision by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway, announced last Friday, to award the prize to Mr Obama, based on a closing nomination just 11 weeks after he assumed the US presidency, has drawn much criticism.

Writing today for AdelaideNow Mr Downer says the decision to award the prize to Mr Obama "was a political decision of gross stupidity".

Oct 12 08:49

Peace prize becomes a travesty

Long before the Nobel Peace Prize was debased and trivialised into an episode of American Idol, the failure beneath the soaring rhetoric of Barack Obama had been exposed. Even the secretary of the Nobel committee sheepishly admitted on Friday: ''Nominations for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize closed just 11 days after he [Obama] took office.''

Since then, the US President has knowingly propped up a corrupt and violent regime in Afghanistan led by a lying fraud. He has achieved nothing to prevent the continued building of Israeli settlements on the Palestinian West Bank. To hand the Nobel prize to someone whose credentials are in the potential rather than the execution confirms that the prize has degenerated into a beauty pageant.

Oct 12 06:21

Americans Ostrom, Williamson Win Nobel Economics

Americans Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson won the Nobel economics prize on Monday for their analyses of economic governance — the way authority is exercised in companies and economic systems.

Ostrom was the first woman to win the prize since it was founded in 1968, and the fifth woman to win a Nobel award this year — a Nobel record.

Oct 12 06:17

Who stole more than $200,000 at Walmart?

Walmart shoppers pay in cash — lots and lots of cash, records of a daring $200,000-plus heist show.
And the thief walked right out the front door with the money, stopping only momentarily to fool a front-of-the-store greeter.
No standard crime, Orange County Sheriff's Office reports describe a classic inside job when a man dressed as a Walmart supervisor emptied the safe at Walmart's Turkey Lake Road store.

Oct 11 09:45

Watch Richard Gage Live at the Historic First Parish Church in Harvard Sq.

Richard Gage is having a live webcast today at First Parish in Cambridge, a 400 year old church in front of Harvard which has had the presence of George Washington.

Oct 11 09:44

Obama Nobel “peace” prize a sign of Thule society desperation

To this day the Nobel family makes most of their money from selling high explosives and clearly they are rewarding Obama for promoting war and the sale of explosives even as the talks peace.

Oct 11 09:42

Nobel Peace Prize Committee members

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's their fault.

Oct 11 08:29

Obama’s Nobel Prize Stuns War Victims

Many Pakistanis say that Obama deserves court trial, not Nobel Prize, for the destruction in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Things are just the same as the way they were by the administration of [George W.] Bush," Kabul restaurant worker Obaid Alam told the US news network NBC.

"Things are not better, things are worse and worse."

Oct 11 07:40

Pictured: The Independence Day-shaped cloud hovering in the skies over Moscow

A spokesman from the city's weather forecast said: 'Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced.'

He added: 'This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive.'

Oct 10 21:58

Live Avian flu with 60% death-rate "accidentally" put in US vaccines

US pharmaceutical company Baxter admitted to distributing active Avian flu H5N1 in their “vaccines” that were sent to 18 countries. H5N1 flu is the world’s deadliest, with a mortality rate of over 60% according to the World Health Organization (WHO). H5N1 “has caused the largest number of detected cases of severe disease and death in humans” of all known flu types, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This potential pandemic was averted in March when alert researchers discovered the equivalent of a biological weapon that could quickly kill over two billion people, according to published data in American Scientist, a leading journal. Most Americans are unaware of this story, as mainstream media largely failed to report it (see here and here).

Oct 10 18:46

Pete Seeger is 90 yrs old and should have got the Peace Prize.

To the best of my knowledge Pete was a nominee. They keep the official list of nominees secret for 50 yrs.
"His work shows up wherever you look in the history of labor solidarity, growth of mass effort to end the Vietnam war, ban of nuclear weapons, work for international diplomacy, support of the Civil Rights Movement, for cleaning up the Hudson River and for environmental responsibility in general."
The man has done more for peace than President Obama will ever do.

Oct 10 18:22

Celente – People Should Brace For ‘Greatest Depression’

Gerald Celente is a trendcaster who makes predictions based on current trends. He’s been trendcasting for nearly 30 years and many of his predictions have come true...

Oct 10 12:13

Congratulations President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize -- Now Please Earn it!

Dear President Obama,

How outstanding that you've been recognized today as a man of peace. Your swift, early pronouncements -- you will close Guantanamo, you will bring the troops home from Iraq, you want a nuclear weapon-free world, you admitted to the Iranians that we overthrew their democratically-elected president in 1953, you made that great speech to the Islamic world in Cairo, you've eliminated that useless term "The War on Terror," you've put an end to torture -- these have all made us and the rest of the world feel a bit more safe considering the disaster of the past eight years. In eight months you have done an about face and taken this country in a much more sane direction.


Oct 10 10:34

United States Bill of Rights Foundation

Oct 10 09:18

Marines see sharp increase in suicides

Through September, the Marines have recorded 38 confirmed or suspected suicides in 2009. Should the pace continue through the end of the year, the Marines would be facing a 20 percent increase from 2008 figures. Suicides also rose 27 percent from 2007 to 2008.

Marine officials said they could not pinpoint an exact cause for the increase.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think I can pinpoint the problem: it may well have to do with knowing, with absolute certainty, that the US is on the wrong side of history in the prosecution of these wars without end.

Oct 10 08:57

7 Ways Your Money Will Never Be the Same

Don't expect the economy to "get back on track." It's a new track, folks, and here's how to navigate it.

There's a whiff of economic recovery in the air, and investors have been feeling frisky as of late. Just another bout of irrational exuberance, you ask, to be followed by another bust?

One thing that's certain, however, is that the Great Recession, the credit crisis and the past year's meltdown in financial markets will change how you handle your finances. In many ways, your money will never be the same.

Oct 10 08:28

The not so Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Prize was always the crème de la crème of awards and I hung on to that for awhile, along with the Academy Award for best song but… those have tailed away into insignificance as well now. When they gave the Nobel Prize to Kissinger, Begin and Eli the plagiarizing Weasel, the bloom went off the rose as the wart grew on the nose. If I remember correctly, Lil’ Georgie Bush and Debonair Tony Blair were nominees/ sorry for the interruption, I had to go outside and throw up into a potted plant. I feel better now.

Oct 10 07:12

Tortured law: the clear case for prosecuting authors of American torture

I’ve written about why “enhanced interrogation” techniques are conservatively defined as torture. I’ve argued that these war crimes continue to be covered-up because both political parties’ leadership are guilty, and that the only way out I see is a Truth and Reconciliation process to encourage people to come forward with truth in exchange for no prosecution. Now watch the most poignant video yet to walk you through the law and evidence, 9-minutes from Alliance for Justice.

Oct 09 13:09

Audacity in Norway

Obama is a man who has yet to shut down a global gulag, who has yet to end the warring in Iraq, who has yet to oversee the return of the elected president of Haiti (deposed by US, Canadian, and French forces), who stands unflinching on the coup d’etat in Honduras, who runs cover for Israeli massacres of Palestinians and Israeli violations of the Geneva Conventions (i.e., supporting war crimes), who seeks to proliferate military bases in Columbia, who has ramped up the killing in Afghanistan, and who has overseen the spillover of war into Pakistan.

Is this the criteria that is deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize?

Oct 09 09:45

Obama wins Orwellian “Peace” prize while expanding war, defending torture, targeting Iran

"We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. It is not merely that at present the rule of naked force obtains almost everywhere… Bully-worship, under various disguises, has become a universal religion, and such truisms as that a machine-gun is still a machine-gun even when a "good" man is squeezing the trigger… have turned into heresies." – George Orwell, Review of Power: A New Social Analysis by Bertrand Russell in Adelphi (January 1939)

Oct 09 09:44

Gun-toting soccer mom, husband shot dead

Soccer mom Melanie Hain, who made national headlines last year by having a loaded, holstered handgun at her 5-year-old daughter's soccer game, has been found shot dead in her home along with her husband, police said Thursday.

Information from 911 calls shows that it took a SWAT team nearly an hour and a half to gain entry to the Lebanon, Pennsylvania, home Wednesday evening. Inside, they found the bodies of Hain, 31, and her husband, Scott, 33, police Capt. Daniel Wright said.

Police have avoided labeling the incident a murder-suicide. However, they do not believe that another person was involved, Wright said. A full investigation is under way, he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Between the hemming and hawing over the crime, the assumption that there was no third party, and the SWAT team taking an HOUR AND A HALF to get there, I am wondering if someone was trying to send a message about private citizens being armed.

Oct 09 09:27

Calif. man blows hand off while mixing explosives

Benjamin Kuzelka, 23, remained hospitalized and his mother and brother were arrested and jailed, Riverside County authorities said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Benjamin Kuzelka, another gosh-darned Arab Muslim making bombs to terror.... What? You're kkidding! Really? Not an Arab?!?!?

Never mind.


Oct 09 07:03

How to Win a Nobel Peace Prize

Oct 09 06:56

Apple joins an exodus of companies from US Chamber of Commerce

Today, Apple Inc. joined a growing list of companies including General Electric, athletic apparel maker Nike, and even energy companies such as PG&E and nuclear power plant operator Exelon, in terminating their membership in the Chamber.

Oct 09 05:03

The IGNOBLE NOBEL Peace Prize goes to Obama!!!!! WHAT?

As I lifted my jaw, Gordon-Brown style, up an inch or two, the value of the Nobel Peace Prize dropped several miles in my estimation.

They’ve awarded it to WHOM?



This has got to be the WORST EVER DECISION by that once-highly respected body. The worst EVER.

Not because Obama doesn’t mean well – the old woman next door means well – but because he was five minutes in the job and suddenly he’s the world’s peace-maker. I understate for emphasis – he was actually TWO WEEKS in the job before he was seen to deserve to be listed for this nomination. And nine months in the job before he got it.

WHY? What has happened since? World peace? Worldwide nuclear disarmament?

Oct 08 11:38

9th year of Afghanistan war: US ready to embrace facts of an illegal War of Aggression?

This is a hub article with linked titles and one paragraph summaries of all the articles I’ve written so far relevant to the US war in Afghanistan. The one point I suggest that you become powerful in articulating is that these wars are illegal (documentation clearly explained); US “leaders” of both parties have used our American labor to fund the most evil, destructive, and shameful crime a nation can commit, all under our flag and with our propagandized troops. We've been duped. This should motivate your passionate response for justice.

Oct 08 09:45

Vile Bodies: Reagan Revenants Return to Enforce Empire's Agenda

The main thing is not to upset the golden applecart of the Empire and its Establishment. Thus the appearance of "weakness" consistently shown by the Administration is not due (or not solely due) to its own pusillanimousness; rather it comes from the inherent disconnect between the vague rhetoric of reform that it was forced to adopt to win popular support, and its real business: servicing the most powerful elements of a militarized, oligarchic state.

Oct 08 09:37

Congressmen Grayson and Paul Ask Senate Banking to Delay Confirmation of Bernanke Until Fed Releases Information on Secret Bailouts

"Dear Chairman Dodd and members of the Banking Committee,

We are writing to ask you to postpone the confirmation of Ben Bernanke until the Federal Reserve releases documentation that will allow the public and the Senate to have a full understanding of the commitments that the Federal Reserve has made on our behalf. Without such an understanding, it is impossible to know whether Chairman Bernanke is fit to serve another term and fulfill the Federal Reserve’s dual mandate to ensure price stability and full employment. A list of said documentation is enumerated below."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope these guys have their Kevlar undies handy right now!

Oct 08 09:26

Chaos reigns at Detroit aid event

“It’s a disaster here,” former assistant Detroit Police chief and city council candidate Gary Brown said, handing out water. “This is dangerous. Very unorganized, very dangerous.”

The City of Detroit Planning & Development Department was to pass out 5,000 applications to those standing in line. But a line of people snaking back and forth inside Cobo, down Washington Boulevard and around the corner to the circular parking deck far outnumbered the applications available.

The program is part of the city’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. By 11:30 a.m., the Detroit mayor’s office was asking people not to head to Cobo.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the third world country of "Americastan", courtesy of the past and current administrations!

Oct 08 09:10

Japan Threatening to Oust US Troops From Okinawa

The DPJ is reportedly playing hardball now, however, threatening to kick the US military off the island of Okinawa, which is where the bulk of their presence is situated. The islanders have long complained about the major burden of tens of thousands of US soldiers occupying a large chunk of their island.

The LDP’s solution was to pay the US billions of dollars to relocate one of their bases. The DPJ however insists that if the US wants a sustainable alliance with Japan it will return to the bargaining table, and soon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could go from zero to ugly in a heartbeat.

Oct 08 08:26

US 'bunker buster' bomb to be ready soon: Pentagon

The Defense Department had said in August it wanted to speed up production plans for the super bomb, asking Congress to shift funds to the project.

Congress approved the request and the Pentagon announced Friday it awarded McDonnell Douglas Corporation a 51.9-million-dollar contract to enable B-2 aircraft to carry the enormous MOP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how much crumbling US infrastructure 51.9 million dollars could fix in this country.

But the development of this and other weaponry is a very clear signal from the Pentagon and this administration that they are on a course toward endless war, with no letup in sight.

Oct 07 18:33

Animal Guardianship and Horses

One state now has "owner-guardian" as a part of its law, and various federal agencies are using the word “guardian” in conjunction with "owner" whenever the latter appears in their regulations. Animal guardianship advocates suggest that referring to the human-animal relationship as one of guardianship rather than ownership will lead to better animal care.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But it is still legal to torture Muslims!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Oct 07 16:16

Thugs attack two transvestites... who turn out to be cage fighters wearing fancy dress

Two thugs who attacked what they thought were a pair of transvestites picked on the wrong men - when their intended victims turned out to be cage fighters on a night out in fancy dress.

Oct 07 16:12

Gore Vidal's United States of fury

Yet now, he says, it is clear the American experiment has been "a failure". It was all for nothing. Soon the country will be ranked "somewhere between Brazil and Argentina, where it belongs." The Empire will collapse militarily in Afghanistan; the nation will collapse internally when Obama is broken "by the madhouse" and the Chinese call in the country's debts. A ruined United States will then be "the Yellow Man's Burden", and "they'll have us running the coolie cars, or whatever it is they have in the way of transport".

Oct 07 16:06

Tsunami warning in south Pacific

Oct 07 12:18

Chaos at Cobo: Detroiters demanding federal help

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Chaos at Cobo: Detroiters demanding federal help
Christine MacDonald, Santiago Esparza and George Hunter / The Detroit News
People in wheelchairs and others using canes were being leaned on by people too weak to stand. Emergency medical technicians on the scene said they treated applicants who were injured during the rush to get inside the venue.
That's what happens when a town full of broke people gets a whiff of free money, said Walter Williams, 51, who came before the sun to get an application and a shot at some federal assistance.
"This morning, I seen the curtain pulled back on the misery," he said. "People fighting over a line. People threatening to shoot each other. Is this what we've come to?"

Oct 07 12:14

Assistant Secretary to the Treasury blasts economic policy, misleading data

Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, blasted failed and failing economic policies that compound their disservice with misleading data. Mr. Roberts is also a former editor for the Wall Street Journal and a Senior Research Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute.

Oct 06 09:17

The most important economic policy in US history: monetary reform and its top ten supporters in US history

This top 10 list of Americans who understood monetary reform deserve your attention. Given our economic condition, you literally have nothing more valuable for your attention. Each of the ten gives unique and added perspective for your learning of this multi-trillion dollar topic.

Oct 05 20:42

86% of Economics professors during Great Depression supported ending the Federal Reserve

The Great Depression in the US (1929-1941) motivated professional economists to comprehensively and creatively address its causes. Upon consideration of previous US economic depressions in 1837, 1873, and 1893, prominent economists led by Henry Simons at the University of Chicago proposed monetary reform as the nation’s most effective and practical policy response, known as the Chicago Plan (and here). This proposal was endorsed by Simons’ colleague, Paul Douglas, Frank Graham and Charles Whittlesley of Princeton, Irving Fisher of Yale, Earl Hamilton of Duke, Willford King of NYU, and sent to a thousand academic economists for their input.

Oct 05 19:07

Cops harass aquaintance of prominent Vancouver Olympic Games' critic.

Anti-Olympics protestors say police have approached dozens of people opposed to the Games at their work and homes. The RCMP-led Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (ISU), a $900 million behemoth funded with provincial and federal money, argues such visits are a legitimate tactic. Police need to know all they can about potential threats to the Games.

Even though Shaw knows he's on the radar of security forces, he was shocked that officers would visit his student friend at her school. Surm isn't even an activist. She's studying to become a nurse. Almost all her knowledge of the Olympics comes from him.

But even more alarming for Shaw is how officers managed to track his friend down. Where did they access her class schedule? How did they recognize her appearance? Why did they ask for her cell phone number when they already had it? "I'm getting the impression that security forces are extremely paranoid," he said. "They've crossed a boundary here. They are pushing pretty hard into Charter territory."

Oct 05 12:32

USF police take subject into custody in search for gunman

At one point ABC Action News crews on scene were told there was an all clear. However, it appears the focus of police moved from the library where the initial report came in to Transportation Services.

Oct 05 11:41

'All clear' issued at USF after report of gunman on campus

- The University of South Florida Police has issued an "all clear" after searching for an armed intruder was reported on campus.

According to the initial report, the intruder was near the library.

Campus police asked students and staff to stay indoors and the Bull Runner Transit System would not pick up passengers until an all clear was given. The school instructed students to seek safe shelter and not wait at bus stops.

Police are searching the area, but no one has been found.

Oct 05 11:40

Armed intruder reported on USF's Tampa campus

So far, there is no sign of the man. The call came in from off campus.

Oct 05 09:42

Norway is best place to live, China moves up: UN

Norway takes the number one spot in the annual United Nations human development index released Monday but China has made the biggest strides in improving the well-being of its citizens.

The United States ranks 13th, down one spot from last year.

Oct 05 09:32

US storms troops into the Philippines

The arrival of about 3,000 US Marines in the Philippines next week for training and humanitarian missions in the wake of recent floods has some Filipino officials wary that the soldiers could be diverted to war-torn Sulu island, where Islamic extremists recently killed two US soldiers. The scheduled deployment represents five times the number of US troops currently stationed in the Philippines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Filipino officials have every reason to be wary of this exercise, given the history of US military involvement and encroachment here.

Oct 04 22:11

What Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich should say to Congress today

Charles Lindbergh Sr. (1859-1924) was a member of the House of Representatives from 1907-1917 (R-MN). Lindbergh became disgusted with the leadership of both Republicans and Democrats, and ran as an unsuccessful third-party candidate for the Senate, Congress, and Governor from 1916 until his death. Lindbergh was among the leading spokespersons against the Federal Reserve and against US involvement in World War 1.
Below is Lindbergh’s powerful Congressional speech from his 1917 book Why is Your Country at War?, page 156, that alleges the Money Trust created the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking system to maximize their own profits. This speech is as strong and accurate a message that can be communicated. It is fully worth your investment of under 5 minutes' attention.

Oct 04 09:26

New post-Soviet force begins military exercises

More than 7,000 troops gathered at the Matybulak training grounds for the maneuvers, which are expected to last two weeks, the Kazakh Defense Ministry said in a statement on its Web site.

The ministry said the drills will, among other things, help train troops in combating insurgent uprisings in CSTO member countries—something that has worried some Central Asian nations that share borders with Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With tensions in the region mounting, it is no wonder that Russia is looking for a force with the training and equipment to match NATO's resources.

Oct 04 07:54

Alas Babylon and the Neanderthal Mind.

It fascinates me to see Israel arm-twisting the world over the Goldstone Report. It is even more fascinating to watch them suborn the official representatives of the victims of Gaza. I watch in disbelief, the appearance of mysterious police forces in small, western towns and the deployment by The Department of Homeland Insecurity of cutting edge, crowd-control weapons to local police forces. There’s no problem at the moment but they’re working on that.

Oct 04 07:40

Chicago torpedoed by anti-U.S. sentiment?

Some Chicago officials say anti-American resentment likely played a role in Chicago's Olympic bid dying in the first round Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gee, you think?

Oct 03 12:14

Some lucky high schoolers get to learn "Homeland Security" as well as Algebra

LA Times reports on Meade High School in Northern Maryland, the first high school in the country to offer a four-year course in Domestic Security. The article’s ‘sexy’ title goes like this: ‘The School Mixes Algebra, Homeland Security.’ The goal is identified as ‘to help graduates build careers in one of America's few growth industries.’ By the ‘few growth industries’ they mean not only the intelligence agencies, Department of Homeland Security, etc, but all the parasitic related private contractors such as private weapons companies and mercenary contractor firms like well-known Blackwater.

(To find this story, click link and page down and look for the sub-heading "Girl Scouts: From Cookies to Guns?")

Oct 03 09:31

Pipelineistan's Ultimate Opera

Think of this as a story that lurks under so many other stories. For instance, this very day, the representatives of Russia, Germany, China, France, Britain, and for the first time, the United States, will be sitting down with Iran's representative in Geneva for what's billed as an historic exchange. On the table -- and in global headlines -- will be the Iranian nuclear program, a previously secret Iranian nuclear site, Iranian medium-range missile tests, sanctions of various sorts, the possibility of future attacks on that country's nuclear establishment, and so on. What won't be in the headlines, or the accompanying reams of analysis, is the approximately 15% of the world's natural gas deposits Iran controls.

Oct 03 08:41

If The Russians Did This To Us, We’d Kill ‘Em

In the last thirty years we've entirely restructured the economy so that the super-wealthy have become obscenely-super-wealthy, and the middle class are lucky to have stood still, and haven't really even managed that. If one examines the destination of the considerable GDP growth that America has sustained over the last three decades, it's gone entirely to the richest of Americans. The middle class has actually lost ground. That's an astonishing fact, but think about it: Despite robust economic growth, workers today actually make less than they did back in the 1970s.

Oct 03 08:08

FBI Director: Al Qaeda-Linked Somali Group Could Attack U.S

During a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked if members of al-Shabaab, which translates as "mujahideen youth," would send American recruits back to the U.S. to launch attacks.

"I would think that we have seen some information that the leaders would like to undertake operations outside of Somalia," Mueller told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Mueller said he is "absolutely" concerned that Americans who traveled to Somalia to train as terrorists would have U.S. legal status and would therefore be able to return to the United States and carry out attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, the bovine excrement meter just sucked a valve on this one.

Number one, who in their right minds (other than very brave aid organization workers, hired mercenaries, or covert American troops) are travelling to Somalia right now?

That number has to be staggeringly small, and quite easy to track.

And second, on that statement by Mueller, "I would think that we have seen some information that the leaders would like to undertake operations outside of Somalia,"is something that loses all credibility upon examination.

The phrase"...would like" doesn't address how the devil funding for such an operation or the logistics necessary to make something like this happen.

This is just another "booga booga" to attempt to keep the American people distracted from what is happening in their own country, courtesy of a government which can't fix the economic problems it has created, and is drowning in a sea of debt We the People can never repay.

Oct 03 05:10

If The Russians Did This To Us, We’d Kill ‘Em

What if the Russians invaded?

It's not so far-fetched an idea, you know. We spent half a century and trillions of dollars to make sure that it would never happen, so it's really not such a strange notion.

So what if the Russians invaded?

What if they came and stole all of our money?

What if the Russians invaded and enslaved our children as cheap worker bee drones locked in dismal dead-end jobs?

Oct 02 16:04

Philippines declares state of calamity, awaits new typhoon

Authorities in the Philippines have put the nation under a "state of calamity" as millions of people prepare for the arrival of a super typhoon.

With gusts of 230 kilometres an hour, Typhoon Parma is steadily approaching the main Philippines island of Luzon and is expected to make landfall some time this morning.

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo made the declaration as she ordered tens of thousands of people to be evacuated from areas in the storm's predicted path.

The Philippines was already in mourning after 300 people were killed in a typhoon last week.

Oct 02 12:59

Swine flu vaccine to arrive next week

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii was one of 25 states and metropolitan areas in the country to order the new swine flu vaccine on Thursday, the first day orders could be placed.

About 60 states, cities and territories are eligible to place orders with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The state Department of Health said that based on Hawaii's population, 14,400 doses of the vaccine were ordered. They are expected to arrive next week, with additional shipments arriving in the coming weeks.

Oct 02 10:41

Political scientists report drop in US standing

The United States' standing in the world declined in the past decade to below Cold War levels, according to a leading group of political scientists.

Favorable attitudes have risen sharply under President Barack Obama with his commitment to "restore American standing," but confidence in him appears to be in conflict with unfavorable attitudes about U.S. foreign policy, the American Political Science Association said in a report released Thursday.

"Many American leaders and citizens worry that this decline, despite a recent upturn, may be part of a long-term trend, one that will be hard to reverse," the report said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, we heard that in Chicago this morning.

Oct 02 08:24

After years of preparation and a close race, IOC is set to select host of 2016 Olympics

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And it will NOT be Chicago!

Thanks a lot, TSA!

Oct 02 06:23

Ig Nobel awards: A bra that converts into a gas mask and how panda poo helps recycling

Can't get milk from a cow? Try calling her Bessie or Buttercup.

A pair of British researchers who found that dairy cows with names yield more milk than unnamed cows are among this year's winners of the Ig Nobel awards, the annual tribute to scientific research that on the surface seems daft but is often surprisingly practical.

Other winners honoured yesterday at Harvard University's Sanders Theater included scientists who found that empty beer bottles are much better weapons in a bar brawl than full bottles; researchers who used bacteria in panda poo to reduce kitchen waste; and in homage to the worldwide financial meltdown, the executives of four Icelandic banks who contributed to the island nation's economic collapse.

Oct 02 05:13

Secession Movement Spreads Well Beyond Texas

"Independence in our lifetime!"

Oct 02 00:22

Recording error adds to state’s budget shortfall

HONOLULU (AP) - The state is in worse financial shape than previously thought.

Gov. Linda Lingle said Wednesday that a recently discovered recording error means the state has an additional budget shortfall on top of a previously identified $884 million shortfall over two years.

''With the recent discovery of the recording error, we have an additional $36.8 million shortfall, and the need for immediate solutions to close the budget gap becomes more urgent than ever,'' Lingle said.

True general fund revenues for the fiscal year that ended June 30 were discovered to be $44 million below the amount reported by the state's Financial and Accounting Management Information System, and a similar overstatement of $800,000 also occurred in the previous fiscal year, she said.

Oct 01 23:06

Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine

"Any mandatory vaccination policy should be implemented on a federal or state level, not through a patchwork of hospital-by-hospital policies," said Judy Huntington, executive director of the nurses' association.

Oct 01 17:48

The Crumbling of America

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For over 40 years the US Government has taken taxes from you and spent them on wars, Israel, and of course, their own pockets, but have neglected the government's primary duty to maintain the infrastructure of the nation itself, on which our lives and commerce depends.

This is the trailer for this two hour documentary.

Please make a point of seeing this program (It will air again on History Channel October 6th) to understand the betrayal of the nation by the Government.

Oct 01 14:36

U.S. To Break Up Soon?

According to Macedonian Radio and Television On-line (MRT), a Russian professor predicts the United States will fall apart in July 2010.

Oct 01 14:04

Sarah Palin proves a flop on the lecture circuit

Business leaders and the Washington elite have not been inspired by the prospect of listening to the wit and wisdom of the ‘pitbull in lipstick’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your fifteen are up, Sarah.

Oct 01 06:33

Allegory Of The Cave: Meet Your Puppet-Handlers

Similarly to the Plato’s engulfing allegory is the current state of todays world wherein humans believe exactly what they are told by the oligarchy (i.e puppet-handlers), refusing to question what their eyes behold.We are brutally fooled by the political masquerades thus easily allowing ourselves to believe what we hear within the limited scope of society (i.e the cave). Furthermore, we accept what our senses tell us – that what we are experiencing,seeing and hearing through the mainstream media is all that really exists – nothing more.

The puppet-handlers, as Plato calls them in his allegory, represent the prominent, authoritarian members of society (i.e the Government) who live inside the artificial paradigm that they have created for the rest of us.

Oct 01 06:16


"There are two great powers that have been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over furiously between those who want us to know and those who want us to obey and to be humble and to submit." [The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman]. This is what is at stake between Sanctuary and the now-guarded CROSSROADS of our lives.

Sep 30 22:41

The Crumbling of America

America's infrastructure is collapsing. Tens of thousands of bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. A third of the nation's highways are in poor or mediocre shape. Massively leaking water and sewage systems are creating health hazards and contaminating rivers and streams. Weakened and under-maintained levees and dams tower over communities and schools. And the power grid is increasingly maxed out, disrupting millions of lives and putting entire cities in the dark. The Crumbling of America explores these problems using expert interviews, on location shooting and computer generated animation to illustrate the kinds of infrastructure disasters that could be just around the bend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I just got done watching this show, (I recommend it highly) and I was left with one question uppermost on my mind. Where has the government been spending all the money they take from us over the last 50 years if they have not been taking care of the country?

Did the Federal Reserve get it all?

Did it go to Israel?

Has it been totally wasted on wars of conquest that go nowhere?

How can the richest and most powerful nation on Earth have roads, bridges, and sewers in worse condition that most th8ird-world countries?


Sep 30 21:17

Israeli State of Extortion

Israeli State of Extortion
September 30th, 2009 By:Peter Chamberlin
We are faced with the ever-present and ever-growing problems presented by the state of Israel. The entire world has been given the most sinister ultimatum of all time (and Barack Obama is fully supporting it)- we either make Israeli interests the paramount issue concerning the world today, or else Israel will single-handedly start World War III....Obama has served his Zionist overlords very well. Obama’s theatric ultimatums to Iran have distracted the world from the building international pressure that was being generated for war crimes investigations by public reactions to the fascist war of ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Sep 30 19:10

American Police Force: Internet Scam?

What in Hades is going on in Montana? In April 2009, Two Rivers Authority and the Hardin City Council started looking into housing enemy combatants currently detained in Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo), Cuba. A few weeks later (May 15th), a business called the American Police Force (”APF”) registers the domain name The next thing you know, APF is trying to contract to operate a private jail and police training center for $27 million.


And my personal concern is, why is their crest the same as the Serbian flag?

Sep 30 13:17

Declaring independence from US psychopathocracy: disobey unlawful orders to kill Iranians

The good news is that America's mass recognition of psychopathic political leadership in the US is happening now. We're at critical mass to cause our independence from destructive, illegal, and immoral policies, and reclaim the US Constitution for the public good. Importantly, I use the term "psychopathy" as a technical definition, not as an ad hominem. The definition of psychopathy is vicious behavior for twisted selfish purpose disguised behind an act of socially-concerned language and gestures. As a professional educator in US government, economics and history, this term is the most accurate I have for current US government "leaders" of the left and right sides of a singular colluding political body.

Sep 30 10:59

US deploys emergency team to American Samoa

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency said it is deploying two assistance teams to American Samoa in the wake of a tsunami that left at least 14 people dead.

Sep 30 10:50

Google offer: USD 10 mn for ideas that can change world

Building a real time, user-reported news service might sound utopian but the idea is one among the 16 that could end up getting millions of dollars from internet major Google.

The company has shortlisted 16 ideas that has the potential to help the most number of people and up to five of them, would receive funds worth USD 10 million.
According to information available on its website, the project is a "call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible".

Sep 30 07:35

Indonesia quake 'traps thousands'

Thousands of people are trapped under rubble and at least 13 are dead after a strong earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Sumatra, officials say.

The epicentre was about 50km (30 miles) off the coast, near the city of Padang. It destroyed buildings and bridges.

Sep 29 17:14

Deadly tsunami in Pacific islands

An 8.3-magnitude quake struck at 1748 GMT, generating 15ft (4.5m) waves in some areas of Samoa and American Samoa.

The Samoa islands comprise two separate entities - the nation of Samoa and American Samoa, a US territory - with a total population of about 250,000 people.

A tsunami warning was issued, but it has now been cancelled.

"Some of the areas there are only a few feet above sea level, so you can imagine the devastation," said Mr Faleomavaega.

"It caused severe damage to property, there are cars floating everywhere."

Sep 29 15:27

Iran's Nuclear Program: Iran truthful, in treaty compliance; US/Israel lying, in treaty violation

The title is of this article is alarming, and accurate. It will brief you on:

· the treaty that manages Iran’s nuclear program,
· the status of compliance with Iran, the US with the UK and now France, and Israel,
· analysis for the disinformation delivered by the US, UK, France, Israel.

Sep 29 13:42

Damage in Samoa after tsunami

A tsunami following an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean has caused some deaths in Samoa, but there is no word of how many died.

The powerful 8.3 magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific off American Samoa.

Tony Manson, a TVNZ employee in Samoa, was on the beach when he felt the earthquake.

He saw waves breaking before the reef and the sea receding so ran for the hills.

Manson says it took only 30 seconds to get from beach chalets to hills before it completely devastated villages and locals are missing their family members.

He says a large fale was completely wiped out and it was a big construction made of concrete

Sep 29 07:40

Four Apparent Suicides/Deaths in 48 Hours – CEO-Financiers-Fundraiser

Sep 29 07:29

Health care in America: Ron Paul vs. Howard Dean

In this video are short clips of answers from Ron Paul and Howard Dean about their positions on universal healthcare. While I supported Dr. Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign and agree with his logic on the issue I can’t help but wonder if this whole healthcare debate is nothing than a diversion for the masses...

Sep 29 06:33

Income gap widens as poor take hit in recession

The wealthiest 10 percent of Americans — those making more than $138,000 each year — earned 11.4 times the roughly $12,000 made by those living near or below the poverty line in 2008, according to newly released census figures. That ratio was an increase from 11.2 in 2007 and the previous high of 11.22 in 2003.

Sep 28 09:38

U.S. at critical point in Iran, Afghanistan Graham says

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said today that without a strong response in Iran and Afghanistan the United States and its NATO allies are heading for “Armageddon.”

Graham, speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said it’s obvious what Iran is up to at its unfinished uranium enrichment plant.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders what Graham would have this country do?

Go to a full all-out war in Afghanistan, to kill as many Afghans as necessary for to insure the installation of the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and another full all-out war against Iran to "neutralize it" for Israel's geopolitical agenda?

Looking at his statement, the answers to these two questions must be an unequivocal, "yes".

Sep 28 05:26

Pot Advocates Think Legalization is Near

Ca'nt be soon enough!

Sep 27 22:34

Freedom Rider: Iran’s Right to Exist

Freedom Rider: Iran’s Right to Exist
by Margaret Kimberley 09/22/2009
Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran have the right to live without fear of sanctions, military attack, and destruction at the hands of the United States. The Iranian government has the right to enrich uranium, launch satellites, build missiles or even to develop nuclear weapons. It has these rights of self-determination freely exercised by other nations, regardless of American, European or Israeli opinion.
"Americans should not be fooled into following the Russia-is-our-enemy line. The unipolar world with the U.S. as the only superpower poses a grave threat to world peace.The rights of all humanity are protected when nations like Russia are strong enough to keep Uncle Sam in his place."

Sep 27 16:46

Toronto Star: Who you calling docile?!

Yeah, China is bad alright. But we're badder because we delude ourselves into thinking we have a democracy, in spite of the government deciding everything for us behind closed doors, putting on a show in the House that bears no resemblance to the collusion that goes on in secret, lying to us at every opportunity via the compliant media, confounding every issue to the point where people don't trust politicians period and only a few die-hard Conservatives trust the media, and a large percentage of the voters are too lethargic to even bother showing up at the polls on election day - because they know it's just going to be the same old same old, except maybe even worse.

Any differences in the comparison between China and North America are mere technicalities.

Sep 26 11:27

Message to PBS ombudsman Michael Getler about "Blueprint for Truth"

Dear mr. Getler,

In your column, which can be found at

you say the following about "9/11: Blueprint for Truth":

"I'm not going to review the films, but on a personal level I find the idea embedded in "Blueprint" of a government conspiracy to blow up those buildings to be preposterous and simply beyond belief and I fault the station for promoting this as part of a pledge drive and presenting it without an accompanying on-the-air program in which critics have their say."

Sir, unless you DO review those films, you have no business commenting on them whatsoever.

Sep 26 10:27

Watching our greatness slip away

As a loyal and devoted American, and veteran of World War II, I am appalled at the greed, stupidity and inefficiency of our United States government. In 1950, our nation was a leader of the world. We were wealthy, powerful and our industry hummed with made-in-America products. Our workers were building homes and enjoying steady salaries for their labor, producing consumer products sold around the world; trading with other nations for every product they could possibly want. We were the owners of the largest store in the world.

Now, a brief 59 years later, our government has allowed and promoted our corporations to sell off that entire store, piece by piece, lock, stock and barrel.

Sep 26 09:07

National Lawyers Guild: Cops Run Wild in Pittsburgh

Police deployed chemical irritants, including CS gas, and long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) in residential neighborhoods on narrow streets where families and small children were exposed. Scores of riot police formed barricades at many intersections throughout neighborhoods miles away from the downtown area and the David Lawrence Convention Center. Outside the Courtyard Marriott in Shadyside, police deployed smoke bombs in the absence of protest activity, forcing bystanders and hotel residents to flee the area.

Later, while some protests were ending, riot-clad officers surrounded an area at the University of Pittsburgh, creating an ominous spectacle that some described as akin to Kent State. Guild legal observers witnessed police chasing and arresting many uninvolved students.

Sep 26 09:02

Paul Craig Roberts: More Lies, More Deception (about the G-20 meeting)

Not to be outdone in idiocy, out of Obama's mouth jumped Orwellian doublespeak: “The Iranian government must now demonstrate through deeds its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law.”

The incongruity blows the mind. Here is Obama, with troops engaged in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan demanding that a peaceful nation at war with no one demonstrate “its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to international standards and international law.”

Sep 26 07:57

Jose Alencar, Brazil VP, Says Country Should Build Nuclear Arms

Brazil's vice president says in an interview published Friday that his country should develop nuclear weapons. Other officials stressed that his comments were not government policy.

Jose Alencar, who also served as defense minister from 2004 to 2006, said in an interview with journalists from several Brazilian news media that his country does not have a program to develop nuclear weapons, but should: "We have to advance on that."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The world had a very unambiguous lesson in what happens to countries which do not not have a nuclear deterrent, thanks to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Sep 26 07:53

Charkaoui nearly free

The Federal Court of Canada said Thursday a security certificate against a Montreal man who has been imprisoned or under surveillance for six years will be dropped.

Judge Danielle Tremblay Lamer said the only question remaining is how soon it will happen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another frame-up collapses.

Sep 26 07:45

Vietnam veteran loses his house, car

WAILUKU - A Vietnam War veteran lost his house and was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine after police found 5 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car three years ago.

The veteran received an honorable discharge after serving one year in Vietnam, Covich had used alternative medicine to treat a medical condition, said Deputy Public Defender Adriel Menor.

"It's clear he's a tireless advocate for veterans," Menor said. "He's also a family man. He's close to not only his family but the families of these veterans he works for."

Tate said it might have been appropriate for Covich to experiment with marijuana after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but the amount of the drug seized by police exceeded amounts for personal use.

Sep 26 07:40

$1 million bail maintained in pot case

WAILUKU - A woman who was arrested when authorities seized about 130 pounds of marijuana sent from California to Maui last month is being held in lieu of $1 million bail after being indicted in the case.

Cindi Sylva, 37, of Kula, has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree commercial promotion of marijuana, first-degree promotion of a detrimental drug and two counts of possessing drug paraphernalia.

A Nov. 16 trial is scheduled for her in 2nd Circuit Court.

Sep 26 07:37

Lousy economy lingers

University of Hawaii economists have titled their latest quarterly economic forecast "Recovery Still Around the Corner."

"Things are looking up for the U.S. and global economies," but in Hawaii the prospect is for more tough times, the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization said today.

Since the last quarterly estimate, UHERO has brightened a bit on three fronts. The numbers remain negative, but not as negative as a few weeks ago.

The visitor industry is forecast to lag the reviving overall economy, and UHERO does not expect arrivals to reach 7 million again until 2012. Hotel-occupancy rates, now around 66 percent, are not expected to reach 70 percent through 2011.

Sep 26 07:32

Big Island councilor violated ethics code

HILO (AP) — The Hawaii County Board of Ethics has found Big Island Councilwoman Emily Naeole violated the county’s ethics code by making thumbs-down gestures to people she disagreed with while they testified about a proposed council reorganization.

Sep 26 07:21

U.S. Intelligence Budget: $75 Billion, 200,000 Operatives. Fusion Centers Will Have Access to Classified Military Intelligence

Speaking at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club September 15, Director of National Intelligence Admiral Dennis C. Blair, disclosed that the current annual budget for the 16 agency U.S. "Intelligence Community" (IC) clocks-in at $75 billion and employs some 200,000 operatives world-wide, including private contractors.

In unveiling an unclassified version of the National Intelligence Strategy (NIS), Blair asserts he is seeking to break down "this old distinction between military and nonmilitary intelligence," stating that the "traditional fault line" separating secretive military programs from overall intelligence activities "is no longer relevant."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As a side note, all these professionals are in agreement (as of the last NIE) that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons and has not going as far back as 2003.

But Obama is taking the word of Israel that Iran is a threat justifying the slaughter of thousands of Americans and the forced impoverishment of millions more.

Sep 26 06:37

The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh

As another G20 meeting rolls around, this time on home soil, the time comes once again for the economically curious but politically unconnected to wonder what is really happening behind closed doors. But while admiring the pageantry, chuckling at the awkward group photos, and parsing the joint communiqués like newly found Dead Sea scrolls, the overwhelming majority of observers will miss the meeting’s dominant theme: hypocrisy

Sep 25 21:15

FBI: Mexican Mafia gains foothold in Mississippi

FBI: Mexican Mafia gains foothold in Mississippi
By Margaret Baker / McClatchy Newspapers
Thursday, September 24, 2009
BILOXI, Miss. — Thousands of Hispanics migrated to South Mississippi to help in the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina,...."Since the influx of a large number of Hispanics, particularly Mexicans, relocating to Jackson County, there has been an increase in Mexican-American gang and drug trafficking organizations," FBI special agent Tye Breedlove told the Sun Herald...."They, therefore, bring to the Mississippi Gulf Coast a network of connections to the Mexican Mafia, Mexican drug-trafficking organizations and Colombian drug-trafficking organizations based in Houston, the Texas-Mexico border and in Mexico."

Sep 25 21:07

Undercover FBI agents' 2-yr collaboration with bombing patsy

Undercover agents gave man chances to back out of plot to bomb Springfield federal courthouse
GateHouse News Service
Fri Sep 25, 2009, SPRINGFIELD -
Over the two years that authorities tracked the man accused of trying to bomb Springfield’s federal courthouse, they gave him plenty of chances to drop the idea...Authorities say Finton tried Wednesday to ignite what he thought was a huge quantity of explosives contained in a van parked near Sixth and Monroe streets....As it turned out...a man Finton allegedly thought was a low-level operative of the al-Qaida terror network was actually an undercover FBI special agent, and there were no explosives in the van.

Sep 25 19:23

Booga booga! Beware of busty women!

Sep 25 15:13

A New Power Center for the New World Order

The only conclusion that makes any sense is the argument developed by Robert Murphy, How to Predict the Coming Bank Pay Regulation, top insiders are trying to limit pay to lower echelon players. The pigs at the trough are trying to muscle out nursery pigs.

Sep 25 15:08

Top 10 Americans for monetary reform: #8: W.J. Bryan: 3-time Dem. Presidential candidate

Bryan’s political populism centered on American monetary policy. He supported an expansion of the money supply in response to a national depression in the 1890’s by rejecting the gold standard, a limitation on currency based on a fractional reserve of gold holdings. We discussed Peter Cooper’s presidential ambition with the Greenback Party, who campaigned for “greenbacks” to be created directly by the federal government for public projects and jobs. This policy compromised into the “free silver” movement to include silver with gold as a legal fractional backing for money.

Sep 25 11:02

The Mystique of “Free-Market Guy” Obama

If Obama is radical about anything, it's about NOT rocking corporate boats.

That's why he received more Wall Street funding than any candidate in history and why – before he was a front-runner in early 2007 – he was raising [ more money ] from the biggest Wall Street banks than even Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, presidential candidates from New York.

Sep 25 09:25

Happy Junta Grounds: Militarist Machiavellis Maneuver for More War

In a recent appearance on Al Jazeera, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, "both Afghanistan and Pakistan can count on us for the long term."

Every American should be stunned that our top military leadership made these kinds of foreign policy commitments without so much as a by-your-leave from the president or Congress. This is a velvet-fisted version of the kind of military junta we’d expect to see in a banana republic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately for the people of the US, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the only folks who are "winning" in these wars are the drug dealers and the defense contractors.

Sep 25 09:03

Justice Ginsburg hospitalized

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized after becoming ill in her office at the court.

Sep 25 08:37

Police embroiled in violent battles with G20 protesters

Anti-G20 protesters rampaged through the city centre of Pittsburgh tonight, smashing up shops and throwing rocks at police, as officers used tear gas and baton-charges in an attempt to bring them under control.

In riots which continued through evening rush hour, about 300 protesters were reported to have remained from an initial crowd of 2,000 in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder: were the protesters themselves throwing rocks and pitching garbage cans, or were the people doing this government agents-provocateurs?

Sep 25 08:29

Senate Panel Rejects Bid to Add Drug Discount

President Obama scored a big victory on Thursday as the Senate Finance Committee rejected a proposal to require pharmaceutical companies to give bigger discounts to Medicare on drugs dispensed to older Americans with low incomes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though the drug companies' "acquisitions" in the Senate have done their job.

Sep 25 06:50

Check List For Hard Times


Sep 25 06:44

The Answers Are Blowin' In The Wind

Jim Kirwans' take on curent events.

Sep 25 06:37

As Mentioned In The Web-Bot Releases

Folks,great read. If you have'nt noticed all the propaganda the last few days,the phony FBI terrorist stings,the AEGIS class cruisers which will soon be sitting off the coast of Israel to provide an anti-ballistic missle shield when Iran retaliates ect.,ect.,war is coming fast! Get ready!

Sep 25 04:55

Dutchman Flips Tractor Trailer While Masturbating, Doesn't Stop

A high-on-drugs Dutch trucker en route to Gothenburg, Sweden, was masturbating while driving and lost control, flipping the truck and blocking multiple lanes of traffic. While in the wreckage, he kept masturbating. Under police interrogation, he kept masturbating. That's determination.

Sep 24 20:33

Former Pharma Employee Speaks out about Vaccines

Informative interview of a former Big Pharma employee, who is now retired... now speaking out after realizing the ramifications of vaccination - FORCED or otherwise. Interview Date: Circa: Wed, 9 Jan 2002

Q: What is one thing you want the public to understand?

A: That the burden of proof in establishing the safety and efficacy of vaccines is on the people who manufacture and license them for public use. Just that. The burden of proof is not on you or me. And for proof you need well-designed long-term studies. You need extensive follow-up. You need to interview mothers and pay attention to what mothers say about their babies and what happens to them after vaccination. You need all these things. The things that are not there.

Q: The things that are not there.

A: Yes.