Nov 28 08:06

US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites

As part of a new expansion of government power over information, the Department of Homeland Security has begun seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous "Department of Justice" logo on the web site.

Over 75 websites were seized and shut down last week, and there is no indication that the government will stop such efforts. Right now, their focus is websites that they claim "violate copyrights," yet the website that was seized by DHS contained no copyrighted content whatsoever. It was merely a search engine website that linked to destinations where people could access copyrighted content. Google also links to copyrighted content -- does that mean the feds will soon seize Google, too?

Nov 28 07:58

The TSA: Protecting The Government From YOU!

If ever there was an indicator of just how apathetic and well trained the American public truly is, it must be this situation with TSA. Like a herd of bedraggled sheep, thousands of you forfeited your 4th and 5th amendment rights and allowed the government to irradiate you and view your virtually naked body, or allowed yourself to be subjected to an enhanced pat-down…nothing short of a sexual encounter. And for what? This is a training and conditioning exercise you fools! This has nothing to do with making us safer, national security or protecting America. It has nothing to do with making your flight safer. It has everything to do with conditioning you to accept a full body assault as long as the persons doing it are wearing a government badge.

Nov 28 06:35

6 Reasons To Start World War III If You Are A Globalist

Activist Post

The average person can barely imagine why World War III would be anything but a civilization-ending event. And, yet, we have heard Neocons ramping up rhetoric that suggests a new world war would be a viable option to correct a dying dollar and economy. Or, perhaps it is simply a sound investment if you are a Globalist . . .

Nov 28 05:59

Wikileaks Could Create Diplomatic Crisis For US

The US government could soon have a diplomatic crisis on its hands if Wikileaks decides to release the hundreds of thousands of state department documents the website has obtained...

Nov 28 05:36


By James M. Wall

Currently there is considerable anger in our political dialogue. An embattled president faces a Congress with many members who have achieved power by promoting fear over hope. It is a formula for short term political gain and long term national disaster.

In such a time we might despair. One commenter in a recent posting on this blog admonished me to stop “bouncing back to MLK events”. I do not agree; this is no time to forget history.

Nov 28 04:13

How secure is your cash in Irish banks

The economic crisis in Ireland is causing near-panic among the 2.3 million British savers who have billions of pounds on deposit in bonds and accounts with the country's banks. Protection schemes are in place, but concerns are growing over whether the Irish scheme would have sufficient cash to pay out in the event of a bank default.

Even if it does, some experts believe savers should not be taking risks, especially if better rates can be found elsewhere with traditional British banks and building societies.

It now looks likely Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank will be part or fully nationalised. Anglo Irish was nationalised in September after its collapse. It is expected Allied will be fully nationalised with Dublin taking an 85 per cent stake in Bank of Ireland. This should mean a default is unlikely but the guarantee is only as strong as the Irish government itself.
With fears that the crisis may spread to Portugal and even Spain, savers in other foreign-owned banks are being urged to consider moving their money to safer organisation

Nov 28 00:37

TSA Agent Claims Videotaping Against The Law!

The TSA has now been caught denying American citizens the right to videotape their encounters with airport security. It is very clear that TSA believes they are 100% above the law.


My wife and I arrived at the airport for our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage Tuesday evening, and like millions of others, came face-to-face with the TSA’s upgraded security measures. I breezed through; My wife, who apparently looks far more dangerous than I do, was pulled aside for a pat-down.

Nov 27 22:02

America Gone Wild: Black Friday Lunacy

John Galt
Activist Post

Almost the entire right-hand column of The Drudge Report is dedicated to senseless violence and the raging insanity of Black Friday holiday shopping. Here are the leading stories . . .

Nov 27 20:08

Exposing 8th grade US History textbook lies in wars, money, and power

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

The following is what I wrote and delivered to meeting participants concerning our school’s 8th grade US History text; a leading national textbook. Surprisingly, the textbook company author in attendance was in agreement (this person co-authored the 7th grade text). All of Social Science teachers and administrator managing our department are also in agreement. We’re developing primary source documents for our students to read and then compare to the text’s account of history to see these lies of omission and commission for themselves.

Consider the 5-minute PuppetGov video, “Simple card tricks for war” on the left as an historic and artistic expression to show how Americans are lied-into wars.

Nov 27 20:01

“Brain Worms” and James Maher

Nov 27 18:13

Lost in frenzy over searches, travelers hit roads

Roughly 39.7 million will travel by road this year, a 12 percent increase from last Thanksgiving, according to a AAA travel survey of 50,000 U.S. households conducted during the week of Oct. 25.

Nov 27 17:36

FBI Arrests Supposed Terrorist in Oregon Bomb Plot

FBI agents arrested a Somali-born teenager on Saturday for what they described as planning a “spectacular terrorist attack.” The suspect was apprehended as he attempted to set off a bomb near a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon. Nineteen year old Mohamed Osman Mohamud was apparently targeted by the FBI in a series off events that seem all too familiar.

The FBI has a record of supplying supposed terrorists with fake and sometimes real explosives. The case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud seems to line up directly with the FBI helping along a terrorist who essentially becomes a terrorist after the FBI starts their investigation.

Nov 27 17:19

Irish Relief Fleeting as `Day of Reckoning' Nears

Borrowing costs for Europe’s most indebted nations are at record highs as Ireland’s capitulation in accepting a bailout of its banking industry stokes concern that other countries also will have to seek aid.

“It’s no longer taboo to speak about a restructuring,” said Johannes Jooste, a portfolio strategist at Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management

(*at least they're in good hands !)

Nov 27 16:50

A distorted revolution: Tea Party stooges of Israel

Paul J. Balles argues that if the present Tea Party in the USA were true to the ideals of the Boston Tea Party after which it is named, it would have questioned Washington's unconditional support for, and the billions of US taxpayers' dollars spent on, the criminal state of Israel.

Nov 27 15:40

Police to get major new powers to seize domains (UK)

Editors Note: Once again we see a coordinated effort of similar policies and legislation being implemented simultaneously in different countries, as the system inches toward a standardized code of behavior (ACTA) to be decided by a global governing bureaucracy.
Police could soon have the power to seize any domain associated with criminal activity, under new proposals published today by UK domain registrar Nominet.

At present, Nominet has no clear legal obligation to ensure that .uk domains are not used for criminal activities. That situation may soon change, if proposals from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) are accepted . . .

Nov 27 15:10


One hundred famous Norwegians, led by the country’s national football coach, have signed a petition demanding a cultural and academic boycott of Israel, accusing its educational institutions of “playing a key role in the occupation” and equating it with apartheid.

Egil Drillo Olsen, coach for the national Norwegian football team, recently wrote in Aftenposten, the country’s second largest paper, that the call to boycott Israel was “in line with what 90 percent of the world’s population believes. There cannot be many other opinions.”

Nov 27 14:03

A Majority Of Americans Believe The US Government No Longer Operates Within The Constitution

A rather indicative poll released by Rasmussen earlier this week finds that a majority of Americans (44%) now believe that the government operates outside the confines of the Constitution, compared to just 39% who believe government does not take liberties with the precepts laid out by the founding fathers (and 17% were busy watching dancing with the stars to have an opinion either way).

Nov 27 13:40


“recent admissions that the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, routinely receives masses of classified information makes them suspect #1 for being the source of Wikileaks”

Wikileaks is an intelligence operation to weaken and undermine the American government, orchestrated from Tel Aviv, using dozens of operatives, dual citizens, some at the highest authority levels, spies for Israel. Through leaking carefully selected intelligence along with proven falsified documents, all fed to a controlled press, fully complicit, Wikileaks is, in fact, an act of war against the United States.

Nov 27 10:34

What Good Is Wall Street? Much of what investment bankers do is socially worthless.

....In a recent article titled “What Do Banks Do?,” which appeared in a collection of essays devoted to the future of finance, Turner pointed out that although certain financial activities were genuinely valuable, others generated revenues and profits without delivering anything of real worth—payments that economists refer to as rents. “It is possible for financial activity to extract rents from the real economy rather than to deliver economic value,” Turner wrote. “Financial innovation . . . may in some ways and under some circumstances foster economic value creation, but that needs to be illustrated at the level of specific effects: it cannot be asserted a priori.”

Turner’s viewpoint caused consternation in the City of London, the world’s largest financial market. A clear implication of his argument is that many people in the City and on Wall Street are the financial equivalent of slumlords or toll collectors in pin-striped suits. If they retired to their beach houses en masse, the rest of the economy would be fine, or perhaps even healthier.

Nov 27 10:19

Afghanistan is About Perpetual War

The war in Afghanistan is about perpetual war, not Afghanistan.

It’s about preventing democracy in the United States, not bringing it to Southwest Asia.

And it is the tombstone of the Obama Presidency.

To justify the fight, they’ve rounded up the usual suspects: Terror. Oil. Minerals. Poppies. Democracy.

It keeps the public frightened and dependent.

For a truly prosperous society, educated and secure, cannot be ruled by the few. Poverty, ignorance and fear are the three pillars of authoritarian control. Without war, they all disappear.

Thus Afghanistan. Before it: the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, central America. After: whoever else is handy.

Nov 27 10:17

Spain's leader vows deficit reduction amid crisis

Harold Heckle
Associated Press

MADRID — Spain's prime minister mounted a vigorous defense Saturday of his nation's economy and finances, insisting his administration will forge ahead with austerity measures and force troubled banks and regional governments to reveal information about savings and restructuring efforts . . .

Nov 27 10:14

NATO and South Asian security: NATO Plants Itself In South Asia For The Long Haul

Overarching these considerations comes the U.S. strategy visualising NATO as the provider of security to the Silk Road that transports the multi-trillion dollar mineral wealth in Central Asia to the world market via the port of Gwadar. The Afghan-Pakistan trade and transit agreement concluded last month was a historic milestone and was possible only because of Washington's sense of urgency. Without doubt, Pakistan is assured of a key role in the U.S. regional strategy. This will keep foreign money flowing into Pakistan's economy and the Pakistani military will willingly accelerate the partnership programmes with NATO, and even upgrade them.

Nov 27 10:03


Unfortunately the reality that was the basis of the original Boston Tea Party has been forgotten in the latter-day protests.

If the Tea Party rally in America represented a sane, honest, non-violent revolution, it could make a lot of sense as a populist movement.

Unfortunately, it’s been spearheaded by a psycho and supported by what some have labelled “wing nuts” – a current brand name for crazies and the brainless.

Nov 27 09:40


Results of the seven-hour marathon meeting between Hillary Clinton,and Binyamin Netanyahu:

US commitment to block any Palestinian-led effort to win unilateral UN recognition of a Palestinian state; US obstruction of efforts either to revive the Goldstone Report at the UN, or to seek formal UN condemnation of Israel for the deadly Mavi Marmara incident; an ongoing US commitment to defeat any UN resolutions aimed at raising Israel’s unacknowledged nuclear weapons programme before the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); vigorous US diplomatic efforts to counter all attempts to “delegitimise” Israel.

Nov 27 09:03

Winning the Class War

The class war that no one wants to talk about continues unabated.

Even as millions of out-of-work and otherwise struggling Americans are tightening their belts for the holidays, the nation’s elite are lacing up their dancing shoes and partying like royalty as the millions and billions keep rolling in.

What’s really needed is for working Americans to form alliances and try, in a spirit of good will, to work out equitable solutions to the myriad problems facing so many ordinary individuals and families. Strong leaders are needed to develop such alliances and fight back against the forces that nearly destroyed the economy and have left working Americans in the lurch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The author's suggestions sound great.

Unfortunately, the government has aligned with the very wealthy of this country, and will suppress any attempt by the people to begin to resolve the fundamental infrastructure problems we face as a society; violently, if necessary.

Think that sort of governmental response "couldn't happen here"?!?

As reported on 30 October 2009 at:

"Barack Obama Continues Bush Administration Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus"

"It has been just over one year since the U.S. Army announced that the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was being placed under the direct control of the US Army Northern Command (NORTHCOM), and was being indefinitely reassigned as an “on-call federal response force” for emergencies of all sorts, natural and man-made, including terrorist attacks, within NORTHCOM's area of responsibility — the United States, Mexico, and Canada."

"Although the assignation went mostly unheralded at the time, it marked the first time in the history of the United States that an active unit of the regular Army was placed under the immediate and exclusive command of NORTHCOM."

"The number of uniformed soldiers assigned to this duty continues to increase annually and the force is estimated to reach a strength of 20,000 by the year 2011. This massive force will all be trained and equipped to “subdue unruly or dangerous individuals” and “help with civil unrest and crowd control.” As usual, these directives are vague and could be applied to any number of scenarios. Furthermore, the critical question to be asked in light of such an arrangement is who will decide who is unruly or dangerous? Whoever is appointed the arbiter of such things will of necessity be feared as he will have 20,000 troops on alert and ready to quell these civil disturbances."

Folks, take a good, hard look at a calendar: we are just a little over one month away from the start of 2011.

Nov 27 08:35

Banning Mercury in Dentistry – A Battle We CAN Win! Dr. Mercola

If you or a loved one has suffered grievous harm from dental mercury, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says you don't exist! Because according to FDA's propaganda machine, dental mercury doesn't hurt anyone.
As America's chief protector of profits for "drill-fill-and-bill" dentistry, the FDA is no doubt hoping you'll stay silent when it holds its hearings on December 14 and 15, which is why I'm issuing this urgent action request.

Nov 27 08:30

Why the Mark Walsh (AKA Harley Guy) testimony sets the 9/11 Truthers' alarm bells a- ringing

This is an excerpt from comment #17 posted at in the thread "Harley guy identity confirmed":

Body movement and statement analysis experts could most likely reveal significant reasons for what our instincts tell us is wrong about this interview.

At 59 seconds the reporter puts his hand on Walsh's shoulder as he identifies him and he immediately shakes his head. At 1:08 he says in a staccato tone with voice and hand gestures in authoritative mode that he saw the event "from beginning to end". How did he even know what the beginning and end actually was. Some have commented that there are no universal expressions which is not true. Universal grief and shock are well documented across cultures and even in the animal kingdom. This guy has no expression of either. He doesn't say he was terrified and wondered if more planes were comming perhaps hitting his building nothing but what appears to be a well rehearsed agenda to decribe the OCT.

Nov 27 08:29


American taxpayers were paying for the military hardware as they have as a regular lackey to Israel’s slaughtering campaigns like the carnage in Gaza. Paul Craig Roberts described how “Nothing has been spared. Not the hospitals, the university, nor the children.” Thank you, American taxpayers.

Nov 27 07:50


During the 33 day July 2006 War, Israeli forces refused orders to advance against Hezbollah fighters, happily opting for 14 day jail sentences for failure to obey orders.

Hezbollah, has smashed the myth of Israel’s invincibility, broken the barrier of fear, increased the popular demand for rORDE Ristance, exposed the fake peace process and rejected appeasement, acquiescence and surrender. Hezbollah forces taught the world that Arabs can and will liberate Palestine because they possess the qualities and acumen to do it. The kings and the presidents in the region, who for six decades chose their thrones over Jerusalem quake as does Israel.

Nov 27 07:48

The Euro Game Is Up

European Council and Commission statements - Conclusions of the European Council meeting on economic governance

Nov 27 07:33

Video: "Human Resources", a new documentary on social engineering - free to view on line

“Brilliant…Riveting…The amount of material the filmmaker covers and unifies is astounding…
Human Resources diagnoses the 20th century.”

Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

“An important work…terrifiying in its implications….
Human Resources is a must see for those of us who still take democracy seriously.”

Bruce E. Levine, Author Commonsense Rebellion:
Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy

“It scared the shit out of me…A powerful and methodical dissection of the dominant culture.”

Derrick Jensen, Author, Endgame

Direct link to view online: Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

Nov 27 07:18

Oregon: FBI Thwarts Own Car Bomb

Will Americans recoil in yet more contrived fear?

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer -- Activist Post

The United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims to have thwarted their own car bomb Friday, November 26, 2010 at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon's Pioneer Courthouse Square.

A 19 year old man, Mr. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, was in contact with undercover FBI agents since June of 2010. FBI agents claim they were acting as an accomplice of a supposed Pakistani terrorist that Mr. Mohamud had been in contact with as early as 2008. Unlike the supposed Pakistani terrorist Mr. Mohamud was in contact with, the FBI actually supplied him with a bomb . . .

Nov 27 06:55

U.S. Shuts Down Web Sites in Piracy Crackdown

Ben Sisario
NY Times

In what appears to be the latest phase of a far-reaching federal crackdown on online piracy of music and movies, the Web addresses of a number of sites that facilitate illegal file-sharing were seized this week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security.

Nov 27 06:30

Debt turmoil, contagion fears sweep Europe

Barry Hatton
Associated Press

LISBON, Portugal – Europe struggled mightily Friday to keep the debt crisis from engulfing country after country. Portugal passed austerity measures to fend off the speculative trades pushing it toward a bailout and Ireland rushed to negotiate its own imminent rescue.

As Portugal and Spain insisted they will not seek outside help, creating an eery sense of deja-vu for investors, Europe braced for what seems inevitable — more expensive bailouts . . .

Nov 27 06:21

Somali teenager 'tried to set off carbomb in US'

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was held after he attempted to detonate what he believed was an explosives-laden van at an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon. However, undercover FBI agents had been monitoring his plans and had ensured that the "bomb" was in fact incapable of exploding.

Mohamud, a naturalised US citizen of Somali descent, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Portland police around 5:40 pm Friday (0040 GMT Saturday).

Nov 27 03:24

TSA Administrative Directive: Opt-Outters To Be Considered “Domestic Extremists”

If the information recently acquired by Doug Hagmann of Northeast Intelligence Network is accurate, then something really big is happening in America right now - and it’s most certainly not a step towards individual liberty.

According to Mr. Hagmann, he was contacted by a source within the DHS who provided an alarming memo detailing a new administrative directive agreed upon by DHS chief Janet Napolitano and the head of TSA John Pistole. The memo, according to Doug Hagmann, “officially addresses those who are opposed to, or engaged in the disruption of the implementation of the enhanced airport screening procedures as ‘domestic extremists’.”

Nov 27 00:09


Part II “Know thyself” Sun Tzu and Hassan Nasrallah

Franklin Lamb’s Saturday Mideast Report –- Al Manar

As every Resistance defender is aware, if a twice daily high flyover by a US supplied specially programmed satellite imaging camera detects a stone the size of golf ball out of place, since the previous photo, anywhere in an area thought to be visited by Hezbollah forces, the photos are closely examined by Israel and American analysts.

Nov 27 00:05

Oregon Feds' car-bombing sting: Somali-born teen arrested

Feds: Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Ore.
By WILLIAM McCALL – 30 mins ago
PORTLAND, Ore. – Federal prosecutors say a Somali-born teenager plotted to carry out a car bomb attack at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland on Friday but the bomb turned out to be a dud supplied by undercover agents as part of a sting.
Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested at about 5:45 p.m. just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would blow up a van laden with explosives but instead brought federal agents and Portland police swooping in to take him into custody.
Federal court documents show the sting operation began in June after an undercover agent learned that Mohamud had been in contact with an "unindicted associate" in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier region.

Nov 26 23:27

US and S.Korea plan naval show of force off tense peninsula

US and S.Korea plan naval show of force off tense peninsula
2010-11-27 12:24
"SEOUL, Saturday 27 November 2010 (AFP) -- US and South Korean naval forces plan to stage four days of war games from Sunday off the tense Korean peninsula, days after the North launched a deadly artillery strike against the South."
"Yonhap news agency quoted an unnamed South Korean military source as saying: "The intensity of the exercise will be greater than had been planned. Participating forces will carry out firing and bombing drills."
Pyongyang claims it acted in retaliation Tuesday to a South Korean firing drill in what it regards as its own waters and has warned that the new war games mean the peninsula "is inching closer to the brink of war"."

Nov 26 21:28


North Korea does not have the technology to create, mold or machine Plutonium, almost no one has. Breeder reactors create Plutonium but it is impossible to machine or mold without using special alloys which, of course, are traceable during any nuclear explosion. North Korea has had two “nuclear” explosions and both have been traced.

Not one ounce of “North Korean” material was ever involved.

The 2006 explosion did have a nuclear signature, a North Korean explosion but an American nuclear signature. That there wasn’t something worse, an implosion based explosion or, worse, a thermonuclear device demonstrates a partially successful CIA operation with Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan and Valerie Plane to thank, heroes the Bush administration tried to hound to death. Why?

Nov 26 21:14


By Attorney Rees Lloyd
November 26, 2010
"In contrast, there was another “first” at the ceremony involving the Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, in whose conduct the nation cannot and should not take pride: As far as is known, Obama became the first President, the first Commander-in-Chief , not to salute the living recipient of the Medal of Honor after presenting the medal."
"Instead of rendering the traditional salute, after fumbling as if all-thumbs in trying to affix the blue-ribboned Medal of Honor, Obama, equally awkwardly, tried to “hug” the Sergeant. Yes, a “hug” for the soldier who remained at attention with eyes front in military bearing.
But a “hug” is not a “salute,” even in the Age of Obama."

Nov 26 21:09

President Obama Gets 12 Stitches

Nov 26 20:49

Police Arrest Journalists For Doing Their Job, Freedom of the Press Threatened

Two Russia Today reporters were arrested outside the Fort Benning military base in Columbus, Georgia, U.S. for doing their job and covering a protest at the “School of Assassins.” Clearly the arrests were 100% illegal and all officers involved should be charged with violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

The journalists were arrested for no reason and not given their rights or told what they did wrong for over four hours. This is not the country that our founding fathers fought for. I am sure there are a good amount of patriot police officers but it is clear that the officers involved in this illegal arrest were low IQ imbeciles.

Nov 26 20:47

TSA Agent Claims Videotaping Against the “Rules” Declares TSA Above The Law

The TSA has now been caught denying American citizens the right to videotape their encounters with airport security. It is very clear that TSA believes they are 100% above the law.


My wife and I arrived at the airport for our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage Tuesday evening, and like millions of others, came face-to-face with the TSA’s upgraded security measures. I breezed through; My wife, who apparently looks far more dangerous than I do, was pulled aside for a pat-down.

Nov 26 14:54

Sarkozy & Merkel Promise To Bailout The Entire European Continent Until The End Of Time & Fiat Currency



Nov 26 14:49

CHART - Eurozone Government Deficits As % Of GDP



Nov 26 14:39

My View From the Bowl, past Bernanke, Obama, South Korea, and the toilet paper.

The U.S. is in debt huge to China, and although China isn't our largest debtor; it is truly the only one on the world stage with the ability to act alone with the same menacing ability as the U.S. claims it still cans.

The reality?:

1) China could crash our economy within 4 hours if it felt it wanted to, AND that it would be a viable interest to its people and longevity. It CHOOSES not to due to the following-
a- Our dollar is kept just strong enough to attract goods from China which we all purchase and keeps China's people employed making all the stuff we used to. China wants its people working.

Nov 26 14:21

A Different Legal System for the Rich: Imagine Getting Off Easy for Hit-and-Run Because You Run a Hedge Fund

The driver of the Mercedes took off, stopping later not to call for help for Milo, left bleeding at the scene, but for service for his damaged luxury sedan. In Milo’s words, the man “fled and left me for dead on the highway,” a serious felony.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wait a moment: let me get my head around this: the DA was so "...concerned with Erzinger’s future" that he ruled this as a misdemeanor to save the guy's job?!?!?

What about the life and future of the Doctor he ran over?!?!? What is supposed to make that right now?!?

Nov 26 14:01

Flashback : Obama, How low will he go?

How low will he go? Obama gives Japan's Emperor Akihito
a wow bow (Updates with videos, pic)
November 14, 2009
Obama Politically Tone Deaf On TSA Outrage
Doug Mataconis · Sunday, November 21, 2010 ·
(TSA groper pic)

Nov 26 13:12

Jump You Fuckers - A Song For Wall Street

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Song - Jump You Fuckers - By Gene Burnett

* "Hey Mr. Wall Street on the 50th floor..."



Nov 26 12:55

What Good Is Wall Street?

Much of what investment bankers do is socially worthless.

By John Cassidy for the Nov. Issue of The New Yorker.

A few months ago, I came across an announcement that Citigroup, the parent company of Citibank, was to be honored, along with its chief executive, Vikram Pandit, for “Advancing the Field of Asset Building in America.” This seemed akin to, say, saluting BP for services to the environment or praising Facebook for its commitment to privacy.



Nov 26 12:17

More Dishonesty About Our Security

Those of us who are protesting the so-called "security steps" are attempting to wake people up to the stupidity of the steps taken. We're not interested in seeing planes blown up or air travel destroyed as a means of transportation.

Rather, we are interested in actual and pro-active security, along with identification of those who have facilitated previous attacks including the man who escorted Umar around departure procedures and let him on a plane and the people responsible for failing to interdict the 9/11 terrorists who were here on expired VISAS.

We are very interested in ejecting those people from government service and, where possible, prosecution of those individuals for their roles in these attacks.

Nov 26 11:47

Human Rights Activists Sent to Prison for Fort Benning Protest Against The School of The Americas Torture Training Center

SOA Watch

Four human rights activists were in court on Tuesday, November 23 after being arrested and charged with federal trespassing at Ft. Benning, Georgia on November 20 and 21. During their arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen Hyles, Nancy Smith and Christopher Spicer pled not guilty. Their trial is set for January 5.

Franciscan priest Fr. Louis Vitale, OFM and David Omondi of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Community pled no contest and put the SOA on trial through their statements in court. Fr. Louis and David were sentenced to the maximum 6 months in jail.

Nov 26 11:11

Why I Fired GM's CEO

* Everyone knew Detroit's reputation for insular, slow-moving cultures. Even by that low standard, I was shocked by the stunningly poor management that we found, particularly at GM, where we encountered, among other things, perhaps the weakest finance operation any of us had ever seen in a major company.

* The cultural deficiencies were equally stunning. At GM's Renaissance Center headquarters, the top brass were sequestered on the uppermost floor, behind locked and guarded glass doors. Executives housed on that floor had elevator cards that allowed them to descend to their private garage without stopping at any of the intervening floors (no mixing with the drones).


Nov 26 11:05



“Does (Israel) think it can enter Lebanon with the most modern aircraft and tanks to kill women and children, and destroy schools and hospitals, and then expect us to remain silent?” AFP quoted him as saying in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. We will not be silent and we will support justice by all means available to us.”

Nov 26 10:52

America: The Grim Truth

Americans, I have some bad news for you:

You have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin.

If you had any idea of how people really lived in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many parts of Asia, you’d be rioting in the streets calling for a better life. In fact, the average Australian or Singaporean taxi driver has a much better standard of living than the typical American white-collar worker.

I know this because I am an American, and I escaped from the prison you call home.

I have lived all around the world, in wealthy countries and poor ones, and there is only one country I would never consider living in again: The United States of America. The mere thought of it fills me with dread.

Nov 26 10:44


After a demanding and very long 7 week journey the convoy members have been given just over two days to stay in Gaza or risk joining the imprisoned population of Gaza; this is typical of the Egyptian control of the Rafah Crossing

Ken O’Keefe will remain in Gaza for 40 days (or longer if imprisoned) and begin daily video reports focusing on the children of Gaza. These will be posted at his Facebook and Twitter accounts and his blog.

Nov 26 10:44

VIDEO - New TV Commercial Compares GM To Evel Knievel & Thanks Taxpayers For The $55 Billion Bailout

GM RUINED My Thanksgiving Football Experience With Their Brand New Commercial.

Evel Knievel represents true capitalism. His moral hazard was DEATH, which he faced every time he got on his bike.

VIDEOS - GM's New Commercial

VIDEO - Evel Knievel's NEAR-DEATH Caesar's Palace Crash from 1967



Nov 26 10:02

Is America on the path to 'permanent war'?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The short answer to this question is, "yes", because the US government can see no other way of holding on to its hegemony.

We don't make anything anyone wants to buy (as we have offshored most of our manufacturing); the government is eyeball deep in debt; the US dollar is about to be "retired" as the world's reserve currency (China and Russia have just dropped the dollar in their exchanges), and the exercise of unrestrained military might is all this country has left.

Nov 26 08:35

Protect Children from Brain Injury - Act Before December 3rd

If you have been reading this newsletter for awhile you will know that it is very unusual for me to request anyone to contact their legislators, but if you live in the US, there are two issues that now need your urgent attention and involvement:

1. The upcoming US FDA hearings before its Dental Products Panel on December 14 and 15, to determine whether to stop amalgam use for children and pregnant women, and
2. The final vote on bill S.510, which takes place on Monday, November 29

Nov 26 07:58

G20 cops cleared of brutality charges because they couldn't be identified

Lying on the ground, police moved in and arrested the delivery worker. That’s when one of the officers allegedly struck him in the face, causing a fracture.

The 19-year-old’s case is one of six from the June G20 summit that has been probed by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.

On Thursday, the agency announced no charges will be laid against police officers for injuries to civilians during the G20 protests.

In Latimer’s case, the agency interviewed nine witness officers from the Toronto Police Services as well a civilians. SIU director Ian Scott concluded that while there was “reasonable ground” to believe excessive force was used, they were unable to tell which officer caused his injuries.

Nov 26 07:12

North Korea Warns: 'Brink Of War'

Lee Jin-man and Foster Klug
Associated Press

YEONPYEONG ISLAND, South Korea — North Korea warned Friday that U.S.-South Korean plans for military maneuvers put the peninsula on the brink of war, and appeared to launch its own artillery drills within sight of an island it showered with a deadly barrage this week.

The fresh artillery blasts were especially defiant because they came as the U.S. commander in South Korea, Gen. Walter Sharp, toured the South Korean island to survey damage from Tuesday's hail of North Korean artillery fire that killed four people . . .

Nov 26 07:03

Global poverty doubled since 1970s: UN

Editor's Note: Or code for the implementation of Agenda 21?


GENEVA — The number of very poor countries has doubled in the last 30 to 40 years, while the number of people living in extreme poverty has also grown two-fold, a UN think-tank warned Thursday . . .

Nov 26 06:45

Euro slides as Portugal bailout pressure builds

Portugal is under pressure to accept an EU bailout in order to stop the eurozone debt contagion spreading to Spain, according to German press reports that pushed the euro to a two-month low.

Bruno Waterfield

The European Central Bank is pushing Portugal to become the third eurozone country to accept an EU-IMF “rescue” because of concerns that a Portuguese debt crisis will sink its Iberian neighbour Spain . . .

Nov 26 06:12

99% Of You Say: Get Us Out of Europe -- UK Poll

Macer Hall
UK Express

A MASSIVE wave of public support was last night surging behind the Daily Express’s crusade to liberate Britain from the stranglehold of Brussels.

An exclusive poll conducted on the first day of our crusade showed an astonishing 99 per cent of people agree we should quit the European Union ...

Nov 26 05:43

Like the Patriot Act? You’re gonna love the Food Safety Modernization Act

By Rady Ananda

Down to the wire – the bill will likely be voted on this Monday, November 29. Farmers, slow food activists, natural food growers and distributors have all condemned the federal government seizing control of how food is grown and sold. Yet, every day, in corporate and first tier “alternative” media sites, support for the bill is promoted. Here’s why you shouldn’t fall for the psyops . . .

Nov 26 05:18

The Nation called out on attempt to smear John Tyner (don't touch my junk) as a right-wing tool

The ACLU, always fighting to protect our Constitutional Rights were right in the middle of the battle and it was one of the few victories we had against the Bush administration's march toward totalitarianism that court challenges managed to keep them out of our airports, until last year.

The ACLU and its members have now, apparently, become 'rightwing trolls' 'astro-turfers' for the Koch brothers, or whatever other smears that are coming from, incredibly, the 'left'!

That the Nation would sink to this level of yellow journalism, worthy of Fox News, almost makes me lose hope that there is anyone in this country, left or right, who actually cares about PRINCIPLES. Is it all about party loyalty after all?

Nov 26 03:53


By Sami Moubayed

How would the world react to false witnesses after World War II, at Lockerbie, or after 9-11? Why have false witnesses in the Hariri Affair been protected—to say the least—by the international community?

Nov 26 03:46


Erdogan, speaking before thousands in its neighboring state, called on Israel to quit acting provocatively, recant on its blunders, and apologize to the region’s people.

“We in the region will unite and grow for what’s right and for the rule of law, and we will stand in the face of the wrongdoers and in the face of the wrongdoing.”

The Turkish premier assured that his country will continue to back the causes of Jerusalem and Gaza until all rights are restored.

“We will say this strongly in the face of the murderers, yes, you are murderers. Trust fully that we will raise our voices high against the tyranny, and continue to defend what’s right as long as there are people working in piracy on the high seas; and we will defend the rights of the innocent and oppressed.”

Nov 26 03:43

Dennis Kucinich: Fake Taliban Leader, Fake Elections, Fake Deadline, Real Trouble

Afghanistan War, Nightmare without End for Troops, Innocent Civilians and US Taxpayers

by Dennis J. Kucinich

Nov 25 21:07

The TSA and the New Enemies List

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
The TSA and the New Enemies List
Guest Commentary be Edward Cline:
The Obama Administration means to cause as much damage as possible in the two years remaining of its existence. If that reads like a hubristic prediction, I have no better foundation for making it than the White House’s approval – nay, its encouragement – of the Transportation Security Agency’s (TSA’s) new “enhanced” security measures and procedures....Novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand noted, many years ago: "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force."

Nov 25 16:18

Arctic winds could mean another snowy winter (Sweden)

Sweden could be facing a repeat of last winter's deep freeze, with lots of snow covering the ground for months.

"It looks exactly like last winter now" says weather forecaster Per Kållberg to the Sydsvenskan newspaper. Kållberg works at the Swedish meteorological office, SMHI.

The reason, say scientists, is that cold air is still being brought in from the arctic by the so-called North Atlantic Oscillation. This weather phenomenon is in a 'negative' phase, just like it has been since December 2009.

Before that Sweden had 40 years of relatively mild winter, due to the oscillation being in a 'positive' phase.

Per Kållberg at SMHI says that this phenomenon has been known about for a long time, but scientists have no reason why it exists.

Nov 25 16:16

Fears over cold winter push up power price

Electricity prices are rising sharply, due to a combination of the cold weather and low water levels in hydropower dams. Both Norway and Sweden are affected, reports news agency TT.

On the Norwegian electricity trading exchange Nordpol prices are already up by 40 per cent since last Friday. Prices on this exchange directly effect the bills for customers who have a floating-price deal with a power company.

When asked whether we are headed towards last winter's situation - with extremely high electricity prices - Sigge Eriksson at power company Vattenfall says "I don't really know what to think. I'm a little scared myself." he adds that it is hard to tell right now whether this is just an overreaction by the market.

Nov 25 14:47

American Dream Withers!

Nov 25 12:30

DHS & TSA: Making a List, Checking it Twice

Following the publication of my article titled “Gate Rape of America,” I was contacted by a source within the DHS who is troubled by the terminology and content of an internal memo reportedly issued yesterday at the hand of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Indeed, both the terminology and content contained in the document are troubling. The dissemination of the document itself is restricted by virtue of its classification, which prohibits any manner of public release. While the document cannot be posted or published, the more salient points are revealed here.

Nov 25 12:09

U.S. Terror Warning System Scrapped

Since the system was created by the Dept. of Homeland Security in 2002, the color-coded terror alert scale has been more confusing than effective.

How can DHS even begin to say they know how much danger people are in at all times? The very concept of the system is flawed. In fact it looks as if the scale was created to intimidate and terrorize American citizens in order to keep them living in a constant state of fear.

First one must ask; how would DHS even know if a terror attack may or may not be carried out at any given time? The enemy (if real) surely would not tell us when they plan to strike.

Nov 25 11:52


BOMBSHELL - Georgetown Law Professor Adam Levitin - Wednesday before Congress

He mentions Citigroup (nyse:C), JP Morgan (nyse:jpm), Bank of America (nyse:BAC), and Wells Fargo (nyse:wfc) by name.


ADDENDUM - I've Added Details AND Video Proof To The Story That Former Goldman Sachs CEO & U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Helped Cause the Financial Crisis. And NOT In The Way You Think...


Nov 25 08:42

This is our Greatest Crime against Ourselves.

It’s the time of The Apocalypse. I know I say this a lot but it is the most impressive feature of the times in which we live. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about and this is but a portion of the things that are about to be revealed and which are meant to serve as roadmarks and impetus for the awakening of humanity. This is the reason that certain powerful temporal entities are seeking to gain control of the past in order to continue the myth of their assumed status in the present based on a fabricated and fictitious past. At the moment, corrupt politicians are seeking to make it a crime in Canada to even criticize Israel.

Nov 25 08:11


The Zionist State, after all, had sent commandos in boats to Beirut back in April 1973—headed by Ehud Barak disguised as a brunette woman—to murder three top Palestinian officials in cold blood. A state that is capable of doing that—among other things—is capable of doing everything and certainly capable of orchestrating the Valentine’s Day massacre of February 2005.

Nov 25 07:36


French Catholic church Maison D'Abraham in east Jerusalem is accusing the Israel Police of failing to investigate robbery and harassment complaints filed by the church recently. . 'I expected more from the only state claiming to be a democracy in the Middle East'.

Nov 25 07:19


Erdogan, speaking before thousands in its neighboring state, called on Israel to quit acting provocatively, recant on its blunders, and apologize to the region’s people.
“We will say this strongly in the face of the murderers, yes, your are murderers. Trust fully that we will raise our voices high against the tyranny, and continue to defend what’s right as long as there are people working in piracy on the high seas; and we will defend the rights of the innocent and oppressed.”

Nov 25 07:05


Sarah Palin is “a menace to this country… a toxic mix of ignorance, charisma, anger and millions and millions of dollars in funding from the Murdoch empire and from a big chunk of the Christian right.” Andrew Sullivan

Nov 25 07:00

Slim chance of nuclear cyber raid in closed North Korea

William Maclean

Assuming Stuxnet is aimed at Iran's nuclear program, could a similar cyber bug be used to wreck a uranium enrichment plant unveiled by ally North Korea?

Nov 25 06:48

Is America on the path to 'permanent war'?

John Blake

When the president decided to send more troops to a distant country during an unpopular war, one powerful senator had enough.

He warned that the U.S. military could not create stability in a country "where there is chaos ... democracy where there is no tradition of it, and honest government where corruption is almost a way of life."

Nov 25 06:44

Obama calls on China to restrain North Korea, sends Carrier to area

Ashish Kumar Sen and Bill Gertz
Washington Times

The Obama administration called on China Wednesday to rein in North Korea after its artillery attack on a South Korean island, as the Pentagon ordered the USS George Washington aircraft carrier strike group to the Yellow Sea for naval exercises with South Korean forces.

Nov 25 06:13

Ireland Unveils Harshest Cuts, Tax Hikes In History

Shawn Pogatchnik
Associated Press

DUBLIN — Ireland unveiled the harshest budget measures in its history Wednesday, a four-year plan to slash deficits by euro15 billion ($20 billion) so it can receive a massive bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

The austerity plan axes thousands of state jobs, trims welfare benefits and pensions, and imposes new taxes on property and water . . .

Nov 25 06:10

Big victory against Monsanto's rBGH treatment for dairy cows.

Now, here's the BIG news. The court challenged the FDA's finding that there is "no measurable compositional difference" between milk from rbGH-treated cows and milk from untreated cows. According to those who have worked on this issue for nearly two decades now (maybe more), the FDA's claim that there was no compositional difference between milk from rbGH-treated and untreated cows was THE MAJOR roadblock to any good regulation. And the court finally struck it down, citing three reasons why the milk differs: 1. Increased levels of the hormone IGF-1, 2. A period of milk with lower nutritional quality during each lactation, and 3. Increased somatic cell counts (i.e. more pus in the milk).

Below, you will find the exact language of the court's ruling, as well as testimony submitted to the FDA's Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee all the way back in 1993 by Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist at Consumers' Union. Amazing how it only took 17 years to get the truth legally recognized.

Nov 25 05:59

Mexico sending more troops to violent border zone

E. Eduardo Castillo
Associated Press

MEXICO CITY — Mexico's violent northeastern corner near the U.S. border will get a boost in troops and federal police as the government tries to wrest back control of an area that has become a battleground for two rival drug cartels.

Nov 25 02:48


Chris Hedges delivers a sincere message to a nation that is deaf and blind to the truth and facts.

Excerpts from a speech by Chris Hedges.

Nov 25 02:41



AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), is a sham. The group has, over the years, destroyed anyone who has tried to have it named what it really is, a dangerous foreign lobby and nest of spies. AIPAC is the most feared organization in Washington and most powerful, above any law. A former employee of AIPAC, Steve Rosen, who AIPAC claims was a spy, more appropriately a “caught” spy, now claims his former employer does nothing but spy.

Nov 24 23:17

Killing 'Really Addictive:' Veteran's Essay Leads to Ban From Campus

Killing 'Really Addictive:' Veteran's Essay Leads to Ban From Campus
College Bars Iraq Veteran Pending Psychological Evaluation
By KIM CAROLLO, ABC News Medical Unit
Nov. 24, 2010
In an essay for a college English class, Charles Whittington Jr. opened up about his feelings about his time in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"Killing becomes a drug, and it is really addictive. I had a really hard time with this problem when I returned to the United States, because turning this addiction off was impossible," Whittington wrote in the essay for his class at the Community College of Baltimore County in Catonsville, Md.

Nov 24 23:15

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Headed to Korean Waters For War Games Exercise

Tensions continue to rise in Korea days after a North Korean attack that killed 2 civilians and 2 South Korean soldiers. The South has bolstered security near their western islands as well as sharply increased their military arsenal. They have also ordered the islands near the border of the North be evacuated. Both sides are bracing for some sort of provocation which could literally start a full fledged war.

Surprising, The United States has just sent an aircraft carrier to take part in a war games exercise in the Korean Peninsula. After speaking with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, President Obama dispatched the USS George Washington from Japan to take part in the 4 day drill.

Nov 24 23:06

DeLay convicted of money laundering charges

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Eight years after former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay helped engineer a Republican takeover of the Texas House and state congressional delegation, a Travis County jury Wednesday convicted him of felony money laundering in the 2002 elections.

DeLay, of Sugar Land, was convicted in a scheme to funnel corporate donations to seven Texas House candidates through a money swap with the Republican National Committee. Corporate money cannot legally be donated to candidates in Texas.

He faces two to 20 years in prison on a conspiracy charge and five to 99 years or life on a money laundering charge. He is free on bail, with sentencing tentatively set for Dec. 20.

Nov 24 21:47

Pentagon, Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’

The majority of Americans believe that recent government intervention into financial markets, the economy and corporate insolvency has reversed the economic downturn which was described by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as being “on the brink” in 2008. The stimulus, bailouts and unrelenting quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve have thus far been perceived as having averted the further erosion of the U.S. real estate and equities markets. And though the Federal Reserve and economic analysts have recently readjusted their economic growth forecasts downward for the next six months, Americans no longer have to worry about, as Rep.

Nov 24 20:50

Judge sends 2 Benning protesters to prison

A federal judge in Columbus has sentenced two protesters to serve six months in prison for trespassing onto Fort Benning during weekend demonstrations outside the Army post.

Nov 24 20:49

Woman Jailed for Getting Pregnant Dies From Medical Neglect

Thrown in jail for getting pregnant? That seems like a particularly absurd violation of women's reproductive rights. But it's actually an established policy in Allegheny County, PA. Cara reports at the Curvature that, for Amy Lynn Gillespie, becoming pregnant meant violating the terms of her work release under probation, and getting thrown in jail. Yet this story comes to an even more tragic ending, because Gillespie died while in custody from advanced pneumonia.

Nov 24 20:17

China and Russia Quit U.S. Dollar

St. Petersburg, Russia – China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.

“About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies,” Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

Nov 24 20:14

Get your hands off me, TSA!

Get your hands off me, TSA!
These airport so-called security measures amount to state-sponsored sexual harassment
Jennifer Abel, Wednesday 17 November 2010
It's not hyperbole to call the enhanced patdown a low-grade sexual assault; if you don't believe me, go find some woman's boobs or man's balls, start cupping and squeezing them according to new TSA standards, and count how many offences you're charged with. Last month, an agent openly admitted that the purpose of the aggressive new patdowns was to intimidate people into choosing the nude scanners instead.

Nov 24 19:56

Body Scanners and Intrusive Pat Downs To Be Implemented in Train Stations, Boats and Public Transportations Systems Nationwide

Since the TSA ramped up their security measures in late October, American citizens have been subjected to the toxic naked body scanners as well as molestation at the hands of low IQ thugs. Contrary to what Janet Napolitano has publicly stated, the scanners do contain harmful radiation as outlined by numerous scientists. People such as Michael Chertoff have pushed the scanners while at the same time having huge financial holdings in the very companies that stand to make billions off of implementing them worldwide.

Nov 24 18:16

Endgame Legislation: Lame Duck Session Ushers in Tyranny

Eric Blair
Activist Post

When most of us think about "lame duck" Congressional sessions we think of a "do-nothing" government. However, this so-called lame duck session appears to be a time where legislation that has the most restrictions to individual rights is being rammed through.

It seems the members of government who have been recently voted out of office are vying for corporate jobs by pushing such legislation as the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act which are now on the fast track to becoming law. Both of these laws reek of tyranny for the citizens and a means of corporate consolidation for the big boys . . .

Nov 24 18:09

Haiti cholera epidemic will affect hundreds of thousands, says UN official

The cholera epidemic in Haiti is spreading faster than predicted and is likely to affect hundreds of thousands of people, according to a senior United Nations official.

Since it broke out in mid-October, the waterborne disease has killed at least 1,344 people as it spread through crowded housing and the camps and makeshift shelters in which almost a million people are still living after the earthquake in January.

Nigel Fisher, the UN humanitarian co-ordinator in Haiti, said the epidemic had now spread to all 10 of the country's provinces and could last up to a year. He said the real death toll could be closer to 2,000, because there was little reliable data from remote areas.

Nov 24 17:26

Stop the Internet Blacklist Bill S. 3804

Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA)creates two blacklists of Internet domain names. Courts could add sites to the first list; the Attorney General would have control over the second. Internet service providers and others (everyone from Comcast to PayPal to Google AdSense) would be required to block any domains on the first list. They would also receive immunity (and presumably the good favor of the government) if they block domains on the second list.

The lists are for sites "dedicated to infringing activity," but that's defined very broadly -- any domain name where counterfeit goods or copyrighted material are "central to the activity of the Internet site" could be blocked.

S. 3804: Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act Link:

Nov 24 17:14

Remembering Chalmers Ashby Johnson- 8/6/31- 11/20/10

Nov 24 16:58

JimCorr Time4Revolution eXpose Banksters backed by NWO Mafia

Jim Corr asking that the Irish people unite, as our forefathers did, and take to the streets at 11am Saturday 27th from Wood Quay Dublin, to voice our anger and concern over the actions of our politicians and what is happening to Ireland.

Its no longer a conspiracy theory people.Time to wake up & fast.We can stop this if we stand up & be counted.

Jim Corr on Irish radio show The Last Word with Matt Cooper, on Today FM, talking about The Lisbon Treaty & The New World Order. On the 29th of May 2008. The Documentary Jim mentions at the end is 911 Mysteries.

The protection of national sovereignty is crucial; not for patriotic, nationalistic OR xenophobic reasons but because this is where the battle lines have been drawn; between an elite intent on total control, and the masses of people who should have the right to govern their own lives.

Nov 24 16:16

It Was An Inside Job - Music Video

David Dees' political satire illustrations set to the tune of Don Henley's "Inside Job".

Nov 24 16:06


The stink of the TSA blue shirts has reached the people and the front line in the war on freedom has been drawn. Gary Franchi showcases the latest abhorrent displays of abuse dished out at the request of Janet Napolitano and her thugs in Washington DC.

New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods returns to the show for a special interview about the economy and Jesse Ventura drops in to spread some wisdom about the controlled media.

Nina delivers the news including stories about the latest Federal Government push back from the State of Virginia, the FBI's latest wish list including wiretapping the whole internet, and Senator Rockefeller's statements on the Hill regarding destruction of the Free Press. We brand an Enemy of the State and read your comments in the Mailbag.

Nov 24 15:16

George Soros Says "US Banking System Is Insolvent"

VIDEO - Soros tells Bloomberg and Retuers that the "US banking system is effectively insolvent" and that new "mark-to-market accounting rules keep zombie banks alive."


Nov 24 15:09

Israeli war criminals had better hope for Palestinian amnesty

Gilad Atzmon argues that the publication of the names and other details of 200 Israeli war crimes suspects who participated in the onslaught against Gaza in 2008-09 is a clear warning that every Israeli complicit in this and other outrages, and not just senior commanders and leaders, is liable for the crimes committed by the state and its army.

Nov 24 15:07

Sarah Palin and the missing "F" word

Alan Hart views the squalid mix that is Sarah Palin - what she stands for, her ignorant stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, her Murdoch-backed character assassination of President Obama and her prospects for the US presidency.

Sarah Palin is “a menace to this country ... a toxic mix of ignorance, charisma, anger and millions and millions of dollars in funding from the Murdoch empire and from a big chunk of the Christian right." (Andrew Sullivan, author and political commentator)

Nov 24 13:35

11 Greater Tampa Area Sonic Drive-Ins Close

Three Sonic Drive-Ins in Manatee County have shut down along with eight other locations throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. The locations were all owned by the same franchise owner. The closings are an obvious sign that the depression is intensifying for the central Florida region...

Nov 24 13:26


Are we reading this correctly? Not only is Rosen claiming that AIPAC, the organization every American politician, every president bows to on a daily basis, spies against the United States, also on a daily basis, but that the FBI seems to be, well, a part of it?

Funny thing here, OK, not really funny, but what we don’t see asked is WHAT INFORMATION is being stolen? America learned, long ago with the infamous Jonathan Pollard case, that secrets going to Israel end up in the hands of America’s enemies. America’s most vital Cold War defense information, nuclear technology, air defense systems, classified weapons and even NATO defense plans in case of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe, all went to Russia as part of an arrangement between the Soviets and Israel. Pollard is doing life in prison for this.

Now we find the same thing is going on but the new FBI doesn’t arrest Israeli agents like it used to. Why is that?

Nov 24 13:20

UCSF professors raise safety concerns about backscatter x-ray scanners.

Unlike a medical X-ray, the TSA X-ray machines are a sci-fi fan's dream: they are lower-energy beams that can only penetrate clothing and the topmost layers of skin. This provides TSA agents with a view that would expose any explosives concealed by clothing. But according to the UCSF professors, the low-energy rays do a "Compton scatter" off tissue layers just under the skin, rather than the bone, possibly exposing some vital areas and leaving the tissues at risk of mutation.

When an X-ray Compton scatters, it doesn't shift an electron to a higher energy level; instead, it hits the electron hard enough to dislodge it from its atom. The authors note that this process is "likely breaking bonds," which could cause mutations in cells and raise the risk of cancer.

Because the X-rays only make it just under the skin's surface, the total volume of tissue responsible for absorbing the radiation is fairly small. The professors point out that many body parts that are particularly susceptible to cancer are just under the surface, such as breast tissue and testicles. They are also concerned with those over 65, as well as children, being exposed to the X-rays.

Nov 24 12:46


An almost condition of the negotiations is that whatever is agreed upon is final so far as Palestinian any future demands are concerned. This reinforces the importance of assessing the adequacy of the process and of Palestinian representation. It also shows how impossible it seems to be that anything will emerge that can be reconciled with even a minimal construction of Palestinian rights or expectations.

There are three severe shortcomings of the peace process as now constituted:

Nov 24 12:43

PIMCO'S Bill Gross: "Bernanke Is Charles Ponzi"

Brilliant Bernanke BEATDOWN From PIMCO Fund Manager Bill Gross


Nov 24 12:43

Sarah Palin and the missing “F” word


Sarah Palin and international law are clearly complete strangers.

Sarah Palin (or her publisher) chose a title for her latest book with three “F” words -America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and the Flag. But surely there’s something missing. Another “F” word. One with four letters. What could it be? (My answer in a moment).

Nov 24 11:28

VIDEO - Dylan Ratigan Dressed As Thomas Jefferson: "Banks Have Taken Over The Government And Made Taxpayers Slaves To Bank-Run Gambling Casinos"

Video: Ratigan Channels Thomas Jefferson - He Even Wears The White Wig While He DESTROYS The Corrupt Banking System That Owns Congress.




Nov 24 11:19

Rep. Marcy Kaptur Warned About Foreclosure Fraud 2 Years Ago: "They can't find the paper up there on Wall Street, Make Them Prove They Own Your Loan" (VIDEO)

VIDEO - Rep. Marcy Kaptur on the House Floor:

*"Make Them Prove They Own Your Loan!"



Nov 24 08:59

Germany's top court upholds restrictive GM crop law


BERLIN – Germany's top court on Wednesday upheld a two-year-old law placing sharp restrictions on the use of genetically modified crops, saying it protected the public from the risks of the technology.

Nov 24 08:48

U.S. and Britain in Partnership to Standardize Domination

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

It is an unfortunate reality that whatever policies are implemented in the UK are eventually implemented here in the United States. It was only a short time before Britain’s increased domestic surveillance, horrid healthcare system, and curtailment of free speech reached the shores of America.

Of course, the United States serves as a breeding ground for the exportation of its own brand of tyranny . . .

Nov 24 08:47

Fresh: The Movie

FRESH celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. Each has witnessed the rapid transformation of our agriculture into an industrial model, and confronted the consequences: food contamination, environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, and morbid obesity. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, they offer a practical vision for a future of our food and our planet.

Among several main characters, FRESH features urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, the recipient of MacArthur’s 2008 Genius Award; sustainable farmer and entrepreneur, Joel Salatin, made famous by Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma; and supermarket owner, David Ball, challenging our Wal-Mart dominated economy.

Nov 24 08:17

The New Politics of Starvation and Weaponized Food

“The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands — perhaps even millions — of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths.” –The Herald

“The anthrax cakes were tested on Gruinard Island, off Wester Ross, which was finally cleared of contamination in 1990. Operation VEGETARIAN was planned for the summer of 1944 but, in the event, it was abandoned as the Allies’ Normandy invasion progressed successfully.” –The Herald

Nov 24 07:34

Countrywide Documentation Disaster to Explode at Bank of America?

Ash Bennington

The mortgage documentation mess keeps getting stickier.

The latest is this: Countrywide Financial, now owned by Bank of America, appears not to have properly transferred necessary mortgage documents when it sold loans to other banks, which then in turn created residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) from the loans.

Nov 24 06:21

VIDEO - Dylan Ratigan With Rep. Marcy Kaptur: MERS Whitewash & Fraudclosure Cover-Up

Efforts are underway within House committees to make MERS the industry standard for mortgage securitization, and to create legislation that will absolve all foreclosure fraud sins.

Nov 24 06:08

Placards, kilts part of plans for scanner protests

Michael Tarm
Associated Press

CHICAGO – Travelers dismayed by airport body scans are headed to airports Wednesday with the makings of any good protest: handmade fliers, eye-catching placards, slogan-bearing T-shirts — and Scottish kilts.

The loosely organized effort dubbed National Opt-Out Day hopes to highlight what some call unnecessarily intrusive security screenings. Others fear it will merely snarl pre-Thanksgiving airline operations on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Nov 24 05:49

Passenger Hauled Off Plane For Too Many Bathroom Breaks

A passenger on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Denver was pulled off a plane Tuesday after other passengers said he was taking too many potty breaks, reports

It's unclear if this is was classified as a terror alert yellow or brown, but authorities took it seriously enough to evacuate the plane.

The U.S. Airways flight was checked by K-9 units when it landed in Denver and the unnamed passenger, reportedly of Middle Eastern descent, was detained momentarily and questioned.

Nov 24 05:36

PLAME/EDMONDS/AIPACGATE UPDATE: Rosen Threatens to Open Pandora's Box

About a year ago, I had reached the acceptance stage of my grief over the fact that justice would not be served and the perpetrators behind the outing of Valerie Plame, the corruption that Sibel Edmonds witnessed before the FBI fired her and the espionage at AIPAC would never pay for their crimes. The cover-up of these crimes by both the justice system and the mainstream media (MSM) put me in a depression that for six months made writing a blog seem like a waste of time. But by November of 2009, I had moved on to documenting other aspects of deep politics in the midst of a global scenario of permanently declining resources. The prospect of finding justice in a labyrinthian conspiracy I had spent the past five years documenting was not even worth entertaining anymore.

One year later, that possibility is still facing astronomical odds. But there is a faint glimmer of hope; the slightest shred of a chance. This is why:

Ex-AIPAC official threatens to uncover mass spying at Israel lobby

Nov 24 03:53


Who is cowing Americans into submission, terrorists or the TSA Gestapo?

By Paul Craig Roberts

With such expensive counter-terrorism activities, both in terms of the hard-pressed taxpayers’ money and civil liberties, one would think that bombs were going off all over America. But, of course, they aren’t. There has not been a successful terrorist act since 9/11, and thousands of independent experts doubt the government’s explanation of that event.

Nov 24 03:50

Georgian Delegation hires 80 prostitutes at NATO summit - and blames Russia!!

LMFAO - Georgia shoots itself in the foot then has the audacity to blame Russia for pulling the trigger.

MP Wants Probe into Reported 'Lisbon Hotel Prostitute Party'

A lawmaker from parliamentary minority called on November 24 for a probe into a report by the Portuguese press, according to which the Georgian delegation, visiting Lisbon for NATO summit, hired dozens of prostitutes for a party in a hotel where the delegation was staying.

Nov 24 00:42

Body Scanners and Intrusive Pat Downs To Be Implemented in Train Stations, Boats and Public Transportations Systems Nationwide

Since the TSA ramped up their security measures in late October, American citizens have been subjected to the toxic naked body scanners as well as molestation at the hands of low IQ thugs. Contrary to what Janet Napolitano has publicly stated, the scanners do contain harmful radiation as outlined by numerous scientists. People such as Michael Chertoff have pushed the scanners while at the same time having huge financial holdings in the very companies that stand to make billions off of implementing the scanners worldwide.

Nov 23 23:18

HILARIOUS VIDEO - Hillary Clinton On Getting A TSA Patdown: "Not If I Could Avoid It!"

VIDEO - Hillary Clinton, TSA nightmare, thorn in the side of Janet Napolitano...


Nov 23 22:25

Are Americans Prepared For a Nuclear Strike?

At the height of the Cold War, Americans were worried that at any moment the country could become engaged in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

The federal government built thousands of fallout shelters across the country and bombarded the airwaves with public service announcements about what to do in the event of an attack. Americans could find fallout shelters in apartment buildings, homes and schools. The shelters were usually stocked with enough food and water to last two weeks, cots to sleep on, and medical equipment.

Nov 23 21:14

Leaked TSA Memo - You Are Now Considered A 'DOMESTIC EXTREMIST' If You Refuse Screening & Pat Down

TSA & DHS Are Now Watching You And Taking Notes On Your Behavior...

'Domestic Extremist' Label Now Applies To Anyone Who Objects To Screening Procedure OR Supports National Opt-Out Day on Wednesday.



Nov 23 18:09

Ending the Dirty Tricks Campaign by Church and State: An Announcement by Rev. Kevin Annett and the ITCCS

Over the past month, we have established that a criminal conspiracy exists to defame and discredit Rev. Kevin Annett and destroy the work of our Tribunal in order to protect those responsible for the rape, torture and murder of innocent children.

This conspiracy includes but is not restricted to agents of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP’s) “E” Division in Vancouver, Canada, headed by Inspector Peter Montague, and two staff members of the state-funded Vancouver Co-op Radio.

Nov 23 17:50

Tester Amendment to food ‘safety’ bill puts lipstick on a pig

Rady Ananda, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The voice of controlled opposition wants Americans to believe that the Tester Amendment to S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, elevates the bill to something we should adopt. The Tester Amendment puts a bandaid on a head wound. It does not stop the most lethal agency in American history from seizing control of the food supply from farm to fork.

Even though Big Ag now opposes S 510, we should continue to oppose the bill, as it amounts to federal assault on food freedom . . .

Nov 23 17:34

Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12" razor blades

Savage was put through the full-body scanner, and while he joked that it made his penis feel small, no one seemed to notice the items he was carrying on his person.

If the TSA thinks you can hijack a plane with saline solution and nail clippers, Savage's 12" razor blades are the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Since the blades weren't anywhere near Savage's privates, they likely would have been missed by the pat-down as well.

Sleep well, America.

Nov 23 17:01

House Democrats call for release of one of the most notorious spies in Israel’s history

House Democrats call for release of one of the most notorious spies in Israel’s history
by Paul Woodward on November 23, 2010
A “relentless” campaign by David Nyer, a Jewish Orthodox activist from Monsey, New York, has succeeded in winning significant support from House Democrats who are now calling on President Obama to release Jonathan Pollard.
Pollard is a former civilian intelligence analyst who was convicted of spying for Israel and through a plea bargain received a life sentence in 1987. He is believed to have caused incalculable damage to US national security.
Nyer’s campaign “struck gold” when he succeeded in winning the support of Rep. Barney Frank. The JTA reported:

Nov 23 16:59

Keiser Report on Silver Revolt: ‘Crash JP Morgan’ Goes Viral!

This time, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at videos from the “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” viral campaign. They also discuss whether “My father is Li Gang” is any less corrupt than “My Uncle is Sam”, as mortgage holders go postal and regulators tell us to “batten down the hatches”. In the second half of the show, Max talks to financial journalist Teri Buhl about Ambac’s lawsuit against JP Morgan. The case JP Morgan is trying to seal was filed by New York law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler for Ambac Assurance.

Nov 23 16:38

Child Molestation is a crime, age 14 and under

Child Molestation
Child molestation is a crime involving a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child, usually under the age of 14. In psychiatric terms, these acts are sometimes known as pedophilia....Regardless of the terminology, it is illegal for an adult to touch any portion of a child's body with a "lewd and lascivious" intent. Usually, consent is not a matter of consideration, and is not available as a defense to a charge of child molestation. Even in cases where it can be proven that the minor victim was a willing participant, a sex act or improper touching is still a crime because children cannot legally consent to anything. Criminal penalties are severe for those convicted of child molestation.

Nov 23 15:57

The PSY-OP Behind the TSA Pat-Downs

The dollar is weakening, gold is rising and the push for you to accept the body scanners is on. Broken down from all of the engineered gloom throughout society, Americans might be mentally forced to accept the naked porno body scanners that DHS wants implemented at every major airport in the world.

The real psychological operation behind the establishments corporate controlled media, is to push how bad these TSA pat-down really are (They have been made that way) in order to get the general public to accept the cancerous body scanners.

Nov 23 15:35

Toddlers Will Have Jabs For SIX Diseases At Once

Toddlers are to be inoculated against six diseases at once in a bid to boost vaccination rates, the Government revealed yesterday.

The chief medical officer has told GPs to give the vaccines – including the MMR jab – during a single surgery visit once a baby has passed his or her first birthday.

The ‘super-vaccination’ day will involve three injections to protect against measles, mumps, rubella, two forms of meningitis and bacteria that can cause pneumonia.

Nov 23 15:22

Impending blizzard a reminder of other harsh storms

It's been long enough since Utah last saw blizzard conditions that the National Weather Service had to dig into its archives to find the last time it issued a blizzard warning.

Nov 23 15:09

Poll: Majority Oppose Body Scans, Nearly Half Seek Alternative to Flying

CNN is currently running an article that promotes the TSA and declares that Americans support naked body scanners. Who in the hell do they think they are kidding? These are supposed to be journalists yet they are promoting the TSA GROPING CHILDREN. Its as if CNN is attempting to make Americans think that most of their fellow citizens are completed fine with their children being molested by low iq idiots.

Raw Story
By Eric W. Dolan

The use of backscatter x-ray machines to scan travelers’ bodies and new pat down procedures at airports will cause 48% of Americans to seek an alternative means of transportation, according to a Zogby International poll.

Nov 23 15:06

TSA - Transportation Sexual Abuse - How Matt Kernan Beat The System By Demanding His Constitutional Rights


*"Up until 3 weeks ago, I didn't have to have my balls touched to get into my own country."



Nov 23 14:54

Ron Paul Radio Interview - Nov 23rd

The good Dr. discuses the fed, TSA (Ron got his junk checked:), the North Korea situation and more!

Nov 23 14:51

Charlie McGrath: No More Mr. Nice Gov’t

The dust is just settling on the mid-term election, yet our future path seems crystal clear. We’ve had two and a half years of gimmicks­– cash for clunkers , cash for caulkers, $8000.00 tax credits, 99 weeks of unemployment benefits; and people like myself and others in alternative media have been saying these are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, gimmicks to keep the masses from rising up and pushing back while the real agenda plays out.

While the nation was being showered with trinkets, this International Cabal of Parasitic Scum have been restructuring the global financial system, not to get away from “Too Big to Fail,” rather they’ve made “TBTF” completely impossible to get rid of, completely systemic.

Nov 23 12:39

Fall Is The PERFECT Time For A European Vacation - Austerity Riots Set To 60's Music

Europeans have an extra riot-gene that Americans still haven't located. Play both clips at the same time. Start the music first. Turn both clips up very loud for full effect.



Nov 23 12:06

Breaking: Suspicious Package – Boston’s Logan Airport – Area Lockdown

The Intel Hub
By Shepard Ambellas

Editors Note: We will be updating this story as we get intel, keep checking back.

K-9 units detected what might be a bomb or bomb making materials at Boston’s Logan Airport Tuesday. Dogs picked up a scent from a pallet and later picked out two duffle bags from Nigeria on a Delta cargo plane.

Nov 23 11:25

David Stockman: "The two parties are in a race to the fiscal bottom to see which one can bury our children and grandchildren deeper in debt"

OUTSTANDING INTERVIEW With David Stockman - The Money Quote...

“I invest in anything that Bernanke can’t destroy, including gold, canned beans, bottled water and flashlight batteries.”


Nov 23 11:17

28% Plunge In Our Standard Of Living

What is the most immediate danger for 300 million Americans from the limitless bailout of the most politically powerful special interest group in America, the bankers of Wall Street? Author and financial expert Daniel R. Amerman, CFA, illustrates the very real danger of a 12% to 28% plunge in the standard of living for the average family, and shows how it could occur in a matter of weeks or months.

Nov 23 11:17

VIDEO - Hedge Fund Manager Says "Half Of U.S. Banks Are So Insolvent They CAN'T Make ANY New Loans"

VIDEO - Richard Suttmeier On The Banks

This hedge fund manager tells the truth. GREAT CLIP.


Nov 23 10:57

Why Your Senators Will Vote For S.510

The following is a list of U.S Senators and the Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that these Senators received from Special Interest Groups to either support or oppose S.510 - The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. I have listed the names of the Senators, the Party and State, and the amount of Special Interest Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that they received.

Nov 23 10:55


Why should George W. Bush have been “angry” to learn in late 2007 of the unanimous judgment of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran had stopped working on a nuclear weapon four years earlier?

Seems to me he might have said “Hot Dog!” rather than curse under his breath.

Nowhere in his memoir, Decision Points, is Bush’s bizarre relationship to truth so manifest as when he describes his dismay at learning that the intelligence community had redeemed itself for its lies about Iraq by preparing an honest Estimate that stuck a rod in the wheels of the juggernaut rolling toward war with Iran.

By Ray McGovern

Nov 23 10:52

Keiser Report on Silver Revolt: 'Crash JP Morgan' Goes Viral!

This time, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert look at videos from the "Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver" viral campaign. They also discuss whether "My father is Li Gang" is any less corrupt than "My Uncle is Sam", as mortgage holders go postal and regulators tell us to "batten down the hatches". In the second half of the show, Max talks to financial journalist Teri Buhl about Ambac's lawsuit against JP Morgan. The case JP Morgan is trying to seal was filed by New York law firm Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler for Ambac Assurance. To learn more about how JP Morgan is trying to cover up the alleged fraudulent practices of EMC (a wholly owned sub-company) and the Bear Stearns residential mortgage bonds it now responsible for: Look for Nick Verbitsky of Blue Chip Films upcoming documentary film 'Confidence Game'.

Nov 23 10:48

"Ireland Needs The IMF Like Children Need The Vatican"

NEW IMF Protest Song



Nov 23 10:41

Iris Scan & Fingerprints Substituted For TSA Screening

An opt-in program that charges airline passengers to bypass airport security lines is being resuscitated more than two years after its abrupt shutdown. The CLEAR program re-launched in Orlando last week, and is preparing to start up in Denver.

After submitting fingerprints and iris scans, members are issued a CLEARcard with these biometric data. Kiosks at participating airports then allow them to confirm their identity and “speed through security.”

I wonder if this is the TRUE reason for the TSA outrages we are suffering? Are they trying to condition us to accept this desired outcome as a welcome relief to porno groping and scanning?

Nov 23 10:24

VIDEO - Banking Troglodytes Brian Cowen & Brian Lenihan Show LOVE For Billionaires

VIDEO - Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dickhead...


Nov 23 10:08

The New Politics of Starvation and Weaponized Food

It is not a secret that many nations and paramilitary groups have used food as a weapon. What could be more formidable? Hitler, Stalin, Herbert Hoover and many others have used this tactic. Researchers and university professors have written on the subject incessantly. They prattle on about the best ways to wipe out populations and the most cost-efficient way. Why waste bullets when you can bring a nation to its knees by starvation and disease?

Nov 23 09:51

"Why Can't We Just Let Anglo Irish Go Bust!"

STOP! Watch this one. Runs 2 minutes.

Video - Ireland's Finance Minister Brian Lenihan

Pay attention to the evasive, non-answer from Lenihan near the end about protecting Anglo Irish bank creditors.


Nov 23 09:51

Girl speaks out about TSA abuse and "random" selection

Girl speaks out about TSA abuse and "random" selection. They handcuffed her to a chair.

Nov 23 09:12


By Jeff Stein / Spy Talk

The latest episode of the AIPAC spy scandal turned sordid last week, with the pro-Israeli lobby releasing its deposition of fired official Steven J. Rosen in which he confesses he engaged in extra-marital sex and watched pornography on his office computer.

But largely buried beneath such tawdry details was an admission arguably far more damaging to Rosen’s drive to prove the organization ruined his professional life: that major Jewish donors supported him with hundreds of thousands of dollars during the four years after his dismissal in May 2005.

Nov 23 09:09



Today the Internal Revenue Service received a 1,389 page filing demanding that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC’s) tax exempt status be retroactively revoked. The filing, submitted by the IRmep Center for Policy and Law Enforcement, spans nearly 60 years, from the moment AIPAC’s founder left the employment of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the present.

Two core charges are:

Nov 23 09:06

The Oedipus Connection: Where Fiction and Fantasies Collide with the New World Order

ED NOTE: Jack Williams is writing an entertaining novel that gently incorporates some geo/political realities. My Catbird Seat will carry chapters of his book in installments.
Read Chapter One from “The Oedipus Connection: Where Fiction and Fantasies Collide with the New World Order”

By Jack Speer-Williams
Chapter One

“In closing, I’d like to tell you a little bed-time story, that hopefully will keep you awake, tonight,” said graduate assistant Rebecca Sarah Silverthorne to her Humanities class at the exclusive Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Nov 23 08:11

TSA Gestapo Empire

If Al Qaeda was anything like the organization that the US government claims, it would not be focused on trivial targets such as passenger airliners. The organization, if it exists, would be focused on its real enemies. Try to imagine the propaganda value of terrorists wiping out the neoconservatives in one fell swoop, followed by an announcement that every member of the federal government down to the lowest GS, every member of the House and Senate, and every governor was next in line to be bumped off.

Nov 23 07:16

TSA chief: Resisting scanners just means delays

Editor's Note: Propaganda Alert!

Ray Henry
Associated Press

ATLANTA — Despite tough talk on the Internet, there was little if any indication of a passenger revolt at many major U.S. airports, with very few people declining the X-ray scan that can peer through their clothes. Those who refuse the machines are subject to a pat-down search that includes the crotch and chest.

Nov 23 06:29

Body scanner makers doubled lobbying cash over 5 years

Fredreka Schouten

WASHINGTON — The companies with multimillion-dollar contracts to supply American airports with body-scanning machines more than doubled their spending on lobbying in the past five years and hired several high-profile former government officials to advance their causes in Washington, government records show.

Nov 23 05:31

North Korea's Latest Attack on South Korea -- Conflicts of Convenience

Tony Cartalucci
Land Destroyer

President Barrack Obama's opulent tour of Asia this month included talks with South Korea over free-trade agreements.

Those talks ultimately failed, Thursday, November 11, 2010, sending the bewildered president back home reinforcing to the world the weak hand America is now playing. This failed free-trade agreement between the US and South Korea is a continuation of President Bush's failed efforts during the latter part of his administration to push through the deal.

Nov 23 02:08

TSA Agents Take Mother’s Child!

The TSA is openly molesting American citizens, forcing them through toxic scanners, threatening them with arrest if they opt out, and now taking kids out of their mothers eyesight without their approval! Apparently TSA believes that children are possible Al Qaeda agents who may attempt to hijack a plane.

If we do not stand up to this tyranny our country is done.

As I sit and write this post, 24 hours after this event took place, my hands still shake… with rage and with terror.

I woke up this morning to my husband’s alarm clock, sat straight up in bed and thought “Where’s Jackson?” with fear paralyzing me.

Nov 23 01:16

South Korea Returns Fire After Communist North Fires Dozens of Artillery Rounds

South Korea has scrambled F-16 fighter jets and returned fire after North Korea shot dozens of rounds of artillery on to a populated South Korean island near the countries’ western border.

Shells fell on Yeonpyeong island, injuring two civilians and wounding four soldiers. Several houses are also on fire.

Nov 23 00:52


Today the Internal Revenue Service received a 1,389 page filing demanding that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC’s) tax exempt status be retroactively revoked. AIPAC has been investigated several times by the FBI and is currently in a civil suit over the ongoing acquisition and movement of U.S. government classified information. The filing argues that such activities reveal AIPAC does not function as a bona fide “social welfare” organization.

Nov 23 00:47


The massacre of Iraqi Christians at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad also makes one wonder about claims that the group has “a great sense of timing.” The slaughter of Catholic Mass-goers occurred just one week after church leaders from across the Middle East had forcefully condemned Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories.

Nov 22 19:56


I am not being phobic or hysterical about Israel. Just try to watch, let alone attend a Knesset or cabinet session in Israel today, and you will have the impression that you are going back in time and attending a Nazi cabinet session presided by Adolph Hitler, not a Jewish cabinet session headed by Benyamin Netanyahu.

Nov 22 17:01

Think you've read the worst about foreclosures? Read this

MIAMI — All she wanted was $50,000 from the equity in her house to help pay the bills while looking for a job in nursing. What Imogene Hall got was a brutal lesson in the sometimes shady ways of the mortgage industry.

It's a lesson learned by untold numbers of homeowners in Florida, epicenter of the foreclosure crisis gripping the nation.

"Everywhere I turn, someone else is scamming me,'' said Hall, a 49-year-old Jamaican immigrant who stands to lose her Miami Gardens home the Monday after Thanksgiving. "All I do is work hard, and I get surrounded by thieves.'

Nov 22 16:52

Coalition of 45 groups seeks investigation of FBI over peace activist raids

On September 24th, the FBI raided the homes of 14 peace activists in Minneapolis and Chicago, ostensibly searching for possible "material support" to terrorist organizations.

Nearly two months later, a coalition of 45 civil rights, human rights, peace and environmental groups have mounted a campaign to press Congress for an investigation of federal law enforcement's conduct, claiming the raids violated constitutional protections and could reflect a growing politicization of law enforcement.

"These raids suggest an ongoing trend of intrusive government surveillance of progressive activists in the United States," they wrote in a joint letter to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the leaders of Congress and FBI director Robert Mueller. "Prosecutions for protected political activity have a chilling effect, not just in the communities in which they occur, but also on the First Amendment rights of all Americans."

Nov 22 16:26

The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet

This is hardly a surprise but, this morning (as previously announced), the lame duck Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move forward with censoring the internet via the COICA bill -- despite a bunch of law professors explaining to them how this law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. What's really amazing is that many of the same Senators have been speaking out against internet censorship in other countries, yet they happily vote to approve it here because it's seen as a way to make many of their largest campaign contributors happy. There's very little chance that the bill will actually get passed by the end of the term but, in the meantime, we figured it might be useful to highlight the 19 Senators who voted to censor the internet this morning:

***Click Article Header To See The List***

Nov 22 15:47

"War criminals" leak strikes at heart of Israeli society

Paul Larudee considers the implications for Israel and its armed forces of the leaking of the details of 200 Israeli military personnel who participated in the invasion of Gaza of 2008-09, which resulted in the murder of more than 1,400 people, primarily civilians, including over 340 children.

"Instead of asking why some groups or individuals in Israeli society are willing to take great risks to hold that society accountable for its actions, Israel prefers to blame the problem on treacherous, self-hating, anti-Semitic Jews, and to instill fear and hatred as the means for preventing Israelis from examining their consciences."

Nov 22 15:45

Obama plays the fox with the Israeli wolves

Lawrence Davidson argues that the apparent game plan behind US President Barack Obama's extraordinary concessions to Israel in return for a temporary moratorium on colony expansion in the West Bank will most likely fail because it aims unscrupulously to ensnare the Palestinians into an agreement that rewards Israel but delivers zero justice and solves nothing for the Palestinians.

"So this is Obama's problem, he is an articulate and clever man, but not a courageous one. Such men do not usually win against the wolves. They do not achieve real answers to our problems. They only produce feeble, short-lived consensus. That is a road that can only circle back upon itself."

Nov 22 15:19

This aint Kosher! Plan of training Georgia State Cops in Israel

GILEE, for short, is a joint program between Georgia and local, federal and international law enforcement agencies. The program was launched in May 1992 and serves as a police exchange program between Georgia police and the Israeli police force.

Nov 22 13:24

Law Enforcement to Arrest Citizens Who Opt Out of Body Scanners and Intrusive Pat Downs

THE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE AT PALM BEACH SHERIFF'S OFFICE HAS DENIED THIS STORY. This may be a hoax by TSA to scare Americans into not fighting for their 4th Amendment rights.
Officials have warned that American citizens who opt out of the naked body scanners and intrusive patdowns will be arrested. Basically if you do not wish to have your genitals molested by a LOW IQ TSA goon than you will be thrown into jail. Welcome to the new world order.

Deputies may detain Palm Beach International Airport travelers who refuse to submit to a full-body scanner or a pat down, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Friday.

Nov 22 11:53

"They don't give a flying fuck about your safety. If they did, they would give you universal health care. They want your obedience."

I've seen so many questions about why the TSA is doing this or that and it just misses the real point entirely. They are training the brownshirts (TSA) and they are training us to accept more and more personal incursions on our liberty. I know everyone who has traveled in the last few years has seen the increasingly abusive behavior by the TSA. Incremental steps and I promise you if you look back over the last 20 years or so, you'll see so many places where TPTB have encroached on our persons and have been allowed to. The only thing interesting here is the miscalculation. They've taken it one step too far a little too fast and we have screamed.

Nov 22 11:46

Want to be Felt Up by Government Personnel?

This is what happens if you refuse to walk through a radiation-emitting scanning machine at your local airport. The United States government is obsessed with people having hidden bombs on their bodies going so far as to even screen little children. Only under considerable pressure the Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced this past week that it will no longer screen children under 12. They are still worried though that our teenagers could be terrorists in disguise.

Nov 22 10:23

Avoid These 68 Airports If You Don't Want An X-Ray Body Scan

If you think the airport scanner fiasco is big now, wait till Thanksgiving.

Advanced Imaging Technology People traveling in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other major cities will have to choose between a revealing body scan and a very thorough pat down.

Here are 68 airports with the scanners...

Nov 22 09:36

NATO: A New Strategic Concept and Many More Wars

-Once again, NATO seeks after political and military control of the world, and the great confrontation will take place in the Arab World and Central Asia – a confrontation that will detonate in local and regional wars, which will witness changing regimes and perhaps also the borders of some countries.

In other words, it relies on the United States’ theory of preemptive wars, so as to “adapt to new threats”, as stated in the document being discussed at the Lisbon Summit today – a document that can be summed up by saying that NATO must “confront terrorism, secure energy sources and their supply routes, and counter maritime piracy, organized crime and cyber warfare”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering how totally disastrously the war is going in Afghanistan for the US and NATO, one would hope that NATO commanders might be just a bit more judicious about picking their next target for an attack.

But of course, that would be logical!!!

Nov 22 08:56

The Stench of American Hypocrisy: Crimes of Torture and "The American Dream"

In a recent column, "The Stench of American Hypocrisy," I noted that US public officials and media are on their high horse about the rule of law in Burma while the rule of law collapses unremarked in the US. Americans enjoy beating up other peoples for American sins. Indeed, hypocrisy has become the defining characteristic of the United States.

Nov 22 08:53

War Without Borders": NATO Proclaims Itself Global Military Force

The recently concluded North Atlantic Treaty Organization Treaty summit in Portugal gave Washington everything it demanded from its 27 NATO allies, at least 20 NATO partners providing troops for the war in Afghanistan, the European Union and Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder, given how horrendously NATO and the US's military misadventure in Afghanistan is going, just what NATO's "Globocop Military Force" will target as its next disaster?!?

Nov 22 08:52

Full-body scanners are waste of money, Israeli expert says

leading Israeli airport security expert says the Canadian government has wasted millions of dollars to install "useless" imaging machines at airports across the country.

"I don't know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747," Rafi Sela told parliamentarians probing the state of aviation safety in Canada.

"That's why we haven't put them in our airport," Sela said, referring to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, which has some of the toughest security in the world.

Could someone send that hypocrite Chertoff the memo?

Nov 22 08:49


A State Department spokesperson announced that the United States government is actively negotiating with Israel the price of a proposed 90 day cessation of settlement activity on the West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem). It is reported that the Israelis are demanding two things be given them free of charge: twenty stealth fighters (worth $3 billion dollars) and the release of the spy, Jonathan Pollard.

Nov 22 08:42

Demise of the Politically Correct?

Dave Barry, excerpted above, deals with a pre-airflight patdown he underwent because the "detector" could not properly discern his full figure. The dominant social theme is obvious; the idea is apparently to defuse worry about America's growing fascism by making gentle fun of it, and thus remove the larger threat posed to what is left of American freedoms.

In this article, then, we will attempt to analyze, briefly, the way money power, like a gigantic vacuum cleaner, has sucked the political context out of art and made most forms of commentary decorative rather than confrontational (in a good sense).

Nov 22 08:16

All War All the Time

Don’t you remember those halcyon days under Obama when we traded guns for butter, the military shrank, and peace was at hand? Me neither. These last years, of course, have seen the largest military budget in history, the repeated doubling down on one war, a pretend conclusion to another, the building up of the structure of U.S. military bases across the Greater Middle East and a massive buildup of such bases in Afghanistan, as well as the violent escalation of conflicts in nations not at war with the U.S., and record numbers of Special Forces troops – the military’s expanding secret military – sent into 75 countries (15 more than at the end of the Bush era).

With doves like these, who needs hawks?

Nov 22 07:11

What deters Wall Street crooks?

I had the chance to hang with [Matt] Taibbi last week after he spoke to a Denver audience about his new book, "Griftopia," which argues that Wall Street's bubble-bailout cycle has been one of the greatest — and least prosecuted — crimes in history.

Nov 22 07:04

Shop T’ill You Drop Will Not Bring The Economy Back

... Here’s the scenario as this Thanksgiving rolls around. Once again the economy is in deep doo-doo with unemployment high, millions on food stamps, and millions more facing foreclosures. The big banks seem to have “recovered;” most Americans haven’t.

Nevertheless, Christmas is for the shopping, a time to feign merriment through gift gifting, to spend what you don’t have. And the process will be “stimulated” and we will be guilted and mesmerized in our own homes by a non-stop electronic sellathon as TV advertising goes into hyperspeed.

Local TV channels will soon start hyping the “action” at the local malls announcing plans to “go live” without mentioning that they are doing it to attract more advertising, or as part of deals they already have with sponsors to add news time to ad time.

If the past is any guide, we will be told how packed the mall parking lots are...

...Unfortunately, a feast followed by days at the mall will not change any of this, and remember, if you will, the price our first Americans paid so that we could stuff ourselves on the road to national obesity.

Happy Thanksgiving!