Jan 26 15:40

How do you know when your society is in the midst of collapse?

People who continue to ignore the outright evidence of collapse based on false assumptions of what collapse should look like are only preventing themselves from taking proper action until it is too late. Make no mistake, our system is dying.

Jan 26 15:27

Capital Controls are Coming

The carnage always comes by surprise, often on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning… The government declares a surprise bank holiday. It shuts all the banks. It imposes capital controls to stop citizens from taking their money out of the country. Cash-sniffing dogs, which make drug-sniffing dogs look friendly, show up at airports. At that point, the government is free to help itself to as much of the country’s wealth as it wants. It’s an all-you-can-steal buffet. This story has recently played out in Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, and Iceland. And those are only a few recent examples. It’s happened in scores of other countries throughout history. And I think it’s inevitable in the U.S.

Jan 26 15:18

The Fed Pricks Its Own Bubble

“These problems are made in America. They’re one of the few things that actually are. But nobody wants to admit that, so we want to come up with ways to rationalize what is happening…”

Jan 26 15:14

The Global War on Cash Gets More Vicious

The governments and banks of this world advanced rapidly toward forming cashless societies throughout 2015. The citizens of some countries are already embracing the move. In other countries, like the US, citizens fear the loss of autonomy that would come from giving governments and their designated central banks absolute monetary control.

Jan 26 15:05

Turning Mediocre Into Terrific For an Extra $5

The problem is, people don't know that they don't know. They think they know, but they don't know. They get outside of their own limited area of expertise, and they are flying blind.

Jan 26 14:36

Oregon College Creates Whiteness History Month, but It’s Not What You Think

The Portland Community College has decided that this April will be “Whiteness History Month.” Contrary to what that sounds like, they haven’t decided to give their Caucasian students a pride and heritage month like most ethnicities receive on college campuses. Instead, they’ve designated an entire month to shaming white people.
(read more)

Jan 26 14:35

Militia Shows up in Flint Michigan to Protest Toxic Tap Water

The city of Flint, Michigan has been in the national spotlight for several weeks after state officials admitted that residents had been drinking toxic tap water, which those same officials likely knew about and tried to cover up. Several groups have since protested the state government’s gross negligence, and more than a few celebrities have donated money and water supplies to Flint residents. But surely, nobody expected a little known militia to protest the state of Flint’s water supply.

On Sunday afternoon, roughly 30 men with the Genesee County Volunteer Militia showed up in front of City Hall to demand accountability, some of who were openly carrying sidearms.
(read more)

Jan 26 14:34

UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign blocks call to expel Israel from UN

Stuart Littlewood asks where does the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – the UK's leading pro-Palestine campaign group – go from here, now that it has rejected a proposal to seek Israel's expulsion from the UN for persistently violating international law?

Jan 26 14:33

Why Does Hillary Clinton Always Cackle with Glee at Violence, Horror, and Death?

And the elite say no matter what, we’re about to get stuck with her as president this time…

Yes, this question is largely rhetorical. Even psychopaths usually try to blend, don't they?

Watch this compilation.

Jan 26 14:33

Artificial Intelligence Writes Political Speeches

Soon, the speeches that we hear from political figures may be the product of an AI machine that has been specifically designed to write political discourses.

Jan 26 14:32

American Jews and Israel: A divorce in the making?

Alan Hart argues that fear by US and European Jews that anti-Israeli sentiment created by Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians might turn into anti-Semitism is turning these Jews away from the Zionist state.

Jan 26 14:26

GOLDMAN SACHS in eye of ’16 campaign storm

It’s not the biggest player on Wall Street in terms of political money. But Goldman Sachs is financial public enemy No. 1 in this year’s election campaign. The giant investment bank has become the symbol of the excesses of Wall Street, cited both by liberals leery of deregulated banking and conservatives opposed to big banks and “crony capitalism.” And it’s being singled out for its ties to the political establishment because of two top contenders for the presidency.

Jan 26 14:21

New Flint Water Probe Draws Critics; UN Monitoring Crisis

Meanwhile, the crisis has attracted the attention of the United Nations, which is "looking at the human implications closely," according to Baskut Tuncak, a UN expert on hazardous substance and waste. And national and local NAACP leaders are planning to reveal Tuesday what they call a "15-point priority plan" created with Flint residents' input to address the health emergency.

Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof said Tuesday that the probe into Flint — which Attorney General Bill Schuette said Monday will be led by a former assistant prosecutor for Wayne County and a retired head of Detroit's FBI office — should wait until a panel appointed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder finishes its work.

(*We're going to see everything but Clean Water Flowing in Flint !)

Jan 26 14:20

$8,314,529,850,339.07: Debt Up $70,612.91 Per Household in Obama’s First 7 Years

The debt of the federal government increased by $8,314,529,850,339.07 in President Barack Obama’s first seven years in office, according to official data published by the U.S. Treasury.

Jan 26 14:18

Americans hate the U.S. government more than ever

The federal government has joined the ranks of the bottom-of-the-barrel industries, according to a new survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Americans’ satisfaction level in dealing with federal agencies –everything from Treasury to Homeland Security — has fallen for a third consecutive year, reaching an eight-year low.

Jan 26 14:04

Abe Vigoda, Sunken-Eyed Character Actor, Dead at 94

Not a hoax this time!

Jan 26 14:00

Fed likely to keep rate-hike options open

Volatile stock and oil markets have some investment strategists looking for the Federal Reserve to step in with a balm Wednesday by signaling more modest rate hikes this year than it had previously planned.

But economists say the Fed is likely to acknowledge the recent global and market turbulence without indicating a change in course, especially with the U.S. labor market continuing to turn in blockbuster job growth.

(*This Lead In The Drinking Water Phenomenon Really IS Sweeping The Nation !)

Jan 26 13:59

German city bans migrants from its nightclubs

A German university city with a Green party migrant-supporting administration has banned refugees from several nightclubs following complaints from females of sexual harassment and theft.

Women have allegedly complained to managers of clubs in Freiburg, southwest Germany, about being fed date-rape drugs and being accosted in toilets.

Another woman claimed she had been raped while a bouncer was allegedly stabbed by a migrant.

Jan 26 13:55

Chicago man killed by police called 911 three times asking for help

Quintonio LeGrier made three calls to 911 emergency dispatchers in Illinois, pleading for officers to be sent to his father's home, according to newly released recordings. One dispatcher hung up on him. Chicago police shot LeGrier six times.

Audio recordings of the 911 calls, including a fourth by LeGrier's father, were released Monday by the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA), which investigates police shootings in the city. Previously, Chicago authorities said only two 911 calls were made.

Jan 26 13:45

Former House Majority Leader: The FBI is Finally Ready to Indict Hillary NOW

According to former Speaker of the House, Tom DeLay, his sources inside the FBI say the FBI is ready to indict Hillary Rodham Clinton RIGHT NOW on charges involving her private server. They don’t need more time to build a case, they’re done. They’ve got her dead to rights.

The former Speaker also said that if Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Clinton, based on the ridiculously overwhelming amount of evidence that has been amassed, the FBI has said they will go public with all the information. If we are to believe that the FBI would really do that, and more importantly if Loretta Lynch believes it, she’d be a fool not to indict Clinton. See for yourself!

Jan 26 13:43

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray running against U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

Gray, 62, told the Herald-Leader Monday night that he decided to challenge Paul last week, and he “absolutely” believes he can win despite the state’s rightward lurch and widespread disapproval of President Barack Obama

“I feel like that there’s an environment in Washington that’s toxic, and people across the country, and including Kentucky, are looking for alternatives,” Gray said.

Jan 26 13:32

6 Cleveland cops fired over 2012 chase, 137-shot barrage

The Cleveland Police Department announced Tuesday that six of its officers involved in the 137-shot barrage that killed an unarmed pair after a car chase have been fired.

Play Video
Cleveland police officer found not guilty in deadly shooting

Additionally, another six officers face suspensions ranging from 21 to 30 day and a 13th officer involved in the incident will be retired early.

Jan 26 13:26

El Niño storms erode Pacifica bluff as homes teeter on the edge

Apartment buildings lining a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean in Pacifica, Calif., are in peril after recent El Niño storms severely eroded the crumbling bluff.

City Manager Lorie Tinfow declared a local emergency after the storms not only wreaked havoc on the cliffside, but also caused damage to Pacifica Pier and the Milagra Watershed. Rains also triggered the failure of a seawall along Beach Boulevard and Santa Maria Avenue in the coastal Bay Area city, about 15 miles south of San Francisco.

Jan 26 13:21


Don’t ever say the government doesn’t hold officials accountable for their acts in office. Whenever someone does something that upsets the national security state, they get hammered! As the National Law Journal reports, someone is finally going to be held accountable for the shocking 2005 disclosure of the Bush administration’s unconstitutional, warrantless wiretappi

Jan 26 12:08

Homeless Woman Who Protested War Outside White House For 3 Decades Straight Dies At Age 80

By John Vibes

Concepcion Picciotto, a homeless anti-war protester has died at age 80, after occupying an area outside the White House for over 30 years. Ms. Picciotto is a Spanish immigrant, who is known by many as “Connie” or “Conchita.”

She began the longest running political protest in US history out front of the White House in 1981. Since then she has literally lived at the spot, spending 24 hours per day and 7 days a week at the vigil that she created...

Jan 26 11:55

Ted Cruz’s Claim That He Was Uninsured Because of Obamacare Was 100 Percent Untrue

Last week Republican presidential candidate Ted "T-Bone" Cruz complained in New Hampshire that he was uninsured because of Barack Hussein Obama's sinister Affordable Care Act.

Jan 26 11:54

Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders has the best policies; "Renowned academic weighs in on US presidential candidates and their chances, saying elections are 'mainly bought'."

Renowned American academic Noam Chomsky says Bernie Sanders has the best policies of the Democratic presidential contenders, but does not have a real chance to win in a political system where elections are "mainly bought".

Jan 26 11:49

Plaintiffs' lawyers wary of taking on Flint water scandal

The water scandal in Flint, Michigan has many of the ingredients for a mass, class-action lawsuit: danger signs that may have been ignored, many thousands of potential victims, the possibility of lifelong health problems, and the alleged systemic failure of people in charge.

Even consumer activist Erin Brockovich, the main subject of a 2000 movie named after her, has drawn attention to Flint's plight on her Facebook page and in public appearances.

Jan 26 11:48

Can the Truth Survive the Left’s Onslaught in Flint?

If you happen to read the left-wing, mainstream press or listen at all to the words of the Democratic presidential contenders, you know that there are few more important stories in the United States than the water troubles in Flint, Mich. Unfortunately, however, to the activist Left, the story is much less important for the sorry, sordid truth of the matter than it is for advancing the Narrative — that racist Republicans care little for the environment, hate the poor, and crush the little guy to save a buck.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 26 11:42

9-11 TRUTH Advocate Mr. Christopher Bollyn Adds Venues To "Solving 9-11 Tour - From Sea to Shining Sea" Tour

Christopher Bollyn, author of Solving 9-11, will be on a speaking tour in the United States this winter, starting in January. The theme of the tour is "Solving 9-11 Ends the War." The presentation is aimed at helping people grasp the 9-11 deception and freeing themselves from fear.

Added Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, on March 5;
New venue in Tucson, February 10;
Added San Francisco, Feb. 23;
Louisville venue change, Jan. 30

Jan 26 11:36

Ongoing: Active Shooter Reported At San Diego Medical Center – Drills Conducted In December

By Brandon Turbeville

According to multiple news reports, the Naval Medical Center in San Diego is currently on lockdown after reports of an active shooter in the facility...

Jan 26 11:32

U.S. Lab Eyed As Source For Deadly Flu Virus Escape Killing Ukraine Soldiers, Hospitalizing Hundreds

The uncontained U.S. lab virus is being dubbed “Californian Flu” and is killing Ukraine soldiers

The U.S. mainstream media has yet to report on a serious situation brewing in Ukraine that reads more like a Stephen King horror. While the western media are busy spinning geopolitical narratives, the Donbass International News Agency is alerting the world of…

Jan 26 11:23

Ross Ulbricht Prepares for Appeal of Silk Road Verdict

By Derrick Broze

In February 2015 Ross Ulbricht was found guilty of operating the online black-marketplace known as the Silk Road. It took a jury just three hours to convict Ulbricht on seven charges related to distributing narcotics, fraudulent documents, money laundering, and continuing a criminal enterprise. On May 29, 2015 U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest sentenced Ulbricht to life in prison, plus 40 years with no possibility of parole...

Jan 26 11:03

Could Flint Fiasco Poison Austerity As Stupid, Wasteful & Cruel?

In severity of health damage, media staying power, and political indefensibility, the Flint, MI lead poisoning looms as a national turning point. What disgrace better spotlights Republican government that poisons one hundred thousand of its own people -- failed austerity at its worst? Rarely does stupid and wasteful, if not immoral, merge so dramatically.

Jan 26 10:57

Lavrov's Snub Was a Signal to More Than Just Nuland

The stand-offish treatment of Victoria Nuland by Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov may have been aimed at two other men - Vladislav Surkov and Dimitri Peskov

Jan 26 10:57

Quick Look at Donald Trump's Extravagant Penthouse

Trump's penthouse is located on the top three floors of the Trump Tower in Manhattan with astonishing views to Central Park and Manhattan itself.

Jan 26 10:56

Man who says he feared mass shootings accidentally shoots stranger in movie theater, police say

Police say the man suspected of accidentally shooting a stranger at a Renton movie theater told them he carried a firearm because he feared mass shootings.

Dane Gallion, 29, told officers he took the gun to Regal Cinemas 14 at the Landing on Thursday night because he was “concerned about recent mass shootings in public places,” according to a police account in a probable-cause statement released Saturday.

Jan 26 10:38

What a let down! Major air-sea search recovers blow-up SEX DOLL 

The rescue comes after the town banned Borat-style Mankinis and cracked down on offensive clothing and blown-up sex toys.

Newquay Coastguard Association chairman Dave Bulley said the now-deflated doll has since been 'put in the bin'.

The town's lifeboat, search and rescue helicopter and the coastguard were called out at 6.45pm on Monday and witnesses reported seeing flares being set off to illuminate the scene.

Jan 26 10:37

This dangerous official state poster encouraged Flint residents to bathe babies in poisoned water

Flint, Michigan continues to grapple with the poisoning of its water supply system. For months the city government of Flint and the state government of Michigan— led by Governor Rick Snyder— ignored scientists, researchers and the citizens of economically depressed Flint who rang alarm bells about the toxic water supply. Instead, they encouraged the people of Flint to drink the water, bathe in the water, and, generally, that the water was safe. Of course the government was terribly wrong.

The debacle of neoliberal policies (Michigan’s government prioritized saving money over safe water) didn’t stop state officials from circulating an online flyer that read, “Hey Flint! It’s Safe to Wash.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The governor, and every state and Flint official who signed off on this outrage should resign en masse, and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Michigan law for reckless public endangerment.

Skin is porous; and if you don't believe that, rub some garlic on your feet, and see just how soon you taste it.

The real upset to me is how long ago city, county, and state officials knew this water was poisoning people, but chose not to fix it because, after all, the people living here were poor, so they didn't matter, and their health, and the health of their children, was irrelevant.


The State of Michigan should be offering free chelation therapy to every kid who got exposed to this poison, and right the heck now.

What chelation therapy does is gently remove toxins in the system, which are then excreted through the kidneys. This is even recommended by the CDC.

Doctors need to test kidney function first, but the chemical used is calcium disodium EDTA, and it is introduced into the body though an IV. Treatments take a couple of hours, and there may be several times it needs to be done, but then the lead levels in the blood are tested again, to make sure that the lead has been completely eliminated from the child's system.

Jan 26 10:33

Zika virus: Outbreak 'likely to spread across Americas' says WHO - The infection has already been found in 21 countries in the Caribbean, North & South America.

The infection, which causes symptoms including mild fever, conjunctivitis and headache, has already been found in 21 countries in the Caribbean, North and South America.

Jan 26 10:32

MU professor charged with 3rd degree assault for actions during campus unrest: Melissa Click was captured on video attempting to force reporters out of protest space

ABC 17 News confirmed Monday night through her lawyer Chris Slusher that Dr. Melissa Click will plead "not guilty" to that charge. Slusher said they will waive her arraignment as well.

Jan 26 10:32

Clinton Foundation Pockets Massive Payoffs From Russia for Mining Rights In Wyoming And Oregon- Hammond Ranch Part Of The Deal!

It appears, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation from Russia wanted to expand their operations into America and needed a way in. So, in 2013, Rosatom acquired a Canadian company named Uranium One as part of a slick side deal involving multiple parties. The deal allowed the Russian’s to maneuver their way into the Continental United States as part of a vast and extensive plan to mine Uranium ore out of states like Wyoming and Oregon.

The deal was essentially brokered by Hillary and was run through the Clinton Foundation using Canadian-backed contributions as a cover. It seems Hillary learned from Obama the art of how to use a pen to sign away America to foreigners, or did Obama learn that from the Clintons? For with bleeding ink, Hillary sold one-fifth of America’s uranium resources to the Russians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 26 10:29

Professor Encourages ‘White Supremacist’ Students Who Support Inviting Conservative Author to Campus to Meet Him at the Gym: ‘Heads Up Though, I Lift…’

Members of a California State University, Los Angeles conservative club have have found themselves under intense scrutiny from their peers and at least one faculty member after the group invited a controversial conservative speaker to campus.

The public university’s Young America’s Foundation student group extended an invitation to author and senior editor at large for Breitbart News Ben Shapiro to lecture on “When Diversity Becomes a Problem” — a topic that encompasses trigger warnings and microaggressions. In a public Facebook event page to promote the lecture, several students have decried the event as being “unsafe,” a “right-wing attack,” “a hostile event” or damaging to students’ mental health.

Jan 26 10:23

Will Palin Endorsement Help Trump? Michael Rivero

Jan 26 10:22


The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the federal government in a long-running dispute with the late Nevada rancher Wayne Hage, remanding the case to a new federal judge because of apparent bias on the part of U.S. District Judge Robert Clive Jones.

In a separate unpublished memorandum also filed Friday, the panel of the appeals court reversed a finding of contempt against BLM employee Thomas Seley and U.S. Forest Service employee Steven Williams, finding that Jones "grossly abused the power of contempt."

In the main opinion, the 9th Circuit, in a ruling written by Judge Susan Graber, granted the request by the U.S. government to reassign the case.

"Defendants openly trespassed on federal lands," she said. "Rather than simply resolving the fact-specific inquiries as to when and where the cattle grazed illegally, the district court applied an 'easement by necessity' theory that plainly contravenes the law."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you are wondering why the government is grabbing all the land it can, it is because they have nothing else to pledge as collateral on further government borrowing. One day you will wake up as tenants rather than citizens, the bankers will own the nation, and all it cost them was ink and paper!

Jan 26 10:18

Texas Farmer Wins 30 Year Battle with BLM – Gets Land Back

A Texas farmer finally received land back that was taken from him by a court and given to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) more than thirty years ago. The victory puts land back into his undisputed possession and control that has been in his family since 1904. It also brings hope and a pathway to victory for other farmers who stand to lose up to 90,000 acres of land to the BLM.

Jan 26 10:16


A Texas grand jury has cleared a Planned Parenthood clinic of wrongdoing, and instead indicted two pro-life filmmakers who published videos alleging the abortion organization’s á la carte fetal organ harvesting.

On Monday, a Harris County Grand Jury charged Center for Medical Progress President David Daleiden and activist Sandra Merritt with “tampering with a governmental record,” a second degree felony. Daleiden was additionally charged with a misdemeanor count regarding human organ procurement.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said they were left with no choice but to charge the filmmakers after an investigation on the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast clinic in Houston turned up clean.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The grand jury here was most likely either bribed, coerced, or intimidated, to come up with these indictments.

Attempting to punish the messengers here, to stifle any further investigations of Planned Parenthood's practices, reeks of corruption.

Hopefully, the truth will come out though the state investigation of these facilities.

Jan 26 10:14

Active shooter reported at San Diego Navy medical center

The hospital reported the active shooter just after 8 a.m., prompting staff to advise all non-emergency personnel to stay away from the compound in the 34800 block of Bob Wilson Drive in San Diego.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Well, THAT oughta get their minds off that toxic water scandal!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jan 26 10:12

Militia in Flint join calls for justice in water crisis

On Sunday afternoon, about 30 militia supporters clad in camouflage gear and bearing “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, gathered outside of City Hall to demand accountability amid a national discussion over how the city’s water supply became contaminated.

“We’re here to defend this community," said Matthew Krol, the militia's executive officer, addressing the crowd in a full camouflage outfit with a handgun strapped to his hip. “We’re not going to allow (the government) to step on the people of Flint any longer.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 26 10:07


As a member of the U.S. Congress, one can expect to earn a substantial income of $174,000 per year – a very comfortable sum to live on. But it doesn’t stop there, now legislators are frequently using their political careers as a stepping-stone to a much larger payday upon retirement, often quintupling their income as an industry lobbyist.

Three political scientists have tracked data all the way back to 1976 to analyze the lobbying activity of former members of Congress in an eye-opening new study.

The results of the study, “Who walks through the revolving door? Examining the lobbying activity of former members of Congress,” appearing in the journal Interest Groups & Advocacy, make clear that there has been a substantial increase in the number of members becoming lobbyists after retirement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And please remember: members of AIPAC do not have to register as the domestic "capo" of a foreign government!!

Jan 26 10:06


U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday blocked President Barack Obama's nominee to oversee the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, citing the presidential pick's ties to drug companies.

Jan 26 10:05

Koch Brothers Accused Of Hiring Former NYPD Chief To Dig Up Dirt On Journalist

The Koch brothers, who control the second-largest privately held company in the United States, hired former NYPD commissioner Howard Safir to dig up dirt on journalist Jane Mayer, she claims in a new book.

Jan 26 10:04

Inconsistent radar testing casts doubt on validity of millions of speeding tickets

Canadian speeders might be getting measured differently, depending on where they're caught, CBC News has found.

Police forces using the same radar equipment have different testing routines.

Jan 26 10:03


The defense industry spent millions lobbying the federal government last year, but they weren’t the only ones urging the country toward more war. Countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, and even oil and computer industry representatives, also got in on the act.

According to OpenSecrets, a project of the Center for Responsive Politics, the defense and aerospace industries spent a combined total of $56,272,948 on D.C. lobbying efforts last year. That’s down from the all-time high in 2013, when the industry spent over $78 million on lobbying.

In all, the defense industry employed 376 lobbyists on behalf of 42 clients, with 249 of those lobbyists, or about 66 percent, considered “revolvers” by — lobbyists that were formerly employed in the defense industry and able to potentially use their insider knowledge and connections for more influence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Always comforting to know who is cheerleading for more wars.

Of course, it's never their kids who serve, die, and get maimed for life as a result of the US government's choosing war over good faith negotiations to resolve geopolitical differences.

Jan 26 09:54


Seeking to placate growing public outrage over corruption, abuse, and a lack of accountability in the Chicago Police Department — including an apparently endless string of unjustified police killings, the maintenance of a Gitmo-style “black site,” and a still-festering decades-long scandal involving interrogation through torture — Mayor Rahm Emanuel has sought help from a veteran obstructionist who has performed a similar service as head of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing: Former Washington, D.C. police chief Charles Ramsey, who recently retired after a scandal-plagued term as Police Commissioner in Philadelphia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

YES, I know I have become cynical; but sometimes, I just cannot keep up!!

Jan 26 09:53

What Are They Thinking?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for a repost in light of toxicwatergate!

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WRH Exclusive
Jan 26 09:53

Under The New World Order

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for a repost in light of toxicwatergate!

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WRH Exclusive
Jan 26 09:33

Colorado city pays $262,500 to family whose dog was killed by cop

Commerce City will pay a $262,500 settlement to a family whose 3-year-old dog, Chloe, was shot and killed by a police officer in 2012.

Jan 26 09:31

Young voter tells Clinton: 'My friends think you’re dishonest'

Hillary Clinton was confronted at the Democratic forum Monday night by a young man who informed her that his friends don’t find her trustworthy.

Jan 26 09:08

Feds indict 50 people, including 15 prison guards, in huge jailhouse phone fraud scheme

Numerous Georgia Department of Corrections employees, inmates and individuals outside the prison system have been charged federally with conspiring to commit wire fraud, conspiring to commit money laundering, and accepting bribes to smuggle contraband into Georgia prisons. Much of the alleged criminal activity was committed inside Georgia state prisons and was initiated by inmates.

Jan 26 09:08

Obama bans solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons

President Obama on Monday announced a ban on solitary confinement for juvenile offenders in the federal prison system, saying the practice is overused and has the potential for devastating psychological consequences.

Jan 26 08:44


Jan 26 08:40


When former CIA director David Petraeus requested prosecutors remove reference to a leak case against former CIA officer John Kiriakou from his plea deal, prosecutors astoundingly followed his wishes. “Oaths do matter, and there are indeed consequences for those who believe they are above the laws that protect our fellow officers and enable American intelligence agencies to operate with the requisite degree of secrecy,” Petraeus declared in a statement to the CIA workforce after Kiriakou pled guilty to violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act (IIPA) in 2013. This statement shows Petraeus understood the law when he improperly handled and disclosed classified information, including “Black Books” containing the identities of covert officers, war strategy, intelligence capabilities and notes from his discussions with President Barack Obama. He still provided his biographer, Paula Broadwell, access to these books after she asked to use them as source material.

Jan 26 08:35


This week, former police officer Steven Zelich pleaded guilty to killing a woman, putting her body in a suitcase, and leaving it on the side of the highway. The victim, 19-year-old Jenny Gamez, was found stuffed in a suitcase along a highway in Wisconsin in August of 2012. Gamez was not the only woman that Zelich was accused of killing either. He has also been implicated in the murder of a 37-year-old woman from Minnesota named Laura Simonson. Simpson’s body was also found in a suitcase along the same highway where Gamez was found.

Jan 26 08:18

We are witnessing the end of the House of Clinton

State of the 2016 Race

1. There is the stench of political death around Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and the entire House of Clinton.

2. You could feel it when Republican front-runner Donald Trump hit back — hard — over the "penchant for sexism" charge by basically calling Hillary Clinton an enabler in the former president's sexual shenanigans.

3. When have we ever seen the Clintons back off? But they did.
(*goes all the way to 27. )

Jan 26 08:01

Sheriff Richard Mack To Speak In Council, Idaho (Home of Jack Yantis case) February 13th

Well-known Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is going to speak in Council, Idaho on Saturday, February 13, 2016. The small rural town of Council made international news on November 1, 2015 after two Adams County, Idaho Sheriffs shot and killed 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis.

Jan 26 07:58

Drug Shortages In Emergency Rooms

Jan 26 07:21

Ms. Clinton made $3 million for ‘speeches’ to 12 ‘bail-out’ banks while ALWAYS CRIMINALLY SILENT on reneged official promises to end poverty

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tip: The Intercept

The big deal about Ms. Clinton is the same for all “leaders” of both US political parties:

They are War Criminals for engaging US military into armed attacks that are the Orwellian opposite of what war law prevents in crystal-clear letter and intent.
They are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing intentional policy of poverty that’s killed over 400 million human beings just since 1995 (~75% children; more deaths than from all wars in Earth’s recorded history).
They are criminally complicit in the destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government.

Ms. Clinton acted in Orwellian opposition to her Oath-sworn job as US Secretary of State with ongoing violations of the US Constitution through US Wars of Aggression, various US War Crimes, and support of other nations’ Wars of Aggression.

Jan 26 06:40

Silver Prices Today Are Climbing – Will the Rally Continue?

Silver prices today are up $0.24 to $14.24. The precious metal has had a markedly more volatile start to the year than its richer cousin gold.

But still, we're seeing some very constructive behavior on the technical side, as well as positive developments on the fundamental side.

And all of this against a backdrop of stock markets looking increasingly fragile with each passing day.

Jan 26 06:04

Trump: My billions are better than Bloomberg’s

Donald Trump on Monday hit Michael Bloom­berg below the money belt — saying the billionaire former mayor’s media tech company is “very fragile.”
Trump’s suggestion that Bloomberg’s empire might be a house of cards came as Mayor de Blasio argued just the opposite — that his predecessor in City Hall is too rich for the presidency and that his wealth would hurt him if he runs.

“I don’t think he focused on income inequality in his career in government,” “progressive” de Blasio said following a briefing on the dig-out from this weekend’s blizzard.

“This country is not going to turn to billionaires to solve problems created by billionaires. The country is not going to look for the status quo in this election. They want a fundamentally different vision.”

Jan 26 04:25

Don't Quit Your Day Job !

(* Oooops! Too Late !)

Dutch MP resigns to campaign for Hillary Clinton

Jan 26 04:12

Dutch cops to carry machine guns in public

For the first time in Dutch history, police officers are allowed to patrol shopping malls, railway stations and other public places with machine guns

Jan 26 03:57

Asian stocks drop as oil retreats

Chinese and Japanese shares drove losses in the region with markets in Australia and India shut for holidays and U.S. index futures declined. American oil extended last session's selloff, falling to $29.47 amid expectations U.S. stockpiles data will intensify concerns over the global glut.

Jan 26 03:14

Why Iran is a problem for the oil market

"The Saudis hate Iran. They are geopolitical rivals. They don't want to see Iran's economy get any better and oil prices are big factors in the Iranian economy"
Former U.S. Energy Secretary and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson

Jan 26 03:13

China Will Get Iranian Oil

China Will Get Iranian Oil After Obama Lifted Sanctions

China could reap the benefits of President Barack Obama’s lifting of sanctions on Iran after the two countries agreed Saturday to increase their oil trade over the next decade.

Jan 26 02:47

Sen. Edward Markey(*D-MA) blocks vote on FDA nominee Robert Califf

Massachusetts Democrat wants FDA to change process for approving opioid painkillers

The hold on the nomination can prevent Senate from taking a confirmation vote for a while

Dr. Robert Califf has come under fire for his close ties to the pharmaceutical industry

Jan 26 02:38

North Carolina voter-ID trial begins

Winston-Salem, N.C. —The requirement to present photo identification to cast a ballot went on trial Monday in a closely watched case that is seen as having legal ramifications for voting across the country this presidential election year.

Inside a federal courthouse here, attorneys for the Justice Department and the NAACP argued that the law passed by the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly intentionally discriminates against African-Americans and Latinos who disproportionately lack one of the required forms of photo identification.

Jan 26 02:23

Planned Parenthood cleared, accusers indicted

Planned Parenthood officials lauded the indictments
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said state officials were continuing to investigate the Texas Planned Parenthood, however.

"The Health and Human Service Commission's Inspector General and the Attorney General's office have an ongoing investigation into Planned Parenthood's actions," Abbott said in a statement. "Nothing about today's announcement in Harris County impacts the state's ongoing investigation. The State of Texas will continue to protect life, and I will continue to support legislation prohibiting the sale or transfer of fetal tissue."

The Texas attorney general echoed Abbott and said the state investigation will continue.

"The fact remains that the videos exposed the horrific nature of abortion and the shameful disregard for human life of the abortion industry," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

Jan 25 22:52

George Soros Finally Suspends His Lifelong War Against Russia

On January 21st, George Soros, who has throughout his life been passionately opposed not just to communism but also to Russia, has finally stated in a Bloomberg News interview at the World Economic Forum, that the United States (and possibly the EU, but he says that the EU is in terrible economic shape itself) must now fund a new Marshall Plan for all of Europe, including, this time, even his bête noire: Russia.

Jan 25 21:23

County Sheriff slams BLM and Understands Oregon Protestors

(By Rick Dalton 17 January 2016) In a forceful rebuke of federal criminal activity against the Hammond Family of Burns, Oregon, Milwauke County, Wisconsin Sheriff Davie A. Clarke Jr., in a podcdast a week ago, talked about civil disobedience being sometimes necessary to correct the path of abusive federal agencies.
Clarke’s show, which can be found on, was devoted entirely to the Oregon standoff between citizens and the BLM.

Jan 25 21:20

The Fed’s Own Data Says This Happens Next: “The Market Is About to See Half Its Value Wiped Out”

If the Fed was right, the far more prophetic 1937 Fed that is not the current wealth effect-pandering iteration, then the market is about to see half its value wiped out.

Jan 25 21:14

MU professor Melissa Click, who called for ‘muscle’ to remove reporter, charged with assault

By Jason Hancock

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri communications professor who garnered widespread scorn for trying to physically remove a student reporter from a campus protest, was formally charged with assault Monday morning.

Jan 25 21:04

CT: Police ‘Gotta Cover Our Ass’ on Open Carry ~ VIDEO

We need activists to keep the police honest. Digital recorders and the Internet are helping make that happen. The police could simply have ignored Michael and done nothing, as it appears they should have done. Or, they could have calmly approached him and asked what he was doing. Instead, the video shows that they concocted a scheme to harass Michael with false charges to “Cover their Ass”. It is a grave miscarriage of justice, and it should not be tolerated.

Jan 25 20:08

Davos Depression: Soros Predicts Devastating Deflation, Repeat of 2008

At Davos, they want to point the blame at everyone but the true culprit: themselves -- The truth of the matter is that the people of the world need to wake-up to this con game and stop supporting governments and central banks and move their assets into gold, silver and bitcoin.

Jan 25 19:51

Snow and Martial Law

The massive snowstorm that hit the east coast over the weekend gave New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo the chance to act out his fantasies as a petty dictator.

Jan 25 19:31

Congress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War -- Ron Paul

While the Washington snowstorm dominated news coverage this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was operating behind the scenes to rush through the Senate what may be the most massive transfer of power from the Legislative to the Executive branch in our history. The senior Senator from Kentucky is scheming, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham, to bypass normal Senate procedure to fast-track legislation to grant the president the authority to wage unlimited war for as long as he or his successors may wish.

Jan 25 19:25

68% of Americans destroy credit before age 30: Survey

A whopping 68 percent of Americans make at least one major financial mistake, or “credit fumble,” before turning 30, leading to a negative mark on their credit report, according to a Credit Karma survey. These mistakes include overspending on credit cards, missing payments, defaulting on a loan or having an account sent into collections, the survey found.

Jan 25 19:16

Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

A ?Palestinian woman from Haifa attacked and detained by [Jewish] ?Israeli passersby in Tel Aviv. Passers-by are arguing about whether or not to beat and kill her. One woman claims she saw she had a knife and screams and demands her execution. Someone kicks her in the head. If not for the intervention of some of the bystanders who stop the lynch this would have been reported as another "stabber terrorist" that was "neutralized" .

Jan 25 19:09

WalMart Store Closures Leave Elderly Villagers With No Grocery Stores, Pharmacies

We’re pretty sure this wasn’t what WalMart had in mind when they first announced that the company was prepared to appease the living wage crowd early last year, but now that the horse has left the barn, we wonder if perhaps the retailer has entered a terminal decline similar to what befell that other “Mart”…

Jan 25 19:04

Video: Hillary Denies Being Bought By Goldman Sachs

Hillary Clinton has given several private speeches to big banks and taken huge amounts of money in return recently. She has earned $675,000 from Goldman Sachs alone. -- This fact has prompted some to suggest Clinton is being bought by Wall Street. -- In an appearance on Meet The Press Sunday, Clinton denied the accusations, when asked if the bankers are expecting “anything in return.”

Jan 25 19:00

Clint Eastwood Destroys ‘All-White’ Oscars Protesters With 1 Perfect Sentence

“All I know is,” the Dirty Harry star said, “there are thousands of people in the Academy and a lot of them–the majority of them–haven’t won Oscars.” -- He admitted he wasn’t paying too much attention to those upset over the annual movie awards adding, “a lot of people are crying, I guess.”

Jan 25 18:57

Merkel: Anti-Semitism more widespread than we imagined

German leader says ‘intensive action’ needed to combat phenomenon, particularly in cultures in which hatred of Jews is rampant

Jan 25 18:56

New AUMF allows an autocratic president to wage war anywhere in the world without congressional approval

A week after Obama’s State of the Union address Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took a procedural step known as Rule 14 and put a measure on the floor and introduced a refashioned AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) written by the Republican neocon Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Jan 25 18:21

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Defense And Oil Spent Nearly One Trillion Urging DC For More War In 2015

The defense industry spent millions lobbying the federal government last year, but they weren’t the only ones urging the country toward more war. Countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, and even oil and computer industry representatives, also got in on the act. According to OpenSecrets, a project of the Center for Responsive Politics, the defense and aerospace industries spent a combined total of $56,272,948 on D.C. lobbying efforts last year. That’s down from the all-time high in 2013, when the industry spent over $78 million on lobbying.

Jan 25 18:17

IG's Letter: Hillary May Face Legal Problems Over E-mails

The former First Lady and current presidential candidate has steadfastly denied that she ever "sent or received any e-mail that was deemed classified, that was marked classified" from the private, unsecured e-mail server she used as secretary of state. If only it were that simple. The problem is that Clinton — like her husband — prefers to define her own terms. By making the point that the information contained in her e-mails was not "marked classified" and implying that that means it was not "deemed classified," Clinton — and her campaign — have deliberately missed the point.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 25 17:59

First Monkeys with Autism Created in China

Scientists in China say they used genetic engineering to create monkeys with a version of autism, an achievement that could make it easier to test treatments but that raises thorny practical and ethical questions over how useful such animal models will be. Neuroscientist Zilong Qiu of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences says his team has generated more than a dozen monkeys with a genetic error that in human children causes a rare syndrome whose symptoms include mental retardation and autistic features, such as repetitive speech and restricted interests.

Jan 25 17:56

Cashless Society Beta: UNHCR, IrisGuard launch EyeCloud to assist refugees with biometric banking

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) and IrisGuard have announced EyeCloud, a new project in Jordan that delivers financial assistance to refugees through banking and biometric technology based exclusively on UNHCR biometric registration data. The system is designed to facilitate cash-supported interventions that help deliver financial assistance to refugees with speed and dignity, while lowering overhead costs and boosting accountability. The EyeCloud technology, which uses IrisGuard portable iris-scanners, is, according to the company, deemed by experts as the most advanced refugee cash program.

Jan 25 17:55

Cameroon: 10,000 Refugees for Biometric Registration

Some 10,000 refugees from 25 countries in the Littoral Region will soon have new identification documents, including Refugee Identity Cards and Attestations, thanks to biometric registration. Given the current state of insecurity in the northern part of the country, the United Nation High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR, thought it wise to put in place a viable and efficient identification system.

Jan 25 17:24

Oregon governor insists on ‘swift’ response by FBI to end armed standoff

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is trying to find a ‘swift’ resolution to the armed standoff and occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near burns, despite the fact that the occupiers, which include the Bundy brothers, both Ryan and Ammon, have full Constitutional grounds to continue their protest at will. And just what exactly that swift resolution will be is not yet known

Jan 25 17:18

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to announce what time it is on the Doomsday Clock

WE will find out how close we are to Armageddon when the world’s most revered scientists gather in Washington DC to announce what time it is on the Doomsday Clock. The symbolic timekeeper of our impending destruction is currently set at three minutes to midnight — the closest we have ever been to that dreaded hour since the clock began ticking in 1947.

Jan 25 17:12

Officer indicted for using Taser on city councilman

The indictment marks the second time in the last month that a law enforcement officer has been criminally charged in Waller County related to their actions on the job

Jan 25 17:07

Warning: Feds now foresee $30 trillion debt, blame looming tax hikes and Obamacare

The federal government will be flirting with $30 trillion in debt within a decade, the Congressional Budget Office said Monday in a new report detailing a still-sluggish economy more than seven years into the Obama recovery.

Jan 25 17:03

Why is the Syrian civil war is at a decisive point

Talks in Geneva may produce little of substance, but winners and losers are starting to emerge

Jan 25 17:02


(I’m more worried about her mental health) Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit on Monday that will do little to quell rumors the former U.S. secretary of state is in poor health.

Jan 25 16:51

DeLay: FBI ‘Ready to Indict’ Hillary

The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings.

Jan 25 16:37

Obama Announces $1 Billion to 13 States to Build “Climate Resilient Communities” and Gets Told Off on Twitter

Maybe those people should pay a little more attention to how much seemingly no one on Twitter can stand the president anymore and Tweet accordingly.

Jan 25 16:26

The debt deception: How the banks have perverted the global economy

Cash is no longer king. Debt is. The bankers are thoroughly convinced that credit equals money. And the bankers are happy and consider it a success when they feel they have provided enough credit for the world.

Jan 25 16:19

These 3 Wars Being Waged on Humanity Offer Full Picture of End Game

When it’s all said and done this war against truth itself is the ultimate battleground by which all activists will be tested. Everyone has to decide which side of truth they will stand and how far they are willing to go standing for truth.

Jan 25 16:14

Bernie Sanders: ‘Gun Control Job of Federal, NOT State Governments’

The federal government does have “a very important role”… to chip away at the 2nd Amendment, apparently.

Jan 25 16:09

Lawmaker proposes tax credit for gun training

A state legislator in Arizona wants to increase public safety by offsetting the cost of concealed carry licensing and training with a tax credit.

Jan 25 16:03

IRS ‘significantly’ more likely to audit taxpayers under Democratic control

It’s not just a figment of the conservative imagination. According to a Harvard-backed study, the Internal Revenue Service is a bigger pain in the neck when Democrats control the federal government.

Jan 25 16:01

Flint rewrites water testing directions blamed in lead pollution crisis

Michigan city’s instructions called on residents to ‘pre-flush’ pipes, a process criticized by federal authorities for reducing levels of toxins detected

Jan 25 16:00

90-Year-Old Pulls Gun For First Time In His Life On Home Intruder

A 90-year-old man had the first reason in his life to use his .38 spc revolver when an unknown intruder entered his home and attempted to sleep in a vacant bedroom in his house. As the Daily Breeze describes it, the home owner awoke to find the man in the vacant bedroom.

Jan 25 15:45

Due Process is Dead: A Staggering 95% of All Inmates in America Have Never Received a Trial

While the rich and powerful, especially those associated with corporations and banks, are able to escape significant punishment — even when their crimes affect millions of people, such as those complicit in the 2008 financial crash — the poor, whether guilty or not, fall victim to this slanted system.

Jan 25 15:40

Health surveillance gone wild: 35 federal agencies to collect and share your personal health information

One of the goals of the federal government’s Affordable Care Act is to universally implement the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR). What this means is that federal health authorities have begun a push toward converting all Americans’ health data and medical histories into a digital format which can be easily accessed and shared by doctors, insurance providers, scientific researchers and the patients themselves.