May 06 14:34

Iran sanctions and worse

Paul J. Balles views the campaign by Israel lobbyists in the US administration and Congress to impose sanctions on Iran as a precursor to direct aggression à la Iraq, and on the few lone voices of common sense.

May 06 14:27

Trees of Medieval Warming Period Found Under Swiss Glacier: Scientists Conclude MWP Warmer Than Present

Studying the fossil remains of trees located under a Swiss glacier, scientists verify that the treeline was some 200 meter higher than the current one. This indicates that Medieval Warming Period (MWP) was not only warmer, but lasted an extended period.

May 06 13:41

Trading error blamed for market plunge: CNBC

A trading error at a major firm was to blame for the day's market plunge, CNBC reported on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And I will explain why on today's radio show!

May 06 11:17


As a related matter, my investigation into the Abu Gbraib detentions
revealed that some 50-60% of those imprisoned in Abu Ghraib were probably innocent. They
were swept up in combat operations and gotten off the battlefield by imprisoning them — an
understandable tactic by military forces operating with too few assets to accomplish the mission,
always the case in Iraq. No real records existed of evidence or facts that incriminated them, just
as had happened at Guantánamo Bay.

May 06 09:49

Times Square Bomber Linked With CIA-Controlled Terror Group

A man arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square car bombing attempt who had traveled with accused bomber Faisal Shahzad is a member of a terrorist organization that is controlled by British MI6 and the CIA

May 06 09:14

Rep. Andre Carson: Protesters Are ‘One of the Largest Threats to our Internal Security’

As our readers have already learned, Rep. Andre Carson gathered Capitol Hill reporters around him and told the tale of racial slurs and menacing crowds on the verge of hurling rocks at the congressmen. Our first few videos showed the congressmen coming out of the Cannon Office Building, walking down the steps and into Independence Avenue from various angles. None of those videos revealed the racial hatred Rep. Carson conveyed to reporters that day and none of the videos showed a mob rushing or in any way impeding the congressmen.

May 06 08:47

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 6th 2010

May 06 08:29

Times Square Bomber Linked With CIA-Controlled Terror Group

A man arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square car bombing attempt who had traveled with accused bomber Faisal Shahzad is a member of a terrorist organization that is controlled by British MI6 and the CIA.

May 06 08:24

Climate Change: Money, Politics & Scandals

“With all the hysteria, all the fear, all the phony science, could it be that manmade global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people? I believe it is.” – US Senator James M Inhofe (Republican – Oklahoma), 28 July 2003.

May 06 05:16

New York Car Bomb Incident: Another False Flag?

By Stephen Lendman

On May 1, New York Times writers Al Baker and William Rashbaum headlined, "Police Find Car Bomb in Times Square," saying:

"A crude car bomb of propane, gasoline and fireworks was discovered in a 'smoking' Nissan Pathfinder in the heart of Times Square on Saturday evening, prompting the evacuation of thousands of tourists and theatergoers on a warm and busy night."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg claimed "We were very lucky. We avoided what could have been a very deadly event."

May 06 04:32

Was Times Square Bomber Framed?

This looks like a deception. The timing during the nuclear conference is very interesting.

May 06 04:32

David Ray Griffin Interview on 9-11

David Ray Griffin Interview on 9-11

Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by the Events of 9/11?
A lecture by David Ray Griffin
Event: Lecture, book signing
When: Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 7pm (doors open at 6pm)
Where: Harvard Epworth Methodist Church, 1555 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

May 05 16:04

California Climategate part 2

The Board also directed staff to withdraw and redo the health
report that carried Hien Tran's name since it was learned last
year that he falsely claimed he held a PhD in statistics from UC
Davis. The implementation of the rule will continue to be carried
out during this period.

The Board also neglected to second a motion by Board Members
John Telles, who wanted to repeal the diesel rule after learning
of a Tran's misconduct.

May 05 16:02

FBI Informant Hal Turner Exposed

Well known white supremacist talk show host Hal Turner has now been exposed as an FBI informant. For many years Hal has been allowed to operate his radio show which has used as platform he has used to push his racist and violent agenda....with the OK from the FEDS.

May 05 14:30

Osama bin Laden is 'alive, well, and hunting falcons in Iran', documentary claims

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Normally I would not waste your time with this kind of obvious propaganda crap, but you should check out the reader's comments. Ignoring the obvious planted shills, it is clear that the public is catching on to the lies.

May 05 12:30

Times Square “Fizzler,” Israel’s “Crotch Bomber Redux - Gordon Duff

GOP and FOX NEWS Campaign Continues to Stamp Israeli Brand On Time Square Bomber

Watching the news on the arrest of the Time Square bomber, or as we will call him, “the Time Square Fizzler,” and the flood of political attacks on the president and news reports condemning Pakistan and Islam make it all clear as a bell. The ‘highly trained’ terrorist, supposedly schooled in explosives and ’secret agent stuff’ is another patsy.

Think “Mumbai” and the recent trial. All our suspect could say, over and over, knowing he is doomed is that he was ’set up.’

May 05 12:26

Liberty Radio Hour Features Interview with’s Tim King

A program about one of America’s darkest stories.

The U.S.S. Liberty was attacked during the Six Day War in 1967, Tim King discusses this important event and others with Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn on The Liberty Hour Radio Program.
(COEUR d’ALENE, Idaho) – One of the most disturbing stories in contemporary military history is the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, an American Navy ship in international waters, monitoring the Six Day War. It was a politically divisive act of aggression of Israel and neighboring nations.

May 05 11:04

California's 'Climategate'

Last year, members of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) learned that the author of a critical study on diesel engine soot impacts, Hien Tran, had falsified his academic credentials. Tran admitted the deception, and accepted a Board demotion. However, Tran’s analyses remained the basis for highly controversial and costly regulations imposed upon operators of trucks, buses and other diesel-powered machinery.

May 05 11:03


This article is not nice reading. It is going to expose and demonstrate just how a fake activist gets debunked, how smear campaigns are unraveled, and how Internet is Big Brother who never closes his eye and leaves bread crumbs tracing everything to the source. It is a shocking story of sex, lies and madness. That it involves Palestine, unfortunately has once again influenced us to speak out. We insist upon the separation of the Palestinian cause from some disturbed persons involved who use the cause for their own ends. By their own words and deeds, they shall be exposed. Welcome to the Emperor’s New Clothes.

May 05 09:54

Kent State Killings Triggered by FBI Agent Provocateur

Thanks to a friend (who works for the government), who notes that we now know that “an FBI agent provocateur fired the first shots at National Guard soldiers, who then killed four students, according to newly declassified FBI records. Remember, belief in conspiracy theories is always a mark of insanity.”

May 05 09:39

US, UK, France, Italy walk out of UN nuclear conference in war propaganda theater to attack Iran

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The “emperor has no clothes” fact is that the new face of unlawful global imperialism is the old face of 20th Century imperialists. As critical mass of public recognition builds, this time, the public will reject their loveless and mass-murderous empire-building.

The two paper-thin lies the 21st Century fascists use to promote unlawful war is that Iran threatens to destroy Israel and Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Both are quickly proven as lies.

As documented in the links here (and from other viewpoints here, here, and here), Iran’s President Ahmadinejad never physically threatened Israel and all inspections of Iran’s legal nuclear energy and medicine has verified all nuclear material is accounted for.

May 05 09:01

CLIMATEGATE - VA AG Cuccinelli to invoke VATA over Climategate?

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is invoking a state anti-fraud law to demand the University of Virginia turn over years worth of documents related to climate scientist Michael Mann, targeting about $500,000 in grants that funded Mann’s studies.

May 05 08:38

Times Square bomb used non-explosive fertilizer

New York City police investigating a botched car bombing in Times Square say the bomb contained fertilizer that was incapable of exploding.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This case just gets weirder and weirder.

May 05 08:36

Media Ignore The Fact That Man Who Alerted Police To Failed Times Square Bombing Is A Muslim Immigrant

The chief suspect in the case of the failed Times Square car bombing is Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad, who has confessed to the plot. Much of the media has latched onto Shahzad’s Muslim faith and his Pakistani identity, making inflammatory remarks and suggestions about Muslims and Pakistanis.

Yet one fact being ignored in the American media’s sensationalist narrative about the failed bombing is that the man who was responsible for police finding the bomb was Muslim. The UK’s Times Online reports that Aliou Niasse, a Senagalese Muslim immigrant who works as a photograph vendor on Times Square, was the first to bring the smoking car to the police’s attention:

May 05 08:18

South Park, the “Four Morons” of Revolution Muslim, and CNN’s Epic Fail

The founder of the group goes by the name of Yousef al-Khattab, but his real name is Joseph Cohen. He was born and raised in the United States as a Jew, and holds both American and Israeli citizenship. In the late eighties, Cohen embraced an ultra-orthodox interpretation of Judaism, and began attending a yeshiva (rabbinical school). In 1998, Cohen hearkened to the Zionist call, and packed up his bags to relocate to the Israeli Occupied Territories where he became an Israeli settler. As an ardent and extreme Zionist, Joseph Cohen fell in with the Jewish fundamentalist group Shas, an extreme right-wing political party that believes in flouting international law based on their religious beliefs.

May 05 06:48

Interview With Professor Francis Boyle on the 2001 Anthrax Attack (audio MP3)

Professor Francis Boyle discusses the October 2001 anthrax attack, the technology behind the letter to Senator Daschle, and assesses the case based on his years of expertise with America’s bio-weapons programs, and as an expert who was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, which was passed unanimously by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush. He discusses possible motivations behind the anthrax attacks, including those held by criminal elements within the US government to foment a police state, and the investigation that never was. Professor Boyle talks about Israel war crimes as crimes against humanity, and more.

May 05 03:18

Worse Than 1789 ?

The French Revolution actually got off to a better start than it is remembered for. A progressive opposition put together a new legislature, the National Assembly. They undertook the writing of a constitution. But it all fell apart rather quickly since the dim-witted King and his cohorts didn't really get into that old changing times spirit and their lack of cooperation -- not to mention their decadence -- provoked the more violent factions of the common people to form that kraken of politics, the mob. What a goddamned mess it turned into -- a revolving cast of mob masters, each worse than the last, whipping up the crowds to ever more horrible enormities of human vivisection -- a political process that had gone hopelessly out of control. Despite the agile precedent of their friend, the new USA, quickly resolving its own rebellion into a functioning government of law, France opted for a bloody clusterfuck -- which went on for eight more years.

May 04 16:44

Whoops! CO2 has almost nothing to do with global warming, discovers top US meteorologist

The other night I had a nightmare in which a general election was approaching and all three main competing parties had the same suicidal policy. They all believed in this thing called the Big Bad Fairy and were convinced that the only way to drive off the BBF and her evil hordes was by spending huge sums of taxpayers’ money – £18 billion a year was, I believe, the figure quoted in the nightmare – and by ruining the country with ugly, spinning Fairy Towers for the bad fairy hordes to nest in.

Then I woke up and found…

Seriously, though, what do we do? How we can possibly stop the environmental and energy policy of our next government being based on what US meteorologist Dr Roy Spencer calls “the worst case of mass hysteria the world has known.”?

May 04 15:56

UK general election: Shhh... don’t mention the Israeli occupation

Stuart Littlewood views the conspicuous absence of any mention of the Israeli occupation in the British general election campaign, against the background of the paralysing influence of the Israel lobby on the three main political parties and the silent complicity of the mainstream media, including the BBC, and the Church in Israeli crimes.

May 04 14:03

Keiser Report meets Schiff Report

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, look at the scandals of President Bill Clinton's skepticism on Goldman charges; the TARP watchdog's handcuffs for Timmy Geithner; and the continuing 'ratings surveillance' payments to credit rating agencies for defaulted CDOs too complicated to unwind. In the second half of the show, Max interviews Peter Schiff, who is running for the Republican nomination for US Senate for Connecticut, about debating Greenspan, revaluing yuan and regulating that which is already illegal.

May 04 13:08

NY bomber confesses in terrorism plot: officials

A Pakistani-American man arrested as he tried to flee the country has confessed to the failed bomb in New York's Times Square.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And we only had to waterboard him 48 times, so it MUST be true!

May 04 12:03

Stunning Pictures of Al Gore's New $9 Million Mansion Media Totally Ignored

Nobel Laureate Al Gore purchased a $9 million mansion in the luxurious hills of Montecito, California, recently, and with the exception of the Los Angeles Times and Fox News, America's media couldn't care less.

You think it might be because the Gore-loving press wouldn't want people to consider the possibility that all of his global warming hysteria was really about lining his wallet and not saving the planet?

May 04 12:03

MS-NBC anchor: I’m so bummed that Shahzad wasn’t a Tea Partier

Brian Maloney gives us this entry for the Someone Left the Irony On Department, in which Contessa Brewer tells Stephanie Miller that she’s really unhappy that she couldn’t use the Times Square bombing attempt to prove Tea Party “bigotry.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like I said, corporate media doesn't look at news as facts and truth, but as yet another opportunity to propagandize their agendas.

May 04 12:02

Polish Plane Crash Stirs Internet

This digitally enhanced video does a good job at showing the activity on the ground minutes after the crash of the Polish presidential plane in Russia. Audio translated by a collaborative Facebook effort of Russian, Polish and English native speakers. The revelations are stunning.

May 04 12:01

Daily Kos poll on NY bomber reveals more about Daily Kos readers than about the bomber.

May 04 11:30

Hakimullah Confirms Survival as New Video Emerges

Appearing today in a video dated to early April, Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Hakimullah Mehsud confirmed what Pakistani intelligence has been telling us for awhile, that his “confirmed” killing in February was greatly exaggerated and that he is alive and “basically ok.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And how many innocent civilians were killed in the attack which claimed to have "gotten" Mehsud???

May 04 09:46

Mayor Bloomberg: NYC Bomb Suspect Could Be Someone Who “Didn’t Like Health Bill”

Chief amongst the many questions that that still are left unanswered regarding the failed car bomb last Saturday night is who would do such a thing. While the Pakistan Taliban have claimed responsibility, experts remain skeptical. Some have surmised that the car’s proximity to the headquarters of Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom is a clue. But on tonight’s CBS Evening News Mayor Mike Bloomberg suggested that it may be someone who simply didn’t like the health care bill.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It has become obvious that the attempted NY bombing was just another angry US citizen striking back at the financial system that ruined his life. He wasn't the first (see Joe Stack) and he won't be the last.

But if there is one lesson to be learned from watching the side show going on it is that everyone in the politics and media sees every news story not as a revelation of fact and truth but as merely another opportunity to propagandize whatever their agenda happens to be.

May 04 09:35

Michael Bloomberg Proves Himself to be a Fool and Should Resign

Michael Bloomberg should resign from office. He has proven himself to be a fool.

It is truly stunning that Bloomberg’s initial reaction to the car bomb in Times Square was to blame tea party activists, not Islamic terrorists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, this failed NY bomb is not Islamic terror either. Shahzad Faisal is another Joe Stack; a victim of the predatory US economic system, who wanted to strike back after the bank foreclosed on his home.

May 04 08:56

Dodd's Finance "Reform" Bill: "The Federal Reserve is the big winner"

Please help spread the word however you can & take action here TODAY:

Thanks, guys...

May 04 08:50


The police say that this is not a “hate crime” because the attackers were not attacking Rabbi Lerner for his religion, but for his politics. That is scant comfort for those of us who continue to believe that America and Israel are best served by the voices willing to publicly share critique, though incidents like this are of course meant to scare people into silence. Tikkun will not be silenced.

May 04 08:48

The evidence for Khadr's innocence

For six years after Canadian Omar Khadr was captured by the American military, the public heard only one story about the events of July 27, 2002 in Afghanistan.

During a four-hour battle with mujahedeen fighters, American soldier Christopher Speer was killed by a grenade. Khadr, 15, was the only enemy fighter left alive after the battle. He was shot twice in the back and taken prisoner. Shortly after, the U.S. military said Khadr threw the fatal grenade that killed Speer, though there was no eyewitness.

May 04 08:04

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

Karzai: bin Laden 'probably' dead

Osama bin Laden is "probably" dead, but former Taliban leader Mullah Omar is alive, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said. [CNN]

FBI: Bin Laden 'probably' dead

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation's counter-terrorism chief, Dale Watson, says he thinks Osama bin Laden is "probably" dead. [BBC]

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Linked in response to the "Documentary" claiming Osama bin Laden is alive and well in ... you guessed it... Iran.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
May 04 06:24

When Will Israel Attack the U.S. — Again?

Only one nation has the requisite intelligence capabilities to operate from within our government in plain sight yet non-transparently.

As yet, few dare speak its name. Instead, four-fifths of those in “our” Congress recently proclaimed themselves loyal to a foreign nation and insisted that our commander-in-chief maintain an “unbreakable bond” with what the facts confirm is an enemy within.

Will the U.S. again be attacked? If so, will we focus our forces on the real enemy? Our veterans’ community is 27 million strong. Let your voice be heard. Our nation is at stake.

May 03 21:27

Imedi TV Anchor Pressed by Alasania over Fake Report

During a live interview with Tbilisi mayoral candidate, Irakli Alasania, an anchor of Imedi TV, Lasha Kharazishvili, came under persisting calls from the guest to apologize about his role in Imedi TV's fake news broadcast on renewed war with Russia.

Although being asked a question about a different issue, Alasania from the very beginning of the program started talking about importance of free media and congregated journalists in the studio with World Press Freedom Day and then said that he wished the fact similar to the one when "through direct involvement of the President" it was made possible to air fake report, would never reoccur.

Kharazishvili tried to interrupt Alasania for couple of times in one instance telling the mayoral candidate: "Here questions are asked by us."

May 03 16:27

Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed

The reclusive Blackwater founder tries to ban journalists and recorders from his speeches in front of friendly audiences. This time he failed.

May 03 13:50

Keiser Report No38: Markets! Finance... Goldman Sachs, IMF is 'there to help Greece', The Bailout Buffet

This time Max Keiser and co-read, Stacy Herbert, look at the scandals of bailout buffets for Too Big to Fail banks; selling complexity to very profitable unsophisticated investors; the IMF is 'there to help Greece' . . . in a Dr. Kervorkian kind of way. In the second half of the show, Max interviews economist Max Fraad Wolff about US government debt.

May 03 13:45

To See What Green Jobs Can Do, Look to Spain!

I've received some reports about the unfolding rout in Spain — described as David Calzada vs. Goliath Uriarte (the latter the head of Spain's Greenpeace) — by someone rather close to the issue: "The media has been reporting and quoting (the government's report admitting the collapse and spectacular costs of Spain's solar industry) in the last two days and it looks like they are scared. It´s normal. In a country that has already passed 20 percent unemployment, that will soon reach a 12 public deficit, and that has witnessed the financial meltdown in Greece, the current situation of the renewable sector is a big threat. Last year the cost of the renewable aid was HIGHER than the total cost of producing all the electricity for the country!!!"

May 03 12:50

BP Offering $5K In Quick Cash To Poor Fishing Community in Alabama; State AG Asks Them To Stop

This is certainly an effective way to get the American public on your side. Yes, paying off poor people to sign off on their rights is really a thoughtful and generous public relations gesture:

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said tonight that he has told representatives of BP Plc. that they should stop circulating settlement agreements among coastal Alabamians.

The agreements, King said, essentially require that people give up the right to sue in exchange for payment of up to $5,000.

King said BP's efforts were particularly strong in Bayou La Batre.

May 03 12:00

Band Of Brothers author accused of fabrication for Eisenhower biography

His book Band of Brothers – which chronicled the exploits of one company of US airborne troops in second world war Europe – was turned into a highly praised TV series.

But now American historian Professor Stephen Ambrose, who was President Dwight D Eisenhower's official biographer and wrote or edited more than a dozen books about him, is embroiled in a posthumous controversy. It is alleged that he invented many meetings he claimed to have had with Eisenhower, and even fabricated entire interviews with him. The revelations have sent shock waves through the scholarly community in the United States.

May 03 11:56

New York police interview owner of SUV in failed car bombing

The SUV was parked near offices of Viacom Inc., which owns Comedy Central. The network recently aired an episode of the animated show "South Park" that the group Revolution Muslim had complained insulted the Prophet Muhammad by depicting him in a bear costume.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given that Revolution Muslim is a hoax website pretending to be Muslim extremists but actually created and run by Joseph Cohen, and given that the now discredited claim of a Pakistan Taliban group taking credit for the bombing attempt came from another Israeli propaganda operation run by the daughter of an executed Israeli spy, I think we can safely guess who staged this fizzled bombing attempt, and more to the point, who was supposed to be framed for it.

May 03 10:36

I am not kidding. The oil companies and the US Government plan to claim that the oil rig disaster was an attack and drop the costs on you.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are seeing these trial balloons all over, from Sorcha Faal's North Korean mini-sub to Pills Limbaugh's suggestion that eco-terrorists might have blown up the Deepwater Horizon.

BP/Transoceanic/Halliburton are looking at the most expensive accident in history, with billions of dollars in lawsuits already being filed by residents of the gulf coast states. The oil disaster, coming just weeks after Obama approved new coastal drilling, is a major political embarrassment heading into an election season. The US Government as a whole is looking incompetent with what appears to the public as the latest in a long line of infrastructure failures brought on by neglect. Both the oil companies and the US Government are off the hook if the public can be tricked into believing this disaster was an attack by North Korea, Eco-terrorists, or “Al Qaeda.”

Given that official US economic policy has been to protect corporate profits while dropping the losses onto the people, I fully expect a push to find a way to stick the taxpayer with the costs of this mess. Claiming that the oil rig was destroyed in a deliberate attack paves the way for the public to get stuck with the bill, and for the oil companies to get the lawsuits thrown out of court.

May 03 09:16

CLIMATEGATE - Virginia vs Michael Mann: Ken Cuccinelli is right

Because of the CRU e-mails, it seems conceivable if not likely to the prosecutor (and many of us) that Mann has committed a fraud against taxpayers as defined in a pretty clearly worded bill of the state of Virginia. Cuccinelli wants to see Mann's e-mails about the matters and other things. If he wins, Mann may be forced to return all the money plus other expenses.

May 03 09:05

Sexual abuse scandal rocks Boy Scouts of America after $18.5m payout

Organisation accused of cover-up as it seeks to keep thousands of 'perversion files' secret

May 03 09:04

Is Obama a Wall Street Puppet?

The Obama administration has been posturing this week about the life and death issue of Wall Street reform. Obama’s predicament is that of a Wall Street puppet who has been put into the White House thanks among other things to almost $1 million of contributions from the infamous Goldman Sachs – but who now needs to make a show of fighting his own Wall Street patrons for political reasons.

May 03 07:58


The Radical "Muslim" Group That Threatened South Park Creators Was Founded and Run by Joseph Cohen, a Former Israeli Radical Who Used to Live in a Settlement in the West Bank. Fundamentalist Jews who pretend to be Radical Muslims, a growing problem...

May 03 07:46

Video May Hold Clues in Times Square Bomb Scare

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly dismissed a militant group's claim of responsibility for the averted car bombing in Times Square and said law enforcement officials are concentrating on sifting through surveillance video that captures the vehicle at the scene and a man spotted nearby acting "furtively."

"Although a Taliban bomb maker has claimed on the Internet that the car bomb was placed in Times Square to avenge the deaths of mujahedeen fighters, we have no evidence to support this claim," Kelly said at a news conference today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, SITE Intelligence, founded by the daughter of a Mossad spy, is exposed once again as a fraud, yet next time SITE declares "Al Qaeda" is a danger, ABCNNBBCBS will report it as news.

May 03 07:05

Al-Qaeda Terror Tape Proven Fraudulent Once Again

The announcement by New York authorities that there is no evidence to support an apparent claim of responsibility for Saturday’s attempted car bombing by a Pakistani based Taliban group underscores once again how Pentagon front groups are releasing fake and misleading “Al-Qaeda videotapes” in crass PR stunts to justify the expansion of the “war on terror” under Obama.

As soon as Fox News reported that “the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the bomb plot,” we smelled a rat, especially as the so-called video claiming complicity was released by the Pentagon front group SITE, founded by the daughter of an Israeli Mossad spy.

May 03 05:51

The Khazarian Conspiracy, Part 1 of 12

At the First Zionist Congress which was held in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland, one of the goals set was to create a Jewish state in the land of Palestine. At that time, only a few Jews were living in Palestine and they were nearly all native Sephardic Jews who are blood-related to the Arabs. These Palestinian (Sephardic) Jews and the Palestinian Arabs were living in peace as they had for centuries.

After the Zionist Congress in 1897, European Ashkenazi Jews began migrating to Palestine and buying land wherever they could. Yet, by 1920 Jews owed only 2% of Palestine.

By 1948 when Israel declared itself a state, these invading Jews had increased their land ownership; but, it was still less than 6%.

May 03 01:48

Times Square bomb hoax, Israeli intel group shows it’s hand Gordon Duff


Who would have believed it? Only days after a warning of an Israeli “false flag” bombing against the US “in the works” a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square! Better yet, though no intelligence organization in the world could discover anyone claiming responsibility for this embarrassing failure, SITE Intelligence, a group rumored as the “voice of the Mossad” has placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban.

May 02 21:27


Who would have believed it? Only days after a warning of an Israeli “false flag” bombing against the US “in the works” a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square! Better yet, though no intelligence organization in the world could discover anyone claiming responsibility for this embarrassing failure, SITE Intelligence, a group rumored as the “voice of the Mossad” has placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban.

This is the same group that has come up with numerous bin Laden “audio” tapes, seemingly, though tiny and nearly totally unstaffed, whenever it is convenient for Israel to point a finger at someone, magically Site Intelligence, run by former IDF soldier Rita Katz, whose father was executed as a spy by Saddam Hussein, makes another “unbelievable” intelligence find.

May 02 14:30

In Israel's pockets: the shame of Britain's political parties

As British voters head for the ballot box to elect the government that will run them for the next five years, one key question is conspicuous by its absence from the election campaign and the party leaders' televised debates: to what extent are the two main parties, the Conservative Party and the incumbent Labour Party, answerable to their members and to the British people, rather than to a foreign power, the State of Israel?

May 02 11:51

Pakistani Taliban claims Times Square car bomb

But Mehsud also reportedly said his men were behind a mass shooting in March 2009 at the American Civic Association in Binghamton in April 2009. That claim turned out to be false.

May 02 11:50

Will the US try to blame terrorists for the BP oil disaster?

69% (1389 votes)
31% (636 votes)
Total votes: 2025
May 02 11:43

Pakistani Taliban claims NYC car bomb attempt

The video was uncovered Sunday by the U.S.-based SITE intelligence Group, which monitors militant websites.

May 02 11:02

Wikileaked Video: Relatives of Dead Respond to Soldiers' Apology

Partal summary of new information, Ethan McCord's experience leading to his co-authoring the letter of apology (original post), and details about the response of certain Iraqis, relatives of those slain (repost).

May 02 10:54

Pakistani Taliban claim failed New York bomb attack

"The Pakistani Taliban announced its responsibility for the New York attack in revenge for the two leaders al-Baghdadi and al-Mahajer and Muslim martyrs," said a statement on a website commonly used by Islamists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that SITE Intelligence, which claims to have found the video, won't say WHICH website was used so that we can verify whether or not it is another one of the phony sites created by Adam (Pearlman) Gadahn or Youssef (Joseph Cohen) Al-Khattab.

SITE, like MEMRI, is a known Israeli intelligence propaganda operation.

May 02 06:29

Times Square bomb: terrorism or PR?

Some details are immediately suspect. Why would the terrorists use a false license plate instead of renting a legitimate car? How did they get hold of a license plate which the owner had sent for scrapping? Why use an SUV instead of a roomy mini-van – a standard car for bombings, and less conspicuous for parking? Not the least, technical failures are extremely uncommon in car bombs which are carefully assembled in suitable conditions.

May 02 06:23

Window of opportunity for solar heating fraudsters

Following an undercover investigation in the May edition of Which? magazine, claiming that 10 out of 14 solar thermal installers exaggerated the technology's potential energy savings, experts are questioning the UK government's attempts to regulate the industry before a feed in tariff for renewable heat comes into place next year.

Consumer watchdog Which? asked 14 companies earlier this year to quote for the installation of a solar thermal system at a property in south-east England. The investigation revealed that a number of solar heating installers, such as Everest and Ideal Solar Energy, used high-pressure sales tactics and hugely over-stated the potential benefits of installing a solar thermal system.

May 02 05:58

Distrust Rising

Whether the 'event' was actually an accident where all the 'fail safe' measures failed or something more, the suspicions of some seem to me to be an example of the growing distrust of government and corporations among the population.

Even if the rig disaster was an accident, the Hegelian Dialectic of problem ... reaction ... solution is coming into play. As Rahm Emanuel would say "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."

May 02 05:38

How Rev. Moon's 'Snakes' Infested US

As an investigative journalist, I’m not much for catchy political metaphors, but the revelation that snakes and rodents are infesting the Washington Times building as the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s newspaper sinks into a financial swamp does have some poetic justice about it.

After all, for 28 years, the right-wing Washington Times has sent disinformation slithering through the U.S. political system while creating a nest for propagandists who have befouled American democracy with irrationality and dirty tricks.

Indeed, one could say that Moon's newspaper pioneered the modern style of deceptive “journalism” that is the daily fare on Fox News, angry talk radio and right-wing blogs.

May 02 04:28

From My Lai to Khataba: Tangled Webs

It was widely suspected that US Special Forces had committed murder in the village of Khataba in eastern Afghanistan in February 2010, but there were two months of dodging and weaving and downright deliberate dishonesty before the truth had to be admitted.

US soldiers killed pregnant women and then lied about their atrocity. Their lies were endorsed by senior officers. And the war crime would never have been uncovered had not the London Times pursued the matter.

May 02 03:50

Obama Targets

Who actually, in Obama’s phrase, thinks “all of government is inherently bad”? Just Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists, who are “anti-war, anti-state, pro-market,” in the LRC phrase. The state, as Obama implies, feels itself weakened by the reaction to its mass murder, mass looting, mass redistribution, and mass counterfeiting and subsequent economic depression. There has never been a state so big and so rapacious as the US, and the more people who begin to see through its propaganda, the more silly speeches to government audiences the government leader will try to give. The supremely rich taxing-killing machine is “us”? What blithering nonsense.

May 01 20:05

'Hitler Youth' Shout Down Dissent To Green Fascism

May 01 19:47

Judge Won't Subpoena Obama to Testify in Blagojevich Trial

A federal judge in Chicago has refused to issue a subpoena for President Barack Obama to testify at former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's political-corruption trial.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel ruled Friday that lawyers for Mr. Blagojevich had not produced sufficient evidence that Mr. Obama would have anything material to say on the witness stand.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Obama's political "Chicago machine" is doing a grand job of protecting one of its own.

May 01 18:26

More than meets the eye in video, but U.S. still needs to apologize

McCord, interviewed on the CBC'sThe Current,said the soldier with him threw up when they discovered the wounded children in the van. He said he and Stieber now have more than 3,000 signatories to their letter.

Listening to pilots and those manning the guns as the video rolled on, I was taken aback by the callous comments, the blatant disregard for human life.

I couldn't understand why the helicopters would shoot up a van, a seemingly Good Samaritan simply stopping to assist a wounded man the Americans actually wanted to go for a weapon so they could take him out.

McCord says this is all part of the training, the desensitizing of any human instinct.

May 01 17:41

Canada: 9/11 Truth Storm in Mainstream Media

A recent bombshell in Quebec's newspaper “La Presse” talking about the World911Truth conference May 3rd in Montreal with Richard Gage, AIA and Dr. David Ray Griffin has created a coast to coast storm in the mainstream media. From major TV in Quebec, to mainstream radio, to the most popular newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star, this 9/11 truth debate is being carried out this week-end and is not over.

May 01 14:16

Is the Cap and Trade Movement Much like the Nazis' Nature Protection Law?

In July 1935, Germany's Nazi regime headed by Adolf Hitler passed the Reich Nature Protection Law. It was one of the most progressive laws of its time. First of all, it was a federal law that applied to the whole country and not just a local ordinance, as had been customary in the past. It was also unprecedented in scope: The law protected nature and the environment in the name of the German people and for their sake, and prevented damage that might have been caused by economic development in undeveloped areas. Anyone whose actions were liable to harm nature or alter the landscape in any significant way, such as developers and building contractors, had to obtain permission from the Reich nature protection office.

May 01 14:07

Alex Jones: Conspiracy in the Gulf

As more oil is poured into the Gulf of Mexico, US President Barack Obama has sent SWAT teams to check out all oil rigs. Alex Jones says that this is all very suspicious, particularly because he says the government is trying to create artificial scarcity of oil in the United States.

May 01 13:12

The next 9/11 – made in Israel?

Maidhc Ó Cathail views the evidence indicating that dual loyalty officials in the US administration are funnelling American nuclear secrets not only to Israel, but also to terrorist organizations in order to facilitate a “nuclear 9/11” and a massive US attack against Iran or Pakistan.

”If, as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu admitted, 9/11 was ‘very good’ for Israel, a nuclear 9/11 might be even better. As the spellbinding effects of that traumatic event nine years ago have begun to wear off, and with Americans increasingly questioning the costs of a one-sided alliance [with Israel], it may even be considered necessary.”

May 01 10:20

Expose government, corporate media propaganda with breakthrough civic education

*hyperlinks live at source*

US universities and colleges could end unlawful US wars and stop banksters’ rigged-casino fraud if they taught the central facts of these issues. This four-part series of articles is an open proposal for their action. Feel free to share it.

This is my proposal for the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) Ed.L.D. program. I’ll add one link a day:

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war, oligarchy economics with education. 1 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war through breakthrough civic education. 2 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education. 3 of 4

May 01 08:47

Radical Muslim group run by Israeli Jews!

Jon Stewart, shame on you. You’re a propaganda spewing puppet and you’re no better than Glenn Beck.

Here’s the research your team should have done before you went out and spun-up the neoconish ”radicalized Muslim” hype for your progressive audience…

“Revolution Muslim” is always there to say just the wrong thing to make Americans hate “Radical Muslims”. They praised the killing of Daniel Pearl with a childish puppet show. They sent “Get Well” wishes to the guy who shot those 13 people at Fort Hood.

May 01 08:05

Death, Taxes and Holocaust Remembrance

Rather than a limited strike, we as a people have been carpet-bombed, and not just for days, weeks, or months, but rather for decades relentlessly.

May 01 07:58

Disgraced fraudster Michael Mann to speak at left-wing "Creating a Climate for Justice" event

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Climate justice" is New-World-Order speak for a global environmental government.

May 01 07:51

Bernanke Admits Printing $1.3 Trillion Out Of Thin Air

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted the central bank created $1.3 trillion out of thin air to buy mortgage backed securities. This shocking admission came from the Joint Economic Committee hearing on Capital Hill last week. I was dumbfounded when I saw Bernanke shake his head in the affirmative as Representative Ron Paul said, “Well, where did you get the money? You created this money. So you did monetize debt, and that went into the banking system.” I was amazed he admitted this. I looked up the original hearing on C-Span to make sure the clip was not edited. It was not.

What is even more shocking is I could not find a single mainstream news agency that covered this revelation.

May 01 07:31

Testing the Limits of Freedom of Speech: Ernst Zundel Speaks Out

Ernst Zundel is a German author and historian who has spent seven years of his life behind bars as a result of expressing his controversial viewpoints and opinions. He is a revisionist who has denied the Holocaust as described by most historians. He has been one of the most prominent political prisoners in Europe and has been jailed in three countries on two continents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Truth needs no laws to support it. Truth does not fear re-examination. Truth does not shun questions. Truth survives doubt. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.

If speech has limits, then it is not free.

May 01 07:16

Reid: Senate to Act on Climate Before Immigration

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he is willing to bring up climate change legislation ahead of an immigration bill, a possible first step toward resolving a dispute with Senate Republicans that threatens to derail a bipartisan effort months in the making.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "We better ram that damned carbon tax through Congress before any more Americans realize it's just another money-grabbing fraud!"

May 01 04:14

USS LIBERTY: The Fifth Fleet Sacrifice – Why did it happen?

“Truth and America’s honor were ignominiously sacrificed to provide cover for Israel’s transparent lies and despicable act of perfidy.” -Phillip F. Tourney, President USS LIBERTY Veterans Association, June 8, 2007, Marriott Courtyard, VA.

We have long wondered, and conjectured, the “why” of the USS Liberty incident, as it has become known and referred to; “incident” being an easier event to push onto the back burner and forget while it simmers away harmlessly, unlikely to boil over and burn the stew.

It was obvious that the Israelis knew at the time what they were doing, who they were attacking and, long ago, I found from my research, sufficient evidence myself, to prove it to my satisfaction at least.

Apr 30 22:55

30,000 Anti-Global Warming Scientists Can’t Be Wrong

Nature Magazine, the academic journal that introduced the world to X-rays, DNA double helix, wave nature of particles, pulsars, and more recently the human genome, is set to publish a paper in June that shows atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for only 5-10% of observed warming on Earth.

Apr 30 21:13

Lloyd Blankfein, Vampire at Large

When historians look back on this time of the most pervasive corruptions at all levels of society, one name will stand as the icon above all the rest. That name will be Goldman Sachs. Lloyd Blankfein’s comment about doing God’s work will also be remembered as the ultimate in hubris and sheer naked, panting greed. Like the proverbial goat, which pisses all over himself in the runaway excitement of pending coitus, Lloyd will be a karmic bookmark and the face of his times; a man without shame. Lloyd is the bridegroom at the marriage of The Whore of Babylon.

Apr 30 14:07

DSI: Target of RPG Attack By Redshirts Was Emerald Buddha Temple

Talk about BS False Flag Attacks and Disinfo!
It is simply unbelievable that the pro-democracy Redshirts would attack this revered by all Thais Buddhist shrine and risk losing popular support. The Bangkok Post, a shill for the Thai government, published this reprehensible propaganda smear.

Apr 30 13:07

Understanding Derivatives in Layman's Terms

An Easily Understandable Explanation of Derivative Markets.

Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Detroit. She realizes that virtually all of her customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as such, can no longer afford to patronize her bar. To solve this problem, she comes up with a new marketing plan that allows her customers to drink now, but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed in a ledger.

Word gets around about Heidi's "drink now, pay later" marketing strategy and, as a result, increasing numbers of customers flood into Heidi's bar. Soon she has the largest sales volume for any bar in Detroit.

By providing her customers freedom from immediate payment demands, Heidi gets no resistance when, at regular intervals, she substantially increases her prices for wine and beer, the most consumed beverages. Consequently, Heidi's gross sales volume increases massively.

A young and dynamic Vice President at the local bank recognizes that these customer debts constitute valuable future assets, and increases Heidi's borrowing limit. He sees no reason for any undue concern, since he has the debts of the unemployed alcoholics as collateral.

Apr 30 12:08

Obama administration defies congressional subpoena on Fort Hood documents

The Obama administration said Tuesday it would provide more information to Congress about the Fort Hood shootings but continued to defy a subpoena request for witness statements and other documents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At the time of the shooting, inside sources at Fort Hood reported that what actually happened was that enraged soldiers, informed they were to be deployed yet again to Iraq after having already served their enlistment commitments, rebelled and went on a shooting spree. The US Government decided that admitting there was rebellion in the ranks was probably a good way to inspire other soldiers fed up with the wars to quit shooting themselves and start shooting the politicians. So a plan was quickly improvised to blame the deaths on a crazed long nut assassin (Copyright 1963 CIA) and of course the villain de jour is always going to be a nasty mean ol' Muslim.

With the White House defying a subpoena to provide witness statements, one thing that we now know for a fact is that the story of Fort Hood spoon-fed to us all by ABCNNBBCBS is likely not true.

Apr 30 12:01

Did Osama bin Laden Confess to the 9/11 Attacks, and Did He Die, in 2001?

Apr 30 11:57

CLIMATEGATE - The Science of Global Warming in Perspective

For most of the twentieth century, scientists were unconcerned about global warming, because carbon dioxide saturates (saturation explained below) and cannot do more heating. Whatever CO2 did in the past, adding more CO2 cannot change anything. But then global warming was dug up by environmentalists, and rationalizers took another look at the science and said, maybe saturation does not occur at the top of the atmosphere. As time went on, every element of the science was contrived to promote global warming alarmism.

Apr 30 11:52

CLIMATEGATE - EU Research Finds No Increase In Severe Storms - Contradicts AGW Model Predictions

Global warming alarmists and the climate models have long predicted that the frequency of severe storms would increase. Data worldwide indicates otherwise and a new study by an EU researcher confirms this.

Apr 30 11:30

VIDEO: Gaza: In Plain Language

The best video I have seen on Operation Cast Lead. Video at source.

This was arguably the first aerial bombing campaign ever conducted on a defenseless civilian population held captive within a fenced enclosure and not allowed to escape the assault.

....Given this litany of horror and the coldly premeditated nature of its execution we must ask, what kind of society condones this level of brutality?

....Unfortunately, we need look no further than ...the United States...

Apr 30 10:35

End oligarchy economics, save trillions with public civic education breakthrough

*hyperlinks live at source*

US universities and colleges could end unlawful US wars and stop banksters’ rigged-casino fraud if they taught the central facts of these issues. This four-part series of articles is an open proposal for their action. Feel free to share it.

This is my proposal for the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) Ed.L.D. program. I’ll add one link a day:

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war, oligarchy economics with education. 1 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war through breakthrough civic education. 2 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education. 3 of 4

Apr 30 10:07

CLIMATEGATE - This is Science?

Remember, the point of this all is not science, but funding. This is basically a glossy budget presentation. Obama has said that climate is really, really important to him. He has frozen a lot of agency budgets, and told them new money is only for programs that supports his major initiatives, like climate change. So, every agency says that their every problem is due to climate change, just as every agency under Bush said that they were critical to fighting terrorism. This document is the NIH salvo to get climate change money, not actual science.

Apr 30 10:05

Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA

Glenn tells us that a watchdog has steered him to the collusion between Barrack Obama, George Soros, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Franklin Raines (super crooked Fannie Mae head), CCX, and Generation Investment Management (GIM-London based co-founded by AL Gore).

Apr 30 10:04

CLIMATEGATE - Deutsche Bank, RWE Raided in German Probe of CO2 Tax

Apr 30 10:03

IPCC's River Of Lies

Another shoe has dropped from the IPCC centipede as scientists in Bangladesh say their country will not disappear below the waves. As usual, the U.N.'s climate charlatans forgot one tiny detail.

It keeps getting worse for the much-discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which seems to have built its collapsing house of climate cards on sand or, more specifically, river sediment.

Apr 30 09:24

Profitable Depopulation Plot Links JP Morgan-Chase And Goldman Sachs To Vaccination Contaminations And BigPharma Corruption

Investigating conflicting pharmaceutical interests influencing news coverage, Sherri Kane, previously a writer for FOX News in Los Angeles, learned that the majority shareholders in FOX, TimeWarner, News Corp., and the Wall Street Journal, are heavily invested in GlaxoSmithKlein and Merck's CSL Laboratories, both makers of risky drugs and vaccines.

Apr 30 09:11

World fails to stop extinction

World leaders have failed to prevent the extinction of species despite pumping millions of pounds into nature conservation, according to a new study.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are so many things wrong with this I almost do not know where to start.

But that's never stopped me before.

First, I find it amusing, in a sick tragic kind of way, that all these governments dropping white flaming death on their fellow humans try to assuage their guilt by expressing concern over a species of cockroach hovering at the edge of extinction.

Second, nobody actually knows how many species there actually are. Like the global warming cult, estimates are basically scientific-sounding wild ass guesses, usually skewed to favor a particular agenda or scare some foundation out of grant money. Nobody actually knows if the number of species going extinct exceeds the number of new species coming into being.

Third, species have always gone extinct. Nature is change. Nature is chaos. And as the planet changes, life evolves to adapt, of failing to adapt, goes extinct. Occasionally a big honking rock falls out of the sky to stir things up.

Fourth, species MUST go extinct to make way for something better. That is called evolution. Had the dinosaurs not gone extinct (see big honking rock above) we would not be here. If we preserve said species of cockroach, are we sabotaging a future superior, possibly beneficial life form trying to evolve into that niche?

Apr 30 08:39

Iran's Bid To Disrupt NPT Will Fail: U.S.

"If President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to come (to the U.N. in New York) and announce that Iran will abide by the non-proliferation requirements under the NPT, that would be very good news, and we would welcome that," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters Thursday in Washington.

"But if he believes that by coming, he can somehow divert attention from this very important global effort or cause confusion that might possibly throw into doubt what Iran has been up to, about which I don't think there is any room for doubt, then I don't believe he will have a particularly receptive audience," she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is pure political propaganda bovine excrement by Clinton. Iran is 100% in compliance with the NNPT and all IAEA inspections, and Hillary knows it. What the US fears is that Iran will simply make that point at the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, then demand to know why the US is in violation of Article 4 of the NNPT with regard to assistance to nations developing peaceful nuclear power and the NNPT as a whole by demanding Iran surrender their rights to peaceful nuclear power under that treaty. Iran will then ask why Israel remains free to pursue its well-documented creation of nuclear weapons while refusing numerous requests by the UN and US to sign the NNPT and allow IAEA inspections.

Hillary is trying to create a climate in which American suckers simply will not pay attention to Iran's comments. Of course, this is not likely. Most Americans understand that the lies being told about the Iranian nuclear threat are no more substantive than the ones we were told about Iraq.

I rather expect there will be some manufactured event to distract the media from reporting on the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, not unlike the attack on the Sudan aspirin factory that distracted the media from Monica Lewinsky, or the "Victoria's Secret" defense at the William Kennedy Smith rape trial that lured reporters away from the Noriega trial across the hallway, in which Noriega tried (and failed) to blow the whistle on the Bush involvement in Iran-Contra cocaine smuggling.

Apr 30 08:22

Fake Al Qaeda

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." -- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked as the corporate media and war machine crank up the propaganda to invade Iran.

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WRH Exclusive
Apr 30 07:56

Southern Poverty Law Center, Palestine, & the Definition of Genocide

Thank you

So, let me get this straight:

You tear my veil to free me

You jail me to rid me of my terror

You kill my beloved to liberate me

You shoot my baby to erase my misery

You starve me to show me how to vote

You threaten me to bring me to my senses

You wage war on me to help me find peace

You slay my people to teach me compassion

You humiliate me to aid me live with dignity

You insult me to illustrate freedom of speech

You crush my bones to save me from my evil

You demolish my home to elevate my morality

You torture my children to teach me how to love

You uproot my tree to raise my ethical standard

You steal my resources to bring me social justice

You assassinate my leaders to bring me democracy

Apr 30 06:00

Analysis of Al Qaeda Yemen Tape Shows Not All Footage Is New

The new al Qaeda video of accused bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab at a desert training camp included footage that had been released previously, in January, 2009, according to a frame by frame analysis by terrorism expert Evan Kohlman of Flashpoint Global Partners.

Apr 30 05:20

Radical Muslim group run by Israeli Jews!

Now, go here and watch Jon Stewart joke and make derogatory comments about the group that threatened the creators of South Park for showing the image of Muhammad on their recent show. Then he thanks all the “other” religions for not behaving like the “Radical Muslims” did when Stewart makes fun of their religion. He then shows clip after clip showing how they have made fun of Jewish people without anyone threatening violence.

Radical Muslim is a COINTELPRO site, run by a “converted” jewish settler pretending to be a “radical Muslim”. He is the ONE Muslim that complained about the South Park episode… an ex-radical Israeli settler, Mr. Stewart… real Muslims haven’t threatened South Park once since 2001 when they FIRST ran an image of the prophet on their show.

Apr 30 05:14

Is Obama A Congenital Liar & Sadistic Torturer?

by J. Speer-Williams

Not long ago Obama, a relatively unknown Afro-American, was being sheep-dipped (gaining an identity, to build creditability) as a Constitutional Law professor (when he – by rights – should have been studying our Constitution) at the highly regarded University of Chicago School of Law, while he doubled as an Illinois state legislator.

And even though flextime Professor Obama had produced no original scholarship papers on Constitutional Law, he was offered a tenured position at the lofty Chicago School of Law. But oddly enough, hard working Professor Obama refused tenure, as he must have known he was on a much faster greased track to something much bigger ... if ... he could only improve his poor teleprompter reading skills of what others wrote for him.

Apr 29 21:58

Northern NY, New England storm drops foot of snow

Apr 29 21:51

The Climategate Investigation

Buried deep within the report is a compelling piece of evidence. In volume two, there is a memorandum submitted as evidence from Lord Lawson of Blaby, chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which was in response to four very significant questions from the investigating committee. This memo confirms the claims by many global warming skeptics that the scientists at CRU were trying to hide data and silence the skeptics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But, but, but ... ABCNNBBCBS told me that the investigation said that the glopal warming cult did not do anything wrong and their feces are not odoriferous!!!!! :)

Apr 29 21:41

The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud

While senators froth over Goldman Sachs and derivatives, a climate trading scheme being run out of the Chicago Climate Exchange would make Bernie Madoff blush. Its trail leads to the White House.

Apr 29 21:40

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 29th 2010

…to meet Al Gore’s plan, with the cheapest renewable energy source, onshore wind, a family of four’s electricity bill would be almost double than if it were supplied by all coal – up from $189 a month to $340 a month. He assured Americans that we can use wind, solar and geothermal to power America. But the price only increases. Offshore wind: $404 a month. Solar thermal: $504 a month and worst of all, solar panels: $718 a month. That’s only $8,600 per family per year to cover our earth with solar panels.

Apr 29 21:39

CLIMATEGATE - Is Michael Mann Seriously Off his Head?

The infamous Madoff Ponzi scheme cost $50 billion. Now put this into context with what the U.S. government has blown on policies related to climate change - over $79 billion since 1989. Madoff is in jail, Michael Mann isn’t-yet. So let's look at the latest legal hullabaloo.

Apr 29 21:38

CLIMATEGATE - US ambassador to Mexico: Climate change will sink Cuba

The political problems between Cuba and the United States will be resolved in 50 years when the island disappears under water because of climate change, said Carlos Pascual, the U.S. ambassador in Mexico City.

Apr 29 21:37

CLIMATEGATE - Virginia Attorney General goes after Mann and UVA

In papers sent to UVA April 23, Cuccinelli’s office commands the university to produce a sweeping swath of documents relating to Mann’s receipt of nearly half a million dollars in state grant-funded climate research conducted while Mann— now director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State— was at UVA between 1999 and 2005.

If Cuccinelli succeeds in finding a smoking gun like the purloined emails that led to the international scandal dubbed Climategate, Cuccinelli could seek the return of all the research money, legal fees, and trebled damages.

Apr 29 14:30

When will Israel attack the USA – again?

Jeff Gates looks at how the dual loyalists at the heart of the US government – Israel’s stooges in the Congress and elsewhere in the US government – are preparing to hoodwink the American public into another war on Israel’s behalf and against the interests of the United States.

Apr 29 13:47

Sea ice loss driving Arctic warming cycle, scientists confirm

The Arctic is locked into a destructive cycle that could see its icy cover rapidly disappear, scientists have confirmed. A new analysis shows that dwindling levels of sea ice are responsible for unusual levels of global warming in the region.

Bovine excrement. Arctic sea ice is at its highest level for 8 years.

Apr 29 13:42

Latest Noah’s Ark discovery a fake!

Kurdish workers carted wood up Mt. Ararat in order to fake the discovery of Noah’s Ark, an archeologist who worked on the dig says.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my shock!

Back to the child molestation!

Apr 29 12:26

Police stooge of MADD caught in perjury and withholding of evidence

Former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Chuck McRae represented Mr. Whitfield and filed a motion for a new trial on September 21, 2009. Mr. McRae pointed out in his motion the Ridgeland PD had not provided him with a copy of the audio and video recordings of the incident. He subpoenaed the video camera and its recordings on January 22, 2010.

The Court granted a new trial, in which it was shown the video recording completely contradicted Officer Soto's testimony. In other words, he lied on the stand. Several sources have said Mr. Whitfield was at a stoplight when Ridgeland Police Officer Soto said he was speeding.

Apr 29 12:00

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war through breakthrough civic education. 2 of 4

*hyperlinks live at source*

US universities and colleges could end unlawful US wars and stop banksters’ rigged-casino fraud if they taught the central facts of these issues. This four-part series of articles is an open proposal for their action. Feel free to share it.

This is my proposal for the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) Ed.L.D. program. I’ll add one link a day:

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war, oligarchy economics with education. 1 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war through breakthrough civic education. 2 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education. 3 of 4

Apr 29 07:39

The Costs of Complexity

It’s a fascinating turn of events, not least because Goldman Sachs has been remarkably cozy with the last two presidential administrations here in the US. Still, that didn’t keep the SEC from filing fraud charges against the firm, and it didn’t prevent the publication of a flurry of highly damaging emails in which Goldman Sachs executives boasted about selling made-to-fail securities to widows and orphans – yes, that last phrase actually got used – and then taking out short contracts on those same securities, so that Goldman Sachs profited when the securities did what they were designed to do, and lost money. For all the world like Casablanca’s Captain Renault, Congress is shocked, shocked to find that Goldman Sachs is making money at its customers’ expense; the interesting question is whether this fine imitation of outrage is simply the sort of ritual theater governments use so often these days as a substitute for constructive action, or whether serious power shifts are under way.

Apr 29 06:52

MI5 files on 7/7 attacks 'impossible' to access

It would be "impossible" to reveal secret MI5 files about the 7/7 London terror attacks, a court has been told.

The claim has been made at a hearing to decide the format of inquests into the deaths of those killed in 2005.

Lawyers for the families of those who died argue the hearing should also look at whether the intelligence services could have prevented the attacks.

Apr 29 06:36

Government Report Says Global Warming May Cause Cancer, Mental Illness

A new government report says global warming could lead to an increase in both cancer and mental illness worldwide, and it calls for more federally funded research to determine how that might happen.

See also: A (Not Quite) Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

Apr 29 04:45

The Shame of Noam Chomsky & Left Gatekeepers

Barrie Zwicker was the first journalist in the world to deeply question, on national television, the official story of 9/11. It was a great honor in 2003 for snowshoefilms to meet Zwicker in Toronto. We knew his courageous series of programs questioning the official story had cost him his career in journalism. Zwicker spent no time lamenting. He was organizing, with colleagues, a 9/11 truth movement, determined to expose the big lie: the false-flag inside job terrorist attack would be and was being used as justification for the 'war on terrorism', the war on Islam, the destruction of Iraq. If the 9/11 official story was so preposterous, how come it wasn't easily seen through? Zwicker, a professional media analyst, poses and answers that question in his book.

Apr 29 03:41

MUST SEE VIDEO: Senator Scolds Smirking Sachs CFO

Worth of CDOs? Twenty cents on the dollar.

Cost to economy? Billions.

The look on the CFO's face?


....well actually, it does have a price.

An unbelievably large one.

Here's the full length video.

Apr 28 23:38

The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America

(WMR) -- Multiple U.S. intelligence sources have reported to WMR that a super-classified network with only some 70 terminals in select U.S. government locations handled the parallel command-and-control activities that permitted the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be successful.

The “above top secret” network bears the acronym “PDAS.” WMR has not yet discovered what the acronym stands for, however, the system is limited to only a few hundred people with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Special Access Program (SAP) need-to-know access, in addition to the president and vice president.

Apr 28 20:32

Bollyn's collection: Understanding the 9-11 Bombing of WTC 6

Understanding the 9-11 Bombing of WTC 6
December 21, 2009
The split-second precision of the bombing of WTC 6 reveals the sophisticated military planning of the criminal mastermind behind 9-11. The blatant cover-up of this explosion, witnessed by hundreds of gagged members of New York's fire and police departments, is ample evidence of the complicity of the controlled media to hide the truth of what happened on 9-11, along with the mayors of New York City and the U.S. government.

Apr 28 19:44

VERIFIED: Google News Censorship As First Fruits of Net (Non)Neutrality

Video and links live at source.

“It appears that Google News has deprived the public of important information by censoring this story. This is the first time since Google News began carrying The Public Record that we have ever experienced a blackout on one of our articles. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact Google for an explanation. If this is in fact the case, if Google did indeed censor this story because of its subject matter, then Google has acted no different than the Chinese government.”

Apr 28 19:12

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war, oligarchy economics with education. 1 of 4

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US universities and colleges could end unlawful US wars and stop banksters’ rigged-casino fraud if they taught the central facts of these issues. This four-part series of articles is an open proposal for their action. Feel free to share it.

This is my proposal for the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) Ed.L.D. program. I’ll add one link a day:

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war, oligarchy economics with education. 1 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: End unlawful war through breakthrough civic education. 2 of 4

Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education. 3 of 4

Apr 28 17:01

$50-$60 Billion Laundered from US nonprofits into illegal West Bank colonies creates threat of terrorism backlash

The following document case file reveals the failure of US law enforcement agencies to act on credible, specific public and private allegations that up to $60 billion has been laundered from the United States into illegal colonization of the West Bank. The US national security interest in averting another 9/11style attack motivated by this type of ongoing illegal activity continues to be high. The Jewish Agency was identified in the 1960's as a source of $35 million illegally laundered into the United States for stealth grassroots action, PR and lobbying. In 2005 the Jewish Agency was again identified at the center of an international money laundering ring—building settlements that are illegal, according to Israeli prosecutor Talia Sasson.

Apr 28 10:44

New ground truth: soil microbe negative feedback

This could be a game changer. From the University of California, Irvine press release, a finding that suggests soil microbes have a negative feedback with temperature increase. This has broad implications for the amount of CO2 emitted estimated in climate models.

Apr 28 10:44

Australia dumps Carbon Trading Scheme

Have you noticed that the Australian PM, Kevin Rudd has dumped his CTS until at least 2012. This was his key platform at the last election, when he described global warming as “the greatest moral imperative of our time”.

Apr 28 09:40

CLIMATEGATE - Kevin Rudd's great ETS fraud found out

THE great fraud has been found out, and his country saved - for now - from the greatest of his follies.

Here's the worst lie that Kevin Rudd, perhaps our most deceitful Prime Minister, once told about global warming and his Emissions Trading Scheme: "The biggest challenge the world faces in the decades ahead is climate change.

Apr 28 09:34

Poor Dopes vs. Secret Agents

The conspiracy-obsessed federal government is trying to keep in a cage the nine Michigan “militia” taxpayers its agents provocateur persuaded to say dumb things. At least that was the official story, as reported in the official media. The nine were going to overthrow the government using the government’s signature tactics of force and violence. Really. Truly. Nine working-class people vs. the greatest military empire in history and its millions of troops and cops and spies. Of course, the whole thing was a set up by the Obama police state, which may even be worse than the Bush police state. But now it looks as if the feds may have made everything up.

Apr 28 09:19

Darfur aid dollars funding West Bank settlements

Persons working with aid organizations assisting the victims of the Darfur conflict have passed on the news that they have confirmed through their contacts in the so called “Save Darfur Coalition” that millions of dollars raised to help the Darfur refugees have ended up in Israeli bank accounts. These accounts help fund programs that include illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Apr 28 08:26

Abrams: U.S. must address Iran’s threat to Israel

“We keep saying it’s unacceptable for Iran to have a bomb, but we don’t mean it. We mean it’s terrible, we don’t want it. But when Israel says it’s unacceptable, they mean it.”

Steve Rosen, director of the Middle East Forum’s Washington Project and a former top staffer at the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, agreed with Abrams' assessment

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Steve Rosen was one of the AIPAC staffers accused of espionage in connection with the feeding of false information about Iraq sent from Israel into the Pentagon Office of Special Projects where confessed Israel spy Larry Franklin fed it to the White House. His near brush with prison has apparently not taught Rosen not to continue lying America into Israel's wars.

Apr 28 04:55

Can the U.S. Beat Israel at their Game?

April 25, 2010 posted by Jeff Gates

Americans can now see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel—if only they will look.
We entered this tunnel in 1948 when an enclave of religious fanatics induced President Harry Truman to portray them as a “state” meriting recognition, aid and protection.

We were warned not to do so.

These extremists had just inflicted on the Palestinians an ethnic cleansing that rivaled in its savagery the fascist abuse of ethnic groups during WWII. In December 1948, Albert Einstein and 27 other concerned Jews urged us “not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.”

Apr 28 04:54

When Will Israel Attack the U.S. — Again?

April 26, 2010 posted by Jeff Gates

Israel has long been waging war on the U.S. by way of deception. To date, its operatives have worked from the shadows hoping not to be detected. Their duplicity typically includes the displacement of facts with what the American public can be deceived to believe.

Thus the need to create a widely held belief around Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, Iraqi meetings in Prague, Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories and Iraq’s purchase of uranium from Niger. Though all five “facts” were false, only the last claim was conceded as phony prior to inducing our invasion of Iraq.

There lies our national security challenge as the groundwork is being laid for another 911.

Apr 27 19:16

Gates: Hezbollah has more missiles than most world governments

I can smell sheep. No, it's not sheep it's cows. Nope, it's not cows.

I've got it! I know what it is!

Apr 27 14:19

Glenn Beck Exposes The Global Warming Money Scam