Aug 27 07:48

Militarism and a Uni-polar World

The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller as an off-shoot of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). David Rockefeller was chairman of the CFR in 1970 and subsequently became the founding chairman of the Trilateral Commission. Soon the membership of the Commission had grown to 300 members, including prominent political figures like Zbigniew Brzezinski. Most members of the Trilateral Commission are bankers, media moguls, or corporate CEOs, primarily from North America, Europe and Japan, while all members of the CFR are U.S. Citizens.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They don't control this media!

Aug 27 07:38

Media Runs False Flag On Alex Jones

In the middle of the video these guys wrap their arms around Alex Jones, they were loud and claimed to be "big fans", they were not. At one point they scream, "kill Michelle Malkin" over and over. A message of hate and threats, just the type of tactics Alex warned that they would use in the days prior to the DNC on his radio show. It sounds less like a message from a truther, and more like a message from a provocateur, similar to the guys caught at the SPP meeting in Canada last year, they turned out to be cops dressed up like anarchists armed with rocks ready to incite a riot.

Aug 26 16:00

Provocateurs Call For Violence To Demonize Legitimate Protesters At DNC

Media reports attempt to link individuals who screamed “Kill Michelle Malkin” to talk show host Alex Jones

Aug 26 12:28

VIDEO - Pajamas Media Vindicates Alex Jones

Clearly this video shows @ 3:05 the clown behind Alex Jones with the floppy hat in the green T shirt, is the one screaming ‘Kill Michelle Malkin’. You can also see the pony tailed provocateur getting up in Alex’s kitchen @ 3:23 right before Alex ‘relocates’ him. Thank You PJmedia… you just cleared Alex!!! All of these clowns look like ReCreate68?ers .

Aug 26 12:08

Live from DNC: Malkin in Jeopardy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This seems to be a staged event by the "Recreate 68" people to make protesters look bad. Some media outlet are incorrectly reporting that Alex Jones was the one shouting "Kill Michelle Malkin."

Aug 26 10:32

Before ReCreate68 There Was Jerry Rubin

Unknown to the public, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, and the others who became the “7?, and persons connected with them in the National Mobilization to End the War in Viet Nam, were funded by federal money, channeled to them through pass-through organizations connected with the government. $192,000 in federal money and $85,000 from the Carnegie Foundation, acting as a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency, were funneled to Hayden, Davis, et al., through a front calling itself the Chicago Student Health Organization.

Aug 26 10:12

Official: Man wasn't a 'credible threat' to Obama

Authorities are investigating whether a man arrested with rifles, ammunition and drugs in his truck made statements threatening Barack Obama, but emphasize he never posed a "credible threat" to the candidate or the Democratic National Convention.

Aug 26 08:25

Shyam Sunder's Sham: NIST's Final Report on the Collapse of Building 7

And, while we are in the process of suspending our disbelief for federal flights of fancy (yes, NIST is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, which is under the aegis of the executive branch of government) let's not worry about all that physical evidence like the iron-aluminum-sulfur microspheres found all over in the World Trade Center dust, or the molten iron burning for weeks in the rubble, indicative of thermite/thermate explosions, or eyewitness testimony for that matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

NIST should quit wasting tax money supporting government lies and instead go back to their supposed primary work of standards, LIKE MAYBE GETTING ALL THE WEB BROWSERS OUT THERE TO SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE AGAIN!

Aug 25 10:08

Will Authorities Stage Riots In Denver?

The major question hanging over the Democratic National Convention, which starts in Denver today, is whether or not authorities will follow the lead of previous mass protest events, and actively stage violence to justify a brutal crackdown on legitimate demonstrators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To anyone who is contemplating being a part of a peaceful protest on any issue which is important to you, please remember the following.

The person around you advocating physical violence toward people or property is probably some undercover government agent, attempting to create havoc as a justification for imposing some degree of martial law at the event.

Aug 25 08:31

Will Authorities Stage Riots In Denver?

The major question hanging over the Democratic National Convention, which starts in Denver today, is whether or not authorities will follow the lead of previous mass protest events, and actively stage violence to justify a brutal crackdown on legitimate demonstrators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Hillary steals the nomination, they won't need to worry about setting off riots!

Aug 25 08:29

High Treason: 'Pentagon Lied to the 911 Commission' ; Bush's Theory Falls Apart

911 Commission co-chairs claim that they were misled, perhaps deliberately, by the Bush administration and Pentagon brass. Because 911 was an act of mass murder overtly covered up by the Bush administration, the many lies by Bush amount to more than mere obstructions of justice or cover ups. They amount to high treason --a mechanism by which this administration seized power unconstitutionally. Holes in Bush's theories are holes in Bush's theories. Lack of evidence in support of Bush does not refute his critics who point them out.

Aug 25 07:51

What Really Happened to 7 World Trade Center?

'The 9/11 Commission Report' offer no explanation for its collapse on September 11, 2001. NIST's conclusions, based on computer simulation, apparently suffer from inadequate model validation and insufficient actual data

Aug 25 07:38

CIA used Swiss to thwart foreign nuclear programs: report

But The Times said the real reason for the destruction was pressure from the CIA, which feared that its ties with the Tinners would be exposed.

Over four years, the CIA paid the Tinners 10 million dollars, some of which was delivered to them in a suitcase stuffed with cash, said the report, citing unnamed officials.

In return, said the paper, the engineers delivered a flow of secret information that helped end Libya's nuclear weapons program, reveal Iran's atomic efforts and undo Khan's nuclear supply network.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... except that most of the claims made about Iran's nuclear capability have turned out to be exaggerations.

Looks like the CIA got rolled (again).

Aug 24 07:55

Haywood under scanner in Bangalore

A beefy American from Arizona who looks more like a possible pastor but less like an IT trainer and who in fact may be neither, Haywood is wanted by the Mumbai police for continued questioning in the investigation of last month's Ahmedabad blasts. Haywood is not charged but the police have been questioning him ever since it was found that terrorists had used his email shortly before the blasts. But he slipped away from India to the US on Sunday allegedly with some covert help from officials.

Aug 22 09:53

Newly declassified docs prove PR push for Iraq War preceded intelligence findings

The documents suggest that the public relations push for war came before the intelligence analysis, which then conformed to public positions taken by Pentagon and White House officials. For example, a July 2002 draft of the "White Paper" ultimately issued by the CIA in October 2002 actually pre-dated the National Intelligence Estimate that the paper purportedly summarized, but which Congress did not insist on until September 2002.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 22 08:49

Russia Warns of Corpse Provocation

Georgian authorities are preparing a "mass provocation" as early as Thursday, using corpses to create an impression of deaths among civilians, the military said Thursday in a statement distributed by the Kremlin.

"According to our information, work is being done to the bodies as if to provide documentary evidence of the existence of victims among the civilian population, and traces of torture and cruelty on the remains of military personnel," the statement said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That does it. I am switching to Pepsi!

Aug 22 07:32

And None Dare Call It Treason

Who is Randy Scheunemann?

He is the principal foreign policy adviser to John McCain and potential successor to Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski as national security adviser to the president of the United States.

But Randy Scheunemann has another identity, another role.

He is a dual loyalist, a foreign agent whose assignment is to get America committed to spilling the blood of her sons for client regimes who have made this moral mercenary a rich man.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Aug 21 22:16


Yesterday’s release of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) report on the collapse of WTC7 seems to have been carefully coordinated with the mainstream media in an all-out propaganda effort to debunk so-called conspiracy theories that insist that WTC7 collapsed after being rigged with demolition charges which would infer that, due to time constraints, could only have been placed in the building before 9/11.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That pathetic Big Foot hoax intended to smear the internet did not help matters. The timing of the plant was just too obvious.

Aug 21 17:37

Debunking NIST's Conclusions about WTC 7: Easy as Shooting Fish in a Barrel

NIST also said:

"No blast sounds were heard on the audio tracks of video recordings during the collapse of WTC 7 or reported by witnesses."

Oh, really?

Aug 21 14:43

Nature Editorial: Anthrax case not closed

Was Bruce Ivins a scientist-gone-wrong who single-handedly orchestrated the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States? Or was the 62-year-old anthrax-vaccine researcher at Fort Detrick, Maryland, an emotionally unstable innocent whose profile made him a convenient fall guy for the FBI?

Aug 21 10:31

Is the FBI stuck? How can they worm out now?

But a caller says there were what looked like Palestinians heading toward the bridge. All these guys fail lie detector test (yes I know you cant use those in court but they are accurate [especially when you test 5 people] that's why we have them) But you've got 5 men who were busted filming the attacks before they happened. That was reported by the New York Times and Fox News. Last paragraph,2933,34250,00.html They didn't know yet that they were Israelis.

Aug 21 10:29

Questions and Answers about the NIST WTC 7 Investigation

"Did investigators consider the possibility that an explosion caused or contributed to the collapse of WTC 7?
Yes, this possibility was investigated carefully. NIST concluded that blast events inside the building did not occur and found no evidence supporting the existence of a blast event.

In addition, no blast sounds were heard on the audio tracks of video recordings during the collapse of WTC 7 or reported by witnesses."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

9/11/2001 radio broadcast: "...I was just standing there, ya know... we were watching the building [WTC 7] actually 'cuz it was on fire... the bottom floors of the building were on fire and... we heard this sound that sounded like a clap of thunder..."
"Somebody grabbed my shoulder and I started running, and the shit's hitting the ground behind me, and the whole time you're hearing "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom." I think I know an explosion when I hear it..."

Aug 21 10:11

White House missing up to 225 days of e-mail

The White House is missing as many as 225 days of e-mail dating back to 2003 and there is little if any likelihood a recovery effort will be completed by the time the Bush administration leaves office, according to an internal White House draft document obtained by The Associated Press.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We tried microwaving those backup CD-Rs, but that seems to have made the problem worse." -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 21 09:59

Cyanide death at hotel ruled a suicide

Authorities have said they do not suspect foul play in the death and said they have no evidence that the cyanide represented any terrorist threat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While I have no doubt that this man dies by his own hand in a stupid accident, I have to question the ruling of suicide and the claim there was no sign of a terrorist threat.

First of all, cyanide is a very painful way to die. It can take between 5 and 9 minutes merely to lose consciousness, during which time your muscles are all contracting, and the victim feels excruciating pain. Why would an intentional suicide choose such a method? A gunshot or a fall off a building is almost instantaneous, and far easier to obtain than a pound of cyanide.

Second, why go to the trouble of acquiring a whole pound of cyanide? 10 milligrams/kg is the LD50 dose for Cyanide, which works out to a bit over 3 grams of cyanide for a 150 pound man. So, a tablespoon of cyanide is a guaranteed lethal dose. Why a whole pound? That's enough to kill hundreds of people!

Aug 21 08:53

Libby questioned on forged letter linking Saddam to 9/11

House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) issued letters of inquiry Wednesday to Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby, regarding a forged letter linking Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks.

Aug 20 15:21

Anthrax Conspiracy: Bloggers on the FBI case against Bruce Ivins

Over the last few weeks, bloggers have been burning up their keyboards with their own theories about whether Ivins was really responsible for the attacks-- or a conveniently deceased patsy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how I didn't make their list! :(

Aug 20 12:09

The Anthrax Files

The FBI claims to have caught the killer. But so much evidence has been neglected or mishandled that many experts still have doubts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Attention FBI*: When the American Conservative thinks you have blown it, you have BLOWN it.

*Famous But Incompetent

Aug 20 11:10

Govt mum on Haywood's departure

Questions were being asked on Tuesday about the sudden departure of Ken Haywood, an executive of an MNC whose computer Internet connection was used to send terror e-mail minutes before Ahmedabad blasts, but the Government chose to remain mum.

Haywood left on the intervening night of August 17-18 from Indira Gandhi International Airport here, despite a lookout notice issued by the Mumbai police pending against the 48-year-old US citizen. He was accompanied by his wife and two daughters to his home via Brussels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Along with the ease with which he got back to Arizona, past the Customs and Immigration/TSA bozos at the borders.

Aug 20 10:23

Double Standards in the Global War on Terror: Anthrax Department

Today, it's hard even to recall just how terrifying those anthrax attacks were. According to a LexisNexis search, between Oct. 4 and Dec. 4, 2001, 389 stories appeared in the New York Times with "anthrax" in the headline. In that same period, 238 such stories appeared in the Washington Post.

Aug 20 10:18

Man accused in deadly India bombing may be in Arizona

A U. S. national allegedly connected to a deadly bombing in India is believed to be somewhere in Arizona.

India media is reporting Kenneth Haywood sent a terrorist e-mail five minutes before a series of blasts ripped through Ahmedabad on July 26th, killing nearly 60 people.

Now there's big controversy in India over how Haywood slipped out of the country despite security warnings in all of the country's airports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And how he got INTO the United States despite all the TSA bozos supposedly guarding us from terrorists!

Aug 19 17:37

Dead Somalian Canadian Man Found with Pound of Cyanide in Denver: Weeks from US Democratic Convention

My final assessment is after all the unanswered questions is this, the man or his associates who gave him a pound of cyanide had nefarious purposes in mind, and you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes, or even particularly bright to figure that one out!

Aug 19 17:28

The FBI Admits It Has No Case Against Ivins

This is very telling.

The FBI could have said "we will prove to Congress, the scientific community and the public that only Ivins could have done it".

But they didn't.

Instead the FBI is trying to discredit the many top anthrax scientists who question the government's case against Ivins by using the "grassy knoll" conspiracy-theory smear.
If they had a case against Ivins, they would have presented it, instead of resorting to Bill O'Reilly style smear tactics.

Aug 19 17:26

Advisor to FBI in Anthrax Investigation Says Attack Was False Flag Terror

In other words, an FBI advisor himself believes that the anthrax attack was a false flag operation.

Aug 19 12:55

Doubts over the anthrax case intensify -- except among much of the media

The more that is revealed about the FBI's still largely-secret case against Bruce Ivins, the more doubts that are raised about whether their accusations are true. A particularly vivid episode illustrating how shoddy the FBI's case seems to be occurred in the last several days.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear FBI

You are raising on a busted flush.

Quit now. You are in violation of J. Edgar Hoover's first commandment; never embarrass the bureau.



"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Aug 19 12:49

FBI had, then tossed anthrax type used in attacks

In a briefing for reporters, Majidi said the sample kept at the FBI lab was destroyed because the bureau believed it might not have been allowed as evidence at trial.

"Looking at hindsight, obviously we would do things differently today," Majidi said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 19 12:27

FLASHBACK - How smart was this bomb?

The US had scored a direct hit on the offices of the Qatar-based TV station Al-Jazeera, leading to speculation that the channel had been targeted deliberately because of its contacts with the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. If true, it opens up a worrying development for news organisations covering wars and conflicts: now they could be targeted simply for reporting a side of the story that one party wants suppressed.

Aug 19 08:16

What we learned from the FBI's scientists today.

* The FBI released the results of its forensic investigation into Ivins' alleged suicide.

# What? OK, out, out! Corporate media only, dammit!

Aug 19 08:10

Are You Ready For Nuclear War?

Back during the Nixon years, my Ph.D. dissertation chairman, Warren Nutter, was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. One day in his Pentagon office I asked him how the US government got foreign governments to do what the US wanted. "Money," he replied.

"You mean foreign aid?" I asked.

"No," he replied, "we just buy the leaders with money."

Aug 18 23:11

FBI Admits It Destroyed Evidence In Anthrax Case

"The sample kept at the FBI lab was destroyed because the bureau believed it might not have been allowed as evidence at trial."

However, every trial lawyer in the country will tell you that prosecutors don't destroy evidence just because they are not sure a judge will allow the evidence to be introduced at trial. Instead, lawyers keep all the evidence.

Aug 18 08:52

Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror Attacks

Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn warns that Georgia may be planning to commit false flag terror attacks by using mercenaries dressed in Russian uniforms, as Russia moved to guard sensitive infrastructure against terrorist attacks.

Aug 17 08:24

Protesters take over grounds of Hawaiian palace

"We're going to be here for a while. Four days, five days, a week. A while. As long as it takes," one of the men posting the signs told the Advertiser. He declined to give his name.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is NOT the same group that has been peacefully occupying the grounds of the palace these last few months. And frankly, I find is suspicious that just as the peaceful sovereignty groups are starting to gain public support these new guys show up and act in a manner clearly intended to create hostility and anger, both for roughing up one of the palace workers and the attempt to have their "King" sit on the throne.

The reason the latter is an issue is that the throne is, of course, an antique. It dates back to the reign of Hawaii's last two elected Kings. A few years back a local politician wanted to have her photo taken while seated on the throne and in the process, the fragile brocade cover was torn, and a public uproar ensued. Clearly this new King cannot sit on the throne without causing even more damage, an incident while will further anger the Hawaiian people against this group and their actions.

This comes across as a COINTELPRO style op, intended to destroy sympathy for the Hawaiian people at a time when it is becoming widely accepted that Hawaii was stolen from her people and that serious legal questions exist regarding her statehood.

Aug 16 18:57

Moscow accuses U.S. TV of gagging victims' stories

News August 16, 2008, Biased broadcast? Moscow accuses U.S. TV of gagging victims' stories.

Aug 16 16:21

Who first wrongly linked anthrax to Iraq -- and why?

Greenwald has also raised questions about the source of claims being pushed by ABC News in late October 2001 that government tests had shown the anthrax contained bentonite, an additive used only by Iraq. These claims, which were later found to be completely false, played an important role in spreading the idea of an Iraq-anthrax link.

Aug 16 08:51

F.B.I. Will Present Scientific Evidence in Anthrax Case to Counter Doubts

In the face of the questions, Federal Bureau of Investigation officials have decided to make their first detailed public presentation next week on the forensic science used to trace the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks to a flask kept in a refrigerator in Dr. Ivins’s laboratory at Fort Detrick, in Maryland. Many scientists are awaiting those details because so far, they say, the F.B.I. has failed to make a conclusive case.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The handwriting and hair samples don't match Ivins .. he passed 2 lie detector tests with flying colors ... ..They can't place him anywhere near the place THE LETTERS WERE mailed .....He was depressed because the FBI was harrassing him and his family( like the goons they are) .... As a result he went to psychiatrist - and istherefore ` guilty' ???

The FBI is just digging themselves in deeper with this latest effort, because we already KNOW that the anthrax used in the letters came form th elab where Ivins worked. But that is also the lab where a lot of other people worked including Dr. Philip Zack, THE MAN ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON THE SECURITY SYSTEM ENTERING THE LAB WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AFTER HE HAD LOST HIS JOB OVER A RACIALLY-MOTIVATED ATTACK ON AN EGYPTIAN CO-WORKER!

Aug 16 08:15

A Fire in Mississippi (Connected to the Siegelman Persecution/Prosecution)

In the early morning of Sept. 15, 2003, the Biloxi, Mississippi office of another of the defendants in the Paul Minor case, former Mississippi judge John Whitfield, was set on fire.

At approximately 3:30 am, Whitfield's secretary, Michele Herman, was awakened by a call from the fire alarm company informing her that the office was ablaze. Herman was the first of Whitfield's associates to arrive at the scene. Her boss and other colleagues joined her soon after.

Aug 15 19:26

"DC Madam" so-called-suicide crime scene photos to be hidden from public

A judge ordered Friday that crime scene photographs taken by police during their investigation of the suicide of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, also known as the D.C. Madam, are part of the public record.

But Sixth Circuit Judge Linda Allan prohibited the duplication or publication of the photos taken by Tarpon Springs police, citing a need to balance the public’s right to know with the privacy rights of Palfrey’s mother, Blanche Palfrey."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the same excuse used by the United States Supreme Court is refusing the FOIA act request for the crime scene photos of Vincent Foster.

Aug 15 08:17

FLASHBACK - The Smearing of Jean Seberg

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI's habit of framingh people did not start with Steven Hatfill, Bruce Ivins, or Aafia Siddiqui.

Framing people who disagree with the government has been the FBI's standard tactic for the last half-century.

See also The New McCarthyism

Aug 15 08:11

Lawyer says US planted evidence

A lawyer for a Pakistani woman charged with trying to kill United States military officers in a gunfight in Afghanistan accused the US Government of setting up her client by planting evidence on her.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After watching the FBI frame Bruce Ivins, I tend to give Aafia Siddiqui the benefit of the doubt here.

Aug 15 07:49

If I Were a Betting Man, I'd Wager that Cheney Was Behind the Anthrax Attacks

If I Were a Betting Man, I'd Wager that Cheney Was Behind the Anthrax Attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I still lean towards a joint CIA/Mossad operation.

Aug 15 07:48

Your Comments On... Hair Samples in Anthrax Case Don't Match

Looks like there are a few doubters of the FBI's "Case Closed"...

Webmaster's Commentary: 


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Aug 14 10:04

Hamas blames ”Israeli collaborators” for launching rockets

The Hamas rulers of Gaza Strip on Tuesday lashed out at gunners who fire rockets at Israel from the Palestinian territory in violation of a seven-week-old calm, calling them Israeli collaborators. "About the rocket-firing, I think those who are responsible are those who collaborate with Israel because there is a consensus by all Palestinian groups to respect the truce," said Dr. Mahmud Zahar, a senior leader of the Hamas movement.

Aug 14 10:03

Al Qaeda may attack during US election season: official

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The instant it looks like Obama might win.

Aug 14 10:02

Dan Rather Says Flight Recorder RECOVERED From Ground Zero

In this rare video Former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather reports that New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is holding up what he says is "one of the flight recorder boxes recovered from the debris around the World Trade Center". It just so happens that the tape malfunctions and isn't able to play. He also says they'll try to show the video shortly, but he never does.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my shock!

Aug 14 10:01

Hair Samples in Anthrax Case Don't Match

Federal investigators probing the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks recovered samples of human hair from a mailbox in Princeton, N.J., but the strands did not match the lead suspect in the case, according to sources briefed on the probe

Aug 14 09:52

U.S. Lawmakers Take Aim at Homegrown Terrorist Threat

Many Americans believe that the threat of homegrown terrorism is gravest in Europe, but according to the U.S. government, in the last 18 months more than a half-dozen plots were thwarted right here at home.

Sen. Joe Lieberman says the threat is growing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except that THIS ARTICLE reveals that these home-grown terror arrests are all FBI setups!

Aug 14 09:45

FBI's "Smoking Gun" Against Ivins Evaporates

I'm most amused by the way they find evidence, claim it's significant, then discard it entirely once their theory falls apart. Just last week, the fact that Ivins had taken leave for the entire day before the anthrax was mailed was another smoking gun, proof that he had done the deed. But now that we DFHs have proved he couldn't have been mailing the anthrax at that time, then that piece of evidence is discarded entirely. It seems they don't want to entertain the possibility he was doing something else--perhaps meeting with someone, but not driving to Princeton.

Aug 14 09:17

Is Big Brother at your mosque?

The Washington Post published an extensive article on May 29 about confessed FBI informant Eldawoody, who was accused by Siraj’s family and supporters of goading his victim into a terror plot Siraj had neither the means nor the know-how to carry out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So remember folks, that smelly misfit next to you with the dynamite trying to talk you into blowing up a public building; THAT is the FBI informant.

Treat him or her appropriately.


Aug 13 10:20

Turley: Attorney General Mukasey acting 'without principle'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What else would Turley have expected, coming from an administration where most of its members are so crooked and corruptthat they have to screw their socks on in the morning?!?

Aug 13 10:01

As The Media's Case Against Bruce Ivins Seems to be Going from Bad to Worse...

The case against the supposed "Anthrax Killer," Bruce E. Ivins, a researcher who worked at the Army lab confirmed by the government as being the source for the dry, powdered anthrax used in the letters targeted mainly at Democrats and other perceived "liberals," is going from bad to worse. At least the coverage of it from mainstream outlets such as AP is.

Aug 13 09:24

Credit and Credibility

There are plenty of clichés (“powerful spy service” and “actively undermining” are splendid examples), but not a shred of hard evidence in this important story. There is not one bit of material that can be verified or even checked for accuracy. No names are named. There are declarations by anonymous “American officials” concerning supposed electronic intercepts of which no details are provided. But the New York Times and other US newspapers chose to blare to the world the unsupported conclusion that Pakistan is guilty of treason against itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Can we invade them now? Can we? Huh?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 13 07:32

Georgia war is a neocon election ploy

Is it possible that this time the October surprise was tried in August, and that the garbage issue of brave little Georgia struggling for its survival from the grasp of the Russian bear was stoked to influence the U.S. presidential election?

For McCain to so fervently embrace Scheunemann's neoconservative line of demonizing Russia in the interest of appearing tough during an election is a reminder that a senator can be old and yet wildly irresponsible.

Aug 13 07:11

Cheney, Rove, Libby Win Plame Suit Dismissal Appeal

A federal appeals court today upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit accusing U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, former White House political adviser Karl Rove and former Cheney aide I. Lewis Libby of illegally conspiring to reveal the identity of a CIA agent.

The decision ``allows outrageous government conduct to go unpunished,'' said Melanie Sloan of Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington, a watchdog group that represented Plame and Wilson.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Outrageous government conduct" has been the hallmark of this administration, and will forever taint its legacy.

Aug 12 13:31

FLASHBACK - The Military & CNN

A handful of military personnel from the 4th Psychological Operations Group (i.e. PSYOPs) based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina have until recently been working in CNN's headquarters in Atlanta. An enterprising Dutch journalist named Abe De Vries came up with this important story in mid-February, and he remains properly astounded that no mainstream news medium in the United States has evinced any interest in the story.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bush's propaganda catapult has been in operation for a very long time.

And for the record, there are no military personnel from the 4th Psychological Operations Group (i.e. PSYOPs) based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina working at!

Aug 12 10:11

Mukasey: No prosecutions in Justice hiring scandal

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my complete (absence of) shock!

Aug 12 07:49

Ford told FBI about panel's doubts on JFK murder

Former President Ford secretly advised the FBI that two of his fellow members on the Warren Commission doubted the FBI's conclusion that John F. Kennedy was shot from the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository in Dallas, according to newly released records from Ford's FBI files.

Aug 11 11:47


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lately the government's PR people have been trying to sell the idea that damage to one corner of WTC-7 resulted in the building collapsing straight down into its own footprint. However as this article shows, such localized damage should have caused WTC-7 to fall over to the side above that damage, rather than have every single load bearing member fail at the same moment.

Aug 11 10:54

Anthrax Attack Was State-Sponsored Terror (But the State Was America)

In other words, the FBI scientist just made up the new claim that the anthrax was not so high-tech that it had to have been made by a government-sponsored bioweapons program.

So why did the FBI change its tune, based upon an unsupported statement by one of its scientists?

Aug 11 07:34

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

In damning transcript, ex-CIA official says Cheney likely ordered letter linking Hussein to 9/11 attacks

Aug 10 22:27

The Voice of the White House

In recent months, the government of Israel has been making frantic attempts to get the United States to attack Iran .

They have carried on a propaganda campaign in America, via their co-religionists’ almost total control of the American media, that makes constant reference to the ‘certainty’ that Iran is trying to develop atomic weapons, solely to attack poor Israel who really loves its neighbors and tries so hard to help them..

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, "someone" with advanced artillery in Georgia pulls a "Lavon", shells the Russians and points the finger of blame to the Geogins, to inaugurate a little war.

Aug 10 20:49

U.S. Arms Cache Found in Kyrgyzstan

The U.S. embassy in Kyrgyzstan has found itself embroiled in scandal after the country’s interior ministry announced that a hoard of U.S.-made weapons has been found in a house in Bishkek rented by U.S. citizens. The embassy hurriedly stated that the weapons were intended for antiterrorism exercises, but Kyrgyz enforcement agencies have not confirmed that. The news is the talk of Kyrgyzstan. The prosecutor general has begun an investigation.

Aug 10 16:53

Ivins Can Defend Himself in Court and Obtain Justice Against the FBI

The FBI says it is "too bad" that it can't present its evidence against Ivins in court, while Ivins' many defenders say that Ivins could have cleared his name in court if he were still alive.

And, now that he is dead, Ivins can't sue the FBI for harassment and defamation.

Or can he?

Aug 10 09:39

Proof that Ivins Couldn’t Have Done It (At Least Not Alone)

If it would take one of the handful of people who have the know-how and a good lab with staff a year, and if no one at Ivins’ lab knew how to do it, how could Ivins have made it all by himself in 12 hours without the proper equipment?

Aug 10 09:23

Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for War with Russia?

Georgia and Russia are careening towards war. And the U.S. isn't exactly a detached observer in the fight. The American military has been training and equipping Georgian troops for years.

Aug 10 09:15

Attorney: Ivins never knew he was 'the suspect'

As the government pegs the blame for the 2001 deadly attacks on one Army biologist, the attorney for scientist Bruce Ivins says his client never knew he was "the suspect" in the attacks.

"We were never informed or advised that an indictment was imminent of him," attorney Tom DeGonia tells WTOP. DeGonia's broadcast interview is Ivins' lawyers' first interview since Ivins committed suicide.

Aug 10 08:14

Israel and the US behind the Georgian aggression?

Also NFC confirms the massive presence of Israeli advisers in Georgia and writes: "The Israeli military industries upgraded in recent years the Georgian air force, sold unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), advanced artillery systems and trained infantry units."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Advanced artillery units."

And what started the current conflict? The shelling of a Russian camp, killing ten men.

Aug 10 08:11

Fort Detrick Scientist: Ivins Innocent, FBI Worse Than KGB!

By blaming Ivins, who was not Muslim, the government is admitting that the anthrax scare was a false-flag terror attack, presumably one designed to demonize Muslims and grease the skids for war and fascism. The anthrax attacks targeted Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, the two biggest obstacles in the path of the Patriot Act, and helped convince ordinary Americans who have mailboxes, but who don't work in skyscrapers, that their lives were endangered by murderous Muslim madmen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI are nekulturny!

Aug 10 08:08

Why and How the GOP Made 'Terrorism' America's Number One Export

The GOP exploits terrorism because the GOP is and always has been bankrupt morally and intellectually. A rich party monetarily, the GOP is utterly bereft of ideas or hope. The GOP encouraged fear of communism and was, arguably, it's sole beneficiary. Even so, the GOP, increasingly radical under Ronald Reagan, raised other bogey men: drugs, porn and terrorism.

GOP efforts against porn and drugs would fail, it's own membership being among the worst offenders. With the collapse of the 'Soviet Union', the GOP would be left with a single bogey man: terrorism!

Aug 09 19:08

Ford told FBI about panel's doubts on JFK murder

Former President Ford secretly advised the FBI that two of his fellow members on the Warren Commission doubted the FBI's conclusion that John F. Kennedy was shot from the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository in Dallas, according to newly released records from Ford's FBI files.

Aug 09 11:25

Identifying the Anthrax Killer

The F.B.I. seems convinced that it has finally solved the long-festering case of who mailed the anthrax letters that killed five people in 2001. Yet its description of the evidence pointing to a mentally disturbed Army bioweapons expert as the sole culprit leaves us uncertain about whether investigators have pulled off a brilliant coup after a bumbling start, or are prematurely declaring victory, despite a lack of hard, incontrovertible proof.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Aug 09 09:32

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

On Tuesday, the White House released a statement on Richer's behalf. In it, Richer declared, "I never received direction from George Tenet or anyone else in my chain of command to fabricate a document ... as outlined in Mr. Suskind's book."

The denial, however, directly contradicts Richer's own remarks in the transcript.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And for these lies, Americans and Iraqis died, and continue to die.

This administration, being staffed by the true sociopaths they are, from the top down, feel no shame and take no blame for the deaths they have caused.

To people at the white house these days, our military are simply expendable beings through which their geopolitical agendas cam be accomplished.

And if you don't believe that, try asking a Vet, recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, who is being denied critically needed treatment, or the benefits they were promised.

Aug 09 08:41

Doubts Persist Among Anthrax Suspect’s Colleagues

“There was a lot of consternation, a lot of pressure to rescue this thing,” said Jeffrey Adamovicz, one of Dr. Ivins’s fellow researchers at the time. “But if AVA failed, he had his next vaccine candidate. It was well on its way to what looked to be a very bright future.”

Aug 09 08:00

Carnaby shooting lawsuit on hold

The city of Houston wants a federal judge to order a widow to keep secret her husband's homicide report and the internal investigation of the police who shot him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Carnaby was gunned down, he was portrayed as a kook whose CIA identification was fake.

But if he's just a nutcase with fake IDs, why all the secrecy?

Aug 08 18:30

FLASHBACK - Georgia in US-financed arms race for war on Abkhazia, South Ossetia

Georgia is preparing for a US-financed war against Abkhazia and South Ossetia. That is what the country's military build-up reveals, according to a leading journalist and political analyst from Geneva. Since the current regime took power, Georgian military spending has effectively increased by over forty times and now has the highest growth-rate of any country in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These things do not happen overnight. This battle today has been planning since last year.

Aug 08 18:17

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

A forged letter linking Saddam Hussein to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks was ordered on White House stationery and probably came from the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a new transcript of a conversation with the Central Intelligence Agency's former Deputy Chief of Clandestine Operations Robert Richer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, it may just be that Dick Cheney and George Bush have decided to start WW3 as a way to escape the legal consequences of their actions in office!

Aug 08 16:51

New evidence suggests Ron Suskind is right

If Ron Suskind's sensational charge that the White House and CIA colluded in forging evidence to justify the Iraq invasion isn't proved conclusively in his new book, "The Way of the World," then the sorry record of the Bush administration offers no basis to dismiss his allegation. Setting aside the relative credibility of the author and the government, the relevant question is whether the available facts demand a full investigation by a congressional committee, with testimony under oath.

Aug 08 13:58

Suskind releasing transcript of 'forgery' source

Author Ron Suskind, whose new book charges that the Bush administration ordered the CIA to forge a letter from the head of Iraqi intelligence linking Iraq to al Qaeda, will now be releasing a transcript of the interview with one of his primary sources to defend himself against charges of inaccuracy.

Aug 08 13:16

John Edwards admits affair

Former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has admitted to having had an extramarital affair with a woman he met in a New York City bar in 2006, ABC News reported on Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, now I don't really give a flying foxtrot uniform charlie kilo about John Edwards. But ABCNNBBCBS is running this all over the place like it is the hot story of the year.

Folks, you are being CONDITIZED!

Back in early 2001, when the US Government was already informing other governments of plans to invade Afghanistan in October 2001, the corporate media had turned the sordid tale of Gary Condit and Chandra Levy into the one and only story for the TV sets of America. There were very few reports of the war being planned for Afghanistan, so when the invasion actually happened, right after the convenient events of 9-11 angered America into a war-fever, it was a surprise to nobody bu the American people.

Well, here we are again. The TV sets are tossing John Edwards' love-child right into our faces non-stop, with only the briefest of pauses to shout "RUSSIA INVADES!" so it doesn't look like they are hiding anything from you.

But think. The fact that John Edwards knocked up his mistress is not something that actually affects your life in any material way. It's tabloid scandal at best, yet to ABCNNBBCBS, this is the important news to shove at you. But the outbreak of war gets barely an insert and a screen crawl, and those are actually lies! Russia did NOT invade. The initiating event was the shelling of a Russian installation, presumably by the Georgians, but in fact we really do not know.

But a real war with Russia does affect your life in very material ways. The US is already at economic death's door from the existing wars. Once again we see Israel working to kick off a war they will expect our sons and daughters to clean up.

And the other side actually has nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction, and faces an enemy they already know has the willingness to use such weapons unless preemptively attacked.

Aug 08 12:56

The case against Bruce Ivins is pathetic

The release of the FBI's "evidence" against Bruce Ivins, the now-deceased Ft. Detrick scientist targeted by the FBI as the alleged culprit in the 2001 anthrax letters case, demonstrates either (1) the FBI is covering for the real culprits, or (2) what we are witnessing is a dramatic drop in the intelligence of the average FBI official

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or both!

Aug 08 12:49

Ivins Could Not Have Coated the Killer Anthrax with High-Tech Agents

The media has rightly been questioning whether or not Ivins knew how to dry anthrax. And his colleagues are right to question whether Ivins, a vaccine expert, could have made anthrax as pure and concentrated as the killer anthrax (for example, a former director of the bacteriology division at Ft. Detrick said the anthrax sent to Daschle was "so concentrated and so consistent and so clean that I would assert that Bruce could not have done that part").

Aug 08 10:33

Flashback: Russia to J'lem: Was downed Georgian drone Israeli-made?

Aug 08 09:59

Witness in Ivins Investigation Has Police Record

In testimony offered in a Maryland district court, Ms. Duley said Dr. Ivins, a Fort Detrick, Md., scientist, had a years-long history of "homicidal threats, actions, plans," among other assertions. Her testimony was an important element in early coverage of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's probe of Dr. Ivins, whom the FBI was considering charging with five murders in the 2001 anthrax case.

Aug 08 08:42

Jewish Media Group, SITE, is the first to release another Islamic threat video

Yes, another Islamic threat video by a group purportedly having ties to aL-Qaeda was released by our good friend, Rita Katz of the SITE Intelligence group.

Yes, Rita, we get it and we also get that these videos always seem to be found by either your Jewish Media Group or the Jewish Media Group run by Ben Venzke.

How is that, Rita dear that a Jewish Media Group is always the FIRST to come up with these videos?

The MOSSAD computer geeks threw in a nice touch on this video, making threats about avoiding planes, which will make the target audience remember the false-flag of 9/11.

Aug 08 08:22

Suskind Revisited

My source also notes that Dick Cheney, who was behind the forgery, hated and mistrusted the Agency and would not have used it for such a sensitive assignment. Instead, he went to Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans and asked them to do the job. The Pentagon has its own false documents center, primarily used to produce fake papers for Delta Force and other special ops officers traveling under cover as businessmen. It was Feith’s office that produced the letter and then surfaced it to the media in Iraq.

Aug 08 06:51

White House memo exposes Rove knew of problems with anthrax vaccine

The Department of Defense continued its controversial mandatory anthrax vaccinations program despite high ranking Bush administration officials acknowledging there were problems with the vaccine within months of the Bush administration taking office—well before the 9/11 attacks and the October 2001 anthrax letters

Aug 08 06:43

McCain: Worse than you think

John McCain is running as a war hero.

There are just a few problems with that.

He's despised by fellow Vets, especially fellow POWs, not only for cooperating with the enemy, but also for blocking every effort to make sure all American POWs were returned after the war.

Aug 08 06:26

Doubts persist on Ivins' guilt

More than half a dozen experts in law and bioterrorism pointed out yesterday what they consider major flaws in the government's case and said they were not convinced that Ivins acted alone in mailing the letters that killed five people - or that he was involved at all. They said that the science that led the FBI to Ivins has not been explained and that the other evidence did not amount to conclusive proof.

Aug 08 06:25

Why Wasn't Ivins Declared an Enemy Combatant?

Padilla is an American citizen, just as Bruce Ivins was. Under President Bush’s post-9/11 unilateral assumption of dictatorial power, the feds didn’t have to indict Bruce Ivins for terrorism. They could have treated him as an enemy combatant in the war on terrorism, just like they initially did to Jose Padilla. They can now do this to any American, including you. This is what passes for “freedom” in post-9/11 America.

Aug 08 06:22

Pentagon Front Groups Release Laughable Olympics “Terror” Video

Judging by the latest video, we are still being led to believe that well-equipped deadly terrorist organizations still can’t afford to obtain a $200 video camera to ensure their audio doesn’t sound like a badly dubbed 80’s B movie.

Aug 07 17:44

Additional key facts re: the anthrax investigation

So much of the public reporting about Ivins has been devoted to depicting him as a highly unstable psychotic who had been issuing extremely violent threats and who had a violent past. But that depiction has been based almost exclusively on the uncorroborated claims of Jean Carol Duley, a social worker (not a psychiatrist or psychologist) who, as recently as last year, was apparently still in college at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.

Aug 07 17:06

F.B.I. Presents Anthrax Case, Saying Scientist Acted Alone

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody on this site believing the FBI Crapola....

Aug 07 16:57

FLASHBACK - Who killed Nick Berg?

Possum believes "the available evidence surrounding the case suggests that it was a 'black operation' by US psychological warfare specialists ... to provide the media with a moral relativity argument to counter the adverse publicity over torture at Abu Ghraib". The use of FBI footage in the opening sequence, if confirmed, suggests the involvement of high-level US Government operatives.

Aug 07 16:49

American Conservative: It was Feith’s office, not CIA, that forged the Habbush letter.

Ron Suskind’s new book alleges that the White House ordered the CIA to forge a letter from the head of Iraqi intelligence to Saddam Hussein linking the dictator to the 9/11 terrorists.

Aug 07 14:49

Crime labs finding questionable DNA matches

As word spread, Troyer's findings raised questions about the accuracy of the FBI's DNA statistics and ignited a legal fight over whether the nation's genetic databases ought to be opened to wider scrutiny.

The laboratory of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which administers the national DNA database, tried to stop distribution of Troyer's results and began to block similar searches elsewhere, even those ordered by courts, according to an investigation by the Los Angeles Times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great. False positives on DNA tests.

Aug 07 14:27

Handwriting analysis also failed to tie Ivins to letters

Casting further doubt on the FBI's anthrax case, accused government scientist Bruce Ivins passed two polygraph tests and a handwriting analysis comparing samples of his handwriting to writing contained in the anthrax letters, U.S. officials familiar with the investigation say.

Aug 07 13:51

FBI: LA hospitals used homeless in medical fraud

For hundreds of homeless people, posing as phony hospital patients provided them a clean bed and cash. For the hospitals that processed them, it meant a full patient-load and a paycheck from the government.

Aug 07 13:49

FBI: Ivins held identical anthrax strain

To the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the heart of the case against Army scientist Bruce Ivins is a flask of anthrax spores labeled "RMR-1029."

RMR-1029 has been stored in the B3 biocontainment suite of Building 1425 of Fort Detrick, Md., ever since it was cultivated over a decade ago.

Dr. Ivins had unrestricted access to that suite – and was RMR-1029's sole custodian.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI just digging itself in deeper with this one. As others have already reported, at least ten other people had access to that flask in the lab, including Dr. Zack, Ivin's supervisor, who was caught on the security systems entering that lab without authorization after losing his job over a racially-motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.

Aug 07 13:48

Pressure Grows for F.B.I.’s Anthrax Evidence

After four years of painstaking scientific research, the F.B.I. by 2005 had traced the anthrax in the poisoned letters of 2001 to a single flask of the bacteria at the Army biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., according to government scientists and bureau officials.

But at least 10 scientists had regular access to the laboratory and its anthrax stock — and possibly quite a few more, counting visitors from other institutions, and workers at laboratories in Ohio and New Mexico that had received anthrax samples from the flask at the Army laboratory.

Aug 07 13:41

The White House's implausible deniability

The White House has categorically denied that it ordered the CIA to forge evidence that Saddam Hussein was conspiring with al-Qaida, a charge made by journalist Ron Suskind in his new book The Way of the World. The credibility of the Bush press office is such that one is tempted to take it as confirmation.

Aug 07 13:40

Article Casting Doubt on 'Anthrax Killer' Scrubbed

While their top story on page A1 today is headlined "Scientists Question FBI's Probe of Anthrax Attacks" and sub-titled "Ivins Could Not Have Been Attacker, Some Say," the paper nonetheless managed to scrub from their website --- or at least completely replace --- a story they ran originally on Friday afternoon questioning the same points (whether Ivins had the means, ability, or access to the dry, weaponized anthrax used in the attack letters against senior Democratic Senators and other perceived "liberals") with another that greatly softened concerns about those questions.

Aug 06 11:14

Suskind: Sources of WH forgery claim now under pressure to deny it

Author Ron Suskind says his sources are under "enormous pressure" to change their stories after revealing to him that the Bush administration had ordered the CIA to forge a letter from the head of Iraqi intelligence connecting Iraq to the 9/11 hijackers.

Aug 06 11:13

VIDEO - "Worst coverup in the history of the military", SECRET SHOTS

All military personnel who are headed to combat are required to take vaccinations.

Are these shots leaving some soldiers deathly ill?

Aug 06 10:20

The FBI's emerging, leaking case against Ivins

It's certainly possible that once the FBI closes its investigation and then formally unveils its evidence -- which apparently will happen tomorrow -- a very convincing case will be made that Bruce Ivins perpetrated the anthrax attacks and did so alone. But what has been revealed thus far -- through the standard ritual of selected Government leaks which the establishment media, with some exceptions, just mindlessly re-prints no matter how frivolous -- is creating the opposite impression.

Aug 06 10:11

FLASHBACK - Who Is ''Torie'' Clarke?: Strategic Disinformation at the Pentagon

Within days of the failed government trial-balloon, samples of the anthrax sent to office within National Broadcasting Company and to Sen. Daschle proved what most "right-wingers" feared most: The Anthrax Was Ours.

Aug 06 09:43


Aug 06 09:40

Prosecutor: Teen in bomb probe had Camp David map

The investigation has expanded to include officials from the CIA, FBI and Secret Service, prosecutors said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The investigation has expanded to include officials from the CIA, FBI and Secret Service, prosecutors said. "

Did the Maryland police just arrest the designated patsy?

Aug 06 09:36


Since Israel had bombed Iraq's nuclear power plant years before, it was claimed that the only reason Saddam would have for buying uranium oxide was to build bombs.

Aug 06 09:34

White House 'buried British intelligence on Iraq WMDs'

The book claimed that the former Prime Minister sent a top British spy to the Middle East in 2003 — three months before the invasion — to dig up enough intelligence to avoid war but that President Bush and Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, dismissed any claims or possible evidence that would stop military action.

Aug 06 09:29

Anthrax widow's lawsuit blames US for death

The widow of a tabloid photo editor who died in the 2001 anthrax attacks insisted in a $50 million federal lawsuit filed years ago that the U.S. government was ultimately responsible for his death.

Aug 06 08:48

Bruce Ivins: The Movie

This passes muster in Hollywood, of course, since it embodies all the social prejudices so beloved by that temple of cultural corruption, yet in the real world one looks at it askance and wonders: are these guys kidding? Because this scenario has very little if anything to do with the known facts. The only connection the anthrax letters have to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority is the fact that the New Jersey letters were mailed from a post office box not far from where the Princeton chapter keeps a storage locker. No kidding: that is the connection, in toto.

Aug 06 08:45

Was Abu Nidal Forgery Aimed at Refuting Joe Wilson?

By September of 2003, a guerrilla war was raging in Iraq and it had become clear that there was no WMD. Shiite cleric Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim was blown up in Najaf on August 31. GIs were being killed in al-Anbar.

Bush and Cheney needed to refute Wilson's allegation that they ignored his report on Niger uranium. They also needed a smoking gun to tie Iraq to al-Qaeda, without which their continued occupation of the country was on thin legal grounds.

Tying Atta to Abu Nidal would form an ex post facto justification for the war, something Bush desperately needed.

Aug 06 08:29

FBI said to have stalked Ivins' family

Before killing himself last week, Army scientist Bruce Ivins told friends that government agents had stalked him and his family for months, offered his son $2.5 million to rat him out and tried to turn his hospitalized daughter against him with photographs of dead anthrax victims.

The pressure on Ivins was extreme, a high-risk strategy that has failed the FBI before. The government was determined to find the villain in the 2001 anthrax attacks; it was too many years without a solution to the case that shocked and terrified a post-9/11 nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, they have one, because the whole world knows that while the FBI pounded on Drs. Ayaad Asaad, Stephen Hatfill, Bruce Ivins, etc. they totally avoided the one man actually caught on the security system entering the lab where the anthrax used in the letters was kept, without authorization and after losing his job over a racially-motivated attack on the aforesaid Dr. Asaad.


"[Your information is] too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap."

FBI response to the top British spy, Dusko Popov (code named "Tricycle") on August 10, 1941, dismissing Popov's report of the complete Japanese plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor: The Verdict Of History by Gordon Prange, appendix 7 published in 1986. Based on records from the JOINT CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, Nov 15, 1945 to May 31, 1946.

Aug 06 08:25

Anthrax Attacks — Assassin Nation

After 9/11 and before the passage of the Patriot Act a month later, our great national terror was the anthrax attacks waged against the mainstream media and Congress. Democratic Senators Daschle and Leahy, both targeted, had been well positioned to oppose the Patriot Act on constitutional grounds, and perhaps lead their party to do the same. The anthrax attacks changed all that, putting Bush and Cheney in total control.

Aug 05 18:04

Colonel Anderson Refutes False Allegations Against Dr. Ivins

Anderson's role as the person in charge of "Conduct[ing] inquiries and investigations upon receipt of allegations of scientific misconduct or improper researcher behavior" and of "Investigat[ing] issues arising during conduct of studies" is therefore important. He was an appropriate person for Ivins to speak to about his anthrax tests (admittedly, protocol required Ivins to tell others as well; but the fact that Ivins told Anderson shows good faith and a lack of guilty conscience on Ivins' part).

Aug 05 16:54

FLASHBACK - Lawyer: Anthrax Probe MD Reeling

Agents descended on the Wellsville, N.Y., home of Dr. Kenneth Berry on Aug. 5, as well as his parents' New Jersey shore summer home, for searches described by an FBI spokesman as part of the anthrax investigation. Berry has not been charged.

Aug 05 11:46

FLASHBACK - Iraq, Anthrax, and the Hawks

It didn't take long for the hawks to seize on the anthrax scare as a justification for the United States to go bomb Iraq.

"By far the likeliest supplier is Saddam Hussein," The Wall Street Journal wrote in an editorial on Oct. 18.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, we know now that the anthrax was not supplied by Saddam, who no more had weaponized anthrax than he had nuclear warheads. This was just another lie, in an age of lies, used to start a war against a nation which had in fact committed no offense and represented no threat against the United States.

Aug 05 11:27

USS Liberty and the NSA: One Deceit Too Many?

Some former Air Force intelligence analysts said they read the complete real-time transmissions of an Air Force platform (this must have been USA-556, unless yet a third platform recorded the attack). Not only did the transmissions prove beyond a doubt that the attack was deliberate, but the analysts received a follow-up NSA report explicitly stating such. Yet, they later were ordered to destroy all copies. One former NSA analyst stationed in Morocco revealed he was ordered to mulch, dry, and incinerate all transcripts and reports related to the attack.

Aug 05 11:07

PNAC/Neocons Pressured FBI To Blame AL Qaeda For Anthrax

Every time the corporate media pins anything on Bush/Cheney, just substitute PNAC/Neocon for their named culprit. Bush and Cheney are Neocons and Cheney was part of PNAC so it is 100% correct, in fact it is more correct because it includes all of the criminals.

Aug 05 11:05

The Patsy - Was Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer?

In what seems very similar to the coordinated series of "leaks" that pinned the blame on Steven J. Hatfill, a former bio-warfare scientist recently awarded nearly $6 million in recompense and effectively exonerated, the effort to posthumously demonize Ivins has blanketed the "mainstream" media.

Aug 05 10:23

What the Iraq Forgery Says About 9/11

Bestselling journalist Ron Suskind has revealed that the White House ordered the CIA to forge and backdate a document falsely linking Iraq with Muslim terrorists and 9/11 . . . and that the CIA complied with those instructions and in fact created the forgery, which was then used to justify war against Iraq.

Aug 05 10:04

Like porn? You must be the anthrax killer...

Other articles go into details about Ivins use of an anonymous PO box in which he received bondage porn (I won't even bother linking to those). Why this is important, I don't know. Did the sorority get Anthrax letters? No. Did any former or current members get anthrax letters? No. And could officials place Ivins at the scene of the mailings? No. But for some reason this is what the Feds are leaking to the press. You have to wonder why that is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember back in the JFK assassination, there was a claim that Lee Oswald ordered the rifle by mail and had it delivered to a PO box in the name of his supposed alias A. Hidell. Given that Oswald could have bought a gun without any ID at any Texas gun store, the creation and use of the mailbox appears to be part of the frame-up. Given how easily porn is obtained over the internet for free, one has to wonder why anyone would set up a PO box and pay for porn to be sent there ... unless it is a part of the frame job to help destroy Ivins' public image.

Aug 05 09:58

FLASHBACK - Star Witness on Iraq Said Weapons Were Destroyed

On February 24, Newsweek broke what may be the biggest story of the Iraq crisis. In a revelation that "raises questions about whether the WMD [weapons of mass destruction] stockpiles attributed to Iraq still exist," the magazine's issue dated March 3 reported that the Iraqi weapons chief who defected from the regime in 1995 told U.N. inspectors that Iraq had destroyed its entire stockpile of chemical and biological weapons and banned missiles, as Iraq claims.

Aug 05 08:09

US accused of backing terrorism in Pakistan

Quoting "impeccable official sources", The News reported on Tuesday that "strong evidence and circumstantial evidence of American acquiescence to terrorism inside Pakistan" was outlined by President Pervez Musharraf, army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt. Gen. Nadeem Taj in separate meetings with two senior US officials in Islamabad on July 12.

Aug 05 08:07

Questions about the Anthrax Suspect and His Interactions with Mental Health Professionals

Why would a top bioterror expert go to a fresh-out-of-school sociologist, a group addiction counselor, as opposed to an experience psychiatrist or psychologist? Why would he talk about homicidal tendencies in a group counseling session, as opposed to a private session?

Aug 05 08:02

Doubts about anthrax story

Survivors of the 2001 anthrax attacks and relatives of those killed by the deadly powder said yesterday that they want a full accounting from the FBI of its investigation to date, and they are not yet convinced that Bruce Ivins, the government scientist who killed himself last week, was responsible.

Aug 05 07:39

U.S. Army Private LaVena Lynn Johnson, RIP

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, Private LaVena Lynn Johnson killed herself on July 19, 2005, eight days before her twentieth birthday. Exactly how did she end her life? She punched herself in the face hard enough to blacken her eyes, break her nose, and knock her front teeth loose. She douched with an acid solution after mutilating her genital area. She poured a combustible liquid on herself and set it afire. She then shot herself in the head.

Aug 05 07:28

Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit

The FBI has not officially released information on why it focused on Ivins, and whether he was about to be charged or arrested. And when the FBI does release this information, we should all remember that the case needs to be firmly based on solid information that would conclusively prove that a lone scientist could make such a sophisticated product.

From what we know so far, Bruce Ivins, although potentially a brilliant scientist, was not that man.

Aug 05 07:28

Ex-CIA official: WMD evidence ignored

A retired CIA official has accused the Bush administration of ignoring intelligence indicating that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and no active nuclear program before the United States-led coalition invaded it, CBS News said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is what Bush is doing with Iran.

All 16 US intelligence agencies are unanimous in stating that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and has not had one going back to at least 2003.

Yet Bush is choosing to ignore those 16 US intelligence agencies and rely on Israel to tell him what Iran is doing.

Israel, it should be remembered, is the author of many of the now discredited claims about Iraq.

Aug 05 07:24

He is TOO the Anthrax killer, he is, he is, he is is is IS!!!!!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again.

Aug 05 07:14

Book says White House ordered forgery

A new book by the author Ron Suskind claims that the White House ordered the CIA to forge a back-dated, handwritten letter from the head of Iraqi intelligence to Saddam Hussein.

Suskind writes in “The Way of the World,” to be published Tuesday, that the alleged forgery – adamantly denied by the White House – was designed to portray a false link between Hussein’s regime and al Qaeda as a justification for the Iraq war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"All war is based on deception." -- Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

Aug 04 19:17

An Anthrax tip...

I have been a close friend of Dr. Bruce Ivins for years. The FBI needed a scapegoat, especially after Stephen Hatfill, whose foot the FBI ran over, won a $5.2 M lawsuit against them.

The new FBI director needed a capture in this case. So, they took all of the Ft. Detrick anthrax researchers and put them under intense interrogation.

Aug 04 16:43

"Whole Load Of Crap"-Larisa Alexandrovna Has Low Down On "Therapist" To The Anthrax Suspect

Okay, well the more research I do into the now infamous Ms. Jean C. Duley - the "therapist" who filed a restraining order against the alleged anthrax attacks suspect Bruce E. Ivins - the more her story sounds like a whole load of crap.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 04 16:36

Mounting questions over US anthrax probe and scientist’s alleged suicide

One week after an Army germ warfare scientist apparently committed suicide, there are mounting questions over the government’s handling of the investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks and expressions of skepticism regarding the sensationalized media coverage of the past four days.

Aug 04 15:29

Ivins is the Third Scientist the FBI has Tried to Pin the Anthrax Attacks On

Ivins is the third scientist who the government has accused of being the Anthrax killer.

First the Egyptian scientist, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, was framed.

When that frame-up fell apart, they tried to frame Stephen Hatfill.

Now, a couple of weeks after the frame-up against Hatfill unravelled, they are claiming that Ivins is the guy.

Aug 04 14:00

FLASHBACK - The FBI Anthrax Attacks Cover-Up

The FBI should just shut the hell up, because every time they come out with another of these lame stories, it just hammers home the point that there is a cover-up in this case.

Aug 04 13:57


So, good old Admiral Crowe and his fellow investors in BioPort are set to make a bundle off of the Anthrax scare. Especially when market demand pushes the price of the product high up above the contracted for $3.50 an ounce. And who are those fellow investors? Well, another part of BioPort is owned by the Carlyle Group. That's George H. W. Bush's current occupation.

Aug 04 13:55

The Anthrax Attack Was a Classic False Flag Operation Targeting Arabs

Would Arab terrorists have targeted only Congress men who were likely to oppose the Patriot Act and other tyrannical measures? Would they have gotten that specific in their targeting? In order to terrorize America as a whole, wouldn't real Arab terrorists have sent anthrax to the Congressional leaders of both parties, regardless of their political postures towards particular legislation?

Aug 04 13:01

Officials: Sorority obsession seen in anthrax case

The top suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks was obsessed with a sorority that sat less than 100 yards away from a New Jersey mailbox where the toxin-laced letters were sent, authorities said Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But if you read further in, they admit that they cannot place Ivins in Princeton on the day the anthrax letters were actually mailed.

The smear goes on, with the usual anonymous sources, the "therepist" who actually is only a substance abuse counselor (with a history of DUIs), and gag orders on all the actual witnesses.

Aug 04 12:58

Karadzic 'lived under protectionof CIA agents until he broke deal'

The former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic lived under US protection after the Dayton peace accords until the CIA intercepted a phone call in which he broke the terms of a "secret deal" to stay out of politics, a Serbian newspaper claims.

"Karadzic, indicted for genocide and war crimes, was under US protection until 2000, when the CIA intercepted his telephone conversation that clearly proved he personally chaired a meeting of his old political party," the Belgrade daily Blic quoted a "well-informed US intelligence source" as saying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What other war criminals is the CIA actually protecting?

Aug 04 12:56

Court Documents Shed Light on CIA Illegal Operations in Central Asia Using Islam & Madrassas

In a recent immigration court case involving Turkish Islamic Leader, Fetullah Gulen, US prosecutors exposed an illegal, covert, CIA operation involving the intentional Islamization of Central Asia. This operation has been ongoing since the fall of the Soviet Union in an ongoing Cold War to control the vast energy resources of the region - Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan - estimated to be worth $3 trillion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, CIA is using Islamic groups as fronts for covert operations?

Hardly news here at WRH!

Aug 04 12:38

Ministers spend £2million on 'spin' TV documentaries to raise profile of Blunkett's Bobbies

Ministers were plunged into a damaging new 'spin' row last night after it emerged they have lavished almost £2million of taxpayers' money on television documentaries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This should not be a surprise. All governments propagandize their populations. Here in the United States, the largest single customer of public relations firms is the US Government. Indeed it was a public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, that concocted the infamous "Incubator" lie used to help trick Americans into supporting the first Iraq war.

Aug 04 10:45

‘Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up?

The last week of July, all across America could be heard an almost audible sigh of relief as headlines blared the news on the hour every hour that ‘he’ had finally been caught, the ‘he’ in this case being the infamous bioterrorist (unknown and unnamed up to this point) who sent deadly anthrax through the US mail system a mere week after the attacks of 9/11, leading to the deaths of 5.

Aug 04 10:36

The Patsy Was Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer?

In what seems very similar to the coordinated series of "leaks" that pinned the blame on Steven J. Hatfill, a former bio-warfare scientist recently awarded nearly $6 million in recompense and effectively exonerated, the effort to posthumously demonize Ivins has blanketed the "mainstream" media.

Aug 04 10:21

Jean C. Duley... tell us again...

Okay, well the more research I do into the now infamous Ms. Jean C. Duley - the "therapist" who filed a restraining order against the alleged anthrax attacks suspect Bruce E. Ivins - the more her story sounds like a whole load of crap.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Blame the dead guy, protect the guilty, hide the accomplices, and wave movie stars at us until we forget.

Aug 04 08:45

Anthrax Evidence Is Called Circumstantial

The evidence amassed by F.B.I. investigators against Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, the Army scientist who killed himself last week after learning that he was likely to be charged in the anthrax letter attacks of 2001, was largely circumstantial, and a grand jury in Washington was planning to hear several more weeks of testimony before issuing an indictment, a person who has been briefed on the investigation said on Sunday.

Aug 04 08:21

Jean C Duley: So the guy threatening her is dead but now she's hiding out.

"Jean is currently at an undisclosed location," McFadden said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why, if the guy who was threatening her is dead?

Aug 03 18:54

Scientist: DNA led agents to anthrax suspect

Using new genome technology, researchers looked at samples of cells from the victims to identify the kind of anthrax Ames strain that killed them, the scientist said. They noticed very subtle differences in the DNA of the strain used in the attacks than in other types of Ames anthrax.

With that, investigators linked the specific type of anthrax back to Ivins' biological weapons lab at Ft. Detrick in Frederick, Md., where he oversaw its use and handling for research.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... under the supervision of Dr. Philip K. Zack.

Aug 03 18:43

FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House officials

In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attacks, White House officials repeatedly pressed FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove it was a second-wave assault by Al Qaeda...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, THESE GUYS

Aug 03 18:26


Search the Maryland Courts Database

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It has been reported that the woman who swore out the legal complaint against suicided scientist Bruce Ivins, Jean C. Duley, is 45 years old.

It has also been reported that the "C" stands for "Carol".

After agreeing to the terms, fill in Jean Carol Duley for the name and search all records. You will find 7 cases for driving under the influence. The year of birth is correct for a 45 year old woman.

If this is indeed the same Jean C. Duley who set up Bruce Ivins, it goes a long way to explaining just why her specialty is counseling addicts, and why she might need a few favors from higher up to keep her driver's license! After all, Maryland has a "three strikes" law for drunk driving.

Aug 03 17:51


Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, a biodefense researcher at
Fort Detrick, Maryland, and his attorney, Paul F. Kemp, were actually negotiating a plea bargain with elements of the U.S. Justice Department that would have led to the indictment of former Fort Detrick laboratory scientist, dual ISRAELI-U.S. citizen, Dr. Philip M. Zackerie aka Dr. Zack, for sending the anthrax letters that led to the death of numerous people post 9/11.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and there is the motive for the "wet work."

Aug 03 15:04

US Government RATS Did The Anthrax Attacks

Odds are the 'rats' in our US government are trying to close off the trail so people will quit cornering them again and again with the truth of their obvious attempts not to investigate the anthrax attacks and bring the true guilty parties to justice.

Odds are these same US government rats were the perpetrators of that anthrax attack

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess I am not the only skeptical one!

Aug 03 14:33


Courtesy of Smoking gun

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Check out the spelling and grammar.

Does this look like a professional ANYTHING?

Aug 03 14:29

Therapist: Anthrax suspect tried to poison people

Duley said Ivins' scheduled release from the hospital on the day of the hearing prompted her to seek the protective order.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obviously, if Ivins was scheduled to be released, then the mental hospital did not see him as dangeorus either to himself or to others.

We need to find out more about Duley. She seems the social workers' answer to Gerald Posner.

Aug 03 14:21

Suspect in 5 anthrax-letter deaths kills himself

Social worker Jean C. Duley filed handwritten court documents last week saying she was preparing to testify before a grand jury. She said Ivins would be charged with five capital murders.

"Client has a history dating to his graduate days of homicidal threats, plans and actions towards therapist," Duley said, adding that his psychiatrist had described him as homicidal and sociopathic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, here is the obvious question. If this guy was such an obvious nutcase going back to his college days, how did he get a security clearance to work with biological weapons?

I mean, when I got my first security clearance to work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory I got raked over the coals over the fact that my father had been born in Shanghai, China! and I wasn't working with biological weapons.

It is this Jean C. Duley (who has only known Ivins a few months) who had him committed.

This reeks of a government smear job to convict this guy in the media and take the heat off of Philip Zack and the cover-up.

And if you are interested, here is a prior example of how the FBI will smear people it wishes to destroy.

Aug 03 10:53

Doubts arise on FBI anthrax suspect

Yet colleagues and friends of the vaccine specialist remained convinced he was innocent. They contended that he had neither the motive nor the means to create the lethal powder that was sent by mail to news outlets and congressional offices in 2001. Mindful of previous FBI mistakes in fingering others in the case, many are sceptical that the FBI has it right this time.

Aug 03 09:39

Anthrax Suspect Was Involuntarily Committed to Psychiatric Hospital Shortly Before His Death

Was Ivins crazy? Maybe.

Or maybe he was sent to a psych facility for the same reasons that the Soviet Union committed dissidents to psych hospitals. Maybe Ivins couldn’t stand it anymore, and was about to blow the whistle on the real anthrax killers, so they ginned up some claims that he was dangerous and had him hospitalized.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or maybe he was trying to set up a new website on the same ISP I am using!

Aug 03 09:21

WaPo: Purported 'Anthrax Killer' Had 'No Access to Dry, Powered Anthrax,' According to Expert, Lab Officials

"He had no access to dry, powdered anthrax, according to Fort Detrick spokespersons, who said that only liquid anthrax was used at the Fort Detrick facility in animal aerosolization experiments," said Meryl Nass, a physician and bioterrorism expert. "If he had been making dry anthrax, it would have been detectable."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Bruce Ivins, latest patsy to protect the real anthrax killer, did not even have access to the type of anthrax used in the letters.

But this guy did!

Aug 03 08:01

Scientists Question FBI Probe On Anthrax

The FBI eventually focused on Ivins, whom federal prosecutors were planning to indict when he committed suicide last week. In interviews yesterday, knowledgeable officials asserted that Ivins had the skills and access to equipment needed to turn anthrax bacteria into an ultra-fine powder that could be used as a lethal weapon. Court documents and tapes also reveal a therapist's deep concern that Ivins, 62, was homicidal and obsessed with the notion of revenge.

Aug 02 08:54

Anthrax suspect would have gotten vaccine royalties

Bruce E. Ivins, the government biodefense scientist linked to the deadly anthrax mailings of 2001, stood to gain financially from massive federal spending in the fear-filled aftermath of those killings, the Los Angeles Times has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a classic propaganda smear. If you read the article all the way through, you find out that the deal fell apart. Nor are Ivin's co-inventors, the ones who would actually now be GETTING the money from the deal, named!

The press is really trying to hard sell this guy as the villain, and this article illustrates how desperate they are to do it.

Aug 02 08:32

Jury dismissed in 7/7 plot trial

The jury in the trial of three men accused of helping the 7 July London bombers has failed to reach a verdict.

The Kingston Crown Court jury had spent three weeks considering a charge of conspiracy to cause an explosion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The government's only case was that the three men in court knew the suspected bombers.

Aug 01 19:48

Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News

During the last week of October, 2001, ABC News, led by Brian Ross, continuously trumpeted the claim as their top news story that government tests conducted on the anthrax -- tests conducted at Ft. Detrick -- revealed that the anthrax sent to Daschele contained the chemical additive known as bentonite.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They lied. Pure, plain, no-kidding, LIED!

Aug 01 16:56

Jury fails to reach verdict in London 7/7 case

A jury failed to reach a verdict on Friday in the trial of three Britons accused of helping to plot the deadly London suicide bombings in July 2005, which left 52 dead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another frame-up collapses.

Aug 01 16:49

Attorneys for Bruce Ivins Respond to Client’s Suicide

For more than a year, we have been privileged to represent Dr. Bruce Ivins during the investigation of the anthrax deaths of September and October of 2001. For six years, Dr. Ivins fully cooperated with that investigation, assisting the government in every way that was asked of him. He was a world-renowned and highly decorated scientist who served his country for over 33 years with the Department of the Army. We are saddened by his death, and disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to defend his good name and reputation in a court of law.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How convenient that the man is dead and (unlike Steven Hatfill ) cannot defend himself.

Aug 01 14:24

The FBI Anthrax Attacks Cover-Up

Aug 01 14:15


In October [2001], press reports revealed that White House staff had been on a regimen of the powerful antibiotic Cipro since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Judicial Watch wants to know why White House workers, including President Bush, began taking the drug nearly a month before anthrax was detected on Capitol Hill.

Aug 01 14:10

Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story

The government is trying to bury the 2001 anthrax attack scandal (the anthrax came from a U.S. military base) by claiming that one of the key suspects - Bruce E. Ivins - was a "lone nut" who committed suicide. The government claims that the anthrax letters were an innocent mistake which was "part of an Army scientist's warped plan to test his cure for the deadly toxin". Case closed.

There are just a couple of loose ends:

Aug 01 09:13

Air Force Shakeup Continues with New Resignation

A top Air Force official -- who was brought in to help improve the transparency of the service's acquisition process -- has resigned amid questions of information leaks, The Associated Press is reporting.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Leaks like, "Holy CRAP there are live nukes on that @#%ing airplane!"

Aug 01 07:54

VIDEO - Karadzic: "USA granted me immunity"

He accused Richard Holbrooke, the US diplomat who brokered the Dayton accords which ended the war in Bosnia, of striking a deal with him on behalf of the US to guarantee him immunity if he disappeared.

Aug 01 07:52

Dead Army vaccine scientist eyed in anthrax probe

The Justice Department has not yet decided whether to close the investigation, officials said, meaning it's still not certain whether Ivins acted alone or had help. One official close to the case said that decision was expected within days.

If the case is closed soon, one official said, that will indicate that Ivins was the lone suspect.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Ivins was the cut-out. Killing him halts the investigation before it gets to the real suspect!

Aug 01 07:23

FLASHBACK: Anthrax slip-ups raise fears about planned biolabs

It was December 2001. Ivins, an authority on anthrax, was one of the handful of researchers at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, Md., who prepared spores of the deadly bacteria to test anthrax vaccines in animals. He knew enough to grow alarmed when his officemate complained, as she had frequently of late, about sloppy handling of samples coming into the lab that could be tainted with anthrax.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the same guy who supposedly was now a suspect in the Anthrax case, and committed suicide (or was silenced) today.

Meanwhile the FBI never investigated the one man actually CAUGHT ON THE SECURITY SYSTEM entering the storage area where the anthrax used in the letters was stored, without proper authorization and after being fired from his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.

Aug 01 07:17

Anthrax suspect commitys suicide?

A top U.S. biodefense researcher apparently has committed suicide in the wake of what a brother said was his intense pursuit by the FBI in connection with anthrax-tainted letters that killed five people.

The Justice Department was about to file criminal charges against the scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, 62, a leading military anthrax researcher who worked for the past 18 years at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md., the Los Angeles Times reported in Friday editions. Ivins had been told of the impending prosecution, the paper said.

Jul 31 18:04

U.S. Military Covers up Murder: Says Soldier Beat Herself to Death

Jul 31 12:45

To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them

There was a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build — we in our shipyard — build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fact that Cheney's office is even talking about such ideas essentially proves that the Administration knows it does not have a genuine reason to go to war with Iran, otherwise they would focus on that rather than faking something up.

Jul 30 13:28

Officials: Al Qaeda's Mad Scientist Killed

Intelligence officials investigating the early Monday missile attack confirmed that Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar, also known as Abu Khabab al-Masri was one of six men killed and his remains had been positively identified.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this time, STAY dead, dammit!

Jul 30 10:35


There is nothing new in a government lying to their people to start a war. Indeed because most people prefer living in peace to bloody and horrific death in war, any government that desires to initiate a war usually lies to their people to create the illusion that support for the war is the only possible choice they can make.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As Israel pushes for the US to make war on Iran, it is worth recalling just how we got into Iraq!

Jul 30 10:33


It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As the drums beat louder for a war in Iran, it is time to look back and the lies that created other wars.

Jul 30 10:31

FLASHBACK: British MP Michael Meacher suggests Security Services are shielding July 7 bomb plotters

Senior Labour member of Parliament and former environment minister Michael Meacher has written in the Guardian newspaper, alleging that a thorough investigation into the July 7 terror bombings in London may be thwarted by the intelligence services.

Jul 30 10:29

Heightened state of alert over dissident republicans

THE PSNI, Garda Síochána and British and Irish security services remain on high alert against the threat from dissident republicans and are devoting considerable resources to tackling them, according to senior security sources.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like MI5 is getting ready to "generate" some terror as a distraction from the coming invasion of Iran.

Jul 30 09:16

The World's Foremost Terrorist - The US Government

Any country willing to spend 30 years lying, conniving and scheming - and blow over $3 trillion (reported) on nothing - is pretty damned stupid or desperate. In the case of American policy, I submit, both apply...and we can, with no effort, add in DELUSIONAL.

Jul 26 17:08

Terror Threats to Olympic Games

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How very convenient for the war hawks if something happens.

Especially since the CIA is behind these central Asia "terror" groups.

Jul 25 11:20

Intel: Attack by al-Qaida westerners possible

Information recently obtained by the Mossad and Military Intelligence indicates that global jihad elements are working to recruit European and American nationals who have been indoctrinated with radical Islamic ideology to carry out attacks inside Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: The Arabs don't fall for the "I'll give you 5 sheckles to deliver this box of cookies" any more, so the Mossad has to find some dumb-ass white guys to pretend to be 'Al Qaeda'.

Jul 24 14:44

Nov. 22, 1963

And right here -- in just the fifth paragraph! -- you already have the overwhelming desire to take him by the collar and shout: Max!!! Buddy!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Abort, abort! Entire human beings have disappeared in Dealey Plaza!! It's the Bermuda Triangle of pop culture!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll go you one better, between JFK rehashes and UFO stories, there seems to be an awful lot of DISTRACTIONS in the American media all of a sudden!

Jul 24 09:30

Conyers Tries To Kill Impeachment Hearings Before They Start

John Conyers is now taking the position that no one at Friday’s impeachment hearing can accuse Bush or Cheney of any crime, or any impeachable offense, or dishonorable conduct, or even lying.

Moreover, Conyers is now saying that he will shut the hearing down if anyone does accuse the boys of crimes, impeachable offenses, or otherwise being naughty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Conyers wins the "Bush/Cheney Enabler of the Week Award"

Jul 24 07:11

Well, this might be one reason History Channel and National Geographic are so full of UFO crap these days

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not to mention Ed Mitchell's interview from yesterday.

Jul 23 16:32

Brown criticized for misquoting Iranian president on Israel

"It has been mentioned in the press so often that the 'wipe off the map' statement about Israel by Ahmadinejad was a mistranslation, yet Gordon Brown repeated the same mistranslation in his speech to the Israeli parliament," said Anthony McRoy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And he knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he did it, too!

Jul 23 08:10

FEMA seeks immunity from suits over trailer fumes

"FEMA is right to blame the manufacturers for the production of the toxic trailers, but the agency is not without culpability or legal liability for this debacle," Buzbee said in a written statement Tuesday

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the most amazing hallmarks of this administration has been its cavalier,collective, and complete lack of responsibility, when things went horribly wrong for people at the bad end of any decision-making process, from Abu Ghraib to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Almost to a person, they will accept no shame or blame for anything they have done, which is - of course - the mark of a true sociopath.

Jul 23 07:30

Bin Laden's driver knew 9/11 target, lawyer says

As the government began calling witnesses against Hamdan, two U.S. soldiers testified about the tense and chaotic backdrop to his capture and early interrogation near Kandahar, Afghanistan, including three violent incidents involving cars stopped at a vehicle checkpoint in the village of Takhteh Pol. Prosecutors have alleged that two SA-7 surface-to-air missiles were found there in Hamdan's car.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, the US Government does not have a real case against this man.

Jul 22 09:34


A new ballistics analysis of radar-recorded wreckage items shows that the explosion that brought down TWA Flight 800 was a detonation or super-sonic explosion that occurred prior to the fuel tank explosion that federal investigators say caused the jetliner’s demise.