UK's Jewish Chronicle tries to bully webmasters over Aaronovich article

The Jewish Chronicle, the mouthpiece of Britain's Jews and a supporter of the State of Israel, seems to have become unhinged by an article published by Gilad Atzmon in which he viewed how Israel propagandist David Aaronovitch is whipping up British public opinion against Iran in a manner that is reminiscent of his role in advocating war on Iraq.

Gilad's article was first published on his own website ( and subsequently republished by a number of other websites, including (

David Aaronovich is listed by the Israel Hasbara Committee as one of its authors ( He also writes for the Jewish Chronicle and the London Times.

However, despite the article being totally kosher, something has incensed the Jewish Chronicle, so much so that it has contacted several webmasters in an attempt to bully them into taking down Gilad's article.

This is somewhat perplexing because the Jewish Chronicle is mentioned only once in Gilad's article, in connection with fact that one of its writers, Nick Cohen, encouraged the war on Iraq – together with Aaronovich.

Perhaps Gilad Atzmon's incisive analyses of Zionism and Jewish identity are getting to them at last!