I Wanna Grow Weed

I Wanna Grow Weed by The Gitmos


New song up from The Gitmos. This one is a bit of a departure for us: mostly-acoustic, lots of mandolins and banjo. A song of green freedom. If the link above doesn't work, go to thegitmos.com and hit the "listen" tab. Lyrics:


by The Gitmos

I wanna grow weed in my back yard
I’ll do it right—It won’t be hard
To keep the neighborhood kids from finding out
I’ll build a fence so high

I wanna grow weed and you will see
It’s good for our security
They say the drug trade benefits the terrorists
So why not just grow your own

I wanna grow weed like Washington
He did it right at Mount Vernon
He even separated males from female plants
It’s mentioned in his diaries!

I wanna get high
I wanna get high
And the law should comply –with me

I wanna grow weed, It’s just a plant
The stupid government says I can’t
They’d rather I get hooked on prescription drugs
Or drink myself to death

I wanna grow weed and you will say
Hey that smells good, would ya smoke a jay?
You’ll find that I am most hospitable
To not would just be rude

I wanna grow weed I must confess
It’s my pursuit of happiness
I got no medical condition to relieve
I really just wanna get stoned

I wanna get high.
I wanna get high
And the law should comply –with me (X2)