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Aug 15 13:29

There's 4 sides to every story! No video on cash far!

I've watched the video released by the police in Ferguson Missouri.
One question! Where is the view of the cashier and cash register? All I see is 3 sides of the store. Front door where you see the kid and his friend come in and then go out with some kind of a shoving contest between the big guy and the little guy. The other view is of a long wall with racks and soda dispenser all the way to the back wall. No angle on the cash register or cashier.
Why did they leave out that angle. Does it show the 2 individuals making their purchase or not. Do the police have that third angle. What does it show!

UPDATE:We know now the store didn't call the police. Supposedly a customer did.
We also know courtesy of the police chief that his officer didn't know about any strongarmed robbery at the convenience store at the time of the shooting.
The story keeps changing always a sign that something is amiss!

Jul 31 09:32

Stumblefucked Again! Go figure!

Yesterday after stumbling one of Mikes posts(very graphic pics of kids blown to pieces by Israel),they turned my page off for several hours. Got back on put up more stuff on Gaza TURNED OFF AGAIN!Got turned back on put up more Gaza stories shut down again.
So far today got some stuff up waiting to be turned off again.
They are in a panic folks and we are winning!

Sep 25 07:15

Beware Gordon Duff!

Yesterday Friday the 25th of September I was listening to Mike's interview with Gordon Duff. Mr. Duff floored me in the last minute or so of the show when he said he would like to throw out our Constitution and Bill of Rights and replace them and our Constitutional Republic with a parliamentary democracy like they have in merry old England. Just like the NWO boys want to do!
At the beginning of the interview Mr. Duff started to promulgate the no plane hit the Pentagon theory and Mike brought him up short on that. Mike didn't have time to dispute Mr. Duff on the outrageous statement he made at the end of the interview as he snuck it in just as the show was ending.

Sep 09 09:39

You Ca'nt Fight a Lie With a Hoax

The phony interview Charlie Sheen did with Obama and Alex Jone's hyping it as the greatest most important story he has ever covered seems to have blown up in his face!
Comments at Infowars are still closed down. Unfriendly blogs are using the hoax as a hammer to beat 911 truth. It would appear that this was a dvd promotion and nothing else.
The first posting of the interview contained no disclaimer.Hundreds of posters believed Charlie Sheen actually interviewed Obama. When posters started getting wise to the hoax,comments at Infowars were shut down and as I type this they are still shut down.