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August 21, 2015

Aug 21 17:40

Official Statement On The Duke-Jones Debate

Even though Mr. Jones made snide attacks on me in his 30 minute challenge for the debate and in the debate made snide comments about whether I was a goblin or cyclops, etc. and using the completely false "white supremacist" attack in diatribes and caricatures of me before the debate as well as doing so a few times in the debate, I engaged in no name calling or ridicule of him. I could have cited a number of outrageous things he has said and done. I did not respond in kind. I was there to educate.

No. I came on his show at his own invitation to have an intellectual discussion on the world's greatest problem, the globalist war on humanity, a war being waged on behalf of a small tyrannical tribal elite. Yes. I said it, the driving force behind The New World Order and Globalism is the Jewish Tribal Elite!

Aug 21 16:46

David Miliband dragged into Hillary Clinton email scandal after it emerges confidential British intelligence was sent to presidential hopeful's private account

She has repeatedly insisted that she did not send or receive any classified information on her private account.

However it has emerged that among a host of emails sent and received by Mrs Clinton from her private account include at least 30 relating to 'foreign government information'.

Experts said any information from foreign governments – including the UK – is 'presumed classified' and should never be sent to private email accounts to protect national security and the integrity of diplomatic relations.

Aug 21 16:26

FDA Is Killing Our Freedoms and Destroying Our Health

And only a defense of medical freedom can stop them.

There is no reforming the FDA or Big Pharma... only the right to refuse can protect the health of this country.

Read more at Truthstream Media.com

Aug 21 16:01

Germany to propose update of glyphosate's hazard classification

New classification would warn chemical “may cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure”

Aug 21 15:57

Israel launches 2nd round of air strikes in Syria, killing 6

DAMASCUS, Syria — Israeli air strikes in southern Syria killed six people and wounded seven, Syrian state TV reported Friday, in retaliation for a rocket attack on Israel that Jerusalem blamed on militants backed by Iran.

Aug 21 15:29

America: A Land Where Justice Is Absent — Paul Craig Roberts

America’s First Black President is a traitor to his race and also to justice.

Obama has permitted the corrupt US Department of Justice (sic), over which he wields authority, to overturn the ruling of a US Federal Court of Appeals that prisoners sentenced illegally to longer terms than the law permits must be released once the legal portion of their sentence is served. The DOJ, devoid of all integrity, compassion, and sense of justice, said that “finality” of conviction was more important than justice. Indeed, the US Justice (sic) Department’s motto is: “Justice? We don’t need no stinkin’ justice!”

Aug 21 15:21

DHS Kept Secret the Release Of Violent Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Obama administration officials only began notifying local law enforcement officials of the release of violent criminal illegal immigrants within the last two weeks, according to Arizona law enforcement officials, who say they have for years been kept in the dark about the release of illegal immigrants back into local towns.

Aug 21 15:21

NYT Says ‘Pro-Israel Community’ Opposes Iran Deal–Ignoring Actual Opinions

In a news article about Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D.-N.Y.) endorsing the Iran nuclear deal, the New York Times‘ Alexander Burns (8/21/15) wrote of “the challenge facing Jewish Democrats in Congress, many of whom feel torn between their progressive inclinations and support for Mr. Obama, and their deep relationships with a pro-Israel community intensely opposed to the deal.”

Aug 21 15:17

S.Korean protesters burn portraits of Kim Jong-Un over peninsula tension

Citizens of South Korea are burning pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in protest, after North Korea is allegedly to test-fire short and medium-range missiles. It comes a day after the two rival nations exchanged artillery fire across the border.

Aug 21 15:06

Blood On The Streets Of Europe - Stocks Crash By Most In 4 Years, Bond Risk Surges

Carnage - everywhere. A surging EUR - as CNH carry traders unwind en masse - has led to an unwind across most risky assets in Europe. This week saw EuroStoxx 600 - the broad index - crash almost 6%, its biggest drop since September 2011. Perhaps most stunningly, Germany's DAX was the biggest loser - collapsing 7.4% on the week. European bonds are are also seeing risk increase dramatically with Portugal and Italy worst (aside from Greece's blowout). Europe's VIX topped 30 this week, as US VIX surges.

Aug 21 15:06

Democrats fret over lingering questions about Clinton's use of private email

Lawmakers say turning over server hasn't kept the issue from being a distraction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You WISH it was just a distraction!

Aug 21 14:53

Microsoft has no plans to tell us what’s in Windows patches

Each update is a black box, and they're going to stay that way.

Aug 21 14:52

Google ordered to remove links to stories about Google removing links to stories

Google faces fines from the UK's ICO if it does not comply with ridiculous recursion.

Aug 21 14:32

This Is How Important News Segments Never Make It On The Air.

Aug 21 14:27

In Victory for Corporations, Court Rejects Rule on Labeling Goods Containing “Conflict Minerals”

Since 1998, more than 5 million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo in what has been described as the deadliest documented conflict in African history. Much of the fighting has been over precious minerals including tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold. Tantalum has become a precious commodity in the digital age — it’s found in cellphones, DVD players, laptops and hard drives. Human rights groups have long pushed for mandatory labeling of so-called "conflict minerals" in order to allow consumers and investors to avoid fueling the bloody conflict through the purchase of their products. The mandatory disclosure policy became law as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. But this week a federal appeals court ruled the Securities and Exchange Commission cannot force companies to disclose whether minerals come from the Democratic Republic of Congo because the mandatory labeling would violate the companies’ freedom of speech.

Aug 21 14:24

VIX Soars 46%

Aug 21 14:19

John Oliver lifted the lid on prosperity gospel pastors — here’s how their IRS enablers make you help pay their way

John Oliver’s segment on televangelist prosperity preachers this week has exposed what some say is a massive system of fraud that is being carried out on vulnerable people with no government enforcement or oversight.

Aug 21 14:19

In a Final Speech, Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Declares: “We Must Practice Dissent”

In one of his final speeches, the late civil rights leader Julian Bond spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on May 2, 2015, as part of the "Vietnam: Power of Protest" conference. He was introduced by the actor and activist Danny Glover. Julian Bond died on August 15 at the age of 75. Bond first gained prominence in 1960 when he organized a series of student sit-ins while attending Morehouse College. He went on to help found SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Julian Bond would go on to co-found the Southern Poverty Law Center. He served as the organization’s first president from 1971 to 1979. From 1998 to 2010, he was chairman of the NAACP.

Aug 21 14:18

TransNorway - Euro TRANNY MIND CONTROL and the NWO LGBT Agenda

Aug 21 14:17

Dow 5,000? Yes, it could happen

Aug 21 14:05

Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out

Windows 10 is amazing. Windows 10 is fantastic. Windows 10 is glorious. Windows 10 is faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any Windows operating system that has come before it. Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been, addressing nearly all of the major problems users had with Microsoft’s previous-generation platform in one fell swoop.

But there’s something you should know: As you read this article from your newly upgraded PC, Windows 10 is also spying on nearly everything you do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Microsoft says is reading and accessing all the content in your computer, mail, movies, data, audio,excel files,pictures,porn,pirated items,torrents,illegal speech, etc. and if they find something illegal,you will be accused as a criminal to FBI and local Police

Here is the statement:

"We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to."

Aug 21 14:03

Here We Go: Information in Hillary Clinton’s Emails ‘Born Classified’

Dozens of emails that passed through Hillary Clinton’s server during her time as secretary of state reportedly contained information automatically considered classified by the U.S. government and State Department’s own regulations.

According to Reuters, at least 30 e-mail threads dating from as far back as 2009 contained what the State Department describes as “foreign government information.” That number represents scores of individual emails that have already been made public, including 17 sent by Clinton herself. At least one of those emails was sent to longtime supporter Sidney Blumenthal, who did not hold a government position at the time.

Aug 21 13:31

Everyone must fear Russia! Nobody knows why, but if the Pentagon says so then it must be true, right?

Russia is a “very, very significant threat” to the national security of the United States, says Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, concurring with top military officials’ assessment.

Aug 21 13:29

EPA Deliver Toxic Oil, Fracking Water Tanks to Navajos

Being that the EPA was responsible for the release of the toxic water, they are responsible for getting fresh water to the people cut off further down the river.

The American Indian Navajo Nation trusted the EPA / US Government would do the right thing — that the culprits of the spill would be held responsible, and they would bring in fresh water for public use while the whole mess is cleaned up.

The “water” sent to the Indian nation for crop, and animal use was literally sent in unwashed oil tanks — still filled partially with petroleum, and toxic chemicals. (This toxic “water” is not even safe to the touch for humans , animals, or plants / crops)

Aug 21 13:19

The Bully of the Middle East, Israel Bombs Syria

On Friday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported Israeli warplanes bombed a military post near Quneitra in Syrian controlled Golan killing one soldier, wounding eight others.

Aug 21 13:03

In the US, a former soldier convicted of attempting to produce radiological weapons

The jury recognized the resident of the US state of New York Glendon Crawford guilty of attempting to use a X-ray machine to kill Muslims.

Aug 21 13:02

Former Red Light Ticket Cam CEO pleads guilty to helping orchestrate $2M bribery scheme,

On Thursday, Finley stood in a Chicago courtroom and admitted her role in orchestrating a $2 million scheme to bribe a top city transportation official

Aug 21 12:58

Kissinger urges US to treat Russia as ‘great power’

Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger has urged the United States to treat Russia as a “great power” and stop making efforts to break it.

Aug 21 12:39

The War Criminal Who Won The Nobel Peace Prize: Barack Obama

As the United States renews a bombing campaign against ISIS forces in Syria, it seems like America’s penchant for waging war knows no bounds. During the first seven years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the U.S. bombed seven countries while supporting other destabilizing military actions throughout the Middle East.

Aug 21 12:36

Binyamin Netanyahu, the magician's apprentice

Uri Avnery examines Binyamin Netanyahu’s blunders – his fumbling with Iran’s non-existent nuclear bomb, his attempts to play off Hamas against the Palestinian mainstream – and concludes that the man is a fool.

Aug 21 12:35

Miller: in the budget of Ukraine there is no money to buy gas

To restart Russian gas supplies Ukraine needs only money, but there is no money in the budget. Passage of winter by Ukraine is questionable, as well as security of gas transit through Europe, said the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller.

Aug 21 12:29

Stocks, Oil Plunge and It’s Not Even September Yet: “Feeling of Fear in the Marketplace”

Today's market crash shows a very real fear has set in about how quickly it could all come unglued.

Here's just a few quotes about that market sentiment:

“Right now there is a feeling of fear in the marketplace and all news is interpreted negatively" [...]

“I think uncertainty about China (and) general negativity is weighing on the market." [...]

“It’s a very important psychological level... It really signals that the global economy is in trouble.”

Read more at SHTFplan.com

WEBMASTER ADDITION: Before "Black Tuesday" October 24, 1929, there had been a smaller crash in August. That the market appeared to recover generated a false sense of safety and even more reckless margin trading, leading to the October crash. Today may be our "August."

Aug 21 12:28

Gold prices heading up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

'Quick! Sell more worthless paper contracts! We gotta keep gold down so people don't dump their stock portfolios!" -- Gold in my Sacks

Aug 21 12:22

$25,000 for anyone who can prove Sandy Hook wasn’t staged

A man is offering $25,000 to any party who can substantively disprove his claim that the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was staged. Taking to YouTube as a platform one Joe Jones of Kentucky thinks the tragic incident was carried out with the aid of “crisis actors” at a building “decommissioned several years prior to the day of the event” because of “asbestos and mold.” By late 2012 “the building was just being used for storage,” he says in the video.

Aug 21 12:18

Stocks plunge in global sell-off posting their worst week of 2015

Fresh worries about China’s economy; oil prices see longest losing streak in almost 30 years.

World stock markets fell sharply on Friday, heading for their worst week of the year, and commodities swung lower as more data pointed to slower growth in China and sent investors scurrying to the safety of bonds and gold.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 21 11:57

Former IAEA Head of Verification: AP’s Iran Doc a “Crude” Forgery

Former head of verification and security policy coordination at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Tariq Rauf, told The Huffington Post that a document disseminated by AP, which purportedly says Iran will “self-inspect” the Parchin center, is “Likely a crude attempt to hinder [the negotiation process]… [The] origin of the document could be similar to that of the ‘Niger Letter’ re uranium purchases by Iraq.” The “Niger Letter” was used as part of the effort to persuade the US public to support the US’s illegal invasion of Iraq.

Aug 21 11:57

Hillary Clinton’s Keystone Crisis

Hillary Clinton’s pipeline problem started in earnest this July 28, when Bruce Blodgett, a retired software engineer, asked Clinton about her position on Keystone XL during a town hall forum in Nashua, New Hampshire. The video of Clinton’s response is painful to watch, in part because it’s so emblematic of the cautiousness and doublespeak that even her supporters wish their candidate would move away from.

Aug 21 11:31

The U.S. and South Korea halted military exercises due to the deterioration with the DPRK

The U.S. and South Korea stop joint military exercises in the Korean Peninsula amid the worsening situation in the region and threats from North Korea, reports the Associated Press, citing unnamed sources in the Ministry of defense. As noted by these sources, the US is following the situation in the region, but do not take further military steps.
The exercises began on Monday this week and was to last until August 28. In attendance were 50 000 South Korean and about 3,000 American troops.
The exercise was held amid a sharp discontent and threats from the DPRK, which considered that these exercises "are little different from a Declaration of war". Pyongyang also threatened to use against the USA modern unknown world weapons, if they will not abandon the exercise.

Aug 21 11:28

Latvia intends to "contain" Russia with the help of heavy machinery of NATO

As reported, the head of the military department of Latvia on Friday expressed concern over the rearmament of the Russian army.
Earlier Bergmanis stated that the first American heavy machinery will arrive in Latvia in 2016.
According to the US Department of Defense, in the near future in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (including Baltic countries) will be placed about 1.2 thousand armored vehicles and artillery systems.

Aug 21 11:14

MI5 has declassified data about critic who spied for the Soviet Union

Counterintelligence UK MI5 declassified documents showing that the British film critic Cedric Belfrage was a Soviet spy. To justice he was never attracted - counterintelligence failed to collect evidence of his espionage activities.
As it turned out, the British counterintelligence had never even questioned Belfrage. Meanwhile, as noted by British historians in the USSR for some time he had been considered more valuable agent than Kim Philby. (Kim Philby was a Soviet spy, one of the key members of the "Cambridge five" (network of Soviet agents recruited at Cambridge University), who held high positions in MI5 and MI6).

Aug 21 11:11

MEGA PUKE FACTOR 9 BEX ALERT - Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes

Genetic changes stemming from the trauma suffered by Holocaust survivors are capable of being passed on to their children, the clearest sign yet that one person’s life experience can affect subsequent generations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? See? Now you have to KEEP on giving us money, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever ..." -- Nodding Yahoo

Aug 21 11:06

FLASHBACK - Tech company which maintained Hillary's secret server was sued for 'illegally accessing' database and 'stealing White House military advisers' phone numbers'

The Internet company used by Hillary Clinton to maintain her private server was sued for stealing dozens of phone lines including some which were used by the White House.

Platte River Networks is said to have illegally accessed the master database for all US phone numbers.

It also seized 390 lines in a move that created chaos across the US government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This reeks of being someone's espionage operation, and the fact that Hillary went all the way to Colorado to hire this company, which was not vetted by the DSS per her own husband's executive order, strongly suggests Hillary was engaged in selling secrets for "donations" to the Clinton Foundation.

Aug 21 10:53

93 million unemployed in the US. Was Trump right?

In an interview with Time magazine, presidential candidate Donald Trump made the following statement about the U.S. economy:
"In reality, the unemployment rate in our country, probably 21%. Not 6%. Not the 5.2% to 5.5%. I'm talking about the real unemployment rate: in fact, I recently saw a graph of our real unemployment, and 90 million people are not working. More precisely, 93. If to count, our real unemployment rate is 42%".

Aug 21 10:49

Joulupukki declared bankrupt for failing to pay taxes

The office of the Finnish Santa Claus — Joulupukki — in Rovaniemi in Lapland was declared bankrupt for non-payment of taxes. In may of this year the tax authorities of Finland warned the company about the introduction of this measure in the case that taxes would not be paid, and on July 31 was launched the process of bankruptcy.
It clarifies the RIA Novosti with reference to the Finnish broadcasting company Yle, the district court declared a bankrupt company Dianordia, which is organizing personal meetings, the Finnish Santa Claus with tourists, failure to pay debts amounting to 206 thousand euros.
Managing office of the Finnish Santa Claus Jarmo Kariniemi told Yle that he hopes that this decision may be revised. According to the tax laws of Finland, the company has 8 days to cover debts or on reaching an agreement with the authorities.

Aug 21 10:49

Now Hillary Is Blaming The Government’s ‘Ridiculous Classification Rules’

Last week Hillary Clinton was blaming Republicans for her email scandal woes; this week she’s blaming the federal government and its “ridiculous classification rules.”

The Democratic presidential candidate sent a tweet early Friday morning which linked to a Politico article and called the government’s classification protocols “the real problem.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 21 10:28

BBC’s Nick Robinson condemns abuse during Scottish independence referendum

BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson condemned last year’s street protests against his Scottish independence referendum coverage.

He said British society should not accept “intimidation and bullying” of journalists because of political differences.

Robinson, who will soon leave BBC News to join Radio 4’s Today program, was accused of having a pro-union bias during his coverage of the Scottish independence referendum last September.

Thousands of pro-independence Scots rallied outside the BBC’s Glasgow headquarters to demand Robinson’s resignation last year after the journalist clashed with former first minister Alex Salmond during a press conference over the possible relocation of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Aug 21 10:24

Clinton Email Backups Must Exist

The newly-employed damage control spokesman denied that the Clinton server wasn’t in the bathroom at Platte River. He says that was where the server that held company billing, receipts, etc. was kept. And I believe him because he says the Clinton server was seized by the FBI out of a typical data center in New Jersey, where Platte River had set it up.

So there you have it; having the server in question sit in a conventional data center is a horrible development for team Clinton.
Why? Because EVERY datacenter on the planet in absolutely responsible to back up all the data with which they are entrusted to the gold standard of data protection – backup tapes.

Aug 21 09:49

In the US the second city after Detroit declared bankrupt

In particular, we are talking about a relatively small city Hillview, a population of about 8 thousand people. The city is bankrupt in Kentucky. Earlier, in 2013, for the first time in US history, the Detroit declared himself bankrupt.
Hillview has filed a claim for recognition of its bankruptcy due to inability to pay the debt of $ 100 million. The city has the assets only in the amount of $ 10 million. The reason for the high debt is a legal battle with the Truck America Training because of the deal for the sale of land. The court ordered the city to pay the company $ 11.4 million.

Aug 21 09:48

Kiev's Renewed Assault on Donbass to Trigger US-Russian War – Stephen Cohen

There are some worrisome signs emerging that Kiev may be planning a new military assault against Donbass, Professor Stephen F. Cohen notes, warning that a US/NATO involvement in the civil war in Ukraine may potentially prompt a backlash from Russia, leading to a direct standoff between the two nuclear powers.

There are growing signs that Kiev may soon launch an offensive against the two breakaway republics in Donbass, professor of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University Stephen F. Cohen emphasizes.

But why is Kiev considering escalating its military operation in the East? There are three possible reasons, according to the scholar.
The first possibility is that the Kiev regime understands that it is in a dire political situation, and a renewed military campaign is seen as the only way reignite support from the country.

Aug 21 09:44

Plunge Protection Teams of the World, Unite!

Aug 21 09:43

About-Face: Autopsy Shows Police Shot St. Louis Teen in the Back

A young black man, who was killed by police in St. Louis this week, died from a gunshot to the back, according to the results of an autopsy.

An autopsy of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey, who was killed by St. Louis policemen on Wednesday, has revealed that he died from a single wound in the back, media reports quoted police officials as saying.
It was earlier reported that St. Louis police officers killed the 18-year-old while conducting a search on his home.

Police claimed that two suspects had been attempting to flee, when the young man pointed a gun at officers and refused to drop it, prompting them to shoot and kill him. The other man remains on the run.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to conclude that there is no credibility or accountability in any office of government, including that of state or city police.

Aug 21 09:41


I have received many emails regarding the various articles I have written about the problems with the current economic system of being forced to borrow all currency at interest from a privately-owned central bank. This is, of course, the very system of banking the United States fought a revolution to be free of, only to be sold back into said banker slavery not just once, but three times by corrupted congresses and corrupted presidents.

I have been asked to collect all those articles into a single page to make it easier for people to send to their friends, and this collection is the result.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 21 09:32

Greece crisis: Syriza rebels form new party

Greek media reports say 25 rebel Syriza MPs will join the new party, called Laiki Enotita (Popular Unity).

The party will be led by former energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, who was strongly opposed to the bailout deal.

Aug 21 09:22

North Korea - South Korea: Kim Jong-un promises 'indiscriminate strikes' and places country on 'war footing' after artillery shots fired

Kim Jong-un has put North Korea on a war footing and threatened "indiscriminate strikes" against the South if it doesn't agree to halt propaganda broadcasts by Saturday evening at 5pm.

Aug 21 09:21

Israel Bombs Syria. Is This A Prelude towards a Full Scale War?

Israel said the IDF “targeted 14 Syrian military posts in the Syrian Golan Heights” – without further explanation. Israeli media reported artillery batteries, army outposts and communications antennae struck.

The attack was perhaps the largest one since the 1967 Six Day War. Is it a possible prelude to US/Israeli/Turkish full-scale war on Assad? Things have been heading toward it for many months.

Israel has multiple objectives – eliminating Syria as a rival regional state, balkanizing the country for easier control, blocking the Iran nuclear deal, blaming nonexistent Tehran-orchestrated rocket fire on northern Israel to influence Congress, and ultimately replace Islamic State sovereignty with pro-Western governance.

Hawkish Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon claimed Thursday’s incident was a “coming attraction” of more to come – from “a richer and more murderous Iran” aided by sanctions relief.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that one of the things both Israel and the US government need to consider, if they are looking at a larger attack to oust Assad, is the following question; what will Russia do, in response to such an action?!?

Putin's response will most probably be asymmetric, but nonetheless effective.

He has shown himself to be a masterful politician, very aware of every nuance any actions Russia may take in this matter.

Aug 21 09:19

July Was The 51st Hottest Since 1895 In The US

Aug 21 09:18

Why Is Israel's Nuclear Arsenal Not Mentioned in Iran Deal Debate?

To some experts, the fierce debate over whether the Iran deal endangers Israel or makes it safer will be incomplete and misleading as long as it skirts the Middle East's only nuclear arms stockpile.

Aug 21 09:16

Stocks Extend Drop as Crude Oil Slumps on China Slowdown

Aug 21 09:16

Ex-Prez Bush, Cheney sued for email, phone spying during Olympics

Ex-US president George W Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and senior law enforcement officials have been named in a class-action lawsuit for authorizing blanket phone, email, and text message surveillance of Utah citizens during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

In 2013 the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI and NSA had done a deal with telco Qwest Communications for blanket surveillance coverage for Salt Lake City during the Winter Olympics. Then-mayor Ross "Rocky" Anderson has now taken up the case and has filed the class action suit.

"This is the first time anyone knows of that a surveillance cone has been placed over a specific geographical area in the United States," he told The Register on Thursday.

"What was so alarming was that they were reading the contents of the text messages and emails."

Aug 21 09:08

Israel Confirms ‘Widespread’ Strikes Against Syria

The Israeli military is confirming that is it launching “widespread” artillery and air strikes against Syrian military targets across the Golan frontier, saying the attacks are meant to send a “strong message” about cross-border fire that landed in an empty field in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

They seem to have settled on blaming the Syrian government, for convenience if nothing else, as it gives them a bunch of easy-to-hit military targets all over the frontier. Since Israel attacks Syria on a fairly regular basis, and often without even this much pretext, it was likely just the simplest course of action for them.

The timing is interesting, as Israeli media reports have talked up the possibility of launching an outright invasion of Syria in recent days, and are presenting the latest incident as the first time fire from Syria has landed inside Israeli territory in over 40 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported today at arutzsheva.com:

A senior IDF officer said on Thursday evening that Iran was behind the rocket attack, noting that the directive to fire the rockets was personally given out by the head of the Palestinian department in Iran’s Al-Quds force. The senior officer’s comments regarding Iran’s involvement in the attack are in line with a report from April, when Iranian officials reportedly told the Syrian regime to strike Israel and open a war front on the Golan. Israeli security sources said the rockets were fired by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, which is funded and directed by Iran, but the group denied the accusations.

IF there was a Pulitzer for sloppy, non-fact based "journalism", it is possible that Israel's Arutz Sheva would be an incredible contender. Notice that there is absolutely no attribution as to who said what, just allegations.

As to whether Israel's military will carry further raids against Syria is unclear; however, this Israeli strike on Syria cannot be premised on anything that could possibly be construed as fact.

Aug 21 08:54

Amazon joins in on killing Flash, stops accepting Flash ads

Webmaster addition: FINALLY! :)

Aug 21 08:49

A bomb from the WWII was found at the plant of BASF in Germany

Unexploded bomb from the Second world war was found at the plant of the chemical company BASF in the German city of Ludwigshafen. On Friday told Reuters.

Aug 21 08:47

Can the States seize control of federal lands?

The term “Sagebrush Rebellion” is again showing up in newspapers across the American west as states seek more control over federal lands within their own boundaries. As with the original Sagebrush Rebellion of the 1970s and 1980s, several western states, where the federal government owns well over one-third of land within the states, have begun to look to more local control of lands as an answer to federal indifference, mismanagement, and outright hostility. In at least one case — Utah — the state has initiated a lawsuit in an effort to wrest more control of lands out of federal hands.

Aug 21 08:40

Roskomnadzor: Administrators of the Wikipedia have not complied with the court's decision to remove the page

Roskomnadzor: Administrators of the Wikipedia have not complied with the court's decision to remove the page.
August 20, Roskomnadzor has sent to the administration of Wikipedia the requirement to remove from the website article with information about the methods of preparation of drugs, otherwise the resource will be blocked.
"The administrators of the Russian version of Wikipedia, although directed to their address notice, still have not complied with the decision Chernoyarsky district court of the Astrakhan region in relation to one of the pages with the information prohibited for distribution in Russia", - stated in the message of Roskomnadzor.
Thus as the administrators of Wikipedia online resource operates on the basis of the HTTPS Protocol that does not allow access restrictions to individual pages, will be blocked the entire resource.

Aug 21 08:38

Vice-Speaker of the State Duma asking to ban the use of Windows 10 in state institutions

Microsoft announced that it had adopted a final decision on reduction of the staff involved in the mobile business in Finland. As reported by the newspaper "Taloussanomat", this measure will affect 2.3 thousand employees in Suomi. http://tass.ru/ekonomika/2201851

Aug 21 08:37

Defense Secretary: Russia an ‘Existential Threat’ to US

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is parroting a number of top Pentagon officials on the issue of Russia today, affirming that he too believes Russia is an “existential threat” to the United States simply by virtue of being a very large country with a lot of nuclear weapons.

Speaking at the Pentagon, Carter insisted Russia’s status as a threat is nothing new, but that Putin is suddenly acting “as an antagonist” to the US on certain issues, and said the US is changing their playbook with NATO to “harden” areas along the Russian frontier.

So far this “hardening” has consisted of the US “pre-positioning” massive amounts of combat vehicles in Eastern Europe, to save themselves the trouble of having to ship them during an actual war. It has also involved massive military drills directly on the Russian border, which several groups have warned risk provoking a conflict neither side really wants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter; sir, have you also imbibed the Koolaid which has made you, publicly, barking mad on this issue?!?

You could have successfully accused Russia and Putin of this in the 80s, when Americans still believed that there was some shred of credibility in whatever the government told them; but not now.

The American people understand, full well, that whatever the Federal government tells them is most probably completely untrue, and economically agenda-driven, except perhaps for weather reports.

We are war-weary and war skeptical, after the debacles of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, and know that this government lies through its collective teeth to get wars going.

And we, the American people demand a thorough stop to these malignant military misadventures, thank you very much.

This government, and administration have lost any possible shred of credibility whatsoever, and the American people have completely tuned you out.

There is a wonderful line in the second Sherlock Holmes film, where the Moriarty character makes the observation (which I am paraphrasing) indicating that a war is coming, and he wants to corner the markets in both bullets and bandages; so it is for your friends who are chairs of boards of the American military industrial complex, who will pocket a pretty penny from a potential war with Russia.

Karl Marx got a lot of things wrong, but one thing he said was absolutely correct: all wars are economic in nature.

The US government is lurching toward a war, because they cannot think of any way to save a sputtering economy, which is spiraling out of control and for which the death knell is already sounding. The Federal government is looking to use a war as an excuse for this horrific economic mess into which it has gotten this country, so we are in a race to see what comes first; a complete economic collapse, or a world war.

The Russians and Chinese are making deals to get what they want geopolitically. The US government wages wars to get what it wants geopolitically.

What is wrong with this picture, Secretary Carter?!? BLOODY EVERYTHING.

Aug 21 08:37

FLASHBACK - SMOKING GUN! US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

BREAKING REPORT=> SMOKING GUN! US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

Jim Hoft May 18th, 2015 8:44 am

FOX News confirmed today that the US ran guns from Benghazi to Syria before the attack on the US consulate on September 11, 2012.

The US Ambassador to Libya and three others were killed in the terrorist attack.

The Obama administration was running weapons to Syria.
benghazi guns syria

FOX News reported Monday that the US was sending guns to Banias and Borj Islam, Syria before the Benghazi terrorist attack.

US Intelligence agencies were fully aware that weapons were moving from the terrorist stronghold in Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans…
September 16, 2012 DIA Memo copied to the National Security Council, CIA, and others concluded the Benghazi terrorist attack was planned at least ten or more days in advance…

The memo also tied the attack to 9-11… No discussion of a demonstration or anti-Mohammad video.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So here is the problem.

If Hillary on her own smuggled guns from Libya to the Syrian hired mercenaries, which includes ISIS and Al Qaeda, this constitutes an act of treason as she gave aid to declared enemies of the United States (Al Qaeda and ISIS) in time of war. Obama cannot say that he gave the order for this operation without 300 million Americans suddenly realizing what a total fraud the War On Terror is, and how their tax money is being spent to arm the "terror" groups that more of our tax money (and children's blood) is spent to oppose!

Hillary just became a live liability for the entire administration and the intelligence community!

Forget about being thrown in prison! Hilary could suddenly become VEEEEEEERY depressed, or suffer a crash of her campaign aircraft!

But, at this point, what difference does it make? :)

Aug 21 08:36


The incidents follows a visit earlier this week to Israel’s northern border by the Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and defence minister Moshe Ya’alon and anonymous briefings to Israeli military correspondents that appeared to suggest Israel might be preparing a contingency plan to strike back in Syria in the event of an escalation.?
Northern Israel has been hit by four rockets fired from Syrian territory, amid contradictory claims from Israeli defence spokesmen over who was responsible.

Aug 21 08:33

Boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks Putin for Russian citizenship, Vlad says OK

American boxer Roy Jones asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to give him Russian citizenship during a meeting in Sevastopol. The answer was ‘Yes’.

Aug 21 08:28

“The War on Drugs is Over, and We Lost,” Meet the Police Chief Who’s Starting a Revolution

“The war on drugs is over,” Campanello said in an interview. “And we lost. There is no way we can arrest our way out of this. We’ve been trying that for 50 years. We’ve been fighting it for 50 years, and the only thing that has happened is heroin has become cheaper and more people are dying.”

In March of this year, after receiving news of yet another heroin overdose, Campanello took to Facebook and began a revolution.

“If you are a user of opiates or heroin, let us help you. We know you do not want this addiction. We have resources here in the City that can and will make a difference in your life. Do not become a statistic,” wrote Campanello.

Aug 21 08:28


For decades, the Soviet Gulags under Joseph Stalin had been considered some of the worst prisons in all of history. But now things have changed. The United States has far exceeded the horrific tolls of the gulags. In the Soviet example, there were more than 18 million victims during the gulags’ use over four decades. Around a million people died in the gulags over the years.

Aug 21 08:28

Video: Media spins Clinton, Trump scandals as party line stereotypes redefined

In the upcoming US election, police brutality appears to be a key issue for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Aug 21 08:26

Russian Unemployment Nears Historic Lows Despite Sanctions

Yet Bloomberg still wants to pretend this isn’t a positive sign.

Aug 21 08:25

High Flying: There is nothing like snow in July to make an introduction

Much to my pleasant surprise, the Centennials put on quite a display of summertime snowfall, with measurable accumulation down below 9,000’ in some places, contrasting beautifully with green grass on the peaks and bright summer sunshine. Despite having lived in Colorado with this airplane, this was the first time I captured green grass on the summit with snow on it.

Aug 21 08:25

Do the Rich Rule the United States?

Is America’s political system controlled by a small financial elite? One former president thinks so.

Almost 40 years after he was elected, former President Jimmy Carter commented recently that our political system is now “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery.” He may be right.

Aug 21 08:24


A German intelligence officer, who is accused of spying for the United States Central Intelligence Agency, has been officially charged with treason by authorities in Berlin. The 32-year-old man, identified in court papers only as “Markus R.”, worked as a clerk at the Bundesnachrichtendienst, or BND, Germany’s external intelligence agency. He was arrested in July 2014 on suspicion of having spied for the CIA for approximately two years. German prosecutors say they have evidence that shows Markus R. supplied the American spy agency with around 200 classified German government documents in exchange for around €25,000 —approximately $30,000.

Aug 21 08:24

Is an Attack by Kiev Imminent? Yes! So What Else Is New

Its real purpose would not be to reconquer Donbass but to draw Russia into east Ukraine.

Aug 21 08:23

In Israel, Huckabee goes against longstanding U.S. policy

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Wednesday rejected the notion that the West Bank is occupied territory insisting instead that the largely Palestinian-populated territory is part of Israel.

Huckabee's statements -- during a trip to Israel -- fly in the face of international law and longstanding U.S. policy, which consider the West Bank as occupied territory and the construction of additional settlements in that territory illegal.

"I don't see it as occupied," Huckabee said Wednesday during a press conference in Jerusalem. "That makes it appear as if someone is illegally taking land. I don't see it that way."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I know who I work for!" -- Fuckabee

Aug 21 08:19

In bid to ram through austerity package, Tsipras calls snap elections in Greece

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras used a nationally televised address yesterday evening to announce his resignation and the calling of snap elections. While Tsipras defended his government’s imposition of a European Union (EU) package of deep austerity measures, government sources said the elections would most likely be set for September 20, before these measures begin to go into effect in October.

Aug 21 08:19

Federal Judge: Clinton ‘Violated Government Policy’

A federal judge declared today that Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private server and e-mail account for government work “violated government policy,” contrary to the Democratic frontrunner’s claims.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan presided over a hearing Thursday afternoon meant to determine whether the State Department was sufficiently forthcoming about Clinton’s e-mails and e-mail policies. “We wouldn’t be here today if this employee had followed government policy,” Sullivan, a Bill Clinton appointee, said at the hearing. “There was a violation of government policy.”

Aug 21 08:18

House lawsuit against Obama is turning into a real problem for the president

unprecedented House lawsuit against President Obama that was once derided as a certain loser looks stronger now and may soon deliver an early legal round to Republican lawmakers complaining of executive branch overreach.

A federal judge is expected to decide shortly whether to dismiss the suit, but thanks to an amended complaint and a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Republican-backed case has a much better chance of proceeding, attorneys agree.

At issue is whether the House may sue in court to defend its constitutionally granted "power of the purse" if the president spends money that was not appropriated by Congress.

The lawsuit alleges that Obama's top aides quietly claimed the power to spend $178 billion over the next decade to reimburse health insurers for covering the cost of co-payments for low-income people who buy subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All financial bills are supposed to originate in the House of Representatives, period, end of discussion.

And Secretary Burwell; monies given to health insurers to compensate for fees under Obamacare are now "..akin to entitlements, so there was no need to seek additional approval from Congress"?!?

THAT is completely hubristic in the extreme, and I hope the lawsuit is successful against this administration on that reason alone.

Aug 21 08:17

Read This to Understand the Scale of Shelling and Civilian Suffering in East Ukraine

A compilation of news reports from a space of just a few days - this goes on all the time.

Ukraine Shelling Keeping OSCE out of a Suffering East Ukraine Town http://russia-insider.com/en/ukraine-shelling-keeping-osce-out-sufferi...

Aug 21 08:17


Following two recent deadly incidents at movie theatres in the US, the Regal Entertainment Group – the nation’s largest movie theater chain – this week added a bag and purse check policy as a security measure in some of the 569 theaters it operates. “Security issues have become a daily part of our lives in America. Regal Entertainment Group wants our customers and staff to feel comfortable and safe when visiting or working in our theatres,” the chain said in a statement.

Aug 21 08:16

The Fed Is Bluffing About a 2015 Rate Hike

What did we tell you…

The Janet Yellen Fed will not raise interest rates in any meaningful way anytime soon. Instead, she will announce new QE programs.

Yesterday, red was showing up just about everywhere – U.S. stocks, European stocks, Asian stocks, emerging markets stocks, crude oil…

Aug 21 08:16

Nothing to See Here: WaPo Pooh-Poohs Sanders’ Surging Crowds

With each city Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders visits, the number of supporters he draws to his rallies keeps growing. Since June 1, Sanders has spoken to 100,000 people across seven events.

Aug 21 08:14

The West Spreads Intellectual Idiocy

Could any dictator desire more? Almost the entire population of the Empire is now thinking the same way!

The populace is “educated” at schools and the universities staffed with submissive, and cowardly teachers and professors.

The populace is “informed” by hundreds of thousands of servile journalists and “analysts”. There is almost no deviation from the official narrative.

Congratulations, Western Empire! You have succeeded where others tried but failed. You have achieved almost absolute obedience and discipline, a total servility.

And more than that most of the people actually think that they are free, that they are in control. They believe that they can choose, that they can decide. They are confident that theirs is the greatest civilization ever built on Earth!

Aug 21 08:14

NASA confirms world will not end by asteroid strike in September

"There is no scientific basis — not one shred of evidence — that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates," NASA's Near-Earth Object office manager Paul Chodas said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And another piece of planted propaganda to "kookify" the net goes down in flames!

Aug 21 08:13

7th Shocking Video Catches Planned Parenthood Harvesting Brain of Aborted Baby Who Was Still Alive

The organization that has released six videos exposing the scandal of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies and their body parts has released a new undercover video today with another shocking discovery. This latest video catches the nation’s biggest abortion business harvesting the brain of an aborted baby who was still alive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 21 08:10

Meet the Nation’s first school district to serve 100% organic meals

When schools in California’s Sausalito Marin City District return to session this August, they will be the first in the nation to serve their students 100 percent organic meals, sustainably sourced and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).