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"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower



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December 23, 2014

Dec 23 08:43

Reading Between The Lines: What Did Sony & The Movie Theaters Really Admit? By Chris Rossini

snip: Here’s the thing…By pulling the movie, both Sony and the movie chains expressed (again, by reading between the lines) that they did not believe that the U.S. government would be able to protect them should those threats have been genuine.

That’s a significant admission.

– Consider all the draconian laws that have been passed since 9/11.

– Consider the heartache and embarrassment that we Americans have been put through (and continue to suffer) with TSA radiation, nude X-rays, and groping of our most intimate areas.

– Consider the blanket spying that the NSA performs on American communications. Just about everything is being recorded and stored.

– Consider the militarization of local police.

And still!

Sony and the movie theaters were not willing to take the risk. They were not confident enough that their property would be protected.

Dec 23 08:43

Video Taken off Ismaaiyl Brinsley's Facebook Page - refused to have his bag searched by police

Shows Him Being Shaken Down by K-9 Unit Last Year

Dec 23 08:40

Report: IRS 'fundamentally transformed' by Obamacare, Tea Party targeting

Targeting conservative and Tea Party nonprofit applicants for harassment during the 2010 and 2012 campaigns was the most obvious, but far from the only illustration of how deeply President Obama politicized the daily operations of the IRS, according to a new report from a congressional oversight panel.

Dec 23 08:38

Army Kidnaps Nine Palestinians In West Bank

Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Tuesday at dawn, five Palestinians in Hebron and Nablus districts, in the occupied West Bank, and four Palestinians kidnapped near Ramallah on Monday night, shortly after midnight.

Dec 23 08:37

Israel Apportions $17 Billion for Judaizing Jerusalem

Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and authority on issues in the occupied territories for the Arab League, Mohammed Sabih, warned of Israel's further Judaization of Jerusalem, saying that Israeli has allotted some $17 billion for this process.

Dec 23 08:37

An Antidote to Disinformation about North Korea

snip: Finally, Cumings describes a declassified CIA report on North Korea, and a part of that report which describes the achievements of that society. The report says “North Korea provides compassionate care for war orphans in particular and children in general; ‘radical change’ in the position of women (there are more college-educated women than college-educated men); genuinely free-housing; preventive medicine on a national scale accomplished to a comparatively high standard; infant mortality and life expectancy rates comparable to the most advanced countries until the recent famine; ‘no organized prostitution’ and ‘the police are difficult if not impossible to bribe.’”

Dec 23 08:35

Oklahoma teacher fired after making snack run with 11 children in car — two in trunk

A veteran Catoosa middle school teacher who drove 11 students at once — including two in the latched car trunk — to a store for snacks was fired Wednesday night.

Dec 23 08:28

Innocent Man Raided, Tased, Beaten, & Shot By a Corrupt SWAT Team who Lied to Get the Raid

A completely innocent man was shot, tasered, brutally beaten, and had stun grenades thrown at him by vicious and incompetent SWAT officers. Then, those same officers tried to cover up their mistake by charging the victim, Chad Chadwick, with six criminal offenses including felony assault on a police officer.

This incident happened in 2011, but it has taken Chadwick three years and his entire life savings, to finally beat the charges that he was falsely accused of. Last month, a jury found Chad Chadwick not guilty of interfering with police. With tears in their eyes members of the jury offered the exonerated defendant comforting hugs, according to My Fox Houston.

“They tried to make me a convict. It broke me financially, bankrupted me. I used my life savings, not to mention, I lost my kids,” said Chadwick.

Dec 23 08:28

Cop charged with choking and beating a HOSPITAL PATIENT - after he tried to claim the victim attacked him but was caught on video

A San Francisco sheriff's deputy allegedly choked and beat a hospital patient who walked with a cane - then lied on the police report to cover his tracks.

Michael Lewelling, 33, was accused of approaching a sleeping man as he started to wake up, knocking away his walking cane, grabbing his neck, then arresting him.

He then filed a police report claiming that the man started the fight by attacking him with the cane, according to authorities, who say surveillance video proves he was lying.

Lewelling, who has reportedly been with the San Francisco Sheriff's Department for five years, was arrested Friday and charged with perjury, filing a false police report and battery.

Dec 23 08:28

WATCH COPS Get Beat Up (Compilation Video)

Dec 23 08:28

Innocent Man Tasered, Beaten While Naked In the Shower and Framed Later

“While I had my hands up naked in the shower they shot me with a 40 millimeter non-lethal round,” said Chadwick.

A second stun grenade soon followed.

“I turned away, the explosion went off, I opened my eyes the lights are out and here comes a shield with four or five guys behind it. They pinned me against the wall and proceeded to beat the crap out of me,” said Chadwick.

That’s when officers shot the unarmed Chadwick in the back of the head with a Taser at point blank range.

“They claimed I drew down with a shampoo bottle and a body wash bottle,” said Chadwick . . .

“They grabbed me by my the one hand that was out of the shower and grabbed me by my testicles slammed me on my face on the floor and proceeded to beat me more.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I so lovehow police departments around the country are interpreting the phrase "to protect and serve" these days.

What this man desperately needed was to be very gently taken into custody for a complete psych evaluation. Threatening that he had a shotgun did not help either, but the SWAT team, after thoroughly searching his home, and finding no such gun, should have collectively had the horse sense to realize that this statement was made in a drunken stupor.

People with skills and kids, get the hell out this country while you still can.

Dec 23 08:28

Cops Beat Man & 7-Month Pregnant Wife then Deleted the Video, But it Survived on the Cloud

The Denver police department has been accused of using excessive force after a video, which they allegedly deleted, survived on the cloud and was turned into FOX 31.

The incident started as two officers approached David Nelson Flores, who was in his vehicle with his seven-and-a-half-months pregnant wife and their child, to shake him down after suspecting him of being in possession of a substance deemed illegal by the state.

Upon their approach, officers said they saw Flores put a white sweat sock in his mouth. Because the US is involved in an immoral war on drugs, this ‘sock in mouth’ move apparently gave the officers the right to yank Flores out of his car and proceed to pummel the man on the asphalt.

Dec 23 08:26

NYC Cops beat a 12 year old black kid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As it turns out, the cops had the wrong guy.

Dec 23 08:21

Police Brutality In It's Finest. A Collection of US Police Brutality Caught on Cam.

Dec 23 08:20

Wall Street surge another sign of instability

Dec 23 08:08

FBI Links Ferguson “Anarchists” to ISIS

Sovereign citizens also linked to Islamic terror organization

Dec 23 08:08

North Korea: Longstanding US Punching Bag by Stephen Lendman

Assassinating other world leaders is GOOD
Assassinating US politicians is BAD

Dec 23 08:00

Palestinian protesters dressed as Santa Claus clash with IDF

Dozens of Palestinian protesters, some of them festively dressed as Santa Claus, clashed on Tuesday with Israeli security forces in Bethlehem, a day before the beginning of Christmas celebrations in the West Bank city revered as the birthplace of Jesus.

Dec 23 07:58

Protesters Cover The Belgian Prime Minister In Chips And Mayo

Charles Michel is the Prime Minister of Belgium but he also seems to be a good sport. Some protesters recently covered him in chips and mayo but that didn't seem to break his spirit one bit.

Dec 23 07:58

Support for President Obama by Active Duty Military Breaks All-Time Record

Support for President Obama by members of the military hit an all time historic low of 15%. Sadly morale has also plummeted under President Obama versus President Bush.

Dec 23 07:57

Democracy And Corruption: Germany Files War Crimes Charges Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights has filed a criminal complaint against U.S. torture program architects and members of the Bush Administration. The organization has accused CIA director George Tenet and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld of war crimes and they’ve called for a German prosecutor to conduct an immediate investigation.

This move follows the release of the damning Senate report on CIA torture that includes the case of German citizen Khalid El-Masri, who was captured in 2004 by CIA agents in a case of mistaken identity. The report revealed the shocking contrast of democracy and corruption.

Bizarrely, the only person involved with the CIA torture program who has been charged with a crime is the man who exposed the war crimes — whistleblower John Kiriakou.

Dec 23 07:57

Russia starts bailing out banks as economy faces 'full-blown crisis'

The Central Bank of Russia has said it will provide £343m of support to one of the country's more troubled banks, as analysts warn of a wave of defaults in the sector.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

Dec 23 07:53

FOX Affiliate Caught Editing Video of Protest Chant: Faked Protesters Saying “Go Kill A Cop!”

Notice how the footage was edited in the video

Dec 23 07:49

Brooklyn Dem Leader: It’s Kinda The NYPD’s Fault Two Cops Executed Due To An…

As we predicted yesterday some Democrat leaders are now saying that the execution style murder of two NYPD officers is sort of the fault of the police department because of an “overproliferation of abuse of young people.”

Dec 23 07:47

As North Korea Loses Internet, Anonymous, Others Question Whether It Really Hacked Sony

On Friday, the FBI released a statement blaming the North Korean government for the massive cyberattack against Sony last month. President Barack Obama also said over the weekend that he was considering re-adding North Korea to the United States' terrorist watch list.

But North Korea has continued to deny that it's behind the Sony breach, and the group that has claimed responsibility -- the hacking collective Guardians of Peace -- is mocking the FBI online, according to The Daily Beast. Some security researchers, as well as members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, are questioning whether there is enough evidence to blame North Korea at all.

"I have yet to see evidence of North Korea behind this," Kyle Wilhoit, a senior threat researcher at Trend Micro, a Japanese security firm, told HuffPost on Monday. Wilhoit argued that just because the FBI sees similarities between the code used in the Sony hack and other North Korean malware doesn't mean it was the same attacker.

Dec 23 07:47

Frank Serpico on Eric Garner: Cops cry wolf all the time

Was I surprised by the Staten Island grand jury? Of course not. When was the last time a police officer was indicted?

This is the use of excessive force for no apparent reason on a guy who is selling loosie cigarettes; what is the threat to your well-being?

Dec 23 07:46

Cyber Command investment ensures hackers targeting U.S. face retribution

In the shadows of the Sony hacking incident and North Korea’s massive Internet outage, the Pentagon has quietly built a multibillion-dollar cyberwarfare capability and trained its commanders to integrate these weapons into their battlefield plans.

U.S. Cyber Command was officially stood up in 2010, based at Fort Meade in the Maryland suburbs of the nation’s capital, consolidating intelligence and cyberwarfare capabilities of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines under one house. Soon, billions of dollars were being invested in the concept that cyberattackers targeting America should be prepared to sustain their own damage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cyber Command will be no more effective at harming the attackers than the NSA is at preventing the attacks in the first place.

Dec 23 07:44

It’s official: IRS employees biased against conservatives

One IRS employee called a conservative group “icky” while another griped that they would probably “have to” approve a different group’s application for nonprofit status, according to the latest findings Tuesday by the House Oversight Committee.

In a new staff report released by Rep. Darrell Issa, the California Republican who is term-limited as chairman of the committee, investigators also found IRS officials had “repeatedly changed their stories” about what went on and who was responsible for targeting the conservative and tea party groups who applied for nonprofit status.

Dec 23 07:43

How long must Palestinians pay for the Holocaust?

A man leading an occupying state, a racist state in which mixed marriages are protested, doesn’t get to teach lessons to others. Mr. Netanyahu, stop exploiting the Holocaust at every political opportunity; pick up a book and learn that we weren’t there in those darkest days of European and Jewish history.

Dec 23 07:43

Sharyl Attkisson Stonewalled | Video | C-SPAN | Washington Journal


Dec 23 07:42

The queue that shames Britain: 7.11am and desperate patients wait in the cold and dark outside surgery - just so they can be seen by their GP

Shivering in the cold before dawn yesterday, more than 30 patients queue in the desperate hope of seeing a doctor. The scene, a bleak picture of a health service in crisis, is one repeated daily in many parts of the country. The patients lined up from 6.30am because it was their only hope of a same-day appointment with their GP at a heavily oversubscribed practice. The Sunbury Health Centre in Surrey is one of the biggest in Britain - originally designed for 6,000 patients, it now serves nearly 19,000.

Dec 23 07:41

I have An Important Question For Rand Paul. Why Did You Say That You Meet With Israeli Groups DAILY? And Which Israeli Groups Have You Met With This Month?

Last July, Senator Rand Paul admitted in an obscure Senate speech that he quote "visits with Israeli groups daily." That's a pretty incredible admission when you think about it. Since Rand is supposed to be representing the people of Kentucky, why is he meeting with Israeli groups daily, as he put it? And which ones did he meet with today? This week? This month?

Rand has also admitted he's not a libertarian, but at the very least he pretends to subscribe to transparency in government. Now since I'm not a resident of Kentucky, technically you aren't answerable to me because I'm not one of your constituents. If anyone from Kentucky would like to ask Rand these questions on the record I would be grateful. I have a few questions for you, Rand Paul. So Rand, here we go.

Dec 23 07:39

China condemns cyberattacks, but says no proof North Korea hacked Sony

China said on Monday it opposed all forms of cyberattacks but there was no proof that North Korea was responsible for the hacking of Sony Pictures, as the United States has said.

North Korea has denied it was to blame and has vowed to hit back against any U.S. retaliation, threatening the White House and the Pentagon. The hackers said they were incensed by a Sony comedy about a fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which the studio has pulled.

Dec 23 07:37

VIP child abuse whistleblowers were 'murdered': MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal

A campaigning MP sensationally claimed yesterday that two whistleblowers who threatened to expose an alleged VIP paedophile ring may have been murdered.

John Mann has passed detectives information about the suspicious deaths of the men who were allegedly poised to lift the lid on child sex abuse at the heart of the Establishment.

Dec 23 07:32

Taxpayers' £500,000 bill to fix four panes of glass at MPs' offices: Politicians approve sum for temporary repairs at £235m building

Taxpayers will have to fork out a staggering half a million pounds to fix four panes of glass in the building housing MP’s offices.

Private discussions have been held about how to cope with the latest - and most expensive - setback at Portcullis House, the modernist glass ‘atrium’ adjoining Parliament which opened in 2001.

It has emerged that MPs have approved £488,000 for temporary repairs to the damage, almost half of which will be spent on a ‘feasibility study’.

Dec 23 07:29

North Korean websites back online after shutdown

Key North Korean websites were back online Tuesday after a nearly 10-hour shutdown that followed a U.S. vow to respond to a crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures that Washington blames on Pyongyang.

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the Internet stoppage in one of the least-wired and poorest countries in the world, but outside experts said it could be anything from a cyberattack to a simple power failure. The White House and the State Department declined to say whether the U.S. government was responsible.

Dec 23 07:28

Israeli Report admits they are Descendants of Khazars

“Israel seems finally to have thrown in the towel. A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums has just issued a secret report to the government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars. (Whether this would result in yet another proposal to revise the words to “Hatikvah” remains to be seen.) At first sight, this would seem to be the worst possible news, given the Prime Minister’s relentless insistence on the need for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” and the stagnation of the peace talks. But others have underestimated him at their peril. An aide quipped, when life hands you an etrog, you build a sukkah.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Dec 23 07:25

Yousef al-Rammouni and Israel’s Moral Suicide

Yousef al-Rammouni did not commit suicide. He was murdered, and his father, like any father, wants, at the very least, the integrity of his son’s life respected through a non prejudicial criminal justice system.

Dec 23 07:24

This Was One Of The Biggest Lies Ever Told

In 2006, Andrew Natsios, administrator of USAID, went on a publicity tour to assuage American fears that the impending war and its aftermath were perfectly reasonable expenditures for the American taxpayer. In this Nightline interview with Ted Koppel he brazenly makes the ludicrous case that the reconstruction of Iraq would cost only $1.7bn. Koppel is so incredulous, he returns to the subject three times, and each time Natsios gets more and more adamant. With the benefit of hindsight its clear now that not only was this a bold face lie, but one that any rational person could have seen through.

The NY Fed shipped approximately $40 billion in cash between 2003 and 2008. In just the first two years, the shipments included more than 300 million individual bills weighing a total of 363 tons.

Since then there have been audits, congressional hearing and investigations that can barely account for a small percentage of where that money actually ended up.

Dec 23 07:22

Police interview ex-girlfriend of NYPD killings suspect Ismaaiyl Brinsley

The former girlfriend of the man who ambushed two NYPD officers after shooting her in Baltimore told investigators that he gave no indication that he intended to commit violence against police officers.

Dec 23 07:22

The children of two on drugs for hyperactivity: Psychologists warn health workers are going 'straight to medication' instead of offering therapy or support for parents

Children as young as two are being prescribed ‘chemical cosh’ drugs to curb hyperactivity – in defiance of official guidance.

More than one in five psychologists are aware of children under five on drugs such as Ritalin to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other behavioural conditions, according to a survey of health professionals.

Psychologists warned that overstretched health workers were increasingly going ‘straight to medication’ instead of offering behaviour therapy and parenting support.

Dec 23 07:16

Police Scanning Social Media to Assign “Threat Ratings” to People

WEBMASTER ADDITION: The usefulness of such a system is undermined by making it public. Therefore the announcement is a bluff, to scare Americans into staying silent and not talking with each other about what has gone wrong with the government.

Dec 23 07:14

Ukrainian parliament votes to give up country's 'non-aligned' status and join NATO in move set to further anger Russia

The Ukrainian parliament has renounced Ukraine's 'non-aligned' status with the aim of eventually joining NATO - a move angering Moscow which views the Western alliance's eastward expansion as a threat to its own security.

Kiev first announced its intention of seeking the protection of NATO membership in August following what it deemed the open participation of Russia's military during the separatist war in its eastern provinces.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Ukraine's renunciation of its neutral military and political status a 'counterproductive' step that would only boost tensions around the crisis in the east.

Dec 23 07:13

Check your mobile bill for sneaky extras: Orange charged me £200 for something called 'TV subs' and won't cancel it'

This is Money is urging Orange customers to check their mobile phone bill after a glut of readers contacted us about sneaky extra charges for services they never knowingly downloaded or used.

Natalie Pearl, a 31 year-old nutrition student from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, has been charged £8.99 a month by the mobile giant since the start of last year.

She has tried numerous times over the past few months to cancel a service labelled 'TV subs' on her bill by calling Orange and visiting her local EE store. EE is the parent company of Orange.

Natalie has been told the charge is for a monthly Sky News mobile subscription. However, Natalie says she has never had Sky and rarely uses data on her handset.

Despite promises of having this service removed on separate occasions, it still appears on her bill.

Dec 23 07:11

Man accused of "revenge" killing of cops had been harassed by police K9 unit.

Dec 23 07:09

FBI wanted to "get" Larry Pickney

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You will never guess why!

Dec 23 07:07

Our corrupt, self-protective, unaccountable Establishment – Michael Meacher MP

The mood of this corrupt closing of ranks to protect one of their own is best caught by the machinations reported today of how the Tory government in 1963 (nothing has changed since) sought to frame Mandy Rice-Davies in order to ‘get’ Stephen Ward because he was about to expose Profumo for lying to Parliament about his affair with Christine Keeler. The Establishment cranked into action. A corrupt Scotland Yard officer had Rice-Davies arrested for a non-existent theft of a rented TV, softened up in prison, and told she would only be released if she testified against Ward. She was subjected to the corrupt bullying of the police, the moralising cant of the prosecutor, and the deep bias of the Old Bailey judge.

Dec 23 07:06

Sandra Gives The Game Away: Jobcentres Given Sheriff’s Stars For Hitting Benefit Sanction Targets

Sandra Lambert, manager of 149 Jobcentres and self-styled lifestyle guru, has spent much of the last few days frantically blocking people on twitter who have been taking the piss out of the cringemaking motivational advice she inflicts on the poor bastards who work for her.

She wasn’t fast enough however to hide the tweet in which she awarded a Texas style sherriff’s badge to Jobcentres in the midlands for upholding their DMA decision rate – as spotted by @refuted. A DMA means a referral to a Jobcentre ‘decision maker’ to process a benefit sanction. It is the second time this month a DWP manager has been exposed praising their staff for hitting benefit sanction targets - targets that Iain Duncan Smith’s department have repeatedly claimed do not exist.

Dec 23 07:05

Five Westminster paedophile rings probed by Scotland Yard

Police are investigating claims that up to five paedophile rings operated at the heart of Westminster with the involvement of “highly influential” politicians.

A Labour MP who has handed a dossier of evidence to Scotland Yard said he now believed the complexity of child abuse networks at the heart of government in the Seventies and Eighties had been seriously underestimated.

John Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, said it was “inconceivable” that police would not now arrest and interview some of the politicians he has named in a list handed to detectives earlier this month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are some seriously sick people running the government!

Dec 23 07:05

Official: British economy not doing as well as first thought... and families are STILL poorer than they were before the recession

People's disposable income has remained 'flat' since 2012 'and remains 5.6 per cent below pre-economic downturn levels', the ONS said.

It also revealed that GDP per head – measuring the nation's wealth divided by the number of people in the country – was 1.8 per cent below 2008.

Dec 23 07:04

PETER HITCHENS: Forget 'evil' Putin - we are the bloodthirsty warmongers

My mother, even in middle-class suburban prosperity, couldn’t throw away an eggshell without running her finger round it to get out the last of the white. No butcher dared twice to try to cheat her on the weights.

Haunted all her life by rationing, she would habitually break a chocolate bar into its smallest pieces. She had also been bombed from the air in Liverpool, and had developed a fatalism to cope with the nightly danger of being blown to pieces, shocking to me then and since.

I am now beset by these ingrained memories of shortage and danger because I seem surrounded by people who think that war might be fun. This seems to happen when wartime generations are pushed aside by their children, who need to learn the truth all over again.

Dec 23 07:03

GOP probe finds ‘culture of bias’ at IRS

IRS employees subverted the agency’s nonpartisan mission to further President Obama’s political goals, according to a new House GOP report that will be released Tuesday.

Dec 23 07:03

The Lawless Manipulation of Bullion Markets by Public Authorities

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler
Activist Post

The Federal Reserve and its bullion bank agents are actively using uncovered futures contracts to illegally manipulate the prices of precious metals in order to keep interest rates below the market rate. The purpose of manipulation is to support the U.S. dollar’s reserve status at a time when the dollar should be in decline from the over-supply created by QE and from trade and budget deficits...

Dec 23 07:03

Israel destroys 1,000 Arab houses in Negev

In an unprecedented measure, Israeli authorities have destroyed 1,000 Arab houses in Negev throughout 2014, Anadolu news agency has reported.

"Israeli security institutions destroyed Arab houses in order to put pressure on Arabs to leave their lands," said Usama al-Uqaibi, the head of the Islamic Movement in South Israel. "They destroy the Palestinians and their properties," he added.

Al-Uqaibi reiterated that the Palestinians in Negev would continue their resistance and remain in their land. "Palestinians will not let the occupation control thousands of dunhams to build settlements," he said.

Dec 23 07:02

Google Reveals Government Attempt to Scrub Alleged Prisoner Abuse

Google on Monday released information about the government requests it receives to take down its content, revealing attempts in the U.S. to scrub content related to alleged prisoner abuse, sex crimes with a minor, and fraudulent business dealings.

The search giant for the first time released specific examples of takedown requests from governments around the world alongside its semiannual transparency report, providing a fuller look at how law-enforcement agencies and others attempt to police search results and YouTube videos.

One such example recounts a request from the Georgia Department of Corrections to "remove a YouTube video depicting alleged abuse of inmates."

Dec 23 07:00

New York City Cops Seek Federal Court Approval to Mass Arrest Protesters Without Warning

A legal fight from Occupy resurfaces amid 2014's police brutality protests.

As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio takes high-profile steps to try to curtail abusive policing—sympathizing with protesters over Eric Garner’s death and vowing to reform the notorious Rikers Island prison—the city’s Law Department is going back to federal court to seek new authority to make mass arrests at protests.

Dec 23 07:00

Fired cop says she tried to stop another from choking suspect

Former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne is in a battle to get her pension after she was fired for trying to stop a fellow officer she says was abusing a suspect.

Dec 23 06:59

17 Facts You Never Knew About Cuba

After a 56-year-long embargo, President Obama recently opened the doors of America to Cuba once again. It looks like we will once again be trading with Cuba and before that happens, here's a few things you need to know about the country.

Dec 23 06:56

Bloomberg Shock: All Central Bankers Are Heroes Now

We can see in this Bloomberg editorial how central banks and their good, gray leaders are going to be positioned going forward.

Assume that the US and Britain are in a "recovery" of sorts. Now mainstream pundits such as those that populate Bloomberg are going to begin to reaffirm the many faux-positives of central banking.

For those dedicated to expanding globalism, there is nothing else in the world so important as central banking. It is the Monarch of Memes. Its value must be always endorsed.

Dec 23 06:55

China reluctant to join U.S. in punishing North Korea over cyberattacks

China said Tuesday there was no proof that North Korea was behind a cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, signaling its reluctance to side with the United States over the incident, while also rejecting speculation it could have cut off Pyongyang’s Internet access as punishment.

Asked about American requests for help from China to punish North Korea for cyberattacks, Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, said the United States and North Korea needed to communicate directly.

She said Beijing had not seen proof of who was behind the attack on Sony. “We need sufficient evidence before drawing any conclusion,” she said at a news conference.

Dec 23 06:54

Coca Cola to open Gaza factory

The new plant will compete with Pepsi, which has been producing soft drinks in the coastal enclave since 1962

Dec 23 06:54

America looking to push back UN vote on Palestine

The United States is trying to postpone a vote at the UN Security Council on a Palestinian resolution to set a deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state until after the Israeli elections in March.

Dec 23 06:43

FBI To Train 30,000 Officers For Active Shooter Situations At Stadiums, Businesses, Schools

The FBI will hold active shooter training drills at sports stadiums as part of a massive program to prepare for what the agency says is a growing concern for law enforcement.

Dec 23 06:13

4 Teens From Grosse Pointe Shot in Detroit, One Dead...Update: 30 Shots Fired by Person in Bulletproof Vest & Fatigues

WEBMASTER ADDITION: And JUST in time to support the proposed ban on body armor!

Dec 23 05:59

Judge Orders Election Recount + Lawsuit Against Kent County, DE Recorder of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna & Counsel for Free Press Violations.

This just in..... today's Judicial ORDER that granted a Hand Recont.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Set to Sue Kent County Delaware Recorder of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna and her Lawyer John Paradee for First Amendment/Free Press Violations.

Dec 23 05:17

IMF policies hinder fight against Ebola

International Monetary Fund (IMF) policies left healthcare systems in the African countries worst affected by Ebola underfunded and lacking doctors, and hampered a coordinated response to the outbreak, researchers said Monday.

Dec 23 05:13

Mounting Evidence Exposes Dangers of Energy Drinks

Two research papers, each published separately, suggest that concerns over levels of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks, and their effects on young people who drink them, are mounting.

Dec 23 05:07

Video: Off-Duty Cop Attempts to Illegally Detain Law Student

The brief confrontation highlights how heavily one simple phrase can shift an unwarranted police stop.

Dec 23 03:08

Ukrainian Combat Jet Returned without Missiles after MH17 Crash: Reports

A Ukrainian air force Su-25 combat jet took off from an airbase in eastern Dnipropetrovsk carrying air-to-air missiles and returned without them on the day a Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in eastern Ukraine in July, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported, citing an airbase employee.

Dec 23 02:42

Ron Paul: "Company Profiting From Obamacare Has Ties to Jeb, Hillary"

Retired Congressman Ron Paul tweeted a message exposing the 'crony capitalists' yesterday, focusing on the two presumed presidential frontrunners for 2016.

Dec 23 02:31

Cover-up: New reports claim U.S military “shot down” flight MH370 near “Diego Garcia”

In an attempt to cover up the fact that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 indeed landed at the U.S. military base

Dec 23 02:27

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100? (MUST SEE VIDEO)

I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of footage… to be honest, I thought this video would be more an exposing homeless people video at first. But I’m so glad that I could witness and capture such a beautiful moment.

Dec 23 02:21

Israeli authorities turn mosque into museum

Israeli authorities have recently turned a historic mosque into a museum despite the fact that 10,000 local Muslims have nowhere to pray, locals said.

Dec 23 02:17

Banning Dissent in the Name of Civility

Truth, along with an open and fair debate, is the last thing the Israel lobby and its lackeys seek.

Dec 23 02:10

Federal Court Gives “Early Christmas Present” to War Criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Others, Immunizing Them From Civil Inquiry Regarding Iraq War

Late Friday, a federal judge dismissed a civil claim filed against George W. Bush and other high-ranking officials regarding their conduct in planning and waging the Iraq War, and immunized them from further proceedings.

Dec 23 00:58

Is The U.S. Government Pushing War Between Police And The People?

divide-and-conquer and boosting the terronoia siege mentality of the police

Dec 23 00:07

What will happen to America in 2015?

The US government flexing its muscles against civilians

December 22, 2014

Dec 22 23:47

Cops say end prohibition - Legalize everything!

destroy the CIA funding sources, end the drug wars, and assert 9th and 10th amendment rights

Dec 22 22:41

Imperialism and the Politics of Torture

Torture will truly disappear and the politicians will be put on trial for these crimes, only when the empire is transformed back to a republic: where impunity ends justice begins.

The CIA knows that the US Congress, under the control of the Zionist power configuration (ZPC), would be favorably disposed to any official behavior, no matter how perverse and contrary to international law, if it carried an Israeli mark of approval or ‘logo’.

Dec 22 21:04

Anonymous Vows To Release ‘The Interview’ On Christmas Day

On the heels of President Obama chastising Sony for their “mistake” in capitulating to North Korea’s threats and vowing to retaliate for the attack, Anonymous has now made its own promise of revenge. In the not so distance past, the well-known group, Anonymous, let the world know, through Twitter, that they had decided to take on the hackers some believe to be a North Korean group, #GOP, otherwise known as the Guardians of Peace. While at one time Anonymous made noise that they were sympathetic to some of the issues being put forth by #GOP, Anonymous has stopped playing nice and is now set upon a Christmas day response to the Guardians of Peace and they are calling it “#OpRIPNK.”

Dec 22 20:26

Fries with that? Protesters throw chips and mayo at Belgian prime minister

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, has been bombarded with french fries and squirted with mayonnaise by anti-austerity activists.

“Michel out, austerity out,” cried the four activists as the 38-year-old was beginning a speech on Monday in the southern city of Namur, according to several reporters.

French fries with mayonnaise are a Belgian speciality.

Dec 22 20:04

Japanese daily promises reform after ''comfort women'' coverage rebuked

The president of Japan`s leading liberal newspaper pledged to fundamentally transform the paper for the better after its coverage of women forced into sex work during the Second World War was sharply criticized in a report.

The Asahi Shimbun took years to withdraw incorrect articles on "comfort women", as those forced to work in Japanese wartime military brothels are known, and has since faced a barrage of criticism from Japanese conservatives and become the target of harassment and threats of attack.

Dec 22 20:02

Ebola death toll passes 7,500: WHO

More than 7,500 people have now died from the Ebola virus, as the number of cases climbs towards 20,000, the World Health Organisation said today.
The UN health agency reported that as of December 20, 19,340 people had been infected with the deadly virus in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and that 7,518 of them had died.

Dec 22 19:57

Sony needed to have basic digital protection. It failed

The Sony files also included emails indicating that various Sony Pictures properties were hacked this year. Its German website was breached to serve up malware to visitors in January and Sony’s legal team feared the attackers had got their mitts on email addresses and birthdates of more than 47,000 newsletter recipients. Another attack saw contact information on 749 individuals associated with cinemas in Brazil compromised. Though they were far less damaging than the “Guardians” hit, both attacks showed Sony was vulnerable.

Sony could have averted this catastrophe if it had simply protected its data better.

Dec 22 19:49

The FBI told their story about North Korea attacking Sony. Before we retaliate, read what they didn’t tell you.

The aide {Karl Rove} said that guys like me were ”in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who ”believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism.

He cut me off. ”That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

— Karl Rove, as quoted in “Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush” by Ron Suskind, New York Times Magazine, 17 October 2004

Dec 22 19:31

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

A number of allegations have been written about and several local, state, and federal investigations have taken place related to the notion of the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in the latter part of the 1980s. The topic has received some press coverage that has included allegations of awareness, participation and/or coverup involvement of figures such as future presidents Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush, as well future Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Saline County prosecutor Dan Harmon (who was convicted of numerous felonies including drug and racketeering charges in 1997).

Dec 22 19:26

Supposed "Pinstriped Nazis" Sing Christmas Carols in Dresden Rally

The media labels them "pinstriped Nazis," but these protesters are not the extremists the globalist media portrays them to be - merely people proud of their identity and who want to maintain it in the midst of an onslaught of globalisation, immigration, and bank monopolization of the economy.

Dec 22 19:07

Industrial metals are breaking DOWN.

Dec 22 18:40

China pledges to help Russia overcome economic hardships

China’s foreign minister has pledged support to Russia as it faces an economic downturn due to sanctions and a drop in oil prices.

Dec 22 18:32

Houston Officer Investigates Open Carry Protest, Tries to Delete Cell Phone Video

Here’s another case highlighting the fact that many officers are either in contempt of our Bill of Rights, or too ignorant to respect them.

This Houston officer actually managed to encroach upon the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments all in one go.

(>>

Dec 22 18:23

Peru Is Now Giving Free Solar Power To Its 2 Million Poorest Citizens

Peru last week initiated a new program that will provide electricity to more than two million of its poorest residents using solar panels.

Dec 22 17:34

Thank you Sony! Cybersecurity stocks soar

Dec 22 17:33

Sony hack puts Japan's Abe in bind over North Korea abductee talks

U.S. accusations that North Korea was behind the cyberattack on Sony Pictures could force Japan to choose between backing its ally Washington and keeping talks on track with Pyongyang about Japanese citizens abducted decades ago.

Washington is weighing how to punish North Korea after the FBI concluded Pyongyang was responsible, including possibly returning North Korea to the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism. North Korea has denied that it was to blame.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga strongly condemned the hacking on Monday but stuck to the line that Tokyo saw no direct impact on the talks over the fate of Japanese citizens abducted Pyongyang to help train spies.

Suga also did not directly link North Korea to the attack on Sony.

Dec 22 17:31

10 reasons why the FBI is wrong about the Sony Pictures hack

Everyone seems to be eager to pin the blame for the Sony hack on North Korea. However, I think it’s unlikely.

Here’s ten reasons why:

Dec 22 17:26

Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

Sony also has a vested interest in the hack being the work of North Korea. The company is going to be on the receiving end of a dozen or more lawsuits—from employees, ex-employees, investors, partners, and so on. Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain opined that having this attack characterized as an act of terrorism or war, or the work of a foreign power, might earn the company some degree of immunity from these lawsuits.

I worry that this case echoes the “we have evidence—trust us” story that the Bush administration told in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. Identifying the origin of a cyberattack is very difficult, and when it is possible the process of attributing responsibility can take months.

Dec 22 16:54

US/Israeli No Palestinian State Solution by Stephen Lendman

snip: America and Israel partner against world peace. Stability. Equity. Justice. Responsible governance. According to fundamental rule of law principles.

No two nations operate more ruthlessly. Lawlessly. Recklessly. Reigning terror on adversaries. Supporting like-minded rogue regimes.

Dec 22 16:49

Obama's Permanent War Agenda by Stephen Lendman

after expanding the wars for 6 years, it's impossible to claim George I, II, and Clinton are responsible

Dec 22 16:29

OPEC vs Russia vs N.America shale sector oil war: 'More pain in near term'

Global oil prices fluctuated following a statement from the Saudi Arabian oil minister. Brent grew to 62 dollars a barrel, later falling back to 60. Let's talk to economist Marin Katusa about the situation.

Dec 22 16:27

Rabbis plan to build temple on Al-Aqsa ruins

tell me this isn't deliberate provocation!

Dec 22 16:06

Yet no apology: CIA’s mistaken detention destroyed German man’s life

Khalid al Masri is a broken man today. A decade after the CIA snatched him by mistake, flew him half way around the world in secret, and questioned him as part of its detention and interrogation program, he’s yet to recover.

He’s abandoned his home. He no longer is part of the lives of his wife or children. Friends can’t find him. His attorneys can’t find him. German foreign intelligence will say only that he’s “somewhere in a western-leaning Arab nation.”

When his Ulm attorney and confidant Manfred Gnjidic last saw him, he was broke, unkempt, paranoid and completely alone. He’d been arrested twice and sent once to a psychiatric ward, once to jail. He was in deep need of psychological counseling but with no hope of the extensive help he needed.

Dec 22 16:05

The Ethics of Sarcastic Science

Every year the British Medical Journal publishes an issue of joke science. But years later, those papers are cited as real.

Dec 22 15:59

US envoy says North Koreans face 'living nightmare'

The United States on Monday slammed North Korea as a "living nightmare" for its citizens at the first-ever UN Security Council meeting on Pyongyang's dismal rights record.

The unprecedented talks at the 15-member council opened after China, Pyongyang's ally, failed to block the meeting held as North Korea faces US accusations of staging a cyberattack on Sony Pictures.

US envoy Samantha Power said a UN commission of inquiry that compiled testimonies from North Korean exiles showed a pattern of "sadistic punishments meted out to prisoners" and exposed the regime's brutality.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Dec 22 15:52

Flight MH370 shot down by US, says former airline chief

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was shot down by the United States as it approached a secretive US military base on Diego Garcia Island in the remote Indian Ocean, according to French writer and former airline chief Marc Dugain.

Dec 22 15:46

Federal Court Gives “Early Christmas Present” to War Criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Others, Immunizing Them From Civil Inquiry Regarding Iraq War

Late Friday, a federal judge dismissed a civil claim filed against George W. Bush and other high-ranking officials regarding their conduct in planning and waging the Iraq War, and immunized them from further proceedings.

“This is an early Christmas present to former Bush Administration officials from the federal court,” Inder Comar of Comar Law said. Comar brought the claim on behalf of an Iraqi refugee and single mother, Sundus Shaker Saleh. “This was a serious attempt to hold US leaders accountable under laws set down at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946. I am very disappointed at the outcome.”

Dec 22 15:45

Ferguson Prosecutor Gives Free Pass To Witnesses Who Lied Before Grand Jury

The St. Louis prosecutor in charge of the Ferguson grand jury today acknowledged that witnesses “absolutely lied under oath” before the panel, but said that none of the perjurers--including the unmasked "Witness 40"--would face criminal charges.

During a KTRS radio interview, Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said that, “Early on I decided that anyone who claimed to have witnessed anything would be presented to the grand jury,” even if investigators questioned their truthfulness.

McCulloch (seen above left) said that he opted to present “anybody and everybody” to the grand jury, adding that it was the responsibility of panel members to judge the credibility of individual witnesses.

Referring to “Witness 40,” whom TSG identified this week as a 45-year-old St. Louis woman named Sandra McElroy, McCulloch said she “clearly wasn’t present” when Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson.

Dec 22 15:44

Witness: Obama refused to be in situation room during bin Laden raid

A former personal assistant to President Obama accidentally blew the lid off of the Osama bin Laden raid, “Situation Room” photo, with startling new revelations.
Former Presidential aid, Reggie Love, accidentally let the cat out of the bag when he told an AAA, UCLA audience he and Obama played cards all night at the WHite House, while the alleged bin Laden raid was being watched downstairs in the "Situation Room."
Pete Souza / White House

As if there weren’t already enough problems, inconsistencies and improbabilities within the three-plus decade-long saga between Osama bin Laden and the Western establishment and the way the story was narrated by its media, the world has just been afforded one more.

It’s likely everyone remembers the iconic photo of Barack Obama, Biden, Hillary and other members of the President’s national security team allegedly watching “the world’s top terrorist” finally being brought to justice, from the comfort of a conference room at the White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know; the photo where none of the laptops on the table are even turned on!

Dec 22 15:40

Cop Fired For "Instigating" Fight with Mentally Ill Man, but Won't Be Charged in His Death

A Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot a mentally ill man earlier this year will not face criminal charges, announced the county's top prosecutor today.

On April 30, Christopher Manney shot 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton after employees at a Starbucks called to report a man sleeping in nearby park.

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, officers responded to the call twice and conducted a welfare check. Both of those interactions were peaceful - there was no physical contact with Hamilton, and the officers saw no need for additional action.

An hour later, Manney responded to the same call.

Dec 22 15:26


Dec 22 15:19

Did U.S. Take Down North Korea’s Internet?

Obama pledged a response to North Korea last week -- Researchers report that North Korea’s internet has gone dark today.

Dec 22 15:16

North Korea goes completely offline: Report

North Korea is having major Internet problems, just days after President Barack Obama promised a proportional response to the devastating hacks against Sony.

Dec 22 15:02

Snowden, Poitras & Others Sued For 'Billions Of Dollars' Spent By US Government In Response To Leaks

Horace B. Edwards, Navy veteran and former Secretary of Transportation for the state of Kansas, is suing Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and a handful of "Hollywood Defendants" for profiteering from the distribution of "stolen documents." This is supposedly being done on "behalf of the American people" ("John and Jane Does 1-10" listed in the "Plaintiffs" field).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read the comments!

Dec 22 14:45

Wastebook 2014: Eight Absurd Government Projects Funded With Your Money

It’s that time of year again: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) just released Wastebook 2014, his annual list of the most wasteful government projects during 2014. Coburn’s wastebook list includes a comprehensive analysis of 100 of the most wasteful government projects funded over the last year. The full report, which includes detailed descriptions and investigations of every wasteful project, spans more than 200 pages.

Here are eight of the most egregious and infuriating wasteful projects listed in Coburn’s 2014 Wastebook report, which can be read in full here.

Dec 22 14:44


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach taunted a crowd of human rights protesters in front of the seemingly closed and emptied flagship Leviev diamond store on Madison Avenue. Leviev’s companies have built thousands of Israeli settlement homes and have been accused of abusing and torturing Angolan diamond miners.

Boteach stood in front of the empty Leviev store and began shouting. “Israel,” “Down with Hamas,” “Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East,” “Down with the Palestinians.” He suddenly stopped and complained that he was being videotaped. Police told Boteach to leave as he was drowned out by chants of, “How fancy, how pretty, Leviev out of New York City.” Boteach was accompanied by a young man wearing a scarf for the notoriously racist Beitar Jerusalem football team. Boteach has expressed his support for Hebron’s notoriously violent and racist settlers.

Dec 22 14:28

Keil Hubert: Corruption Without Consequences

The Dot-Com darling Uber has been getting quite a bit of critical press lately, and deservedly so. Uber is a start-up company that connects private citizens together for personal transportation: instead of hiring a licensed, bonded taxi service, an Uber user signals that they wants a ride via a smartphone app, and another Uber user who feels like offering rides (for money) accepts the summons and couriers the person wanting a ride wherever they want to go. Uber, as the facilitator, takes a cut of the money that the rider pays the driver. The service model seems to work well, and the company is making a profit. What isn’t working for Uber is the recent appalling behaviour of their executives. As National Public Radio’s Geoff Nunberg explained it on 10th December:

Dec 22 14:28

Missouri Bill Would Ban Material Support or Resources to the NSA

Activist Post

With Congress not only failing to rein in National Security Agency (NSA) spying, but actually expanding its power in a recent funding bill, many privacy activists are looking to the states to take action to block warrantless surveillance programs. A bill filed late last week in Missouri would not only support efforts to turn of NSA's water in Utah, but have some practical effect in the Show Me State should it pass...

Dec 22 14:21

Owners of Billboard Featuring AR-toting Santa Defy Critics

A roadside billboard advertisement featuring St. Nick holding an AR-15 rifle has been causing a stir in Northern California.

Dec 22 13:58

ADHD drugs increasingly prescribed to treat hyperactivity in pre-schoolers

An “alarming” number of pre-school children are being prescribed drugs to treat hyperactivity – contrary to medical guidelines that say they should not be used on children under six – because overstretched health workers go straight to medication rather than offering psychological interventions.

Dec 22 13:58

US slaps sanctions on Putin's biker gang over Ukraine

The Night Wolves are blacklisted along with Crimean prosecutor who became separatists' pin-up girl.

Dec 22 13:51

Child abuse inquiry: 'The Government might not want to get to the truth,' says Labour MP

A Labour MP has said that continuing chaos surrounding the Westminster child abuse inquiry makes it look as though the Government does not “want to get to the truth”.

Dec 22 13:45

Capital Punishment and Murders by Police Michael S. Rozeff

snip: If Americans had long ago decided that capital punishment was wrong, for reasons such as articulated by Berdyaev or for any number of other reasons, this would have been accompanied and have caused a large shift in thinking about killing people in general. This shift would have had to happen because consistency of thinking and feeling would have demanded it.

Why? One cannot be against killing a man convicted of a crime and then blithely be in favor of killing innocents in a war. One cannot be against killing a convicted criminal and be in favor of policemen killing people because they are unruly, or bang on a car window, or peddle contraband, or wave toy guns, or are surprised and confused when a SWAT team invades their homes.

Dec 22 13:38

1967 Poll Found Only 6% of Americans Thought Police Brutality Even Existed in Their Town

The poll not only showed that only 6% of people thought police brutality existed in their neighborhood, but 77% of people had a "great deal" of respect for the police overall. Flash forward to today. Obviously things have changed a lot in regard to what Americans believe about the people who claim to be protecting and serving them...

(read more)

Dec 22 13:29

The Persistent U.S. Opposition To Self-Determination

snip: It is what historian Illan Pappe and others have called “slow-motion genocide.” They create the conditions intended to drive as many Palestinians as possible from their land – to Jordan, Syria, or anywhere outside Greater Israel. They hope that as more 1948 refugees grow older and die their ancestors will lose their claim to the land they were systematically driven away from before the formation of the state of Israel. In this way, the Jewish state hopes to establish its permanence from the Jordan river to the Sea.

Dec 22 13:21

Don't Tell Germany Draghi Is About To Monetize 90% Of Bund Issuance

The Bank of Japan’s expansion of record stimulus today may see it buy every new bond the government issues.

The BOJ said it plans to buy 8 trillion to 12 trillion yen ($108 billion) of Japanese government bonds per month under stepped-up stimulus it announced today. That gives Governor Haruhiko Kuroda leeway to soak up the 10 trillion yen in new bonds that the Ministry of Finance sells in the market each month.

Dec 22 13:19

$300,000 in gold missing from Ukraine Central Bank after swapped for lead bricks

Cunning fraudsters have conned the Ukraine Central Bank branch in Odessa into buying $300,000 worth of gold which turned out to be lead daubed with gold paint.

“A criminal case has been opened and we are now carrying out an investigation to identify those involved in the crime,” a spokesman for the Odessa police force is quoted by Vesti.

The news was first reported by Odessa’s State Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Dec 22 13:18

Russia to bail out Trust Bank with up to $530 million

Russian mid-sized lender Trust Bank is to receive up to 30 billion rubles ($530 million) from the central bank to stop it going bankrupt in the first bailout of its kind during the current rouble crisis.

The central bank also said its Deposit Insurance Agency, responsible for managing crisis-hit lenders, would take over interim supervision of Trust Bank as of Monday.

The measures "will make it possible for Trust to continue smooth payments operations. All the bank's clients, including depositors, can use its services as usual", the central bank said in a statement.

Dec 22 13:18

China Fears Covert Overthrow, Moves to Regulate NGOs

The bill requires overseas NGOs to register with, and be approved by, authorities if they want to set up representative offices or operate temporarily, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

"The bill aims to regulate the activities of overseas NGOs in China, protect their legal rights and interests, and promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreigners," Xinhua said, citing deputy public security minister Yang Huanning.

All levels of government would have to "provide policy consultation, assistance and guidance for overseas NGOs so that they can effectively and legally operate in the mainland", Xinhua added.

Dec 22 13:17

North Korea's internet is offline; massive DDOS attack presumed

North Korea’s addresses are managed by Star Joint Venture, the state-run Internet provider, which routes many of those connections through China Unicom, China’s state-owned telecommunications company.?

North Korea’s already tenuous links to the Internet went completely dark on Monday after days of instability, in what Internet monitors described as one of the worst North Korean network failures in years.

The loss of service came just days after President Obama pledged that the United States would launch a “proportional response” to the recent attacks on Sony Pictures, which government officials have linked to North Korea. While an attack on North Korea’s networks was suspected, there was no definitive evidence of it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now when the US takes down the power grid, they will claim this is North Korea's "retaliation" for the DDOS attack.

Dec 22 13:01

Off Duty Cop Picked the Wrong Person to Harass

Like most states in the U.S., South Carolina can be a hotbed for undue police harassment. No less in Charleston, presumably during January 2014.

What was this bumbling man going to write her up for?


Dec 22 13:01

Report: Feds Pressuring More Doctors to Ask Patients About Their Guns

The federal government is pressuring more and more medical doctors to ask their patients if they own firearms, according to a healthcare professional.

Dec 22 12:58

McCain's 'Too Many Thanks'

"We should thank Saudi Arabia, which allowed the price of a barrel of oil to fall to the point that it significantly affected the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, [and] the [Russian] economy," McCain said. "It has nothing to do with the actions of the U.S. president," he added.
“Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar,” John McCain told CNN’s Candy Crowley in January 2014. “Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar, and for our Qatari friends,” the senator said once again a month later, at the Munich Security Conference.

Editor's Comment:
I hope not to disappoint you, folks. But I enjoy reading for hawkish elites. entertains me!
They usually have low IQ (by the way, is there any relationship between fundamentalism and low IQ level?). Yet, they (such as McCan) are usually frank.

So basically, he thanks (1) god, (2) Saudis (especially Prince Bandar) and (3) Qatar... why not (4) ISIS too?

Dec 22 12:24

Bill de Blasio demands halt to protests, political debate until after funerals for murdered officers

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says protests and political debate over police tactics should be halted until the funerals are held for two officer shot and killed inside their patrol car.

De Blasio said Monday in a speech that it was time to support the families of the officers and show them respect. He says Saturday’s ambush killing was an attack on “all police.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What about all the innocent Americans murdered by police? Don't they deserve respect?

Dec 22 12:24

Increasing number of families prepping for catastrophe

From the outside America may seem to be a land of endless optimism and confidence. But could it be in danger of falling apart? -- An increasing number of Americans seem to think so, and they’re preparing for the end.

Dec 22 12:13


The Government is deliberately sabotaging the inquiry into historic claims of child abuse to protect “high profile figures,” a Labour MP has claimed. Simon Danczuk, the backbencher who has led the calls for an inquiry into allegations of abuse dating back decades, said the problems which had dogged the probe set up last summer appeared to have been “quite deliberate mistakes by people in central Government.”

Dec 22 12:12

Will Obama Federalize Local Police?

• White House looking to have cops nationwide answer to the feds.

When one looks beyond the senseless looting, rioting and destruction that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, could an even more ominous plot be at hand? Are power-obsessed authorities, spearheaded by outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, setting the stage to further federalize local police forces?

To get more information on this, on December 11 this reporter interviewed Cheryl Chumley, author of the book POLICE STATE USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality.

Dec 22 12:11

DAV Top Brass Still Raking in the Dough While Vets Suffer

In 2013, this reporter wrote a series of articles and conducted an interview with an AMERICAN FREE PRESS subscriber, concerning the country’s largest charity for disabled veterans, who were paying certain employees more than the president of the United States, while almost completely ignoring the plight of the estimated 250,000 homeless veterans spread out across this once-great nation.

Now, secretly-recorded videos taken in August, 2011 at the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, reveals an organization that will do whatever it takes to add members to their rolls, even if they have no disabilities and regardless of what the organization’s own governing documents require. National Membership Director Anthony L. “Tony” Baskerville was caught on video admitting that the DAV will not question the validity of an applicant’s claim that they are disabled, stating, “You don’t have to prove anything here.”

Dec 22 12:08

Argentina Snubs Bankers; Stabilizes Own Currency

Argentina may come out victorious in a battle with international moneylenders, as its central bank has stopped bleeding foreign currency reserves. Moreover, black-market prices for Argentine pesos have moved dramatically toward the official exchange rate. This follows years of uncertainty as a gang of hedge funds and their billionaire masters have tried to bully Argentina into collapse to punish it for putting the welfare of its own citizens before international bankers.

Dec 22 12:04

Season of Goodwill… West Delivers Sanctions, Suffering and Conflict

A Christmas Carol? The EU is not only Scrooge unrepentant. It is also the biggest Stooge for American war-making.

It’s the Season of Goodwill – and Western governments are showering us with a medley of their «gifts». Sanctions, austerity, lethal military aid and red-hot coals of conflict.

Meanwhile, the contrast of Russian humanitarian aid to Ukraine could not be greater or more telling. This week another convoy of trucks from Russia – at least the tenth so far in recent months – is due to arrive in eastern Ukraine, bearing food, clothing, heating and toys for the war-torn children of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Only in the cynical, mean-spirited West would such a juxtaposition of very different Russian conduct be misconstrued.

Dec 22 11:48

Obama: I’m Jewish ‘in my soul’

"Mr President," he said in his booming voice, "when I told my Christian friend I was coming to a Channukah party at the White House, he told me, 'I didn't know the President was Jewish!"

The President let out a serious belly laugh. But in all the commotion of people asking other questions and everyone clicking their smart phone cameras, it was easy to lose sight of the president to see if he had anything to say.

I kept my eyes straight on him. It was clear that the "President was Jewish" idea had intrigued him. After about three or four seconds, as he was walking away, and looking at no one in particular, the President just said, "I am, in my soul."

So, there you have it: The leader of the free world says he's Jewish, in his soul.

Dec 22 11:42

Terror hoax fears lead to arrest of Montreal man turned in by family

Authorities say he will face one charge related to the terrorism hoax section of the Criminal Code — causing reason to believe a terrorist activity could occur.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay, so the family thinks he may be a terrorist and turns him in, only it turns out there is no evidence he is planning an actual terror attack but a protest, but he charged for the crime of making the police THINK he might be a terrorist!