The Potemkin Gulf of Mexico: The Government and BP are Burning Carcasses, Hiding/Ignoring the Oil, Reducing Liability

You don't have to be terribly astute to realize what BP and the White House with all its compromised agencies are up to these past few weeks, aided and abetted by the ever compliant Mainstream Media. The Fix is in:"kill" the drill well, even though it may not be the right drill well (click here for an explanation), continue to grant an endless panoply of waivers for BP to keep dispersing thick crude oil via Corexit to keep it out of sight and out of mind (and so what if oil is leaking upstream or downstream from the capped well, it's all "natural seepage"), hide the fish and mammal carcasses, jimmy air test results, declarefish safe to eat via unaccountable "smell tests", in brief,create a Potemkin Gulf of Mexico while ignoring and hiding the ongoing disaster engulfing the real Gulf of Mexico.