Hurricane Katrina officers sentenced to 189 years

The sentencings concluded the prosecution in the so-called Danziger Bridge case, which saw police opening fire on a group of residents in the chaotic days that followed the storm.

Robert Faulcon received a sentence of 65 years, Kenneth Bowen and Robert Gisevius 40 years each, and Anthony Villavaso 38 years for firearms charges.

A fifth officer, homicide detective Arthur Kaufman, was convicted of covering up the crimes through a series of false reports and lies, and was jailed for six years.

Faulcon, Bowen, Gisevius and Villavaso were among a dozen officers who responded to a radio call that colleagues were taking fire near the bridge on September 4, 2005.


Should have got the......

Ethan Allen and...

death penalty. If it was the other way around the offenders would have been executed! Now some racist governor can pardon them!

a radio call that colleagues were taking fire


"a radio call that colleagues were taking fire"

in other words, these orificers "went to war" on a feeding frenzy where any darky is a target. "shoot them all, let god sort them out"
thinking of course, that they were above the law, specially in a situation of "national emergency" such as that, their buttbuddies "taking fire".

maybe that's how the shameless banksters feel ... with our dosh.