Jun 23 07:39

Video: Robotic Revolution Aims To Make Man Obsolete

The days of humans checking your passport could soon be over.

Jun 23 07:29

Video: US Police Killings Violate International Law

len Ford: Amnesty International finds all 50 states and Washington DC fail to comply with international law and standards on the use of lethal force by law.

Jun 23 07:02

Drawing Heat: Wife of Israeli minister apologizes for joke about Obama

The talk-show hosting wife of the Israeli Interior Minister has attracted severe criticism for an unfortunate choice of joke on Twitter about Obama.

Jun 22 16:43

Welcome to Sweden - An angry wog talks

Jun 22 08:00

Trainload of up-armored Humvees with special COMM equipment linked to “Homeland Defense operations”

Up-armored “Humvees” and “Striker units” with a “peculiar satellite” installed on them, a “green dome antennae in the back,” were spotted on rail trains recently in both “Oregon” and “California,” according to a video posted by Dave Action Reporting on YouTube Monday.

Jun 22 07:39

Blacks Brutally Kill Whites All the Time Without Media Coverage

Racial violence is reported in a very biased way - and always with the goal of enraging blacks to loot. Truly part of a divide and conquer strategy of the establishment. Honest reporting of the news would show that white on black violent crime is actually quite rare.

Jun 22 06:19

New Concertina wire fencing around closed Nevada prison, guard in tower – Are closed prisons being set up as FEMA Camps?

ANP has been sent another batch of original photos of the decommissioned Nevada State prison from a concerned veteran who describes not only what he saw in the photos but what occurred after he took the them, concluding that “White vans seem to be a common denominator.”

Jun 22 04:51

Jade Helm goes GLOBAL: Official start date coincides with Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ritual

It now appears that Jade Helm has unofficially gone live a month early and has spread across the globe with numerous massive training exercises happening throughout the world.

Jun 21 07:10

Alex Jones warns ‘JADE HELM 15 not a drill’ but rather a “cover for military occupation”

On Saturday, June 20, radio talk show host and alternative news figurehead Alex Jones released an “emergency alert” videocast on YouTube stating that the “elite are now evacuating” the United States ahead of Jade Helm 15, which Jones now says is not a drill.

Jun 20 12:03

Free Speech on Trial: IRS v. Hendrickson

Buried in Supreme Court rulings, legal minutia, tax code jargon, and the minutes from Congressional hearings is the truth that the what is commonly referred to as the income tax is meant to be a simple excise tax levied on those benefiting in some way from a federal privilege.

This means that government workers and office-holders, federal reserve bankers, subsidy recipients, investors in federal corporations, and any other person benefiting from the profitable exercise of federal privilege were meant to pay the tax, NOT independent hard-working American citizens.

Jun 20 10:32

You've Been Cooking Eggs Wrong Everyday!

Jun 20 08:17

Video: Putin addresses SPIEF 2015: ‘Russia is open for the world’ (FULL SPEECH)

Russian president Vladimir Putin speaks at the plenary session at St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Jun 20 08:03

Decommissioned Air Force base becomes active again, build-up of personnel and equipment

With Jade Helm 15 on the horizon, kicking off in less than 22 days, one can only wonder why a military base that was previously decommissioned over twenty-years ago, in 1994, has now became active again.

Jun 19 20:54

Ron Paul: Stock market ‘day of reckoning’ is near

Despite record highs in the market, former Rep. Ron Paul says the Fed’s easy money policies have left stocks and bonds are on the verge of a massive collapse.

Jun 19 15:24

Video: Citizen Journalist Scares Elites

Bilderberg steering committee member and Vice Chair of Rothschild Europe Franco Bernabè was confronted about his role in the secretive organization as he left the conference via the train station earlier today.

Jun 19 13:54

Obama Is Above The Law

Jun 19 13:46

NATO vs Russia

Escalating rhetoric and the doubling down on failed policies: this is one way of viewing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s opinion of the world.

Jun 19 11:12

Video: Milwaukee Cop Brutally Punches Woman Caught on Police Dash Cam

The city of Milwaukee has settled a civil rights lawsuit filed in 2014 by a woman who was punched in the face and dragged from a patrol vehicle.

Jun 19 09:05

TAA To Be Forced Down America's Throat

Alabama Senator warns there will be another attempt in Congress on Tuesday to push through TAA and fast-track authority.

Jun 19 08:49

How the British police protected Jimmy Savile for decades

How the British police allowed Jimmy Savile to conduct decades of systematic abuse on children.

Jun 19 08:45

The Dolezal Controversy

In the wake of Rachel Dolezal’s NAACP resignation, members of the TRNN team discuss why the case has become such a national debate.

Jun 19 07:12

Picking on Putin: White House wannabes talk the talk in desperate points trawl

US presidential hopefuls might be campaigning on different platforms to gain voter loyalty – but many are choosing a ‘common enemy’ – Russia.

Jun 19 07:05

Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Run Jim Jones Style

Clinton plans to emphasize her experience, but will add a new tactic: focus on her personal life.

Jun 19 07:04

'Better to be in jail': Protesters demand closure of notorious immigration center in UK

Hundreds of protesters in London converge on Downing Street to present a list of complaints concerning Britain’s most notorious immigrant removal center.

Jun 19 06:56

Holodomor: The Ukrainian Holocaust of 1933

The killing of 10 million Christians by the Jewish Bolsheviks under Joseph Stalin 1932-1933 in Ukraine. These events are also known as Holodomor.

Jun 18 16:56

Meet John Malone: The Billionaire to Benefit from Charter-TimeWarner Merger

Investigative Reporter David Cay Johnston explains the growing power of monopolies and how a for-profit model Internet does a disservice to consumers.

Jun 18 16:35

“U.S. Dept. of Relocation” shipping containers found hidden away at State Fairgrounds, claims witness

Shockingly according to an eyewitness, who also captured his encounter at on film, a number of large blue shipping containers have recently shown up at “Expo Idaho” from the “United States Department of Relocation.”

Jun 18 15:18

Video: US police fatally shoot more people in days than other countries do in years

Police officers are often forced to make split second decisions. But in no other developed country will you find cops resorting to deadly force as aggressively as in America.

Jun 18 14:15

Rachel Dolezal’s Lies & Deception: Interview with Lacey Schwartz, "Little White Lie" Filmmaker

We look at the growing national debate over racial identity sparked by the story of Rachel Dolezal. A Washington state civil rights advocate and educator, Dolezal resigned her post as president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP on Monday amid reports she falsely identified as black.

Jun 18 08:20

Drip Feeding Greece Will End in Default

Dimitri Lascaris and Leo Panitch discusses Athenian proposal which rejected pension cuts but included the closing military bases in their offer, with Sharmini Peries.

Jun 18 08:17

The Dominican Republic’s "Ethnic Purging": Edwidge Danticat on Mass Deportation of Haitian Families

The Dominican Republic is set to begin what some are calling "ethnic purging," placing the fate of hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent into limbo. Half a million legally stateless people could be sent to Haiti this week.

Jun 18 07:54

How I Witnessed The Death Of Journalism At The G7 and Bilderberg

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Charlie Skelton a reporter from the Guardian.

Jun 18 07:24

Video: DC Cops Undercover Cops Maced a Bus Rider Short 75 Cents for Fare

Three undercover DC cops maced a bus rider who was short just 75 cents on his fare this afternoon, getting caught in a video going viral for their excessive force.

Jun 18 06:52

Cop on Film Brutally Murders Ex-Wife in Car With Young Daughter in Tow

Turns out, the killer was Neptune Township Police Sgt. Phillip Seidle who was off-duty and instigating a car chase after his ex-wife, while their 7-year-old daughter sat helplessly in his Honda Pilot passenger seat.

Tamara Seidle. who had completed a divorce with him on May 27 after 24 years of marriage and 9 children, was trying to escape him and ended up crashing her car into a parked car on an Asbury neighborhood street, leaving her stuck.

Jun 17 18:12

Video: Israelis film themselves shooting unarmed Palestinian

“Got it! Wow, got it. Got video, too!

This is what the voice on this video is heard exclaiming just after a sniper fires a shot toward an unarmed Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank village of Silwad.

Jun 17 15:41

Military Veteran Taken To Court By City Over ‘Off-Grid’ Lifestyle

“They came and they condemned our house and told us if we stayed here we’d be arrested for trespassing on our own property, and the reason why is, they said, it was unsafe living conditions because we don’t have city utilities hooked up,” Truitt told WAFF48.

Jun 17 14:01

Tanks away: US company to sell handcrafted ‘luxury’ tanks

Off-road enthusiasts with money to burn will soon be able to buy luxury vehicles based on an actual military tank. Lacking armor or weapons, the civilian vehicle will offer speed, luxury and ability to go just about anywhere.

Jun 17 13:31

NO REALLY!? Global Peace Index report: ‘World is less peaceful today than in 2008?

Although worldwide peace levels were stable this year, the division between countries enjoying peace and those afflicted by conflict has increased, according to a report.

Jun 17 07:42

Welcome to Sweden - Refugee Goes Off on Sweden's Globalist Establishment

What is life like in Sweden? "The politicians are participating in a chicken race of “goodness” where everybody tries to one-up each other in caring for the citizens of OTHER countries while Swedish retirees, school children, handicapped and other vulnerable categories of people are thoroughly ignored."

Jun 16 15:51

Showing more than his badge : NJ cop pleads guilty in dashcam unzipping

In Newton, New Jersey, young men allegedly got a little more than what they asked for when they were pulled over for traffic offenses by an officer.

Jun 16 15:38

Teachers Use Spy Software to Detect Potential Child Terrorists

Installed on school laptops and tablets, the software uses keyword search capabilities and URL monitoring to detect the use of “terrorism-related” words or phrases, allowing teachers to examine suspicious behavior patterns among students.

Jun 16 14:27

Good Thing She Sleeps With a 9mm Glock

One woman was targeted for a carjacking and the other was the victim of a home invasion when five men broke into her house, and while all of the suspects walked away empty-handed, at least one also walked away with a gunshot wound.

Jun 16 13:48

STUDY: Teenagers Losing Confidence in American Dream

The "American Dream" -- "You have to be asleep to believe it." -- George Carlin

Jun 16 13:10

Video: Man Interrogated, Searched, Detained for ‘Suspicious’ Filming of Cops

A man exercising his First Amendment right to film in public was confronted by police who proceeded to interrogate, search, handcuff and detain him in what appears to be a blatant violation of his civil rights.

Jun 16 10:15

Rioting Migrants Attempt to Hijack Trucks Heading for UK

Shocking footage filmed in the French port town of Calais shows desperate migrants attempting to break into delivery trucks heading to the United Kingdom in another illustration of how the country's generous welfare system acts as a beacon for illegal aliens.

The clip shows huge gangs of migrants roaming around on a highway attempting to attack vehicles.

Jun 16 07:18

Massive military convoy loaded with unmarked mobile ammunition storage containers spotted in Portland, Oregon

In yet another example of suspicious troop movements throughout the country in the lead up to the massive realistic training exercise known as Jade Helm, a convoy of military vehicles has been filmed passing through Union Station in Portland, Oregon.

Jun 16 06:45

The birds and the bees — Where are we headed?

From dying birds to dead turtles, sea life and bees, something is going on. And you don’t have to be a genius to figure out it’s not a good thing as it directly affects the chain of life, food supply, etc..

Jun 16 06:06

Former World Bank President confronted over Bilderberg ties

Global banking figurehead and Bilderberg attendee James Wolfensohn was spotted and confronted by reporter Dan Dicks at the airport Sunday.

Jun 15 10:50

Alice in Progressive Wonderland

Just a story about a girl named Alice. Her father was a gay sperm donor. Her mother was a lesbian who married another woman. When she was three her mother went insane and was put in a mental institution. Her mother's lesbian lover got custody of Alice.

The lesbian lover divorced her mom and married another woman. This woman then became a man and called herself "daddy" to Alice. The woman who pretended to be a man then had an affair with another man. And this woman/man wants partial custody of Alice. Because she has explained to little Alice that she is also probably a boy trapped in the body of a girl.

Social Justice Warriors see nothing wrong with this scenario.

Jun 15 05:25

Video: Jade Helm whistleblower claims Texas to be attacked by government in June

Some strange things have been going on in Texas since March 13, 2015 when news broke of the Jade Helm 15 operations set to be conducted by the U.S. military from July to September, with Texas listed as a “hostile” state.

Jun 15 04:29

The world’s new order: Corporatocracy, the TPP, Biotech, censorship, and re-education

This article is going to be quite different in format since it will contain more videos than my comments so as to try to tie together and express more than I ever could write in one submission. The theme that runs through all is to dramatize how humans are unknowingly being subjugated at every level and most aspects and phases of life, living and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

Jun 14 11:07

International Media Ignores Crucial Globalist Confab

Rob Dew and Paul Joseph Watson share their insights into the lack of mainstream media coverage in this years Bilderberg 2015.

Jun 14 08:53

The Truth About Nelson Mandela – Communist, Terrorist, Murderer (With Zionist Handlers)

Most people are unaware of the Zionists who backed Mandela, or that Mandela was responsible for countless acts of terrorism. Stefan Molyneaux and others expose what the mainstream media and textbooks haven't told you.

Jun 13 19:06

How the Drudge Report helped take Bilderberg mainstream

Since the group’s first gathering in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, in 1954, Bilderberg has benefited from its policy of strict secrecy, allowing it to operate unnoticed among other political summits.

Press outlets who once shunned and downplayed investigation of the group by independent media and muckraking journalists are now increasingly being forced to provide Bilderberg coverage.

Jun 13 15:34

ACLU Sees Kent County DE Court Halt Discovery and Notify Cops In Free Press First Amendment Lawsuit.

Many thanks to Publisher/Editor Bill Gunlocke for his referential Affidavit as seen on my journal page. The Court had actually posted a picture of me at the guard station..... Today with a Motion for Reconsideration I went after the Delaware Commissioner Andrea Maybee Freud (yes her real name) a Communications major who overruled standing Supreme Court ORDER allowing video in trial Courts per Rule 155 and who stayed Discovery even though the Defendants have never once answered a simple question as to what authority they believed they had to prevent me from 1) asking a question or two of the deputy or director of the Recorder of Deeds office and/or 2) running B-roll footage of La Mar Gunn pulling up fraudulent documents on the electronic fiche machine. I'll post the document Sunday but for now here is the video.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jun 13 10:42

Photos: “Highly Suspicious” Saudi Civil Defense trucks spotted on Texas highway

With fears over Jade Helm 2015 and possible martial law in America at a fever pitch photos have emerged showing Saudi Arabian forces within the United States.

Jun 13 10:01

Real Racism is Supported by Lies

A new micro-doc lashes out at Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Cenk Uygur, and Rachel Maddow for spreading the lie of "hands up, don't shoot," which gave rise to protests and even rioting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jun 13 09:49

Civilian: ‘Army soldier presented info to my friend of an impending EMP attack on Texas’

A recent post on Facebook made by Dale Lewis has caused quite the controversy throughout the online community. The post claims that an area of Texas may soon suffer from an impending electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, but has no evidence to back it up.

Jun 13 09:26

NAACP Leader Faked Being Black

According to her parents, Rachel Dolezal has been disguising herself as African American after she assimilated herself with the culture nearly 20 years ago.

Jun 12 16:33

British Couple Recounts Police Confrontation While Hiking Through Bilderberg Woods

Rob Dew witnessed the Wilson’s emerging from the verboten Bilderberg woods.

Jun 12 15:24

Nuke Russia? Prankster/journalist grabs support for fake

A US prankster and journalist has asked the people of San Diego to sign a fake petition to “nuke Russia to maintain America’s superiority”.

Jun 12 15:10

CrossTalk: Obama's Failure

The Islamic State continues to thrive and establish itself as a power base in the Middle East.

Jun 12 15:10

flashback - Jon Stewart Rips Obama on Guantanamo - and Says Look Out for PETA (Video)

Jon Stewart ridiculed President Obama for not following up on a campaign promise to close the Guantanamo Bay

Jun 12 10:38

Video: Proof Heads of State are Simply Figureheads

Which policy group of people is more important: the one where journalists are pampered and spoonfed information or the meeting where thousands of police cordon off a 10km diameter area and enforce absolute secrecy?

Jun 12 09:23

Bilderberg 2015: Journalists infiltrate hotel, take exclusive video INSIDE Bilderberg conference room

Breaking through the lockdown around the hotel, Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks were able to film footage both inside and outside the hotel throughout the 2 days that they were there.

Jun 12 09:13

Gas, food push prices to near 3 year peak…

U.S. producer prices in May recorded their biggestincrease in more than 2-1/2 years as the cost of gasoline and food rose, suggesting that an oil-driven downward drift in prices was nearing an end.

Jun 12 08:18

Reporters "Mug Shots" on Checkpoint Wall

As reporters Rob Dew and Josh Owens went through the Buchen checkpoint, Rob noticed that both of their passport photos and Paul Joseph Watson's were the only three mounted on the wall along with a picture of the rental car license plate. Of course there should be pictures of the criminal globalist meeting at Bilderberg 2015 on the wall so we will see what we can do about that.

Jun 12 07:14

Video: London Guardian Reporter Raided In Hotel Room

London Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton talks about his experience with the Bilderberg “police force”.

Jun 12 06:53

Muslim woman sues airline for discrimination after being refused can of coke

An American Muslim who was allegedly refused a soft drink on a plane amid fears she’d use it as a weapon, is suing United Airlines for discrimination.

Jun 11 15:35

Italian Parliament Representative Speaks Out About Bilderberg Elites

Italian Parliament Rep. Paolo Bernini arrived at the front gates of the elite secret meeting Bilderberg 2015.

Jun 11 14:00

Cops Don’t Even Know Why They Arrested This Man

As you can see in the video, Farias tries his best to find a good explanation for his detention, but to no avail. After being removed from the car, one of the officers starts searching (without any form of consent of course), and turns the camera away. Fortunately, the audio can still be heard. At the end of the video you can hear one of the officers say “I don’t even know why we pulled him over.” His partner replies “Just put cocaine test.”

Jun 11 13:23

Police State America sends 450 cops to illegally search people’s homes looking for escaped prisoners

State troopers, customs agents, federal marshals, park rangers and correction officers in helmets and body armor were checking people’s houses without warrants!

Jun 11 13:09

BOOGA BOOGA! Panetta: ISIS Intends to Attack Our Homeland — ‘Make No Mistake About It’

On PBS’ “NewsHour,” former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon Panetta said if ISIS is left to maintain a base of operation in Iraq they will turn their attention to attacking America next.

Jun 11 12:28

Police Shut Down Girls’ Lemonade Stand for No Permit

...but lets allow illegals to swarm across the border unfettered with who knows what diseases....the world is officially insane.

Jun 11 11:41

Exclusive: Bilderberg Deploys Hi-Tech Jamming to Shut Down Communications

The secretive Bilderberg Group has deployed a hi-tech jamming system to shut down communications around the site of the elitist confab’s luxury hotel.

Jun 11 09:07

Frickin' Laserbeams: Boeing's Weapons get Sci-fi Sound Effects

Next time Boeing’s High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator shoots down a drone mid-flight, it will sound like Hans Solo’s blaster.

Jun 11 08:57

Texas woman sues police for brutality after being ‘kicked, punched’ by cops

A video’s come to light in the U.S. showing police viciously manhandling a woman who’d been arrested.

Jun 11 08:57

The Delusions Of King Barack

He’s just wrong…flat wrong and delusional. Which appears to have become the norm for Presidents.

Jun 11 08:23

Police in Chile fire water cannon in student clashes, as protest in Santiago turns violent

A student demonstration advocating free education escalated into running battles with the police in the capital Santiago.

Jun 11 08:23

Bilderberg: What Aren't They Telling Us

Jun 11 08:18

'Controversial & contested': TTIP free trade agreement faces criticism across Europe

The EU parliament has postponed a vote on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement between Europe and America.

Jun 11 08:17

Austrians Mad As Hell At Bilderberg 2015

Reporter Rob Dew talks to Austrians about the upcoming Bilderberg meeting. Many of the Austrians we spoke to were already aware of Bilderberg.

Jun 10 19:09

Gaza, Pre-1948 and Gaza Now!

A light unto the world? israel sets nations on fire with war machines. The only democracy in the ME!!! Disgusting creatures. All "jews" should be ashamed of this cockroach "country"

Jun 10 15:49

43yrs in windowless cell, 23/7: Federal court blocks release of 'Angola 3' inmate

A federal court blocked the release of the last imprisoned member of the Angola 3, after a Louisiana judge ruled the state must release Albert Woodfox.

Jun 10 15:49

SDS Leader Tom Hayden on Vietnam: We Must Challenge the Pentagon on the Battlefield of Memory

As the nation celebrates Memorial Day, we look back at the Vietnam War. Fifty years ago, on March 7, 1965, 3,500 U.S. marines landed in South Vietnam, marking the start of the U.S. ground war in Vietnam. That same day, in Alabama, state troopers beat back civil rights protesters in Selma trying to walk over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Weeks later, the first teach-in against the Vietnam War was held at the University of Michigan. By 1968, the U.S. had half a million troops in Vietnam. The war continued until April 1975. Some scholars estimate as many as 3.8 million Vietnamese died during the war, up to 800,000 perished in Cambodia, another one million in Laos. The U.S. death toll was 58,000. Today we spend the hour airing highlights from a recent confe

Jun 10 15:38

Video: How the Media & EPA Mislead the Public on Fracking

Environmental activist Josh Fox, who was recently kicked off of Fox News, says a recent EPA study contradicts itself on fracking safety.

Jun 10 15:38

Obama ignores Iraqi PM at G7 summit?

US President Barack Obama apparently snubbed the newly-elected Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi.

Jun 10 15:32

Men's World Cup Exposes Massive Global Labor Contradictions

Journalist Reese Erlich discusses his reporting into the abuse of labor in Qatar.

Jun 10 15:21

Bilderberg Deploys Hi-Tech Jamming to Shut Down Communications

The secretive Bilderberg Group has deployed a hi-tech jamming system to shut down communications around the site of the elitist confab’s luxury hotel in order to strangle media coverage of the event.

Jun 10 15:16

Suicide bomber detonates nr Luxor Karnak Temple tourist site in Egypt

A suicide car bomber has blown himself up in a parking lot near Karnak Temple, a famous tourist site in Luxor, southern Egypt, officials said

Jun 10 15:11

Video: The Spirit Of Jim Tucker Seen at Bilderberg 2015

As we were filming the village of Telfs we spied a person that had an uncanny resemblance to the deceased Bilderberg Sleuth Jim Tucker.

Jun 10 14:59

The Only Journalists To Ever Be Inside Bilderberg During Lockdown

In this video Luke Rudkowski takes you on a personal journey to the incredible mission of being able to break through the Bilderberg lockdown.

Jun 10 14:40

Bilderberg: The Mega Mafia 2.0

Bilderberg Group will discuss capital controls on bank customers, meaning that banks may soon restrict your access to your own money in your bank account.

Jun 10 14:26

The Soros Destabilization Program Is In Full Swing

Rev. Ronald Wright, executive director of Justice Seekers Texas, told media outlets that negative incidents involving police will likely lead to ISIS-style terrorism.

Jun 10 14:09

Baltimore Uprising a Transformative Moment For City Youth

A panel from our live Baltimore Uprising coverage featuring a discussion of some of the powerful moments during the protests.

Jun 10 14:08

Going Underground: Russian UK ambassador on Ukraine & ISIS

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with Russia's Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko- and he tells us what Russia is planning to do about ISIS.

Jun 10 13:54

No water, electricity, medicine: Yemen humanitarian crisis deepens

The Saudi-led coalition has bombed the defense ministry building in the Yemeni capital, which has been occupied by Houthi rebels.

Jun 10 13:25

‘Surprise’—Obamacare insurers desire double-digit hikes

Many Obamacare customers could be looking at surprisingly large price increases next year—if insurers get their wishes. -- Health insurance premiums for individual plans in major U.S. cities would rise by an average of 12 percent in 2016 if the newly proposed prices are approved, a new analysis finds.

Jun 10 13:23

The New World Order of Global Warfare

From cyberwar to proxy war to covert war, the global long war against humanity threatens to become a full-fledged theatre war and even nuclear war.

Jun 10 12:27

Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement

Discovered inside the huge tranche of secretive Obamatrade documents released by Wikileaks are key details on how technically any Republican voting for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would fast-track trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would technically also be voting to massively expand President Obama’s executive authority when it comes to immigration matters.

Jun 10 07:20

Black Pastor threatens ISIS style terror attacks against police and “people” who “allow” racism to grow

In a stunning statement made on live TV, a black pastor and supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter movement literally threatened terrorism against police and the American people.

Jun 10 07:09

‘Obama zombies’: Americans sign prankster’s petition to nuke Russia (VIDEO)

US journalist Mark Dice has asked the people of San Diego to sign President Barack Obama’s “plan” to nuke Russia to “maintain America’s superiority.” The majority of beach goers didn’t appear to get the joke, and signed the fake petition.