Aug 21 09:48

Kiev's Renewed Assault on Donbass to Trigger US-Russian War – Stephen Cohen

There are some worrisome signs emerging that Kiev may be planning a new military assault against Donbass, Professor Stephen F. Cohen notes, warning that a US/NATO involvement in the civil war in Ukraine may potentially prompt a backlash from Russia, leading to a direct standoff between the two nuclear powers.

There are growing signs that Kiev may soon launch an offensive against the two breakaway republics in Donbass, professor of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University Stephen F. Cohen emphasizes.

But why is Kiev considering escalating its military operation in the East? There are three possible reasons, according to the scholar.
The first possibility is that the Kiev regime understands that it is in a dire political situation, and a renewed military campaign is seen as the only way reignite support from the country.

Aug 21 08:40

Roskomnadzor: Administrators of the Wikipedia have not complied with the court's decision to remove the page

Roskomnadzor: Administrators of the Wikipedia have not complied with the court's decision to remove the page.
August 20, Roskomnadzor has sent to the administration of Wikipedia the requirement to remove from the website article with information about the methods of preparation of drugs, otherwise the resource will be blocked.
"The administrators of the Russian version of Wikipedia, although directed to their address notice, still have not complied with the decision Chernoyarsky district court of the Astrakhan region in relation to one of the pages with the information prohibited for distribution in Russia", - stated in the message of Roskomnadzor.
Thus as the administrators of Wikipedia online resource operates on the basis of the HTTPS Protocol that does not allow access restrictions to individual pages, will be blocked the entire resource.

Aug 21 08:38

Vice-Speaker of the State Duma asking to ban the use of Windows 10 in state institutions

Microsoft announced that it had adopted a final decision on reduction of the staff involved in the mobile business in Finland. As reported by the newspaper "Taloussanomat", this measure will affect 2.3 thousand employees in Suomi.

Aug 21 08:37

Defense Secretary: Russia an ‘Existential Threat’ to US

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is parroting a number of top Pentagon officials on the issue of Russia today, affirming that he too believes Russia is an “existential threat” to the United States simply by virtue of being a very large country with a lot of nuclear weapons.

Speaking at the Pentagon, Carter insisted Russia’s status as a threat is nothing new, but that Putin is suddenly acting “as an antagonist” to the US on certain issues, and said the US is changing their playbook with NATO to “harden” areas along the Russian frontier.

So far this “hardening” has consisted of the US “pre-positioning” massive amounts of combat vehicles in Eastern Europe, to save themselves the trouble of having to ship them during an actual war. It has also involved massive military drills directly on the Russian border, which several groups have warned risk provoking a conflict neither side really wants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter; sir, have you also imbibed the Koolaid which has made you, publicly, barking mad on this issue?!?

You could have successfully accused Russia and Putin of this in the 80s, when Americans still believed that there was some shred of credibility in whatever the government told them; but not now.

The American people understand, full well, that whatever the Federal government tells them is most probably completely untrue, and economically agenda-driven, except perhaps for weather reports.

We are war-weary and war skeptical, after the debacles of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan, and know that this government lies through its collective teeth to get wars going.

And we, the American people demand a thorough stop to these malignant military misadventures, thank you very much.

This government, and administration have lost any possible shred of credibility whatsoever, and the American people have completely tuned you out.

There is a wonderful line in the second Sherlock Holmes film, where the Moriarty character makes the observation (which I am paraphrasing) indicating that a war is coming, and he wants to corner the markets in both bullets and bandages; so it is for your friends who are chairs of boards of the American military industrial complex, who will pocket a pretty penny from a potential war with Russia.

Karl Marx got a lot of things wrong, but one thing he said was absolutely correct: all wars are economic in nature.

The US government is lurching toward a war, because they cannot think of any way to save a sputtering economy, which is spiraling out of control and for which the death knell is already sounding. The Federal government is looking to use a war as an excuse for this horrific economic mess into which it has gotten this country, so we are in a race to see what comes first; a complete economic collapse, or a world war.

The Russians and Chinese are making deals to get what they want geopolitically. The US government wages wars to get what it wants geopolitically.

What is wrong with this picture, Secretary Carter?!? BLOODY EVERYTHING.

Aug 21 08:33

Boxer Roy Jones Jr. asks Putin for Russian citizenship, Vlad says OK

American boxer Roy Jones asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to give him Russian citizenship during a meeting in Sevastopol. The answer was ‘Yes’.

Aug 21 08:26

Russian Unemployment Nears Historic Lows Despite Sanctions

Yet Bloomberg still wants to pretend this isn’t a positive sign.

Aug 21 08:24

Is an Attack by Kiev Imminent? Yes! So What Else Is New

Its real purpose would not be to reconquer Donbass but to draw Russia into east Ukraine.

Aug 21 08:17

Read This to Understand the Scale of Shelling and Civilian Suffering in East Ukraine

A compilation of news reports from a space of just a few days - this goes on all the time.

Ukraine Shelling Keeping OSCE out of a Suffering East Ukraine Town

Aug 21 08:07

More than 20 Ukrainians who are in captivity in DPR, do not intend to return back to Ukraine

"More than 20 prisoners who are in DPR and don't want to go back to Ukraine. These people have already moved here families. Of course, most of captives want to go home. But those people who decided to stay with us, they will be provided with all necessary", - Donetsk news Agency.
Media: in the Donetsk region one of the Ukrainian military gunned down his colleague
Two people injured in shellings by Ukrainian forces in Donetsk — mayor’s office

Aug 21 07:58

US government challenges in court property claims of Hasidic Jewish group to Russia

The US government has challenged at a hearing on Thursday the property claims of the Hasidic Jewish organization to Russia amounting to $43.7 million in the case of the so-called Schneerson Collection and said it favored the settlement of the situation "through diplomatic negotiations" with Moscow.
The government representatives noted that the organization’s motion could not lead to the solution of the problem. According to their estimates, such a move by a court would be fraught with serious complications in relations with Russian and would set a precedent that could be dangerous for the American diplomacy in general. Nathan Swinton, a Trial Attorney with the United States Department of Justice, has said that the US Administration continues to proceed from the premise that returning the Schneerson Collection to the United States is only possible through diplomatic talks with Russia.

Aug 21 07:56

Pakistan turning away from US, warming up to Moscow — WSJ

Changing geopolitical dynamics and the shift of Washington’s focus from Pakistan to India, which the US is viewing as counterweight to China, has encouraged Moscow and Islamabad that stood in a tough opposition to each other in the 1980’s over Afghanistan, "to mend fences", The Wall Street Journal said in an article published on Thursday.
Media: the United States may suspend the allocation of funds to Pakistan to fight terrorism

Aug 21 07:56

The Monster Plot - Are Russian Spetsnaz in full motion in America?

According to ex-KGB officer Anatoly Golitsyn who defected to the West all-the-way back in 1961, the Soviet Union had plans to fake their own collapse (which later happened back in 1991) as part of their strategy to ultimately defeat the West by uniting with them under a world government led by none other than the Russians and Chinese.

As we watch events unfold today as America turns into a socialist nightmare and Russia, China and BRICS prepare to seize control of the global finance machine away from the US, we have to ask if we are now watching the concluding acts of a plan set into motion many years ago?

Aug 21 07:41

East Ukraine's Spartak shelled for 12 hours — local authorities

"They [Ukrainian forces] started shelling in the evening yesterday, as soon as it got dark. The shells hit the suburbs of the settlement, the field and the cemetery," an administration spokesperson told Donetsk News Agency.
According to local authorities, Ukrainian forces shelled Spartak from tanks from the settlements of Avdeyevka and Opytnoye. The information on whether anyone was injured in the shellings in being verified.
The settlement of Spartak near the Donetsk airport is shelled by Ukrainian forces almost daily. Most infrastructure has been destroyed in the settlement, and it is hardly possible to restore it any time soon.
With 2,200 buildings destroyed, town of Gorlovka becomes hottest spot of Donbas

Aug 21 07:39

Red Cross fails to examine east Ukraine militia fighters tortured in captivity — DPR

"During the largest prisoner swap on December 25, 2014, when our prisoners were exchanged in a terrible condition, with signs of abuse and violence, ICRC representatives were not even present there, even though this is within the scope of their competence," she said. "At that time, 200 people were released from captivity, and none of them was examined by the Red Cross."
According to Morozova, to date about 600 people who were recently in Ukrainian custody have not been examined by the ICRC mission either. "I have video footage and written interviews of these 200 people who were held captive, so please take and examine them. But all this remains not even at the stage of negotiations with the ICRC, but at the stage of talking," she added.

Aug 21 07:32

Ukraine breaks ceasefire in Donbas 26 times in 24 hours — DPR defense ministry

More than 130 mines, shells and sabots have been launched at the DPR’s populated localities, the ministry clarified.
"The Ukraine side has violated the ceasefire for 26 times over the past 24 hours. Forty artillery shells and rocket projectiles; 38 mines with a caliber of 82 mm and 120 mm and 15 sabots have been launched at the republic’s territory over that period of time," the Donetsk news agency quoted the DPR defense ministry as saying.
According to the ministry, Ukrainian artillery shelled Staromikhailovka, Oktyabr, Gorlovka, Belaya Kamenka, Styla, Spartak and Novolapsa. Donetsk’s Kuibyshevsky neighborhood and the territory of Donetsk airport also came under fire.
OSCE to pass on information on destruction in Gorlovka to international organizations

Aug 21 07:28

Chechen human rights group classified as foreign agent — Russia's Justice Ministry

The Russian Justice Ministry has included the Human Rights Center of the Chechen Republic in its list of non-commercial organizations functioning as foreign agents, the ministry’s press service said on Friday.
"The Prosecutor’s Office of the Chechen Republic as well as the Russian Justice Ministry department for the Chechen Republic have carried out inspections, which revealed that the organization in question matched all the characteristics of an NCO, which performs the functions of a foreign agent," the Russian Justice Ministry said.
"The Human Rights Center of the Chechen Republic has become the 87th organization in the Justice Ministry’s list of foreign agents.

Aug 21 07:24

How & Why the U.S. Media Do Propaganda Against Russia

The owners of U.S. newsmedia know that in order to serve their fellow U.S. aristocrats who want to kick out Russia’s current leader, Vladimir Putin, so as to enable them to buy Russia’s natural resources (and highly educated work-forces) cheap via “privatizations,” their PR campaign for their fellow aristocrats (their major advertisers) must be led by ‘respectable’ newsmedia, such as Foreign Policy magazine, and not by blatantly right-wing, obviously trashy, ones, such as Fox News. Overtly conservative, nationalistic, ‘news’ media wouldn’t be able to sell to anyone who isn’t already on-board with privatizations of government assets as being a fundamental “free market” principle (i.e, equating fascism — the actual originator of privatizations — with constituting ‘capitalism,’ confusing the two systems as being one-and-the-same). So: not only the fascist media are anti-Putin, but media that pretend not to be are also.

Aug 21 03:31

OSCE prevented from assisting East Ukrainian town of Gorlovka due to persistent shelling by Ukrainian troops

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is not prepared to work in Gorlovka under incessant artillery bombardments, the mission’s Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug said on Wednesday.

Aug 21 03:06

Deadly Cheering for War in Ukraine by Western Press

Two weeks ago, the Washington Post published an editorial saying that the governments of the NATO military alliance are being too soft on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine. The editors want even more aggressive support to the governing regime in Kyiv than what is already being given.

In particular, the newspaper objects to the ceasefire agreement that it says beleaguered Kyiv was pressured to sign in Minsk, Belarus on February 15, 2015. The editorial was headlined, ‘Putting Ukraine in an untenable position’ and its reads, “Yet now the German and French governments have enlisted the help of the Obama administration in seeking unilateral Ukrainian compliance with Minsk 2’s onerous political terms, which if fully implemented would implant a Russian-controlled entity inside Ukraine’s political system.”

Aug 20 15:47

US gives military field hospital worth $7.6 mln to Ukraine

Aug 20 12:47

Ukraine Debt Deadline in 3 Weeks - It's a Haircut Cliffhanger

Just before mid-September Ukraine has to come up with $0.5 billion.
Unclear that Kiev can do so or will be willing to since creditors have been reluctant to forgive much debt.
Meanwhile Ukrainians are almost certainly in for further ‘haircuts’ with pension cuts, higher gas prices and so on.
'Reverse Flow' Didn't Save Ukraine Money. It Cost It Millions Extra
Surprise, surprise. It would have been cheaper for Ukraine to purchase Russian gas directly from Russia, rather than get the same gas from the EU

Aug 20 12:39

Russia or the West: Who's Really Rattling the Nuclear Saber?

Iran has called for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, starting with Israel, but NATO’s nuclear powers aren’t listening.
Worse than that, they inflate their need for ‘nuclear deterrence’ based on false claims that justify the massacres of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Aug 20 12:10

NATO: Russian threatening capability may destroy Alliance

Russia creates a high-risk situation for Europe, and hinders NATO's fulfilling its functions, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey said.
Dempsey claimed that, ''threats are the combination, or the aggregate, of capabilities and intentions. Let me set aside for the moment, intentions, because I don't know what Russia intends.''
According to the general, Russia has quite threatening potential in space, cyber space, ground-based cruise missiles, submarines, and other activities aiming at severing communications.
''I do think one of the things that Russia does seem to to do is either discredit, or even more ominously, create the conditions for the failure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,'' he said.

Aug 20 12:08

Saudis to persuade Russia to surrender Assad?

The King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is going to pay Russia an official visit at the end of 2015. How will this influence the Russian policy in the Middle East? Will the Kremlin change its stance on Syria? Pravda.Ru conducted an interview with Efim Rezvan, a well-known Arabist, Professor, and scholar in Islamic studies.

Aug 20 12:00

NATO StratCom opens new office in Latvia

The StratCom center in Riga is the third such center in the Baltic States. Previously, a NATO Cyber Security Centre opened in Estonia and the NATO Energy Security Center set up an office in Lithuania.
The StratCom center based in Riga is part of NATO’s military structure. It has a status of international military organization. Its task is to develop NATO’s strategic communications capabilities within the Alliance and conduct research and experimentation to find practical solutions to existing challenges.

Aug 20 11:48

Militia say Kiev forces' grouping of troops in Donbas built up to 90,000

On Thursday, August 20 the grouping of pro-Kiev armed units in eastern Ukraine totaled 90,000 men and officers, 450 tanks, 203 salvo artillery units, and five Tochka-U missile complexes, Eduard Basurin, a top official at the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic told the Donetsk News Agency. The troops are concentrated in four sectors - Mariupol, Donetsk, Debaltsevo, and Luhansk.
"A total of five separate mechanized brigades, two separate tanks brigades, and air mobile brigade, an artillery brigade, and a salvo system brigade have been deployed ... to advance to Mariupol," the official, Eduard Basurin said. "All in all, this grouping has 22,500 men and officers, more than 130 tanks, more than 560 armored cars, fifty-five salvo artillery units, about 200 artillery guns and mortars, and about 720 antitank weapons."
European delegation source says Normandy Four meeting ended with no result

Aug 20 11:46

Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoy delivers humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Luhansk

More than 100 trucks have delivered more than 1,000 tons of humanitarian cargoes to Donbas today, including food (pasta, flour, sugar, tea, cooking oil and canned products), medicine and necessities. This is the 36th humanitarian convoy since August 2014
Russia’s Emergencies Ministry has conducted about 300 humanitarian operations abroad over the past 20 years, providing aid to nearly 140 countries of the world, the ministry’s press service said on Wednesday on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, marked every August 19.

Aug 20 11:34

Moscow calls on Seoul and Pyongyang to demonstrate utmost restraint

Russian, North Korean deputy FMs discuss situation on Korean peninsula:
"The sides exchanged opinions on a range of pressing aspects of bilateral relations, as well as on the current situation on the Korean peninsula," the ministry said.
Maria Zakharova, the official spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said earlier exchange of artillery fire between the North Korean and South Korean forces "cannot but cause alarm."
"It’s important for them to stay away from any actions prone with aggravating the situation and particularly to avoid the use of firearms."

Aug 20 09:27

Belarus strengthens border with Ukraine — border service

Work is in progress in Belarus on strengthening the security of the Ukrainian sector of the state border to counter the penetration of criminals from the adjacent territory, spokesman for the Belarusian State Border Committee Alexander Tischenko told TASS on Thursday.
"These measures will be directed not against Ukraine as a country but against the criminal elements and schemes that emerged due to the difficult socio-economic situation in the neighboring country," he said.
Ukraine’s State Border Service connected to Interpol database

Aug 20 09:25

Kiev accused of disrupting prisoner swap agreements

"We have repeatedly made efforts to release our military servicemen from captivity. We handed over to the Ukrainian side the list of Ukrainian prisoners-of-war with the suggestions on prisoner exchanges three times within the past four weeks. However, all our initiatives face hurdles, which leads to the disruption of the prisoner swap process," Colonel Igor Yashchenko said.
He noted that every time a Ukrainian prisoners-of-war was brought to an appointed place where the exchange was to take place, the Ukrainian side refused to implement the agreements without providing any explanations. The latest unsuccessful attempt to exchange prisoners was made on August 17.
"One gets the impression that the Ukrainian authorities care little about the fate of Ukrainian prisoners-of-war and that they are engaged in some obscure game causing a delay in the exchange process," the colonel said.

Aug 20 09:23

Ukrainian forces violate ceasefire regime 17 times over last 24 hours — DPR

"Twenty-five artillery shells were fired on the territory of the republic [by Ukrainian forces], as well as 50 mines of 82mm and 120mm caliber," the defense ministry said.
The Petrovsky district’s administration said earlier that one civilian was injured in the nightly shellings.

Aug 20 09:20

Russian medics cure some 70% of Ebola patients who asked them for treatement in Guinea

"The Russian-Guinean hospital in the Kindia Region [western Guinea] has treated 96 Ebola-infected patients, the numbers of successfully recovered exceed 70%," Rospotrebnadzor said.
The work of the Russian medical team, started last August, was highly evaluated by the World Health Organization and the anti-Ebola committee in Guinea.
Russian Ebola vaccine prepared for human trials

Aug 20 09:15

US citizens warned against visiting Crimean jazz festival

The American embassy in Ukraine: "US citizens are prohibited by law from providing services to the territory of Crimea," the embassy said.
"Russian organizers will hold a Koktebel Jazz Party August 28-30 in Crimea. Crimea remains Ukrainian territory and this event is being conducted without the permission of the Government of Ukraine," the embassy said.
The embassy reminded US citizens of "broad sanctions on activity in Crimea."
The Koktebel Jazz Party international music festival will be held in Koktebel, a popular resort in Crimea’s east, for the 13th time. The festival’s box office revenues will be spent on the development of Crimean cultural sites, organisers said.

Aug 20 09:11

BREAKING: Ukraine’s Donetsk republic says it has information on Kiev’s plans to encircle Donetsk

"Information has been received about the plan of forthcoming actions by the Ukrainian army from a source in the Ukrainian General Staff and, no matter how strange this may seem, there are still true officers there who do not want to fight against their own people," Basurin said at a briefing in the press center of the Donetsk News Agency.
"Kiev plans to deliver two converging blows in the direction of the settlement of Uspenka to defeat the DPR and advance to the border with Russia to eventually prevent civilians from reaching the Russian territory," Basurin said.
"Along with this, two groupings [of Kiev’s forces] are intended to launch an offensive in the Donetsk direction north and south of Donetsk towards Ilovaisk, close the circle around the republic’s capital and encircle the city," the spokesman said.

Aug 20 09:10

Ukraine parliament to decide on decentralization in session Aug 27 or 31 — Poroshenko

"Decentralization of power and delegation of authority to local governments will be the key issue at the extraordinary session," Poroshenko said, adding that discussions would also focus on plans to lift parliamentary and judicial immunity alongside judicial amendments to the country’s constitution.
The president expressed confidence that the Verkhovna Rada would support the proposed constitutional changes.

Aug 19 22:58

Minsk Agreement Has Failed

It appears that the Russian government has made a mistake with regard to its approach to the breakaway Republics consisting of Russian peoples in former Russian territories who reject being governed by the anti-Russian coup government installed in Kiev by Washington. The Russian government could have ended the crisis by accepting the requests of these territories to be reunited with Russia. Instead, the Russian government opted for a diplomatic approach—hands off Donetsk and Luhansk—and this diplomacy has now failed.

Aug 19 18:00

East Ukraine's Donetsk Republic Will Hold Referendum To Join Russia

The referendum is scheduled to take place some in early to mid November, or specifically two to four weeks after the Oct. 18 local elections, said the news agency.

The ballot papers for the referendum designed in the colors of the Russian flag have already been printed, it said.

And while neither the rebel leadership nor the Ukrainian authorities have commented on the report yet, the modus operandi is strikingly familiar to what happened in Crimea.

Aug 19 15:06

The government of Ukraine has introduced the post of Commissioner for the Crimea and Sevastopol

The authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol March 16, 2014 held a referendum on reunification with Russia. It was attended by more than 80% of eligible voters. For the reunification with Russia voted and 96,7 95,6%, respectively.
18 March of the same year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a Treaty accepting the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation, and on March 21 it was ratified by the Federal Assembly.
Despite the compelling results of the referendum, Kiev refused to recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

Aug 19 14:57

General Hodges: the military in the US are studying the experience of fighting in the Donbass

Military in the US carefully study the experience of fighting in the Donbass. The commander of the US ground forces in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges has published an interview relevant to the American edition of Defence News.
In recognition of the General, the U.S. is particularly interested in the combat capabilities of Russian arms. "None of the Americans did not come under Russian artillery or rocket fire, does not show significant impact of Russia's military electronic equipment, e.g., inhibition, and information-gathering in any case, at the tactical level,' said Hodges. And Ukrainians were so interesting to listen to what they have learned".

Aug 19 14:54

Township of Telmanovo new flashpoint in Donbas — OSCE mission

OSCE monitors have registered a sharp increase in the shelling of the township of Telmanovo located on the territory of the self-proclaimed unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic, the deputy chief of the OSCE special monitoring mission Alexander Hug said on Wednesday.
As many as 180 encroachments on the ceasefire were registered last week and the mission’s observation point in the city of Donetsk pointed out Telmanovo as the main hot spot of shelling in the territory of the DPR, the Donetsk News Agency quoted him.
On Monday, the Defense Ministry of the DPR said the situation in Donbas had degenerated into a full-blown crisis.

Aug 19 13:10

Militia identify location Kiev shelled Mariupol from

"The intelligence service of the DPR militias has confirmed the location of the Ukrainian army’s artillery west of the populated locality of Primorskoye [20 kilometers northeast of Mariupol on the line of demarcation], at the road junction from where they shell the city of Mariupol," Donetsk News Agency quotes him as saying.
"To carry out its provocations, the regime of [Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko resorts to killing civilians, not only in Donbas but also in the territory controlled by it," Basurin said.
Earlier on Wednesday, DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko said that Mariupol was shelled from the Ukrainian positions near the frontline. He noted that the remaining military equipment of the Donetsk republic within the contact line in the south of the republic was not capable of reaching this area.
On Monday, the US State Department accused militiamen of making attacks in the north and east of Mariupol. The militia in turn blamed Kiev for the shellings.

Aug 19 13:02

Donbass citizens to become Russians

The problem of Donbass residents' legal status is quite serious. While Ukraine does not need these people, simplified procedure to get Russian citizenship will be put into effort. Denis Pushilin, Vice Chairman of the People's Council of the Donetsk People's Republic claimed that Abkhazia-, South Ossetia-, and Transnistria-like passportization is going to be introduced.
Vladimir Karasyov, an economist and political scientist from Lugansk commented on the issue to Pravda.Ru.
''This initiative was launched long ago, and many proposals have been put forward so far. The President also signed a law in August, allowing those having been born in Russia to receive citizenship at once. Those who studied or graduated in Russia can also use this opportunity.''
1.5 - 2 million refugees are reported to have fled to Russia so far.

Aug 19 12:56

Ukraine Oligarch Steals $1.8 Billion From US. US Pretends It Didn't Happen

Surprised? What did you think would happen when you start sending large amounts of cash into one of the most corrupt countries on earth, basically a failed state?
Incredible insight into American dealings with shady Ukraine oligarchs - reads like a thriller - US browbeats one and is swindled by another.

Aug 19 12:54

Tank Biathlon: Russian Military Dominates 16 Other Countries

The tanks chasing each other across the countryside were competing in Russia's third annual Tank Biathlon — and battling for medals not territory.

Russia won in all 13 categories to remain undisputed champions in the two-week competition that ended Sunday. The host has also won every single challenge since the event's inception in 2013. Seventeen countries participated this year, including China, India, Venezuela, Angola and Nicaragua.

No Western nation sent a team, although Moscow's top brass formally challenged the United States in 2013.

Aug 19 11:44

Ukraine Oligarch Steals $1.8 Billion From US. US Pretends It Didn't Happen

Arriving home from a recent trip to Ukraine, former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle reported his joy at witnessing “the Ukrainian people … coming together to rebuild their country from scratch.” Ukrainians had, he wrote, moved him with their dreams of joining the European Union, fighting corruption, and rebuilding their shattered economy, inspiring Daschle, now a highly paid lobbyist, to endorse the ominously strengthening Washington consensus on escalating the fighting with “$3 billion in lethal and nonlethal military assistance.”

Daschle’s trip was sponsored by the National Democratic Institute, an affiliate of the congressionally funded National Endowment for Democracy, headed by ur-neoconservative Carl Gershman, who some time ago identified Ukraine as “the biggest prize” for Russia and deployed considerable amounts of the taxpayer dollars at his disposal to securing it for the West.

Aug 19 11:34


It is really not hard to figure out; neither Russia nor Donbas had anything to gain. Quid pro quo, who benefitted? The correct answer is USA war machine and the last gasps of a dying American Empire.

The Dutch investigators and Germany intelligence have already stated publicly in Europe that Russia and Donbas had nothing to do with it. I doubt Main Stream Media in the United States even had a brain cell activate that they need to start looking into the propaganda and lies of Washington DC much closer than they do. I doubt in this age of speed of light communications the Truth has reached America yet.

Even the handpicked puppet President Petro “Porky” Poroshenko has now publicly stated “we might have shot down Flight MH-17”. I have yet to see MSM in the USA or Europe admit that they were all playing out a propaganda and ‘anti-Russia’ media blitz to hide the fact that the United States of America is in collapse mode right now.

Aug 19 11:32

Putin will help Iran in case of Israel war against nuclear facilities: Dankof

Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking every step to enable Iran to defend itself in the event of an attack by Israel should the US Congress reject the nuclear agreement in mid-September, a former US Senate candidate says.

“I think Mr. Putin is taking whatever steps he can take to ensure that the Iranians would be in a better position to defend themselves in the event that Israel has something up its sleeves” after the September vote, said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster in San Antonio, Texas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Bad Russia. BAD Russia! Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAAAAAD RUSSIA!!!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Aug 19 11:27

Donbas starts delivering coal to Ukraine

Donbas has started supplying anthracite coal to Ukraine by restored railroad.
"On August 16-18, DTEK company made first deliveries of anthracite coal [to Ukraine] via Nikitovka-Mayorskaya railroad passage. Eight-five wagons (5,900 tons) were delivered. Resuming traffic on this part of railroad which was destroyed in military actions in 2014, will allow to increase export of coal from the confrontation zone by around 300,000 tons per month. It is planned that at the first stage, the passage will be able to let through 3 pairs of trains per day, and later the number can be increased to 7 pairs of trains and more," the company’s press service said.
Russian ruble to become main currency in LPR from September 1 — council of ministers

Aug 19 11:24

Ukraine-EU gas talks on August 27-28 to be held with participation of US — minister

Bilateral talks for gas supplies to Ukraine in Ukraine-European Commission (EC) format planned for August 27-28, will be held with participation of representatives of the US Government, Ukraine’s Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Vladimir Demchishin said on Wednesday.

Ukraine’s course towards joining EU leads to massive unemployment — public movement leader

Aug 19 11:22

Ukraine Gets $732Mln From World Bank for 'Investment Projects'

Ukrainian authorities received $732 million from the World Bank for infrastructure projects, the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Communal Living said in a statement Wednesday.

"The Ministry in cooperation with the World Bank is implementing a number of investment projects aimed at the development of urban infrastructure and improvement of energy efficiency in the heat supply sector in Ukraine, totaling at $732 million," the statement, published on the ministry’s website, read.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Projects like ... fortifications, bunkers, ammo dumps, military graveyards (lots of those), and so forth.

Aug 19 11:19

Kiev forces violate ceasefire regime 22 times over last 24 hours — DPR defense ministry

"The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains critical. Ukrainian forces continued to shell settlements of the republic despite the presence on our territory of Deputy Chief Monitor of OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] Special Monitoring Mission Alexander Hug," Donetsk News Agency quoted DPR defense ministry as saying. "Ukrainian forces violated ceasefire regime 22 times over the last 24 hours," the ministry added.
OSCE sees increase in fighting near Donetsk, Gorlovka, Mariupol — mission’s chief
OSCE not prepared to work in Gorlovka under fire — deputy chief monitor
OSCE monitors continue being intimidated in Ukraine, Moscow says
Russia informed OSCE of Kiev’s heavy weaponry buildup — Foreign Ministry

Aug 19 11:17

Russia may ban import of flowers from Czech Republic and Slovakia

Russia’s agriculture watchdog does not rule out banning flowers import from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in view of ignoring Russia’s requirements to certification of products coming from the Netherlands, head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert told TASS on Wednesday.
"We have recently discovered [flowers from the Netherlands - TASS] in respect of Slovakia. If the Slovak service does not meet requirements, then we will resort to imposing a restriction on flowers import," Dankvert said.
The ban may also be imposed in respect of the Czech Republic, Dankvert said. "The Czech Republic is the next one because questions are also in place in respect of it. Firstly, they did not come to negotiations with us, unlike Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Secondly, we are monitoring [supplies - TASS] and [hazardous products] were found," Dankvert added.

Aug 19 11:17

After the highest number of attacks in 24 hours for 6 months, this is how the skyline of Donetsk looks tonight

Aug 19 11:15

NATO exercises in Europe look like cover for Kiev’s military actions — Russian lawmaker

"What we have here is a regular round of deteriorating situation in Donbas. The feeling that Kiev is quite ready for a regular attempt to solve its problems in the east by military means and thus get rid for good of the Minsk Agreements that are very uncomfortable for it is getting more and more distinct," he said.
The parliamentarian said the fact that NATO’s exercises take place in Europe refute the alliance’s claims that "the drills are in no way connected with the conflict in Ukraine."
He said NATO’s large-scale war game, which involves some 5,000 troops from 11 NATO allies, is "tantamount to conducting an operation to cover or provide for Kiev’s regular shady enterprise, as if hinting that foreign countries will help them if anything goes wrong."

Aug 19 10:53

RAW: 18 nations take part in military drills in Ukraine

Aug 19 10:36

The system of air defense and missile defense of Moscow raised to the highest level

Combat readiness of units and anti-missile defense of Moscow and Russia's central industrial region was at the highest level.

It happened in the exercises PSC CIS countries "Combat Fellowship-2015", said the agency TASS spokesman for aerospace forces of Russia Colonel Igor Klimov.

"Joint exercises joint CIS air defense system Military communion 2015 began raising the highest level of combat readiness of units PVO and PRO aerospace forces stationed in the Moscow region "- said Klimov.

He specified that the first day of the maneuvers to the highest degree of combat readiness was built 20 units of the armed forces of entering into a joint air defense system of the CIS.

"The first phase will be completed by transferring manpower and techniques of countries participating in joint exercises at the training ground Ašuluk in the Astrakhan region, which will be held in the active phase of Combat communion 2015 "- added the officer.

Aug 19 10:35

Vladimir Putin will address the world

"The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, plans to participate at the General Assembly of the United Nations." - Lavrov told reporters.

Aug 19 10:02

Yatsenyuk will flee the ruins of Ukraine because "it's not his historical homeland"

Kolomoysky owned TV channel "1+1" showed a government meeting, where Yatsenyuk sensationally responded to the statement of a minister that “we have to live in this country.” He blurted out: “Ukraine is not my historical homeland and I don’t intend to live here.”

Aug 19 10:01

Straight shooting from the UK

The Bow Group, ‘the United Kingdom’s oldest conservative think tank’, is as ‘Establishment’ an institution as one could hope to find. Its board includes prominent former Conservative cabinet ministers such as Norman Tebbit and Geoffrey Howe as well as right-wing academics like philosopher Roger Scruton. I was intrigued, therefore, to hear its chairman, Ben Harris-Quinney, announce last week that, ‘the theory of neo-liberal interventionism is bankrupt.’

The context of Harris-Quinney’s remarks was the publication of a new Bow Group report entitled ‘The Sanctions on Russia’.

Aug 19 10:01

New Aussie Film on Ukraine Civilian Bombings: a PR Disaster for The US / EU

One of the more extraordinary aspects of the Ukraine war has been the brutal war crimes committed against civilians, by and large exclusively by one side: Kiev.

No less extraordinary has been the refusal of the western media to cover this story, thereby leaving most people in the West simply unaware of the extent of the horrors being perpetrated in their name, funded and cheered on by their leaders. Most of the politicians are as misled as the general populace because they also get their facts from the media.

Aug 19 09:44

MOSCOW ANNOUNCED THAT zenith missile systems to deliver Tehran later this year

Russia will supply Iran with S-300 this year, the number system is determined by the previously concluded agreement, told RIA Novosti high-ranking official in the RF MFA.

"Certainly this year," - said the source.

"What was in the contract, so will be" - he said, responding to a question whether Russia will really deliver to Iran four battalions with S-300 instead of three.

As previously said the agency Sputnik source in the Ministry of Defense of Iran, Tehran could get to Russia four divisions modernized S-300 instead of three, as was foreseen old contract.

The US State Department - as to be expected - stepped forward against the sale of S-300 to Iran.

Aug 19 08:51

Minsk Agreement Has Failed — Paul Craig Roberts

The Russian government could have ended the crisis by accepting the requests of these territories to be reunited with Russia. Instead, the Russian government opted for a diplomatic approach—hands off Donetsk and Luhansk—and this diplomacy has now failed. The coup government in Kiev never had any intention of keeping the Minsk agreement, and Washington had no intention of permitting the Minsk agreement to be kept.

Aug 19 08:50

Donetsk PM Zakharchenko : " Minsk agreements are torn apart, Kiev will attack us soon"

Aug 19 01:33

Propaganda, Intelligence and MH-17

Propaganda is the life-blood of life-destroying wars, and the U.S. government has reached new heights (or depths) in this art of perception management. A case in point is the media manipulation around last year’s Malaysia Airlines shoot-down over Ukraine.

Aug 18 19:09

Guess who’s running the new BRICS Bank

One of the IMF’s Executive Directors is also a Vice President of the BRICS Bank. According to the IMF website… “The Executive Board (the Board) is responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the IMF. It is composed of 24 Directors, who are appointed or elected by member countries or by groups of countries, and the Managing Director, who serves as its Chairman. The Board usually meets several times each week. It carries out its work largely on the basis of papers prepared by IMF management and staff.”

Aug 18 13:30

US Plans to Provide $20 Million in Defense Assistance to Georgia - Pentagon

The United States is considering to allocate an additional $20 million in defense assistance to Georgia, the US Department of Defense announced in a release on Tuesday.

Aug 18 11:25

Russia to display mega H-bomb copy in Moscow

Russia will display a replica of the most powerful nuclear device ever to be exploded - the Soviet "Tsar Bomba" - near the Kremlin in Moscow next month.

The AN-602 hydrogen bomb casings will be the main draw at an exhibition devoted to Russia's atomic achievements since 1945, at the Manezh centre.

The Soviet Union exploded the 58-megaton H-bomb in 1961 in the Arctic. It was about 3,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atom bomb.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A not-very subtle message. The Tsar Bomba was actually designed to have a 100-megaton yield, but they dialed it back for the test.

Aug 18 11:01

Kiev regime continues to bomb civilians, OSCE no where to be found

Aug 18 10:26

Ukraine's first president calls to isolate Donbas from rest of country

"We have to cut this territory [the part of the Donbas region not controlled by Kiev] until we can liberate it," Kravchuk noted, adding that "we must stop economic, political and other relations with them."

Moscow urges Kiev to stop escalating situation in Donbas — Russian Foreign Ministry

Aug 18 10:25

Militia blame Ukraine army for shelling Mariupol — DPR Defense Ministry

"The Kiev-controlled media outlets have been accusing the DPR army of provocations linked to the shelling of the city of Mariupol. Our intelligence service has obtained information that Ukrainian army units shelled Mariupol’s residential quarters from the wooded area located on the southern outskirt of Talakovka populated locality on August 10-16," the Donetsk news agency quoted the ministry’s spokesperson, Eduard Basurin, as saying on Tuesday.

Putin: Kiev, not militias is to blame for escalating violence in Ukraine

Aug 18 10:22

Ukraine concentrates heavy artillery and aircraft in Donbas — DPR’s Defense Ministry

The intelligence service of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has discovered more than 500 combat vehicles and Grad multiple rocket launcher systems near the disengagement line with Ukraine, according to the DPR’s Defense Ministry. The intelligence service has also confirmed the location of the Tochka-U tactical missiles...

Ukrainian forces fire more than 7,000 shells and mines at DPR territory. Seventeen people were killed in shellings by Ukrainian forces over last week, and 45 more were injured, DPR defense ministry spokesman said earlier.

Aug 18 09:33

FLASHBACK - The New McCarthyism

Of course, what was really involved was money. War is good for business. Business had been great during WW2 and the newly created "Cold War" was just a way to keep business good. The Military Industrial Complex NEEDED Hollywood to demonize the Soviets. Otherwise, too many people were going to ask why we were being told to be so afraid of them, and few in the government had a really convincing answer for that question. So, in order to perpetuate the Cold War, those in Hollywood who might sympathize with the designated villains had to be removed; their ruined lives a small price to pay for unending access to the taxpayers' wallets.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 18 08:15

What the Latest Currency ‘War’ is All About

When the US embarks on perennial quantitative easing, that’s OK. When the EU does QE as well, that’s OK. But when the Bank of China decides it’s in the best interest of the nation to let the yuan go down a bit instead of infinitely up, that’s Armageddon.

An internationalized yuan established as a global reserve currency implies a "market-determined" exchange rate policy.

It took the Bank of China to devaluate the yuan on two consecutive days — moving within the 2 percent band that it’s allowed to — for the proverbial global financial banshees to go completely bonkers.

Forget the hysteria. The heart of the matter is that Beijing has stepped on the gas in a quite complex long game; to liberalize the yuan exchange rate; allow it to free float against the US dollar; and establish the yuan as a global reserve currency.

Aug 18 08:11

The Social Costs of Capitalism

The public subsidies provided to miners, loggers, and ranchers are as extravagant and as harmful to the public interest as the subsidies that the Federal Reserve and Treasury provide to the "banks too big to fail."

Few, if any, corporations absorb the full cost of their operations. Corporations shove many of their costs onto the environment, the public sector, and distant third parties.

Economists call these costs “external costs” or “social costs.” The mine made its profits by creating pollutants, the cost of which is borne by those who had no share in the profits.

Aug 18 08:07

British petition calls for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes

The petition, filed on the U.K. parliament petition website, was apparently inspired by an upcoming visit to London by Netanyahu for meetings with the government.

Thousands of U.K. residents have signed a petitiondemanding the arrest of Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu for his war crimes against Gaza during last summer’s brutal offensive.

Given the large scale of support and attention, the U.K. government may be forced to publicly respond in the near future.

Aug 18 06:56

The Russian Media Is Talking About What Is Coming In September, But The U.S. Media Has Been Strangely Silent

Why does the Russian media seem to be far more on the ball than the mainstream media in the United States much of the time? Could it be possible that Russian reporters have more freedom to talk about important issues than reporters that work for the major corporate conglomerates in the United States do?

Aug 18 00:59

Donbas militia include Odessa massacre case defendants in prisoner exchange list

The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have included in the list of prisoners subject for exchange with Kiev activists of the protest opposition movement in Ukraine accused of participating in mass riots in the Black Sea city of Odessa in May 2014, DPR human rights ombudsperson Daria Morozova said on Tuesday.

Aug 18 00:58

DPR Defense Ministry denies US reports of militia attack on Mariupol

The Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has denied statements of the US State Department that the militia allegedly attacked the northern and eastern parts of the city of Mariupol in east Ukraine.
"The DPR troops are at their positions and are not making any attacks. By far-fetched accusations, the official is trying to divert the public’s attention from preparation of aggression by the Ukrainian army, as well as justify the blame of the Kiev regime for massive shelling of the DPR inhabited localities in which women, children and old people are killed," the Donetsk News Agency quoted a ministry spokesman as saying.
One person injured in night’s shellings by Ukrainian forces in Donetsk

Aug 18 00:56

Ukrainian army shells Donetsk, two residents killed — city hall

In addition to that, multiple destructions and damage to homes were registered, Donetsk city hall said.
Three people die in shellings by Ukrainian forces in Gorlovka — mayor

Aug 17 15:29

Texas: They do not even aim at soldiers!

US volunteer "Texas" inspects the aftermath of homes hit by ukraine shelling and talks about killing of civilians by ukrainian army...and not only about that...Ukraine shells residential area in Donetsk killing 1 civilian and damaging many houses last night...

Aug 17 13:57

11,000 DPR civilians live on disengagement line under fire

"On the average, 11,500 people reside on the disengagement line," the Donetsk News Agency quoted Zhukovsky as saying. "Over the past three days, 60 people wishing to resettle from shelled districts to a safer place have turned to us," the official said.
"Over the past five days, the situation in our district has considerably deteriorated. It is similar to January-February, when the Ukrainian army delivered massive fire at us. We focused all forces on resettling to safe districts. Some 2,000 people are in line," he said.
OSCE says east Ukraine shelled by Grad rocket launchers

Aug 17 13:24

Russian plane evacuated 87 Russian, Syrian and CIS citizens from Latakia

The Emergencies Ministry aircraft delivered more than 20 tonnes of humanitarian cargo - food products, including canned meat, fish and milk products, and daily necessities - to the port city of Latakia in north-western Syria. The return flight took Russian citizens permanently residing in Syria back to Moscow alongside nationals of other former Soviet countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
"The Il-76 plane is currently flying back from Latakia to Moscow," the spokesman said, adding that: "Some 87 people willing to leave the conflict zone are on board the plane, including 54 Russian citizens, twelve citizens of Syria and ten of Ukraine, as well as citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan."
In late February, Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov said at a meeting with Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), that Russia would continue bringing humanitarian aid to the people of Syria.

Aug 17 13:00

US Sliding Into Vietnam-Style War in Ukraine – Stephen Cohen

The United States is sliding into a Vietnam-style war in Ukraine, Professor Stephen F. Cohen warns, suggesting that Washington and Kiev are potentially planning to force the breakaway Donbass regions out of Ukraine.

Aug 17 12:56

MEGA BEX ALERT - Report: All Out War As Russia Prepares To Deploy 50,000 Troops To Ukraine: “Cities Burning, Hundreds Dead”

Other sources note that as many as 50,000 Russian military personnel have massed either inside of Ukraine or directly on its border, with heavy armor, including T-90A tanks making their way to the hot zones:

Ukrainian activists on August 14-15 published photos of the Russian amour on their Facebook page. Military authorities in Ukraine believe the number of Russian troops within and close to its borders has risen to more than 50,000, raising fears of a substantial escalation in the conflict raging in Ukraine’s eastern regions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Normally shtfplan is a bit more careful with vetting their sources. Basically this entire claim of "Russian Aggression" is based on social media posts identified as coming from Kiev.

Putin isn't stupid enough to cross the border into Ukraine. He knows that is what NATO and the US want; a real bloody war with Russia with which to distract the people of Europe and the US from the economic melt-down their respective governments have caused.

Aug 17 12:54

Russophobia Dates to Early 1800s, When Russia First Challenged British Empire

It’s not something that started in 1945. The roots of the Cold War and Russophobia run deep in history...

Aug 17 12:28

? Is US Policy Toward Russia and Ukraine Falling Apart?

? Growing signs that Europe is no longer united in following DC’s hawkish policies.

Aug 17 12:06

NATO Denies Preparing for War With Russia

Last week, the European Leadership Network (ELN) published a report claiming that NATO and Russia are both making active preparations for full-scale war, citing massive military exercises on the border, and US war-gaming on “sustained” wars in Eastern Europe.

NATO is officially “denying” this, but the rest of their statement reads less like a denial than like an attempt to shift the blame to Russia, insisting all their preparations are response to “Russian aggression,” and that the exercises actually “enhance security in response to growing Russian aggression.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Really, we don;t want war. They are MAKING us do it! Honest!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 17 11:56

Kiev reserves right to return over-100mm-calibre weapons to front line

Ukraine’s authorities reserve the right "in case of a threat" to return to the front line weapons of calibre over 100mm, speaker of the Ukrainian presidential administration on the force operation in Donbass Alexander Motuzyanik told a briefing on Sunday.

He said Kiev had fulfilled the provision of the Minsk agreements on withdrawal of the weapons of the calibre, which, he said, the militia had not done. "Thus, we reserve the right in case of threat to lives and health of our military to return without delays those weapons and use them."

On Friday, August 14, head of Ukraine's National Security Council Alexander Turchinov said Ukraine will impose the martial law if the situation in Donbass aggravates.

Aug 17 11:55

Ukrainian troops shell living quarters in Donetsk

Ukrainian troops have started artillery shelling of living quarters in Donetsk, the Donetsk News Agency said late on Sunday.

"Several shells exploded in Dneprodzerzhinskaya Street. The city is being shelled from heavy artillery. Shock waves broke windows in a number of houses. People are hiding in bomb shelters," the agency said.

Aug 17 11:33

Away From Dollar: Russia, China to Create Entirely Different Gold Market

While key Western banks are artificially restraining gold prices to breathe life into the diluted and devalued dollar system, Russia, China and other emerging economies are involved in "the genial move" to establish an entirely different gold market, F. William Engdahl underscores.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 17 11:01

Experts: China's Yuan Devaluation Hurts Russia Now, Could Boost It Later On

Beijing’s decision on Aug. 11 to devalue the Chinese yuan to its lowest rate against the U.S. dollar in nearly three years has seen the ruble slide once more: On August 12, the Russian currency fell against the U.S. dollar and the euro, reaching its lowest rate since February.
As sources at Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development told RIA Novosti, the decision by Chinese government to devalue the yuan by 1.9 percent as part of its effort to let the currency float freely threatens Russia’s economy.
“The decision by China’s Central Bank will surely increase the pressure on the currencies of all the developing countries,” the sources said.

Aug 17 10:58

Ukraine Soldiers Killing Themselves at an Alarming Rate

About 136 suicides have been reported since the beginning of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in east Ukraine, according to a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Ukrainian news agency TSN reported.
However, the problem of suicide and depression among Ukrainian soldiers has not been officially commented.

How Ukraine’s New Memory Commissar Is Controlling the Nation’s Past

Aug 17 10:56

Another Heart-breaking Catalog of Kiev War Crimes Which The Media Will Ignore

The Russian government publishes their second white book, which is not propaganda, and is a balanced account of outrageous crimes which continue unabated from the Ukrainian army and the neo-nazi paramilitaries alike.
The first one published 10 months ago was roundly ignored by the western media. Eventually they are going to have to address these charges.
The Russians insist that they will not let the matter drop, and will relent only when the guilty are brought to justice.
East Ukrainians Describe Ukrainian Shelling of Their Homes (Video)

Aug 17 10:43

Serbia’s servicemen to train at Russia’s military academies

Serbian military men will be training at the Russian Defence Ministry’s academies, deputy minister Anatoly Antonov told reporters on Monday.
"Russia has approved an application for training Serbian servicemen in Russia’s military educational institutions," Antonov said, commenting on the talks between Russian and Serbian Defence Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Bratislav Gasic.
The ministers discussed the Russian-Serbian military and technical cooperation and further strengthening of military relationship, as well as international security issues, Antonov said.
Russian defense minister proposes joint airborne troops drills in Serbia in 2016

Aug 17 10:41

Iran supports Russia’s stance on Syria — Zarif

"Our states have a common position on the settlement of the Syrian crisis," he said. "The Syrians must themselves decide their fate, their future, while the foreign states should only make this easier," the Iranian diplomat added.
"We believe that the only way to settle the Syrian crisis is political," he confirmed. "We have a common view on this issue with the Russian Federation, and this similarity of positions will continue," he said.

Aug 17 10:38

Leader of mountain sector of Caucasus Emirate terrorist group eliminated in Dagestan

The leader of the mountain sector of the Caucasus Emirate terrorist organization who fought in Syria and planned to head the criminal underworld has been wiped out in Russia’s North Caucasus Republic of Dagestan, the Information Center of the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee has told TASS.
"During a counter-terrorism operation as a result of a shootout one of the gunmen was neutralized, he was identified as Magomed Abdulaev nicknamed Abu-Dudjana. He was the leader of the so-called mountain sector of the Caucasus Emirate international terrorist organization who earlier fought in Syria. It is known that he intended to head the criminal underworld after the elimination of [leader of Caucasus Emirate Magomed] Suleimanov," the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said.

Aug 17 10:37

Russia removes ban on imports of dairy products from 29 companies in New Zealand

"Rosselkhoznadzor has decided from August 17, 2015 to remove temporary restrictions on deliveries of a number of dairy products ingredients from 29 companies in New Zealand," the watchdog said. The regulator said it made the decision after studying the date provided by the Veterinary Service of New Zealand.
The list of ingredients permitted for import includes water free butter fat, whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate, which are in high demand and are not produced in Russia, according to the statement.
Rosselkhoznadzor decided to limit the supply of all dairy products from New Zealand to Russia in August 2013 after botulinum toxin was detected in dairy products of a number of local companies.

Aug 17 10:35

Russian tourism agency suggests introducing obligatory fingerprinting for tourists from EU

"European Union countries introduced obligatory fingerprinting for Russians applying for visas. In response to this obviously unfriendly step, it is planned to introduce a similar requirement [in Russia]," Rosturizm head Oleg Safronov told the Russian State Council’s presidium session on tourism chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Crimea.
Russia’s tourism agency suggests promoting Northern Sea Route and Arctic cruises
World’s largest icebreaker marks Russia’s 100th voyage to North Pole

Aug 17 10:33

Putin calls external administration de facto imposed by Kiev humiliating for Ukraine

"I am sure that despite all the difficulties of the current period of time, the situation in Ukraine will be rectified too, Ukraine will be developing positively and will depart from this disgraceful practice that we see today, namely, placing a whole huge European country under the external administration with key positions in the government and in the regions held by foreign nationals," he said. "I think that all this is humiliating for the Ukrainian people," Putin noted.
The Russian president expressed confidence that this practice was yet to be assessed by the Ukrainian people. "Ukraine will recover and will be developing positively and will build its future along with Russia," he said.
Donetsk republic says no plans for direct contacts with Kiev so far

Aug 17 10:27

Kiev closes some transport corridors to DPR, LPR — Ukraine National Security Council

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has announced the closure of several transport corridors to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics (DPR and LPR).
"In connection with the risk of death for citizens, transport corridors through the disengagement line will be closed," the council said, adding that it related to corridors near the inhabited localities of Mayorskoye and Zaytsevo.

Aug 17 10:04

Russia Sends MiG-31 Jets to Syria

Russia reportedly supplied Syria with supersonic MiG-31 fighter/interceptors, partly fulfilling the bilateral contract of 2007, reported.

In 2007, Russia and Syria signed two agreements worth 1 billion dollars for the supply of MiG-29M and MiG-31. The deliveries of the MiG-29M’s are underway, but those of the MiG-31’s were reportedly delayed because of pressure from Israel.

An Ilyushin Il-78 Midas air force tanker and Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 Foxhound fighter-interceptors
Russian MiG-31s Perform Unique Non-Stop Flight With Three Aerial Refuelings

In 2009, Russia confirmed its intention to fulfill the deal and deliver 8 MiG-31 fighters to Damascus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The western media will denounce this as a provocation by Putin.

Aug 17 10:00

"One can no longer talk about, the contact line 'ALREADY ON - Front"

Russia is concerned about the aggravation of the situation in Donbass, because it looks like a sharpening preparations for broad military actions - said Sergey Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Minister said this at a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif. It is pointed out:

"We are concerned about the situation on the fronts. Because he can no longer speak of the line of contact but on the front, unfortunately. "

The Russian minister pointed out that the conflicting parties had long since negotiate the demilitarization Širokina (settlement between Donetsk and Novoazovsk) and the deposition of the "line of contact" weapons with a caliber of 100 millimeters, but that this did not happen "because of the position of Kiev."

"We are very concerned about the development of the situation in recent days because everything looks very much like preparing for a new war activities".

Aug 17 09:15

German Citizens Seek to Stop West-Russia Confrontation due Threat of WWIII

German Civil Rights Movement ‘Solidarität’ (Solidarity) has launched an online petition against the Third World War on its website. According to the activists, the US military provocations against Russia and China pose a serious threat to humanity.

Aug 17 08:31

Several US wines recalled from Russian market over harmful chemicals

All in all, wines of three American wineries have been withdrawn from the market: Geyser Peak Winery (dry red merlot), Crane Lake Cellars (white sweet Crane Lake moscato), and Delicato Family Vineyards (white semidry Gnarly Head chardonnay).

The tests have established that these three wines contain phthalate and bifenazate insecticide in quantities exceeding the maximum permissible dose. The bifenazate pesticide is used in grape cultivation against plant-feeders.

The other chemical - phthalate - is considered a first-grade danger according to the toxicological index, which could cause functional and organic changes in human’s central and peripheral nervous systems, endocrine system, and cause cancer and infertility of both men and women.

Aug 17 07:39

Pentagon warns US Military Is not prepared to fight Russia

Over the past two years, the belligerence between Russia and NATO has grown to alarming levels. Between the Western backed color revolution in Ukraine, Russian aircraft violating NATO airspace, sanctions, and the provocative training exercises that both sides have been conducted on a routine basis, it’s abundantly clear that these nations are seriously considering the possibility of war. But if such a war comes to pass, will the US Military be up to the task of fighting the Russians?

Aug 17 05:34

Propaganda Explained: Who is the West’s Lead MH17 Investigator?

By Ulson Gunnar

As tensions once again build in eastern Ukraine where a fragile ceasefire appears to be on the brink of collapsing and the deadly contest of wills between East and West begins anew, the West’s prize propaganda story, downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 has again taken center stage. As part of a much wider campaign to demonize Russia and justify further encroachment east, attempts to cement the narrative that Russia was responsible for the incident before long-awaited investigations present their findings is well underway.

While Russia has provided all documented evidence it possesses since the incident first occurred, data including recordings and radar readouts from NATO and Ukraine have been suspiciously withheld...

Aug 16 22:24

Another Big Lie About Ukraine’s War

The U.S. Government is simply trying to fool the public into believing that the Ukrainian government’s bombing that area of the former Ukraine doesn’t cause thousands of the residents there to take up arms against those invaders, and against that government — the government which calls all of these residents ‘terrorists.’

Aug 16 10:23

Questions a Real MH17 Report Would Answer

Absence of evidence is evidence of absence.
(especially when you know that any real evidence would have been
plastered on every front page, news program and op-ed piece.)

Aug 16 10:16

Best Summer Camp Ever! Shoot AK47s, Learn to Hate and Kill From Real Live Nazis!

A group belonging to the Ukranian Azovets summer camp on the Vkontakte social network has posted dozens of photos of children learning to shoot AK-47 rifles. The camp is supposedly connected to the Azov battalion, slammed as ‘neo-Nazi’ by the US Congress.
The Azovets summer camp outside Kiev accepts kids from six years of age, operating under the moto: “the idea is in the nation, the strength is in you,”according to the camp’s page on the VKontakte social network.
Azovets doesn’t have an official web page, but actively promotes itself on social media, including on Facebook and Twitter accounts belonging to the Azov battalion.

Aug 16 09:31

Azarov: further loans fraught with more hardships for Ukrainians

Further loans are fraught with more hardships for the Ukrainians, with dramatic cuts in social spending, Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov said on Sunday.
"In the first six months, Ukraine’s gross domestic product dropped by 16.3% on the previous year. Industrial production slumped by 20.5%, the farming sector sagged by ten percent. Exports went down by 35.4% Wages shrank by 24% These are official statistics. Heavily window-dressed I think," he wrote on his Facebook account.
According to Azarov, the state only seems to be functioning due to foreign borrowing. However, he stressed, this policy will drive the country into a catastrophe.

Aug 16 09:30

LPR militia: Slavyanoserbsk, Oboznoye in LPR come under shelling by Ukrainian troops

The settlements of Slavyanoserbsk and Oboznoye in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) have come under shelling by Ukrainian troops, LPR’s deputy militia chief Igor Yashchenko said on Sunday.
"About 20 mines of 82mm caliber were fired at a cross-roads in the settlement of Oboznoye today. Slabyanoserbsk suburbs came under mortar shelling twice on Sunday," LuganskInformCentre quoted him as saying.
Yashchenko said it was impossible to say how many people were hurt as the shelling was not over.

Aug 16 07:06

Kiev puts forces on high combat alert, Donetsk republic says

Ukraine’s forces have been put on high combat alert in Donbass, defence ministry spokesman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin, said on Saturday citing intelligence.
The Ukrainian army is "strengthening its combat potential" while the DPR is unilaterally withdrawing weaponry of less than 100mm caliber to the distance of three kilometers from the contact line, Basurin told the Donetsk news agency.
The DPR’s defence ministry has repeatedly voiced concerns about Kiev’s military buildup in Donbass saying this is an apparent move to resume full-fledged combat actions.
Almost 1,300 people killed in shellings in DPR since start of 2015 — DPR ombudsperson

Aug 16 07:05

Ukrainian military shell Luhansk republic — militia

The Ukrainian military over the past 24 hours for seven times violated the ceasefire regime, shelling the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic [LPR], including from heavy artillery, a representative of the local People’s Militia told LuhanskInformCentre on Saturday.
Lugansk reconnaissance: Kiev military prepare attack on Lugansk: Reconnaissance of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has information the Ukrainian military are preparing attack on Lugansk, an official representative of the republic’s militia told the LuganskInformCentre on Saturday.
"Our source at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has learned about organisation of an attack group of the so-called "Anti-Terror Operation" consisting of 92 and 54 mechanised brigades, which unite to 5,000 military, and soon with mighty support from the artillery they will begin an attack," he said. "The main objective they have is to seize Lugansk."

Aug 16 07:03

Donetsk envoy to Ukraine peace talks to discuss with OSCE shelling of Donetsk

During the night to Sunday, Donetsk was under saturation fire.
Envoy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] to the peace talks Denis Pushilin will have emergency negotiations with the OSCE mission regarding the night shelling of the city.
"We have filed protocols of violations with the Joint Centre for control and coordination of ceasefire and with the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission," he told the Donetsk News Agency on Sunday. "Moreover, today I am having a meeting with the OSCE local mission, where we shall discuss the issue."
Ukrainian forces continue shelling of Gorlovka, other settlements

Aug 16 06:59

German FM calls for immediate meeting of parties to Ukrainian conflict and OSCE

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier suggests organising as soon as possible a meeting of military representatives of the parties to the Ukrainian conflict and OSCE.
"The situation in Ukraine’s east is potentially explosive," he said in an interview with Germany’s Bild am Sonntag. "Last week, during conversations with the Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers I suggested organising not in two weeks, but as soon as possible, a meeting of military representatives of the conflicting sides and of OSCE in order to discuss how it may be possible to defuse the situation and to achieve withdrawal of the weapons."
"Quite a lot is at stake," the foreign minister said. "If the two parties to the conflict now do not demonstrate adherence to the peace process, a new round of military escalation may happen any moment."

Aug 16 04:37

Poles Oppose Flood of Ukrainians into their Country

The German media is reporting that Poles are outraged at the arrogance of the Ukrainians who continue to flood into their country, viewing Poland as the "reachable West". The Pole’s dissatisfaction is being extended to their government, "which is supporting total outsiders at the expense of Polish taxpayers ..."

Aug 16 04:23

Is Putin Planning to Sell-Out Assad?

Moscow’s geostrategic objectives in Syria are the polar opposite of Washington’s. Grasping this simple fact is the easiest way to get a fix on what’s really going on in the war-torn country.

Aug 16 03:40

Ukraine Already in Default – Ex-Minister

Ukrainian authorities are trying to restructure the state debt, which means that Ukraine’s default is already happening, ex-finance minister Viktor Pynzennik admitted on Saturday.

Aug 15 13:18

Poll: Is Russia in full compliance with the Minsk agreement?

Many in the Western press and Governments keep talking about Russia not complying with the Minsk agreement.

Would they, or some one please name exactly witch of the 13 points of the Minks agreement are they talking about.

For your convenience, I am posting the link with the full text of the Minks 2 agreement:


( The poll will run for one month, and guests as well as people with a Live Leak account may vote, and make multiple choices. )

Aug 15 11:34

The Buried Canadian State Connection to ISIS

Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media revisits a March 2015 scandal which exposed the direct connection between the pro-Zionist Harper regime in Ottawa and ISIS, and how the mainstream media refused to follow up on it.

He shines the spotlight on a curious incident which happened in Turkey and Canadian Government & Intelligence collaboration with ISIS.

Aug 15 10:47

‘Deal or war’: Is doomed dollar really behind Obama’s Iran warning?

This is not just about Iran. It is about other major world economies moving away from holding the US dollar as a means of doing business.

In his drastic prediction of war, one might assume that Obama is referring to Israel launching a preemptive military strike on Iran with the backing of US Republicans. Or that he is insinuating that Iran will walk from self-imposed restraints on its nuclear program to build a bomb, thus triggering a war.

But what could really be behind Obama’s dire warning of “deal or war” is another scenario – the collapse of the US dollar, and with that the implosion of the US economy.

That scenario was hinted at this week by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Speaking in New York on August 11, Kerry made the candid admission that failure to seal the nuclear deal could result in the US dollar losing its status as the top international reserve currency.

Aug 15 10:36

Ukraine fails to secure debt write-off at US talks

Ukraine failed to convince its biggest creditors to significantly reduce its debt obligations during a ‘last chance’ two-day negotiation in San Francisco, California. The delegation from Kiev hoped to restructure some $19 billion in debt.

Aug 15 10:18

Michael Fallon and Those Nice Chaps With the SS Runes

The United Kingdom Secretary of State for Stoking up Conflict, Michael Fallon, just announced during a visit to Kiev that the British Army is going to be investing more UK taxpayers’ money into training the Ukrainian army, increasing the number of soldiers in the programme from just over 1,000 to around 2,000 by the end of the year.

Article 10 of the Minsk II Accords states the following:

Pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment, and also mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under OSCE supervision. Disarmament of all illegal groups.

Judge for yourselves: Is this in compliance with Minsk II? Or is it a flagrant violation of it?

Aug 15 10:03

Tear Drop “A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA”. Why were we not told about Tear Drop?

I got to admit, I didn’t even know this memorial existed. However, it took me two seconds to realize why – it received zero publicity. Now why do you suppose that? Why hasn’t the media expressed their gratitude? Name me another country that’s done more? This is a stunning memorial which pales into insignificance whatever the real terrorist gangsters are trying to do at ground zero. The very thought of Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy having anything to do with the memorial for 9/11 victims is positively gut-wrenching!

Aug 15 10:00

Public Law 86-90 – The Vietnam War Shows the Strength of Donbas’ Rights!

Could US Senator John McCain find North Vietnam on a map during or before the period he spent 5 years as a POW in Hanoi? Could you? The answer is no.

Aug 15 09:28

The US Air Force is sending 12 A-10 Warthogs to eastern Europe to deter Russian aggressionRead more:

The Air Force didn’t help its long-standing argument that the A-10 Thunderbolt II attack jet should be retired when the service announced this week it would deploy more of the aircraft to Europe this fall.

The 23rd Wing at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia announced it will send 12 attack planes and crews to Central and Eastern European to bolster NATO’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve,” an ongoing show of military might meant to deter Russian aggression in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WHAT "Russian aggression"?!?!? Can someone, please, show me some incontrovertible facts, proving that this has happened?!?

This demonizing of Russia appears to be a prelude to a hot war against it by NATO and the US. This is simply pre-positioning of equipment toward that end.

Aug 15 09:01

The War in Donbass. Kiev Deploys Tanks and Rocket Launchers

Yesterday Donetsk was hit by a record 800 artillery shells. The Telmanovo suburb was hit particularly hard, but the shelling was also very violent in the airport region. At least one local was killed and 2 wounded by the shelling. Meanwhile, Kiev has been continuing to pull its forces to the contact line. These forces include tanks and artillery systems, even multiple rocket launchers. The vice-speaker of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin informed that if Kiev escapes from the Minsk agreement the war will blaze up at any moment and it can touch not only Donbass. However, the vice-commander of Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin didn’t confirm the information about full alert of the DPR’s Army.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Poroshenko has lost it; he is shelling civilian homes, hospitals, and schools, all of which are, by definition, war crimes.

Aug 15 08:47

Ukrainian Military Using Phosphorous Bombs Against Civilians in Donbass

The Russian Investigative Committee has obtained evidence proving that the Ukrainian armed forces have used modern analogues of phosphorous bombs against civilians in southeastern Ukraine, Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said in Moscow on Friday.

Agribusiness giant Monsanto - best known for their genetically modified soybeans and “probably carcinogenic” herbicide - has supplied the US government with white phosphorous used in incendiary weapons for at least 20 years, and some of that made its way to Israel for use in Operation Cast Lead.
Monsanto Linked to Israel's Illegal Use of White Phosphorous in Gaza War
“We have received irrefutable evidence of the use by the Kiev forces of weaponry similar to phosphorus bombs,” Markin said, based on the conclusion of a forensic chemical analysis from soil samples provided by witnesses in the targeted areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And from where, please, are the Ukrainians getting these weapons, banned by international treaty?!? From the US government, of course.

As reported in in an article published 5 December, 2014:

In a remarkable disjunction between voters and their elected (supposed) representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives, the members of the House voted on December 4th, by 411 “Yea” to 10 “Nay,” to donate U.S. weapons to the bankrupt Ukrainian Government, which is engaged in trying to eliminate the civilian population of the portion of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the former Ukrainian President whom the U.S. Government (CIA, State Department, USAID, etc.) had overthrown in a violent coup in February of this year. How can the Russian Government stand by and merely watch while Russia’s supporters right next door to them in Ukraine are being exterminated? However, now clearly, the U.S. Government seems to be overwhelmingly committed to exterminating them. There are even cluster-bombs, and white phosphorous, and also more-advanced forms of incendiary munitions, that are being used to get rid of the residents there. But mostly, it’s just the routine type of military mass-murder. (Those are the ‘terrorists’ that Ukraine and its sponsors are constantly referring to including in their standard phrase for the extermination-campaign: “Anti-Terrorist Operation,” or ATO for short. That’s the sales-phrase by which they market it to suckers everywhere. And these are the ‘terrorists. How can the Russian Government stand by and merely watch while Russia’s supporters right next door to them in Ukraine are being exterminated? However, now clearly, the U.S. Government seems to be overwhelmingly committed to exterminating them. There are even cluster-bombs, and white phosphorous, and also more-advanced forms of incendiary munitions, that are being used to get rid of the residents there. But mostly, it’s just the routine type of military mass-murder. (Those are the ‘terrorists’ that Ukraine and its sponsors are constantly referring to including in their standard phrase for the extermination-campaign: “Anti-Terrorist Operation,” or ATO for short. That’s the sales-phrase by which they market it to suckers everywhere. And these are the ‘terrorists.’

The bottom line here is that the US government voted to aid and abet serial genocide in the breakaway provinces, by providing these weapons, and Poroshenko is using them with reckless abandon.

So far, Putin has not taken the bait the US government has thrown down for him, in terms of a direct military confrontation over Ukraine.

But were I a betting woman, I would bet that Putin's response will be asymmetrical, and economic in its nature.

As reported at, 22 July 2015:

With all the focus on the Chinese lowballing their total institutional gold holdings, combined CIC, SAFE and PBOC, this week and the continuing attacks and manipulation of the gold market on Sunday night, the latest large increase in Russia’s gold reserves has gone largely unnoticed and barely covered by commentators – especially the more vocal bearish ones. Russia continues to add to its gold reserves and added another 800 million ounces in June or another 25 metric tonnes, and analysts believe this buying will continue in the coming months. Its total gold reserves now amount to 41 million ounces or around 1,275 metric tonnes, with a current value of just $48 billion. Russia’s total FX reserves are $362 billion and their gold allocation is now 13% of their total reserves. In contrast, the U.S. is believed to have over 8,400 metric tonnes of gold and no foreign exchange reserves. The share of gold in foreign exchange reserves is much lower than in many other countries such as the U.S., Italy and France.

This is very simple; when the economy in the US implodes, (and this is a case of when, not if), Russia will be ready to take care of its government and its people, because it has such a huge gold reserve.

Aug 15 08:28

Pentagon Seeks More Funds for ‘Sustained’ War With Russia

In the eternal quest to drive up the already preposterous level of US military spending, Pentagon officials are talking up the notion of Russia as an “existential threat” to the United States, and running tabletop war games which they say show the US military isn’t as “ready as we want to be” for a sustained ground war in Russia.

That the US and Russia each have enough nuclear weapons to annihilate most life on the planet has long made the war-gaming for a long US-Russia war ultimately pointless: no one would survive long enough to enjoy the “win” anyhow. That hasn’t stopped the Pentagon from envisioning protracted campaigns on Russian soil with conventional weaponry.

The conclusion: most Pentagon officials figure the US would almost certainly defeat Russia in this drawn-out war, but after drawn-out wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it is “not a sure bet.” That’s a problem looking for a solution, and at the Pentagon, the solution is always only a few hundred billion dollars away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the Pentagon is ramping up for war without end, at a point where homelessness and malnutrition, particularly for American kids, has soared, and where US infrastructure is crumbling.

The American people have become all but irrelevant and completely useless to those in Congress and the military.

And just because the US outspends Russia on weaponry is absolutely no guarantee that it will work as well, or better, than Russian military equipment. In fact, cost many times, is very high for US weapons, and the weapons do not work at all as advertised.

Aug 15 07:55


modern warfare is by no means limited to the sphere of military and intelligence operations. Washington not only imposes economic sanctions on countries which do not support its imperial agenda, it also fosters the outright destabilization of national economies. While the Pentagon and NATO coordinate military operations against sovereign countries, Wall Street carries out concurrent destabilizing actions on financial markets including the rigging of the oil, gold and foreign exchange markets directed against Russia and China.

It’s called “financial warfare”, it’s part of the same global agenda, it’s implemented alongside and in coordination with the Worldwide deployment of the US-NATO’s military machine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the US government is looking to activate the destabilization of both the Russian and Chinese economies, this will not end well, even for the one percenters.

Aug 14 15:36

Is Putin Planning to Sell-Out Assad?

snip: Washington wants war. Washington cannot achieve its goal of breaking up Syria and redrawing the map of the Middle East if peacemaker Putin prevails. Let’s put it this way: If Putin gets Saudi Arabia on board, then a good portion of the funding for jihadi groups will dry up, the Syrian Army, assisted by Iraqi and Kurdish forces, will have greater success on the battlefield, and ISIS will be annihilated.

Aug 14 14:03

The Republic will never give up its Northern territories

Lugansk people's Republic will never give up its Northern territories, which are currently controlled by the Kyiv security forces. This was announced today at a meeting with residents of Krasny Luch, said the head of LPR Igor Plotnitskiy.
"We will not give up. We never gave up and never abandon their Northern territories," he said.
"It will take time - and we can take it. We are hopeful that we will be able to resolve this issue through political means. If not - well, we are ready to return them," said Plotnitskiy.

Aug 14 13:46

In the State Duma proposed to nationalize US assets

Thus, Vice-Speaker Mykola Levichev said about Washington's request to arrest the assets in Europe of "VimpelCom" and MTS. "It is necessary today to consider a series of measures to nationalize American and other foreign assets in the territory of our country in the event of such hostile actions", - said Levichev.

Aug 14 13:22

Outskirts of Donetsk suffered a massive fire from Ukraine side now, shells exploding in homes

The village of Kirov district of Donetsk Staromihaylovka this evening has come under heavy fire of the Ukrainian military.
Donetsk under massive bombardment, there are dead and wounded
In fact, this corresponds to the intensity of fire active operations

Aug 14 11:58

Moscow says will not heed Tokyo's position of trips to Kuril islands by Russian ministers

Russian government members will continue making trips to the Kuril Islands and Moscow has no plans to take account of the Japanese authorities' position on the issue, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.
"Unacceptable comments from Japan on the trips by Russian government officials to the Southern Kuril Islands have come again recently," the ministry said in a comment. "We would like to recall we do not plan taking account of the Japanese government members' opinions as we arrange the itineraries for members of the government. These trips, including the one that government officials make as part of a federal program for social and economic development of the Kuril Islands (the Sakhalin region), will continue."

Aug 14 11:55

Keeping status quo in Syria is unacceptable — Lavrov

"This is not the first visit of yours, and not the first meeting we have," he said.
"But the difference from the earlier contacts is that we are meeting on the background of the understanding that keeping status quo in Syria and in the region is unacceptable," he said. "It is clear for everyone, even for those who used to doubt the main target is to prevent the terrorist from seizing new territories. A common anti-terror objective is on the foreground now."
The Russian foreign minister reiterated the initiative of President Vladimir Putin calling on all the forces, which do not accept terrorism, to unite in fighting the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and similar groups.

Aug 14 11:53

Russian foreign minister, Syrian oppositionist discuss Assad’s destiny

Haitham Mana’a, a representative of the Cairo conference follow-up committee said on Friday after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov "No one in the world thinks Syria will in the future have the same system of administration it has now, with Bashar Assad in power," Mana’a said answering a question by TASS. "As for now, we’re beginning with the people we have around us."
Another representative of the Cairo follow-up committee, Jihad Makdissi, told TASS the negotiators had discussed a roadmap for peace settlement in Syria.
The conversation at the Foreign Ministry was held in the context of the documents drafted by the Syrian participants during the conference in Cairo, and the discussions embraced the roadmap, a national charter, as well as resumption of the process of the Geneva communique implementation so that we could get over to a political transitional period in Syria."

Aug 14 11:47

When the time comes, Donetsk and Luhansk Republic tanks will be in Kiev and to solve the outcome of the war

In the press constantly crawling through the stories that week (month) days or the Armed Forces of Ukraine Armed Forces Novorosije go on the offensive. However, this is unlikely, because now it's already the middle of August.

Begin combat operations should be in June, could be in May or early July, but up a war in mid-late August or early September - it means the inability to get any strategic goals, because the autumn - mud which hinders the movement of tanks and armored vehicles, and winter - they are still cold.

The situation on the frontline is likely to settle down and, with further tightening in 2015 should not expect any major fighting.

But if you still assume that there will be a significant deterioration of the military situation in August-September 2015, then there are two most realistic versions of events.

Aug 14 10:30

Ukraine says Donald Trump is a 'Kremlin agent'

Apparently, Donald Trump has more enemies than just Rosie O’Donnell. A Ukrainian website released a list of the country's alleged foes on Thursday and The Donald made an appearance in the top 10, snagging the number nine spot.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperation on the cusp of madness!

Aug 14 10:25

Polish EP Member Plans Crimea Visit, Calls for More Trade With Russia

Polish EP member Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke reportedly is following in the footsteps of a French delegation that visited the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Polish member of the European Parliament Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke is following in the footsteps of a French delegation that visited the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea last month, the Russian Izvestia newspaper reports.

"I consider the French parliamentarians’ trip to Crimea the right step because it recognizes the current legal status of Crimea, since the peninsula has indeed become part of the Russian Federation. I am all for such a trip and I will try to carry it out," Korwin-Mikke told Izvestiya on Friday.