Jun 24 08:27

Israel claims Assad’s forces behind cross-border attack that killed teen

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that military forces loyal to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were behind a cross-border attack that killed an Israeli teenager.

“We received all the analyses and intelligence: it was clear that it was Syrian authorities,” Lieberman told public radio.

“Assad’s forces fired at the Israeli civilian, on the vehicles that had stopped by the border, and they need to pay the price,” he added.

The 13-year-old Arab Israeli, the son of a defence ministry contractor, was killed on the Golan Heights on Sunday when a missile hit the car he was in with his father.

The army said it was a deliberate attack against Israel, but was initially uncertain as to whether regime or opposition forces were behind it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman: why in the name of heaven would al-Assad's military fire into Israel, knowing it was the most completely stupid thing they could possibly do, and knowing how you, particularly, would LOVE an excuse to invade Syria?!?

Sir, the short, rational answer is, they wouldn't.

And how difficult would it be to get one of the hired mercenaries to fire a rocket in order to target the car in which the kid got killed?

Sir, the short, rational answer is, not very.

Jun 24 07:46

Netanyahu Can Disinform on Iran Just as Well as Iraq

The turmoil in Iraq has led TV chat shows to trot out an array of hawks, many of whom had been cheerleaders for the 2003 invasion that set up the current crisis. NBC's Meet the Presswas no exception, bringing on former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney (6/15/14) and then more recently Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (6/22/14), who warned that the wrong moves now could strengthen Iran.

Jun 24 07:13

Missing Israeli settlers: Al Jazeera English’s distorted reporting

Gaza – Al Jazeera English’s reporting on the missing Israeli settlers was not naive and it is rather impossible to classify it as part of the rhetoric of neutrality and objective reporting on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

It is simply deliberate coverage that targets the Palestinians’ presence on their own land and their just cause, while giving leverage to the “perseverance” of the Israeli society living in a jungle of “barbaric” Palestinians. Al Jazeera English correspondent Jane Ferguson started her report a few days ago by focusing on the feelings of Israelis and specifically their shock following the [alleged] capture of three Israelis about 10 days ago.

Jun 24 07:13

Israel Defense Force Raids RT’s Offices In Ramallah

After staging a violent raid on RT’s office and other media organizations in Ramallah, the Israeli Defense Forces have been asked to provide an explanation. But their vague and inconsistent response has raised more questions than it answers.

Jun 24 06:47

Presbyterians Divest from the Israeli Occupation: The End of the Beginning?

When there is a just resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, I will claim that June 20, 2014 marked a turning point.

That was the day that the Presbyterian Church, USA voted to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola Solutions as a result of these companies' continued involvement in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and these companies' continued refusal to change their policies.

Jun 24 06:33

Israel strikes 9 military targets in Syria

It was not clear who exactly fired the anti-tank missile that hit the Israeli border from an area contested by the Syrian army and the rebels.

The strikes on targets in Golan Heights were carried out shortly after midnight, Haaretz reports citing an IDF official, who called it a direct response to Sunday’s deadly incident when an anti-tank projectile fired from Syrian territory struck near the border fence on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

Cui Bono ??

Jun 24 06:29

Christopher Bollyn - "Who is Eddy Shalev?"

Who is Eddy Guigui Shalev and how did an Israeli pilot become Hani Hanjour’s flight instructor?

What I found most intriguing is the fact that Hani Hanjour, the Saudi “terrorist” who supposedly flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon, had “successfully conducted a challenging certification flight” with an Israeli flight instructor named “Eddie Shalev” at an airport in Gaithersburg, Maryland, three weeks before 9-11.

The key point about Hani Hanjour flying with Eddie (or Eddy) Shalev is that Shalev told the 9-11 Commission that Hanjour was a good pilot who he thought "may have had training from a military pilot" when everyone else who ever met Hanjour said he did not have adequate flying skills to even rent a small plane.

Jun 24 06:05

Israel threatens Syria with more attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened that Israel would carry out more assaults against Syria, following recent airstrikes and shelling against targets inside the Arab country.

Netanyahu said on Monday that Israel would respond with even tougher force if Syria retaliates.

“Last night we operated with great force against Syrian targets that acted against us, and if needed we will use additional force,” he told members of his extremist Likud Party. “We will continue to forcefully hurt anyone who attacks us or tries to attack us.”

Jun 24 06:00

Israel puts more under administrative detention: Sources

The Israeli military has issued more than 100 administrative detention orders during a mass arrest campaign launched over the alleged disappearance of three settlers, a report says. . .

. . . According to Palestinian media reports, nearly 500 Palestinians, including 11 parliamentarians, have been detained in over 400 targeted raids on homes and civil society organizations. Several Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces.

Jun 23 23:01

UN fails to agree statement on Palestinian deaths

The U.N. Security Council failed Friday to agree on a statement that would have deplored the deaths of Palestinians in Israeli operations following the disappearance of three Israeli teenagers as the U.N. warned of increasing volatility in the decades-old Mideast conflict, AP reported.

Jun 23 22:54

Syria: Four killed, nine wounded in Israeli airstrikes

The Syrian government said Monday a series of Israeli airstrikes targeting its troops in retaliation for a deadly cross-border attack killed four people and wounded nine others, in its first comment on the overnight incident.

Jun 23 19:04

Netanyahu resurrects controversial terrorist house demolition policy

Israel will demolish a house belonging to a convicted terrorist, renewing a controversial policy for the first time since 2005. The owner, Ziad Awad, has been indicted for killing a Jewish policeman earlier this year.

“I gave the directive to destroy the home of the terrorist, a Hamas man, as part of the general effort to combat Hamas,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who noted that the decision would have to be approved by the Supreme Court.

According to human rights group B’Tselem, some 666 houses of Palestinian activists convicted for carrying out attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers were demolished as punishment between 2001 and 2005, during the Second Intifada. An Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) committee eventually concluded that the policy was counter-productive, and incited retribution.

Jun 23 18:59

UNSC turns blind eye on Israeli atrocities

The United Nations Security Council has once again turned a blind eye on Israeli atrocities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The 15-member council failed on Monday to agree on a statement that would deplore the deaths of Palestinians in recent Israeli raids.

In a closed-door council meeting, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin proposed a press statement after listening to a Palestinian appeal. But, the US envoy rejected any reference to Israel.

According to a diplomatic source, US Ambassador Samantha Power said that any language directly criticizing Israel would be a red line for Washington.

Jun 23 18:17

Teens Abductions: Palestinians vs Israelis

Israel is trying to hide the fact that these so called innocent religious teens are actually members of the Israeli Terrorist Forces, who have been terrorizing, and abducting Palestinian children and teen age civilians in the Israeli occupied Al-Khalil region.

Jun 23 14:50

General Wesley Clark: Current Wars Were Planned, Seven Countries In Five Years

In this stunning but little-known speech from 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark claims America underwent a “policy coup” at the time of the 9/11 attacks. In this video, he reveals that, right after 9/11, he was privy to information contained in a classified memo: US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

Jun 23 14:37

BEX Alert!!! - Mother of kidnapped teen to address UN

Rachel Fraenkel to plead for international support at Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday

The mother of kidnapped teenager Naftali Fraenkel is to address the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday and call for the immediate release of the three Israeli boys.

Rachel Sprecher Fraenkel may be accompanied by Iris Yifrach and Bat-Galim Shaar, parents of Eyal Yifrach and Gil-ad Shaar, but the two are not slated to speak at the summit.

Fraenkel is expected to appeal for international condemnation of the abduction and call for pressure to urge the kidnappers to free the yeshiva students.

Jun 23 14:21

Netanyahu Endorses ISIS Invasion of Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu would like to see the al-Qaeda spin-off ISIS attack Iran in a repeat of the Iran-Iraq War, a conflict that lasted eight years and cost Iraq 500,000 lives and Iran more than 750,000.

Jun 23 12:10

Exposing Israel’s ‘pinkwashing’

Pinkwashing is the word activists use to describe Israel’s branding of itself as the gay oasis of the Middle East. It’s a government-supported public relations strategy, they say, designed to help us all forget about Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

These activists are part of a growing movement of anti-pinkwashers, committed to exposing Israel’s pro-gay messaging as cynical propaganda, while at the same time bringing more attention to what many have labeled as Israeli apartheid.

Jun 23 09:15


As the latest Israeli rampage of murder and terror in the West Bank continues unabated, hopes for locating three young Jewish settlers Israel says were kidnapped by suspected Hamas militants are steadily vanishing.

Tens of thousands of Israeli troops are taking part in one of the largest operations in Israel’s history. So, far troops have thoroughly searched more than a thousand Palestinian homes in the Hebron region alone, but to no avail.

Soldiers have also been searching wells, abandoned caves and other possible hideouts in the large Hebron district.

Jun 23 09:15


alestinian protestors turned their anger against the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, stoning the PA police headquarters in the early hours of Sunday morning, following an Israeli incursion into the center of the city.

Jun 23 09:15


Benjamin Netanyahu Slams Presbyterians for Israel Divestment

Jun 23 08:39

Splitting up Iraq….. It’s all for Israel

The only reason to dissolve Iraq, is Israel. Israel does not want a unified Iraq. Israel does not want an Iraq that can stand on its own two feet. Israel wants to make sure that Iraq never remerges as a regional power. And there’s only one way to achieve that goal, that is, to follow Yinon’s prescription of “breaking up Iraq …along ethnic/religious lines …so, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul.”

Jun 23 08:30


One would think the neoconservatives who engineered the Iraq War – the worst disaster for the United States since Vietnam – would never emerge from hiding.

Not so. With dazzling chutzpah, former Vice President Dick Cheney, the real power in the Bush administration, just claimed President Barack Obama was responsible for the growing mess in Iraq.

Obama is a wimp allowing America’s foes to run rampant across the Mideast and Eastern Europe, growled Cheney. He wants US troops to reoccupy Iraq, and maybe Syria. Cheney’s blustering was applauded by another over-the-hill dotard, Republican party leader Sen. John McCain.

Out from the Washington woodwork crept a swarm of neoconservatives. They joined Cheney in blasting Obama over Iraq and calling for more wars against the Muslim world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If they think war on the Middle East is so great, give them all rifles and parachutes, load them on a plane, and drop them in. BUT LEAVE OUR KIDS AT HOME!

Jun 23 08:28

JDL France: Exporting Israeli Aggression

Jewish terrorism at your doorstep - We are all Palestinians

Jun 23 08:24

Did Israel Just Start World War III?

Doug Hagmann and I have been very consistent in stating that World War III would begin in Syria. Further, my military sources have been telling me for 15 months that war in the Middle East, and possibly World War III, will commence in Syria for a variety of reasons. The world is beginning to witness the unfolding of this prediction. Historians may look back upon Israel’s recent attack upon nine military targets inside of Syria as a the Archduke moment for World War III.

Jun 23 08:12

Israel set to double number of Palestinian administrative detainees

Some 400 Palestinians were arrested as part of West Bank operation to find three kidnapped teens. Half are expected to be placed under administrative detention.

Jun 23 08:08

Pirates with Nukes

Entirely dispelled are any lingering doubts about the disdain Israel has for international law. Before going any further, just reflect upon all the apologist responses to the global condemnation of the Mediterranean Massacre. All the toadies that carry the water for the Zionist despotism are predictable and deceitful. Based on a foundation of sand their mantra ignores the facts and rests on false axioms.

NeoCon Glenn Beck is a devoted cheerleader of Zionism. Making things worse, he is also a Dispensationalist. Departing from the solid research on condemning the failed philosophy of Progressivism, Beck demeans his audience with a false history of Palestine and the nature of the Israeli state. His religious doctrine regarding Israel makes him an apostate. Duping well intentions, but ill-informed viewers into accepting the crimes of Israel, as the will of God, is why he is a Trojan horse.

Jun 23 07:41

New 9-11 Documentary: The Anatomy of a Great Deception

This docu-thriller follows one man's search for truth while coping with the findings of his own 9/11 investigation.

The film is a fast-paced, “docu-thriller,” following one man's peek behind the curtain of the official 9/11 story. As his investigation progresses he struggles to cope with the findings of his own research and the impact it has on his life and those around him.

In the film, businessman-turned-filmmaker, David Hooper takes the audience down the "rabbit hole" to get a deeper look at the evidence. He presents a compelling case for why, even after a decade, the story of 9/11 remains relevant.

Jun 23 07:23

Christopher Bollyn - "Is the Israeli Kidnapping Real - or False-Flag?"

Based on nothing but unproven allegations, Netanyahu has cracked down across the West Bank, killing at least 4 Palestinians. Israeli and Palestinian critics alike, however, suspect that Netanyahu has committed another false-flag operation to allow him to wage war on the new Palestinian government. How will this sordid affair end? Will it mean the end for Netanyahu?

Jun 23 07:17

Israeli air raids kill 10 Syrian troops in Golan Heights

At least 10 Syrian soldiers have been killed and several others injured after Israeli jets attacked Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group based in the UK, has confirmed the deadly attacks.

The Israeli aircraft targeted the Syrian army positions, while its tanks hit government targets in the Golan Heights region.

Tel Aviv says the assaults were in retaliation for the death of an Israeli settler in the occupied Golan Heights on Sunday.

Israeli security forces have said the death was caused by a mortar shell fired from Syria.

Jun 23 07:04

Israeli Prime Minister Insults Intelligence of U.S. Christians

In Response to Watershed Historic Presbyterian USA Vote to Divest from Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu Appears Unopposed on NBC Meet The Press to Send Condescending Message to U.S. Christians

Jun 23 07:01

Jewish Settlers Attack Funeral Of Slain Palestinian In Ramallah

Sunday evening a number of fanatic Israeli settlers attacked the funeral of a Palestinian, killed by the Israeli army in al-Biereh, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, wounding one Palestinian.

The Palestinians were participating in the funeral procession of resident Mohammad at-Tareefi, 30, in Jabal at-Tawil neighborhood, when settlers of the Psagot illegitimate settlement opened fire on them, wounding one resident.

Several minutes later, dozens of soldiers arrived at the scene, and fired live ammunition at the residents, and several homes, in al-Biereh.

The Israeli military attack pushed dozens of residents to advance towards Psagot settlements, and hurl stones at it.

Jun 23 07:00

Ramallah raid on RT’s office: Why the IDF story doesn't add up

When asked for an explanation, IDF officials said the raid was not directly targeting RT, but “the lessor of the offices” Palmedia, which “cooperates with Hamas.”

“The aim of the operation conducted in the small hours of Saturday, was a Palestinian company Palmedia. The reason is that it provides services to Al-Aqsa TV, which has propagandist and inflammatory content. That’s why the search was performed there,” an IDF representative told RIA Novosti news agency.

The first inconsistency with the real situation is that Palmedia does not provide any service to Al-Aqsa. In fact, the Palestinian Hamas-linked TV channel employs the services of Transmedia and is based in another building.

Jun 23 06:56

Israel bombing Syria - time to wag Hitler at us all!

Hitler's secret millions: Nazi leader dodged £1.75m in tax and even charged a royalty for his image to be used on stamps, new documentary claims

Jun 23 05:57

Israel’s Netanyahu warns Obama on working with Iran in Iraq

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, still stung by the interim agreement reached by the US and Iran that places restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear program in return for easing sanctions, has offered his strategy to Obama on ISIS and Iran: “Weaken both.”

Netanyahu has advised the US against cooperating with Iran in an increasingly chaotic Iraq, where the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, or ISIL) has made dramatic territorial gains in the north and center of the country.

Jun 23 05:55

Hardliners in Israel & Iran Resist US Pivot to Iran over ISIS

The continued advances of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL) on Sunday brought the radical Sunni movement to the borders of Jordan and consolidated its control over al-Anbar Province. The Iraqi military continued its rapid collapse into uselessness, losing all the country’s military border outposts to ISIS. There is now a huge Sunnistan stretching from Aleppo to Tikrit and from Mosul to the Jordan border.

Jun 23 05:54

Israel Launches Air Strikes In Syria

Israel launched multiple air strikes across Syria on Sunday in response to an attack on an Israeli defense contractor’s vehicle in the Israel-occupied Golan Heights on the Syria border.

Jun 22 22:52

Israeli air strikes hit Syrian military targets

The Israeli military has carried out air strikes on targets inside Syria, including a military headquarters, in response to a cross-border attack that left an Israeli teenager dead.

Jun 22 22:49

Russia Today office in Ramallah raided by Israeli forces

Israeli forces have raided a building in Ramallah where the offices of several media outlets, including RT’s Arabic channel, are located.

Jun 22 18:12

Help Palestine, and let us educate the world!

Help Palestine Educate the world with Gaza's first English news channel. Support Noor here

Jun 22 17:45

RT office in Ramallah raided by Israeli forces

Jun 22 17:17

Israel bombs 9 military targets inside Syria

Better not speak out against this war crime as it may get you labelled 'anti-Semitic'.

Jun 22 10:30

Presbyterian General Assembly Biennial Meeting: My Message on Israel and Palestine

As the Presbyterian General Assembly gathers for its biennial meeting, I reach out in prayer and solidarity that the Assembly will make a strong witness for reconciliation, justice and peace. I am aware that the Assembly will consider eight overtures on the confounding and intractable conflict in Israel and Palestine, however I am especially urging the Assembly to adopt the overture naming Israel as an apartheid state through its domestic policies and maintenance of the occupation, and the overture calling for divestment of certain companies that contribute to the occupation of the Palestinian people. Both are worthy of adoption, by speaking truth in the first instance, and owning up to the Church's complicity in maintaining the occupation through its investments in the second.

Jun 22 09:04

Jewish Defense League Extreme Prejudice Towards an American Citizen

In 1992, the American Jewish Congress (AJC) put on a press conference promoting fetal tissue research and giving it a religious sanction. Tom mentioned that in an article in BioEngineering News in May 1992 entitled "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

He showed that the procedure was a crime against humanity as defined in the Nuremberg Conventions ("Doctrine of Informed Consent") and predicted it was immoral and would lead to organ stealing. This is not very different in its criminality to the described in State of Israel Forced the Sterilization of Ethiopian Women.

Tom found himself under financial attack by individuals identifying themselves as Jewish, who were acting on the basis that he and the publication BioEngineering News was anti-Semitic. An AJC lawyer offered to "fix things" with the Jewish community if Tom would retract the article.

Jun 22 09:01


In an image likely to become one of the most emblematic of his trip to the holy land, Francis rested his forehead against the concrete structure that separates Bethlehem from Jerusalem, and prayed silently as a child holding a Palestinian flag looked on.

Jun 22 09:00


Here are some songs written to celebrate their lives and honor their deaths, as well as one Yiddish song, “Donna Donna,” written a quarter-century earlier but profoundly appropriate, I think, to the day. The performers are Tom Paxton; Simon & Garfunkel; Harry Belafonte (singing a Pete Seeger-Frances Taylor song); Joan Baez; Richard and Mimi Farina (she was Joan Baez’s sister); Nechama Hendel; and wrapping it up, one of my favorite Phil Ochs songs, “Here’s to the State of Mississippi.” All the songs were written by the performers except where noted.

Jun 22 09:00


MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi writes open letter to Israeli physician who expressed his reservations over caring for Palestinians following kidnapping affair.

Jun 22 08:37

UN envoy denies claim he tried to funnel $20m to Hamas behind Israel's back

Robert Serry, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, denied a report on Saturday that he tried to funnel $20 million to Hamas in the Gaza Strip against Israel's wishes.

Jun 22 06:14

Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank clashes

Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian man in the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian officials say.

They say the troops - who were searching for three Israeli teenagers believed seized in the West Bank last week - fired on stone-throwing crowds.

He would be the third Palestinian to have died in clashes with Israeli troops searching for the students.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If they really want to find those three Israelis I suggest checking the four star hotels in Tel Aviv, because this whole affair has "false-flag" written all over it!

Jun 21 18:44

Will ISIS Create al-Sham Caliphate & Liberate Palestine?

ISIS appears uniformly contemptuous of the Zionist regime and its army and also appears eager to fight them in the near future despite expectation that the regime will use nuclear weapons.

“Do you think that we do not have access to nuclear devises? The Zionists know that we do and if we ever believe they are about to use theirs we will not hesitate. After the Zionists are gone, Palestine will have to be decontaminated and rebuilt just like areas where there has been radiation released.”

Jun 21 18:00


ISIS is a perfect mechanism for two American goals, the first being to assist in the disposal of Maliki, something which would make Israel very happy because it would cut the Iran connection. Second, ISIS can be used as an excuse for American intervention by air attacks into Syria, perhaps even the insertion of limited ground forces there. Assad and the Syrian army have foiled the elaborate secret effort to topple him.

Jun 21 16:08

Presbyterian Church votes to divest from companies helping Israeli illegal settlements

A major church in the United States has voted to divest from three US corporations linked to the Israeli occupation of Palestinians’ lands.

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted this week in Detroit to sell its shares of Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett Packard, worth about $21 million.

Jun 21 14:18

'Yair Lapid' summarizes the Israeli plan against Palestinians

Yair Lapid, Israeli finance minister summarized goals of Israeli aggressive campaign in West Bank and Gaza strip. During televised interview, Lapid mentioned three goals:

Firstly, to 'eradicate' Hamas movement in West Bank by massive hijack of the movement's figures, supporters and affiliated associations.
Secondly, to return the three missed Israelis settlers home.
Thirdly, to 'dissolve' the Palestinian unity government.

Yair Lapid is also the head of large Israeli Knesset's (Parliment) bloc.

Jun 21 10:59


Fifty years ago the State of Mississippi was burning …. burning with the same hatred that we see in the State of Israel today. Three young men went missing the summer of 1964. Two of them were Jewish, the third was African American.

Fifty years ago today Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney were murdered in cold blood by active members of the KKK.

Jun 21 09:38

Recent Israeli airstrikes targeted Gaza infrastructure

The Palestinian interior ministry said that the recent Israeli aerial attacks on the Gaza Strip directly targeted its infrastructure, factories and workshops.

A spokesperson for the ministry stated that an Israeli warplane bombed a dairy plant in Gaza City at dawn today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More proof that this "Three missing kids" story is a hoax to justify aggressions against the Palestinians!

Jun 21 08:01

Presbyterian Church (USA) Makes Controversial Divestment Move Against Israel

The largest U.S. Presbyterian church narrowly voted Friday to divest from three multinational corporations that it said supply Israel with products that promote violence in occupied Palestinian territories.

The divestment, vehemently opposed by many of the nation's prominent Jewish organizations, and hailed by many pro-Palestinian activists, passed by seven votes after hours of tense and complex debate. It means the Presbyterian Church (USA) will sell its shares of Motorola Solutions, Caterpillar and Hewlett Packard, worth about $21 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


And I sincerely hope it is the beginning of a trend in American churches, and churches around the world!!

Jun 21 07:11

Israeli soldiers storm Palestinian media buildings

Dozens of Israeli soldiers have stormed buildings of two Palestinian media companies in the West Bank city of Ramallah, smashing equipment there.

The Israeli army raided the offices of Palestine Media and al-Quds Media companies.

Witnesses say around 100 military jeeps entered Ramallah shortly after midnight. They conducted full searches at both offices and caused significant property damage.

Jun 21 06:38

Jews leaving France, Ukraine generate 50% increase in immigration to Israel

France, where Jewish leaders have warned of rising anti-Semitism, accounts for 80 percent of Jewish emigrants from Western Europe.

Jun 21 06:37

China reopens 105-year-old synagogue as a concert hall

The Chinese city of Harbin reopened a 105-year-old synagogue to the public after an extensive restoration.

The Main Synagogue on Harbin’s Tongjiang Street was reopened last week after 12 months of renovations at a festive ceremony featuring a performance by the String Quartet of the State Glazunovs Conservatory from the city of Petrozavodsk in Russia, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Jun 21 06:30

Israel elected to leadership of UN committee on “Decolonization”

Just when it appeared that the United Nations could not be more ineffective in protecting Palestinian rights and holding Israel accountable for violating them, here comes the news that Israel has been elected as vice-chair of the UN Special Commitee on Decolonization – which deals among other things with matters related to Palestinian refugees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is like hiring Jeffrey Dahmer to find out if there are cannibals in Milwaukee!

Jun 21 00:51

Splitting up Iraq - It’s all for Israel

The US gains nothing from the blueprint the Obama administration is following. It’s all for Israel.

Jun 20 21:44

White House: ISIS Airstrikes Won't be Confined to Iraq

What can I say! Major Brain Disorder! Syria through the back door.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed that when the Obama Administration begins to launch air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), they won’t actually be confined to Iraq.

Other officials had indicated President Obama wouldn’t hesitate to launch strikes in Syria, but Earnest’s comments suggest the whole world is the battlefield once again and that President Obama might conceivably strike anywhere he wants.

Earnest also ducked questions about needing Congressional authorization for such strikes beyond Iraq, insisting that the President had long attacked other countries without it being a big deal.

Jun 20 20:07

ADL condemns US Presbyterian Church vote to join Israel divestment movement

The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted on Friday to divest from specific companies who do business with Israel in the West Bank, stated a press release by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The ADL made clear its displeasure with the church's decision saying it was "out of step with the views of the majority of Presbyterians in the pews and sends a painful message to American Jews."

Jun 20 20:03

Kurdish advances

The Israeli's are crowing and I hear the Turks feel betrayed and are really pissed!

The stunning collapse of the Iraqi army in Mosul, and the rapid advance of the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) through Tikrit and toward Baghdad has created a new reality in Iraq.

Iraq is now divided on a de facto basis into a Shi’ite south and center, including Baghdad, a Sunni, ISIS-dominated west and a Kurdish-ruled north.

Jun 20 20:00

Israel receives first ever oil shipment from Iraqi Kurdistan

The SCF Altai tanker was anchored near Ashkelon port early on Friday morning, ship tracking and industry sources said.

A tanker delivered a cargo of disputed crude oil from Iraqi Kurdistan's new pipeline for the first time on Friday in Israel, despite threats by Baghdad to take legal action against any buyer.

Jun 20 09:21


In its quest to find three Israeli teenagers Israel has literally turned Palestine upside down. The timing could not have been more perfect as the main goal was to put a halt to the conciliatory moves of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas has given his full cooperation to the Israeli government, once again proving where his loyalties lie.For this he was highly praised by his fellow zionist leaders.

Jun 20 08:38

Netanyahu: We expect Abbas to dissolve unity government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that he expected the Palestinian national unity of government to dissolve and the the Israeli government was moving closer to finding three Israeli youths missing for the last week.

The comments, which came during a press conference in the southern West Bank city of Hebron that has been besieged by Israeli forces since the kidnapping, signal renewed pressure on the Palestinian Authority to end a unity deal agreed on between Fatah and Hamas in late April.

Jun 20 08:21

Palestinian kidnapped by Israeli forces in Awarta

At approximately 2:00 AM on the 15th June, Israeli soldiers conducted a night raid in the village of Awarta near Nablus, which was one of a series of raids and closures carried out by Israeli forces, following the disappearance of three Israeli settler youth close to al-Khalil (Hebron). Palestinian witnesses state that over 50 Israeli solders surrounded the village.

During the operation around 20 Israeli military personnel forced entry to, and stormed the home of Sameer Abu Shayb. Palestinian residents state that the soldiers were aggressive and had their faces covered. Sameer was then handcuffed and interrogated at his home over the phone by a commanding officer, for approximately 15 minutes. Sameer was not accused of any offence, but was then taken outside, blindfolded, and abducted by Israel forces.

This is the sixth time that Sameer has been imprisoned in recent years, totalling approximately 6 months.

Jun 20 07:48

Israel troops kill 14-year-old boy in hunt for three missing teenagers

Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian 14-year-old in the occupied West Bank Friday as they pressed a crackdown on the Islamist Hamas movement in their search for three missing teenagers.

Troops also wounded two Palestinians in a refugee camp just outside Jerusalem as clashes flared in the face of the massive military operation in which they have detained 330 Palestinians over the past week, medical sources said.

Israel accuses Hamas of last week’s abduction of the two 16-year-olds and a 19-year-old from a hitch-hiking stop in the West Bank, an allegation the Islamist group has dismissed as “stupid”.

But Israel has seized on the opportunity to drive a wedge between Hamas and the Palestinian leadership, who formed a merged administration for the West Bank and Gaza Strip just this month for the first time in seven years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The IDF kills innocent Palestinians, and visits collective punishment upon them, all the time; it is standard operating procedure for them.

I would not be too surprised if Israeli agents abducted these kids, and is holding them, as another "cause celebre" to blame on the Palestinians.

But Hamas and Fatah have to stand fast in their moves toward a unity government; any dissolution now, and the Palestine they seek will not even have the square footage of Lichtenstein!

Jun 20 07:35

ISIL backed by US, Israel, KSA

For eight years, Dick Cheney and his Israeli/Saudi friends wielded the world’s largest military force, America’s two million men, $1.5 trillion dollar per year juggernaut.

Intelligence sources now tell us that this same trio, hiding behind the ISIL, is waging a corporate war across the Middle East, a surrogate war backed by corporate billions.

Military and intelligence analysts conclude that ISIL operations continue to enjoy full intelligence and logistical support, port and rail facilities through Aqaba, Jordan, safe transit for militants through Israel. All other claimed sources of supply, particularly those through Turkey are a fabrication, deception and cover.

Jun 20 07:29

The Presbyterian Church USA Divestment Resolution Passed in committee

Editor’s Note: Our contributing writer, James M Wall informed : The divestment resolution against the Big Three corporations passed in committee. Discussion set to start soon, actual General Assembly vote will depend on the political strategies of both sides. Expect a final vote between tonight and Friday.

Presbyterian Church USA,

We applaud your consideration to divest from Israeli firms and those around the world that invest in occupation and apartheid.

On behalf of our writers, readers, and staff, we support you 100%.

Jun 20 07:25

Washington Relaunches its Iraq Partition Project

The sudden collapse of the Iraqi state is presented by the international press as a result of the attack of the terrorist group ISIL. But who can believe that a powerful state, armed and organized by Washington, could collapse in less than a week in the wake of a jihadist group formally independent of any state? Besides, who can believe that those who support ISIL in Syria sincerely condemn its actions in Iraq? Thierry Meyssan reveals what’s in the cards.

Jun 20 07:20

Washington Relaunches its Iraq Partition Project

This is not a popular uprising!

The sudden collapse of the Iraqi state is presented by the international press as a result of the attack of the terrorist group ISIL. But who can believe that a powerful state, armed and organized by Washington, could collapse in less than a week in the wake of a jihadist group formally independent of any state? Besides, who can believe that those who support ISIL in Syria sincerely condemn its actions in Iraq? Thierry Meyssan reveals what’s in the cards.

Since 2001, the Chief of Defence of the United States has been trying to break the "broader Middle East" into a multitude of small, ethnically homogeneous states. The map of the remodeled area was published in July 2006 [1]. It plans to divide Iraq into three, a Sunni state, a Shiite and Kurdish one.

Jun 20 07:02

Reform leader urges Presbyterians to reconsider divestment from Israel, meet Netanyahu instead

The leader of the Reform movement asked his Presbyterian counterparts to join him in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make their case against Israeli practices in the West Bank.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, spoke Thursday in Detroit at the biennial general assembly of the Presbyterian Church-USA, which is considering a proposal to divest from companies that deal with Israeli security services in the West Bank.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs says divestment would occasion rupture between Jews, Presbyterians.

Jun 20 06:58

How many Israelis live in America, anyway?

NEW YORK – It’s not easy to find accurate data about the number of Israelis living in the United States. The Israeli government and the Jewish Agency are in no hurry to give out such information, which might be due to the simple fact that no one has precise numbers. Be that as it may, the numbers being bandied about these days range from 200,000 to 1 million.

Precise data are hard to come by, and besides, how does one define an Israeli?

Jun 20 06:55

Jewish journalists from around the world to convene in Jerusalem next week

Almost 120 journalists from 27 different countries will participate next week in a Jewish media conference in Jerusalem, the first major gathering of Jewish journalists from the Diaspora in Israel in several decades.

Participants to discuss Israel’s image problems, future of Jewish media.

Jun 20 06:01

Christopher Bollyn - "The MH370 Cover-Up: GA Telesis Caught Revising History of Twin Plane in Israel"

THE TWIN OF MH370 IN TEL AVIV - GA Telesis recently crafted a press release, back-dated to October 4, 2013, and inserted it into the archives for 2013. The Internet archives, however, reveal that this fraudulent press release concerning the Israeli twin plane did not even exist in 2013.

Why would GA Telesis be fabricating press releases to provide a plausible history for this suspicious plane in Tel Aviv if they were not trying to cover their tracks?

Jun 19 22:41

As a former Israeli soldier, I had to speak out about the injustices I participated in

After serving as an IDF combat soldier and commander, Yehuda Sahul questioned the morality of the military action in the West Bank.

Jun 19 13:31

Ed Miliband – shameless Zionist in our midst

Gilad Atzmon views a speech by British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband to the Zionist lobby Labour Friends of Israel in which Miliband affirmed his Jewish tribal affiliation and loyalty to Israel.

Jun 19 12:43

Huge fire at the Petrochemical plant in Haifa

It's the third time it happens and non of the news will broadcast it .. tycoons and their fucking moneycontrol..

Jun 19 12:16

Christopher Bollyn: "Who is Behind the Chaos in Iraq?"

So, after decades of disastrous policies that have utterly wrecked the nation of Iraq, why does the media still solicit advice about the crisis in Iraq from war hawks like Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Douglas Feith?

The answer is quite simple: The big media outlets in the United States give time and space to war hawks like John McCain because he is a leading advocate of the Zionist war agenda. Like McCain, the big media outlets are also controlled by Zionists who support the war agenda. They are simply using people like McCain, Graham, and Feith to promote it.

The real question is what is the Zionist war agenda?

Jun 19 12:08

Israel to step up crackdown on Hamas, Palestinians

The Israeli regime seeks to step up its aggression against the Palestinians under the pretext of searching for illegal settlers allegedly missing in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli forces continue their crackdown on official figures of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in the occupied West Bank after the alleged disappearance of the Israeli teens last Thursday. However, they have apparently made no progress in their search operations so far. . .

. . . Hamas leaders Hassan Yousef, Wasfi Qabaha, Khaled Abu Arafeh and Mohammed Totah have been among those recently abducted by Israel.

Jun 19 10:14

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This video is now over a half million views! The original article the video was made from is HERE.

As a side note, I tried to post the YouTube URL for this video to Facebook in reply to a question, only to find out that Facebook is blocking this URL for "objectionable content."

If anyone you know is wondering why the US Government seems hell-bent on creating more wars in Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc. send them this video.

Jun 19 09:47

Ed Miliband - A Shameless Zionist In Our Midst

As the Brits were expressing their disapproval of ‘Red Ed’ and his clumsy politics, the Labour leader found the time to socialise with the Jewish Lobby. The following is Ed Miliband’s speech to LFI (Labour Friends Of Israel), the same Zionist Lobby group that funded Blair’s government as it drove Britain into a criminal war in Iraq.

In his speech, Ed Miliband affirms his deep Zionist affiliation. The verdict on his reign is clear, Miliband should never have been the leader of a major British political party. He would have been better suited for a position as a local Rabbi or a part time job as an Israeli consular.

Jun 19 09:46


All of Palestinian society is a kidnapped society. Like many of the Israelis who performed “significant service” in the army, many of the readers of this column, or their children, entered the home of a Palestinian family in the middle of the night by surprise, with violence, and simply took away the father, brother or uncle, with determination and insensitivity. That is kidnapping, and it happens every day. And what about their administrative detainees?

Jun 19 09:44


Palestinians in the West Bank are showing spectacular steadfastness and resilience in the face of an unprecedented rampage of terror and vandalism by the Israeli occupation army.

The rampage, which began five days ago when three army-age settlers went missing and were presumed kidnapped by suspected Palestinian militants, is assuming unmistakable terrorist proportions.

This terror includes destroying homes by missiles, storming homes and blowing up gates and outer doors, vandalizing property, beating up innocent people and grossly mistreating children and women.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Club, a body that monitors Israeli treatment of Palestinian detainees, Israeli troops have so far raided and thoroughly vandalized 750 homes in the Hebron region alone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A modern "Krystalnacht!"

Jun 19 09:26

Iraq may ask Iran help against ISIL, says Iraqi foreign minister

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says the Iraqi government may request Iran’s assistance to counter the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants.

Jun 19 09:09

US wants Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to ‘go’

A number of US officials have, either directly or indirectly, said that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki should “go” as militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are committing atrocious acts against Iraqis.

“The Maliki government, candidly, has got to go if you want any reconciliation,” said the chairwoman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), during a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

White House spokesman Jay Carney also claimed on Wednesday that the current crisis in Iraq is the result of Maliki’s policies. “There's no question that not enough has been done by the government, including the prime minister, to govern inclusively, and that that has contributed to the situation and the crisis that we have today in Iraq.”

Jun 19 08:11

Iran, P5+1 start drafting final nuclear deal

Iran and the Sextet of world powers have begun drafting a final deal on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made the announcement on Wednesday as talks continued between the two sides in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Jun 19 08:10

Israel responds to attacks: war jets strike Gaza

Israeli war jets carried out several airstrikes early Thursday, targeting training facilities that belong to the Islamic Hamas movement in northern Gaza Strip and Gaza city, security officials said. Officials in Gaza said several explosions damaged northern and central Gaza Strip as well as eastern and western Gaza city. Israeli jets hovered over the coastal enclave before carrying out the strikes, reports DPA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now we know why they were wagging that 90-year old ex-Nazi at us earlier today.

Jun 19 06:17

Netanyahu should look at his own record

Standing in front of a map of what both no doubt hope will one day be Greater Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and Tony Blair have today given a practical demonstration of chutzpah. Translated roughly as “audacity” (but could also mean “insolence”), the two men with blood on their hands tried to convince the world that the lives of three illegal Jewish settlers – “children,” said the Israeli PM – are worth more than the lives of over 1,300 Palestinian children killed by the Israelis since September 2000 at an average rate of 3 murders per day. This is entirely consistent with the view expressed by at least one extremist Rabbi, Yaacov Perrin, at the funeral of Baruch Goldstein, the terrorist settler who murdered 29 Palestinians while they prayed in Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque in 1984: “Even one million Arabs,” claimed Perrin, “are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”

Jun 18 09:17


Perhaps if I start my own Hashtag, some attention might be brought to the newest round of collective punishment and atrocities carried out by the Israeli government, all in response to the disappearance of three Israeli teens presumably kidnapped.

Israel has been appealing to every nation in the world to justify their actions …. actions that will surely guarantee that these boys will never see their families ever again.

Jun 18 06:07

Hasbara Defeated -Gilad Atzmon Vs. Lee Kaplan

Jun 17 16:45

Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag

Mossad Chief predicted “three teens will be kidnapped” one week before it happened

Jun 17 15:23

Brutality of the Israeli Army in Kidnapping a child of 11 Years old from his mother!!!

Jun 17 11:59

Israel Warns US Against Cooperating With Iran on Iraq

Israeli officials, led by Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, have issued warnings to the US that they view the reports of potential US-Iranian cooperation on Iraq with the utmost concern.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's none of Israel's business!

Jun 17 09:35


Lately, it seems a new hashtag appears almost daily on the Net … the latest one from Israel is #BringOurBoysHome. A quick glance at the site gives one the impression that it is nothing more than just another zionist hate site. A closer look confirms that.

Jun 17 09:34


Most Palestinians are not euphoric about the kidnapping. However, nearly 99% of the people this writer has been talking to squarely blamed Israel for the kidnapping.

Jun 17 07:56

Iraq, America and The Lobby

It is amusing to witness the energy and effort mainstream news outlets are investing in diverting attention from the fact that the current mess in Iraq is the direct outcome of Jewish political domination of the West for the last two decades.

When America and Britain launched the criminal second Gulf War, it was the Zionist Neocons, a bunch of politically influential Jews who urged the ‘liberation’ of the Iraqi people. Members of the same breed of tribal exponents have rallied for intervention in Iran, Libya and most recently in Syria.

Jun 17 05:59

Report: Israel has 80 of the world's 16,300 nuclear warheads

The nine countries that currently have nuclear weapons are the U.S., Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And that makes every penny taken from you by the US Government and given to Israel a crime under the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and the Glenn Act.

Jun 16 09:38

Netanyahu: Operation to find abducted teens is complex, may take time

The search for the three kidnapped yeshiva students entered its fourth day on Monday. The Israeli military on Sunday called up a limited number of reserves and is now focusing most of its efforts to find Eyal Yifrah, 19, from Elad, Gil-Ad Shaer, 16, from Talmon, and Naftali Frenkel, 16, from Nof Ayalon in the Hebron area.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Sunday that Hamas is behind the abduction. Netanyahu asserted that he holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the teens' fate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Could this latest Israeli false-flag be any more obvious? Why would the new Palestinian Unity Government do something that stupid? It doesn't make any sense. Such a kidnapping only harms the public support the Palestinians need, which is a perfect motive for Israel to fake this kidnapping and blame it on Hamas and the PA as part of Netanyahu's agenda to destabilize and discredit the new unity government.

The area where the "kidnappings" occurred was under complete IDF control at the time, and somehow one of the "victims" managed to make a phone call to confirm they were kidnapped, but without disclosing where they were. One wonders in this age of total surveillance how it is that Israel could not trace where the call came from, thereby justifying wide-spread attacks into Gaza and the West Bank!

Israel has a long history of false-flags, from the Lavon affair, to the USS Liberty, to the Raid on Entebbe, to the USS Cole, right up to 9-11 itself. This is just more of the same.

Jun 16 09:08


For a bit of background on the Red Heifer, read THIS … Then watch the South Park episode mentioned …. followed by a ‘real life’ video …. If nothing else, you will get a much needed chuckle in these days of stress and sorrow.

Jun 16 09:06


The Obama administration on Sunday joined Israel in implicating the militant group Hamas in connection with the kidnapping of three Israeli teens and called the move a “despicable terrorist act.”

The teens, including one who holds US citizenship, disappeared late Thursday apparently while hitchhiking in the country’s West Bank region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an obvious Israeli false-flag as part of their campaign to destabilize and delegitimize the Palestinian unity government. Hamas has no reason to do such a stupid thing as kidnap three kids right now. Such an act can only damage their public support, which is ample reason for Israel to grab those kids and blame Hamas for it. The "Kidnapping" happened in an area under the total control of the IDF. And the area is closed to hitchhiking as well. PLus, one of the "kidnapped" kids manages to get to a phone long enough to confirm that they are the victims of a deliberate kidnapping, but fails to report where they are and hangs up before the call can be traced, thereby justifying wide-range attacks and arrests all across Gaza and the West Bank by Israel!

Kerry and Obama are crying crocodile tears over the one American in the group, which stands in stark contrast to the US Government's reactions to Rachel Corrie and Furgan Dogan, two Americans murdered openly by Israel.

Jun 16 08:12

Kerry points at Hamas in Israel kidnappings that include teen with US citizenship

The Obama administration on Sunday joined Israel in implicating the militant group Hamas in connection with the kidnapping of three Israeli teens and called the move a “despicable terrorist act.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Last August, John Kerry assured the world that Syria's President Assad had gassed his own Alawite supporters using sarin gas, virtually in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors, on the very day they arrived in Syria.

Then someone asked Kerry why Assad would do such a stupid thing, and Kerry went silent. Because motive was the missing piece that betrayed the whole lie. There was no reason for Assad to do something that provocative and insane, and eventually the rest of the claims made in August unraveled and were revealed as more war propaganda, not unlike the whopper about Saddam's nuclear weapons.

John Kerry, proving that marrying a ketchup fortune doesn't necessarily make you any smarter, has made the same mistake again. Kerry is echoing Netanyahu's claim that Hamas kidnapped these three boys. But why would Hamas do such a stupid and provocative thing right now, when they are trying to win world recognition of the new Palestinian unity government.

Netanyahu, on the other had, desperate to discredit and derail the new unity government, has plenty of motive for yet another Israeli false-flag attack, kidnapping the boys and blaming Hamas. And Israel's history of full of such dirty tricks, from the Lavon affair to the attack on the USS Liberty to 9-11 itself.

To uncover when the government is lying to you, always look for what should be there and isn't. In the case of last August, what was missing was a motive for Assad to gas his own people. What is missing today is a motive for Hamas to carry out an act that will damage the public support it needs to move their unity government forward.

Think, people, THINK! It makes the propagandists very nervous!

And would someone ask John Kerry how he feels about US citizens Rachel Corrie and Furkan Dogan who were openly murdered by Israel?

Jun 16 07:45

Eric Cantor Defeated: Rising Awareness of Jewish Influence behind “Shock” Primary Defeat

The “shock” defeat of (now) former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in his Virginia Primary has left “Jewish organizations in both parties reeling,” according to Politico magazine—but the reality is that rising awareness of the pernicious influence of Jewish Supremacist power politics has played a major part in the “upset.”

Jun 15 11:06


Three Israeli teenagers seem to have been kidnapped Thursday evening. The government was very quick to declare this the work of a ‘terrorist organisation’. They further stated that it was a direct result of the recent cooperation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. It was obviously motivated by forces opposed to the reconciliation efforts …. as far as the Israeli government is concerned, it is working right into their own plans of disrupting whatever possible unity can come out of said reconciliation.

Thousands of armed Israeli troops are at the moment roaming through Palestinian towns and villages in the occupied West Bank. There is a danger that scores of innocent Palestinians will be killed by these soldiers.

We appeal to whoever is responsible for this madness to release the boys so they can return safely to their families. The concept of ‘an eye for an eye’ will only lead to the blindness of many an innocent victim.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With the report that one of the kids managed to phone police to say he was kidnapped, I am more than ever convinced that this is another Israeli false-flag to justify brutal military incursions into Palestine.

Jun 14 16:05


Three Israeli teenagers seem to have been kidnapped Thursday evening. The government was very quick to declare this the work of a ‘terrorist organisation’. They further stated that it was a direct result of the recent cooperation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. It was obviously motivated by forces opposed to the reconciliation efforts …. as far as the Israeli government is concerned, it is working right into their own plans of disrupting whatever possible unity can come out of said reconciliation.

Thousands of Israeli troops are at the moment roaming through Palestinian towns and villages in the occupied West Bank. There is a danger at the moment that scores of innocent Palestinians will be killed by these soldiers.

We appeal to whoever is responsible for this madness to release the boys so they can return safely to their families. The concept of ‘an eye for an eye’ will only lead to the blindness of many an innocent victim.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am worried that the three boys have been "disappeared" by Israel to set the stage for a mammoth military operation against Palestine.

Jun 14 11:09


Suppose you gave a memorial service for Americans killed in action during an attack on a US Navy ship by an enemy of the United States and nobody came.

Suppose you gave a memorial service for Americans killed in action during an attack on a US Navy ship in which that ship was ordered to be abandoned while it was still under attack and calling for help and nobody came.

Suppose you gave a memorial service for Americans killed in action during an attack on a US Navy ship in which among the awards won by the officers and crew of that ship are the Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses, eleven Silver Stars, twenty Bronze Stars, nine Navy Commendations, 208 Purple Hearts, 294 Combat Action Ribbons and the Presidential Unit Citation which makes it among the most decorated ships for a single action in US Navy history and nobody came.

Jun 14 07:24

Iran reaches out to orphans in Ethiopia

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another brilliant move by Iran, sending clothing to these orphans. Quite a contrast with the way Israelis are seen treating the Ethiopian Jews that migrated to Israel!

Jun 14 07:03

this is why palestanins hate israel : you wont see this on zionist owned media

Jun 13 12:47

Presbyterians to debate divestment from Israel at Detroit convention

More than 5,000 Presbyterians from across the U.S., gathering in Detroit for their biennial convention starting Saturday, are expected to hotly debate resolutions that would partially divest the denomination’s investments in three companies that do business in Israel.

Held every two years, the eight-day gathering at Cobo Center of the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S., Presbyterian Church USA, is expected to consider four resolutions that would divest its investments in Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett-Packard.

Jun 13 10:29

Israel pushes ahead with plans to build over a thousand settler units in the West Bank

Jun 13 09:27


Israel was in a state of panic when the concept of Bitcoin was introduced …. How would they continue to receive the BILLION$ of Dollars they get annually from the US Taxpayer….

Those fears were alleviated this week when Bitcoin was activated here.

Jun 13 08:26

Israel kills Palestinian in Gaza airstrike, blames Abbas for rockets

An Israeli airstrike killed a Palestinian in Gaza on Wednesday after new rocket fire from the territory prompted Israel's premier to warn he holds President Mahmoud Abbas responsible.

Two Palestinians were also wounded in the evening raid in the northern Gaza Strip, the emergency services said.

The dead man and one of the wounded were traveling on a motorbike and were the apparent targets. A young boy, who was passing by on foot, was also wounded.

Jun 13 07:40

Eric Cantor’s Defeat Is Also Netanyahu’s

One issue wasn’t talked about, though I wonder if it subliminally registered with some anti-Cantor voters. Cantor in 2010 more or less presented himself as Bibi Netanyahu’s congressman. Newly Elevated by the GOP House takeover as the incoming majority leader, he held a private meeting with the Likud leader at the New York Regency. No other Americans were present; Netanyahu was joined by Israel’s ambassador and national security advisor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Subliminal" had nothing to do with it! The American people see clearly the corrosive influence of the Israel lobby on the US Government.

Jun 13 07:01

Israel descriptor sparks boycott threat

ISLAMIC nations furious over the Abbott government's policy shift on Israeli settlements have warned they could boycott Australian farm exports if the stance is not reversed.

The government last week ruled out using the term “occupied” to describe Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, deeming the term pejorative and unhelpful to the peace process in the Middle East. That has prompted an outcry from Islamic countries, who have written to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop demanding an explanation why this controversial decision was made without consultation. Palestinian senior diplomat in Australia described the move as “unprecedented” and warned Australia had isolated itself on the world stage by backing “illegal” settlements.

“This statement is not helpful at all to promote the peace process,” Palestinian Delegation Ambassador Izzat Abdulhadi said.

“I think it's an invitation to Israel to continue its settlement activity.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, no more boomerangs, didgeridoos, or kangaroo burgers, folks!

Jun 12 17:21

FLASHBACK - FBI accused Oscar winner Arnon Milchan of selling secret US nuclear tech

Producer Arnon Milchan is a citizen of Israel and has close ties to the leadership of the Israel Labor party. FBI documents also suggest he is a foreign spy who illegally exported US nuclear tech. Arnon Milchan owned a trading company that was allegedly used to smuggle high tech triggering devices for nuclear weapons to Israel. The FBI believes 800 of these triggers were illegally sent to Israel.

Jun 12 09:30


Last week Mahmoud Abbas’ defunct Palestinian Authority signed a conciliation agreement with Hamas. This week he joined his fellow zionist Shimon Peres at the Vatican so the two athiests could pray for Peace in the presence of Pope Francis.

Later in the week Palestinian journalists who oppose his leadership were savagely attacked while covering a demonstration in the Occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

And the attacks on the journalists are part of a wider crackdown by Palestinian Authority de facto leader Mahmoud Abbas against Palestinians who oppose his rule or mobilize for Palestinian rights.

Jun 12 09:29


The killing of Nadim Nuwara, who was 15 at the time of his death, has been a source of controversy, as Palestinian medical sources and eyewitnesses have said that Israeli soldiers shot him while Israeli security sources have disputed the claim, despite the existence of a video footage showing the incident from a number of angles.

The autopsy — which was performed by a team of specialists led by the head of the institute, Saber al-Aloul, with the presence of Danish, Portuguese, American, and two Israeli doctors — concluded that the Palestinian youth was killed by Israeli forces.

Jun 12 07:50

'Tea Party has taken control of the Republican Party'

Jewish politicians and commentators react to Eric Cantor's shocking defeat by Dave Brat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reader comment: Cantor's loss ended AIPAC dream of having a Jew as a Speaker of the House...The sadness is felt among Jewish community that such goal was not achieved...Bibi's best friend in Washington was ousted faster than anybody thought.

Jun 12 07:10

Did Eric Cantor Lose Because He's Jewish? Of Course.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I predicted on yesterday's radio show we would see this; blaming Cantor's loss on anti-Semitism!

Jun 12 06:50

"Stand with Israel" license plates officially sanctioned in South Carolina

As if America couldn't get any more subservient and slavish to international Jewry and the fraudulent Jewish regime occupying Palestine, the state of South Carolina is now offering drivers there specially designed license plates which read: "South Carolina Stands with Israel". Expect other states to follow suit in the near future.

Jun 12 06:49

Boston subway ads are shocking– ‘and so is the reality on the ground’

Bostonians have been checking out the “ONE WORD” campaign in their subway system, describing Israel’s crimes against Palestinians. The ad campaign was launched this week by Ads Against Apartheid (AAA), a local Boston-based nonprofit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And already the Israeli shills are pouring into the comments section!

Jun 11 11:06

BREAKING: Eric Cantor to quit as House Majority Leader

Majority Leader Eric Cantor will step down as majority leader at the end of July, CNN reported on Wednesday.

The Virginia Republican lost the GOP primary in Virginia’s Seventh District to tea party candidate David Brat on Tuesday night. Analysts have speculated that Mr. Cantor lost touch with the constituents back home while focusing more on his national presence as a leader of the Republican party.

Jun 11 10:11

Fearing jihadi attack on Israeli planes, Egypt sends troops to border

The Egyptian military has deployed a large military force near the border crossing with Israel at Taba in order to prevent rocket and missile attacks on Israel, and especially on Israeli civilian airplanes

Egyptian sources estimate the force is about the size of a battalion, or several hundred men. The move was coordinated with Israel.

Egypt is concerned that jihadist operatives in the Sinai Peninsula who are affiliated with al-Qaeda may try to down an Israeli civilian aircraft flying near the border during its approach for landing in the resort town of Eilat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting timing. I wonder if some false flag is to happen close to Israel/Egyptian border, to be blamed on the government of Syria, as a pretext for an attack against it, as everything else the US has tried to do to get regime change here to happen has failed, and miserably.

Jun 11 09:34

Baroness Rothschild: Israel must wean itself off ‘grant dependency’

“I think what is interesting in Israel is that it is a country which is, and will always, be strongly supported by the Jews’ Diaspora, but the grants given by the Diaspora are diminishing very quickly,” she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To a dog, fleas are an annoyance. To a flea, dogs are a divine right.

Jun 11 09:26

Iran questions nuclear deal deadline as talks 'hit wall'

Iran, after talks with senior U.S. officials, questioned whether a July deadline for a nuclear deal with world powers will be met, fueling doubts on the outcome as France spoke out, saying talks on curbing Tehran's uranium enrichment had "hit a wall".

Iran's talks with six major powers on curbing its nuclear program in exchange for an end to Western sanctions could be extended for six months if no deal is reached by a July 20 deadline agreed by all parties, a senior Iranian official said.

While an extension is possible under the terms of the talks, experts believe both Iran and the international powers may face domestic political pressures to argue for better terms during this extra time period, further complicating negotiations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The wild card in all of this is Israel, and if Israel believes it can make a calculated military multiple-strike against Iran's nuclear facilities with little repercussions, it will do so, if these talks do not reach an agreement by 20 July.

I would, however, like to politely remind the adults in the room in the Israeli government, that Russian officials have stated very openly that should Iran be attacked, Russia will come to its aid militarily; just one of those pesky little realities which the Israeli government may want to take into account when contemplating such a strike!!

Jun 11 09:21


The short documentary ‘3 Houses’ was filmed in Ras Khamis and Ras Shahada, Jerusalem neighborhoods that were cut off from the rest of the city when the Separation Barrier was built in 2002. Since then, these neighborhoods and the tens of thousands of people who live there have been utterly neglected by the Jerusalem municipality. In 2013, the desperate situation in this no-man’s-land was even further exacerbated when the municipality announced its intent to demolish the homes of thousands of residents.

Jun 11 08:36

Abbas urges UN to intervene in Palestinian hunger strike crisis

In formal letter to UN Security Council, Palestinian president calls to annul Israeli policy of administrative detention.

Jun 11 07:17

FLASHBACK - Dual Citizens In The 112TH Congress / Their Top 5 “Financial Contributors” / Who Is In Control ?

Years ago in about 1991, I was horrified to hear an aging Menachem Begin tell Ron Insana on MSNBC that Israel didn’t worry who was the US President, because they owned the Congress! That part of the interview was never again aired. Check the list below to see if there is any doubt about his statement—even today.

Jun 11 07:15

Tonight's Biggest Losers: Meet Eric Cantor's Largest Donors

Following Eric Cantor's historic primary loss from a tea party challenger nobody expected to win, the real biggest losers are listed below.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somehow the media reports neglected to mention that Cantor is a dual citizen with an Israeli passport. Maybe that is why Pro-Israeli groups provided over a million dollars in support of his campaigns. Maybe the voters were wondering who he represented, them or Israel?

Hopefully this is the start of a major trend. After all, a friend of Israel is no friend of America!

Jun 11 06:49

Rivlin victory could spell the end for Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's worst nightmare became reality on Tuesday when his hated faction rival Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin was elected to be Israel's 10th president. Netanyahu pulled out all the stops to avoid a Rivlin presidency, including attempting to do away with the position all together and offering the job to Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel who doesn't even have Israeli citizenship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yet another reason to disregard the Nobel Prize. Elie Wiesel's fame and Nobrel Prize rests on his claim to have survived the Nazi Death Camp (reg trademark Israel) at Buchenwald. However as it turns out, Wiesel's story was simply one of a flood of holocaust hoax memoirs and the photo of him at Buchenwald was shown to be a total fake.

Jun 11 06:38

Israel’s president-elect Reuven Rivlin in his own words

“I whole-heartedly believe that the land of Israel is ours in its entirety.”

“The communities in Judea and Samaria [Ed. referring to West Bank settlements] do not threaten our existence, they guarantee our existence.”

“Today, almost 20 years after Oslo, we can see clearly that the idea of separating the [Israeli and Palestinian] nations failed.”

“For some reason the settlement enterprise is being accused of being an obstacle to peace. Personally, I explain at each possible forum that the obstacle to peace is the objection by the Arabs to it and the fact that they do not want us here”.

Jun 10 20:35

BREAKING NEWS: Tea party wins massive victory, defeats House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in GOP primary

With 99% of precincts reporting, the Tea Party just proved– It’s not dead! Tea Party backed David Brat leads House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) 56% to 44%. The race has been called for Brat.

Behind Speaker John Boehner (R- Ohio), Cantor was the Republican Party’s second most powerful lawmaker.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Friend of Israel" isn't the golden path to victory it used to be!

Start of a trend?

Jun 10 12:05

IDF Depth Corps Become Operative, Iran in the Crosshairs

A controversial promotion was announced by the IDF, on Friday, June 6, 2014. Roni Numa was promoted to major general and became the second commander of the Depth Corps in their new configuration. Announcing the unit becoming operational, this is bad news for Iran.

Jun 10 09:15


Despite widespread media attention and calls for investigations from international and local human rights organizations, Israel continues to cover up and guarantee the impunity of the occupation soldiers responsible for the Nakba Day Beitunia killings.

Jun 10 09:14


It didn’t take long for the defenders of zion to attack yesterday’s post. CIF Watch’s ‘reasoning’ indicates their total lack of comprehension ...

Jun 10 09:13

Ya’alon: Iran ‘number one threat’ to Israel

Despite the breakdown of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Iran remains the number one threat to Israel, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday.

Ya’alon told the Herzliya Conference, a security and defense assembly, that Israel fears that without the internal pressure caused by economic sanctions and a credible threat of military action, Iran will use negotiations with world powers to buy time to become a nuclear threshold state able to produce a nuclear weapon at a moment’s notice.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So, you Americans should go kill them for us!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Jun 10 07:43

2014 National Summit - Reassessing US Israel special relationship

Jun 10 07:32

Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine

Only yesterday came news that Syrian rebels plan to give Israel the Golan Heights in exchange for creation of a no-fly zone against the Assad regime. In an even bolder move, it is now revealed, Israel will withdraw its settlers from communities beyond the settlement blocs—and relocate them at least temporarily to Ukraine. Ukraine made this arrangement on the basis of historic ties and in exchange for desperately needed military assistance against Russia. This surprising turn of events had an even more surprising origin: genetics, a field in which Israeli scholars have long excelled.

A Warlike Turkic People—and a Mystery

Jun 10 06:53

The American Legions Leadership Allegiance to Israel

Immediately following Israel’s attack on America’s premier spy ship as it navigated in International waters on 8 June 1967, the American Legion Membership passed a strong resolution on the incident.

Resolution #508 condemned Israeli actions as an “apparently deliberate attack.”

Resolution #508 called on the U.S. government to “conduct a complete and thorough investigation of this incident” and to demand full payment from the Israeli government for compensation to the families, crew, and to the United States for the damage to the ship.
“After the resolution was passed, there were complaints from the Jewish War Veterans of America and some Jewish members of the American Legion, and the resolution was allowed to die without action. The American Legion member who proposed the resolution stated later that the lack of follow through was due to pressure by pro-Israel organizations.”

Jun 09 09:54

Livni to head committee on ‘Jewishness’ of Israel

According to Haaretz, bills on the “Jewishness of Israel” proposed in recent years aimed at obliging courts to favor “Jewish identity” over “the Decmocratic nature” of decisions, since the Jewishness of the state contradicts with its being democratic.

Jun 09 09:17

Zionist El-Sisi inaugurated as Egypt’s new president !

“If this is the freedom the US/EU/Israel is planning for the Arab world, and indeed it is, then Egypt doesn’t want your freedom or your democracy”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The return of Mubarak style government.

Jun 09 09:16


The Arab world, if indeed there is still an entity as such, and Muslims around the world must respond in a meaningful manner to the latest affront coming from Australia.
This week, the Australian Attorney-General George Brandis said in a speech that his country ought to stop viewing East Jerusalem as an occupied city.

Brandis is notorious for his racist views and xenophobia. Some of his critics have already described him as “Nazi-minded.” The Australian press recently quoted him as saying that “people have the right to be bigots,” which made racist and anti-immigration groups in Australia ecstatic.

Unfortunately, much of the man’s vindictive chauvinism is reserved for Arabs and Muslims. His remarks about E. Jerusalem encapsulate a morbid mind-set not unlike that of the people who wanted to create the Third Reich.

Jun 09 09:15


Earlier in the week I more or less endorsed Mahmoud Abbas to be the new President of Israel. It is an esteemed honour for any old, lifelong zionist like himself.

Much more fitting than those that are actually in the race, making a mockery out of what they refer to as a Democracy …

Jun 09 09:15


A group called Breaking the Silence has spent 10 years collecting accounts from Israeli soldiers who served in the Palestinian territories. To mark the milestone, 10 hours’ worth of testimony was read to an audience in Tel Aviv. Here we print some extracts.

Jun 09 09:08

Mere Existence of Palestine Deemed a “Threatening Racial Slur” by the [parent corporation of the] Houston Dynamo Organization

Apparently, soccer fans are very nationalistic. It is not uncommon for soccer fans to bring their national flag to a game where their national team is not even playing. In this spirit, a Palestinian-American woman named Buthayna Hammad brought her Palestinian flag to last Sunday’s Honduras vs Israel match at BBVA Compass Stadium. Fifteen minutes into the game, Nathan Buchanan, head of security at the stadium, removed her from her seat, surrounded her with four Houston Police officers and three additional stadium security personnel, and prohibited her from returning to her seat until she surrendered the “racist” flag. What makes the flag “racist?”

Jun 08 13:34

Liberty Survivors Invoke Benghazi, Demand Hearings

Forty-six years after the attack on the USS Liberty, survivors are again demanding a congressional investigation into the incident, but this time drawing parallels to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Jun 08 13:33

John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!

“After years of research for this book, Judge A. Jay Cristol (an Israel firster of Jewish descent) has reached a similar conclusion to one my father reached in his June 18, 1967, endorsement of the findings of the court of inquiry. I commend Judge Cristol for his thoroughness and fairness, and I commend this work.”

Jun 08 13:32

Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”

The fact that you continue to talk about my dead father in law is incredible. PLEASE! I don’t care about this issue. Do you want me to email garbage about your mother and father. Really James. Use your manners. My father in law was a 4 star Admiral of great distinction and a fine man. I loved him dearly. Please leave my family alone. I realize you hate my husband Your perogitive. But my dead father inlaw is off limits and in very poor taste. James i have asked and begged a thousand different ways. If you want your book…stop.

Jun 08 13:31

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Jun 08 13:29

McCain Confronted on USS Liberty Cover-up & Media Accomplices

Jun 08 10:33

Lapid to Netanyahu: Reveal map of Israel's future borders

Finance Minister Yair Lapid on Sunday blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the crisis in relations with the United States over the comatose peace process. Lapid vowed to bring down Netanyahu's government should there be any attempt to annex West Bank settlements, and called on the premier to instead reveal his "map" of where Israel's future borders with the Palestinians should lie.

Jun 08 09:17


This video shows villagers in Silwad, east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, expelling a group of Israeli soldiers from a home they occupied.

In the video, a group of community members – women and men – knock on the door. A distressed woman answers and says the soldiers had come into the house and confiscated the family’s telephones and keys.

The villagers then search the house and find the heavily armed occupation soldiers in a bedroom.

They confront the soldiers, who try to give orders to the villagers, but instead the villagers order the soldiers out of the house. At one point, when a women pushes a soldier to get him out of the house, the soldier turns around and appears to threaten her with his weapon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what the Palestinians have to live with!

Jun 08 09:14

The New McCarthyism

Once again vast sums of money are being spent on a war, this time a hot one and getting hotter. Once again parties with a vested interest are out to smear and destroy anyone who dares ask if the wars are worth the sacrifice of our young people (not to mention the money), indeed if there really is any point at all to the wars aside from justifying the flow of money to defense contractors.

But the Soviet Union has gone out of business. The word "communist" doesn't carry the same psychological impact it used to, so the war hawk smear squad has come up with a new one, "Anti-Semite." Like "Communist", "Anti-Semite" is used to ruin the lives of people who have not actually done anything wrong other than to challenge the war profiteers. It is a new word for an old trick, and I am amazed that they are still playing the same old game, but I guess the FBI can always find some dumb-assed idiot to fall for it and do their dirty work of wrecking a career for them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reposted in light of Israel now openly trying to wreck the careers of anyone who questions Israel's treatment of the Palestinians!

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WRH Exclusive
Jun 08 09:13


Blacklisted by the `Jewish Community’ over Israel, the Shondes Take their Stand

Jun 08 08:48

47th anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty

On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.

Jun 08 05:59

Gaza fisherman shot by Israel 2 weeks ago succumbs to his wounds

A Palestinian fisherman shot by the Israeli navy two weeks ago succumbed to his wounds Sunday morning, Gaza medical authorities said.

Spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma’an that 52-year-old Imad Shukri Salim was announced dead Sunday morning.

Jun 07 16:05

Palestinian wedding interrupted by Israeli stun grenades, 1 hurt

A Palestinian man was injured late Friday after being hit by an Israeli stun grenade during a wedding in East Jerusalem, a local popular committee spokesman said.

Muhammad Abu al-Hummus told Ma’an that Israeli forces unexpectedly raided the village of al-Issawiya and fired stun grenades while crowds of Palestinians were participating in a traditional wedding march.

One man was hit directly in the forehead with a stun grenade and taken to the hospital, Abu al-Hummus said.

Jun 06 09:29


Despite new x-ray machines, the brutal treatment of Arab citizens at Ben-Gurion Airport continues in keeping with Zionist ideology.

Jun 06 09:29

Unity government may not be perfect, but it is good news for Palestine

Very few Palestinians expect the new unity government in Ramallah, composed of technocrats unaffiliated with any political faction, to liberate Palestine from the shackles of Zionism or defeat Israel and its guardian-ally, the United States. We don’t live in a fantasy and we all know the facts on the ground too well.

But the unity government, whose formation has been made possible thanks to last month’s reconciliation deal between Hamas, the Islamic liberation movement, and Fatah, the mainstream PLO faction, is ostensibly at least a welcome development for all Palestinians and their enduring just cause.

Jun 05 17:09

Yet Another Writer Has Admitted Faking Her Holocaust Memoir

But without the huge sums at stake, it’s unlikely that the case would have come back into the news. For the odd fact is that writing a fake Holocaust memoir has become, by now, a dog-bites-man story. Misha Defonseca is just the latest example of a genre that also includes Herman Rosenblat, author of the Oprah-endorsed Angel at the Fence—whose fraud was first exposed by The New Republic—and Benjamin Wilkomirski, author of Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood.

Each of these books was popular and celebrated, before knowledgeable readers began to raise questions about their incredible details. In the end, each author had to retract his or her creation.

Jun 05 10:41

FLASHBACK 2006 - State Dept. Probes Use of Bombs

The State Department said yesterday that it has begun a preliminary investigation into allegations that Israel violated U.S. rules prohibiting the use of American-made cluster bombs in civilian areas during the recent war in Lebanon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Quite a contrast to the US government praising Kiev's "restraint" as it uses heavy weapons against the Ukrainian people!

Jun 05 09:07


This is the latest example of blatant cultural appropriation of indigenous Palestinian and regional culture to add to a long list that already includes falafel, hummus, olive oil, maftoul (“Israeli couscous”) and other staples that are frequently misrepresented and promoted as Israeli, while erasing or denying their connection to the country’s indigenous people and culture.

Jun 05 07:54

Jews demand more state funding, "Shoah" indoctrination & "hate speech" legislation

It should be perfectly clear to anyone paying attention to current affairs and politics that the organized Jewish community is the most cohesive and effective organized political lobbying force in Western politics today. In the United States, for example, the organized Jewish community and its various political lobbies - AIPAC, the American Jewish Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, etc. - essentially control the United States government, the electoral process, and both major political parties, dictating or heavily influencing and shaping both domestic and foreign policy. A similar situation prevails in Europe and the United Kingdom, perhaps only to a less blatant extent.

Jun 05 07:40

Israel Unfreezes 1,800 New Judea Samaria Homes

Hours after tenders on 1,500 new homes announced, previously frozen plans unblocked in latest response to PLO unity government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right on cue.....

Jun 05 07:08

Israeli WMD Budget Revealed

Haaretz is covering the war of words (or hand-to-hand combat) between the Israeli defense and treasury ministries over its budget. There is a constant battle in which the defense ministry attempts to guilt and intimidate the political class into increasing the budget. They do so with shrill warnings about having to cancel military drills and training and being unready to fight the next war–all because of bean counter politicians who won’t properly fund the nation’s security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, US Congress, it appears that you are collectively suffering from CMD (collective memory disorder).

Do you folks, who allegedly represent We the People, remember a little law you passed, called the Symington Amendment?

This law stipulates that if a country has nuclear weapons, and refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT, and allow their weapons to be inspected, that the US government could offer no financial or military aid to that country.

Well, it is pretty in your face, with the Haaretz article, that:

1. Israel has nuclear weapons.
2. Unlike Iran, Israel refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT
3. Unlike Iran, Israel refuses to allow its nuclear sites to be inspected.

So, ladies and gentlemen of Congress, can you please explain to the American people, with a straight face, as to why you are breaking this law by providing military and financial aid to Israel, when the Symington Amendment says specifically you cannot?!?!?

We are waiting...and none too patiently...for your reply.

Jun 05 06:56

In policy shift, Australia declares East Jerusalem is not occupied

The Australian government will no longer refer to East Jerusalem as an occupied territory, it emerged Wednesday in a statement released by Attorney-General George Brandeis after a Senate Estimates hearing. This constitutes a dramatic shift in Australian policy on Israel since 1967.

Jun 05 06:51

Israeli response to Palestinian unity cabinet: 1,500 new housing units in the settlements

The Housing Ministry announced tenders for 1,500 new housing units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on Wednesday night, a move termed by Minister Uri Ariel as a response to the new Palestinian unity cabinet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this video of Netanyahu as a boy?!? :)

Jun 05 05:30

The U.S. Has Been Speaking To Hamas Through Back Channels For More Than Six Months

United States officials have been holding secret back-channel talks with Hamas over the last six months to discuss their role in the newly formed unity government, according to two senior diplomatic sources with direct knowledge of the talks.

The meetings were held between U.S. intermediaries and Hamas’ leadership, which lives outside the Gaza Strip in third-party countries ranging from Egypt to Qatar and Jordan. Topics included the ceasefire agreement with Israel and the recently formed unity government between Hamas and Fatah.

During the talks, Hamas gave assurances that allowed the U.S. to support the unity government, despite heavy pressure by the Israeli government for them to condemn it, the diplomatic officials — one American and one Palestinian — said. They said those assurances including a commitment to maintaining a ceasefire with Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No bloody wonder that Netanyahu has been having such a hissy fit recently over the new unity government; he not only has he told his government not to negotiate with the new Hamas/Fatah government, but also is preventing them from traveling!!

Jun 04 11:59

Israel Security Cabinet: No Negotiation with Hamas Palestinian Government

The Israel Security Cabinet has unanimously decided to continue acting in accordance with its 24 April 2014 decision and to not negotiate with a Palestinian government with any backing or relationship from Hamas, a terrorist organization which calls for the destruction of Israel.

That Israel will act, including in the international arena, against the participation of terrorist organizations in elections and authorize the Prime Minister to impose additional sanctions on the Palestinian Authority.

Israel will hold the Palestinian Authority responsible for all actions that harm the security of Israel which originate in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

Jun 04 10:44

Israel Deploys 3 Nuclear-Armed Subs Off Iran Coast; Iran Warns Of Forceful Response

The Sunday Times reports that Israel is to deploy three submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf that are meant to act as a deterrent, gather intelligence and potentially to land Mossad agents. Iran is not happy, warning that "anyone who wishes to do an evil act in the Persian Gulf will receive a forceful response from us."

According to the Times report, one submarine had been sent over Israeli fears that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, and in the possession of Syria and Hezbollah, could be used to hit strategic sites within Israel, such as air bases and missile launchers.

Dolphin, Tekuma, and Leviathan, all German-made Dolphin class submarines of the 7th navy Flotilla, have been reported as frequenting the Gulf in the past, however, according to the Sunday Times report, this new deployment is meant to ensure a permanent naval presence near the Iranian coastline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The leadership if Iran is many things, but foolish is not one of them.

Why would they, logically, pull a stunt like attacking Israel in such a manner, when they know for a certainty that such an action would have the US attack Iran in such a way to turn the country into a sea of molten green glass?

The short answer is, THEY WOULDN'T.

But right now, just as the P5+1 talks appear to be making traction ahead of the 20 July deadline for a new understanding with Iran on its nuclear energy program, it appears that the government of Israel is doing everything they can think of to sabotage these talks.

And, oh, BTW, Congress, Mr. President, the Pentagon, and the State Department: there is one little thing to which this revelation should tip you off collectively.

Notice that these subs are characterized s having nuclear cruise missiles.

I would like to politely remind you of the Symington Amendment, which forbids the US from sending any aid, military or financial, to any country which has nuclear weapons, but refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT, and have their nuclear sites inspected.

Israel has nuclear weapons and refuses to become a signatory to the NNPT. All US aid to Israel, now that this revelation has come out, is totally illegal.


The American people are waiting for an answer, and for the US government to abide by its own laws!!!

WEBMASTER ADDITION: With this announcement, the world now knows for a fact that Israel does indeed have nuclear weapons, and has had them all along.

Remember Obama's first press conference as President? Helen Thomas asked him bluntly which nations in the Middle East have nuclear weapons. Obama refused to answer and instead danced away with generalities about proliferation.

Helen Thomas was then kicked out of the WH Press Corps. So, Obama knew that Israel had nuclear weapons, indeed the US may have supplied those nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to Israel!

Jun 04 10:36


Islamophobia replaces nazism ...

Jun 04 10:15

July deadline for Iran nuclear deal appears in jeopardy: envoys

It is increasingly unlikely that six world powers and Iran will meet their July 20 deadline to negotiate a long-term deal for Tehran to curb its nuclear program in return for an end to economic sanctions, diplomats and analysts say.

In theory, an extension to the high-stakes talks should not be a problem if all sides want it. But President Barack Obama would need to secure the consent of Congress at a time of fraught relations between his administration and lawmakers.

The latest round of talks in Vienna last month ran into difficulties when it became clear that the number of centrifuge enrichment machines Iran wanted to maintain was well beyond what would be acceptable to the West. That disagreement, envoys said, can be measured in tens of thousands of centrifuges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

AIPAC will strong-arm the US Congress into not consenting to an extension of these talks, as Israel wants the US to attack Iran to "neutralize it", and create regime change.

However, I would like to politely point out that Russia, already singularly displeased with the US/European engineered putsch in Ukraine, may very well decide to draw its own line in the sand, by coming to Iran's aid militarily.

I would also like to politely point out that the US military does not have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia, if it sides with Iran; and that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous here.

Jun 04 10:02

The 50 Most Influential Jews – Not a single humanist on the list

Yesterday The Jerusalem Post published its “list of the world’s 50 most influential Jews,” those who in one way or another have “worked tirelessly for the improvement of humanity and, in doing so, have made their mark on history.”

The truth is that the list does not exactly fit the Post’s description of it. Not a single humanist is listed; instead we find a catalogue of Jewish war criminals, financiers, gambling tycoons, ethnic cleanser advocates, a Holocaust fraudster, a few Rabbis with minimal importance even within the Jewish world and one Ethiopian entertainer.

I guess that for those who are still desperate to find a Jewish humanist, Masada 2000’s S.H.I.T List is the place to find them.

Jun 04 09:37

Netanyahu Looks to Gitmo to Justify Force-Feeding of Palestinian Hunger Strikers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is aggressively pushing a bill that would green-light the force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike, citing the U.S. military's routine use of this practice against detainees at the Guantánamo Bay (Image: Addameer) offhsore prison.

Netanyahu told the security cabinet on Sunday to move more quickly on discussions of the bill, Haaretz reports.

The Israel National Bioethics Council andIsraeli Medical Association are vocally opposing the law, and the IMA vowed on Thursday to prohibit Israeli physicians from participating in force-feeding, which it likened to torture, according to reportingby Israel's Channel 2 News.

In response, Netanyahu declared that he would find doctors willing to carry out the controversial practice and mentioned the U.S.'s routine practice of force-feeding hunger striking Guantánamo Bay inmates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the prisoners at Gitmo and those Palestinians being held in indefinite detention have in common is, primarily, as follows: they have not been allowed anything remotely resembling due process, to either convict or acquit them.

Netanyahu doesn't want these prisoners to die, because of the potential of creating massive Palestinian unrest through allowing this.

Also, these men probably won't be released, ever, because their bodies, like the bodies of Gitmo inmates, may well bear witness to horrific torture to get them to "confess" to whatever officials wanted them to say in order to justify their detention.

The American officials don't really care if these prisoners die, but feel compelled to be seen as "doing something" to prevent them from dying, so NG tube feeding is what they have chosen.

This is punishment, pure and simple, for their wanting to die because they will not be released, ever, even those who have not been convicted of doing anything wrong.

I would suggest that if Netanyahu is so "gung-ho" on this procedure, that he should have it done to himself...with cameras rolling.

But the process is nasty, and not without consequences; ask any Northern Irish person who was on a hunger strike in jail during "the troubles".

Jun 03 11:02

Israel threatens more sanctions against Palestinians

Israel threatened Monday to impose new sanctions against the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority after a new unity government was sworn in under a deal with Gaza rulers Hamas.

A security cabinet meeting called to discuss the new Palestinian government decided “to authorise the prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) to impose additional sanctions on the Palestinian Authority,” Netanyahu’s office said, without elaborating.

It added that Israel would hold the PA entirely responsible for any attacks on the Jewish state.

Abbas has pledged the new administration will abide by the principles laid down by the Middle East peace Quartet — to recognise Israel, reject violence and abide by all existing agreements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though Netanyahu is having another one of his anti-Palestinian hissy fits.

Look for a false flag, coming soon, which Israel will blame on the PA, as the excuse for more deadly attacks against Palestinians.

Seriously expect, if this happens, that many non-combatants, including women and children, will be gunned down in cold blood.

And remember what the motto of the IDF is regarding pregnant Palestinian women: "One shot, two kills".

Jun 03 08:59


We are seeing right now in Brazil the ways in which the glories of soccer are being used as a cover to displace people from their homes and crush popular resistance. In Gaza and the West Bank, we are seeing the opposite: the ways in which the hypnotic flair of the beautiful game can make an oppressed people ready to face another day.

But let the last word go to my friend Sami, who lives in Gaza. He said to me “It’s like those words of your poet who just died, Maya Angelou, her words that we see written on the walls that surround us: ‘And still we rise.’”

Jun 03 08:58


Tonight at sundown the Festival of Shavuot will begin. This being the last in the yearly cycle of Holy Days on the Hebrew calendar.

Shavuot traditionally commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Hebrew nation at Mt. Sinai.

Included in this were The Ten Commandment, the basic Code of Law to live by ...

Jun 03 07:12

Israel ministers blast US for backing Palestinian govt

Several Israeli ministers on Tuesday lashed out at Washington over its decision to work with the new Palestinian unity government which is backed by the Islamist movement Hamas.

"Unfortunately, American naiveté has broken all records. Any collaboration with Hamas which kills women and children is unacceptable," said Communications Minister Gilad Erdan, a security cabinet member considered close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is ironic when you consider that HAMAS was created by Israel as controlled opposition to Yasser Arafat's PLO!

Jun 03 06:33

Family of man killed by Israeli forces denies he shot at police

The family of a man killed by Israeli soldiers near Nablus late Monday have denied Israeli claims that he opened fire at forces.

Jun 02 11:04

Bennett: Annexation of Area C is the best response to Fatah-Hamas government

Israel should annex Area C of the West Bank in response to Monday’s swearing in ceremony of a unified Fatah-Hamas government made up of “terrorists in suits,” Economic Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett said.

Jun 02 10:22

"Smash and Grab Palestine" Policy Announced by Government

"Palestine smashed against the wall of reality," said Israeli Minister Bennett on June 2, 2014, after a Palestinian unity government was sworn in Ramallah. Unusually violent, the statement reflected an Israeli change of attitude towards Palestine.

Jun 02 09:31

FLASHBACK - AIPAC: Senator McCain "This Regime In Iran Is The World's Leading Sponsor Of Terror!"

Jun 02 09:09


Despite the fact that the two defacto Presidents of Israel and Palestine head off to the Vatican together early next week, the government of Israel is doing everything in its power to sabotage the new Unity Government scheduled to be sworn in by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority today ...

Jun 02 07:25

Israeli authorities deny UK visit for nuclear whistleblower

A decade after his release from prison for leaking information on Israel’s nuclear weapon program, Mordechai Vanunu has been denied permission to attend a human rights conference in London.

Vanunu, who was released in 2004 after spending 18 years in prison for leaking details of Israel’s nuclear program to British media, had planned to visit the UK capital for three days to attend a conference sponsored by Amnesty International and address the British parliament, Haaretz, the Israeli daily reported on Monday.

Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, however, refused to approve the trip. Vanunu petitioned the High Court of Justice to reverse the decision, but judging by previous appeals that does not seem likely.

Since leaving prison in June 2004, the nuclear technician has been forbidden to leave the country or speak with foreigners without permission from the Shin Bet security service.

Jun 02 07:23

Palestinians swear in unity government

Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh welcomes the 'historic step'; Abbas says new government will fight any Israeli punitive measures against the PA.

Jun 02 07:23

Netanyahu says world governments shouldn't recognize Palestinian government

World governments should not rush to approve the new Palestinian government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday after the Palestinians accused Israel of looking to punish them over a unity deal.

"I call on all responsible elements within the international community not to hurry to recognise the Palestinian government that Hamas is part of, and which relies on Hamas," Netanyahu told ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting, saying it would "strengthen terror".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do so wish Israel would shut the @#$% up. We are sick of the constant whining!

Jun 02 06:41

Renowned Israeli Economist Predicts Economic Catastrophe for Israel

As with everything concerning this subject, there is a propaganda “line” that Israel-advocates sell the world. First, there was the pioneer nation that made the desert bloom, turning it into a modern society. Lately, it’s become the “start-up nation.” This myth sells an Israel full of technical geniuses coding their hearts out to bring innovation to the world. It suggests an Israel in tune with the democratic and entrepreneurial spirit of the rest of the world. Even a nation on the cutting edge of technological discovery. After all, if Warren Buffett invested $4-billion in one of Israel’s most profitable companies, doesn’t that prove the case?

Jun 01 09:36


At the same time, the entire approach to Israel must be changed. As long as it does not pay the price of the occupation and its citizens go unpunished, they will have no reason to end it, or even to deal with it. The occupation is deep inside the Israeli closet. There is no one to out it, the overwhelming majority want it to remain inside. For this reason, only punitive measures will remind us of its existence. Yes, I mean boycotts and sanctions, which are greatly preferable to bloodshed.

This is the truth, even if it’s bitter. America and Europe have kowtowed to Israel enough. Unfortunately, to no effect. From now on, the world must speak a different language and perhaps it will be understood. After all, Israel has proved, more than once, that the language of power and punishment is its main language.

Jun 01 09:35


This Tuesday evening will usher in the Festival of Shavuot, the last in the yearly cycle of Holy Days on the Hebrew calendar.

Shavuot traditionally commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Hebrew nation at Mt. Sinai.

Included in this were The Ten Commandment, the basic Code of Law to live by ...

Jun 01 09:32

FLASHBACK - The U.S Will LOSE WWIII (Michael Rivero)

Jun 01 09:18

US Congressmen vow to work to keep Jerusalem undivided

Congressmen from the bipartisan Congressional Israel Allies Caucus vowed this week to work to keep Jerusalem united as Israel's undivided capital.

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) pledged "with no waivers and no caveats" to do everything in his power to ensure Jerusalem remains undivided.

"The United States was the first nation to recognize Israel’s sovereignty a mere 11 minutes after the new state was formed in 1948," Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) said on Thursday.

"Just as the United States has assisted the Jewish people in restoring their ancient state, we should lead the way in recognizing Jerusalem for what it is: the undivided eternal capital of Israel," he continued.

Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY) stressed that support for Israel is one of the few issues both Democrats and Republicans can agree on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to these members of Congress, allegedly representing your constituents: you have been collectively impotent at improving the lot of the American people; the economy here is in the toilet; the infrastructure is completely broken; Veterans die awaiting care at the VA, and are sleeping in our streets; and these illegal and immoral wars have broken this country, fiscally and morally.

So what do you do, under these circumstances, where you have been an epic fail?!?

Go to Israel, and pledge your undying support for a completely unified and Israeli Jerusalem.

So how would you suggest the Israeli government approach the Palestinians living there?

Create their own "final solution" to Israel's "Palestinian Problem"?!?

Because if the Israeli government thought they could get away with something like this, in the court of world opinion, they would do it in a heartbeat.

Jun 01 09:09

9/11 & Israeli Apartheid, The Kiss of death for World Zionism

South African Apartheid was exposed and dispensed with after many years of struggle and major divestitures of corporate and institutional investments from anything related to South Africa.

The world literally turned against the Government of South Africa and its Apartheid, eventually causing its collapse.

The same thing is now happening to Israel over the Apartheid for the Palestinians it now holds captive in the world’s largest open air prison camp.