Sep 22 06:46

Blame America? No, Blame Neocons!

It has become common to discount any criticism of US foreign policy as “blaming America first.” It is a convenient way of avoiding a real discussion. If aggressive US policy in the Middle East – for example in Iraq – results in the creation of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda in Iraq, is pointing out the unintended consequences of bad policy blaming America? Is it “blaming America” to point out that blowback – like we saw on 9/11 – can be the result of unwise US foreign policy actions like stationing US troops in Saudi Arabia?

Sep 21 18:55

BEX Alert!!! - "Israel Is a Stone's Throw Away From Becoming the Roman Empire"

On Jewish holidays, we're used-to identifying as the resourceful downtrodden that manage to bring an empire to its knees. This year, as our gazillion-dollar army takes on masked Palestinian teens, we find our role reversed.

The High Holy Days are upon us, and among the many benefits of this special time of year – the food, the family, the pleasant breeze, the spiritual introspection – there's that unmistakable feeling of being persecuted. Not personally, but persecuted as an idea – we wish death to our enemies on Rosh Hashanah, fast for our souls on Yom Kippur, and...

(Note: The rest of the article is blocked by Haaretz's "Pay Wall" . . . but you get the general idea from this)

Sep 21 18:26

Putin’s Master Stroke In Syria

THERE ARE MANY WAYS to die in Syria, but fighting Putin is not one of them.

In spite of the Jews crying for a “no fly zone,” Putin vows he won’t allow it. And besides, US jets don’t want to be targets of Russian anti-aircraft missiles supplied to Syria.

For when Russia’s embassy in Damascus was recently bombed by ‘rebels,’ Putin demanded that “concrete action” be taken by the “foreign sponsors” who he blamed for the attack.

Those are fighting words and Jewmerica got the message.

Sep 21 18:15

Brazil president rejects settler leader as Israel envoy

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has reportedly rejected the appointment of a hardliner as Israel's envoy to her country, saying it could be understood as support for the illegal Israeli settlements.

According to an article published on Israeli website Ynetnews, Rousseff has sent a message to the Tel Aviv regime, expressing her discomfort with the appointment of Dani Dayan, an extremist in charge of running the affairs of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Sep 21 18:04

Alarming: Some Jews and Zionists Are Using Exaggerated Hysteria to Destroy Free Speech

There is something very disturbing going on with the University of California school systems that is more serious than over-inflated allegations of anti-Semitism and hate crimes on college campuses in California, and that is special interest bully pulpit attempt by some Jews to get regulations passed that outlaw any kind of speech that that basically rejects the Zionist project in Israel as a Jewish State. This is a very serious attack on free speech in one of America’s college systems. Trying to broaden the definition of anti-Semitism as “denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination and denying Israel the right to exist” is clearly political blackmail. For several years now various Jewish right-wing organizations and individuals have been waging a political battle against criticism of Israel and Zionism and now it is focusing more and more on American campuses.

Sep 21 16:02

Netanyahu: Israel, Russia to Coordinate Military Action in Syria to Prevent Confrontation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the two sides agreed to establish a coordination mechanism to prevent misunderstandings and unintended confrontations between the Israeli military and Russian forces deployed in Syria.

"This is very important for Israel's security, and this is the first, clear outcome of this conversation," Netanyahu told reporters at the conclusion of his visit to Russia. "It's enough to imagine the alternative – a dangerous confrontation with Russia, and dealing with these misunderstandings after the fact – to understand the importance of this visit."

Sep 21 15:52

Israeli forces attack Palestinians in WB

Israeli forces have once again attacked Palestinians demonstrators protesting against Tel Aviv’s recent restrictions on access to their revered religious sites.

Sep 21 13:05

Israel gives Jewish names to Arab streets in Jerusalem

Israel yesterday approved giving Jewish names from the Torah to Palestinian streets in an attempt to give a Jewish appearance to the holy city, Arabs48 reported.

The municipality changed the name of Jabal Al-Zaytoun, the highest mountain in Jerusalem which overlooks Al-Aqsa Mosque, giving it a name from the Torah Har Ha-mishchah.

In addition, the municipality gave a biblical name to the main street in Silwan; Shir Hamalot. An inditcation of the changes to come at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Arabs48 said that the Israeli municipality did not announce the names of the area that the street refers to, but it is clear that it is in the Al-Bustan neighbourhood, the closeset neighbourhood to Al-Aqsa.

This measure contradicts international law, which objects to changing the names of occupied places. Subsequently, the Palestinian Authority filed a complaint at UNESCO and the ICC as the occupation has so far changed names of 300 streets and alleyways in Jerusalem.

Sep 21 12:34

Jewish people beware!!! Ann Coulter is coming for you!!!

Neo- conservatives aren't allowed to be objective when it comes to, the 'holy than thou,' Israel. We must guide her, and defend her, sleep with her- call her back the next morning for breakfast and send her $3.5 billion in foreign aid alimony, right?

What Annie Dearest so eloquently tweeted, wasn't Anti- Semitic, it was correct. She correctly pointed out (Don't get used to it) what most of us, sitting in our living rooms, watching these rigged debates, have probably thought or said. Republicans pander to the Jewish lobby and it's getting old.

Truth hurts, and it hurt so much, that actor, Seth Rogen, took five minutes away from a righteous bong hit, to call Coulter, "a complete fucking idiot."

Some called her racist, some said she was "borderline Anti-Semitic," a "jackass," and Karol Markowicz even suggested in a nice play on words, that Coulter has made it "kosher to hate Jews."

Sep 21 11:40

Netanyahu Cannot Mask His Utter Depravity Forever

In a desperate move that masks a profoundly deep guilt for his inhumane actions, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims, “The UN report, published in June as regards Israel’s Gaza offensive in 2014 is biased. The commission that wrote it is under a committee that does everything but protect human rights.”

If that is the case, then how come human rights organizations are calling for urgent international action to protect civilians in the besieged city of Gaza, which is now under a new wave of aerial attacks? How come international rights group, Defense for Children, says Israeli forces and settlers have killed nearly 2,000 Palestinian children over the past 15 years?

Sep 21 11:33

Christian Schools On Strike in Israel Over 'Discrimination'

Christian schools have gone on strike in the Holy Land.

Since Sept. 1, some 33,000 students and teachers at independent Roman Catholic-run schools in Israel have downed pencils and schoolbooks to protest what they say are drastic elementary school budget cuts by Israel's government. Some of the schools date back hundreds of years, predating the founding of the state of Israel by centuries.

Mom Rula Azar is participating in the strike with her kids — Joyce, 6, and Jirius, 9 — because she believes families should have a choice when it comes to schooling.

Sep 21 10:22

Behind the Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration may be the most extraordinary document produced by any Government in world history. It took the form of a letter from the Government of His Britannic Majesty King George the Fifth, the Government of the largest empire the world has even known, on which -- once upon a time -- the sun never set; a letter to an international financier of the banking house of Rothschild who had been made a peer of the realm.
Arthur Koestler wrote that in the letter "one nation solemnly promised to a second nation the country of a third." More than that, the country was still part of the Empire of a fourth, namely Turkey.
Note: This agreement was the main reason sited for the foundation of Israel. It is no longer mentioned because it says the Palestinians have a right to be there.

Sep 21 09:31


The phrase the “Samson Option” is used to describe Israel’s strategy of massive nuclear retaliation against “enemy” nations should its existence as a Jewish state be jeopardized through military attack. Israeli leaders created the term in the mid-1960s, inspired by the Biblical figure Samson, who destroyed a Philistine temple, killing himself and thousands of Philistine enemies.[1][2]

Sep 21 09:11

Carl Cameron's BANNED 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911 RESCUED!

Pakalert Press managed to get this up to Youtube. It was RAPIDLY deleted. However, Keepvid kept the 3gp re-encodes up on the server for a period of time after it was deleted from Youtube. I don't have enough bandwidth to serve the video because it is huge, but I can serve an MP3 copy of the soundtrack, which SAYS IT ALL anyway, CLICK HERE to download from server 1 (preferred) because that server has more bandwidth available, and if it does not come in from that server, Click here to download from Iceland. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN, IT TOTALLY BLOWS ISRAEL OUT OF THE WATER and after seeing this I can't believe Fox News ever got this published.

Sep 21 09:07

Israeli Al-Aqsa breaches draw international outcry

Recent incursions by Israeli security forces into occupied East Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound have led to an international outcry, with several Arab capitals harshly condemning the provocations.

Sep 21 09:01

Israel's Al-Aqsa assault protested in Istanbul

Young activists protested Israel's latest assault on Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Friday before Israel's Consulate in Istanbul.

According to the demonstrators, they gathered to condemn Zionist Israel's use of harsh force against Muslim worshipers and to express their support to those who resist these illegal violent acts.

Sep 21 08:55

German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis

The Social Democratic mayor of Jena, Albrecht Schröter, on Friday accused Israel of partial responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis and called on Germany’s foreign minister to “show less restraint” toward the Jewish state.

“The Social Democratic Party must reject Schröter’s absurd statement!” Green Party deputy Volker Beck said.

“Drawing a connection between Israel and the refugees and the civil war in Syria and Iraq is absurd. That only gives meaning to people who believe that Israel is to blame for all the world’s evil,” Beck, who is head of the German-Israel parliamentary group in the Bundestag, said.The Social Democratic mayor of Jena, Albrecht Schröter, on Friday accused Israel of partial responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis and called on Germany’s foreign minister to “show less restraint” toward the Jewish state.

“The Social Democratic Party must reject Schröter’s absurd statement!” Green Party deputy Volker Beck said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite! You're an anti-Semite!"

Don't you just get sick of that after a while?

Sep 21 08:52

Israel seeks regional exclusivity on F-35 aircraft

In advance of the scheduled meeting between US Presdient Barack Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 9, the planning division of the IDF's general staff has prepared a huge shopping basket, in the expectation of the resumption of talks on a new aid package for Israel. Among other things, Israel will ask for regional exclusivity on F-35 stealth aircraft, that will start to be delivered to the Israel Air Force in the next few years, in order to maintain Israel's qualitative military edge (QME). Israel's Ministry of Defense even seeks to expand the annual aid package from the US from its present level of $3.1 billion to $5 billion, a rise of 61%, according to "Defense News".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is not going to use the F-35 for a "qualitative military edge." They know the F-35 in its current configuration is borderline useless. But Israel, once they have the plane,m can reverse-engineer the technology and sell it to other nations, as they have been caught doing before.

Sep 21 08:49

Ann Coulter openly confronts Jewish supremacy in the West

Conservative pundit, author, and professional anti-illegal immigration activist Ann Coulter (follow her on Twitter) has done the unthinkable: she openly questioned why the vast majority of the GOP candidates for president shill so hard for Israel. Most of the GOP candidates openly put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of their own country. How is this acceptable?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is NOT acceptable, and We The People need to vote out all the "Friends of Israel" next election and put in "Friends of AMERICA!"

Sep 21 08:27

Jeremy Corbyn's Speech on Palestine

Jeremy Corbyn: I have never heard Israel declare what its final frontiers ought to be. In every negotiation, it refuses to say what its borders ought to be.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This speech was one of the reason's Britain's Jewish Lobby were dedicated to preventing Corbyn from winning the leadership of Labour. That they failed to do so indicates that the power of the Jewish lobby is on the wane and will no longer be able to protect Israel from the long-delayed anger at Israel's crimes.

Sep 21 08:20

91-year-old German woman charged on allegations she served with SS at Auschwitz death camp

German prosecutors say they've charged a 91-year-old woman with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder on allegations she was a member of the Nazi SS who served in the Auschwitz death camp complex.

Schleswig-Holstein prosecutors' spokesman Heinz Doellel said Monday the woman, whose name wasn't disclosed due to German privacy laws, is alleged to have served as a radio operator for the camp commandant from April to July 1944.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The attempts to keep wagging the Holocaust at us all to justify Israel's actions is getting pathetic. The radio operator? Not too long ago it was the guy who fed the dogs. Are they going to charge the guy who cleaned the toilets next?

Sep 21 08:06

The IAEA Debate - Call for Fairness (20.9.2015)

IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano is in Tehran, talking to officials about the nuclear agreement, the JCPOA signed in the summer and its implementation. Iran’s president is telling the IAEA to be fair in its assessment about the Islamic Republic and its nuclear program.

Can the IAEA be fair and can Iran trust this organization when it is this same entity that allegedly gave secret information about Iran’s nuclear program to Israelis? And many believe that this led to the assassinations of several of Iran’s top scientists. So how can the IAEA be trusted one more time?

Webmaster addition: Keep in mind that the IAEA just voted DOWN a proposal to inspect Israel's nuclear weapons!

Sep 21 07:07

Video of Trump Endorsing Netanyahu: "My name is Donald Trump and I'm a BIG FAN of Israel"

In this 2013 video with Hebrew subtitles, Trump says he adores Israel and he endorses Netanyahu. Trump was also the Grand Marshall of the NY Israel Day Parade in 2004; Took part in the Israeli 60th Birthday Party in 2008 in NY Times Square. Trump recently said "I've been loyal to Israel from the day I was born" and admitted in the past to saying "The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." Here is a comprehensive collection of videos, photos, and quotes.

Sep 20 23:11

Zionist-Manufactured Arabian Displacement

Despite the hundreds of thousands of terrorist mercenaries and their use of the latest American made weapons, and chemical weapons, the Syrian Assad regime stood steadfast due to the army’s and people’s support to the regime, and also due to outside support from Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia

Sep 20 22:20

The Implosion of US Military Morale

WE are being set up for a major defeat and destruction!

By Jack D. Douglas

September 21, 2015

Col.David “Hack” Hackworth said decades ago that the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon got control of the Army and other U.S. forces during the long Vietnam catastrophe, destroyed morale, lost the war, and kept moving up to the top to be the staff generals and admirals in the Pentagon. The scuttlebutt was always that they managed their way up by being ass-kissers.

I wonder what Hack would say about all the news these days about the Perfumed Princes at the top of the US military?

Sep 20 14:20

A Zionist’s flawed argument against Jeremy Corbyn

Gilad Atzmon deconstructs a tirade by David Hirsh, a campaigner against academic boycotts of Israel, published in The Jewish Chronicle, a British Zionist rag, and advises the Zionist campaigner to do a bit more self-reflection.

Sep 20 14:18

The UK Labour Party revolution

Jamal Kanj says Jeremy Corbyn has a unique chance to do what other progressive leaders failed to achieve by reaching out to marginalised British voters and working with the Scottish National Party.

Sep 20 10:26

Hamas captures Israeli drone in northern Gaza Strip

The Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas says it has captured a drone belonging to the Israeli regime in the north of the besieged Gaza Strip, the second such incident in about two months.

Sep 20 09:52

What Does Netanyahu's Blitz Visit to Moscow Aim to Accomplish?

Western, Israeli and Russian media have been abuzz over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming working visit in Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. But what is it that the prime minister hopes to achieve?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A new host to paracitize, now that Israel has sucked the US dry?

Sep 20 09:44

BEX Alert!!! - "Hagee: Iran Deal Puts America In The 'Direct Line Of Fire To Receive The Judgment Of God' "

Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, John Hagee warns that the nuclear deal with Iran is setting America up to receive God's judgment.

(Note: Always remember that the Executive Director of "Christians United For Israel" is Jewish Supremacist David Brog who just happens to be first cousins with Israeli Ehud Barak)

Sep 20 09:35

Did Palestinian Authority help undermine Israel boycott in Iceland?

The mayor of Reykjavík is backing away from a measure adopted by the Icelandic capital’s council last week boycotting all Israeli goods until Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian lands.

Dagur B. Eggertsson now says he wants to limit the boycott only to products from Israeli settlements built in the occupied West Bank in violation of international law.

The mayor’s quick cave-in came after a storm of protest and implied threats from anti-Palestinian groups, as well as harsh criticism from the Israeli government.

But it also appears to be a result of pressure from the national leadership of his Social Democratic Alliance party whose leader told The Electronic Intifada it has consulted the Palestinian Authority about the matter.

Sep 20 09:30

Bill Maher Justifies 14-Year-Old Being Arrested For Bringing Clock To School

In a very distasteful and biased rant Bill Maher linked the kids story in his school in his own way to ISIS and terrorism,
He started by saying nice words that the kid deserves an apology, but them he went full thrust on bringing ISIS to the story and terrorism in general..which has nothing to do with this kids story whatsoever..

Cuban was prepared and did his homework before he came to the show and did check what really happened.

Bill Maher took over from there and wouldn't allow guest reporter Jorge Ramos of Univision to express his own opinion on the story..Bill Maher showed his clear prejudice and racism.

Sep 20 08:51

IAEA rejects proposal on oversight of Israeli nuclear facilities

“I explained that there was no place to hold a discussion of this kind as long as the main problem in the Middle East is Iran’s efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons and its clear declarations regarding its intention to destroy the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

Netanyahu thanked the countries that supported Israel, “especially the US, Australia and Canada.” He also thanked the EU for voting as a single bloc against the resolution. . .

. . . Ze’ev Snir, the director-general of Israel’s Atomic Energy Committee, addressed the IAEA’s annual meeting in Geneva on Wednesday and said the move was an attempt to single out Israel, and that if it passed it would “hurt the credibility of the IAEA by politicizing the organization and reducing its valuable resources.”

Sep 20 08:34

Jewish Publication Could Drop Ann Coulter After 'F---ing Jews' Scandal

After her Twitter tirade criticizing alleged Republican pandering to U.S. Jews, Coulter's column at the conservative Jewish World Review is under threat.

A conservative Jewish publication may drop conservative political pundit Ann Coulter’s column in the wake of her tweet slamming GOP candidates for pandering to “f—ing Jews.”

The founder of the online “Jewish World Review,” Binyamin Jolkovsky, told the Daily Beast that he has personally reached out to Coulter but that she had not responded as of Friday.

Sep 20 08:30

Shame on Shin Bet: Almost 6 Weeks Pass and Baby Killers Still Walking Free

The more time passes, the greater the suspicion grows that Shin Bet isn't doing enough to capture murderers of the three members of the Dawabsheh family.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kind of how the Israeli-trained US police doesn't seem to care when they kill innocent Americans!

Sep 20 04:06

BEX ALERT - Jewish Woman Victimized By 'Anti-Semitic' Slurs Such as "Zionist Jews Were Responsible For 9/11!" Prove That New Anti-Semitism Protections Are Needed At UC Campuses (Video)

The University of California Board of Regents held their much-anticipated meeting at UC Irvine on Thursday, purportedly to decide whether or not to adopt the U.S. State Department's official definition of Anti-Semitism for the UC system. They held a lively public comment period with over fifty speakers waiting in line, who were given exactly one minute each to speak.
Many people are unaware that the UC Board of Regents President is none other than "Big Sis," former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano! Free speech advocates and critics of Israel spoke strongly in opposition to adoption of such a policy, while Jewish and pro-Israel folks insisted that it was necessary to stop the hate, bigotry, and Anti-Semitism. In the end the board decided there was "more work to be done" in drafting the document, but the video testimonies here are priceless.

Sep 20 03:36

"My name is Donald Trump and I'm a BIG FAN of Israel" (Video)

Trump is an undeniable Zionist who adores Israel and Netanyahu. He was the Grand Marshall of the NY Israel Day Parade in 2004; Took part in the Israeli 60th Birthday Party in 2008, and personally endorsed Bibi on video in 2013. Trump recently said "I've been loyal to Israel from the day I was born" and admitted in the past to saying "The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day." Here is a comprehensive collection of videos, photos, and quotes.

Sep 19 20:01

Ron Paul: 'Evangelical Zionism' The Root Cause of 'Pro-War Christians'

Bennett: "Why do you think religious folks seem so pro-war, especially since Iraq and Afghanistan? ...Do you understand that at all?"

Paul: "I think Evangelical Zionism has something to do with it... they made a decision, they base it on a devout religious belief and conviction and they've been taught this in their churches and the preachers have taught them this and they feel they're as right about their policy as I feel about my interpretation of what Christ taught us. He was supposed to be the Prince of Peace, not - not advocating pre-emptive war!"

Sep 19 16:25

Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas: Calling Attention to Jewish Influence

If you really think that immigration is the big issue — and it is, you are understandably upset when so many Republican candidates want to make the big issues Israel, abortion, and their worship of Ronald Reagan — even including Israel in visions of what America will be like if elected. Reagan and abortion may indeed tap into the GOP base but, let’s face it, obsessing about Israel is first and foremost an attempt to appease Sheldon Adelson and the rest of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Trump is succeeding precisely because he is not seen as needing to pander to anyone.

Sep 19 10:35

BEX Alert!!! - "Experts Say the Final Blood Moon Will Mark Major 'Turning Point in History'"

Blood Moon experts are predicting major “turning points in history” when on September 28th, the fourth and final blood moon in the current tetrad series will take place during the commencement of the Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) holiday.

This will be the fourth time in two years that a blood moon will occur on the Jewish holiday of either Tabernacles or Passover. The significance of the event has many Jews and Christians looking to the skies and gearing up for a major event that will affect the course of both Jewish and world history.

In the past millennia, only four documented tetrads have occurred on or around the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot, and each one was followed by a major event that shifted Jewish and global history. Those tetrads occurred in the years 1428-1429, 1493-1494, 1949-1950, 1967-1968, and now, in 2014-2015.

Sep 19 10:29

California city commissioner fired for proposing Israel divestment

An official in Berkeley has been terminated for proposing a resolution calling for divestment from international and Israeli companies that profit from the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Cheryl Davila, a member of the famously liberal Northern California city’s Human Welfare and Community Action Commission, was informed Wednesday that she had been fired moments before the body was set to debate and vote on the resolution.

After a heated discussion in a room packed with around 100 community members, most supporting the measure, the resolution failed to advance to the city council.

Sep 19 10:02

Police gird for Temple Mount violence Friday as unrest persistsPolice gird for Temple Mount violence Friday as unrest persists

Men under 40 will be barred from compound; PM tells UN’s Ban Palestinian rioters aim to break status quo; rocks, firebombs thrown and bus set on fire Thursday night

Sep 19 09:44

Quotations In Support Of White Genocide

There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

– Wesley Clark,
Retired General who commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War. (Jewish)

The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would be more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.

– Miriam Faine, editor of Australian Jewish Democrat.

Sep 19 09:32

Israeli Art Students Inside WTC ~ The B-Thing

As hard as this might be to believe a group of foreign
art students NOT U.S. Citizens managed to get temporary construction ID for the entire WTC complex.

While there,they removed a window and extended a wooden balcony while their "sponsor" was in the Millenium Hotel taking photos, he also hired a helicopter to document the event.

And only a retired flight attendant sees something fishy?

Sep 19 09:09

‘Great victory’? Israeli nuclear program resolution voted down by IAEA

A resolution calling for the inspection of Israeli nuclear sites has been defeated at the IAEA General Conference, with Tel Aviv, which led an intensive campaign against the Arab states’ proposal, hailing the result of the vote as a “great victory” in the international arena.

Sep 19 08:56

Clock Kid: What They’re Not Telling You

Well the 2 Breitbart articles went over like lead balloons so now they call on their asset Infowars to try one more time to smear this kid!Shame on you AJ!

Evidence suggests the recent incident involving a Muslim kid who took a “suitcase clock” mistaken for a bomb to class was a staged event to promote a pro-Islam agenda.

Sep 19 08:29

Jerusalem (AFP) - Two rockets were fired into southern Israel by Palestinian militants in Gaza on Friday, causing no casualties but triggering a series of Israeli air raids.

Jerusalem (AFP) - Two rockets were fired into southern Israel by Palestinian militants in Gaza on Friday, causing no casualties but triggering a series of Israeli air raids.
Note: The usual nobody hurt and Israel bombs Gaza. Wonder why the world hates Israel!

Sep 19 08:25

How Ann Coulter Made It Kosher To Hate Jews

Ann’s retraction didn’t last long, as the day after the debate Coulter tweeted sarcastically, “Boy were they wrong @ Jewish influence! I complained about pandering on Israel (Reagan & abortion) & haven’t heard a thing about it!” Shortly after that she returned to her position that she personally was pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, but Hispanics are not, and it’s immigration that’s the problem for Israel: “Immigration is the only policy that threatens US support 4 Israel, but GOPs don’t want to talk about that.”
Note: It is the Jews that have made the world hate them, their actions!

Sep 19 08:20

Jeremy Corbyn Riles Jews With Staunch Criticism of Israel

Jonathan Sacerdoti, a Jewish political commentator and journalist, said Corbyn’s election “and failure to convincingly and definitively distance himself from his endorsements of anti-Semitic entities is sure to embolden the anti-Israel camp, and its anti-Semites.” Ambrosine Shitrit, co-founder of Yad B’yad, a right-leaning British anti-Semitism watchdog, called Corbyn’s election “one of the most tragic things to have happened to Labor.”
Note: The world is fed up with Israel, Zionist, holocau$t, and Jews!
They are less than 1% of the worlds population. We don't care about Jews or Israel anymore. Not at all!

Sep 18 16:25

BEX Alert!!! - "In America, it’s now the ‘f---ing Jews’"

But, you may notice, when Ann Coulter referred to Jews as ‘f—king Jews’, few, if any, in the media rushed to accuse her of anything.

American Jews, beware. Muslims are protected. They’re off limits. But you’ve just been re-classified. You’re no longer ‘Jews’. You’re now, ‘f—king Jews’.

If you’ve ever been assaulted on the street by a Jew-hating thug, you understand clearly what those two words really, really mean.

Are you listening?

Here’s some advice: pick up, pack up and come home. Israel wants you. Increasingly now, America doesn’t.

Sep 18 15:22

DOUBLE BEX ALERT: The Real Story of #IStandWithAhmed

If at first you don't succeed lie,lie again IMHO! Pam Geller's piece went over like a lead balloon,so Mr.Shapiro will give it a try!Yup! I agree.A stinky story.

The hubbub surrounding Irving, Texas 14-year-old MacArthur High School student Ahmed Mohammed – the kid who brought a homemade clock-in-a-case that looked like a fake bomb to school – continues apace, with the President of the United States inviting him to the White House, and 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tweeting out encouragement.

There’s only one problem: the whole story smells. It stinks of leftist exploitation.

Sep 18 14:43

"No more Icelandic products"

The owner of Nordic Store, which sells thousands of Icelandic products online to Europe and the US, has received dozens of emails from angry customers cancelling their orders due to the boycott of Israeli products by the City of Reykjavik.

The owner, Bjarni Jónsson believes he has already seen a decline in orders although the announcement was only made on Wednesday. Most of the orders made were from the USA where support of the Israeli government is strong.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Buy something from Iceland!

Sep 18 13:54

Tensions flare, protests intensify over Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Israeli forces increased their presence at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Friday, with local media reporting hundreds of extra Israeli troops deployed in the surrounding area.

The increase in forces came amid rumours that youth were planning protest actions at the compound in opposition to recent heavy restrictions on Palestinians from entering the site, as well as right-wing Israelis being granted access to repeatedly tour the compound.

Sep 18 13:40

UN envoy warns a new war in Gaza will be devastating and cruel

The United Nations Middle East peace envoy Nikolay Mladenov warned that any new war between Israel and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip will be devastating and cruel and will force donor countries which contribute to the reconstruction process to reconsider their financial support for the enclave’s residents.

At a press conference in Gaza City yesterday, Mladenov stressing that the United Nations will do everything possible to prevent the deterioration of the security situation, calling for “a series of measures like preventing missile attacks to preserve the state of calm”.

Sep 18 13:21

Bullets vs Rocks: Israel to use sniper fire against Palestinian stone-throwers

Live sniper fire can now be used against stone throwers in Jerusalem. This came after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu declared a ‘war’ on rock-throwing.

Sep 18 12:49

UK parliament under fire for declining Netanyahu arrest petition

The British Parliament has come under increasing fire over its decision to skip a debate on a petition calling for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sep 18 12:10

Flashback Video: Ann Coulter Cheers Torture, Empire, Pre-Emptive War, Gitmo, Waterboarding, Regime Change, Plunder of Nations, Patriot Act

Ann Coulter has gotten a lot of praise for calling out American politicians subservience and groveling to Israel and the Jewish lobby. However, before she becomes some sort of folk hero, it should be noted that this is a woman who has, and still does, support all the evil, wicked unethical policies of the current and former regimes. Until she renounces what she has previously praised- namely torture, waterboarding, regime change, the Patriot Act, empire, Gitmo, and Zionism itself- she should not be so heartily applauded. Watch this amazing, disgusting clip as a reminder of just what Ann Coulter advocates.

Sep 18 12:04

BEX Alert!!! - "ADL Report Exposes Tactics of Anti-Government 'Oath Keepers'"

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today released a new report on The Oath Keepers, a growing anti-government extremist group whose avowed purpose is to enlist current and former military, police, and first responder personnel into its ranks in order to oppose a supposedly “tyrannical” government.

The report, “The Oath Keepers: Anti-Government Extremists Recruiting Military and Police,” describes the tactics and activities of this extremist group, whose armed members have inserted themselves into a variety of high-profile and confrontational situations across the country in 2014-2015, including the recent protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Sep 18 12:02

They Want to Talk About Israel. OK, Let’s Talk About Israel.

In The Best and the Brightest, David Halberstam quotes US president Lyndon Baines Johnson on his desired qualities in an assistant: “I want loyalty! I want him to kiss my a– in Macy’s window at high noon and tell me it smells like roses.”

Sep 18 11:54

Gaza Rocket Strikes Open Area in Southern Israeli City of Sderot

A rocket fired from Gaza exploded in an open area in the southern Israeli city of Sderot Friday night. A nearby bus was damaged by shrapnel, but none were wounded. A rocket alert sounded prior to the blast. The explosion follows a day of clashes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem that left 21 Palestinians and 3 Israeli policemen wounded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel has been trying to provoke the Palestinians with the attacks at Al Aqsa Mosque but so far the Palestinians have not taken the bait. So Israel repeats the time-worm trick of having an agent provocateur fire a rocket into an empty lot to justify military strikes, which will be starting in five, four, three, two ...

Sep 18 10:16

'New drone technology can target any American airbase that threatens Iran'

Check out this comment on this article.This guy is threatening a sitting US President. A drone false flag in the offing! Better not Israel!
zionist forever • 2 hours ago

Dear Lt Commander Salmi

I read your speech with great enthusiasm and wanted to explain to you that the Marine 1 presidential helicopter takes off and lands on the White House lawn so the White House could be considered to be an airbase.
As you have these wonderful new drones that can hit any US airbase I was thinking prehaps you would like to send one of them to the White House base and fire a few missiles at the Oval Office.

Whoever is president after that will have no choice but to declare war on that worthless entity you call Iran and bomb it and your nuclear program back to the stone age.

Please feel free to contact me anytime you wish and we can maybe discuss the idea further

Sep 18 10:11

Jews fear Ann Coulter is mainstreaming [Israel's subversion of the US Government]

There is nothing the organized Jewish community hates more than truthful, accurate statements made about them, their power and influence, and the Jewish state of Israel, particularly when such statements are made by high profile public figures who have the potential to persuade and convince the masses. This of course explains why the mass media, educational system, and political discourse in this country is so controlled and indeed policed by the enforcers of political correctness and Jew thought control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I changed the headline to be more accurate.

Sep 18 09:29

Israel approves use of police sniper fire against Palestinian rock-throwers - reports

Israel has approved the use of a low-powered Ruger sniper rifle by police against “certain” rock-throwers in Jerusalem, local press report. Previously use of the weapon to curb violence in the West Bank was limited to the IDF.

Sep 18 09:20

BEX ALERT - 93-year-old former Auschwitz guard could face trial in Germany if found healthy enough

A court in western Germany says it's waiting on a doctor's assessment of a 93-year-old former Auschwitz guard to determine if he can stand trial on 170,000 counts of accessory to murder.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel still desperately wagging the Holocaust at us while they provoke a new crisis at Al Aqsa!

Sep 18 08:46

Has Canada’s love affair with Israel reached its climax?

Supporters of Israel have had it good in Canada.

The outgoing government is wildly supportive and the opposition New Democratic Party has purged a number of candidates for publicly expressing pro-Palestinian sympathies.

But national elections on 19 October may turn out to be the zenith of Israeli influence.

The pro-Israel stance of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is legend. At the United Nations General Assembly recently, Canadian diplomats voted against the vast majority of the world in opposing a bid to fly the Palestinian flag at the UN headquarters.

Further adding to Harper’s Zionist credibility, Canada and Israel recently expanded their free trade agreement, which allows goods from Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank to enter Canada duty free.

Aside from Israel, Canada may be the only country that isn’t officially supporting the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, as well as Germany).

Sep 18 08:45

Israeli leaders delight in Europe’s cruelty toward refugees

As most of the world looks on in horror at Europe’s atrocious response to refugees escaping war and persecution in the Middle East and Africa, some Israeli officials are quietly reveling in the chaos.

Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel’s “security” justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine.

Sep 18 08:45

Video: Why is Israel attacking Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque?

On Wednesday, I appeared on Al Jazeera’s news magazine Inside Story to discuss Israel’s assault on Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque compound.

The other guests were Akiva Eldar, senior columnist at Al-Monitor, and Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Today, dozens of members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party entered the compound accompanied by occupation forces.

This provocation came after days of violent Israeli assaults on worshippers and journalists in and around the mosque.

Sep 18 08:45

Outrage over Gaza drove Iceland’s capital to back Israel boycott

The City of Reykjavík has decided to boycott Israeli goods.

The city council in Iceland’s capital voted by a 9-5 majority on Tuesday to bar Israeli products from official purchases as long as Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory continues.

The decision has been welcomed by Palestinian rights campaigners and drawn anger from Israel.

Sep 18 08:30

GOP candidates united in disdain for Obama, support for Israel

Republican presidential candidates sparred Wednesday evening over foreign policy, especially the future of the nuclear deal with Iran and the legacy of the war in Iraq. But in a debate that at times descended into personal attacks, candidates largely seemed to share complete disdain for President Barack Obama’s diplomatic legacy — and passionate support for Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 18 08:23

Netanyahu Claims ‘Victory’ as Israel Isn’t Called to Join NPT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today touted a “great diplomatic victory” when the IAEA voted 61-43-33 against an Egyptian resolution which would’ve expressed formal “concern” over Israel’s nuclear arsenal, and urged them to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel, always quick to point the finger of guilt at Iran, celebrates that they are above the rule of law!

Sep 18 08:22

King Salman calls Pres. Obama over Israeli escalation at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Sep 18 08:20

The Eternal Jew in America

Here is an interesting revisit of the 1940 German Documentary on "The Eternal Jew" that shows how the same "Play Book" tactics that were used on Russia, Turkey, and Germany at the turn of the 20th Century are being used on the United States and other Western Countries today.

Sep 18 08:19

The GOP Wants Iran To Recognize Israel. But The Gulf States? Whatever.

Senate Republicans, blocked in their effort to pass a bill disapproving of the Iran deal, tried another tactic: Give President Barack Obama his nuclear deal, but only on the condition that Iran agree to recognize the state of Israel and release the four U.S. citizens it holds.

A problem with this strategy, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) brought to a vote on Thursday, is that some of America's strongest allies in the Middle East -- such GOP favorites as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates -- do not themselves recognize Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All of the Arab nations have made it very clear that they will recognize Israel ... one second after Israel recognizes Palestine. But as long as Israel wants what it wants and refuses to give anything back, there will be conflict.

Sep 18 08:15

Netanyahu: Russia to arm Hizbullah!

In order to divert Jewish intervention in Ukraine, the Jewish media has fabricated a new Iraqi WMD hoax in Syria. Lately it has accused Russia of intervention in Syria by arming Syrian army to fight ISIS and other anti-Assad government militants. However, these arms most probably would be used against Israel.

Sep 18 08:13

7 Palestinians, 4 Israeli Policemen Wounded in East Jerusalem, West Bank Clashes

Knesset panel approves calling up Border Police reservists amid escalating Jerusalem tensions and violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is trying to provoke a crisis to justify another war on the Palestinians.

Sep 18 08:04


On Wednesday, I appeared on Al Jazeera’s news magazine Inside Story to discuss Israel’s assault on Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque compound.

The other guests were Akiva Eldar, senior columnist at Al-Monitor, and Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Today, dozens of members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party entered the compound accompanied by occupation forces.

This provocation came after days of violent Israeli assaults on worshippers and journalists in and around the mosque.

Palestinians view these incursions as part of an increasingly aggressive strategy aimed at an eventual takeover of the compound by Israeli groups intent on bringing down the mosque and building a Jewish temple in its place.

Sep 18 07:32

Israeli policeman shot 'by Palestinians' in Jerusalem

An Israeli policeman has been shot in Jerusalem after Palestinians opened fire, local journalists report on Twitter. At least three others were injured. A Molotov cocktail was also reportedly thrown at law enforcers.

The shots were fired in Jerusalem's Armon Hanetziv neighborhood, according to Haaretz.

A tweet from Israel News Feed stated that some of the officers were injured after being hit with stones.

Sep 18 06:59

Ann Coulter openly confronts Jewish supremacy in the West

Conservative pundit, author, and professional anti-illegal immigration activist Ann Coulter (follow her on Twitter) has done the unthinkable: she openly questioned why the vast majority of the GOP candidates for president shill so hard for Israel. Most of the GOP candidates openly put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of their own country. How is this acceptable?

In a series of Tweets last night during the GOP presidential debate, the courageous author and political analyst took the mainstream #cuckservative GOP candidates to task.

Sep 18 06:51

The Tweet Heard Round the World

Jew, Emily Shire, of "The Daily Beast", part of the orchestrated psyop always run by the chosen when anyone refers to them in anything other than a victimhood state of mind, immediately released a horde of Jews to hover around Ann Coulter like bodysnatchers looking for the last surviving human.

Ann, essentially, shouted, "The emperor has no clothes!" in reference to the few Jews living in the US that seem to be entitled to such pandering at Republican debate occasions

Sep 18 06:22

Israel main obstacle to nuke-free Middle East: Iran

Israel is widely believed to be the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East and has so far blatantly violated the international rules regarding nuclear non-proliferation. The Tel Aviv regime has never allowed any inspections of its nuclear facilities.

This is while a resolution calling for the monitoring of Israel’s nuclear activities and facilities failed to secure enough votes at the IAEA’s general assembly on Thursday.

Sixty-one countries, including the United States and the entire member states of the European Union, voted against the resolution, while 43 countries, including Iran, Russia and Turkey, voted in favor, and 33 states, including Brazil and India, abstained.

Sep 18 04:02

Ann Coulter Continues Jew Tweets: "U.S. Becoming Mexico Very Bad For Israel"

Ann Coulter has continued to tweet about the "F---ing Jews" controversy and criticizing GOP politicians pandering to Israel, making her point that the Republican Party's compliance with the open-border agenda only hurts Israel. In reply to one critic who called her 'Anti-Semitic,' Coulter replied "No: It's pro-Semitic. Where is all the GOP pandering on Israel getting us? US becoming Mexico very bad for Israel."

Sep 17 21:01

BEX ALERT: Ahmed Mohamed and the ‘Islamophobia’ Clock

Pam Geller hit piece trying to justify the injustice done to this kid!

When questioned about what the device was, Mohamed wouldn’t answer. Now terror-tied Islamic groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), their media lapdogs, and even Barack Obama are waging jihad against the school and the local police.

Sep 17 17:29

Republican sheep in Zionist wolf's clothing

You'd have thought the candidates were all (minus Trump) performing fellatio on the Zionists with their traitor-like, love muscle embrace on Thursday night... truly enough to make one quite nauseated... if you act, and sound, like a prostitute- Huckabee- for a pimp- Israel-, chances are you are one

Sep 17 15:31

Ann Coulter's Website

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Needless to say, Israel's whores are attacking Ann for her comment about US politicians obsessively pandering to Israel. Take time to post a positive tweet for her.

Sep 17 15:26

Rejected! Parliament refuses to debate war criminal Netanyahu arrest petition

Parliament has declined to debate a petition calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for alleged war crimes.

The online petition rapidly attracted more than the required 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a debate.

Sep 17 15:19

The origins of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai Brith

ON Sunday, April 27, 1913, the body of Mary Phagan, a child laborer, was discovered in the basement of the National Pencil Company factory in Marietta, Georgia. Leo Frank, the northern-born factory superintendent, was director of the local chapter of the Jewish secret society, B'nai Brith. He was arrested and charged, tried, found guilty of murder and sentenced to hang. The sentence was later commuted.

On August 16, 1915 twenty-five men abducted him from his cell and lynched him the next day in Marietta. In the aftermath of his murder, the Anti-Defamation League was formed and campaigned vigorously for a posthumous pardon. This was finally granted in 1985.

Sep 17 15:18

Ann Coulter Rips GOP Candidates Playing to ‘Fu–ing Jews,’ Israeli Media Shreds Her ‘Anti-Semitism’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ann is correct. Americans are tired of a government that focuses entirely on a select 4% of the entire population!

Sep 17 13:30

Ann Coulter openly confronts Jewish supremacy in the West

Conservative pundit, author, and professional anti-illegal immigration activist Ann Coulter (follow her on Twitter) has done the unthinkable: she openly questioned why the vast majority of the GOP candidates for president shill so hard for Israel. Most of the GOP candidates openly put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of their own country. How is this acceptable?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for Ann!

Sep 17 13:25

How Yarmouk Came About: Israel’s Unabashed Role in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

When Zionist Haganah militias carried out Operation Yiftach on 19 May, 1948,
the aim was to drive Palestinians in the northern Safad District outside the
border of Israel, which had declared its independence a mere five days earlier.

Sep 17 12:55

Israeli-Made Weapons Seized by Hezbollah in Zabadani

After 10 days of the Syrian army and Hezbollah troops' massive operations to cleanse different districts in Southwestern Zabadani region, efforts still continue to discover the terrorists' linking tunnels and hideouts.

Only on Monday morning, Hezbollah forces could purge the terrorists from nearly 15 residential blocks in the Eastern part of al-Jasr mosque.

Also they arrested three members of Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group during their house to house searching in Zabadani.

Hezbollah forces also discovered and seized a large cache of Israeli-made weapons and military equipment in areas near al-Rahmah mosque in the Central parts of Zabadani.

Sep 17 11:17


On the evening of September 15th Bassem Tamimi spoke to a packed room at the New School University in NYC. The meeting was sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine and the NY Chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. Every seat was filled, people stood leaning on walls and sitting on every inch of floor space for 2 hours listening attentively to the story of resistance to Israeli occupation by the people of Nabi Saleh, a village of about 600 people living in occupied Palestinian territory on the West Bank.

Sep 17 11:12

US Senate Democrats block amendment linking Iran agreement to Israel

Democratic lawmakers in the US Senate have blocked a Republican attempt to sabotage the Iran nuclear agreement by linking it to Israel.

On Thursday, 45 senators voted against an amendment from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that would have prevented President Barack Obama from lifting sanctions on Iran until the Islamic Republic recognizes the Israeli regime.

McConnell’s proposal, Iran would have to publicly recognize Israel’s right to exist, a demand which was made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sixty votes were needed to approve the measure in the 100-member chamber.

Netanyahu has said that a final nuclear agreement with Iran must include a "clear and unambiguous Iranian recognition of Israel's right to exist."

Sep 17 11:06

WOW: Alex Jones Official Youtube Channel Declares "Alex Jones Is Not A Zionist! "

Wow- in an incredible move illustrating that he's desperate to retain his increasingly 'Jew-wise' audience, Alex Jones official youtube channel has actually declared outright, quote "Alex Jones Is Not A Zionist!". In the video however, which I reported on yesterday, Jones never once says that he is not a Zionist or even mentions the word Zionist. In case it isn't clear, the words 'Zionist' or 'Not as Zionist' or 'I am not a Zionist' appear NOWHERE in the video. Which makes it even more interesting to wonder who exactly wrote the video title?
Webmaster addition:

Sep 17 11:00

UN Nuclear Watchdog Rejects Bid to Monitor Israel's Nuclear Sites

In big win for Israel, 61 countries vote against resolution proposed by Arab nations, which also called on Israel to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The International Atomic Energy Agency's General Conference on Thursday voted down a resolution proposed by the Arab nations, headed by Egypt, which called for international supervision over Israel's nuclear facilities.

(Note: The litmus test of any "MASTER/slave" system . . the "Double Standard")

Sep 17 10:13

Which nation spends more on its military? Iran or Israel?

Your average American who followed the debate over the Iran deal would have gotten the impression that Tehran is a military giant, with a Wehrmacht that even without nuclear weapons is capable of unleashing a blitzkrieg across the entire Middle East.

The hard facts are different.

Sep 17 10:10

ADL Declares Ann Coulter's 'F---ing Jews' Remarks "Ugly, Spiteful and Anti-Semitic"

In reality, however, the "F---ing Jews" remarks was not the 'ending' tweet in Coulter's "series of foul-mouthed messages" as the ADL claimes. Rather, Coulter's shocking tweet was only the second of many tweets in her series which lasted several hours, with Coulter explaining, fawning, and appeasing her angry Zionist critics.

Sep 17 10:10

Ann Coulter Gets A Friendly Platform After Her ‘F***ing Jews’ Debate Tweets

Ann Coulter attacked the Republican candidates for pandering to the “f***ing Jews” during their debate. So, naturally, she got some friendly face time with Megyn Kelly afterward.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am going to have to take back some of the nasty things I said about Ann! :)

Sep 17 09:43

GOP pundit attacks candidates for pandering to ‘f—ing Jews’

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter set off a firestorm of controversy Wednesday night when she used the F-word in connection with Jews. She was expressing apparent frustration with the abundance of pledges to support Israel during the Republican presidential debate.

“How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” Coulter said on Twitter during the final minutes of the three-hour debate, when four of 11 candidates mentioned their support for Israel in their closing remarks. (The answer is: about 6 million.)

Sep 17 09:42

Netanyahu to visit White House for 'make up' summit

Washington (AFP) - US President Barack Obama will host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on November 9 -- their first meeting after a deep row over the Iranian nuclear deal.
Note: Americans don't want you here. Go home to Poland, Russia or wherever you came from!

Sep 17 09:38

Poo and menstrual blood In Contemporary Jewish Art

As we learn to accept that art is in a state of spiritual bankruptcy and visual artists are impoverished, it is quite encouraging to discover that young Jewish progressive artists are once again leading a revolution. Unlike conventional Goyim artists, the Jews have found the means towards beauty within themselves, literally, inside their own bodies.

A few month ago, Jewish Cosmopolitan Natalie Cohen-Waxberg filmed herself poo-ingover many national flags including Arab ones in the support of both ‘peace’ and the ‘revolution.’

Sep 17 09:11

Ann Coulter accuses GOP candidates of pandering to ‘f–ing Jews’; ADL responds

By Golly! I think I like her!

By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ann Coulter is being vilified on social media after she accused GOP presidential candidates of pandering to “f–ing Jews” during Thursday night’s CNN debate.

“Cruz, Huckabee Rubio all mentioned ISRAEL in their response to: ‘What will AMERICA look like after you are president,’” the annoyed pundit tweeted to her 664,000 followers. “How many f–ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

Sep 17 09:07

Thoughts on the WTC Artists

I want to call your attention to the artist groups (E-TEAM and GELATIN) who were selected to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) World Views / Studioscape (slow link) programs that allowed them and other artists to work and live in the WTC in the four years leading up to 9/11 on different floors, including 91 and 92 of the North Tower. Additionally, they were given seven day a week construction access to the WTC that allowed them to freely move all sorts of materials in and out of the complex.

Sep 17 09:06

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal

The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.

Sep 17 08:00

Israel calls Iceland capital's boycott 'pure hatred'

Jerusalem (AFP) - Israel has lashed out at a boycott of its products by the Icelandic capital's city council over the occupation of Palestinian territory, describing it as a "volcano of hatred".
Note: Israel calls the genocide of the Palestinians "tough love."

Sep 17 07:56

Cablevision Bought by Israeli Mogul for $17B

Drahi is worth $15.4 billion, according to Forbes, which makes him the richest person in Israel and the third richest in France. He appears at number #57 on the Forbes Billionaires list for 2015.
Note: And the U.S. gives foreign aid to Israel!

Sep 17 02:24

Ann Coulter Defends Her 'F---ing Jews' Remark To Fox News Megyn Kelly

"No, I had just tweeted the question... all of the candidates were pandering pandering pandering..." Coulter begins, to a surprisingly passive Kelly.

Sep 16 23:51

Ann Coulter Shock Tweet: "How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?"

Neocon Ann Coulter has shown an unknown side of herself, with a shocking tweet about "F---ing Jews" following the GOP Presidential debate on 9/16/15.

Sep 16 17:36

Alex Jones: "I'm Gonna Visit Israel Soon."

Alex begins by deriding "the lazy, stupid politically correct white people I know" & complains about "all the Jew bashing that goes on... all you hear about is the Jewish conspiracy... All you hear is Jews all day. Jews tell me what to do and that I go to Tel Aviv and get orders. I've never been to Israel but let me tell you it's really historical and neat... I'm gonna visit Israel soon."

Sep 16 16:19

Putin v. Obama on Syria

snip: America wages global wars OF terror on humanity, raging endlessly in multiple theaters and at home against Muslims, people of color, unwanted immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as anyone challenging US hegemonic aims.

Putin responsibly helps Bashar al-Assad defeat the scourge of US-imported Islamic State and other takfiri terrorists - supplying weapons, munitions, technology and humanitarian aid.

Obama bullied Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq and other countries to prohibit Russian aid flights through their airspace to Syria. Thus far, Iraq and Greece refused. So did Iran.

Putin urges forming an international anti-terrorism coalition to defeat ISIS and other takfiri groups - a growing regional spreading threat, a scourge on humanity wherever they’re deployed.

Sep 16 15:05

Iceland’s capital declares boycott of all Israeli goods

Israel’s Foreign Ministry rails at Reykjavik’s ‘volcano of hatred'; city council says move an act of solidarity with Palestinians

Sep 16 13:57

Mainstream Media Admits In Storytelling Fashion: ISIS Commander Is U.S. Trained!

Anyone getting their facts, news and information outside the spectrum of the tiny information bottleneck known as mainstream media is probably tired of hearing it by now. The Islamic State or ISIS is a terror organization created, funded and armed by the U.S. and its allies particularly Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Sep 16 13:05

Israeli scientists can fabricate DNA evidence

Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases.

The scientists fabricated blood and saliva samples containing DNA from a person other than the donor of the blood and saliva. They also showed that if they had access to a DNA profile in a database, they could construct a sample of DNA to match that profile without obtaining any tissue from that person.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What I want to know is who FUNDED research into how to fake DNA evidence!

Sep 16 12:59

IDF Sniping Children Playing on Rooftop in Gaza

Sep 16 12:55


"The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews"

Sep 16 11:35

Israel TV-10 confirmed the nuclear weapons factory hidden underneath Dimona!

Sep 16 11:34

Destruction of Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque is Israeli groups’ ultimate goal

Over the last three days, Palestinians have come under fierce attack as they attempted with their bare hands, sticks and stones to deter and prevent repeated violent assaults by Israeli occupation forces into Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque compound.

The violence comes as Israeli-backed groups bent on replacing the mosque with a Jewish temple are asserting their presence ever more aggressively.

Sep 16 11:30

‘Israel may have one of biggest nuclear stockpiles in the world’ – whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, who spent 18 years in prison for exposing Israel’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

Sep 16 11:26

Netanyahu will meet with lawmakers during fall visit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to visit with congressional leaders when he comes to Washington in early November, according to a Republican leadership source.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Doesn't Netanyahu have his own country to run?!?

Sep 16 10:41

University Of Illinois 'Israel' Scandal

Sep 16 10:26

France’s Le Pen Says Europe Migrant Crisis Is Same As ‘Barbarian Invasion of Rome’

Marine Le Pen, the current French presidential front-runner, claims that Europe’s migrants and asylum seeker trend is the same as when the barbarians invaded Rome. Le Pen also compared it to the ‘Nazi invasion of Europe’. Sadly, Le Pen is not currently articulating France’s roles in the following: the sacking of Libya (although she has commented intelligently on Libya in the past), France’s support for the foreign proxy insurgency in Syria, and NATO’s failed 15 year takeover attempt in Afghanistan – all of which have been the key drivers in the synthetic ‘migrant crisis’. These realities continue to stump one dimensional politicians and their media pilot fish.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"look; we're trying to create Eratz Israel here. These people have to go someplace, so you should just let them move into your country and shut up about it already!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Sep 16 09:24

How Neocons Destabilized Europe

It will not be easy to rid the world of the grave dangers created by neocon policies.

The neocon prescription of endless “regime change” is spreading chaos across the Middle East and now into Europe, yet the neocons still control the mainstream U.S. narrative and thus have diagnosed the problem as not enough “regime change,” as Robert Parry reports.

Sep 16 09:16

Israel’s Agent of Influence – Senator Ben Cardin shows how it’s done

I thought of how an agent of influence operates on the morning of September 9th when I opened the Washington Post and read two letters to the editor, both written by constituents, regarding Maryland Senator Benjamin Cardin’s refusal to support President Barack Obama’s Iran deal.

Sep 16 09:11

Next Hurdle for Iran Deal: AIPAC’s Plan B (Endorsed by Post)

AIPAC’s Plan B—codified in the “Iran Policy Oversight Act of 2015” of Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD)—is now definitely in the cards (pun intended) and will pose the next major obstacle to the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and the P5+1. Those who are focusing on what the Republicans are planning, such as the ludicrous idea of suing the president for allegedly failing to submit to Congress an agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran, are missing the point. The game now is to presume unanimous Republican support for any bill that the White House opposes and to get a sufficient number of Democrats who are nervous about their vote on Thursday to sign on to something approximating Cardin’s bill, including at least a couple of its numerous “poison pills,” to ensure a veto-proof majority.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to the voters of Maryland: you know now by whom Cardin is owned.

He no longer cares anything about your needs and concerns; only about those of a foreign government, Israel, which supports him overtly and covertly.

In the next election, where he is running, I hope the good citizens of Maryland will give this guy the boot, and remind the other alleged "congressional representatives" funded by AIPAC that supporting Israel may well be what gets your kicked out of Congress in the next election cycle.

Sep 16 09:03

Sen. Corker: Senate Could Override Veto on Iran Sanctions

In the face of another looming defeat on trying to block the P5+! nuclear deal with Iran, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker (R – TN) is focused instead on the upcoming vote on the extension of the Iran Sanctions Act.

The act is set to expire next year, and the bill would extend it another decade. There’s little disagreement in Congress about this, though President Obama has objected to pushing a vote right now on the grounds the timing would make the US look like it’s averse to the nuclear deal.

Sen. Corker suggests that the extension vote could come soon, and that he is confident the Senate could get the 67 votes needed to override a presidential veto, though again there’s been no indication a veto might come unless the legislation is dramatically altered in a way to threaten the nuclear deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There have been many criticisms I have had about Obama's foreign policy stances; the Iran deal, however, is not one of them.

However, extending the sanctions could very well make the deal a non-starter for the Iranian government, which would be an absolute shame.

Sep 16 08:58


Israeli forces storm Aqsa Mosque in third day of clashes

Sep 16 08:57


Israeli “Defense” Minister Moshe Yaalon has admitted that his country’s domestic security apparatus knows the identities and whereabouts of the Jewish terrorists who a few weeks ago burned a Palestinian family to death at a village in the northern West Bank.

The still-unidentified terrorists set the Dawabsheh family home, at the village of Doma, south of the City of Nablus, on fire, burning to death three members of the Palestinian family, the father, Saad, aged 34, the mother Reham, aged 27, and their 18-month-old toddler Ali.

The fourth and last member of the family, a male child, is fighting for his life in hospital. His conditions have been described as stable.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Yaalon said the Israeli security authorities were reluctant to arrest the suspected murderers in order to protect the identity of their sources.

Sep 16 08:57


President Obama promised that as soon as the Iran nuclear deal is closed he will refocus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Given this shift of focus is now in sight, Obama should grant U.S. recognition of Palestine as an independent state, albeit a militarily occupied one. Such an elementary step is long overdue and may be the sole act that saves the two-state solution.

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Netanyahu will refuse Obama, as punishment for not killing the Iran deal as ordered.

Sep 16 08:49

University Of Illinois 'Israel' Scandal

Free Speech is a basic tenet of academic discourse.

But if you’re anti-Israel, free speech bites the dust.

The latest victim of Jewish censorship is Professor Steven Salaita, fired from the University of Illinois.

Salaita’s a Palestinian American with Christian roots and ethnically cleansed grandparents.

His offense was to tweet barbed criticisms of Israel’s war on Gaza.

Sep 16 08:48

Joe Biden: "I Am A Zionist. You Don't Have To A Jew To Be A Zionist"

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I think we need an AMERICAN as President. Don't you?

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot, does not, and will not serve the American people. A friend of Israel is no friend of America. In these dark times America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third!

Sep 16 08:33

UN Envoy: Temple Mount Clashes Could Go Beyond Jerusalem

Nikolay Mladenov warns that clashes between Israelis and Arabs in Jerusalem could ignite violence well beyond the old city.

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That appears to be what Israel wants!

Sep 16 08:03

Israel’s Convoluted Legal System: “Administrative Detention” and Israel’s “Moral Imperative

snip: Moreover, this bill contradicts the very notion of law as such, which does not operate through brute force and terror but recognizes the equal worth and dignity of every individual who stands before the law. What the bill will do is make it much easier for the state to legally detain Palestinian suspects indefinitely without putting them on trial, adding yet another layer of moral decadence to the already bankrupt legal system.

That said, anyone who is familiar with Israel’s state of being from the day of its inception to the present cannot deny the fact that the country has legitimate national security concerns. But when national security becomes a political tool, Israel opens up itself to intense criticism and condemnation.

Sep 16 07:45

Israel’s Collapse Imminent Due To Lack Of Diversity According To “Jews For Social Justice”

Under Israel’s extreme and radical right-wing government, peaceful, beautiful, creative, and vibrant undocumented African migrants have been arrested and housed in concentration camps against their will. Millions of intelligent, hard working, and law abiding Africans who only came to the state of Israel in search of a better life, and to make Israel an even stronger nation, have somehow been labelled an alleged threat to Israel’s “Jewishness.” These people came with love in their hearts for Jews. For their naivety, they were segregated, numbered, and locked up behind barbed wire!

Sep 16 07:37

Flashback 2000 - "Chess Champion Bobby Fischer Explains the Jewish Problem"

Bobby Fischer was a chess prodigy from humble origins, seen as a champion for the United States in the Cold War against the Soviet Union and beloved around the world. He was the undisputed king of the chess world for a time. However, everything was taken from him when he stood up and called out the jewish criminals who are ruining the entire world.

Sep 16 07:32

The Israeli military option against Iran

The disagreements about Iran’s nuclear program jeopardize the relations between Israel and its American patron. In this sense Iran has already profited from the nuclear agreement.

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So has America as We The People watch the spectacle of Congress groveling before Tel Aviv and decide who to vote for next year!

Sep 16 07:11

Netanyahu to visit Russia for talks on Syrian crisis

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to Russia next week to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the ongoing conflict in Syria, his office says.

Netanyahu’s office said on Wednesday that the Israeli premier will raise the issue of Russia’s arms deliveries to Syria in his upcoming talks with Putin.

On Tuesday, Putin said his country will continue to supply the Syrian government with military assistance.

Sep 16 07:10

US to Russia: Assad must step down to allow political settlement

The United States tells Russia that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must step down to allow a political settlement, as Moscow continues to support Damascus.

US Secretary of State John Kerry made the demand during a phone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday, the US State Department said in a statement.

"Secretary Kerry made clear that Russia's continued support for President Assad risks exacerbating and extending the conflict, and undermining our shared goal of fighting extremism," the State Department stated.

Sep 16 06:37

Netanyahu to Tell Putin in Russia: Military Aid to Syria Threatens Israel

Netanyahu traveling to Moscow next week to present the threats against Israel that arise as a result of the increased flow of advanced weapons into the Syrian arena.

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"You're a Jew-hasting anti-Semite who wants Hitler to come back and gas Jewish babies in the ovens if you give Syria weapons!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Sep 16 02:57

Hamas: Israeli escalation in al-Aqsa is “a declaration of war”

Israeli ongoing escalation in al-Aqsa Mosque is a “declaration of war,” a senior official from Hamas Movement said Tuesday, as Israeli occupation forces violently broke into Muslims’ holy al-Aqsa Mosque for the third day in a row and aggressively assaulted the peaceful Muslim sit-inners and worshipers.

Sep 16 02:49

Israel's Agent of Influence - Senator Ben Cardin shows how it's done

“An agent of influence is an agent of some stature who uses his or her position to influence public opinion or decision making to produce results beneficial to the country whose intelligence service operates the agent.” So goes the book definition but any experienced intelligence officer will note that there are degrees of cooperation and direction in such a relationship. The agent might be fully controlled and on a salary or he or she might be very loosely guided, ideologically motivated but cautious and reluctant to receive any favors in return. The key is that the agent has to be acting on behalf of the interests of the foreign government, which will at least some of the time mean working directly against the interests of his own.

Sep 15 15:03

Senate to hold new vote on Iran nuclear deal, Dems to block

The Senate was slated to vote for a second time in a week on moving ahead on a resolution rejecting the deal, and the outcome was expected to be the same, with Democrats mustering enough votes to block the measure.

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If they are pushing for a new vote, it means Israel has "turned" a number of those Senators1

Sep 15 14:59

Israel to Obama: West Bank, Golan Heights in return for Iran’s nuclear deal

Official Israeli politicians and right wing officials have called for American President Barack Obama to accept the annexation of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank in return for Israel’s consent on the Iranian nuclear deal, Arabi21 reported yesterday.

Politicians and officials consider the US’s adoption of Israel’s plans regarding its conflict with the Palestinians compensation for Israeli losses in the Iranian deal.

Sep 15 14:19

BEX ALERT - CIA chief Brennan: U.S. watching for nuclear cooperation between Iran, North Korea

The head of the CIA said Tuesday that U.S. intelligence officials are wary that Iran may attempt to violate this summer’s nuclear accord by outsourcing elements of its clandestine nuclear program to another rogue state such as North Korea, or by colluding with Pyongyang toward the secret purchase and transfer of nuclear weapons to Tehran.

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Remember when they tried to explain away not finding nuclear weapons in Iraq by claiming Saddam sent them to Syria?

Sep 15 12:03

ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel

Ken explains the concept of ‘The Greater Israel Project’ and the balkanization of surrounding countries as a means of destabilizing them. Balkanization is a geopolitical term that was originally used to describe the process of the fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or non-cooperative with one another. The head of the snake, the system of power, is headed by the financial system. The bankers rule the Earth through the private control of the issuance of money, debt-based money which we’re all supposed to pay with things like austerity measures, which allows them to provide THEMSELVES an INFINITE supply of money which means that they can buy anything and anyone so we see that the world governments are nothing but puppets of bankers who control their money supply. The bankers at the top of this pyramid are psychopaths.

Sep 15 10:48

Corbyn’s Victory

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory yesterday is a clear message to the British political world. You politicians had better start listening to the people, otherwise you will be out.

But his victory goes has ramifications beyond British politics. In recent weeks an alliance made up of British Jewish leadership (BOD, Jewish Chronicle etc.) and heavily supported by their caretakers within the British establishment, have waged a brutal yet counter effective campaign against Corbyn. The campaign abused and slandered the last gentleman in British politics and probably the nicest man in the parliament.

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It is perfectly clear that the British people have suffered enough under "business as usual", imposed by the money junkies of their country, thank you very much.

And in spite of Cameron's delusional tweets that this man is "a danger to national security", he is going to have to learn to deal with him, period, end of discussion.

Sep 15 10:44

Israeli raids into Al-Aqsa Mosque "a flagrant aggression" – Momani

Jordan Tuesday reiterated its condemnation of repeated Israeli attacks on worshippers at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque as a "flagrant aggression" against the Arab and Islamic nations and all believers, and said the provocations should stop immediately.

Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammad Al Momani said Israeli crimes against Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy sites are condemnable as per the international humanitarian law, and contradict religious teachings.

Such crimes, he said, would not bring security and stability to Israel, the occupying power.