Dec 08 15:14

Norway Offers to Pay Refugees to Leave: “$9,300 Dollars And Free Flights Home”

Norwegian leaders have been promoting the idea that refugees will not be accepted, and that it would be better to leave with a significant amount of help.

A family with two children is eligible for up to $9,300 dollars – and free flights home, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration told the media outlet. More than 900 people reportedly have accepted.


Dec 08 14:38

Montenegro invited to join NATO in dubious payoff

On December 2, NATO invited Montenegro to become the 29th member of the US-led military alliance. The Montenegro’s parliament in September passed a resolution by 50 votes out of 79 to support the country’s NATO membership. "Montenegro’s accession to NATO will be another important step in the Euro-Atlantic integration of the entire Western Balkans region", NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on the occasion. "And it makes clear that NATO keeps its doors open, to complete our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace", he added.

Webmaster addition: The people of Montenegro are not happy about this, protesting and burning NATO flags!

Dec 08 13:37

NATO Ships in Turkey

Dec 08 11:03

NATO says won't send ground troops to fight IS: report

NATO has ruled out sending ground troops to fight against Islamic State militants in Syria, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg told a Swiss newspaper, stressing the need to bolster local forces in the conflict.

"The United States has a limited number of special forces. In the foreground, however, is strengthening local forces. This is not easy, but it's the only option," he added

Stoltenberg stressed that the conflict was not a war between the West and the Islamic world, but rather against "extremism and terrorism".

"Muslims are on the front line in this war. Most victims are Muslims, and most of those who fight against the IS are Muslims. We can not carry on this struggle for them," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds comforting and reasonable, doesn't it?!?

But what if (even in a false flag scenario), Turkey claims that it has been attacked by Russia, and invokes Article 5 of the NATO charter?

There would be no way that NATO could avoid ground troops at that point, and off we go to a war with Russia.

Dec 08 09:52

Italy PM: ‘No Thank You’ to Joining ISIS War

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has rejected calls to join the US-led war against ISIS by announcing airstrikes against targets inside Syria, saying that more airstrikes would only add to the chaos in the region.

Dec 08 09:37

Switzerland Abandons Its Historic Principles

Dec 08 08:59

New Sanctions against Russia - Merkel on Collision Course with Europe

Soon Germany's leadership will have to choose between defending Europe's vital interests, and catering to Washington's whim

Dec 08 07:49

Money Talks: Norway ‘Paying’ Asylum-Seekers to Leave Country

Along with a one-way ticket paid for, each refugee who made it to Norway could receive tens of thousands of Norwegian kroners if he or she agrees to leave the country voluntarily.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I worry that some of those one-way tickets are not back to the home country!

Dec 07 16:44

INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Young woman in Finland FIGHTS BACK when refugees try to STEAL

Dec 07 16:33

Following the trail of Syria's looted history

LONDON -- The UNESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra, Syria, was only the latest casualty in the destruction of the world's shared cultural legacy.

ISIS has demolished precious artifacts and archaeological sites from Syria to Iraq. But CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward says, out of sight and off camera, what isn't destroyed is being quietly sold on a black market that reaches Europe and even the U.S.

Dec 07 16:16

Italy will not join the 'coalition' attacking ISIS in Syria, warning campaign will only add chaos to the region

Dec 07 13:40

Greeks told to declare cash “under the mattress,” jewelry and precious stones

When earlier today we read a report in the Greek Enikonomia, according to which Greek taxpayers would be forced to declare all cash “under the mattress” (including inside) or boxes that contain more than 15,000 euros as well as jewelry and precious stones (including gold) worth over 30,000 euros, starting in 2016, we assumed this has to be some early April fools joke or a mistake.

Dec 07 11:45

NO TO NATO: Opposition announces protests on Saturday

In Podgorica was held a meeting of the Organizing Committee of the protest that will be in the capital on Saturday, and against Montenegro's membership in NATO.

A spokesman for the New Serbian Democracy (NOVA), Jovan Vu?urovi?, said that it was decided that the collection starts at 18 o'clock gathering in front of the Assembly, after which he will go for a walk to the monument to St. Peter of Cetinje.

In addition to members of the Democratic ronta, which are opposed to membership of Montenegro in NATO, participate in the organization of the meeting and the Movement for Pljevlja, as well as the Network of NGOs "No to NATO", the Movement Freedom nation and group of citizens "action-reaction".

Dec 07 11:44

Popular German Comedian Ridicules US Propaganda

This is taken from a very popular “fake news” German comedy show. The host is Christian Ehring.

This is very telling, because it illustrates two things:

1.Europeans are simply not buying US propaganda about the Ukraine. In fact, the propaganda is turning into a liability for the US.

2. Ehring very effectively debunks the following:

US claims that Russia fired rockets into the Ukraine. He points out, quite rightly, that this looks more like a government disinformation op than a serious allegation, eerily reminiscent of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

US claims that the Ukrainian Resistance shot down MH17.

Western media claims that the Resistance vandalized the crash site.

Western media claims that the brutality on the Maidan originated from the police.

Dec 07 08:48

It Begins: Desperate Finland Set To Unleash Helicopter Money Drop To All Citizens

With Citi's chief economist proclaiming "only helicopter money can save the world now," and the Bank of England pre-empting paradropping money concerns, it appears that Australia's largest investment bank's forecast that money-drops were 12-18 months away was too conservative.

Dec 07 07:58

Chilling message from menacing migrants who demand ‘open borders or die’ at checkpoint

A group of men waving the menacing home-made banner grew angry as they were stopped in their tracks at the border between Macedonia and Greece.

Macedonia is the latest country to erect a border fence.

The tiny, landlocked state has begun building a fence along its border with Greece, blocking a key transit route for migrants travelling from Turkey to northern and western Europe.

Dec 07 07:57

Your Daily Dose of BOOGA BOOGA! Daesh may use WMD in EU: European Parliament report

The European Parliament has warned that the Daesh Takfiri terrorists may carry out biological or chemical attacks on EU soil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Get ready for more false-flag attacks!

Dec 07 07:44

Last night burned flag of NATO in Cetinje (VIDEO)

After the unprecedented demonstration of sycophancy and stepping on the tradition of Montenegro, Cetinje authorities, on the occasion of receiving an invitation to join NATO, took down the Cetinje flag and replaced it with the NATO flag, free citizens took matters into their own hands. NATO is not welcome in Montenegro! And now put back the Cetinje banner!

Dec 07 07:21

The Empire Strikes Back Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria

Considering the remarkable success of the Russian intervention in Syria, at least so far, it should not have come as a surprise that the AngloZionist Empire would strike back. The only question was how and when. We now know the answer to that question.

Dec 07 07:17

Washington on the Offensive? ‘NATO is Taking the Balkans Piece by Piece’

Washington plans to incorporate into the orbit of Western influence not only Montenegro, but also other Balkan countries. With this strategy, the US seeks to weaken Russian influence in a strategically important region, Jorgen Samso wrote.

Dec 07 06:49

Ukraine: give back stolen Dutch art!

Paintings and silverware, stolen from a Dutch museum in 2005, have turned up in Ukraine, in the possession of 'a ultranationalist voluntary militia'. Their high-placed political backers use the art - by now, in terrible condition - as ransom and refuse to give the art back to its rightful owners.

Dec 07 05:35

Syria slams US-led coalition deadly strike against troops as 'act of aggression'

US-led coalition warplanes have inflicted a missile strike on a camp of Syrian regular troops in the Deir ez Zor province, killing three soldiers. Damascus has slammed the incident as an “act of aggression.” This is the first time coalition planes have hit Syrian troops.

Update: the airstrike was immediately followed by an attack on the base by ISIS:

Dec 06 22:15

Israel fumes after Swedish FM slams ‘extrajudicial executions’ of Palestinians in ongoing violence

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the statement of Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom who had earlier claimed that Israel resorted to unlawful killings of Palestinians involved in the ongoing wave of violence.

Dec 06 05:22

Dutch Politician Tells Turks: 'Stay Away From Us; You Are Not Welcome Here' (Video)

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders, the most popular politician in the Netherlands, has told Turks “you are not welcome here” in a video that takes aim at Turkey's hopes of joining the European Union. Wilders, who is fiercely anti-Islam, has surged in public opinion polls with his call for the closing of national borders in the face of a migrant crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of people, mostly Muslims, fleeing to Europe this year to escape conflicts and poverty in the Middle East and beyond. In his English-language video posted online on Friday with Turkish subtitles, however, Wilders told Turks in typically blunt fashion: “Your government is fooling you into believing that one day you will become a member of the European Union. Well, forget it.” “You are no Europeans and you will never be. An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe,” he said. “We do not want more but less Islam. So Turkey, stay away from us. You are not welcome here.”

Dec 05 16:33

US Coalition Grows, Russia Opens Two New Bases In Syria

Syria and Russia are seriously beefing up defenses in Damascus area and military bases in the Homs region. vS-300 air defense being deployed and a warning issued that any aircraft flying in Damascus air space without first getting clearance will be considered hostile and will be shot down.

Dec 05 10:25

Greece Loses Last Trace Of Sovereignty After EU Takes Control Of Greek Borders

After being threatened with expulsion from the Schengen borderless Europe zone, Greece has grudignly accepted an offer from the European Union to "bolster its borders with foreign guards as well as other aid, including tents and first aid kits." In doing so it has last its last shred of state sovereignty.

Dec 05 07:18

Afghan Migrant Brutally Raped And Burnt To Death Young European

An Afghan migrant has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Finland for brutally murdering a teenage lover ten years his junior because she didn’t want to continue the relationship.The 17-year-old Finnish girl had only dated Ramin Azimi for a month before she tried to end their relationship. The court heard how she had wanted to see another man, but Mr. Azimi demanded marriage and children of her. When she wouldn’t cooperate, Mr. Azimi attacked the young woman while she was out jogging.

Dec 05 07:01

Hungary warns EU secretly plans to flood Europe with 500.000 more immigrants

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has warned that the EU and Turkey have a “secret behind-the-scenes” deal to take 500,000 Syrians from Turkey, and move them into Europe.

This hushed-up plan is part of the €3 billion deal to keep illegal immigrants from getting to Europe, via Turkey.

Prime Minister Orban said “there’s a nasty surprise awaiting Europe…”

Dec 05 06:31

The US and NATO are now sponsors of state terrorism

Is there a sinister connection between Washington’s wars in the Middle East and the migrant crisis in Europe? Are refugees being “deliberately manufactured”?

Dec 04 18:27

Erdogan Blackmails NATO Allies

Erdogan intentionally releases tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into Europe to put pressure on EU politicians who quickly lose the support of their people and face the meteoric rise of right wing parties. And then, the next thing you know, Merkel, Hollande and every other EU leader is looking to cut a deal with Erdogan to keep the refugees in Turkey.

Get it? So there was a quid pro quo that no one wants to talk about. In other words, Germany, France and the UK agreed to support Erdogan’s loony plan to conduct military operations in Syria, risking a serious dust-up with Russia, in order to save their own miserable political careers.

Dec 04 16:11

Germany To Send Military To Syria

Dec 04 14:59

Greece's Economy Minister Probed Again for Failing to Declare Assets

The Parliamentary Committee for Declaration of Assets of political persons is investigating again Economy Minister Giorgos Stathakis for failing to declare income and real estate properties in addition to the 1 million euros he was investigated for in October.

Dec 04 14:13

NATO Take-Over: US to Deploy Its Military Hardware in Lithuania

At least 200 pieces of US military hardware will be stationed in Lithuania for upcoming drills with Lithuanian troops, the country's Defense Ministry said.
The ministry added that later in December, about 50 units of US military equipment, including Abrams main battle tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, will be stationed at Lithuania's Mumaiciai district, as part of the so-called European Activity Set.
According to the Defense Ministry, a decision to store the US equipment in Mumaiciai was followed by the refurbishment of hangars where the equipment will be kept and the tightening of security of the area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


It appears that NATO is caching weapons and military resources in Eastern Europe ahead of a military confrontation with Russia.

Otherwise, there would be no motivation for NATO to do this.

Dec 04 12:46

Irish government advisor: Boys ‘should receive’ vaccine for cervical cancer virus

Teenage boys as well as girls should be given the vaccine that prevents a virus that causes 70 per cent of cervical cancers, a senior health policy adviser to the Government has said.

Dec 04 11:57

EU Rewards Turkish State Terrorism

Only days after Turkey's fatal shoot-down of a Russian warplane, the European Union announces it is giving the Ankara government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan €3 billion in a "deal" allegedly aimed at halting the flow of refugees to the EU.

At best, the EU is bumbling in a completely misguided way to tackle the refugee crisis stemming from the Syrian conflict; at worst, and more accurately, the European bloc is effectively rewarding Turkey for an act of state terrorism.

Dec 04 08:52

Britain Dive-Bombs into Another Disastrous War

British addition of more warplanes to the already-crowded Syrian conflict is wholly wrong, just as the Americans and French are. Their underlying criminal objectives of regime change preclude them from bringing any good to the situation.

Dec 04 06:11

Syria - Ukraine - Albania: Is "Greater Albania" the next tool of the US and Turkey?

Risks, political uncertainty, and economic instability are growing in the world. In such circumstances, as we see, many seekers of fortune ready to try to catch success in the increasingly murky waters of global political processes are appearing or, more precisely, revealing themselves. No one is interested in fishing rods anymore. Explosives, as practice shows, are a more preferable means. Explosions don’t miss, and whole states and political regimes fly into the air.

Dec 04 06:10

'Clear no' in Danish vote on deeper EU cooperation

Danes have rejected a government proposal to further their country's involvement in the EU. Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen announced the referendum had resulted in a "clear no."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The EU is starting to collapse, from the very same factors which will collapse the US; predatory economics and open borders!

Dec 04 03:06

Simon Elliot Takes Over Europe?

After the events in Paris, the war with ‘moderate rebels’ in Europe will go on indefinitely, because how would it come to an end? Putin is not going to bomb Paris, Berlin and Western Europe, as he is currently bombing ISIS bases in the Middle East. Europe has therefore become a new, safe home for ‘moderate rebels’.

Dec 03 18:41

Why the Euro Is A Dead Currency

Dec 03 15:16

American destroyer "Ross" and three NATO frigates entered in the Black Sea

US destroyer "Ross" entered - at the forefront of marine groups that NATO is in "constant readiness" - the Black Sea.
Accompanied by US destroyers are three missile frigates, "Francis Almejida" (Portugal), "Blas de Lezo" (Spain) and "Winnipeg" (Canada).

Destroyer "Ross" is equipped with anti-missile system "Aegis". In October he participated in the first test missile defense systems in Europe. It is alleged that anti-missile missile launched from its deck successfully intercepted and shot down a school ballistic missile over the Atlantic, which was launched with the polygons in the northwest of Scotland.

Command of the US Sixth Fleet Operations announced that "Ross" versed in the Black Sea "in order to maintain peace and stability in the region", together with its allies.

Dec 03 15:04

Greek capital brought to a standstill as workers strike against austerity

Protesters marched through the streets of Athens on Thursday as over two-and-a-half-million workers took part in a general strike that has brought public services to a standstill.

The 24-hour walkout is in response to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ acceptance of a new package of austerity measures by the country’s lenders, that includes a total overhaul of the social security and pension system.

Dec 03 13:54

Greek plane carrying deported migrants turned away by Pakistan

Pakistan on Thursday turned back a Greek chartered plane carrying alleged illegal immigrants amid a diplomatic standoff between the two countries over the fate of thousands of Pakistani immigrants in Greece.

Dec 03 12:41

Syria - Ukraine - Albania: Is "Greater Albania" the next tool of the US and Turkey?

If someone naively believes that the the help of US and NATO managed to solve something or regulate things in the Balkans, then the is deeply mistaken. At first glance, the situation is relatively calm. However, smoldering embers can ignite a new fire at any moment... Firstly, there is external support from certain powers who are interested in an explosion... Secondly, Albania is an extremely “criminalized” state. The local mafia, based on close family ties, is now recognized as one of the strongest in Europe. Its main source of income is drugs. Albania is a transit point between between Afghanistan and Turkey and Europe and the USA. The Albanian mafia actively participated in the Kosovo conflict and has established links with many terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State. Lastly, Albania is a Muslim country. It should never be forgotten that religion, for local activists, is only a means to an end, and this is one which, as is known, justifies everything.

Dec 03 12:11

Moldovan parliament allows national army to take part in EU military operations

Moldova’s parliament has given consent to the use of the national army in military operations under the auspices of the European Union as provided by the association agreement of 2014. The parliament passed relevant amendments on Thursday. The opposition subjected this bill to criticism saying it violated the country’s neutral status established in the Moldovan constitution. "As for the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the situation is clear, since they are international organizations. But the European Union is a different thing, as it is a group of states. You have put an equal mark between them. Isn’t that a violation of the country’s neutrality?," Oleg Lipski, a lawmaker with the Party of Socialists, said. The opposition Party of Communists also voted against the bill, which however was passed by the majority of votes from pro-European parties. Under the constitution, Moldova is an off-bloc, neutral state.

Dec 03 10:06

The Jewish “Schindlers”

With the season of good will around the corner, now is time when many people’s thoughts turn to helping others — and some shrewd operators have not been slow to realise that in the chaos of the forced “Syrian refugee” migration into the west, there are huge amounts of money to be made.

The crisis presents an almost irresistible combination of exploitable elements — pictures of suffering children, government and law enforcement chaos and a gullible public who seem willing to believe anything.

Dec 03 10:01


As the war in Syria enters its fifth year with no end in site, it’s easy to forget about the world’s “other” proxy conflict, that which is still unfolding in Ukraine.

You might remember Ukraine as yet another example of US intervention gone horribly awry. Indeed, this was but another instance of Washington stepping in to support “democratic” protests on the way to bringing about regime change. Just three months after a dramatic visit to Maidan Square by the Senate’s favorite warhawk John McCain, Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovych was unceremoniously ousted.

Unfortunately, the democratic utopia that America figured was inevitable didn’t take shape (just like it didn’t take shape after Gaddafi in Libya or after Saddam in Iraq) and now, Ukraine is mired in civil war as Russian-backed separatists battle Kiev’s US-backed regulars and a handful of nationalist militias.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bloomberg is lying outright in that last paragraph.

When Yanukovych was unceremoniously dumped last year, courtesy of the US, the IMF, and the Soros Foundation, Crimea realized that there was no legitimate government in Kiev.

Crimea then, in a free and fair election, asked its citizens as to whether they wanted to rejoin the Russian Federation; the citizens voted to do this, and Russia allowed Crimea to join the Russian Federation. It was clear, clean, and no "annexation" whatsoever took place.

Also, Bloomberg's alleged "fact checkers" (who must have been asleep when this story was vetted) missed the reality that until the mid-fifties, Crimea HAD been a part of Russia; it was annexed by Khrushchev, himself a native Ukrainian, as part of the Ukraine.

Dec 03 09:14

Sweden mulls bid to close bridge to Denmark

The Swedish government wants to be able to close the road bridge connecting Sweden to Denmark if the country's record refugee influx continues, according to a legislative proposal.

Dec 03 08:47

EU Parliament President Schulz: 'The Situation in Europe Is Extremely Concerning'

In an interview, European Parliament President Martin Schulz says he is more concerned about the state of the European Union than he has ever been. Solidarity, he believes, is eroding and nation-state parochialism is on the rise.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The agendas are clashing into each other!

Dec 03 08:36

EU plan to scrap free travel zone: Leaked documents says Schengen zone could be suspended for two years under emergency plans to deal with the migrant crisis

The European Union’s border-free travel zone could be suspended for two years under emergency plans in response to the migrant crisis.

Leaked documents show EU leaders are planning to bring back checkpoints across the continent.

The radical change, which will allow countries to restore controls for two years rather than the six months currently permitted, will be debated by interior ministers in Brussels tomorrow.

Dec 03 08:35

Riots in Calais migrant camp that houses 4,500: Police fire water cannon and tear gas as they try to control 200 people incited by British anarchists

British anarchists are encouraging migrants in the ‘Jungle’ camp to riot, claim French police.

Officers last night fired water cannon and tear gas at 200 migrants as they tried to get control amid anger over attempts to clear the 4,500-strong camp.

French authorities say extremist political activists from Britain who are against all border controls have been inciting the violence.

Dec 03 07:20

CIA agent: They gave us millions to dismember Yugoslavia

Dec 02 18:19


"Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible."

- Queen Maria Theresa

40 year reign / Sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma

Dec 02 11:58

NATO Discussing Ways to Provoke Russia Further

On Tuesday and Wednesday, NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels on the pretext of “work(ing) on further measures to assure Turkey’s security,” and related issues, based on a nonexistent Russian threat.

It sounds like a bad joke, except issues at stake are deadly serious, Russia-bashing featured in all NATO meetings, Erdogan’s well-planned act of aggression complicit with Washington called self-defense, Secretary-General Stoltenberg saying:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Maybe we could say Putin's dog is really ugly, or his mother dresses him funny!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Dec 02 11:33

Russian aggression the focus of NATO meeting in Brussels

The United States and its NATO allies struggled Tuesday to come up with a clear message to send Russia at a time of conflicting concerns in Europe and the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Russian aggression?" Which nation has bombed 7 countries into rubble these last 14 years? Which nation continues to try to overthrow elected governments and install puppet rulers? Russia is not the aggressor. The United States is!

Dec 02 09:02

The Nuremberg Principles

Can you smell the putrid aroma of bloody hypocrisy emanting from Foggy Bottom!

The main legal principles from the Nuremberg Trials were later declared general principles of international law by the United Nations: the “Nuremberg Principles.” With these principles, in 1950 the international community of nations demanded for the first time that crimes against international law should no longer go unpunished. From now on, no one should be above the law. The Nuremberg Trials and Nuremberg Principles thus laid the foundation for modern international criminal law.

Dec 02 08:33

Greek Defense Ministry confirms Russian Su-24M bomber was downed in Syrian airspace

The Russian Sukhoi Su-24M bomber was brought down by the Turkish Air Force in Syrian airspace, Greek Minister of National Defense Panos Kammenos said in an interview to the Mega TV channel on Wednesday, TASS reported.

"The attack (on Su-24M) took place in Syrian airspace. This is beyond doubt," he said. "The Turkish side knows that, otherwise Ankara would ask to invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter, requesting the Alliance’s help."

"This is undoubtedly a military action in the territory of another state," Kammenos said. "But even more important point is the murder of the pilot, who was shot dead by members of the Turkish extremist group Grey Wolves."

Asked which side Greece should take, as a NATO member, the minister said - "the truth".

Dec 02 07:11

Head of French military intelligence on the real trouble with NATO

“The real difficulty with NATO is that the American intel is in preponderance there, while the French intel is more or less taken for granted, hence the importance for us to supply the NATO commanders with enough information of French origin.

NATO announced that the Russians were going to invade Ukraine, the while that according to our information at the DRM (Direction du Renseignement Militaire), there was nothing to support this hypothesis — we had in fact stated that the Russians had not deployed either command nor the logistics, that would permit envisaging a military invasion, notably field hospitals, and that the second-line units had been exhibiting no movement.

The outcome demonstrated that we got it right, since, if any Russian soldiers had been sighted in Ukraine, it would have been a matter of a pressuring maneouvre on Ukrainian president Poroshenko than of any prelude to an invasion."

Dec 02 06:57

Lebanese Official Claims To Breitbart: NATO ‘Okayed’ Turkey’s Downing Of Russian Jet

“The Turks cannot afford to shoot down a Russian plane, being a member of NATO, without asking the permission of NATO. They have to ask NATO. It’s NATO,” said Jumblatt, a member of parliament and leader of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party.

Jumblatt is considered the leader of Lebanon’s historic Druze community.

“I know that this jet was shot down by the Turks and directly [by] the Cold War between NATO and Russia,” Jumblatt added.

Asked to confirm whether he was accusing NATO of approving Turkey’s downing of the Russian jet, Jumblatt replied:

“I think so, because such a major action cannot be taken on a local level. A Turkish level. Because so many times the Turkish airspace was violated. Now this is something else. It’s a new dimension in international politics.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dec 01 16:46

Paris suicide bomber trained to shoot at French police gun club – report

One of the gunman involved in the attack on the Bataclan theater during the Paris terror assaults learned to shoot at a French police shooting club. It emerged that Samy Amimour, who had no criminal record at the time, enrolled in a course in 2011.

Dec 01 13:52

Greeks Told To Declare Cash "Under The Mattress", Jewelry And Precious Stones

When earlier today we read a report in the Greek Enikonomia, according to which Greek taxpayers would be forced to declare all cash "under the mattress" (including inside) or boxes that contain more than 15,000 euros as well as jewelry and precious stones (including gold) worth over 30,000 euros, starting in 2016, we assumed this has to be some early April fools joke or a mistake.

After all, this would be merely the first step toward full-blown asset confiscation, conducted so many times by insolvent governments throughout history, once the government cracks down on those who made a "mistake" in their asset declaration form or simply refuse to fill such a declaration, thereby making all their assets eligible for government confiscation.

It was not a joke.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The last official act of any government is to loot the nation.

And yes, it will happen here. It is inevitable. The common people are always made to pay for all the mistakes of the government.

Dec 01 13:07

Meanwhile In Kosovo's Parliament...

While Americans are used to tears (and jeers) in The Capitol as politicians go about their 'business', none of that compares to the behavior of lawmakers in Kosovo this morning.

As The Irish Times reports, three opposition lawmakers were arrested in Kosovo on Monday amid chaotic scenes in parliament, filled once more with tear gas in a fresh protest against an accord with former master Serbia.

Dec 01 12:33

14,000 Refugees Due for Deportation from Sweden Have Completely Disappeared

Unfortunately the police lack the manpower to enforce the deportation orders, since many of them have been sent to conduct border security. That border security is also failing, since officers are only allowed to make spot checks, and can’t profile people by appearances. Even when they do successfully catch and deport someone trying to sneak in, their country of origin often refuses to let them go back home.
In other words, nations like Sweden have passed the point of no return.

Dec 01 12:22

ECB & The Failed QE Stimulus

Dec 01 10:44

Protesters of Moldova’s unification with Romania hold rally in Chisinau

Some 100 people took part in a rally supporting the Moldova’s sovereignty in the Republic’s capital Chisinau, the organizers said on Tuesday. The rally took place near the Romanian Embassy on the day when Romania celebrates the Unity Day in order to demonstrate the unwillingness of the Moldovans majority to unite with neighboring Romania. "We made contact in social networks and created the 'I want to live in Moldova' initiative group, uniting people with similar points of view," activist Tatiana Gogu said. "They consider Moldova is sovereign country that does not need unification with Romania." According to her, some politicians suppose Moldova is unable to overcome current crisis without the help of Romania, which recently entered the European Union. According to numerous public opinion polls, not more than 10-15% of Moldovans support the idea of their country’s unification with Romania whereas this project enjoys support from about 68% of Romanians.

Dec 01 10:34

Moldova arrests paramilitaries who 'planned pro-Russian uprising'

Crimea chose to be a part of Russia some time ago and segments of Ukraine, namely the Donetsk People's Republic, have also been fighting to be enfolded back into Russia.

More recently, police in Moldova claim to have busted a conspiracy by members of a paramilitary group who allegedly planned to attack several cities and establish a separatist pro-Russian enclave in Moldova, reports.

Dec 01 09:44

Norway Thinks Russian Vodka and Sex Are Threatening Its Security

So that's why the world still needs NATO...

Dec 01 09:43

ABSURD: Crash Course for 12 Year Old Czechs to ‘Resist Russian Propaganda’!

Europeans no longer know what to believe, as any statement that differs from those in the mainstream media is immediately labelled Russian propaganda. Even the statement: “The first person who flew into space, was Yuri Gagarin” or “the first person, who walked in space, was Alexei Leonov”, will be taken for Russian propaganda... The Czech Republic is even teaching high school students (12-19 years old) how to spot and resist Russian propaganda. A draft directive and training course was spawned by a prominent NGO “Man in Need” (Clovék v tísní). As part of a project titled “One World in Schools”, the program slated for 600 schools in Bohemia and Moravia defines Russian propaganda, its purpose and tools, in five lectures corresponding to the modern issues it supposedly tackles. Each lecture includes a video or a fragment of a broadcast or movie, texts, learning objectives and a list of the basic concepts associated with them...

Dec 01 09:35

Global Protests Demand Climate Justice as World Leaders Open Pivotal Paris Summit

More than half a million people took part in rallies around the world ahead of today’s opening of the 21st United Nations Climate Change Summit in Paris.

Dec 01 09:14

Italians to spend €150m ... snooping on PS4 jabber

Italian counter-terror agents are to monitor Sony's PlayStation Network for jihadi chatter, according to the nation's justice minister, following alarmingly silly reports that a PS4 was used to coordinate the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Dec 01 09:14

Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

Antalya, Turkey – Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he has shared intelligence with the other G20 member states, which reveals the 40 countries from which ISIS finances the majority of their terrorist activities. The list reportedly included a number of G20 countries.

Dec 01 08:46

East European states intend to block Nord Stream 2 project

The European Commission (EC) has received a letter from eastern European states on their intention to block the Nord Stream 2 project, European Commission energy spokesperson Anna-Kaisa Itkonen said on Tuesday. "Yes, I can confirm that we’ve received the letter," she said. According to Itkonen, the EC will consider and offer a response. "We’ll offer a response to it just like to any other letter we receive," she said. On Monday the Financial Times reported that nine countries of central and eastern Europe, led by Poland and Slovakia, are petitioning to block the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which allegedly undermines the EU’s energy security.

Dec 01 06:17

Thousands in Europe protest against bombing Syria

The anti-war movement was reenergized this week in Europe, as thousands of protesters demonstrated against bombing campaigns in Syria that have recently been suggested by governments in the NATO alliance

Dec 01 00:06

Iranian Supreme Leader Sends Crucial Message to World Audience on Terrorism

People at zerohedge are questioning the authenticity of this letter.

For those of a cynical persuasion, it’s difficult to ignore the similarities between Islamic State’s brand of puritanical Islam and Saudi Arabia’s propagation of Wahhabism. Put simply, indoctrinating the masses with an ultra orthodox ideal that breeds intolerance sows the seeds of extremism and on that score, Riyadh and Raqqa are really no different.

To the Youth in Western Countries,

The bitter events brought about by blind terrorism in France have once again, moved me to speak to you young people. For me, it is unfortunate that such incidents would have to create the framework for a conversation, however the truth is that if painful matters do not create the grounds for finding solutions and mutual consultation, then the damage caused will be multiplied.

Nov 30 14:09

Bankers Reap Forfeited Souls As Millions Turn to Prostitution: “Viagra Costs 4x The Cost of P***y”

At one level, it pure economics. The Greek people have been squeezed. Their economy has been sold at auction, and everything is breaking down. In tandem, Greece is seeing a spike in prostitution at such a skyrocketing rate and a shocking decline of human value:

Paul Craig Roberts writes:

The plummeting living standards forced on the Greek people by German chancellor Merkel and the European banks have forced large numbers of young Greek women into prostitution. The large increase in the supply of women offering sexual services has dropped the price to 4 euros an hour. That’s $4.24, enough for a cheese pie or a sandwich, the value that bankster-imposed austerity has placed on an hour’s use of a woman’s body. The half hour price is $2.12. They don’t even get the minimum wage.


Nov 30 12:15

Israel acting like a child ... again.

Nov 30 12:10

Bankster Capitalism At Work

snip: The loans were made to corrupt Greek governments who were paid bribes by the lenders to accept the loans, and the proceeds often were used for purchases from the country from which the loan originated. For example, Greek governments were paid bribes to borrow money from German or other foreign banks in order to purchase German submarines. It is through this type of corruption that the Greek debt grew.

Nov 30 11:33

Big Oil, TTIP and the Scramble for Europe

If sanctioned, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would be the biggest trade deal ever seen. Yet the public continue to be kept in the dark about it. Large corporations have been granted privileged access to officials and have been allowed to shape the talks agenda from the outset. Throughout the process, organisations representing the public and civil society have been sidelined. The public has had to rely on leaks or resort to freedom of information law and heavily redacted documents to try to understand what is happening behind closed doors.

Nov 30 11:13

Visa-free travel to US for EU citizens feared as loophole for jihadists

US President Obama says there is no current terror threat to the United States. Despite that, last week the US suspended a programme allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees to come to America - over security concerns.

Nov 30 11:03

‘Bonkers Bureaucracy’: EU new law on how to use candles

Modern times and the massive issues facing Europe demand careful and insightful decision-making from the continent’s leaders.

Nov 30 09:44

CIA AGENT: Millions have been spent to break up Yugoslavia

Robert Baer, a former CIA agent, says that millions of dollars were spent to smash the former Yugoslavia. When I arrived in January 1991 in Sarajevo task was to spread false information that the Serbian terrorists are about to attack the city, and thus to create panic, says Baer. Baer claims that then he and his colleagues received millions of dollars to influence politicians and the break-up of Yugoslavia.

- We bribed parties and politicians who incited hatred among nations - said Baer. He pointed out that a US senator during the war in B&H said that Srebrenica will be the main news on the world's front pages.

- He even told us that we have already established contact with the media - said Baer.

The former CIA agent, was arrested several times in recent years for revealing state secrets. He has published several books about the CIA, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.