Feb 22 09:43

Cameron Unleashes 'Project Fear' - UK Military Leaders Warn Against Brexit Threat To National Security

Just as the government did in the lead up to The Scottish Referendum in 2014, it appears David Cameron is already unleashing resorting to the so-called Project Fear. As The Telegraph reports, following Boris Johnson's lack of acquiescence to Cameron's call for no Brexit, more than a dozen of the country's most senior military leaders will argue that Britain should vote to stay in the European Union because of its importance to national security.

Feb 22 08:37

Afghan migrant, 16, rapes worker at Belgian asylum centre two weeks after attending a course on how to treat Western women

A teenage Afghan immigrant has been charged with raping a female worker at an asylum seekers’ centre in Belgium, authorities said, prompting outrage from anti-immigrant politicians.

According to the Daily Mail, the 16-year-old Afghan asylum seeker followed a worker from a catering firm into the basement and raped her at the centre in Menen, near the French border, prosecutors said. The judge ordered him detained in youth custody until his next hearing.

A spokeswoman for the Red Cross said it was the first time in 25 years such an alleged incident had occurred at one of the organization’s asylum seeker centers in the country.

Feb 22 08:00


Last month, we documented the burgeoning spat between Brussels and Poland over the latter’s move to approve new laws that allow the conservative (and eurosceptic) Law and Justice (PiS) government to name the chiefs of public TV and radio, and select judges for Poland’s constitutional court. In response to a bloc-wide backlash, Polish minister Zbigniew Ziobro sent a letter to EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger in which Ziobro dismissed criticism of the new laws as “silly.”

Feb 22 04:36

Pound pummelled on Brexit fears

Sterling is heading for its biggest single-session loss since October 2009 after London mayor Boris Johnson threw his weight behind the campaign for Britain to exit the EU.

Pressure on the pound intensified in morning trading on Monday, leaving it down by as much as 1.8 per cent to a session low of $1.4152 — its lowest level in three weeks. The euro rose 1.2 per cent against the pound to £0.7828.

“Any closes below $1.42 [against the dollar] or above £0.7850 [for the euro] would open the way to further weakness for sterling,” warned Kit Juckes at Société Générale.

“Overall, I think we are likely to see further sterling weakness ahead of the vote itself >>>

Feb 21 11:32

The Pharmaceutical Market: The Netherlands – Market Research, Mechanisms and Forecast Report

While the Netherlands is a low-risk market from the point of view of multinational drugmakers, the country’s modest per capita expenditure on pharmaceuticals relative to other Western European countries is an issue. Another challenge facing drugmakers is cost-containment, which will only intensify as the Netherlands enters a period of slower economic growth. In fact, as we warned , the Dutch authorities recently introduced a new scheme – reimbursement for medicines that prove therapeutically ineffective will be reclaimed from the manufacturer – to reduce public healthcare costs. BMI notes that the ‘no cure, no pay’ scheme implemented by the Dutch government is not a new concept , with the US government and a number of Western European governments already having made risk – sharing or money-back guarantee agreements with drug companies. However, these agreements focused on particular medicines, unlike the much harsher ‘blanket’ stance of the Dutch health ministry.

(*I think a sprinkle of BEX can be detected , starting with; 'with the US government - - - already having made risk – sharing or money-back guarantee agreements with drug companies.'
never heard of it before reading The Netherlands agenda .)

Feb 21 10:46

George Soros Calls on EU to Bankrupt Itself in Order to Destroy Itself

In an editorial released Wednesday, George Soros said the European Union faces "mortal danger" and must "urgently" use their "AAA credit rating" to take on massive debt so that their refugees can be provided with "formal employment opportunities, health care, and education," lest the EU continue "coming apart at the seams." Soros writes in "The Case for Surge Funding"... Translation: you must bankrupt your countries even further or else we'll call you racist "xenophobes" for not wanting to be overrun by foreigners going on raping sprees.

Feb 21 09:57

Former Czech President: "US/EU Propaganda Against Russia Ridiculous"

Vaclav Klaus, longtime president and prime minister of the Czech Republic who is still highly popular, is one of the most respected and outspoken conservatives in Europe. "I remember one person in our country who at one moment was minister of foreign affairs, telling me that he hated communism so much that he was not even able to read Dostoevsky. I have remembered that statement for decades and I am afraid that the current propaganda against Russia is based on a similar argument and way of thinking...The US/EU propaganda against Russia is really ridiculous and I can’t accept it." In an interview on Czech radio in early September, Klaus stated that Ukraine is an artificially created state, and that the Ukrainian conflict was an artificial event created by the West and the United States which forced Russia to intervene. He also argued that Ukraine lacks strong ties to keep country together.

Feb 21 09:20

Did Israeli interference block justice in Spain?

“They don’t respect the victims of war crimes by imposing the costs,” Gonzalo Boyé, the lawyer representing the three litigants, told The Electronic Intifada.

Boyé said this is the first time such costs have been ordered on plaintiffs in a suit involving universal jurisdiction over war crimes, a decision that sets a disturbing precedent for future litigation.

The United Nations Human Rights Council found that Israel’s attack on the civilian ships in 2010 “constituted grave violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law.”

In July 2010 the three Spanish citizens sued seven Israeli politicians and military officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, under Spain’s universal jurisdiction law, which formerly allowed the national courts to prosecute crimes of global significance that took place outside the country’s borders.

Feb 21 08:45

These Important Stocks are Trading Like a Financial Crisis Has Begun

European bank stocks are crashing.

Deutsche Bank (DB), Germany’s largest bank, has plunged 36% this year. Its stock is at an all-time low.

Credit Suisse (CS), a major Swiss bank, has plummeted 40% this year to its lowest level since 1991.

Feb 21 05:20

The Empire Doesn’t Retreat or Compromise

Reading mainstream media news, analyses, and opinion pieces about this war is completely useless, as everything is either uninformed and clueless gibberish or propaganda and deception.

I wrote this text over several days and every time I sat down again to continue there came another headline to my mind. The first headline was “Nobody said, that it will be easy,” the second “Waiting for the Turkey-Russia showdown,” the third “Playing the terrorism game,” the fourth “Everything is better than war.”

In the end I settled for the header “The empire doesn’t retreat or compromise.”

This statement stands the test of time, it has been proven throughout human history, and there is only one single exemption, only one short period where retreat and compromise are a possibility. This short period is the time when the empire is in terminal decline and in the process of collapsing.

Feb 20 12:40

Why is Europe following Obama and washing its hands of Palestine?

Alan Hart explains why he believes European leaders will never take the lead in pressing Israel to respect international law and to be serious about a just peaceful settlement of the conflict with the Palestinian people.

Feb 20 08:50


These are the facts:

1. We are being asked to decide on the deal before it’s been ratified
2. Real reform of EC dictatorship is completely absent from the proposals
3. The Government’s primary argument for staying is what might happen if we didn’t
4. The only other ‘reason’ is that we’ve obtained ‘a good deal’.

I’m going to return to my Life mantra again now:

“Harken not unto what they say, but watch closely how they behave”.

Feb 20 07:58

EU SUMMIT: they can make representations all weekend, but they won’t represent us

Yet another European crisis debate is going down to the wire. I doubt very much if the irony of the EC being late for everything is available to the closed minds involved in all this palaver: but whether or not, I’m making this appeal to those real people far, far beyond the Bubble tonight.

The appeal may strike those already aware of where my sympathies lie as being contradictory, but bear with me…it isn’t.

My opening observation is this. Were I tonight a Commissioner having my dinner three hours late – to which of course, being a eunatic, I’d feel unquestionably entitled, late or otherwise – my overwhelming desire would be to say to David Scameron, “Shit or get off the pot”.

Feb 20 05:01

British PM Cameron meets cabinet after clinching EU deal

Prime Minister David Cameron met senior ministers on Saturday to win endorsement of an EU deal he hopes will persuade voters to ratify Britain's membership of the world's largest trading bloc at a referendum likely to be held in June.

Cameron hailed a deal clinched with other European Union leaders at a summit in Brussels as granting Britain special status, and said he would campaign hard now to convince voters to stay in the bloc that Britain joined in 1973.

"I will be campaigning with all my heart and soul to persuade the British people to remain in the reformed European Union," >>>

Feb 19 12:14

Operation Sophia: Wikileaks reveals EU military plan to stop refugee influx

WikiLeaks has released a classified report detailing the EU’s military operations against refugee flows in Europe.

Feb 19 11:47

Euro over Dollar: Brazil waivers US currency in trade with Iran

The US dollar is losing ground as the leading currency used for international trade with Brazil now saying it's planning to use the Euro instead, in its dealings with Iran.

Feb 19 11:18

Every second schoolchild in Vienna not a native speaker

The number of schoolchildren in Austria who don’t speak German as their first language is increasing. Nationwide, one in five children speak a foreign language at home and in Vienna almost one in two children don’t speak German as their mother language.

Feb 19 11:10

George Galloway to Sputnik: Britain Should 'Say Goodbye' to European Union

Ahead of Britain’s EU Membership Referendum, legendary British parliamentarian and London Mayoral candidate George Galloway joined Sputnik’s Brian Becker, denouncing Britain’s continued involvement in the European Union, and saying the bloc will collapse as Europeans reject economic deregulation and imperialistic military entanglements.

Feb 19 10:51

Experts: Invasion of Syria Could Lead to Nuclear War

The Threat of Nuclear War Is Now HIGHER Than During the Soviet Era

Turkey previously shot down a Russian jet.

Now, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to invade Syria.

How dangerous could this get, in a worst case scenario?

Robert Parry – the investigative reporter who broke the Iran-Contra story for the Associated Press and Newsweek – wrote yesterday:

A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, any such conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear confrontation.

Feb 19 10:39

Soros: ‘Xenophobic’ EU countries must take on massive debt to pay for refugees

In an editorial released Wednesday, George Soros said the European Union faces “mortal danger” and must “urgently” use their “AAA credit rating” to take on massive debt so that their refugees can be provided with “formal employment opportunities, health care, and education,” lest the EU continue “coming apart at the seams.”

Feb 19 09:34

Latvian Official Vows Riga & NATO Will Make 'Normal Country' Out of Russia

Speaking to Latvian Radio, Latvian presidential adviser Janis Kazocins suggested that the NATO alliance must demonstrate its "readiness to strike" Russia, adding that Russia is a country that must be spoken to "not only in the language of diplomacy." Latvia, he said, would make every effort to "make a normal country out of Russia."

Feb 19 09:16

Why is US storing new tanks in hidden Norwegian caves?

US Marines are using Cold War era Norwegian caves to store new tanks, artillery and other military equipment to ramp up their presence near the Nato-Russia border, CNN reported on Thursday

Feb 18 18:36

International community condemns Ankara blast, stands with Turkey

The international community has condemned a car bomb attack in Ankara that killed 28 people and wounded 61 others near the armed forces’ headquarters, parliament and other government buildings.

He said there could be no justification “for such horrific acts” and that “NATO allies stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism.”
Meanwhile, the White House said it condemned the attack in Ankara and that stands in solidarity with Turkey.

“We stand together with Turkey, a NATO ally, a strong partner, and a valued member of the counter-Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant coalition in the face of this attack,” said Ned Price, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel also released a statement on Feb. 17, in which she sharply condemned the “horrifying” attack.

The chancellor said she was horrified by the attack in Ankara and that her thoughts were with the families of the victims and the injured.

Feb 18 11:15

Operation Barbarossa 2.0: US Military Occupation of Eastern Europe Intensifies, America Threatens to Attack Russia

There is no need to enter once again into the real history of events in Ukraine, Syria, Europe, Asia, Africa and all the places in the world where American and European meddling have wreaked havoc and loosed Chaos with the dogs of war. The history is well known by those who are interested. But there is a need to comprehend the meaning of what the United States is doing by announcing that it will increase its military budget for eastern Europe by 400%, from a current budget of $789 million to $3.4 billion in 2017. Since the Russians are not the threat in the region, but the United States and NATO are, the placement of military hardware to support a full armoured combat brigade in the region, and right on top of Russia’s borders can have only one other purpose, aggression.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing for the US government to do is, unfortunately, no guarantee that won't do just that; and war with Russia certainly falls into this category.

The US economy is contracting, big time, and the offshoring/outsourcing of jobs continues apace. People are living in their cars, if they are lucky, with many more homeless, on the streets, disenfranchised and unempowered.

Those in the bowels of power think a new world war would be a really great thing, because it would distract Americans from their economic misery by attempting to blame that misery on the war.

However, they miss a couple of salient points in their support of this.

First, during World War I and II, neither China nor Russia had the atomic bomb.

Secondly, at this point in their history, the US military does not have the weaponry, the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia, and that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous.

It has become painfully clear to me, over the last 20 years, that the US government is pathologically incapable of indulging in good faith negotiations with which to resolve geopolitical disputes, and has simply fallen back on militaristic bullying to get its way.

And We the People have become disposable, and irrelevant to those in power along the way, and that is a really dangerous for a country which is, allegedly, a democratic republic.

Feb 18 10:37

Latvians are selling their organs to pay off debts

In Latvia you can find a donor among young people for the amount of 6 thousand euros. Sellers are willing to give up their kidneys or other organs to pay off debts. According to the newspaper Diena, in an official turn to change are only a few dozen people, but the Network is full of people willing to sell their organs for an amount of 6 to 20 thousand euros. Their wish to be a donor young Latvians explain that they intend to invest in a startup, cover wedding expenses or to pay debts. It is noted that in accordance with the applicable country laws the sellers of their own body parts do not face criminal liability. The law threatens only those active in the illegal removal of organs.

Feb 18 10:31


It says there very clearly that it remains a Union objective to stick with monetary union and that the currency is the euro. As the single biggest problem the EU faces is an inflexible single currency, why should we stay in an take on a suicide case as our leading trade partner?

Feb 18 08:52


Diplomatic tensions between the EU member states are intensifying in the run-up to the meeting of heads of state and governments this week. The issue of what measures can better seal off Europe against refugees is further inflaming these conflicts.

Feb 18 08:44


The battle lines have been drawn: So will we stay or will we go? It’s 90 percent certain the European Union referendum will take place on June 23 – that’s according to Sputnik’s guest this week, Nigel Farage. He’s the man who more than any other has brought the country to the point where we can democratically agree on whether we remain in the EU or we leave. He joins Sputnik this week to tell us about his Brexit campaign and a whole lot more.

Feb 18 08:43

West has no chance of stopping refugee influx – Turkish President Erdogan

Western countries have no chance of stopping the influx of refugees from Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. He also pledged to continue shelling Syrian Kurds and criticized the West for supporting Kurdish organizations.

Feb 18 05:16

A powerful explosion occurred in the building of a Turkish cultural centre in a suburb of Stockholm

There was a massive explosion in the building of a Turkish cultural centre in the suburbs of Stockholm. According to local media, it happened at 21:35 PM local time. It is noted that the explosion smashed all the windows in the building. However, the data on victims didn't arrive. The staff of emergency services arrived to a scene. Police cordoned off the surrounding area.

Feb 17 21:29

Meet the Corporations Lobbying Hardest for TTIP and the End of Democracy

Waking Times

It is quite incredible that the unelected bureaucrats of the EU Commission are even entertaining such an idea as the deeply unpopular TTIP trade deal amid huge citizen protest whilst already facing multiple episodes of social, political and economic unrest and crisis as the demise of the European project gathers pace.

Feb 17 16:28

Kos Battle: Despite protests Greece will go ahead with planned refugee centers

Riot police have used tear gas on protesters on the Greek island of Kos.

Feb 17 15:41

The French lawmaker accused Cameron of blackmail

The Prime Minister of UK David Cameron is using the tactics of blackmail worthy of Margaret Thatcher – this was stated by the Deputy of the French Parliament Alain Toure, representing the Department of Calvados. This is, perhaps, feared the first President of the Fifth Republic Charles de Gaulle, who twice – in 1963 and 1967 — refused Britain to join the European Union. The UK became a full member only in 1973, three years after the death of de Gaulle, who believed that Britain would become an American Trojan horse in Europe. Many proponents of this theory point to the fact that after 45 years the UK is not a full EU member because it refuses to sign the Schengen agreement and maintains its own currency.

Feb 17 14:34

Covertly, Israel prepares to fight boycott activists online

Israel says the movement is rooted in anti-Semitism and seeks not to change Israeli policies, but ultimately to put an end to the Jewish state.
Note: We should have know anti-Semitism again, and again, and again!

Feb 17 14:14

Merkel to Turkey: We are sharing your pain

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sharply condemned the attack in the Turkish capital that killed at least 28 people and wounded 61 others.

The chancellor said in a statement Wednesday that she was horrified by the attack in Ankara and that her thoughts were with the families of the victims and the injured.

She said: “I’m telling the Turkish people: we as Germans are sharing your pain.”

She added: “In the battle against those responsible for these inhuman acts we are on the side of Turkey.”

Feb 17 13:25

NATO Refuses to Comment on Turkey YPG Shelling, Denies Involvement in Syria

NATO is not willing to give any assessments of Turkey's shelling of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, as the military bloc itself is not involved in Syria, a NATO official told Sputnik on Wednesday.

Feb 17 12:51


Signing of IPAP agreement with NATO (Individual Partnership Action Plans) by the Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs in March 2015 was followed by a series of public protests in the country. This was not pleasing Serbian authorities. That is why the ratification of the agreement was postponed. Then, after nearly a year, the agreement was ratified on February 12, almost in secret, without the real debate in the National Parliament and with only one vote against. It was like an official burial of an unidentified person. Everyone wanted to finish the dirty job as soon as possible. The curiosity is that the state television (Radio televizija Srbije) did not report about this activity of the Parliament. Neither on 12th nor on 13th of February. No report, no comment, no short news that Serbia has ratified an important agreement with NATO. All this shows just how much the clients of the West are concerned...

Feb 17 12:45

The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth

Little Sweden has taken in far more refugees per capita than any country in Europe. But in doing so, it’s tearing itself apart.

Feb 17 12:30

17 February 2016, WikiLeaks is releasing the classified report about the first six month of Operation SOPHIA, the EU military intervention against "refugee boats" in Libya and the Mediterranean

The report, dated 29 January 2016, is written by the Operation Commander, Rear Admiral Enrico Credendino of the Italian Navy, for the European Union Military Committee and the Political and Security Committee of the EU. It gives refugee flow statistics and outlines the performed and planned operation phases (1, 2A, 2B and 3), the corresponding activities of the joint EU forces operating in the Mediterranean and the future strategies for the operation. One of the main elements within the report is the planned, but still pending transition from Phase 2A (operating in High Seas) to Phase 2B (operating in Libyan Territorial Waters) due to the volatile government situation in Libya, where the building of a 'Government of National Accord' (GNA) is still under way.

Feb 17 11:49

The official from NATO accused Russia of unleashing a hybrid war against Latvia

Director of the Center for strategic communication NATO Yanis Sarts has accused Russia of unleashing a hybrid war against Latvia. He said this on Wednesday, 17th February, in the program "Morning panorama" on Latvian television channel LTV1, reports the portal "The situation has deteriorated. We begin to observe it [hybrid war] not only in Ukraine, but also in the Baltic States, Central Europe and Scandinavia. You need to understand that the hybrid war may lead to real combat," said Sarts. As an example of Russian aggression he has led to "advocacy projects RT and Sputnik". The representative of the Alliance noted that his office will monitor the activities of the "Pro-sites", and the Latvian citizens were advised to ignore them.

Feb 17 10:33

Riga mayor defiant amid calls not to use Russian in social networks

The Baltic nation of Latvia is home to almost 2 million people, with Russians accounting for around 40% of the country’s population. Latvian is the only official language in the country, while Russian is considered as a foreign language. Latvia’s State Language Center has asked Nils Ushakov earlier this week to explain why the Riga City Council uses the Russian language on its official Facebook page. Ushakov, the first ethnic Russian to be elected mayor of Riga in 2009, said the city council uses both the Latvian and Russian languages in social networks "so that every citizen of Riga has an opportunity to know everything what happens in the city. If they have a question, we want to give an answer that they will understand. First, this is our principal position. We are not going to change anything," Ushakov told the Baltcom radio station.

Feb 17 09:15

SWEDEN: Verge Of Collapse From Muslim Invasion, Swedes Are Arming Themselves in Record Numbers!

Feb 17 09:07

Soros (seriously) underestimates his audience by blaming Putin for EU refugee crisis

In an opinion piece released last week, Soros seeks to prove that President Putin was working “to foster the EU’s disintegration” by flooding the continent with refugees, allegedly as a result of the Russian military’s foray into Syria where it has dealt a lethal blow to Islamic State forces.

George Soros is no fool, of course. He will go down in the history books as “the man who broke the Bank of England” – an achievement that, while conspicuously lacking a moral chromosome and ethical outlook, took no small amount of mental finesse to pull off. And that’s why Soros’s anti-Putin rant is so strange: it is so illogical and blatantly wrong-headed - to the point where a sense of desperation oozes between the lines.

Feb 17 08:25

"Drowning Migrants" Well, Except That Dude Standing In The Surf We Had To Crop Out To Pull This Lie Off...

Feb 17 08:10

German 'bail-in' plan for government bonds risks blowing up the euro

The London Debt Conference in 1953, when much of Germany's debt was written off. European sovereign debt was sacrosanct after that until the euro led to serial crises A new German plan to impose "haircuts" on holders of eurozone sovereign debt risks igniting an unstoppable European bond crisis and could force Italy and Spain to restore their own currencies, a top adviser to the German government has warned. "A speculative attack could come very fast. If I were a politician in Italy and I was confronted by this sort of insolvency risk I would want to go back to my own currency as fast as possible, because that is the only way to avoid going bankrupt,” he told The Telegraph.

Feb 17 08:08

‘Islamic Rape Of Europe’: Polish Magazine Splashes ‘White Europa’ Girl Groped By Migrant Hands

One of Poland’s most popular weekly magazines has splashed a graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants on its front cover. The image may be one of the most politically incorrect illustrations of the migrant crisis to date.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Screw political correctness!

Feb 17 06:19

Iran In New Phase Of Ties With Europe

TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran and Europe has entered a new phase of relations and will speed up cooperation following the implementation of JCPOA.

Zarif made the remarks in a meeting with the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz on Tuesday, in Brussels

Feb 17 05:25

‘Islamic Rape Of Europe

‘Islamic Rape Of Europe’: Polish Magazine Splashes ‘White Europa’ Girl Groped By Migrant Hands

One of Poland’s most popular weekly magazines has splashed a graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants on its front cover. The image may be one of the most politically incorrect illustrations of the migrant crisis to date.

(*politically incorrect ? but isn't one picture worth a thousand words anymore ?)

Feb 16 16:23

‘Plan B’: Central EU states call for securing borders if migrant influx goes on

Some Central European states are raising concerns over current migration policies spearheaded by Germany.

Feb 16 14:28

Proof That Ukraine and Members of the EU Have Given up Their Sovereignty to the US

This is a 9 minute video, although you only have to watch till 7:40 to get the main argument. It seems state sovereignty in the EU has become a thing of the past. Not only does the EU seem to obey every foreign policy decision the US asks it to, but there are many US citizens, educated in the US, who have become important members of government in certain states. In the Baltic States, namely Estonia and Lithuania, even heads of government were US citizens. Under these heads of government, the Baltic states had joined both the EU and NATO. Of course, there is also Ukraine, which, after the coup in 2014, the new government appointed a US citizen to be finance minister. Even more striking is these members of government had retained US citizenship even while "leading" their nations. Why does this matter? It matters because when acquiring US citizenship, like all people obtaining US citizenship, they had to take an oath swearing allegiance to the United States and no other country.

Feb 16 14:14

Dwindling UK sovereignty may push attorney general to back Brexit

Britain’s Attorney General Jeremy Wright may vote for a Brexit amid mounting concern that European courts are whittling away the UK’s sovereignty, it has emerged.

Feb 16 12:25

Turkey Violates Greek Airspace 22 Times Within 24 Hours

The violations took place over the islands of Samos and Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea and over Lemnos and Lesbos in the northern part of the sea, the General Staff said, adding that two "virtual dogfights" between Greek and Turkish aircraft took place.

On Wednesday, Greek media reported that at least six Turkish fighter jets, flying in a single formation, violated Greek airspace.

Feb 16 11:25

American Military Group Arrives in Moldova

According to the press service of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, today on January 13th, U.S. troops arrived in the Republic of Moldova on a regional tour. The group consisted of 17 people: elected admirals and generals, as well as civil officers of the highest command and staff of the Department of Defense of the United States of America. Their stay in the Republic will last until February 16th.

This visit is a part of the program "Capstone", which ensures the highest composition of commanders on foreign policy and national security. Also during the visit, a group of soldiers from the U.S. will hold meetings with representatives of civil society, the government of Moldova, and will visit some of the monuments of culture of the Republic. Note that this tour includes visits to Germany, Belgium, Estonia and Ukraine

Feb 16 11:24

The quiet rebellion of Conservative England

For all their quiet manners, the members of Walton's Conservative Club have had their fill of the European Union. Many also feel that David Cameron, the Prime Minister who promised voters a radical new deal for EU membership, has let them down.

Looking up from his copy of the Telegraph’s sport section, Clive Gee, 60, says simply: “We are paying too much into the EU and we are not getting enough back.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Of course. That's what all these unions and the New World Order are about. You give us your wealth, and in return, we give you ... ink and paper." -- New World Odor

Feb 16 11:22

John Kerry calls for united Europe, including Britain

David Cameron, Angela Merkel and John Kerry have called for Great Britain to be part of a united Europe.

All three were speaking as world leaders met for the Munich security conference today to discuss various issues, but primarily the crisis in Syria and battle against the Islamic State terrorist group.

Mr Kerry, US secretary of state, today said that his country strongly backed Britain staying in the European Union.

Feb 16 11:18

Turko-Kurdish Rift Spreads to Sweden as Kurdish Man is Shot in Stockholm

Kurdish people are not only being viciously attacked in Turkey and Syria, they’re also being hunted down in other countries: an elderly Kurdish man was shot in Stockholm over the past weekend, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported.

A 52-year-old Kurdish man received gunshot wounds while attending a pro-Kurdish rally in the Swedish capital.

Although the attacker remains unknown, the incident might fuel a conflict between Turks and Kurds living in Sweden, said Paul Levin, a professor of Turkish Studies at Stockholm University, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

Feb 16 11:18

Schroeder: NATO Expansion Toward Russia Destroys Basis of German Ostpolitik

In an interview with Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said that the West should lift anti-Russian sanctions as they harm both Moscow and Europe.

Feb 16 11:17

Bad Idea? Merkel's 'Reckless' Game With Turkey May Backfire on EU

When it comes to dealing with Turkey and trying to solve the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel shouldn’t talk to Turkey on behalf of the entire European Union (EU), French political analyst Didier Billion told Atlantico.

Feb 16 11:10


Even with global inequality at historic highs and corporate tax evasion in the public spotlight, a new report out Monday shows how a so-called free trade deal between the U.S. and European Union could further threaten tax justice, hampering governments' ability to ensure that critical public services are well funded or to pursue progressive tax practices.

According to the London-based Global Justice Now and the Netherlands-headquartered Transnational Institute, the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) "would massively increase the ability of corporations to sue member states of the EU over measures such as windfall taxes on exceptional profits, or use of taxation as a policy instrument such as a possible 'sugar tax'."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... A treaty by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations.

Feb 16 10:51

Lukashenko satisfied with EU’s decision to lift most sanctions from Belarus

"The foreign minister should thank his colleagues for making such a decision. The EU did good, they understood that it’s high time to move away from this blocking mindset and confrontation with Belarus," Lukashenko said at the session on measures to boost effectiveness of social-economic sphere. "They (EU) made a decision that is absolutely satisfactory for us," he added. The Belarusian president ordered the government to step up work with EU banking structures and potential investors. "We are open for this," Lukashenko noted. EU lifted sanctions from President Alexander Lukashenko and 170 other Belarusian officials on Monday. However, the arms embargo remained in force.

Feb 16 09:00

Serbian Parliament Gives Jews $1 Million Per Year For “Holocaust” Restitution

According to a recent report published by The Jewish Daily Forward, Serbia’s parliament passed a bill giving the organized Jewish community in the Balkan state just over $1 million per year for the next 25 years for property allegedly seized from Jews during and after WWII. Incredibly, the restitution payments are for properties allegedly seized who do not even have heirs, and the money will simply go to the organized Jewish community occupying Serbia.

Could it be any more obvious how big of a racket the fake “Holocaust” narrative is? The organized international Jewish community is literally raking in billions of dollars every single year by promoting the fake “Holocaust” story, and the vast majority of this money comes directly from taxpayers in the United States and Europe. What an absolute outrage.

Feb 16 07:42

NATO buildup in Black Sea violates Montreux Convention — Russian deputy

Russia’s former Black Sea Fleet commander Vladimir Komoyedov warned NATO on Wednesday that the 1936 Montreux Convention restricted the time of stay of foreign warships in the Black Sea.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier on Wednesday that NATO would continue adapting and building up its military capabilities in the Black Sea region, including its naval forces, intelligence means and possibilities for redeploying reinforcements.

"First of all, the Black Sea is a closed theatre. It is an internal sea, in fact, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by straits," Komoyedov told TASS on Wednesday in response to Stoltenberg’s words.

Feb 16 02:22


Feb 15 19:13

Economists warn about Brexit

An overwhelming majority of economists warn that Britain’s economy would be worse off if voters decide the country should leave the European Union.

Feb 15 17:23

Risk of EU breaking up is 'real', European Council President admits

Donald Tusk warns that talks over the UK's membership in the EU have reached a 'critical moment'

Feb 15 14:00

Turkish PM Threatens Germany With ‘Hundreds of Thousands of New Refugees'

Turkey wants to continue its attacks against the Kurds in Syria; in a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkey's Prime Minister warned of a "new wave of hundreds of thousands of refugees" if Kurdish fighters start an offensive.

Feb 15 10:52

Why the Syria ceasefire is a long shot

Washington and its allies are not interested in peace. They want regime change – by hook or by crook.

An end to the Syrian conflict is desperately needed. But the latest plan for a cessation of violence is unlikely to take hold, as the deal struck by international powers is based on fundamentally opposing premises.

In short, Washington and its allies want regime change, while Russia and Iran insist that President Bashar Al-Assad and his government are the legitimate ruling authorities in Syria. All sides are mandated by UN resolutions to respect the sovereign will of the Syrian people – to determine the political future of their country.

Feb 15 10:49

A Syrian Breakthrough – Israel Shamir

Now the deed is done, the corridor is blocked.

If and when Aleppo and the whole Aleppo district will be taken by the Syrian army, we would be able to congratulate Putin and Assad – and Syrian people – with a great victory.

The Russians raise alarms that a Turkish invasion into Syria is imminent. Russian media is foaming at the mouth about the perfidious Turks; a veritable Two Minutes Hate ritual (vide Orwell) on the state-managed TV channels being repeated a few times a day. The idea is to scare Turks stiff so they will not move while the operation in the North lasts. On the other side, the Russian opposition draws frightful scenarios of Janissaries slaughtering the Russian boys on the Syrian terrain. The Turkish media also tries to instil fear in the Russkies by saying what they can do.

Feb 15 10:45

Presidential Debates and Iran

The presidential candidates’ irresponsible remarks about Iran - as though it is a politically convenient football to be kicked around...

After watching both the Republican and Democratic debates on TV, I intend to exclude two main categories from my principle concerns in the upcoming presidential elections that will determine who will replace President Obama next year: one is the entire roster of the Republican Party, and the other, anything other than the foreign policy issues; the main area of my personal interest.

I am disregarding the entire Republican roster because I don’t think any Republican has a chance to beat Ms. Clinton in the general elections, at least this time around.

Feb 15 09:52

The War On Paper Currency Begins: ECB Votes To "Scrap" 500 Euro Bill

Not a bad way to launch a global ban on paper currency ahead of a global NIRP regime, and all, of course, in the name of fighting "tax evasion, financial crime, terrorism and corruption."

Feb 15 09:23

U.S. senators urge Poland to respect democracy, rule of law

Poland should recommit to the respect for democracy, human rights, and rule of law, three U.S. senators said in a letter sent to the prime minister, referring to new laws on media and the constitutional court.

Poland's ruling party, the conservative and eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS), has packed the constitutional court with its appointees and changed the court's voting system, curbing its ability to censure legislation.

It has also passed a law giving the government direct control over the appointment of public media chiefs.

This has already raised concern in the European Commission, which began an unprecedented inquiry into whether Poland's new government, which won an outright majority in October, has breached the EU's democratic standards.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The part that Reuter's left out was where Poland told these outside meddlers to mind their own business!

Feb 15 08:47


Greek police have arrested three British men in two separate operations on suspicion of trying to move a large number of guns and ammunition into Turkey. The men, aged 22, 28 and 39 and all Iraqi Kurds with British passports, were found to have tens of thousands of small-calibre cartridges and more than 20 pistols and rifles close to the border with Turkey on Saturday evening.

Feb 15 08:03

Exclusive: How the public about US military activities in Saxony is deceived

An American military transport on a German motorway. In long columns trucks and Humvees US Army rolled in January towards the Saxon Chemnitz. This show amateur recordings, which are available exclusively COMPACT. A transport that has some puzzles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US military convoy through Germany appears to be transporting supplies in preparation for escalation against Russia.

Feb 14 16:39

NATO’s Provocative Anti-Russian Moves

Official Washington’s demonization of Vladimir Putin and the neocon “group think” about “Russian aggression” have fueled a reckless drive to move NATO forces up to Russia’s border, thus heightening risks of nuclear war and not serving real U.S. national interests, writes Jonathan Marshall.

Feb 14 10:09

Fury as Angela Merkel's 'attack dog' threatens UK with trade war after Brexit and claims: 'You can't survive without us'

A diplomatic row erupted between Britain and Germany last night after a senior ally of Angela Merkel was accused of threatening a trade war if Britain quits the EU.

Prominent German MP Gunther Krichbaum said the UK ‘cannot survive’ on its own and raised the spectre of crippling trade tariffs on British exports should we vote to leave the union.

Mr Krichbaum’s warning came in a clash with senior Tory MP Sir Bill Cash, who accused the German politician of ‘threatening’ Britain.

Sir Bill said Britain had fought Germany in two world wars to keep its freedoms and was not going to surrender them to a German-run Brussels now.

Feb 14 08:33

Keiser Report: Bail-ins more dangerous than ISIS

using the threat of death from ISIS to distract you from the greater potential of death via bankster-caused poverty

Feb 14 04:15

Minister seeks punishment for use of phrase ‘Polish death camp’

“This will be a project that meets the expectations of Poles, who are blasphemed in the world, in Europe, even in Germany, that they are the Holocaust perpetrators, that in Poland there were Polish concentration camps, Polish gas chambers,” the news agency reported Ziobro as telling Polish RMF radio.

“Enough with this lie. There has to be responsibility,” the minister added.

Concentration camps built by the Nazis outside of Germany are almost never referred to as “Polish” in Poland, but the phrase “Polish death camps” is still widely used in publications outside of the country.

Feb 13 15:16

E.U. CRUMBLES: Greece KICKED OUT of SCHENGEN Passport-free Zone over Migrant Crisis.

Feb 13 09:09

We Are In A New Cold War": Russia PM Delivers Stark Warning To NATO

On Saturday, Medvedev was back at it with the hyperbole (or at least we hope it’s hyperbole) in Munich where more than 60 foreign and defense ministers are gathered for the 52nd Munich Security Conference. In his speech, the PM challenged NATO’s military maneuvers in the Baltics as well as the alliance’s general approach towards relations with The Kremlin.

“The political line of NATO toward Russia remains unfriendly and closed,” he said in a speech to the conference. “It can be said more sharply: We have slid into a time of a new cold war.”

“NATO on Wednesday approved new reinforcements for eastern Europe, including stepped-up troop rotations on its eastern flanks and more naval patrols in the Baltic Sea,” Bloomberg notes. “In response, the Kremlin dismissed the alliance’s argument that the move was merely defensive.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF in fact we are on the threshold of a "new cold war" (threatening to devolve in to a "hot" war over Syria), it is because the policies of NATO and the US government have put us there.

And NATO'S Sec-Gen Stoltenberg's assessment of Russian foreign policy has caused our very expensive bovine excrement assessment meter to shudder, and re-kit.

It is obvious to all thinking people that the US wants a major war to start ahead of the entire US economy taking a grand dump, which it appears to be about to do.

Then, politicians and heads of financial firms can blame the awful economy on the war, and not on horrific fiscal mismanagement, all to keep the money junkies happy for just a while longer.

Feb 13 08:09

‘Too cold, bad food, tired of waiting’: 1000s of Iraqi refugees cancel plans for Finnish asylum

The Nordic state of Finland was one of the favored destinations for asylum seekers fleeing war-torn Iraq for Europe last year. However, many are now using their own money to get on a plane back to Baghdad.

Feb 13 08:07


Two puppeteers were arrested and charged with glorifying terrorism after staging a show called, “The Witch and Don Cristobal”, as part of Madrid’s carnival celebrations on Saturday. They were released today, but charges have been filed against them. The 2 men have to make daily appearances before the court, and are not allowed to leave the country.

Feb 12 14:18

Sweden: '15-year-old' who 'killed' refugee worker is an adult

When police arrested the suspect last month, it was widely reported that he was born in 2000. But Sweden's Migration Agency has now suggested that he is at least three years older.

Feb 12 14:16

The Death of the Most Generous Nation on Earth

Little Sweden has taken in far more refugees per capita than any country in Europe. But in doing so, it’s tearing itself apart.

Feb 12 13:56

Danish imam urges govt to accept child marriages among refugees

A high-profile imam has urged the Danish government to accept child brides, as the practice is part of the culture of many refugees arriving in the country. It follows an announcement by Denmark that such couples will be separated under Danish law.

Imam Oussama El-Saadi, of the Aarhus mosque in Denmark, said that child brides should be looked at from a “different perspective.”

“It is an extraordinary humanitarian situation, and I think you have to take care of these families. They’re married, and even if the man is twice as old as they have built a family. We have to accept that it is a different culture, and we cannot destroy family life,” he told Danish newspaper Metroxpress.

Feb 12 12:57

imposing a provisional anti-dumping duty on imports of certain cold-rolled flat steel products originating in the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation

EU authorities decided to impose anti-dumping duties of Chinese and Russian exporters of steel products. This was reported in the official journal of the EU.

Feb 12 12:09


Documents seen by The Associated Press show that European Union countries are poised to restrict passport-free travel by invoking an emergency rule for two years due to the migration crisis.

Each of the 26 countries in the open-travel Schengen Area is allowed to unilaterally put up border controls for a maximum of six months. That limit can be extended for up to two years if a member nation is found to be failing to protect its borders.

The documents show that EU policymakers are poised to declare that Greece is failing to sufficiently protect its border. Some 2,000 people are still arriving daily on Greek islands in smugglers' boats from Turkey.

A European official showed the documents to the AP on condition of anonymity because the documents are confidential.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Of course, pressing the US government to stop creating the wars which have lead to these horrific, massive migrations (the worst since World War II) is something Europe is not yet prepared to do, yet should be doing!!

Feb 12 10:29

NATO mulls joining US-led coalition in Syria, Iraq: Carter

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the NATO military alliance may join a coalition purportedly targeting Daesh Takfiri militants in Syria and Iraq.

Feb 12 10:19

Serbia not planning to join NATO or other military alliances — ambassador

The issue on Serbia’s joining the North-Atlantic Alliance is not on the agenda, the country’s ambassador to Russia, Slavenko Terzic, said on Friday. "Serbia is not going to join NATO," Terzic said. "This issue is not discussed in Belgrade." The diplomat also stressed that Serbia is not planning to join any other military alliances. Serbia is ready to bring to normal relations with Kosovo and Metohija, but would not recognize their independence, Serbia’s envoy also said.

Feb 12 09:54

'15-year-old' Somali accused of stabbing Swedish social worker to death at children's refugee centre IS over 18, says Migration Agency

A Somalian migrant alleged to have stabbed a Swedish social worker to death and thought to be aged only 15 is now said to be at least three years older, it has emerged.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, was killed after she tried to break up a knife fight at an adolescent migrant centre where she worked in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Police say she had intervened when Youssaf Khaliif Nuur launched an unprovoked attack on another resident at the centre, suffering fatal knife wounds to the back and thigh.

Feb 12 09:34

Italy’s prime minister likens EU situation to sinking ship

Italy’s prime minister says the situation of the European Union resembles a sinking ship and the leadership of the continental bloc keeps ignoring the growing demands for change.

“The EU is like the orchestra playing on the Titanic,” Matteo Renzi said Wednesday, referring to the giant British vessel which sank in the North Atlantic in the early 20th century with the famous music band on the deck keeping on playing until they drowned.

Feb 12 09:33

NATO buildup in Black Sea violates Montreux Convention — Russian deputy

Russia’s former Black Sea Fleet commander Vladimir Komoyedov warned NATO on Wednesday that the 1936 Montreux Convention restricted the time of stay of foreign warships in the Black Sea.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier on Wednesday that NATO would continue adapting and building up its military capabilities in the Black Sea region, including its naval forces, intelligence means and possibilities for redeploying reinforcements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The rules don't apply to us! We're exceptional, remember?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 12 09:31

Britain to up naval deployment in Baltic to help NATO 'buildup against Russia'

The UK will reportedly send five extra ships to the Baltic and additional troops to be stationed on a rotational basis in six countries bordering Russia.

Feb 12 09:28

Poland accuses BBC of bias after broadcaster alleges country is being ‘Putinised’

Poland has launched a formal protest against the BBC in connection with a film suggesting that its current government was “Putinising” the country. A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the broadcaster of being biased in its portrayal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The BBC? Biased?!?

Feb 12 09:25

Independence, Ideology, Economy: Why Britons Are Pushing for a Brexit

The UK appears to be closer than ever to reforming its relationship with the EU following talks between leaders in London. Despite this, a new poll has shown increasing support for a Brexit, with critics telling Sputnik there are a series of deep-seated issues pushing Britons out of the EU.

Feb 12 08:39

Euro PIIGS Starting To Squeal Again

The PIIGS are starting to squeal again in Europe. No, not the kind that produces pancetta or linquica or bangers. We are talking about the continent’s debt-laden, economically-challenged countries known by the acronym PIIGS, namely, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. These nations are essentially economic dead weight for Europe considering their plight. That said, all financial markets are cyclical – nothing straight-lines. And indeed, despite the apparent inevitable downfall that awaits the Eurozone as a result of the PIIGS, the associated equity markets have actually been quite buoyant for the better part of the last 4 years. Not so anymore.

Feb 12 07:40


American and EU leaders are making a "grievous error" by taking Russian President Vladimir Putin for their ally in the fight against Islamic State, billionaire investor George Soros has stated. Putin's real aim is the EU's disintegration, Soros alleged. In an opinion piece for, the billionaire stated that "the best way to [cause the disintegration of the Euro bloc] is to flood the EU with Syrian refugees."

Webmaster addition: The EU is being torn apart by banker debt and the refugees. But Soros wants war with Russia, and drops the blame on them.

Soros is starting to remind me of the character General Midwinter from the 1967 film, "Billion Dollar Brain." Midwinter is a billionaire who wants to bring down Russia using plans created by the film title's computer. Soros seems to be the real-life version.

Feb 12 07:33


In 1993 an Irish republican paramilitary organization, the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), carried out an attack on Shankill road in Belfast, Ireland. The intended target of the IRA were leaders of a loyalist terrorist group, the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), who had a scheduled meeting above Frizzell’s fish shop. According toWikipedia “Two IRA members were to enter the shop disguised as delivery men, then force the customers out at gunpoint and plant a time bomb with a short fuse. However, when the IRA members entered the shop with the bomb, it exploded prematurely. One of the IRA members was killed along with a UDA member and eight Protestant civilians. More than fifty people were wounded. Unbeknownst to the IRA, the meeting had been rescheduled.”

Feb 12 02:17

Euro PIIGS Starting To Squeal Again

Feb 11 20:09

German Supermarket Chain Bans Bee-Killing Neonic Pesticides on Produce

Waking Times

Aldi Süd, a German supermarket chain with stores in the U.S., has become the first major European retailer to ban pesticides toxic to bees, including the neonicotinoids imidacloprid, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam, from all produce sold in their stores.

Feb 11 16:30

TTIP investor court illegal, say German judges

German judges dealt a blow to EU-US free trade agreement talks after declaring a proposed arbitration court illegal.

Feb 11 14:45

Russia not to lift embargo on Western food products — deputy PM

The Russian government has no plans to lift the embargo on Western foods imposed in response to the anti-Russian sanctions.

"The reason behind the food embargo is that we consider our state interests affected [by Western sanctions against Russia]. The Russian side is not considering a possibility of lifting its counter sanctions at this stage," Vice-Premier Sergei Prikhodko told journalists.

He added that Moscow could not and would not seek the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia on principle.

Feb 11 14:09


On Thursday, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg said that in response to a joint request from Germany, Greece, and Turkey, NATO agreed to provide support for the migrant crisis in Europe. “We have just agreed that NATO will provide support to assist with the refugee and migrant crisis. This is based on a joint request by Germany, Greece, and Turkey. The goal is to participate in the international efforts to stem the illegal trafficking and the illegal migration in the region,” the NATO Chief said at a press conference in Brussels. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports, over 847,000 migrants from Syria and other countries crossed the sea from Turkey into Greece last year. IOM also reported that 805 people drowned in the Aegean Sea to reach Greece.

Feb 11 14:04

'US teams up with E. Europe to prevent W. Europe rapprochement with Moscow'

A greater NATO presence in Eastern Europe meets with US policymakers’ agenda to team up with “new Europe countries” in order to keep everyone, especially Germany and France, in line, says Jim Jatras, former US diplomat and Senate policy adviser.

Feb 11 13:42

"Forget It": Turkey Throws Up On EU Refugee "Plan" As NATO Sends Ships To Nab "People Smugglers"

“Forget it.”

That’s Turkish ambassador to the EU Selim Yenel’s message to Europe in response to a Dutch plan that would resettle 250,000 refugees per year directly from Turkey if Ankara can manage to close off the Aegean sea route to Greece.

Feb 11 13:41

Israel denies European Parliament delegation access to Gaza

A delegation from the European Parliament was blocked by the Israeli authorities from entering Gaza on Tuesday, the EU said in a statement. The lawmakers, who are part of the working group of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with Palestine, arrived in Jerusalem on Monday and was due to visit Gaza to assess the destruction caused in the 2014 conflict and the reconstruction efforts funded by the European Union.

According to the statement, a copy of which was sent to MEMO’s reporter in Gaza, no justification was given to explain the refusal.

Feb 11 11:00

Will United States and Russia wipe each other off the face of Earth?

According to The Telegraph, defense ministers of 28 NATO countries will discuss issues of collective defense and deterrence policy at a meeting in Brussels. According to the newspaper, the ministers will discuss a new plan to strengthen the Baltic States and Europe. Reportedly, groups of 500-1,000 military men are to be sent to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Most of the troops will be represented by servicemen from the United States, the UK and Germany. The contingent will be deployed in the EU countries on a rotating basis, and will most likely include special purpose units, armed with ground-to-air missiles, attack aircraft and helicopters. NATO's largest maneuvers [of airborne troops] since WWII send a clear signal to the world about the "peaceful" intentions of the alliance...

Feb 11 10:33

Nato orders fleet to deploy in Aegean Sea 'to help end Europe's refugee crisis'

Warships from the Western alliance will be used to stop people-smuggling boats for the first time

Feb 11 09:42

Jailing of ex French Foreign Legion chief over anti-migrant rally ‘could stir revolt’

The French government made a mistake detaining General Christian Piquemal during anti-migrant protests in Calais, as many people are aware there are a lot of illegal migrants who have broken French law by arriving in the country, experts say.

An anti-migrant rally banned by the French government took place in the town of Calais on Saturday. The rally was organized by the PEGIDA movement. Several protesters were arrested. A former commander of the French Foreign Legion General Christian Piquemal, 75 - who spoke at the rally - was among those taken into custody. All could face up to a year in prison and should have appeared in court on Monday in Boulogne-sur-mer. However the appearance of Piquemal has been postponed after the retired general was taken to the hospital.

Feb 11 09:36

Hundreds of Greeks Protest Against Construction of Hot Spot for Refugees

Currently, Greece is implementing a program of construction of five centers for hosting and registering refugees on country's islands of Chios, Kos, Leros, Lesbos and Samos.

According to CNN Greece, the protesters gathered near the town hall to demand the cancellation of the center's construction.

During the weekend, clashes broke out in different parts of Kos between police and residents, who opposed the construction of the hot spot.

Feb 11 09:26

Moldovan protesters set to picket US embassy

Moldova’s opposition is set to picket the US embassy protesting against the support it says Washington provides to the current authorities, the leader of the opposition’s Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon said on Thursday. "The United States has backed the corrupt regime in Moldova thanks to what the oligarchs who seized power have avoided snap elections demanded by the people," said Dodon, whose party has the largest faction in the parliament controlling a quarter of mandates. The politician reminded that US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland held consultations with the Romanian leadership during consultations on January 18 and voiced support for the new ruling majority and the government formed by Moldova’s Democratic Party. "Nuland discussed this issue in Bucharest, not in Chisinau, and decided on the future of this country as if we have no sovereignty or independence.

Feb 11 04:33

Saudi invasion of Syria: The bluff that could ignite World War III

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem gave a categorical response, saying the move would be seen as an act of aggression and that any invasion force regardless of its stated reasons for entering Syria will be sent back in “wooden coffins”.

Feb 10 21:41

Greece 0 Turkey 3 for the refugee crisis

snip: The EU’s refugee strategy du jour gets dumber and dumber by the day. The EU’s latest effort is to put pressure on Greece to improve its accommodations so that Germany can send refugees back to Greece.

Excuse me for asking the obvious, but where the hell is Greece supposed to come up with the money to treat refugees better when it has no money for its own citizens?