Dec 21 09:30

Spain Issues Arrest Warrant For Benjamin Netanyahu Over 2010 Gaza Flotilla Attack

The Israeli prime minister and six other government officials could face arrest should they enter Spain, after a judge from the country issued warrants for their arrest.

Benjamin Netanyahu would be detained by police over a a case against him regarding the famed 'Freedom Flotilla' attack that took place in 2010.

Spanish judge Jose de la Mata ordered both the police and guardía to notify him should Netanyahu or one of six other Israeli officials cross Spain’s border.

Dec 21 07:46

Italian Party: Merkel Wants to Sign TTIP Before Details About Deal Revealed

The leader of Italy’s Lega Nord party, Matteo Salvini claims that German Chancellor Angela Merkel hurries to sign the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to take advantage of the citizens' lack of knowledge about the deal.

Dec 21 07:46

Putin: The EU should not just take orders from the US

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the present moment the EU practically does not conduct an independent foreign policy. Putin stressed that Europe, remaining a member of NATO, has given up its sovereignty to the leader of the alliance, the USA.

Dec 21 07:43

Hungary’s Migrant Stance, Once Denounced, Gains Some Acceptance

Like most members of Hungary’s liberal intellectual elite, George Konrad, a distinguished novelist, loathes his country’s stridently illiberal prime minister, Viktor Orban.

“He is not a good democrat and I don’t believe he is a good person,” said Mr. Konrad, a veteran of communist-era struggles against dictatorship.

All the same, he thinks Mr. Orban, the self-declared scourge of mainstream elites across Europe, was right and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was wrong about how to respond to the chaotic flood of migrants seeking refuge from war and poverty — perhaps Europe’s most serious crisis since World War II.

Dec 20 13:14

Economic anxiety, public safety fears and the rise of demagogues in the US and Europe

Lawrence Davidson examines how economic anxiety and fears over public safety, fuelled by the Islamist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, are creating the environment for demagogues and militarists such as Donald Trump to flourish.

Dec 20 10:41

US Elites Are Trying to Destroy Europe with Immigrants

A side effect of the American neocon strategy of up-ending the Middle East is to flood Europe, and in particular, Germany, the continent's dominant power, with non-Christian immigrants. The author argues that this is deliberate, and that Merkel and Obama are neocon patsies, leading Europe to destruction, and that Russia is one of the few countries whose leadership understands what is happening, and is fighting back. A few years ago, views like these would be considered on the fringe. Today they are going mainstream. Witness the popularity of Donald Trump...

Dec 20 09:51

Europe, Turkey Close Airspace To Russian Warplanes Flying Anti-ISIS Missions, General Says

Well in the course of detailing Russia’s long-range bomber missions, Konovalov noted that the Tu-160s were forced to fly from the airfield of Olenegorsk in Russia’s northwestern Murmansk Region.

Why is this notable, you ask? Here's Konovalov again: “Europe didn’t let us fly; Turkey didn’t let us fly, but we showed that even is such conditions we’re capable of coping with the task using airfields on the Russian territory."

In other words, Europe and Turkey declined to allow Russia to use their airspace on the way to conducting airstrikes against the very same terrorists that attacked Paris just four days before the long-range warplanes were deployed to the fight in Syria.

Dec 20 07:44

Faithful Friend: German Vice-Chancellor Stands Up for Nord Stream 2 Project

German Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel defended the idea of the Nord Stream 2 project, in spite of the tough stance of the European Union on this issue, Frankfurter Allgemeine reported.

Dec 19 18:59

Soros Plays Both Ends in Syria Refugee Chaos

Since John D. Rockefeller was advised to protect his wealth from government taxation by creating a tax-exempt philanthropic foundation in 1913, foundations have been used by American oligarchs to disguise a world of dirty deeds under the cover “doing good for mankind,” known by the moniker “philanthropy” for mankind-loving. No less the case is that of George Soros who likely has more tax-exempt foundations under his belt than anyone around. His Open Society foundations are in every country where Washington wants to put ‘their man’ in, or at least get someone out who doesn’t know how to read their music. They played a key role in regime change in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after 1989. Now his foundations are up to their eyeballs in promoting propaganda serving the US-UK war agenda for destroying stability in Syria as they did in Libya three years ago, creating the current EU refugee crisis.

Dec 19 14:42

‘Attempt to create police state system’: EU to eye new border guard agency

An EU summit in Brussels has come out in favor of creating a new border and coast guard agency to stem the refugee crisis.

Dec 19 09:00

Poland sends troops to enforce ‘dismissal’ of NATO intel center head

The new Polish authorities have sent military police on an overnight visit to the NATO Counter Intelligence Center of Excellence in Warsaw to “enforce the replacement of the center’s head.”

Defense Ministry spokesman Bartlomiej Misiewicz explained the move by saying the head of the training center, Colonel Krzysztof Dusza, had failed to fulfill a dismissal order last week.

The reshuffle was needed as the employees of the center weren’t supported by the Polish government, Deputy Defense Minister Bartosz Kownacki told RMF radio.

Dec 19 08:29

$430 fortune? Denmark defends plans to seize migrants’ cash & jewelry

Denmark has defended its plans to strip refugees of their valuables, including cash and jewelry, and to make them pay for their stay in asylum centers. Authorities say the rules apply for all people in Denmark, whether residents or refugees.

Dec 18 19:19

Putin Winning The War On Terrorism As The United States Along With It’s Ties To ISIS Concedes In Syria !!!

The Obama administration is no longer publicly asking for “regime change” in Syria after multiple news reports revealed how NATO and its allies have spent years supporting Islamic jihadists to try and topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Dec 18 14:51

Scandal: Polish intelligence agencies have seized NATO expert counter-intelligence center

Representatives of the Polish military counterintelligence Service and the Ministry of defence has occupied the building of the center of expertise military intelligence of NATO. They explained their actions by the change of leadership. "On December 18, 2015 the representative office on the establishment of the NATO expert counter-intelligence center Bartholomay Misevich has introduced a new acting Director Colonel Robert Ball at the premises of the centre" — quoted by TASS message of the Ministry of defence.

Dec 18 14:00

EU extends sanctions against Russia for 6 months — source

"EU ambassadors have agreed in principle on the extension of economic sanctions against Russia for six months — until July 31, 2016. No changes have been made in the regime of restrictions," the source said. According to the source, the final formal decision will be made by the EU Council next week.
Italian PM: EU, Russia may overcome sanctions regime

Dec 18 11:58

Watch This Teen Punch the Spanish Prime Minister in the Face. Hard.

Last night a seventeen year old punched Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy right in the side of the head. He later told the newspaper El Pais, “I’m glad”.

Apparently millennials give Rajoy a lower rating than even fascist dictator Francisco Franco once had, likely due to a massive 51 percent unemployment rate in their age bracket there coupled with Rajoy’s stringent austerity policies.

Dec 18 08:36

Cameron's hastily-organised EU speech descends into an embarrassing shambles as the Royal crest falls off his lectern

David Cameron's press conference in Brussels last night descended into an embarrassing shambles after the Royal crest fell off his lectern as he spoke.

The Prime Minister's midnight speech was so hastily organised that aides were hurriedly putting up the British flag on the podium just minutes before he addressed reporters.

A cardboard oval with the UK government's coat of arms was attached to the lectern using double sided tape - but became dislodged while Mr Cameron was talking.

Dec 18 08:34

"Unprecedented": Over 800 Migrants Try to Storm Channel Tunnel In France

Dec 18 07:34

EU summit approves idea of creating supranational border guard agency — Tusk

According to Tusk, without the protection of the external borders the EU will fail as a political community. But today there is cause for optimism because all the leaders have agreed to protect the external borders. In this connection it has been decided to urgently consider the proposal on the establishment of the border guard agency, he said. "In this context, we agreed to rapidly examine the European Commission's proposal of strengthening the EU's external borders, including the European Border Guard idea. Ministers should adopt their position by July, but the leaders' broad acceptance means that in the future Europe will not remain vulnerable because the Schengen border is insufficiently protected," Tusk said. According to him, "This evening I have also received good news from Frontex about an agreement with Greece on deploying a Rapid Border Intervention Team already in December.

Dec 18 07:31

A Pessimist's Guide to 2016

Dec 17 23:20

Syria Shatters Pentagon Dream

by Pepe Escobar

No one should be holding their breath. As no one should be reasonably expecting that an astonishing mediocre, lame duck Team Obama would have the balls to confront Wahhabism as the true ideological matrix of all strands of Salafi jihadism, «moderate rebels» included.

Dec 17 11:01

US Refuses to Tell France Who Financed Paris Terror Attacks

The US has refused to respond to French inquiries regarding terrorist funding sources, according to sources in the French Finance Ministry.

United States authorities have yet to respond to multiple requests from France on sources of funding for Daesh terrorists tied to the November 13 Paris attacks, a French Finance Ministry source told Reuters.

The US and the European Union signed an agreement called the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program in 2010, which allowed EU countries to rely on the US for information on terrorist groups' finance flows. Prior to the Paris attacks, the US turned down requests from France to reveal the financial flows funding the January 7 attacks on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a Jewish supermarket, saying France "did not provide enough details."

"I don't think that they will dare use this argument for the latest request concerning very specific people identified as being behind the Paris attacks," the source told Reuters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This underscores this horrific attack being a false flag; that's why the US government is noticeably silent on coughing up any info for the French that would help in the investigation.

However, there were several agendas which were very much accomplished, after these attacks.

Now, France is looking to extend their "emergency powers" by writing them into their Constitution; secondly, it gave President Obama another eve t with with to grandstand on his anti-gun policies.

Dec 17 10:58

IMF Head Christine Lagarde to Face Trial

Dec 17 10:43

Ukrainian and NATO Sign Defense Agreement

Officials from NATO and Ukraine agreed on a road map Wednesday for greater cooperation between the organization and the troubled country.

Patrick Auroy, NATO’s assistant secretary general for defense investment, and Oleg Gladkovskyi, first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, were present to sign off on the NATO-Ukraine Defense-Technical Co-operation.

The agreement includes promises to improve Ukraine’s defense industry and armed forces, as well as deepening cooperation between the alliance and Kiev in defense science and technology.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One wonders just how soon Ukraine will be granted full membership in NATO, which will allow it to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter, stating that any attack against one NATO member is to be considered an attack against all of them.

Might NATO be contemplating conducting a military assault against Russia,sparked by some false flag in Ukraine at some point in the not too distant future?

Right now, with they way NATO has been storing military equipment and enhancing troop strength in Eastern Europe, I would not bet against such a scenario taking place.

Dec 17 10:35

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

This isn’t a game, it’s a fight for survival; Russia’s survival as a sovereign country. That’s what the stakes are. That’s not something Putin takes lightly.

Would you be willing to defend your country against a foreign invasion?

That’s all Putin is doing in Syria. He’s just preempting the tidal wave of jihadis that’ll be coming his way once the current fracas is over. He figures it’s better to exterminate these US-backed maniacs in Syria now than face them in Chechnya, St Petersburg and Moscow sometime in the future. Can you blame him? After all, if Washington’s strategy works in Syria, then you can bet they’ll try the same thing in Beirut, Tehran and Moscow.

So what choice does Putin have?

Dec 17 10:31

Barbarism Advances. “The 1930s All Over Again in Europe”

Today, pestilence-carrying rats are back infesting Europe. Ukraine writhes in a delirium of historical topsy-turvy. On 14 October, it celebrated the first Defenders’ Day, a national holiday legally decreed by the Ukrainian Parliament. The date is significant, for on this day, seventy-three years ago, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was founded. In WW II, UPA cooperated with the Nazis, supplying a Ukrainian voluntary SS division– the SS Freiwillingen-Schutzen-Division “Galizien,” the infamous Galitian Division.

Dec 17 09:53

Revealed: how Google enlisted members of US Congress it bankrolled to fight $6bn EU antitrust case

Google enlisted members of the US congress, whose election campaigns it had funded, to pressure the European Union to drop a €6bn antitrust case which threatens to decimate the US tech firm’s business in Europe.

The coordinated effort by senators and members of the House of Representatives, as well as by a congressional committee, formed part of a sophisticated, multimillion-pound lobbying drive in Brussels, which Google has significantly ramped up as it fends off challenges to its dominance in Europe.

Dec 17 09:05

Corruption Claims Roil Spain Election as Barcenas Promises Proof

The corruption allegations that resurfaced this week to spice up Spain’s election campaign could yet derail Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s bid for a second term.

In a prime-time television debate Monday, opposition leader Pedro Sanchez told Rajoy he isn’t fit to lead the country as he attacked the prime minister again and again over links to his former party treasurer, Luis Barcenas, who is the focus of a graft investigation.

Dec 17 01:07

You Want War? Russia Is Ready For War

Nobody needs to read Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski’s 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent – by all means necessary – the emergence of a power, or powers, capable of constraining Washington’s unilateral swagger, not only in Eurasia but across the world.

Dec 16 14:15

Greeks Watch Passively as Government Drains Them Dry

If one had asked any Greek exactly one year ago, that the full of promises SYRIZA party would come to power to finish off the crisis-stricken Greek economy and drain his personal wealth, with his blessing, he would have called them a lunatic.

Dec 16 13:17

Frontex: EU to unveil new border control agency granted ‘right to intervene’

The European commission is proposing a new border patrol force – to help secure the bloc’s external frontiers in the face of the migrant crisis.

Dec 16 07:00

Violence Targeting Refugees Reaches 'Tragic Proportions' in Germany

New figures reveal attacks on asylum seekers have doubled in Germany in the last year. More than 1,600 crimes have been counted so far, which includes attacks on refugees and their temporary homes.

Dec 16 07:00

‘Austria Isn’t What We Expected’: Refugees Returning to War-Torn Homes

“Dogs are treated better than refugees in Austria,” say asylum seekers from war-torn countries, commenting on European hospitality.

Citing a perceived lack of security, the fear of deportation, abuse, and homesickness, refugees who fled from Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo are reluctant to stay in Austria.

Some months have passed since Austrian citizens marched in a pro-refugee rally, welcoming asylum seekers fleeing conflict and poverty in their home countries. Now the same refugees complain of a lack of food and clothes, and that the expected shorter asylum process from Austrian authorities has not taken place as promised.

Dec 16 06:55

Jewish doctor says: ‘Rape White women and create half-breeds!’

A Jewish-run publication in France publishes a doctor’s article calling for the rape and forcible impregnation of White nationalist French girls. This is war, white men and women. You must awaken, because the perpetrators of European genocide will use the vilest means.

Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg called for this same thing, inflaming the brutes of the Red Army to rape and kill German girls, and they did exactly that. Two million women and little girls were raped, many to death, at the hands of these foul creatures, the evil of whom cannot be spoken in human tongue. This same vile pornographic sadism lives on in the wicked man below, whose very eyes betray the evil that lies within. God help us! Retour des Croisades! Battre! Battre! pour les femmes de France, pour les femmes de l’Europe!”

Dec 16 06:49

Soros aided CIA operations in Balkans and Moldova region

A former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine service officer revealed to WMR that the CIA worked closely with George Soros-financed non-governmental organizations in the former Yugoslavia to ensure the power of Serbians was limited and the influence of Muslims, some with ties to global jihadism and organized crime, was advanced.

The CIA cooperated with Soros operatives in Banja Luka, the capital of the Srpska Republic, now a constituent part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Dec 16 06:41

Erdogan Charges Sarin Gas Smuggling Whistle-blower MP with Treason

“Chemical weapons materials are being brought to Turkey and are being put together in Syria in ISIS camps, which was known as Iraqi Al-Qaeda at that time.” Erdem noted that the chemicals used for the production of weapons did not originate from Turkey. “All basic materials are purchased from Europe. Western institutions should question themselves about these relations. Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria,” Erdem told RT.

Dec 15 14:20

Court Finds Monsanto Responsible for Poisoning French Farmer

Waking Times

The court of appeals in Lyon, France, has found agribusiness giant Monsanto guilty of poisoning a man named Paul François. François is a farmer who claimed that he suffered a multitude of ailments, including headaches, memory loss, neurological problems and stammering, after he unintentionally inhaled Monsanto’s herbicide, Lasso.

Dec 15 13:57

Poll: British public evenly divided over EU

According to the poll conducted by ICM, 42 percent of the interviewees say they prefer to stay in the block but 41 percent announced they would leave.

Dec 15 11:41

NATO Military Buildup on Russia’s Doorstep: Bracing for War?

NATO has considerably increased its military presence in the Baltic countries, Poland and Romania and is actively drawing ever new states into its orbit, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

“In the past year alone NATO has deployed thirteen times more troops, eight times more military aircraft and up to 300 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to the Baltic states, Poland and Romania,” Shoigu told an annual meeting of top Russian military officials in Moscow.

The 28-nation North Atlantic Alliance is actively facilitating the entry of the former Yugoslav republics, Georgia and Ukraine and is drawing Finland, Sweden and Moldavia into its orbit. It has also set up a cybersecurity center in Estonia and a strategic propaganda center in Latvia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very clear to me that military equipment and personnel are being pre-positioned for a military conflict between NATO and Russia.

Unfortunately, just because such an action would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US and NATO can do is absolutely no guarantee that they will not do it.

The conflict has already started, between the situations in Ukraine and Syria; as to when it will actually land on the consciousness of Americans, that their government has led them into a bloody, barbaric war, ultimately over whose "ink and paper currency" will reign supreme, I cannot tell you, but I have one suggestion.

Be aware; there is draft legislation "brewing" in the House Armed Services Committee; and this time it will take your daughters as well as your sons, with women approved for combat duty. Congress is waiting for the "right psychological moment" to pass this, when they feel they will have the minimum of "fuss" about it.

Perhaps that is the moment, when this legislation is passed, that Americans will wake up, and understand, with painful and amazing clarity, that their government has just dragged them into World War III.

Dec 15 08:55

Angry mobs hit the streets in backlash against migration as teenager is 'raped by refugee'

TENSIONS are running high between locals and migrants in a north European country after an asylum seeker was arrested over the rape of a 14-year-old girl.

Dec 15 07:15

More cuts loom as bill goes to vote

Lawmakers are on Tuesday night set to vote on a new round of prior actions demanded by creditors in exchange for a further 1 billion euros in bailout loans, a package that is widely expected to pass as contentious reforms including a pension overhaul and a new tax bill have been put off until January.

The new multi-bill of measures foresees the creation of a new privatization fund, to be jointly supervised by Greek and foreign officials, the partial sell-off of Greece’s power transmission operator ADMIE, regulations allowing the sale of some nonperforming loans held by Greek banks, and a unified wage structure for civil servants.

Dec 14 13:52

Tear Gas Fired In Kosovo Parliament

Dec 14 09:53


Get used to the possibility that your son or daughter might end up dying for Montenegro because that country has just been invited to become the latest member of NATO, the Cold War organization that was brought into existence to defend Europe from America’s World War II partner and ally, the Soviet Union.

Just in case you’ve never heard of Montenegro or maybe don’t know where it is, here’s a link to Wikipedia’s page on the country: It seems to me that if your son or daughter might have to die in the defense of Montenegro, you might want to know a little about it or at least where it is located.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why the US and NATO are enabling Turkey against Russia; to create a (false flag) incident, allowing Turkey to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter, which states that if one NATO country is attacked, it is as though all NATO countries have been attacked, and must come to that country's aid, militarily

Dec 14 09:19


As a Europhile British ex-pat who has spent most of his adult life living on “the continent,” as we Brits are fond of calling the non-British part of Europe, it might seem rather odd to be encouraging my fellow Brits to vote to leave the European Union. Not so long ago — perhaps a decade or so — I believed that the interests of Britain would be best served if the country was a full-fledged member not only of the EU but of the euro zone. I was wrong, but it was a different time and I was a different, more innocent me.

Dec 14 09:15


Chanting "We will defend the constitution!" an estimated 50,000 people rallied in the Polish capital Warsaw on Saturday to denounce what they see as threats to democracy by the newly elected government. Demonstrations were held in other cities across Poland as well.

Dec 14 08:53


Swiss oil traders might have gotten themselves into some trouble after it was revealed that they regularly imported oil from terminals in Turkey, where Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS, sold their illegal oil supply, the Swiss newspaper Le Matin reported.

The newspaper obtained documents showing that several major Swiss petroleum trading companies exported oil from the Turkish city of Ceyhan, one of the places in the country where Daesh-extracted oil was sold.

"The risk [of Swiss companies importing Daesh-oil] is very high," said Jean-Charles Brisard, a French expert on terrorism financing, according to Le Matin.

As Daesh sold oil for a cheaper price than its official market price, many customers didn't mind buying it, although there was an official ban to purchase oil from Daesh-controlled territories.

Dec 14 08:43

Dirty Business: Swiss Oil Traders Caught Exporting Daesh-Extracted Oil

Swiss oil traders might have gotten themselves into some trouble after it was revealed that they regularly imported oil from terminals in Turkey, where Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS, sold their illegal oil supply, the Swiss newspaper Le Matin reported.

Dec 14 07:28

Moldovan opposition activist says president refused to meet with protesters

"Our president is not an independent politician, he is governed by oligarchs. That’s why we have nothing to discuss with him. Moldova is a state seized by a group of people. That’s why we insist on early elections to the parliament. The easiest way to achieve this is the resignation of Timofti," said Usatii, whose party is the most popular in the country according to opinion polls. "Timofti would be glad to resign, but he is not allowed to do this, that’s why he needs help. We will then hold one strong rally and end up with this. We need to choose the right moment," the politician said. Moldova has been hit by anti-government protests for a third month in a row...

Dec 14 07:14

Putin Goes on the Offensive (And It's Not in Syria)

President Putin’s 2015 remarks to the Valdai assemblage mark his most dramatic break with any lingering sentiment that partnership with the United States is still possible, feasible, or even desirable. Even more than his famed 2007 speech to the Munich Security Conference, with his complaints about Washington’s foreign policy, the current remarks in Sochi make it clear that the hope for reviving the immediate post-9/11 antiterrorism coalition and that this might serve as a basis for improving U.S.-Russian relations have no grounding in reality.

Putin’s speech certainly covered a tremendous amount of ground:

- Articulating points that the United States ginned up a largely imaginary Iranian nuclear threat to justify its moves in the Middle East and the deployment of a theater anti-ballistic missile system in Europe;

- That the U.S. is prepared to support terrorist organizations in the Middle East if they can be used as battering rams against regimes Washington dislikes;

Dec 14 06:53

The Dutch Pay Price for Supporting Maidan Coup - German Media

Ukrainian ultranationalists demanded €50 million ransom for paintings stolen from a Dutch museum in 2005, a German newspaper reported on Saturday.

Dec 13 15:30

Video: Conductor Lectures Dutch Queen on Islam - Entire Orchestra Walks Out

When the most liberal country in Europe pulls the plug on Islam, the world is beginning to see the light.

Dec 13 14:25

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

Take a look at this picture. Do you know who it is?

Most people haven’t heard of him.

But you should have. When you see his face or hear his name you should get as sick in your stomach as when you read about Mussolini or Hitler or see one of their pictures. You see, he killed over 10 million people in the Congo.

Dec 13 09:54

NATO Not Capable of Beating Russia - US Media

Russia has a number of advantages that can ensure the country’s military forces will succeed in a hypothetical armed conflict, if it ever happens, American columnist Loren Thompson claims.

Dec 13 08:54

Who Are We?

Dec 13 08:51

‘Murderers’: Thousands gather in Montenegro capital to protest NATO membership (VIDEO)

Shortly after Montenegro’s bid to join the North Atlantic Alliance was given the green light, thousands flooded the streets of the capital to protest the upcoming membership and remind people of lives taken during the NATO invasion of 1999.

Dec 13 08:37

Free-Range Turkey? Europeans Horrified at Idea of Open Border With Ankara

While claiming that they want Turkey in the ranks of the EU, European leaders are in fact horrified at the prospect of the citizens of a country with a mostly-Muslim population having free movement throughout the Union; however, the fear of a huge influx of refugees has forced them to make deals with Ankara, according to Politico magazine.

Dec 13 08:35

‘Democratorship & creeping coup d'etat!’ Anti-government protesters rally in Poland

Tens of thousands took to the streets in Warsaw and several other Polish cities to reject the conservative government’s meddling with the highest judicial body, the Constitutional Tribunal, dubbing it “democratorship” and a “creeping coup d'etat.”

In the Polish capital, Warsaw, about 50,000 people joined the massive march, according to the local authorities, exceeding the expectations of rally organizers. The demonstrators protested against what they called a government’s attempt to manipulate and usurp the country's supreme court.

Dec 13 08:15

McCain's Ideas for Syria: Senator 'Wants US to Risk Open War With Russia'

In the end, the strategy, outlined by McCain and Graham, will only lead to yet another prolonged military engagement in a region tired of the US military’s presence.

Dec 12 19:24

Tanks as toys: German police raid turns up WW2-era armament in pensioner’s home

Reportedly the old geezer was being beaten with a rubber hose so that he would give up the damn U-Boat that goes with the torpedo! Those old Nazis never give up!

German police found a WWII tank, an anti-aircraft gun, and a torpedo in a raid on a house belonging to an elderly man. The man’s property had been searched previously on suspicion that stolen Nazi art was being stored there.

The entire contents of the heavy weapons trove, which had been hidden by its 78-year-old owner, were from the World War II era. The biggest pieces of equipment included a 45-ton Panther battle tank, a 3.5 inch anti-aircraft gun and a torpedo.

Dec 12 18:38

The Criminalization of Parliamentary Democracy

Responsibility for war crimes committed against Syria no longer rests solely with Her Majesty’s government: A criminal act of war endorsed by the legislature ultimately signifies the de facto criminalization of parliamentary democracy. Each and every member of parliament who voted in favor of the bombing raids is a war criminal under international law.

Dec 12 14:48

Germany may shift to direct combat in Syria: Vice chancellor

Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader, German Vice Chancellor, and Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel addresses delegates during the annual federal congress of the SPD in Berlin on December 11, 2015. (AFP photo) The German vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has raised the possibility of Berlin’s direct involvement in the so-called fight against Daesh in Syria, saying such scenario would come if current political and military efforts against the Takfiri group fail.

Dec 12 10:30

ISIS Oil? Follow the Money (Back to Europe)

If you are still relying on the mainstream media for your information, then what we will reveal below in this report might come as a shock to you. When you follow the ISIS oil money, it traces straight back to the west.

Dec 12 09:13


Well, this one didn't take very long did it?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So now the Europeans have all the disadvantages of being in the EU and none of the benefits!

Dec 12 08:59

Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret

When 28 civilians were killed in Athens, it wasn’t the Nazis who were to blame, it was the British. Ed Vulliamy and Helena Smith reveal how Churchill’s shameful decision to turn on the partisans who had fought on our side in the war sowed the seeds for the rise of the far right in Greece today

Dec 12 08:57

Italy says no to Obama's waitress Merkel

We have to consider that Italy did not block the sanctions, but just the automatic renovation of them. It means that our government is ready to talk about it and not to do it in an automatic way. Well, what does it mean? As for me, I'm happy about it, but I think that our government just wanted to demonstrate a specific Italian position inside the EU. Nothing more. There are a lot of countries, who are against this kind of sanctions, this is true. But, sadly, this opposition does not belong to our PM and his party.

Dec 12 06:57

Crimea Loses Power Temporarily, Ukraine Loses Crimea Forever

Crimea’s ascension into the Russian Federation itself was only possible because the NATO-driven lawlessness that it occurred in the midst of. As this lawlessness continues, it is all but guaranteed that Crimea will only be driven deeper within the Russian Federation.

Dec 11 16:05

Euro zone central banks printed billions of euros before QE

Euro zone central banks have quietly bought hundreds of billions of euros worth of assets over the past decade using an obscure facility that allows them to print some money for purposes other than monetary policy, an academic study has revealed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, the ECB counterfeited billions of paper Euros to purchase hard assets!

Dec 11 15:18

Renzi faces political backlash over Italian banks’ rescue

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

Matteo Renzi, Italy’s centre-left prime minister, is facing a political backlash over the €3.6bn rescue of four small banks last month, after thousands of retail investors who lost money in the deal have mounted increasingly vocal protests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, banks in Europe are starting to steal their customers' money!

Dec 11 14:29

Europe at a crossroads

The forthcoming general elections set to take place in Spain on 20 December will not only sum up the political outcome of 2015 in the country, but will also possibly set the direction for Europe’s development in 2016. And it is already clear that one of these directions is the spread of separatist sentiment in the Old World.

Dec 11 14:25

Russia says US deployed 200 nuclear bombs in Europe

The United States has deployed around 200 nuclear bombs across Europe, Russia says, warning that the increased military operations of NATO, led by the US, is deteriorating the military-political situation in the world.

“About 200 US nuclear bombs are currently deployed in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. This nuclear ordnance is also subject to a renewal program,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Friday, Sputnik news agency reported.

The Russian minister further blasted the US and NATO for their gradual expansion of military activity, saying the approach is mainly to blame for the deteriorating military-political situation in the world.

“We also observe the gradual expansion of the NATO bloc,” he said, adding that during a relatively short time NATO has increased by twofold its members.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These weapons stockpiled, coupled with a massive increase in NATO members, appear, unfortunately, to telegraphing that a major confrontation against Russia is coming, at a time when Russia is absolutely no threat to Europe.

Dec 11 12:18

The Czech Senate has rejected a replacement of "pro-Russian Zeman"

PRAGUE an attempt opponents course Milos Zeman to force his removal.

The Czech Senate is, in fact, rejected the initiative "Prague Maidan" to initiate the procedure impeachment state president. It is estimated that Zeman - and when it is convenient talked about Russia - "seemed As a part of the national constitution and in the interest of the Czech Republic."

Pro-Western part of the Czech political elite does not hide his mind as Zemana "too often" and benevolent quoted Russian press.

The conclusions of the Czech Senate emphasizes: "No Zemanova statement, nor all together, do not include violation of the Constitution of the Republic. They did not inflict any damage to the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic, nor its democratic regime. "

Dec 11 12:09

UNMIK covered up the crimes of the KLA

UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) mission in 2006 without any explanation suddenly broke investigation into the abduction and murder of Serbs from Retimlje and Opteruša, including the kernel, the families with the most tragic fate of Kosovo. Excerpts from the investigation file to which the "News" had access show that investigators of the UN mission in Kosovo no one was questioned as a suspect.And in that time, according to the statements of Serbs who survived the attack on the village of Orahovac were already well known names of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) who were captured by Serbian authorities led the process against two members of the KLA. Tweet
The investigation full of flaws: Advisory Committee of the UN in vain warned the UNMIK

Dec 11 09:39

FT Bombshell: EU Unveils Standing Border Force That Will Act "Even If A Government Objects"

... the European Commission will unveil plans next week to replace the Frontex border agency with a permanent border force and coastguard — deployed with the final say of the commission, according to EU officials and documents seen by the Financial Times.

The blueprint represents a last-ditch attempt to save the Schengen passport-free travel zone, by introducing the kind of common border policing repeatedly demanded by Paris and Berlin. Britain and Ireland have opt-outs from EU migration policy, and would not be obliged to take part in the scheme

Dec 11 08:53

New Year border checks confirmed for Sweden

Plans for tougher ID checks on the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark to stem the influx of refugees are set to come into force on January 4th, the government has said.

Dec 11 07:12

200 US nuclear bombs deployed in Europe

"About 200 US nuclear bombs currently deployed in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. In this regard, we are working on renewing nuclear combat techniques, "said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Minister Shoigu, commented on the current state of international relations, but also the gradual expansion of NATO.

- Poor military-political situation in the world gets even worse, especially in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. But besides this, attention is paid to the expansion of NATO. For relatively short time membership in the Alliance is virtually doubled, with admission of 12 new members - said Shoigu.

Russian Defense Minister was referring to the period since 1999, when NATO incorporated Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, to the present. In the meantime, in 2004, the Alliance became Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, to the last received were Croatia and Albania, 2009.

Source: Sputnik

Dec 10 18:03

Flashback: Francois Hollande Calls For Eurozone Government

French President Francois Hollande has called for the creation of a eurozone government and for people to renew their faith in the European project.

His comments, in an opinion piece in a French newspaper, revive an idea originally put forward by another Frenchman, former European Commission chief Jacques Delors.

Writing in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, Mr Hollande proposed "a government of the eurozone (with) a specific budget as well as a parliament to ensure its democratic control".

Mr Delors' idea for closer integration caused controversy in Britain when it was proposed more than two decades ago, leading The Sun newspaper to famously declare on its front page: "Up Yours Delors".

Dec 10 16:10

War Against the People: a timely jolt to spur civil society action

Stuart Littlewood reviews Jeff Halper’s book, War Against the People, which “exposes the evil intent behind Israel's occupation and creeping annexation” and aims to enable activists to “formulate an effective anti-security and counter-hegemony agenda”.

Dec 10 15:43

British trucker is GASSED by gang of migrants desperate to stow away in his lorry at Calais to get to the UK

A British lorry driver has revealed he was gassed by migrants who wanted to hide in his lorry in a desperate bid to get into the UK.

Stephen Paul Morecroft, from Merseyside, said he was targeted as he left his vehicle to go and get food.

The 43-year-old added that the situation in France had changed in the last couple of years and claimed that some of the migrants were now carrying blades, guns and ammunition.

Dec 10 14:11

Renowned American Military Expert Explains How Turkey Ambushed Russia’s Su-24

Pierre Sprey, one of the brainchilds behind two of America's most successful fighter aircraft, the F-16 and A-10, explains in detail how the Turks set up an ambush for Russia's Su-24

Dec 10 07:29

US Army to Complete Equipment Move in Europe by 2017 - Commander General

The US Army in Europe will complete its pre-positioning of equipment for use by a Heavy Brigade in six European countries by the end of 2016, Army Commander General Ben Hodges told a Department of Defense briefing.

Dec 10 07:29

What Money? Belgian Defense Minister Refuses to Pay for New NATO Building

Belgium Defense Minister Steven Vandeput has officially refused to provide 83 million euros for the construction of a new NATO building, RTBF broadcasting company reports citing the Belgian Chamber of Representatives Karolien Grosemans.

Dec 10 07:07

BOUND FOR BRITAIN: The depraved Calais migrant muggers who targeted teenage schoolgirls

CALAIS migrants waiting to smuggle themselves into Britain have targeted teenage girls walking home from school and tried to mug them for their cash and mobile phones, it can be revealed today.

Dec 10 06:43

EU diplomats confused: Italy refuses to extend sanctions against Russia

Dec 09 15:05

The IMF Just Entered The Cold War, Forgives Ukraine's Debt To Russia

For over half a year there was a semi-public discussion with U.S. Treasury advisors and Cold Warriors about how to stiff Russia on the $3 billion owed by Ukraine to Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. There was some talk of declaring this an “odious debt,” but it was decided that this ploy might backfire against U.S. supported dictatorships.

In the end, the IMF simply lent Ukraine the money.

By doing so, it announced its new policy: “We only enforce debts owed in US dollars to US allies.” This means that what was simmering as a Cold War against Russia has now turned into a full-blown division of the world into the Dollar Bloc (with its satellite Euro and other pro-U.S. currencies) and the BRICS or other countries not in the U.S. financial and military orbit.

Dec 09 14:30

Cyprus Will Let Russian Warplanes Use Its Airports - Minister

Cyprus and Russia are finalizing a deal in which Russian military planes would be permitted to use the country's airports in case of emergency, Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said Tuesday, news media reported.

The same agreement is currently being discussed with France, which is also performing air strikes on Syria, the minister said.

The minister did not specify when the agreement with Russia would be signed

Dec 09 13:28

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