Feb 16 09:03

The US Economy Is Days Away From Shutting Down

Feb 16 08:05

Fifty Shades of Capitalism: Pain and Bondage in the American Workplace

If the ghost of Ayn Rand were to suddenly manifest in your local bookstore, the Dominatrix of Capitalism would certainly get a thrill thumbing through the pages of E.L. James’ blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. Rand, whose own novels bristle with sadomasochist sexy-time and praise for the male hero’s pursuit of domination, would instantly approve of Christian Grey, the handsome young billionaire CEO who bends the universe to his will.

Feb 16 07:59

Down With the Presidency By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

snip: The U.S. presidency is the world’s leading evil. It is the chief mischief-maker in every part of the globe, the leading wrecker of nations, the usurer behind third-world debt, the bailer-out of corrupt governments, the hand in many dictatorial gloves, the sponsor and sustainer of the New World Order, of wars, interstate and civil, of famine and disease. To see the evils caused by the presidency, look no further than Iraq or Serbia, where the lives of innocents were snuffed out in pointless wars, where bombing was designed to destroy civilian infrastructure and cause disease, and where women, children, and the aged have been denied essential food and medicine because of a cruel embargo. Look at the human toll taken by the presidency, from Dresden and Hiroshima to Waco and Ruby Ridge, and you see a prime practitioner of murder by government.

Feb 16 07:33

Secret Origins

HSBC Bank: Secret Origins To Laundering The World's Drug Money
For years, when banks have been caught laundering drug money, they have claimed that they did not know, that they were but victims of sneaky drug dealers and a few corrupt employees. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that a considerable portion of the global banking system is explicitly dedicated to handling the enormous volume of cash produced daily by dope traffickers.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not “demand” from the world’s population which creates the mind destroying drug trade. Rather, it is the world financial oligarchy, looking for massive profits and the destruction of the minds of the population it is determined to dominate, which organized the drug trade. merchants. The merchants put up a fight, but were ultimately forced to concede, turning in their opium stocks after being indemnified against losses by British officials.

Feb 16 07:16


Almost 91 domestic credit institutions have been incorporated into the new Russian financial system, the analogous of SWIFT, an international banking network. The new service, will allow Russian banks to communicate seamlessly through the Central Bank of Russia. It should be noted that Russia’s Central Bank initiated the development of the country’s own messaging system in response to repeated threats voiced by Moscow’s Western partners to disconnect Russia from SWIFT.

Feb 16 07:10

Britain and Canada Involved in Foiled US Venezuelan Coup Plot

Britain and Canada were co-conspirators in the latest plot to topple Venezuela’s government.

TeleSUR provided detailed coverage of Washington’s war on Venezuelan democracy. Its dirty hands manipulate violence and instability worldwide.

US funded and supported key opposition fascist figures Antonio Ledezma, Maria Corina Machado and Leopoldo Lopez released a joint February 11 communique a day before the foiled coup.

Titled “A Call on Venezuelans for a National Accord for the Transition,” it promoted regime change. Called for Venezuela to be handed back to monied interests.

Feb 16 07:09

Chinese Firms Tiptoe Back Into Europe’s Battered Financial Sector

“Chinese financial institutions are thoughtfully evaluating their opportunities in Europe”

Feb 16 07:07

Greece: Yes to ‘national reform plan,’ no to strings attached

The Greek government has agreed to an EU proposal to introduce a ‘national reform plan’ to address economic issues that have been neglected for decades. But this time Greece won’t accept a bailout program on the same terms as before.

The new Syriza-led Greek authorities won’t agree to any eurozone bailouts under the same constraints as former governments did. However, a “national reform plan” to deal with decades-long economic issues is required, a government spokesperson told national media.

Feb 16 06:28

Why The Price Of Oil Is More Likely To Fall To 20 Rather Than Rise To 80

This is just the beginning of the oil crisis. Over the past couple of weeks, the price of U.S. oil has rallied back above 50 dollars a barrel. In fact, as I write this, it is sitting at $52.93. But this rally will not last. In fact, analysts at the big banks are warning that we could soon see U.S. oil hit the $20 mark.

Feb 16 06:25

Stand Up Or Bend Over

To Our Youth: Stand Up Or Bend Over
$2,352 annually for young people? Are they nuts? What the hell are these people smoking?
For many young people it is not to your advantage to stay on your parent's insurance, especially if you don't make much money. Specifically, if you qualify for Medicaid your cost is zero, and if you have little or no income and yet are an adult you do qualify. Now granted, Medicaid isn't great, but if you'd otherwise go with nothing why not have the Medicaid coverage for free instead?

Feb 16 05:53

End of OPEC

Oil to Hit $20, End of OPEC May Be Near

The plunge in oil prices, which has been accelerated largely by excess supply caused by America’s shale oil revolution, may not be over just yet. In a note Monday, Ed Morse, global head of commodity research at Citigroup (C) and one of the more influential analysts in the energy space, wrote that oil prices may dip to $20 p/b and the “end” of OPEC may be near.

“It’s impossible to call a bottom point, which could, as a result of oversupply and the economics of storage, fall well below $40 a barrel for WTI, perhaps as low as the $20 range for a while,” Morse said, noting that the recent rally in crude prices “looks more like a head-fake than a sustainable turning point.”

Feb 16 00:43

Britain’s biggest retailer to cut 10,000 jobs

Feb 15 23:05

Has the IMF Annexed Ukraine?

Ukraine is going into an IMF program in even worse condition that Greece with its various loans from the Troika in 2010, and we can see how well borrowing more when you were already overindebted worked out for Greece.

Feb 15 18:37

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Six Americans Who Prove Bush and Cheney Didn't Have to Do It

snip: As was said over and over again at that moment, 9/11 “changed everything.” That meant they felt themselves freed to do all the mad things we now know they did, from preemptive wars and occupations to massive programs of torture and kidnapping, as well as the setting up of a global penal system that was to be beyond the reach of any law or the oversight of anyone but those under their command. They green-lighted it all, but don’t for a second think that they weren’t afraid themselves. To touch that fear (bordering on paranoia), you only have to read Jane Mayer’s book The Dark Side where she describes Vice President Dick Cheney in that post-9/11 period being “chauffeured in an armored motorcade that varied its route to foil possible attackers." In the backseat of his car (just in case), she added, "rested a duffel bag stocked with a gas mask and a biochemical survival suit." And lest danger rear its head, "rarely did he travel without a medical doctor in tow."

Feb 15 16:06

Nikko boss backs FMA on market manipulation

The boss of a local fund manager has welcomed efforts by the country's financial regulator to crack down on market manipulation.

Last week Milford Asset Management confirmed one of its employees was being investigated by the Financial Markets Authority over "certain specific trades".

And last month the market watchdog warned an "inexperienced" online trader, who wasn't named, over suspected manipulative trading.

In a Business Herald Meet the CEOs video interview, Nikko Asset Management NZ's managing director, Peter Lynn, said he supported the FMA stance on market manipulation.

"Investors just want to know their fund managers are treating their investments appropriately and abiding by all rules and regulations," Lynn said.

Nikko NZ, formerly Tyndall Investment Management, rebranded under its Tokyo-based parent company's name last year and has more than $4 billion in assets under management.

Feb 15 12:51

Obama adviser tells Europe to meet Greece half way on debt to avoid euro break-up

The Obama administration has leapt to the defence of Greece, warning Germany and Europe's creditor powers that they must meet Athens halfway to avert a potentially dangerous rupture.

Feb 15 10:12

Smart Meters: What Consumers Can Do To Get Them Removed

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

There are serious issues regarding electromagnetic energy technology known as ‘Smart Meters’. So, if SMs can communicate information out of your house, what is it sending and to whom, especially if it’s transmitted via microwaves? Hopefully—or, is it only theory—that moment-by-moment surveillance data cannot be intercepted by anyone, including burglars or other identity thieving individuals. Regardless, there are serious doubts about that information’s security and risks. Moreover, there are dubious and rightful concerns that the information generated within every ‘smart-metered’-home is being sold to special interest commodity producers as ‘leads’ for their merchandising campaigns!

But, the most egregious of all problems with ‘smart meters’ is the apparent adverse health effects from the electromagnetic radiation they send into personal homes...

Feb 15 10:10

What Do Americans Think About the Pension Crisis?

There is as much as a $4 trillion gap between what states have promised their public workers in retirement pensions and what they’ve actually set aside and invested in order to pay for them.

Feb 15 08:59

ANOTHER Banker, This One From ABN Amro Commits “Suicide”




Feb 15 08:58

Astonishing List of 71 Top Bankers Dead and No Natural Causes!

I've recently stumbled across a list of top bankers that have been killed in cold blood, died in "accidents" or have allegedly committed suicide. In some of the cases, their deaths are so suspicious that the 'suicide' verdict is simply ridiculous, as you will see.

While searching for news reports documenting their deaths, I've managed to find a lot more cases of high ranking bankers that have been found dead in suspect circumstances. I've added the cases to the list and included the appropriate reference links.

Feb 15 08:58

FLASHBACK - Does The Trail Of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?

What are we to make of this sudden rash of banker suicides? Does this trail of dead bankers lead somewhere? Or could it be just a coincidence that so many bankers have died in such close proximity? I will be perfectly honest and admit that I do not know what is going on. But there are some common themes that seem to link at least some of these deaths together. First of all, most of these men were in good health and in their prime working years.

Feb 15 08:48

Spanish Judge Violates Global Rule, Makes Bank President & Former IMF Chief Pay for Financial Crimes

Bankers never go to jail. This is one of the unwritten new laws to which most of us have grown wearily accustomed in this new post-crisis reality. Also begrudgingly taken for granted is the fact that a banker’s fortune will never be seized or confiscated by the authorities; in today’s new Gilded Age a banker’s gains, whether ill-gotten or not, are his of hers until death do them part.

Feb 15 08:31

Banking Cartel is the Cause of Humanity's Woes

Pound commissioned Mullins to examine the influence of the banking establishment on U.S. policy. Mullins spent every morning for two years in the Library of Congress and met with Pound every afternoon. The resulting manuscript, "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" proved too hot for any American publisher to handle. Nineteen rejected it. One said, "you'll never get this published in New York." When it finally appeared in Germany in 1955, the U.S. Military Government confiscated all 10,000 copies and burned them.

Feb 15 07:36

US to reach debt limit again in October

Feb 15 05:05

The drive to dismantle pensions in the United States

States and municipalities throughout the United States are engaged in a frontal assault on the pension benefits of current and retired public employees. These attacks are proceeding with complete disregard for the law, riding roughshod over state constitutional protections safeguarding pension benefits that employees have earned over decades of toil.

Feb 14 21:25

Hedge fund manager faked death to avoid redemptions: SEC

A New York hedge fund manager who was running an alleged fraud went to great lengths to avoid giving investors their money back, including telling an investor he had died of a heart attack, the authorities said on Friday. Moazzam "Mark" Malik, 33, stole close to $850,000 dollars from 16 foreign and domestic investors starting in 2011, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission complaint released Friday.

Feb 14 18:51

The millionaire who 'didn't pay tax for 24 YEARS': Property investor enjoyed lavish lifestyle of luxury homes, a helicopter and private jet 'without paying a penny to HMRC'

Entrepreneur Paul Bloomfield enjoyed a lavish lifestyle including luxury homes, a helicopter and a private jet but did not submit any returns or pay a penny in tax for more than two decades, according to the BBC.

His case was said to be the most extreme to have emerged in Britain since the HSBC scandal was revealed and raised further questions about HM Revenue & Customs’ apparent failure to prosecute tax dodgers.

Feb 14 18:14

The secular death of bears

Feb 14 16:44

Yet one more strain on the US economy:

Feb 14 11:43

Risk: Impending worldwide economic crisis

Feb 14 10:10

The Pentagon's massive $534 billion budget request could force deep cuts elsewhere

The Pentagon decision to seek a 2016 budget that far exceeds federal spending caps poses the risk of a big across-the-board funding cut like the one that forced the department to put civilian workers on unpaid leave two years ago.

But defense officials say the department will not repeat some of the decisions it made in 2013 that exacerbated the problem once the automatic cuts, known as "sequestration," went into effect nearly halfway through the fiscal year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This kind of spending requested by the Pentagon can only mean one thing: they have been informed that they will be fighting in perpetual wars which will see no end in the lifetime of the Pentagon officials requesting this money.

Feb 14 09:11

Republicans seize on HSBC scandal to hold up Loretta Lynch's confirmation

Senate Republicans are seizing on the global tax scandal engulfing HSBC to delay the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, the Guardian can reveal.

The Republican chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, Chuck Grassley, was on Friday preparing a fresh tranche of questions for Lynch about the huge cache of leaked data showing how HSBC’s subsidiary helped conceal billions of dollars from domestic tax authorities.
HSBC could yet be prosecuted over tax-dodging scheme, warns Loretta Lynch
Obama’s nominee for attorney general negotiated a deal with HSBC two years ago that saw it avoid criminal charges but Lynch says DoJ still has powers to act.

Grassley and another Republican senator are planning to investigate whether Lynch could have done more to stand up to the world’s second largest bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The questions Republicans are bringing up are fully legitimate, and whoever vetted Loretta Lynch should have known that these issues would come up during the process of confirmation.

How deeply Ms. Lynch is, herself, mired in this controversy, is not something which should have been discovered so late in the process, and Democrats have only themselves to blame for not taking a closer look at this earlier.

Americans want someone in this very high position who will justly administer the laws, not bend them for the sake of the very well positioned.

But of course, Eric Holder himself has played fast and loose with the law, in terms of APgate surveillance; IRSgate; his persecution of James Rosen; the Marc Rich Pardon; Fast and Furious; and his position against 2nd Amendment Rights.

It is obvious, with the "baggage" Ms. Lynch carries, that this White House wants someone who "followed in Holder's footsteps" in terms of potential comfort with corruption on the biggest possible scale, and the outcomes of Ms. Lynch's tenure as the Attorney General, should she get confirmed, would most probably be more of the same.

Feb 14 08:48

From Minsk to Brussels, it’s all about Germany

Germany holds the key to where Europe goes next. A fragile deal may have been reached on Ukraine, but there’s still no deal with Greece. In both cases, there’s much more than meets the eye.

Let’s start with the grueling Eurogroup negotiation in Brussels over the Greek debt.

Feb 14 08:42

Mysterious Murder: DC Lawyer Found Dead Had Ties To Greece And International Banking World

A Washington DC area lawyer who was found stabbed to death in a glitzy DC area hotel room had ties to the country of Greece and the international banking world and in this particular mystery, authorities say they have a suspect as shared in the newly released video below. While not every mysterious murder is part of a 'conspiracy', a look into Messerschmitt's past gives us reason to believe this latest murdered lawyer may have known something that others didn't want him (and the rest of us) to know with Greece possibly soon leaving the Euro and the financial world falling to shambles.

Feb 14 08:31

Why the IRS Apology for Asset Seizure is Meaningless

Joe Wright
Activist Post

Despite the IRS apologizing for seizing the bank accounts of small business owners on mere suspicion of wrongdoing, Judge Andrew Napolitano highlights how this practice began in the first place and why it's likely to continue regardless of political posturing.

The culprit, he asserts, is a Congress that has enacted legislation in direct contradiction to the Constitution, enabling the IRS to operate with minimal restraint, empty oversight, and a complete reversal of American principles...

Feb 14 07:41

Top tech CEOs snub Obama at cybersecurity summit

The leaders of three of the nation’s leading tech companies won’t attend a White House cybersecurity summit in California on Friday, according to media reports.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt will not attend the event, which will be held at Stanford University.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am hardly surprised. The revelation of the NSA's backdoors has shaved billions from the profits of their companies and their personal fortunes. Being seen to cooperate will only make matters worse.

Feb 14 06:58

Greek rebellion greeted by left and right as 'kick in the ass' for Euro elites

Angela Merkel's insistence that austerity economics must be implemented to the letter across swathes of Europe is creating a most lethal form of risk - political risk. It threatens not just the political systems and office holders of those countries that earn her displeasure. It threatens the holders of investment capital as well.

Feb 14 06:18

Food as an investment — Preparing now for a food crisis

People all over the US are feeling a sudden pinch on their food budgets

Feb 14 04:01

Rise in suicides in Greece linked to introduction of austerity plans

Suicides in Greece reached a 30-year all-time high in 2012, with a sustained upward trend starting in June 2011, the month that the government there introduced further austerity measures to help pay down the country’s debts.

Feb 14 00:04

Unemployment Is Killing 45,000 People Each Year

The number of suicides related to unemployment remains stubbornly high despite the improving economy, according to a study published this week.

Feb 13 22:03


Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez said Friday that he didn’t know that illegal immigrants are eligible for tax refunds — even if they haven’t paid taxes.

Feb 13 16:57

Don't Want to Wait for Tesla's Home Battery? Try This Off-Grid Battery Pack

by Kevin Samson

Elon Musk made headlines this week announcing his plan to develop Tesla's battery technology for home energy use.

Tesla's mega factory will soon be churning out their super efficient lithium-ion battery packs for homes. The battery pack will reportedly be sold independently as well as being coupled with Musk's decentralized green energy company Solar City.

Even if you don't have solar panels or a way to charge home battery banks, they can still pay for themselves quite quickly. Most electric companies charge a much lower rate at off-peak hours - as little as a third of the peak rate. So you can charge your battery pack when the rates are cheapest, and use that stored energy when the rates are highest...

Feb 13 16:40

WTF Chart Of The Day - Europe

Do you believe in miracles?

Feb 13 16:31

And The Best Performing Stock Market In The World This Year Is

"Isolated, sanctioned, oil-crushed, 'economy is dying', warmonger" Russia...

Feb 13 16:30

Suing The Bank - What's Next For The Canadian Money Masters?

The Bank of Canada is facing a lawsuit which seeks to restore it to it's originally intended will this impact the international bankers and is this going to truly benefit Canadians who are seeking to "take the power back"? To discus this and more Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews economist and documentary filmmaker Bill Still.

Feb 13 16:30

World's Largest Shipbuilder Reports $3 Billion Loss As Baltic Dry Index Hits New Record-er Low

"Some Shipping Folks Are Sinking..." South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipbuilder, has reported operating loss of KRW 3.25 trillion in 2014, or about USD $2.96 billion. The operating loss in 2014 is compared to a profit of KRW 802 billion in 2013. At 530, The Baltic Dry Index is at fresh record-erer lows...

Feb 13 16:28

Bank of England says Britain set for deflation for the first time since 1960

Britain is heading for consumer prices deflation for the first time in more than five decades, the Bank of England said yesterday.

The inflation rate as measured by the consumer prices index (CPI) slumped to just 0.5 per cent in December on the back of collapsing global oil prices. The Bank said its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) “now judges it more likely than not that headline CPI inflation will turn negative at some point in the spring and will remain subdued for much of the rest of the year”.

However, the Bank’s Governor, Mark Carney, also said deflation in the UK was “unlikely to endure for very long” and stressed it was different to the destructive deflation that has ravaged the Japanese economy for much of the past two decades.

Feb 13 15:27

‘Bankrupt but free’: Greeks stage nationwide anti-austerity rallies

As EU politicians failed to reach a Greek debt deal in Brussels, thousands of people poured onto the streets of Athens and other large cities to protest austerity and voice support for the recently elected Syriza party.

Feb 13 13:20

Select Portfolio Lawyer Gets Away with Testifying in Little RICO 9A.82 Washington Foreclosure Case

Thursday, February 12, 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Marilynn Shcolnik Win Remand in Wrongful Foreclosure But Court Allows SPS Attorney to Testify About Note and Alleged Loan Mod.


Look at the date of the purported Security Instrument on her purported Loan Mod.
It references 31 July 2006.
The purported Note reads 25 July 2006.
And oh, Ms. Shcolnik says her Canadian Border Patrol docs prove
she was out of the Country all day. Are they claiming she signed it at night?
Well then if so the people who signed on her Deed of Trust have to testify,
rather than Attorney Eidson. This is simple, folks.

Feb 13 13:09

Financial Ebola Unleashed? Greece Comes One Step Closer

The latest threats from Syriza to the EU don't bode well for Europe. But, how long before the potential outfall spreads across the world?

The Greek people have not been sitting idly as this situation escalates; many have been moving to protect their savings. Not only have we seen bank runs, but now some citizens are moving into precious metals.Lisa Elward, head of bullion sales at the UK Royal Mint, notes that demand for gold from Greeks increased substantially last quarter, saying:

“We tend to see an upsurge in (gold) sales at times of political and financial uncertainty.”

Now pause… take a second to re-read that quote from Elward. As you follow the news over the following few days, weeks and months, remember this quote.

Feb 13 12:58

401k’s are Doomed When THIS Explodes

Feb 13 12:35

Smelly protest: Broke Siberian farmer avenges ‘debt slavery’ by dumping manure outside bank

A farmer in Siberia dumped a cart of manure in front of a bank, saying that was his way of paying out his debt. The man also described what he did as a “soft, if somewhat smelly” protest against bank policies.

Feb 13 12:10

Mysterious Murder: DC Lawyer Found Dead Had Ties To Greece And International Banking World

A Washington DC area lawyer who was found stabbed to death in a glitzy DC area hotel room had ties to the country of Greece and the international banking world and in this particular mystery, authorities say they have a suspect as shared in the newly released video below.

While not every mysterious murder is part of a 'conspiracy', a look into Messerschmitt's past gives us reason to believe this latest murdered lawyer may have known something that others didn't want him (and the rest of us) to know with Greece possibly soon leaving the Euro and the financial world falling to shambles.

Feb 13 11:59

FLASHBACK 2013 - Bank of Canada lawsuit thrown out (but reinstated)

Original news conference from Rocco Galiti,constitutional lawyer ,detailing the flimsy excuse why the original lawsuit was dismissed in August 2013.It was scheduled for appeal,and is, of course, in process now.

Feb 13 10:54

Crude Oil Leads the Euro

Feb 13 10:22

Detroit hit with $178 million legal bill two months after emerging from bankruptcy

Just two months after Detroit emerged from the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, the city has been hit with a massive legal bill.

US Federal Judge Steven Rhodes said on Thursday that the $178 million charged to Detroit by law firms and consultants was a “reasonable” amount, according to a report from Reuters.

Feb 13 10:21

Fact-Checking Fox News on the Poor and Hungry

Once again, FOX News has completely mischaracterized the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), claiming that the President is “buying votes” by keeping millions of Americans on the SNAP rolls despite the “full economic recovery.” That statement is demonstrably false and racially tinged.

Feb 13 10:03

S&P 499 vs. APPLE

Feb 13 09:47

Low Oil Prices Are An Act Of Economic Warfare

It’s not the oil prices that are significant; it’s the change in oil prices. If you own an oil field and it costs you $75 to produce a barrel, at $110 a barrel ($110/bbl), you’re OK. If oil drops to $45/bbl, you’re in serious trouble.

Feb 13 09:19

S&P 500 Hits All-Time Record High, Dow Tops 18,000 US Macro data hits a new 10-month low.

Feb 13 08:23

Ukraine is heading for a total economic collapse

When IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde announced Ukraine’s new, $17.5 billion bailout package Thursday morning, she suggested it would be a “turning point for Ukraine,” which stands to receive $40 billion in relief funding from various sources over the next four years. “This new four-year arrangement would support immediate economic stabilization in Ukraine as well as a set of bold policy reforms aimed at restoring robust growth over the medium term and improving living standards for the Ukrainian people,” Lagarde said from Brussels.

But it will take a lot more than IMF billions to dig Ukraine out of economic crisis, and to implement the reforms Lagarde’s IMF team has demanded. In order to survive, Ukraine will need to fashion a new social contract with its citizens, one that sheds hundreds of social services left over from the Soviet era, which Ukraine’s nomenkatlura, its upper-middle class civil servants, still enjoy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, Austerity has wrecked the lives of the people all across Europe and driven Greece to the point of leaving the EU, so hell YES let's try the same thing in Ukraine!

Feb 13 08:02

Polish Farmers Blockade Motorways Across Country

This week thousands of Polish family farmers turned out to protest in over 50 locations across the country. Over 150 tractors blockaded the A2 motorway into Warsaw on the 3rd February and hundreds more continue to close major roads and picket government offices in other regions. The farmers are vowing to continue the struggle until the government agrees to enter talks with the unions and commits to addressing what the farmers see as a crisis in Polish agriculture.

These actions represent a dramatic escalation of protests that have been simmering across the country over the last year. Edward Kosmal, chairman of the farmers protest committee for West-Pomeranian Region said: “We are ready for dialogue. We look forward to meeting with you Prime Minister and beginning a comprehensive government commitment to solving the problems of Polish agriculture. If you do not enter into a dialogue with the Union, we would be forced to tighten our forms of protest.”

Feb 13 07:45

British society favours the rich – the tax avoidance scandal makes this clear

Life is cheaper for the rich. That holds for many reasons – not being saddled with personal debt, for example – but being able to use devious means to avoid paying tax is one privilege of the rich. Lord Fink tried to mitigate the embarrassment of his climbdown with Ed Miliband by claiming that “everyone” avoids tax. This attempt by wealthy individuals to sow mass confusion about what tax avoidance is must not go unchecked.

Feb 13 07:35

Fed Under Attack Again – This Time From One of Its Own

Dallas Fed chief urges power shift at bank ... The outgoing head of the Dallas Federal Reserve called Wednesday for major changes to the central bank's power structure, arguing that current policies fuel perceptions that big banks have too much influence with regulators. During a fiery speech to the Economic Club of New York, President Richard Fisher criticized the current structure, arguing that authority should be more equally distributed between the Fed's 12 regional banks.

Feb 13 07:08

The Beta Male – Societal Savior Or Repressed Masculinity?

Western civilization owes a great debt of gratitude to the beta male. Our society is dependent on betas to perform most of the grunt work that keeps the core foundations of society afloat, particularly in regards to infrastructure maintenance. Women (by and large) don’t touch the trade professions in any significant numbers. It’s just not in their biological or social imperative to do such jobs.

But here is an important question we must ask ourselves in 2015. What happens when the beta male has no motivation anymore? They are treated like bovine excrement when it comes to modern dating, marriage, the workforce, you name it. In fact, the only reason they consent to what they do is for certain incentives (adequate income, faithful wife etc), and those incentives just are not there anymore. No-fault divorce and under-employment are rampant, so things are definitely not looking good for men.

Feb 13 07:07

People Inflation – A Good Reason To Become ‘Generalists’

People inflation and technological upheaval are some of the primary culprits behind widespread unemployment. It’s time to become generalists again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The money-junkies do not like generalists. Generalists have too many options. If they get pissed off at being poorly treated at one job they can go do another. Money-junkies prefer everyone to be limited in skills to one ability only, to be a fitted as a cog in a giant economic machine with no freedom to depart and go anywhere else.

Feb 13 07:07

HSBC documents reveal criminal conspiracy of banks and governments

On Sunday, international news outlets the Guardian and Le Monde, working with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), published articles based on their analysis of leaked files showing that the Swiss private banking arm of HSBC, Europe's largest bank, functioned for years as a tax evasion and money laundering firm.