Feb 22 17:40

Bombshell Interview: Cop Reveals That “Planting Evidence And Lying” Are Just “Part Of The Game” By John Vibes

snip: One of the consequences of the war on drugs is that police officers are pressured to make large numbers of arrests, and it’s easy for some of the less honest cops to plant evidence on innocent people. The drug war inevitably leads to crooked policing — and quotas further incentivize such practices. It doesn’t help that your higherups all did the same thing when they were on the road. It’s like a neverending cycle. Like how molested children accept that as okay behavior and begin molesting children themselves.

Feb 22 17:00


Hello. My name is Arthur Topham and I am the owner, publisher and editor of the online alternative News site which has been operating in Canada for the past sixteen years. Over the last eight years I have been involved in legal battles with the Canadian government over alleged offences that purportedly violate Canada's "Hate Propaganda" laws. After eight years of endless legal persecution where I've been unable to work and make a living and also now being a senior citizen on a very small fixed pension the expense of hiring legal counsel is beyond my abilities without additional support from others who believe strongly in the fundamental right to freedom of speech, both off and on the net. Read More.

Feb 22 15:21

Greece — Syriza – Subservience to Neoliberalism – The Killing Plague that Knows No Mercy?

Greece’s debt today stands at 175 % of her economic output. The best – and only decent and socially as well as economically viable option – is exiting the Eurozone by her own decision.

Greece has various options. Tsipras-Varoufakis must know them. Perhaps they keep them hidden away until “the last ditch” moment. To begin with, they could have imposed and still can impose strict capital transfer controls, to avoid the outflow of precious capital from Greek oligarchs, capital that eventually is missing for rebuilding Greece’s economy and would need to be replaced by new debt. Although, this is basically against EU’s rule of free transfer of capital, Greece as a sovereign country, can roll back its EU vassal status, take back its sovereignty and do what every reasonable central bank would do in Greece’s situation – impose capital transfer restrictions. After all, the Euro is also – and still is – Greece’s currency.

Feb 22 15:18

Barb Weir interviews moderate Syrian rebels

You must be joking. Since when are Syrian rebels from Syria? They come from Afar, Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Australia, Azabaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia, Britain, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Chechnya, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, France…

…but Syria? Please, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Syrian Syrian rebel. And there weren’t that many to start with.

Well, ISIL, ISIS, the Islamic state – whatever you want to call it – they’re paying even better and getting their money from the same places as us

Feb 22 15:16

As DHS shutdown looms, Jeh Johnson Issues Terror Warning To Mall of America Customers

It was not too long ago that Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge admitted in his book The Test of Our Times,? that he “was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush’s re-election.”? The NY Daily News in 2004 found that Ashcroft’s Justice Department rolled out terrorism announcements frequently to give Bush a boost in the polls against Democrat John Kerry. Ridge’s first hint that Bush political aides were leveraging fear of terror attacks — an issue where Bush polled well — came in May 2004. Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller held a press conference to warn about American-Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn and other suspects.

Feb 22 14:31

UN peace coordinator unwelcome by Palestinians

PLO negotiators continue to wait for a breakthrough by “peace” envoys that are imposed on them and appointed by the US and the UN, although they represent the occupation state. Mladenov is the most recent. He will not change anything on the ground.

Feb 22 11:38

A U.S. District Judge has disagreed with the Broward County School Board and ruled that a 7-year-old boy's trained service dog can accompany him to school

Stevie is a good dog. He doesn’t eat from the table or have accidents in the house. And he never pulls on his leash.
The white-and-tan Staffordshire terrier also has a special talent: He alerts caregivers when his little boy, Anthony Merchante, is going to have a seizure or has trouble breathing.

Feb 22 11:38

Americans are having more trouble paying off their student debt than their houses

Americans are struggling to make timely payments on student loans, according to new data from researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — even as we dutifully shrink other types of balances.

Feb 22 11:34

[mother jones] Bill O'Reilly Responds. We Annotate.

On Thursday, Mother Jones published an article by Daniel Schulman and me documenting how Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has mischaracterized his wartime reporting experience.
O'Reilly responded to the story by launching a slew of personal invective. He did not respond to the details of the story. Instead, he called me a "liar," a "left-wing assassin," and a "despicable guttersnipe." He said that I deserve "to be in the kill zone." (You can read one of my responses here.) And in his show-opening "Talking Points memo" monologue on Friday evening, he continued the name-calling.

(*O'Reilly's undeniable trademark; Journalistic Suaveness . )

Feb 22 11:30

Starbucks CEO: "As an American, I find Rudy Giuliani's vicious comments about President Obama 'not loving America' to be profoundly offensive to both the President and the Office"

Howard Schultz loves the political fray almost as much as he loves coffee.
The Starbucks CEO called out former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning President Obama's "love" for his country.

Feb 22 11:16

Teenager making $480,000 a year babysitting, forced to hire CEO to meet demands

A US teenager who has made more than $480,000 from her babysitting business has hired a chief executive to handle day-to-day business matters while she's at high school.
Noa Mintz, 15, founded her child care agency Nannies by Noa three years ago and now has 190 clients, the New York Post reports.

Feb 22 11:15

Australia's Prime Minister admits "the system let us down" as the government releases the first report into the Sydney siege: A national security hotline received 18 calls about the self-styled cleric Man Haron Monis just days before he took 18 people

A national security hotline received 18 calls about the self-styled cleric Man Haron Monis just days before he took 18 people hostage at a cafe in Sydney, a report into the siege has revealed.
The calls between December 9 and December 12 last year all concerned offensive material on his Facebook page.

Feb 22 10:56

Cops Claim Video of Them Killing Unarmed Man Can’t Be Used as Evidence, Seize Witness’s Phone

Hm. Maybe this is just too obvious, but if it can't be used as evidence, why seize the phone???

Feb 22 10:56

Medicare Fraud Plea in Detroit Pill Mill Case

We have long said that medical clinics that hire patient recruiters are often engaging in Medicare fraud. Earlier this week I spoke to a gentleman in Detroit named "John" (not his real name of, course.) John is paid $50 per person plus expenses to recruit "patients" for a clinic. John drives a van and searches for homeless people in Detroit. When he finds a willing person, he feeds them and brings them to the clinic.

John pockets the $50 (in cash of course), the homeless person gets a free meal and medical therapy he or she doesn't need and we pay for it. That's right, because almost all homeless people are Medicaid or Medicare recipients, our tax dollars fund their care.

This week's guilty plea by Hussein "Sam" Awada is the most recent example of dangerous Medicare fraud plaguing the Detroit. And once again, patient recruiters played a big role.

Feb 22 10:50

Catholic Priest Dies for 48 Minutes, Comes Back to Life and Claims God Is Female

A Catholic priest from Massachusetts was officially dead for more than 48 minutes before medics were able to miraculously re-start his heart. During that time, Father John Micheal O’neal claims he went to heaven and met God, which he describes as a warm and comforting motherly figure.

Feb 22 10:45

New California Bill Would End Vaccine Exemptions

Unfortunately, in California, no individual right can remain untouched forever.

Feb 22 10:38

"Too Big to Fails" Have Stopped Being Banks

No Longer Focused On Deposits Or Loans

Bloomberg reported last month:

“Banks don’t have a need for deposits, and the demand for loans by households and firms is weak,” Niels Storm Stenbaek, chief economist at the Danish Bankers Association, said in a phone interview.


Banks don’t need deposits? They’re not giving many loans? Isn’t that what banks do?

If they’re not collecting deposits and making loans, what are they doing?

Feb 22 10:36

The Government’s War on Freedom of the Press

The U.S. plummeted to a dismal 49th place on the Reporters Without Borders annual Press Freedom Index, marking the country’s second lowest ranking since the list was created in 2002 and its lowest since 2006. Other countries ranked in the 40s and 50s include Haiti, Mongolia, and Chile.

Feb 22 10:33

It’s Official, McDonald’s and Monsanto Are Both ‘Losing Money Fast’

In a series of headlines that would pass as virtually unbelievable several years ago, mainstream economists are sounding the alarm over the financial decline of both fast food giant McDonald’s and biotech juggernaut Monsanto.

Feb 22 10:04

States Now Banning THIS Common Winter Activity Because Why Not?

A recent sledding accident in Columbia, Missouri could prompt local officials to consider a ban on the wintertime activity, a step taken by an increasing number of U.S. cities and municipalities.

Feb 22 10:03

Ten Most Corrupt States in the United States

Government at all levels in this country has become corrupt. I think a big reason is the collusion between government employee unions and the Democratic party.

Feb 22 10:01

Ancient Aztecs built their temples via the same mathematical principles as modern cities build skyscrapers today.

New Yorkers long ago traded pyramids for skyscrapers and ditched human sacrifice in favor of lunch from a food truck. But modern cities actually develop in much the same way as ancient civilizations, according to a new study. Mathematical formulas may be able to capture how all cities grow, the scientists say, by examining the balance between the benefits of working with others versus the costs of moving around.

Feb 22 10:01

85-year-old Republican grandmom leads charge to legalize marijuana

Saying marijuana is not “the weed of the devil,” an 85-year-old Republican activist has become the face of marijuana legalization in Texas, reports KHOU.
Houston grandmother Ann Lee, who has spoken in support of marijuana legalization in her native state and is headed to Washington to speak with lawmakers, admits that she was not always a supporter of pot.

Feb 22 09:53

Circling The Wagons

the daily beast
Bill O’Reilly Is No Brian Williams
christian science monitor
Does Bill O'Reilly really have a 'Brian Williams problem'?
Bill O’Reilly Wouldn’t Lie About Seeing Action as a War Reporter. Maybe.
Breitbart News
MISFIRE: Mother Jones Trolls Bill O’Reilly with Hair-Splitting to Avenge Brian Williams

(*as of this posting , I've not found FOX NEWS commentary )

Feb 22 09:28

Officers Who Sprayed 80 Rounds Into Mentally Ill Man Cleared of Wrongdoing

Jose Garza had just bought a BB gun and was sleeping on a couch outside a truck stop in Laredo, Texas, when police arrived and woke him up. Despite having prior knowledged that Garza had a BB gun, they opened fire when he stood up. Now those officers have been cleared of wrongdoing.

Feb 22 09:23

Lenovo committed one of the worst consumer betrayals ever made

When Lenovo preinstalled Superfish adware on its laptops, it betrayed its customers and sold out their security. It did it for no good reason, and it may not even have known what it was doing. I’m not sure which is scarier. The various news reports of this catastrophe don’t quite convey the sheer horror and disbelief with which any technically minded person is now reacting to Lenovo’s screw-up. Security researcher Marc Rogers wrote that it’s “quite possibly the single worst thing I have seen a manufacturer do to its customer base. … I cannot overstate how evil this is.” He’s right. The Lenovo Superfish security hole is really, really bad.

Feb 22 09:22

DHS is Now Calling THIS a Greater Threat than ISIS

According to President Obama, you can’t refer to terrorists as “Islamic” or even “Islamic extremists.”
But it’s perfectly accurate, apparently, to refer to domestic terrorists as “right-wing.”
Moreover, these “right-wing” domestic terrorists, according to a recent report issued by the Department of Homeland Security, represent a far greater threat to the security of the United States than ISIS, al-Qaeda, or any other terrorist network.

Feb 22 09:14

Texas Man Gets Ticket From Red Light Camera; His Response Will Make Constitution Lovers Proud!

A Texan, apparently, isn’t easily accepting the ticket he got in the mail after a camera allegedly caught him in a traffic violation.

He penned a cheeky letter, citing constitutional violations and even a mathematical formula to show why he thinks the case should be dropped. But an officer with the camera division says there may be a flaw in his argument.

Feb 22 09:13

1 in 4 Americans Apparently Unaware the Earth Orbits the Sun


Feb 22 09:12

Their Double Standard and Ours Muslims Lives Matter, Too (But Only in Theory) by ANDREW LEVINE

snip: If you kill a bunch of people and you are white, the assumption is that you have a psychological problem; if you are Muslim, or if your ancestors were, Allah made you do it.

When atrocities happen, calls go out to fix the system. When the perpetrator is white and the victims are Muslim, this usually means fixing the mental health delivery system; not the causes of institutional and attitudinal Islamophobia. When the perpetrators are Muslim, there is nothing to do but beef up the police – or call in the army.

In Western public opinion, and in the practice of Western governments, Islam and double standards go hand in hand.

Feb 22 09:04

Anti What? The Fallacy of Rising Anti-Semitism by URI AVNERY

An Israeli viewpoint Snip: When Binyamin Netanyahu does not miss an opportunity to declare that he represents all the Jews in the world, he makes all the world’s Jews responsible for Israeli policies and actions.

When Jewish institutions in France, the US and everywhere totally and uncritically identify with the policies and operations of Israel, such as the recent Gaza war, they turn themselves voluntarily into potential victims of revenge actions. The French Jewish leadership, CRIF, did so just now.

Neither of these reasons has anything to do with anti-Semitism.

Feb 22 08:53

After 50 Years, A Nanny's Beautiful Photography Is Found And Her Story Is Nominated For An Oscar

Finding Vivian Maier is a documentary that tells the story of a brilliant woman whose gifted eye for photography was never recognized in her lifetime. Despite how much time and practice she put into her craft, Vivian Maier's beautiful images were never shared with anyone until former real estate agent John Maloof discovered them in 2007.

Feb 22 08:51

After Being Locked Indoors For 14 Years, These Siblings Are Seeing The World For The First Time

For 14 years, the Angulo siblings were raised in New York and confined to their 4-bedroom apartment.

Feb 22 08:49

Bill O’Reilly Covered Falklands War From “Expense Account Zone”

“It was not a war zone or even close. It was an ‘expense account zone’,” former CBS News correspondent Eric Jon Engberg says of Bill O’Reilly’s time in Buenos Aires covering the Falklands War. Engberg jumped into the fracas between the Fox News Channel star and Mother Jones, which this week published an article, “Bill O’Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem.”

(*but don't count on him getting scrutinized the way Williams did . O'Reilly enjoys 'embedded journalist privilege' )

Feb 22 08:46

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, Watching the Same Movie About American War for 75 Years

a good recap of formulaic war porn

snip: All it takes these days to turn a loss into a win is to zoom in tight enough to ignore defeat. In American Sniper, the disastrous occupation of Iraq is shoved offstage so that more Iraqis can die in Kyle’s sniper scope. In Lone Survivor, a small American “victory” is somehow dredged out of hopeless Afghanistan because an Afghan man takes a break from being droned to save the life of a SEAL.

In sum: gritty, brave, selfless men, stoic women waiting at home, noble wounded warriors, just causes, and the necessity of saving American lives. Against such a lineup, the savage enemy is a crew of sitting ducks who deserve to die. Everything else is just music, narration, and special effects. War pornos, like their oversexed cousins, are all the same movie.

Feb 22 08:25

'He Just Made It Up': New York Post Accused of Fabrication in Machete Lawsuit Story By Adam Johnson

snip: Algar–and the New York Post in general–have a record of reducing those on the "wrong side" of law enforcement to two-dimensional "thugs" in urgent need of our disdain. That they would do so to help their ideological confederates in the NYPD push through additional funds is predictable. That they go one step further and make up quotes out of whole cloth is a new low even for the long-discredited tabloid.

Feb 22 08:18

NSA's SIM Card Scandal Bigger Than You Think

Vladimir Platov
Activist Post

Stolen encryption keys are just the beginning. US NSA appears to have compromised big telecom, IT manufacturers, online banking, and even passports, starting on the factory floor...

Feb 22 08:14

Obama to Congress: Rubber-Stamp My Perpetual War By Marjorie Cohn

The most important question is: how can more bloodshed justify past bloodshed? Perpetual war is perpetual murder

Feb 22 07:46

Bill O'Reilly Lies–but Some Lies Matter More Than Others By Jim Naureckas

there's nothing like the scent of scortched hypocrite!

Feb 22 07:43

Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories By Adam Johnson

“If we really saw war, what war does to young minds and bodies, it would be impossible to embrace the myth of war. If we had to stand over the mangled corpses of schoolchildren killed in Afghanistan and listen to the wails of their parents, we would not be able to repeat clichés we use to justify war. This is why war is carefully sanitized. This is why we are given war's perverse and dark thrill but are spared from seeing war's consequences. The mythic visions of war keep it heroic and entertaining…

The wounded, the crippled, and the dead are, in this great charade, swiftly carted offstage. They are war's refuse. We do not see them. We do not hear them. They are doomed, like wandering spirits, to float around the edges of our consciousness, ignored, even reviled. The message they tell is too painful for us to hear. We prefer to celebrate ourselves and our nation by imbibing the myths of glory, honor, patriotism, and heroism, words that in combat become empty and meaningless.”

Feb 22 07:33

Whoa! A Bit of Accuracy from the Corporate Media! Becky Akers

Truthful media? Shocking!

“All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance.”
- Will Rogers

Feb 22 07:32

New ISIS video shows Kurdish fighters being 'paraded in cages' in Iraq, interviewed

In yet another propaganda video released by the Islamic State, 21 hostages confined in cages are shown being paraded through Iraqi streets, and then being interviewed before being apparently killed.

Feb 22 07:32

Evil Assad, Evil Gaddafi, Now Evil Putin: How the West Sells War (and Makes a Killing)

Distraction politics and the economic variables in Ukraine and the parallels with Syria, Libya and Iraq.

Feb 22 07:29

NATO invents Russian threats in the Baltic - but Putin's next big play is Greece

While mainstream media promulgate a fictitious message of Russian threats in the Baltic, Vladimir Putin's next big play lies far to the south. The gross intransigence of the EU, the IMF, the European Central Bank and Germany are forcing Greece into a powerful new economic and energy alliance with Russia that will reshape Europe - and for the better.

Feb 22 07:27

Kagan + Nuland: Liberal Interventionists Michael S. Rozeff

snip: Kagan stands for the liberal values that came out of the Enlightenment and characterize the Western states. But he also believes that these states are pansies who need to be muscular in defense of these values. “Muscular” means interventionist and ever-willing to insert force and arms in foreign lands; not in classic self-defense but on a pro-active, preemptive basis. In other words, to maintain liberal values and promote liberalism worldwide, the liberal states have to behave illiberally. They have to attack other countries that they deem threatening. They have to be provocative toward any country that doesn’t meet their standards of liberality.

Feb 22 07:19

US “Easing Into” War with Syria Using ISIS Boogeyman

The US is a few “accidental” airstrikes away from total war with Syria. The US is reportedly working with Turkey to provide militants inside of Syria with radios to call in US airstrikes to help in their “fight against ISIS.” Despite the obvious reality that these militants are in fact fighting alongside ISIS and are primarily fighting the Syrian Arab Army, and that such airstrikes are inevitably going to be called in on Syrian, not ISIS targets, the US is nonetheless attempting to assure the world this is not the case.

Feb 22 06:29

US judge dismisses antitrust case against Google over Android apps

A U.S. federal judge has dismissed an antitrust lawsuit that charges Google harmed consumers by forcing Android handset makers to use its apps by default, but gave the plaintiffs three weeks to amend their complaint.
Google faces allegations of anticompetitive behavior in a number of antitrust cases around the world. The most recent case involves Russian search engine company Yandex, which has accused Google of illegally forcing Android device manufacturers to install its own apps and exclude software from competitors. Yandex said on Feb. 18 that it had filed a complaint with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) asking the authority to investigate Google for possible violations of Russian antitrust law.

Feb 22 06:25

VIDEO: ISIS Members Attempting To Do Martial Arts Is Pathetic, Almost Sad

The much-feared terrorist group known as “ISIS” or “Da`esh” depending on what part of the world you are in, is often thought to have very advanced tactical training. But this week they released the latest of their recruiting videos (scroll down for video), and it revealed something very… different. If you thought the G.I. Joe, jungle gym videos from Al-Qaeda looked tactically rookie, then you’re in for a real surprise when you watch the latest of what ISIS considers to be their top martial artists and tactical “stealth mode” jihadis.

Feb 22 06:09

Bush's PAC handing out checks

Jeb Bush isn't just visiting states, attending fundraisers and delivering grand policy speeches — he's handing out money with a clear strategy in mind.

(*Buying the 2016 election)

Feb 22 05:49

Iran not to seal "vague, imperfect" deals: FM

TEHRAN, Feb. 22--Iran will not put its signature on agreements which are "ambiguous and imperfect," Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif told state IRIB TV on Sunday.

"No accord will be sealed unless a comprehensive agreement is reached," Zarif said in Geneva as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to join the ongoing bilateral talks on Sunday and Monday over Tehran's long-disputed nuclear program.

"Petit, fragmentary and temporary agreements are neither in favor of our country nor the other party," Zarif was quoted as saying.

Feb 22 03:14

Ukraine... It's a Heist!!!

What are the underlying motives driving those who are continuing to fan the flames of conflict in Ukraine?

Feb 22 03:08

Strategic Implications of Debaltsevo Defeat

A number of key locations absorbed a huge amount of Novorussian forces, especially the Donetsk airport (which was used to shell Donetsk), the Debaltsevo pocket (which was used to shell Gorlovka, which threatened the Donetsk-Gorlovka-Lugansk axis and which could be used to mount an attack on either Donetsk or Lugansk) and the town of Peski which was used to support the junta forces at the Donetsk airport. They are now all in Novorussian hands.

Feb 21 21:08

"Prepare for Full-Scale War" says Ukraine Deputy Foreign Minister

I have been sitting on close to a dozen videos describing the massive damage in military equipment in the latest separatist surge. For a description, but no videos, please see Debaltsevsky Under Rebel Control, Boiler Remains; What's Next?

Feb 21 21:00

Ferguson Revelations: National Guard Told To Stand Down

Since the night last November when rioting re-erupted in and around Ferguson, local leaders and business owners have complained that the Missouri National Guard and other police entities did nothing to stop the looting and burning that ensued. Now, with new information indicating that lack of action was ordered from the top — and not just to preserve lives, b

Feb 21 18:41

Lawyer: Video shows that a Philly man was running - not reaching into his car for a gun, as the official account said - when he was fatally shot by a police officer.

BRANDON TATE-BROWN was running - not reaching into his car for a gun - when he was fatally shot by a Philadelphia police officer in December, a lawyer representing Tate-Brown's family told the Daily News last night.
Attorney Brian Mildenberg said he and Tanya Brown-Dickerson on Thursday viewed surveillance footage of Tate-Brown's encounter with two patrol cops during a traffic stop on Frankford Avenue near Magee in Mayfair on Dec. 15.

Feb 21 18:41

Yoga and Indian head massages lead to Satanism, says priest

A yoga teacher who also describes herself as a "good Catholic" has defended the ancient discipline after a priest equated it to paganism - and even Satanism.
Evelyn Donnelly rejected the warning by Fr Roland Colhoun, from Glendermott parish in Derry, who said that practising yoga or getting Indian head massages will lead to the "Kingdom of Darkness".

Feb 21 17:40

Gone Midnight in the Place where the Sun don't Shine.

The world is in the spin cycle of a backwards washing machine. It's not as much backwards as it is haphazard. From spin it next goes to wash and then it goes to rinse. You can apply a metaphysical perspective to this, should you be so inclined and actually in possession of one. Most people are not. In order to both pursue what you are after and- at the same time- justify it against all the admonitions of conscience, you have to suspend or discard reason altogether. You have to take logic and turn it into a tortured origami. You have to intentionally embrace denial, in place of being open to the truth because otherwise, your humanity will shotgun your bullshit into an inactive state and then you lose all your hooks, hinges and hangers.

Feb 21 15:54

How to defeat violent Islamic fundamentalism

Alan Hart says Western foreign policy and repressive Arab and Muslim regimes are at the core of violent Islamic fundamentalism, and that Western leaders could change both, but they will not.

Feb 21 15:22

Barack Obama’s push toward communism and his dark shady past: exposed

It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and proverbially hammer Obama like he has hammered us

Feb 21 15:08

The Assassination of Greece

The strangulation of Syriza is part and parcel of the decade long process of the EU’s assassination of Greece.

A savage response to a heroic attempt by an entire people, hurled into destitution, condemned to be ruled by kleptocratic conservatives and social democrats.

Empires do not surrender their colonies through reasonable arguments or by the bankruptcy of their regressive “reforms”.

If in fact, EU dogmatism and intransigence forecloses even the most favorable deals, Tsipras and Syriza, (against their desires) may be forced to exit the Euro Empire and face the challenge of carving out a new truly radical policy and economy as a free and independent country.

Feb 21 15:04

At War With Those “Who Have Perverted Islam”

The latest ISIL political ally to surface is Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, and an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2008.

During a speech at this week’s White House conference on countering violent extremism,President Obama described the enemy that calls itself ISIL:

“We are not at war with Islam; we are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”

That statement is sensible and it is clear. It represents the President’s careful separation of ISIL (initially self-designated as the Islamic State in the Levant) from the world’s Muslim population.

ISIL is not remotely representative of Islam. It steals its language the way extremists out of Jewish and Christian backgrounds pervert those religious communities.

Feb 21 14:57

How, to contain and defeat perverted and violent Islamic fundamentalism

American foreign policy and authoritarian Muslim regimes, cause/provoke Muslim hurt, humiliation, anger and the despair of no hope.

If perverted and violent Islamic fundamentalism (PVIF) in all of its manifestations is to be contained and defeated there’s one thing above all others that must happen – Western leaders, starting with President Obama, must open their minds to the fact that consequences have causes and then address the causes.

There are two main and related causes of PVIF (Perverted and violent Islamic fundamentalism):

(1) American-led Western foreign policy for the Arab and wider Muslim world including its double standard as demonstrated by refusal to call and hold Israel to account for its defiance of international law and rejection of the Palestinian claim for justice.

(2) The corruption, authoritarianism and repression of most if not all Arab and other Muslim regimes. In most cases they are regimes supported/endorsed by American-led Western foreign policy.

Feb 21 13:46

Poroshenko Wants NATO Troops in Donbass. Kiev Forces Defeated in Debaltsevo

Yatsenyuk is a Washington favorite. He’s virulently anti-Russian. He wants Donbass freedom fighters crushed.

Perhaps he’ll be Ukraine’s next president – tasked with waging greater than ever full-scale aggression on his own people.

Maybe this time with US-led NATO help? Will Ukraine be another Libya?

Feb 21 13:22

Gen. Wesley Clark: ‘ISIS Got Started With Funding From Our Closest Allies’

One of the most interesting things about Gen. Clark is his propensity to blurt fascinating things out every now and again.

Feb 21 13:09

Russian Envoy Says Obama’s Extremism Summit a “Mess”

Despite bitter differences over the fate of Syria and Ukraine, the United States and Russia still agree on one thing: the need to confront violent Islamic extremists from North Africa to the Middle East. But forging a coordinated strategy for combating the scourge has been complicated by the deteriorating state of relations between the Cold War superpowers.

Feb 21 12:55

The Draft Dodgers of Ukraine

The country’s struggling army is trying to replenish its ranks. But with its forces taking a pounding in the east, Kiev is discovering that new recruits are making themselves scarce.

Feb 21 12:51

Egypt is calling the West’s bluff over its phony war on ISIS

Western states are trumpeting ISIS as the latest threat to civilisation, claiming total commitment to their defeat, and using the group’s conquests in Syria and Iraq as a pretext for deepening their own military involvement in the Middle East.

Yet as Libya seems to be following the same path as Syria – of‘moderate’anti-government militias backed by the West paving the way for ISIS takeover – Britain and the US seem reluctant to confront them there, immediately pouring cold water on Egyptian President Sisi’s request for an international coalition to halt their advances.

Feb 21 12:47

The Battle Behind the Fog of Propaganda - The “Exceptional” U.S. Suffers Crushing Defeat in Debaltsevo

In less than a year, the United States has toppled the democratically-elected government of Ukraine, installed a Washington-backed stooge in Kiev, launched a bloody and costly war of annihilation on Russian-speaking people in the East, thrust the economy into a downward death spiral, and reduced the nation to an anarchic, failed state destined to endure a vicious fratricidal civil war for as far as the eye can see.

Feb 21 11:56

Barack Obama urges audience to “do a fact check.” We oblige

President Barack Obama may be angling for our job.
During a Feb. 20, 2015, address to the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee, Obama urged the audience to "do a fact check" on the state of the economy, particularly in light of longstanding Republican criticisms of his policies.

Feb 21 11:56

In Arizona, a controversial federal land swap leaves Apaches in the lurch: Why is Congress giving federally protected Arizona land sacred to the Apache to a massive mining conglomerate?

A place of great natural beauty, popular among rock climbers and campers, a part of Tonto National Forest known as Oak Flat has been under federal protection from mining since 1955, by special order of President Eisenhower.

Feb 21 11:55

Calls to shut down social media “extremism” intensify

CBS claims the IS “propaganda machine produces as many as 90,000 posts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms every single day.”

Feb 21 11:11

Crude oil is being transported across North America in tanker cars that aren't designed for oil - this is why they keep exploding when they derail

On Monday, a train hauling 100 tankers of crude oil derailed in West Virginia. The violent crash punctured several of the tankers. Eventually 19 were engulfed in flames. Now, more questions are swirling about whether these tankers are safe enough to carry crude.

Feb 21 11:11

FDA has known since at least 2009 devices spread fatal 'superbug' - lethal infections

... but does not order fix - NO New safety requirements

devices at the center of the "superbug" outbreak at UCLA

Feb 21 11:10

Watch As This Gun-Toting Pharmacist Saves Seven Of His Customers From An Armed Robber

It was just a regular morning at the Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch, West Virginia until a masked man walked into the pharmacy attempting to rob it.
Unfortunately for the man, one of the pharmacists on duty was armed. According to news reports, the pharmacist actually joked with the man when he first came in about robbing him and that’s when the suspect pulled out a gun to rob them!

Feb 21 10:35

Moody's "Junks" Russia

Expects Deep Recession In 2015

Feb 21 10:35

Disturbing: What Happened to the Man Walking 20 Miles to Work Each Day After Attention Faded

James Robertson was thrust in the spotlight a couple of weeks ago when the media caught wind of his over 20 mile round trip walk to work his factory job every day with a perfect attendance record. We now learn what has happened to Robertson after the amazing generosity of so many and the faded media attention and it is heartbreaking.

Feb 21 10:34

What President Obama Just Said About Islam And America Will Make You Sick

President Obama further incited his critic’s rage regarding his rhetoric concerning Islamic extremism. The president has taken heat over his downplaying of Islamic terrorism and his referencing of the Crusades, attempting to compare the crimes of ISIS to Christian wars nearly 1,000 years ago. Now the president has rewritten American history to accommodate Muslims.

Feb 21 10:21

Shock Poll Shows That Almost Half Of Democrats Would Be OK If The President Ignored Court Orders

A disturbing new survey by Rasmussen Reports found that nearly half of Democrats surveyed support the idea of a president ignoring a court ruling against them if he thinks it is “important for the country.”
Only 26 percent of likely voters surveyed agreed with the concept of an imperial presidency, but fully 43 percent of Democrats do.

Feb 21 10:21

This Eighth Grade School Assignment on Immigration is Really Upsetting Parents

An 8th grader at Shattuck Middle School received a perfect score for claiming Republicans want to “destroy” the pathway to citizenship.
According to the boy’s father, Scott Radies, he was given a worksheet by Social Studies teacher Grace Davis. Students were to read a political cartoon and answer questions about it.

Feb 21 10:16

A Century of American Figurehead Presidents Marching to the Beat of Wall Street and the New World Order

But between our Presidents’ Day sales, popcorn and beer, this President’s Day 2015 might also be an opportune time to pause and reflect on our presidents over this last century. President’s Day then becomes a sober reckoning of how the fate of our cherished democratic republic was lost and stolen by today’s totalitarian oligarchy. A chronicle of this last century’s presidents offers us Americans a greater understanding of the diminished role our figurehead presidents have played as a mere public face to the shrouded power elite puppet masters pulling their strings. What follows is a presentational overview providing a step-by-step thread of continuity that has led us to the New World Order burgeoning today.

1913 was a pivotal year that brought to fruition the meticulously laid out agenda conspired in total secrecy of the Jekyll Island Coup d’Etat that culminated with the Federal Reserve Act signed by President Woodrow Wilson establishing the deceptively covert, privatized central banking cabal of the Federal Reserve Board. The other illegal 1913 coup that was part of the low-blow, one-two near knockout punch against the American people was the birth of the federal income tax. Thus the foundation of today’s globalist Ponzi scheme on the verge right now of implosion gained its lethal foothold into our lives just one year before “the war to end all wars.”

Feb 21 10:07

Students object to online courses recording facial features, knuckles, voice

Students at Rutgers University are balking at a new biometric software used in online classes that requires them to record their facial features, knuckles and photo ID.

Feb 21 10:00

Cops Say Family Thanked Them For Beating and Arresting Them In Their Own Home

Nick Bernabe
Activist Post

Thankful residents of City Heights appreciated the kind gesture of cops invading their home for no reason, beating and then arresting family members — at least according to a July police report filed after the incident. The family was thankful for being framed for a crime they never committed.

The only problem with this “official story” is that it’s basically completely fabricated...

Feb 21 09:29

State Rules Flower Shop Owner Discriminated Against Gay Couple; Here’s How The Shop Owner Responded

Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington has just been hit by a catastrophic and extreme ruling by a judge for practicing her faith in the real world.

Feb 21 09:28

Happy Ending for 6-Year-Old Autistic Boy After Nobody Shows Up to His Birthday Party

When not a single person showed up to 6-year-old Glenn Buratti’s birthday party, his mother, Ashlee, was devastated. “From the minute he woke up that day he wanted to know how many minutes until his friends came. None of the kids’ parents RSVP’d, but I was still holding on to the hope that some of them would show up,” the Florida momtold the Osceola News-Gazette. “[It] never crossed my mind that it would be zero.”

Feb 21 09:24

Not Very Funny

This is the serious part of tonight's event, except that Lee often deals with very serious topics. So what I mean is: this is the unfunny part of tonight's event, except that I'm going to talk about the United States government. One of my favorite things that Mark Twain didn't really say but definitely should have said was "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." He left out the possibility of imbeciles who are putting us on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The quote often misattributed to Twain is actually by Laurence Peter, famous for the "Peter Principle" in which people are promoted to their level of incompetence.

Feb 21 08:56

Family of girl strip-searched at Quebec school to sue school board: The family of a 15-year-old girl who was strip-searched at a Quebec City high school intends to take the school board to court, their lawyer says.

The lawyer representing the family of a 15-year-old girl who was strip-searched at a Quebec City high school says they intend to take the school board to court.

Feb 21 08:55

Muslim Dutch Mayor to Muslims: Accept Western Values or Leave

The Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, said this week that Europe has no place for extremists who are not willing to live within the bounds of its norms.

Feb 21 08:47

Islamic terror and the great deception

The unseen adepts who rule America also rule the world. They are masters at understanding human nature.

They have spent hundreds of years creating the public mindset which they manipulate in our generation with the most perfect precision. Words, phrases and thought patterns are a political science that triggers exact and predictable responses to political rhetoric.

They have many names — the elite, Illuminati, Zionists, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to name a few — but in the end they are one in the same. Their goals are one in the same. Their goals are not your goals, but they are masters at convincing you they are.

Feb 21 08:41

“Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement” back online

EndGame HQ full length version was removed from Youtube yet again by another false copyright claim

Feb 21 08:26

US ''Easing Into'' War with Syria by Using ISIS

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

The US is a few “accidental” airstrikes away from total war with Syria. The US is reportedly working with Turkey to provide militants inside of Syria with radios to call in US airstrikes to help in their “fight against ISIS.”

Despite the obvious reality that these militants are in fact fighting alongside ISIS and are primarily fighting the Syrian Arab Army, and that such airstrikes are inevitably going to be called in on Syrian, not ISIS targets, the US is nonetheless attempting to assure the world this is not the case...

Feb 21 08:25

Toronto Star promoting the extreme right in Ukraine

The three conglomerates that dominate print media in Canada -- Torstar, which publishes the Toronto Star, the country’s largest daily newspaper; Woodbridge, which publishes The Globe and Mail, the largest national daily; and Postmedia, which controls the daily newspapers of most cities in English Canada -- speak on Ukraine as though they all attended the same indoctrination sessions. Viewed through their prism, Ukraine is topsy-turvy and bears little resemblance to reality. Human rights, moral standards and the concerns of the people of the east of the country are given no standing, no voice and no sympathy.

Among the three, the Star has distinguished itself in that three of its writers have used their column and article space to vaunt the fundraising projects of Ukraine's extreme-right parties and militias and the Ukraine army. These are the forces which have been shelling towns and cities in eastern Ukraine and otherwise committing countless war crimes for the better part of the past year.

Feb 21 08:21

Louisiana Govenor Cuts $900 Million from Public Universities, Gives Exxon Mobil $263 Million in Tax Breaks

Since 2008, 48 states have cut funding from public colleges--some by as much as 40%. State lawmakers couch their decisions as the unavoidable consequence of the Great Recession and budget deficits. What they fail to mention is that while they’re gutting higher education, they’re giving corporations tens of billions in tax breaks and incentives.

Feb 21 08:21

FBI digital search-warrant plan a ‘monumental’ constitutional threat, says Google

Tech giant Google submitted court documents this week charging that a new FBI plan for obtaining digital search warrants is a “monumental” constitutional threat.

Feb 21 06:40

From 1750 AD?

UN Calculates 300-year “Climate Debt” for United States

Feb 21 06:06

Syriza capitulates to the EU

The Greek government has repudiated its election pledges, agreeing Friday to a four-month extension of the existing loans and austerity programme dictated by “troika” of the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Feb 21 05:36

Weekly Wrap-Up: Snowstorm Blasts Eastern US; Winter Conditions Hinder Cleanup of Derailed Train in West Virginia

The week kicked off with another round of wintry weather across the eastern United States, which caused severe travel problems and cut power to thousands.
The storm developed across the central U.S. early Monday and continued its trek eastward, bringing heavy snow and ice from the Ohio Valley to the mid-Atlantic through Monday night.
Meanwhile, heavy sleet and freezing rain coated Tennessee and neighboring states.

A train derailment that occurred Monday afternoon sent at least one crude oil tanker into a nearby river and prompted the evacuation of residents near the community of Armstrong Creek, West Virginia, according to local news reports.
The entire town of Boomer, West Virginia, was evacuated following six explosions.
It was snowing at the time of derailment, and the temperature was near 10 F

Feb 21 03:53

Harsh winter brings city’s homeless problem into full view

Worcester MA: The lodging license at the South Middlesex Opportunity Council's (SMOC) Triage Center on Queen Street allows for up to 40 people. During the winter the city allows the homeless shelter to go above capacity to potentially save lives, and the shelter has been inundated – two recent city inspections put the number of residents living at the shelter above 100.
“We talked about how to reduce the volume of people,” City Manager Ed Augustus Jr. said of opening the Triage Center. “We were trying to get people off the street, and the only place to take anybody regardless of their situation was the Triage Center, in order to save peoples' lives and not have them freeze to death in snow drifts during a blizzard.”

The undisputed fact, given the high census numbers at the shelter during a particularly harsh winter, seems to be that the city's homelessness services are stretched thin, especially when it snows. The issue is how to solve that problem.

Feb 21 03:34

New UN Security Council Resolution on Ukraine

The Council called on all parties to fully implement the “Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements” adopted on 12 February 2015 in Minsk, Belarus. Firmly convinced that the resolution on the situation in eastern regions of Ukraine could only be achieved through a peaceful settlement to the current crisis, the Council welcomed the declaration by the heads of state of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, France and Germany in support of the “Package of measures” and their continuing commitment to implement the agreements.

Feb 21 03:33

More snow, rain forecast for Massachusetts

More snow, rain forecast for Massachusetts; officials worry of roofs collapsing

In the eastern end of the state, which has already seen record snowfall amounts in some places, there have been 118 separate roof collapses to homes and businesses since Feb. 9, according to MEMA spokesman Peter Judge.

"This weekend's weather is likely to exacerbate vulnerabilities for roof and structural collapse," he said.

Feb 21 03:31

Austerity in Illinois? Critics Slam 'Morally Reprehensible' Budget Proposal

With its deep cuts to higher education, Medicaid, pension benefits, and social services, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's proposed budget is being called "reckless," "heartless," and "morally reprehensible."

Feb 21 02:42

Missing schoolgirls:

Missing schoolgirls: Police appeal for three London teenagers feared to have gone to Syria to join ISIS

(*To Commit Great Sins Against Islam )

Feb 21 01:44

Deaths from Prescription Painkillers Triple in 20 Years – What’s Going On?

The deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger may have grabbed headlines, but there is a far larger tragedy behind America’s recreational painkiller epidemic. Deaths from prescription painkillers have more than tripled in the last 20 years, while drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

Feb 21 01:35

Report: Obama hustling ‘full-throttle’ to set up amnesty contracts

The Obama administration is hustling to move quickly on contracts for the president’s executive-memo-driven amnesty program even though a federal judge has ordered Washington bureaucrats to stop in their tracks.

Feb 21 01:22

Why The “1%” Hates The Gold Standard

Between 1930 and 1970, it was only the “bottom 90%” that saw their incomes rise.

Feb 21 01:12

Buyer Beware: Talking Barbie Records Kids’ Conversations

Mattel’s new high-tech Barbie that records conversations for analysts to read. What possibly could go wrong?

Feb 20 20:10

Fire rips through Dubai skyscraper

A fire has swept through the Torch skyscraper in Dubai, one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

Strong winds helped the blaze to spread across the 336.1m (1,105ft) high building in the marina district.

One eyewitness told the BBC "there was debris flying everywhere, falling into neighbouring buildings". Later reports said the fire was under control.

Feb 20 19:50

Why Rand Paul Went To The Wailing Wall

American politicians are made to show obeisance to Israel

Feb 20 19:41

Israeli spies on NJ army base

Feb 20 18:36

Now, more recently, states have started trying to ban the teaching of U.S. history. Yes, U.S. history. Specifically, the bits of our history that might be uncomfortable, unflattering or even shameful — or, as some politicians call it, “unpatriotic.”

It seems strange to organize an educational system around what can’t be taught to children.
But for large chunks of the country, that is exactly how public educational standards seem to be set: by demarcating and preserving blind spots rather than promoting enlightenment.

Feb 20 18:33

Obese patients now being sent to zoos for scans, as normal equipment cannot accommodate them

Never mind the elephant enclosure or gorilla kingdom - one zoo could soon have a section for FAT people.
The animal park in the Czech capital Prague is set to build a special health centre for the country's 80,000 'super obese ' people.

Feb 20 18:01

The US is busting Israeli banks: Bank Leumi, Israel's second largest bank, helped American customers evade income taxes, hide assets, and launder their money

Sam Antar: I was laundering money through Bank Leumi decades ago

Former Crazy Eddie CFO and convicted felon Sam Antar explains how he got away with laundering money through Bank Leumi decades ago and why it took so long for the Feds to crack down on the Israeli-based bank.
Foreign banks have been helping Americans dodge U.S. income taxes for years. But it's taken decades for law enforcement to catch up with them.

Feb 20 17:22

The FDA Doesn’t Care If You Die

Oh, yet another smoking gun.

Reuters) – U.S. health regulators have known since at least 2009 that the medical devices at the center of the “superbug” outbreak at UCLA can transmit lethal infections but have not recommended any new safety requirements, a lapse that threatens patient safety, experts in hospital-acquired infections said.

More than five years.

Further, it will only change now (if it does at all) because it’s all over the news.

Feb 20 17:21

The Top 10 Things Vice President Joe Biden Might’ve Whispered to the Defense Secretary’s Wife

It’s really hard to watch this, even with David Letterman making jokes over it. Look at Ashton Carter as he keeps trying not to ask Biden what in the hell he thinks he’s doing…

And this guy might run for president? Seriously?!

What the hell is wrong with Joe Biden?

Feb 20 17:10

Teaching critical thinking to high school students: US government student research/presentation (5.1 of 6)

*hyperlinks live at source*
The following are my teaching assignments on critical thinking for California 12th grade students in the semester-long courses, “US Government” and “Economics.” I offer them for non-profit use:

Information and recommendations for your child’s success (and overall introduction to this article series) 1 of 6
Heart of social science (2 of 6)
Critical thinking skills in government and economics (3 of 6)
Case Study: Economics and policy of ending poverty (4 of 6)
Critical thinking skills in action: policy analysis of ‘current events,’ past and present (US Government: 5 of 6)
Critical thinking skills in action: economic analysis of ‘current events,’ past and present (Economics: 6 of 6)

Feb 20 15:19

Former Ambassador Robert Ford Admits "Conspiracy Theorists" Were Right - Jihadists Are Majority Of Rebels

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Death squad operative Robert Ford has turned a number of heads recently with his surprising indictments of the so-called “moderate” rebels operating in Syria. Ford, who has long been one of the most vocal cheerleaders of the jihadists – having played a crucial role in organizing and arming them early on – is now openly admitting much of what many in the alternative media have been saying since the beginning of the crisis in 2010 – that al-Qaeda, Nusra, and other jihadist forces make up the overwhelming majority of the alleged “rebellion.”...

Feb 20 15:17

Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughterhouse of History.

I watched the Satanic Saudis and other ZOG captive gulf states, conspire together in their ZOG agenda to war though oil price manipulation against Syria, Iran, Russia and others, cause others are coming; Greece, Egypt and various countries, I can see them gravitating toward this alliance because they know they are going to get short shrift otherwise, or be butchered, sacrificial sheep, hanging on the hooks of torment and pain in the slaughterhouse of history.

Feb 20 14:58

The myth of rising anti-Semitism in Europe

Uri Avnery debunks the flurry of Israeli and other Zionist propaganda which claims that European anti-Semitism is rising, blaming instead local historical baggage and Israeli behaviour for recent attacks on Jews.

Feb 20 14:42

Forced Adult Vaccinations at Federal Levels Comment Period Now

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

The U.S. Health and Human Services published a 46-page draft proposal and notice in the Federal Register recently regarding more mandated vaccines for adults, and especially pregnant females; employer-enforced adult vaccinations; and probably for getting faith-based groups to uptake and not oppose vaccines/vaccinations.

There is an open public comment period that ends March 9, 2015, for consumers to register their comments...

Feb 20 14:07

A Future Filled with Sex Robots: The Downfall of Humanity in One YouTube Comment Thread

Between being heralded as the next best thing since sliced bread that will save the world from everything from STDs to unwanted children to war to fundamentally changing all of society as we know it, the male/female arguments over the coming silicone fembot sex revolution shows why humanity is, for lack of a better term and pardon the pun, screwed.

Feb 20 14:04

WINTER STORM WARNING: Dangerous : Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain in South, Midwest and Northeast

17 weather-related deaths reported just in Tennessee this week

Feb 20 13:51

Aussie jihadists were on the dole

ALMOST all of the wannabe terrorists who have snuck out of Australia to join jihadist armies in Iraq and Syria were on the dole or some form of welfare payment, The Saturday Telegraph can reveal.

Feb 20 13:42


A bill introduced in Montana, HB 330, which would attempt to reign in the growing militarization of law enforcement is making its way through the House. The legislation, introduced by Rep. Nicholas Schwaderer, would put limit on the type of military equipment that could be transferred to state and local police under the federal 1033 program. In addition, the bill will audit the current inventory and require a strict regiment of oversight.

Feb 20 13:34


US citizens and other non-EU nationals who enter Europe will be asked to have their faces image-captured and fingerprints scanned upon arrival at a half-dozen major airports. The biometric dragnet is part of a pilot test of the EU’s so-called ‘smart borders’ package. Passengers can refuse to give the data for now but there are plans to eventually make it obligatory.

Feb 20 13:33


Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised online for the family of Eric Garner – who died via chokehold at the hands of New York police last year. The family, however, claims they don’t know where the money is from 19 crowd-funding projects. A quick review of some crowd-sourcing efforts for the Garner family include an Indiegogo “Fund for the Children of Eric Garner” ($44,567), a Fundly campaign called the “Eric Garner Family Support Fund” ($74,684) and two GoFundMe campaigns – one to “Help Eric Garner’s Widow” ($1,675) and another “Support for Esaw Garner” fund ($9,301).

Feb 20 12:06

Teen asks his mom to pull over, jumps out of the car and runs over to help an elderly man shovel snow

Virginia high school senior Tommy Adams was driving home from the DMV with his mother when he spotted an elderly man shoveling snow and offered to shovel the driveway himself.

Feb 20 12:05

A proposal that mocks democracy in Virginia "In many other states, lawmakers wait until after the decennial census to redraw districts. Not so in VA., a swing state where it seems Republicans who hold sway in Richmond will stop at nothing

HEAVEN FORBID that an incumbent seeking reelection to Virginia’s state legislature should face a bump in the road in the form of a plausible challenger. If the incumbent were seeking reelection in a district where Democrats and Republicans enjoyed roughly equal support, it might empower voters to keep candidates of both parties on their toes, which would start to look something like democracy.

Feb 20 11:58

Student Banned from Areas of Campus for Resembling Classmate’s Rapist

A student at a liberal-arts school in Oregon was reportedly banned from going anywhere on campus that a fellow student would be — because he looked like the person who had raped her.

Feb 20 11:58

Hacker Claims Feds Hit Him With 44 Felonies When He Refused to Be an FBI Spy

A year ago, the Department of Justice threatened to put Fidel Salinas in prison for the rest of his life for hacking crimes. But before the federal government brought those charges against him, Salinas now says, it tried a different tactic: recruiting him.

Feb 20 11:57

US rep. offers to change position on medical marijuana if donor retracts criticism of her. Donor refuses, forwards emails to reporters.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office offered to change her position on medical marijuana if a major Florida donor recanted his withering criticism of her, according to emails obtained by POLITICO.

Feb 20 11:34

James Comey Says the FBI Can’t Let Police Talk about Widely Reported Surveillance Tech Because of ‘Bad People’

I hope you’re hungry, because here’s a whopper: The FBI director has publicly defended his organization’s use of non-disclosure agreements to prevent local police departments from releasing documents about their use of controversial surveillance technologies, despite the fact that these technologies have been widely discussed in media outlets for years. What’s his justification for this policy?

"Bad people."

Feb 20 11:20

Let's Talk About the Holocaust

Let's talk about the Holocaust; another chapter in the multi-millennia feud between the occult, now Zionism, and the Judaism, the foundations of justice found in the Torah.

Feb 20 11:19

Time Warner Cable calls customer "cunt" after she reports cable box problem

Time Warner Cable (TWC) isn't yet a part of Comcast, but it's taking after its potential parent company in one very unfortunate way.

Feb 20 11:17

Can Obama Ever Understand That ISIS Is Heading In THIS DIRECTION?

What is the Islamic State?
Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. “We have not defeated the idea,” he said.

Feb 20 10:23

Go to Prison for File Sharing? That's What Hollywood Wants in the Secret TPP Deal

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) poses massive threats to users in a dizzying number of ways. It will force other TPP signatories to accept the United States' excessive copyright terms of a minimum of life of the author plus 70 years, while locking the US to the same lengths so it will be harder to shorten them in the future.

Feb 20 10:23

Sony releases $160 64 GB SD cards marketed for 'Premium Sound', claiming it will produce 'less electrical noise'. Storage media can not change sound quality, but people are spending over $100 more to buy it.

Need the perfect expandable storage solution for your $1,200 Walkman? Sony might have a bridge to sell you.
The company is now selling a 64 GB Micro SDXC card “for Premium Sound” in Japan. At $160, it's four or five times more expensive than a typical 64 GB card, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, it's supposed to produce “less electrical noise.”

Feb 20 10:21

New Map Shows Americans Where to Go If They Crave Freedom and Liberty

The John Locke Foundation has released the “2015 First in Freedom Index” which ranks states by how much personal freedom it’s residents enjoy. The ranking is based on an analysis of each state’s fiscal, education, regulatory and healthcare policies.

Feb 20 10:20

Uk defense minister: "Mr Putin is as great a threat to Europe as Islamic State" | "You have jets being flown up the English Channel and you have submarines in the north sea, it looks to me like the cold war it's warming up"

Nato is getting ready to fight back against Russian aggression as it poses a ‘real and present danger’ to the Baltic States, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said yesterday.
He told of the threat to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as Vladimir Putin continues to ‘test us’ by deploying submarines and warplanes near British territory.

Feb 20 09:31

BREAKING: There's another Obamacare Disaster

800,000 Customers Given Wrong Tax Info ...

Feb 20 09:24

The Best Story Ever About What Would Happen If The U.S. Marines And ISIS Ever Meet

This story perfectly illustrates what ISIS fighters can expect if they ever come face to face with the United States Marine Corps, or any of the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces.

Feb 20 09:24

This “California to Texas Translation Guide” Is One Of The Best Things We’ve Ever Seen

The point is that, while Californians understand their state is actively hostile to most businesses, many simply believe that’s a penalty companies, entrepreneurs, CEOs and employees are — and should be — willing to pay to live in the greatest place on earth.

Feb 20 09:11

Is Global Warming Real or a Hoax? Expert Climatologist Has The Answer And Liberals Won’t Like It

We have been told that the “science is settled” on global warming. We’ve been told that the ice caps are melting. We’ve been told that the only way for mankind to survive extended heat waves and the severest of droughts is to curb the CO2 emissions from human activity. The U.N., the EPA, and the Sierra Club all claim we must start using solar and wind energy if we are to avoid a future doomsday.

Feb 20 09:10

Isis: Italians poke fun at jihadists' Twitter threat "We are coming to Rome" by warning them of the Italian capital's chronic traffic problems

A reported Islamic State (Isis) twitter propaganda campaign threatening to conquer Rome has drawn ridicule from Italian netizens.

It all started with a tweet from Rita Katz, the head of SITE, an intelligence group monitoring jihadi activity online.

Feb 20 08:54

Bombshell: Obama’s AG Nominee Loretta Lynch is reportedly being investigated,

Whistleblower alleges she helped cover up investigation of HSBC laundering of funds for Mexican drug cartels

Feb 20 08:48

Cop passes out drunk at a stop light. Arrested, booked and released ten minutes later.

the arresting officer did not initially know Trevino was a police officer. She added that, had the officer known about Trevino’s employment, he would not have received any different treatment.

Feb 20 08:24

SHOCK DOCS: Total Federalization of Police Under New Homeland Security Mission.

A new white paper presented to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence carves out an 'evolving mission' for Homeland Security

Feb 20 08:22

FDA warns about medical scopes after “superbug” hits California hospital

news broke that seven patients had been infected by a drug-resistant “superbug” at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center

Feb 20 08:11


In the midst of the dramatic showdown in Brussels between the new Greek government and its European creditors, many Greek depositors—spooked by the prospect of a Greek default or, worse, an exit from the euro zone and a possible return to the drachma—have been pulling euros out of the nation's banks in record amounts over the last few days.

Feb 20 08:06


Media reports based on eyewitness and opposition sources saying that Turkey has become a party to the civil war in Syria have found their way into court proceedings. During the trial of the Islamic State (IS) militants who attacked Turkish security forces at Nigde last year, court files revealed that Turkey, beyond supplying opposition forces with weapons and ammunition, had also given artillery support to the opposition groups that captured Kassab. The prosecutor obtained striking admissions by tapping the defendants’ phones. According to documents obtained by Ahmet Sik of Cumhuriyet, the wiretapping transcripts reveal that the opposition forces at Kassab inform people in Turkey of the coordinates of Syrian army positions around Kassab, and then Turkey shells those locations.

Feb 20 07:06

US/Turkey Sign Deal to Arm Death Squads in Syria ...

...while the UN Calls for Assad Gov't Ceasefire Against Death Squads

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

According to a Turkish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary and the US Embassy in Ankara, the United States and Turkey have officially signed an agreement that would see the training and equipping of the phantom “moderate” Syrian “rebels” wreaking havoc on the Syrian people.

The deal was signed Thursday evening by Turkish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu and U.S. Ambassador John Bass.

The U.S. Administration has been crowing for some time about a plan to train about 5,000 fighters per year for three years to fight against Assad in Syria and this agreement seems to be the public culmination of this specific plan. This assault on the Syrian government is, of course, being presented as an attempt to fight ISIS...

Feb 20 06:42

The young man rescued from ice captivity" dog

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russian man rescues dog from frozen lake. Those Russians are tough people! Do we really want to go to war with them?!?

Feb 20 05:47

Netanyahu: We Do Know What’s in the Proposed Iran Nuclear Deal – And It’s Bad

( – Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has gently pushed back at the inference that his government does not know the details of a proposed agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, after the State Department confirmed that it is not sharing everything about the negotiations with the Israelis.
Note: And how Mr. Netanyahu do you know everything? Are great "friend" spying on us. Had enough yet!

Feb 20 05:43

Finally! The US is busting Israeli banks

Bank Leumi, Israel's second largest bank, admitted late last year to helping its American customers evade income taxes, hide assets, and launder their money back into the United States. The bank agreed to pay $130 million in fines to New York regulators and another $270 million to the federal government, and assist in an ongoing probe of other Israeli banks.

Feb 20 03:50

Investigation Into Ron Paul’s 2012 Campaign “Expanding”

(* 2012's "Audit The Fed" Candidate )

Feb 20 03:20

Measure to Decriminalize Cannabis Unanimously Passes Senate Committee in Hawaii

Hawaii’s Senatehawaii2 Health Committee has unanimously passed Senate Bill 596 , a measure to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis.

If approved into law, Senate Bill 596 would remove criminal penlites for the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, reducing the charge to a simple $100 civil infraction. The measure would apply to everyone 18 and older.

Feb 20 02:48


How Spies Stole the Keys to the Encryption Castle

AMERICAN AND BRITISH spies hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe, according to top-secret documents provided to The Intercept by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The hack was perpetrated by a joint unit consisting of operatives from the NSA and its British counterpart Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. The breach, detailed in a secret 2010 GCHQ document, gave the surveillance agencies the potential to secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications, including both voice and data.

The company targeted by the intelligence agencies, Gemalto, is a multinational firm incorporated in the Netherlands that makes the chips used in mobile phones and next-generation credit cards.