Summer of Rage

Seems Joe Stack got tired of the overreach of the government. The Austin, Texas IRS/CIA/FBI building just got slammed by Joe after he burned the house down and went all kamikaze on Big Brother. Would it be wrong to call this person a freedom loving patriot? Now we get to watch the the media spin about how horrible of a person to do such a terrible thing to our benevolent handlers. Of course they are going to say this is another nut job that had a long history of pills, porn and puppy murders, guns in his house! yes GUNS and everyone with a gun should be ashamed and if you don't want to be labeled a crazed anti AmrieKan enemy of the state, you must bring all weapons to the smelting plant as those evil weapons psychologically Jedi mind meld everyone into flaming terrorists hell bent on destruction of the greatest country in the world shining beacon of freedom and democracy liberating poor defenseless countries around the globe of the evil and carnage of dictatorial regimes that are all bad, ugly and speak funny and you don't want to be like that do you?