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May 19 06:11

Christ and Buddha

Christianity and Buddhism are two beliefs shared by billions of people worldwide. The Christ and the Buddha myths share some very striking similarities as do their teachings. Believers of both myths believe that their chosen hero once existed on earth. The reality is that there is little or no historical evidence to back either claims. Buddhism pre dates Christianity by centuries. Through trade and Buddhist monks there was contact between both eastern and western civilizations. By comparing Buddhism to Christianity it becomes obvious that much of the Christ myth and Christ’s teachings have been taken from Buddhism.

Apr 04 08:42

Corporate Influence on Government.

The increase of corporation’s influence on government of the United States has been dramatic over the years. Lobbyists and special interest groups representing corporations have mushroomed and so has their influence. Many are supportive of this trend and believe that money is free speech. This has led to the government representing corporations more than it represents people. The gap between rich and poor is at one of the highest rates in the history of the United States and is increasing. The influence and power of the corporation is detrimental to our democracy, but the problem is one that can be solved.