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Files on UK role in CIA rendition accidentally destroyed, says minister Rights groups say FCO claim records of flights in and out of Diego Garcia missing due to water damage 'smacks of cover-up' 1 2 weeks ago z00mcopterdown
White House: racial slurs in NSA intelligence material 'unacceptable' 2 2 weeks ago UKSecrets
Tight Indonesian Election Sparks Unrest Fears 1 2 weeks ago dean_saor
What Does Russia & China Think? 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Genocide of Palestinians…Gets 5,000 Facebook Likes 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
TIMELY QUOTE FOR THE DAY 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Jihadist group takes credit for teens’ killings 1 2 weeks ago Ethan Allen and...
The fake name used as a placeholder in US government memo on how to justify FISA surveillance: “Mohammed Raghead.” 1 2 weeks ago z00mcopterdown
Revealed: Pentagon spent millions studying how to influence social media 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Former McCain chief of staff: If Rand Paul is the 2016 nominee, Republicans concerned with national security will have to support Hillary 2 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Wall Street gets former NSA chief to help banks create ‘cyber war council’ 1 2 weeks ago UKSecrets
US News: Hillary Clinton has raised over $1 billion from Wall Street 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
ISIS Seizes 2,500 Chemical Rockets Filled With Sarin! 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag 1 2 weeks ago michael mazur
Chomsky, BDS And The Jewish Left Paradigm 2 2 weeks ago
Greenwald's big story? - NSA Spied On Five Politically Active American Citizens 2 2 weeks ago
Record 92,120,000 Americans Not In The Labor Force 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
White House asks $3.8 billion for border children 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty (James Ennes) 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Palestine Under Attack : LIVE UPDATES 3 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
‘Swimming pool for bacteria’: There could be life on Mars today - new study 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Breaking news Senate Intel Committee approves CISA cybersecurity bill that could broaden NSA powers 1 2 weeks ago
France Calls for the END of U.S. Dollar Reserve Currency! 1 2 weeks ago
Border Patrol Tells Agent: ‘You Must Cease and Desist’ from Speaking with Media 1 2 weeks ago
Cleveland chosen to host 2016 Republican National Convention 1 2 weeks ago
Hollywood inserts gun control subtext in new Planet of the Apes movie 2 2 weeks ago
PALIN : 'It's TIME TO IMPEACH" President Obama 1 2 weeks ago
Barefoot and Pregnant: The Supreme Court and the War on Women 2 2 weeks ago
Mark of the Beast : Computer Chip Brain Implant allows Paralized Man to move again 1 2 weeks ago