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Okay, I was wrong, The United States is not the wealthiest nation on Earth. It's 193rd! 1 8 weeks ago Tian Shan
Of Prepubescent Profanity Tarts, Warming up for the Alternate NAMBLA Games. 1 8 weeks ago fishychick
'Mainstream media outlets cover up for President Obama and kill unfavorable stories': Bombshell claims made by former CBS reporter in explosive new book 1 8 weeks ago StingRay
Anonymous Photos Taken 15 Minutes Prior to Ottawa Shooting 2 8 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
Evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson 3 8 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
CDC Finally Admits that Ebola Can Float through the Air … 3 Feet 1 8 weeks ago NobodysaysBOO
Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required 2 8 weeks ago michael mazur
French "hate speech" lawsuit leading to worldwide online censorship 1 8 weeks ago dean_saor
Illegal alien kills two California sheriff deputies 1 8 weeks ago CyberDurden
St. Louis City Anti-Terrorism Unit Activated after [COINTELPRO front] Black Panthers Declare War on Police 1 8 weeks ago Tom Joad
Police prepare for grand jury decision in Ferguson 1 8 weeks ago Tom Joad
Despite Ebola Fears, DHS Unprepared for a Pandemic After Spending a Bundle, Warns Inspector General 1 8 weeks ago michael mazur
Dozens of Civilians Killed by US-Led Bombing of Syria: Report 1 8 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
"We won't pay," furious Cameron tells EU over surprise budget 2 8 weeks ago UKSecrets
Obama’s Ebola Czar Thinks There’s Too Many People in Africa 2 9 weeks ago Diogenes
Right into enemy hands? ISIS shows off new weapons allegedly airdropped by US (VIDEO) 1 9 weeks ago Tununirusiq
Doctor who treated Ebola patients rushed to NYC hospital 3 9 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
Sears disputes report of 116 store closures, nearly 6,100 layoffs 1 9 weeks ago Old_Logan
Federal judge tosses tea party suit seeking permanent protection from IRS targeting 1 9 weeks ago Old_Logan
Revealed: Muslim convert who shot dead Canadian soldier is the 'privately-educated son of country's immigration chief, had his passport revoked and has 'links to Syrian terrorist' 1 9 weeks ago mistorteem
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau photo: Canadian Islam convert identified as suspect in Parliamant shooting 1 9 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
Ferguson shooting autopsy report released as panicking Dems race-bait 1 9 weeks ago Old_Logan
Forget a good crunch - this apple has a built-in FIZZ: Experts create sparkling fruit that bubbles when it's bitten into 1 9 weeks ago Old_Logan
Guess What Ferguson Police Found on Missouri Democrat Who Has Sponsored Several ‘Anti-Gun’ Bills… 1 9 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
Edward Snowden Should Be Charged With Murder, Says Congressman Mike Rogers 1 9 weeks ago gavin1
McDonalds Sales Plunge In Worst Month Since 2003 Following Dollar Meal "Sticker Shock" 1 9 weeks ago michael mazur
Richie Allen Speaks with Gilad Atzmon about the last Gaza Conflict 1 9 weeks ago Diogenes
Libya: From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO Intervention 2 9 weeks ago 1newsjunkie is a fake news site we have encountered before 4 9 weeks ago 1newsjunkie