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‘No jab, no pay’: Australia to cut welfare for anti-vaccination parents 1 5 weeks ago Tian Shan
Obama Administration Plotting Forced Adult Vaccinations 1 5 weeks ago Diogenes
"Future-Proofing": Where Surgical Removal of Body Parts is Sane, But Eating Healthy is Crazy 1 5 weeks ago Diogenes
Times of Israel Pulls ANOTHER Article Calling For Genocide Against Palestinians (SCREENSHOTS) 1 5 weeks ago Diogenes
BEX ALERT - The number of guns you own is linked to your ability to manage anger 1 5 weeks ago Diogenes
Flashback 2007 - "Jews Plotted The Armenian Holocaust" 1 5 weeks ago z00mcopterdown
SB277: California Forced Vaccinations Coming Soon? 1 5 weeks ago Diogenes
Five things to know about Marco Rubio 1 5 weeks ago Diogenes
Jeb Bush: Obama meets Castro, but not Netanyahu? 1 5 weeks ago Old_Logan
BEX Alert - "ISIL threatens to ‘burn America’ like 9/11" 1 5 weeks ago Old_Logan
German anti-Israeli writer, Günter Grass, dies at 87 1 5 weeks ago blackbird9
Danny Schechter Was Our News Dissector 1 5 weeks ago Old_Logan
Emails reveal US officials undermining Blackwater case 1 5 weeks ago Old_Logan
Final phase of jury selection to begin in Colorado theater shooting trial 1 5 weeks ago Old_Logan
Sweden confirms mystery ‘Russian sub’…was in fact a workboat 1 6 weeks ago Stacy Vassman
New study finds Canada second only to Greece in household debt growth 1 6 weeks ago Diogenes
Argentinian President says West seeking to destabilize Latin America 1 6 weeks ago z00mcopterdown
Islamic State group destroys ancient ruins of Nimrud 2 6 weeks ago blackbird9
Boston Marathon Bombings’ Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice 1 6 weeks ago above average Joe
Ahoy! Oil Tankers Form Four-Mile Line In Persian Gulf As Iran Talks Stoke Supply Glut Fears 1 6 weeks ago Old_Logan
"You are the definition of a moral hazard." 1 6 weeks ago Old_Logan
The Next Crime Wave in Farm Country: Stealing Water 1 6 weeks ago Old_Logan
Netanyahu told cabinet: Our biggest fear is that Iran will honor nuclear deal 1 6 weeks ago Old_Logan
flashback - Was Senator Rand Paul targeted for blackmail by the Bilderberg Group? 1 6 weeks ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
Sprint Paying $15.5M To Feds For Allegedly Overcharging For Court-Ordered Wiretaps 1 6 weeks ago Old_Logan
Oklahoma set to adopt nitrogen gas for executions | "The person will become unconscious within eight to 10 seconds and die a few minutes later," 1 6 weeks ago Ethan Allen and...
The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel? 1 6 weeks ago blackbird9
Candidates Trade Talk of Guns for Attacks on Clinton at N.R.A. Forum 1 6 weeks ago Old_Logan
This Century Has Been a Flop: We are 15 years into the 21st century. Can you think of a single innovation that is equal to the automobile or the airplane? Or air-conditioning? We can’t. All we can think of is Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and oth 1 6 weeks ago Tian Shan
Hillary Clinton: What to know about her recent controversies, scandals 1 6 weeks ago Tian Shan