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The "Pod People" And The PlaneThat Crashed Into the Pentagon 3 53 min ago mistorteem
CENSORSHIP CLAMPDOWN! James Foley Beheading - HOAX CONFIRMED! 1 1 hour ago Epinoia
A GOVERNMENT THAT LIES 1 4 hours ago kendellmd
Police SWAT Lobbyists Mobilize to Cover Their Assets 1 6 hours ago z00mcopterdown
NHK: Scientists to use detectors ‘deep underground’ to look for Fukushima melted fuel; It's ‘believed’ to have cooled down but no one can check — Officials: We don't knowl if water covers fuel — Expert: Water must circulate aroung fuel or it melts (VIDEO) 1 6 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Journalism is Under Attack, and Not Just in Ferguson 1 7 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Giant Earth Crack Opens Up In Mexico 1 8 hours ago WUFYS
Republican: ISIS developing means to ‘blow up’ a US city 1 8 hours ago z00mcopterdown
I want a job like this.. look at Aug, our elected officals are working 1 day this month 1 8 hours ago z00mcopterdown
U.S. Military Blocks Employees From Investigative News Site 1 8 hours ago z00mcopterdown
From Albert Einstein to Noam Chomsky: famous Jews who have opposed Israel 1 8 hours ago dean_saor
US Readying More Troops to ‘Crush’ ISIS 1 8 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
Ukrainian parliament to ratify association agreement with EU in September — Poroshenko 1 9 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Elitists Lovefest: Rahm Emanuel defends Michael Bloomberg in wake of NRA criticism 1 9 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Congress Proposes New Law Prohibiting Citizens from Buying Body Armor 1 9 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Boiling Water Challenge Injures Multiple Teens 1 9 hours ago otred
Suicide Tourism: Terminally ill Britons now make up a nearly one quarter of users of suicide clinics in Switzerland. Only Germany has a higher numbers of ‘suicide tourists’ visiting institutions to end their own lives 1 10 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Russell Brand opposes anti-Semitism after death threats: 'We must disavow all forms of prejudice that lead to exclusion and execution' 2 10 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Former Mob Boss- Wall Street Is Crooked- Buy Physical Gold & Silver 1 10 hours ago 1newsjunkie
BEX ALERT - Top Hamas sheikh admits to June kidnapping of Israeli teens 1 10 hours ago Ness
US Operating on Both Sides of Syrian-Iraqi Border – Providing Cover for Terrorists in Syria; Fighting ISIS in Iraq 1 10 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Americans are waking up to Lamestream media finally.... 2 11 hours ago 1newsjunkie
83 out of 4'700: Fighters ask, why they were sent «into certain death» – ENG SUBS 1 11 hours ago z00mcopterdown
NATO signals no new members for the present 1 12 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Prosecutor Stalls for Time in Michael Brown Case 1 13 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
De facto martial law in Ferguson, Missouri 1 13 hours ago 1newsjunkie
COLLAPSE? Radio Station Claims Primary Witness Will Admit Michael Brown Charged Officer Darren Wilson 1 13 hours ago Ethan Allen and...
Weapons fired in Ferguson come from companies supplying Israel, Bahrain and Egypt 1 14 hours ago z00mcopterdown
MEGA PUKE FACTOPR 9.9 BEX ALERT - Americans brace for new wave of Islamic State terror 1 14 hours ago z00mcopterdown
End of the line: GMO production in China halted 1 14 hours ago z00mcopterdown