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Feds prepare criminal corruption charges against Senator Bob Menendez 1 11 min ago Old_Logan
Lew to Congress: US hits debt limit on March 16, needs to be raised ASAP 1 31 min ago Old_Logan
Pesticides, Birth Defects and Brain Damage in Children 1 53 min ago Old_Logan
Jay Taylor: Until we all understand that there are no free lunches or EBT cards, we can expect the crashes to keep on coming and to keep getting worse and worse. 1 2 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead 1 4 hours ago Old_Logan
FLASHBACK: WRH member Goes Ape Shit on Mike Over Copyright Claims 2 4 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Novartis Wins Approval for First Biosimilar to Be Sold in U.S. 1 5 hours ago Old_Logan
Cop Pulls Shotgun and Taunts Protesters: ‘Are You Scared? Are You Scared? 2 5 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Illinois oil train derailment involved safer tank cars 1 5 hours ago 1newsjunkie
DHS claims ISIS terrorists could be working in mall kiosks 1 6 hours ago Old_Logan
Holder Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Was Bogus 1 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Kentucky Deploys National Guard To Help Stranded Motorists 2 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Air Force veteran’s suicide sheds light on female soldiers and PTSD 2 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
DC Fed wrestles away big-bank oversight from New York 1 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
FBI’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Video of Boston Marathon Bombing Doesn’t Exist 2 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
NZ spying on Pacific neighbours 1 6 hours ago Diogenes
Homeland Security Bill Includes $13M in 'Jewish Earmarks' 1 6 hours ago Diogenes
Video Exposes Lying Cops After they Break Handcuffed Man’s Skull Open & Claim he Did it to Himself 1 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Paul Thomas: Netanyahu attack on Obama has silver lining 2 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
google search; Marathon Trial 1 6 hours ago 1newsjunkie
French Submarine Sinks Entire US Aircraft Carrier Group During Drills 1 8 hours ago Old_Logan
Syria: Militants Seize Large Cache of US Weapons In Aleppo 1 13 hours ago michael mazur
‘Military pressure’ may be needed to oust Syrian President – John Kerry 1 13 hours ago michael mazur
CRAIGLIST AD - Ukrainian/Russian Men Needed $19/Hr 1 16 hours ago Tian Shan
Federal appeals court:It's OK if police officers sleep with victims during investigations. 1 22 hours ago 1newsjunkie
‘THE DAILY FRAUD’ 1 23 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Rand Paul Promises to Propose ‘The Largest Tax Cut in American History’ 1 23 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Mainstream Media Discovers What Created ISIS - Global Warming! 1 1 day ago Mike Rivero
Israel academic boycott: Jewish SOAS students ‘intimidated’ by BDS activists 1 1 day ago Mike Rivero
There is no 2nd amendment “military application test” to ban 223 ammo, the Court just made it up. 1 1 day ago Mike Rivero