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Israeli spies rebel over mass-snooping on innocent Palestinians 1 6 min ago Mike Rivero
WilliamBanzai7: moderate militant funding questionaire 1 23 min ago 1newsjunkie
FBI's 'Facial Recognition Program' Hits Full Operational Capability! 1 33 min ago Tian Shan
My Stumbling Days Are About Over! 1 57 min ago 1newsjunkie
This Site Is Messed Up! 5 59 min ago 1newsjunkie
Infowars Characterizes Pro-Palestinians / Anti-Israelis as "Terrorists" 1 1 hour ago 1newsjunkie
How Scotland could be better off without its big banks 1 3 hours ago Diogenes
Dutch throw tomatoes in fruity protest against Russian boycott 1 3 hours ago Diogenes
Secret missile tests or space junk falling back to earth? Mysterious bright lights reported from coast to coast baffle astronomers 1 6 hours ago z00mcopterdown
‘Hai’: Okinawa pro-independence campaigners look to Scotland for inspiration 1 6 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Lindsay Graham Says ISIS Could Wipe Out Humankind 1 6 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Flashback 2013: Coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth in Antarctica: -94.7C (-135.8F) 1 6 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Russia freezes Ukraine into submission: Kiev admits country doesn't have enough fuel for winter 1 7 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Queensland stations weld bins shut over increased terror threat 1 7 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Probing SITE Intelligence Group 1 7 hours ago z00mcopterdown
New Social Network For "Elites" Has $9,000 Membership Fee 1 7 hours ago z00mcopterdown
MEGA BEX ALERT - Washington Risks Falling for Syria's ISIS Strategy, Again 1 13 hours ago now peace
'Life could exist on Mars': Analysis of 1.3 billion-year-old meteorite suggests that the red planet is STILL habitable 1 15 hours ago michael mazur
Obama urges Scotland not to ruin America's 'special relationship' with Britain by voting for independence 1 15 hours ago Tian Shan
Court OKs voter ID in Wisconsin 1 17 hours ago mistorteem
Israeli Arab Leader Says US, Israel Invented New Rebels! 1 18 hours ago Epinoia
WTF? Common Core: 6th Graders Taught How to Use Strap-On Dildo 1 18 hours ago WUFYS
ISIS ‘targeted Scot to force a Yes vote in referendum’ 1 18 hours ago z00mcopterdown
Lethbridge student suspended for dealing banned Pepsi from locker 1 19 hours ago z00mcopterdown
BEX ALERT - British jihadist medical student, 21, is pictured holding severed head while wearing her white doctor's jacket 1 22 hours ago mistorteem
MEGA BEX ALERT - ‘US failure to look into Saudi role in 9/11 has helped Isis’ 6 23 hours ago Mike Rivero
Homeland In-Security Often Pits Film Biz Vs. L.A. Water & Power Department 1 23 hours ago mistorteem
Zionist group publishes target list of “anti-Israel” US professors 1 1 day ago Tian Shan
Listening to Lavrov giving up on the West 2 1 day ago Tian Shan
Adrian Peterson Redux: Calif. Attorney General Pronounced that "Spanking Children With An Object Other Than The Hand is Not Unlawful" 1 1 day ago dissident84