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Instead of Fixing Border Crisis, Obama To Take 15-Day Vacation In Martha's Vineyard! 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
The United States Congress edits Wikipedia constantly 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Smallpox, Bird Flu, and Now Anthrax: CDC is “Astonished” by Lab Breaches 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Gilad Atzmon: On Israeli Defeat And The Future of Jewish Politics 2 1 week ago beijingyank
60 seconds to live: IDF "knocks" on Palestinian civilian homes before obliterating them 1 minute later 3 1 week ago
Man finds FBI tracking device on car, posts online, gets visit from FBI 1 1 week ago Tian Shan
Worst than Nixon: 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Facebook Comments Protected Under The First Amendment, Wisconsin Judge Rules 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Twitter uproar over pic of 'applauding' Israelis watching night attacks on Gaza 2 1 week ago Tom Joad
TSA grants security amnesty to illegals: No ID required to fly commercial airplanes, but only if you’re NOT an American 1 1 week ago WUFYS
Trent Franks Blasts Obama's Cowardly, Unprecedented Betrayal of Israel 1 1 week ago Mike Rivero
Jean-Claude Juncker tells Britain: There is NO hope of limiting immigrants into UK 1 1 week ago eenymac
Ukrainian Fighter Jets Pound Rebels 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
The “Six Million” Jewish “holocaust” Myth 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Iceland plans euro (RATHER THAN DOLLAR!) bond sale 1 1 week ago Diogenes
Indiana stored babies’ DNA, blood for research without parental consent 3 1 week ago
Adult Illegal Immigrants Posing as Children To Enroll in High School 2 1 week ago NobodysaysBOO
Man arrested in Utah bomb plot wanted anti-gov't uprising 1 1 week ago Mike Rivero
Indiana storing blood & DNA of 2 million children without parents' consent 1 1 week ago
Proof of severe reddit moderating abuse. 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Israeli leader Netanyahu vows to ignore international pressure to cease military campaign in Gaza as Palestinian death toll rises above 100 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
US lawmaker warns ISIL could build ‘dirty bomb’ 1 1 week ago
Mystery 'meteor' burning over Australian sky baffles eyewitnesses (VIDEO) 1 1 week ago Mike Rivero
Alex Jones Infowars Outrageous Pro Israeli Propaganda: Hamas Just Attempted To Create A Horrific Nuclear Disaster In The Heart Of Israel 2 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
VIDEO : Homeland Security, Feds Swarm Small Town in Bizarre Unannounced Show of Force 1 1 week ago PatriotRising
Sderot cinema. Israelis bringing chairs 2 hilltop in sderot 2 watch latest from Gaza. Clapping when blasts are heard. 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
“Operation Protective Edge”: Is Israel Planning Gaza’s “Final Solution”? 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
EXCLUSIVE: TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID, Says Border Patrol Union 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Israel Hit More than 300 Civilian Targets in Gaza 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Israel-Turkey ties will not normalise unless Gaza assault stops 1 1 week ago Ethan Allen and...