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Israeli navy attacks Palestinian fishing boats off Gaza 1 5 hours ago dean_saor
POSTERS FOR HILLARY 2016 1 8 hours ago 1newsjunkie
Angelina Jolie Calls for War with Syria at the United Nations 2 8 hours ago Old_Logan
After Diplomatic Thaw, Cuban Cancer Vaccine May Start Saving American Lives 1 1 day ago Ethan Allen and...
Parents anger after children as young as THREE told to sign contract promising not to use 'transphobic language' at nursery 1 1 day ago Ethan Allen and...
19 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Iran 3 1 day ago Old_Logan
Want to shoot machine guns with the SEAL who killed bin Laden? It'll cost you $50,000 1 2 days ago mistorteem
Vaccine Exemptions Threatened in Canada 1 3 days ago kendellmd
Failed Earth Day Predictions 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
Obama calls on Iran to help resolve crisis in Yemen 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
Ex-NATO Chief Calls for Holy Crusade Against Russia in the Name of “Democracy” 1 4 days ago Stacy Vassman
Automakers Want to Outlaw Gearheads From Working on Their Own Cars 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
Why An American And A Russian General Are Suddenly Very Worried About Nuclear War 1 4 days ago blackbird9
Human rights advocates, military see violent video games as teaching tool 1 5 days ago earlybird
10 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales 2 5 days ago Mike Rivero
Ethics Professor Says It’s “Quite Reasonable” to Kill Disabled Babies via Obamacare 1 5 days ago Reddit_is_Hasbara
5 Baffling Dick Moves That Won Actual Lawsuits 1 5 days ago 1newsjunkie
American Jews Should Have a New Goal — Recognizing Palestine 2 6 days ago Cactus Moon
Ehud Barak to US: Tell Iran to abandon nuclear aspirations 'or else' 1 6 days ago Diogenes
Ted Cruz’s frightening gun fanaticism: When a presidential contender encourages armed insurrection 1 1 week ago apetty-74041
30 Crucial OKC BombingQuestions Remain Unanswered 1 1 week ago Tian Shan
Bought 1 1 week ago Tian Shan
Facebook blasts cancer patient with funeral home advertisements - more privacy invasions to come 1 1 week ago Tian Shan
Latest ‘ISIS Camp in Mexico’ Story is Completely FAKE 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Wal-Mart suddenly closed 5 stores and laid off thousands of workers and no one knows why 1 1 week ago Old_Logan
Cop accused of tickling feet of man killed by police 1 1 week ago WUFYS
FBI director: U.S. Holocaust museum program mandatory for new agents 2 1 week ago poorrichard
Three Prominent Poroshenko Critics Killed in Kiev in Three Days 1 1 week ago z00mcopterdown
Israel pushes to have "anti-Semitism" recognized as international crime 1 1 week ago Diogenes