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Doctor who gave man a fatal overdose sues his son for publicly calling him a 'killer and charlatan' wins and is free to practice medicine after paying fine 1 2 weeks ago WUFYS
1 in 5 jobs added in October was a waiter or a bartender 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Why do Asians outscore Americans on the GMAT? Maybe because they study 87 hours more. 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: The U.S. Government is crushing entrepreneurs 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Starbucks joins Monsanto and others to sue Vermont to block GMO labelling law 1 2 weeks ago WUFYS
Mitt Romney Slams 'Naive' Barack Obama at Israeli-American Council Launch 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Hollywood gala raises a record $33 million for IDF 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Obama Will Allow 5 Million Illegals to Stay Despite GOP Warnings 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Ebola Case In Spokane WA Being Hidden From Public 1 2 weeks ago fishychick
After Israel-Gaza Conflict, Growing Anti-Semitism On US College Campuses 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Mexican president vows justice for missing students 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Google Wants to Store Your Genome 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Police pepper spray classroom blunder hits eight four and five year olds 1 2 weeks ago StingRay
Fusion's promise of nearly-free, limitless power could be with us in a decade, says Lockheed 1 2 weeks ago Tian Shan
'We Will Only Get Louder': Dozens of Communities Vote to Boot Big Money from Politics: Huge margins back up claim that 'nearly all Americans share the sentiment that corporations should not have the same rights as people' 2 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Will Republicans Continue Scrutiny of the NSA? 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Fiat Empire -- Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution (Full Length) 1 2 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
The Dying Israeli-Palestinian ‘Peace Process’ 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Netanyahu orders homes of ‘terrorists’ demolished 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
Advertisers scramble as ‘non-human traffic’ eats up online budgets 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Insulting Netanyahu was a bad idea 1 2 weeks ago Diogenes
“Why Is the U.S. Government Deaf to What Has Been Done to My Son?” Asks Father of an American Murdered on the Gaza Flotilla 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Japanese scientists create a 'nearly-invisible' mouse: organs are 'dramatically transparent.' 1 2 weeks ago Mike Rivero
Thanks Obamacare: "The average wait to see a primary care physician in the US is almost 3 weeks (19.5 days) In Boston, where we are told there is almost universal health insurance coverage, it's 66 days." 2 2 weeks ago now peace
Ebola scare on Canary Island nudist beach 1 2 weeks ago Old_Logan
Alternative Media Under Attack: The Defense Department Is Censoring Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann & Dave Hodges 1 2 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
In hard times, tent cities rise across the country 1 11 weeks ago 1newsjunkie
UNDERSTANDING MONEY 1 43 weeks ago AuntieX
Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Spills Into Pacific Ocean 1 2 years ago z00mcopterdown
Critical Infrastructure Exploits Being Packaged In Hacker Tools 1 2 years ago George