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Infants 'unable to use toy building blocks' due to iPad addiction 1 18 min ago 12-160
Judge Napolitano: Teen Affluenza Case Made Even Worse By Prosecutors 1 24 min ago 12-160
Patti Beers, a Bundy Ranch Livestreamer, Interview and Chat Session - VIDEO 1 40 min ago 12-160
Ukraine crisis: Nato to bolster forces in eastern Europe - Guardian 1 59 min ago UKSecrets
When Americans Shoot and Kill Jews it’s NOT TERRORISM 1 1 hour ago Ethan Allen and...
BEX Alert!!! - "Kansas Jewish Center Shootings Reveal New Dangers of 'Lone Wolves'" 1 1 hour ago blackbird9
Gary Franchi Fearmonger or Retard? (Screen Capture) 2 1 hour ago 12-160
Bank of America Swings to Quarterly Loss on Legal Costs 1 2 hours ago z00mcopterdown
FALSE FLAG ALERT - Anderson Cooper 360: ‘Number two al Qaeda leader vows to attack U.S.’ 2 2 hours ago Ness
Is Ukraine Slipping Into A Civil War Which Will Lead To A World War? 1 3 hours ago Old_Logan
Jewish Community Center shooter Glenn Miller identified as FBI informant. 3 13 hours ago michael mazur
One year since the Boston Marathon bombing 1 14 hours ago mistorteem
What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday April 15 2014 1 14 hours ago 12-160
Another WTF??? No option left but to suck CO2 out of air, says IPCC 1 15 hours ago z00mcopterdown
RIP Mike Ruppert 1 16 hours ago 12-160
Chinese Solar Company With Ties To Harry Reid's Son Wants Bundy Land - Lou Dobbs 1 16 hours ago 12-160
Rick Santelli: Government Is The Problem 1 16 hours ago 12-160
BUNDY VS BLM, GOOD VS EVIL: SPIRITUAL WARFARE — Tim Brown 2 16 hours ago 12-160
'Game of Thrones' Sets Piracy World Record, But Does HBO Care? 2 16 hours ago 12-160
"Danish Police Officer Forces Handicapped Wheelchair User To The Ground" 2 17 hours ago 12-160
Corporate CBS News & the CIA 1 17 hours ago Old_Logan
Beef Prices Highest In Almost 30 Years 1 17 hours ago Old_Logan
Meltdown America 9 17 hours ago 12-160
Teachers' strikes can beat Michael Gove’s attacks on education 1 18 hours ago 12-160
Does Bunkerville prove we are a nation with a loud voice, but a bunker mentality? 1 18 hours ago 12-160
Feds Desperate to Hide Harry Reid Link to Bundy Land Grab (Video) 1 18 hours ago 12-160
Police state measures intensified in run-up to 2014 Boston Marathon 1 20 hours ago Diogenes
Southwest airliner diverted after man tried to open exit door at 30,000ft in attempt to kill everyone aboard 1 21 hours ago Mike Rivero
Mysterious black ring appears in sky above Leamington 4 21 hours ago 12-160
Florida State Attorney’s Office Ibragim Todashev Killing Report and Documentation 4 23 hours ago 12-160