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"I understand a man or women with hungry kids stepping outside the bounds of society in these hard economic times and stealing a loaf of bread. But that man or women with the hungry kids is not the reason for these hard economic times. It's the Wall Street money junkies, already rich beyond dreams of Midas, who cost the nation $27 trillion with their mortgage-backed security fraud. That this has become a fascist nation is underscored by the fact that the man or women stealing bread for their kids will see the inside of a jail long before the Wall Street crooks who stole that $27 trillion." -- Michael Rivero


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July 3, 2014

Jul 03 08:22

Several Virginia school systems sued for $20 million by parents of autistic kids for being "bullied and assaulted."

The county’s School Board, superintendent and three principals are among a large group of Virginia administrators, teachers and attorneys named as defendants in a $20 million civil rights lawsuit.

Jul 03 08:22

The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs Are Soaring

There is little that Dr. Lindsay Irvin has not done for the children’s vaccines in her office refrigerator: She remortgaged her home to afford their rising prices. She packed them in ice chests and moved them when her office flooded this year. She pays a company to monitor the fridge in case the temperature rises.

Jul 03 08:21

Privacy Tools: How to Block Online Tracking

Many sites track user behavior using a variety of invisible third-party software. This means any time you visit a web page, you're likely sharing data about your online habits, from clicks to views or social shares, whether you realize it or not. But there are a few ways to combat online tracking – although none can block some of the more sophisticated tracking techniques, such as 'fingerprinting' and 'onboarding.' Here are three tools that block the most common trackers.

Jul 03 08:15

Bombings Continue as Israeli Troops Mass on Gaza Border

Leaders speak of calming tensions, but violence continues as tensions burn

Jul 03 08:14

US denies petition to reconsider TWA Flight 800 conspiracies

Twelve minutes after taking off from New York's JFK airport on July 17th, 1996, Trans World Airlines Flight 800 exploded, killing all 230 people on board. Now, almost 18 years after the Boeing 747 crashed, the National Transportation Safety Board has denied a petition that would see it reconsidering its findings, drawn up by people who believe the plane was the target of terrorism, missiles, or even a secret microwave weapon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note the "secret microwave weapon" tossed in there to make it look like anyone doubting the NTSB is a nut case. As for TWA 800, it appears to have been an accidental shoot down during a US Navy test. Hardly the first time civilian aircraft have been killed mistakenly by the military, it is looking more and more like Malaysian Flight 370 was the victim of a joint US/Thai naval exercise gone wrong.

Jul 03 08:08

Daniel hann bygga en "hagelgubbe"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The article is in Swedish, but if you don't want to bother with Google translate, it's about a guy who built a snowman from the hail that fell on his house today.

Jul 03 08:08

So Much Warrantless Surveillance, Feds Can't Keep Track

The National Security Agency (NSA) conducts warrantless surveillance of millions of people around the world and very little of it has anything to do with stopping terrorism.

Not that this is any sort of revelation to those who pay attention to the contraction of constitutional liberty, but recent reports from mainstream news outlets are highlighting not only the vacuuming up of metadata in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but the use of Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act to justify untold spying operations carried out under cover of this federal statute.

Jul 03 08:07

Israeli Police Falsely Report Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Gay, Flooding Social Media with Disinformation

Yesterday night, I noticed several Israeli Facebook users infecting my feed with false claims that Mohamed Abu Khdeir, the 16 year-old who was murdered by suspected Jewish terrorists, was killed in an honor crime because he was gay. With the help of an Israeli friend, I traced the rumor to, of all places, the Israeli police.

Jul 03 08:06

"Civil liberties board" allows government to destroy ours

The five-member Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB), appointed by President Obama, released a report this week upholding core components of the US government's surveillance apparatus. Specifically, the panel affirmed the constitutionality of operations conducted under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act of 2008, which authorizes PRISM and other bulk electronic data collection operations run by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Jul 03 08:02

Big-Pharma Vaccines Deemed "Safe" by Big-Pharma Funded "Study"

by Tony Cartalucci

The report's conclusions are hardly convincing. But what's more troubling, is the immense conflict of interest from which the report itself was written. The authors include Margaret A. Maglione, Lopamudra Das, Laura Raaen, Alexandria Smith, Ramya Chari, Sydne Newberry, Roberta Shanman, Tanja Perry, and Courtney Gidengil, all of the corporate-funded think tank, RAND Corporation.

While the report itself was funded by the US government, the RAND Corporation from which its authors were drawn is funded by the very corporations (.PDF page 70) that manufacture various vaccines, including the MMR vaccine which was the primary focus of the report...

Jul 03 07:57

WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES:Our Handiwork. Hidden from Us, by America’s “News” Media (which have the audacity to lie calling THEM “Terrorists”)

July 2nd, Ukrainian planes attacked the village Lugansk Cossack village and village Kondrashovka. Consequences of military action:

Jul 03 07:41

As Iraq Burns, US Plans $500 Million to Terrorists in Syria

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

The New York Times in its article, “Obama Requests Money to Train ‘Appropriately Vetted’ Syrian Rebels,” stated:

"President Obama requested $500 million from Congress on Thursday to train and equip what the White House is calling “appropriately vetted” members of the Syrian opposition, reflecting increased worry about the spillover of the Syrian conflict into Iraq."

The reportage is a stunning entanglement of contradictions, claiming that the additional funding for terrorists fighting in Syria will somehow address “spillover” that is in fact a direct result of US, NATO, and their Persian Gulf collaborators’ creation, expansion, and perpetuation of the war in Syria in the first place...

Jul 03 07:39

Pump it: Dow hits 17,000 for first time

U.S. stocks rose on Thursday, lifting the Dow industrials above 17,000, after the government reported the economy created a better-than-expected 288,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent.

Jul 03 07:30

XKeyscore exposed: How NSA tracks all German Tor users as 'extremists'

The NSA marks and considers potential "extremists" all users of the internet anonymizer service Tor, German media reports. Among those are hundreds of thousands of privacy concerned people like journalists, lawyers and rights activists.

Searching for encryption software like the Linux-based operating system Tails also places you on the NSA grid, says a report by German broadcasters NDR and WDR. The report is based on analysis of the source code of the software used by NSA’s electronic surveillance program XKeyscore.

Tor is a system of servers, which routes user requests through a layer of secured connections to make it impossible to identify a user’s IP from the addresses of the websites he/she visits. The network of some 5,000 is operated by enthusiasts and used by hundreds of thousands of privacy-concerned people worldwide. Some of them live in countries with oppressive regimes, which punish citizens for visiting websites they deem inappropriate.

Jul 03 07:29

(Another) Idiot Economist Says We Need "Major War" to Save the Economy

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle...

Jul 03 07:18

Syngenta Stalks Scientist who Proves their Herbicide Toxic

Three years earlier, Syngenta, one of the largest agribusinesses in the world, had asked Hayes to conduct experiments on the herbicide atrazine, which is applied to more than half the corn in the United States. Hayes was thirty-one, and he had already published twenty papers on the endocrinology of amphibians. David Wake, a professor in Hayes’s department, said that Hayes “may have had the greatest potential of anyone in the field.” But, when Hayes discovered that atrazine might impede the sexual development of frogs, his dealings with Syngenta became strained, and, in November, 2000, he ended his relationship with the company.

Hayes continued studying atrazine on his own, and soon he became convinced that Syngenta representatives were following him to conferences around the world. He worried that the company was orchestrating a campaign to destroy his reputation. He complained that whenever he gave public talks there was a stranger in the back of the room, taking notes.

Jul 03 07:16

Nevada woman whose Obamacare enrollment was delayed died of cancer

A cancer-stricken Nevada woman whose health insurance coverage was delayed due to enrollment troubles with her state’s Obamacare-mandated health care exchange has died.

Linda Rolain, who has battled an aggressive brain tumor but didn’t receive insurance coverage until it was too late — despite numerous attempts to enroll in Nevada’s problem-plagued insurance exchange — succumbed to her cancer Monday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"See? I told you Obamacare would lower costs! It is based on the same tried and tested method we use over at the VA. Ignore 'em 'til they die! HUGE savings!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 03 07:13

Treasurys sink as ADP stokes jobs day jitters

Automatic Data Processing Inc. said Wednesday that the U.S. added 281,000 private-sector jobs in June, substantially higher than the 179,000 added in May. The reading, which was the highest since the end of 2012, beat expectations of 210,000.

The report is often used as an early reading on the more heavily-watched nonfarm payrolls report, which is due out on Thursday. Economists expect the report to show 215,000 new jobs in June.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That include the people hired to keep watch on those 65,000 illegal kids?

Jul 03 07:03

Yes, There’s Wood Pulp in Burgers…Here’s Why I Think it Matters

On Monday, Quartz published an article by Devin Cohen titled, There is a Secret Ingredient in Your Burgers: Wood Pulp. Given the headline and people’s already present suspicion regarding all of the shady and potentially dangerous ingredients hidden in food items, the article gained a lot of traction. In subsequent days, most journalists and bloggers have focused on the dangers of this additive (unclear) and whether or not it is pervasive throughout the food chain as opposed to just fast food (it appears to be).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So how do they all get away with saying it is a 100% beef patty?!? Has "beef" been redefined from "meat from a cow" to "anything that sort of looks and tastes like beef can be called beef?"

Jul 03 06:55

The West's hypocrisy when Palestinian life is disposable but Israeli life is sacrosanct

It seems the whole of Israel is calling for Palestinian blood, reminiscent of American southern lynching rallies that went after black men whenever a white person turned up dead.

Jul 03 06:55

The Handbook of Human Ownership

"Hey - seriously - congratulations on your new political post! If you are reading this, it means that you have ascended to the highest levels of government, so it's really, really important that you don't do or say anything stupid, and screw things up for the rest of us. The first thing to remember is that you are a figurehead, about as relevant to the direction of the state as a hood ornament is to the direction of a car -- but you are a very important distraction, the "smiling face" of the fist of power. So hold your nose, kiss the babies, and just think how good you would look on a stamp. Now, before we go into your media responsibilities, you must understand the true history of political power, so you don't accidentally act on the naive idealism you are required to project to the general public.

Jul 03 06:53

The world’s sympathy cannot be limited to Israeli victims

In an apparent effort to shame the world community away from considering the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the AJLJ brought to Geneva the three mothers of the teens kidnapped on the West Bank to share their pain. It was not a friendly forum in Geneva. Rachel Fraenkel, who has become the spokesperson for the mothers, was less confident, less impressive here than in interviews we have seen with her since. The young lawyer representative of the Association was also ill at ease. She spoke too fast. She tripped over her scolding words. She projected anger at the world community: How dare they question Israel’s human rights record when it’s so clear that Israel is the victim here. The emotion was heartfelt.

Jul 03 06:52

Climate Change ‘Experts’ Didn’t See This Coming: Rising Water Levels In The Great Lakes

After the International Joint Commission’s warning that the Great Lakes were in serious trouble and to expect lower water levels, they’ve encountered quite the surprise.

The Great Lakes’ water levels are rising, and drastically.

Jul 03 06:51

RussiaTwo Buildings Damaged in Russia Following Artillery Firing in Ukraine

A bus and a customs terminals have been damaged as a result of an artillery firing from the Ukrainian territory which hit Novoshakhtinsk border crossing post located in Russia, a representative of Southern regions’ customs service told RIA Novosti Thursday.

“At the moment, the specialists are looking for dud munition,” he told RIA Novosti, adding that two buildings have been damaged following the firing.

He also said that a number of officers working at the checkpoint have been evacuated in the early hours of Thursday.

“At 4:40 a.m. local time (00:40 GMT) officials of Novoshakhtinsk were evacuated due to combat operations in Ukraine,” he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This may be Poroshenko trying to goad Russia into crossing the border.

Jul 03 06:49

Russia may legalize bitcoin – Bank of Russia deputy chairman

The Bank of Russia has signaled it is ready to legalize the world’s first mainstream cryptocurrency, despite the big risks and setbacks the digital money has experienced. The Bank’s recognition means it can better regulate it, and even collect tax.

Jul 03 06:48

Obama grants wind industry permit to kill eagles, ruffling more than feathers

By sacrificing a few bald eagles, the Obama administration may have opened a can of worms.

In a bid to give alternative energy sources a boost, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly granted a California wind energy farm a permit to kill a limited number of endangered bald and golden eagles that get sliced up in its giant turbines. But last week’s free pass is sparking anger from wildlife advocates and from free market advocates who ask why they don’t qualify for the same dispensation.

Jul 03 06:47

Father shoots dead armed robbers using his teenage daughter as human shield during home invasion

A teenage girl was used as a human shield by two masked, armed men who tried to forced their way into her home on Monday.

The 17-year-old had been fetching items from her car outside her home in St Louis, Missouri around 11pm when the two men grabbed her, put a gun to her head and forced her up to the front door as a human shield.

The girl's father, 34, saw the men approaching with his teen daughter and grabbed his own gun to fire shots at them from the home where a five-year-old boy was also present.

The father shot and killed one robber and wounded the second man as they came through the front door.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 03 06:45

The Debate -Israel's Warmongering (Gilad Atzmon vs Richard Hellman)

Jul 03 05:44

IRS held a conference on Tea Party targeting in 2010

Lerner, the Obama administration, and Congressional Democrats have been lying through their teeth on a daily basis since February 2010 and the major media has been covering for them.

Jul 03 05:42

Mainstream Media Hails New Vaccine Safety the RAND Corporation

Are you paying attention, kids? THIS is how propaganda works.

The mainstream media is falling all over themselves to hail the latest vaccine safety study. That's right. This study proves that vaccines are safe as safe can be, so we should all go out and shoot ourselves and our kids up right away.

Jul 03 03:22

UN: ISIL terrorists have created very dangerous situation for Iraqi children

“It’s all very well for the United Nations to write reports…

Reports are no good, unless something is done about them…The United Nations has known that this situation was developing since 2011, the UN had its eyes on it.

“These militants, the fact that they still exist is because they got aid and training…This is not something that developed from nowhere…The culprits are the people who are responsible for supporting and funding ISIL… the United States and its Arab allies need to be held accountable for the fate of these children… says Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich an independent researcher and writer with a focus on U.S. foreign policy and the role of the lobby.

Jul 03 00:40

US Food Manufacturing – Science Based or Reckless?

Waking Times

Historically, the European Union (EU) has taken a far stricter, more cautious stance with regards to genetically engineered (GE) crops and foods. Not only must GE foods be labeled in the EU, but resistance to growing GE crops is high in general.

July 2, 2014

Jul 02 21:56

Moscow urges Kiev to refrain from attacking peaceful cities

Moscow has demanded Kiev to stop firing on peaceful cities if it is still able to consider the consequences of its criminal policy, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary published on its website Wednesday.

Jul 02 21:50

Ukrainian forces resume shelling of Kramatorsk and Donetsk regions

Heavy artillery fire once again rocked Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, late on Wednesday, a representative from people’s militia told Tass, adding that Ukraine law enforcers were possibly using cluster ammunition.

Jul 02 21:45

600 tons of Syria's chemical arsenal loaded onto US ‘neutralizer’ ship

Hundreds of tons of the most hazardous Syrian chemical arsenal have been handed over to the US vessel which has special equipment to neutralize a dangerous stockpile. The chemicals have now left Italy to be destroyed at sea.

Jul 02 20:49

Tom Lehrer - Send the Marines

A little musical editorial comment from the Great Mathmetician,Satirist and self described Agnostic Atheist Tom Lehrer! Things haven't really changed!

Jul 02 19:10

"When Drones Fall From The Sky"

Jul 02 18:56

What Did the President Know, and When Did He Know It? President Obama's 'Nixon Moment' Is Here

Howard Baker, the former ranking member of the Senate committee investigating Watergate, posed the decisive question, whose question finally forced President Nixon, faced with the threat of impeachment, to resign: "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" Exactly the same question could be posed now in respect to what President Obama knew about the terror attack in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, when U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his coworkers were murdered, as the most decisive among many issues which could lead to Obama's removal from office.

Jul 02 18:29

Privacy And Civil Liberties Board Mostly Unconcerned About PRISM Or Backbone Tapping By NSA

As expected, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has now issued its analysis of the Section 702 surveillance done by the NSA (and, as revealed earlier this week, passed on to the FBI and CIA).

Jul 02 18:21

ISIS Is Taking Over Iraq Using Captured American Weapons

ISIS is marching through city after city in Iraq, and they are doing it with American weapons. Thanks to a series of stunning victories in recent months, ISIS has captured a vast array of U.S. military equipment including trucks, Humvees, rockets, artillery pieces and Stinger missiles. When the U.S. was pulling out of Iraq, we were extremely generous to the new Iraqi army. We basically armed them to the teeth with equipment that U.S. taxpayers paid for. But now that the new Iraqi army is folding like a 20 dollar suit in the face of ISIS jihadists, vast quantities of that military equipment are falling into the hands of some of the most radical jihadists the world has ever seen. And considering the fact that ISIS also recently seized the equivalent of nearly $500 million in cash from a bank in Mosul, the leadership of ISIS won't be having much problem buying anything else that they might need either.

Jul 02 18:19

The U.S. Elite Run a Ukrainian Genocide While American Public Are Ignorant of It

Here are videos and photos of the Obama Administration's sponsored ethnic cleansing to reduce the population in the areas of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly "the wrong way" in Ukraine's final nationwide election, in 2010: the areas of Ukraine that overwhelmingly chose as Ukraine's President the man whom Obama's coup overthrew in February 2014. After this ethnic cleansing, maybe Ukraine can have another nationwide election, which will produce the type of outcome that the U.S. Government likes. But on 25 May 2014, we held in Ukraine an election where people voted only in the pro-American portion of Ukraine, and only leaders who were acceptable to the U.S. White House were allowed onto the ballot.

Jul 02 18:19

Palestinian teen murdered in suspected ‘revenge kidnapping’

Palestinian teen murdered: Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir was walking to morning prayers for Ramadan after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning when a car pulled up and a number of passengers forced him in. Police later found his burned body in a Jerusalem-area forest. Speculation that the killing was a nationalistically motivated and perpetrated by Jewish Israelis as revenge .

Jul 02 18:16

America’s Real Foreign Policy – A Corporate Protection Racket

The question of how foreign policy is determined is a crucial one in world affairs. In these comments, I can only provide a few hints as to how I think the subject can be productively explored, keeping to the United States for several reasons. First, the U.S. is unmatched in its global significance and impact.

Jul 02 18:08

What on Earth Is Going On at the FCC?

The main battlefield for the net neutrality fight right now is at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in a “rulemaking” underway this summer, which asks for public comment about a new set of proposed rules that the FCC claims will protect the open Internet. This process is one of the most important ways Internet users, businesses, trade groups, and public interest organizations can make their voice heard in this critically important national debate. To help that along, let's take a close look at the process and the proposal the FCC has put on the table.

Jul 02 16:34

Ikea, Gap Raise U.S. Workers Minimum Wages

Jul 02 16:15


Webmaster's Commentary: 

As an experiment I converted all these images to black and white, and they could have been taken in WW2.

Jul 02 16:08

Landmark Agriculture Bill Now Law in Virginia

Activist Post

New Law Reaffirms the Right to Farm and Grants Freedom from Government Overreach

In 2012, Virginia officials of Fauquier County threatened Martha Boneta with $15,000 per-day fines for hosting a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls without a permit, and for advertising pumpkin carvings. That fine eventually reached $2 million.

Seeing the county’s action against Boneta as a brazen effort to drive her off her land, Virginians from all walks of life rallied to her defense. Supporters gathered in Warrenton, the county seat, for a peaceful “pitchfork protest” to vent their anger over what an out-of-control local government had done to a law-abiding citizen...

Jul 02 16:03

The absurd reason why the government stole my parents’ savings…

In the Land of the Free alone, there are hundreds of federal, state, and local agencies that have all the firearms and legal authority they need to kick in doors, freeze accounts, and seize assets.

You don’t even have to be doing anything wrong. Hell you don’t even need to be anywhere in the vicinity. If your ‘stuff’ just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it can be confiscated.

Almost every week, some government agency is holding an auction of other people’s confiscated property.

And at nearly every one of them is some poor guy’s collection of gold eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

This is reason enough to consider holding at least a portion of your physical assets abroad.

Jul 02 16:00

A sign of where Ukrainian conflict could lead? Victims of mortar attack stand before their flaming home, like a scene from the Eastern Front in the Second World War

Devastated residents have been forced to flea their burning homes in Ukraine following mortar attacks in scenes reminiscent of the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

Suburban buildings were engulfed in flames and shell craters dotted the ground as strategic positions along the border with Russia were targeted.

The image of devastation in Lugansk is a sign of the escalation in military tensions between Kiev and the Kremlin following the end of a 10-day ceasefire.

But the pictures, which strongly resemble the trail of destruction left by Hitler's forces in the Soviet Union 70 years ago, are also a worrying sign of how the conflict could develop.

Jul 02 15:55

Monsanto and Pioneer Continue to Pull GM Crops from EU

Although an EU Commission decision on the cultivation of genetically engineered maize 1507 has been expected for several months, it has still not been published.

In the meantime, new information has become available indicating that the biotech industry is pulling out of the cultivation of transgenic crops in the EU...

Jul 02 15:34

Stocks Are Officially More Overvalued Than During The Last Bubble Peak

Current forward S&P 500 P/E: 15.6x
Forward S&P 500 P/E on October 9, 2007: 15.2x

Jul 02 15:29

'Buzzword List' Reveals What State Officials Can't Say About Fracking

Former employees of the Pennsylvania Department of Health were ordered by supervisors to ignore complaints about fracking-related health issues and follow a host of other rules to keep the dangers of drilling under wraps — even at the expense of people's health.

Jul 02 15:15

Amazon Fire Phone nosedives on company’s bestsellers list, dropping to #61 after debuting in top five

Amazon’s first smartphone isn’t setting the world on fire, judging from the company’s own rankings.

Less than two weeks after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the device, the Amazon Fire Phone has plummeted on the company’s list of bestselling electronics across

Jul 02 15:02

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military.

Jul 02 15:00

EU's right to be forgotten: Guardian articles have been hidden by Google

When you Google someone from within the EU, you no longer see what the search giant thinks is the most important and relevant information about an individual. You see the most important information the target of your search is not trying to hide.

Stark evidence of this fact, the result of a European court ruling that individuals had the right to remove material about themselves from search engine results, arrived in the Guardian's inbox this morning, in the form of an automated notification that six Guardian articles have been scrubbed from search results.

The first six articles down the memory hole – there will likely be many more as the rich and powerful look to scrub up their online images, doubtless with the help of a new wave of "reputation management" firms – are a strange bunch.

Jul 02 14:59

Nazi 'perfect Aryan' poster child was Jewish

When Hessy Taft was six months old, she was a poster child for the Nazis. Her photograph was chosen as the image of the ideal Aryan baby, and distributed in party propaganda. But what the Nazis didn’t know was that their perfect baby was really Jewish.

Jul 02 14:57

UK 'Porn Filters' Block One Fifth Of All Websites

And getting a site unblocked isn’t always easy, as Philip Raby found out. When his Porsche brokerage and consulting firm was blocked by O2 – yes, really – phone calls and emails through official channels failed to achieve anything at all. It was only when he started tweeting about his problems, he says, that the block was withdrawn. And, shockingly, several ISPs – including BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet – don’t even have a formal procedure for non-customers to get a site unblocked.


All over the UK, I’m sure, people will be shouting “I told you so!” at their screens. Campaign groups have been expecting exactly this type of over-blocking since the plans for default filtering were initially announced last summer.

But one-fifth of websites is an astonishing proportion – much, much more than most authoritarian regimes ever manage.

Jul 02 14:53

Where Is It Supposed To Go?

Many trillions of tons of snow fall on Antarctica and Greenland every winter. All of that has to return to the sea.

Alarmists stand at the terminus of glaciers, take pictures of glaciers calving – and then publish them in order to get their useful idiots in the press hysterical.

What do these geniuses think the snow is supposed to do? Pile up into the stratosphere?

Jul 02 14:11

Fracking Firm Offers Locals $50,000 Hush Money

For the last eight years, Pennsylvania has been riding the natural gas boom, with companies drilling and fracking thousands of wells across the state. And in a little corner of Washington County, some 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh, EQT Corporation has been busy – drilling close to a dozen new wells on one site.

Jul 02 14:11

ISIS Captures Key Syrian Border Town!

Jul 02 13:48

238 Years Later, Would Americans Still Choose Freedom Over Slavery?

Imagine living in a country where armed soldiers crash through doors to arrest and imprison citizens merely for criticizing government officials. Imagine that in this very same country, you’re watched all the time, and if you look even a little bit suspicious, the police stop and frisk you or pull you over to search you on the off chance you’re doing something illegal. Keep in mind that if you have a firearm of any kind while in this country, it may get you arrested and, in some circumstances, shot by police.

Jul 02 13:48

Acquiescing to Big Biotech: Relentless Drive to Force GMO Crops into Britain

A report just published by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee on food security in Britain supports Environment Secretary Owen Paterson’s plan to push ahead with growing genetically modified (GM) crops in England. However, it doesn’t mention which crops would actually be grown [1].

Jul 02 13:47

Police Departments Ignore Rampant Sexual Assault by Officers

When the police caught up with Smith's attacker a couple weeks later, they discovered he was already standing trial for the rape and sexual assault of another woman. That case was dropped, and Smith's case was picked up soon after, resulting in a plea bargain of life sentence, with Smith's attacker eligible for parole after an initial five years and then again every three years. Smith said she has been writing letters to a prison psychosocial review board to revoke his parole eligibility every three years and has always been successful. Now, she said, he has more of a chance of getting out than ever because of recent rule changes to how the state's parole board operates.

Jul 02 13:47

'Enhanced security' at overseas airports with US flights

The US homeland security department has said it will put into place "enhanced security measures" in certain overseas airports with direct flights to the US.

A UK transport official told the BBC the country would be among those to step-up security procedures.

The move comes amid US media reports that al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria and Yemen are developing bombs to smuggle on planes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 02 13:33

Selling Obamacare

But Coles had a big favor coming to her. In 2013, she publicly pledged her magazine's ad space and editorial content to help promote the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. There are now more than 100 references to Obamacare on Cosmo's website, almost all of them glowing.

It would have been one thing if the magazine had exercised any degree of creativity or editorial tie-in while touting the law, e.g. "7 Tricks to Get Your Boyfriend to Sign Up For Overpriced Health Insurance-in Bed!" But alas, Cosmo's Obamacare headlines have all the joie de vivre one expects of diktats from the Ministry of Information: "5 Important Questions About the Affordable Care Act"; "Valerie Jarrett: 'All Insurance Plans Are Required to Cover Contraception"; "What the Affordable Care Act Means for Women With Pre-Existing Conditions"; and the hilariously defensive "Fox News Wrongly Believes Obamacare is 'Advertising' in Cosmopolitan."

Jul 02 13:28

The Economic Crisis Is Accelerating Because Debt Is Not Wealth

Debt on debt is not going create wealth. The world is swimming in unfathomable debt. The question is, when will this global economic system go down in flames?

Jul 02 13:28

Iraq parliament session ends in chaos as turmoil deepens

Iraq’s new parliament broke up in chaos on Tuesday, with lawmakers walking out and making threats despite global calls for the formation of a government needed to face a Sunni militant onslaught.

Jul 02 13:20

White House: President “to Continue to Use His Pen and His Phone to Fix the Immigration System”

So much for a system where the federal government's powers are separated into three branches which check and balance each other, you know, as stipulated by our nation's Constitution. The latest official White House press release, "President Obama Speaks on Immigration Reform," vows that Obama "is going to continue to use his pen and his phone to fix the immigration system." The President, citing that House Republicans have "proven again and again that they're unwilling to stand up to the Tea Party in order to do what's best for the country," announced yesterday, "I'm beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own...without congress."

The official White House press release went on:

Jul 02 13:17

“Pop Tart Gun” Case Still Ongoing After Second Appeal Fails

The family of a Second-grader in Maryland has vowed to fight all the way to the courts if necessary to clear their son’s school record after a second attempt to do so failed in the infamous “Pop Tart gun” case.

Jul 02 13:13

Oregon GMO Labeling Proponents Expect Ballot Measure to Qualify

Advocates of mandatory labeling of genetically engineered crops in Oregon said they had collected more than enough signatures to qualify a measure for the November ballot, and planned to submit them on Wednesday to state officials. -- The statewide ballot measure, if it passes, would require labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients intended to make them resistant to disease and insects, beginning in January 2016.

Jul 02 13:05

Whistleblower alleges VA benefit application purge in Georgia

Eligibility Center program specialist Scott Davis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that health benefit applications for more than 10,000 veterans may have been improperly purged from the Health Eligibility Center's national data system in DeKalb County.

The center doesn't process all applications, but helps manage the national enrollment computer system and offers enrollment guidance for VA hospitals across the country.

Davis, who joined the VA in April of 2011, began filing complaints in January and said managers were focused on meeting goals linked to the Affordable Care Act to meet their bonus targets. He also asked the VA's Office of the Inspector General to investigate the potential mishandling of a $5 million federal contract.

Jul 02 13:00

Tuberculosis outbreak at Sacramento high school

Four more students at Grant Union High School in Sacramento have contracted active TB. Three related tuberculosis cases are considered an outbreak, Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Laura McCasland said.

Jul 02 12:57

Another federal judge tells IRS to explain itself on lost emails

IRS attorneys will be even busier than normal next week, because another federal judge has told them to show up in court July 11 to defend the federal tax agency. They will have to explain to U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton why the IRS shouldn’t be required to let an outside expert evaluate whether emails on the computer hard drives of former IRS official Lois Lerner and six colleagues really are lost forever, as the agency recently told Congress.

Jul 02 12:32

DHS solicited bids for vendor to handle 65,000 unaccompanied minors -- IN JANUARY!

The Obama administration’s claim to have been surprised by the wave of children flooding over out borders may turn out to be another political lie of the year. Sundance of Conservative Treehouse noticed a very peculiar advertisement:

On January 29th of this year, the federal government posted an advertisement seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children“.

Not just any contract mind you, but a very specific contract – for a very specific number of unaccompanied minors: 65,000.

• Why would DHS and ICE be claiming “surprise” by the current influx of unaccompanied minors on the border in June, when they were taking bids for an exact contract to handle the exact situation in January?

• Secondly, how could they possibly anticipate 65,000 unaccompanied minors would be showing up at the border, when the most ever encountered in a previous year was 5,000 total ?

Jul 02 12:30

Iraq Veterans Against The War statement on the crisis in Iraq

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) – an organization comprised of individuals who served or continue to serve in the US Military following September 11, 2001 – calls on Congress, the President, and his administration to reject the use of violence and militarism in response to the current outbreak of violence in Iraq.

Jul 02 12:29

How corporations became people you can't sue.

“The lawsuits against Target would almost certainly not be possible against Amazon,” says Paul Bland, executive director of Public Justice. “It’s got its ‘vaccination against legal accountability’ here.”

Jul 02 12:29

Obama's panel of experts claim NSA's internet surveillance program is constitutional

A five-person panel handpicked by US President Barack Obama concluded Tuesday that the National Security Agency’s use of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act provision to spy on non-Americans is not unjust.

Nevertheless, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board’s findings — published late Tuesday in a 196-page pre-release report that was approved by the panel early Wednesday — did acknowledge that substantial flaws exist in the way the NSA uses Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act to conduct surveillance against not US-persons believed to be located abroad.

Jul 02 12:23

George Zimmerman loses defamation suit against NBC. Why?

he failed to prove that the network had acted with malicious intent

Jul 02 12:19

Bitcoin for Oil? The Latest Threat to the Petrodollar System

A Kuwaiti firm has proposed a massive shift in the payment method for Gulf oil exports from U.S. dollars to Bitcoin. This is the just the latest potential attack upon the petrodollar system.

Jul 02 12:13

Vacant Lots On Chicago Blocks, Just $1 Each

Jul 02 12:11

In photos: Israeli soldiers destroy kidnapping suspects’ family homes in retribution attack

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not too worried about finding actual evidence in those homes.

Jul 02 12:08

At White House, Wide Pay Gap Between Male and Female Employees

Gender disparities in White House salaries have persisted all throughout President Barack Obama's two terms in office, according to recent data.

An analysis by the Washington Post found that with average salaries of $88,600 for men in the White House and $78,400 for women, the income gap under Obama has stayed steady at 13 percent. Although paychecks for both groups have increased in recent years, the disparity remains the same as it was in 2009, when Obama was in his first term — and made the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act the first bill he signed into law as president.

Jul 02 12:06

Obama Escalation Raises Specter of Iraq 'Mission Creep'

As the number of American troops sent to Iraq nearly doubled on Monday and the White House continues to flex its executive privilege to make unilateral military decisions, citizens and lawmakers alike are raising concerns and objections over the escalating American presence in the country, asking: Are we nearing 'mission creep'?

"A continued escalation of U.S. commitment in Iraq is troubling," said Iraq war veteran and U.S. Senator John Walsh (D-Mont.) in a statement Tuesday.

Jul 02 12:05

Pentagon says growing US forces in Iraq need 'flexibility' for mission

Officially, the missions the US military is launching in Baghdad are static, unchanging and defined. Protect the US embassy and other American personnel in Iraq. Assess the threat from the Islamic State and the performance of the Iraqi military. Figure out what steps the Pentagon next ought to take to aid Iraq through its crisis.

Jul 02 12:03

80% of UK school buildings ‘crumbling, beyond their life cycle’

The Government must invest more in building new schools as 80 per cent of current buildings should not still be in operation, architects claim

Children across the UK are being failed by four-fifths of schools that are “beyond their life cycle,” while 75 percent of existing schools also contain asbestos, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) claims.

Jul 02 12:03

JP Morgan CEO Diagnosed With Cancer

Jul 02 12:02

Syrian weapons transfer begins at Italian port

The international operation to destroy Syrian chemical weapons entered its final phase on Wednesday, as they were transferred by workers at an Italian port from a Danish freighter to a US military ship equipped to dispose of them.

Jul 02 12:00

Russia Warns Of "Gas Crisis" By Fall, Blasts Poroshenko "Personally Responsible For New Deaths"

While the USA has been oddly quiet since Ukraine's President Poroshenko unilaterally ended the cease-fire, the Russians have not. This morning's "anti-terrorist" shelling of East Ukraine buildings stirred Russia's Prime Minister Medvedev to warn:


Of course, Ukraine is 'fixed' - it must be: stocks are up. However, it appears a new round of violence (with little seeming room for negotiation) appears set to start as Ukraine moves ahead and Medvedev makes it clear there will be repercussions.

Jul 02 11:59

Gold & Silver Hit Multi-Month Highs As ETF Inflows Surge Most In 21 Months

The last 2 days have seen something 'odd' happen in gold markets. As the China commodity finance deals are unwound and massive futures positions squeezed, Gold ETFs have seen the biggest inflows since September 2012 (and are their highest in 2 months). Whether this is the start of trend is unclear (as perhaps the conspiracy 'fact' proof of manipulation and rigging in the gold markets stalled the hollowing out of the gold complex). Ironic that this considerable rise should occur shortly after rumors of Germany's end to repatriation calls. Gold (and silver) has broken out once again this morning after the early dump on ADP 'good' news is well bid to 3-month highs.

Jul 02 11:55

Michigan private facility could house children fleeing Central America

Federal officials looking to place refugee children from Central America in facilities to help give them shelter with one location being eyed in Michigan.

“While only a few facilities will ultimately be selected, a wide range of facilities are being identified and evaluated to determine if” they will be used as temporary shelter space,” Kenneth Wolfe, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human services’ department’s administration for children and families, said in a statement. “Facilities will be announced when they are identified as viable options.”

Jul 02 11:55

Anti-Arab violence surges in Jerusalem after murder of 3 Israeli teens

Israeli police on Tuesday rescued an Arab youth who was caught in an anti-Arab demonstration in Jerusalem, amid a wave of violence against Arabs after the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens were found in the occupied West Bank.

Jul 02 11:53

Questions swirl as more immigrants hospitalized

A handful of demonstrators remained outside a U.S. Border Patrol facility in Murrieta overnight Tuesday after large crowds forced a bus carrying undocumented immigrants to reverse course and head down to a San Ysidro checkpoint.

Jul 02 11:50

Police are getting x-ray guns to detect drugs and guns in your car


Jul 02 11:49

HHS Bars Congressman From Seeing Immigrant Children

A Health and Human Services official refused to allow a member of Congress to enter a facility in his district where some of the unaccompanied immigrant children are being housed.

Jul 02 11:47

Murrieta Official Warns Immigration Protests Likely ‘Every Time’ Buses Arrive

A dramatic scene in Murrieta that saw American flag-waving protesters prevent Homeland Security buses carrying undocumented migrant children and families from reaching a suburban processing center is likely to be repeated in the coming days, a city official said Wednesday.

Jul 02 11:32

Tension Mounts After Apparent Revenge Killing in Jerusalem

The body of an abducted Arab teenager was found in a Jerusalem forest early Wednesday, fanning outrage among Palestinians and threatening to further escalate the broader tensions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Police were investigating the death as a possible Israeli revenge killing for the kidnap and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank last month.

The father of the abducted youth, Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, 16, said the police had identified the body through DNA tests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The body must have been pretty badly messed up to require DNA tests.

Jul 02 11:30

NOAA quietly revises website after getting caught in global warming lie, admitting 1936 was hotter than 2012

As global warming and climate change alarmists burn tons of fossil fuel jetting around the world, lecturing people about how burning tons of fossil fuel is destroying our planet, federal government agencies and learned academic institutions are quietly revising previously published data to reflect "an inconvenient truth" -- that, contrary to their earlier claims, the earth is actually getting cooler, and weather is actually getting milder.

One of the most recent examples of this fraud was reported by The Daily Caller: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been criticized for manipulating temperature records to give the illusion of a warming trend. Since then, the agency has been caught changing temperature data from both the past and present.

Jul 02 11:29

NATO Accuses Moscow of Covertly Funding Western Anti-Fracking Activists

At a June 19 speaking event at London’s Chatham House, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen claimed the Russian government is covertly working to discredit hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in the west from afar.

“I have met allies who can report that Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engaged actively with so-called non-governmental organisations — environmental organizations working against shale gas — to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas,”

said Rasmussen, the former Prime Minister of Denmark.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So if you oppose fracking, YOU ARE IN LEAGUE WITH THE RUSSIANS!!!!!!!


Jul 02 11:18

Israeli Government prepares Onslaught Against Palestinian People

The Israeli regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has seized on the tragic death of the young men as the pretext for escalating its aggression against the Palestinian people and strengthening Israel’s grip on the occupied territories. The Israeli government has declared that the Islamist party Hamas is responsible for the murders, without providing any evidence to substantiate the charge, which is denied by Hamas.

Jul 02 11:09

Palestine News : Israeli Revenge

Israeli forces demolished Ziad Awwad's house in Idna, western Hebron. He is accused of killing Israeli military official, Baruch Mizrahi

"A Palestinian teenager from occupied East Jerusalem was kidnapped and killed early Wednesday in a suspected act of revenge for the killing of three Israeli youths, Israeli army radio reported.

Locals identified the victim as 16-year-old Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir from the Shufat neighborhood."

Jul 02 11:06

Predictive Technology: A New Tool For The Thought Police

Nicholas West
Activist Post

Predictive technology is exploding, in stealth, across the virtual landscape. The arrival of Big Data initiatives by government, as well as a massive industry of data brokers is not only putting privacy at risk, but is offering those with access to the information unprecedented ways to manage the lives of everyday citizens.

Until this point, it has been a very tech-heavy subject inclined to produce glazed eyes when addressed. However, the viral story of Facebook using their algorithms to go beyond surveillance and actually manipulate the emotions of users as a type of psychology experiment has thrust these practices into the mainstream.

One new product in development is a smartphone mental health app made in Israel...

Jul 02 10:58

Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For some reason, YouTube has disabled embedding on almost all versions of this wonderful clip from HBO's "The Newsroom." The reason I wanted to hunt this down is that earlier today FOX News asked people to tweet "What Makes You Proud to be an American" using #proudamerican with the promise that the best comments will be aired during the Friday orgy of self-delusion that we have anything to be proud of. My tweet as to what makes me proud is "Standing up too a government and media trying to lie us into more wars" but somehow I don;t expect that to make the cut. But this whole exercise in gratuitous self-aggrandizement as a national sport reminded me very much of this clip from "The Newsroom."

Jul 02 10:56

The Risk of a Ukraine Bloodbath

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko – by thumbing his nose at the leaders of Russia, Germany and France as they repeatedly appealed to him to renew the fragile ceasefire in eastern Ukraine – has left himself and his U.S. patrons isolated, though that’s not the version of the story that you’ll read in the mainstream U.S. press.

Jul 02 10:54

Germany considers weapons-capable drones

Following an apparently "successful" run with leased surveillance drones in Afghanistan, Germany's Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has now expressed interest in buying weapons-capable drone technology - under the pretence that it will "protect soldiers from attack".

Jul 02 10:46

Illegal Alien Disease Epidemic – Doctors And Nurses Gagged, Threatened With Arrest if They Talk

The message to doctors and nurses was simple; you talk, you go to jail.

Jul 02 10:43

The TSA plans to add new fees to your airline bill, including layover penalties


Jul 02 10:42

Six found guilty in L.A. County jails corruption probe

found guilty Tuesday of obstruction of justice and other charges for their part in an alleged scheme to stymie a federal grand jury investigation into civil rights abuses and corruption in the county’s jails.

Jul 02 10:41

How to Understand the ISIS Threat

I suspect that a paucity of reliable intelligence is being shoehorned into an acceptable narrative for policymakers to regurgitate. The promotion of the alleged threat includes a conflation of several quite separate issues. It is based on the indisputable fact that a number of young Muslims ostensibly citizens of European countries and the United States, some of whom are indigenous converts to Islam, have gone to perform jihad in the Middle East and South Asia. As the punditry would have it, they must be planning to return home some day and raise hell, a line of reasoning that has spawned several Congressional hearings hosted by the Rep. Peter King of New York on the so-called home-grown terrorism threat.

Jul 02 10:41

Second NSA whistleblower comes forward - vindicates Snowden

Bill Binney confirms that all content of all phone calls within the United States are recorded and one million a day are transcribed for permanent preservation.

Jul 02 10:34

Ukraine Bombing Of Residential Building Caught On Tape

CCTV captures a moment when Ukrainian army shelled a residential area in Severodonetsk, Lugansk region. President Poroshenko resumed military operations in E.Ukraine on Monday.

Jul 02 10:34

Iraqi Parliament Ends as Sunnis, Kurds Walk Out

Iraq’s parliament met for the first time since the election today, with 255 of 328 MPs showing up, with others boycotting it outright. The session lasted less than a half hour before a walk out of Sunni and Kurd MPs meant they no longer had the quorum needed to vote on a parliamentary speaker.

Even the brief meeting reflected Iraq’s divided state, with a shouting match breaking out over a complaint by a Kurdish MP that the central government has stopped paying all officials in Kurdistan, leading Shi’ites to blame the Kurds for the ISIS takeover of the West.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, THAT went brilliantly!!

Jul 02 10:33

How politics derailed EPA science on arsenic, endangering public health

Delay keeps pesticides with arsenic on the market.

Jul 02 10:31

US Troops Will Fly Attack Helicopters in Iraq

While continuing to insist they are trying to keep their involvement limited to “advisory” operations, the Pentagon continues to pour military equipment into Iraq, with US combat troops on the ground to carry out this new Iraq War.

Today, the Pentagon is rushing Apache attack helicopters to Baghdad, along with more Shadow drones, couching it as a move to prepare for a possible evacuation of the US Embassy.

Yet far from being focused on the embassy itself, officials say the US ground troops will be operating the helicopter gunships to “protect US interests” in and around Baghdad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One can be assured, with this Administration, and this President, that when the President promises the American people something (no combat troops on the ground, in this instance) we can absolutely expect the polar opposite.

IF ISIS takes Baghdad, the US government will not only have lost, militarily, TWICE, but will have absolutely no control of to whom Iraq's oil is shipped, and in what currency that oil will be sold.

Jul 02 10:26

US alarmed with Russia-Cuba oil exploration plansRead more:

Russia has agreed to join the search for oil in deep waters between Cuba and Florida, thereby reviving fears among Americans of a possible environmental catastrophe - a large oil spill. Last month, under the supervision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian companies Rosneft and Zarubezhneft signed an agreement with Cuba on the exploration of offshore oil deposits off the coast of Cuba.

The agreement also covers the construction of the equipment of offshore drilling rigs in the Cuban port of Mariel, as well as the creation of a pipeline network and a helipad.

The drilling area is located north from Havana, on both sides of the Gulf Stream. State Department spokesman has already announced that the US officials "expressed their concerns" to Cuba and its partners, however, the United States cannot do anything to stop drilling in Cuban waters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the American government were not so consistently, pig-headedly, ham-fistedly stupid with regard to never lifting the sanctions against Cuba, it would be the American government, working with the Cuban government, in developing this oil site, not the Russians.

I mean, for heaven's sake, we are trading like crazy with Vietnam, a Communist country with which we have been at war!!

A complete lack of rationality...should be painful.

Jul 02 10:23

Vocativ Interviews John Young of Cryptome on Greenwald + Snowden Releases

Greenwald has promised names of US person spied upon. We "hear" -- vague, no attribution, what else --

Jul 02 10:18

Venezuela, Is The Mutiny Underway Against Maduro?

As if Venezuela's 1,001 endemic problems (economic and social, corruption, crime and state repression) were not enough. Now the socialist government of President Nicolás Maduro faces mutiny in its own ranks, which highlights — not for the first time — the difference in charisma and authority between Venezuela's late leader Hugo Chávez, and his successor.

The impact of Maduro's declarations, made days ago in a vigorous speech to members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), have yet to be seen. Speaking in combative terms, he declared that "nobody will take us away from the work Commander Chávez bequeathed us [...] neither the subversive Right nor the outdated Left."

He dismissed his critics as being "disloyal" elements, who had "failed, one and all, when they were ministers."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OF course, this article does not even begin to bring up the issue of consistent US governmental efforts to destabilize this government for years, and bring into being a government more to its liking, and definitely more US-government-centric.

Jul 02 10:13

Poll: Obama 'worst president' since World War II

In a new Quinnipiac University Poll, 33% named Barack Obama the worst president since World War II. Only 8% named Obama as the best president. How the 12 post-war presidents fared:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They actually found people to say Obama was the best President since WW2?!? Beating out Truman and Kennedy?!? Where are they running these polls, the insane asylums?

Jul 02 10:08

Putin Warns Again of Force as Ukraine Fighting Spreads

The simmering standoff in eastern Ukraine exploded into warfare early Tuesday, pushing the conflict to a dangerous new phase and prompting President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to warn again that he reserves the right to use force to defend Russian-speaking citizens.

Government forces unleashed ground assaults and air bombardments throughout the region, including heavy artillery shelling around the rebel-controlled city of Slovyansk and pitched battles for control of administrative buildings in Donetsk. The attacks began shortly after President Petro O. Poroshenko declared an end to a 10-day cease-fire and ordered government forces to renew their effort to quash a pro-Russian separatist insurrection in the east.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is about to get very ugly, very quickly, and potentially escalate way out of control.

I would like to politely remind the adults in the room, collectively, in NATO,the EU, and the American government that there is no guarantee of a successful military outcome in a convetional war against Russia, which is what makes the military option so scarily dangerous.

As early as May of this year, there was a report from, indicating that as many as 400 US private security troops were on the ground in Eastern Ukraine:

About 400 elite mercenaries from the notorious US private security firm Academi (formerly Blackwater) are taking part in the Ukrainian military operation against anti-government protesters in southeastern regions of the country, German media reports. The Bild am Sonntag newspaper, citing a source in intelligence circles, wrote Sunday that Academi employees are involved in the Kiev military crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in near the town of Slavyansk, in the Donetsk region. On April 29, German Intelligence Service (BND) informed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government about the mercenaries’ participation in the operation, the paper said, RIA Novosti reported. It is not clear who commands the private military contractors and pays for their services, however.

One has to wonder if the US government already has official US troops, not just private mercs, on the ground in Ukraine right now.

The US government is doing everything in their power to villify Russia. In fact, just two days ago, there were reports of cyber hacking against energy companies, blamed on Russia.

I am still very worried about the coming 4th of July being an opportune time for this government to attempt something aweful, to get the American people into a war fever pitch.

Thinking Americans just have to keep reminding them that we know that this government lies, and creates false flags, to divert attention from the real problems this country is facing.

Jul 02 10:05

Glaxo chief: Our drugs do not work on most patients

Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), said fewer than half of the patients prescribed some of the most expensive drugs actually derived any benefit from them.
It is an open secret within the drugs industry that most of its products are ineffective in most patients but this is the first time that such a senior drugs boss has gone public. His comments come days after it emerged that the NHS drugs bill has soared by nearly 50 per cent in three years, rising by £2.3bn a year to an annual cost to the taxpayer of £7.2bn. GSK announced last week that it had 20 or more new drugs under development that could each earn the company up to $1bn (£600m) a year.

"The vast majority of drugs - more than 90 per cent - only work in 30 or 50 per cent of the people," Dr Roses said. "I wouldn't say that most drugs don't work. I would say that most drugs work in 30 to 50 per cent of people. Drugs out there on the market work, but they don't work in everybody."

Jul 02 09:54

U.S. surveillance revelations deepen European fears of Web giants

"What we have... is... concrete proof of U.S.-based... companies participating with the NSA in wholesale surveillance on us, the rest of the world, the non-American, you and me," Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at Finnish software security firm F-Secure.

Jul 02 09:49

Palestinians say Israeli extremists killed boy

Jul 02 09:48

Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

How in the world does the government expect us to trust the economic numbers that they give us anymore? For a long time, many have suspected that they were being manipulated, and as you will see below we now have stone cold proof that this is indeed the case. But first, let’s talk about the revised GDP number for the first quarter of 2014 that was just released. Initially, they told us that the U.S. economy only shrank by 0.1 percent in Q1. Then that was revised down to a 1.0 percent contraction, and now we are being informed that the economy actually contracted by a whopping 2.9 percent during the first quarter. So what are we actually supposed to believe? Sometimes I almost get the feeling that government bureaucrats are just throwing darts at a dartboard in order to get these numbers. Of course that is not actually true, but how do we know that we can actually trust the numbers that they give to us?

Jul 02 09:43

Nuclear Radiation Releases Continue in New Mexico

nvironmental radiation releases spiked again in mid-June around the surface site of the only underground storage facility for nuclear weapons waste in the U.S., near Carlsbad, New Mexico. The facility, the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP), has been shut down since February 14, when its isolation technology failed, releasing unsafe levels of Plutonium, Americium, and other radio-nuclides into the environment around the site.

Radiation levels in the underground storage area, 2,150 feet below the surface, vary from near-normal to potentially lethal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now THERE is a wonderful employment opportunity for those illegals!

Jul 02 09:43

Turning My Attention Back to Silver

Jul 02 09:38

‘Humdinger’: Swine flu virus which killed half-million modified to 'incurable'

A controversial flu researcher has modified the flu virus responsible for the 2009 pandemic to allow it evade the human immune system. His lab’s previous works include recreating the Spanish flu and making a deadly bird flu strain highly transmittable.

The yet-to-be-published research by Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka and his team is meant to give scientists better ways to fight influenza outbreaks, but gives chills to some people in academia, who are fearful that accidental release of the strain would result in a global disaster, according to a report by the Independent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This guy is making biological weapons, an activity banned under the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention. But Professor Kawaoka is playing a cute little game here and exploiting a loophole in the BWC by claiming he needs to create these biological weapons in order to develop defenses for these biological weapons which would not even exist at all had he not made them in the first place. Basically he is lighting a match and holding it over your house, then asking to sell you a fire extinguisher.

But Russia today raises a valid point. Sooner or later someone will drop a test tube, a seal will fail, or the "cure" released to the public will turn out to be deadlier than the original disease, which is what happened with the Swine flu panic of 1975.

Jul 02 09:33

FLASHBACK 2006 - Sen. Biden Offers Plan to Split Iraq into Regions

U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden, (D-DE), calls the Bush policy in Iraq a failure and calls on Iraq to be divided into three separate regions: Kurd, Sunni Arab and Shiite Arab. Alex Chadwick talks with the ranking democrat on the Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee about his proposal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then comes 2014 and the US screams about the integrity of national borders when Crime has a referendum to leave Ukraine and merge with Russia!

Jul 02 09:32

FLASHBACK 2009 - Back to the old-new “three-regions” argument

This headline "Six years of the US dwelling in Iraq" published on Russian Novosti Arabic-edition, it says the following:

The U.S. still considers the possibility of dividing Iraq into three regions, the Kurds in northern Iraq, the Sunnis in the center and the Shiite in the South.

Which means that the U.S. authorities unaware of the consequences, because such a division could cause political problems with neighboring countries.

Jul 02 09:29

George Takei: What if Hobby Lobby was run by Muslims imposing Sharia law on workers?

Former Star Trek actor George Takei blasted Monday’s decision by the Supreme Court allowing the craft store Hobby Lobby to opt out of the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

In a post on the website for his new play, Allegiance, the openly gay Takei called Monday’s decision “a stunning setback for women’s reproductive rights.”

“The ruling elevates the rights of a FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION over those of its women employees and opens the door to all manner of claims that a company can refuse services based on its owner’s religion,” Takei wrote.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to George Takai: George, let me start this by saying that I deeply appreciate your work for LGBT rights, and as a compassionate Christian, may God bless you for it. When Jesus exhorted his followers to "love ye one another", there were no exceptions to that decree, period, end of discussion.

But George, as a woman who gets the importance of contraception and family planning, I have to tell you that you are not correct in your assessment here.

This ruling was not, as you characterize it, “a stunning setback for women’s reproductive rights,"

Women can choose not to work for companies which, on moral or religious grounds, do not pay for contraception in their health benefits plan. And the contraception is still available, with a Doctor's prescription.

It is not a question of access to birth control, but a question of who pays for it.

As reported yesterday at

As a first stop when trying to find the best deals on prescription drugs, I suggest a site like GoodRx or WeRx. These are online platforms that will show you the cash prices of retail pharmacies near you, which can vary substantially. Consider Yaz, which seems to be one of the leading birth control pills on the market. According to GoodRx, prices for the brand name drug are fairly similar at local pharmacies in the Alexandria, Virginia area, between $88 and $92. But the generic versions (gianvi, vesture, lonyra) have a much broader range, between $31 (CVS) and $60 (Target). There’s also Seasonale, and its generic versions jolessa, introvale, and quasense. The brand name is between $269 and $278 at local pharmacies (it’s for three months though, but that’s still pricey at about $90 a month), but prices for the generic versions are much less, between $60 and $70 for a three-month supply at Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens (so around $20 a month). Other local pharmacies have much higher prices, around $105 to $110 for three months’ worth of pills, which is why it pays to search around and compare prices. If $20 or so a month still seems like it’s too much (or the products available at those prices aren’t suitable for some reason) there are even less expensive options. The generic aviane, for example, is $11 at Walgreens, $12 at CVS, and $13 at Rite Aid (all with coupon). Sprintec, another generic, is $9 for a month’s supply at Walmart and Target. Walmart actually has nine different generic birth control pills available for $9 a month, according to their $4 generic drug list (apparently they can’t do it for $4?). Sprintec and what I’m guessing is a variant called tri-sprintec appear to be the only birth control pills offered by Target as part of their $4 generics program.

Jul 02 09:27

18 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Accelerating As We Enter The Last Half Of 2014

A lot of people that I talk to these days want to know “when things are going to start happening”. Well, there are certainly some perilous times on the horizon, but all you have to do is open up your eyes and look to see the global economic crisis unfolding. As you will see below, even central bankers are issuing frightening warnings about “dangerous new asset bubbles” and even the World Bank is declaring that “now is the time to prepare” for the next crisis. Most Americans tend to only care about what is happening in the United States, but the truth is that serious economic trouble is erupting in South America, all across Europe and in Asian powerhouses such as China and Japan. And the endless conflicts in the Middle East could erupt into a major regional war at just about any time.

Jul 02 09:25

Free speech banned: Student group sues 4 US universities that ‘stifle dissent’

Arguing that free speech is suffering at colleges across the US, an advocacy group filed lawsuits against four universities, seeking to strengthen the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has filed lawsuits against four schools – Iowa State University, Ohio University, Chicago University and Citrus College in Glendora, California – that it says disrupt the flow of free speech in a number of ways, including the banning of particular T-shirts, for example, or by refusing to permit certain speakers address the student body on controversial issues.

According to the group’s estimate, about 60 percent of public universities and colleges have restrictions on rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Jul 02 09:24

Five Facts the Media Isn’t Telling You About Ukraine

If you can find Ukraine, good for you. Many Americans cannot.

In fact, a recent study found that Americans’ attitudes about whether the US should intervene in Ukraine is correlated with the ability to find the country on the map.

Americans more in favor of intervention tended to be less likely to be able to locate Ukraine.

The media could have said the Russians invaded the lost city of Atlantis and the “ignorance is strength” crowd would still pound their chests about the need to intervene.

Jul 02 09:22


Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16, were students who lived with their families in a Jewish-only settlement near the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank. The settlement and others like it have been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice because they are located in occupied territory and impede Palestinians’ liberty of movement and right to employment, health and education. However, they were youth just starting out on life, sons and brothers whose families will forever grieve their horrific deaths. We must all condemn such violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cui bono? Who gets what they want from this tragedy? Certainly not HAMAS. This accusation of a kidnapping and murder of three kids is a political disaster for them, which is why I am confident HAMAS had nothing to do with it. Israel, on the other hand, stands to gain a great deal from this tragedy, and with their long history of false-flag attacks, seems to me the likely perpetrator.

Jul 02 09:20


he land, sea and air blockade of Gaza is enforced by both Israel and Egypt. Visiting Gaza is usually difficult or impossible. However, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, with the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt, the Egyptian government briefly eased some of the restrictions on visiting Gaza. Thus I was able to join Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright of Code Pink, Kathy Kelley of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and other delegates from ISM and National Lawyer’s Guild on a visit to Gaza just after the eight-day Israeli attack November 14-21, 2012.

I filmed “Visiting Palestine” in the Jabalya Refugee Camp on December 3rd, my last day in Gaza. My guide was Majed Abusalama, who grew up in the Jabalya Camp, which is about a half hour north of Gaza City.

Jul 02 09:19


At the Israeli youths’ funeral on Tuesday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu contrasted Israelis from those who killed the youths.

“They sanctify death, we sanctify life,” Netanyahu said. “They sanctify cruelty, and we mercy and compassion.”


Now read on …

Jerusalem “lynch mobs” attack Palestinians after Israeli teens’ funerals

Jul 02 09:12

U.S. troops in Baghdad to fly Apache helicopters and drones

The nearly 500 American troops sent to Baghdad to bolster security for the US embassy are equipped with Apache attack helicopters and small unarmed surveillance drones, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

President Barack Obama on Monday ordered 200 additional troops to the Iraqi capital to ensure the safety of American diplomats and other personnel working in the city, as Baghdad government forces face a challenge from advancing Sunni extremists.

The reinforcements will include troops to fly and maintain Apache attack helicopters and unarmed surveillance drones, Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby told a news conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question of precisely how many US forces have been deployed to Iraq has been unclear since the beginning of the deployment.

And in light of the reality that this administration is pathologically incapable of giving a straight answer to the American people, I would well suspect that we have at least double the number of troops we are told we have on the ground in Iraq.

And the long and short of it is, the Iraqi people are sick and tired of having a US government-imposed Shiite government, which has been marginalizing and discriminating against its Sunni population, and Sunni Iraqis may well welcome the Sunni militants if Baghdad falls.

And that is the very real possibility over which the US government is sweating bullets right now, because not only will the US have lost Iraq militarily; it will have also lost it economically, in terms of to whom Iraq's oil gets sold, and in what currency it gets sold in.

Jul 02 09:10

U.K. file on Entebbe contains claim that Israel behind hijacking

Newly released British documents contain a claim by an unnamed contact that the Shin Bet security service collaborated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to hijack the June 1976 flight from Israel that was diverted to Entebbe, Uganda, the BBC reported Friday.

Israel's rescue of the dozens of hostages taken in the hijacking of the Air France plane, popularly known as the Entebbe raid, is considered one of the most daring and successful operations in Israeli history. Elite Israel Defense Forces troops stormed the airport where the hostages, many of them Israeli, were held and overpowered the hijackers and Ugandan soldiers.

Although the captors used the hijacking to demand the release of Palestinians or Palestinian supporters, a British government file on the incident quotes the unnamed source as telling a British diplomat in Paris that Israel was behind the hijacking.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many of Israel's false-flag attacks are carried out for no other reason than to make the Palestinians look bad and Israel look good to the rest of the world, so that Israel can continue to act with impunity against the Palestinians. Entebbe was one such operation.

Jul 02 09:08

Dept. of Homeland Security: feel safer, sucker?

Your big-government-at-work scores again.

In 2003, Congress began pouring money into a program of fusion centers. These 70 outposts, scattered across America, were supposed to coordinate federal, state, and local efforts to gather counter-terrorism intelligence.

Jul 02 09:05

Hamas on the Ropes

The militant Palestinian movement faces declining popular support, empty coffers, and bitter enemies abroad. Now with a massive Israeli crackdown underway, it's struggling to determine its true identity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In cataloging the political damage to HAMAS arising from the kidnapping and killing of those three Israeli teenagers, it should be clear that HAMAS had no reason to do such a stunt ... but that Israel did.

Israel has a long history of false-flag attacks to trick other people into fighting their wars for them. The two best known such incidents are the Lavon affair and the attack on the USS Liberty, both done by Israel but initially blamed on Egypt. Lesser known is a story related by ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky about how Israel smuggled a radio transmitter into Tripoli then used it to send hoax messages that tricked Ronald Reagan into bombing Gaddafi. The British media reported on documents uncovered that showed Israel's shin bet security service set up the hijacking that led to the raid in Entebbe, to make the Palestinians look bad and the Israelis look good, a common theme in many of Israel false-flag hoaxes. The FBI reported that at least two of the "Dancing Israelis" arrested on 9-11 were in fact Mossad agents, and a US Government official confirmed for FOX News' Carl Cameron that there was evidence that linked the Mossad agents to 9-11, but that this evidence was classified by the US Government to protect Israel, much as President Johnson covered up Israel's attack on the USS Liberty.

This stunt with the three teenagers as all the elements of a classic Israeli false-flag operation. The part that should be in this story but is missing is WHY would HAMAS have done such a stupid and reckless act at a time when they needed world approval and support for their unity government. Cui bono? Who gets what they want out of this? Certainly not HAMAS. It is Israel that gets what they want from the kidnapping and killing of the teenagers; the destruction of the unity government!