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August 22, 2009

Aug 22 20:20

Troops to be sent to Helmand, Afghanistan with just 6 weeks' training

Hundreds of soldiers from a leading infantry regiment are to be sent to the frontline in Afghanistan with just six weeks' specialised battlefield training - instead of the usual minimum of six months.

It is believed to be the first time the Army has allowed men to put their lives on the line with so little preparation for the tough fighting conditions against the Taliban.

The training cutback led to claims last night that soldiers' lives could be put at risk as a result.

Aug 22 20:17

Intimidation and Fraud Observed in Afghan Election

Reports of fraud and intimidation in Afghanistan’s presidential election continued to mount Saturday, with anecdotal but widespread accounts of ballot-box stuffing, a lack of impartiality among election workers and voters casting ballots for others.

A particular concern was the notably low turnout of women, who election observer organizations said were disproportionately affected by the violence and intimidation.

Aug 22 20:13

Infectious disease risk in swine flu jabs

LEADING infectious disease experts have called on the Federal Government to abandon its mass swine-flu vaccination plan because of fears the vaccine is a contamination risk that could spread blood-borne diseases.

Aug 22 19:06

How American Health Care Killed My Father

In designing Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, the government essentially adopted this comprehensive-insurance model for its own spending, and by the next year had enrolled nearly 12% of the population. And it is no coinci­dence that the great inflation in health-care costs began soon after. We all believe we need comprehensive health insurance because the cost of care—even routine care—appears too high to bear on our own. But the use of insurance to fund virtually all care is itself a major cause of health care’s high expense.

Aug 22 18:57

How Did We Actually Get Into the Current Healthcare Mess?

The answer: Government laws, rules and regulations---everything from price controls on wages to tax rules had a role. If these government actions were never taken, the entire concept of health insurance would be different, and like life insurance, car insurance and insurance for your house, you would be buying it on your own. Your employer wouldn't be involved and neither would the government.

Aug 22 18:46

Hyperinflation Risk High, Stocks Will Crater

Washington’s tactics of keeping interest rates artificially low and encouraging consumers to buy more then bailing out troubled companies only makes problems worse.

“The government is taking money away from people who are doing it right and giving it to people who are doing it wrong. That’s a recipe for disaster,” Schiff says.

“Why should successful companies be punished to bail out unsuccessful companies?”

Aug 22 18:28

The Latest Bin Ladin Tape

Government translators are frantically trying to determine the meaning of this latest message from Osama Bin Ladin.

Aug 22 15:51

Association calls for no more drunken clowns at children's parties

Clowns wishing to be considered for the quality label will be required to uphold a number of basic rules. They should not smoke in the presence of children, should not drink alcohol, swear or hurt anyone with their jokes.

Aug 22 14:40

List of Failed Government Health Care Programs

The government devises a system that promises to provide universal coverage while keeping the budget neutral from the “savings” the system will derive, mostly due to preventive care and cutting waste.

Then reality kicks in.

Aug 22 14:38

Don't hire American kids....they're too expensive....says our colleges

'In fact, a company may save money by hiring international students because the majority of them are exempt from Social Security (FICA) and Medicare tax requirements,'

Aug 22 14:32

FLASHBACK - Anthrax vaccine blamed for illness Book claims Gulf War GIs were guinea pigs

The former fire chief for the 164th Air National Guard unit based at Memphis International Airport got vaccinated against anthrax five years ago. Now, as he lies in a specially designed bed, the only thing he can move is his left eye.

Fully conscious and aware, Ammend, 55, is a quadriplegic with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease.

A new book suggests he and many other soldiers immunized against anthrax during the 1991 Gulf War and since are suffering auto-immune diseases after receiving an illegal chemical adjuvant -- a chemical designed to boost the immune system -- called squalene.

The Pentagon adamantly disagrees and insists that the vaccine is safe.

Aug 22 14:32

China, Baltic Dry And The V-Shaped Recovery

"As the global economy continues to falter and Chinese exports plummet, there is growing concern that the stockpiling may soon come to a halt, leading to further, painful drops in commodity prices."

Aug 22 14:30

Signal from the Baltic Dry Index

Among all the optimism about a global recovery and higher liquidity, one negative indicator that has been highlighted by analysts recently is the Baltic Dry

Aug 22 14:27


Aug 22 14:22

S&P 500 Over Priced: With 97% of Companies Reporting Q2 Earnings the PE Ratio is Now at 129. The Most Over Hyped Market Rally Ever.

Since March when the S&P 500 touched the 666 mark, the rally has boosted the index by 54 percent. Was this caused by stunning second quarter earnings? Absolutely not. With nearly 97 percent of all companies now reporting earnings for the second quarter, the S&P 500 PE ratio sits at 129. This is by far the most over hyped rally in the world.

Aug 22 14:20

The Chinese Are Bracing for Bad Loans

The latest sign: The China Banking Regulatory Commission is considering new rules that could crimp the loan expansion by disqualifying subordinated debt from bank capital.

Chinese banks issued $31 billion of such debt in the first half, triple the total for 2008. Remove that from capital-adequacy calculations, and banks have less of cushion for making new loans. Already, at ICBC and Bank of Communications, core capital ratios fell in the first six months.

Aug 22 13:44

US has 20 Mil H1N1 doses to use even before trial tests

Federal Advisory Committee Issues Guidelines For H1N1 Vaccine Campaign
Main Category: Swine Flu
Also Included In: Immune System / Vaccines
Article Date: 31 Jul 2009 - 4:00 PDT
"Robin Robinson of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told the meeting the government has contracted to buy around 200 million doses of vaccine and that 20 million have been delivered," Reuters reports. Anne Schuchat of the CDC "said it still was not clear when vaccination could begin," but added, "We want people to plan as though we will be able to go in mid-October" (Bigg, 7/29).

Aug 22 12:53

Exclusive Interview with FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

I know field reporters who are so excited and want to chase the story. But when they went to their papers—and I’m talking about mainstream media and very good investigative journalists—their editors are refusing to touch it. When you watch the video or read the transcript, you will see how explosive the deposition was. And remember, I was speaking under oath. If by any standard, if I were to lie or be untruthful in any way, I would go to jail. I am answering these questions under oath, and yet, the mainstream media is refusing to touch it. And this is very similar to what we saw with the AIPAC/Larry Franklin case.

I have emphasized the fact that the American Turkish Council , the Turkish lobby, and these Turkish networks, they work together, in partnership with AIPAC and JINSA . So not only is there pressure on media outlets from the Turkish lobby and the corrupt U.S. persons involved, but they also have this pressure placed on the media via their partners from the Israel lobby—and the latter’s influence on the mainstream media in the U.S. is undeniable.

Aug 22 11:28

Finally, an apology from the National Geographic Channel

Six days after September 11th, National Geographic Today (NGT) published one of the very first descriptions of the official myth for what happened to the World Trade Center (WTC) towers.[1] This article exaggerated the little known facts about the fires in the towers, equated gas temperatures with steel temperatures, and detailed the long-surviving but incorrect Pancake Theory of “collapse.” Since that time, millions of people have been killed or injured in the 9/11 Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that originated from the official myth about 9/11.[2,3] Fortunately, this week it was announced that the NGT’s parent, the National Geographic Channel (NG Channel), is scheduled to broadcast a new television special covering the science behind the events of 9/11. We can only assume that this new show is meant to correct the record and apologize for the company’s false statements that contributed to the ongoing wars.

Aug 22 09:33

Afghanistan's Election Day: Don't Be Fooled By This Facade of Democracy

Among the people on the street, a common sentiment is, 'Everything has already been decided by the U.S. and NATO, and the real winner has already been picked by the White House and Pentagon.' Although there are a total of 41 candidates running for president, the vast majority of them are well known faces responsible for the current disastrous situation in Afghanistan.

Aug 22 09:30

Af-Pak Masquerade: The Untold Truths of War

But of course the reason why Holbrooke's "theology" is confused here is because he is not trying to make actual sense with his words. He -- like his boss, and all the other servants of Ares in the American elite --is merely making vaguely agreeable noises to obfuscate the blood-and-iron reality of empire in action. They want loot, power, and obedience -- but they can't come out and say it. And so we will continue to hear, from Republican and Democrat, from conservative and progressive, lie after lie after lie about "building" freedom and democracy and rights and law and prosperity and security by "killing thousands of innocent people" in broken and volatile lands.

Aug 22 09:26

Commentary: Drones and democracy

The facts are truly grim. According to a recent UNICEF report, an estimated 22 million Afghans, or 70 per cent of the population, live in poverty and substandard conditions. Some 40 per cent of children less than three years old are underweight and 54 per cent of children under five are stunted. Over 100,000 people -- most of them children and women -- remain displaced by conflict and drought.

But one thing cannot be disputed regarding US contributions to the people of Afghanistan: a lot of people have been ripped to pieces by botched drone operations; a lot of young minds have been moulded, through the tragedies that they endure and witness each day, to distrust this notion of "democracy".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The aerial bombing is guaranteed to do two things, and two things only; kill a lot of non-combatants, and radicalize those left standing even further away from the puppet Karzai government, and US occupation.

Aug 22 09:20

“There’s a Growing Sense Among Progressives [and Conservatives] That They Have Been Punked”

So it is not just progressives that feel like they’ve been punked by Obama. Remember that many conservatives, mainstream Democrats, and libertarians voted for Obama as well. Conservatives, libertarians, liberals, progressives all feel like they’ve been punked. It is not a partisan issue.

Indeed, the only people who don’t think they’ve been punked are:

1. The banksters, derivatives traders and others who have directly benefited from the bailouts and maintaining the broken financial system the way it is without any true reform


2. Those who believe the propaganda of group number 1.

Aug 22 09:15

Heart disease warning over cholesterol found in junk food

Scientists want to raise public awareness of oxycholesterol, which is mostly found in fried and processed food and take-aways.

The new research indicates that eating foods high in the substance gives an extra boost to blood cholesterol levels and is more likely to damage arteries than ordinary cholesterol.

Aug 22 08:53


Tarantino Talks About His Not-A-Holocaust-Movie

Aug 22 08:53

Israeli Cosmetic Company Is About to Learn It Can't Cover Up Its Role in the Occupation

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, an Israeli cosmetics company, has situated its main manufacturing plant and showroom at the Israeli Jewish settlement Mitzpe Shalem in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank near the shores of the Dead Sea. Mitzpe Shalem, built on occupied land in 1970, is an illegal settlement, as are all Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Ahava’s capture of Palestinian natural resources from the Dead Sea is, according to the Fourth Geneva Convention, a patently illegal use by an occupying power of stolen resources for its own profit. To add insult to injury, Ahava’s labels claim that the country of origin of its products is “The Dead Sea, Israel”—this type of labeling has been decried by Oxfam, among other human rights groups, as blatantly misleading.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The next time you see a kiosk representing these products in your local mall (and yes, we even have them here on Oahu), and the salesperson very belligerently "encourages" you to try their product, you can say nicely that you understand that their plant has been built on illegally occupied Palestinian land near the Dead Sea, and for that reason you could never, ever consider buying their products.

Let them know you know.

Aug 22 08:45

Over 100,000 people displaced by Yemen fighting: U.N.

More than 100,000 people in Yemen, many of them children, have fled their homes during a recent surge in fighting between the government and Shi'ite Muslim rebels, a U.N. agency said on Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported in:


"Yemen is located in Southwest Asia at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula between Oman and Saudi Arabia. It is situated at the entrance to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which links the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean (via the Gulf of Aden) and is one of the most active and strategic shipping lanes in the world."

Controlling this area means, to large degree, controlling the flow of oil; both the rebels and the Yemen government understand this.

Also, as reported in:


"Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh celebrated the 31st anniversary of his ascension to power. The Sana’a regime, perverted by corruption, is largely unable to provide public services, including water, electricity, security, medical care and education. A third of Yemenis—7 million people—are malnourished. Police and military units act as enforcers for corrupt officials. The judiciary dispenses political retribution. Torture in Yemeni jails is systemic and brutal."

"Yemen’s donors believe stabilizing President Saleh’s regime will thwart the devolution of Yemen into a failed state and an al Qaeda safe haven. U.S. aid proposed for 2010 is at the highest levels in years. The Department of Defense allocated $66 million in military aid, mostly for patrol boats and armored pick-ups. Congress’ Foreign Operation Appropriation bill includes an additional $15 million in military aid and $40 million in development and economic aid. "

So, what is the US government doing?, (again, still, yet - in its infinite idiocy?!?)

We're again propping up another tin pot dictator with absolutely zero concern for the welfare of his people.

And will the US government be just as thoroughly perplexed when there's a widespread, popular, and successful revolt against this guy as when the Shah of Iran was deposed, or Batista, both of whom the US supported?

Watching this scenario playing out over and over again, like a broken record, it occurs to me that there seems to be a requirement, at the highest levels of American government, to have an absolute contempt for the lessons history should have taught our leadership.

Aug 22 08:42

Four more banks fail, with 2009 tally now at 81

Aug 22 08:19

Fox news 5 reports WTC 7 collapse before it happens

See for yourself...

Aug 22 08:18

Failure to launch: abandoned NASA projects

Aug 22 08:18

50 Top U.S. War Criminals

Compiled below, in hopes that it may be of some assistance to Eric Holder, John Conyers, Patrick Leahy, active citizens, foreign courts, the International Criminal Court, law firms preparing civil suits, and local or state prosecutors with decency and nerve is a list of 50 top living U.S. war criminals. These are men and women who helped to launch wars of aggression or who have been complicit in lesser war crimes. These are not the lowest-ranking employees or troops who managed to stray from official criminal policies. These are the makers of those policies.

Aug 22 08:17

FBI could put Gang Strike Force cops on hot seat

On Thursday, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy Luger and retired FBI special agent John Egelhof released a report that found that 10 to 12 members of the Strike Force took home property that had been seized by members of the Force. The items included televisions, computers and water scooters.

Aug 22 08:17

Lesson of Vietnam Lost in Afghanistan

Whatever “syndrome” we kicked, Vietnam’s primary lesson remains intact: American power is not without limits, both in terms of defeating an enemy and in terms of its domestic support. The primary lesson of Vietnam seems to be that it is a lesson lost. And now we have some of the same intractable problems in Afghanistan.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke recently called Vietnam War historian Stanley Karnow for advice. After the conversation, Karnow told the AP that the main lesson to be learned from Vietnam was that “we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” We apparently don’t know what was said on the other end in Karnow’s talk with the general and the envoy, but McChrystal has asked for more troops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder from precisely where General McChrystal thinks he is going to get those additional troops he's requesting.

The US military is already stretched to the breaking point, and stop-loss policies have already taken an extraordinarily grim toll on our men and women in uniform.

And for what?

To build the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and to protect the drug trade from which so many profit so handsomely.

Tell that to the families and friends of the kids who have died here, or been maimed for life to achieve these outcomes.

Once Americans truly understand what the price paid in blood and money was really supposed to achieve in Afghanistan, the outrage resulting from that understanding will become uncontainable.

Aug 22 08:16

Former Voice of America official charged

A former top official for Voice of America was indicted Friday on corruption charges, accused of taking thousands of dollars in concert and sports tickets in exchange for favors to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Aug 22 08:12

Women, children among twelve killed in Miranshah drone attack

At least twelve persons, including women and children were killed when alleged US unmanned drones fired missiles at a house in Danda Darpa Khel on early Friday.

Aug 22 08:11

I live in a tent, with no privacy

Ilham, 30 years old, a mother of 6 , she lives in Al-atatra district , in the northern part of the Gaza strip. The Israeli war had a huge impact on her, it actually destroyed her house, her parent’s house and killed her brother.

Ilham and her family spent 25 days in one of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s schools (UNRWA), to take shelter from phosphorous missiles of death that was chasing all the population of the strip. She was saying: "Israeli armed forces bombarded our house with many missiles, destroyed its walls, set fire in its rooms, and spread darkness all around us (she meant the missiles fumes), to a point that we couldn’t breathe anymore… and after hours, during which we were facing death, the ambulance transported us to the hospital.

Aug 22 08:10

Ex-ISI Chief Says Purpose of New Afghan Intelligence Agency RAMA Is ‘to destabilize Pakistan’

But what, I asked General Gul, in his view, were the true reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan, and why the US is still there? “A very good question,” he responded. “I think you have reached the point precisely. It is a principle of war that you never mix objectives. Because when you mix objectives then you end up with egg on your face. You face defeat. And here was a case where the objectives were mixed up. Ostensibly, it was to disperse al Qaeda, to get Osama bin Laden. But latently, the reasons for the offensive, for the attack on Afghanistan, were quite different.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"because the Taliban had not complied with their desire to allow an oil and gas pipeline to pass through Afghanistan. "

Whihc is what I told oyu was the real deal way back HERE!

Aug 22 08:05

Where’s the Coverage of Cindy Sheehan?

With President Barack Obama heading to Martha’s Vineyard for a long vacation away from touting the “success” of the Iraq War and promoting the Afghan War’s escalation this weekend, he is going to be greeted with a lot of ads critical of his health care plan. And something else, or rather someone else.

Cindy Sheehan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cindy Sheehan understands very acutely that we have had utterly no "change" when it came to the election of Obama last year.

What we have is precisely the same agenda, but a far more telegenic, intelligent pitch man, attempting to sell the American people more and more wars without end, including -- potentially - a militarily disastrous attack against Iran.

Russia has warned both Tel Aviv and Washington that this may well spark World War III, but the hubris in both capitols, bubbling over like some vile stew, makes it very possible that this will become a reality.

The lack of coverage of these protests by the corporate media is to be absolutely expected.

Aug 22 08:01


There has been much talk lately of the ‘Two State Solution’ as a means of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many western leaders have told the Netanyahu administration that this is the only road to a just peace in the region.

Netanyahu agrees! The ‘Two State Solution’ is the only way…. Two States, one for Israelis and the other for extreme rightwing settlers. BUT…… this is not what is meant by the ‘Two State Solution’…… BUT……this is what the Israeli government means.

Aug 22 08:01


Many passed over in Fatah’s elections are disgruntled while Abbas drops talk of resistance and picks up the prospects of peace with Israel, writes Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Aug 22 08:00

Uri Davis: perpetual thorn in Israel’s side

If a single person deserves the title of serial thorn in the side of the Israeli state, Uri Davis, a professor of critical Israel studies at al-Quds University on the outskirts of East Jerusalem, might be the one to claim it.

Aug 22 07:58

Barney Frank Floored By Nazi Insult at Town Hall

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A non-answer answer.

Aug 22 07:55

Georgia Seizes Cargo Ships, Presses Naval Blockade on Abkhazia

Abkhazia, predictably, was none to pleased with the capture of the ships: one a Turkish tanker delivering fuel and the other a Cambodian ship with a Syrian crew which was delivering scrap metal, and threatened a “proportionate response” against Georgia for the blockade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A naval blockade is an act of war.

One has to wonder just how long this will be allowed to last before Russia intervenes.

Aug 22 07:52

U.S.: Iran still not providing full cooperation on nuke obligations

Iran is still not fulfilling its obligations related to its nuclear activities, despite allowing United Nations inspectors access to a reactor and allowing an upgrade to monitoring at a uranium enrichment plant, a senior Obama administration official said on Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that this alleged "...senior Obama administration official", apparently, cannot be sourced.

Folks, this is the same "Israeli propaganda two-step" we were getting right before the invasion of Iraq, so if this tripe sounds familiar, it bloody well should.

Even after having re-opened its sites to inspection by the IAEA (which, of course, Israel, as a non-signatory to the NPT refuses to do), what we're going to get, between now and the time the bombs will probably will start falling, is the mantra that no matter what Iran tries to do, it can never be enough to satisfy Israel or the US.

You have to wonder who will take the role at the UN Colin Powell took when he vilified Iraq there, as a prelude to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Aug 22 07:47

Insurance Cos. cause doctor to quit

"The fact is that Dr. Bartholomew gave up her practice as a primary care physician because the insurance companies forced her to. Hearing this doctor tell of her experiences confirmed what we know to be the truth: Insurance companies are rationing our health care, forcing doctors to make ethically questionable decisions, and perpetrating a system that has low-level bureaucrats telling doctors how to treat their patients.

Aug 22 07:45

Days Away From Economic Chaos?

America is just a few days away from a possible day of reckoning. I again call attention to this day, August 25, when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation issues its 2nd Quarter report for 2009 on the state of health of American banks.

It has not particularly alarmed Americans that its growth and prosperity have been built upon debt. The American public is a bit desensitized, particularly since the Y2K threat fizzled. We must wait and see how Americans respond to the upcoming FDIC report.

Aug 22 07:44

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops

The number of military contractors in Afghanistan rose to almost 74,000 by June 30, far outnumbering the roughly 58,000 U.S. soldiers on the ground at that point. As the military force in Afghanistan grows further, to a planned 68,000 by the end of the year, the Defense Department expects the ranks of contractors to increase more.

The Obama administration has sought to reduce its reliance on military contractors, worried that the Pentagon was ceding too much power to outside companies, failing to rein in costs and not achieving desired results.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given the muscularity of Obama's foreign policy, one has to wonder if a time will come, in order to continue to support these wars without end, if there will be a reinstitution of the draft.

Given the current geopolitical situation, I wouldn't bet against it.

Aug 22 07:36

Obama in Ramadan message: U.S. unyielding in support for Palestinian state

"Beyond America's borders, we are committed to keeping our responsibility to build a world that is more peaceful and secure," Obama said in the message, which was posted on the White House Web site.

"That is why we are responsibly ending the war in Iraq. That is why we are isolating violent extremists while empowering the people in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, the Palestinian people have everything to fear for when you describe what the US is doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan as "empowerment".

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, we are killing whole families of non-combatants with drones, and we are supporting vilely corrupt governments which have absolute contempt for the people of those countries.

People in these countries are starving, and whatever US "aid" or reconstruction is supposed to be happening only lines the coffers of the US companies providing the aid or doing the alleged "reconstruction".

We are in Afghanistan to install pipelines to control Eurasian oil, and protect the drug trade. We are in Pakistan because, ultimately, we are paving the way to "save this nuclear-armed country from itself."

Thinking Palestinians and Muslims in the Arab world have a very acute understanding of just how Orwellian your rhetoric has become, when you use the phrase "empowering people in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan" when what this country is doing, to achieve its geopolitical goals, is appallingly the opposite of empowerment.

Aug 22 07:36

American Israel Education Foundation - Sponsor of Congressional Travel

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another way that Israel influences out politicians. My question is, what happens to them while they are in Israel that makes them so pliant afterwards?

Aug 22 07:34

Miliband rejects claims of commercial interest in Lockerbie bomber's release

Aug 22 07:30

Lebanese man is target of first rendition under Obama

A Lebanese citizen being held in a detention center here was hooded, stripped naked for photographs and bundled onto an executive jet by FBI agents in Afghanistan in April, making him the first known target of a rendition during the Obama administration.

Aug 22 07:28

Council puts Christmas lights up four months early 'to save taxpayers money'

Shoppers in Rochdale were stunned to see workmen putting up neon decorations including a bobble-hatted penguin on skis, holly leaves and a giant Noel sign.

The council defended the move by saying the display will be also be used to mark festivals celebrated by other faiths - including the Muslim festival of Eid next month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


This is about flogging the shoppers for more money.

Aug 22 07:19

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals paid for articles praising hormone replacement therapy

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals used (paid) ghostwriters to produce at least 26(possibly more)articles, though some news sources are reporting upwards of 40, in respected medical journals. All supporting the use of hormone replacement therapy in women and many others.

You may recall this hormone replacement therapy was finally stopped because of a greatly increased risk of breast cancer.

Aug 22 07:18

AP sources: $2 trillion higher deficit projected

The Obama administration expects the federal deficit over the next decade to be $2 trillion bigger than previously estimated, White House officials said Friday, a setback for a president already facing a Congress and public wary over spending.

The new projection, to be announced on Tuesday, is for a cumulative 2010-2019 deficit of $9 trillion instead of the $7 trillion previously estimated. The new figure reflects slumping revenues from a worse economic picture than was expected earlier this year. The officials spoke only on the condition of anonymity ahead of next week's announcement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This economy appears to be headed for a real pounding, come the fall.

One has to wonder just how long the federal government can stand under the weight of this horrendous debt.

Aug 22 07:11


I might offer the observation, too, that it is the same bellowing Americans always ready to use capital punishment or torture and assassinate opponents or, indeed, to invade the lands of those with whom they disagree, bombing and killing countless innocents – three million just in Vietnam, another million or so in the Cambodia they de-stabilized, and another million or so in Iraq.

The whole pattern of the two acts of wanton destruction explains the basis for the so-called War on Terror. It is simply America's saying, “I can do to you, but you can't do to me.”

Aug 22 06:59

Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says pamphlet for IDF troops

The Pope and the cardinals of the Vatican help organize tours of Auschwitz for Hezbollah members to teach them how to wipe out Jews, according to a booklet being distributed to Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

Officials encouraging the booklet's distribution include senior officers, such as Lt. Col. Tamir Shalom, the commander of the Nahshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade.

The booklet was published by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, in cooperation with the chief rabbi of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, and has been distributed for the past few months.

The booklet, titled "On Either Side of the Border," purports to be the testimony of "a Hezbollah officer who spied for Israel."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The book is distributed regularly and everyone reads it and believes it," said one soldier. "It's filled with made-up details but is presented as a true story. A whole company of soldiers, adults, told me: 'Read this and you'll understand who the Arabs are.'"

Aug 22 06:38

Largest lake on Saturn’s moon Titan as smooth as a mirror

A new study has shown that the largest lake on Saturn’s moon Titan is as smooth as a mirror, varying in height by less than 3 millimeters, and good enough for skipping rocks on it.

According to a report in New Scientist, the find, based on new radar observations, adds to a deluge of evidence that the moon’s lakes are indeed filled with liquid, rather than dried mud.

Aug 22 05:53

From Sibel Edmonds blog: Major DEA Scandal & Time Magazine

This second project report is based on the first-hand documented experience of Mr. Sandalio Gonzalez, retired Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special Agent in Charge. Time Magazine reporters Tim Burger and Tim Padgett had an opportunity to speak at length with Mr. Gonzalez and several other veteran DEA agents with direct knowledge of a major corruption case involving several DEA agents on drug traffickers’ payrolls in Colombia. The involved corrupt US officers were also directly involved in helping Colombia's paramilitary death squads launder drug proceeds. Further presented was the documented cover up of this major scandal by the DEA and DOJ IG offices. Despite corroboration by a number of other sources, including several veteran DEA agents and other government officials with first-hand knowledge of the case, and documented evidence disclosed and provided, and despite being given an ‘exclusive’ to the story as insisted on by them, Time Magazine never published the story, and no reasons were ever provided.

Aug 22 05:40

The US War against Iraq: The Destruction of a Civilization

The US seven-year war and occupation of Iraq is driven by several major political forces and informed by a variety of imperial interests. However these interests do not in themselves explain the depth and scope of the sustained, massive and continuing destruction of an entire society and its reduction to a permanent state of war. The range of political forces contributing to the making of the war and the subsequent US occupation include the following (in order of importance):

Aug 22 05:37

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

A long-awaited report on post-9/11 interrogation tactics will reveal harrowing new details about treatment of suspected terrorists.

A long-suppressed report by the Central Intelligence Agency's inspector general to be released next week reveals that CIA interrogators staged mock executions as part of the agency's post-9/11 program to detain and question terror suspects

Aug 22 05:27

Wiping out America's Debt

In international law, odious debt is a legal theory which holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interests of the nation, such as wars of aggression, should not be enforceable. Such debts are thus considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion.

Aug 22 05:17

81st Bank Failure of '09

Guaranty Bank of Austin, Tex. became the 81st bank failure of 2009 after it was closed by Office of Thrift Supervision

Aug 22 05:09

U.S. Helps Spanish Company to Buy Texas Bank

Guaranty Bank, a deeply troubled Texas lender, was sold on Friday to Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria of Spain in one of the largest government-assisted deals offered to a foreign firm.

Aug 22 04:44

Fringe leftist losers: wrong even when they're right

Powerful political leaders are, as Jay Rosen often puts it, the ruling priests in the journalists' church of Savviness. Trusting the politically powerful is the establishment religion and carrying forth their message is the prime function of establishment journalists (note how Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, just two months ago, argued that the "public option" was crucial but then, like so many liberal pundits eager to maintain and build close relations with the White House, got dutifully on board with the White House message, by completely and shamelessly changing course the minute the White House did). Distrusting the statements and actions of government leaders was once the central value of our political system and of basic journalism.

Aug 22 04:31

Blackwater's Unwritten Death Contract

Hats off to Mark Mazzetti of the New York Times for ferreting out what it was that sent CIA Director Leon Panetta scurrying over to Congress in late June.

According to Mazzetti, Panetta's top lieutenants, many of them holdovers from the last administration, had just told him that, under President Bush, they had farmed out assassinations to their Blackwater subsidiary. I use "they" advisedly, since the CIA holdovers that had kept Panetta in the dark continue to function as Panetta's top managers.

Panetta abruptly stopped the project and contritely briefed the intelligence committees. Until now, it was not clear what had prompted Panetta to set up hurried consultations with the intelligence "oversight" committees of the House and Senate.

August 21, 2009

Aug 21 23:53

Hey Mum,Look At How I Treat The Arabs!

Border Policemen have filmed themselves abusing and humiliating Palestinians in videos they have posted on YouTube over the past year.

In one clip uploaded to the video sharing website an Arab youth is shown in arid terrain, slapping himself, while a voice is heard instructing him to say “I love you, Border Police,” and “I will f**k you, Palestine,” in Arabic. The victim is forced to respond to everything he is ordered to do, to the raucous laughter of the cameraman and his friends, all Border Policemen.

Aug 21 21:56

The IDF: Israel’s organ grinder

In fact, the ring of the rabbis in New Jersey didn’t take me by complete surprise. For years we have been hearing about Palestinians claiming that Israel is “deep into organ trafficking.” We also learned that the family of Alastair Sinclair, a Scottish tourist who hanged himself in an Israeli jail, “was forced to bring suit for his return with missing body parts.”

In 2002 the Tehran Times reported: “The Zionist state has tacitly admitted that doctors at the Israeli forensic institute at Abu Kabir had extracted the vital organs of three Palestinian teenage children killed by the Israeli Army nearly ten days ago. Zionist Minister of Health Nessim Dahhan said in response to a question by Arab member of the Zionist Parliament ‘Knesset,’ Ahmed Teibi, on Tuesday that he couldn’t deny that organs of Palestinian youths and children killed by the Israeli forces were taken out for transplants or scientific research.”

Aug 21 21:21

What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us

In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise universal "cradle-to-grave" healthcare coverage, to be accomplished through the complete socialization of medicine. The "right to health" became a "constitutional right" of Soviet citizens.

Aug 21 20:24

Fortune 500 firms get SBA $$B designated only for SMALL businesses

Lloyd Chapman August 21, 2009
Mainstream Media Should Expose Billions In Abuses
2009 will be the eighth consecutive year the SBA will claim Fortune 500 firms are receiving billions of dollars in federal small business contracts day after day, month after month and year after year, accidentally. The SBA claims "miscoding," "computer glitches," "honest mistakes" and "out of date information" are to blame.

Aug 21 20:24

Conspiracy Theory - Reason vs. the Crowd

Solon of Athens decreed it a crime for a citizen to shrink from controversy...

Aug 21 19:34

UK to share fingerprints with Canada, Australia

Privacy concerns over biometric data collection have arisen in the past with the UK government's plan to build a database of fingerprints and other data on citizens for ID cards and passports. No2ID, which has campaigned against the ID card scheme, also criticised the agreement covering foreign criminals and asylum seekers.

"Matching fingerprints is not an exact science, and if large numbers of fingerprints are being exchanged, the numbers of false matches will be high," said Michael Parker, press officer for No2ID. "Each false match means a family or individual will be harassed, accused and have their life disrupted."

Aug 21 19:28

DNA could be faked by criminals, new study claims

New scientific research has shown that it is possible to fake DNA evidence, raising fears that people could “engineer crime scenes”.

In experiments, a team of Israeli scientists were able to obliterate all traces of DNA from a blood sample and add someone else's genetic material in its place.

The process was so successful that it fooled forensic scientists who carry out DNA fingerprinting for American courts.

The findings threaten to undermine the key forensic technique, which has secured thousands of convictions in Britain and around the world.

Aug 21 19:25

Drinking Cola Causes Muscle Weakness, Bone Loss

People who drink more than two quarts of cola per day may induce severe and possibly fatal potassium deficiency, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Ioannina, Greece, and published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

"We are consuming more soft drinks than ever before, and a number of health issues have already been identified including tooth problems, bone demineralization and the development of metabolic syndrome and diabetes," researcher Moses Elisaf said. "Evidence is increasing to suggest that excessive cola consumption can also lead to hypokalemia, in which the blood potassium levels fall, causing an adverse effect on vital muscle functions."

Aug 21 19:23

Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?

Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus.

He has grave reservations about the firm Novartis who are developing the vaccine and testing it in Germany. The vaccination is injected “with a very hot needle”, Wodarg said.

The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals and "we do not know if there could be an allergic reaction".

But more importantly, some people fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells.

Aug 21 18:36

Everybody Knows

Like they say - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Aug 21 18:24

History's first draft: Newt Gingrich but no liberals

Texas high school students would learn about such significant individuals and milestones of conservative politics as Newt Gingrich and the rise of the Moral Majority — but nothing about liberals — under the first draft of new standards for public school history textbooks.

And the side that got left out is very unhappy.

Aug 21 17:40

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

A long-awaited report on post-9/11 interrogation tactics will reveal harrowing new details about treatment of suspected terrorists.

Aug 21 17:39

The CIA's kill teams were modeled on Israel's hit squads

A ferocious dispute between the CIA and congressional Democrats centers on an ultrasecret effort launched by agency officials after 9/11 to draw up plans to hunt down and kill terrorists using commando teams similar to those deployed by Israel after the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre, according to a former senior U.S. official.

Aug 21 16:12

Bernanke's Big Lie: Economy on verge of recovery, as banks closed

Bernanke: Economy on verge of recovery, worst of crisis is over
By Paul Davidson, USA TODAY 8/21/09
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday gave his most upbeat economic outlook yet, saying the recession seems to be ending and a recovery should begin shortly.
First Coweta, CapitalSouth Banks Closed as ’09 Toll Reaches 80
By Alison Vekshin
Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- CapitalSouth Bank of Alabama and First Coweta Bank of Georgia were closed by state regulators, pushing the number of bank failures to 80 this year amid the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Aug 21 15:58

Video appears in paper magazines

The chip technology used to store the video - described as similar to that used in singing greeting cards - is activated when the page is turned.

Aug 21 14:08

Peltier denied parole

American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, imprisoned since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents, has been denied parole after authorities decided that releasing him would diminish the seriousness of his crime, the Associated Press reported in mid-afternoon on Aug. 21.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI is covering its own ass, as always.

* FBI radio intercepts indicated that the two FBI agents were chasing a red pickup truck. The day after the shootout, the FBI director stated the FBI's intent to find a red pickup truck. Red pickup trucks near the reservation were stopped for weeks in the attempt to locate it. However, Leonard did not drive a red pickup truck. At his trial, the FBI instead claimed they had been searching for the red and white van that Leonard was sometimes seen driving[6].

* Testimony from three witnesses placed Peltier, Robideau and Butler near the crime scene. Those three witnesses later recanted, alleging that the FBI, while extracting their testimony, had tied them to chairs, denied them their right to talk to their attorney, and otherwise coerced and threatened them [7][8].

* The jury, unlike the juries in similar prosecutions against AIM leaders at the time, were not allowed to hear about the other cases, where the FBI had been rebuked for tampering with both the evidence and witnesses[9].

* An FBI ballistics expert testimony during the trial asserted that a shell casing found near the dead agents' bodies matched the gun tied to Peltier. However it was specified that an forensics test of the firing pin, which would have more definitively matched the gun to the casing, was not performed because the gun was damaged in a fire. Rather, a less definitive test was done which indicated that the extractor marks on the casing and gun match.

Years later, after an FOIA request, the FBI ballistics expert’s records were examined. His report stated that he had performed a ballistics test of the firing pin and concluded that this bullet casing from the scene of the crime did not come from the gun tied to Peltier. That evidence was withheld from the jury during the trial[10].

* Though the FBI's investigation indicated that an AR-15 was used to kill the agents, several different AR-15s were in the area at the time of the shootout which could have caused the fatal injuries. Also, no other casings or evidence about them were offered by the prosecutor’s office, even though other bullets were fired at the crime scene[11][12].

* At the conclusion of Peltier’s trial, the prosecutor closed his argument saying, "We proved that he went down to the bodies and executed those two young men at point blank range." However, at the appellate hearing, the government attorney conceded, "We had a murder. We had numerous shooters. We do not know who specifically fired what killing shots…We do not know who shot the agents[13]."

* The Pennsylvania Parole Commission, which presides over the prison Peltier was held at in Lewisburg, denied Peltier parole in 1993 based on their finding that he, "participated in the premeditated and cold blooded execution of those two officers." However, the Parole Commission has since stated that it, "recognizes that the prosecution has conceded the lack of any direct evidence that [Peltier] personally participated in the executions of the two FBI agents.[14]"

Aug 21 13:41

Blackwater Director Let 9/11 Hijackers into US, then Killed, Tortured the Remaining Witnesses

Basically, Cofer Black and some others got away with allowing the Flt. 77 hijackers (one of whom was also intimately involved with the Cole attack) into the country and these same CIA/CTC managers then were put in charge of the mopping-up operation.

Aug 21 11:08

Incident at Oglala - The Leonard Peltier Story

Aug 21 11:02

American Indian activist denied parole

He was convicted in Fargo, N.D., in 1977. He has claimed the FBI framed him, which the agency denies, and unsuccessfully appealed his conviction numerous times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am saddened, but not surprised. Squeaky Fromm can go free, Arthur Bremer can go free, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi can go free, John Hinckley Jr. can go (sort of) free.

But Leonard Peltier, like James Earl Ray, appears to be the victim of an FBI frame-up, and as such is an embarrassment to the US Government, and the US Government does not suffer embarrassments to walk freely among the citizenry.

This is why Obama is trying to figure a way to keep the victims at Guantanamo locked up for the rest of their lives without trial.

Aug 21 10:55

“There’s a Growing Sense Among Progressives [and Conservatives] That They Have Been Punked”

I don’t know if administration officials realize just how much damage they’ve done themselves with their kid-gloves treatment of the financial industry, just how badly the spectacle of government supported institutions paying giant bonuses is playing. But I’ve had many conversations with people who voted for Mr. Obama, yet dismiss the stimulus as a total waste of money. When I press them, it turns out that they’re really angry about the bailouts rather than the stimulus — but that’s a distinction lost on most voters.

So there’s a growing sense among progressives that they have, as my colleague Frank Rich suggests, been punked. And that’s why the mixed signals on the public option created such an uproar.

Aug 21 10:49

Huckabee is just wrong about a two-state solution

Has Huckabee read any history? What about the several million Palestinians who live in the region? Do they have any rights of ownership to any of the land? What about the earlier partition of Israel into two states by the United Nations, one for the Israelis and one for the Palestinians? What about the U.N. resolution calling the settlements in the occupied territory where Palestinians live illegal?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Well, who CARES what you think! Can you make me President of the United States? Can you? HUH?!?" -- Guv Huckleberry

Aug 21 10:47

Limbaugh tells caller who can't afford $6,000 to treat broken wrist: "Well, you shouldn't have broken your wrist"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Such warmth and caring by "Pills."

My first reaction was why does it cost a whole $6000 to treat a broken wrist?

Lesse ...

1. Setting the wrist: $100

2. Bandages, splint, and medical spuulies. $50

3. Staff to fill out mandated Federal Government paperwork. $1250

4. Lawyer: $2000

5. Malpractice insurance to protect from other lawyers: $1000

6. Vigorish for HMO bosses: $1600

Yep, I guess that is what it costs for fix a broken wrist here in America!

Aug 21 10:38

As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses

Outside the Veterans Affairs Department, severely wounded veterans have faced financial hardship waiting for their first disability payment. Inside, money has been flowing in the form of $24 million in bonuses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See my comments appended to "Majestic Memories" below.

Aug 21 10:36

Manufacturing Jobs Drop To Lowest Level Since 1941, Below 9% of Workforce for the First Time

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, less than 9% of the US work force actually makes products for sale (and remember, today the US Department of Labor considers flipping burgers a manufacturing activity), so in round numbers this means that for every American actually making a product for sale there are 11 other Americans trying to make a living by sticking stickers on that product, inspecting it, and of course filling out all the mandated regulatory paperwork the government demands be submitted for that product.

And then they wonder why we cannot compete with other manufacturing nations.

Aug 21 10:23

FLASHBACK - UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Sterilizing Agents Scientist Finds

A UNICEF campaign to vaccinate Nigeria's youth against polio may have been a front for sterilizing the nation. Dr. Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, took samples of the vaccine to labs in India for analysis.

Using WHO-recommended technologies like Gas Chromatography (GC) and Radio-Immuno assay, Dr. Kaita, upon analysis, found evidence of serious contamination. "Some of the things we discovered in the vaccines are harmful, toxic; some have direct effects on the human reproductive system," he said in an interview with Kaduna's Weekly Trust. "I and some other professional colleagues who are Indians who were in the Lab could not believe the discovery," he said.

Aug 21 10:16


The government may declare victory in wars started in foreign lands, but for the people who live in small towns in this land the results are barely distinguishable from defeat. Lives are lost, families destroyed, futures shattered, hopes ruined; all this is the price paid by the people for the "foreign entanglements" we were long ago warned to avoid. The real price of war is paid not just by those who died in it, but by those who are left behind who bury their dead and pay the bills.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I relinked this because "The Majestic" was on TV last night and I got to introduce one of our friends to the film, which she had never seen.

Watching Jim Carey's speech before Congress again, it occurred to me that the sentiment expressed regarding the soldiers of WW2 applies not only to the soldiers of today but to We The People.

Jim Carey's character in the film, Peter Appleton, points out that Luke Trimball and every other soldier who died in the war did so to protect the nation described in the Constitution of the United States. The very least those men were owed, the very least those who survived deserved, was that very nation.

The same holds true today. The US Government that has grown rich and powerful on the strength of our arms and the strain of our backs (then sneers at us because our sweat stinks) in the name of the nation described and defined in the Constitution owes us that very nation down to its tiniest details.

That is what we deserve. It is what we wanted. It was what was bought and paid for by all the soldiers who ever fought in the wars they were told were to preserve and protect that nation.

The US Government has cheated them, cheated us all, of our birthright.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 21 09:31

Hawaii is not legally a state!

It is easy to find the courage necessary to support a moral position if that position benefits oneself. True moral courage, however, is proven when one chooses to support that which is morally and ethically right even when such a position is to one's one detriment.

The people of the United States find themselves in such a position right now, forced to choose between a moral and ethical position that carries with it the potential for "inconvenience", or supporting the status quo and having to admit to themselves that they are not the champions of justice they imagine themselves to be. By the end of this article, you will know for yourself which one you are.

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 21 09:30

Protests planned for Hawaii's 50th anniversary

Protesters will march the streets and Hawaiian chants will echo from the sprawling lawn of Iolani Palace on Hawaii's 50th anniversary of statehood, as high-minded panelists ponder the islands' future at a daylong conference.

While lacking much in the way of public parties or parades, Hawaii's official statehood day festivities will feature entertainment by local musicians and panel discussions emphasizing tourism's future, alternative energy and Native Hawaiian rights.

About 1,000 demonstrators who would rather see Hawaii's independence restored are expected to rally outside the conference at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Aug 21 09:28

Obama at risk from gun-toting protesters?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I warned you this was what the media intended to do on this issue.

Aug 21 09:27

Goldman Sachs Execs Blame Anti-Semitism

People inside Goldman tell me that some senior executives say they believe the onslaught of negative stories detailing Goldman’s manifold ties to upper levels of government, charges that it somehow fraudulently profited from the subprime crisis, and now the press about the firm’s record earnings is so out of proportion to reality that the coverage contains an element of anti-Semitism—subtly playing off the racist myth of a conspiracy of Jewish bankers controlling the world for their own benefit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yep, when they fall back on screaming "Anti-Semite", they are in a panic!

Aug 21 09:21

Leonard Peltier Wiki

* FBI radio intercepts indicated that the two FBI agents were chasing a red pickup truck. The day after the shootout, the FBI director stated the FBI's intent to find a red pickup truck. Red pickup trucks near the reservation were stopped for weeks in the attempt to locate it. However, Leonard did not drive a red pickup truck. At his trial, the FBI instead claimed they had been searching for the red and white van that Leonard was sometimes seen driving[6].

* Testimony from three witnesses placed Peltier, Robideau and Butler near the crime scene. Those three witnesses later recanted, alleging that the FBI, while extracting their testimony, had tied them to chairs, denied them their right to talk to their attorney, and otherwise coerced and threatened them [7][8].

Aug 21 09:15

Is Tarantino good for the Jews?

Film critics and responsible authority figures in both Germany and Israel have almost unanimously announced that they dread "Inglourious Basterds," and can't see how it will contribute anything positive to the dreary world of post-Holocaust discourse. (I'm sure Tarantino is delighted with that response.) On the other hand, Tarantino's producer Lawrence Bender, upon reading the screenplay, told the director: "As your producing partner, I thank you, and as a member of the Jewish tribe, I thank you, motherfucker, because this movie is a fucking Jewish wet dream."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have no intentions of going to see this movie.

1. I am sick of Nazis.

2. "Kill Bill" was lame.

3. The obvious hard sell we are seeing with saturation advertising and obvious "bought and paid for" glowing reviews tells me this is a lemon. Not to mention an August release which tells us distribution wasn't that impressed with it.

Over and above all that. my impression of this movie is that its popularity rests solely with portraying Jewish warriors as they like to imagine themselves, rather than as they really are. Israel may be able to act butch while shooting white-flag waving Palestinian women and children, but even with American weapons were stopped cold by Lebanon.

I mean, let us be objective here. The officially blessed story of WW2 is that the Germans were able to herd six million Jews into the camps and with the exception of a handful of courageous souls in the Warsaw Ghettos, nobody fought back, certainly not in the style depicted in Tarantino's film. History records that the overwhelming majority of Jews simply sat and waited for someone else to come rescue them and fight their battles for them. And ever since we did show up and stop Hitler from completing whatever it was he was really trying to do, the attitude of the Jews towards the rest of the world has been, "You didn't show up soon enough, and you didn't help us enough!"

Maybe the film should be called "Ungrateful bastards!"

Next time we won't show up at all.

Aug 21 09:09

Congress Shirks its Responsibility, Allows White House to Make Wars

The framers of the Constitution put the decision-making power on war in Congress because "they felt that war was a disaster and the Executive was too prone to war," Velvel said. Today, with regard to war "we have inverted the constitutional plan, and war is decided upon not by Congress, but by the President."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only people to whom many in congress seems to hold any affinity at all are the major heads of corporations who make a killing (both literally and figuratively) from the business of war.

And what a lucrative business that is!

Aug 21 09:05

Obama’s Unspoken Trade-Off: Dead US/NATO Occupation Troops versus Dead Afghan Civilians?

Buried in the public relations blather of U.S. Marine legions "liberating" Helmand and Afghan (sham) "elections" as democracy-restored is an unspoken trade-off over who disproportionately dies in America’s modern wars in the Third World. Under George W. Bush, U.S politico-military elites chose to fight the Afghan war with minimal regard for so-called collateral casualties. But the soaring toll of killed Afghan civilians swayed world public opinion and stoked the Afghan resistance as grieved Afghan family members sought revenge. Enter Barack Obama. Faced with the prospect of NATO forces being withdrawn as restless NATO country citizens mobilized against the war, the Obama war machine took the decision to trade-off (mostly) lower-class U.S.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And please remember the reasons the US is in Afghanistan in the first place. They are:

1. To install the pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

2. To protect the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely.

Aug 21 09:02

Hamid Karzai teams claims presidential victory

THE head of Afghan President Hamid Karzai's re-election campaign said the incumbent was decisively leading the count and there would be no need for a second-round run-off.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember a couple weeks back when Karzai was trailing badly in the polls, and I predicted something "funny" would happen in the election to keep him in power?

Now you watch; the same ABCNNBBCBS that insisted that Ahmadinejad, who was LEADING in the pre-election polls, stole that election, will insist that Karzai (his excellency from UNOCAL) has won an incredible come-from-behind victory!

Aug 21 08:59

Mass abstention and vote rigging in Afghanistan election

Yesterday’s presidential election in Afghanistan featured massive abstention and blatant ballot rigging, underscoring the corrupt character of the entire exercise. Conducted under the guns of 100,000 foreign troops, the vote had nothing to do with democracy and was instead designed to provide a veneer of legitimacy for the US-led NATO forces’ increasingly bloody counter-insurgency campaign against those resisting the occupation.

Aug 21 08:51

"Enough Already" by Cindy Sheehan

One of the things I hear quite often from people from all over the political spectrum is: “Why don’t you just go away, you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought as soon as I heard that my son was killed in the US’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq: “this is a perfect opportunity to get my 15 minutes of fame.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sheehan was useful to Gibson only so long as she could be used to attack Bush. Now that Obama is in the White House, and the wars continue, Sheehan is shunned!

Aug 21 08:50

“Where does the hatred come from?”

This fall, U.S. law enforcement personnel will have their final chance to take advantage of a rare opportunity. Participants will travel to Israel to receive “homeland security training,” but the counterterrorism briefings and martial arts practice sessions are only one part of the package.

Most striking of all, the SSI Israel trip is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. DHS’s funding of this venture is a concrete illustration of the ways that Islamophobic fringe groups have exploited the “global war on terror” for their own purposes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We the People are paying for this with our tax dollars while homeless Vets sleep in our streets?!?

What's wrong with this picture??


Aug 21 08:46

UN 'inspects Iranian nuclear site'

UN inspectors have visited the site of a nearly completed Iranian nuclear reactor for the first time in a year, foreign diplomats have said.

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited the Arak reactor in central Iran last week after the Iranian government lifted a ban, the diplomats, who asked to remain anonymous, said on Friday.

They said Iranian authorities also agreed to allow the IAEA to expand its monitoring operations of the Arak reactor.

The diplomats said Iran also agreed to grant UN inspectors greater monitoring rights at Natanz, another uranium enrichment site.

"The containment and surveillance measures were updated as the agency wanted," one of the diplomats told the AFP news agency.

Aug 21 08:46

U.S. Military to Stay in Philippines

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has decided to keep an elite 600-troop counterinsurgency operation deployed in the Philippines despite pressure to reassign its members to fulfill urgent needs elsewhere, like in Afghanistan or Iraq, according to Pentagon officials.

The high-level attention given to the future of the force, known as the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines, illustrates the Pentagon’s difficulty in finding enough of these highly trained units for assignments to two wars — as well as for the wider effort to combat insurgencies and militancy in other parts of the world deemed to be threats to American interests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The muscularity of Obama's foreign policy may well see the reintroduction of some form of a draft before the end of his term; particularly if we wind up getting "set up" by Israel to attack Iran.

Aug 21 08:46

Arms seized on ship in Philippines

The captain and crew of a cargo ship seized near Manila with crates of illegal Israeli-made weapons on board are to face gun-smuggling charges, officials in the Philippines have said.

Customs and coast guard officers searched the Philippine-owned ship MV Captain Ufuk after suspicions were raised when it docked at a port near Bataan province without prior notice, officials said on Friday.

They found five crates containing 50 Israeli-made Galil assault rifles on board the vessel.

Aug 21 08:45

CIA Hired Private Military Firm Blackwater for Secret Assassination Program

The New York Times is reporting the CIA hired contractors from Blackwater in 2004 as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of al-Qaeda. The CIA spent several million dollars on the program, which the Times claims did not successfully capture or kill any terrorist suspects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But they did blow up a lot of civilians and piss off Pakistan with those exploding drones!

Aug 21 08:43

Charities Hurt by Madoff May Have To Return Funds

The battered image of Hadassah, the American women’s Zionist organization, may be harmed further by the disclosure earlier this month that its former chief financial officer was a mistress to Bernard Madoff — even as she sat on the committee that invested the charity’s funds with Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

But worse news may yet be in the offing.

Beyond the millions the organization reported losing with Madoff, Hadassah — and possibly other charities — may be required under a federal law to give back millions of dollars taken out of Madoff accounts, even before his firm collapsed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Like AIPAC, right? AIPAC needs to give back all that money that originated with Madoff's scam.

Aug 21 08:42

In Afghanistan, Violence and Cynicism Keep Voter Turnout Low

The 2004 vote which swept Afghan President Hamid Karzai to power saw around 70 percent of the nation’s population showing up to vote. As Karzai seeks to extend his stay in office past his already-expired term, he went up against a ragtag collection of little-known opponents, and this time only around 40-50 percent of the nation’s voters showed up.

According to reports, the government’s attempt at media censorship during the election actually did more harm than good for turnout, as many cited the lack of dependable information about security as a decision to remain at home. When reports started emerging of the first bombings relatively early in the day, the moderate stream of voters became a weak trickle. Even keeping the polls open an extra hour did little to boost the turnout.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This isn't "democracy" in Afghanistan: it's about keeping a designated American puppet in control of the situation until the white house can think of something to do that doesn't look like complete, unmitigated defeat and disaster here.

Aug 21 08:41

Candle use linked to cancer risk

South Carolina State University experts analysed the fumes released by burning candles in lab tests.

They found paraffin wax candles gave off harmful fumes linked to lung cancer and asthma - but admitted it would take many years' use to risk health.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Faster than the depleted uranium blowing across us from the war zones?

Aug 21 08:40

C.I.A. Said to Use Outsiders to Put Bombs on Drones

From a secret division at its North Carolina headquarters, the company formerly known as Blackwater has assumed a role in Washington’s most important counterterrorism program: the use of remotely piloted drones to kill Al Qaeda’s leaders, according to government officials and current and former employees.

The division’s operations are carried out at hidden bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the company’s contractors assemble and load Hellfire missiles and 500-pound laser-guided bombs on remotely piloted Predator aircraft, work previously performed by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. They also provide security at the covert bases, the officials said.

Aug 21 08:39

Israeli troops brutally attack cameraman filming raid

Israeli soldiers brutally attack a number of peace activists, who were documenting an overnight raid on a Palestinian house in the West Bank town of Bil'in.

The incident happened in the early hours of Thursday as 25 Israeli soldiers, with their faces painted black, were raiding the house of Mohammad Abu Rahma -- a member of the village's Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements.

Aug 21 08:39

American family vows to sue Israel

The family members of a US peace activist, who was hit by an Israeli high-velocity tear gas canister on his head in the West Bank, have vowed to file a lawsuit.

After the incident, the Israeli government said that they could not be held responsible for such an act committed by their soldier as the victim was injured at a demonstration against the separation wall (also known as the Apartheid Wall) in the West Bank village of Ni'lin.

Although Tristan Anderson's shooting occurred during a civilian demonstration, Tel Aviv has labeled the protest in question as 'an act of war'.

Aug 21 08:38

FLASHBACK - Ruby Ridge Survivor Weaver Now Being Stalked

Ruby Ridge massacre survivor Randy Weaver today appeared on the Alex Jones show to alert listeners to the fact that he appears to be under some kind of ongoing surveillance.

Weaver was woken early this morning by his neighbour who had witnessed at least one man in a black uniform moving around in the trees just feet away from Weaver's house.

The neighbour described a man in a black uniform who hurriedly left the scene in a black SUV.

The local Sheriff's deputy reported to Weaver's house after his daughter, also a Ruby Ridge survivor, demanded to know who was conducting surveillance on the property and for what reason.

Aug 21 08:38

Obama Vows To Finish Job After "successful" Afghan Vote

President Barack Obama said the U.S.-led forces must "focus on finishing the job" in Afghanistan after what he said appeared to have been a successful election in the country, Reuters reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This vote was simply cosmetic, a bit of kabuki theatre, played large; many of the ethnic minority candidates representing a huge load of Afghan voters, were simply banished from ballot cards.

And it doesn't matter which American puppet wins, Abdullah Abdullah or Karzai: the people of Afghanistan are still stuck with an American puppet running the show.

And precisely what Obama means when he talks about "... U.S.-led forces must "focus on finishing the job" in Afghanistan, one has to wonder how he expects to build the pipelines to control Eurasian oil, with such seething anger of the Afghan people against US and NATO forces, understanding that, for them, the American/NATO occupation of Afghanistan has only changed their lives for the worse.

Aug 21 08:29

Georgia seizes ships

GEORGIA said Thursday it had seized two cargo ships visiting its rebel Abkhazia region this week, as it steps up efforts to enforce a naval blockade of the Moscow-backed breakaway province.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili: just when I think it is humanly impossible to do anything more abysmally idiotic than you have already done with the military conflicts you initiated against Abkhazia and South Ossetia, you continue to amaze me.

Just in case you have forgotten, a naval blockade is an act of war.

Do you really, really want to engage in yet another military misadventure with Russia?!?!?

And please, God, what did elements in the west and NATO give this clown to make him think he could actually pull off such a naval blockage against Russia-backed Abkhazia?

Aug 21 08:28

Policeman's wife twice wrongly diagnosed with swine flu dies of Legionnaires' disease 'in terrible circumstances'

A senior policeman's wife died 'in terrible circumstances' from Legionnaires' disease after her symptoms were twice 'mistaken' for swine flu.

Carol Rowe, 46 was told she had swine flu by an ambulance crew who 'refused' to take her to hospital twice after emergency calls.

Her furious husband, Detective Inspector Kevin Rowe of Thames Valley Police, said she died in 'terrible circumstances' after paramedics told the mother-of-two she was 'panicking'.

Aug 21 08:26

Even Warren Buffett Is Now Saying Bonds Could Crack!

“No government, or central bank, is bigger than the bond and currency markets. Foreign bondholders aren’t going to sit idly by while any government … even the government of the U.S. … openly decides to trash its currency by printing it with reckless abandon. And they aren’t going to sit by while the government manipulates prices higher.

“They’re going to say ‘Sold to you!’ and take their money elsewhere.”

Aug 21 08:24

The Reality TV at the End of the World.

I don’t think I’ve ever really seen a reality show except for being in the room on occasion when one of the early prototypes came on MTV. It’s been years since I’ve seen MTV and decades since I’ve seen network TV so it is safe to say I don’t know what’s going on there. I can look at the general state of intelligence and the culture though and get an intuit into the effects. So… I went to a search engine and I searched for, “How many reality shows are on TV?” Right near the top I found this. I don’t think even the hard core Nimrods who watch this stuff would imagine (if they had that facility) there were so many.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reality shows are cheap. That's why networks love them.

There is a DVD out there called "LOST REALITY" that is a collection of pilot episodes for reality shows that failed to be bought. As stunning as the idea is that there are indeed reality shows so bad that they do not get on TV, this DVD is an eye opener of just how stupid some reality TV show producers can be!

Aug 21 08:22

Stunning Jewish Success Dominates American Media

Aug 21 08:21

Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.

Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have been informing you all of this for a while. The FBI plants people within the peace movement to say and do things to make the peace activists (or truth activists or civil rights activists, etc.) look bad and possibly set them up for arrest.


Aug 21 08:18

What rebound? Foreclosures rise as jobs and income drop

Delinquency and foreclosure rates for U.S. mortgages continued to rise in the second quarter, with loans to the most qualified borrowers going bust at an unnerving clip, especially in hard-hit states such as Florida and California.

The numbers reported Thursday by the Mortgage Bankers Association show clearly that rising job losses are worsening the nation's housing troubles and threaten the Obama administration's efforts to keep owners from losing their homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the white house and state legislators: there is no such thing as a "jobless recovery"!

A true recovery can only be accomplished when people are employed and can start paying their bills and mortgages again, get it?!?!?

Or are you so completely out of touch, with your perks and corporate support, that you have utterly no idea of the deep economic misery your economic policies have created?

You'd better get in touch with that, and fast. The fury and anger spilling out at these town hall meetings over the health care bill (which really has nothing to do with "health" at all), is just the tip of the iceberg of what Americans are feeling about the new "taxation without representation".

The only "representation" we're seeing in congress and state legislative bodies is for the large corporations which fund campaigns, overtly and covertly.

The only thing We the People are, apparently, good for,is as an endless mass of tax money to fund perks, and wars without end.

Thinking Americans understand that.

Aug 21 08:09

Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession

Mexico enacted a controversial law on Thursday decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs while encouraging government-financed treatment for drug dependency free of charge.

Aug 21 08:04

Weapon-makers accused of spying

Aug 21 08:03

Source: U.N. inspectors return to Iran plants

International inspectors have made new visits to two of Iran's nuclear facilities, including a research reactor that the U.N.'s watchdog agency has been kept out of for a year, a source familiar with Iran's International Atomic Energy Agency file said Thursday.

Inspectors visited the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz and the still-unfinished research reactor at Arak last week, the source, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, told CNN. The visit marked the first time inspectors had been to Arak, and inspectors went to verify design information for the plant, the source said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The drumbeats signaling a war against Iran are beating ever more loudly, and quickly.

And please don't believe those who claim that this will just be a "surgical strike" against Iran's nuclear facilities. Russian diplomatic and military officials have warned both Tel Aviv and Washington that a strike against Iran will go beyond regional to a global world war. And Russia has made it very clear on whose side it will be, should such a military confrontation occur.

War with Russia, anyone?!?

Aug 21 08:03

Israeli TV star who hired hitmen hangs himself in prison cell

Israeli television's one-time "king of ratings", Dudu Topaz, yesterday hanged himself in his prison cell while on trial facing charges of hiring hitmen to target television executives he believed were barring him from a comeback.

Aug 21 08:02

Iran lifts ban on nuclear inspectors

Iran has lifted a yearlong ban and allowed UN inspectors to visit a nearly completed nuclear reactor and has granted greater monitoring rights at another atomic site, diplomat

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors visited the nearly finished Arak heavy water reactor last week, the diplomats said. They added that Iran agreed last week to agency requests to expand monitoring of the Natanz uranium enrichment site, which produces nuclear fuel that can be further enriched into warhead material.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that even in a story admitting Iran is cooperating with UN Nuclear Inspectors (something Israel still refuses to do) they still have get that reminder in that Iran's reactor fuel "can be" made into weapons fuel.

But, and here it the point. Iran hasn't made weapons-grade fissionables (unlike Israel). Iran does not have a clandestine weapons laboratory underneath their power station (unlike Israel). Iran is not constantly invading their neighbors and stealing their lands and water (unlike Israel).

Who is the problem child here?

Aug 21 07:58

FLASHBACK - Obama: No warrantless wiretaps if you elect me

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, your pants are no fire!

Aug 21 07:57

Shirley McKie

All experts from abroad who testified in court and others later invited by the Scottish investigating authorities to study the print have clearly stated, and demonstrated, that the latent from the crime scene definitely did not come from Shirley McKie.

The acquittal by the court should have closed the case with an apology from SCRO and the rehabilitation of Shirley. But that never happened, instead the smearing and insinuating continued trying to discredit both Shirley and the foreign experts.

Aug 21 07:56

As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses

Outside the Veterans Affairs Department, severely wounded veterans have faced financial hardship waiting for their first disability payment. Inside, money has been flowing in the form of $24 million in bonuses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Aug 21 07:47

TASER camera catches Calif. cop hitting suspect

A suspended Shafter police officer is facing felony assault charges after videotaping himself clubbing a prone suspect who didn't resist, officers said Wednesday.

Aug 21 07:44

Seller, beware: Feds cracking down on garage sales

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yet another pathetic attempt to justify their continued existence.

Aug 21 07:42


Does one see similarities?

Does one see the oneness of these two peoples??

Does one see the futility of the ongoing hatred???

Let us all attempt to reflect and dwell on our similarities rather than the artificial differences that divide us politically!

Despite the powers that keep us apart, we can become one!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

History has shown that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can get along. It's the RELIGIOUS LEADERS; crazy child-molesting lunatics who claim to hear the voice of an invisible man who lives in the clouds and who speaks only to them of crusade and jihad, that cause all the problems of the world.

Oh what a time of peace we would live in if only they had been sacrificed to the flames instead of the witches!

Aug 21 07:39


Palestinians are as eager as anyone to see positive economic development for their tormented country. But they know full well that real economic progress awaits their release from Israeli military occupation (West Bank, East Jerusalem) and siege (Gaza Strip).

Consider the recent media promotion of the Netanyahu government’s view that the occupied West Bank is witnessing rapid economic growth. Thomas Friedman picked up on that theme in his New York Times column, as did Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, in this newspaper. The selective economic data they provide ignore the reality: Occupied Palestinian territory is not a sovereign country where traditional economic measures apply.

Aug 21 07:37

The "Pod People" And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon

Right now, government shills are working hard to trick web sites into running the claim that a passenger jet did not really hit the Pentagon.

This is an old intelligence trick called "Poisoning the well", the intentional promotion of lies to blend with an embarrassing truth to discredit it. The government shills are trying to conceal real news stories such as the Israeli Spy Ring and its connections to the attacks on the World Trade Towers. So, we get hoax stories poured onto the net by government propagandists, to be used by the media to attack the credibility of anyone who dares doubt the official story.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in response to a reader email.

Aug 21 07:36

First U.S. Internet Addiction Center Opens

Whether your Internet addiction involves online games or plain old web surfing, there's a new treatment option for you.

Aug 21 07:35

U.S. group invests tax-free millions in East Jerusalem land

American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, a nonprofit organization that sends millions of shekels worth of donations to Israel every year for clearly political purposes, such as buying Arab properties in East Jerusalem, is registered in the United States as an organization that funds educational institutes in Israel.

The U.S. tax code enables nonprofits to receive tax-exempt status if they engage in educational, charitable, religious or scientific activity. However, such organizations are forbidden to engage in any political activity. The latter is broadly defined as any action, even the promotion of certain ideas, that could have a political impact.

Financing land purchases in East Jerusalem would, therefore, seem to violate the organization's tax-exempt status.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is unbelievable. Jewish organizations in the U.S. use tax exempt funds to confiscate Palestinian land in East Jerusalem and the IRS says nothing. On the other hand, Palestinians who raise tax exempt funds in the U.S. to help homeless Palestinian children when Israel demolishes their homes are shut down and the organization members are imprisoned. When is this double standard ever going to end?

Aug 21 07:11

Australia and NZealand join in super telescope bid

Australia and New Zealand announced a joint bid Friday for a giant radio telescope project which will reach for the earliest traces of the universe in a search for intelligent life.

The Pacific neighbours said their joint 2.5 billion dollar (2.1 billion US) bid was one of two on the shortlist for the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a project which will use 4,000 telescopes as a single device to tap into deep space.

Aug 21 06:46

Screwing the Self Employed Out of Health Insurance

If you work for yourself, you are literally screwed out of large sums of money every year for health insurance. There are few differences in cost based on region or state regulation. Ultimately, plans in Salt Lake City and Boston cost the same, about $17,000 a year (premiums plus deductibles). Despite the costs, many self employed are grateful to just have insurance since without it a major acute or chronic illness can bankrupt a family and the absence of care can be fatal.

Aug 21 06:40

The Death Of A Son And Four Hundred Palestinian Children

God knows there has been plenty to write about. The injustices perpetuated upon the Palestinian people continue. The land theft continues. The murder of the innocent (they are all innocent in occupied Palestine) continues. The lack of interest in this savagery by our media and our corrupt politicians continues.

Aug 21 06:39

“The Real War Is Not Between the Left and the Right. It Is Between the Average American and the Ruling Class ...Who Would Make Us Their Slaves”

Sometimes the message is great, no matter what you think of the messenger.

Larry Flynt - yes, that Larry Flynt - wrote today on Huffington Post:

The American government -- which we once called our government -- has been taken over by Wall Street, the mega-corporations and the super-rich ... Both Democrats and Republicans dance to the tune of their corporate masters. In America, corporations do not control the government. In America, corporations are the government.

Aug 21 05:33

The End

Flashback:This is the end!

Aug 21 03:49

Secession 5 Years Later