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"I suspected I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service. Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and CUba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that the Standard Oil went its way unmolested.



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July 7, 2010

Jul 07 09:55


Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
~ Denis Diderot

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the still-exploding church sex scandals.

Jul 07 09:54

UAE Ambassador: We 'Absolutely' Want U.S. To Stop Iran By Force

According to United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the U.S. Yousef al-Otaiba, efforts to prevent Iran from going nuclear by use of military force are better than that country actually going nuclear.

The ambassador made the assertion earlier this week during a conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival, a world leadership conference based in Colorado. Though Goldberg notes the candid interview sparked a flurry of comments once it was published in full on his blog, he believes al-Otaiba's straightforward position on the Iran nuclear program is the status quo for many Arab states. The idea of a group of Persian Shi'ites having possession of a nuclear bomb frightens Arab leaders like nothing else, and most will gladly endorse foreign intervention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is part of the propaganda being used to "soften up" and groom the American public for yet another immoral and illegal war.

Here are the facts:

1. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT, which means that its nuclear energy program is inspected, rigorously, by the IAEA.

2. To date, at least before the UN slapped sanctions on Iran for playing their nuclear program by the book, no nuclear material had been missing, and the nuclear materials Iran has have only been enriched to 20%, the degree of enrichment necessary for the production of medical isotopes.

3. The enrichment of uranium for the production of nuclear weapons has to be 95% or more. Once in possession of the uranium, the materials required for the fabrication of a bomb casing are also in the control of the IAEA, and to date, none of those have been found in Iran.

4. Israel, which has nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the NNPT and allow their nuclear facilities to be inspected. Documents have surfaced, proving that Israel attempted to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa. Who else Israel approached with an offer to sell nuclear weapons remain unknown.

If Iran were to be destroyed, the UAE would benefit from a far larger share of oil revenues, and perhaps this is the "real reason" the UAE is cheerleading for an American attack against Iran.

Jul 07 09:53

Israeli Occupation Army Facing Mounting Suicide

The Israeli army has voiced alarm over a fresh jump in the number of suicide cases among it service members since the beginning of the year.

Nineteen Israeli soldiers have put end to own lives this year, following a relative decline brought about in recent years by various programs aimed at stemming suicide in the army, Israel's Ynet news website reported on Tuesday.

Jul 07 09:49

Dutch nun wanted for killing of fellow sister

Dutch daily De Telegraaf reports that the Roman Catholic woman, Mother Theresa Brenninkmeijer, is accused of having tied a demented elderly nun to a chair. Another nun was sent outside thinly dressed into the freezing cold for disturbing mass, only to be found dead in the convent garden half an hour later. Mother Theresa was head of the convent in Sostrup at the time, and has since moved on to similar positions in the Cistercian Order in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Jul 07 09:49

Pakistan: Solidarity campaign with Palestinians launched

A campaign of solidarity with the Palestinian people was launched in Lahore (Pakistan) earlier this year which is now gathering momentum.

The campaign’s first step has been to call on Pakistani academics and cultural workers, artists, writers, poets, and filmmakers, to join the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel that has been spreading around the world.

The campaign is focusing initially on asking Pakistanis to endorse the boycott of Israeli academic and cultural institutions, as called for by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).

Jul 07 09:48

Why so many Paedophiles in British Govt.?

In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and paedophiles run by Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed "under caution" by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair's government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In 2002, child sex murderer Marc Dutroux, possibly in an effort to evade punishment for his own crimes, offered to name the names of top officials involved in child sex trafficking across Europe. The Belgian authorities pointedly were not interested!

Jul 07 09:44

The Fall of the Belgian Church

“When I see this drawing and its message, I get the distinct impression that this catechism textbook is designed intentionally to make 13 and 14 year olds believe that toddlers enjoy genital stimulation. In this way one breeds pedophiles that sincerely believe that children actually think that what they are doing to them is ‘groovy’, while the opposite is the case.”

Jul 07 09:42

Who Cares About The Iranian People?

The new sanctions against Iran have nothing to do with the government of Iran which the western leaders are entangled in a tedious and uninteresting conflict with. These sanctions, and any kind of unpremeditated actions like this, will only injure the ordinary people of Iran who should suffer from the effects of power game between the governments.

Jul 07 09:42

Belgian prelate perverts and their catechism kiddie porn

Another drawing shows three pairs of parents. Those with the 'correct' attitude -- and remember, this meant to be an official handbook of Church teaching -- reply, ' Yes feeling and stroking those little places is good fun.'

Jul 07 09:40

Israel trumpets new era in US ties after summit

Israel on Wednesday hailed a new chapter of warm ties with the White House after an upbeat summit between the United States and Israeli leaders which was big on backslapping but short on detail.

"This is the morning of a very important day," Defence Minister Ehud Barak said after meeting US senators in Jerusalem.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, hold on here, just a minute: with the US in meltdown, our infrastructure crumbling, benefits vanishing for the unemployed whose jobs have been offshored, just which of our Senators decided that this would be a great week to be in Jerusalem, instead of attempting to fix the mess here at home?

Welcome to the unholy, Israel-Firster trinity of Senators John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham, that's who.

And what did they say to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak?

As quoted in today's Jerusalem Post, here's what Senator Lieberman had to say regarding Iran:


"Senator Lieberman used some very harsh language at the Wednesday press conference to describe the Iranian nuclear program, saying the US must do everything it can to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. The US will address the Iranian threat "through diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions if we can, but through military action if we must," said Lieberman."

The war against Iran is on, folks: and again, as was the case with Iraq, it will be American kids fighting, dying, and getting maimed to "neutralize" yet another of Israel's existential enemies in the region. And that includes just about all of its neighbors in the Middle East.

Jul 07 09:40

Belgian Bishops Ignored Parents on Grossly Sexually Explicit Catholic ‘Catechism'

Intended to be used for religious education classes in Catholic schools, the text, a portion of which has been obtained by LifeSiteNews.com (LSN), includes a drawing of a naked infant girl, captioned to show her saying she welcomed stroking of her genitals and “I like to take my knickers off with friends,” and “I want to be in the room when mum and dad have sex.” The illustration also shows a naked little boy and girl “playing doctor.” The little boy says, “Look, my willy is big.”

Jul 07 09:38

Defending Arizona

A law that basically makes a few small, carefully considered changes in police procedure, Arizona’s S.B. 1070, has inspired a vastly disproportionate response. Few laws have ever been so grossly mischaracterized by so many leaders on the left. From President Obama on down, they rushed to the microphone after it was enacted to hyperventilate about an impending police state in Arizona. Excitable bloggers invoked Jim Crow, apartheid, and the Nuremberg laws of Nazi Germany.

Jul 07 09:37

Exposed: The truth about Israel's land grab in the West Bank

As President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet, a report reveals 42 per cent of territory is controlled by settlers

Jul 07 09:36

Gulf awash in 27,000 abandoned wells — and no one at all is checking to see if they are leaking

More than 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells lurk in the hard rock beneath the Gulf of Mexico, an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades. No one — not industry, not government — is checking to see if they are leaking, an Associated Press investigation shows.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More to the point,m how many will start leaking if this lame-ass idea of using a nuke on the Deepwater Horizon site is carried out?

Jul 07 09:35

Human Rights Volunteers Needed in Palestine

Since 2002, the International Women’s Peace Service in Palestine (IWPS-Palestine) has been documenting and non-violently intervening in human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli military and Israeli settlers in the Occupied West Bank against the Palestinian civilian population. We are the only all women team of internationals working in the Occupied West Bank and we are currently looking for new volunteers to join us on the ground in Palestine.

Jul 07 09:35

The Voice of the White House

Here, I am speaking about the breathless “revelations” of Russian spies in the United States! Who ever produced this one probably is responsible for the “bin Ladin tapes” which are also nonsense. They take their productions seriously but no one else does. Of course, the Russians are interested in what we do but so are the Chinese, the Canadians, the Italians and others.

Why don’t the American media start talking about the real spies in America? And by this I do not mean the Russians. I am speaking about our Dearest Friends and Real Allies, the Israelis!

Jul 07 09:33

Five Bearish Signs

Jul 07 09:27

That Good Deed Might Cost You $300 in Miami

The doggie bag from your restaurant dinner could be tomorrow's lunch. But then you see someone on the street who needs that meal more than you do. So you hand it over (with a smile) and continue on your way, maybe feeling a little better about yourself.

Then a police officer stops you and hands you a $300 ticket.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, let me see if I have this right. Feeding a homeless US citizen will get you a ticket, but you are not allowed to prevent illegal aliens (who are also homeless) from walking across the borders?

Jul 07 09:26

Army intel analyst charged over leak of Iraq shootings video

Private First Class Bradley E. Manning, held in a military jail in Kuwait since last month in connection with the July 2007 attack, faces two charges of misconduct, said a statement released by the US army in Baghdad.

Boing Boing/Xeni Jardin: What are the maximum penalties in Manning's case, based on the charges filed today? Do any of these charges carry the possibility of capital punishment?

U.S. Army/Ltc. Eric Bloom: No, I don't think we're talking about the death penalty. We have calculated the maximum possible number of years based on these charges to be 52 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that it is not the extrajudicial assassination of the Reuters employees which seems to bother this government; it is the release of the footage of the extrajudicial assassination of these Reuters employees which annoys it.

At this point in the 21st century, the United States of America has institutionalized both the use of torture and extrajudicial assassination.

And that steady "thumpa-thumpa" sound you're hearing is that of the founding fathers of this country, turning over in their graves at warp speed.

Jul 07 09:17

Whistleblower: Relief payments get slashed if fishermen refuse to work for BP

Any relief payment plan established in the wake of the worst environmental accident ever was bound to have its flaws, but this goes to a whole new level of wrong.

According to Gulf resident Kindra Arnesen, who turned whistleblower and full-time activist when she saw how many people were put out of work by the spill, BP will deduct money from individual payments on claims for lost income if the claimant refuses to work in assisting the spill response.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

Jul 07 09:15

Senator Pressures NRC to Clear NUMEC President of Illegal Uranium Diversions to Israel

On August 27, 2009, Arlen Specter wrote to Rebecca Schmidt asking that the NRC "issue a formal public statement confirming that he [constituent Zalman Shapiro] was not involved in any activities related to the diversion of uranium to Israel."

A March, 2010 audit by two former NRC officials published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists confirmed not only that 337 kilograms of NUMEC highly enriched uranium are still unaccounted for but that all circumstantial evidence still points to diversion to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Magic Bullet's farewell gift to Israel; getting them off the hook for stealing weapons-grade uranium from the US.

Jul 07 09:10

Welcome to smart bombs

Cluster bombs are in the news again, thanks to a recent report from Amnesty International. The human rights agency has confirmed that 35 women and children were killed following the latest US attacks on an alleged al-Qaeda hideout in Yemen.

Jul 07 09:08

France probes US submarine link to fishing boat sinking

An investigation into claims that a US nuclear submarine accidentally sank a French fishing boat in 2004, killing five sailors, is to be reopened.

Jul 07 08:57

Flashback - How Did Mossad Know the London Bombings Were Going to Happen?

Common sense says suicide bombers would not openly discuss their mission whilst in London, so how did Mossad know of the impending attacks?

...the Mossad office in London received advance notice about the attacks, but only six minutes before the first blast... [yetnews]

Jul 07 08:54

Flashback - The 7/7 London Bombings: How to Set Up a Patsy

American student Sean Baran was walking towards Edgware Road Station when the explosion occurred. "One gentleman told me that the floor of the train he was on was blown out, it was just gone," he said. [Sky News]

Bruce Lait, in a tube carriage in which an explosion occurred:

As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been. "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said. [Cambridge News]

Jul 07 08:54

Helmand in a Handbag

Inside reports have it that Afghan President Hamid Karzai, thefraudulent head of state of the second most corrupt country in the world, has “lost his confidence in the capability of either the coalition or his own government to protect this country.” That’s probably why he’s told us to bugger off and is looking to strike his own deal with the Taliban and arch-rival country Pakistan.

Jul 07 08:52

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

“This is about being a true-blooded American guy and girl,” said A. J. Lowenthal, a sheriff’s deputy here in Imperial County, whose life clock, he says, is set around the Explorers events he helps run. “It fits right in with the honor and bravery of the Boy Scouts.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we have heard that one before!

Jul 07 08:48


MJ Rosenberg

Some readers think I exaggerate the influence of the lobby. I don’t — I used to work at AIPAC and on its favorite stomping ground, Capitol Hill. The latest evidence of the fear and trembling produced by the Israel lobby was evidenced last week when it was revealed that General David Petraeus was upset and worried by a column I wrote in March.

The old adage “politics stops at the water’s edge” does not apply to the Middle East.

When it comes to all matters relating to Israel, foreign policy is politics. It is absolutely impossible to imagine US policy toward Israel not being intertwined with politics and political fund-raising.

Jul 07 08:48


Jul 07 08:47


Hollywood actors Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman backed out of attending this year’s annual Jerusalem Film Festival, which is set to kick off this coming Thursday, following the international outcry over Israel’s attack on a Turkish-led flotilla that attempted to break the Gaza blockade on May 31, The Jerusalem Post learned Monday.

Jul 07 08:45


In a recent report into the white phosphorous used by Israel in its 2008-9 assault on the Gaza Strip, Italian experts have warned of the adverse long term effects of the three thousand five hundred shells that were dropped indiscriminately. In particular, the report addresses the impact of this weapon, the use of which against civilians is prohibited under international law.

Jul 07 08:44

Gassing the Druze

The Cross of Bethlehem deals much with human abuse and violations. That’s because it deals with Jews and Judaism. The topics are inseparable: Judaism is about abuse and violations. Larry David is a good example of that; I’m sure he’ll spend eternity with demons urinating sulphur on his face. Lords of the ADL – Your Hypocrite Highness – you are invited to sue me. Do that, but please stop attacking me physically and constantly robbing me; it’s not only illegal everywhere, but also proves my point: Judaism is about abuse and violations.

Jul 07 08:43

Swine flu drug hand-out service raises concerns

Just 12% of patients who got anti-flu drugs using the swine flu hotline and website actually had the virus, figures obtained by the BBC suggest.

More than 1.1m people collected the drugs - which can cause side effects such as nausea - after being diagnosed by the National Pandemic Flu Service.

But figures obtained under a freedom of information request show that of 16,560 people swabbed, 1,932 tested positive.

The Patients Association said this raised questions about the system used.

Jul 07 08:42

Charging Wikileaks Source: The Nail in the Coffin of Whistblowers

I don't care if it's Bush or Obama at the helm. The biggest crimes of our generation--torture, warrantless wiretapping, and extraordinary rendition--would not have come to light but for the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. For the hand-wringing "but we can't willy-nilly reveal classified information" crowd, do you think Abu Ghraib wasn't classified?

Jul 07 08:41

BP boss in UAE amid speculation

But Haywayd's visit comes amid reports that BP had been seeking the support of foreign sovereign wealth funds (SWF) following the collapse of its share price which increased the risk of possible takeover bids by rival companies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, BP will borrow itself to the hilt to clean up the mess they made (and MMS let them) and you will spend the test of your life paying high gas prices to repay the loans. I gu7ess from BP's point of view that's a better deal than digging into their executive bonuses!

Jul 07 08:37

Market Crash ... Depression ... Revolution ... Blood on the Streets - This is the sixth time since the South Sea Bubble burst in 1720 that huge amounts of wealth have been transferred from those who create it to the already wealthy.

Look around you and do the math: I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I consider it FACT that once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a Declaration of War.

Four times is the realization that the Declaration fell on the deaf ears of sleeping fools, five times is simple daylight rape and plunder of the same fools – the sixth time, this time, what I call Grand Theft, Planet ©, is perhaps and hopefully, the lesson finally learned, and do we now wake up?

All we have to do is throw them out of the Temple. For the last time. Forever.

Jul 07 08:31

Report: Secret document affirms U.S.-Israel nuclear partnership

According to Army Radio, the U.S. has reportedly pledged to sell Israel materials used to produce electricity, as well as nuclear technology and other supplies, despite the fact that Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But it ain't NONE OF YOUR @#$%ING BUSINESS, SLAVES!!!! Israel owns me and I own you. Deal with it. " -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 07 08:28

Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds

The cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year -- an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Now that is a huge cost to bear for all those brand-new Democratic voters, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 07 08:26

Wall Street climbs after State Street earnings outlook

Wall Street rose on Wednesday as a higher profit outlook from bank State Street Corp reinforced hopes of a better-than-expected earnings season and trumped fears of slower global economic growth.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, you are being conned. One good report from one company does not send the entire market higher. And a profit "outlook" is at best a guess, and in the post-Enron world, one not taken all that seriously.

The market is being manipulated again, either by PPT or Goldman Sachs (the two overlap), to provide Obama political cover on the economy, or possibly as a final "pump and dump" scam to draw in and loot the suckers day-traders one last time before the next major collapse.

But here is a classic case of, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!"

Jul 07 07:57

Clinton vows support for Georgia, slams Russian 'occupation'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reassured Georgia on Monday with a pledge of continued support and criticised Russia's "occupation" of two breakaway Georgian regions.

But we support Israels occupation of lands they were never supposed to have! We support severe military attacks on civilian populations in Gaza, that's perfectly ok, but Russia steps into Georgia and that's condemned! I've not enough criticism for Hillary Clinton... Silence free speech on the internet, but allow this woman to spout off?

Jul 07 07:47

White House successfully plugs leaks -- of information

It's day 75 and oil in the Gulf of Mexico continues to flow.

But there's one thing the administration appears to have plugged: information flow related to the spill. The President, seemingly more concerned with his image than anything else, wants to suppress the graphic evidence of his bumbling response.

Is it really "bumbling"? Or is it a directed effort to further Obama's Carbon Tax program? Or is it just a distraction from activities in the middle east? Or is it in preparation for evacuating the gulf coast and instituting martial law nationwide? Is it just one of these things, or all of them? Or any of them? There's plenty of evidence that it was a planned disaster (false flag), but for what purpose? Keep aware.

Jul 07 07:14

FBI agents take down two North Idaho men making grenades

From KREM2 news in Spokane:

Two Idaho men are in jail accused of making grenades and keeping an illegal arsenal of guns and ammo.

Jul 07 07:00

Gulf Coast now a BP police state as law enforcement conspires with BP to intimidate journalists

Why this matters
This is scary stuff, folks. Now we have a police state in America. No one can deny it. You can't argue the point anymore. It is documented fact, and it's happening right now in the Gulf Coast.

If you pick up a professional camera and start snapping photos of a BP refinery, or a BP cleanup vessel, or a beach with an oil boom on it, you risk being followed, detained, questioned and intimidated. And if you don't surrender your own rights and consent to an illegal search of your photos or film footage, you will be hauled into a federal holding facility and held by the Department of Homeland Security until they feel like letting you go.

Jul 07 06:49

Study says smells sickening people come from oilpatch, but no source

Richard Langer was working on his farm just outside Peace River, Alta., one morning last spring when he saw the gas cloud drift through.

"It was sort of a blue-green cloud," he recalls.

The smell — a gassy, tarry reek like a hundred roofing crews working at once — was bad enough. Then a truck idling in the middle of the cloud suddenly revved as if someone stomped the pedal.

That's when Langer, 71, felt something bad.


Just so Americans don't feel alone in their oil-related disaster.

Jul 07 06:48

Abandoned oil wells make Gulf of Mexico 'environmental minefield'

The Gulf of Mexico is packed with abandoned oil wells from a host of companies including BP, according to an investigation by Associated Press, which describes the area as "an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades".

While the explosion and subsequent sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig has thrown the spotlight sharply on BP's activities in the Gulf of Mexico, environmental safety in the area has been neglected for decades.

Jul 07 06:44

Linamar to close Lasco plant in Britain and shift output elsewhere

Auto parts maker Linamar Corp. (TSX:LNR) plans to shut down a British parts plant in Wales and transfer production elsewhere.

Canada's second-biggest auto parts company said Wednesday it's beginning consultations with the Unite trade union on the planned closing of the British plant.

Linamar said it did a review of the money-losing plant's operations and concluded it has no viable commercial future.


Outsourcing - because locals don't need jobs.

Jul 07 06:41

Polish Troops Train To Take On American “Terrorists”

Military claim that foreign soldiers were merely “observers” in Vigilant Guard exercises disproved by Infowars film crew

Law enforcement and military officials were keen to play down the presence of Polish troops during the recent Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago, but claims that the foreign personnel were there merely as “observers” were proven incorrect after they were filmed participating in drills which revolved around terrorism and mass casualty disasters.

Infowars reporters Rob Dew and Jason Douglass traveled to Chicago to document the increasing integration of foreign troops with American military and civilian authorities.

Jul 07 06:41

NATO airstrike accidentally kills five Afghan troops

NATO mistakenly killed five of its Afghan army allies in an airstrike Wednesday while they were attacking insurgents in the country's east, officials said.

Three American soldiers were also reported killed Wednesday in a roadside bomb in the south.

An Afghan defence official condemned the latest "friendly fire" deaths, which came at a time when international troops are trying to improve co-ordination with Afghan security forces in hopes of handing over more responsibility for security to them nearly nine years into the war.


That's a great way to gain their confidence.
NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

Jul 07 06:28

Top 20 Photos From the Gulf that Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

Although Obama appears to have ordered a media blackout of the Gulf disaster, a relative few shocking photos have leaked out thanks to enterprising area residents. You won’t be seeing these in your local paper, that’s for sure.

Jul 07 05:40

US fighting ATK over defective military equipment

It's one of Utah's most prominent companies, embroiled in a high-stakes court battle against the U.S. government over allegedly defective military equipment. If the government wins, a whistleblower could get tens of millions of dollars.

The controversy swirls around nighttime combat. ATK sold the military thousands of high-powered illumination flares -- big ones -- that dangle from a parachute and light up a square mile.

Jul 07 05:34

The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet

The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet

Global move to mimic the Chinese model of web censorship and regulation is coming to America

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Type the keywords “Internet censorship” into Google News and you will immediately understand to what degree the world wide web is under assault from attempts by governments globally to regulate and stifle free speech. From Australia to Belarus, from Turkey to Vietnam, from Pakistan to Egypt, from Afghanistan to Iran, huge chunks of the Internet are going dark as the Chinese model of Internet regulation is adopted worldwide.

Jul 07 04:22

Celente Says Populists Will Break the False Left-Right Political Paradigm

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Trends Research Institute CEO, Gerald Celente, originally predicted the rise of a third party when he spoke with Libertarian radio talk show host, Alex Jones, in late 2009 and repeated this forecast last week on the same show.

Celente described this populist third party as “Progressive Libertarians" who stand for real environmental issues such as non-GMO organic foods, clean water, air, and soil free from corporate pollution, while advocating for alternative health freedoms and economic justice. He coupled this group with the antiwar, “live free or die” Libertarians who principally desire a return to small locally-controlled government with truly free economic markets to form an independent coalition. But is such a populist alliance realistic?

Jul 07 03:00

The Real Sin of Michael Steele

"This was a war of Obama's choosing. This is not something the United States has actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in."

Strictly speaking, Republican Party Chair Michael Steele was way off base when he made this remark at a closed-door meeting of party contributors in Connecticut.

For the war began in 2001 under George W. Bush and was backed by almost all Americans, who collectively cheered the downfall of the Taliban and the rout of al-Qaida from its sanctuary in Afghanistan.

Yet, Steele was not entirely wrong.

Jul 07 02:53

Islamo-fascism, Judaeo-fascism, Bapto-fascism, and Why We Need More Bars

The wheels are squeaking on the tumbrel methinks. At a recent conclave held by AIPAC, unease arose, reasonably enough, over eroding American support for Israel. What apparently did not arise was any indication of understanding of why support is eroding.

In Haaretz I find the following account of a speech by Howard Kohr, the executive director of AIPAC: “‘These voices [not hostile to Islam] are laying the predicate for an abandonment [by the US of Israel]…The stakes in that battle are nothing less than the survival of Israel, linked inexorably to the relationship between Israel and the United States. In this battle we are the firewall, the last rampart.’”

Jul 07 00:26

Exclusive Interview with Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Haneen Zoubi

No human being can accept the humiliation and the suffering of the Palestinians under siege and occupation. The Palestinian people have the right to resist and struggle in order to put an end to occupation.

Jul 07 00:20

Obama’s New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War

“The Obama administration is accelerating the deployment of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf, placing special ships [war ships] off the Iranian coast and antimissile systems in at least four [surrounding] Arab countries, according to administration and military officials.”

July 6, 2010

Jul 06 22:31

A victory for privacy over world of surveillance

But the debate, based around the proposition ''Better more cameras than more crime'', centred not so much on the principles of privacy as it did on whether or not CCTV cameras worked in reducing crime.

The affirmative said they did. Speaking for the opposition, Paul Wilson, who was chief investigator on the largest evidence-based CCTV research program conducted in Australia, said they aided in detection for only a handful of crimes in his research: a man urinating on a beach, a man running naked, someone gesturing with two fingers behind a police officer.

''In [Britain] only 3 per cent of street crimes were solved,'' he said of a country held up as the gold standard for camera saturation.

Jul 06 21:49

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) threatens every one of us that uses the net to critique government

Recognizing that the terms of the agreement are under further closed-door negotiation over a text we do not have access to, a fair reading of the April 2010 draft leads to our conclusion that ACTA is hostile to the public interest in at least seven critical areas of global public policy:fundamental rights and freedoms; internet governance; access to medicines; scope and nature of intellectual property law; international trade; international law and institutions; and democratic process.

Jul 06 21:00

Lingle vetoes civil unions bill

Gov. Linda Lingle announced today that she will veto the civil unions bill, describing the measure as "marriage by another name."

Lingle said the legislative maneuvering by the House, which brought the bill to a vote on the last day of session, was wrong and that the issue is of such societal importance that it should involve all the people of Hawaii.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lingle, aiming for the Congress, has ducked this contentious issue by insisting on a public referendum. Whatever the result of the referendum, win or lose, Lingle evades the political damage. This is how leadership, crippled by timidity, deteriorates into politics.

Jul 06 20:49

Cop who tased 86-year old woman: "I deployed my department issued Taser (208930) using cartridge number T08-2070595..."

“It seems to me using some sort of high voltage on an 86-year-old woman seems inappropriate,” said attorney Brian Dell, after filing the Complaint June 21 in Oklahoma City on behalf of his clients, Lona Varner and her grandson, Lonnie Tinsley, 47. “The whole purpose of this lawsuit is they used the force on an elderly woman.”

Jul 06 20:35

Duel of the Machiavellians: Obama vs. Petraeus

By Stephen J. Sniegoski

While Obama is often portrayed as a political neophyte finding himself confronting situations that are way over his head, his choice of General David H. Petraeus to replace General Stanley A. McChrystal was in some ways a masterful political stroke, though it does not seem to have achieved all that might have been intended.

Jul 06 19:41

George Michael arrested after crashing car into shop

Methinks George should hire a chauffeur - it would save him a lot of trouble

Jul 06 19:23

Labour wasted thousands on developing Government apps for iPhones

Tens of thousands of pounds were squandered by Labour on developing software for the iPhone, it emerged yesterday.

Ministers sanctioned the development of the applications, with costs for each running as high as £40,000.

They included a travel advice tool for the Foreign Office, an NHS application to let you track your drinking habits and a DVLA 'motoring masterclass'.

There was even one for jobseekers to find out about vacancies - though critics might argue whether someone who can afford an iPhone would need such a tool.

Jul 06 18:09

Dolphins and Whale basted in BP Oil!

This is without a doubt, the most disturbing video I have ever produced.

I saw at least 100 Dolphins dying or struggling to get out of the oil. It was many miles from any water that was not contaminated. In all likelihood, the Dolphins and Sperm Whale seen in this video are dead by now.

Jul 06 18:07

More on the Franklin Pedophilia Ring Scandal

Jul 06 17:42

Airline Loses Luggage of Israeli Security Detail; 4 Guns Missing

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Either that or Israel is mounting another Dubai-esque assassination plot here in the US.

Jul 06 17:33

Government to compensate torture victims as official inquiry launched

David Cameron today ordered an unprecedented inquiry into evidence and allegations of British complicity in the torture and abuse of terror suspects.

But he immediately moved to ensure the courts would no longer be able to disclose damning evidence which, he implied, could jeopardise intelligence sharing with the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is not about jeopardizing "...intelligence sharing with the US."

This is about the reality that, like the US, the UK has also institutionalized torture, in spite of every human rights treaty to which it may be a signatory.

Jul 06 17:27

THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal

A tragic tale that tears at your heart and rips your soul, THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL is the true story of a child-pandering network and the masking of its very existence through a massive cover-up orchestrated from the utmost pinnacle of power—using the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and a corrupt judicial process. This book shows how a major part of that cover-up was accomplished, how officers of the court suborned their duties … and afterwards were given promotions: one is a sitting federal judge.

The shocking disclosures begin at an old brick warehouse tied to the CIA and their front group, the Finders, in a seedy section of Washington, DC, progressing through the $40 million-dollar bust-out of a nondescript Midwestern credit union—with a fancy bedroom in its basement—and then back to a DC party house with hidden cameras. The alleged front man for the group was a rising star in the Republican party, Lawrence E. King. He opened the 1984 GOP national convention with a rousing rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, and threw a party for 600 people that included cabinet officials and President Reagan’s daughter at Southfork Ranch—the swanky mansion used for the Dallas TV series.

Jul 06 16:55

NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his "foremost" mission as the head of America's space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



I am sorry, and yes, good relationships among all people of the world is a wonderful and worthy goal.

But this is not what the National Aerospace and Space Administration was ever intended to do, period, end of discussion.

Jul 06 16:44


The FRANKLIN SCANDAL is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of Republican powerbrokers who used Boys Town as a pedophiliac reservoir, had access to the highest levels of our government, and connections to the CIA.

Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks: a rash of deaths and a full court press by federal and local law enforcement effected an immaculate cover-up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This video was scheduled to air on The Discovery Channel, but members of Congress threatened tough new laws controlling the cable TV industry if it aired, and the video was pulled even though it was already listed in the TV Guide. All release copies were destroyed. The video you see here was an editor's copy of the rough cut.

The McMartin pre-school scandal made headlines for months and cost $15 million and wound up finding all parties innocent, but THIS scandal never saw the light of day because the corporate media refused to touch it.






Jul 06 16:44

Thorold, Ontario Amputee Has His Artificial Leg Ripped Off By Police And Is Slammed In Makeshift Cell During G20 Summit

As Sarah began pleading with them to give her father a little time and space to get up because he is an amputee, they began kicking and hitting him. One of the police officers used his knee to press Pruyn’s head down so hard on the ground, said Pruyn in an interview this July 4 with Niagara At Large, that his head was still hurting a week later.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to thinking Canadians: if you have skills (and children), leave Canada right the hell now!

Jul 06 16:40

Obama backs Israel on nuclear conference

US President Barack Obama warned Tuesday that attempts to single out Israel over its undeclared nuclear program could scupper a Middle East regional nuclear conference planned for 2012.

Obama delivered the warning in a statement about his talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he gave Israel a veiled, but public assurance over its strategic nuclear ambiguity.

Obama also agreed to work with Israel to oppose any efforts to single out the Jewish state at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference in September.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable!

Israel's "house boy" in the White House has done it again.

Mr. President, forgive me, but when you swore to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution in your Oath of office, were you talking about upholding the laws of this country, right, or have I blinked and missed something here?!?

There's a law on the books, sir called the Symington Amendment, which forbids the US from giving any money or aid to any country which has nuclear weapons, but refuses to join the NNPT and allow its nuclear program to be inspected by the IAEA.

As you well know from the revelations of Mordechai Vanunu in the late 80s, coupled by the statements from former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former US President Carter, the American public now knows that Israel has nukes.

Every cent Israel has been given since the passage of the Symington Amendment has been given to Israel illegally, while our infrastructure crumbles, and homeless Vets are sleeping in our streets.

Jul 06 16:01

Wiki deletes my page of quotations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bunch of sore losers, really!

Jul 06 15:44


Jul 06 14:49

Mike Rivero: BP Gulf Oil Crisis - America's Chernobyl 1/4

Jul 06 14:45

FLASHBACK 2002 Belgian sex ring 'ignored'

He also said he had been part of a wider paedophile network but said the justice system did not want to pursue it.

"There is a well-grounded [paedophile] ring," he said. "I maintained regular contact with people in this ring. However, the law does not want to investigate this lead."

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 06 14:40

Report: Belgian Cardinal Linked to Convicted Sex Killer

The Catholic Church child abuse scandal in Belgium just got a whole lot worse. Belgian newspaper Het Laaste Niews is reporting that when authorities searched the home of the former archbishop of Brussels, Cardinal Godfried Danneels, they discovered a hidden cache of documents and photographs on notorious child sex killer Marc Dutroux — documents that Danneels was not supposed to have.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When will the "flock" wake up and realize their "shepherds" are sick bunch of dirty old men?

Jul 06 14:36

Forget Pot Smokers; What Does It Take to Lock Up Drug Company Execs?

After reading "The Neurontin Legacy -- Marketing through Misinformation and Manipulation" in the January 8, 2009 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, one may conclude that (1) America's prisons would be put to better use incarcerating drug company executives instead of pot smokers, and (2) society may need a return of public scorn via the pillory for those doctors who are essentially drug-company shills.

Jul 06 14:36

Dutroux documents found at Cardinal's

It has also emerged that documents relating to the child sex killer Marc Dutroux were also recovered during the raids.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More about Marc Dutroux here (and you really should read it to learn what the clergy has become).

Jul 06 14:15

China to count Abortions as Carbon off-set Credits - EU and UN Approve / Applaud

Youtube deleted my other copy. Scroll down for related article.
Author Chris Horner "RED HOT LIES"

Jul 06 14:07

The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet

Type the keywords “Internet censorship” into Google News and you will immediately understand to what degree the world wide web is under assault from attempts by governments globally to regulate and stifle free speech. From Australia to Belarus, from Turkey to Vietnam, from Pakistan to Egypt, from Afghanistan to Iran, huge chunks of the Internet are going dark as the Chinese model of Internet regulation is adopted worldwide.

But why should Americans concern themselves with countries halfway across the globe adopting Chinese-style net censorship? Because under Senator Joe Lieberman’s 197-page Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, the United States would formally mimic China’s “great firewall” of web censorship.

Jul 06 14:07

Israeli soldier faces manslaughter charges over Gaza deaths

Israel's military is for the first time to prosecute a soldier for killing civilians during the December 2008-January 2009 Gaza war, the army said on Tuesday, while dismissing dozens of other cases.

Jul 06 13:57

Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank

Believing that Christian help for Jewish winemakers here in the occupied West Bank foretells Christ’s second coming, they are recruited by a Tennessee-based charity called HaYovel that invites volunteers “to labor side by side with the people of Israel” and “to share with them a passion for the soon coming jubilee in Yeshua, messiah.”

But during their visit in February the volunteers found themselves in the middle of the fight for land that defines daily life here. When the evangelicals headed into the vineyards, they were pelted with rocks by Palestinians who say the settlers have planted creeping grape vines on their land to claim it as their own. Two volunteers were hurt. In the ensuing scuffle, a settler guard shot a 17-year-old Palestinian shepherd in the leg.

Jul 06 13:40

Hillary Clinton talks tough with the Kremlin, but Russia has won the geopolitical war

It was, in short, an example of the Obama administration’s new pragmatism towards Russia in action, a policy which essentially boils down to cooperation where possible but agreeing to disagree otherwise. As Mrs Clinton said: “We can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is in decline as a world power. Bankrupt, exhausted by the ongoing wars, crippled by a credibility crisis of their own manufacturing, and having lost the ability to create and sell products (outside of weapons) that anybody else on the planet wants to buy, the USA is dissolving before our eyes while the carpetbaggers swoop in to pick the carcass clean, and Netanyahu tries to direct the nations' death-throes a a convenient enemy.

Jul 06 13:25

Anger drives support for wartime presidents

It's no secret that Americans tend to throw their support behind a sitting U.S. president when the nation is thrust into a war or other potentially violent conflict with a foreign foe - a phenomenon known as the "rally 'round the flag effect."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What happens if it is the US Government We The People are angry with?

Jul 06 13:22

Bond between U.S., Israel ‘unbreakable,’ Obama says

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "They have us by the balls!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 06 12:17

Police: Conn. priest stole $1M for male escorts

A Roman Catholic priest in Connecticut has been arrested on charges he stole $1.3 million in church money over seven years to use for male escorts, expensive clothing, and luxury hotels and restaurants.

(This version deletes incorrect information that Gray still lives at the parish.)

Jul 06 12:12

Freedom Watch - Obama's Assassination Program

Jul 06 12:06


Bloggersunite.org is calling on all bloggers to unite on July 9 to blog about Gaza. The site is asking bloggers to make “a simple promise: ‘Gaza, We will not forget You.’”

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 06 11:53

Feds challenge Arizona immigration law

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How DARE you stop all those future Democratic voters from coming into this country!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 06 11:52

Former Rep. Traficant Disqualified From Comeback Bid for Office

Jul 06 11:51

U.S. and Afghan forces launch major assault in eastern province of Konar

A force of about 700 U.S. and Afghan troops launched a major assault along Afghanistan's border with Pakistan in an attempt to destroy a growing insurgent haven and blunt rising violence in the area, senior Army officials said Monday.

Jul 06 11:50

Joe Biden sees Iraq success for President Obama

Vice President Joe Biden said after a three-day trip to Baghdad that the American people will see President Barack Obama’s Iraq policy as a success when the “combat mission” ends on schedule Aug. 31. Biden said the administration “will be able to point to it and say, ‘We told you what we’re going to do, and we did it.’”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is what Obama actually said.

Mr. Biden, your pants are on fire!
Jul 06 11:22

Police: Conn. priest stole $1M for male escorts

Waterbury police say the 64-year-old Rev. Kevin J. Gray was charged Tuesday with first-degree larceny. Gray is the former pastor at Sacred Heart/Sagrado Corazon Parish in Waterbury.

Jul 06 10:10

The Relief Wells Are Ahead of Schedule … But Will They Work?

Many oil drilling experts are hopeful that BP's relief wells will succeed on the first try. I hope and pray that they do.

But the relief wells are not a slam dunk.

CBS News states:

"It's not a solid dunk," said Eric Smith, a deepwater drilling expert. "It's going to take some work."

Smith said two things could go wrong. The cut could miss the broken wellbore, and BP would just try again, or engineers could drill into hidden gas pockets.

"When you are drilling into that you have to be careful of a kick, a blowout in the relief well," Smith said.

Jul 06 09:47

Gazans: We were used as 'human shields'

A series of testimonies in a report probing Operation Cast Lead suggest that IDF soldiers used Gazans as human shields.

The report – exclusively obtained by Ynet – was compiled by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) and Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and focuses mainly on violation of Palestinian prisoners' rights by the Israeli military during the Gaza war.

The report criticized Israel's use of the "unlawful combatant" clause of the International Law, which effectively strips a detainee of any rights reserved for prisoners of war under International Law. The application, said the report, allowed Israel to essentially ignore International Humanitarian Law directives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bush used the same terminology "unlawful combatant" for his "war on terror", and for precisely the same reason.

Jul 06 09:45

Madhouse Medical Tyranny: When Health Becomes Sickness

John Galt
Activist Post

Dictatorships know that the battle for complete control is ultimately won or lost in the minds of the target population. As the oppression advances, it tends to move from propaganda mind control to the direct intervention into the mind via pharmaceuticals. We are now seeing the overt global coordination of the psychiatry profession to convince every resident of planet Earth that all clear thinking, healthy living, and wholesome innocence is some kind of disorder that needs to be corrected (suppressed) with drugs to render zombie-like those whose instincts afford them the ability of discernment.

Jul 06 09:36

War is a Racket

Major General Smedley Butler:
WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.

Jul 06 09:26

Why people think Americans are stupid & arrogant

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The future governor of Alaska!

Jul 06 09:23

BP AD Their propaganda versus the reality

Jul 06 09:21

The US cash behind extremist settlers

The Hebron Fund is raising vast sums for Israeli settlements that violate the Geneva convention, with little scrutiny

Jul 06 09:20


As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares for a “kiss and make up” session at the White House tomorrow, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a new list of items that will be banned from entering the Gaza Strip. The decision comes after weeks of international pressure following the Israeli raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, and seems to be meant to appease the Obama administration.

But the new policy amounts to nothing more than window-dressing, and will do little for the people of Gaza. Minus some cosmetic changes, the blockade policy of “economically strangling” Gaza stays the same.

Jul 06 09:19


Netanyahu is coming to New York to justify continued colonization and slaughter.

The media will be there to relay his “facts” to the world.

Let’s make sure they hear the real story.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Netanyahu's talks with Obama should begin with an apology for the attack on American aid workers in international waters. Absent such an apology, the talks should end immediately and all checks to Israel canceled.

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Jul 06 09:16

How city workers pulled off alleged scam

Bored and unsupervised, five highly paid electricians working for the city of San Francisco spent years allegedly stealing from taxpayers during a remarkable binge that investigators say involved sex parties with prostitutes, moonlighting on city time and fraudulent billing to pay for their suburban lifestyles.

Jul 06 09:15

Does Israel Make Us Safer?

“There was not a single act of Arab terrorism against Americans before 1968, when the U.S. became the chief supplier of military equipment and economic aid to Israel.”

Jul 06 09:04

Fending For Themselves

We finish eating and talk a little while longer before we thank Theresa again for her time and hospitality.

"We hope we don’t have to wait as long as the Alaskans did for our marine life to come back," she says, referencing the Exxon Valdez disaster from 1989, "They had to wait 17 years for their shrimp to return, and they are still waiting on their herring."

Jul 06 08:54

Military Patrols Beach in Panama City

Now citizens are reporting the presence of soldiers on Florida’s beaches. In the video below, several soldiers in combat fatigues were photographed driving vehicles on the beach in Panama City, Florida.

The military pictured in the video do not appear to be engaged in clean-up activities. It appears their presence on a crowded beach during a holiday weekend has but one purpose — to acclimate citizens to the prospect of troops patrolling public spaces.

No word if they are enforcing Allen’s command that the media will be arrested for a felony if they dare report the disaster to the American people.

Jul 06 08:42

Pope Benedict's 'friend' accused of hitting children with carpet beater at Catholic orphanage

The Catholic Church abuse scandal in Germany moved closer to the Vatican today with claims of violence against both boys and girls committed by a friend and ally of Pope Benedict XVI.

Jul 06 08:40

Bettencourt’s ex-accountant says Sarkozy received illegal cash donations

Presidential aides deny allegations Nicolas Sarkozy received cash payments from France’s richest woman Liliane Bettencourt, the day after Bettencourt’s former accountant said her employer funded Sarkozy’s election campaign via envelopes containing cash.

Jul 06 08:40


Regarding 9/11, Hart suggested that while there may have been some original terrorist plot conceived by fellow-travelers of Osama Bin Laden, the Israeli Mossad, with its near-total penetration of Middle Eastern governments and terrorist groups alike, would have quickly detected and hijacked the operation to its own ends, orchestrating a spectacularly successful attack on America designed to be blamed on its Arab and Muslim enemies. Hart added that the Mossad operation that became 9/11 would have been aided and abetted by certain corrupt American leaders.

Jul 06 08:34

Turkey, America, and Empire’s Twilight

Turkey has begun working closely with other nations who would also benefit from a reduction in international tension. Ankara’s partnership with Brazil is no accident. Like Turkey, Brazil’s economy is humming and it has been key in knitting together Mercosur, the third-largest trade organization in the world. It has also played no small part in helping South America to become one of the most peaceful regions in the world.

Jul 06 08:32

General Petraeus’s leaked emails about Israel

Blogger Philip Weiss has them, and they’re not pretty.

Jul 06 08:28

Israeli FM Stokes Tensions With Turkey

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman angrily responded to comments made by his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in a Turkish newspaper. Davutoglu called for Israel to either apologize for the killing of Turkish civilians on the Mavi Marmara aid ship or, failing that, to permit an international investigation.

Lieberman insisted that neither of these options was acceptable, and once again chastised Turkey for what he called major policy changes. Since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already made it clear that Israel would not apologize for the killings, Lieberman’s comments appear to be little but an attempt to reassert himself in the foreign affairs of the nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ahmet Davutoglu and Turkey's President Edrogan have been demonstrating infinitely more "male attributes" than has the US President on the issue of the Israeli massacre of Turkish - and one US- nationals on a humanitarian aid ship on the high seas.

Jul 06 08:21

'Israel preparing to occupy Lebanon'

Israel troops are conducting military drills to get prepared for being deployed in Lebanon, in a move Tel Aviv says is aimed at preventing "rocket attacks by Hezbollah," Israeli sources say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF such an invasion is contemplated by the Israeli government, it has nothing to do with "...rocket attacks by Hezbollah."

The timing of such an attack has to do with two issues.

First, the issue of water. Israel has long coveted the Litani River and its water resources. Turkey has just cancelled a water deal with Israel as part of the fallout from the flotilla massacre, so this is one factor in a potential Israeli government decision to reinvade.

Secondly, a natural gas resource has been discovered off the Mediterranean coast,which Israel claims as theirs.

As reported on 27 June, 2010 at:


"Large discoveries of gas off Israel’s Mediterranean coast have sparked a debate between the neighboring countries over their respective rights to energy resources in the area. While Lebanon has not officially accused Israel of exploring for gas outside its territorial waters, the issue has inflamed tensions because the two states are technically at war.

Israel’s Minister of National Infrastructures Uzi Landau warned on June 23 that his government was willing to use force to protect its undersea gas finds."

Jul 06 08:20

How Do You Know What You Know You Know

(And various other musings which no one is making you read, so why are you?)

Essentially, what I am asking is: "Does truth matter?" How will the truth or error of a story effect you? Because how you think informs how you act.

Jul 06 08:13

Netanyahu won’t meet Clinton; ‘sources’ say she “isn’t relevant”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Quite a slap in the face for the woman who just gave $150 million of YOUR money to the Auschwitz theme park.

Jul 06 08:10

FDIC Loss-Share Guarantees Balloon To $177 Billion Putting Taxpayers At Risk

From 2007 to date there have been 254 banking failures with the FDIC taking into receivership $616 billion of failed banking assets. With potentially hundreds of additional banking failures and weak property markets, the FDIC has had to provide generous loss-sharing agreements on the majority of banking failures since 2007. Through the end of June 2010, the FDIC has entered into 167 loss sharing agreements covering $176.7 billion in assets of failed banks acquired by other institutions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's always comforting to know how this government loves putting its taxpayers on the hook for fiscal calamities they had nothing to do with creating.

Jul 06 08:03

Texas: Cops beat 80-year old man and his son. Witness: "There was no violence or threats until police arrived and, even then, the only violence done was by the four deputies."

...However, when the deputies crossed over they immediately told him that he was trespassing, even though he was still on the opposite side of the fence. At this point Mr. Threadgill’s son, Stephen, began to walk over to see what was going on when his father told him everything was fine and to just go back to the house. At that point, things took a strange turn for the worst when two deputies allegedly tackled Mr. Threadgill to the ground, grinding their knees into his back and his head while another deputy approached Stephen, as he was walking back towards the house, and apparently hit him from behind with a baton and knocked him unconscious.

Jul 06 08:03

Israel Settlements Cover 42 Percent Of West Bank

Jewish settlements control more than 42 percent of the West Bank, and much of that land was seized from Palestinian landowners in defiance of an Israeli Supreme Court ban, an Israeli human rights group said Tuesday.

The group's findings echo what other anti-settlement activists have claimed in the past: That settlements have taken over lands far beyond their immediate perimeters, sometimes from private Palestinians. Israel's settlements have been a much-criticized enterprise throughout the decades and a major obstacle to peacemaking with the Palestinians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel doesn't want peace: it wants territory, and by any means necessary.

What we are are going to see in this country, Netanyahu's meetings with Obama and Biden today not withstanding, is a briskly aggressive Israeli annexation of the West Bank and Jerusalem, coupled with forcible expulsion of Palestinians living there into Gaza, as stateless refugees.

Jul 06 08:01

Pope Benedict XVI Lashes Out at Secular Justice

The Vatican reacted just as it had at the height of the crisis in late March -- by closing ranks. The Holy See sharply criticized the Belgian authorities and immediately summoned the Belgian ambassador.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, we are above the law. God wants us to butt-fuck the choir boys. You don't wanna go against the word of God, do ya? Huh? HUH? HUH?!?" -- Pope Benny the Rat

Jul 06 07:59

Maine foreclosures still rising

Home foreclosures in Maine continue to rise, according to new data from the Bureau of Financial Institutions.

Jul 06 07:59

Foreclosures plague Metro area towns

The pain of home foreclosure is spread throughout the region, from the poor communities wracked by unemployment to wealthier ones with empty homes in unfinished subdivisions, according to new data compiled by Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

Jul 06 07:58

Report: U.S. tax breaks aiding illegal outposts in West Bank

U.S. Treasury tax breaks have helped West Bank settlers to receive $200 million in tax-free funding from American donors, according to a report published in the United States on Tuesday.

Jul 06 07:58

U.S. Tax Laws Help Israeli Settlements, Despite Foreign Policy Against Aid

HaYovel is one of many groups in the United States using tax-exempt donations to help Jews establish permanence in the Israeli-occupied territories — effectively obstructing the creation of a Palestinian state, widely seen as a necessary condition for Middle East peace.

The result is a surprising juxtaposition: As the American government seeks to end the four-decade Jewish settlement enterprise and foster a Palestinian state in the West Bank, the American Treasury helps sustain the settlements through tax breaks on donations to support them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

And if these evangelicals understood, for one second, what most Israelis really think about them, they would be stunned to the absolute marrow of their bones.

Jul 06 07:55

US builds 13 secret bases for war with Russia

Jul 06 07:53

Nuclear talks can resume Sept if conditions met: Iran

Iran on Tuesday set September 1 as a possible date for the resumption of nuclear talks with six world powers which have been stalled since October, but insisted conditions set by Tehran must first be met.

Iran's state news agency IRNA reported that the country's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, in a letter to European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said that Tehran needed three issues clarified by the world powers before it could consider resuming talks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili: I don't think that either the US and/or Israel seriously want further negotiations with Iran.

What they want is any kind of an incident which can be used as a pretext for a military strike against Iran, and most probably, sooner rather than later.

Jul 06 07:53

Leaked Luntz Poll: Majority of Americans don’t support Israeli flotilla raid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Racist Israel sat on a wall.
Racist Israel had a great fall.
All of the networks, and all the newsmen,
Couldn't shine Israel's image again!

Jul 06 07:51

Iran rejects reports of plane fuel ban

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has dismissed reports that claim some countries are refusing fuel supplies to Iranian passenger planes as a result of US sanctions against Iran.

Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said refueling Iranian planes in foreign airports is taking place as always and the release of false reports that the fuel supplies had been banned by some states was part of a "psychological war" against Iran.

Jul 06 07:49

Court tells Men at Work to pay royalties for copied flute riff in global hit ‘Down Under’

A judge ordered Australian band Men at Work on Tuesday to hand over a portion of the royalties from their 1980s hit “Down Under,” after previously ruling its distinctive flute riff was copied from a children’s campfire song.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The cost to the image of the commercial music image greatly exceeds the actual dollar amount of this lawsuit. With only so many notes available to the human ear, replication of riffs is inevitable and the threat of lawsuits for a riff will force composers to intentionally not the most pleasant melody line for their work but the most bizarre and discordant!

Jul 06 07:47

Netanyahu holds key White House talks

The political calculus has also changed with Obama more jumpy about the important US-Israel axis in the run-up to mid-term elections and Netanyahu appearing keener for direct negotiations with the Palestinians.

"I believe that a main part of my conversations with President Obama in Washington next week will be focused on how to start direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians right away," Netanyahu said last week.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported this morning, 6 July 201 at:


"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of preventing the renewal of Middle East peace negotiations by violating Israel's obligations as spelled out in the road map.

Addressing a meeting of the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Ramallah, Abbas he would resume suspended peace talks with Israel if it halts settlement building "for a specific period" and recognizes the pre-1967 borders as a basis for a Palestinian state. "

So, this meeting isn't about settlement expansion, and it is not about the peace process, because Israel is completely intransigent on these issues.

And I doubt seriously that this meeting has anything to do with Israel's alleged "investigation" into the flotilla massacre, in which one American citizen was assassinated at point blank range.

So why is Netanyahu in Washington?!?

To finalize the upcoming attack against Iran. Both Netanyahu and Obama desperately need the "mother of all distractions", and most of the military hardware from both countries has already been prepositioned in the Persian Gulf.

Jul 06 07:45

What do we lose if we "lose" in Afghanistan?

Our mission in Afghanistan is doomed. Another thousand American soldiers will die but their courage and sacrifice won't change the terrible truth: That war is lost.

If even Michael Steele stumbles to that conclusion, you know the game us up. It's all over, over there.

When we finally leave Afghanistan, we'll count up the cost in precious blood and wasted treasure and the price will be very high.

But the cost of losing? Not much. Our enemies left Afghanistan nine years ago; the fight's not there anymore. And here in America things will be pretty much the same, win or lose.

Jul 06 07:44

Armed robber in Delray Beach killed in shootout with store clerk, police say

A man who tried to rob a convenience store at gunpoint ended up being killed by the store clerk Saturday night, according to police.

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Jul 06 07:43

Sarah Palin Says 'Trust The Oil Industry'

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I know you are supposed to be a ditz, Sarah, but this is abusing the privilege!

Jul 06 07:37

Grade Obama's First Year in Office

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They need a 'G' in the choices!

As of right now, Obama is an "F" in every category!

Jul 06 07:36

Graduates warned of record 70 applicants for every job

The class of 2010 have been told to consider flipping burgers or stacking shelves when they leave university as leading firms in investment banking, law and IT are due to cut graduate jobs this year.

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All that college-loan debt to wind up flipping burgers? I guess if the goal was to plunge you into debt right from the start of your life, it worked out just fine!

Jul 06 07:34

Republican Senators Blocks Homeless Veterans Bill

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But lots of money for Israel

Jul 06 07:31

Justice Dept. expected to sue Ariz. on immigration, citing 'preemption' grounds

The Justice Department has decided to file suit against Arizona on the grounds that the state's new immigration law illegally intrudes on federal prerogatives, law enforcement sources said Monday.

The lawsuit, which three sources said could be filed as early as Tuesday, will invoke for its main argument the legal doctrine of "preemption," which is based on the Constitution's supremacy clause and says that federal law trumps state statutes. Justice Department officials believe that enforcing immigration laws is a federal responsibility, the sources said.

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Memo to the US Department of Justice: the Arizona law was passed because the Federal Government has pathologically refused to fulfill their responsibilities to Arizona regarding illegal immigration.

And I would like to remind the US Department of Justice, just in case those involved with bringing this suit were experiencing a monumental case of selective amnesia, illegal immigration is a crime under US law.

Jul 06 07:30

BP Claims Center still has unlisted phone; “Tucked away” in strip mall, “small white sign stuck in the grass” not visible from street

Tucked away in a strip center called Patriot Square in Naples, sharing a building with Victoria's Nail & Spa, Mangrove Outfitters and others, is Southwest Florida's only BP Claims Center.

The lone identifying mark is a small white sign stuck in the grass out front. The office and sign aren't visible from U.S. 41. Three signs with information about hours and more are taped to the front door.

"We're not the easiest place to find," office manager Tom Wiley said.

Jul 06 07:30

Second Tropical Depression, With 60% Chance Of Becoming A Cyclone, Forming Over Macondo Zone

According to the NHC, a weather formation, centered about 50 miles south-southeast of Morgan City, Louisiana, is packing sustained winds near tropical storm force. As the map below indicates, this is above the Macondo blowout. According to Reuters, "there was a "high chance" it will become the second named storm of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season before it makes landfall in the Terrebonne Parish area near Caillou Bay early Monday evening, the Miami-based hurricane center said." Tomorrow, the news of yet another 60% probability cyclone ramming the cleanup effort will be digested alongside the WSJ report that Libya is allegedly looking to make a staple British company part-owned by the Khadafi regime.

Jul 06 07:28

Texas BP Refinery Released 538,000 Pounds of Chemicals Into Atmosphere

Just two weeks before the Gulf spill, a BP refinery in Texas released thousands of pounds of chemicals into the atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, BP did not handle the situation well (from ProPublica/Frontline):

Two weeks before the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, the huge, trouble-plagued BP refinery [1] in this coastal town spewed tens of thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals into the skies.

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While the MMS surfed internet porn and did drugs on YOUR dime!

Jul 06 07:26

Tar balls hit Texas as BP oil spill cost soars

Some 492 miles (792 kilometers) of US shoreline across the five Gulf states -- Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and now Texas -- have been oiled by the disaster.

Oil sheen and tar balls were spotted Monday near the mouth of Lake Pontchartrain, the lake near New Orleans that flooded disastrously during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Jul 06 07:26

Early buyers in Trump's tower pocket profits while he presses for loan extension

As Donald Trump negotiates to buy more time from lenders on his downtown high-rise, some early buyers in the high-end condominium-and-hotel tower have cashed out at a handsome profit.

Jul 06 07:26

No UK ban on refueling Iran planes

No ban has been imposed on refueling Iranian planes in British airports, an informed source in Iran Air's Britain and Ireland office says.

"No limitation has been placed on the refueling of Iranian passenger planes in Britain so far. The Iranian flights to London are being conducted regularly and on a daily basis and Iran National Airlines Company conducts three direct flights to Tehran and one direct flight to Shiraz (from London) each week," the informed source told IRNA on Monday.

"No unusual behavior by the companies providing fuel for Iranian planes has been observed so far. Iran Air Lines Company, however, is fully ready to encounter any likely limitations in this regard," the source added.

Jul 06 07:25

New Chinese study in GRL disputes the hockey stick conclusions

While Mann claims his hockey stick science to be “vindicated”, we have this from World Climate Report, a new peer reviewed study that illustrates that the current warm period we live in is neither unique nor unprecedented. They also manage to point out the key issue, the uncertainty of proxies such as used by Mann et al.

Jul 06 07:24


Jul 06 07:23

US taxpayers’ Afghan aid money buys rich Afghans’ Dubai villas

What you might not have heard is that your hard earned taxpayer dollars are also being used to buy well-connected Afghans posh villas in Dubai.

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Gee, isn't that great, while American infrastructure crumbles, and homeless Vets are sleeping in our streets?!?