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July 18, 2009

Jul 18 11:09

Palestinian home and olive tree destroyed by settlers in At-Tuwani

On the morning of 17 July, a Palestinian family from the village of At-Tuwani discovered that their newly constructed house was destroyed during the previous night. In addition, the family discovered an olive tree located near the new house cut in half. The family believes that Israel settlers from the Ma'on settlement and Havot Ma'on outpost are responsible for the vandalism. Despite being threatened by both settlers and officers from the Israel military District Coordinator (DCO), the family plans to rebuild the house.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sometimes, simply surviving is the greatest act of defiance against an illegal and immoral occupation of Palestinian lands.

Jul 18 11:06

US air strikes kill Afghan civilians

Attacks by US warplanes this week killed up to six Afghan civilians, including a four-year-old girl, and left another 16 wounded. The incidents in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province have again underscored the grim human cost of the military escalation ordered by the Obama administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that despite protestations to the contrary by General Mc Chrystal, the Obama doctrine, when it comes to Afghan civilians is that of the Papal Legate at the siege of Montsegur against the Cathars.

When notified that there were women and children among the men, the Legate gave the order: "Kill them all: God will find his own".

Jul 18 10:58

Secret US-Israeli meeting to focus on Iran

Ria Novosti reported on Friday that US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is planning to visit Tel Aviv within the next two weeks to discuss a whole range of international issues, including Tehran's nuclear case, in secret meetings with the Netanyahu government.

US Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, will reportedly accompany Gates.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the US is getting its marching orders from Tel Aviv on Iran.

It appears that there may well be a military strike against Iran, sooner rather than later.

And what is so mind-melting in this entire scenario is, Iran has done absolutely nothing wrong.

As a signatory to the NPT (which Israel, which has nuclear weapons is not), Iran is perfectly within its right to use nuclear energy peacefully, as in the building of its power station.

The IAEA has found absolutely zero evidence that Iran is enriching uranium to the point of weapons-grade development; only to the level necessary to fuel a power plant, which is far lower than is necessary for a nuclear weapon.

But just as in the case of Iraq and the IAEA (remember the hatchet job done on Hans Blix, when he declared that there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq?), the truth has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome which appears to be moving forward.

I would like to hope that some adults in the room in Tel Aviv, Washington, (and Moscow, as Iran is Russia's 7th largest trading partner)will see yet another military misadventure against Iran as the folly it truly is.

Unfortunately, there are some in the corridors of power in DC who see yet another war the only way to get the American economy out of the tailspin it's in, and give the American people something else to focus on other than the economic misery this country's leadership has created in the handling of the US economy.

Jul 18 10:46

Legal Immunity Set For Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

The last time the government embarked on a major vaccine campaign against a new swine flu, thousands filed claims contending they suffered side effects from the shots. This time, the government has already taken steps to head that off.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

If, in fact, the new vaccines are "rolled out" this fall (and remember: we're just about at the end of July right now), there is absolutely no time to do the normal protocol of clinical trials to insure that there is no danger to humans from this vaccine.

It can't happen.

Computer models are simply just that, and can rarely effectively predict just how certain people may react negatively to a specific vaccine.

Please remember that, for both yourselves and your kids, your family, when evaluating whether or not to receive this immunization, if personal choice in this issue is not countermanded by a Presidential Executive Order.

Jul 18 10:36

Diplomats: Iran advancing nuclear program

Iran is blocking U.N. nuclear agency attempts to upgrade monitoring of its atomic program while advancing those activities to the stage that the country would have the means to test a weapon within six months, diplomats told The Associated Press Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, AP has received its "marching orders" to run this article, variants of which appeared in other on-line entities with an agenda favoring a US/Israeli-mounted attack on Iran.

German authorities, who were originally alleged to be the source on this, have denied making any statements to confirm this.

And notice that AP can't precisely seem to source this, so is running for the the cover of stating that "diplomats" (who apparently refuse to be named) have validated this.

Come on, AP: "who, what, when where and why": these are, have been, and continue to be, the cornerstones of true, honest reporting.

Apparently, the "who" here cannot be corroborated. Consequently, this article cannot possibly be characterized as reporting.

It is, simply put, bad propaganda at best, with a specific geopolitical agenda as its purpose.

Jul 18 10:25

U.N. not to name culprits in Bhutto assassination

The U.N. team conducting an inquiry into the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will not seek to name culprits, the commission's head said Friday, lowering expectations from the outset.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: the UN knows the assassination was an inside job, precisely who ordered the hit and why, but doesn't want to "embarrass" the perps.

Jul 18 10:20

No-bid contracts mean higher costs

The Pentagon saves more than three times as much money when companies compete, the AP analysis showed. Yet more than $242 million in federal contracts — representing more than one-fourth of the military's stimulus contract spending so far — has been awarded under the recovery program through no-bid contracts for repairs and maintenance.

Across the government, more than $543 million in federal contracts have been awarded so far without competition under Obama's $787 billion stimulus program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This means even more tax dollars out of your wallets, folks.

But then, of course, people in the Pentagon and Congress do not care about what those extra taxes mean to your quality of life (or the lack of it).

Jul 18 10:15

U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan tests McChrystal's new order

Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, ordered American ground troops two weeks ago to avoid calling in airstrikes if civilian lives are at risk, in an effort to avoid casualties and to show the local population that U.S. forces are here to protect them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal: the Afghan people are not stupid.

They understand full well that the American and NATO presence in Afghanistan has absolutely nothing to do with "protecting" the people of Afghanistan: it is about "pacifying" the Afghan people to the degree necessary to install the pipelines for the oil companies, and protect the drug trade, from which so many profit.

Notice that the attempts at eradication of the opium poppy crop have been abandoned.

As reported in"


on 11 July in the Air Force Times, Via AP:

"Convinced that razing the cash crop grown by dirt-poor Afghan farmers is costing badly needed friends along the front lines of the fight against Taliban-led insurgents, U.S. authorities say they are all but abandoning the Bush-era policy of destroying drug crops."

So, there you have it, General McChrystal: the Afghan people know precisely why the US and NATO troops are in Afghanistan. And so, by the way, do the American people.

Jul 18 10:00

Zardari presses for ‘economic diplomacy’ to speed up aid

At the Tokyo conference, the US and Japan pledged $1 billion each in aid to Pakistan. Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates and Turkey also promised millions of dollars to Islamabad to help the thousands of people uprooted from their homes due to the war against the Taliban.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US has just pledged WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

One billion dollars?!?!?!?

While homeless Vets are sleeping in our streets and this government is broke?

With absolutely zero accountability as to who actually gets the money after the Pakistani government has received it?!?

That's tax dollars the American people, many of whom are struggling just to keep the lights on, unemployed or underemployed because the high paying jobs have been shipped overseas, do not have.

Congress, State Department, and the White House, We the People are putting you on notice.

You are about to encounter a tsunami of resistance toward these governmental policies which take infinitely from the American people, but give absolutely nothing back.

Stop spending for these insanely evil wars without end.

Stop borrowing money We the People did not agree to borrow to finance these wars without end.

We are ceasing to be an endless pit of tax dollars with which you can bail out those companies which made catastrophically bad business decisions, wage wars without end for no damned good reason, and give billions to your other good buddies in earmarks which bring nothing back to the American people

We have had it, thank you very much. We understand that there is, fundamentally, absolutely no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They both have morphed into "Loot America, Who Cares" Party.

And that cannot be allowed to stand.

Jul 18 09:59

Free Gaza--and Palestine

Last month I led a group of twenty-one human rights workers on a boat from Cyprus to challenge Israel's naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. We carried toys, medicine, olive tree saplings, toolkits, a fifty-kilo bag of cement and school supplies on our small converted ferry boat.

At 2 AM on June 30, almost eighteen hours into the 230-mile journey, a colleague awakened me. The Israeli Navy was calling our boat on the VHF radio. "You are navigating towards a blockaded area. You are hereby ordered to change your course. If you do not, we will be forced to use all necessary force to stop you."

Jul 18 09:49

Drug Makers Score Early Wins as Plan Takes Shape

The pharmaceuticals industry, which President Barack Obama promised to "take on" during his campaign, is winning most of what it wants in the health-care overhaul.

Jul 18 09:42

Baghdad imposes new limits on U.S. forces

In a curt missive issued by the Baghdad Operations Command on July 2 — the day after Iraqis celebrated the withdrawal of U.S. troops to bases outside city centers — Iraq's top commanders told their U.S. counterparts to "stop all joint patrols" in Baghdad. It said U.S. resupply convoys could travel only at night and ordered the Americans to "notify us immediately of any violations of the agreement."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation; the Iraqi people want their country back, thank you very much.

And remember Cheney's claim that it would be the Iraqi oil which would defer the entire costs of the US military misadventure in Iraq?

Just one more lie in a sea of lies used to justify the "neutralization" of Iraq for Israel, which considered Iraq one of its "existential threats" in the region.

Just as they view Iran at this time.

Jul 18 09:24

Another broken Obama promise - Sell off ROADLESS Nat. Forest logging rights.

"This week, the Obama administration approved the sale of timber in a roadless national forest in Alaska. The Tongass National Forest is a 17 million acre temperate rain forest in southeast Alaska, which is home to both endangered species and native Alaskan tribes. It is the largest temperate rain forest in the United States....

...President Obama supported the roadless rule in his campaign."

Jul 18 09:11

Did You Miss It ?

i think you did
in Poorrichard's post

Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs oligarchy
By: poorrichard
Link to post: http://whatreallyhappened.com/comment/reply/33844
Link to Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSwWy4E6I04&fmt=

AT 7:36 into the video they reveal that on 911 world trade center building 7, held important bank files that were conveniently lost with the building. "THAT EXPLODED" (Note they don't disagree with him NOR do they say collapsed do to fire but "EXPLODED"

here is a transcript as best as i can make it.
"This is not only about the FED, this is about the bank of England, European Central bank. Where you got the assets, that have gone up, not through sound instruments, but through the files, that banks can not recover anymore."

Jul 18 09:06

Unemployment tops 10 percent in 16 states in June

The U.S. Labor Department says unemployment topped 10 percent in 16 states last month. The rate in Michigan surpassed 15 percent, the first time any state hit that mark since 1984.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember: these are just the "official figures"; the real numbers may well be much higher than what has actually been reported.

Jul 18 08:54

LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has returned its first imagery of the Apollo moon landing sites. The pictures show the Apollo missions' lunar module descent stages sitting on the moon's surface, as long shadows from a low sun angle make the modules' locations evident.

Jul 18 08:53

Glenn Beck "Get Off My Phone" Radio Freak Out (TWILIGHT VAMPIRE METAL REMIX)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love it! :)

Jul 18 08:44

'A Microcosm of America's Foreign Policy'

British commentator hits home runs all the way through this video. And the implication that the U.S. police state does its best to treat its own subjects the same way it treats foreigners is priceless.

Jul 18 08:43

Why Obamacare Can't Work: The Calculation Argument

The correct framework within which to diagnose the problem is to admit that costs are out of control because they do not reflect prices created by the voluntary exchange between patients and providers, between customers and producers, like every well-functioning industry.

Instead, health costs reflect the distortions that government regulators have introduced through reimbursement mechanisms created by command-and-control bureaucracies at federal and state levels.

Jul 18 08:42

Congresswoman introduces bill to ban Credit Default Swaps

I'm a little late to this story, but last week Congresswoman Maxine Waters introduced a bill to ban all credit default swaps.

As Waters said:

Preventing all credit-default swaps is essential to bringing stability to the market and preventing a similar crisis in the future.

Many top experts - including nobel prize winning economists and numerous other well-known PhD economists - agree.

Jul 18 08:42

Russia-China Warn US That Israeli Attack On Iran Means “World War”

A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an “urgent warning” to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli nuclear attack upon Iran, “World War will be our response”.

Jul 18 08:41

Having Eyes but Never Seeing

Four Montgomery County police officers are refusing to pay speeding tickets they received from speeding cameras.

Two of them were driving twice the speed limit, driving 50 and 51 mph in 25 mph residential zones.

Jul 18 08:40

Can The Economy Recover?

There is no economy left to recover. The US manufacturing economy was lost to offshoring and free trade ideology. It was replaced by a mythical “New Economy.”

The “New Economy” was based on services. Its artificial life was fed by the Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates, which produced a real estate bubble, and by “free market” financial deregulation, which unleashed financial gangsters to new heights of debt leverage and fraudulent financial products.

The real economy was traded away for a make-believe economy. When the make-believe economy collapsed, Americans’ wealth in their real estate, pensions, and savings collapsed dramatically while their jobs disappeared.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yeee-HAAAA; it WORKED!!!!" -- Gold'n-mah-Sacks

Jul 18 08:39


Jul 18 08:39


The recent decision by the Ramallah-based regime to close down the al-Jazeera offices in the West Bank illustrates the vulnerability and utter stupidity of the American-backed and Israeli-tolerated junta.

The decision came a day after Fatah Secretary-General Farouk Kaddoumi appeared on al-Jazeera, accusing Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas and his aide, former Gaza strong man Muhammed Dahlan, of complicity in poisoning the late Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat.

Justifying the decision, PA officials accused al Jazeera of bias, incitement and fostering division within the Palestinian community.

In fact, al-Jazeera didn’t go beyond transmitting Kaddumi’s impromptu news conference as other TV networks and news agencies did.

Jul 18 08:38


Jul 18 08:36

Twenty Steps to a Better and "Secret Nazi Cabal" Free America

1. The first thing the United States military must do is employ U.S. submarines and surface ships in an effort to begin shadowing "secret nazi cabal" submarines and prepare for a preemptive strike upon them if they get within range of American cities.

2. Immediately cease and desist the delivery of any and all weapon systems and ammunition to the "secret nazi cabal" state. Ignore any threats that will inevitably follow – if the "secret nazi cabal" has low yield nuclear weapons in U.S. cities as Seymour Hersh claimed they did [or still do] in Russia, so be it – if they [the "secret nazi cabal"] use them, they seal their own fate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"if the "secret nazi cabal" has low yield nuclear weapons in U.S. cities as Seymour Hersh claimed they did [or still do] in Russia," that would sure explain why the US Government kowtows to the "secret nazi cabal" in such a humiliating manner!

Jul 18 08:31

First Gaza rocket for a month hits Israel: army

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And JUST in time to divert world attention from the hijacking of the Humanity, the kidnapping of a congresswoman, the blockage of the French medical mission to Gaza, the UN report on Gaza, and the Viva Palestina convoy being forced to hand carry their food and medicine into Gaza!

Jul 18 08:28

Goldman's $4 Billion High Frequency Trading Wildcard

A recent story in Advanced Trading goes after some of the minutae of High Frequency Trading and provides a glimpse of the total value that HFT may provide to behemoth PT powerhouses such as Goldman Sachs. The article presents a very valuable perspective on just why HFT is so critical these days, especially when cash traders go for 6 hour Starbucks breaks between 10 am and 3:30 pm: "high frequency trading firms, which represent approximately 2% of the 20,000 or so trading firms operating in the US markets today, account for 73% of all US equity trading volume.

Jul 18 08:27

Goldman's not acting like a bank ... yet

When Goldman switched to a bank holding company, such big profit seemed unlikely as analysts worried the firm would face stricter regulatory oversight from the Federal Reserve, with limits on risk-taking and higher capital requirements. See story Wall Street changes.

But almost 10 months later, nothing much appears to have changed, some analysts said in the wake of the firm's second-quarter results.

After two quarters as a bank holding company, Goldman is still "not reporting like a bank and not acting like one either," said David Hendler, Baylor Lancaster, Pri de Silva and Kristine Lanspa, analysts at CreditSights, an independent fixed-income research firm.

Jul 18 08:23

Four million British identities are up for sale on the internet

Highly sensitive financial information, including credit card details, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and even PINs are available to the highest bidder.

At least a quarter of a million British bank and credit card accounts have been hacked into by cybercriminals, exposing consumers to huge financial losses. Most of the personal data has been gathered as a result of “phishing” — a process whereby members of the public are duped into handing over their key details, such as user names, passwords and credit card details.

Jul 18 08:21

MoD spies on heroes wounded in battle: Hundreds seeking compensation are filmed covertly to see if they're lying

Jul 18 08:20

Israel planned 'Ahmadinejad assassination'

Israel, in collaboration with Iranian terror groups, planned to assassinate Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says Tehran's top intelligence official.

Intelligence Minster Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i said Israeli officials met with the terrorist Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) to execute the plan, according to a report by the semi official Fars News Agency.

"The Zionist regime had met with the MKO on the sidelines of the Sharm el-Sheikh meeting in Egypt and in Paris to assassinate Mr. Ahmadinejad," Mohseni-Ejeie was quoted as saying on Friday.

The terrorist group had, however, set conditions for carrying out the assassination, he added. "They had asked that the US and the West remove their name from their blacklists."

Jul 18 08:17

W.H.O. Says It Plans to Stop Tracking Swine Flu Cases

In a move that caught many public health experts by surprise, the World Health Organization quietly announced Thursday that it would stop tracking swine flu cases and deaths around the world.

The announcement, made in a “briefing note” posted on the organization’s Web site late in the day, perplexed some experts, and even baffled a W.H.O. spokesman, Gregory Hartl, who said in an e-mail message, “I don’t have reliable info” about what his agency would track instead.

Jul 18 08:12

Swiss banks running out of storage space for gold bullion

In a note entitled No more space for Gold Bars, Swiss news website 20 Minuten Online reports that Swiss banks are running out of secure storage space for gold bullion held by investors and institutions. Fears of hyperinflation, the economic downturn and the success of gold index funds (ETFs), which are supported by physical gold, has led to a run on precious metals investment – and in gold in particular, and in the necessary secure storage space in which to hold it..

Jul 18 08:12

WEEKEND COMMENT - What is 'Fractional Banking'?

Stop lending for long enough and people start going out of business at which point you, the goldsmith, buy up as much property and as many real commodities as you can (just by printing some more paper).

Including the current recession (which I call Grand Theft, Planet) this has happened in the Capitalist world exactly six times, once in each generation, since the South Sea Bubble burst in 1775.

Jul 18 08:03

Homeless vets get helping hand

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... but not from the government they sacrificed so much for and whose economic policies made them homeless.

Jul 18 08:02

U.S. Lenders Lean on Investment Banking for Profits

Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc., the three biggest U.S. lenders, reported a total of $10.2 billion in profits for the second quarter that relied on investment banking and asset sales to counter growing losses on consumer loans.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which gets almost none of its revenue from retail consumer banking, had a record quarter, reporting earnings of $3.44 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This means that Goldman Sach's profits come ENTIRELY from it's high frequency program trading, which draws $100 million a day from the stock market without putting anything of value back in.

Jul 18 08:00

American Express halts UK pension payments

American Express, the global financial services company, has effectively cut the pay of its 6,000 UK staff by stopping payments to its stakeholder pension scheme.

It is the largest company to take such action and pensions experts fear that the decision could trigger a series of copycat announcements.

American Express had been paying between 3 per cent and 9 per cent of salary into its employees’ stakeholder pensions.

Jul 18 07:59

Orthodox Jews riot as mother is accused of starving her child

The riots, perpetrated by Jews and directed against Jews, were triggered by the arrest of an ultra-Orthodox woman who authorities claimed was starving her child.

Hospital cameras had filmed the woman removing a feeding tube from her three-year-old son. Doctors suggested that she might be suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychiatric condition in which the person harms or abuses somebody close to draw attention to themselves.

Jul 18 07:58

Jerusalem riots

Orthodox Jews clashed with police in Jerusalem in the third day of rioting after the arrest of a mentally ill Hasidic woman accused by authorities of starving her 3-year-old child

Jul 18 07:56

The presidential hit squad

Jul 18 07:55


With the massive scale of the outbreak becoming clearer, bans on travelling abroad over the holiday months could affect six million people, or 10 per cent of the population.

The knock-on effects will deliver a hammer blow to the travel industry, with millions of pounds lost during the peak season and insurance companies facing a deluge of claims.

An estimated five million Britons are due to take foreign breaks in August alone. But the spread of the
deadly H1N1 virus could lead to mass cancellations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Piling up the booga booga on this one, aren't they?

Jul 18 07:53

Caught on camera: The shocking moment 40 prison guards kick and punch juvenile inmates... already handcuffed

In shocking CCTV footage of a prison riot, guards kicked and punched young inmates who were already in handcuffs.

Jul 18 07:51

Monopoly blocks swine flu vaccine

A SMALL Adelaide firm that has created a "superior" swine flu vaccine will be forced to sell its product overseas because of a monopoly on the market by a company contracted by the Federal Government.

Jul 18 07:45

Regulators shut banks in Calif., Ga. and SD

Regulators on Friday shut two banks in California and two smaller banks in Georgia and South Dakota, boosting to 57 the number of federally insured banks to fail this year.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was appointed receiver of the four banks. The two biggest were Temecula Valley Bank, in Temecula, Calif., with $1.5 billion in assets and deposits of about $1.3 billion as of May 31 and Vineyard Bank, National Association, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. It had assets of $1.9 billion and $1.6 billion in deposits as of March 31.

Jul 18 07:44

Some E-Books Are More Equal Than Others

As one of my readers noted, it’s like Barnes & Noble sneaking into our homes in the middle of the night, taking some books that we’ve been reading off our nightstands, and leaving us a check on the coffee table.

You want to know the best part? The juicy, plump, dripping irony?

The author who was the victim of this Big Brotherish plot was none other than George Orwell. And the books were “1984” and “Animal Farm.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That this capability of remote deletion has been built into the Kindle raises a very important question of what other remote access and alteration functions are built into other personal electronic devices without our knowledge and consent.

Jul 18 07:41

Can Obama Avoid Another Abu Ghraib?

The Obama administration continues to rely upon private contractors to interrogate detainees.

By Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films
Posted on July 16, 2009, Printed on July 18, 2009


When I directed Iraq for Sale, it became appallingly evident that private contractors like CACI and Titan played a critical role in the torture and abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. Much like Blackwater, KBR, and others, these war profiteers were never held accountable for their unconscionable crimes. Instead, they were rewarded with hundreds of millions in new contracts.

Jul 18 06:56

Security of millions of Britons compromised: Report

The security of millions of Britons may have been compromised, with their identities being offered for sale by cybercriminals, a news report said on Saturday.

Highly sensitive financial information, including credit card details, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and even PINs of more than four million Britons are available to the highest bidder on the Internet, The Times reported.

Jul 18 06:56

Obama Covers Up A Dozen My Lais: Were 3,000 Afghans Murdered As U.S. Troops Stood By?

NEW YORK--"I've asked my national security team to...collect the facts," President Obama told CNN. Then, he said, "we'll probably make a decision in terms of how to approach it once we have all the facts together."


Such was Obama's tepid reaction to a New York Times cover story about an alleged "mass killing of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Taliban prisoners of war by the forces of an American-backed warlord during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan."

Jul 18 06:50

The coup in Honduras has exposed divisions between Obama and Clinton

Who's in Charge of US Foreign Policy?
By Mark Weisbrot

July 17, 2009 "The Guardian" -- The current stand-off in Honduras, in which the coup government headed by Roberto Micheletti is refusing to allow the return of elected president Manuel Zelaya, is raising questions about who is in charge of US foreign policy for the hemisphere.

Jul 18 06:45

Banana Coup in Honduras? Chiquita in Latin America


Jul 18 06:41

CANADA: ISPs must help police snoop on internet under new bill

Internet service providers would have to make it possible for police and intelligence officers to intercept online communications and get personal information about subscribers, under bills tabled Thursday.

"We must ensure that law enforcement has the necessary tools to catch up to the bad guys and ultimately bring them to justice. Twenty-first century technology calls for 21st-century tools," said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson as he announced the new bills with Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan at a news conference in Ottawa.

Jul 18 00:09

Goldman Sachs' US Thieving Thugs

As Goldman Sachs posts huge profits from the economic crisis, the question is: Did it cause the problems in the first place?
By Alex Brummer
Last updated at 3:39 AM on 18th July 2009
The tentacles of this operation reach right into the heart of Washington. It is no coincidence that President Barack Obama's chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel, who shaped much of the bail-out plan and stimulus package which has helped to save America - and Goldman Sachs - from ruin, served his time inside the hallowed walls of the bank. So did President Bush's last Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson,.... who then persuaded Congress to cough up $700bn worth of rescue funds for America's banks - an estimated $5bn chunk of which (yes, you guessed it) went to Goldman Sachs.

July 17, 2009

Jul 17 23:41

Walter Cronkite on the Ruling Class

Jul 17 21:21

Rolling Stone writer called ‘anti-Semitic’ for simply following the money

Popular Rolling Stone contributor, writer and blogger Matt Taibbi claims that he was sent e-mails which attacked him and accused him of anti-Semitism for exposing the investment bank giant Goldman’s Sachs and their shady financial dealings over the years.

Jul 17 21:19

That commenter on your blog may actually be working for the Israeli government

Straight out of Avigdor Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry: a new Internet Fighting Team! Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. The effort is meant to fight the “well-oiled machine” of “pro-Palestinian websites, with huge budgets… with content from the Hamas news agency.” The approach was test-marketed during Israel’s assault on Gaza, and by groups like Give Israel Your United Support, a controversial effort to use instant-access technology to crowd-source Israel advocates to fill in flash polls or vote up key articles on social networking sites.

Jul 17 21:14

Seize youngsters' bikes and mobiles, says Tory Chris Grayling

Seizing children’s mobile phones and bicycles could deter them from getting into trouble, according to Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary.

Jul 17 20:34

Hillary Clinton admits that the CFR runs the Government

"...but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future."

Jul 17 20:32

National Security Advisor James L. Jones admits that the CFR runs the Government

“Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal [sic] Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft retire from government service years ago? Hmmmmm?

Jul 17 20:25

Matt Taibbi Accused of Being Anti-Semitic for Goldman Sachs Article

The most ludicrous of these, and the one that surprised me the most, is the accusation that my article was anti-Semitic propaganda. The first letter I got on this score I actually mistook for a joke sent to me by one of my friends. Then I got another one which I quickly realized was not a joke at all.

Jul 17 20:04

Pat Buchanan


Coming to America to feast on this cornucopia of freebies is the world. One million to 2 million immigrants, legal and illegal, arrive every year. They come with fewer skills and less education than Americans, and consume more tax dollars than they contribute by three to one.

Wise Latina women have more babies north of the border than they do in Mexico and twice as many here as American women.

As almost all immigrants are now Third World people of color, they qualify for ethnic preferences in hiring and promotions and admissions to college over the children of Americans.

Jul 17 18:17

Former CBS anchor 'Uncle Walter' Cronkite dead at 92

Walter Cronkite, the CBS anchorman known as "Uncle Walter" for his easygoing, measured delivery and "the most trusted man in America" for his rectitude and gravitas, has died, CBS reported Friday.

Jul 17 16:53

US hospital sues CSL for price fixing

A SMALL, publicly owned hospital in the US state of Missouri has launched a class action lawsuit against Australia's biggest health-care company, CSL, and its main rival, Baxter International, claiming a conspiracy to fix the prices of life-saving blood plasma products.

Lawyers for Pemiscot Memorial Hospital, which services several counties in south-east Missouri, allege CSL and Baxter had illegal agreements to restrict supply and push up prices through co-ordinating their individual output.

Jul 17 16:39

Diplomats: Iran has means to test bomb in 6 months

"We are talking here not of intent but capability," said one of two western diplomats accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Like his colleague from another country, this diplomat—who has access to intelligence on Iran's nuclear program—demanded anonymity in exchange for discussions of the highly confidential issue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the exact same story Reuter's ran and tried to blame on the German Intelligence Service, who later denied being the source. So now it's "anonymous" diplomats.

Jul 17 15:54

Top 5 reasons healthcare in America is broken

"Doctors are rewarded for prescribing drugs."

Jul 17 14:33

Police force calls time on stop and search - after using power 3,400 times but failing to make single terror arrest

A police force has suspended searches of people under controversial anti-terror laws after figures exposed the futility of the legislation.

Hampshire Police conducted 3,481 stop and searches under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act in 2007/8 – but arrested no one in connection with terror.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, how many robberies and rapes were successfully completed while the police were spending their time patting down innocent people?

Jul 17 14:29

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag

"What effectively the police did was come in and stop 15 people eating burgers," Poole said.

The event was shuttered under section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, which grants police powers to remove persons attending or preparing for a "rave" (defined as playing amplified music "wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats," during the night).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't these bozos have real crimes to investigate?

And as a side note, I used to do the rave scene in Los Angeles, and the definition in section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
is, to but it mildly, woefully incomplete! :)

Jul 17 13:48

Hondurans' non-violence, Obama's NAACP civil rights speech

Secretary Clinton Doesn’t Get the Power of Nonviolence in Honduras
Posted by Al Giordano - July 17, 2009
Secretary Clinton’s remarks yesterday directly contradicted those of the president. Had the Freedom Riders – mentioned by Obama - heeded Clinton’s advice, they never would have boarded their bus, as it was an action that “could lead to violence”:

Jul 17 13:37


Jul 17 12:51

Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

Vice President Joe Biden told people attending an AARP town hall meeting that unless the Democrat-supported health care plan becomes law the nation will go bankrupt and that the only way to avoid that fate is for the government to spend more money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This basically tells you that the tax increases being enacted for "Health care" will mostly go to payments on the National Debt. Your treatment will be USDA choice placebos and you will like it!

Jul 17 12:50

Israel Prevents Medical Mission to Gaza

Jul 17 12:37


The World Court ruled Israel’s annexation wall in the West Bank illegal in 2004, but with no pressure coming from the international community it has not been dismantled, writes Khaled Amayreh in the occupied Palestinian territories

Jul 17 12:36

Michigan unemployment tops 15%

Jul 17 12:35

Exploring the Moon, Discovering Earth

Jul 17 12:34

Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile?

Almost at once, eyewitnesses were being interviewed on radio and TV who reported that something strange had preceded the explosion of the 747. Witnesses, many on the ground, reported seeing a bright object "streaking" towards the 747. The object in question turned in midair as it closed on the jumbo jet. Witnesses reported horizontal travel, as well as vertical. The broad geographical range covered by the eyewitnesses eliminates foreground/background confusion. To be seen as being near the 747 from so many different directions, the bright object had to actually be in the immediate vicinity of the 747.

Other pilots in the air reported seeing a bright light near the jumbo jet before it exploded.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Today is the 13th anniversary of the tragic accident that brought down TWA 800 near Long Island; a victim of a reckless test of the US Navy's Aegis-CEC system in crowded air space.

Jul 17 12:33

Photo of Cruise Missile that shot down TWA Flight 800

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More than likely, the object in the photo was the target drone that was the subject of the AEGIS-CEC test. But the missiles fired to attack the drone received radar echoes from TWO targets, and chose the wrong one; the 747.

Jul 17 12:12

The Billings Murders

The Billings Murders
by Chuck Baldwin
July 17, 2009
I believe murder, not robbery, was the motive. Extraordinary planning and the number of personnel involved indicate to me that the Billings were executed, and that robbery was an afterthought--or was even intended to be a ruse to mislead law enforcement. The real reason behind the killings may never be known, of course.
Regardless of the "why" and "how" of the killings, one thing is painfully obvious: a violent attack took place against a man and his wife inside their own home. And while the circumstances of the Billings case may be sensational, the simple fact that a couple was murdered inside their own home has become rather commonplace throughout the United States. Nationwide, home invasions are skyrocketing.

Jul 17 11:58

1018 Pages of HealthCare "Reform" Being Fast-Tracked Through Congress

Quote of the Day: "If every member pledged to not vote for it (the health care bill) if they hadn’t read it in its entirety, I think we would have very few votes." -- Senator Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader

Read the bill & take action here (it only takes 90 seconds & a few clicks to take action):

Jul 17 11:52

Iconic Capa war photo was staged: newspaper

A Spanish Civil War photo by Robert Capa that shows a Republican soldier at the apparent moment he was fatally hit in the back by a bullet was in fact staged, a Spanish newspaper claimed on Friday.

"Capa photographed his soldier at a location where there was no fighting," wrote Barcelona-based newspaper El Periodico which carried out a study of the photograph taken in September 1936, the third month of the war.

The so-called "falling soldier" photo was not taken near Cerro Muriano in the southern Andalusia region, as has long been claimed, but about 50 kilometres (30 miles) away near the town of Espejo, the newspaper said.

Jul 17 11:29

Comparing Zionists to Nazis to be Criminalized

Parliament will be asked to consider whether the use of Nazi symbols and terms in reference to Jews, Israel and Zionism is breaking the law on incitement to racial hatred.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Israel stops acting like the Nazis, they'll stop being compared to the Nazis.

And let us face it, it's Israel that keeps the Nazi mythology alive for their propaganda purposes. Talk about being hoist with your own petard!

Jul 17 11:28

Cure for radiation sickness found?

Just in time for the nuclear attack on Iran!

Jul 17 11:26

LRO Sees Apollo Landing Sites

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, has returned its first imagery of the Apollo moon landing sites. The pictures show the Apollo missions' lunar module descent stages sitting on the moon's surface, as long shadows from a low sun angle make the modules' locations evident.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, or LROC, was able to image five of the six Apollo sites, with the remaining Apollo 12 site expected to be photographed in the coming weeks.

Jul 17 11:24

Why Obama's Health Care Reform Bill Will Destroy U.S. Jobs and Devastate the Economy

Now, under the new Obama health care reform bill, you'll have to pay an additional eight percent of your payroll as a new tax to cover the costs of Big Government running its new sick-care system where nobody gets healthy, but everybody gets hammered with new taxes.

Jul 17 11:18

"They felt naked without a weapon"

The Salon articles found that most of the soldiers were suffering the telltale symptoms of combat stress or post-traumatic stress disorder on their return from deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead of receiving proper care, however, these soldiers were ridiculed, discouraged from seeking care, misdiagnosed and given handfuls of medication and not much else for their symptoms. Others self-medicated with alcohol or drugs. Salon also found that some soldiers had troubled pasts and probably should never have been in the Army in the first place.

Jul 17 11:17

Jakarta Hotel Bombs, The Military & The CIA

Who might want to cause trouble in Indonesia?

Jul 17 11:16

Israeli art students show up at interesting times

Jul 17 11:15

God prefers athiests

Jul 17 11:12

Government Creates Human Suffering

That means that requiring employers to provide health benefits to employees and potential employees will make the job situation today worse not better. It will intensify the current problem that people want to work more but are having a hard time getting employers to hire them.

Jul 17 11:12

Dinosaur teeth discovered in North Caroline

Two palm size teeth were discovered July 16th by Scott Dawson as he was doing a routine dig for American Indian pottery.

Just how old they are and to what dinosaur will be posted shortly.
They are absolutely too big to be from a shark or killer whale. Details on the discovery site are remaining hidden at this time for the sake of protecting the Indian pottery also found in the area. But the teeth were discovered on Cape Hatteras Island North Carolina.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those are Megaladon teeth and they are actually fairly common.

And even ancient Native Americans liked to collect cool stuff!

Jul 17 11:06

GAO: Use State Licensing Requirements to Reduce Federal Tax Gap

Jul 17 11:00

Newly Restored Video of Apollo 11 Moonwalk

NASA has released newly restored video of the Apollo 11 Moon landing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this feat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The inclusion of a TV camera for the moon walk was a last second decision. The camera was thrown together out of spare parts (including a Barlow lens for an astronomical telescope from Edmund Scientific). As a result, the ground-based support for video was less than prepared to handle rebroadcasting of the images in all the world's TV standards.

The original broadcasts (including the one seen in the US) were handled by simply pointing a TV camera in the correct video standard at a long persistence phosphor monitor showing the feed from the Moon. Further complicating matters was that the decision by Armstrong to skip the sleep period and do the moon walk early, which meant that instead of using the dish at Goldstone, which had planned to handle the video feed, the moon walk images were relayed through the dish at Parkes, Australia.

Because of the last second shuffle, the first generation tapes of the moon feed were not preserved at NASA, but fortunately, Parkes had made an extra set which were found in an archive in Australia.

As a side note, the above version appears to have an incorrect aspect ratio. The original TV camera on Apollo was a standard 4x3 aspect and this looks stretched to fit an HD 16x9.

Jul 17 10:43

These people are allowed to walk among us ....

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Al Gore fan, no doubt.

Jul 17 10:43

Buy a truck get free AK 47

The owner of a Missouri dealership is giving away free AK-47s with the purchase of any truck.

Jul 17 10:38

Mysterious, Glowing Clouds Appear Across America’s Night Skies

Mysterious, glowing clouds previously seen almost exclusively in Earth’s polar regions have appeared in the skies over the United States and Europe over the past several days.

Photographers and other sky watchers in Omaha, Paris, Seattle, and other locations have run outside to capture images of what scientists call noctilucent (”night shining”) clouds. Formed by ice literally at the boundary where the earth’s atmosphere meets space 50 miles up, they shine because they are so high that they remain lit by the sun even after our star is below the horizon.

The clouds might be beautiful, but they could portend global changes caused by global warming.

Global warming? On which planet?

Jul 17 10:36

Crewe is a ghost town as four more shops close their doors

Jul 17 10:36

Bankruptcy Filings up 33 Percent over a 12-month Period: Total 12-month Total of Bankruptcy Filings 1.2 Million. In last Report, Filings up 27 Percent in one month.

Jul 17 10:31

Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a >>Year Ahead of Outbreak <<

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the callers into yesterday's radio show was talking about this incredible "coincidence" in which Baxter had the cure for the outbreak before the outbreak happened.

Jul 17 10:29

Politico and the Washington Post Have Become Virtual "Escort Services" for Moneyed Elites

More and more mainstream media are brokering cozy relationships between politicians and lobbyists.

Jul 17 10:27

35,000 UK shops to close this year?

As many as 35,000 UK shops could close this year as the recession bites hard into the British economy.

Jul 17 10:27

Facebook 'breaches Canadian law'

Popular social networking site Facebook is breaching Canadian law by holding on to users' personal information indefinitely, a report has concluded.

Jul 17 10:26

Could Israel be making these DU Weapons and what are the implications?

I believe that the international community should be asking the question of Israel. What is the current status of your nuclear capability? Do you manufacture such weapons yourself and what do they contain? Did you use DU weapons in Lebanon (2006) and have you used DU weapons on Gaza and continue to do so? Once you have ascertained the answers to these questions it's then a matter of asking, where did you obtain these weapons - were they imported from the US or are they your own?

Jul 17 10:24

Was John F. Kennedy Jr. Murdered?

Jul 17 10:22

How spaceflight sparks spinoffs

When U.S. astronauts stepped onto the moon on July 20, 1969, their voyage was about exploration, discovery and pushing the boundaries of known technology.

In the 40 years since, NASA-related technology has come down to earth. Hundreds of everyday products were developed or modified using aerospace research, from baby formula to swimsuits.

Jul 17 10:20

DNA Not The Same In Every Cell Of Body: Major Genetic Differences Between Blood And Tissue Cells Revealed

Research by a group of Montreal scientists calls into question one of the most basic assumptions of human genetics: that when it comes to DNA, every cell in the body is essentially identical to every other cell.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So, you CAN'T grow a clone of the Penthouse Pet of the Year from that hair you stole from her hairbrush! So THERE!!!!!!!!" -- My wife

Jul 17 10:19

Roiling in the Kali-fornicatorium

As you travel around the net reading the commentary concerning this exchange you can see the Zio-press and their seal slick shills never missing the opportunity to point out that the ‘black man’s’ Chamber of Commerce got $275,000 from Exxon Mobil. This is supposed to mean that he is a bought and paid for black man. Then you’re going to hear about how liberal Boxcutter is. All that aside, Boxcutter’s comments are racist. Still, I’ll have to look up what that means in the new Zio-hate crimes laws. It’s altogether possible that ‘the black man’ could be legally liable as a result of calling Boxcutter’s comments racist.

Jul 17 10:17

Paid to do it.

In Stuttgart, Germany, a court judge must decide on a case of honorable intentions in a situation where a man hired his neighbour to get his wife pregnant.

Jul 17 10:13

City suspends payment of contracts

Running out of cash because of the state budget deadlock, the City of Philadelphia has stopped paying many of its bills until the impasse is resolved, City Finance Director Rob Dubow said this morning.

The city must temporarily withhold about $120 million in July and August to avoid running out of cash completely, Dubow said. Payments to contractors stopped Wednesday. Dubow, Budget Director Stephen Agostini and Treasurer Rebecca Rhynhart said that the city will pay its payroll, benefits, debt service and "emergency" contracts. The $4 million a month paid to foster parents, for instance, is considered an emergency, and other contracts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Jul 17 10:13

Cap and Trade Emissions Bill is The Latest Pyramid Debt Scam

Wall Street financial banking barons, exploitative imperious arrogant elites, and opportunistic cronies by their backing of yet another illegal controlled pyramid scam law presented to the U.S. House of Representatives implicate themselves in massive world wide criminal conspiracy and fraud in the latest debt scheme Cap and Trade Carbon Emissions Bill HR 2454.

Jul 17 10:03

Nothing Informations

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Very ... interesting accent there, buddy! Where are you from? Further east??? And I don't recognize the insignia on that "costume" either!

And just HOW did you know the building was going to collapse before it did, given that no steel-framed building had ever collapsed from a fire before or since 9-11?

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this, YouTube started suffering some "technical difficulties" with this video, so if you cannot watch it there you can download it HERE

Jul 17 09:58

hillary addresses the cfr.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Count how many times she uses the word "global" in there!

Jul 17 09:56

CIA Assassin Program Was Nearing New Phase

“The finding imposed no geographical limitations on the agency’s actions, and intelligence officials have said that they were not obliged to notify Congress of each operation envisaged under the directive.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No geographical limitations = YOUR HOME.

Jul 17 09:53

How 'Nazi gnome' making Heil Hitler salute could get artist jailed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Germany

Get a @#$%ing life, already!

Jul 17 09:52

Paulson Threatened Great Depression, Food Riots To Get Bailout Bill Passed

During Paulson’s first appearance on Capitol Hill since he left office yesterday, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs said he told Congress privately that if they rejected the bailout bill another great depression would ensue, that there would be a breakdown in law and order as well as food riots and civil unrest, adding that he couldn’t reveal such things publicly for fear that the situation would “terrify the American people and lead to an even bigger problem”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, he threatened the US Government into passing the bill..

That is an act of terror under the USAPATRIOT act.

Jul 17 09:51


Norman Finkelstein the scholar has turned into Norman Finkelstein the activist – and a good one. They threw him out of Israel last year but he went to Gaza with CodePink and is now organizing something big. Dershowitz will regret the day he got him fired and freed up all his time and energy. Some dark clouds do have a silver lining.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know that feeling. If I hadn't been blacklisted out of Hollywood over the Vince Foster matter What Really Happened would not exist today!

Proof that being in government doesn't mean you have any brains.

Jul 17 09:44


Experts are refuting an Israeli researcher’s claim that Palestinians are “ethnically Jewish” as a fundamentally flawed theory that contradicts both science and history, while Palestinians slammed it as part of a larger scheme to erase their identity.

“The claim that there are Jewish genes is ridiculous and unscientific,” Kamel Katalo, professor of Sociology at Al-Khalil University, told IslamOnline.net.

Jul 17 09:43

Germany opens 'Nazi' gnome case

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Germany

The war is over. The Nazis lost. It all happened in the first half of the previous century.

And we have problems right here and right now that need to be dealt with.

Kindly join us in the 21st Century.

Jul 17 09:38

SBY says he was the real target for the Jakarta hotel bombings

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono has suggested to reporters that he was the target for the Jakarta hotel bombings. At a press conference a short time ago, the President held up intelligence supplied photographs of himself which he claimed had been used as target practice by hooded men.

Jul 17 08:57

“The War on Terror is a Fraud”

We know now, that the American government has committed treason against their own people and their own constitution and so has the American Congress. Some have done it by direct participation in the deliberate massacre of about 3000 innocent people, the majority of them Americans. And others have committed treason by knowingly covering up the truth....
The cover-up still continues and therefor have all western governments lost some of their legitimacy. They can enforce compliance to their rule by means of violent oppression but they have no longer the moral or legal right to demand it.

Jul 17 08:49

Active Ingredient In Cannabis Eliminates Morphine Dependence In Rats

Injections of THC, the active principle of cannabis, eliminate dependence on opiates (morphine, heroin) in rats deprived of their mothers at birth. The findings could lead to therapeutic alternatives to existing substitution treatments.

Jul 17 08:16

On The Farm: Nick`s Wheat

With a summer like this, you can`t tell my Dad there`s global warming.

"I think Al Gore and his group should be out here and tell us about this global warming stuff. I think he might have a change of mind. We`ve had a cool July,” says Orlan Dreyer, Willow City Farmer

July mornings aren`t supposed to be 50 degrees, but once again today, we`re seeing temperatures well below normal.

Jul 17 08:00

Go To Israel: On The House(s) of Others!

Yesterday I asked all of you to sign away on an online petition:StandUpForJerusalem and I decided to go have a look at how many more signatories there were – Lo’ and behold there was a Google advert that happened to catch my eye whilst I was present on the petition’s page.
After clicking the click I was sent to the site Israel On The House wherein I took a screen-capture of the page whilst my mouth was still agape.

Jul 17 06:59

Obama's War Signals

Jul 17 06:56

Ballad of Timothy Geithner

Jul 17 06:51

Goldman Sachs In Talks To Acquire Treasury Department

Humor I think!

Jul 17 06:45

Laptop Security While Crossing Borders

Jul 17 06:39

Socialist America Sinking

Jul 17 06:31

New clues to human development in primate affairs

An international team of scholars called for a new approach to the study early humans and other primates, following a series of revelations about the capacity of our closest living relatives to make and use tools.

A growing stockpile of information about the capabilities of monkeys and apes means that way in which we study our own ancestors may have to be drastically revised, a new report says.

Jul 17 06:23

The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits

So what’s wrong with Goldman posting $3.44 billion in second-quarter profits, what’s wrong with the company so far earmarking $11.4 billion in compensation for its employees? What’s wrong is that this is not free-market earnings but an almost pure state subsidy.

Jul 17 05:57

Iranian Cruise Missile Test

This is an older Chinese subsonic cruise missile of which the Iranians have several hundred,along with several hundred Harpoon knockoffs to go with an unknown number of Sunburns and Yakhonts(Onyx) which fly at speeds of 1,500 to over 2,000 mph.
These missiles will be launched from caves and bunkers in the mountains on the Iranian side of the Persian Gulf and will be very hard to see.

Jul 17 05:45

Specs:Yakhont(Onyx) Cruise Missile

Jul 17 05:36

FLASHBACK: China Backs Iran Against The Great Satan

Jul 17 05:28

Aircraft Carrier vs. Cruise Missile

Check the links in this article.

Jul 17 05:24

Israeli raids on Palestinian village linked to Quebec court case

"Israeli military forces have arrested nine
Palestinian youths this week, some of whom are still in prison," says Khatib from Bil'in. "These Palestinian youths have not been charged with anything. This clear detention of Palestinian children without charge is illegal under international law."

Jul 17 04:56

Gilad Atzmon: Israel will implode

Israel's oppressive Iron fist occupation will cause its own demise

Jul 17 04:13

Ex-Boeing engineer convicted of spying for China

The former employee of Rockwell International's space and defense unit, which was taken over by Boeing in 1996, was convicted of multiple counts related to his decades-long espionage.

After a three week trial, Judge Cormac Carney "found Chung guilty of conspiracy to commit economic espionage...

Jul 17 03:12

Liberty and Safety

For a professor of law at one of the country's best law schools who was once the go-to guy in the Justice Department whenever the Bush White House needed legal cover for its truly lawless ventures outside the Constitution, John Yoo has revealed a breathtaking ignorance of American values, history, and jurisprudence.

In his startling mea culpa, published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Professor Yoo confessed to advising President Bush that he possessed powers from some source other than the Constitution, that in the name of public safety he could cut down all laws written for the express purpose of restraining the President, and that Americans would expect no less than this so long as they were actually kept safe as a result of it.

Jul 17 02:02

Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Interventions’ in Private Homes

There is a knock at the front door. Peeking through the window, a mother sees a man and a woman, both in uniform. They are agents of health-care reform.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” says the man. “Our records show that your eleven-year-old daughter has not been immunized for genital warts.”

“And your four-year-old still needs the chicken-pox vaccine,” says the woman.

“He will not be allowed to start kindergarten unless he gets that shot, you know,” says the man—smiling from ear to ear.

“So, can we please come in?” asks the woman. “We have the vaccines right here,” she says, lifting up a black medical bag. “We can give your kids the shots right now.”

“We are from the government,” says the man, “and we’re here to help.”

Jul 17 01:03

Mystery surrounds crash of 'fit to fly' Iran plane

Meanwhile, Russian experts have decided to visit Iran to help with the investigations.

Jul 17 00:50

13 doctors demand inquest into Dr David Kelly's death

The case of Dr. Kelly may well be the most intriguing and high profile of all. His death reported as a suicide is surely as strange a yarn as the media has ever reported.

Jul 17 00:32

Senate Passes Hate Bill - Yet Democrats Compromise

Sen. Patrick Leahy's hate crimes bill, amending the National Defense Authorization Act, effectively passed the Senate tonight at about eleven o'clock p.m. EDT. A call for cloture, or termination of debate after thirty hours, was passed 63 to 28. Clearly, the Senate majority had spoken. Once cloture is invoked there is usually little more that can be done to resist.

There was no floor debate. A complete end run had been done around adequate Senate hearings, a Mark-up session and Rules Committee debate. Total Senate debate of the hate bill amounted to little more than a brief "kangaroo" hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee several weeks ago. Witnesses, which included Attorney General Eric Holder were stacked 4 to 2 against conservatives.

July 16, 2009

Jul 16 23:28

Vilified, Courageous Cynthia McKinney inside Gaza

Spokesman: Cynthia McKinney Enters Gaza
Updated 7/16/2009 7:42:46 AM
Posted By: Ben Mayer
July 14, 2009
The vilification of Cynthia McKinney
by Time for change
Our country desperately needs politicians like Cynthia McKinney – those who speak truth to power. Her words and actions mark her out as a prime target for those whose main interest is in maintaining the status quo.