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September 9, 2009

Sep 09 21:58

A Bolivian-born man clutching a Bible and claiming a divine mission hijacked a plane in Mexico with more than 100 people aboard on Wednesday, but the incident ended quickly and without bloodshed.

Jose Flores, who told police he was a Protestant minister, seized the AeroMexico Boeing 737 after take off from the Caribbean resort of Cancun demanding to speak to Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Flores, 44, smuggled a false bomb on board and threatened to blow up the aircraft if he could not warn the president of what he said was an impending earthquake, police said.

"He said he is a minister and that it was a divine revelation that made him carry out this action," Security Minister Genaro Garcia told reporters.

Sep 09 21:07

Flashback: Clinton, Bush booed, hissed at in Congress, too

Pundits called Dems' reaction during Bush address "unprecedented," but Republicans booed Clinton
February 04, 2005 6:38 pm ET
Media figures have falsely claimed that Democrats' audible disapproval of President Bush's misleading claim in his February 2 State of the Union address that Social Security will be "exhausted and bankrupt" in 2042 was "unprecedented." In fact, Republicans routinely booed and hissed during President Clinton's State of the Union addresses.

Sep 09 20:12

Mass Infection Turns More Than 57000 Websites Into Exploit Launch Pads

Malicious hackers have managed to infect about 57,000 web pages with a potent exploit cocktail that targets a variety of vulnerable applications to surreptitiously install malware on visitor machines.

The exploits install an assortment of nasty software, including Gologger, a keystroke logging trojan, and a backdoor that attempts to connect to a website hosted in China, according to Mary Landesman, a researcher at ScanSafe, a company that protects end users from malicious websites

The attackers were able to plant a malicious iframe in the pages by exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities. Once in place, the script silently pulls down javascript from a0v.org that silently runs while people are visiting one of the infected websites.

Sep 09 20:08

First awesome pictures from refurbished Hubble telescope shows the Universe in more detail than ever before

Space has never looked more beautiful.

These stunning images - taken by the rejuvenated Hubble space telescope - have captured the jewel-bright colours of colliding galaxies, exploding stars and glowing nebulae.

They are Hubble's first deep space photos since its repair mission in May and are sharper than any images taken before by the orbiting satellite.

Sep 09 20:04

Age of the 'bonsai' bin: Families will be forced to cram their rubbish into mini wheelies

Families are to be issued with 'bonsai bins' to make homeowners reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away.

The scheme will see one city's standard-sized 240-litre wheelie bins, used by more than 150,000 homes, removed and replaced by smaller versions.


Council chiefs have warned that binmen will not pick up any extra rubbish and that households that break the rules by leaving out more than their allowance will face prosecution and fines of up to £5,000 for fly-tipping.

Sep 09 20:01

Air passengers face massive new green taxes to put people off flying

Dramatic new flight taxes should be brought in to put people off flying, a Government advisory committee has warned.

Tens of billions of pounds in taxes will be needed to compensate third world countries for damage to the environment, the Committee on Climate Change said.

It is also expected to challenge the Government's decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow, saying it is inconsistent with Britain's commitment to reduce emissions by 80 per cent before 2050.

In a report leaked to The Times, the committee argued that ticket prices should rise steadily over time as airlines are made to pay for all their emissions.

Sep 09 19:58

Congress Claps To Obama Lies, Rep. Joe Wilson yells “liar, booed

posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 9:11 PM
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
During Hussein Hopenchange’s speech trying to sell Americans government run health care they have spent all summer telling him they don’t want, a South Carolina Republican heckled the President. Obama had just said that illegal immigrants would not be covered under his health care plan when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled “liar.” Good for him! Question is, why didn’t the rest of the Republicans join him? Decorum? Respect for Obama?

Sep 09 18:49

New Footage of WTC 7 and North Tower Collapse

This footage of the WTC 7 and North Tower collapse recently appeared on YouTube. Note the vertical column of windows blown out just before the collapse on WTC 7.

Sep 09 18:35

Are US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan well-intended mistakes? What we now know from the evidence

If there was credible evidence of imminent threat to US national security, then the wars were justified under the UN Charter for self-defense. However, if the evidence was not credible, or fabricated, then these wars are illegal Wars of Aggression. So which is it?

Americans and the world no longer need BELIEVE anything; the specific evidence used to justify invading two countries is now public knowledge. All we have to do is match the government's claims to the exact evidence and you can decide for yourself. This article lays it out.

Sep 09 17:29

Seriousness of the Crisis Cannot be Exaggerated; Closest Comparison is the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Also take note of what George Soros said at Columbia University last Friday and threat to the United States of America as we know it today. Gerald Celente has said that we are about to experience a scenario “like nothing we’ve ever seen in our life time“, and Ron Paul and George Soros seem to agree. This is far from being over, folks.

Sep 09 17:03

Video: Howard Kurtz Shocked That Ellsberg Compares WMD Lies to Tonkin Gulf Incident

Howard Kurtz is still playing water carrier for the Bush administration and their WMD lies used to justify invading Iraq and when called out for it by Daniel Ellsberg who says he'll name names as to who in the Bush administration knew better what does he do? Why try to change the subject of course!

Ellsberg is the subject of a new documentary The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers which debuts this week in New York, Los Angeles and at the Toronto Film Festival. Read more.

Sep 09 16:53

China's mass swine flu vaccination

China is to become the first country in the world to start a mass swine flu vaccination programme for its population following a big surge in the number of cases.

No one's died yet from the virus in China but the authorities there describe the situation as 'grim'.

Sep 09 15:34

2008 InfoWars flashback: Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11
January 5, 2008
Along with the mass surveillance being conducted on all U.S. users of AT&T and Verizon by Narus and Verint, (according to Bamford), two other Israeli-owned companies, Amdocs and NICE Systems, have their fingers in the wiretapping pie as well.

Sep 09 14:54

Nato chief warns against early Afghan exit

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato’s new secretary-general, warned on Wednesday that a rush to withdraw from Afghanistan is not an option for the US-led alliance, in spite of increasing signs that western public opinion is tiring of the war.

Sep 09 14:42

Are the Days of Drudge Over?

For some, including the White House, the Drudge Report is still an online media powerhouse. The Drudge Report is No. 115 in Quantcast’s list of most popular sites, ranking higher than washingtonpost.com, nypost.com and politico.com. That’s 1.1 million visitors every day, each of whom refresh the page about 15 times in a 24-hour period, according to Quantcast.

But, contrary to what some might think, fewer and fewer of those visitors seem to be the journalists that were once so captivated by Matt Drudge—not to mention his vaguely terror-inducing headlines, taste for the obscure and occasionally spinning siren light.

Sep 09 14:26

Cost of air travel 'must rise to deter people from flying'

The cost of air travel must rise to an extent that it deters people from flying and to compensate developing countries for the damage it does to the environment, according to the government's advisory body on climate change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How about we ends these wars, which are doing a hell of a lot more damage to the environment.

Actually, this is a harbinger of things to come. You are going to be assured that being forced to pay more for less is good for the environment. It isn't; it's just a cover for the collapsing economy and hyperinflation.

Sep 09 14:05

Microsoft patches gaping Windows worm holes

Microsoft today released a peck of patches to cover at least seven documented worm holes in the Windows operating system.

The most serious of the vulnerabilities addresses could lead to remote code execution complete system takeover attacks. The September batch of patches does not address the FTP in IIS vulnerability that is currently being exploited in the wild.

Sep 09 14:02

U.S. Government Spends $16 Million To Promote The Swine Flu Vaccine

Government officials plan a PR campaign to convince the American people swine flu vaccine is safe and that everyone needs to take it.

Health "authorities" are going on the air with the message that if Americans do not take the vaccine there will be a health nightmare in this country. Dr. Nancy Snyderman, billed as a "medical expert" at NBC News, tells viewers to "get your damn vaccine."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This isn't science; it's a sales pitch!

And we have been here before.

Sep 09 13:58

California GOP Lawmaker Resigns Over Taped Sex Comments

California lawmaker Mike Duvall said in a statement that the furor over his comments had begun to divert attention from the work his fellow lawmakers were trying to finish during the final week of their session.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, a lot of Californians (and even some Hawaiians) are wondering just how much more of the legislators are spanking their lobbyists and whether that is a major reason California has spent itself into a hole!

Judging by the velocity of Duvall's ejection, it looks like a panic reaction.

Sep 09 13:55


Sep 09 13:52

U.S. to Review Iranian Proposal Aimed at Spurring Nuclear Talks

-- The U.S. will review an Iranian proposal to resume stalled talks on the Islamic republic’s disputed nuclear program,

The U.S. and its main allies suspect Iran of using the program to develop atomic weapons. Iran denies the allegation and says it needs the technology to generate electricity. Israel said last month it wanted “substantive and prompt steps to halt Iran’s military nuclear program.”

Sep 09 11:53

Job openings down 50% from the peak in 2007

6 unemployed people for every available position

Sep 09 11:52

80,000 New Yorkers demand a new investigation into 9/11

On Friday, September 4, the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) submitted 28,000 petition signatures as a supplement to the 52,000 signatures submitted on June 24 calling for a citywide referendum on the creation of a local, independent commission to investigate 9/11.

Sep 09 10:51

Richard Gage article on 9/11 WTC contolled demolitions appears in WorldArchitectureNews.com

Conspiracy theory or hidden truth? The 9/11 enigmas...
Richard Gage, AIA, Gregg Roberts, and David Chandler

In all likelihood, you are unaware of the most important facts involving the destructions of the World Trade Center buildings. Nearly all the mainstream information sources and government officials have kept crucial information hidden from the public. This brief article will provide a clear explanation as to what actually happened to the Twin Towers and Building 7 (WTC 7) on September 11, 2001.

{Readers can add comments at the end of the article /StingRay)

Sep 09 10:47

Operation Garden Plot Documents Published

“Operation Garden Plot is a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provides Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances,” according to a Wikipedia write-up.

Operation Garden Plot is a subprogram of Rex 84 Program, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, the military’s plan to impose martial law and intern dissidents and others in an undisclosed number of concentration camps. The existence of Rex 84 was first revealed during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987 and reported by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Insiders reported that both GARDEN PLOT and CABLE SPLICE were activated during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots.

Sep 09 10:41

McClatchy Announces Financial New World Order

One year after the near collapse of the global financial system, this much is clear: The financial world as we knew it is over, and something new is rising from its ashes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This might not be an improvement, if the new reserve is built like the old reserve.

Sep 09 10:37

Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Paralysis Part II: “It’s the Vaccine, Stupid

It is not any alleged “Swine Flu” or H1N1 “virus” that is the danger to the lives of our loved ones, our children, our pregnant mothers. We are being literally panicked by WHO, CDC, the US Government and uncritical mass media into demanding what amounts to legalized toxins as a “guard” against a disease so far milder than a common cold.

The few details that have managed to leak out regarding the contents of the fluids that major pharmaceutical companies want to inject into our veins confirm what I have been writing since the first alleged outbreak of Swine Flu in the environs of a factory pig farm in Veracruz Mexico.

Sep 09 10:33

Fascist F*cks

The federal gubmint wants to impose universal "health care" because it cares about you. It cares so much that it will rob you at the point of a gun -- i.e., it will violently relieve you of your property (your money, and perhaps even your life) -- if you politely refuse its "services."

Sep 09 10:28

Should We Call It a Depression?

Fed official Dennis Lockhart recently stated that if people who have simply given up on finding a job (“discouraged workers” in governmentspeak) are counted, the actual unemployment rate is more like 16 percent. That would be comparable to the unemployment rate in Depression years 1931 (15.9%), 1936 (16.9%), 1937 (14.3%), and 1940 (14.6%).

Sep 09 10:25

Democracy or Republic ?

America is a Republic, a constitutional Republic of a democratic (one man - one vote) nature. However, we are not a democracy where the majority rules. That is government propaganda designed to condition you to accept their injustice and believe that there is nothing that you can do about it.

Sep 09 10:16

Flexner Report

That's what the foundations are all about, ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake about it. The foundation takeover of the "American Medical Schools" followed almost immediately after Gates went to work for Rockefeller. It was fast and it was simple. It took place in three steps.

Sep 09 10:13

Heart Stopping Statistics: Israel Kills 773 Civilians

The vast majority of the Palestinians killed in Israel’s aggression in the Gaza Strip last winter were innocent civilians rather than “combatants”, according to a new report published by the B’Tselem organization Wednesday morning. This is the opposite of what the Israel occupation forces has said.

According to B’Tselem, 1,387 Palestinians were killed during the three weeks of “Operation Cast Lead”, of whom 773 were “noncombatants” and only 330 were “combatants”. B’Tselem wrote that its figures were “the result of months of meticulous investigation and cross-checks with numerous sources.”

Sep 09 10:11

Mr. Roff, 9/11 Truthers Are No “Fringe” Movement

An acerbic attack on Charlie Sheen for the crime of questioning the official story behind 9/11, a sentiment shared by the majority of Americans and indeed the majority of the 9/11 Commission itself, appearing in U.S. News and World Report this morning relies upon cliched and completely unfounded terms of reference in a poor effort to smear Sheen as part of a “conspiracy fringe”.

In his hit piece, author Peter Roff labels 9/11 truth as an “extremist theory” and compares its adherents with those who believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in killing Kennedy.

So that’ll be over two thirds of the entire population of the U.S. then, Mr. Roff! In what possible way can this be described as “fringe” thinking?

Sep 09 10:11

CAUGHT ON TAPE!!.....CA Assemblyman Michael Duvall; HOT MIC convo about sex 'a lot' and 'spanking'

Assemblyman Michael Duvall (R) Orange County is caught on a hot mic speaking about spanking and more; talks about relationship with woman 19 yrs younger than the married father; runs from reporter than avoids him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason this is a scandal is that the women Duvall is having sex with are LOBBYISTS!

I guess this means they are prostitutes, because after all they are being paid to keep the legislators happy and the sex is probably making the legislator more amenable to the lobbyists' positions (the vertical ones, at any rate), so this really does make them hookers.

I wonder how their husbands feel about this?

Sep 09 10:08

Swine Flu: Path to Martial Law?

Sep 09 09:55

9/11 Radio Transmissions of WTC 2 Firefighters

Battalion Seven Chief: "Battalion Seven ... Ladder 15, we've got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two lines.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was the floor supposedly engulfed in an 800+ degree fire.

Sep 09 09:52

9/11 Firefighters: Bombs and Explosions in the WTC

[Firefighter Louie] Cacchioli was called to testify privately [before the 9/11 Commission], but walked out on several members of the committee before they finished, feeling like he was being interrogated and cross-examined rather than simply allowed to tell the truth about what occurred in the north tower on 9/11. "My story was never mentioned in the final report [PDF download] and I felt like I was being put on trial in a court room," said Cacchioli. "I finally walked out. They were trying to twist my words and make the story fit only what they wanted to hear. All I wanted to do was tell the truth and when they wouldn't let me do that, I walked out. ... It was a disgrace to everyone, the victims and the family members who lost loved ones. I don't agree with the 9/11 Commission.

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:52

The 9/11 WTC Collapses: Questions the Media Won't Address

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:49

US Defense Sec'y Gates to Arabs: Stock Arms to Threaten Iran

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Al Jazeera network Monday that the Arab world should built up its “security capabilities” as a signal to Iran to think twice about developing a nuclear weapon.

he Arab world buys billions of dollars of weapons from the United States and other countries, but the Defense Secretary voiced doubt regarding a claim that American arm sales to the region have reached $100 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gates obviously wants to make absolutely certain that all those weapons Arab states buy to protect themselves from the "Iranian threat" come from the US!

Sep 09 09:48

FLASHBACK - Bush Asks Daschle to Limit September 11 Probes

President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle
Tuesday to limit the congressional investigation into the events of
September 11, congressional and White House sources told CNN.

The request was made at a private meeting with congressional leaders
Tuesday morning. Sources said Bush initiated the conversation.

He asked that only the House and Senate intelligence committees look into
the potential breakdowns among federal agencies that could have allowed
the terrorist attacks to occur, rather than a broader inquiry that some
lawmakers have proposed, the sources said [CNN

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:47

9/11: A "Godsend" for Bush

News stories immediately preceding 9/11:

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:46

The Collapse of WTC 1: Madrid Exposes a Fundamental Flaw

The core of Madrid's Windsor Building withstood an 18+ hour 800ºC fire. WTC 1 collapsed in minutes even though its core was solid and received no significant heating. Why?

Optional Banner: 
WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:44

FLASHBACK - Woman Waving From WTC 1 Impact Area

Also, glass melts at 700°C, therefore an 800°C+ inferno burning at the core of WTC 1 would have shattered or melted all of the windows at the aircraft impact level.

Video #2 proves the building did not contain a raging inferno as it shows many of the windows at the impact level are intact.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:43

World Trade Center 2: There Was No Inferno

If the official account of the WTC fires were true then Mr Praimnath would not have survived because the floor he was on would have been consumed by an 800ºC inferno.

The fact that he is alive proves an inferno did not exist.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:41

FLASHBACK - World Trade Center 1: There Was No Inferno

Twenty minutes after Flight 11 hit WTC 1 survivors in the aircraft impact area were attempting to leave the building. There should have been no survivors between floors 93 and 98 if an 800ºC inferno was raging at the core of WTC 1.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:40

US Girl Scouts prepare for war, pestilence

The United States wants to enlist its 3.4 million Girl Scouts in the effort to combat hurricanes, pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched a campaign Tuesday to entice the blue, brown and green-clad multitudes to be even more prepared, with the promise of a new patch if they pitch in.

It is not the first time the girl guides have been called into action in defense of the homeland.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...In defense of the homeland"?!?!?

This is simply bringing a more paramilitary dimension to Girl Scout membership, nothing more - nothing less.

Sep 09 09:39

FLASHBACK - 9/11: Hurricane Katrina Raises A Question

Katrina was known to be headed into New Orleans a few days in advance, and the potential damage was known and understood years ahead of time. Yet this "unexpected" event threw the US Government into total confusion.

In contrast, the aftermath of 9-11 seemed quite well coordinated, which strongly suggests that 9-11 was not "unexpected" at all, especially when one considers that all the various players, including FEMA, were already in position for a "terror drill" the day before it happened.

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:38

FLASHBACK - FEMA was in New York the Night Before 9/11

Kenney: "We're currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the city of New York for this disaster. We arrived on late Monday night, and went into action on Tuesday morning. And not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site."

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:36

FLASHBACK - The 9/11 WTC Collapses: An Audio-Video Analysis

Rudolph Giuliani, the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, and the Head of Emergency Management were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. How was this known, and why were only a select few warned?

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WRH 9-11 story
Sep 09 09:35

Treasury Says Millions More Foreclosures Coming

Only 12 percent of U.S. homeowners eligible for loan modifications under the Obama administration's housing rescue plan have had their mortgages reworked, and millions more foreclosures are coming, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

"The recent crisis in the housing sector has devastated families and communities across the country and is at the center of our financial crisis and economic downturn," Michael Barr, assistant Treasury secretary for financial institutions, told a House Financial Services subcommittee.

Barr said that "even if HAMP is a total success, we should still expect millions of foreclosures" as administration and industry efforts continue to stabilize a crisis-stricken housing sector.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...millions of foreclosures..."

And this is coming from a US Treasury representative.

The effect of these foreclosures will be devastating.

Sep 09 09:33

Fowler: Nuke Afghanistan?

But Fowler's advice to move on is not because he thinks the West is wrong to have invaded Afghanistan. Nor has he, after several months in captivity, clued in to why there is "no joy" in his camp of captors who must always be on the run from a far better equipped enemy that lusts for their blood.

No, it's because he doesn't think the west has the guts to nuke them. Well, he doesn't actually use the word nuke, but he might as well have:

It's to get it done, we will have to do some unpleasant things. I mean some deeply hard, this isn't — this is not a nice war."

Does Fowler imagine there is such a thing as a "nice war"?

Sep 09 09:32

Top 1 Percent of Americans Reaped Two-Thirds of Income Gains in Last Economic Expansion

Income Concentration in 2007 Was at Highest Level Since 1928, New Analysis Shows

Sep 09 09:30

A year after financial crisis, the consumer economy is dead

One year later, the easy-money system that financed the boom era from the 1980s until a year ago is smashed. Once-ravenous U.S. consumers are saving money and paying down debt. Banks are building reserves and hoarding cash. And governments are fashioning a new global financial order.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, let us take the same Federal reserve system that trashed the United States and inflict it on the entire planet!

Sep 09 09:26

Here is another article claiming the blogs are "Un-Democratic."

Sep 09 09:25

David Irving sparks row over Holocaust 'propaganda'

"The Holocaust is just a slogan, a product like Kleenex or Xerox printers. They've turned it into a commercial phenomenon, and succeeded in making money out of it – producing films about it which have made millions," said the 71-year-old Mr Irving, prompting fury and dismay in Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 09 09:25

Did Lehman Brothers Fall or Was It Pushed?

Although Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on Monday, September 15, 2008, it was actually “bombed” on September 11, when the biggest one-day drop in its stock and highest trading volume occurred before bankruptcy. Lehman CEO Richard Fuld maintained that the 158 year old bank was brought down by unsubstantiated rumors and illegal naked short selling....
The month after Lehman collapsed, Gordon Brown and the EU leaders called for using the financial crisis as an opportunity to radically enhance the regulatory power of global institutions. Brown spoke of “a new global financial order,” echoing the “new world order” referred to by globalist banker David Rockefeller when he said in 1994:

Sep 09 09:24

Gazan farmers report Israeli invasion in north; factions retaliate

Clashes erupted as Israeli bulldozers and armored vehicles entered 800 meters beyond the Gaza border near Beit Hanoun and began destroying agricultural land near the border, witnesses said Wednesday afternoon.

Israeli soldiers reportedly fired on civilians in the area as they began bulldozing lands. Farmers fled the area and shortly after they reported hearing explosions from the same direction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to a "typical day" in the life of a Palestinian Gazan farmer.

Sep 09 09:22

U.S. may 'redeploy BDM in Israel'

sraeli officials say there is a "strong possibility" that the United States will leave missile defense systems in the Jewish state after a joint missile defense exercise planned for October is concluded, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Sep 09 09:21

The hunt is on for more ammunition in Nevada, U.S.

The scarcity of ammunition is part of a trend that began immediately after the presidential election, retailers say.

Gun enthusiasts, concerned with perceptions that Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress would increase gun control measures, began buying firearms and ammunition at an astounding rate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know that is what we are being told, but what if some other party is buying up ammunition to keep it out of private hands?

That missing $3 trillion from the Pentagon didn't just vanish!

Sep 09 09:19

‘E-Bomb’ Doomsday Conference Starts Today

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, the ramp-up of "booga booga" is starting to get obvious.

Sep 09 09:14

NGO Monitor: Gaza war probe tainted by anti-Israel ideology

In its full reaction, HRW said NGO Monitor's report contained "errors of fact and misleading analysis," preferring "personal attacks" on its staff to "addressing the findings of human rights violations."

Roth told Haaretz that Steinberg's report is part of the Netanyahu government's "battle on critics," aimed at "deflecting attention" from "unnecessary" civilian deaths in Gaza. "NGO Monitor has yet to show any of our findings to be wrong," he said, adding his organization seeks out "as many viewpoints as possible."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you can't refute the truth, attack the truth-tellers, smearing them in every way possible as anti-Semitic.

Unfortunately for Israel, that tactic is getting about as stale, from a standpoint of international opinion, as a month-old baguette.

Sep 09 09:13

Jewish blogger convention to be held in Jerusalem

Nefesh B'Nefesh organization holds conference for blog-creators in effort to promote collaboration between Israel, Jewish world

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and to shout down the truthers.

Sep 09 09:12

The Internet is making us stupid

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Government and corporate media have lost the battle for control of the peoples' minds and they are desperate to shut down the internet, so now they are floating this lame idea that everyone having an equal voice on the net is somehow "Anti-Democratic!"

As for the "stupid" claim, research has shown that people who surf the net develop rather amazing skills at mental organization and problem solving. They are also skeptical, which is why government sees them as dangerous.

Sep 09 09:05


Just how does Israel deal with Jewish terrorists beating up on Christians? Simple…. expel the Christians…. and leave the terrorists to find other victims.

Sep 09 09:04


The Israeli government has launched a television and Internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews.

The advertisements, employing what the Israeli media described as “scare tactics,” are designed to stop assimilation through intermarriage among young Diaspora Jews by encouraging their move to Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not that they are being racist or anything tacky like that, of course.

Sep 09 09:03


In this picture I saw little kids carrying branches of olive trees. Those little kinds had to flee from their homes to one of the UNRWA school in the Al Maghzi Refugee Camp. I wished I could be there at that time to ask them why are they were carrying these branches?

It is well-known that olive branches are a symbol of peace. It seemed as if those kinds were trying to convey a message from the hardship of their condition at that time.

Kids of Gaza are still aspiring peace and stability – even in times of WAR!!!

Sep 09 08:58

Militarising Space: The Fallujah fallacy

All this makes perfect, if horrible, sense. The US empire is on the march and the Pentagon learned the perils of the draft from the massive public protests it provoked during the Vietnam war. It already operates on a global electronic battlefield where the fighting is increasingly done by robot drones guided by surveillance systems, the idea being to minimise US casualties. This was what Rumsfeld had in mind when he thought he could conquer Iraq and Afghanistan with a handful of troops on the ground. Even so, there is a lack of drafted cannon fodder, so in addition to robots, foreign nationals are offered immediate US citizenship if they sign up, and mercenaries (aka private contractors) -- US and foreign -- are employed to help fight on the ground.

Sep 09 08:52

1918 Influenza: A Treatment That Worked

At least twenty million people died in the 1918 influenza epidemic and Eleanora McBean, Ph.D., N.D. tells us something pretty interesting about it. Drug-oriented medical doctors and hospitals, she tells us, "were losing 33% of their flu cases," while "non-medical hospitals such as Battle Creek, Kellogg and MacFadden's Health Restorium were getting almost 100% healings."

Sep 09 08:49

Al-Qaeda Targeting Germany for 'Next 9/11' - Within Weeks

Jihadists close to al-Qaeda explicitly warned in new communications that Germany will be the target of the next 9/11-scale terrorist attack. The timing of the strike, they say, will be within the next few weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, THIS "Al Qaeda" (nudge nudge wink wink say no more!)

Note the source of the claim.

Sep 09 08:48

Official: Russia, China scuttled bid to slap more sanctions on Iran

Russia and China have rejected a proposal by the United States, Britain, France and Germany to impose more sanctions on Iran should a dialogue over its nuclear program fail, a senior official in Jerusalem said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's official: Russia and China will not go along with more sanctions against Iran.

So, now what for Israel and the US?!?

They won't even be able to get a limited mandate from the UN in terms of any possible attack against Iran, as happened in Iraq.

We may very well be looking at some kind of "false flag" to attempt to rally Americans toward some kind of an attack against Iran, probably done by Israel, with the tacit approval (and air corridors) provided by the US.

Sep 09 08:47

Army Accidentally Grows Pot At Rocky Mt. Arsenal

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It was an accident. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, it was an accident."

Sep 09 08:40

Senate must raise debt ceiling above $12T

Now Obama is asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling, something lawmakers are almost certain to do despite misgivings about the federal debt. The ceiling already has been hiked three times in the past two years, and the House took action earlier this year to raise the ceiling to $13 trillion.

Congress has little choice. Failing to raise the cap could lead the nation to default in mid-October, when the debt is expected to exceed its limit, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said. In August, Geithner asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to increase the debt limit as soon as possible.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If no intelligent remedies are taken to curb spending (as in financing these wars without end, and propping up financial institutions of Congress' cronies) there will be a point in time when the US government will experience a financial collapse, like a house of cards, under the burden of its own indebtedness.

It's just a question of when that happens, rather than if it happens.

Sep 09 08:38

This Recovery is an Imposter

What was really happening was that there was no genuine recovery. Consumers just decided to go deeper and deeper into debt – egged on by the feds. A regional governor of the Fed actually urged consumers to “go out and buy an SUV.” So Americans bought more products from the Chinese…on credit…and the Chinese enjoyed a boom.

And now the boom is over. Americans are paying down their debt. And unemployment is getting worse. This time the feds are pumping trillions into the system. This time, it’s not the consumer who is willing to go further into debt; it’s the government. And once again, few new jobs are being created.

Sep 09 08:32

New program will teach students about 9/11

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Sept. 11 family members and college professors on Tuesday at a hotel blocks from the World Trade Center site to unveil a plan to teach middle and high school students about the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The 9/11 curriculum, believed to be the first comprehensive educational plan focusing on the attacks, is expected to be tested this year at schools in New York City, California, New Jersey, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They must really be afraid of the truth coming out if they feel the need to force "Holocaust education" "9-11 education" on the students, instead of teaching them skills with which they might ACTUALLY FIND A @#$ING JOB!!!!

Sep 09 08:30

Iran delivers nuclear proposals to world powers

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki Wednesday handed over Iran's new package of proposals relating to its controversial nuclear programme to the envoys of six world powers, an AFP photographer said.

Mottaki at a brief ceremony at the foreign ministry handed over a copy of the proposals to each of the representatives of the six powers involved in nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No matter what Iran proposes, nothing short of a complete halt of enrichment will satisfy US and Israel.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated yesterday the cessation of enrichment is completely off the table.

One has to wonder at which point the UN will again be characterized as "irrelevant" after it becomes clear that China and Russia will veto any more sanctions against Iran.

Sep 09 08:24

Israeli rights group says 320 minors died in Gaza war

Israel’s Gaza offensive killed 1,387 Palestinians, with more than half of them, including 320 minors, not having taken part in the fighting, an Israeli human rights group said on Wednesday.

B’Tselem said 773 of the Palestinians killed in the December-January offensive “did not take part in the hostilities,” a figure that conflicts with the Israeli army’s insistence that most of the casualties were militants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take a good, hard look at the kid in the photo here, upper right: imagine, for one millisecond, that this was your kid.

What you see here is precisely the kind of IDF behavior every one of your tax dollars which goes to support Israel's military buys.

Sep 09 08:22

Underfunding shackles Nasa vision

Nasa needs its annual $18bn budget boosted by $3bn if astronauts are to conduct meaningful missions like trips to the Moon and beyond, a panel warns.

Sep 09 08:20

Israel 'understated' Gaza deaths

An Israeli human rights group says many more Palestinian civilians were killed in the Israeli military's campaign in Gaza than the army admits.

B'Tselem said detailed research with careful cross-checking showed 1,387 Palestinians died, over half of them civilians and 252 of them children.

This contradicts an Israeli army report stating fewer than 300 civilians died in fighting in December and January.

Sep 09 08:19

Offit's Failure to Disclose Jeopardizes Swine Flu Vaccine Program

As autumn approaches and
millions of Americans consider taking an H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination, the
integrity of all vaccine developers has been called into question by the
financial relationship of a leading vaccine advocate and a pharmaceutical
manufacturer. Dr. Paul Offit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP),
who was interviewed for a Dateline NBC television special, failed to tell
millions of viewers that while he was promoting MMR as safe he had also made
tens of millions of dollars from selling another vaccine patent to Merck,
which is the manufacturer of MMR. According to CHOP documents, Offit's share
of a royalty sale for the Rotateq vaccine to Merck is a minimum of $29 million
and may approach $50 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Getting rich selling medicine to perfectly healthy people!

Sep 09 08:18

Are Sunspots Disappearing?

The sun is in the pits of the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century. Weeks and sometimes whole months go by without even a single tiny sunspot. The quiet has dragged out for more than two years, prompting some observers to wonder, are sunspots disappearing?


"Sunspot magnetic fields are dropping by about 50 gauss per year," says Penn. "If we extrapolate this trend into the future, sunspots could completely vanish around the year 2015."

Sep 09 08:18

Taxpayers will lose on auto bailouts

Much of the money given to General Motors and Chrysler to prevent them from collapsing will never be recovered, according to a report released Wednesday by the Congressional Oversight Panel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, who predicted that a year ago!

Frankly, CNN could have ended that headline just before the word "on."

Sep 09 08:16

"Anonymized" data really isn't—and here's why not

Companies continue to store and sometimes release vast databases of "anonymized" information about users. But, as Netflix, AOL, and the State of Massachusetts have learned, "anonymized" data can often be cracked in surprising ways, revealing the hidden secrets each of us are assembling in online "databases of ruin."

Sep 09 08:15

US actually increasing personnel in Iraq: More contractors, fewer troops

Well, its soldiers are. But not civilian contractors. Despite President Barack Obama's pledge to withdraw US troops from the war-torn country, the US is planning to award contracts to protect US installations at a cost to taxpayers that could near $1 billion.

In fact, the Multi-National Force-Iraq just awarded $485 million in contracts just last week, while Congress enjoyed its summer recess. Five firms will handle private security deals to provide security for US bases. It's a neat rhetorical loophole that will allow US officials to say that the country has withdrawn from Iraq, while its contractors remain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A funny thing about this administration; the more things "change", the more they remain the same....or worse.

Sep 09 08:10

Half of Gaza war dead 'were civilians'

An Israeli human rights group says more than half of the Palestinians killed in the Gaza war were civilians, findings that dispute Israeli military statistics showing most of the dead were militants.

The figures issued by the B'Tselem organisation were broadly in line with those in reports published by groups such as Amnesty International and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights after the 22-day Israeli offensive ended in January.

Sep 09 08:09

'Germany Has Become a Warring Party under US Command'

It's high time the German government mapped out a clear plan for withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, write German media commentators. Shocked by last Friday's deadly air strike, voters in Germany want a new strategy that will lead to a pullout.

Sep 09 08:07

A second wave of mortgage defaults is about to come

Can't these people count? Here's what's going to set off the second leg down. "Clear and predictable..."
Sep 09 08:01

Why not sanctions for Israel?

In Israel, a country stolen from the Palestinians, fanatics control the government. One of the fanatics is the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Last week Netanyahu called for “crippling sanctions” against Iran.

The kind of blockade that Netanyahu wants qualifies as an act of war. Israel has long threatened to attack Iran on its own but prefers to draw in the U.S. and NATO.

Why does Israel want to initiate a war between the United States and Iran?

Sep 09 07:56

Report: PM held secret talks in Russia

Yedioth Ahronoth claims in hours Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's was nowhere to be found on Monday, he was actually in Moscow discussing weapons deals between Russian, Iran. Reports claim he leased private jet from millionaire Yossi Meiman in order to leave country. PMO asserts Netanyahu was in security facility in Israel, did not leave State's territory. Putin's spokesman denies meeting between Russian PM, Israeli counterpart

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can Israel convince Russia to sell out Iran?

Sep 09 07:51

U.S.: Iran nearing atom bomb ability, must negotiate

The United States said on Wednesday Iran was nearing the ability to make atom bombs by stockpiling enriched uranium and, with EU allies, prodded Tehran to engage in talks now on its nuclear ambitions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The enriched uranium Iran is stockpiling is enriched to 3.7%, suitable for a nuclear power plant.

Weapons-grade uranium must be enriched to a minimum of 90%, quite a far cry from 3.7%. In fact, on that long process from yellow-cake to weapon, 3.7% is barely out of the yellow cake stage. The lion's share of the work remains to go from 3.7% to 90% and it is more involved than switching the blender from 'chop' to 'whip'.

The US Government has been ordered to attack Iran and attack Iran they shall, and we who will pay for it and bleed for it have no say at all in the matter.

That is a dictatorship.

Sep 09 07:48

100 Artworks From the Top Digital Artists in the USA & Canada

Hydro74 is a Orlando based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. The soul purpose of my career is to push the boundries in doing what I feel is relevant to the market as well as extract various elements and trends to be able to offer them up in my own personal work. But let’s be honest. I do what I love because I love it. Not because I have to do it, nor am forced to do it, but rather passionate about doing what I do. I firmly believe in having set style tones, yet a sense of diversity to make any various project unique to the demands that are set forth."

Sep 09 07:37

Spread the word: Congress to fine you $3800 unless you buy insurance from private insurers

Need more proof that the health insurance lobby wrote the health care reform proposals with an assist from a compliant Obama White House and a completely corrupt and indifferent Congress?

The voluntary, optional government insurance plan is off the table due to the Obama administration’s craptacular messaging on the issue.

Such a plan would compete with predatory private insurance companies – also known as leeches.

Sep 09 07:35

CIC Looks to Pile Cash Into U.S. Real Estate

China's $300 billion sovereign-wealth fund is eyeing big investments in distressed U.S. real estate, according to people familiar with the matter. To finance some of the deals, China may rely on an old trading partner: the U.S. government.

Sep 09 07:32

Over half the Palestinian death toll in Gaza war was civilians, group says

Well over half of nearly 1,400 Palestinians killed in Israel’s Gaza war were civilians, including 252 children younger than 16, a leading Israeli human-rights groups said today, challenging Israel’s claim that most of the dead were militants.

Sep 09 07:31

Netanyahu disappears for day on classified 'military tour'

The premier's absence raised rumors within the defense establishment that he had left on a classified visit abroad.

Sep 09 07:30

America the Imperial

America the beautiful, or at least the vision of it, has vanished in the dust of pollution, profit, and an orgy of ethical profligacy. And done so to engorge and expand America the Imperial, in which the brain of the New World Order resides, in close contact with its counterparts around the globe, who would merge into one mega-empire, NWO-Imperial. Tyranny, subversion of individual rights for corporate profit reign in these systems. And life is desirably expendable for profit.

Sep 09 07:27

Israel-Europe relations strained under Netanyahu

Anti-Semite! Anti-Semite! Holocaust! Holocaust! Rinse and repeat as necessary

Sep 09 07:27

No flies on S.F.'s new composting law

Starting Oct. 21, every home and business in the city must have three separate color-coded bins for waste: black for trash, blue for recycling - and now green for composting. Failure to sort trash initially will result in several warnings, but ultimately could lead to fines of up to $1,000 in egregious cases.

The city's requirement - first of its kind in the nation - is part of a larger plan to have San Franciscans sending nothing to landfills or incinerators by 2020. City officials say the city currently diverts 72 percent of its waste.

San Franciscans' food scraps are trucked by the company Recology to Vacaville, where they're processed for 90 days. Then, the scraps are sold to farms, vineyards and golf courses around the region.

Sep 09 07:25

Tax on expensive health plans proposed

Baucus, key Senate negotiator, offers proposal that lacks public option but includes co-ops and would impose tax on high-end insurance plans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have you noticed that the government's solution to every single problem is more taxes?

Sep 09 07:19

Pro-Palestinian letter has uncovered debate

One can argue, as many opinionators have, that it's not really relevant that those former Arab villages – now part of greater Tel Aviv – were conquered by Jewish "resistance" fighters in Irgun and Haganah before the Jewish state of Israel was proclaimed in 1948.

But is it not part of the city's very recent history that most of its Arab residents were driven out, "literally pushed into the sea," as Israeli historian Ilan Pappe has written? How does one deny this sorry record?

Sep 09 07:15

Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?

Never in our country’s history have Americans witnessed the travesty of such an anti-constitutional administration and congress. And a great deal of the responsibility falls on both major political parties and the media. However, there are others, including American voters who refuse to intelligently discuss the issues and critically analyze what the administration is doing. As a result, the likelihood of another civil war or second revolution increases with each passing day and each new power-grab by the Obama administration.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to avoid violence, but acknowledge that it may be unavoidable. The Government needs a violent event it can blame on the people to move to the next stage of repression, so no doubt a fake domestic terrorist act is in the planning stages.

Sep 09 07:12

The Alex Jones Show: Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Regardless of who you feel about Alex's stunt yesterday, he did get the issue into Reuter's!

Sep 09 07:01

Never Talk to the Police

Sep 09 06:55

Evicted From Your Brand New Clunker

Roger Wiegand of Trader Tracks Newsletter finally says what I always figured: “Cash for Clunkers was a real clunker. One out of four auto buyers using this program is having buyer’s remorse as they just signed-up for so many new payments they cannot afford.”

Thanks, Roger! I always had a hard time believing in the unbelievable “Cash for Clunkers” program, where the government astonishingly gives up to $4,500 to people who buy a new car!

Sep 09 06:45

Obama space panel says moon return plan is a no go

A White House panel of independent space experts says NASA's return-to-the-moon plan just won't fly.
The problem is money. The expert panel estimates it would cost about $3 billion a year beyond NASA's current $18 billion annual budget.
"Under the budget that was proposed, exploration beyond Earth is not viable," panel member Edward Crawley, a professor of aeronautics at MIT, told a news agency Tuesday.

Sep 09 03:32

Europe’s Complicity in Evil

Address to Mut zur Ethik Conference, "Sovereignty or Imperialism," Feldkirch, Austria, September 5, 2009

There is a widespread supposition that Obama, being black and a member of an oppressed race, will imbue US foreign policy with a higher morality than the world experienced from Bush and Clinton. This is a delusion.

Obama represents the same ideology of American "exceptionalism" as other recent presidents. This ideology designates the United States as The Virtuous Nation and supplies the basis for the belief that America has the right, indeed the responsibility, to impose its hegemony upon the world by bribery or by force. The claim of American exceptionalism produces a form of patriotism that blinds the US population to the immorality of America’s wars of aggression.

Sep 09 03:24

Selling Death

Selling Death: Wall Street’s Newest Bubble

Wall Street really is moving forward to market bets on death. The banksters would purchase life insurance policies, pool and tranch them, and sell securities that allow money managers to bet that the underlying “collateral” (human beings) will die an untimely death.

Sep 09 03:18

Wall Street Meets Main Street at the Courthouse

Slowly but surely the courts are taking action to address the gross injustices that the American public has had to bear at the behest of Wall Street and with the protection of Washington.

September 8, 2009

Sep 08 22:42

USA Sick and Ready to Collapse for Three Reasons

The map of the collapse of the United States in 2010, made by Russian scientist of politics Igor Panarin, has received millions of views in the United States over one day only. The Wall Street Journal published the map on its front page at the end of 2008. Alaska is pictured on the map as a part of Russia. Hawaii were shown as a territory of Japan, whereas four new states were pictured on the territory of the USA: the Californian Republic, the Central North American Republic, the Texas Republic and the Atlantic America, which included the traditional states.

Sep 08 22:05

Why are John Ashcroft and John Yoo being sued in civil court?

John Ashcroft was Attorney General of the United States from 2001 to 2005. John Yoo was the author of legal opinions for the White House and Mr. Ashcroft in his work for the Office of Legal Counsel from 2001 to 2003. Both are being sued in civil courts for damages from their actions as key executive branch officials charged with law enforcement and applying the US Constitution. The ruling courts have so far recognized these lawsuits as valid.

Why are such high government officials being sued?

For gross violation of Constitutional rights and torture.

Sep 08 20:38

Arctic ice proves to be slippery stuff

Standing 700 miles from the Pole, as near as the stubbornly present ice would allow his ship to go, Mr Ban seemed unaware that, although some 10 million square kilometres (3.8 million square miles) of sea-ice melts each summer, each September the Arctic starts to freeze again. And the extent of the ice now is 500,000 sq km (190,000 sq m) greater than it was this time last year – which was, in turn, 500,000 sq km more than in September 2007, the lowest point recently recorded (see the Cryosphere Today website). By April, after months of darkness, it will be back up to 14 million sq km (5.4 million sq m) or more.

Sep 08 20:29

The Arab Regimes Play Monopoly With Israel

The Arab nations have done away with all of their dignity and any sense of virtue via their own ignorance and shameful apathy- their only political premise is to coordinate a game of ‘let’s please the Israeli’s so we can get the Palestinians off our backs’. Over 9 wars have been waged against the Arab nations by Israel since 1956; countless massacres, piles of dead bodies and shredded cadavers speak volumes in terms of the price the Arabs have paid for either remaining silently apathetic or not putting up enough of a fight.

When you have wolves named,branded and separated you do not let them back so they can mingle with your sheep – but here we have the exact event occurring…

The wolves are being let in and it is only a matter of time before they start feasting on our sheep.

Sep 08 20:00

U.S. Government Spends $16 Million To Promote The Swine Flu Vaccine

As the backlash against the coming swine flu vaccine continues to grow, the U.S. government has committed 16 million taxpayer dollars to promote the swine flu vaccine to the American people.

Sep 08 18:44

"It’s The Vaccines Stupid!"

A new study shows a direct link between standard childhood vaccination series, MMR, and autism-like symptoms in monkeys. The principal scientist involved in the study, Dr. Laura Hewitson of the University of Pittsburgh, presented the alarming conclusions as an abstract pending publication at the International Meeting for Autism Research. It has been presented at scientific conferences in both London and Seattle, USA.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please share this information with every mom and mom-to-be and the dads and dads-to-be you know.

Sep 08 18:39

In the wake of the Afghan Election: NATO Intensifies Military Deployments, Carnage

Ending the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan may not at all be what the U.S. and NATO plan.

Russian analyst Andrei Konurov wrote on September 3 that Washington and Brussels have far broader geostrategic objectives in South and Central Asia, throughout Eurasia and ultimately the world, to abandon the positions that the war in South Asia has provided them.

In particular he observed that "The US has deployed 19 military bases in Afghanistan and Central Asian countries since the war began in October, 2001.

The portents for the writer's own nation, he details, are ominous.

"As for Russia, this is a manifestation of a long-term US geopolitical strategy aimed at separating Russia from seas and locking it up in the Eurasian inland.

Sep 08 18:17

Double game that let bin Laden slip through net

After 9/11 America made it clear that Pakistan had no choice but to co-operate in the War on Terror — and pressed it to purge the ISI of Taleban and al-Qaeda sympathisers. But it continued to play a double game — most controversially airlifting hundreds, possibly thousands, of Taleban, al-Qaeda and ISI operatives out of the northern Afghan region of Kunduz in November 2001. Later that month more al-Qaeda fighters — probably including bin Laden — escaped from the southeastern Afghan region of Tora Bora by slipping over the border into Pakistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One piece in TIMESONLINE demonizing Pakistan over the "dead guy" (aka Osama Bin Laden) was strange enough, but two hit pieces on Pakistan on the same day?!?

Something's up, and it won't be pretty.

Sep 08 18:08

Former CIA agent's eight years hunting bin Laden in Pakistani badlands

Art Keller, a blond, blue-eyed CIA agent, sits inside a decrepit building deep inside al-Qaeda territory, staring at his computer screen. He is forbidden by his Pakistani minders from venturing out into the badlands of Waziristan to help to find and kill the world’s most wanted man.

He is sick and exhausted, and suffering from food poisoning. Back home in the US his father is dying of cancer. The plumbing is basic, the heat intense — the generator has failed again. He pores over cables looking for any scrap of information — an intercepted phone call, an aerial photograph — that might finally end the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What an obvious, throw it at the readers with a trowel, collection of bovine excrement! And right on time, also, just before a solemn commemoration of 9/11 this Friday.

Ben Laden has been at room temperature for a number of years now; the death notice was well-publicized in Middle Eastern newspapers and on-line resources.

This is just another, highly pathetic, attempt to demonize Pakistan for what it is not doing; protecting a (very dead) Bin Laden in "...the badlands of Waziristan"!

Sep 08 17:45

U.S. Contractor Electrocuted While Showering in Iraq

A State Department contractor apparently has been electrocuted while showering in Baghdad even as U.S. authorities in Iraq try to remedy wiring problems that have led to the deaths of American troops there.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason not to have this government interfering with health care. They can't even wire a bathroom correctly.

Sep 08 15:36

3 plotters ‘linked to al-Qaeda and 7/7’

The three men found guilty of planning the deaths of thousands of air passengers are thought to have had links to al-Qaeda and the 2005 London bombers.

...and Hannibal Lechter, and Norman Bates, and Jack the Ripper, and Darth Vader...

Sep 08 15:18

Colds and stomach bugs speed up memory loss in Alzheimer's patients: research

Alzheimer's patients experience faster memory loss if they have an infection, British researchers have found.

Sep 08 15:15

FLASHBACK: Mandatory Health Insurance Program

Massachusetts' Mandatory Health Insurance program, which becomes effective on July 1, 2007, is touted as a national model to address the needs of the more than 45 million Americans without health insurance.

In April 2006, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney signed into law a broad new program requiring all citizens to obtain health insurance

Sep 08 15:00

Teenager invents £23 solar panel that could be solution to developing world's energy needs ... made from human hair

A new type of solar panel using human hair could provide the world with cheap, green electricity, believes its teenage inventor.

Milan Karki, 18, who comes from a village in rural Nepal, believes he has found the solution to the developing world's energy needs.

The young inventor says hair is easy to use as a conductor in solar panels and could revolutionise renewable energy.

Sep 08 14:57

Option ARM Disaster Arrival: Mortgages More Problematic than Originally Thought. $134 Billion Recasting in Next Two Years. 94 Percent Made only Minimum Payment. Only 35,000 of the 1 million Option ARM loans Modified.

Option ARMs, the dubious name for a mortgage product of financial destruction, are back in the limelight showing that they have not gone away. Everyone by now has heard about option ARMs. These toxic mortgages allowed borrowers a buffet of payment options. However, in recent data released this week we are told that things are much worse than we had initially thought. Option ARMs have now become an oxymoron. In fact, they should be called minimum payment mortgages because 94 percent of those who took on these mortgages elected to go with the minimum payment.

Sep 08 14:55

Recount ordered in Afghan election after claims up to ONE MILLION votes were fraudulent

Afghanistan's U.N.-appointed election watchdog has ordered a recount in last month's presidential election after finding 'clear and convincing evidence of fraud'.

The number of fraudulent votes cast in the Afghan elections could top one million - the equivalent of 20 per cent of all the ballots cast, western officials have estimated.

There are entire districts where every vote was fake, sources told ABC news.

Sep 08 14:53

Afghan alcohol ban after Nato staff were 'too hungover' to give explanation for airstrike that killed 70 civilians

Alcohol has been banned from Nato's headquarters in Afghanistan in the wake of an airstrike that killed up to 70 civilians.

US General Stanley McChrystal, head of the International Forces in Afghanistan (Isaf), decided to bar boozing after launching an investigation into the bombing in northern Afghanistan.

Staff at the Kabul headquarters were 'either drunk or too hungover' to answer his questions.

Sep 08 14:51

Occult symbolism, MSM prepping for another 9/11 "false flag" ?

Is another 9/11 set to unfold?
By Lee Benson
Deseret News
Published: Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009
Hill said the next terrorist attack will involve suitcase nuclear bombs that will be detonated in small, low-flying two-seater private airplanes manned by men hanging onto the belief that, like the 9/11 hijackers, they are about to die as martyrs and enter paradise.
The nukes, he said, will be detonated over New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
I asked Hill, "Why now?"
"Eight years from 1993 to 2001, eight years from that 9/11 to this 9/11," he said. "Symbolism. They're big on symbolism."

Sep 08 14:45

Virus linked to prostate tumours

Scientists have produced compelling evidence that a virus known to cause cancer in animals is linked to prostate cancer in humans.

Sep 08 14:43

FBI Admits to Tracking/Tracing/Databasing Ordinary Tourists Forever (and a Day)

FBI Admits to Tracking/Tracing/Databasing Ordinary Tourists Forever (and a Day)
SoCal Martial Law Alerts
September 7, 2009

"If somebody is filming a power plant facility on the East Coast ... no big deal," said Michael Heimbach, assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Counterterrorism Division. But if "the same individuals, or a car used by the individuals, shows up at the Hoover Dam. Now we’re saying, ‘Okay, what’s going on here?’"

Um. What's going on here?

I hate to break the news to you, Mr. Heimbach, but what you describe would be called a:

Road Trip

Sep 08 14:36

Minister accuses Israel of organ theft

A PALESTINIAN minister has accused Israel of trafficking in the organs of Palestinians, after a similar claim by a Swedish newspaper triggered a diplomatic row.
Israel "is hiding the bodies of Palestinian martyrs to remove the proof of their crimes, including organ trafficking," prisoner affairs minister Issa Qaraqae said.

He spoke at a rally held in the West Bank city of Nablus to demand the return to their families of bodies of dozens of Palestinians killed by the Israeli military.

Sep 08 14:32

Premature baby 'left to die' by doctors after mother gives birth just two days before 22-week care limit

A young mother's premature baby died in her arms after doctors refused to help because it was born just before 22-week cut-off point for treatment.

Sarah Capewell, 23, gave birth to her son Jayden when she was 21 weeks and five days into her pregnancy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All nice and proper and by the book.

Sep 08 14:17

Key Democrats back off public option

Prospects for a government insurance plan appeared to be sinking fast Tuesday as lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill a day ahead of a major health care speech by President Barack Obama.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Sep 08 14:14

How Obama Survived August

How Obama Survived August

(*He did , did he ? I wasn't aware !)

Sep 08 14:14

United States considering $10 "tourist fee" to pay for promoting tourism

A proposal currently under consideration in the U.S. Congress may soon charge visitors to the United States a $10 entry fee.

The fee will go into a fund used to pay for promoting tourism. By now, I can imagine you are laughing about this (unless you don't live in the U.S.). The concept of having tourists pay for the PR activities of a country they are already visiting is completely insane.

Sep 08 14:10

Senate must raise debt ceiling above $12T

The Senate must move legislation to raise the federal debt limit beyond $12.1 trillion by mid-October, a move viewed as necessary despite protests about the record levels of red ink.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, it figures that the people who get to SPEND that money will raise the limits, but the people who will be forced to pay for it all (plus accruing interest) don;t seem to have much say in the matter!

Sep 08 14:07

Eugenics-Cloned Humans On The Way

Sep 08 13:50

Don't Worry, Obama, The Neocons Have Your Back!

It is simply ludicrous that any think-tank founded by Robert Kagan, William Kristol, and Dan Senor should be self-described as a "non-partisan organization". Who do they think they'll fool? The Foreign Policy Initiative is a reconstituted Project For A New American Century, as is plain from the list of signatories appended to a letter telling President Obama that they support his escalation of the Afghan occupation.

Sep 08 13:35

Afghanistan by the Numbers

Measuring a war gone to hell.

Here may be the single strangest fact of our American world: that at least three administrations — Ronald Reagan's, George W. Bush's, and now Barack Obama's — drew the U.S. "defense" perimeter at the Hindu Kush; that is, in the rugged, mountainous lands of Afghanistan. Put another way, while Americans argue feverishly and angrily over what kind of money, if any, to put into health care, or decaying infrastructure, or other key places of need, until recently just about no one in the mainstream raised a peep about the fact that, for nearly eight years (not to say much of the last three decades), we've been pouring billions of dollars, American military know-how, and American lives into a black hole in Afghanistan that is, at least in significant part, of our own creation.

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FLASHBACK - 9/11 - The "Pod People" And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon

This is an old intelligence trick called "Poisoning the well", the intentional promotion of lies to blend with an embarrassing truth to discredit it. The government shills are trying to conceal real news stories such as the Israeli Spy Ring and its connections to the attacks on the World Trade Towers. So, we get hoax stories poured onto the net by government propagandists, to be used by the media to attack the credibility of anyone who dares doubt the official story.

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Relinked in light of the ersatz Charlie Sheen interview with Obama, in which the "no plane" theory gets yet another airing.

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WRH 9-11 story
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It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.

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Relinked in light of World Net Daily trying to sell the story that Osama Bin Laden (the dead guy) has smuggled "nookular" weapons into the United States.

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WRH Exclusive
Sep 08 13:15

Health Care Debate Hinges on Obama's Magnetism

With President Obama set to deliver a major speech on health care reform, the question that will be answered in the coming weeks is whether his magnetism can overcome public discontent and break the partisan gridlock in Washington.

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Public policy should not be decided on the leader's charisma; his ability to persuade people to go along with his agenda because he comes across well on the radio.

The world paid for that mistake once before.

Adolf Hitler rehearsing his "charisma" in private.

Sep 08 13:04

Fed: Consumers Slash Debt by Record $21.6B in July

Consumers slashed their borrowing in July by the largest amount on record as job losses and uncertainty about the economic recovery prompted Americans to rein in their debt.

The magnitude of the drop surprised analysts.

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... and had bankers crapping in their pants. Banks NEED to keep the masses in debt.

Time to start a war?

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posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 8:12 PM
Monday, September 7, 2009
In a pathetic move pandering to black customers, McDonalds has created McDonalds365Black. It is a website dedicated to celebrating black culture. Someone has convinced McDonalds to market to blacks and write off other races. You don’t see McDonalds365White, do you? Why, that would be racist! McDonalds365Black is a website that says:

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Core American values in the Declaration of Independence: compare to what we really have

Being American is a political distinction. As such, the documents that articulate what it means to be an American, our values and laws, are primarily the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Being a proud American means LIVING their values and laws. George Washington admonished Americans to defend our values and law from "the impostures of pretended patriotism." Abraham Lincoln, considered as one of the world's most eloquent and powerful writers urged Americans:...

Sep 08 11:49

Web-monitoring software gathers data on kid chats

Parents who install a leading brand of software to monitor their kids' online activities may be unwittingly allowing the company to read their children's chat messages — and sell the marketing data gathered.

Software sold under the Sentry and FamilySafe brands can read private chats conducted through Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other services, and send back data on what kids are saying about such things as movies, music or video games. The information is then offered to businesses seeking ways to tailor their marketing messages to kids.

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One of the greatest disappointments of my life is that I never got a chance to be a daddy. My first wife obtained an abortion without consulting me on the matter. That together with her drug abuse is why I am on my second (and final) wife. But no kids. I'm "uncle Mike" (both biological and symbolic) to lots of other peoples' kids but it isn't the same thing, of course.

I do not know what kind of parent I might have been. Nobody really does until they have to do it.

But one thing I know I would not do and that is to plant spyware and other gizmos to watch my children for me. I would hope that in growing up with me as an influence they would be worldly and wise enough to survive the jungle that this nation has become in both the real and virtual worlds. Any computers they were allowed to use would not monitor their behavior for me (and the marketing companies) nor would there be any web site blocking. If they do not understand what they are looking at they can come ask me and we will talk about it.

As I understand it, that is a big part of what being a parent is.

Sep 08 11:41

Historical facts about the dangers (and failures) of vaccines

• In the USA in 1960, two virologists discovered that both polio vaccines were contaminated with the SV 40 virus which causes cancer in animals as well as changes in human cell tissue cultures. Millions of children had been injected with these vaccines. (Med Jnl of Australia 17/3/1973 p555)

• In 1871-2, England, with 98% of the population aged between 2 and 50 vaccinated against smallpox, it experienced its worst ever smallpox outbreak with 45,000 deaths. During the same period in Germany, with a vaccination rate of 96%, there were over 125,000 deaths from smallpox. (http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/020...)
The Hadwen Documents

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Time to watch that "Constant Gardener" DVD again, I think!

Sep 08 11:35

At Least 70 Civilians Reported Killed in Afghan Air Strike

At the time of the attack the hijackers had brought the tankers to a village and invited locals to syphon fuel from them. Germany defended the attack, saying the tankers might’ve been used to attack a nearby German base. President Hamid Karzai said the tankers were immobilized in a riverbed and asked why the international forces didn’t try to reclaim the tankers with ground troops instead. Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate. The Taliban also released their own probe, providing the names of 79 civilians.

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Winning the hearts and minds.

Sep 08 11:14

FLASHBACK - Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors

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Oh? Do you get enough work treating the young and healthy people?

Sep 08 10:42

Baucus Plan Allows for Fines Up to $3,800 for Failing to Get Health Insurance

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So, Obama's plan to guarantee health coverage for us all is to order us to buy health coverage.

Great for his insurance company donors, but not so good for those of us who cannot afford the bills we have today.