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August 14, 2010

Aug 14 14:51

So keep your shirt on Obama to swim in oil-ravaged Gulf waters

President Obama won't take shirt off in front of cameras to swim in oil-ravaged Gulf waters
BY James Fanelli
Saturday, August 14th 2010, 2:51 PM
The leader of the free world's eye-candy abs are off limits to the public. President Obama vowed to take a swim in the oil-soaked Gulf on Sunday but out of sight from the press and shutterbugs....After press members said pictures of him swimming would be a good thing, a smiling Michelle Obama interjected by saying, "No, it's not."

Aug 14 14:26

Dr. Lawrence Davidson: All Is Not Quiet on the Lebanese Front

U.S. Rep. Howard Berman announced that he had exercised his "legislative prerogative to place a suspension" on $100 million of aide to the Lebanese army. Berman said he suspected Hezbollah involvement. Lebanese Minister of Defense, Elias Murr , "those who want to help the army on condition that it doesn’t protect its territory, people and border from Israel, should keep their money...."

Aug 14 14:15

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. to close 25 stores

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Inc. said Friday it plans to close 25 of its 429 stores.

The Montvale, N.J.-based company (NYSE:GAP) did not specific which stores it would close. A spokeswoman did say the closings will be in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania....

Aug 14 13:51

Obama declares Gulf Coast 'open for business'

President Barack Obama declared Gulf Coast beaches clean, safe and open for business.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my @#%$ing relief. Really. Just imagine it!

Aug 14 13:43

Change that's Not: 'Obama on Bush route'

Recent sanctions against Iran are an attempt by the US to return the country to its sphere of influence, claims veteran journalist John Pilger. "Iran was a pillar of the American empire in the Middle East. That was swept away in 1979 by the Islamic revolution, and it has been American foreign policy to get that back," he said. "It has absolutely nothing to do with so-called nuclear weapons. The nuclear power in the Middle East is the fourth biggest military power in the world and that is Israel. It has something like 500 or more nuclear warheads. It is never discussed." Pilger added that Barack Obama has failed to change the trajectory of US foreign policy and following George W. Bush's line.

Aug 14 13:41

30,000 Fight For Housing Vouchers in the Sweltering Heat

Chaos: 30,000 near Atlanta seek place on rent-aid wait list

Today outside Atlanta, an estimated 30,000 people waited for hours in a broiling parking lot for the chance to get on a waiting list for federal help paying rent. News outlets report it was chaos outside the East Point Housing Authority, as tempers and temperatures flared.

Aug 14 13:40

Fairfax man accused of threatening Obama pleads insanity

Albrett was arrested after the White House Correspondence Office received a message on May 14 that read:

Aug 14 13:32

Getting a Congress that represents us

The one overriding reason that the Congress doesn't get anything done that is effective for us is that they have no stake in it. Whether you and I have health care or protection from the banksters screwing us over is that the members of Congress don't have to worry about any of that. They don't have their heart in it because they don't have to. They're not affected by it, one way or the other.

The reason they're not is that they make $174,000 per year. They're in the upper 15% of income distribution. We're in the other 85%. They also have expense accounts and health care that we don't have. In other words, they have no worries. We do.

Aug 14 12:44



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

There never were plans for a mosque at “ground zero.” The entire story is made up by a public relations agency working with the Israeli government and the GOP. There are plans for an Islamic center in an old Burlington Coat Factory store blocks away. That far down the island of Manhattan, a couple blocks away is “across town.” The idea that Israel is financing the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy when Mossad agents were arrested, dancing in the streets on 9/11, is an obscenity.

Aug 14 12:42


Jeffrey Goldberg Pushes for War With Iraq–er, Make That Iran

Aug 14 12:41

BP Scum, “Dont Believe” tests that show oil, Major Coverup Continues

BP has even gone as far as DENY tests that show that oil IS surfacing near Orange Beach. This company is actively involved in one of the greatest cover ups of our time. The situation defies logic, people are clearing filming oil, yet BP, playing the part of god, has publicly stated that the disaster is reaching its end.

“BP keeps telling us there is no oil, to skim or otherwise, and we keep telling them there is,” said Orange Beach Coastal Resource Manager Phillip West. “We’re skimming it.” Press – Register

The extent of the cover up is hard to imagine. The culprits include the White House, BP management and of course the infamous Admiral, Thad Allen. Stephen Lendman, reporting for Rense.com, had this to say in regards to the cover up and the censorship of free speech.

Aug 14 12:19

WikiLeaks to Publish More Secrets With Some Data Removed

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then why bother?

Aug 14 11:52

CLIMATEGATE: A Welcome Round of Layoffs

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Chicago Climate Exchange was expected to be the next big thing. As the market for indulgences carbon credits developed – and especially as cap and trade took effect – millions of people were going to begin trading credits on the exchange. Two of the biggest investors in the exchange were Al Gore (through Generation Investment Management) and Barack Obama (through the Joyce Foundation). As the Examiner points out however, the market for carbon credits hasn’t really developed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Al Gore and Barack Obama were going to get rich on your backs through the fraud named "Human Caused Global Warming." Trillions for the bankrupted US GOvernment and billikons for the carbon traders were on the line, with you footing all the bills.

For the moment, they have been stopped, and we can count coup for this one.

But rest assured the snake oil salesmen will be back with this or another fraud to strip you of what is left of your wealth and your freedom, for fraud is all they know. Continued vigilance (and continued support for those websites fighting against the fraud ) are needed to keep Americans free.

Aug 14 11:41

Global warming lies, damn lies and easy rebuttals

Recently San Diego’s Lynceans group hosted a global warming debunking seminar in which several speakers highlighted effective debate tactics for global warming skeptics.

In particular, distinguished scientist Dr. Roger Cohen offered up a three-point approach for those wishing to engage and debate: