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August 16, 2009

Aug 16 06:54

Death Panels From Bad Legislation

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom (England), and even Venezuela. What do all these developed first order modern countries have in common?

They abolished the death penalty. Conspicuously absent of course is the United States.

Aug 16 06:37

57 Trillion Reasons To Murder 100 Million

The U.S. debt of $57 trillion in unfunded liabilities, according to common sense, is compelling reason for federal governors conspiring with special interests to murder 100 million Americans this fall using poisonous vaccinations.

According to federal deficit calculators at USDebtClock.org, more than $57 trillion is currently owed, including $39 trillion(T) in medicaid/medicare debt, $10T in social security payables, plus $8T in prescription drug liabilities, levying$189,210.00 in servitude upon every American citizen.

Aug 16 06:29

Woodstock: 40 Years Down The Road And A Nation Lost

If Woodstock itself was not the epitome of social protest and activism, the times surrounding it were. There was an immoral and unjustified US war and occupation a half a world away, there was a culture of government spying on its citizens and invasion of their privacy and there was a growing dichotomy in society. In short, eerily similar to what seems to be the case today. And there were people protesting. Loud and large. Out in the streets, on college campuses, in the public square. There was a lot of juice to the dissent and it was led by the youth, college students and academics.

Where are they today ? Where has the soul and conscience of our society gone? Where is the dissent; where is the beef? It is curiously and conspicuously absent from our analogous circumstance. There is so much wrong, on so many fronts; and yet there is so much talent and ability. People are sick and tired of the state of the nation; and yet the ability and gumption to mobilize and make a stand seems lost. Why?

Aug 16 06:27

Beware the Counterrevolution

The left is already telegraphing its strategy to discredit the town hall movement. Conservatives must wise up and use a little jiujitsu of our own.

Aug 16 06:11

Obama's Presidency: A Political and Moral Disappointment

It's all over town. Only the Obama administration does not want to hear it. The people responsible for the moral decay of U.S. foreign policy were the 'Bush-worriers': Vice President Dick Cheney and his President George W. Bush and all the other cronies. Why will Eric Holder investigate the poor CIA subordinates who just followed orders? The torture memos and all the other unconstitutional and partly criminal orders went all the way down the chain of command. The White House people were a gathering of political tricksters. The U.S. has no moral authority anymore, despite Obama, because his foreign policy has only been slightly different from his predecessor’s.

Aug 16 06:06

Iran may swarm with swine flu: Health Official

Reports show that A/H1N1 virus is swarming in the country

Aug 16 04:10

Our mountains are not for sale

Environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr., has called the practice of blasting tops off whole mountains and dumping the slag in the nearest valley, America’s worst environmental disaster. Like him, Alexander believes this gross technique must come to an end. The Cumberlands are among the most bio-diverse and beautiful eco-systems on earth.

Lands where mountaintop removal occurs become nearly lifeless in comparison to their pre-blasted state. Most of the flora and fauna that existed there for thousands or millions of years can no longer survive in the slag-heap once it’s been "reclaimed" by invasive species. The travesty sullies headwaters of dozens of streams that flow into the Tennessee, the Cumberland, the Obed and many other rivers.

Aug 16 03:44

Dostoyevsky on the Jewish Question

Fyodor Dostoyevsky left us a prophecy of the threat to Christian civilization by emancipated Jewry.

In his book, Diary Of A Writer, published in 1877, Dostoevsky penned a journal entry entitled "The Jewish Question." With alarming and frightening foresight, by which he penetrated into today’s events, Dostoevsky predicted a growing domination over social and political affairs by the Jews with their newly acquired rights:

“The Jews look forward to world domination. This requires them to maintain their own close-knit identity. If the Jews are given equal legal rights in Russia, but are allowed to keep their ‘State within a State,’ they would be more privileged than the Russians. The consequences of this situation are already clear in Europe.”

Aug 16 03:27

Obama's America is not delivering the goods

With great sorrow and deep consternation, we hereby declare the death of the latest hope. Perhaps rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase the famous quote by Mark Twain, but the fears are being validated day after day. Barack Obama's America is not delivering the goods. Sharing a glass of beer with a racist cop and a pat on the back of Hugo Chavez are not what we hoped for; wholesale negotiations on freezing settlement construction are also not what we expected. Just over six months after the most promising president of all began his term, perhaps hope has a last breath left, but it is on its deathbed.

August 15, 2009

Aug 15 22:35

Kostric, Paid Provocateur or Questionable Patriot?

Man With Earpiece and Handgun at Obamacare Event — Provocateur or Patriot?
Kurt Nimmo & Paul Joseph Watson
August 11, 2009
The government has a long and sordid history of using agents provocateurs to delegitimize grassroots political movements. Discrediting Obama’s totalitarian health care plan is no exception.
Tony Allen-Mills August 16, 2009
New fears for President Obama's safety as right wing, gun owning Americans stockpile guns
.... It has since emerged that Kostric once belonged to a right-wing group called We the People Foundation, which has called for “resistance . . . against unconstitutional or illegal behaviour by government officials”.

Aug 15 20:59

New battery could change world, one house at a time

Ceramatec says its new generation of battery would deliver a continuous flow of 5 kilowatts of electricity over four hours, with 3,650 daily discharge/recharge cycles over 10 years. With the batteries expected to sell in the neighborhood of $2,000, that translates to less than 3 cents per kilowatt hour over the battery's life. Conventional power from the grid typically costs in the neighborhood of 8 cents per kilowatt hour.

Re-read that last paragraph and let the information really sink in. Five kilowatts over four hours -- how much is that? Imagine your trash compactor, food processor, vacuum cleaner, stereo, sewing machine, one surface unit of an electric range and thirty-three 60-watt light bulbs all running nonstop for four hours each day before the house battery runs out.

Aug 15 20:23

Jews whining about having to obey the law

This is something Mike suggested may be happening. The Obama administration isn't giving the "Israeli citizens" such a free ride as they were used to under Bush!

A second lawyer, Reuven Berkovitcz, was appointed instead as the suspect's legal counsel. Following the session, Dub told The Jerusalem Post, "This is part of a witch-hunt against the Jewish community being waged by American law enforcement, at the behest of the Obama administration."

He added, "The Jewish community is being persecuted, and this is one of many episodes. It's just another example of them making a big shtick over nothing. Where was the US government between 2003 and 2009? You would think they would have requested an extradition during that time."

Aug 15 20:16

US Hospitals to use children to TEST swine flu vaccine

Children’s Mercy will test swine flu vaccine on 120 kids
Testing of swine flu vaccine on children could begin next week at Children’s Mercy Hospital and other medical centers nationwide.
Unless studies under way on adults turn up unexpected side effects, Children’s Mercy anticipates receiving the vaccine early in the week. Children 6 months to 17 years old are eligible for the test vaccine for the H1N1 virus. The vaccine will be given to 120 children.
Public distribution of the vaccine could start in October.
For more information about the program, call Children’s Mercy at 816-460-1041.

Aug 15 19:43

Nuclear power's sick legacy

CO2 is not the only global warming gas emitted by nuclear power. The Pacudah enrichment plant in Kentucky, which processes uranium from many countries, including Australia, annually leaks 93 per cent of the CFC-114 gas released by the US. Banned under the Montreal protocol, CFC is a prodigious destroyer of the ozone layer and it also is a potent global warming agent.

Furthermore, nuclear reactors routinely emit large amounts of radioactive materials, including the fat-soluble noble gases xenon, krypton and argon. Deemed "inert" by the nuclear industry, they are readily inhaled by populations near reactors and absorbed into the bloodstream where they concentrate in the fat pads of the abdomen and upper thighs, exposing ovaries and testicles to mutagenic gamma radiation (like X-rays).

Aug 15 19:16

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America

A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.

The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.

It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.

Aug 15 15:06

Who Payed for Osama's Jacket? Pic and Video

Americans are actually buying the bullets used to kill their own sons and daughters, fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers in uniform.

Aug 15 13:55

Police Breaking Up Phony Locksmiths

An undercover police officer posing as a shopper locked out of car calls a company named Right On Time Locksmith. She is routed to another company, S and S Locksmith. When help arrives 15 minutes later in an unmarked van, the man says he works for a 3rd company, Mega-Locksmith.

The $30 fee mentioned on the phone gets bumped. "$50 bucks," says "locksmith" Eli Levy on hidden camera. I just say $50. Other companies are charging over $100 to open doors."

As soon as they hear a price mentioned, detectives who've been monitoring the exchange move in. Levy is an Israeli national and says this is his second day on the job. He has no business license, work card, or a valid driver's license.

Aug 15 12:33

Will Michigan Nullify Federal Gun Laws?

Introduced in the Michigan House on August 11, 2009, the “Firearms Freedom Act” (HB-5232) seeks “to make certain findings regarding intrastate commerce; to prohibit federal regulation of firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition involved purely in intrastate commerce in [the State of Michigan]; to provide for certain exceptions to federal regulation; and to establish certain manufacturing requirements.”

Aug 15 11:47

Demolition Access To The WTC Towers: Part Two - Security Kevin Ryan 911 Essay

Who could have placed explosives in the World Trade Center (WTC) towers? This is the second essay in a series that attempts to answer that question. The first installment began by considering the tenants that occupied the impact zones and the other floors that might have played a useful role in the demolition of the WTC towers. [1] The result was a picture of connections to organizations that had access to explosive materials and to the expertise required to use explosives. Additionally it was seen that, in the years preceding 9/11, the impact zone tenants had all made structural modifications to the areas where the airliners struck the buildings.

The management representatives of these tenant companies were seen to be secretive and powerful. Through these powerful people, the tenants were connected to organizations that benefited greatly from the 9/11 attacks, including the defense contractors Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Halliburton, and Science Applications International Corp (SAIC). The tenants also had strong connections to the Bush family and their corporate network, including Dresser Industries (now Halliburton) and UBS, and to Deutsche Bank and its subsidiaries, reported to have brokered the insider trading deals. There were also links between these tenant companies and the terrorist-financing Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

Aug 15 11:24

How Apathy Will Destroy America

Dissidence,one of the rarest and most impavid of facility, is a straggling virtue which is only used when our own selfishness arises.
But when we are willing to shout and scream out the truth,when we are willing to fight and die in order to live in a free nation and when we as a people are willing to break the silence – then we can rightfully claim to be free.

The death of individual and united autonomy will not come via our government or the powers that will but from the inside.
The death of America will come from selfishness,apathy and indifference to that which is wrong and unjust.

Aug 15 10:57

United States soldiers will deploy to Colombia

Some American troops will soon find themselves stationed at military bases scattered across the South American nation of Colombia with a mission to use advanced Predator drone technology to aid the fight the drug trade and combat terrorism, according to published reports Saturday.

Aug 15 10:38

Bollywood star held in U.S. airport, fans outraged

Indian Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan said he felt angry and humiliated after he was detained and questioned at a U.S. airport, sparking an uproar in India among his fans.

Khan, 43, one of India's best known actors, was enroute to Chicago for a parade to mark the Indian independence day on Saturday when he was pulled aside at Newark airport Friday, he said.

"I was really hassled perhaps because of my name being Khan. These guys just wouldn't let me through," he said in a text message to reporters in India.

Aug 15 10:03

29 US Democrats: Biggest Peace Obstacle is Abbas Stubborness

A large United States Congressional delegation of Democrats blamed the Palestinian Authority for the stalemated diplomatic process at a news conference Thursday in Jerusalem .

"I think the largest thing impeding the negotiations at this point,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told the journalists Thursday, “is simply the unwillingness of [PA Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas to sit down [with the Israelis].”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sometimes, one wishes that Steny Hoyer would resign from the US House of Representatives, and run for the Knesset.

One knows precisely to which foreign entity Hoyer's first allegiances lie.

In terms of congressional representatives, there are few more quick to slam Israel's victims than Hoyer.

Aug 15 09:56


The reply to an invitation from Ehud Barak to attend a ceremony to honor all veterans of Israel’s 1948 “War of Independence”: As a veteran of the 1948 war, who was already wounded in face to face combat two weeks before the Declaration of the State, I feel obliged herewith to return the invitation to you, as Minister of Defence. I do so regretfully but see this as my duty.

Aug 15 09:40

FLASHBACK - Would-Be Wallace Assassin Freed From Maryland Prison

Arthur H. Bremer shot Wallace during a presidential campaign stop in Laurel, Md.

Spokesman Mark A. Vernarelli said Bremer left the prison before sunrise Friday after serving 35 years of his sentence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Leonard Peltier remains in jail

Aug 15 09:39

FLASHBACK - Court gives would-be assassin John Hinckley more freedom

The man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan is now allowed to visit his mother more, to get a driver's license and spend more time away from the mental hospital where he lives, a federal judge ruled.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Leonard Peltier remains in jail

Aug 15 09:30

Palestinian Authority wants better ties with Iran

Acting Palestinian Authority Chief, Mahmoud Abbas, has expressed eagerness to boost relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In some spiritual traditions, there is the concept of "karma", generally characterized by statements like "that which you sow, you will also reap."

Israel, in its decades-long suppression of Palestinians, is reaping what it has sown in this gesture by the PA, as it reaches out to Iran.

Aug 15 09:28

Senator wins release of American in Myanmar

Jim Webb also holds talks with imprisoned Nobel laureate Suu Kyi

U.S. Sen. Jim Webb won the release Saturday of an American prisoner convicted in Myanmar and sentenced to seven years in prison for swimming secretly to the residence of detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the senator's office said.

Aug 15 09:25

Israeli Containment Strategy: Gaza Misery Used to Intimidate West Bankers

The siege on Gaza is a "primitive" form of containment, a simple repressive siege which has transformed the Gaza Strip into the world's largest prison. The people of Gaza are held as prisoners—by restricting them to a small location, and by strictly controlling everything going in or out of that area. Like in most prisons, a smuggling industry is thriving in Gaza and, like in most prisons, the prisoners are taught a cynical lesson that "might makes right."

Aug 15 09:21

Uranium Weapons - Does anyone care about our planet?

To date I have not heard from any of those who control the region or the media despite the fact that each and every day weapons with uranium components are being used. Each and every day people are dying from their usage and the medical statistics in each of their respective regions are showing sharp rises in many forms of cancers, diabetes, infertility and genetic mutations resulting in gross birth defects. I concluded my email to the above as follows: "All my emails to you will be kept on record as evidence that you all have been notified along with your respective lack of responses......maybe one day you will be called to give evidence in an International Court.......then what will you say?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: appallingly graphic pictures at the top of this article.

But I'm asking you to please, not turn away.

Imagine, instead, if these people were members of your family who had been affected by this poison?

How would you feel once you understood that there was no medical intervention possible, even if you had the money to pay for it, to prevent terrible illness and ultimate death from exposure to depleted uranium?

What would you be thinking about the human beings who had made the decision to deploy these weapons?

Aug 15 09:13

Military Confirms States Deciding Mandatory Vaccination

While asking questions with the CDC Pentagon representative, We Are Change Colorado was able to get a video confirmation that States will be deciding on the issue of mandatory vaccinations, not the Federal government.We Are Change Colorado attended a CDC meeting held in Denver, Colorado to advise on a vaccination program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although it may sound cynical in the extreme, perhaps now is the time to ask state legislators and governors just how much of their stock portfolios is invested in those companies from which these vaccines have been purchased.

Aug 15 09:07

“Incestuous” relationships between Blackwater and U.S. government

“What we have here is an individual who received billions of dollars in US contracts, and still was under contract with the U.S. government, and fancied himself someone who wanted to wipe out Islam and kill Arabs and Muslims,” Madsen said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is only one of many "incestuous" relationships festering in Washington between the federal government and contractors.

And apparently, for Eric Prince, his "new crusade" against Arab Muslims proved to be amazingly financially lucrative.

How convenient these two objectives merged, courtesy of the US's "War on Terror".

Aug 15 08:50

Africa: U.S. Military Holds War Games on Nigeria, Somalia

August 15, 2009


-In addition to U.S. military officers and intelligence officers, "Unified Quest 2008" brought together participants from the State Department and other U.S. government agencies, academics, journalists, and foreign military officers (including military representatives from several NATO countries, Australia, and Israel), along with the private military contractors who helped run the war games: the Rand Corporation and Booz-Allen.

-The list of options for the Nigeria scenario ranged from diplomatic pressure to military action, with or without the aid of European and African nations. One participant, U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Mark Stanovich, drew up a plan that called for the deployment of thousands of U.S. troops within 60 days....

Aug 15 08:47

U.S. forces kill Afghan security guards

JALALABAD, Afghanistan, Aug. 14, 2009 (UPI) -- U.S.-led coalition forces killed two Afghan security guards and six others in a raid in the eastern border province of Nangarhar, officials said Friday.

The U.S. military launched an overnight operation in the Spin Ghar district of Nangarhar following reports of plans of militant attacks meant to coincide with presidential and provincial elections.

Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, a provincial spokesman, said U.S. combat forces killed a border patrol officer along with a member of his family. An Afghan serviceman was among those killed by U.S. forces as well, the Pajhwok Afghan News agency reports.

Aug 15 08:42

Israel Begins Sell-Off of Refugees’ Land

According to international law, Israel holds the property of more than four million Palestinian refugees in custodianship, until a final peace deal determines whether some or all of them will be allowed back to their 400-plus destroyed Palestinian villages or are compensated for their loss.

But last week, in a violation of international law and the refugees’ property rights that went unnoticed both inside Israel and abroad, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, forced through a revolutionary land reform.

The new law begins a process of creeping privatization of much of Israel’s developed land, including refugee property, said Oren Yiftachel, a geographer at Ben Gurion University in Beersheva.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable, yet somehow thoroughly predictable from Netanyahu's government.

Aug 15 08:38

Bearing the Burdens of the Imperial City

With local governments cutting the most vital and basic of services our Federal government somehow has oodles of dollars to shower down on the frivolous, the unnecessary, the preposterous, and the absurd. Not only have the Feds not cut a dime in spending – they have increased spending, dramatically, across the board.

Aug 15 08:38

Hyperinflation Nation

Aug 15 08:36

Role of US Militarism in Ahmadinejad’s Rise

Decades of U.S. hostility toward Iran, and sanctions and military threats and attacks have had a net result: the efforts by the courageous people of Iran in establishing a democratic political system has been thwarted by undemocratic and even neo-fascist groups, who have used the militarist policy of the U.S. toward Iran as their excuse to suppress freedom.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US doesn't want a real democracy in Iran; with that, there would be no bogeyman to demonize, and Ahmadinejad does make the perfect scapegoat.

What they want is for there to be yet another American-friendly puppet (like the Shah) installed in Iran for access to the oil.

As reported at this site yesterday,


the US has assured Israel that they will have a response to Iran "within the next 8 weeks"

That means that the UN will have resumed its session in September, and the US deadline for Iran to respond to the US's demands will be over.

We may very well be looking at an "October Surprise" this fall, and if it happens, it may well be the start of WWIII.

Russia has warned Tel Aviv and Washington that this will be the case, so the question of whose side Russia will be on in such a conflict has been made crystal-clear.

Unfortunately, logic and hubris, throughout history, have never had an on-going relationship.

Aug 15 08:22

Swine flu threat overrated says Canadian medical expert

As the dreaded swine flu carves its way through the southern hemisphere's flu season, one Canadian expert has been brave enough to call the threat of the pandemic nowhere near as bad as expected.

Aug 15 08:18

First Lady requires more than twenty attendants

No, Michele Obama does not get paid to serve as the First Lady and she doesn’t perform any official duties. But this hasn’t deterred her from hiring an unprecedented number of staffers to cater to her every whim and to satisfy her every request in the midst of the Great Recession. Just think Mary Lincoln was taken to task for purchasing china for the White House during the Civil War. And Mamie Eisenhower had to shell out the salary for her personal secretary.

How things have changed!

Aug 15 08:16

Obama To OK $15 Billion For Israel's Air Force

Aug 15 08:13


Some attending Fatah’s long-awaited Sixth Congress in Bethlehem hold fast to their principles, but pragmatism remains the order of the day, Khalid Amayreh reports

Aug 15 08:13


Now this is humorous… Google, the zionist controlled and operated search engine has opened a domain for Palestinians.

Google, the same outfit that censors pro Palestinian news sites on their engine, that shuts down pro Palestinian Blogs has opened a domain for Palestinians.

Will this domain pick and chose what Palestinians will be able to find on this domain? Will Google only allow pro Israeli views to be downloaded on this new site?

There is an old saying….’Beware of zionists bearing gifts’…. originally known as ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts’.

Aug 15 08:12

7 die, 91 wounded in blast near NATO HQ in Kabul

A suicide car bomb exploded Saturday outside the main gate of NATO's headquarters five days before Afghanistan's presidential election, killing seven and wounding 91 in the biggest attack in the Afghan capital in six months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, neither the US nor NATO control Kabul at this point.

Aug 15 08:12


It was recently established that Ponzi schemes, laundering money and illegally harvesting and selling human body organs was kosher, as we saw there were a number of prominent American ‘rabbis’ involved in such matters.

We all know that a ‘man of the cloth’ would never involve himself in crimes that might be considered not kosher outside of Brooklyn or New Jersey.

Now we have the case of a Rabbinical Jewish Mystic that sells fortunes and future readings…. this IS legal, but is it kosher?

Aug 15 08:11


Having succeeded in holding its first general conference on Palestinian land, Fatah’s ultimate success hedges on the extent to which it can extricate Palestinian rights from Israel’s parsimonious hands, writes Khalid Amayreh in Bethlehem

Aug 15 08:03

Who killed Tamara Greene?

The most incredible plot is a simple one: She is said to have danced at a party at the mayor's mansion and was executed because she knew too much.

The party, of course, has never been proven, and the facts about Greene, as told by investigators, friends and family members,reveal something far less sinister. A portrait emerges of a woman who ran with bad men and died with two black eyes.

Greene, 27, was Detroit murder victim No. 113 in 2003. There were 366 homicides in the city that year, just half of those resolved. At first, her death was considered an ordinary blue-collar murder -- a drive-by job -- in a city with too many of them. She died in a hail of bullets, slumped over her steering wheel, her eyeglasses broken, the car still in drive, creeping down the street.

Aug 15 08:00

Lawyers for slain dancer's family see police file on death

Detroit police had argued against releasing Greene's homicide file to attorneys representing her family during an ongoing investigation.

Greene's slaying has drawn attention because of a never-proven party some say Kilpatrick held at the Manoogian Mansion, then the city's mayoral residence. Some say Greene, whose stage name was Strawberry, danced at the fall 2002 party and was later assaulted by Kilpatrick's wife.

State investigators say the party never happened.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But trust us, there is no cover-up here!"

Aug 15 07:57

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

The Pentagon has approached Congress to grant the Secretary of Defense the authority to post almost 400,000 military personnel throughout the United States in times of emergency or a major disaster.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You know, like a slave revolt or something like that!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Aug 15 07:56

Priest who molested boys called to testify in federal investigation of L.A. archdiocese

A former Los Angeles priest convicted of molesting boys has been called before a federal grand jury investigating how the L.A. archdiocese and Cardinal Roger Mahony handled priest abuse cases, a source told The Times.

Former priest Michael Stephen Baker informed Mahony two decades ago of his abusive acts but was allowed to remain in the ministry. His case has become a symbol of how the church transferred priests who abused young boys.

Aug 15 07:53

"Severe violations of Human Rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories," reports UN Committee on Israeli Practices

"Violations of the international humanitarian law during the operation Cast Lead, in particular the targeting of civilian population and wanton destruction of property and religious and cultural objects", will be reported to the United Nations General Assembly by the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You watch; "Palestinians" (nudge nudge wink wink) will lob a couple harmless rockets into an empty field in Israel just in time to deflect world criticism against Israel.

Aug 15 07:41

Chinese Christmas exporters hit by global recession

This incongruous Santafest is our doing. Half of Europe's Christmas products are made in or traded through this eastern Chinese city, say officials; even more of America's. To ensure they are shipped to stores in time, western buyers arrive between June and August.

Aug 15 07:36

Historian Frederick Töben imprisoned for "thought crimes" in Australia

Töben rejects the label "holocaust denier". He believes that mass murders did accour, however he questions the numbers and other aspects. Töben attended the infamous 2006 conference in Tehran. His current arrest was not for his views on the holocaust but for his breaking of the court order. Unlike many European nations, Australia does not have official laws against holocaust denial.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


No, we won't.

We will see truth, and we will not see anything but truth.

Aug 15 07:34

The “Toben Case” as seen by Voltaire

One day, moved by curiosity, this German-born Australian left the antipodes on a journey to Europe in order to confer with an individual who had coined the phrase « No holes, no “Holocaust” ». From there he went on to Poland, to Auschwitz, where with his own eyes he observed that, in the effective absence of any “holes” in the collapsed roof of an alleged homicidal gas chamber, there was cause to doubt whether such chemical slaughterhouses had ever existed at that spot, the veritable centre of the “Holocaust”. Finally, on a pilgrimage to the Germanic lands, he shared his doubts and asked for explanations, an act which earned him forthwith a stay in prison.

Aug 15 07:28

Iran nuclear plant to start operating by August 22

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Israel (or their slaves in the US) bomb that plant now, it will be a radiation disaster equal to Chernobyl. Nobody will see this as a justified or justifiable act.

Aug 15 07:26

Karzai to 'curb US-led troops' if reelected

President Karzai addressed thousands of his supporters at an election rally in Kabul on Friday. Afghan President Hamed Karzai vows more control over US-led troops in a bid to limit civilian casualties inflicted by indiscriminate counterinsurgent attacks if he is re-elected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you cannot trust the man who helped CREATE the US war in Afghanistan, who can you trust!

Aug 15 07:24

The Economy is in Deep, Deep Trouble...

It's morning in America. The jobless numbers are stabilizing, the stock market is sizzling, quarterly earnings came in better than expected, traders have turned bullish, housing is showing signs of life, and clunker-swaps have given Detroit a well-needed boost of adrenalin. Even Cassandra economists --like Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini--have been uncharacteristically optimistic. Is is true; did we avoid a Second Great Depression? Is the worst really behind us?

Maybe. But there is only one way to find out for sure. Raise rates.

Aug 15 07:24

Caucasus: The War That Was, The World War That Might Have Been

Abkhazia and South Ossetia are of course in the South Caucasus and not in Georgia except in the minds of those anxious to expel Russia from the Caucasus, North and South, and transparently have been included as they are targets of designs by U.S. empire builders to further encircle, weaken and ultimately dismantle the Russian Federation.

Russian political leadership has been reserved if not outright compliant over the past decade when the U.S. and NATO attacked Yugoslavia, invaded Afghanistan and set up military bases throughout Central and South Asia, invaded Iraq in 2003, assisted in deposing governments in Yugoslavia, Georgia, Adjaria, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan to Russia's disadvantage and brazenly boasted of plans to drive Russia out of the European energy market.

Aug 15 07:22

Local group's Web site opposes Obama over 'enemy list'

If President Obama and his administration want to put together an “enemies list,” Abilenian Kevin Christian is more than willing to help.

Christian has joined a few friends in kicking off an in-your-face Web site — www.flaguswhitehouse.com — that encourages Americans to band together and “stand unafraid” in opposing Obama’s healthcare plan and “any administration that compiles an enemies list, chilling free speech.”

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How Nixonian.

Aug 15 07:14

Glenn Beck: What the Media Refuses to Tell You About Rahm Emanuel

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I don't like Beck, but after Olbermann's flame-out equating town hall protesters with Hamas and Hezbollah I am paying more attention Glenn, and his story about cars.gov looting your computers and this story about key corporate and financial positions going to political campaign hacks are improving Beck's image.

Aug 15 07:09

Israels Mark Regev STONEWALLS on the killing of 11 unarmed Civilians "Waving white flags"

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"They were cream-colored flags, dammit, and they don't count."

Aug 15 07:06

Who profits from Israeli occupation?

Aug 15 06:53

The US is Funding the Pakistani Taliban

MARDAN, Pakistan — Standing in the lush plains of Mardan in the Northwest Frontier Province, the rugged and arid mountains that enclose the Peshawar valley on all sides may appear farther than they actually are. A few dozen miles to the north and west in the mountains, the Pakistan army has been engaged in a bloody battle with Taliban militants for years over the control of territory.

The armed guerrilla fighters have avoided forays onto the flat plains of Mardan, but driving through the main market of the city where vendors sell everything from kebab to Kalashnikovs, or among the cattle in leafy tobacco fields, or the large 16-wheeler trucks on the potholed roads, there are traces of Taliban, even here.

Aug 15 06:27


Houston is a major hub for child traffickers. (Houston's hidden crime)

A 2007 study from Shared Hope International found 400 child trafficking victims being exploited in Las Vegas in a single month.

At least 100,000 children are used in prostitution every year in the United States.

The average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old.

(America's Trafficked Children Are Being Arrested, Not Rescued)

Aug 15 06:26

US space review panel says moon, Mars out of reach

The US plan to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 will not happen without a big boost in NASA's budget, leaving only the International Space Station as a viable target for the country's human space program, according to a presidential review panel.

Aug 15 06:21

The Worst Is Ahead of Us

Aug 15 06:19

Lockerbie links to Franklin, Dutroux, Mossad, McKee

The Lockerbie bomb has links to:

1. Mossad

2. Iran-Contra

3. The Dutroux and Franklin child abuse scandals

4. Major Charles McKee.

According to a BBC report (BBC News Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories):

A Pan Am investigation is believed to have concluded that the Lockerbie bomb was targeted specifically to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives (including Major Charles McKee) who had uncovered a drugs ring run by a CIA unit in Lebanon.

The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad

Aug 15 06:16

The Whisky Rebellion

Two guess as to which side my ancestors were on in this one.
They went all the way to Missouri and became Spaniards until Napoleon conquered Spain and sold the place to Jefferson.

Aug 15 06:13

Pundits Trying to Help Cheney Avoid Jail

Another interviewee was impressed by Cheney's "continuing zeal" for the positions he took while in office. Gellman describes Cheney as "urgently focused " on shaping events." Gellman also stirs up some empathy for the lion-in-winter ex-Vice President. According to Gellman, Cheney takes a morning drive to Starbucks for a decaffeinated latte (no caffeine because of his heart condition, you know) and attends the soccer and softball games of his grandchildren.

The trouble for Gellman's sympathetic portrayal is that there is far too much evidence of criminal activity on the record about his subject, though you wouldn't know that from reading the Post article.

What Cheney is "urgently focused" on right now is staying out of prison. As he sits writing his memoir in his own Eagle's Nest over his garage in a fancy Virginia suburb, Cheney is pulling out all the stops to ensure that he does not have to face the music for war crimes.

Aug 15 06:03

The Heartland is Furious

It's about time!

Aug 15 05:56

Take Away Stimulus Spending and You've Got an Economy Entering Depression

Looks like the green shoots have wilted!

Aug 15 05:55

Zionist Pioneer Renounces Zionism

Declare herewith that I renounce my belief in the Zionism which has failed, that I shall not be loyal to the Jewish fascist state and its mad visions, that I shall not sing anymore its nationalist anthem, that I shall stand at attention only on the days of mourning for those fallen on both sides in the wars, and that I look with a broken heart at an Israel that is committing suicide and at the three generations of offspring that I have bred and raised in it.

Aug 15 05:50

WBCN and "The American Revolution"

Created in The Spirit of Revolution
Shut down in the age of apathy ,

Aug 15 05:49

Obama, Bush and the Limits of Power

Just like the old Soviet Union, this empire will collapse and soon!

Aug 15 05:11

Maine TV Station Airs Report on National Guard and Flu Pandemic Riots

WMTW, a television station in Portland, Maine, owned by Hearst, has produced a slick propaganda piece as part of an emerging effort to stampede people into submitting to a toxic and cancer virus flu vaccine this autumn.

Aug 15 02:51

Healthcare Plan Based on Economic Fantasy

As the healthcare debate rages on, there is one reality that even the proponents of this hostile takeover of healthcare by government cannot ignore – and that is money. The government simply does not have the money for a new, expansive, public healthcare plan. The country is in a deep recession that will deepen even further with the coming collapse of the commercial real estate market. The last thing we need is for government to increase and expand taxes to pay for another damaging, wasteful program. Foreigners are becoming less enthusiastic about buying our debt, and creating another open-ended welfare program when we cannot pay for what is already in place, will not help.

Aug 15 01:43

Obama Would Refuse To Join ObamaCare

Yesterday on "ABC-TV" (better known as the all Barrack channel) during the "network special on health care".... Obama was asked:

"Mr. President will you and your family give up your current health care program and join the new 'universal health care program' that the rest of us will be on?".....

(bet you already know the answer)...

Aug 15 00:13

Utah volunteers for H1N1 Swine Flu Vac Trials

Vaccine trials: Utahns enlist in war against H1N1 Swine Flu
Hundreds of residents are needed to test the safety of a new treatment
By Andrew Maddocks
Updated: 08/14/2009 03:30:46 PM MDT
Healthy adults or parents thinking about volunteering their children ages 6 months to 9 years old should not be worried about the possibility of severe side effects, said Primary Children's Hospital Medical Director Ed Clark.
Clark and Longson say the H1N1 vaccines are believed to be no more dangerous than seasonal flu vaccines, which have been tested annually since 1945. The expected rate of complications is the same.
"The flu vaccine has been remarkably safe over the decades," Clark said.

August 14, 2009

Aug 14 21:17

Middle America's revolution, uniting in anger

Middle America in middle of revolution
August 14, 2009
Dangerous times for the bigwigs in Washington when there's an angry mob of voters on the loose who are no longer easy to appease with catchy slogans. These middle-aged protesters are even coming up with their own plans, more bad news, and it could result in grassroots efforts with innovative ideas that don't include AIG executives on a cruise while police officers and public school teachers are laid off.

Aug 14 21:06

Chris Matthews Hates Thomas Jefferson Quotes

8. Why does it never dawn on Chrissy-poo that perhaps this armed citizen could DEFEND THE PRESIDENT from assassination which is part of the advantage of an armed citizenry?

Aug 14 20:23

UN report accuses Israel of Gaza violations

A United Nations probe into Israel’s actions during its invasion of the Gaza Strip at the turn of the year points to serious violations of international humanitarian law, the world body’s human rights commissioner said on Friday.

A report by Navi Pillay, UN Human Rights commissioner, said: “significant prima facie evidence indicates that serious violations of international humanitarian law as well as gross human rights violations occurred during the military operations.”

Aug 14 20:04

Off the Deep End: A Look at the Decline of Dubai

Deserts have a way of reclaiming whatever is built upon them. In the case of Dubai, the global financial implosion has sent that process into overdrive. After six years of frenzied expansion, during which the emirate's population grew at 7% annually and nearly $600 billion went into construction (the world's tallest building! the world's largest shopping mall! the biggest man-made island! an indoor ski resort!), reality has come rushing into view.

Aug 14 19:55

You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again

More than half of the internet’s top websites use a little known capability of Adobe’s Flash plug-in to track users and store information about them, but only four of them mention the so-called Flash Cookies in their privacy policies, UC Berkeley researchers reported Monday.

Unlike traditional browser cookies, Flash cookies are relatively unknown to web users, and they are not controlled through the cookie privacy controls in a browser. That means even if a user thinks they have cleared their computer of tracking objects, they most likely have not.

Aug 14 19:50

A spectacular deep field shot of space

In/out: +/- or scroll wheel, right click to zoom

Arrow keys, w,a,s,d or mouse drag to move around

Aug 14 18:41

Vancouver police officer charged with sex-assault and incest

A veteran Vancouver police officer has been charged with sexual assault and incest for alleged crimes in Burnaby.

The male officer was arrested Thursday afternoon in south Burnaby, RCMP Sgt. Jane Baptista told The Province. His identity is being closely guarded to protect the family member allegedly assaulted, not because he is a police officer, Baptista said.

Aug 14 18:13

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates

Polio, the dreaded paralyzing disease stamped out in the industrialized world, is spreading in Nigeria. And health officials say in some cases, it's caused by the vaccine used to fight it.

In July, the World Health Organization issued a warning that this vaccine-spread virus might extend beyond Africa. So far, 124 Nigerian children have been paralyzed this year — about twice those afflicted in 2008.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

They have known that this vaccine had problems since 2005, and this poison wasn't taken off the market immediately?!?!?

And why?!?!?

Drug company profits, pure and simple. It's always about the money, and rarely about the health of the people being vaccinated.

Aug 14 18:07

Obama denounces emphasis on health care protests

President Barack Obama on Friday denounced what he suggested was news media overemphasis on scenes of angry protesters at town-hall meetings on health care. "TV loves a ruckus," Obama said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama and Congress: the anger thinking Americans are feeling right now is deep, palpable, and growing by the day.

The health care issue, Ladies and Gentlemen, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Americans are angry at a government which has taxed them to death, with taxpayers having nothing to show for it, the government's colossal borrowing to pay for the wars without end, and the reality that the only entities represented are the large corporations for whom congressional representatives are merely "acquisitions, through overt and covert campaign support.

They understand that we are well and truly in a new phase of "taxation without representation".

People protesting about the government have absolutely legitimate gripes, and should never be characterized as "Un-American"; they are well and truly exercising their First Amendment Right, as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States.

One would hope that this administration would never characterize the Constitution and Bill of Rights "Un-American"; but given their behavior of late, one has to wonder.

Aug 14 17:56

A Political Fragging

Documents released from the House Judiciary Committee's two-year investigation into the U.S. Attorney firing scandal reveal that New Mexico U.S. Attorney David Iglesias was fired at the insistence of Karl Rove because he refused to use his office to advance the partisan agenda of the Republican Party during an election cycle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I a betting person, I would not bet that Rove will actually get convicted of anything. Or, if in fact he is convicted, the conviction will wind up overturned.

Politically, this man is more slippery than the proverbial greased pig.

Aug 14 17:56

Caves underneath Giza!

Collins, who will detail his findings in the book "Beneath the Pyramids" to be published in September, tracked down the entrance to the mysterious underworld after reading the forgotten memoirs of a 19th century diplomat and explorer.

Aug 14 17:47

A request to snoop on public every 60 secs

An official report also disclosed that hundreds of errors had been made in these “interception” operations, with the wrong phone numbers or emails being monitored.

Aug 14 16:54

Global Warming ate my data

The world's source for global temperature record admits it's lost or destroyed all the original data that would allow a third party to construct a global temperature record. The destruction (or loss) of the data comes at a convenient time for the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) in East Anglia - permitting it to snub FoIA requests to see the data.

Aug 14 16:38

Colonial BancGroup becomes biggest bank failure of 2009

Colonial BancGroup Inc. became the largest bank failure this year Friday after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation seized the struggling Alabama-based lender and sold it to BB&T Corp.

The deal will knock roughly $2.8 billion off a pool of money, known as the Deposit Insurance Fund, which the FDIC maintains to guarantee bank customer deposits.

Aug 14 16:34

Colonial Bank is 6th largest failure in history

Colonial Bank looks set to become the sixth largest bank failure in corporate history after a federal judge ordered a freeze of its assets Friday.

Aug 14 16:12

No Wonder the Poker Game is Ending: The Wealthiest Have Taken All of the Chips

A new report by University of California, Berkeley economics professor Emmanuel Saez concludes that income inequality in the United States is at an all-time high, surpassing even levels seen during the Great Depression.

Aug 14 16:01

Bollocks to Blair

A hilarious and quite scary BBC documentary on Big Bro in Britain


Aug 14 15:50

Hal Turner remains in jail after hearing

Ashman’s ruling comes despite today’s revelation that the FBI paid Turner “tens of thousands of dollars” to work as an informant from 2002 to 2005. Last year, Turner told a U.S. marshal of a threat by someone to lob mortars into Grant Park during Obama’s election celebration.

Aug 14 15:42

Losing Patience with Israel

But the reality is that Washington’s quiet passions have turned decidedly against Israel.

Aug 14 15:37

Pentagon, governors face off over military reserve

At the heart of the disagreement is who will exercise the muscle to command reserve troops when they are sent to a particular state to deal with a hurricane, wildfire or other disaster. The governors see the Pentagon move as a strike at state sovereignty, while the military justifies it as a natural extension of its use of federal forces

Aug 14 15:34

Deadly contractor incident sours Afghans

The shooting deaths of Raheb Dost, 24, and another Afghan civilian by four gunmen with the company once known as Blackwater have turned an entire neighborhood against the U.S. presence here.

Aug 14 15:32

Report: Six health care lobbyists for every member of Congress

That’s about 3,300 registered health care lobbyists working Congress, clamoring for face time with each of 100 senators and 435 Representatives.

Aug 14 15:26

SPLC now smearing Oath Keepers

Like other Zionists, they seem to have a penchant for pushing and pushing until it all blows up in their face. Keep adding more and more to the enemies list - it only makes more people realize who is really out of step with America.

cut and paste the url removing the space
ht tp://www.splcenter.org/news/item.jsp?pid=414
(mentioned on page 2 here: (ht tp://www.splcenter.org/news/item.jsp?pid=415)

Aug 14 14:28

Flashback: Obama/Daschle's Health Care Crime in Stimulus Bill

Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey
Feb. 9 (Bloomberg)
Tragically, no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion. These provisions reflect the handiwork of Tom Daschle, until recently the nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department.
The stimulus bill does that, and calls it the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (190-192). The goal, Daschle’s book explained, is to slow the development and use of new medications and technologies because they are driving up costs. He praises Europeans for being more willing to accept “hopeless diagnoses” and “forgo experimental treatments,” and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.

Aug 14 14:07

British Want Their Guns Back

Aug 14 11:50

The Siegels Win Back Pieces of Krypton

Superman is literally chopped into pieces between the Siegels, DC Comics, and Warner Bros which will do nothing but hurt in the long run. According to Variety, the Siegels have recaptured the rights to the first two weeks of the daily Superman newspaper strips, and portions of Action Comics and Superman comics. They apparently now control all depictions of Superman's origin story, which means they now own Krypton, its fiery destruction, Jor-El and Lora, and Kal El. In 2008, the Siegels recaptured the rights to the Superman character (which includes his costume and his alter-ego of Clark Kent), Lois Lane, the Daily Planet, its gruff editor, and their love triangle. DC still owns Jimmy Olson, his ability to fly, Lex Luthor, kryptonite, and Superman's expanded powers and origins.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lawyers. (Sigh)

Aug 14 11:43

PROPAGANDA ALERT - Fear for Obama's Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive on Racial Backlash

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, they are layering it on really thick to make anyone who stands up to the government look like the world's worst commie fag junkie racist hate-mongering anti-Semite who sings off key and snores.

Aug 14 11:35

July foreclosures in Hawaii hit record high

Hawaii real estate foreclosure cases reached a record 990 last month as more homeowners continue to struggle with their mortgages in the weak real estate market and economy.

The number of cases in July compared with 229 a year earlier and 706 in June, according to California-based real estate research firm RealtyTrac. The previous high was 816 in May.

Foreclosures in Hawaii are growing in part because weak home sales have made avoiding foreclosure harder for people who can't sell their house or pay their mortgage.

Aug 14 10:54

“You Don’t Cut Deals with the System that Has to Be Replaced”: Ralph Nader on Secret White House Agreements with the Drug Industry

Aug 14 10:52

Makena visitors: Parking outside stall may net fine

Longtime beachgoers at Makena State Park were surprised and concerned Thursday that they weren't being allowed to park in places they have been doing so for years.

Kihei resident Kirk Surry said a man, who he believed was a Department of Land and Natural Resources officer, warned him that cars were being ticketed if they were parked anywhere other than in the paved, marked spaces of the parking lots. Many beach users often park on the dirt and gravel inside and alongside the parking lots when all the spaces are full.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I've been to Makena many times, and the paved and marked parking is totally inadequate for the size of the beaches. Parking in adjacent gravel and grass areas has been the norm for years, but apparently Maui County has realized that the absence of marked parking can be turned into a profit center. No doubt an $50 a pop for a ticket, plans to expand the parking lot are now on permanent hold.

As a side note, one reason for the change in enforcement aside from profit motive may be "Little" Makena beach, an unofficial clothing optional area that is a constant target by good moral Christians (who inevitably own T-shirt and bathing suit stores). Ever since these good moral salesmen lobbied for a Hawaii law banning nude bathing the portion of our tourism that favored clothing optional beaches (estimated 12%) no longer comes to Hawaii but instead spends their money in other countries where they are less psychologically screwed up about the human body.

Aug 14 10:39

Senators exclude end-of-life provision from bill

Key senators are excluding a provision on end-of-life care from health overhaul legislation after language in a House bill caused a furor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Coco Chanel's feather?

and if you don't know what I mean by that I will tell you on today's radio show!

Aug 14 10:38

Toxic Loans Topping 5% May Push 150 Banks to Point of No Return

More than 150 publicly traded U.S. lenders own nonperforming loans that equal 5 percent or more of their holdings, a level that former regulators say can wipe out a bank’s equity and threaten its survival.

The number of banks exceeding the threshold more than doubled in the year through June, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, as real estate and credit-card defaults surged. Almost 300 reported 3 percent or more of their loans were nonperforming, a term for commercial and consumer debt that has stopped collecting interest or will no longer be paid in full.

Aug 14 10:37

The Great American Bank Robbery

William K. Black, the former litigation director of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board who investigated the Savings and Loan disaster of the 1980s, discusses the latest scandal in which a single bank, IndyMac, lost more money than was lost during the entire Savings and Loan crisis. He will examine the political failure behind this economic disaster, in which not only massive fraud has taken place, but a vast transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class continues as the federal government bails out the seemingly reckless, if not the criminal.

Aug 14 10:12

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

The Pentagon has approached Congress to grant the Secretary of Defense the authority to post almost 400,000 military personnel throughout the United States in times of emergency or a major disaster.

Aug 14 10:02

According To An MD - Part 1 Of Obama was Already Passed in Feb '09!

Back in March, I wrote a column titled, 'Will you let the federal government take possession of your medical records?' (1) In that column, I said this:

"This one I call the gang rape bill is officially titled, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009. (2) Of course, it is no such animal. But, like Roosevelt's NIRA, Obamaination's ARRTA will give birth to even more useless and costly government agencies. ...

Aug 14 09:44

Facebook Can Incite Jealousy

Spending time on social networking sites can lead to jealousy toward romantic partners, a new study indicates.

The results are based on a survey of more than 300 college students, and reveal a vicious cycle that plays out in the digital ecosystem called Facebook and ends in a frenzy of jealousy feeding jealousy.

Aug 14 09:33

Six Lobbyists Per Lawmaker Work on Health Overhaul

If there is any doubt that President Barack Obama’s plan to overhaul U.S. health care is the hottest topic in Congress, just ask the 3,300 lobbyists who have lined up to work on the issue.

Aug 14 09:19

Wag The Dog, Again

Israeli media reports that visiting National Security Adviser General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates have told the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop complaining about Iran because the US is preparing to take action "in eight weeks" demonstrate that even when everything changes in Washington, nothing changes. President Barack Obama has claimed that a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a high priority but the Israelis and their allies in congress and the media have been able to stonewall the issue. Israel has made no concessions on its settlement policy, which is rightly seen as the single biggest obstacle to eventual creation of a Palestinian state, and has instead pushed ahead with new building and confiscations of Arab homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

America needs a leader who puts America first, second, and third.

We didn't get it with Obama.

Aug 14 09:16


The Labour Party in Israel literally died a violent death the day it’s leader (Shimon Peres) crossed over to take a seat next to Ariel Sharon. Their new leader showed his true colours (Ehud Barak) when he accepted the position of Israeli Defense Minister and led the blitzkrieg on Gaza earlier this year.

Aug 14 09:15


The settlers had seized the houses an hour after more than 200 armed Israeli police invaded the houses and threw the Hannouns and Ghawis out into the streets on August 2, 2009.

End result was that the Court refused to issue the restraining order…. which means that the families can continue living on the street ‘legally’.

Aug 14 09:14


A few weeks ago, the group’s second highest-ranking leader, Fateh’s Secretary-General Farouk Kaddumi dropped a bombshell when he accused Fateh Chief Mahmoud Abbas of having connived with Israel to poison the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Aug 14 08:47

Bank of Israel halts daily dollar-purchase program

The Bank of Israel on Tuesday will stop its program of buying $100 million on a daily basis but reserve the right to intervene in the foreign-currency market, the bank announced Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think Israel has intervened quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

Aug 14 08:46

Stock Market Dollar Store: U.S. Dollar Down 12.5 Percent and S&P 500 Up 50 Percent since March. How the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Juice the Stock Market.

Americans have missed one serious correction since the manic stock market took off in March. Since that time the value of the U.S. dollar, the bedrock of our economic system has fallen a stunning 12.5 percent. Currencies should not fluctuate this much especially the world’s reserve currency.

Aug 14 08:43

U.S. to Resume Training Georgian Troops

The United States is resuming a combat training mission in the former Soviet republic of Georgia to prepare its army for counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan, despite the risks of angering Russia, senior Defense Department officials said Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable; as though these troops wouldn't ultimately be able to use these "counterinsurgency" skills against Russian troops in South Ossetia and Abkahzia!

Aug 14 08:40

Learn The Magic Word; That'll Change The World!!!

I learned this from a very Wise Man; so no credit for the idea, here. Take of it as you will, and spread the "WORD". Simply the word, is NO. Try it, just say No, and say it a lot. You say NO when things don't feel right. You say NO when the government is not the servant, but now the master. Say it enough, and the word begins to empower you, and build you into a new improved person. The "Word" takes the power back from the Oppressors, and re instills it in your Soul!!!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no freedom without the freedom to say "no."

Aug 14 08:37

Citizen questions healthcare, gets threatened in the middle of the night!

Aug 14 08:36

U.N. experts say Iran tortured to extract confessions

Three independent United Nations human rights experts have accused Iran of torturing confessions from detainees charged with fomenting political unrest, the international organization said Thursday.

"No judicial system can consider as valid a confession obtained as a result of harsh interrogations or under torture," said Manfred Nowak, who is the U.N. special rapporteur on torture.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though Iran just tore a page out of the US playbook on this one.

And just as with what happened in the US, they got caught doing it.

Aug 14 08:33

UN rights chief: Evidence that Israel abused rights in Gaza

"Significant prima facie evidence indicates that serious violations of international humanitarian law as well as gross human rights violations occurred during the military operations of 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009, which were compounded by the blockade that the population of Gaza endured in the months prior to Operation Cast Lead and which continues," Pillay said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The UN will absolutely take no concrete steps to punish Israel for its continued killing and abuse of Palestinians.

Aug 14 08:31

Someone is trying to market Russians as new threat.

All nations with navies send their ships cruising around the world in international waters. But now all of a sudden the media is making a big deal of two Akula subs in the Atlantic.

Trying to bring back the Cold War?

Aug 14 08:27

Afghanistan passes 'barbaric' law diminishing women's rights

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears that Karzai has made a deal with Shia clerics to further insure his election victory by allowing this bill to become law.

Aug 14 08:27

Blue Flame owner kills two: Harlem's restaurant supply owner shoots two dead after botched robbery

A shotgun-wielding owner of a Harlem restaurant-supply company blasted two robbers to death and wounded two others on Thursday when he caught them pistol-whipping his employee, police said.

Turning the tables on the brutish bandits, 72-year-old Charles (Gus) Augusto opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun he kept handy for such occasions, cops and witnesses said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something tells me that place will not get robbed again any time soon.

Aug 14 08:23

A Palestinian resistance group announces the capture of an Israeli soldier

A Palestinian group calling itself "The Jerusalem Army" has announced that it has captured an Israeli occupation soldier near the Ben Gurion airport on Thursday evening.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This smells like a staged provocation by Israel to evade the issue of killing civilians holding white flags.

Aug 14 08:21

Gates: It's A "Mystery" How Long US Forces Will Be In Afghanistan

"In the intelligence business, we always used to categorize information in two ways, secrets and mysteries," Gates, a former CIA director, told a Pentagon news conference.

He added: "Mysteries were those where there were too many variables to predict. And I think that how long U.S. forces will be in Afghanistan is in that area."

He said his top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, is free to ask for whatever he needs, but Gates said when the general submits a revised war plan in the coming weeks it will not contain a request to expand the U.S. fighting force.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are no "mysteries" that an honest assessment of the situation cannot uncover.

And to describe the actual continued length of the American occupation of Afghanistan as a "mystery" is completely unacceptable to We the People.

The leadership in the Pentagon and civilian leadership knew several things before going in 8 years ago, as lessons allegedly learned from previous military misadventures:

1. You cannot win what is essentially a ground war from the air.
2. You cannot go in to a region like Afghanistan without a huge commitment of troops to actually occupy the country. The old Soviet Union failed in this with 500,000 pairs of boots on the ground.
3. You cannot set up a corrupt puppet government which appears to support US drone strikes indiscriminately killing civilians without radicalizing those left standing further against that government and the US.

And yet, this is precisely the outcome we have had in Afghanistan. The pipelines to control the oil (and about which we were actually negotiating with the Taliban in August of 2001) still cannot be put in place because of the volatility in the country.

Apparently, the Bush administration thought that a war of occupation would be "cheaper" than what the Taliban was asking for the deal.

Tell that to all the families and friends of people who have died, or been wounded physically and mentally to the point where they will never be able to function again in this conflict.

Aug 14 08:17

The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.

The FEMA camps and the hundreds of thousands or millions of coffin liners by the sides of the highways are not new housing for the foreclosed upon any more than the coffin liners are actually porto-pottys for government sponsored rock concerts. The outrageous theft of the assets of the American people and the following bailout thefts which added insult to injury is not some sort of escrow account for future philanthropic activities. It really looks like there’s a network of super villains engaged in herding humanity on to the playing fields of Armageddon.

Aug 14 08:15

Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses.

And an official of the World Health Organization’s European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International’s research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

Aug 14 08:08

israelis caught red handed killing civilians with white flags

Aug 14 08:04

Concocting the Appearance of Recovery

by spinning the financial news, the appearance of recovery is created, and this lures people back into the stock and real estate markets where they can lose the remainder of their wealth.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

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Aug 14 08:03

Florida Authorities In Hysterical Crusade Against First Amendment

Police and media outlets in Florida are hysterically characterizing the placement of Obama Joker posters as some kind of assault on the people of Clermont, creating “victims” and leading to demands for arrests and criminal charges, a shocking indictment of the state of free speech and the evisceration of the first amendment in America.

Aug 14 08:03

New York Times Doesn't Read Its Own Healthcare Horror Articles

The first paragraph is an incredible example of audacity and cluelessness:

The stubborn yet false rumor that President Obama’s health care proposals would create government-sponsored “death panels” to decide which patients were worthy of living seemed to arise from nowhere in recent weeks.

Duh! Out of nowhere?

NYT Magazine just weeks ago ran an article by Peter Singer,Why We Must Ration Health Care.

Aug 14 08:03

RBS uber-bear issues fresh alert on global stock markets

Britain's Uber-bear is growling again. After predicting a torrid "relief rally" over the early summer, Bob Janjuah at Royal Bank of Scotland is advising clients to take profits in global equity and commodity markets and prepare for another storm as winter nears.

We are now in the middle of a parabolic spike up," he said in his latest confidential note to clients.

"I expect this risk rally to continue into – and maybe through – a large part of August. What happens after that? The next ugly leg of the bear market begins as we get into the July through September 'tipping zone', driven by the failure of the data to validate the V (shaped recovery) that is now fully priced into markets."

Aug 14 08:02

Rich countries shouldn't get pandemic vaccine first: Gates Foundation exec

Aug 14 08:00

Israel begins sell-off of refugees’ land

According to international law, Israel holds the property of more than four million Palestinian refugees in custodianship, until a final peace deal determines whether some or all of them will be allowed back to their 400-plus destroyed Palestinian villages or are compensated for their loss.

But last week, in a violation of international law and the refugees’ property rights that went unnoticed both inside Israel and abroad, Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, forced through a revolutionary land reform.

The new law begins a process of creeping privatization of much of Israel’s developed land, including refugee property, said Oren Yiftachel, a geographer at Ben Gurion University in Beersheva.