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Apr 13 06:24

Hamid Karzai, R.I.P. A prediction

The war in Afghanistan, which George W. Bush started and Barack Obama pledged to win, is over – and we lost. No one realizes this, quite yet, but give them time – because the fruits of our defeat are already a veritable cornucopia. And the reason can be summed up rather neatly in two words: Hamid Karzai.

Apr 13 05:54

Deja vu Iran-Scott Ritter New President, Same Lies

Scott Ritter, a former UNSCOM weapons inspector, was the single individual who, before the war, stuck his neck out stated that Iraq did NOT possess WMD. He was all over national TV with this message but was dismissed as heretic.

Ahmadinejad never stated he wanted to wipe Israel off the map. An intentional mistranslation by the warmongering corporate media.

Apr 13 05:52

Ron Paul - Federal Reserve Creates Bubbles and Busts

Ron Paul - Federal Reserve creates money from thin air

911 was a false flag terror attack masterminded by the global elite.

They are building a New World Order where they have complete control over everyone and they will own everything. They control the world's media and own the central banks in almost every country. They use these central banks to create paper money from nothing and lend it to governments and individuals and charge interest on the new money they created.

The base of the New World Orders power is the extreme wealth that they have been able to obtain by a monopoly of credit.

They have created a world wide banking system in which they can create money from nothing and lend it to governments and individuals.

Apr 13 05:41

The Income Tax and American Servitude

The Income Tax and American Servitude

Jacob Hornberger
Campaign For Liberty
April 13, 2010

With April 15 almost upon us, this would be a good time to remind ourselves of how the income tax contributed to the destruction of American liberty.

We should first keep in mind that with the exception of the Civil War, the American people lived without an income tax from the beginning of the United States until 1913, when the 16th Amendment was adopted.

This was not an accident. Americans living during that period of time understood that freedom and an income tax were contradictory notions.

Apr 13 04:00

Rothschild World Domination Plan Via Private Nuclear Weapons

When nuclear power is eliminated from the hands of all nationalist
governments, the Rothschilds will control their own as a monopoly and their secret private
space-based delivery system as well. Say hello to your new god.

April 12, 2010

Apr 12 19:40

Another war lie to attack Iran: Neda “murder video” shows her pouring fake blood on her own face

*hyperlinks and videos at source*

You know that US government and corporate media lied to the world for unlawful war with Iraq. We know these were all known lies as they were told because we now have the disclosed evidence. The lies are "emperor has no clothes" obvious upon examination.

We know that US government and corporate media are lying to the world for unlawful war with Iran. We know these are all lies by examining the evidence. We know that the US lied to overthrow Iran’s democracy from 1953 to 1979 in order to have an oil-friendly dictator and then supported Iran’s invasion from 1980 to 1988 when they refused a replacement dictator.

Apr 12 19:17

Military Truck in Washington D.C. Crushes Bicyclist

This evening as various motorcades headed to the convention center, for a speech by President Obama, a military truck moving into place for a passing motorcade crushed a bicyclist.

Witness says front face of victim completely flat and caved in.

Apr 12 18:44

M.A.D. R.I.P.

Every nation in possession of nuclear weapons today has them because they're afraid some other nation has them and they're afraid that if they don't similarly arm themselves, their nation may only exist in the future as an entry in a history book.

Every nation but one of course: Israel. Israel has no nuclear-armed adversaries. To be sure, it has adversaries aplenty, arguably of its own making, but it has demonstrated repeatedly now that its military — as provided for by the U.S. taxpayer — is handily capable of defending against any manner of aggression these adversaries are capable of producing.

Apr 12 18:43

NBC admits using “behavior placement” on popular shows

NBC has owned up to the practice, reports The Wall Street Journal, as part of its Green Initiative: If “Tina Fey is tossing a plastic bottle into the recycling bin,” the theory goes, audience members will be more apt to do the same.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which explains why so many of the characters of TV shows have all become fascist kill-them-all-let-God-sort-them-out war mongering fanatics!

Apr 12 18:33

Press both Iran, Israel on nukes: Egypt

Egypt called Monday for world powers to press both Iran and Israel on nuclear weapons, saying that the Middle East should be a zone free of the ultra-destructive arms.

Apr 12 18:27

Apollo 13: Nasa's finest hour?

The Apollo 11 mission which set Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on to the surface of the Moon in July 1969 was arguably humanity's finest endeavour.

But to many the Apollo 13 mission was no less heroic - and, if anything, an even greater achievement.

Astronauts Jack Swigert, Fred Haise and their commander Jim Lovell were trapped in a spacecraft low on power, water and rising carbon dioxide levels.

Were it not for the ingenuity of the engineers at mission control and the bravery of the astronauts themselves, the three men would have died in space.

Apr 12 18:19

Man slams Google Street View over garage break-ins

A furious West Yorkshire homeowner who has slammed Google Street View for picturing his open garage which has now been the subject of a break-in has said the service is like on-line shopping for thieves.

Apr 12 18:17

Shame Peter Mandelson didn't download some common sense

The Digital Economy Bill is fatally flawed and won't stop illegal file-sharing

Apr 12 18:13

Croatian teenager wakes up from a coma speaking fluent GERMAN

Croatian doctors are baffled after a teenage girl who fell into a mysterious coma woke up speaking fluent German.

The parents of the 13-year-old from the southern town of Knin said their daughter had only just started studying German at school and had been trying to read German books and watch German television - but had never been that good in German.

But since waking up the teenager has been unable to speak Croatian and even refused it, but communicates only in perfect German far superior to her mastery of the language she had when she was taken ill.

Apr 12 18:11

We blundered over swine flu, admit health chiefs

Global health chiefs have finally admitted that they may have overreacted to the swine flu 'pandemic' - landing governments with millions of unused vaccines.

Apr 12 18:09

Cost Of Census Paraphernalia A Trade Secret

Though it’s been widely reported that the Obama Administration is spending enormous sums to promote the U.S. Census, an additional chunk of money has gone to paraphernalia sporting the official logo and the government doesn’t want Americans to know how much.

Apr 12 16:45

NY rabbi jailed for sexual abuse of teen

A New York rabbi was sentenced today to a maximum of 32 years in jail for the repeated sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy, prosecutors said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted for those who whine I only pick on Catholics.

Apr 12 16:05


One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's east side has the
potential for becoming a political hot spot: A strong radiation spike from the area of the Israeli Embassy. Officials would not comment on why they thought that particular area allegedly showed such a stunning peak in radiation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ground zero for the "Iranian" (nudge nudge wink wink) nuclear attack?

Apr 12 15:58

Medvedev: Israeli strike on Iran could cause a global catastrophe

An Israeli strike of Iran's nuclear facilities could spark a nuclear conflict, which could spiral into a global catastrophe, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told ABC on Monday

Apr 12 15:47

Leaked U.S. Document Calls For “Global Regime” To Tackle Climate Change

“Titled Strategic communications objectives and dated 11 March 2010, it outlines the key messages that the Obama administration wants to convey to its critics and to the world media in the run-up to the vital UN climate talks in Cancun, Mexico in November.” The Guardian reports.

The newspaper says that the document (full text below) was “accidentally left on a European hotel computer” before it was passed to their editors.

The number one item on the itinerary is to “Reinforce the perception that the US is constructively engaged in UN negotiations in an effort to produce a global regime to combat climate change.” (my emphasis)

Apr 12 15:32

Oregon Treasury employees wined and dined by investment firms they oversee

A limousine was waiting for John Hershey, an Oregon state investment officer, when he flew into New York for a meeting just before Thanksgiving.

So was a $495-a-night room at The Pierre Hotel, which purrs online that "even in a city where exclusive luxuries are the norm, there is one hotel that is far more rare and special."

Following an afternoon meeting, Hershey was offered cocktails and dinner at Guastavino's, which boasts "the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the city."

Hershey was in town to monitor an investment firm, and it picked up his tab for the flight, the limo, two nights at The Pierre and dinner.

That wasn't a rare occurrence among the 13 employees at the Oregon State Treasurer's office responsible for watching over $67 billion in state investments.

Apr 12 14:40

Experts: Nuclear Terrorist Attack on Major City 'Probable'

On the eve of the meeting, Obama said that nuclear materials in the hands of al-Qaida or another terrorist group "could change the security landscape in this country and around the world for years to come."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: "Pay no attention to those nuclear weapons all over Israel!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 12 14:34

UN process in danger unless world agrees on climate change

The United Nation process is in danger of collapsing unless countries are able to agree on the best way to stop global warming by the end of this year, the outgoing head of climate change negotiations has warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I told you the Global Warming Cult was coming back!

The United Nation process is in danger of collapsing unless the United Nations can get Israel to comply with the conditions of their membership, not to mention International Law.

Apr 12 14:01

Cop Tasers Pregnant Woman On The Neck

Apr 12 13:51

NY Post: Trader Blows Whistle On Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

The CFTC hearing in Washington was about safeguards against, and limits on, naked short selling at the COMEX. The LBMA in London is a 'cash market' and while short selling is accepted, large leverage and blatant naked short selling is not. The crux of the scandal is that the Banks and hedge funds have been selling what they do not have in order to manipulate the price and cheat investors, in this market as they have been shown repeatedly to have done in other markets.

Apr 12 13:01

Anti-Israeli incident at supermarket a hoax

Rumours spread like wildfire throughout the GTA's Jewish community last weekend that the supermarket at the corner of Yonge Street and 16th Avenue, had posted a sign saying "We don't sell Israeli products for political reasons," on their front door.

The rumour surfaced last weekend and it reached the radar of the Canadian Jewish Congress, whose mission is, in part, to proactively defend the security, status and rights of the Jewish community.

Len Rudner, Ontario regional director for the Jewish Congress, visited Enzo's No Frills the same day he learned of the rumour, to see the alleged anti-Israeli sign for himself. The store was closed for the Good Friday holiday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You know, back when everyone was boycotting South Africa's Apartheid policies, you didn't have South Africans screaming at store owners in hysteria because it was recognized back then that the owner of a store HAS A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT HE WILL AND WILL NOT SELL IN HIS OWN @&#%ING STORE!

One of the numerous reasons there is such anger building against Israel is because of the behavior of their supporters in this country, who go around acting like it is their god-given right to tell everyone else how they should live and what they should think.

Apr 12 12:48

‘Israel may drag US into new war’

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has expressed fears that Israel may attempt to involve the US in a new aggression against Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

“Because of Israel’s current disagreements with the US, the Israeli side could get the US involved in what is a ‘crazy move,’” Berri was quoted as saying by Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat .

He added that there were no guarantees that Israel would not start another war in the region.

Apr 12 12:48

Ukraine Pledges to Eliminate Highly Enriched Uranium Stockpile , White House Says

The White House says Ukraine is announcing it will get rid of its stockpile of highly enriched uranium, enough to build several nuclear weapons, by 2012.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You don't need to 'get rid of it', just add some of that depleted uranium used in munitions and melt it all together in a furnace until the enrichment goes back down to the levels used for power stations, then make fuel rods!

By the way, if we are seriously going to talk nuclear disarmament, then let us start with the only nation to actually use a nuclear weapon on the civilians of another country!

Apr 12 12:47

MSNBC Dylan Ratigan video: Federal Reserve is the greatest con and cover-up in US history

*hyperlinks live at source*

You know you’re being conned when the FBI reports that banks were responsible for 80% of the sub-prime criminal lending fraud, and then those same banks are rewarded with trillions of dollars from taxpayers with future guarantees of trillions more. You know you’re being played when the US Senate confirms that taxpayers lose $2 to $4 TRILLION every year from price manipulation yet continue to allow it. You know that you’re a sucker when the pinnacle con men from Goldman Sachs and the Fed rotate through the US Treasury Department’s “leadership.”

This link provides the documentation of the above, and the solutions. Lying for trillions of dollars is similar to lying for war: both involve the central questions of money and power.

Apr 12 12:15

What The Hell? (Outstanding Credit)

An $84.2 billion increase in one month, or annualized, a significantly more than 100% run rate?

Something's not right here folks. I can't find the rest of the one-week ramp yet, as the data is not current enough for me to do so, but that's an insane increase.

Apr 12 12:07

Singling out Israel is the right thing to do

There are certainly anti-Semites who criticize Israel because they are racist, but these marginal people simply do not characterize those organizations mentioned above, the Palestinian people, or those of us in the international movement to boycott Israel for its long-standing human rights abuses. Indeed, refusing to address fair claims because of the occasional unfair accuser removes the anti-Semites from the margins and sacrifices the entire system of rights and the majority who support it at their altar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We choose to fight one evil at a time.

Apr 12 11:57

Did The Fed Just (Surreptitiously) Bail Out Europe?

That nice little vertical line is a gain of $421.8 billion dollars of outstanding loans and leases in one week's time.

Apr 12 11:42

Infowars Reader Harassed By Cops Over “Militia” Fears

An Infowars reader was stopped and harassed by Kansas Highway police on Thursday night for the crime of displaying political bumper stickers, with cops expressing fears of affiliations with “militia groups,” another frightening example of how police are being trained to treat any form of peaceful dissent as a sign of domestic terror.

Apr 12 11:25

iPad vs ObamaPad

Apr 12 11:23


As Henry Kissinger once rightly observed, it is often more dangerous being America’s ally than its enemy.

Watching Washington’s growing anger Afghan president Hamid Karzai, one recalls the unhappy endings of such former US allies as South Vietnam’s Diem, Iran’s Shah, Indonesia’s Suharto, Nicaragua’s Somoza, and Pakistan’s Zia ul-Haq.

Washington has been loudly hinting it would like to oust Karzai, but so far it has not managed to identify a suitable replacement who commands any respect or tribal support from Afghans.

Apr 12 11:01

Social Networking Decline

While social networks are still massive and generally doing well, there are more more reports of people getting fed up with such networks because they get too many friend requests and are not happy with the new advertising methods the sites use to generate revenue.

Apr 12 10:56

Hawaii tax plan raises $75M less than hoped

State House negotiators last night offered to significantly scale back a proposal to lift general-excise tax exemptions on several business activities and impose a new GET hike, a move that would generate $25.3 million — instead of about $100 million — to help contain the state's budget deficit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What kind of an idiot looks at a population faced with major unemployment and wage reductions and imagines that higher taxes will help?

Apr 12 10:55

Senate expected to approve $667 million tax bill today

New sales taxes on candy, beer and bottled water would start in June, and on carbonated beverages in July.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Candy is bad for you, rainwater is just as pure as the bottled stuff, and as long as you do not sell it, it is perfectly legal to brew your own beer at home, and since you are not required to add all the chemicals the state-approved beer companies are forced to add, you will get a better-tasting product!

It is time to stop buying anything the government is adding taxes to.

Apr 12 10:52

They’ve Stolen Our Road!

This stretch of road is now solely for the use of the settlers, who use it to get to their settlement from the main road. The Israeli army will not allow Palestinians to use the road except on foot or on a donkey.

Apr 12 10:42

BOMBSHELL – Whistle Blower Comes Forward With Solid Proof The Price Of Gold And Silver Is Being Manipulated By Major Financial Institutions

For a long time many of us have had very serious suspicions that the prices of gold and silver were being highly manipulated. But now, thanks to the mind blowing testimony of one very brave whistle blower, the blatant manipulation of the world gold and silver markets is being blown wide open. What you are about to read below is absolutely staggering. Once the American people learn how incredibly corrupt the world financial system is, it is going to change everything. The government that we are all trusting to guard the integrity of the financial system is failing to do that job. It turns out that the Commodities Futures Trading Commission has been sitting on solid evidence that the elite banking powers have been openly and blatantly manipulating the price of gold and silver.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The purveyors of pretty printed pieces of paper (stocks, fiat currencies, etc.) have clear motive to depress the prices of tangible assets such as silver and gold, in order to keep the suckers buying and selling the PPPoP, which can be inflated, and "Enronized" on demand.

Apr 12 10:40

Risk of Japan going bankrupt is real, say analysts

Analysts say Greece's debt problems may currently be in the spotlight, but Japan is also walking a financial tightrope, with a public debt bigger than that of any other industrialized nation.

Apr 12 10:34

Support for Repeal of Health Care Plan Up To 58%

Three weeks after Congress passed its new national health care plan, support for repeal of the measure has risen four points to 58%. That includes 50% of U.S. voters who strongly favor repeal.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters nationwide finds 38% still oppose repeal, including 32% who strongly oppose it.

Apr 12 10:34

Manning Predicts Revolution

Apr 12 10:28

This Day in History: April 12 -

1861: On this date the American “Civil War” begins when Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter, in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina.

Apr 12 10:25

Aussies Safer at Strip Clubs than in Churches

Aussies safer in a strip club than a church, figures show
By Brenden Hills From: The Sunday Telegraph April 11, 2010 11:51am

THEY may be holy places of worship and reflection, but new figures show you may not be as safe in a NSW church as you are at a strip club or in a brothel.

The latest data, compiled by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, showed 1600 people were charged with committing a range of 27 offences in the state's "places of worship'' in 2008.

Surprisingly, the figures showed only 282 people were charged in premises classified as adult entertainment over the same offences.


After reading this I wouldn't necessarily suggest taking kids to strip clubs on Sundays, but...

Apr 12 09:54

Israeli Military Order Sets Up Mass Expulsion of Palestinians From West Bank

Under the new regulations, any Palestinian, including those born in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, could be classified as an “infiltrator” if they don’t have explicit permission from the Israeli military to reside in the territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This may well be the beginning of the end for Palestinians.

Israel is getting ready to annex the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, forcibly expel any Palestinian left standing in those areas.

Apr 12 09:49

Hamid Karzai, R.I.P.

Karzai is either going to change his tune, or else find himself the victim of an "accident": a military coup is not out of the question. If I were the CIA station chief, I’d release those photos of Karzai toking on a hashish pipe. And if I were Karzai, I’d send my resume to Gucci, and get out of town fast. Because "the chicest man on the planet" wouldn’t do well at Bagram.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The writer misses one critical point in this article.

There were two outcomes to have come out of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

The first was control over the drug trade, which the Taliban had nearly obliterated.. That mission has been accomplished to the point where the Russian government is stating that there is an "undeclared war" against it because of all the cheap, illegal heroin which is flooding their country from Afghanistan (when you control the drug traffic, you control where it winds up)

The second goal, which is proving to be painfully illusive 9 years on in this war, is the "pacification" of Afghanistan to the point where pipelines can be installed with which to control Eurasian oil.

This is the reason that the US and NATO leadership have their collective knickers in a twist; if Karzai survives this attempt at reconciliation, he may well demand that US and NATO leave far earlier that they want to, without those pipelines being built.

Should that scenario unfold, it puts the US precisely back in the position it was in 9 years ago, when as late as August of 2001, the US was negotiating with the Taliban for the rights to the pipeline routes, but thought that the price the Taliban was demanding was "too high."

Apr 12 09:34

I stole IDF documents to expose West Bank war crimes, Anat Kam says

Classified documents reveal that the Israel Defense Forces had committed war crimes in the West Bank, Anat Kam, the former soldier indicted for espionage over an alleged theft of top secret material, told the court earlier in the year, according to police documents released allowed for publication Monday at the request of Haaretz.

In the newly released material documenting court hearings surrounding Kam's arrest, the journalist and former IDF soldier said that the motivation behind her removal of sensitive military material was to expose "certain aspects of the IDF's conduct in the West Bank that I thought were of interest to the public."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was a brave and honest thing for this young woman to do, which is why she will probably spend the rest of her life behind bars, rotting in an Israeli prison.

Apr 12 09:29

'Israel may drag US into new war'

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has expressed fears that Israel may attempt to involve the US in a new aggression against Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

"Because of Israel's current disagreements with the US, the Israeli side could get the US involved in what is a 'crazy move,'" Berri was quoted as saying by Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat .

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is correct, but he is looking at the wrong country; Israel could well start a war against Iran, but could only finish it with the help of the US.

And that could potentially turn into a world war, with Russia and China aiding Iran militarily.

Apr 12 09:25

Netanyahu: Iran wants to destroy Israel and the world remains silent

"Iran's leaders are barreling toward developing a nuclear weapon, and openly declaring their desire to destroy Israel. In the face of these repeated pledges to remove the Jewish state from the earth, we encounter in the best case a limp reaction, and even that is fading," he said. "We do not hear the necessary rejection, no harsh denunciation, no outcry. The world is carrying on as usual, and there are those who direct their fire at us, at Israel."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: the "big lie" technique won't work any more, Bibi - get over it!

1. Iran's leadership never said that they would remove the Jewish state from the earth; that's a completely idiotic mistranslation from Farsi, and you know it.

2. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT (unlike Israel), and therefore must submit to its nuclear program being inspected consistently by the IAEA.

4. So far, there has been zero reporting of any nuclear materials gone missing, or enrichment beyond what is necessary to fuel a power plant.

5. The Iranian leadership may be many things, but it is not stupid. Iran hasn't initiated a war in two hundred years.

6. They understand that any military action against Israel will result its being bombed out of existence by the US.

7. Even if they are planning to develop a bomb (which is still very doubtful), who can blame them, after the magnificent object lesson the US gave Iran and the world by invading a nation which did not have a nuclear deterrent, that nation having been Iraq?

Apr 12 09:11

Obama Hosts Unprecedented International Nuclear Summit

President Obama says terrorists obtaining a nuclear weapon is the "single biggest threat" to U.S. security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama: the US government itself is the "single biggest threat" to US security.

Between waging immoral and illegal wars abroad, going broke trying to fund them,looting the taxpayers at every turn, and having turned this into the United States of Corporatocracy, this government is by far the most grave threat to this nation's security and stability.

Apr 12 09:04

Gates: Wikileaks Vido 'Painful to See', But Won't Have 'Lasting' Impact.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged on Sunday that leaked video showing the 2007 killing by U.S. Army personnel of a gathering of civilians in Iraq is "unfortunate" and "painful to see." But he did not think it would have a long-term affect on U.S. operations in that country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US Defense Secretary Gates: think again, sir!

These images are already seared into the memories of millions of people, around the world, and there is nothing you can do to take those images away.

Apr 12 08:57

US airbase in Kyrgyzstan resumes full operations: embassy

The US airbase in Kyrgyzstan vital to military operations in Afghanistan has resumed full operations, the US embassy said Monday, after unrest caused the suspension of troop transport flights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. This was not "unrest": this was a revolution!

2. One has to wonder just what the US promised both the leadership of Kyrgyzstan and Russia to enable it to keep the base here open.

Apr 12 08:53

Risk of Japan going bankrupt is real, analysts say

Greece's debt problems may currently be in the spotlight but Japan is walking its own financial tightrope, analysts say, with a public debt mountain bigger than that of any other industrialised nation.

Public debt is expected to hit 200 percent of GDP in the next year as the government tries to spend its way out of the economic doldrums despite plummeting tax revenues and soaring welfare costs for its aging population.

Japan "can't finance" its record trillion-dollar budget passed in March for the coming year as it tries to stimulate its fragile economy, said Hideo Kumano, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One by one, the global economic dominoes continue to fall.

And the question is, for thinking Americans, when the US will simply collapse of its own indebtedness?!? As reported at:


The US national debt, as of today, is:

$ 1 2 , 8 4 1 , 5 0 5 , 3 0 5 , 6 2 6 . 0 6

That's twelve trillion, eight hundred forty-one billion, five hundred-five million, three hundred-five thousand, six hundred twenty-six dollars and change.

And with interest on this debt, it is rising by the second.

Apr 12 08:49

Provocateurs Openly Announce Plans To Stage Tea Party Violence

With the establishment desperate to engender and exploit violence which will be used to demonize the Tea Party movement as an extremist mob, so-called anarchists are now openly declaring their intentions to pose as Tea Party members and stage violence in order to discredit populist grass roots organizations.

As we warned last week, leading anarchist groups have announced that they plan to “crash” the nationwide Tea Party protests on April 15, a promise that should not be taken lightly given the proven history of such organizations being infiltrated and steered by authorities to provocateur pointless mayhem and violence that serves as a justification for oppressing peaceful protest groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Levin? Makes sense. If the people of the United States stop paying taxes, Israel loses their free lunch! So Israel's supporters (and all other parasites and leeches) will be opposed to the Teas Party.

Apr 12 08:47

Report: Church abuse claims are 'Zionist attack', bishop says

A retired Italian bishop has sparked a furious row after quotes attributed to him suggested claims of sexual abuse in the Catholic church are a Jewish conspiracy, a British newspaper reported on Monday.

A website quoted Giacomo Babini, emeritus bishop of Grosseto, as saying he believed a "Zionist attack" was behind the criticism, considering how "powerful and refined" the criticism is, the Guardian daily reported.

Babini has denied the comments, which follow a series of statements from Catholic churchmen alleging the existence of plots to weaken the church and Pope Benedict XVI.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Apr 12 08:46

The Geminoid F brings us a step closer to Bladerunner

The scarily realistic Geminoid F, made with help from robot maker Kokoro, looks just like a twentysomething Japanese woman. The android sports extremely realistic hair and a set of teeth which apparently enable it to produce the most realistic robot smile yet. The android is operated by remote control and can mimic the exact facial expressions and speech of its operator. All of its electronics are hidden inside the android itself, and it can be charged and powered by a standard household electricity supply.

Apr 12 08:45

Psst: Hillary Rodham Clinton for Supreme Court?

Sen. Orrin Hatch says he's heard Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's name mentioned in connection with the Supreme Court vacancy brought about by the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.

Apr 12 08:44

Washington D.C. Lockdown

The Nuclear Summit is about to start in Washington D.C. and a strip of D.C. between the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and the White House is on lockdown.

One rumored item on the agenda of the Summit is an attempt to launch a program to get Israel to destroy its nuclear missiles. This is why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahou cancelled plans to attend the Summit.The cancellation by Netanyahou has led some media outlets to report that Israel is boycotting the event. This is not true. I have it on good authority from a person intimately familiar with the comings and goings in the U.S. of top level Israeli officials that Netanyahou has sent a Deputy to the meetings.

Apr 12 08:44

Onerous New DOE Regulations Headed Our Way

The announcement from DOE Secretary Steven Chu says that these changes will save 164 Million Metric Tons of CO2, from entering the atmosphere due to our use of more efficient electrical appliances.

Damn that's a lot of CO2............. Or is it?

There's a total of roughly 800Gt (Gigatons) (798Gt actually) of CO2 in our atmosphere, of which roughly 27Gt comes from man's activities.

164M (Million) Mt (Metric Tons) over 10 years = 16.4MMt per year = 1.6% of 1Gt = 1.5 billionths of 1% of the atmosphere every year.

And this is going to cost us how many billions of dollars?

Apr 12 08:43

If mainstream medicine really works, why are Americans so unhealthy?

Did you ever wonder why such an alarmingly high percentage of Americans are obese, diabetic, depressed and suffering from cancer, heart disease, kidney disorders and skin problems? Now consider the fact that Americans pay more per capita for health care than any other nation in the world. Americans pay the highest prices, by far, for medications, medical imaging scans, blood work, surgeries, chemotherapy and hospital stays. And yet what does America have to show for it? The most universally diseased population in the world -- and a nation on the verge of bankruptcy caused in part by mainstream medicine.

Apr 12 08:43


If your computer is ‘attacked’ by these evil forces, notify HaAretz at contact@haaretz.co.il
Perhaps they might find ways to prevent this from happening….

Apr 12 08:41


Goods allowed into Gaza last week mostly destroyed beyond repair after years in Israeli storage.

Apr 12 08:40


In the ‘criminal justice system’….. who are the criminals, the ones committing the crimes or the ones exposing them?
This is not a battle for Israel’s image; it’s a battle for what is left of its soul.

Apr 12 08:40


This stretch of road is now solely for the use of the settlers, who use it to get to their settlement from the main road. The Israeli army will not allow Palestinians to use the road except on foot or on a donkey.

Apr 12 08:39


Yesterday I posted an article by Amira Hass dealing with new military rulings which will permit the expulsion of thousands of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank. Today she wrote an update on this situation, which is followed by an editorial from HaAretz speaking out against this new move on the part of the government…..

There are millions of Palestinians living in refugee camps outside of their country today, don’t allow Israel to increase their numbers. SPEAK OUT NOW AGAINST THIS INJUSTICE.

Include in your demands the RIGHT OF RETURN for ALL Palestinian refugees.

Apr 12 08:39

Priest accused of child porn possession

Austrian authorities have launched legal proceedings against a Catholic priest accused of possessing child pornography and sharing it with others online.

Apr 12 08:38

Paedophilia complaints 'unpunished'

BELGIAN bishops have failed to punish any clergy over 300 complaints of paedophilia brought to their attention in the 1990s, claims a priest who helped many victims.

''We brought forward between 1992 and 1998 more than 300 complaints from victims of abuse committed by priests, but only 15 ended up with admissions'' of guilt, Father Rick Deville told the Flemish dailies De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad yesterday.

''A priest accused would most often be moved, but was never punished,'' he complained.

Apr 12 08:38

Fortean Diversions: Remote Viewing, Ingrained Hubris & Authentic Leadership -

Modern research on remote viewing began in the 1970s, largely funded by the CIA and other U.S. government agencies, which were primarily interested in the possibility of psychic spying. Two physicists, Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ developed the basic experimental procedure at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). In these tests the subject had to try to describe a place where an agent, or ‘beacon person,’ was located.

Apr 12 08:38

Bishop 'blames Jews' for criticism of Catholic church record on abuse

A furious transatlantic row has erupted over quotes that were attributed to a retired Italian bishop, which suggested that Jews were behind the current criticism of the Catholic church's record on tackling clerical sex abuse.

A website quoted Giacomo Babini, the emeritus bishop of Grosseto, as saying he believed a "Zionist attack" was behind the criticism, considering how "powerful and refined" the criticism is.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperation on the cusp of madness!

Apr 12 08:15

US denies climate aid to countries opposing Copenhagen accord

The new policy, first reported by The Washington Post, suggests the Obama administration is ready to play hardball, using aid as well as diplomacy, to bring developing countries into conformity with its efforts to reach an international deal to tackle global warming.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As the leaked document further down the page proves, the real agenda is forcing a global government on us all.

Apr 12 08:14

Monsanto Under Investigation by Seven US States

At least seven US state attorneys general are investigating whether Monsanto Company has abused its market power to lock out competitors and raise prices on seed. Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and two other unidentified states are in a working group to investigate the biotech giant.

Apr 12 08:12

33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits

With unemployment still at a severe high, a majority of states have drained their jobless benefit funds, forcing them to borrow billions from the federal government to help out-of-work Americans.

Apr 12 08:07

IRS Audit Rate of Large Companies Continues to Plummet

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Taxes are just for the "little people!"

Apr 12 08:05

CLIMATEGATE - Confidential document reveals Obama's hardline US climate talk strategy

Top of the list of objectives is to: "Reinforce the perception that the US is constructively engaged in UN negotiations in an effort to produce a global regime to combat climate change."

Apr 12 08:04

House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This

The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be. The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia.

Apr 12 08:01

Connecticut bishops fight sex abuse bill

A bill in Connecticut's legislature that would remove the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases has sparked a fervent response from the state's Roman Catholic bishops, who released a letter to parishioners Saturday imploring them to oppose the measure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If I am not mistaken, this political activism violates the church's tax exempt status!

Apr 12 07:59

Ex-St. Catharines bishop implicated in coverup

As local Catholics puzzle Friday over the sudden resignation of their bishop, his predecessor was implicated in the coverup of sexual abuse by a priest in Pembroke.

Former St. Catharines bishop John O'Mara was named by former Pembroke bishop Joseph Windle in a 1993 letter to the Vatican's ambassador in Ottawa. O'Mara was named as part of a group of Ontario bishops who backed Windle's recommendation that the abuse of minors by a Pembroke priest be kept silent.

Apr 12 07:59

The Cowboy President

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has reached a new level in its discredited War on Terror just when we thought it could not sink any lower.

And what makes this even more tragic is that the new depths being plumbed are on the express orders of Barack Obama … a US President who promised the world so much and has delivered on so little. That he is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient makes this all the more shocking. President Obama has authorized the assassination of a Muslim scholar by the name of Anwar al-Awlaki. But what is really breath-taking is that Al-Awlaki is an American citizen, born in Las Cruces in the state of New Mexico of Yemeni parents

Apr 12 07:57


I write this article
for the same reason I wrote my book:
to tell the American people,
and especially American Jews,
that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate
willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave,
Jews killed Jews; and that,
to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands,
Jews on numerous occasions
rejected genuine peace initiatives
from their Arab neighbors.

Apr 12 07:56

Hawaii retreat center revenue challenged on tax-exempt status

Both tax-exempt organizations, the Roman Catholic Church of Hawaii and the Sisters of Sacred Hearts, use the centers for internal purposes, including housing for religious personnel and staff offices.

But both for years also have rented meeting and lodging space on the properties to outside organizations for short retreats or conferences, raising questions on whether such operations are considered commercial and should be subject to taxation.

The decisions to investigate were made last week after the Hawai'i Citizens for the Separation of State and Church, a loosely organized group of individuals, filed complaints with the city, state and federal governments over possible tax evasion by the two retreat operations.

Apr 12 07:55

U.S., Israeli attack on Iran would be 'unacceptable' - Russia military

Any airstrike against Iran by the United States or Israel would be "unacceptable," the chief of the Russian General Staff Nikolai Makarov said on Monday.

Apr 12 07:52

A bailout for news?

The historic way of funding great journalism in America — bankrolling newsrooms through the sales of real estate, auto, retail and employment ads — is disintegrating. Which means journalists must once again confront an uncomfortable issue: Do the news media need a bailout from the government to save journalism?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Journalism could save itself overnight by simply telling the truth. But the corporate media has lied to America, continues to lie to America, and as America deserts the obvious government propaganda the presstitutes whine and cry for a taxpayer bailout to keep their jobs!

Apr 12 07:51

Spend It Now! A Huge New Tax Is Coming...

Everything you buy is about to become 20% more expensive...

I'm not kidding. The latest idea out of Washington is to pay for its insatiable appetite for spending with what's called a "Value-Added Tax."

Apr 12 07:49

Israeli occupation forces surround school

The school’s principal, Majid Odwan, said three military vehicles were stationed outside the gates of the building. Soldiers started by calling out the the children with loudspeakers demanding that they empty the school so several boys could be detained, he said.

Apr 12 07:48

Lady Apocalypse is Coming into Bloom.

438 to 437 is the tally by which Romney won the straw poll over Ron Paul. What are the odds of those numbers?

Apr 12 07:46

At the Geopolitical Crossroads of China and Russia: Kyrgyzstan And The Battle For Central Asia

It not only borders China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, but is only separated from Russia by a single nation, Kazakhstan. To gain an appreciation of Russian and Chinese concerns over hundreds of thousands of U.S. and NATO troops passing through Kyrgyzstan, imagine a comparable amount of Chinese and Russian soldiers regularly passing through Mexico and Guatemala, respectively. For almost nine years and at an accelerating rate.

It is not only a military "hard power" but also a "soft power" threat that the Western role in Kyrgyzstan poses to Russia and China.

Apr 12 07:44

N. Korea, Iran Snub Obama, Keep Up Nuclear Programs

North Korea and Iran angered by “hostile” Obama approach, plan to move forward with nuclear programs.

Apr 12 07:43

Iran to replace Persian Gulf radar

Iranian scientists are planning to develop domestic radars to replace a series of aging Russian-made systems currently deployed in the Persian Gulf.

"The systems will be designed and installed chiefly for defense purposes," said Vice President for Science and Technology, Nasrin Soltankhah, in an interview with Fars News Agency on Saturday.

Apr 12 07:43

Looting Main Street: How the Nation's Biggest Banks are ripping off American Cities

If you want to know what life in the Third World is like, just ask Lisa Pack, an administrative assistant who works in the roads and transportation department in Jefferson County, Alabama. Pack got rudely introduced to life in post-crisis America last August, when word came down that she and 1,000 of her fellow public employees would have to take a little unpaid vacation for a while. The county, it turned out, was more than $5 billion in debt — meaning that courthouses, jails and sheriff's precincts had to be closed so that Wall Street banks could be paid.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money!!!!!!" -- Wall Street

Apr 12 07:41

Orwellian Justice System: Spying on Americans Continues Despite Court Order

As AT&T whistleblower Marc Klein told Wired earlier this year, internal AT&T documents suggest that the on-going NSA spy program "was just the tip of an eavesdropping iceberg."

Apr 12 07:40

Anti-War Left and Anti-War Right Unite in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Patriots have formed a left-right Liberty Coalition Facebook page. This follows a call by Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Chuck Baldwin to put aside partisan differences for the sake of overriding principles we can agree on.

Apr 12 07:37

GHW Bush’s Shadow Government Blackmailed By 9/11 Co-Conspirator, Mossad

This Shadow Government, with Mossad as its co-conspirator, planned and executed 9/11, the (Rumsfeld/Zack) Anthrax attacks, and all that followed. What the Christian Zionists never expected was that Israel would use these same events to blackmail their co-conspirators, which serves to explain why the US Government is so actively engaged in the cover-up of 9/11, while allowing Israel to do as it pleases in Gaza, Lebanon, and coming soon – Iran. All of the Shadow Government operatives, all the way up to David Rockefeller, are being held hostage by Israeli blackmail. Israel has ALL the evidence hanging over their heads, and effectively controls America (and its nuclear arsenal) as a result:

Apr 12 07:35

Tyranny of the Majority, Corporate Welfare, and Complicity

After including earned-income tax credits, the bottom 60% of households paid less than 1% of all Federal income taxes, and the households between 60% and 80% paid 13%.

The top 20% paid 68.7% of all Federal taxes: Income taxes, Social Security and Medicare, excise and corporate taxes. The top 10% of households paid fully 72.7% of all Federal income tax, the top 5% paid 60.7%, and the top 1% paid 38.8%.

In essence, this is a vote-buying scheme by the Status Quo: the top 1% control the policies of the State in alliance with the State's own Elites, and together they buy the complicity of the bottom 60% to passively accept their dominance.

Apr 12 07:34

WikiLeaks plans to post video showing US massacre of Afghani civilians

Adds the UK Telegraph: "The Afghan government said at the time that the strikes by F-18 and B1 planes near Granai killed 147 civilians. An independent Afghan inquiry later put the toll at 86."

"Video footage of the strike could prove highly damaging to the Nato-led coalition if it showed pilots failing to safeguard civilian lives," the paper continues.

Apr 12 07:33

Vatican forgives Beatles for Lennon Jesus remark

The Vatican has finally made peace with the Beatles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Desperate attempt by Pope Benny the Rat to look "cool!"

Apr 12 07:31

all west bank palest to be imprisoned in gaza

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" has condemned the decision of the "Israeli" threatens to deport thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip

Apr 12 07:16

Gulf War veterans 'refused war pensions'

Hundreds of sick Gulf War veterans are still having to go through drawn-out and distressing appeals to get war pensions, a charity said today.

Those left ill from the 1990-1991 conflict must seek compensation for each individual symptom because the Ministry of Defence refuses to recognise "Gulf War Syndrome" as a medical condition, according to the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA).

Many give up after repeatedly having their disabilities challenged and their claims rejected, the group said.

Apr 12 07:13

FDA says studies on triclosan, used in sanitizers and soaps, raise concerns

The Food and Drug Administration said recent research raises "valid concerns" about the possible health effects of triclosan, an antibacterial chemical found in a growing number of liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquids, shaving gels and even socks, workout clothes and toys.

Apr 12 07:08

'No guarantee' British troops in Afghanistan will able to have their say in UK election

British soldiers serving in Afghanistan may not have their votes counted in the General Election, the Government has confessed.

Justice minister Michael Wills has admitted there is 'no guarantee' ballot papers filled out on the battlefield will reach the UK in time for 6 May.

Apr 12 07:05

Afghan fury after Nato troops open fire on bus full of civilians, killing four people

International troops opened fire on a bus carrying Afghan civilians today, killing four people and setting off anti-American protests by furious locals.

Witnesses said the bus, which was travelling in Kandahar province's Zhari district, had pulled over to allow an American convoy to pass when gunfire broke out.

The shooting left another 18 people wounded, 12 of whom were taken to a military hospital.

Apr 12 07:02

Tens of thousands of British women warned their breast implants could rupture

Nearly fifty thousands women in the UK have been warned by health chiefs that their breast implants could explode.

The best-selling silicone implant made by the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), are thought to be twice as likely to rupture.

A government health agency is urging women with this type of implant to contact their plastic surgeons to consider having the implants removed.

They run the risk of developing toxic shock syndrome or gangrene if the implants explode.

Apr 12 06:59

Fury as Russia sells its missile system to Iran

The S-300's surface-to-air rockets can hit many targets at once, including in-coming cruise missiles, making any Western or Israeli strike on Iran much more difficult.

News of the multi-billion pound deal with Moscow has caused fury and fear among Western powers as they desperately try to stop the country developing nuclear weapons.

Apr 12 06:41


Apr 12 05:47

The Deadly Game Between The House of Rothschild and Freedom-Loving America

“So you see, my dear Coningsby, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”
—Benjamin Disraeli, in his 1844 novel Coningsby

Apr 12 05:18

Israel must denuclearize, Erdogan says

The Turkish premier says the international community should take action to disarm Israel as part of the efforts to make the Middle East a nuclear weapons-free zone...

Apr 12 00:49

Fresno Tea Party Attendee James on Martial Law

FRESNO, California -- Tea Party attendee, James, speaks his mind on martial law, endless war, second amendment rights, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other pertinent topics at the Fresno Tea Party held in Chukchansi Park Stadium on April 10, 2010.

When asked about martial law and the possibility of martial law occurring in America, James responded, "I'll tell you what, I think martial law should be put in the hands of the militia. How about that? That's exactly where it should be."

Apr 12 00:20

Ellen Brown interview with RENSE, 'The IMF, G20 et al (2) (STRUCTURE OF THE NWO SERIES/ 'The Global Administrators')

Listen to all parts. This is part 2 and very worth listening to.

April 11, 2010

Apr 11 23:21

Is the World's Second Biggest Economy On the Ropes?

Iceland has around the 101st biggest economy.

Dubai is also tiny.

Greece is somewhat bigger, with the 27th biggest economy.

When Iceland, Dubai and Greece tanked, that was horrible ... but not catastrophic.

Portugal - the 37th biggest economy - may be next. It would be horrible if Portugal tanks.

But Spain is also in real trouble. As the 9th biggest economy, a default by Spain could be major.

But none of these are in the same ballpark as Japan - the world's 2nd biggest economy. Only the U.S. is bigger.

So it is newsworthy that S & P cut Japan's sovereign credit rating in January.

Apr 11 22:39

British scientific expedition discovers world's deepest known undersea volcanic vents

A British scientific expedition has discovered the world's deepest undersea volcanic vents, known as 'black smokers', 3.1 miles (5000 metres) deep in the Cayman Trough in the Caribbean. Using a deep-diving vehicle remotely controlled from the Royal Research Ship James Cook, the scientists found slender spires made of copper and iron ores on the seafloor, erupting water hot enough to melt lead, nearly half a mile deeper than anyone has seen before.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If one does not know exactly how many undersea vents and volcanoes there are, then one cannot accurately calculate how much heat and CO2 these undersea sources add to the oceans. It therefore follows that one cannot possibly have a meaningful figure for the human contribution to ocean temperatures and CO2.

Apr 11 22:04

Mike Rivero - The Dangers of Belief

Apr 11 22:04

Your Taxes and War

If you’re an average American taxpayer, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have, since 2001, cost you personally $7,334, according to the "cost of war" counter created by the National Priorities Project (NPP). They have cost all Americans collectively more than $980,000,000,000. As a country, we’ll pass the trillion dollar mark soon. These are staggering figures and, despite the $72.3 billion that Congress has already ponied up for the Afghan War in 2010 ($136.8 billion if you add in Iraq), the administration is about to go back to Congress for more than $35 billion in outside-the-budget supplemental funds to cover the president’s military and civilian Afghan surges.

Apr 11 22:03

It's All Over But the Shouting

Congress finally passed health care reform in late March before finally abandoning Washington for two weeks. Lawmakers return this week. And no one quite knows what they’re going to do between now and the end of the year.

“I’m not really sure,” responded one senior staffer when I asked what was on tap when Congress returned to session.

“Are you kidding me?” said another. “I still haven’t recovered from health care.”

“I’m golfing,” replied another.

It may be April. But in Congress, the calendar may as well read December. Because almost anything of consequence for the 111th Congress is in the books.

Apr 11 22:00

Carbon credit documentary should not have been shown, BBC admits

A BBC documentary about socialite Robin Birley and his carbon credits business venture in Africa should never have been broadcast, an internal inquiry by the corporation has found. Millions of viewers were misled because the sympathetic documentary shown on BBC World News failed to declare that it was financed by a secretive trust that was linked to Birley.

Apr 11 20:48

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

Apr 11 18:04

Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny

Forward by Dr. Edward Teller.

Well thought out. Includes instructions on how to make a NIST accurate Geiger counter.

Free download.

Apr 11 14:22

False Flag at 32 Minute Mark: The Panama Deception Video

It is reasonable to consider that such tactics are being used RIGHT NOW by the United States, and probably by the United States against its own citizens.

Apr 11 13:30

Iraqis Rally On Anniversary Of US occupation

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have gathered in the holy city of Najaf to mark the seventh anniversary of the US-led occupation of the country in 2003.

Carrying Iraqi flags and shouting slogans such as “Yes, yes to unity” and “Sunni and Shia Muslims, we won’t sell this country,” protesters marched across the shrine city on Friday, calling for the release of detainees held in US-run prisons.

Apr 11 13:14

CrossTalk on Billionaires: The money tumor

Interview that includes Ellen Brown, author of "Web of Debt"!

The combined wealth of the world's billionaires soared 50%, from $2.4 to $3.6 trillion, in 2010.

Apr 11 13:13

My Beautiful Palestine

This is to all of the Palestinian parents in exile and the long trail of olive trees they've planted around the globe.

Apr 11 12:56

In 48 Hours; Tens Of Thousands Of Palestinians May Face Eviction In Occupied WB

The order's language came ambiguous and far from defining liabilities and rights of each group of residents in the West Bank.

Haaretz said: "The order's language is both general and ambiguous, stipulating that the term infiltrator will also be applied to Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, citizens of countries with which Israel has friendly ties (such as the United States) and Israeli citizens, whether Arab or Jewish.

"All this depends on the judgement of Israel defence forces commanders in the field."

Apr 11 12:38

12 Year-Old and Mother Anti-War Protestors Arrested in Iowa Senator's Office

Twelve-year-old war protester Frankie Hughes was arrested late Wednesday for trespassing after she allegedly refused to leave U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin's Des Moines office.

On Thursday morning, the girl's mother - who was standing outside Harkin's office when Frankie was taken into custody - was ticketed for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

"How crazy," said Frankie, who learned after school that her mother had been charged. "She didn't contribute to anything. I did what was in my heart. No one suggested I do what I did."

More at link:


Sounds like a family with good values!

Apr 11 12:14

Red Hot Catholic Love South Park Season 6 Episode 8

No embedding from the South Park Studios website. Click link to watch!

UPDATE: For some strange reason, this particular South Park episode is very slow in downloading! Here is an alternative lower-quality version.

Apr 11 12:07

Breaking: Benedict’s signature on letter requesting delay of defrocking of pedophile priest

The future Pope Benedict XVI resisted pleas to defrock a California priest with a record of sexually molesting children, citing concerns including ‘’the good of the universal church,’’ according to a 1985 letter bearing his signature.

Apr 11 12:06

FLASHBACK - Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Seriously, how does Israel get photos of these rockets being fired? Does Hezbollah and HAMAS invite Israeli photographers to attend the launching and say "Here, please take pictures so that Israel can justify stealing more land from the Palestinians?"

Apr 11 11:41

Turkey criticizes Israel's nuclear program

Turkey's prime minister said the world is turning a blind eye to Israel's nuclear program and he intends to raise the issue at the nuclear summit in Washington.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Iran's nuclear program is being scrutinized because of its membership in the International Atomic Energy Agency whereas Israel, which has not signed a nonproliferation treaty, is "free to do what it wants."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bravo to Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for having had the courage to make this statement.

Apr 11 11:35

Iranian Spy for CIA: "Weak West" Will Cause War with Iran

The American-led "engagement” policies towards Iran is going to result in the very war it wants to prevent, according to an Iranian CIA spy. He says the only way to prevent a possible nuclear war with Iran is to attack the country now.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if this gentleman actually exists, or is a useful "imaginary friend" to the creators of pro-Israeli, anti-Iran, propaganda.

And please note: this "author" is distressingly intent on having American soldiers fight, get maimed for life, or killed, to "neutralize" yet another of Israel's alleged existential threats in the region; not Israeli soldiers!

Apr 11 11:28

Think Tank Speculates War Could Break Out with Syria

The increasingly open threats made by Syrian leaders and members of the Hizbullah terrorist group in Lebanon have led analyst David Schenker of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) think tank to warn that war may be on the horizon. In addition, he noted, a future war could include Syria and not only its proxy Hizbullah: in February, Syrian leaders said Syria would not “sit idly by” in case of another war with Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Israel is itching for any war through which to expand its territory.

Apr 11 11:26

Papal Indulgences

My favorite moment of the whole child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church was when Father Klaus Malangré suggested that Peter Hullermann, the redoubtable German pedophile priest, might be sent to work in a girls' school. No boys, no molestation. Or, in churchly language, no occasion of sin. Problem solved! Plus, the good father would spend his life warding off female cooties. Malangré must not have heard about priests--and they do exist--who abused both male and female children. Nor had he learned the lesson of Watergate: the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Apr 11 11:25

We don't need a messiah (and anyway, it isn't me)

If the world is to transform, faith in politicians offering hope and change is a recipe for disappointment. Ask almost anyone who voted for Obama. Change happens through millions of acts of rebellion and mutual aid, not through faith in one great leader. What's depressing about this whole Maitreya thing is that it is a sign that we've given up on ourselves, that we need to depend on The One rather than finding the means to fix our own problems directly.

Apr 11 11:25

California Gubernatorial Candidate Chelene Nightingale on Martial Law

FRESNO, California -- Gubernatorial candidate, Chelene Nightingale, spoke out on martial law, prison camps, Agenda 21, open carry and other pertinent topics at the Fresno Tea Party on April 10, 2010.

"Nobody should be invading our homes, or coming into our homes unless they have some sort of cause and then they're supposed to have a warrant. That's it. Period," said Nightingale when asked about government invasion of privacy. "If they're doing more than that, it's unconstitutional."

"The federal government, first of all, is not supposed to have power over the state and the state is not supposed to have power over individuals. Individual rights first," Nightingale said.

Apr 11 11:23

Why did no one call the cops? Princes of church failed royally

As this latest tsunami of child sexual abuse engulfs the Catholic Church, a question for the Pope: did anyone ever call the cops? When it became known that a priest had raped or sexually molested a child, did any monsignor/bishop/archbishop/cardinal anywhere in the world report the crime to the police/polizei/polica/polizia?

The answer is no.

Apr 11 11:18

Cable ties Kissinger to Chile controversy

As secretary of state, Henry Kissinger canceled a U.S. warning against carrying out international political assassinations that was to have gone to Chile and two neighboring nations just days before a former ambassador was killed by Chilean agents on Washington's Embassy Row in 1976, a newly released State Department cable shows.

Whether Kissinger played a role in blocking the delivery of the warning against assassination to the governments of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay has long been a topic of controversy.

Apr 11 11:17

Jon Voight calls out Barack Obama

Letter to America:
“In one year, the American people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by President Obama and his whole administration. The lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all or the very poor and needy who live to be taken care of.

President Obama feeds these people poison, giving them the idea that they are entitled to take from the wealthier who have lived and worked in a democracy that understands that capitalism is the only truth that keeps a nation healthy and fed. Now the lie goes very deep and President Obama has been cleverly trained in the Alinsky method and it would be very important that every American knows what that method is.

Apr 11 11:17

Metal$ are in the pits

There is no silver lining to the activities of JPMorgan Chase and HSBC in the precious-metals market here and in London, says a 40-year veteran of the metal pits.

The banks, which do the Federal Reserve's bidding in the metals markets, have long been the government's lead actors in keeping down the prices of gold and silver, according to a former Goldman Sachs trader working at the London Bullion Market Association.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The purveyors of pretty printed pieces of paper (stocks, fiat currencies, etc.) have clear motive to depress the prices of tangible assets such as silver and gold, in order to keep the suckers buying and selling the PPPoP, which can be inflated, and "Enronized" on demand.

Apr 11 11:16


Apr 11 11:14

Pope 'has no UK arrest immunity'

Atheist authors Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens proposed the action against the Pontiff for his handling of child abuse scandals in the Catholic church.

The writers' solicitor Mark Stephens said applications will be made to courts in the UK and the International Criminal Court for a warrant for Pope Benedict XVI's arrest.

His likely defence would be be that he is immune from prosecution during his visit to Britain in September, according to the lawyer.

Mr Stephens said: "The courts will examine the claim of immunity. I believe that an English court would reject it. If the Pope was here on a state visit, ordinarily a head of state would have sovereign immunity. What I believe is that because he's not a sovereign, not a head of state, he's not entitled to the defence."

Apr 11 11:13


The movie, Green Zone, covers our attack on Iraq with considerable accuracy. The film clearly outlines how, in order to justify an illegal invasion, an American government created “false flag” intelligence. Despite any crimes Saddam may have committed, currently America has caused more civilian deaths in Iraq than Saddam in 30 years, the invasion was illegal and any and all involved in its planning, according to international law, should face tribunals. Those who were misled are innocent. Those who did the misleading are war criminals, exactly like Saddam. Our war to save Iraq from a brutal dictator was simply cover for a bank robbery and some “dirty work” that needed to be done, work that opened the door to country after country being destabilized.

Apr 11 11:13

Plumbing the depths ...

The Globe claims to have inside information on the torture of Afghan prisoners that conveniently places the blame squarely on the Afghans themselves. Who knows how much of it is true? As usual, all of the sources are unnamed except for a mysterious Mr. Khalid, a "former governor" who is now "gone" and apparently exists only in the memory of unnamed Canadian soldiers.

The final couple of paragraphs contain some of the most blatant blarney you'll ever read; it attempts to intimate that it was true-blue Canadian politeness that kept our military from knowing what brutal things those savage and ignorant Afghans were doing to our prisoners

Apr 11 11:12

Iran says new US policy a nuclear threat

Iran's supreme leader said Sunday that President Barack Obama has "implicitly threatened" his country with nuclear weapons in a newly outlined U.S. policy and Tehran said it intends to file a formal complaint with the U.N.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final say on all state matters in Iran, said Obama's language was "disgraceful" and proof the U.S. cannot be trusted.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In this instance, Khamenei is absolutely correct, unfortunately.

The war drums are beating more loudly and vigorously for a US attack against Iran, with Israel as its cheerleader, eager and anxious for American kids to fight, get maimed and die to protect Israel from its alleged "existential threats" in the Middle East- which means all of its neighbors!

Apr 11 11:12


It is difficult to not remember the holocaust if you live in Israel…. it is not only something that occurred in history, it is something that is unfolding right here, right now. We read of the horrors in our history books…. we continue reading about them in our daily newspaper reports…

Apr 11 11:10

Ratzinger: "Bishop, take your time with that pedophile"

The priest, convicted of tying up and abusing two young boys in a California church rectory, wanted to leave the ministry.

But in 1985, four years after the priest and his bishop first asked that he be defrocked, the future Pope Benedict XVI, then a top Vatican official, signed a letter saying that the case needed more time and that "the good of the Universal Church" had to be considered in the final decision, according to church documents released through lawsuits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If a "rogue" Archbishop ordains women or married men to the priesthood , Pope Benny The Rat will cut this guys nuts off in a hearbeat.

But, a dangerous paedophile who tied up two children in his rectory and molested them deserves "parental care"!

Apr 11 11:06

Germany says Vatican covered up priest child sex abuses

Germany's justice minister accused the Vatican of covering up severe sexual abuse in the Church after fresh reports surfaced at three Catholic schools in Bavaria.

Apr 11 11:05

Kyrgyzstan's new leader tackles challenging job

Otunbayeva -- a former Soviet official, United Nations representative, Kyrgyz ambassador to the United States and United Kingdom, and and Kyrgyz foreign minister -- is not a newcomer to this business. A short, unpretentious woman, it's clear the weight on her shoulders is intense. She's working long hours, taking no time off.

Her immediate challenge is dealing with the deposed Kyrgyz president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, in hiding in the southern part of the country. She has called on him to resign. He has refused. She has offered him free passage out of the country. He hasn't responded.

Apr 11 11:03

READER PHOTOS - Didn't see this on our local news! Pass it on the REVOLUTION has started.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll bet you didn't see this on ABCNNBBCBS!

Apr 11 11:00

AFRICOM Backs Bloodshed in Central Africa

The eastern Congo remains awash in bloodshed due to western mining companies and their proxy armies, the military regimes of Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), and Joseph Kabila (DRC), all hidden behind reams of western newsprint blaming Congolese victims for their own suffering.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When it comes to potential resources to be exploited by the West, Africa has absolutely become the new Middle East, with various foreign governments scrambling for position in terms of taking the spoils

Apr 11 10:54

Home Free: No Worries for Dr K as Complicity is Revealed

Poor old Henry Kissinger. All that botheration, all those lies, all the years of gut-churning anxiety about scandal, even prosecution -- and for what? Mere complicity in state murder of foreigners carried out by a foreign government? Why, nowadays, we have U.S. presidents openly ordering the murder of American citizens, and nobody bats an eye. There is no scandal, no prosecution -- there is not even any debate. It's just a fact of life, ordinary, normal, unchangeable: the sun rises in the east, cows eat grass, rain is wet, American presidents murder people. What's the big deal?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In looking at this man and his utterly criminal past, one has to come to the uncomfortable and Orwellian realization that the Nobel Peace Prize tends to go to some of the worst perpetrators of mass murder on this planet, including the award of that prize to America's current President.

Apr 11 10:48

Gaza’s fuel and electric shortage threatens repeat sewage tsunami

For the past week, an average of 2 million gallons of sewage water per day has poured from the plant’s cement-reinforced sewage treatment "lagoons" (see picture) into two of the three overflow cesspools, according to plant operators. As a result of yesterday’s electric blackout, 6.5 million gallons was redirected to the cesspools in a single day. Water levels appear to be about three feet high in some places. The third and largest cesspool, which contained more than 660 million gallons of treated sewage before it was drained in August of 2009, remains empty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Israeli government is keenly aware of what water-borne illnesses can do to a population, particularly to children and the medically fragile elderly.

This is simply one component in Israel's multi-layered "Final Solution" for Gazan Palestinians, which will end in complete Israeli annexation and forced expulsion of all Gazan Palestinians.

Apr 11 10:45

2010-4-7 1/2 Federal Reserve BANK CON exposed on MSNBC There is No Money

Apr 11 10:43

CLIMATEGATE - Bonn or bust – The UN’s last, desperate bid for unelected world government

There are not many empty seats in the dismal, echoing conference chamber in the ghastly concrete box that is the Hotel Maritim here in Bonn, where the UN’s latest attempt to maneuver the 194 States Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change gets underway today.

The “international community”, as it is now called, is here in full force, in the shape of expensively-suited, shiny-shod bureaucrats with an urbane manner and absolutely no knowledge of climate science whatsoever.

Apr 11 10:40

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

Until now, Israeli civil courts have occasionally prevented the expulsion of these three groups from the West Bank. The new order, however, puts them under the sole jurisdiction of Israeli military courts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And so it begins; the complete annexation of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, coupled with forced expulsion of Palestinians from their homes forever.

Apr 11 10:38

The Inflicted Wounds of America's War Machine: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Infertility

Since 20 percent live sperm is considered to be the beginning of infertility, Israel will be sterile in less than 10 years at this rate of decline. The estimated 7 million Israeli Jews will have no more children soon after that. This catastrophic development has already occasioned legislative hearings in Israel’s Knesset. The hearings were covered by Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Israeli sperm concentration is just an example of what is happening to human sperm all over the Middle East and Central Asia, by the choice and force of will of successive U.S. presidents.

The American war machine has consequences. PTSD is just one of them. The poison gas cannot be contained, undone or recalled. There is no antidote; there is no cure. There is no escape.

Apr 11 10:38

Meet The 26 Members Of George Soros's Secret Team To Rewrite Economics

Apr 11 10:37

Man sentenced for ‘Jewish lobby’ list

Apr 11 10:36

A fair cop

As detective senior constable Glen McNamara, he was stationed at Kings Cross in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was a time and a place that was to become notorious in the history of the NSW Police.

There he found corrupt officers who routinely protected criminals in return for cash. But unlike many of his colleagues at the time who allowed themselves to be corrupted or at least turned a blind eye, McNamara didn't buy into the dirty-cop culture.

On his own initiative, he began gathering evidence to expose the flourishing criminality – and was then betrayed by the people around him he trusted most.

Apr 11 10:36

Activists? Action Against Censorship Not Just a Gag

At 5:30PM on April 1st, Activists protesting against the Rudd Government's proposed Mandatory Internet Filter will gather in Hyde Park Sydney to speak out against Government Censorship.

One of the organisers of the protest and member of Pirate Party Australia, Simon Frew, said. "I think it is outrageous that the government has the audacity to force this filter on a supposedly free society. This is the sort of censorship you would expect of China or Iran, and it is being roundly condemned by the US State Department and Google for good reason."

Apr 11 10:35

The Pirate Party: how to bypass the great Australian firewall

Apr 11 10:32

The $2.3 Trillion State and Local Government Debt Monster – California Pension Systems on Unsupportable Path with $500 Billion Projected Shortfall. CalPERS, CalSTRS, and UCRS.

Much of the focus on government debt over the past few years has revolved around the federal government. No doubt, this is a stunningly large amount. Yet the government has the ability to finance this debt through the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve with a buffet of choices. You have direct bailouts to Wall Street, quantitative easing, and systematically dismantling the U.S. dollar. But one issue that is rising to the top is that of state and local government debt. States do not have the ability to print money at the whim of any central banker. And the state and local government debt market is up to a whopping $2.3 trillion. At this point, trillion is the new billion.

Apr 11 10:31

Sherry Peel Jackson Ex IRS Agent on Income Tax

Apr 11 10:27

Occupied Washington DC

As a visitor to our nation's capital, I cannot tell you how disconcerting it is to step off the metro and find yourself face to face with a F-35 fighter jet. Where you would normally expect to find ads for cell phones or museum exhibitions, Washington's subway, the second busiest in the country, instead displays full color backlit billboards for some of the most deadly – and expensive – weapons systems ever produced.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one thing that will guarantee the safety of American citizens is for the American government to stop mucking about in other peoples' countries, as though those countries' resources only belong to the US, and not to the people sitting on top of them.

Of course, that would be logical.

Apr 11 10:23

Is America ‘Yearning for Fascism’?

“We are ruled not by two parties but one party,” Cynthia McKinney, who ran for president on the Green Party ticket, told me. “It is the party of money and war. Our country has been hijacked. And we have to take the country away from those who have hijacked it. The only question now is whose revolution gets funded.”

Apr 11 10:21

NY - Dairy farmers closing up farms fast

“Right now dairy farmers have seen a 47 percent drop in the prices they were getting last year and we have to get them some short-term relief immediately,” said Arden Tewksbury, manager of the Progressive Agriculture Organization.

“There are many farms that are going to be closing soon. People argue the number is as high as 25 or 35 percent,” he said.

Apr 11 10:20

Italian clerical sex abuse victims allege cover-up

THE ITALIAN victims advocacy group, La Caramella Buona, has accused the Catholic Church of systematically covering up recent clerical sex abuse offences in Italy.

Speaking to leftist daily Il Fatto , yesterday lawyer Sergio Cavaliere claimed that in the last two years alone there had been 130 legal cases involving allegations of paedophilia against Italian priests.

Apr 11 10:20

Number of Jesuit abuse victims continues to climb

Some 10 weeks after the first abuse cases at Jesuit education institutions came to light, the number of victims continues to climb. Around 170 people are now believed to have been abused in Germany.

Apr 11 10:18

Blowback in Kyrgyzstan

The timing of this week's revolt in Kyrgyzstan, making headlines around the world, is telling. On Thursday the son and heir apparent of ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Maksim, was scheduled to speak at an economic forum in Washington. The meeting has been postponed indefinitely, and something tells me it may not be re-scheduled any time soon. As the Guardian reported today, interim opposition spokesperson and former Kyrgyz ambassador the United States, Roza Otunbayeva, said of the outgoing president: "His business is finished in Kyrgyzstan … in essence people were simply fed up with the previous regime, and with its repressive, tyrannical and abusive behaviour. They want to build democracy here."

Apr 11 10:18

UK victims of paedophile priests seek meeting with pope

Apr 11 10:15

America's Imperial Design. Prompt Global Strike: World Military Superiority Without Nuclear Weapons

On April 8 American and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) agreement in the Czech capital of Prague to reduce their respective nation's nuclear arsenals and delivery systems (subject to ratification by the U.S. Senate and the Russian Duma.

More ominously, though, Washington is forging ahead with a replacement for the nuclear sword and shield - for blackmail and for deterrence - with a non-nuclear model that could upset the previous "balance of terror" arrangement that has been a criminal nightmare for six decades, but for sixty years without a massive missile war.

Apr 11 10:11

How the CIA is Welcoming Itself Back Onto American University Campuses

For those who lived through the dramatic revelations of the congressional inquiries in the 1970s, documenting the CIA’s routine involvement in global and domestic atrocities, it made sense to construct institutional firewalls between an agency so deeply linked with these actions and educational institutions dedicated to at least the promise of free inquiry and truth. But the last dozen years have seen retirements and deaths among academics who had lived through this history and had been vigilant about keeping the CIA off campus; furthermore, with the attacks of 9/11 came new campaigns to bring the CIA back onto American campuses.

Apr 11 10:09


Royal maids are up in arms after being roped in to work evenings, on top of their day jobs, for no extra pay.

Apr 11 10:08

Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI

RICHARD DAWKINS, the atheist campaigner, is planning a legal ambush to have the Pope arrested during his state visit to Britain “for crimes against humanity”.

Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, the atheist author, have asked human rights lawyers to produce a case for charging Pope Benedict XVI over his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

The pair believe they can exploit the same legal principle used to arrest Augusto Pinochet, the late Chilean dictator, when he visited Britain in 1998.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Book 'em, Danno!" :)

Apr 11 10:07

Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, threatens to block Nato offensive

The president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has cast doubt over Nato’s planned summer offensive against the Taliban in the southern province of Kandahar, as more than 10,000 American troops pour in for the fight.

Karzai threatened to delay or even cancel the operation — one of the biggest of the nine-year war — after being confronted in Kandahar by elders who said it would bring strife, not security, to his home province.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Between Karzai's reluctance and the potential loss of the Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan, the US is losing control over Afghanistan!

Apr 11 10:05

Johnson & Johnson Pushed Drugs on Seniors, Suit Alleges

A lawsuit filed last week accuses Johnson & Johnson of conspiring with pharmaceutical consultant Omnicare in an effort to push J&J drugs on nursing home residents, and violating federal Medicaid laws in the process.

As a result of the scheme, "residents were overcharged for their medications, had additional medications administered and were unlawfully switched to Johnson & Johnson drugs," all in the name of increasing revenue, according to the lawsuit.

Apr 11 10:02

Ex-soldier suffers with medical maladies, red tape

THE PAST, for Sgt. Brian Smith, is filled with oppressive heat, ear-ringing mortar rounds and midnight convoys inching along dangerous Iraqi roads.

The future will bring headaches, dizziness or worse from his two brain aneurysms, and medical bills approaching six figures.

Unless something can be worked out between the many state and federal agencies dealing with his disability case, he won't have money for those bills, let alone rent or groceries

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Every single one of our Vets should be receiving the same level of care that members of the US Congress get; they have earned it.

Apr 11 09:58

Kissinger Effectively Gave Go-Ahead for Terrorist Attack on US Soil in 1976

According to declassified documents released by the National Security Archive today, former secretary of state and longtime Bilderberger Henry Kissinger rescinded instructions that would have prevented one of the worst terrorist attacks on US soil before September 11, 2001, from occurring.

Apr 11 09:57

Youngsters maimed by discarded bombs face dark futures in Iraq

It was just five years ago that Murtaja Hussein was playing football next to his house, in a farming village south of Baghdad, when he found the lump of metal that would change his life forever.

I’ve tried to kill myself, but it’s hard to do that without hands and my family always stop me. My mother says she thanks God that I’m still alive but I have no future and have destroyed my family’s future.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what your tax dollars have purchased in Iraq; human suffering and misery almost beyond imagination.

Oh, and that oil which was supposed to pay for the costs of the invasion and occupation?!?

As reported on 19 December, 2009 at:


"U.S. Companies Shut Out as Iraq Auctions Its Oil Fields"

"Rather than giving foreign oil companies control over Iraqi reserves, as the U.S. had hoped to do with the Oil Law it failed to get the Iraqi parliament to pass, the oil companies were awarded service contracts lasting 20 years for seven of the 10 oil fields on offer — the oil will remain the property of the Iraqi state, and the foreign companies will pump it for a fixed price per barrel"

Apr 11 09:49

America Blowback in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, like Bolivia at one time, is hardly the only such small, democracy-deficient, country with some manner of "strategic relationship" that fits in to larger US geopolitical concerns – in fact it may be the rule. But the unexpected swiftness with which an unpopular regime was swept aside, and the potentially seismic impact it has on the US war effort in Afghanistan – is a good reminder of the inevitable breaking point produced by a US foreign policy semantically dedicated to human rights – that looks the other way while "strategic allies" loot their countries' assets, murder their journalists, and send troops out to gun people down in the streets.

Apr 11 09:46

For He Has Sinned

While the nuns and Mother Teresa milled about, McGuire closed the door to his room and asked his favored altar boy to join him, in his cot, for a nap. The boy lay down. The priest lay on the outside of the narrow bed and then reached across the boy's body and into his pants.

Apr 11 09:46

. Russia eyes U.S. air base in Kyrgyz turmoil

Turmoil in Kyrgyzstan has thrust the fate of the Manas air base -- which is crucial for fighting the Afghan war -- to the forefront of rivalry between the United States and Russia.

Russia has long dreamed of evicting the United States from Central Asia and a Russian official said on Thursday that Moscow would urge the interim Kyrgyz government to shut the U.S. base.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We may well be out of that base very soon, unless Washington is able to negotiate an attractive deal with Russia over its continued existence.

Apr 11 09:45

Priest Caught Up in Sex Sting

A priest is among the three men charged with sex trafficking of children. James Patrick Grady, 57, faces federal charges of attempted sex trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion.

Apr 11 09:44

Abuse charge against Catholic priest roils Kenya

After three young men and a boy told police last June an Italian priest had been sexually molesting them for years at a shelter for poor children, the most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Kenya announced the church would investigate thoroughly.

Ten months later, nothing has been investigated by the church, its lawyer says, and the Vatican has not been notified.

Apr 11 09:44

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign

The Vatican heatedly defended Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday, claiming accusations that he helped cover up the actions of pedophile priests are part of an anti-Catholic "hate" campaign targeting the pope for his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because only sinners and haters would have any objection to little boys getting molested by priests!"

Apr 11 09:42

Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, threatens to block Nato offensive

The president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has cast doubt over Nato’s planned summer offensive against the Taliban in the southern province of Kandahar, as more than 10,000 American troops pour in for the fight.

Karzai threatened to delay or even cancel the operation — one of the biggest of the nine-year war — after being confronted in Kandahar by elders who said it would bring strife, not security, to his home province.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How Karzai intends to delay or cancel the operation is a really good question, but the fact that he even made that statement is a very clear indication that Karzai has perhaps had a moment of clarity about the long-term effects of the US/NATO occupation.

This was is, and has always been, unwinnable militarily, 9 horrendously bloody years on.

At the end of the day, the US and NATO will, at some point, have to declare victory, and come home; the only other alternative is killing every Afghan man, woman, and child left standing.

That potential early exit of US and NATO troops may very well have to be before the pipelines can be installed with which to control Eurasian oil.

This scenario has the US and NATO panicked, because this was one of the two outcomes which were to have been accomplished during the occupation (the other being the control of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely).

If Karzai has gotten it into his head that foreign troops must leave sooner rather than later (unless he gets "neutralized" by the West, which is a very definite possibility at this point), he will do that to achieve the best reconciliation possible with all factions of Afghan society, including the Taliban.

At that point, the US is going to have to negotiate with whatever government is left standing for the rights to the pipelines, just as George W. Bush was doing with the Taliban as late as August of 2001.

That administration thought that the price demanded by the Taliban was "too high". Then, we had 9/11, followed by the invasion and occupation of this country, which has left the actual installation of those pipelines no closer to reality than it was in August of 2001.

Apr 11 09:42

Video: Hare comment on Constitution fuels controversy on Web

Rep. Hare cuts the man off and says "I don't worry about the Constitution on this to be honest..."

The man begins to laugh, cutting the congressman off, and says "Jackpot, brother."

"I care more about the people that are dying every day that don't have health insurance," Rep. Hare goes on to say.

"You care more about that than the Constitution you swore to uphold," the man replies.

"I believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Rep. Hare tells him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, that's in the Declaration of Independence, you ignorant asshole!

Apr 11 09:39


A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

Apr 11 09:39


- How were the Jews treated by Arab before 1948?

- Where and how did Zionism start?

- Was Palestine empty when the Jews came?

- What was the population of Arabs in Palestine between 1878 and 1948?

- How many Jewish immigrants arrived to Palestine between 1878-1948 and how did the UN partition plan divided Palestine between Arab and Jews? Did Israel stick to this plan?

- Did the Jews find “land without people” as they claim?

- How did the Jews treat the Palestinians in the occupied lands?

- How did the Nakba start and at what cost?

Apr 11 09:38


Israeli, Palestinian and International Protesters challenge eviction of Palestinian Families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem. Four activists were arrested.

Apr 11 09:34

U.K. Passes Internet Censorship and Disconnection Law

Late Thursday night the U.K. Parliament passed the controversial Digital Economy Bill, which grants the U.K. government sweeping new powers to control access to the Internet.

Apr 11 09:28

israeli agent congressman mike pence booed at 2010 srlc (April 10, 2010)

Loud boos can be from the audience when republican Indiana congressman Mike Pence shows the required congressional fealty to Israel.

America needs leaders who put America 1st 2nd and 3rd! America does not need Mike Pence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well done!

Apr 11 09:26

Canceled Netanyahu trip spotlights Israel nukes

Israel's official policy of "nuclear ambiguity" — neither confirming nor denying that it has nuclear weapons — has long been a cornerstone of its military deterrence. But officials and experts from various countries, in addition to one well-known Israeli whistle-blower, have all said the truth is not ambiguous at all: That Israel has dozens, perhaps hundreds, of nuclear bombs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This about-face had absolutely nothing to do with Israeli nukes, but everything to do with US aid.

Under the Symington Amendment, and the Glenn Act, the US cannot give aid to any country with a nuclear weapons program which is not a signatory to the NNPT, and which will not allow inspection of its nuclear sites.

As originally reported by Mordechai Vannunu in the late 90, and later confirmed by former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and former US President Carter, Israel does have nuclear weapons, but refuses to be a signatory to the NNPT, and refuses inspections of its nuclear facilities.

Therefore, every taxpayer dollar of the 3 billion dollars in aid sent to Israel annually is illegal, under US law.

By professing "nuclear ambiguity", it's a nice little gravy train Israel has going with this, isn't it, while US homeless Veterans sleep in our streets?!?

Apr 11 09:20

Rick Santelli - Father of the Tea Party Movement